Nearly Half Of America’s Homeless People Live In California

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    Not only do nearly half of America’s homeless people live in California, but four of the five American cities with the greatest incidences of unsheltered homelessness are in the Golden State.  As California becomes a mecca for socialism, their quality of life diminishes along with it in a characteristic dystopian decline.

    San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Rosa, and San Jose are four of the five cities with the highest amount of homelessness. Seattle joins the California municipalities in the top five. According to Market Watch, the rates of homelessness are the highest in Washington D.C. The District of Columbia’s homeless rate is at 5.8 times the United States rate. New York is next, followed by Hawaii, Oregon, and California. These five states together comprise 20% of the overall U.S. population but 45% of the country’s homeless population.

    All of these states are incredibly liberal with several already having instituted tight socialist policies.

    A White House report teased out certain trends in homelessness across the country. Communities along both coasts have much larger homeless populations than those in the middle of the country. One driver of this trend is likely the more notable rise in housing prices along the coasts than in much of the Midwest.

    The White House report identified local laws and policing practices as a potential differentiator. “Some [states] more than others engage in more stringent enforcement of quality of life issues like restrictions on the use of tents and encampments, loitering, and other related activities,” the report noted. –Market Watch

    The Trump administration has floated plans to fix the homeless crisis in liberal areas by deregulation. Many states and municipalities have zoning rules regarding the construction of both single-family and multi-family homes. These laws have impeded the builders’ ability to meet the demand for housing resulting in scarcity which has driven up prices. Experts and politicians across the political spectrum have suggested that relaxing such regulations could provide a boost to building activity.

    While that could work, the heavy tax burden on everything from property to income makes it difficult to afford anything even if more housing is built.


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      1. Liberals put the indigent to sweatshop labor, under the guise of job training.

        I don’t know how to be any more candid about this.

        A petty authoritarian gets a tax grant, and they restrict the movement (and every bodily function) of the vagabond.

        When these matters are put in an unfiltered, public forum, like a local fb group, it’s the mob of angry, Medieval villagers, shouting torches and pitchforks solutions.

        God help you not to fall on hard times, where life support is not in the social bargain.

      2. I’m in Hawaii.
        Most the homeless are on Ohau. On my island we have a lot of homeless also, I know a few, and have provided some of them with shelter.
        I personally don’t believe Socialized Government run housing is the answer. I know people that would rather live in the back of their van than listen to the Democrat liberal BS of how they should live. I think the Salvation army does a good job for women and kids that need help, OOPs! I mentioned religion.
        If people want help to escape their plight there is more than enough religious outfits that are willing to help. However we have to admit there is a population that simply don’t want to live under Society’s rules.
        Solution: quit enabling them. Get the government out of the enabling business. Let people be free, chase them out, and let them fend for themselves and be responsible for their actions in
        a natural environment, where only the strong survive.
        Squat on my land and I’ll shoot you. Nobody will care.
        Squat in a public area and we will clean it up and deprive you of your “personal property”.
        You want to live in an RV fine, I don’t consider that homeless, as long as it is insured, licensed, and your soil is not being dumped in the gutter or on the ground.
        My point is: to corral people that want to live in a “Mad Max”
        world should be allowed to do so in a “Mad Max” desert.

        • Rellik, you really nailed it. Speaking of dems, why not put them all in a desert WITHOUT WATER, LOL.

          • Already tried that, resulting in them calling for a tax on rainwater you get on your own land to pay for the water stamps they’re entitled to…

        • Even the homeless are smart enough to stay away from the soon to be Atlantis.

        • relikk …you and 350,000 filipinos are squatting on polynesian land.

          • You forgot the 3/4 million Japanese and Chinese also infesting the 8 rocks the Tahitians discovered 800 years ago.

        • Relic, great thoughts again. The taxpayer trying to run a business shouldn’t have to put up with someone repeatedly taking a dump in front of the door to that taxpayer’s business. If they want to live outside society’s rules – fine – just don’t “squat” on some other person’s rights.

      3. The mild climate attracts poor homeless people from all the other States. If you must sleep outdoors, many people choose to do it in California.

        The open border between California and Mexico is contributing to the poverty and homelessness as Mexican and other Latinos are now outnumbering white native Californians; and blacks are now living in neighborhoods in Northern California which were once white neighborhoods. Blacks who have not risen through the ranks, via affirmative action, have lost menial labor jobs to migrant workers from Mexico.

        There is a policy put in by Obama to breakup the homogeneous white neighborhoods by installing low income housing, otherwise known as section 8 housing, resulting in “white flight”. This is a violation of the right of freedom of association. Given a choice, most middle-class white people choose to live with other middle-class white people and not with poor nonwhites in subsidized housing.


        • That’s why so many songs have the line, “I’m going where the weather suits my clothes.”

        • Honeypot, good points. Subsidized housing aka section 8 should be scrapped.

      4. 501c3 “religious” outfits are accused of human trafficking, following waves of disappearances of hundreds of people, over the last 10 yrs, or so.

        If you must go out, avoid crowds, be well kempt, carry ID, and have an itinerary. It probably wouldn’t hurt, not to be showing any signs of illness, physical or mental.

