National Guard On America’s Streets: “It Is Absolutely An Option”

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Headline News | 517 comments

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    Now that heavily militarized law enforcement and National Guard troops have been accepted as a necessity to preserve the safety and security of Americans, city officials across the country are undoubtedly starting to consider how they can best utilize their new found policing powers.

    In Steubenville, Ohio, for example, where assaults, robberies, rapes and murders are well above the national average, city manager Cathy Davison is reportedly in talks with the state’s governor and National Guard to assist with the ever rising crime rate.

    Steubenville City Manager Cathy Davison said Wednesday that calling for assistance from the National Guard is “absolutely an option”

    Oh, absolutely. It is an option and that’s part of the conversation we’re having with city council and the governor,” answered Davison.

    If that’s what step we need to take to get people out of our city, can we utilize it?”

    Attention on violent crime was raised this week after the Fraternal Order of Police Steubenville Lodge President Jim Marquis called a news conference at which he listed more than 40 “weapons calls” handled by the city police department since January.

    Marquis suggested the rise in weapons crime was linked to the decrease in the number of officers employed by the Steubenville Police Department.

    Full interview at WTOV 9

    Make no mistake. This is not a one-off consideration restricted to Steubenville. With budget cuts gutting emergency services personnel across the country, and many of America’s once proud cities turning into poverty-stricken hellholes, we can fully expect crime rates to soar in coming months and years.

    City council members all over the nation will be faced with similar dilemmas as they are forced to lay off more police officers.

    As crime sky rockets, the residents of these cities will panic. They’ll be afraid to leave their homes, especially in areas where restrictive gun laws provide no self defense options should one be faced with a life threatening situation.

    It is a near certainty that not only will these terrified citizens willingly accept a military presence in their neighborhoods, they’ll actively organize to encourage leaders in their cities and states to make it happen.

    There will be no outcry, but rather, applause.

    The America of the future will be replete with heavily armed law enforcement and military personnel patrolling our city streets, identification verification stops to ensure you have permission to be in a given area, and a total surveillance web monitoring the everyday activities of our once free citizens.

    Hattip Grizzly A.


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      1. When you start to see the military on the streets and there has not been some sort of disaster, it is the first step to ALWAYS seeing the military on the streets in the future. I guess that is why they call it martial law.

        • Just look at what happened in Boston. And the sheeple actually welcomed it. Thats why I’ll never live in a city.

          • Folks allow me your ears (eyes?) for a few. What I am about to write I tried once before (at work) and my internet went down when I tried to send it. This is a few weeks back. But here goes: I have seen this scenario since 1986. Tried to alert higher ups (Armed Services commitee). Their response basically said I was right (yes, I have copies of their 4 page reply). It begins with CA76 and what you hear as BRAC, which is really base realignment (military). I showed with the govt’s own data that bases were closed and being turned into prisons. Contractors were given (many of the blind will say I’m wrong but figures don’t lie) blank checks. You were fed that this will illiminate so much govt employee waste. Yep, at 4 to 5Xs the normal cost.
            Notice how almost everything you buy is made outside this country? Why? (we’ll get their in a minute) Even military hardware (not all, because they need to keep the unions on their side) food items like produce, especially, now ammo and weapons(foreign; what happens to Taurus, the popular American arms 1911?). Everything that we have here in this country gets legislated out: farming, mining, drilling, mfging, ammo/weapons, auto emissions, pollutants, pretty soon our utilities,credit/economics…. That way when the true shtf we are shut off from all our daily functional supplies (controlled by uncle sugar). And as long as you and I are in no need of them and their services (preppers) they’ll hate and demonize us. They have done everything to minimize our prepper/survival numbers. Whoever thought up inheritance taxation should be behind bars, this was the beginning of shrinking independant citizens.
            This beast that is gobbling huge junks of our individuality/freedom isn’t stopping anytime soon. This beast can only be stopped by our and our founding Father’s True weapon: God. Stay in prayer and His grace, for what is happening in this government is also happening at an even larger rate in the churches, see I Peter 4:17. Doubt me naysayers? Soon it will be illegal to preach Christ, they have already removed the name of Jesus from the military chaplains.
            There are many more examples to share but the basics of their battle plan is right in front of our noses. I am in it to the end and hope to encourage each person here to be of good cheer, don’t get over burdened down, do what you can, for even these demonic vessels(govt) won’t escape true judgement. For the individual that quotes Romans 13, about gov’ts, reread it. They, the gov’ts, aren’t for the fear of the good, but the evil. Choose this day who you will serve: light or darkness.
            I love my Lord and love my country and fellow country men.
            I am out to pasture within the gov’t and don’t mind for I have a talent they need. I am at peace by His mercy and grace.
            Love you all and have a great weekend.

            • Truly Friend,

              ‘Nuff Said!

              JOG…”Yea, though I walk through the Valley of…”

              • This Psalm 23 should be memorized by all, because many of us will walk this valley in the future, another is Psalm 91 which is a soldiers prayer.

                • Psalm 27… verse 1 and 2

                  • Howdy Guys,

                    …”because many of us will walk this valley in the future…”

                    Could well be Friend…

                    MIGHT not hurt – were SOMEONE so ‘inclined’ to post the Both up right here…for those Folk hereabouts who are ‘spritually challenged’…A-hem, as it were….

                    I’m no ‘thumb-HOG’…any who’de like to to get ‘extra-credit’ here…well, feel free. 😉


              • JOG- It goes like this;

                Yeah though I walk thru the Vally of
                The shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil;
                For I am the BADDEST M***** F***** in
                The Vally. 🙂

                • @ TTC,

                  Ha…AS it Happpens…I had THAT poster as a young-un!
                  The one with the guy looking like an ‘Uncle Fred” throw-back from down in Appalachia…Holding that 4-1/2 foot long, knobby club…Yep, I rememeber THAT! 😉

                  Might be that THAT will be operative mindset in days to come, soon…


            • DRD5508 Speaking of churches,the Southern Baptist Convention which is the largest Non Catholic denomination in the United States, has now had their website blocked from Government computers, by the United States Army, because they say the Southern Baptist Convention is hostile to the Army. I don’t know why, but it probably has someting to do with queers in the military.WASP

              • wasp,
                That’s too bad that the Army started blocking the SBC site. I just now had to to there and read their statement of faith. There’s a lot of good food for thought there. Even though I’m not Baptist, I recognize it as a good guiding document for any Christian. The Army should probably have soldiers read the SBC statement of faith as part of morning muster, rather than block their web site.

              • According to Chuck Baldwin(pastor) articles the Head prez/ceo of southern baptist conv. Richard Land, is now a admited member of the CFRorg.(council on foriegn affairs think tank=anti usa soverignty org). And Richard Land along with Franklin Grahm(Billys son) both have joined forces with all current hobammy ANTIGUNER orgs and proponents. Chuck Baldwin calls both traitors basically. I do too!

                It was bad enough when prior in several attempts by a large group of Baptist folks, to get the honchos led by Richard Lands leadership at their once yearly meeting of the baptist convention, to agree on and give full support to advising baptist membership nationwide to begin to Home School kids and fully Reject all public school systems etc.

                That committee of folks tried for several years in a row at the annual southern baptist convention to get it accepted. Each attempt was thwarted by their entire leadership council as well as Richard Land. And from what I read of it all the folks who gathered together to acomplish that home schooling agenda never recieved any good or solid reasons as to Why are their baptist leaders so against this proposal. imho they are more likly to get solid reason answers by researching and conecting the “Dots” and following the “Cash” and see if it leads back to various lib and neocon legislators who are adamantly opposed to home schoolers.

                I agree with DRD5508, as to it is in the Churches to an even greater amount!…We are being Sold Out at every level including all major denoms and church orgs along with their leaderships.

                • ~~~We are being Sold Out at every level including all major denoms and church orgs along with their leaderships.~~~

                  Only the churches receiving ridicule will be rewarded by God and blessed. For they are the true believers.

                  • JayJay…as in history…ie: England under Henry the 8th..religion will go underground and be practiced in secret….always gaining strength and believers in the days to come….good against evil

                  • Maybe that’s why Bibles is on my list of things to get.

              • This is from the SBC website.

                NASHVILLE (BP) — A military official says malware was to blame for the Southern Baptist Convention’s website being blocked on some military bases.

                Lt. Col. Damien Pickart, a Defense Department spokesman, said the military’s software filters detected malware at and blocked the website. The malware since has been removed off the website, and the denomination’s website unblocked, he said.

                “The Department of Defense is not intentionally blocking access to this site,” Pickart told The Tennessean in an email. “The Department of Defense strongly supports the religious rights of service members, to include their ability to access religious websites like that of the SBC.”

                Social media sites were buzzing Thursday (April 25) over allegations that the military had blocked the website for other reasons. FoxNews first reported that Southern Baptist-endorsed chaplains on military installations had unsuccessfully tried to access, and had received a message: “The site you have requested has been blocked by Team CONUS (C-TNOSC/RCERT-CONUS) due to hostile content.” The site was not blocked at the Pentagon, FoxNews said.

                The Associated Press wrote a story summarizing what had happened, and that story was carried on websites around the world. Some Christians focused on the phrase “hostile content” and wondered whether the denomination’s traditional positions on abortion, gay marriage and the Bible were the reason the military was blocking the site.

                Chris Chapman, the SBC Executive Committee’s director of information systems, said — like the websites of many other organizations — is a target for hackers. He also said the military’s filters are at an “optimum level” in blocking content, not simply “recognizing invading viruses” but also blocking anything that possibly could be harmful.

            • Having worked on many of these BRAC projects, I can tell you that not ALL of the base closures are converted to prisons…I have seen a couple, yes….but for the most part, not very many. I have been all over the east coast working federal projects, and I can tell you first hand that when these bases close, they are handed over to the local officials, so that for the most part, the bases are no longer federal property. Many have been converted to affordable housing (although in Orlando, I would disagree heavily about how affordable Baldwin Park was), public housing, shopping complexes, or most that I see is that the structures are usually demolished and the property divided up and sold off to private developers. My most current BRAC project involved design-build of a new complex that was to house many of the federal offices in the area that were all in leased facilities. The intent was to consolidate all of these offices and not renew the leases in all of the facilities. All of the projects that we were working on under this current/latest BRAC were all new design-build facilities to move from leased facilities into federally owned ones. There was nothing left behind to convert to a prison. I consider myself to be aware of what is going on in our country, and I have been preparing for some tough times ahead, but I have to stand up to some things that I hear when I have my doubts….I don’t doubt for a second that there are nefarious activities occurring with the intent to imprison a whole lot of people during a mass chaos situation, but I have to throw some cold water on this comment to at least cool it off a bit…To my knowledge, any federally owned property that was closed due to BRAC was handed over to local officials, and it is the local officials who actually determine what happens with its subsequent development. This is not intended to imply that I am an expert at BRAC nor do I claim to be all knowing about this topic, this is all based solely on my own personal experiences, research, past readings, and first hand knowledge, being prior military myself and working many, many federal projects over the years.

              • GA, didn’t mean to give the impression that all bases were turned into prisons/internment camps. That said,you then are aware of CA76. As early as 1982,there was a list of bases to be closed. What I saw and caught was; why were bases dated for closure having contracts awarded for building restorations being awarded from 86 to 88? Some bases were ceeded back to their states even with federally awarded contracts for restoration. The data for this is in Springfield, Ill.
                Some of the base foreclosures, that remain in federal custody, can presently be used (without many civilian’s knowledge) to allow foreign troops and HSA personnel to train. That is why there have been black helicopter sightings with no knowledge of whence they came and go. The perfect cover for tptb/gov’t, because the gov’t can say it is a state matter as we closed the bases to any military OPs.
                Some time soon,I’ll share some other tid bits that’ll present a bigger picture, Such as: the majority of vehicles at the Sargent Major’s Academy have Masonic logos.
                And remember, no one individual has the complete picture of man’s dibolical intentions for the end. A lot of the theories on this site are true. The theories are like spokes in the wheel connected to the hub. With each spoke true in itself but not the complete picture of the driven wheel.
                See you all on Monday.

                • DRD5508: fine, name some of the bases in the SE U.S. where these capms are and I’ll check them out becasue I’ve got a retired militrary ID. I served 22 years USAF, USAFR, abd Fla. Army Nat. Guard and I’m familiar with many of the bases in this section of the country because I’v trained at or been TDY in many of them. Homestead is out because I was there during Andrew and we we went from an active duty base to a small reserve base. Miami-Dade county still doesn’t know what to do with the excess land and no one else wants it. Camp Blanding is just up the road in Starke where I did PLDC in early 91 so I’ll check it out soon. I’ve got to tell you I’ve got my doubts about these FEMA camps. But I will look.

                  • Gregory, thank you for your service. I have been around the military all my life minus 6 years. That said, the majority of bases that I believe are for internment are up north. We all can speculate whether they are for FEMA. My concern has always been more in line with awarded contracts after the dates set for closure. I believe that the renovations have been two fold; for training troops (foreign or domestic?) and the possibility for internment.
                    Hopefully we have common ground on this thought: I don’t trust our government.

              • It might not be “Federal Officials” who are doing the nefarious things but more likely the U.N. Agenda 21 plan with local approval.

            • great post DDR

            • “Mine eyes have seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord….”

              The Light or the Dark….the time to choose is NOW


              • Howdy FOB,

                Yes, it is…

                How goes it in your neck of the Woods today, M’am?

                Remember Y’all, “If you CHOOSE not to make a CHOICE, still, you HAVE chosen.”

                Just sayin’ here…


                • Howdy to you too JOG…..all is well on this front, and hoping the same for you….
                  Thanks for adding “if you CHOOSE not to make a choice,still, you HAVE chosen”……I thought of that as soon as I posted….

                • Amen ,there is no fence ,if your not for me you are against me

                • “If you choose Not to Decide
                  you Still have made a Choice…
                  ….I Will Choose Free Will..”

                  Bring on the links NinaO 🙂

                  • interesting, thanx man

                  • And, yes, God gave everyone free will… if you hesitate to go to His side, you have chosen…..

            • If you think you will need to hunt to feed your family, stock up on shotgun ammo now while it is still available.

            • This beast can only be stopped by our and our founding Father’s True weapon: God. Stay in prayer and His grace, for what is happening in this government is also happening at an even larger rate in the churches, see I Peter 4:17. Doubt me naysayers? Soon it will be illegal to preach Christ, they have already removed the name of Jesus from the military chaplains.

              You mean the “god” that watches a nine-year-old girl get gangraped to death without doing anything? Watches from every angle and does nothing? That “god”? The god that can supposedly do anything, and still allows rape? Allows murder? Allows everything on your list of gripes there? That “god”? Nice comfort blanket there.

              Btw, the churches are all in on the globalist plan, none of them stand up against mass immigration, which will give the socialists permanent election victories. So no, it will not be illegal to pray to “god” soon like you say. That’s dumb paranoia. Your “god” is put to good use by the churches, why would the globalists ban that? The religious sheeple march in lockstep with the plan. Of course, churchgoers have a lower average IQ than other people, and are also fatter, so it is no wonder they gobble up the Christian praising of government.

              What we need is a return to European spirituality. Out with the Judaism-turned-universal called Christianity. It has chained us and kept us quiet for too long.

              • Tenet, where would you draw the line for intervention of a god? Your exact scenario keep me from God for many years till I allowed Him to answer my questions. Here’s a question for you: Where was the moral fiber within those that raped that girl? Would a believing Christan (with a relationship with Jesus) have done that?
                Think about it, you and the rapist have more incommon: neither of you have a relationship with God through Jesus. Whether it is rape, theft, lieing they are all rebellious actions against God. ‘Sin against one part of the law, you’ve sinned against the whole law’.
                Yes, it burns me that any child, male or female should go through horrific actions against them. Yet I understand even those actions are of a free will and won’t go unpunished.
                Never said God wouldn’t be illegal but the name of Jesus has already been slowly removed from the western cultures.
                Paranoia? You don’t believe in god but want to return to Eurpean spiritualism? Where the sacrifices begin with virgin women to appease their god (lucifer).
                You lumped Christianity in an collective basket so shall we do the same with European spirituality. By the way, this E spiritism was known for sexual child abuse and you want to return to it?


            • swampratt

              if you get more than you can handle , send them my way ,im down here on the edge of the big southern swamp where the sun always shines ,and i got plenty of gator holes

          • USA! USA! USA!…NOT.

            • You must have listened to Alex Jones Thursday. His USA chants were funny as hell.

              • Actually, he was making fun of that. Just checkin’ in case you didn’t know.

          • These “people”, the globalists always tell you in advance what they are planning. Their plans are generational in the planning and implementation.
            To wit:

            “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”
            – Henry Kissinger

            • Rufus R: That was Henry K. then. The landscape has changed and no one who with any math skills can possibly believe that any amount of troops could be effective in a large city like L.A. I grew up just north of there and visisted just last year and it’s even a bigger mess than ever. Facts: L.A. county is 10 million people covering over 4 thousand square miles. There are at least 1,300 gangs in the county with an estimated membership of 150,000. Add to that the fact that the county has at least 350,000 military veterans, some of whom are in gangs, and you’ve got urban/suburban battlefield larger than NYC. Most American and U.N. troops are not special forces or highly trained in urban warefare so any so-called occupation would be a ‘turkey shoot’ for these gangbangers because they too have some military weapons. Then these gangs would have the extra weapons, uniforms, vehicles, and comm equipment they would take from the latest casualties. General Csuter was bad at math and look what happened to him. Same goes for anyone trying to take a large gang-infested city.

              • @ Gregory 8
                About 2 years ago my wife and I were at a Be Prepared Expo in Springfield. I started talking to a vendor selling solar batteries who was former Air Force intel. I explained to him pretty much what you have outlined in your post and how the numbers don’t support any type of military crackdown or takeover. He related what was told to him and others as part of their discharge from the Air Force. (I think he said it was in 2006)
                Along with turning in all their gear, they were briefed that when the economy collapsed, the military would not go into the cities for 6 to 8 months, but just roadblock the arteries in and out. It would be too dangerous. His group was told to stay out of the larger cities and not to expect any help from the feds. Needless to say he was shocked when he heard this.
                They were told the military’s plan was not to try to suppress any civil unrest but “contain” it from defensive positions outside the cities. They would wait until attrition took its toll on the population and then survivors would be more submissive; only then would the military move into the cities.
                As credible as this man appeared and sounded, I know this is “hearsay”. Additionally, I am not a military expert, and this sounds inhuman for the decent, innocent folks trapped in the cities. It does, however, sound like a viable plan for several reasons.

                1 The military would not have to fire on the public unless fired upon making this less likely to create havoc in the ranks.
                2.The people would have suffered enough struggling to survive for 6-8 months; they would welcome the military into the cities at that point.
                3. The population would certainly have been reduced.
                4. A large portion of the government handout crowd lives in the cities — another problem reduced.

                Something as horrific as this would certainly not keep a globalist up at night if it brought them closer to achieving their agenda!

                Maybe someone else here has heard something similar?

                • Rufus R: Now that sounds like a real plan. It would be suicide to go in initially. The gangs and disease would thin things out a lot and any surviviors would then welcome help unless the gangs survived and consolidated power. The key will be safe drinking water and sanitation for thsoe within the larger cities. No water and no sanitation=no problems becasue most folks will die within weeks fro all the waterbourne illnesses. That is some gruesome stuff. That’s just one reason I moved from a major metropolitan city to a rural county hours from any big population center.

            • I have saved that quote for years. Key word..promulgated. Thanks Rufus

        • Agreed. These are just dress rehearsals, coming to a city near you.


            • Some will participate and some won’t. But there is no denying the march to a “police state” continues to move “forward”.Suspension of habeas corpus has occurred and may eventually become nonexistent. Home invasions by “the good guys” may become nothing more than a means for “them” to take stuff from “us” ( assets,property,food,family,,,). Decide where you plan to draw the line, prepare the best you can,then stop and smell the roses. Our time here will pass, so make every day count.
              Good Luck

              • I would be curious to hear about a single cop who refused to take part in the recent Boston lock down. Some of you keep claiming there are “good” cops who will not follow unconstitutional orders. So where are they? All I see is a uniform group of lock step goons all too eagar to take some OT and deny their fellow Americans of every basic right. So could these mythical “good” cops please stand up?

                • On Lew Rockwell dot calm a week or so ago there was an article by a retired supervisory BATFE agent, approximate title was “Your Cop Friend will Take Your Firearms.” He noted the basketful of posters on police websites claiming they strongly favor 2 Am rights. Then he described how the PTB and police hierarchy would present the raid so all hands would be gung ho to go get those slimy grease balls who threaten Mudville. (We are the slimy greaseballs he means). Most .mil and LE have NEVER read the D of I or the Constitution. They volunteered for a follow orders culture. Either because they needed a paycheck or they are closet authoritarians. Or both. We are deluding ourselves to our own peril if we believe any great number will become Ron Paul or Justice William O. Douglass at the critical moment. bows respectfully to the few Oath Keepers who know what it is they’re defending and WILL stand up when it matters.

          • Remember the song by Neil Diamond from 1980; “(Their) Coming to America”?

            It has been in my head for the last few days, since i saw the report that Syrian refugees, in the range of 8000 per day, are pouring into Jordan.

            Especially since i heard a man, about three months ago,, that is privy to some inside stuff, say that the “big” plan was to immigrate 50 million Muslims into america by 2018.

            Jordan (the government), being our only Islamic ally in the Middle East; may look to the USA to help ease the burden of feeding/housing them.

            I can see the backlash of such an event where millions of Muslims flood our country. The National Guard will be on the streets all right, but they won’t be there to protect American citizens. No, they will be doing the bidding of the NWO and that is to protect the Muslims, that have been given “carte blanche” status to “reap” benefits of our hard earned tax dollars, and generations of blood ,sweat and tears, while working their fingers to the bone.

            I see this as a way to further bankrupt the middle class of America and bring down the power status of the largest single group, that is standing in the way of their One World agenda.

            “Lord, preserve us and protect us……… cause we been drinking whisky for breakfast”! (an old Mike Cross song).

            • I really doubt they could immigrate 50 million Muslim immigrants by 2018. I have worked with legal immigrants so I know a little about this topic.

              The annual number of legal immigrants varies between 1 and 2 million. This number stays fairly constant due to quotas. That would mean a maximum of 10 million immigrants from ALL countries in the next five years (2018).

              If they plan to just move them here illegally, well, there are already about 11 to 15 million illegals here but most of those are from Mexico or Central America.It would be fairly hard to sneak in 10 million new illegals per year.The 11-15 million number is a cumulative total.

              There are probably some plans to move refugees here. Immigration routinely designates areas that qualify for refugee status, then they increase their quotas for those countries. The refugees usually have to have some one who will agree to support them and help them adjust.

