NATO Prepared For “New Armed Conflict In Europe” With Russia If Talks Fail

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

    Just before Russia-NATO talks kick off in Geneva Monday, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned that if negotiations fail the Western military alliance stands ready for “a new armed conflict in Europe.”

    He told Financial Times in a fresh interview, “I know the history of Russia. For centuries, they have experienced conflicts with their neighbors. But Russia has an alternative: to cooperate, to work with NATO.”

    It is possible to find together a path, a political path to follow, and also to respond to Russia’s concerns… but there is always a risk of conflict,” he said. “NATO deterrence is credible and strong… We must hope and work hard for the best, but prepare for the worst.”

    Over the weekend there appeared pessimistic statements from Biden administration officials, seeming to walk back prior reports from last week that the White House could be prepared to offer Putin a reduction of US forces stationed in Eastern Europe.

    The rhetoric ramped up by touting a US ‘option’ of imposing strict export controls on Russia. Such controls would involve curbs on sensitive technology and electronics, according to Reuters, in the scenario of Putin ordering an offensive into Ukraine. This would include, according to an official who spoke to Reuters“measures to deprive Russia of microelectronics made with or based on U.S. software or technology.”

    On Russia’s side, there remains the key demand that NATO make legal guarantees that it would no longer expand eastward and that prior verbal pledges made to Ukraine and Georgia for eventual NATO membership would be definitively rescinded.

    Just hours before the talks on Monday, Stoltenberg addressed a news conference with Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanishyna. “It is possible to make deals with Russia,” he said but cautioned that if there’s an eventual deal it’s more likely to be the result of a drawn-out negotiating process.

    “I don’t think we can expect that these meetings will solve all the issues. What we are hoping for is that we can agree on a way forward, that we can agree on a series of meetings, that we can agree on a process,” Stoltenberg said.


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      1. There’s no way any country in Europe or even Europe collectively would have that stance if the US dominated NATO wasn’t heavily pressuring them to do so. I’d like to know what cards the US is holding to make Europe act as a forward extension of US belligerence. What does Europe gain with Ukraine being in NATO that they don’t presently enjoy.
        I don’t seek and don’t want to defend them in any way, but here are some facts. The American neocons are having a field day with this simp we call prezz JB. They are a major real root cause of the whole present belligerence against Russia. Once, when Russia was still communist, the neocons did not oppose the USSR Russia as much as they do now. But when Russia threw off Bolshevik’s communism in the early 1990’s that’s when the animosity started to get ramped up. In reality the neocons are not acting in America’s best interest, they are only using the might and resources of the US for their own interests.
        The neocons want to maximize every tactic, every strategy, every means, and every opportunity possible against their biggest enemy. The main strategy is to try to get Russia to acquiesce or put in a position where it has no choice but to use a military option. There are a variety of reasons why neocons hate Russia so much. It is too powerful to be to be forced into their globalist paradigm and it pursues its own agenda, it is reChristianizing, it is able to stand in the way of preventing greater Izraillee hegemony in the Mid-East region, and the neocons generally despise Europe and Europeans. They would set up a scenario European against European. Now we’ve even had a few politicians say first use of nukes might be a good idea. Totally insane.
        Why is the US so supposedly hell bent “protecting another country’s borders”, but won’t protect its own. Russia doesn’t have 800 military facilities around the world as we do, theirs can be counted on one hand. They don’t have military installations on our borders like we do to theirs, almost encircling their country. We wouldn’t tolerate it, why would anyone expect them to. Russia has not spent the last thirty years invading country after country, we have. Their population is less than one half of ours, and their defense budget is about one tenth of ours. The neocons long for Russia to again be a Bolshevik communist-multicultural country.

      2. The reality is NATO would lose in a war with Russia and Russia knows this. The calculus is simple: NATO cannot endure the casualty rates of a conflict for more than a few weeks whereas Russia could.

        On top of this NATO would be heavily reliant on American troops to fight this ground war. And American troops are filled with lots of non-white soldiers who do not do very well in ice-cold war-fighting conditions (black skin freezes faster). All Russia has to do is fight the war in the depths of winter and win.


        I remember yesterday when someone said there will be a fertalizer shortage. Well a Army runs on its stomac, and is not fertalizer used for munitions?

        GET READY ……….

      4. So maybe now we will get a chance to find out if Russia really an beat us or not.

        Place your bets, this should be fun.

        FWIW, I’m putting my bet on our capitulating without fighting with a second hedging bet on a brief low casualty encounter followed by a negotiated peace that gives Russia everything it wanted in the first place.

        Of course I could be wrong, Biden could just kick their ass all the way back to Siberia and push Russia back to the dark ages of their history.

      5. Imma git me sum 5000 spf sunscreen just in case…

      6. Never fear, because Biden and company have sent in a SOCIAL WORKER to negotiate with the Russians. Yes, it is true, Dep. SOS Wendy Sherman, who holds an MSW from the University of Maryland (Baltimore), is the Lead negotiator for the US in these talks with Russia. Her previous diplomatic accomplishments were the Iran nuclear deal during the Obama administration, The North Korea Nuclear negotiations during the Clinton administration, and was the CEO of the Fannie Mae Foundation during the 1990s. Of course, we all know what a success Fannie Mae has been and how well the housing crisis went for us ten years later. The Clinton North Korea nuclear negotiations were so successful, that they inspired Obama to send her in to negotiate the Iran Nuclear deal. I can’t wait to see how well she does with the Russians.

      7. We will see how Biden’s new “Woke” Armed Forces respond, my guess is they will be crushed by Russia.
        But hey, they will all be vaccinated!

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