Nevada Battles Candida Auris With Highest Case Counts In The U.S.

by | Apr 4, 2023 | Headline News

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    The state of Nevada is fighting a superbug fungal infection called Candida auris. Nevada has the highest case count of the fungal infection in the United States.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that Nevada has the highest number of cases in the United States of the fungal strain resistant to medications. The mainstream media is calling the fungus “potentially lethal” while noting that it is resistant to common antibiotics and anti-fungal medications, and can be a major risk for hospital and nursing home patients.

    About 90% of C. auris isolates have been resistant to fluconazole, about 30% have been resistant to amphotericin B, and less than 5% have been resistant to echinocandins. These proportions may include multiple isolates from the same individuals and may change as more isolates are tested, according to the CDC.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracked and found that in 2022, Nevada had 16%, or 384 of the country’s 2,377 clinical cases of the superbug called Candida auris — followed by California with 359 cases, Florida with 349 cases and New York with 326. -CBS News

    Candida auris, often called C. auris, is a form of yeast that is usually not harmful to healthy people, but it can be a deadly risk to fragile hospital and nursing home patients. It spreads easily and can infect wounds, ears, and the bloodstream. Some strains are so-called superbugs which means they are resistant to all three classes of antibiotic drugs used to treat fungal infections.

    This could be another excuse to expand the slave system and get people in control too. A CDC epidemiologist actually said it too:

    “The rapid rise and geographic spread of cases is concerning and emphasizes the need for continued surveillance, expanded lab capacity, quicker diagnostic tests, and adherence to proven infection prevention and control,” said CDC epidemiologist Dr. Meghan Lyman, lead author of the report released by the CDC. We know they are really tracking and controlling people, not whatever virus or fungus happens to be going around.

    David Hess, a genomic scientist with the state public health lab, told the Review-Journal that C. auris can be compared with MRSA, a drug-resistant staph infection that also is associated with healthcare settings.


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