              I find it highly unlikely that the government would approve 10 million refugee immigrants per year (to reach your numbers) from one reagion of the world. I find it even more unlikely that 10 million Middle Eastern immigrants (per year) could find their way over here illegally. Even with all the craziness of our current government and current plans for immigration reform, these numbers do not make sense.

              • Islam was the fastest growing religion in America in the last 10 years, with 2.6 million living in the U.S. today, up from 1 million in 2000.

                • That is still a very long way from fifty million in five years by any believable route. Let’s see– all 2.6 million double every year. 2013 we have 2.6 million, 2014 is 5.2 million, 2015 is 10.4 million, 2016 is 20.8 million, 2017 is 41.6 million, 2018 is 83.2 million. Oh, that’s how it reaches 50 million by 2018!

                  I’m sorry those figures are just not believable. Even the Hispanic immigratants are not increasing that rapidly and all they have to do is get across a border. They don’t have to get across an ocean. For the Islamic immigrants already here to reproduce this fast, every woman would have to take fertility drugs and have twins or triplets every year. Or they would have to start a campaign to convert about 20% of the current US population.There are less than 10 million Mormons in the US right now and they have been working on conversions a lot like than any Islamic groups.

                  It just bothers me when statistics are thrown around that make no common sense, no matter what their source.

                  • Oops I have new glasses and they mess up my spelling. Correction above “Hispanic immigrants” and Mormons working on “conversions a lot longer than any Islamic groups.”
                    I’m still adjusting to bifocals and the print gets wiggly at times.

                  • Yea, I see where you are coming from Merree.

                    I’m not saying I believe it will, or could happen; with the 50 million Muslims immigrating to America/USA. But, according to this source, when the Middle East goes into full out war, possibly WWIII, then there will be millions of muslims starving. With all those people starving and America trying to feed them, (according to this source), it will become unfeasible to ship that much food and supplies to them so; TPTB will ship “them” here.

                    Is it bullshit? Is it just fear mongering? Is it planned by TPTB? Is it a shot in the dark? Will this generation live long enough to see such an event take place? ………….I don’t know. Just as, predicting the collapse of the stock market; If I knew the answer to that I could be filthy rich in one day or two.

                    I’m just going on what has been said and what i am seeing. When people, like the Boston bomber family(that was getting every kind of freebie available), sees an opportunity to get all the “freebies” the American people are handing out, they continue to find ways to get here and then; they realize they “hate” americans because they want more, and more is not given to them. They have to work, an there is no easy work for them and they become more bitter and want all Americans to pay for not following their way of thinking about a “false religion” and a god, that does not bless them. Hence, the evil and hate then controls their lives and causes them to kill innocent american women and children, without remorse or a conscience.

                    They are coming and they will continue to come to take a spoil. The cat is out of the bag and is now too big to stuff it back in. It isn’t only the muslims, it’s the catholic and secular south Americans, it’s the Africans too.

                    The time for closing our borders to immigrants is way past due, but it won’t happen because TPTB won’t let it happen and Americans are too weak and stupid(as a whole) to vote the crooks out of office.

                    There is only a hand full of us true Patriots willing to even talk about it, much less stand up and fight about it. Even so, it will all be as the Good Book says it will be and there is nothing going to change that.

                    One last thing; a true American Patriot and Bible believing child of God, can “not” be a muslim (false religion of Islam follower) “sympathizer” at the same time. My Bible says to “hate and despise all forms of evil”, and Islam is pure evil. There is no peace and love found in a religion that states it is perfectly OK to kill anyone that will not convert to their religion and that it is perfectly OK to beat the crap out of a defenseless woman just because she is considered their “property”. This politically correct bullshit of America being all inclusive, doesn’t work with me.

                  • Yes, I doubled the numbers as you did; a long time indeed to get to 50 million.

                  • Your 10 to 12 million illegal invaders don’t make sense either.

                    Your type has been quoting that same false number for the past many years. There have been 10 million illegal invaders in just the past 3 years. That 10 million now makes it 30,000,000 illegal invaders and the invasion continues.

                    My sources are from the commie newspapers and that’s about all newspapers. Look it up.

        • Does anyone here recall the riots in 1964 and 65 across the country? Walt? National Guard troops were used to quell the violence of inner city residents.

          Was that a bad idea people?

          When the SHTF, inner city residents who will be the least prepared for an extended emergency, will be the ones taking to the streets again; looting, rioting, and raping. All of you expect that to happen. If you are paying your taxes for National Guard Troops why not use them if the situation calls for it?

          If its a bad idea to use National Guard Troops against the zombies, support your local Sheriff. Join The Posse to quell the violence.


          • I was not alive in 1964 or 1965, but I do agree there are certain circumstances that call for military or national guard. Sometimes I think they are under utilized.
            On another note my husband said he would allow police in if they were doing a door to door search like in Boston. I was so pissed off I couldn’t talk for about 10 minutes. I would not allow them in, I don’t want ANYONE seeing my preps. Or even personal belongings. They could break in or come back with a warrant. I know if there is probable cause they can come in but what constitutes probable cause?

            • @JL:

              Camouflage your preps. Turn off a large freezer or just use one that doesn’t work and fill it with whatever. Equip it with a magnetic keyed lock.

              Remove some drywall and use the space between the studs. Replace the drywall, fasten with screws, camo the screws, secure with a magnetic lock. Place heavy furniture in front of that area. Hang some wall art.

              Think about it and you will find all sorts of places in your home to store things away from a casual eye. Search some of the keywords in the above suggestions and you will find everything from cheap commercial versions to more intricate DIY versions. There is ample dead space in any structure and in most major furniture.

              Not see your personal belongings? Then place them away from casual view. Keep your home, closets, cupboards, garage, outbuildings, attic and basement clean, organized and free of clutter and anyone on a manhunt will enter with their stated purpose, scan and move on. What will you do if you have a fire? Will you refuse entry to the FD? If someone is injured or needs medical assistance? Refuse the EMTs? Do you ever need a plumber, electrician, HVAC repair? Do you not understand that any authority can utilize these professions or simulate them in order to gain entrance? Do you never leave your home? Any agency that desires to can enter at will, leave devices you will never see and remotely monitor as they please, IF they think that is warranted. Do not give them reason to think that.

              Your husband has a point: refusal will bring more scrutiny, this time with a reason and a will to look deeper. THINK! Why give anyone cause for suspicion?

              BTW, I’m married and I LOL at your not being able to speak for nearly 10 minutes! Take that as you wish.

              • Blue–good advice, but I can’t get 5 shelving units of food in a freezer, and that’s just one room, not counting other rooms and a full closet of canned goods and one of TP/paper towels/napkins only…it ain’t hiding well in my house.

            • Shoot, JL…I was really objecting when the Veteran Affairs appraiser took pictures of EVERY room of our house last summer. It was pretty obvious what it was with 5 shelving units full of dry good, canned good, etc..
              He said he HAD to and when he saw the room, he told me he and his wife had one too–in their basement!!!

          • I remember DK,

            …seeing the riots on Black and White TV, seein gthe people being herded like cattle by those whom they had no means against, rememebr seeing the water cannons being used afainst those who stood there on the streets..

            ..I Rememeber.

            What transpires nightly on the Media today is not what was IS different…the “Tone” is different, Brother…it is NOT the same ‘Tune’…

            …And therin lies the Difference.


            • Well said JOG….as usual you are right on target.

            • JOG: I wasn’t talking about the legitimate protests for civil rights during those times. I was talking about the looting, rioting, and violence; not unlike that which often occurs when particular teams win a national championship.

              When real violence occurs the PTB have an elected responsibility to quell that violence to protect innocent lives.

              While Boston WAS different given the False Flag nature of the events there, planned, monitored, and executed by Private Contractors, I did qualify my observations by stating that in a true SHTF scenario, NG troops would be justified AND expected by the population.

              There is a genuine difference between a SHTF Scenario and say an Illegal Gun Grab.

              • Howdy DK, Walt, et al,

                Firstly DK, i was not ‘slamming you’ Brother, just remembering what I saw in awe way back in the day. That memmory and the look on ALL the Adult faces around me when “The President got shot” are actually my ealiset, clear memory’s of much of anything…

                What I WAS getting towards – as some SEVERAL poster below have Noted! 🙂 – is that what we see today is Hell and GONE from ANYTHING that can be construed as “Full-scale Rioting”, No? For that, there exists an exigency that mayhaps justify’s the use of NG on the streets of this Nation’s city’s….Boston was NOT that circumstance, was it?

                Truly, I begin to believe that the divide within this Nation proper is so Vast, that there exists such a degree of Polarization, that we are effectively TWO seperate Peoples in this country!…in Truth. The problem for any politician then is trying to simultaneously LOOK like he’s doing ‘something’ all the while KNOWING that He’s ‘pissing off somebody else’ really, REALY Badly, NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES, Eh?

                Ergo, America is ACTUALLY, clincally ‘Schizophrenic’, Yes? WHAT the solution is none knows…that IS obvious, but what we DO know is that IF this continues much more somebody is going to have to ‘Pay the Piper’…

                Problem is….NOBODY wants to PAY the BILL (?)

                Dman, Guys…Great Discussion, I know, I’ve READ them ALL!! 😉 😉 Good Job Y’all!!!


            • JOG, I think you are confusing the Dr.Martin Looter King so called civil rights marches, with Real Actual Negro Riots such as occured in Detroit back in 1967-68 era. Those riots were out of control so badly it was Nat Guard and local cops who stood there on sidelines “Observing” as ordered to do. Observe Only amd make zero arrests, take “notes” instead is what orderes were in detroit riots. I know as Facts as I lived there and experienced it all first hand. I do not mean I partisipated in any such riots, just that I lived there, saw it develop fully, and eye witnessed it up close as close as posible while remaining apart from rioters and riots.

              Make no mistake Yes it was Black rioters who held upper hand while looting what they can steal and carry off, destroying all else as much as humanly posible, then burning down whatever was still standing. Some rioters got whacked for shooting at cops and guard. But they were a vast minority when compared to probobly over a Million blacks rioting freely for over a full Week long.

              Detroits blacks riots were definatly Not civil nor peace-marches type as you seem to be thinking of.

              • Howdy THEM,

                Well, thaaaar’s a wayssss back in MY memory, to be sure. 😉 (NOT unlike the gals here, I am LOATHE to peg-it any closer for Y’all) I was just about knee high to a…well,..You know! What I do remember is near onto the time of Kenendy, his assasination, that is, there was a WHOLE lot going on ALL around…whether my memory has that at, before or after I couldn’t quite say with any good recall…I WAS a ‘wee’ fella then!

                TYh point here I suppose, is that there MIGHT be a rationale to do such as we are discusssing here…but I DON’T entirely think Boston qualified…not quite.


                • Yes, my memory is clear and vivid but couldn’t remember whether it was 64 mor 67. Either way, there are separate psychologies in this nation. Not just between the haves and have nots; but also between classes in different racial groups. The real divide I think is between the educated and uneducated.

                  For example, lations support illegal immigration even though Illegals adversely impact the Hispanic American community most. They don’t stop to think, they are not educated enough to realize that another 30 million Illegals will take their jobs and suppress their wages. Latinos are blinded by race.

                  Blacks by the way voted in a greater percentage than did whites who primarily stayed home during the last election. If whites and gun owners stay home in 2014 WE will wake up in a communist country.

                  Its not too late to Restore America.

                  • Repost..

                    Howdy DK!

                    “Its not too late to Restore America.”

                    You are correct Brother. However, it IS the case that any such effort first stems from the THOUGHTS of those who would do so..first thoughts…then actions. Such is the grand pattern of the World. It is the first of those mentioned above that I fear has not yet come into play as yet…and it might not.

                    For far too long America has raised a culture of those who ‘feel’ entitled to everything under the Sun, a culture of those who say alawys, Who Me?” when any task of significance is at hand…

                    Such does not – IMHO – bode well for the outcome. Should Humnaity NOT soon come into a ‘New Thought’ as to how We will proceed then as the gears of the World daily grind ever more and more slowly…thence, eventually to a Halt, what then…WHEN will People ‘See’ that the “Long View” has merit…

                    I no longer see any whoi would ‘step-up’ to the proverbial plate to do what needs for the doing Friend …and THAT bthrers me more than words can express.

                    Have a good one Bro, there may not be many left.


          • Do you HONESTLY believe that is the reason for all of this? Simply to quell INNER CITY VIOLENCE? I don’t. Not by a long shot.

            Oh sure, that will certainly be the rationale going in. After all, they must have some “lofty” (though possibly illegitimate) goal in mind, whether it be “quelling inner city violence,” “tracking terrorists,” “preventing terrorism.” “cracking down on illegal gun owners,” “fighting the drug war” – all this (and much more) on top of the various other functions that the National Guard is regularly used for (natural and manmade disasters, etc.), and has been since its inception

            Though the lines between legitimate and illegitimate use of the National Guard (as mentioned above) is sure to become quite muddled in the coming months and years, one thing is for certain. The trend toward using militarized troops of ALL varieties, whether they be National Guard, DHS, regular law-enforcement, or regular military will surely increase across our nation, in both urban AND suburban areas.

            The sheeple will not question what agency they are from because, essentially, they will all look and act alike to the sheeple: heavily armed, armored and similarly-dressed personnel, barking orders and relying on the rule of intimidation.

            Nor will the sheeple question the role of the personnel. After all, if the anointed ones say troops are needed for the sheeple’s own good, then who are the sheeple to question such a thing? They MUST have nothing but good intent, or they wouldn’t be deployed, whether it be Chicago. IL or East Bumfuck, AL.

            Unlike situations in the turbulent ’60’s, when National Guard troops were deployed during civil unrest and rioting, the newfangled troops (you pick the agency) will be deployed as general law-enforcement, as a backup to regular police and sheriffs PRIOR TO incidents of violence and rioting. This for the purpose of further acclimating the sheeple to the idea that the police state is their “friend” and is only there to “assist” them.

            After all, what good American doesn’t care about their children’s safety. Jee wiz, the more troops the better! Da!

          • @DK….

            No argument on using the guard in a riot situation.

            Boston was not a riot situation. And I suspect Steubenville isn’t either.

            I remember when the riots in ’65, but being as I didn’t live in areas where the riots took place, and I was a young teenager, who didn’t give a rat’s behind about much of anything, it didn’t impact me all that much.

            What did impact me was the riot (or to be politically correct…civil uprising) that took place in LA after the Rodney King verdicts. I worked as a PI at the time and about 90% of my work involved surveillance. About half the cases I worked were in neighborhoods like Compton, Watts and East LA……so I was intimately acquainted with the neighborhoods where the rioting took place.

            In my opinion, the rioting got out of hand because the LAPD basically just stepped back and let them do it early on, so….like a wildfire….it got out of hand to the point where they couldn’t control it.

            What you DIDN’T see in LA, was police or NG going house to house looking for looters and rioters. Over 50 people lost their lives in that event, so I’d say use of the NG was justified.

            I’m not sure about the gun laws in Steubenville, but I think it’s interesting that the places that have the highest crime rates and problems are places that have the most strict gun laws. It seems the only people who obey them are the good people. The criminals pay no attention to the laws (after all…they ARE criminals), so the good people are just defenseless.

            In the LA riots, the only store owners whose property was not looted or destroyed, are those who were armed. I have vivid memories of the news reports showing Korean store owners, on top of their stores with AR-15’s shooting at rioters.

            A lot of the violence was directed at the Korean community in LA. There was a lot of bad blood between the Koreans and the Blacks. And the riots were not ALL about the King verdict. There also had been a lot of police abuse of blacks as well. The King verdict was just the catalyst used as a justification to set the whole thing off.

            This has been a long response…sorry. But while there is a time for NG to be on the streets, routine law enforcement is not one of those times. If these communities really want to get a handle on their violent crime, they need to let the good people arm themselves. When the bad guys don’t know who’s packing heat, they tend to be more polite.

            • Yes, Steubenville is a lot like Detroit, but on a smaller geographic scale. Collapsed Rust Belt economy, middle class has left for greener pastures, the fill-in is, how you say, a certain ethnic background with a predisposition to crime and violence. But it’s raaaaacist to enforce the Ten Commandments in those areas. Lived too near Detroit for 15 years. Fled as soonas I could retire, but it’s following me. Steubenville is only an hour and a half away.

              • The problem in Stubenville is the residents, not some outsider boogeymen. If the troublemakers are chased out of Stubenville, they will just go infect another town (maybe yours). Any bets on whether most of the trouble stems from “affordable housing”? Or that most of the troublemakers are black or Central American?

            • I heard that 25% of “Rodney King” rioters didn’t even know who he was. I refuse to believe that the Koreans didn’t hit anybody. Just like most of the local pigs, the national guard will expend most of their efforts subduing Mr.&Mrs. middle America, while avoiding confrontations with the real rioters. The general attitude of police and military seems to be “Hold still while we protect the shit out of you”. “How dare you bleed on us?”

            • When the PTB start using “private contractors” deputized as “US Marshals” to police American streets or effect a gun grab,it will be time to eliminate the NWO: overnight and at 1000 yards.

              Biden says that gun control will happen by the end of the year. That means fresh ops are in planning now; probably for Memorial Day or 4th of July.


        • A few weeks ago I was doing a roof job by a little community airport and saw a military helicopter do a touch and go on the tarmac and then take off and vanish from my sight only to reappear about 20 minutes latter and do the same. There is a air national guard about 10 miles north west. Did not no if that was normal protocol or just a fluke.

          • Yeah, that’s normal. Lived a mile from a small grass field in Michigan for ten years. That went on all the time. What I enjoyed most was when the guys with WW2 warbirds would come over and beat up the place.

        • Main reason for increase in crime is increase in unemployment in the upper Midwest unemployment hovers around 20%. The crooks cause unemployment then call in the national guard. When I say crooks I’m not referring to the ones in this article but the ones that are ruining our country. It’s very sad that America is becoming home of the sheep and land of the slave

          • Berk, then How do you explain that while Yes Unemployment in midwest regions is sky high, it is at least as bad in Upper mich rural all white areas too. Yet, there Remains as the usual norm almost zero crimes or crimes of violent nature in those equally unemployed areas?

            No matter How many issues one can atribute to crime and especially violent crimes(like so many liberals always blame so as to excuse the perpetrators), nobody can any longer honestly discount that there is a correlation involved which is based also upon certain DNA trait-influences at play. Namely wherever you find massive numbers of african blacks or mexican folks residing will you see massively More violent crimes take place. Even where guns are allowed owned this still is a definate cause factor. Culturally everyone is Not equal or the same it seems.

        • The article seems to present a choice between roving bands of murderous thugs v. roving bands of military. If so, I would choose the military as the lesser of two evils.

          • Only difference, is when the “murderous thugs” kick your door down to take your preps you can blow their guts out with a shotgun and the media or neighbors don’t give a crap. You blow away a military or LE guy for kicking your door down to “confiscate” your preps/guns, and the media and neighbors are ready to form a lynch mob against you. The military now has a rocket aimed at your house and you are doomed.

            I’m hoping I never see either scenario, but I’d rather take my chances with the murderous thugs at my door. At least i can see how well those “expanding” bullets work at close range. Shoot,shovel, and shut tf up.

        • This is the beginning of the end and our Republic dies with a whimper.

          DEFCON 1 out!

          • It’s all ready dead. Stick a fork in it.

            Commies everywhere.

        • Bringing in the National Guard to these shitholes will have the same result as the Soviets got in Yugoslavia. As soon as they left, the fighting resumed with a vengance.

        • Well well well…

          Everyone is looking for the boogeyman..

          There is no boogeyman

          There is no new world order

          It is a term taken by the likes of Alex Jones and all his ,and so many others,minions to subjugate all the adults into a false reality belief system that something ominous is taking control of their lives..

          and you are helpless unless unless you order water filtration systems

          or way over priced food storage systems

          or way over priced precious metals

          or subscribe to their websites

          what a bunch of fools…

          this supposed collapse has been predicted for scores of years..

          where is it?

          how’s your gold and silver doing>>?


          • @ubiquitous,

            Wonder what the people in Cyprus who think / thought like you are doing?


            • Oh BigB…Tsk, tsk, tsk,

              …NOW don’t BE too HARD on the newb’s here..some of them are JUST ‘waking-up’…and as we all know ‘Waking up is hard to do…” 😉 🙂


              Howdy Bro! How was the weekend? 🙂


              • As usual you are right, weekend was good, Mexican theme for drinks and food. Kind of a life style here in California. 🙂

                Back to the newbie thing. You are right. I was with a friend of mine of over 30 years this weekend who is a contractor. Great guy, love him like a brother, but he refuses to even consider what we all know through self education and the sharing of ideas and thoughts and of course facts that there will be a system failure. Why? As he puts it very simply: Because it can’t.

                To acknowledge at least the possibility of a collapse is not a part of his thought process as he has no plans or knowledge of any other alternative to what he has been raised to believe. He is not dumb in fact he is pretty smart only ignorant to the realities of the new world.

                Could be because he was born in Canada and only became a citizen about 15 years ago. Just joking, you krazy Cana-dians. 🙂


          • Another stalinist commie.

      2. Well, if crime is going up, then the police are not capable of doing thier job. Fire the whole department and let the vastly experienced crime fighting national guard do it for them (sarc). Maybe in other cities, the cops will roll out of the donut shops and catch a few criminals.

        • The cops are being laid off in these cities. They don’t have the manpower. The cities cannot afford to pay the cop or their pensions. Therefore the crime goes up. Simultaneously the asshats in charge take power (guns, powder, ammo) from lawabiding citizens. Makes for a nice self-fulfilling prophecy. Then all of the sudden the military is needed for protection. I think the massive military that the US has must have a job to do (in the minds of the government anyway). Therefore, if we can’t peck fight overseas, we must create work for them over here. Quite a fucking mess we are getting ourselves into. Reminds me of the rabbit and the tarbaby.

          • What they can “afford”;
            Mobile Command Centers. (the small City of Annapolis, which is the state Capitol of Md, has two). Care to speculate on the acquisition and operating cost?
            Para-Military regalia. Yes regalia. Look at Boston’s SuperTroopers, and their transports. And didn’t have the restraint not to unload how many rounds into the boat, ( wanted him alive,remember?). When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
            Cars loaded with computers, plate recognition, cameras. Cheap, I’m sure.
            And of course, being that ALL police and firefighters automatically aquire hero status upon graduating from the academy, gold plated pay and retirement bennies are the norm.

            Do I sound cynical? Ha! If you charged a fee to become a cop or firefighter, you would have lines around the block. Lights,sirens, action! Protect and serve. More like harass and control your peon ass. Just make sure your not in the left lane at quitting time. And my personal favorite, on the rear of a vff personal pickup ” I fight what you fear” oh,please.

            • Another celler saver.

          • The Hegelian Dialectic in action.

            • My above comment was directed to gonetoolong..