      5. The democrats closed all the nations mental health facilities in the 60’s.
        This is the result.
        You get what you vote for
        A liberal vote in 2020 will get you communism

        • No they didn’t.

          I know for a fact that Dorothea Dix in Raleigh, NC (“Dix Hill”) was still open in the 70s, as I went there to play chess with one of the caretakers. He was unbeatable. He told me that the only difference between the inmates and the caretakers was who held the keys.

        • Jakartaman

          They’re pushing a totalitarian welfare state not socialism as defined. The democrats are financed by big money interests that have no intention of state ownership of their capital. Even socialists don’t know its definition.

      6. Austin has it’s share, some are aggressive.

      7. I suspect that the homeless will end up being considered in Congressional Representation. A case will be argued with significant merit that not having a registered domicile does not deprive one of Representation. It will be another way for Democrats to pad their political power.

        • We are witnessing a political coup against a duly elected President. The American public are sitting by allowing this farce to play out.
          Can you imagine if we and the Republicans did this to Obama what would have happen.
          I am disgusted with the Republicans for not going to war with the Democrats.
          We all know that this is just kabuki theater because Trump will not be impeached – the senate will never allow it

          • Trump isn’t a Republican. I’m not really sure what he is but his actions are generally pragmatically expedient. The Neo-Cons hate him yet he throws MIC a fat bone while avoiding the wars they desire. While his attempt at increasing US manufacturing may be in vain (school is still out) it should have had massive Democrat support. This is a Nationalist verses Globalist battle with virtually all Democrats and most Republicans allied with the latter.

      8. My wife and I stopped at a small local restaurant last week and was able to talk to a pleasant waitress for a few minutes (sorry for using a sexist word – I mean server). She has been waiting on tables for 2 years even though she has a college degree. She said at first she cannot find a job for what she was educated. I cannot recall what type of degree, but then she said there were opportunities she was educated for but the pay was too low to accept (translation – a useless degree). And like most graduates today, she has college loans hanging over her head. And yes, she still lives at home, and her parents carry her for her health insurance. Unfortunately, she fits the classic grad of today. According to her, she did everything she was told to bring success, and now she waits on tables for a living. The icing on the cake was that she feels her student loans should be forgiven. (Like any loan, student loans cannot simply be forgiven, what they mean is transferred to the taxpayers who did not agree to these loans).
        This is a huge waste of resources used in a stupid way; a waste of four years to earn a useless degree, a waste of capital to finance a useless education, and a huge amount of her future earnings will not contribute to the economy, but rather to pay her loans. Now multiply this by millions upon millions of grads. Many will defer marriage, having children, and buying a home, if they do at all.
        Gov’t is almost entirely to blame for all this. They distorted college costs by getting into financing college loans, now college costs are unaffordable. Gov’t public education poorly educated these kids, and inculcated and “mentored” these kids to make bad career decisions. And officialdom was amply bribed to facilitate business, companies, and corporations to off-shore jobs with no consequences. And wealth in the US continues to hyper concentrate in the hands of a few.
        Have to blame the parents in some ways too. Most today do not have the wherewithall to hustle, are not very resourceful, nor think on their feet well, and they have a sense of entitlement my generation didn’t have.
        I see the standard of living and and quality of life continue to steadily decline.

        • Bill

          If the government functioned as it is advertised in the Preamble the Department of Labor would be working in unison with the Department Of Education analyzing future needs of the former to be met by the latter. Both however are compromised by money and political interests and higher education has become a business into itself.

      9. This morning, in CA (aka where nearly half of the nation’s homeless live) my liberal relatives found an Ethiopian coin near the grocery store payphone.

        • Relative was yelled-at by genocidal, dothhead replacement when working in their distro center.

          Workplace mailer says they are a family and the heartland of America.

      10. They’re given money, fresh needles, food, medical and an entire city to drop trowel and take a crap. WTF is not to like?

      11. Is there a way that we can assist the other 50% of homeless to move to California. The citizens of that ‘great’ state seem to love homelessness and all the filth it brings.

      12. Good. Lets get that number up to 80 or 90%. Keep electing leftist Democrats until the entire state goes up in flames. That’s the only way those idiots will learn that socialism, liberalism, and all the other retard-isms are nothing but a cancer on society.

        • Cloward-Piven is alive and well in sunny CA.

      13. From my work (over 4 decades across the planet), I found 90% of the homeless in the West are either mentally ill or substance abusers, or both. Think of them as the exhaust fumes of a very complex economy and society, where some people just can’t cope. The rest are made of genuine victims of abuse, persecution, bad circumstances (bankruptcy, job loss, illness etc.).

        I would say the majority of funding should go to the 10% who can be rescued, in particular young women who can always get work if they try. I have never seen a pretty young woman need to stay on the streets for long until somebody ‘rescues’ them.

        As for substance abusers and the mentally ill, they need to be removed from the cities and taken to large facilities where they can be watched and managed. They should not ever be allowed to wander the streets and openly crap outside. There is no kindness in leaving them in that state nor in subjecting law-abiding citizens to their obnoxious behaviour. To be frank, politicians who allow this state of affairs should be kicked out of office.

      14. Why would HOMELESS PEOPLE live anywhere else?
        Great climate, free everything. Maybe other states should send their homeless to California?

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