Neumeyer: “This is the Perfect Storm! Governments Have Put Themselves Into A Corner”

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Headline News, Precious Metals | 5 comments

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    Keith Neumeyer recently sat down for an interview with Crush the Street and made it clear that mints are being overwhelmed by the demand for silver.  Neumeyer also opined on the government’s response to the pandemic saying “governments can’t keep businesses closed.”

    And we’d agree with him. At some point, even if restrictions are never lifted, people will leave their homes to look for work.  Humans cannot be locked up house arrest for much longer, and have already been asked to endure too much. Neumeyer said “already they [the government] are destroying small businesses…” and “governments can’t prevent everyone from going bankrupt.”

    Unfortunately, the big corporations will be fine and come out even bigger as the small businesses go under and are no longer able to stay in business. This is crony corporatism at it’s finest. Neumeyer says the government has overreacted and caused massive damage that cannot be undone.

    Coronavirus Crisis: The Virus Will Bankrupt More People Than It Kills

    Vegetables are not being depleted, but processed foods are not available. People have bought them out.  Most others have has a similar experience at their own stores, says Neumeyer.

    Once the conversation shifts from food and toilet paper to precious metals, Neumeyer says “this is the perfect storm.” He says “people have realized that governments are not going to stop printing money.  They have put themselves into a corner.” What does that mean? “We’re going to be awash in currency no matter where you are on the planet. Which means you must own gold. I think gold’s your safe haven.”

    “I still believe silver is going to outperform gold in the next couple years,” Neumeyer added. There is no mint in the world that has $12 silver because the mining industry didn’t sell any silver at those prices.  (Neumeyer’s companies never sold silver in the $12 dollar range despite the spot price being that low.) There’s no point in selling at these prices, so companies are just going to hoard it as opposed to take a loss on it.



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      1. Keep in mind that silver is primarily an industrial metal and the worldwide coronavirus shutdowns are cutting industrial activities that use it way back.

        Increased individual demand does not necessarily translate to increased overall demand. Might help insure against any serious price declines though, so don’t expect them unless things get really bad.

        • You know you can make colloidial silver out of canadian coins (.9999 fine) right? By the way I am curious… what is your background in prepping/homesteading? Have you ever built an off grid place? How much do you know about herbal medicine? Alternative medicine? Firearms? Making your own things? Winning strategy investing? Long range marksmanship? Tracking? Any other pertinent skills?

      2. New York claimed an additional 3700 victims of the Virus today. Over and above the previous number they claimed. These victims weren’t tested. The new guide lines don’t require testing. Why? Because the state gets thousands more tax bucks per every Virus claim and the Feds get to justify their shutdown if there are more victims. Bend over America. It’s nearly over for good now. There is no putting the Genie back in the bottle. Unauthorized bio-weapons testing by politically connected scientists and foreign governments will kill us all, eventually.

        • Uhyyyeeeeppp!

      3. If you’re interested in debunking logical fallacies, you can start with your preschool experiences.

        “Because I said so (and some fanciful excuse)” is not painting yourself into a corner. Your interpretation was wrong (because I said so). You’re taking the authoritarian out of context, and your countermeasures are illegal (because I said so). I will assume dictatorial authority (because I said so).

        It’s similar to the reasoning Santa Claus uses to fit down all the skinny chimneys.

        P.S. — The prices of PM’s are set arbitrarily.

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