              • The US Const. States that it is supposed to be the Armed Militia of the Several States which has Three main jobs/Goals to perform. #1= Enforce ordinances(laws) #2= Stop all insurections(like black riots for example) and #3= REPEL ALL INVADERS/Invasions(Like 30 Million Illeagle mexicans).

                If even 1/2 of the 50 states would rely upon their 10th ammendt status, reinstitute/reconstruct each states Armed Citizen Militia as per us const clauses and the 2nd amendt. And then if states Govner would Call Out said state armed citizen Militias to Quell-Repel-Arrest-Shoot as per deemed necessary depending on existing circumstances at hand. America would Quickly see such a vast improvement and lessening of violent crime, criminals, Invaders(mexican illeagles as well as all other nationality illeagles) that most folks heads would litteraly Spin off of their shoulders when they observe such massive crime reductions, and done in such quick manner or fashion. And all it takes is a common sense approach return to at least Those us const mandated clauses. Added bennifit would be a 100% leagle State Citizen Militia, operating under all proper instituted State and Fed laws(fed as in us const=supreme law of land).

                And Best of All benifits, the Costs to supply Travel Fuels-Ammo-Lunch moneys, would be Minimal at best. As each State would Not need to pay any fee or paycheck due to most every citizen of their respective state of residence is also, Mandated by supreme Law to answer the call to serve when called upon. And other than for “few” exceptions in laws, All who refuse a call to arms for militia duty can be prosecuted by varrious state or fed laws.

                U.S.Constitutional Mandated, Citizen Militias Well Armed, a Most Cheep & Effective Means to several Major problems we face daily. And also a True Fear in the minds of all Liberal antigun-anti self defense idiots everywheres! Because as in times past in america, it Works! and will Prove wrong most Every silly-idiotic-stupid-assinine-emotionally based, Feelings generated Talking point/Whines by Liberal Fools.

            • Walt you obviously went past the sixth grade. I had a hard time with using Wiki on that one.
              Rick you don’t like firemen? I mean the police have many detractors but firemen. Plus so many want to attack “public servants” and point out their flaws, rave about how great the perks are but aren’t ready to effect the system through participation. I think diagnosing a problem is a lot simpler than implementing a viable solution. The rank and file of the military have no desire to participate in martial law and vigilantiism is generally majority rule, so make sure you’re in the majority or you won’t like that either.

          • Horseshit. All government agencies at every level are bloated. A township near me laid off 25% of it’s fire department, and predictably the union howled like a beast. The township trustees pointed out that they still have more firemen per square mile than any township in the area.

            The areas in question are crime-ridden shitholes even before any police are laid off. Maybe the pigs should look at as punishment for doing a shitty job. The police unions are like pubic schools. When asked how much money they need, the answer is simply “more!”

            • Well Bob
              Excellent diagnosis.
              What is the answer if we get rid of the police, fire, ems, sanitation, teachers, water, streets etc…
              Martial Law?
              Make you king?
              This is a place where we can vent our spleen sure. I don’t want to surrender though so I prep, plan and participate. I am open to a better path if laid out intelligently though.

              • Hang the bastards, commies everywhere.

        • Less police, more crime. Since the citizens haven’t armed themselves and taken care of the problem, they deserve to have the National Guard on the streets.

          • A commie has the right to die. Rest of us will fight.



        • sir, yes sir

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        • If I buy you a new keyboard, will you please quit using all caps?

          • No.

            • Oops……meant thumbs down. You truly are a bonehead…..Rushmore

        • E, must you repeat the SAME OLD SHIT, POST AFTER POST? Give it a rest, please, until you have some original material. We get it.

          • Shifty,

            He’s kind of a one trick pony.

            He might be interesting, if crude, the first couple of times you encounter him.

            After that, it’s just dull and boring. He hasn’t got much going for him so he’d rather just keep on repeating than risk being forgotten.

            Some children will do ANYTHING for attention.

            • I don’t give a shit if you pay attention to me old man, but you’d better listen when I speak if you want to learn anything.

              • E. Let’s change the subject. Did you get your general ham certification yet?
                I’ll be taking mine in Baton Rouge next week. Do you have a rig yet?

                • Eisencrap won’t get anything like that because he doesn’t have any money. He lives in his mommy’s basement where he watches porno all day, plays video games and lives vicariously through Bear Grylls reruns. When he posts here, he tries to convince everyone of how smart he is by pushing bitcoin. Mind you….he doesn’t have any. But he tells people what a great thing it is. He’s done everything and knows everything. A true legend in his own mind. He likes to think he’s the most interesting man in the world…but he’s not old enough to grow a beard. He’s really hoping he gets that Red Ryder B-B gun for his next birthday.

                  • Actually I think you are wrong. It’s “Gilligan’s Island” he’s got a thing for Mary ANN.

                  • Not Mary Ann; remember he is all about butt humping. My guess, he wants gilligan first, then the old rich fart. Sick bastard!

                • No I haven’t had time to study. I have VHF and marine but I need to save for the the tri-band.

              • Wow Eisenkreuz , is everyone an old man and if so you must be quite young . I am an old man and I tend to agree with you in that policing the world has got us into the shit storm we are in …Team America…you know the rest

              • When I was young my parents and teachers used to always scream at me to “PAY ATTENTION”, when I didn’t understand what it was they were saying, or “you better listen to me when I speak!!” I really was paying attention and was supremely perplexed until one day it finally dawned on me that the problem wasn’t that “I wasn’t paying attention”; the problem was, they were all too stupid to explain what it was they were trying to teach me. Nothing has changed. People that insist other people “pay attention” generally don’t know what they are talking about, therefore and consequently too stupid to convey the message. Nothing has changed.

              • Eisenkreuz says:

                “I don’t give a shit if you pay attention to me old man, but you’d better listen when I speak if you want to learn anything.”

                Little man – first off, I don’t “better” do anything.

                Second off, about the only thing anyone can learn from you is rudeness, crudeness, repetitive rambling and what an immature, compulsive, childish desire for attention looks like on an internet forum.

                You’re actually pretty sad.

                • I have plenty to teach. And I don’t give a shit about getting attention except from women.

                  • No doubt the women who read your postings on this site are very impressed.

                    And I’ll wager that you don’t behave in person in the same way you behave here. If you did, you’d shortly be in no condition to work a keyboard.

                  • Eisen….why would you want attention from women when you have such hatred and contempt for them?

                  • “A man has NOTHING to teach, until he has the ABILITY to teach.”
                    -oakus maximus, 204 BC

                    Sorry, whippersnapper, you ain’t there yet!

                  • Okie-

                    There once Was a Man
                    From Days gone past
                    He had Balls made of spun glass

                    He would Clang them together
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                    his Ass.


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            • I love people who come on libertarian sites and call for censorship. Why don’t you just shut the hell up?

              • When did this become a Libertaian site.

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                • The Iron Cross has been in use from 1871 to the present day in the German military. It is used by surfers, bikers, and hot rodders, one of which I am. It has nothing to do with Hitler. Fuck off, idiot. Read some books before you address me.

                  • so your a neo nazi wanna be

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                  • @eisencrap…

                    Well…you don’t have enough money to be a biker or a hot rodder…so that leaves surfer.

                    Actually….I’m thinking skateboarder. That IS what you meant isn’t it? LOL!

                    Yep…I think I’ve pegged you pretty good……poser. LOL!

                • Also the medals for US Army BRM is based with the Iron Cross. SO yes Libertarians would wear one. So would Gays, Lesbians, Christians, Republicans, Democrats, Mormons, Jews, Blacks , Whites, Native Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and any other race that is part of the us army. would all wear one and have on their uniform.

        • Sounds like someone needs a nap.

        • Stfu and go count some bitcoin

        • Eisen I totally get where your coming from. We don’t need anthing other than learning to completely take care of our selves. 15 or so of my friends have even just bought some land and are starting a forest garden to be able to care for ourselves. All of these systems are only in place so that we feel as though we need them. Im called crazy a lot amd ive learned that people are way more receptive when you don’t insult them. Know one likes to be attacked or littled you included. I’ve help wake more people up just by being respectful and listening rather then being completely straight forward.
          Try it and you will see its the truth.

        • EISENgatorbait running low would you like to volenteer

          • hell swampratt, I didn’t know gators ate shit.


      4. Oddly enough, the recipe for clearing criminals off the street is to invade the streets with criminals (SWAT teams). Understandably, not every cop is a criminal per se’, unless of course they subscribe to heavy handed police state action as a blanket fix for societies ills. With a plolice state, they is no differentiation between law abiding citizens and criminals. Everyone is suspect.

      5. Good evening, BI, and once again, you are correct. Unless we’ve been misled by MSM, there’s 2 problems with that plan. #1. There’s less manpower in the National Guard than in the Regular Army. #2. There are supposedly significant budget cuts all across the board taking place in the armed forces as we speak. Remember the Air Force announcement about one-third of the bomber and fighter fleets being grounded due to budget cuts in the midst of Numbnuts in North Korea making all his threats? Also, the Navy has most of its aircraft carriers docked at Norfolk, VA, due to budget cuts? Plus, the Army is reducing its combat strength by 100,000 people? No less than 80% of our military are scattered out in 700 bases in over 100 countries right now. Even if all the troops were brought back to the States and the budget cuts cancelled, they still wouldn’t have the manpower to carry out the plan. Too many urban areas and too many people to try to control. forget about trying to control any rural areas or small towns. I still believe “UN peacekeepers” will come into play somehow in all of this, and when they do appear, IT WILL BE GAME ON. They will considered invaders and will be targets. that’s when it will be all over. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • @ braveheart. You know what un anything is? Mercenaries. Everyone in the un is a total loser in all facets of life and deserve no type of respect at all. The word un peacekeeper is nothing but a hired thug, like the mafia uses to collect money. Hopefully enough Americas will see that any un loser trying to enforce U.S. laws as nothing but an invader trying to enslave you and turn you into less than a peon. Those in the military will hopefully see this and won’t cooperate with the enemy. The un is the enemy to humanity.

          When I think of the un and the utter failures in all endeavors that it has partaken in, I don’t see how anyone would any brains would ever consider anything good about the un. Notice how I don’t capitalize the un, you don’t capitialize something has much of a liability as the un is.

          Something is on the rise and it is awful. When I think that you can’t go to your local sporting goods store and pick up what you need in ammunition, something is terribly wrong. The shooting ranges are dying right now as no one wants to “waste” even one round that you might not be able to purchase tomorrow or the next day. Really upsetting to see the country falling apart and crumbling. I mean there has not even been a SHTF event of any true size yet. I know I harp on this, but the shortages in ammo or coming to what we need to live each day. Why more people are not going to the supermarkets and stocking up on some nice canned goods and storing up water at least, is beyond belief.

          • The French Foreign Legion has fought under un command. Rare but it has happened. They are professional soldiers equal to any army anywhere. All 7700 of them. Perhaps most un troops would be cheese eating surrender monkeys but it’d be dangerous to underestimate the few who might be both tough and smart.

            • I dont think it would be wise to underestimate any of the military, un US or any others, we have guys who kill for sport in our ranks, sort of scary to think of some crazys kicking in doors killing the men, raping the women and taking your supplies, all i can say is God help us all if things degrade to that. It happened in Chechnea, it has been happening all across africa and mexico.

              • Dont under estimate one pissed off 220lb 320lb bench pressing 30:06 armed home owner who just had his gate crashed by some ex con FFL troop.

                • They will be more likely to pick their targets and choose more helpless people to attack

                  • helpless people can have helpful friends

          • No joke about the ammo. Where I am it’s out. Traveled South to visit family. Out there too. I quit the gun range a week ago because of this. And to see the prices at CTD. 70 dollars for a box of 50 rounds of low grade stuff? Biden said last month that shot gun shells protect better than ar’s. well unfortunately that’s all there is. Can’t just blame the libs anymore when republicans are voting anti gun. Shocks me too. I always feel there’s hope in the Deep South of this country. But it doesn’t matter when republicans down there are voting that way.

          • BI, Yes you are right about all UN activity. If you go read, begining at United Nations Worldwide Disarament Treaty Documents(you will likly need read several Hundred pages or more) you find that from the time Prez. JFK signed these UN treaty plans back around 1961-62. As you read the unfolding UN plans you see it calls basically for a TOTAL Worldwide total disarmament of ALL nations Militaries and Police orgs, as well as private citizens arms.

            To be Replaced by a NEW NWO-One world order govnt based at and Ran by the UN HQ, and calls for a New UN maintained and controlled Military of, orig for 75,000 troops, later Klinton Prez admin. increased it to 100,000 Man army.

            This NWO World cop army is to be called the UN Rapid Response Force!(also mentioned as UNRRF) With several Key regional bases of command, with Top HQ command remaining at UN in NY. It is to be the ONLY armed persons worldwide bar none. ALL nations military-Cops-Private citizens are to be Fully Disarmed. With only a couple exceptions for proven bad violence or violent crime zones to be allowed to keep a set number of weapons(firearms) and ammo to be used by ONLY Trained Approved SWAT teams in said zones. But even all of the swat firearms and ammo are to be confined in Safes at aproved police stations and ONLY issued to swat team cops on as needed basis when an event arises.

            Further requirements of the UN 100,000 man army is that they Must be able to Rapidly Respond to any/all events or situations as they arise to all points of the world, and arrive at said event within no longer than 4-6 hrs Maximum time from first word of event occureing. This will mandate several key station locatains throughout the worlds nations so that the 100,000 men can be deployed or stationed at such zone locations in order to be able to respond within allocated time frames of event beginings.

            THAT was what I found after reading aprox. 1000+ pgs of various related UN treaty documents and other docs too from UN archives and at the actual UN website when I first found out of all these evil plans over 17+ yrs ago.

            Weather or not some of the orig documents or plans have changed or been added to or ammended etc? I know not of. I read all that stuff aprox 8-10 yrs ago. If anything the UN councils and NATO have likly added way more items or issues which will Prove a true detrement to all Patriot folks in america and elswheres.

            So acording to UN plans it seems that Yes whatever is to occure here in usa Will likly involve massive UN interferences.

            One Other item I found in so many pages to read was several UN originating clauses from inception back in 1945(?) where UN official Laws and Bylaws State in zero uncertain terms, and Americas leaders approved of I may add!

            Is that since it first began the UN has always had and ALWAYS HAVE a RUSSIAN Commie(they dont say actual word of “commie of course). A RUSSIAN Military or at least russian State official(so far its always been a russian military guy except I think one short time) as HEAD of the WAR Council(or whatever its actually called).

            Thats the main council that declares Wars or okays wars(recall GW bush sending Colin Powel/traitor to that council repeatedly to get un aproval to destroy iraq).

            There has always been a Russian Head hocho at helm and by TREATY america agrreed to always will be !

            I know it is difficult for many to believe these issues can posibly be truthfull. But if in doubt?…Go Read the many various pub’s and doc’s at UN website and many other very credible websites that deal with these Treasonous issues. This has been ongoing to destroy american soverignty and freedoms at least 50 yrs in the UN assemblies. Longer still if you begin the clock setting at 1913 fed reserve act dates. America We been Had! from even Before most of us was born!

            • You can’t spell unethical without u.n.

            • After paying my respects to your diligence and initiative, I presume to think I’m speaking for many here when I say we don’t care what those documents say. 1776 is the antidote for un anything. None of us can guarantee we will prevail but we can be determined we will go down fighting. yo, un … go fork yourselves. “We’ve published this document and that document since 1948. All the high and mighty folk agree you peasants don’t have a chance.” I fully expect to die in that fight. But some totalitarian fockers will die first. Some things are higher priority than living long. Liberty and honor are two of them. Molon Labe

        • May I suggest that the leaders in D.C, LEO’s & Military leaders read and “Understand” this document, I was taught this document is the law of the land because it “Authorizes the People to protect the Constitution.

          Does this sound familiar to anyone?

          — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,

          But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

          Instead of letters everyone needs to send the Declaration of Independence to your Reps a couple times a week. Also explaining what it means.

          It is not illegal or threatening to give these people a history lesson and to remind them that the “Power belongs to We the People”

          • I like that idea, am about sick of the damn mass printed form letters i get from these jerks.
            Tell me…. Why are people so afraid to form a formal militia???
            On our local 2A website it gets cold shoulder and not a good reaction to even mention it,
            Isnt it our damn right to form a militia if we please??
            Cant do it myself, its a sad sad day that all these people grumble but wont stand front and center and stand tall and say NOMI and organize.

            • Sure. Go paint a big target on your back. That is what will happen to all the militia members. Half of them will be govt. informers anyway.

            • Everyone is in the unorganized militia whether one wants to be or not.

              Why do you think we have 300,000,000 firearms and many billions of rounds of ammo. That stuff isn’t for duck hunting.

              We don’t need to form anything. Just practice dry firing at a distance object and keep an edge on your bayonet.

              Semper Fi

          • @Luther…

            “It is not illegal or threatening to give these people a history lesson and to remind them that the “Power belongs to We the People””

            Luther……They don’t care.

        • Bravehaeart: Finally, someone who gets the math of this nationwide martial law fantasy.

          • Gregory8 says:
            Comment ID: 1552770

            In this comment you asked someone to list the bases and you would tell us if they were or were not turned into prisons ie fema camps and such, Then right below your comment a few hours later Kindle I do think it was, put down a huge ass list for across the US. I was wondering if you were going to go thru the list and give us your report as you said you would from drd. Now I know it was not drd giving you the list but some of us would like to hear your report on the bases you may know of. I will say that DIX has a large under ground fed max prison or at least was there in the 90’s. Dix is where they train for reserve drivers on weekends. Used to drive the duce-n-halfs up from ft tilden to dix.

        • That 2.4% budget “cut” (reduction in increase) is brutal. How often do you hear “Vote for this tax increase or we’ll have to lay off city employees (our brother-in-law) in make-work jobs”?

          • We got that crap here, the county council and mayor just voted themselves and their staffs raises, about 14% all the fees are going up up up, taxes etc….
            Its bullshit

        • Ahhhshaat up brave TURD !

      6. The decrease in number of peace officers is the cities
        fault. If they would allow the good and honest people of their city to be freely armed, there would be an amazing
        reduction in their crime rate and no need for more police
        officers or National Guard.

        • Amen to that! Trust me. When word gets out on the sreet about whos heavily and freely armed a miraculous state of utopia emerges. Whats that saying, A armed society is a polite society.

          • “A armed society is a polite society.”

            Yes it is, BUT that is not the agenda here. They WANT the chaos and fear. They WANT helplessness and dependency. This is why every single action taken by ALL government agencies, big and small, local and federal, is all about CONTROL and DISARMING of honest, law-abiding citizens.

            There can be no other rational conclusion.

        • very few assault type crimes up here in n ID. Grandma has a ccp.

          • My wife and I will be buying land in N ID next spring.

            • Great. Let us know what the scene there is like.

              • We will be heading up this fall to scout the area out.

              • iron cross

                if Boomers are as you say all full of crap then your parents did one hell of a shitty job raising you if they even tried.i kind of doubt they did much with you
                i would bet you had everything you wanted as a child and if you didn’t get you screamed and kicked everything.

                you sound like the typical latch key kid home alone with no parental supervision. and that’s why you think your the most interesting person in the world and Every one better listen Eisen is about to speak.

                you sound and act like some one who not once in your life ever had a serious conversation with an adult

                more like just Babble about Bieber and this pop twat and this self absorbed say that people called you a weirdo well what did you do to bring that on ? your actions ? your language ? or just your Image?
                unwashed? loud ? you get the picture

                Never once i bet have you ever thought about what is expected of you in this world. you blame all OLD people for all of your ills but have you once ever thought about how you appear to the world ? Just guessing here but i see a Skinny little twerp flannel shirt and chains hanging down Combat type boots ( most likely bought by your Boomer parents )
                anti establishment type t shirt or some out dated punk rock band. skate board in hand looking for another railing to try and break your stupid neck on so you can lie in a hospital bed and suck up more community resources.

                you spend all day watching others do while you sit.
                and when your not given all you want when you want it you Rail against the BOOMER types for your problems.

                Close ??

                have you once in your existence ever listened to some one old and heard what they said or is it all just white noise for you ? fuzzy and loud

                i guarantee every one on this site at one time has thought that there parents and even grandparents were why the world is crap its been going on since the dark ages.

                but why don’t you step out of the darkness and see if maybe you can do something might even find that OLD people can be pretty cool.and you might really learn something.

                try Not being weird and thinking your gods gift to women i hope like hell you never reproduce as the poor girl and her off spring will forever be punished with the knowledge that Daddy is a waste.

                Old Jewish Skittle Shittin Unicorn

                • well as i thought eisen crap is nothing but a skate punk his comments above about the iron cross being adopted by surfers hot rodders and bikers tells he he is a shit for brains

                  first off the iron cross was adopted by bikers as a way to say screw you squares it was an intimidation device more for the white supremacists type of bikers
                  Glad to hear you like scaring people eisen crap.
                  so i was right about you your a scared little weirdo wanna be neo nazi

                  same for your wanna be hot rodders you hang out with.

                  and all the surfers i know never once had a Iron cross on there boards buses or woodies so it must be the new Terror Surfers or Nazi Surfers eisen.
                  your too broke to actually afford any good preps but you have Bitcoin to hang with bikers and surfers nice priorities bud

                  no wonder your considered a loser and weirdo

                  old Jewish skittle shittin unicorn

                  • old jewish skittle shittin unicorn

                    oh oh i am going to get blasted by eisen crap
                    i made a typo i repeated the word He twice


                    Bad old jewish skittle shittin unicorn

              • white sheets and burning crosses for all

                that’s the scene Eisenstein wants

                Every one be quiet Eisenputz is about to speak

                all bow to eisen LOL

            • Naples is nice. I was hiking Ruby Creek Road today

              • We were going to be looking in the Saint Maries area.

      7. These military enforcers will appear on every street except Wall Street.

        • BK—Damn Straight

          I wonder what the Ntl. Grd. is gonna do when the Perps

          move their crime from the streets to the secluded back


      8. For the most part, Ntl. Guard is extremely
        family oriented; they tend to look after each
        others’ family. I suspect in a SHTF scenario that would be 1st priority.

        • anyone who supports this is a ignorant fool .

          1. the us military and reserves is the dumping ground of society . meaning you will have a bunch of moronic low skilled g.e.d. hardened criminals who grew up poor in the projects who can barely read with police powers stalking your neighborhoods . robberies personal crimes will go up when they are deployed .

          2. community based justice will not exist , military enforcer thug rule will . big difference between the two . there’s a reason Posse Comitatus Act was originally enacted .

          *passed on June 18, 1878, after the end of Reconstruction and was updated in 1981. Its intent (in concert with the Insurrection Act of 1807) was to limit the powers of Federal government in using federal military personnel to enforce the State laws .

          3. you better keep your daughters and wives locked up or they will be molested and raped .

          4. you better keep your young kids locked up “DON’T ASK DON’T TELL” or they will be molested and raped .

          5. you better keep your property locked up or it will be seized for the black market .

          6. nothing good will come of this only further violations restrictions of our freedoms , unnecessary death and destruction .

          *pers note to the zog dhs and national guard : You will not make it Home Alive in my neighborhood . If I can help it .


          • Katrina Horrors …

            Several residents of the impromptu shantytown recounted two horrific incidents where those charged with keeping people safe had killed them instead.

            In one, a young man was run down and then shot by a New Orleans police officer, in another a man seeking help was gunned down by a National Guard soldier, witnesses said.

            Police here refused to discuss or confirm either incident. National Guard spokesman Lt. Col Pete Schneider said “I have not heard any information of a weapon being discharged.”

            “They killed a man here last night,” Steve Banka, 28, told Reuters. “A young lady was being raped and stabbed. And the sounds of her screaming got to this man and so he ran out into the street to get help from troops, to try to flag down a passing truck of them, and he jumped up on the truck’s windscreen and they shot him dead.”

            • AM,

              I have friends and family in both LE and the military and they are nothing like the broad generalizations you prescribe. You lessen this site with your extremist hate. We are above you.

              Also, I thought we ran you off this site bc off your American self loathing anti Semitic garbage. Your not fooling anyone by changing names.

              • Remember your Oaths …

                ” All Enemies Foreign and Domestic !”


                  • Just because he didn’t have a gun in the boat doesn’t mean that he didn’t discard it after he ran out of ammo. Whether or not he had a gun is really irrelevant to the bombing anyway.

                    And if that wasn’t him exchanging gunfire with authorities for nearly and hour, who was it?

                    • DK- No offense but I have friends that live in that immediate area (and real intel)and they tell a different story. HomeLand Security Newswire even reports that the kid was unarmed when he was finally discovered (by a civilain mind you)hiding out in his boat in his backyard.

                      Boston bombingDzhokhar Tsarnaev had no firearms, explosives with him when captured


                      The cops had ALL already left the area and had to come back after he alerted them. So much for the overwhelming force and drama show. There was NO firefight as the lying MSM reported, that is all BS.

                      The point is, they had ALL those heavily armed men, helicopters and armored vehicles and couldn’t even find the kid…pathetic. This was nothing more than an excuse to instill more fear and control. Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant of the facts, or a complete liar.

                    • No firefight? The pics of the boat I saw show it to be unseaworthy with all the leaks in it.

                    • JRS-

                      A ‘firefight’ is when one or more parties exchange gunfire. Based on the pictures I have seen ALL of the holes enter from the outside of the boat, none exiting from inside it. That does not make it a firefight, but a’mop up operation’ with poor marksmen to boot. About the same as the clowns who shot up the blue pickup in it with the 2 ladies…that were ‘mistaken’ for the late officer Dorn. Gun Control is being able to hit your target… AFTER you have postively identified it. 😉

                    • Thanks for clearing that up Socrates. I know that the suspect was not armed. The FBI has even admitted this

                    • Morning Socrates,…love the ‘monicker’, BTW

                      “Astute Observation”…on several levels Friend.
                      Your definition of a ‘firefight’ is – here – quite humourus in a very droll sense – that of,

                      “A ‘firefight’ is when one or more parties “EXCHANGE” gunfire. Based on the pictures I have seen ALL of the holes enter from the outside of the boat, none exiting from inside it.” (Emphasis added at ‘exchange’)

                      GOOD observation Brother/Sister/Friend!

                      Also,….and WE ARE Worried about these?!?! The marksmanship here doesn’t exactly seem ‘top-notch’… does it? 😉

                      Have a Good One Today!! 🙂


                    • Hello JOG,
                      Good to see you are still hanging around I have been very busy and tired and still lots of stuff to do.

                      On the subject of a FIREFIGHT.

                      Only those who have seen battle can truly say what it is. Imagine a few hundred bullets ripping into a structure of little resistance. A small force of ten men with 30 rd, mags and you get the picture. They can flank you or surround you and crossfire is another deadly aspect of engagement. Tear gas, multi entrance and flashbangs.
                      Remember when the Philidephia Mayor, Bombed that house and set the whole block on fire. So it can come from above. Nasty Business!

                    • @JRS

                      There’s a scene from the movie “Idiocracy” that comes to mind every time I hear about the “firefight” in this situation.

                      Those who have seen the movie will understand and remember the part as well I think. It’s the part where the police show up to “arrest” Joe and just start shooting up the car that they think he is in. The scene even has a cheering mob in the background.

                      First time I saw that, I laughed ’till I cried.

                      Funny stuff.

                    • Here’s the video….actually…I think this may be the video of firefight in Boston where they captured the younger brother. 🙂


                      (paste the above into the URL window of your browser)

                    • Who gives a shit, that murdering Muslim should have been skinned alive and then burned along with his Quran. Is this little piece of human excrement going to be one of the new heroes along with Dorner? Both murdered someone’s kid, slime of the earth. Do you think for one minute that the murdering devil wouldn’t blow you and your kids up if given the chance? What garbage. You guys are sounding more like the Muslim lover in chief every day.

                    • This little shit just like the Ft.Hood shooter will never see the inside of a courtroom. Holder and Obama will see to that. He will be pardoned when and if Obama leaves office.

                    • John W.,

                      You’re probably right, I just can’t stand how so many are referring to him as a 19 year old kid. If a soldier is considered a man fit to engage in combat at the age of 18 then this slime ball is not a kid.

                      The poor little 19 year old should have had a chance to engage in a gun fight because he has rights, makes me sick. What about the little 8 year old who didn’t have a chance to fight for his life, yea, remember, this 19 year old
                      little kid looked at that child and left a bomb right next to him then walked away. Afterwards he went on with his life as though nothing happened, even went to the gym to work out.

                      Any words of sympathy for this devil monster are pretty sick and disturbing. This filth infiltrating our country needs to be eradicated and if it takes the cops to do it then bully for them.

                      As for the national guard, they should have been deployed in Chicago a long time ago. Time to clean house in my opinion. If you think they are going to go to your sweet little suburbia then you are wrong. If you live in a crime infested area then move out, plain and simple. The gangs are like a cancer, spreading farther and farther. Time to get rid of them.

                    • SOS: Your are right the average age in the NAM was 19.

                      Keep the FAITH

                    • My opinion for what it’s worth, I think getting rid of the crooked politicians and put civilian police force to work fighting the gangs would be better than calling in the military.

                    • That Don’t mean there was a firefight. The JBTs were shooting blindly into the boat and still didn’t kill the guy. Myyy heros! Thank you for protecting and serving me!!!

                      Prediction: During the next major (FF) event expect somebody to be protected and served via Hellfire missle.

                      So far, they don’t seem to be having a problem finding thugs to ignore human rights. Wait till they dispense in USA the same thing they dispense in the rest of the world. We’ll see how many police/miitary cheerleaders are among us then. Haven’t seen an “oathkeeper” step up to the plate yet.

                    • The police have proven time and again that they have no problem in loosing fusillades of aimed fire at suspects irrespective of whether they have a weapon, and the “suspect” sometimes quickly becomes a corpse having done nothing other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
                      We have ceded far too much power to our police and military authorities. Far too many of our citizens are willing to give up freedom to obtain security.

              • Whoa!
                When it comes to policing, local, homegrown is a requirement.
                If you bring groups ( ie, national guard) , that are not from the community, you will get what Nina describes ultimately.
                They will look at people as things to be controlled, manipulated and used for their pleasure. Where has it not been so? A gang is a gang. If I lived in LA, I would feel better with the bloods or crips providing for my security, if I could not provide for myself.

          • Well, Nina, I’m female and was in the Navy for 11 years and everything you’re saying is bullshit. How long were YOU in the military?

            • long enough to know your the one full of bullsheeit wave .

              your not worth the time .

              i hope you get what you want in spades .


              • Why do you post under so many screen names? Better yet why are you so full of shit, must be a govt. shill trying to get someone to post something to get the Gestapos attention.

          • @ Enemy of the State…I have many friends who are current and ex military who are highly educated good people so to say the military is the dumping ground for our country is way off base and disrespectful to our military and to me personally. I’m ex Navy myself and my daughter is in the Army, she graduated from highschool with her freshman year of college already finished.
            I in no way support what our government is currently doing and am saddened by the direction our country is heading.
            Stay frosty folks…NOMI

            • Thank you Maverick, was just going to relay the same message, it is dangerous to generalize.

              • No Kula, we have to generalize. It is a human survival trait. Quick glance, process, react. While you sit there, analyzing what lions are hungry, and which one’s are sated and resting, you become lunch.
                Don’t go for this politically correct bullshit!
                Generalize. Profile. Use your gut. Go with your instinct . We are born with these survival traits, use them.

                When you you first see those paramilitary images from Boston, what is your first thought? Warm and fuzzy, glad daddy’s protecting you? Or, oh fuck! Guess what I see?

                • by the way. Does anybody think they acquired all that hardware for a couple yo-yos, that might pop up every couple years. Yeah, right. That stuff is for US! ( not united states, us. Me and you. Got it?)

                  • The question is
                    Do YOU have gear?

          • Must be your left wing fantasy. In general the people in the military are far treferable to those that are not. You are living proof of that.

      9. Eisencrap, f#$% you! Since you don’t always have something intelligent to contribute here, go to an MSM site. This is an INTELLIGENT community here; something you don’t know anything about. Braveheart

        • I don’t have any intelligence? Where were you the last decade I’ve been warning of these things and had you old people mock me and call me a “weirdo” for my troubles?

          • No, E, we called you a names because you just can’t stop attacking people in all capital letters, no less. We dump (back) on you because you are mostly hateful and spiteful to everyone. We thumb you down because we’re tired of your crap all the time. You want it ‘straight’, you got it.

          • so you basically started telling the world there was trouble when you were 7 ??

            or 11

            how do your Boomer parents feel about you and your low opinion of them and there generation

            or are you some poser

            Troll killer


          • Eisenkreuz….it’s Friday-go have a drink and hang out with your friends or go on a date or something! Jeez….

            • He is dating his hand. They don’t get out much. Crazy kids!

          • To say that you are a dumb as a bag of ball peen hammers would be unkind to hammers. You are a true fool and a self made man.

          • @Eisencrap….

            So you’ve been talking about this stuff since you were….what….10 years old?

            • Two years ago would be my guess the way he carries on like a adolescent.

          • E…it’s not your message that gets ridiculed it’s your delivery.

            but to put it in words you will understand……


            Steve out…

        • Braveheart, I realize now what everyone else was saying about Eisencrap is correct. I’m not even going to bother addressing his shi– comments anymore(unless he personally attacks me). He’s not worth our time. He’s an ignorant troll. To hell with him! Better to just give him a thumbs down and not read his comments… he’s just an ignorant trouble maker.

          Baby boomers have produced people like Chris Hedges, who sued Obama over the NDAA bill, and Mike Ruppert, who has been urging people for decades about the consequences of Peak Oil, and other issues… he’s tried desparately to wake people up while there is still time, starred in the documentary “Collapse” and perhaps Mat Slavo is a baby boomer, I don’t know.

          Anyhow, our generation has been ‘THE’ generation who has alerted people to the issues at hand, but still a hole eisencrap makes nasty comments… he doesn’t care for truth. He just wants to upset people and take up space so to he– with him… just THUMBS DOWN him.

          • Better late than never.The best action to take is thumb down his comment and NOT respond to whatever he says,regardless if you agree or not.Like all children,when he realizes you won’t give him any attention,he’ll find another place to go play until mommy has dinner ready.

          • I’m not a troll.

            • Nina is not a troll.

            • And I am not a crook.

              • Tricky Dick to bad you weren’t a liberal. Ain’t it amazing how the media pounded, nonstop on Watergate until they drove you out of office. And now with this teflon breed, the MSM don’t even act like things happen. What Fast and Furious? What Bengazhi? What Kenya, Oh! Thats where he was from, that don’t count. I really wasn’t all that crazy about you Nix, but next to this joker, you sure wasn’t a crook.WASP

            • I don’t think you’re a troll, Eisenkreuz. I do think you’re “too loud” in a forum sense — the all-caps makes it hard to take you seriously sometimes (kind of like those people who use fifty exclamation points at the end of every sentense). And you do go overboard with the same ol’ same ol’ harping on boomers — it turns people away from paying attention to the meatier things that you say. I’ve seen you give good information here at times, and I’ve seen you show a spirit of unity with others here at times. If you showed more of that side of yourself and less of the RAGEFLAIL I think you’d find yourself and your contributions much more appreciated.

              • “Sentense” ought to be “sentence”… my typing sense suffers when I’m multitasking.

                • It’s ok pumpkin. I love moms. I wish I could give you a hug.

              • I love you too. But try to appreciate the plight of young people, sweetie. No jobs, no money, no future, education too expensive. The greatest birthright in the history of mankind squandered by the selfish, ignorant baby boomers. I don’t rant just to hear myself type I rant because the whole situation was totally unnecessary.

                • Sounds to me like your holding a grudge. Yes, our forebears may have left us in a shitty predicament, but that’s no excuse for being a rude pissant, especially in a forum like this where most everyone realizes the mistakes of the past and are here directly as a result of that realization.

                • @Eisencrap…

                  Dude….get off your lazy ass….and get some education. REAL education…not liberal arts B.S. Math…physics….chemistry…electrical engineering. Something that will actually make you worth something to someone.

                  I’m sick of hearing losers like you whine and complain about what’s been done to you. Good grief.

                  Spend a little less time on your skateboard and away from the video games…and away from forums like this and put your time into improving yourself and your marketability.

                  Why would ANYONE want to hire someone like you? All you do is complain about how older people have screwed up your life.

                  You are the typical narcissistic little snot who thinks that just because you were born, you have a right to have everything just handed to you.

                  You spend your time posting to an Internet forum that would not exist if it hadn’t been for “aging boomers”. Yeah…that’s right. Who do you think created the technologies that made things like computers and cell phones possible?

                  Wise up dumbass.

                  Man…you are pathetic. Beck’s “Loser” could be your theme song.


                  • Indeed.It seems that our “Iron Cross”is mostly comprised of tears and self pity.Nothing makes people want to wretch more than a man who spends his life feeling sorry for himself.

                  • @Eisencrap…..

                    Don’t flatter yourself nancy-boy. You’re simply another one of the dozens of narcissistic losers I encounter on a daily basis…..a mere pimple on the backside of humanity.

                    Time for you to grow up….be a man…and quit blaming everyone else for your own failures.

                • There are jobs. I know people in their early twenties that are making a living by being entrepreneurs. For example, building a thriving Internet retail business. I have several relatives who became engineers and had a job before leaving college.

                  On the other hand, I have worked places that have hired the current generation and then rapidly fired them for being on Facebook instead of working or hanging out with friends during company time.

                  It is not an easy environment to begin a career. Those that are serious about taking care of themselves will find a way.

                  • Agree: young people have the best advantages going: good looks by the nature of being youthful and energy. If you are willing to do something useful and have a decent code of behaviour, then you will find work. If you are a thieving, lying, lazy, slobby, dirtbag, then, yeah, you won’t find work.

                    The Internet is ready-made for young people and there is limitless opportunity there.

                • E…boomers weren’t sitting around their McMansions saying look how we are sucking up all the goodies so E and his generation wil have to suffer. Years of cheap energy, cheap money, gov meddling, American imperialism and a number of other conditions created the cluster F..K we are in now.

                  there were folks out there waving the a flag for years saying…”this stuff we are doing is not going to end well” but only a few listened. So many of us have awakened over the last few years and more are daily. But only because hindsight is 20-20. looking backward its easy to see the screw ups we all made participating in a system that got us where we are today.

                  it’s unfortunate that many of us will have to live through what is coming, it’s also unfortunate that many of us will not live through it.

                  • When people that hate their own country gravitate to the media, education and politics the mess we have now is what results. Most people who were not simply ignorant were too busy earning a living and raising a family to pay close attention to the lying snakes that were elected and feeding them lies on the news and in school. Doubtful that anything can be done to right the situation.

                  • ~~~there were folks out there waving the a flag for years saying…”this stuff we are doing is not going to end well” ~~~

                    I think that’s from years of prioritizing short-term over long-term.

                • eisen has a Mommy fetish

                  troll killer

      10. Anyone who witnessed what happened in Watertown MA last week shouldn’t have any doubts as to what a stupid, scared population will comply to. Seriously, the video of the family being removed from their home AT GUN POINT who later say it was “ok” and “needed” to flush out ONE MAN should scare the hell out of every American. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, this will be used in other parts of the country, WHEN NEEDED for the “health and safety” of it’s Citizens. They have opened Pandora’s box. All they need now is a major “event” to take this “test” even further. And that my good friends will be it for our great Republic.

        • Tyron Mason: Yeah but that’s Mass. where they turned in the balls a long time ago with their guns. You can’t compare a large gun-loving southern state where I live to a self-neutering liberal sissy state. That sh*t would’nt fly down here.

          • Yeh, they try to do the same thing of what is left of our second admendment rights in The People’s Republic of New Jersey , TPTB are trying to pass a boatload of new restrictions and ultimately shut down what remains of our Shooting Ranges. If any State is going to go of the deep end it will most likely be this state. I can’t believe this is what the State Senate is concerned about when half our coastal communities , after Super Storm Sandy, still look like the aftermath of an apocalypse .

            there is a disconnect between our elected representives and the people , the no longer represent us. I have a feeling of dread to where this leads to. Time is growing short.

            keep prepping as BI Says He’s spot on!

            Semper Fi 8541

            • Sorry about the miss spelling , iPad thinks it can correct text. LOL!

            • Those “coastal communities” should never be rebuilt, except at the resident/business owner’s own expense, and with the knowledge that no taxpayer-backed flood insurance policies will be written.

              • Bob, thats just the problem people who are rebuilding at their own expense are being prevented by unclear regulations. Flood elevation data etc ( undecided at this point ) . And a state that flatly refuses to recognize private property rights! Those who are self reliant are castigated in this state, which as more time goes by are dominated by the politics of the urban northern areas of the state , southern New Jersey is a completely different culture than the North, but we have very little say in the liberal dominated state Goverment.
                If you get a Chance you can actually listen to the gun debate on the NJ legislature web site live on April 30 and May 2 it will be the public comment on the proposed bills , additional information can be accessed on the New Jersey Association of Rifle and Pistol Clubs.
                There will be a very large Pro-Gun presence at the hearings. Maybe it will make a difference, the legislature has a habit of ignoring its constituancy. What happens here could affect the entire country on gun issues .There are patriots still left in NJ but we are few , but we are committed and will not surrender of our own free will. , rest assured we will fight this till our last breath.

                Semper Fi 8541

        • I guess that family realized they were too stupid to know if somebody had broken into their home while they were all home. They needed somebody to “rescue” them at gunpoint (they suddenly had no problem with having a gun shoved in their face), pat them down (extra good patdowns for the young females), and search their huge home for them.

          • Hope they didn’t leave any cash or jewelery laying around during the rescue at gunpoint.

            • They should be more worried if they were preppers.

              Got a stocked pantry? God a big store of necessary items? Got a few boxes of ammo? Gun safe? Books and other publications on survival or preparedness?

              Don’t think they weren’t making lists and adding names and addresses to it.

              • Making a list and checking it twice!

      11. H7N9 update

        some disturbing developments

        “However, the confirmation of H7N0 represents a significant jump, and the upcoming May 1 travel will likely spread H7N9 throughout China and beyond.”

        and most disturbing-
        “Although the sequences from human cases are closely related to those found in birds in live markets, the human PB2 sequences contain mammalian adaptation changes (E627K or D701N) signaling human to human transmission”

        the money quote—“signaling human to human transmission”

        this is what they have been afraid of

        • Maybe this is what they’ve been HOPING for. Human-to-human means PANDEMIC in the making.

        • I am debating the coincidence of the following. The company NanoViricides just happens to have a medication that can be given by injection or orally to treat H7N9. They are just completing animal trials where it was very effective unlike current antiviral agents.
          It seems too convenient when they are just starting human trials to have the ideal test conditions suddenly appear. It’s a good thing I’m not a conspiracy theorist.

      12. Tips for the coming Times

        1. Store up one year’s supply of food. Don’t rely upon frozen or canned food but primarily upon wheat and dehydrated & freeze dried foods. Get into gardening if you have the space and keep an ample supply of seed to meet any upcoming crunch. Keep on hand large containers for storing water to be filled in a hurry when the collapse occurs.
        2. If your home cannot be defended against riotous mobs by you and your family alone, pick a retreat in a nearby wilderness quickly accessible to you along some direct route that does NOT go through a populated area. Obtain maps of your retreat area, studies of its flora and fauna, and camp on a regular basis in your area all year around to become accustomed to its feel and defensibility. NOTE: If you live in a large city your best bet, as poor as it is, is to establish your retreat in your city neighborhood. When the collapse occurs, if you panic and try to make a wild dash to the country, you will end up doing it mostly on foot (all roads will become blocked beyond resolution) and you will likely die in the process.
        3. Carefully choose a survival arsenal. For every person in your group age 10 and over you should have one semi-automatic rifle (.223 or .308). In addition each person over 10 should have a reliable auto-pistol (9mm or .45), and the group should have a collection of .22 rimfire rifles, high powered revolvers, and shotguns. Finally, the group must have at least one highly-accurate (scope mounted) bolt- action rifle of high caliber (.308, .30-06, 7mm Magnum, etc.) Adequate ammunition stores must be provided for EACH gun in the arsenal, as well as all the things that go with guns (repair parts, reloading equipment, ammo components, extra magazines, bandoliers, holsters, cleaning equipment, ammo boxes, carrying cases, etc.).
        4. Store up other survival components such as many hand tools, heavy-duty “work” clothes, medicines & medical supplies, communications equipment, energy supplies, hygienic supplies, camping equipment & supplies, ropes, bags, boxes, fishing equipment, fire starters, etc., etc.
        5. Rough it! Cut your standard of living – particularly pleasure vacations. Do NOT get a second job or make any outstanding efforts to pay off consumer debts costing 2% or more below your inflationary rate. Right now, you need more than anything else the time to properly prepare you and your loved ones’ survival when the collapse occurs. Having all the gear on hand is only 50% of the survival effort – you must be practiced and knowledgeable with their uses. When the crunch hits, if you don’t start high on the survival learning curve, chances are you won’t live beyond the first month.
        6. Do NOT invest in one bag of silver coins per family member. Believe me, they’ll be few active coin collectors around after the shit hits the fan! Silver MAY be worth something, then again you coins may be as valuable as Confederate dollars were after the Civil War. But ammo will certainly become extremely valuable. Your best bet is .22 LR and shotgun ammo (12 gauge only) – these items translate directly into physical survival. So, after you have satisfied all of your other survival needs, invest ALL of your extra money into guns and ammo – particularly ammo!

        Keep the FAITH

        • For those who don’t have the thousands of dollars to complete the above prep. Get a 12 shotgun,(or 2-3) some ammo, then water and can goods.This will set you back 500 to 1000$ depending on how many shot guns you get. This will keep you and you family alive for a while.

          • First arm you should buy is a .45 pistol (ammo is easiest to obtain right now). Second you should get a vest. Then a rifle, helmet, shotgun, long pistol, and sniper rifle, in that order.

            • For once you post something sensible in a nice manner. I would also get a .22 revolver not a pistol.

              • Bullshit. .22s are useful as a deterrent but its not going to be your primary sidearm that’s jsut silly.

            • And because it comes from them. It all now comes into question if those are good choices

          • A single shot shotgun can be bought used for less than $100. As a self defense weapon, far superior to the tacticool AR 15 you WANTED to buy.

            • Agreed. At walmart a 12 guage pump (12g ammo is the most available) can be had for 300$ Best house and yard gun. A 45 acp is nice but pricy at over 500$ and the 1911 only has 7 rounds. I still have NF single dhot 20 gauge. My son shot a bear last season with it. Hasnt had to buy meat in 6 months. Of course tanning the hide cost 250$, so I guess it was a wash.

            • I don’t claim any deep firearms expertise but within about 20 feet isn’t a shot cloud as compact as a rifle bullet? Meaning it has to be aimed. What if your single shot misses or there are more than one attacker? The numbers at the end of my name are a cartridge size. I picked it because the tip of the spear guys overseas clamored for a bullet with more punch because the 5.56 wasn’t sending Akmed to those 72 virgins. Aware that I might miss when my life is on the line, or there might be several attackers, I want 30 rounds with stopping power. And comparatively less recoil than a 12-gauge.

              • A6.8, your caliber is a very good one. I just wish it would gain some more popularity. The magazines are proprietary and are only made by a couple of companies. The other drawback is the cost of the cartridges which would be helpful if you roll your own.

            • you wouldn’t be correct if we were 300 yards apart.

      13. This town is about 22 miles from me and I watch the local news that reported this story.The crime is going up due to gangs coming from Detroit and Chicago to peddle their drugs.It’s an old steel town that has been left to die on the alter of the E.P.A.Now there is nothing left as the working class families have left and poverty moves in.This is the same city that made headlines for it’s teen rape trial.I see a major trend coming to Amerika and I don’t like it!

        • Steubenville. Home town of Dean martin and Traxy Lords.

          • You mean Tracy? Bet THAT’S a carnival ride!

      14. DYNAMIC MARKMANSHIP – Moving Out of the Kill Zone

        1. Threats are not “static” – they are dynamic, they move quickly.
        2. The most effective response to a threat is most often not static – the defender must make himself a difficult target by moving. For maximum effectiveness you must learn to hit and hit well while moving.
        3. Good guys start from behind – frequently the presentation and first shot must be delivered while moving to cover.
        4. Multiple dynamic targets are as common as single targets – you must move while engaging them effectively in order to avoid being seriously killed.
        5. Real people are seldom INSTANTLY incapacitated even with good hits – if you are stationary and exposed AFTER you have scored good hits you may still be in grave danger.
        6. You fight EXACTLY as you train and practice. If you fail to practice movement before, during or after engaging the threat you will fail to do it on the street.
        7. “You will not rise to the occasion; you will default to the level of your training.” – Barrett Tillman.

        The goal of DYNAMIC MARKSMANSHIP training is to equip you with superb marksmanship ability WHILE simultaneously employing dynamic movement and tactical techniques.

        1. Shooting on the move – and actually hitting.
        2. Shooting moving targets.
        3. Shooting moving targets while moving yourself.
        4. Shooting bobbing and weaving targets.
        5. Shooting while moving to and arriving at cover.
        6. Shooting from cover.
        7. Shooting with minimum exposure time.
        8. Programming an aversion to repetitive exposure at the same place.
        9. Programming the reflex to move immediately after shooting.
        While there are trends, no one can predict the exact way a lethal confrontation will unfold. You cannot guarantee the outcome. You can enhance your odds of survival by having a fully developed “tool bag” of survival skills. DYNAMIC MARKSMANSHIP is one of the tools that could save your life.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Watchman,

          Awesome post! I’m printing that, blowing it up and going to use it in my group.

          Did you grab that from a tactical book or come up with that on your own? If so what book or site was it from? If not, again awesome tactical advice!

          • @wolfpup …. ;0P

            1st your friends and family don’t mean sheeit to me … all they are to me is sellout traitor nwo u.n. zog bullzeye targets on shtf nwo zog false-fag martial law day .

            2nd i did my time and then some “standing a post” for nwo zog ameriKa uncle zionist sam . i’ll say whatever the phuck i want to say .


            4th go phuck yourself .

            AMERIKA IS A LIE !

            ;0p pssszzt

            Remember your Oaths …

            ” All Enemies Foreign and Domestic !”


            • You’re demented perversion of America is not the good people’s America who come to this site.

              In a true shtf event you wont be welcome anywhere with anybody who has integrity. You will snuffed out like a weed.

          • Wolf: I do not know anything about it. Showed up as a pass on E-Mail. I’ll check for Who, Where, and When.

            Keep the FAITH

          • Ditto Wolf, thank you Watchman, good info is always welcome, even the stuff we have all heard and may have already done.

            • that list of ABRM (advanced basic rifle maneuvers), sounds like the special operations mobile targeting training for the tiers 1 and 1.5 ops groups.

        • On a slightly different survival note, I’ve started taking off all jewelry and my good watch when I have to leave home. I wear my old Timex Ironman watch to the store. I don’t carry my tablet PC in view, if I carry it at all. I keep nothing visible in my car, not even a tire iron. I do not put valuables in view of any windows in my house either. Gun safe—hidden in the back. Electronics and computer—not in view of windows OR THE DOORS. My food and preps are completely out of sight.

          A loaded glock and extra clip under the couch cushion is out of sight and out of reach, because I’m usually sitting on it. They won’t beat me to it, I assure you.

          I don’t have a dog, but my huge cat growls like one, giving me about a 10 second response time, should anyone be outside without me seeing them…nothing gets by him unnoticed. I’ve got IR cameras that can go up and fully operational in a matter of minutes. There are a couple of surprises in the yard and out back, hiding the escape route.

          I’m about as mentally ready as I’m going to be…please let this only be a drill.

          • I personally have trash to steal in my car. I keep it looking dirty on purpose. My preps are out of site also, my husband doesn’t even know everything we have.

          • You’ll shoot your balls off. Updated version of a Christmas Story.

          • Sad: have you thought about leaving your stinkhole of a neighbourhood? I wouldn’t live anywhere like that and can’t believe people do.

            There are many places and countries where life is not like that. You should leave and go to these places.

            By living where you do, you are endorsing the failure with your money and time. You should direct your money and time to communities that function well and have decent people in them.

            • Read an article recently about the emergence of an unofficial tourist industry that’s thriving in good ole’Deeeeeeeeetroit.Seems people are coming from all points on the globe to get e real live look at how a society disintegrates in real time.One kid from Germany was quoted as saying that he came to see “the end of the world”

            • There are too many news events about people coming up to people on the street and snatching their valuables for me to intentionally make myself a possible target—bling isn’t worth dying or getting hurt over.

              Also, the neighbors are not the only ones who might show up at my door when TSHTF…a prepper would prepare for that contingency too.

              Never make yourself a target if it can be avoided…

              I can see you’re not accustomed to self-preservation, Frank Thoughts.

          • SIXPACK–Actually, my daughter’s cat saved her life… a burglar was about to come through the window in the middle of the night; her cat went bezeerk. My daughter looked up to see what was wrong and saw the burglar. She ran to the door and out in time before he came in. He stole her purse but thankfully she wasn’t actually physically hurt. Cat’s are cool!!

            • Yes they are. Cats can be just as loyal as dogs, and just as protective. Mine is, because it’s just the two of us here and he doesn’t like intruders any more than I do.

              • I’d rather have my 130 lbs American Bulldog. If he doesn’t want to do something I can’t even make him. If he attacked there would be nothing you could do to stop him. Most people won’t even stand on the porch when he sticks his big head in the window and barks. Nothing trumps a big angry dog.

        • Or just lie still, in fiberglass boat. A platoon of heavily armed storm troopers can lay down concentrated fire with automatic weapons, at YOU, and you will survive.
          It does give one hope, though.

      15. Eisenstank is fun for me to read. I picture an old man in a chair bitching about everything around him. “Whyyy Iii oughta whoop his ass” comes to mind. Funny thing is, he is probably younger judging by his comments.

      16. PLUS, he made the ridiculous comment the other day about the pot protestors, criticizing us Boomers for not watching it. what the f—! We (or I) actually PARTICIPATED in protests when I was a young person.. I didn’t sit on my rump WATCHING protests; I was there, risking my life! And that jerk Eisencrap criticizes us for not watching the protests! What an idiot.

        • Hey go easy on him. It’s hard to get motivated to go protest after you’ve smoked a big doobie. Besides…he still had a whole bag of Doritos to finish.

      17. Great Truths

        Great Truths that little children have learned:
        1) No matter how hard you try, you can’t baptize cats.
        2) When your Mom is mad at your Dad, don’t let her brush your hair.
        3) If your sister hits you, don’t hit her back. They always catch the second person.
        4) Never ask your 3-year old brother to hold a tomato.
        5) You can’t trust dogs to watch your food.
        6) Don’t sneeze when someone is cutting your hair.
        7) Never hold a dust buster and a cat at the same time.
        8) You can’t hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk.
        9) Don’t wear polka-dot underwear under white shorts.
        10) The best place to be when your sad is Grandpa’s lap.

        Great Truths that adults have learned:
        1) Raising teenagers is like nailing Jell-O to a tree.
        2) Wrinkles don’t hurt.
        3) Families are like fudge. . . mostly sweet, with a few nuts.
        4) Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground.
        5) Laughing is good exercise. It’s like jogging on the inside.
        6) Middle age is when you choose your cereal for the fiber, not the joy.

        Great Truths about growing old:
        1) Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.
        2) Forget the health food. I need all the preservatives I can get.
        3) You’re getting old when you get the same sensation from a rocking chair that you once got from a roller coaster.
        4) It’s frustrating when you know all the answers but nobody bothers to ask you the questions.
        5) Time may be a great healer, but it’s a lousy beautician.
        6) Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.

        Keep the FAITH

        • 10) The best place to be when your sad is Grandpa’s lap.
          Or in trouble!!

          • My 3 yr old has mastered that!

      18. It’s Friday night>>> the hell with it…..>>

      19. See this shit on beforeitsnews? Obama and Clinton guilty of ballot petition fraud?

        • Sadly, nobody cares.

      20. You are wasting your time with non-violent protests. What do you think all the DHS ammo is for?! Right now, this Administration is pushing buttons, trying to elicit a violent response from the right, from the left, from the middle-of-the-road, from outer space — anywhere they can get traction. Martial law would fit perfectly into the plan where Obama refuses to relinquish the Presidency at the end of his term. In the name of National Security, ya know. Think I’m nuts? In four years, has he told the truth once? Just once?

      21. I was in a disaster in a city once. There was a flood, and my apartment complex was basically an island for 4 days. A whole pack of red hat & shoe wearing gangster punks crawled out from under a rock and established themselves as the island authority of sorts. I think they were two days from breaking in windows and burning cars.

        The National Guard was present in the city, but nowhere near my neighborhood. That’s the only time I ever actually wanted to see them.

        If they need the national guard in the streets to control crime, it’s not a crime problem anymore; it’s a war.

        • I would not be surprised if the FEMA camps are really nothing more than supply depots for the DHS/military. They won’t waste their energy trying to imprison/ feed undesireables in the camps, they’ll just let the zombies starve or kill each other off while watching from the well stocked, well protected FEMA camps.

          Does anyone know which way the barb wire/concertina wire is directed? (keeping people out vs keeping people in?)

          • H’a, if you are correct wouldn’t that be comforting. Less nightmare inducing than believing they are death camps for dissidents and the urban entitlement crowd.

          • doesn’t matter which way it faces you are not going through it un-scratched…besides in that useage it is more for slowing a person down for a clean kill shot.

      22. Shifty and Brane frees, let’s just follow Grasshopper’s advice; red-thumb him and ignore him. maybe eventually he’ll go away.

        • ~~~Shifty and Brane frees, let’s just follow Grasshopper’s advice; red-thumb him and ignore him. maybe eventually he’ll go away.~~~

          No he won’t as long as he is responded to and as long as he is given thumbs down–he KNOWS through those two actions he is being read.
          Please grow up folks and scroll past the moniker.

          • I don’t care if one person or a million people read my posts. I say what I want to say. That’s the freedom of speech that you claim to fight for. I love it when “libertarian” activists on youtube block and censor people.

      23. I can’t imagine the government having enough cops and military people to shut down multiple uprisings in major cities accross America, like they did in Boston. Martial law or shelter in place dictates won’t be followed by the majority.

      24. Be Informed, right you are again, sir. I will no longer capitalize un. I’m going shopping again this weekend for more food, water, etc. I’m more on razor’s edge now than I was right after Sandy Hook. All these incidents taking place are like dominoes falling into each other. How many more incidents aka false-flags we’ll have between now and TRUE SHTF is anyone’s guess. I heve felt a renewed sense of urgency in prepping lately and I hope everyone else on this forum is doing the same. I think I’ll go to the range this weekend and fire off a little bit of my stockpile of ammo. While the .177 is fun to shoot, it’s getting old. I’ve got to feel the “real deal” at least on occasion. braveheart

        • @ braveheart. Someone showed me something awhile back that is one hell of a nice way to use one of those wrist rocket, (slingshots) that is kind of fun at about 25-50 yards away. You use those darts that a pellet gun uses. I made one of those darts go almost 3/4 of inch into some fairly dense wood from about 75 feet away. These darts can be put into the pouch of the slingshot vertically or horizontally and when fired they go straight as an arrow because of the mini feathers. A person probably could kill dinner for themselves if they wanted to remain quiet as possible and not use an air rifle or regular firearms. These darts have a point on them like an arrow and they are quite efficient at penetrating a lot. Besides that it is a different way to shoot at targets with this.

      25. Katrina a fun ZOG FEDGOV shootin’ gallery for sport …

        I was exposed to government agencies and it made me realize something, this was their “Iraq.” There were rumors of DEA, US Marshals and ATF getting into OIF style live fire engagements. I personally didn’t see or hear of anything like that, but these dudes rolled around like it was Baghdad/Ramadi/Normandy. -82nd Airborne Soldier


        • Enemy of the State: Yeah, and I heard rumors that you’re off your anti-psychotic meds again!

          • New Orleans: A New World Order Showcase

            Armed Israeli Foreign troops, gun confiscation, jackbooted privatized fascism

            The media curtain has begun to fall on New Orleans but the questions continue. In hindsight we can see the whole fiasco for what it really was, a showcase for the suffering that some would like every American city to undergo.

            The bottom line on Katrina is that whether you believe it was all incompetence or part incompetence and part malevolence, the lasting pretext is the same.

            When a disaster takes place, you have no rights and the federal government can arrest you if you don’t follow their every order.

            Mandatory evacuation and gun confiscation are the order of the day in the new federalized Amerika.

            The local government officials initially lambasted the federal government but then showed fealty to them and coward to the NWO ZOG FEDGOV .



        • Channel surfing , and I come across bungee jumpers. Hmm. Got a platoon of Army troopers, back from the desert, jumping to get the adrenaline rush they have gotten accustomed to. But we have no worries, right?

      26. Sign of the times.

      27. You know Eisenkreuz keeping bringing up the Boomer generation as being rejects and old aged, which is hardly the truth. Those generations that were not assimilated into these dependency of the modern day laziness of conveniences have lived through going without and will fare far better than those that have had it soft and have no idea what it is like without. Look at the generations for anyone that is not sure where they are personally.

        For those born in the years:

        Lost Generation 1883-1900

        Greatest Generation 1901-1924

        Silent Generation 1925-1945

        Boomers Generation 1946-1964

        Generation X 1965-1982

        Genration Y 1983-2000

        Generation Z 2001- present.

        I remember Eisenkreuz talking about doing all sorts of activites during the 1970’s, so this would make him a older Generation X’er or a Boomer without him even realizing it if he was born December 31, 1964 or before. To me I don’t when a prepper/survivalist is born, they have the knowledge, intelligence, and insight at whatever age they are.

        • I wasn’t alive in the ’70s. I said I was trained by some of the original survivalists from the ’70s. Those were the good old people. You guys have been totally asleep for most of your lives until the election of a black man alarmed your sensibilities, not realizing that all the presidents have the same policies and the election is an illusion. You then proceeded to jump on the bandwagon.

        • @Bi
          thanks for the chart I didn’t know we were at the last generation.(Z) HMmmmm.

          • I was just thinking the same thing, wonder who came up with the system?

          • Glad you said that, Ruler.

            I was thinking; how appropriate, last letter and last generation.

            For all those not well versed with the Bible, the last generation on Earth, in flesh bodies, is called the generation of the “fig tree”.

            WTF? Well, the Nation of Israel/Jews are referred to as the “fig tree”, and with the return of the Jews and some Israelites, to their God given homeland, the time of the “fig tree” began.

            This started a biblical time clock whereby the nation/country of Israel was re-established, with their capital as Jerusalem, even though Tel Aviv is mostly recognized as such.

            Mat 24:32 ¶ Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer [is] nigh:

            Mat 24:33 So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, [even] at the doors.

            Mat 24:34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.

            Many will disagree and there is much discussion as to when the time clock/countdown actually began. 1948 or 1967? There is also much discussion as to what the length of a generation is considered to be by biblical standards.

            Most say 40 years. However; 40 added to 1948 ain’t working. Now 40 added to 1967 gets us to around 2007/2008. If there is a 7 year period of tribulation added to this, we get to around 2015. Possible? You bet it is.

            I have heard that there are biblical generations of 52,70,100 and 120 years, given as examples.

            I guess which ever one God uses is the one it will be.

            What is interesting to me is that very very few preachers/teachers, teach anything about the parable of the fig tree, the last generation before Christ returns. Refer to what Christ said in Matthew 24:32 “Now learn a parable of the fig tree”…..

            He didn’t say; “If you find the time”, or “Maybe” you should learn it, He said “learn it”! So it is very important for those wanting to be “prepared” in every facet of their lives, to consider what an important part this generation means.

            I’m not trying to set a date for the return, but I’m setting a time frame for myself. If it falls within my expectations, then I’m a step ahead. If it doesn’t, then I’ll just suffer along with everyone else until my flesh leaves my body.

            Happy Fishing!

            • Luke 21: An alternate interpretation is that the fig tree represents the nation of Israel being politically reestablished in their land once again.
              Accordingly, when the modern state of Israel was formed on May 14, 1948, Hal Lindsey concluded that we are in the last generation.

              • JayJay and Dont Tread….

                The Bible is specific, especially by Paul in 2Thess., that the ‘end-times’ won’t happen and the last generation occuring until ‘The’ Anti-Christ is revealed.

                The Anti-Christ is the false Messiah and will be allowed a short time to rule the Earth. His number is 666 and he will be the Peace Maker and eventually claim to be God himself. He will make everyone buy and sell thru his economic system. Those that refuse to take his number eventually die.

                The last generation are those alive when the Anti-Christ is also alive and doing his dirty deeds.

                Hal at one time said, and I cannot remember the exact show, that he felt the Anti-Christ was born in early 1970s. If so, that means Satan himself is in a human body and is about 40 years old. He is waiting for his final hour.

                The way this World is fastly moving towards financial ruins and another world war, I now belive Hal and that the Anti-Christ is alive and ready for his time.

                Nothing makes sense anymore. There is a bad spirit in the air. We preppers know this and that is what makes us feel very uneasy about the future. Good luck to all.

                • @ JJ & Ugly,

                  I like Hal Lindsey as a person and sometimes he brings forth information/news that no one else will broadcast or even knows about.

                  However; Hal is delusioned with the “any moment fly-away doctrine/pre-trib rapture/tickle the ears of christians so they’ll send $$$”, like so many of the preachers/evengelists of our time. He wrote a book and sold millions of copies in the 80s about the rapture occuring in 1984, I think, but don’t quote me on the rapture date he claimed would happen.
                  Anyways his first book in the 70s, The Late Great Planet Earth has sold about 35 million copies.

                  As many have done in the past, set a date, and then loose credibility when it doesn’t happen. I don’t follow anyone’s dates but I do follow signs and times given by God thru his word. He commands us as christians to “know the season”,and not worry about the day or the hour.

                  Those that can’t understand and correctly divide God’s written word do make the mistakes of following another man’s interpetation.
                  That is evident when people say that the Antichrist is a flesh man and walking the earth today; and that a secret rapture of christians will occur preceding the arrival of Antichrist as ruler and seven years prior to Christ’s return. It is “not” in God’s written word. It ain’t ever, no way, gonna happen like that.

                  I’ve spent over a thousand hours in the word, and studied the translations from the original Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. The pre-trib rapture is a hoax. The idea of Satan or his demonic spirit inhabiting a flesh body is a lie and spoken out of ignorance of God’s word.
                  God is very clear on the two subjects; He is “against those that teach His people to fly to save their soul” and that His Holy Angels with the Archangel Michael leading them, will boot/kick Satan and his angels out of their “holding place” in Heaven, down to Earth, for the time of tribulation and to fulfill the “mark of the beast” system prophecy. Satan will not be able to harm one hair on the head of God’s elect/true christians during the tribulation.

                  The teaching that all Christians that don’t “take the mark”, will be killed is another lie to try to “fear” the lost into being saved whereby they’ll be raptured away before antichrist and escape torture and death in the tribulation. False teachings have become so popular over the past 100 years that the sheeple swallow the lies; hook-line-sinker. God does not operate that way and He tells us to beware of those that teach babel/confusion.

                  I’m not trying to lay a guilt trip or play one-upmanship on anyone; because i was guilty of believing the same lies, until I prayed for God to open my eyes to truth in 1999. He has and is still showing me things all the time.

                  Peace and May God Bless!

      28. I wonder how many of the “it can’t happen here” crowd learned from this and got a clue. We’re just about at the point of no return on this. Rumor has it my metro city, Denver, will be the next US capitol. Just what I need in my back yard, the NWO capitol. I guess they expect DC to get wiped off the map when WW3 hits.

        BTW, Tanner gun show in Denver Saturday!

        • Actually, I’d rather they all are in one place, sort of like Pearl Harbor…or Hiroshima.

      29. It all comes down to the same old saying;

        Who is monitoring the monitors!!!!

        Carry on people .. Nothing to look at here!

      30. Be Informed, my first contact with what we call prepping today in October, 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. My older brother helped our dad build a bomb shelter in our basement and stocked it with supplies just in case. Thank God no war broke out over tha affair, but my Dad’s “prepping” left a lasting impression on me and I still remember it like it was yesterday. I really started learning in earnest about prepping during my years in Florida thanks to hurricanes. my wife encouraged me to get into it and i have never regretted it. I have survived numerous hurricanes, tornadoes, regular power failures, flooding, etc. while in Florida. After my wife was killed and i moved back to TN from FL, I was burned out of a mobile home I lived in at the time. that was only one of several personal SHTFs for me. fortunately, I had just enough money ‘put up for a rainy day” and recovered from it in only 2 weeks time. I’ve been through a lot of doo-doo in my life, but I’ve survived all of it. i was a prepper before the word was even invented and i’ll continue being a prepper until my last, dying breath. my favorite analogy for being a prepper is that story in the Bible about the foolish virgins with no oil for the lamps. I don’t remember the exact scriptures but i’m sure someone else on here is familiar with it. that’s the best analogy i know of to be prepared for whatever life throws at you. I don’t understand other people not prepping anymore thaqn you do, BI. When the balloon finally goes up, they will pay dearly. It will be tragic all around. Braveheart

        • Five of the virgins were foolish, and five were wise. Those who were foolish, when they took their lamps, took no oil with them, but the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. At midnight there was a cry, “Behold! The bridegroom is coming! Come out to meet him!” Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps. The foolish said to the wise, “Give us some of your oil, for our lamps are going out.” But the wise answered, “You go rather to those who sell, and buy for yourselves.” While they went away to buy, the bridegroom came, and those who were ready went in with him to the marriage feast, and the door was shut. Afterward the other virgins also came, saying, “Lord, Lord, open to us.” But he answered, “Most certainly I tell you, I don’t know you.” Watch therefore, for you don’t know the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming.

          — Matthew 25:1-13,

          • Beautiful, just Beautiful….

            5 were ready, and 5 were not. And the 5 did not share the oil with the others.

            Meaning. You are responsible for your own decisions. When the day comes, you are either here or there. The choice is yours.

            • Howdy Ug!

              What’s up Friend? The parable of the Virgins is teling in more ways than one…

              Only some were admitted…MANY were Denied, thus the lesson here…MANY will be Denied, tis not our place to worry over them anymore, for ‘foolishness is it’s own Reward’.


          • Incidentally JayJay,

            …By the oddest of coincidences, your ‘missive’ above came as I had just just been asking for ‘Guidance’ about all such…you know the kind I mean…

            …I WILL take it therefor that THAT which you have posted IS the ‘Final Answer’, possibly for all of us. None who come here of good Character and Heart could NOT but have went through a very LARGE amount of ‘Spiritual Hand-wringing’ over this exact point: Our Spirit’s do not want what is coming to be what it will be…”But, what to do?”

            Your post has – for one – come at that exact moment as that Answer was sought..therefor, Many Thanks Sister!

            Truly, “He doth move in Mysterious Ways…”


            • Am I my brother’s keeper??? Only as long as it doesn’t hurt.
              Giving of one’s stores meant for immediate family to allow immediate family to die?? Now, that hurts.

              ‘May love be the light that guides us through the darkness’…for true darkness-it is coming.

          • JayJay, those 5 foolish virgins fell for all those Peak Oil Lies! Their Lord was Al Gore.

            • Or they were welfare bitches; waiting for someone to bring it to ’em!!

              (Sorry Lord for my insulent remarks..forgive me. Amen)

        • Satori: “Don’t forget your winnings”.

      31. Was out working the fields the other day when I heard a military chopper coming over…this time it was a olive drab somewhat older model with a Red Cross on the side…engine had the old Huey,whop whop whop sound but was a bit newer than the old “workhorse”from ‘Nam…lately its been black cobras three or so in formation or chinook type craft two or three in formation…alot of traffic hearabouts lately for this area…funny thing how I can “feel”an older military chopper or even a newer one but especially those old Hueys even if I cant hear it over the tractors engine…get a certain feeling and look around and sure enough there comes one or three…I kinda like the old Hueys but theres something deep inside me that gets riled up when I see military aircraft in my airspace…guess its just the rebel blood running through my veins reacting to all that yankee firepower… 😉

        • And hellfire missiles, yeah!

        • What so instead of three dead and 170+ wounded..he would like to see 170+ dead and three wounded? what an ass for asking for a drone over any public outing..and what would it really do to stop what happened? they didnt have a suspect for days after

          • what they really want is drones to watch every one and later arrest them for crimes

            think minority report and the pre crimes squad
            they watch and then swoop in and collect you for anything they Think is a crime

      32. What’s the logical response to occupation? Resistance. But, in this instance, I fear that that would probably be futile and potentally deadly. Sorry, my inner nerd came out! But you get the drift. Blood bath on both sides.
        Standing ready in Daytona

      33. Im glad we have such enlightened leadership! Go Govt! Keep me safe!

      34. JayJay, good evening, and thanks for the reminder. It’s one of my favorite stories from the Bible. braveheart

      35. America, the Land of the Free?

        The Black Hole–Nothing Can Escape.

        The Bill of Rights
        The Constitution
        The American Flag

        Nothing escapes the Communists big Black Hole.

        Not even any Light can escape. Only Darkness. We have no Light because we have no Leader. Darkness is our Leader because the Commies have destroyed the Light.

        America has darkness, no Light. We are in a Black Hole.

        We cannot escape.

        We can only be ready as best as possible.

      36. @MAC and Crew … Respect !

        pls post ALL my posts and vids on this controversal subject that so many choose to ignore .

        I PERSONALLY KNOW WORKED WITH 5 INDIVIDUAL RAPE VICTIMS – FEMALE AND MALE ALIKE WHEN ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY and associated with many more who told me their stories once out .

        it’s important people see the Truth .

        * RAPE AND SEXUAL ASSAULT PHYSICAL ASSAULT is at PANDEMIC LEVELS in the U.S. MILITARY STATESIDE AND GLOBALLY at the military bases and the towns surrounding supporting them .

        before it’s too late .

        thank you .


        • Howdy Nina,

          Thee and Me have not spoken of late, I will rectify that here! 🙂

          That which we see about us – everywhere, today – is but a SYPMTOM of the underlying root causes…t’will not improve, Cannot improve until such time as the causes themselves are made null…this will not happen as things are ‘as they are’…the very World must needs change…it must, for what is about us now is insufferable by All except those at the vey top…those who will soon be called to acccount for themselves in the ‘Reckoning’ that Approaches even now…

          We, all of us, are but FINITE in extent….no matter the impulse driving us forward there WILL come a day when, whether we WILL it or No, We too will just STOP. “It is not given to us to choose the times in which we live, but ONLY what to do with the time we are given…” if, perchance you have ever read Tolkien then you will know from whence those words come…they ARE for all that, True. Choose with whom and where and with what you will fight your battles for ‘Best Effect’ Friend…for we all fade in Time. If we fight a battle and none serve to back us sufficient that we may EVER prevail, then clearly it might well be the case that a withdrawal to re-apprise ourselves of the NATURE of our Fight may be in order…Nina, I am NOT your Adversary, here…but instead..’Friend.’ See…I KNOW how you think! 😉

          I SEE your Passion, in each and every Post you put here, in your willingness to suffer through an ENDLESS barrage of disapproval, but sometimes Passion alone is not enough…not enough to draw those to you who be your ‘Strong Right Arm’ …sometimes it requires more, and oftimes a Greater thought. “From where might I be of ‘Best Effect’?” tis a serious question Friend…please to note that I, myself, am also ‘serious’…I do not come HERE to speak, but to speak the TRUTH ever…we ARE Kindred thusly, Yes?

          All that we do is a Choice…for Good or for Ill, and oftimes clarity escapes us in the doing…

          “May He watch over you and guide your thought so that in the End you may stand in His Sight and Not be found ‘Wanting'”…thus for me as well…I Hope.

          See you on the other side, Friend.


          • @JOG … Respect !

            i hear your kind words and thank you for them .

            ” God does not Speak to me .”

            i am merely a man who desires to learn understand then expose the hard truth of our world … my reward for this effort is knowing the ” Truth of it All ” , that is my lifes blood and what drives me to do as i do .

            it’s really that simple .

            if others are hateful towards me for it so be it . that is part of the human society fear conditioning . the village mentality .

            it’s a price i’m willing to pay to KNOW THE TRUTH !

            * if one persons curiosity is cued by my efforts then i’m content .

            ” ALL HURRICANES start off as a Single Beat of a Butterfly’s Wing on the other side of the globe .”

            thank you again @JOG … Respect !

            NinaO ;0P

            • Howdy Nina,

              You say,

              ” God does not Speak to me .”

              Without ‘pushing you’ here, AT ALL, I say,

              “He Speaks to ALL of His Chldren…not all of those Hear Him Though…”

              Again, without intent to offend,

              “Be Still…and KNOW that I AM.”

              With respect to the rest,

              Methinks that “Aye, You’re a Tougher Lad than I, Gunga Din!”

              Fare well… I will SEEE you on the other Side Friend.

              (I KNOW this!)


      37. What will happen when there is minimal response to a N.G. National Guard call up and of those who do respond, some refuse to be deployed to areas away from their families?

        What happens now that Tuition Assistance is gone for the NG, the G.I. Bill money goes, then drill pay, then gas runs short, then ammo, then no chow, then…

        I’ll tell you what – whole NG batteries or units with staffing below acceptable levels, soldiers going AWOL, essentially non functioning NG units.

        Then the militias will have to step up to the plate.

        • ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff


      38. What makes H7N9 avian flu so dangerous?

        “Comparing the new avian flu to its predecessors H5N1 and the Dutch H7N7 strain as well as the pandemic swine flu (H1N1) of 2009, Horby notes the following similarities in the international weekly journal Nature:
        Silent spread among domestic and wild bird species makes monitoring difficult.
        Animal epidemic will increase due to nationwide poultry distribution system in China
        Some genetic signatures in this strain signify effective replication, transmission, and virulence in mammals.
        Little or no human immunity exists.
        The virus could spread fast both nationally and internationally: 70% of global population within two hours of airports served by direct or single-connection flights.

        Factors other investigators cite:
        H7N9’s apparent ability to jump from birds to humans more easily than the lethal H5N1 strain of 10 years ago.
        The new strain’s significantly greater lethality among a large number of people at high risk: adults 60 and over”

      39. Can You Have a Beer with a Commie?

        I love that verse from Stones, ‘Please to meet you, hope you can guess my name’….

        I think we preppers are seeing this Name.

        The 1960s music had some insight. Today, nothing.

        Nothing in nothing. MSM is nothing. Now Syria has WMD and so does Iran and NK.

        ‘Please to Meet you, hope you can guess my Name! I lay traps for Troubadors who gets killed before they reach Bombay….’

        • ‘Please to meet you, hope you guessed my name’

          In reference to the ‘devil’, ‘lucifer’, ‘satan’.

      40. @ Eisenkreuz. You know I have known someone from as a kid to now, every single generation. I have seen fools to wise individuals from all these generations. Just last week I saw something that would have brought the best feeling to everyone here. I saw two Generation Z children that were asking their mother about what else could they store up for what is coming while shopping. They had a flat bed cart full of supplies. To those that think all the younger generations are idiots with their I-phones or whatever up there asses, this was just about the most rewarding experience I have seen in a long time, long time. The lady told me that the kids were taught since birth to be ready for what this world throws at them and they LIKE to prep.

        This is why I feel that no matter what age someone is, when they have the wisdom to understand what is happening and the insight to feel the need to and to prepare for it, they are all right. They are better than all right, they are the wise and rare 1%.

        I have seen you many times say that you desperately try to “teach” “preach” or “condemn” those that don’t prepare. Yet you say you can’t stand the old people here. Most people here are exactly what you are after others to be, preppers/survivalists. You say you can’t stand how ignorant people are that don’t prepare. Well, most of the people here probably more prepared for what is coming than you could ever imagine. I don’t understand why you don’t admire the “older” people here that likely have stockpiles of everyday needs that would make you say to yourself, “Why can’t the other 99% be like this?”.

        Seriously, instead of attacking everybody here that range in ages from young to elderly, why not get some valuable preparation information that will help you to get ready for what is coming. I have seen you ask some good questions on preparation before that all of us like to know. People that have been preparing for decades have some true wisdom and experience that can teach the younger and older people alike much that they never knew and NEED to know for what is coming.

        We have far too few days left before we all lose communications with people outside their immediate areas. Why not use that time to our very best abilities to ready ourselves and learn as much as we can before the screens to our computers go blank? Regardless of age.

        • I can sympathize with some of Eisenkreuz’s anger at people gifted with time enhancement. There are a few adages that come to mind as I have lived to experience them. “Don’t trust anybody over thirty”, but that’s OK because “life begins at 40”. But I have realized that 50 to 60 passes like the snap of your fingers. Anything over 60 is a gift based upon previous maintenance practices. He doesn’t realize yet that we had as much choice in the shaping of the present situation as he has now in shaping his future. He is presently stuck in anger mode because of this, but once tempered; he could be a valuable and powerful asset. His conviction is strong but presently a little off target. There are thinkers and there are doers. Which one is he? Only time will tell. I hope he is granted that time.

      41. REPOSTED

        And the HITS just KEEP comin’ Folk’s,

        Howdy Y’All,

        Some bit ago I openly speculated as to the METHOD by which the “Vanishing act” at the End of the current ‘play’ would transpire…it seems there might be a
        lil teeny-weeny wrinlkle in that assemsment…up at the Hedge,

        “JPMorgan Accounts For 99.3% Of The COMEX Gold Sales In The Last Three Months”

        Eric Sprott, the canadian metals Tycoon has already weighd in on the state of the ACTUAL Physical Gold which CAN still BE left in Ft. Knox…t’would appear
        – mayhaps – that NOW we know the actual ‘mechansim’ by which that has been ‘pilfered’ and hence removed from the US Treasury…that this is ALL ACTUally
        an on-hoing thing is made evident by the following, which serves to demonstrate – rather Clearly – just WHAT the mindset of those who in the Employ of the
        likes of JPM GS, CITI, et al actually IS…again , at the Hedge,

        “The Illuminati Were Amateurs” – Matt Taibbi Explains How “Everything Is Rigged”

        In a nutshell, quoting the article directly,

        ” If you can imagine paying 20 bucks for a crappy PB&J because some evil cabal of agribusiness companies colluded to fix the prices of both peanuts and peanut butter, you come close to grasping the lunacy of financial markets where both interest rates
        and interest-rate swaps are being manipulated at the same time, often by the same banks.”

        THIS article goes further to accurately desctibe the otherwise ‘inchoate’ nature of the system as it is constituted; is THE explanation of WHY all that is about us seems so vaporous and formless. At the DEEPEST levels of the System THEY are “FUCKING US” as hard as they can possibly stroke…YES, my excursion into vernacular here is FULLY deliberate and considered inasmuch as there IS simply NO other ‘Good’ verbage with which I can communicate the depth of this ‘screwing’ we have previously, and are being ‘treated’ to…

        …And it CONTINUES

        A line from the US Army’s Sniper School comes to mind here,



        “Have a Happy Day Citizen…Nothing tom see here…Move Along NOW…”

      42. The day soon will come, where Possies will roam the streets again
        Gunning for the unruly and lawless highwayman
        as it was omce in days of old…

        we were once the wild west, so wence we came
        so shall we return….

      43. I don’t know if it is right to link this, I will let Mac decide. This is what happens, if it is true, to someone that gets sarin gassed in Syria. Warning: It is brutal and not for the faint of heart.

        This to me more than proves what living hell that this world can decay into and what humans are capable of inflicting on each other. This and so much else that is happening all over the world, more than proves to me that every last person in this country and world needs to be preparing in real conviction for what is coming.

        • @BI….

          Went to the link.

          The only question I have is….WHO used the weapons?

          I have zero faith in any reports I hear anymore. TPTB have been trying to find an excuse to go into Syria for months. And I have no doubt that they would engage in a false-flag as justification.

          • @ Walt Kowalski. I am like you, I don’t trust anything that is put out anymore, but I do know that that such an attack could easily happen on a wide scale on anywhere in the world. The foaming of the mouth happened like this to the much less refined sarin attacks in Japan, so I think it could be real. False flags absolutely possible. When you see a human being dying like some insect, because this is what the nerve gasses are BUG SPRAY, it is really upsetting. Sarin pales in comparison though to VX gas.

            It truly makes one think about just how lethal this stuff really is. It can do this through ANY contact with the human body from breathing to gettting it on any part of your body. A skin dose of 1700 mg of sarin per cubic meter will kill 50% of everyone, while it takes only 15 mg in the same space for VX. The inhaled dose is 100 mg per cubic meter for sarin and 36 mg for VX. Assuming that no one got any VX on their skin, 36 mg is absolutely tiny amount. I did some frightening calculations on this from a Hezbollah attack in this country.

            A closed sporting arena is about 30 meters high by about 250 meters wide and long. This is about 250x250x30, which would be about 1,875,000 cubic meters of air space. This means it would take 1,875,000 x 36 mg. of VX disperse to kill at least 50% of everyone in the arena. This would be 67.5 million mg. or 67.5 kg or about 150 pounds of VX to kill at least 1/2 of a sporting event that could have 20,000-30,000 people attending. That one event would be 3-4 times worse in fatalities than 9/11. That is a scary thought.

            Now to put this in even more frighteing thought. 150 pounds of VX would fit into a container the size of a small water heater tank, or several much smaller containers. One of these terrorists that obtained this bug spray from Syria could kill over 10000 people.

            This why I don’t believe this crap that the mass media says about how chemical weapons are not a threat because it would take tons of them to kill any volume of people. This is pure horse manure when you calculate real figures and use some basic math. They don’t want people to know just how lethal this sh^& is. When you plug in figures you find out the truth. This is what is so hidden from us, the truth.

            I don’t even want to begin to talk about how horrible biological weapons are. I however will say that Botulism when made air borne is ONLY .1 of a mg per cubic meter of air to be 50% fatal. That means it would only take less than a pound of this toxin to kill over 10000 people. Less than 1/2 pound, the size of a potato chip bag. Hussien in Iraq had tons of this from the first Gulf War. The mass media not dare tell the public the truth about chemical or biological weapons and the tiny amounts needed to kill on a mass scale. All the while we are lied to that this is NOTHING to worry about. Again horsesh&*.

            • Be informed, you are absolutely right about biological weapons. Years ago, I read this book about Ebola (forgot the name of the book!) but it was one of the best books I ever read. It was a true story but so scary I had to put it down at times. Stephen King said it was the scariest book he ever read.

              And the U.S. government has a high security facility in Md or VA– where they do experiments on monkeys injected with the Ebola virus. If I remember the name I will post it… but try to look it up. EXTREMELY interesting book!

              • I’m thinking it was this one Grasshopper…


            • Small plane, a comercial electric spray unit that holds 100 gallons, fly over a major metrocity and spray the shit is all some jokers need to do to ruin a whole bunch of folks day.
              Its a shame humans are so vial.

              • @ Kulafarmer. Not even that complicated. All some terrorist with weaponized bio-weapon would have to do is get to an elevated spot and let the wind do the rest. During certain temperature inversions where the the colder air is towards the ground and the warmer air is aloft, particles released would hug near to the ground until the temperature inversion left. They don’t tell you this even in meteorology classes because they usually don’t deal with warfare and terrorism prevention. Luckily I had a couple of teachers in college that had much experience with military intelligence that went into to this in much detail and how to survive something like this in the “trenches”.

                This is why I get some irritated at these airheads that come on the mass media and act like they know anything about true horrible bio and chemical attacks. Even on the Weather Channel and other so called weather experts I doubt that they have dealt much with what is called micro-meteorology. Many hospitals for example have air filteration systems that don’t work because no one has taken into account how germs follow air currents from room to room, usually on the bare floors.

                Hopefully terrorists have not taken training in the movement of air that can get these weapons of mass destruction. The really stupid terrorist groups such as al qaeda have no clue, but hezbollah and some others that have had help from China and Russia likely have. The masses have no clue what true terrorism is capable of. They think it is horrible when two goof ball losers blow up a couple of pressure cookers. They could not even begin to imagine some Iranian or maybe Syrian antibiotic resistant anthrax spread over a couple of metropolitan areas and instead of 3 people dead, 3 million and trillions of dollars worth of clean up or lost property. Again the mass media lying to the public about the true threat from a determined real enemy from a state sponsored source of weaponized death dust.

      44. A Military Rape Crisis Center study estimates that 92% of all rape survivors are forced out of service. The United States Coast Guard continues to fall behind the other 4 military branches in how sexual assault cases are handled.

        • Women shouldn’t be in the damn military in the first damn place. They should be at home making babies.

      45. What I lost
        July 2, 2012

        Airman First Class, United States Air Force

        I lost more I was with friends. People I trusted.

        Being a normal 21 year old girl. I made a mistake.

        Drank too much. Lost control.

        But it was alright, I was with people I trusted….

        I passed out; my night should have been done.

        Wake up. I can’t move, something or someone is on top of me.

        I can’t move.

        Can’t speak something is in my mouth.

        I can’t move.

        Unwanted kisses go down my body.

        I can’t move.

        Open my eyes; everything goes in and out of focus.

        I can’t move.

        It’s you! I trusted, confided! Why!

        I can’t move.

        My legs are spread for me.

        I can’t move.

        My body betrays my mind.

        I can’t move.

        No I don’t want this, I never wanted this.

        Please let him stop.

        Someone wake up!

        Someone stop him!

        I can’t move.

        Everything goes black……

        I can’t move

        You may have lost control for a moment, but I lost more.

        You may have lost trust in people, but I lost more.

        You may lose a career, but I still lost more.

        I lost trust in people, in humanity.

        I lost my dignity not only at your hands, but to a nurse, a camera and some cotton swabs.

        I lost sleep, because I see not only you in my dreams, but nameless and faceless people.

        I lost so much.

        You didn’t care.

        You didn’t care who you hurt.

        You didn’t care how this would affect me.

        I am the one who has to pick up the broken pieces and try and glue them back together

        I can’t move.

        I can’t move forward, don’t want to move backward.

        I am stuck. Because of you there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about it, and how I lost more.

        • Anyone stupid enough to go out with these meatheads and drink to the point of passing out deserves exactly what they get. Dumb hoes.

          • @Eisenkrap … have a lil’ compassion … these are nothing but children barely left their mothers Fathers warm embrace just turned “naive adults” preyed upon victimized by our twisted media brain washed male dominated celebrated society created sex predators for it dimtard .

            that took a lot of courage for that young woman Veteran to expose it to the world in her poem .



            • Who cares about those whores? They’re just trailer trash anyway.

              • If you are ever fortunate enough to have daughters (and with your attitude, it’s not looking good for you) you will look back and be ashamed at the hateful, misogynistic things you said today. You don’t KNOW the woman who wrote this. You don’t know any of these women.

                Your attitude is repugnant. Your comprehension of the situation is utterly non-existent. Your lack of respect for women is quite likely the reason you don’t have one.

                • He has a women.

                  Her name is Fred. But she was caught with Ted.

                  Then came Ed.

                  And then,….

                • I watched Righteous Brothers on YouTube….

                  Unchained Melody.

                  I started to cry.

                  Now I know how to treat Woman….

                • Daisy,

                  Just because rape victims disgust me doesn’t make a case for me hating all women. After all, I’m nice to you. 🙂

                  • You need a kick in the ass you ignorant fuck,

              • Eisen,
                I wonder if you will be so fortunate as to go through all of your life without making a single mistake that you seriously regret. The kind that brings wisdom that you clearly lack.

                Unfortunately, I suspect the best gift life could give you right now would be the kind of experience that brings wisdom and compassion. You once spoke of planning on developing leadership skills but no true leader can lead without a sense of wisdom and compassion.

                Maybe someday you will realize that none of us get off this planet unscathed. Some learn that early in life but from what it looks like from your posts your defining moment is yet to come. (Unless it already arrived and you failed?)

                • Merree,

                  If I may…

                  “The Path Of Error leads to the Palace of Wisdom”

                  By THAT measure Eiz, you shall soon be Wiser Than Solomon himself….:(

                  As well…I’ve mentioned to you once Eiz, the ‘Compassion’ thing…the ability to empathize.


              • Eisenkreuz….please do the world a serious favor and NEVER reproduce!!!!!!

                • No fears on his reproduction. Just a quick review of time stamps of postings paints a good snapshot.
                  (4:38 a.m. on a Sunday morning)

              • eisen ass,
                You talking about your momma like that will get you no loving. Your sister don’t like that kind of talk. You are one low class POS. Bet your daddy wished he had bought some better rubbers. Why do you have to be so f-ing crude? Trying to act cool?



              • Like i said you ignorant fuck, show some common decency, your comments prove you are on the same level as those slime balls who would take advantage of someone who has had too much of whatever the shot of the hour was.
                I hope your karma catches up with you.

                • “common decency” is a code word indicating we should all just keep quiet and allow more communism.


          • I’m thinking your girl ran off with a jarhead.

            • No.

              • She came for the PAGE.

            • I’m thinking that he probably tried to get into the military (most likely the Marines), and got turned away as unqualified.

              He probably either has a drug problem and/or criminal record or maybe a chemical dependency (most likely serotonin re-uptake inhibitors)

              In any case, the recruiters probably recognized him for the loose cannon he is….emotionally unstable…and politely said “Thanks, but no thanks”.

              • I hear military doctors hand out SSRIs to anybody that’ll eat ’em.

              • SCREW OFF TROLL

                YOU KNOW NOTHING

                • I know enough to recognize you for what you are.

            • Maybe his boyfriend ran off with a jarhead.

              • Maybe he got force fucked by the jocks in highschool

            • A female jarhead. After eisen she wanted a real man. OOH-RAHH!

        • Well you better join up then. Only way you will get any sex. Don’t forget the bag over your head give yourself a fifty fifty chance of getting lucky. The military reflects the society it comes from. Need I say more?

      46. “Liberty is lost through complacency and a subservient mindset. When we accept or even welcome automobile checkpoints, random searches, mandatory identification cards, and paramilitary police in our streets, we have lost a vital part of our American heritage. America was born of protest, revolution, and mistrust of government. Subservient societies neither maintain nor deserve freedom for long.” – Ron Paul

        • But his son is OK with armed drones over USA.

      47. Poor man’s MRE

        You can save money by making your own MREs at home. Spam or canned ham really hits the spot. Vienna sausage. Tuna, canned goods, M&Ms etc.
        Repack in zip locks to eliminate weight and trash. Haul out trash or animals will dig it up and let people know you were there.
        A good lightweight filling addition to my MRE ration is instant rice. Cheap, filling and light.
        I weigh out 1/2 cup of rice with a pinch of salt, 1/8 teaspoon of pepper, 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper (optional for many, especially if limited rations) and 1 crushed bouillon cube into a heavy duty Ziploc bag. Add or subtract seasonings to taste.
        I then place some 100mph tape (duck-tape) on the outside (to be used later). To eat; if you’re tactical you’ll add 1 cup of cold water, let sit and enjoy.
        Or heat up 1 cup of water with a sterno (remember be tactical, no open fires) pour into Ziploc, mix,seal,roll the top down a little and use your 100mph tape to hold roll. Wait 5 minutes and enjoy.
        When you’re famished this will taste awesome. I promise. If on the move, carry in your trouser cargo pocket. Even cold water will warm up there.

        Keep the FAITH

        • The taste of MREs is ghastly. I ate a few just to test the system and boy are those my last resort for sustenance.

          • No offense son, but you’ve never eaten them when you been REALLY hungry – they taste pretty good – try going a few days w/o much for food, in a stress situation, shaking with fatigue and hunger – they taste much better.

            Voice of experience.

            • My husband ate WWII rations in VietNam.

          • Try something that you like. The weiner MRE packs. Right up your alley,just like being on a date.

      48. Stealth tent
        Two black contractor garbage bags
        Heavy duty outdoor duct tape
        Piece of paracord or clear fishing line
        Cut bottom of first bag across seam
        Tape open top of second bag
        Use paracord to string between two small trees or branches
        String passes through small hole in bottom of second bag
        Use small tent pegs or rocks to hold open sides
        Cheap, light weight, and fits in pocket of backpack
        And not visible like a packed tent
        Keeps off dew and light to moderate rain .
        Take care

      49. George Jones has passed away. Who’s gonna fill their shoes? Who’s gonna stand that tall? No one can.

      50. Please forgive me on this repost:

        On this Martial Law Thing. How many Government thugs would it take to implement it? 100,000, 500,000, or a Million who knows? Now look at the size of the Lower United States 2,959,064 Sq. Miles.
        A little perspective; Iraq 169,234 Sq. miles, Afghan 251,772 Sq. miles, so you see just a little chunk of ground to cover. For me the only way is You Guessed It, DRONES.
        Now if only 5% (15,000,000) of the people say, screw you government, one big tuff job to control that many people now wouldn’t you say. Look at the size of the force it would take just to lock down the cities.
        Implementing Martial Law would be a very HUGE under taking, let alone enforcing it. They will have to do something to control the people.
        Now comes as BI has said; A MAJOR HEATH PROBLEM FOR THE MASS’S, make them sick where they cannot FIGHT BACK. This is what I feel will happen here in the U.S.

        Keep the FAITH

        • I’ve had the same thoughts Watchman.

        • If it is as easy as what went down in Watertown it will take hardly anyone. The sheep will just roll over. That is my bet as to what will happen. Especially if they come as saviors. They have the advantage.

      51. During the 1980’s and the explosion of street gangs, there were several cities who had national guard troops patrolling streets. The concept fell flat for numerous reasons including not helping the street gang problem.
        Police officers are hired from their communities and are often a reflection of that community. There is an exception to this idea. Police officers are almost always more conservative than the community they serve and their conservative ideals grow the longer they are cops. Perhaps in response of observing how people choose to live and act. Police officers are more likely to have ideals and to vote outside of their self interest. Police have strong unions yet vote for people (R) that would and do weaken labor rights.
        One would also think police officers would want strict gun laws. This also is not the case. The majority have beliefs congruent with views I read here.
        My overall point is people drawn to the field, are not going to enforce laws they don’t agree with nor will they “follow orders” if they were told to seize everyone’s guns.
        The national guard was used once in Boston and their use will remain rare. They were used to guard areas cleared by the police during the search. The people who contacted the home owners were Boston police.
        I enjoy reading your comments and generally disagree with most ideas expressed here.

        • Police and NG confiscated people’s guns in New Orleans.

          That’s a fact.

        • Most street cops have no problem with lawful citizens having guns. It is the higher ups that are political animals.

      52. U S has Troops in 135 Different Countries:

        So, let me ask you this. If you wanted to take over the CONUS and declare Martial Law, how would you do it?
        If it was me, I think the biggest resistance would come from my own troops that would turn against me. It has been proven in history time and time again.
        So, what I would do is spread them out as much as I could, and as far away as I could get them. I would also deploy most of the National Guard. Now all I have left to deal with is the sheeple and a hand for of inexperienced troops. I would also have to deal with some small bands of militia and civilians, but since they are unorganized, they should not be much of the problem.
        Now, I am ready to enact my plan. First I bring UN troops in close for rapid deployment. (You know the ones that we always hear rumors about but nobody believes are there.)
        Then I stage a major terrorist threat, something involving guns and that I could claim Militia involvement to discredit them and so I can declare martial law to protect the people.
        Now, I bring in the UN troops to collect everyone’s guns, (to protect them) and start rounding up those that is most likely to start a resistance. We just claim they are associated with the terrorist and the sheeple think everything is OK.
        When our military troops find out and want to rebel, we simply tell them to do what they are told or we will kill their family that we now hold hostage. If that doesn’t work, we just shoot them. So now I not only have the most powerful military based around the world but I control the CONUS.
        How’s that for a New World Order and I am in control. Oh yeah, then I tell all my US troops that they are now UN troops. I also start the draft again to keep up my world superiority and tell the other countries of the world that they have to supply me with troops also or I’ll destroy them.
        How am I doing so far?
        I think I have just about got all the pieces in place. I should be able to pull this off before November 2014, Mid-Terms. Then I won’t have to have an election.

        How would you do it?

        Keep the FAITH

        • You forgot to mention their HQ would be in Telaviv along with the Real string pullers and bosses.

        • You’re thinking like a tyrant.

          Which is what we have to start doing if we are going to defeat them.

        • Evening Watchman,

          “If it was me, I think the biggest resistance would come from my own troops that would turn against me. It has been proven in history time and time again.
          So, what I would do is spread them out as much as I could, and as far away as I could get them. I would also deploy most of the National Guard.”

          Hmmmm…are YOU taking the SAME Super-Potent-Ultra-Mega Vitamins that I am?…Just wondering here… because that has been floating around in my lil wee noggin for about 5 months now since the Ol’ Vita-Juices kicked-in…

          ….just wouldn’t DO at ALL to have Oh, say a half a million WELL-Trained, combat VETERANS running around ‘messing things up’….now would it? 😉

          Yep, I’d SAY that the “Board” is just about SET now…”Eyes Right!…Thumbs UP!” (+1) Brother….


      53. Night time:

        Sound travels further at night. At night sound carries 1.5 miles-rifle shot, 600 yards-troop movements, 500 yards-rifle loading, 40 yards-1 man walking through the woods, 1,000 yards-digging. Rain, wind disguise sounds.
        Light. At night .5 miles-cigarettes or match, 1.5 miles white flashlight, 4 miles campfire, 1.5 miles rifle flash, 3-5 miles-car headlights. From the air multiply the above by a factor of 2 or 3.
        A pilot sees darkness coming up from the ground. It’s dark below sooner than it is above, this can be used to your advantage. Don’t silhouette yourself or movements on the skyline, check to see that your equipment doesn’t reflect, or generate noise during rapid movement.
        Sophisticated infra-red search equipment can see your body heat in the dark, sophisticated night weaponry has just about eliminated secret night operations. One ploy is to shield your body heat with a “space blanket” as a last ditch effort to escape detection from infra-red search from above. Your body heat will look more like a small animal than a man if most heat is reflected by space blanket.( BETTER THAN nothing IS TO PUT ANYTHING BETWEEN YOU AND THE FLIR UNIT. THEY WORK ON LINE OF SITE. THICK BRUSH OR ANYTHING THAT OBSTRUCTS YOUR HEAT).
        For night operations your flashlight must have a red filter and a lanyard. (RED IS ONLY TO PRESERVE NIGHT VISION. USE BLUE INSTEAD). Your security has to be 360 degree during movement AND DURING STOPPING!!
        Move along, not across a shadow’s line. While going through the woods, lift your foot high, put toe down first, test for noise generation (twigs, leaves, branches). All clothing must be tight, use rubber bands on leggings, to prevent swishing. Walk 10 paces and then stop & listen & look.
        Slowly move to a firing position, clear your position of twigs, etc., feel your way down to the ground. Trip flares, mousetrap/flash-cubes, cans on a wire. You can make a “sound barrier” around your campsite by making a 6 to 8 foot area filled with twigs, leaves, branches, etc. that might not even be recognized as a trip-up system even while the enemy is moving through it. Most attacks come at 4AM when the guards are sleepiest.
        Take old socks and dye them black and slip over your boots for night travel. Have flashlight with a remote switch so if you turn on your light to illuminate a noise and the noise fires at the light, you won’t be behind it. Simple example would be a doorbell button and 10-20′ of wire on a lantern.
        On Face camo you can go for total coverage (causes more sweating) or partial, broken lines. Spandoflague or nets to break up your shape. A dot of “liquid paper” (white) applied to your front site help aiming. If your flashlight rattles, wrap paper or tape around the battery, particularly a problem with GI elbow heads.

        Keep the FAITH

        • I wonder if sewing up a double layer undergarment made from one of those space blankets would be effective? Or possibly line a poncho, boonie and some gaiters with a double layer and don them if IR equipment is suspected, may be bulky or uncomfortable but better than dead!

        • I’m starting to get a bad feeling about this.

      54. The NO’S

        NO FEAR — of the heavy-handed tactics of authorities acting unlawfully.

        NO MERCY — for the oppressor, or for those who have sold us out.

        NO LIMIT — to our courage and resolve. Winners never quit, and quitters never win. In the end we shall prevail.

        Keep the FAITH

      55. very detailed article from Washington’s Blog
        on the police state

        Did the Military and Police Go Too Far in Locking Down Boston and Conducting Involuntary Door-to-Door Searches?

        2 U.S. Supreme Court Justices – And Numerous Other Top Government Officials – Warn of Dictatorship

      56. one mutation away ???

        H7N9 close to key mutation

        “We’ve identified four key amino acid sites and noted mutations of two in the human virus H7, and one in the PB2 gene segment. If another mutation site was found in PB2, it would likely result in effective human-to-human transmission,” Li Lanjuan, leader of the research team and professor with Zhejiang University, announced at a press conference Friday.

        • Just got some n95 masks today Satori.
          This is making me nervous .
          This virus is deadly for so many .
          I have a very weak immune system due to auto immune disease .
          Mostly I avoid crowds .And sick folk .
          But after reading up on this bug, I’m a believer .
          Thanks much for the continued updates .
          And all you do to keep us out here informed .
          Take care

          • If you stay away from cars your auto immune should not be a problem. Right?

      57. @Watchman
        Am intensely enjoying your great comments .
        Warrior indeed you are .
        So many know little on stealth .
        Hail friend well met .
        Take care
        God bless and keep you and yours
        May we meet on the other side

      58. Mac, (or anybody!)… I need your help. I went to this coin shop the other day and the guy who sells coins wasn’t there. (Actually, it was an Antique shop). Anyhow, I didn’t find what I wanted so I sent him an email, saying that I wanted pre-1965 coins.

        He replied today saying, “I didn’t realize you were interested in silver buillion. I can sell 90% silver coins to your for $24 per dollar, be they halves or quarters or dimes as per you wish or Silver American Eagles at $30 each. I will sell to you in the back of the store because I can’t sell for this price in the store, where I pay commission… all sales must be in cash.”

        Well, I didn’t realize this WAS silver buillion, which I requested. (I just quoted the prices at when I first emailed him about this.) Is this a good deal, do you think? (I guess he means that if I bought, for example, 2 half dollars (pre-1965) coins, I need to pay him $24. Anyhow, I’ve never done this before and not real sure what I’m doing… I think this is a good deal but the idea of meeting him behind the store sounds rather scary…Any advice?

        Also, I thought the only coins really of value were pre-1965. However, according to the website on the Internet, silver American Eagles are 2013 coins (?!) Please explain! Thanks! : (

        • Also, he says I must contact him with reply in next day or two.

          Had been thinking of possibly purchasing Silver American Eagles over the Internet, after seeing the page you put up the other day of that website–forgot name of it now. However, was wondering how safe it is (don’t have credit card, just debit card).

          • Grasshopper: You could use JM Bullion (an advertiser at this site) for American Silver Eagles, or you could go to SHTF Metals and follow the links for Blanchard or Kitco Metals, among others for a bonafide safe purchase.

            Personally I would recommend Maple Leafs. They are .9999 fine and could never be construed as property of the US Mint. Thats just my perspective.

        • Grasshopper

          Where my wife works they are selling coin silver for 20 x’s face value. That was as of this morning.

        • Grasshopper….

          The US mint quit putting silver in their coins after 1964, with exception of JFK 50 centers had about 40% 1965-1969?

          Under Reagan, the US Mint began printing US Silver Eagles (Silver Dollars)again in around 1986. Those US Eagles are .999 fine silver and you can buy them from any year, even 2013.

          It is the dimes and quarters where all silver has been removed since 1965.

          It takes about 15 pre-1965 dimes to make 1 troy ounce of silver. Thus using a value of $24 per ounce, then the 15 pre-1965 dimes would be worth $24 plus whatever ‘spot’ value being charged.

          I don’t know why he needs to sell behind the store, unless maybe stolen?

          You may want to check his stuff out before buying.

        • US pre-1965 silver coins are worth 1x face value for each dollar of bullion silver price per ounce. So four quarters are worth 10x face when silver is $10 an ounce, 24x face when $24 an ounce, and so on. Modern US bullion coins, the Eagles, are good coins and were minted to date beginning in 1986.

          Behind the store is a bit odd, to me, but the shop takes a commission on his sales, and there’s not much markup on silver coins. Collector coins have enough value to make a commission less painful, but not with bullion.

          Most coin shops carry silver Eagles, no point in buying on the net without seeing it first. Insist on a silver test at the store, there are very good fakes out there. He has a test kit, should be no problem for him.

          • According to, melt value of a pre ’65 silver dollar is about $18.50. So if you are paying $24.00 per silver dollar, your premium is about $6.50 or so.

        • %Grasshopper

          Never meet anyone outside a store…Starbucks is the perfect place to swap everything from coins to craigslist items…

          90% at 24.00 is about normal anywhere you go for the most part…His reasoning for cash, valid or not, is moot, cash is the general trade of fare…

          Fed Gut 20002

        • Welcome to the black market. This sort of thing will become (more) common.

          • How long until ammo, food and motor oil are traded this way. Scary what’s coming.

        • @Grasshopper…..

          If you are looking to get the silver Eagles, I’d say $30.00 each is an excellent price in today’s market. I base this on what Eagles are going for on Ebay.

          Yes….you can buy them at a lower price on various websites….IF they have the coins available. (I’ve seen gas for sale at $1.25 a gallon on old closed gas stations too…but I digress)

          As has been suggested, don’t meet behind a store, or anywhere that is too private. Meet in a public location, where a lot of people are around, yet they won’t take too much interest in what you are doing.

          I’d go online first and check the exact dimensions and weight for silver Eagles and I’d take a small scale that weighs in grams as well as a set of calipers to measure the coins. If the weight and dimensions match specification, you’re pretty much assured that you have a real coin, and not a counterfeit.

          Buying from a dealer online is only economical if you are buying a large quantity of coins, because of shipping charges. For instance, it makes no sense to buy 1 silver Eagle from an online dealer and then pay $6.00-$12.00 for shipping. That’s an additional premium on top of the premium you’re already paying. With spot at around $24.00, you could easily end up paying almost double the spot price of silver just to get one coin. That’s not a good deal.

          Additionally…when you buy anything online, you are creating a paper-trail….or digital trail as the case may be.

          When you pay cash to an individual….there is no record of your transaction.

          I’d say that if you are confident of your ability to tell the difference between real and counterfeit coins….and if you are able to make the transaction securely (i.e. you aren’t going to get robbed), I’d go for the face to face, cash transaction.

      59. We don’t need the Praetorian Guard. The 2nd amendment is all the guard we the people need.

      60. I did have a rather startling thought today and that was:


        Why the complete and overbearing response to locate one 19 yr old kid in the Boston area (who was not armed and had no explosives on him when they shot him up).
        -To see if they could and how the public would react.

        This should worry most who are still unclear about what TPTB have in mind for all of us. I also read an article today about ‘Rogue Nukes’ planted in the U.S. in various locations. The language that was used in Boston with the terms- “Shelter in Place” were of particular interest to me. Those terms are generally used when one should *not* go outside their business or home, tape up windows, and batten down the hatches…usually associated with either Chem/Bio or Nuke event.

        Starting to see the bigger picture? This along with ALL of the pre-positioning of DHS and Military equipment lately plus the latest Black Ops can only mean one thing:

        I’m either bat-shit crazy with an over active imagination, or TPTB have some very, very bad things planned for the U.S. very soon and THAT is how they are going to implement Martial Law successfully. All of you math wizards out there say there are not enough ‘boots on the ground’ to realistically lock down all of America. True statement, with some exceptions- They explode several nukes at various points around the U.S. and maybe even take down the power grid while they are doing it. With reports (and rumors) of lethal radiation spreading to God knows where every minute, you will be held hostage in your own home and will be instructed to “Shelter in Place”… just like the people of Boston just did.

        All of you who are prepped…do you have accurate calibrated dosimetery or Geiger equipment on hand? Do you even know how many millirems or RAD you can absorb to survive? How about water filtration and storage? Knowledge is power and only the truly informed and prepared will venture out and know what is up. Speaking of up…drones are going to play a huge role in this lockdown scenario. The machines are about to overtake the humans I’m afraid. Thoughts?

        • Socrates,

          Oh dear, the poor little innocent 19 year old kid. Are you fucking kidding me? This is no kid, he is a 19 year old man who blew up an 8 year old kid by leaving his bomb right next to the innocent child. What if that was your kid. He could have had a bomb stuck up his ass for all you know. You make me sick.

      61. I was at a fuel stop in Montgomery AL and a big rig with a stretch axel flatbed with a heavy load was trying to get into the end fuel bay and was turning a very sharp angle and was dragging his forward axel tires sideways on on the pavement on his stretch trailer. And then the unthinkable happened (he blew out a tire) It was a hell of a racket sounded just like a bomb going off. TWO security gards came running with thier guns drawn they were thinking it was a bomb as well. I could see the National Guard leveling about 6 city blocks after that happened…

      62. Just because he didn’t have a gun in the boat doesn’t mean that he didn’t discard it after he ran out of ammo. Whether or not he had a gun is really irrelevant to the bombing anyway.

        And if that wasn’t him exchanging gunfire with authorities for nearly and hour, who was it?

        • If we are to believe the accounts…the younger bomber was discovered hiding (huddled up from what I’ve read) in the boat….which was covered.

          This means that he most likely was…

          1. wounded and in a weakened condition.

          2. unable to see outside of the boat, since it was covered.

          As has been stated, the owner of the boat evidently lifted the cover and saw him inside the boat. One would think that once he realized he was discovered, he would have sought to escape. If he were armed, one would think that he would have attempted to perhaps prevent the boat owner from returning to his house to call the police.

          I’m thinking that the police weren’t all that concerned about taking him alive. The fact that he is alive is a testament that the police were simply firing blindly into the boat. I seriously doubt they ever heard a thing from the guy.

          The story surrounding this whole event….just like Benghazi…and just like the Osama Bin Laden raid…changes daily. And they are purposely doing that.

      63. Recipe for semi-prepper style budget stretching liquid dish soap :
        2 cups water
        2 Tbsp shampoo
        1 Tbsp borax
        1 Tbsp baking soda
        1 Tbsp white vinegar
        2 Tbsp dawn dish soap

        I’ve tried 5 different recipes. This is the only one that cuts grease.
        And it makes bubbles!!! Used it today!

        Keep preppin’

        • Howdy tCM,

          Ummm, a small suggestion on your recipe…All good, only leave out the vinegar, Why?

          Vinegar is an acid…Borax AND Baking Soda are bases, ergo, instant neutralization of all concerned. Smae as mixing that acid based drain cleaner that gets SOOOO got when it’s mixed with any form of “Drano”, which is LYE…

          …in THAT case it reacts SO violently that you had best ‘Not be there, when “IT” happens…”

          All else, “Ist es gut, ZEHR gut, Ja!”


          • REPOST

            Gee, screwed THAT up, let’s..try..again…

            Howdy tCM,

            Ummm, a small suggestion on your recipe…All good, but only leave out the vinegar, Why?

            Vinegar is an acid…Borax AND Baking Soda are bases, ergo, instant neutralization of all concerned on contact. Same as mixing that acid based drain cleaner (a STRONG acid) that gets SOOOO got when it’s mixed with WATER. Thereafter the !BOOM! equvalent would be mixing THAT with “Drano”, which is LYE…a ‘super-base’

            …in THAT case it reacts SO violently that you had best ‘Not be there, when “IT” happens…”

            For All else…

            …Herr Doktor JOG says, “Ist es gut, ZEHR gut, Ja!” (It is good, very good, yes!) 😉


            • Jog, there is no lye in my dish soap. Neither did anything explode.
              I have lye as I am also a cold process soap maker, so I know
              how to handle it. I have been using this dish soap quiet successfully
              for two weeks and love it!!!
              I hate to be the one to break it to you but
              You simply don’t know everything about
              Every topic posted.

              Keep preppin’

        • Thanks, cooking mom.
          I use cheap dishwashing liquid..fine for ordinary dishes, but not grease.
          I have all these ingredients I use for my homemade laundry detergent, except dawn–too expensive.
          Thanks again.

          • Vinegar may be for those with hard water?
            Just add a drop or two in your rinse water?

          • If you get a sunday newspaper (or can score the coupon sections from someone who does),there are routinely coupons for 50 cents off Dawn. When you combo that with a 99 cent sale at one of the drug stores, you can have 50 cent dawn! I have a bunch in my stash, along with FREE toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and lots of other goodies. Check out the coupon sites, and cash in on the freebies. Good for prepping and everyday money saving.

      64. It’s the fake money…

        One one hand there’s not enough money… Gotta lay off the Navy.

        On the other hand, they just print whatever they need to buy cameras, drones, mil-gear for the local po-po (Pronounced PooPoo).


        Since they made your “Birth Certificate” they owned you. We are commodities to be traded… (For fake money…) Of course most FAT Americans are only good for consuming.

        They don’t call them the FED for nothing! And they are feeding on US!

        The only thing I don’t understand about the whole thing is…

        WHY? Why enslave and kill off (via the “food” a whole nation?

        I figure they want us dead because as a “free nation” we invented TECH. Now that they have the tech we invented (to fight all those “bankers wars.”) that they can use to enforce their rule, we are disposable.

        Get used to it.

      65. The reason we can not, as like minded folks, create a Militia is because there are 150 million spies that love this government that because it “protects” them from the bad people that want to do us harm.

      66. This all got worse when they started the invasive pat-downs and naked scans at airports in 2010.

        By the way, here’s your chance to sound off:

        TSA seeks public opinion of full-body scanners:

        You have until June 24th to give your opinion on full body scanners.

        Are these scanners safe?

        The backscatter scanners can cause cancer:

        The millimeter wave scanners can rip DNA strands:

      67. H O W – T O – B E A T – S W A T

        To enforce tyranny, the oppressor relies on SSG and SWAT. SSG stands for Surveillance Specialist Group — that’s spy-talk for a surveillance team. SWAT stand for Special Weapons and Tactics — that’s doubletalk for a paramilitary death-squad.
        Is SWAT effective? Yes.
        Does it get results? Absolutely.
        Is SWAT invincible? No.
        Despite their massive firepower and use of brute force, SWAT teams have weakness that can be exploited. A typical SWAT element is composed of five people — a Team Leader, a Scout, a Backup, and two Assaulters.
        SWAT members often wear balaclavas for the purpose of intimidating suspects and bystanders. The balaclava also keeps them anonymous — this is handy because they reside in the same communities whose citizens they execute. SWAT members wear military helmets and bullet-resistant body-armor. Because of their myopic training, they figure the solution to every problem is massive application of force, preferably lethal.
        SWAT WEAKNESS #1 — LACK OF MOBILITY. Their combat gear prevents them from sprinting long distances in pursuit of a suspect fleeing on foot.
        A number of suspects have escaped in exactly this scenario. This is the reason behind the containment perimeter. The regular cops pin you inside the “holding pen” while the SWAT goons methodically stalk you and then dispatch you, preferably from behind.
        TACTICAL RESPONSE #1 — If you know the terrain, you’ll often be able to beat the containment ring. The cops on the perimeter cover the escape routes and checkpoints. The ring has gaps you can exploit. The cops seldom cover hidden routes that only the local residents know about.
        SWAT WEAKNESS #2 — THEY DON’T THINK. Their training has ingrained them with the mindset that the solution to every situation is force.
        . TACTICAL RESPONSE #2 — Plan your operation so that political considerations and/or public relations are more attractive to the authorities than a lethal resolution of the crisis by SWAT.
        SWAT WEAKNESS #3 — OVERHEATING. Their balaclavas, gloves, shooting goggles, helmets, and combat fatigues mean that they can easily overheat in urban situations.
        TACTICAL RESPONSE #3 — Plan an operation that will require lots of physical movement by the SWAT members. Give them lots to crawl over, though, and around. Even big tough guys don’t have much stamina when they start to overheat.
        SWAT WEAKNESS #4 — PERIMETER OVER-RELIANCE. They always set up perimeter control. They have become dependent on the “holding pen” strategy.
        TACTICAL RESPONSE #4 — Post an accomplice (sniper) outside their perimeter and SWAT becomes vulnerable to a flanking attack.
        SWAT WEAKNESS #5 — ONE TRICK PONY. They are trained to attack fixed targets. They are befuddled and confounded by a moving target. Especially a target they are continually losing contact with.
        TACTICAL RESPONSE #5 — Hit and run. Hit and run. Hit and run. Then disappear.
        SWAT WEAKNESS #6 — LACK OF INDIVIDUAL INITIATIVE. Without their body-rig communication sets, SWAT members are lost. UHF frequency range is often less than a mile.
        TACTICAL RESPONSE #6 — Forcing or duping a SWAT member to transmit bogus messages over his transponder is an effective tactic for disorienting the entire team. Seizing a transponder and issuing your own messages is effective psychological warfare.
        3 RULES FOR BEATING SWAT: RULE #1 — Surround the SWAT element, including its perimeter force.
        RULE #2 — Fight scattered, never in a compact body.
        RULE #3 — When attacked, never stand and fight. Retreat, then counterattack.

        Keep the FAITH

      68. Maps
        I cannot stress here enough how important large scale paper maps are that show terrain and elevation .
        One choke point that moving across, either by vehicle or foot is bridges .

        If travelling with a group, several or all should have maps with them that all have studied and discussed many times .
        Get to know the surrounding terrain well, not just roadways .
        Crossing bridges is a sure choke point .
        And just as surely will be watched by all eyes .
        Plan ahead alternative movement across terrain just like everything else .
        Make sure each and every single one in your group has a heads up on what to do and where to meet if separated .
        And get real physical paper maps .
        Study them well .
        Plan for the worst .
        Hope for the best .
        Take care

        • And BEFORE any collapse/martial law/bugout, use Google Earth to find the water around you.
          I know most ponds within 3 miles of my you??
          Just saying.

          • @JayJay
            I certainly do, since I am a lover of wetlands and all things holding water
            I often tell folks to find the nearest water and stay there if lost .
            The water will keep them alive till help arrives .
            And if they are lost in isolated areas they can walk downstream .
            Sooner of later they will find a roadway or others .
            But then again, I live very close to a large national forest area where many manage to get lost . And many of my friends are on the rescue squad always discussing trying to find them before they die of exposure or worse .
            So many think they know survival.
            Take care JayJay
            Hail friend
            Take care

            • Careful with the water thing. It can mask the noise of approaching scouts and it can make for a bloody cold nights sleep.

      69. In the land of total police control I am a wanted criminal.

      70. By the 300+ holes in the boat. it looks like it wasnt a “exchange”

        • 300+ rounds fired (Doesn’t include the gazillion misses. Wonder where those bullets landed?)and the guy lived. When these goons don’t have access to unlimited ammo, they’re in trouble.

          • From video of boat, I didnt see any bullit holes. With 200+ rounds you would expect boat to look like swiss cheese or even Bonnie and Clyde’s Studebaker. It looked fine to me. Probably could take it fishing on the lake.

            How do we know, since everyone had an order to stay indoors, that he wasnt shot and then placed there? Dont know.

            I do want to trust my Govt and LEO. But holes in the story just leaves one guessing and opens the doors for conspiracy theories.

            The old adage–if you lie, then you must say another lie to cover up the first lie.

            • Never mind. I saw photos of boat from another MSM source. You can see bullit holes.

      71. The results garnered from a police action in streets otherwise weapon free such as Boston are entirely different from those who are littered with all manner of firepower and the willingness to use them.

      72. Side topic here.
        I have seen many posts talking about the people who are on welfare but there is actually a huge move to get people off welfare and onto disability. More than 10 million people recieve disability payments every month.

        There are businesses that are being paid thousands of dollars for each person that they can get signed up for disability. There are around 250,000 new disabilty applications per month over the last year.

        As a physician, I have seen many people that are on disability that could find jobs if they were willing to work. They just find a monthly disability check along with getting Medicare and other benefits to be more profitable than getting a minimum wage job. Only 1% of people on disability ever get off of it. I have no concerns about the people who really need help and are really disabled. Unfortunately disability is becoming the favorite way of getting welfare and avoiding work.

        • “Welfare reform” under Clinton was a joke. They moved people from most giveaway programs onto SSI disability. Herds more jump on the SSID gravey train every month. Most of them have nothing but contempt for the people pulling the cart.

        • Heard the story on this on This American Life a few weeks ago. It’s pretty astounding. I told a friend about it this weekend and it really dropped his jaw.

      73. Here’s your next prep….

        If you have insurance….and can handle the copays…
        Go get medical tests…

        Colonoscopy….relax..they put you out…no big deal. You just drink nasty stuff and poop alog.

        MRI…see if you have anything cooking in your head.

        I’ve heard and read that many of the aging doctors are going to retire early, rather than be subject to Obamascare hurdles.

        Also…think about it… only so many drs. and they just opened up the food gate for many… demand outstrips supply.

        Another commie plot to collapse our system.

        When the collapse hits… we’ll need to round up all the dems who are really commies.
        Put them in the fema camps.

        Imagine a bunch of aging pissed off old people who cannot get their knee surgery.

        Feels like the country is collapsing.

        Makes me want to build a barge and escape to sea.

      74. everyone – this is worth reading twice 2 times …

        Obama’s Plan To Seize Control Of Our Economy And Our Lives

        This 10-page document is a blueprint for a federal takeover of the economy that would dwarf the looming Obamacare takeover of the health insurance business. Specifically, Obama’s plan involves seizing control of:

        * “All commodities and products that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals”

        * “All forms of energy”

        * “All forms of civil transportation”

        * “All usable water from all sources”

        * “Health resources – drugs, biological products, medical devices, materials, facilities, health supplies, services and equipment”

        * Forced labor ( or “induction” as the executive order delicately refers to military conscription)

        Moreover, federal officials would “issue regulations to prioritize and allocate resources.”

        Each government bureaucracy “shall act as necessary and appropriate.”

        • EOTS–By forced labor, I wonder if the younger generation is already conditioned to accept it. After all, the mandatory community service requirements proposed for high schools and colleges amounts to mandating forced work in approved activities. But will we to see the conscription of all of the folks with $30,000 or more in student loans as part of a repayment plan?

          I know liberals scream at the idea of mandatory labor for welfare and food stamp parasites–never mind the folks on disability! It is just cruel to expect the bloodsuckers to turn off the TV when Judge Judy and Gays of our Lives are on!

      75. The Greatest Conspiracy Ever Told w/ David Hawkins Apr 27, 2013

        David Hawkins is a forensic economist who tracks criminal and victim assets through crime scenes and helps the online community solve cold case murders. David Hawkins is the co-host of the weekly program AbelDanger on Rumor Mill Radio.

        In this interview:

        The Boston marathon bombings and crisis acting
        The Vancouver connection to the Boston bombings
        The Pickton Farm murders and Piggy’s Palace
        The JonBenét Ramsey murder
        The hybristophilia conspiracy
        The childhood of Barack Obama
        The origins of AbelDanger


      76. Cali bill set to ban lead bullets! I wonder if that would apply to law enforcement as well.
        Standing ready in Daytona

      77. Given the number of posts in this thread, I haven’t read all of them, but I wonder if anyone realizes the numeric impossibility of the military exerting much influence outside of large metropolitan areas. Civilians in this country outnumber all military personnel by about 100 to 1, and I can’t help but think that there will be a lot of desertions at least by enlisted members when it comes to either leaving their families in the middle of chaos or staying with them and protecting them. I don’t think my little town will NEED the military, because we have plenty of guns.

      78. You people are idiots. On the one hand, you advocate forming communities, which are nothing more than roving bands of murderous, blood thirsty vigilantes. On the other, you decry the use of the National Guard to maintain order. Your stupidity is beyond measure. My only solace is that in the even of a catastrophe, your survival is seriously in question because you are too stupid to survive. Your demise would be a great thing for the rational people of the world.

      79. Mac, Hope all is well with you and yours. If I haven’t told you lately, I just wanted to say thanks for the site and keep up the good work.

        But, please; could you just remove the face of evil from the right side banner. You know, the one that reeks of a crazed zombie creature of African descent.

        I’m starting to have nightmares. I was just about to recover from the other face of evil, the picture of “Fiendstein”.

      80. H7N9 update

        FluWiki puts the count at 125 cases

        fortunately this thing is progressing very very slowly

        and still only one case reported outside of China


        You guys better read this.

        Better have enough ammo for your grandkids..they might be fighting the next internal war in america.

        I can just see the entire congress going all black or multi-cultural and them passing laws like hitler did against the whites.

        This is human nature and it will go down.

      82. @ OLD FART.
        Top of the morning to everyone.

        Body Armor. Kevlar, Ceramic and metal plates. Weight vs. Protection vs. Mobility. Have to also consider what else you are carrying on your vest.
        I would like to know what those two bank robbers were wearing in California as they shot it out with police. One killed outright with a head shot. But boy were they sloooooow moving.
        To make a point, it is better to have it than to need it and there are many variables of pros and cons as to its use. Distance from the shooter and what he is shooting.
        Balistic nylon has to have lots of layers. Ceranic can only take a couple of hits and then metal is the weight involed. Add to this if you want your backside protected.
        Balance will play a part in this too. So you go from a carrier with Kevlar layering and procede to ceramic or metal plates, front only or or including back protection. They do have kevlar plates with about 30 layers? Level III protection. In you are hit in the first firefight it becomes almost worthless except for maybe shapnel protection. If you are hardcore you may consider a Kevlar helmet and googles with balistic lenses. M1 steel pot helmets are to keep things from hitting your head and the fragmentation vest are also very low protection. Again something is better than nothing. I am a little hesitant to discuss the types of ammo to defeat body armor but you won’t have to worry too long with a 50 cal. hitting you anywhere.
        Shot placement reguardless of size caliber is probably the trick.

        • I’m thinking head-shots will rule the day.

      83. To all the Lady Preppers out there. You must think that the guys have just gone insane with all the Bravado we preach and mostly forget there may be family involved in any engagement. Men mostly think in only one plane as we are wired that way. I see that many Ladies fall silent on serious subject. But you input is important too.
        That being said, I would say that the first engagement, if you live thru it, most will piss and shit their pants from fright and not even know it. Fear will be the most to overcome. Fear will make you do things you never thought you were capable of or make you cower in a corner. We never know for sure, till the moment of truth.

      84. REPOSTED

        Good Morning BI,

        An ‘event’ of sorts has occurred. At 07:47 UTC yesterday morning a singularly potent
        Gamma ray pulse was detected by the orbiting SWIFT satellite. The INITIAL LC and ‘hardness’
        curves (data) for this event are inexplicably fragmentary, possibly due to temporary
        occulatation of SWIFT’s effective LOS relative to the celestial bearing of the ‘event’.

        What is apparent – over the short stretch of the LC available and presupposing that the
        data is NOT spurious – is that the event was at or near the last Large-Scale event…2004.
        Certainly, the data as they present demonstrate an occurance which is AT LEAST an order of
        magnitude greater than any such moniotred in all time since.

        I wish to neither amplify nor diminuate the significance underlying here… As you are
        aware, that which We have discussed is specualative, virtually nearer to ‘fringe’, hence I will draw
        no conclusions at this time. I submit that it WOULD be prudent to monitor the character of
        all seismic for a matter of days hereafter to attempt to get a handle on just what physical
        effects are noted post-facto – seismically, that is. I WILL be efforting myself on the Solar
        front; I have at this time ‘instanced’ ALL of the relevant imaging, full-spectrum, and am waiting
        to monitor any consequence which may come to hand.

        Eyes open Friend.


        PS: Either the Board, or my Net connection is REALLY ‘gitchy’ today. I have TRIED to respond to slingshot, tCM and others as well…I am NOT sure what is up and may therefor be off-line indefinitely… ;(

      85. Time once again for our monthly feature, Ask The Okie.
        Our first letter comes from a young man in Maryland:

        Dear Mr Okie,
        My name is Tim. I’m 11 years old and I live in Maryland. My problem is my Mom. She recently told me to stop hanging out with my best friend, CJ. His Dad is Carl and he’s Carl Jr, so everybody calls hm CJ.
        Anyway, when I go to CJ’s house, we get to do all kinds of cool stuff. We can shoot his pellet gun in the back yard. As long as we’re careful and don’t break a window or something. We never have. Carl taught us both to be real careful with the gun. He even said he was gonna teach us to shoot a 22! Wow! I was so excited! I never shot a real big gun like that before.
        Plus, at CJ’s, we can listen to his dad’s classic rock music. I think the Beatles are way better than Lady Gaga and the stuff kids at school listen to today. We also get to watch funny old videos from a woman named Lucy, and two guys called Laurel and Hardy. Have you ever heard of them? They’re really funny! Carl also has some DVDs of Debbie something or other. But we can’t watch those. CJ’s dad says ‘Debbie Does Dallas’ isn’t for kids. Probably the humor is too mature for us, I guess.
        And, we get to drive Carl’s old pickup in the field behind their house. It’s permamnently stuck in low gear and only goes about 18 mph, but it’s still fun! It’s the only time I ever get to drive. My Mom won’t let me practice in her Prius. She says I’m too young.
        Carl also showed us how to use a compass. And to tell which tracks are from which animals. I can already tell a raccoon from a dear track. And I’m learning others too. And he taught me and CJ how to start a campfire with only a striker thingy and a magnesium bar. No matches! Everything at CJ’s house is fun!
        Now, here’s my problem, Mr Okie. At my house it’s completely different from CJ’s. Mom only lets me watch PBS on tv. And she never has the car radio on anything but NPR. It’s so boring! Plus, when she found out Carl was letting us shoot the pellet gun she got real mad. Mom says nobody but the police should own guns. She went to CJ’s house and caused a big scene. Carl just laughed at her. (I think that made her even madded) He said ‘Why don’t you let the boy grow up?’
        Now, Mom has grounded me from EVER going to their house again. (I do still sneak over there every Thursday after school, since Mom is at her GreenPeace meeting til 8). I miss the fun stuff we get to do at CJ’s. I guess my question is this- What do I do now? I feel like I’m never gonna get to have any more fun.
        I don’t hate my Mom. She microwaves dinner for us, and has LaQuita, the maid, keep the house real clean. And she tries to get me and Dad interested in politics. I pretend to listen and Dad just sits on the couch with a beer and says ‘Do whatever your mother tells you.’ By the way, who is Harry Reid? He’s my Mom’s hero.
        I feel like I’m in prison. What should I do?
        Sincerely, Tim in Maryland.

        Dear Tim,
        You are almost a grown man, so I will talk to you as a man, not a kid. First, your Dad is whipped. He will be of no help to you. Secondly, your Mom is obviously a stark-raving lunatic. She should be seeking professional help for her mental disease. It’s called ‘Patriot-deficiency-Liberal-itis’ and is treatable with large doses of antibiotics. However, that’s not our concern for the present.
        Our task at hand is to save You from this situation. By best advice for you is to run away from home. See if you can borrow a compass from Carl. Throw a few things into a back pack and get the heck out of there! Head West till you no longer see Blue Crab on any restaurant menu. Then, go due South until you hear people saying “Y’all.” By then, you should be in safe territory. Best of luck, Tim.
        ps- to answer your question about Harry Reid. He’s actually a reptillian posing as a human. Stay clear of him and believe NOTHING he says.

        Our next letter comes from a reader in Ohio:

        Hey there Mr okie,
        I got a big problem. I’ve heard you tell about your ‘Ammo Therapy’ to treat depression and anxiety. And I know it works because I’ve used it several times. The problem is, now that ammo is so scarce, how do I deal with these anxiety attacks? With all the crap going on in the world today, I’m starting to crack. Please help!
        Stressed Out In Dayton

        Dear Stressed Out,
        You are not alone. I get dozens of letters every day with the same question. Here’s what I propose as a temporary solution. It’s a simple 3 step plan. Not a permanent fix, but it should get us by until ammo is more readily available.
        1- Turn off ALL media sources for two days. Don’t worry, it wont hit the fan while you’re not looking.
        2- Gradually return to the media, but in small doses. No more than 15 minutes daily. And, this is Important- expose yourself ONLY to a few trusted sources. Like this one, or Drudge or a few others. NO television! And, remember, only 15 minutes a day. Keep it up for the next 12 days.
        3- During this entire two week therapy session, drink 10% more alcohol than normal. Not enough to stay sloshed, but it will help calm the jitters.
        In severe cases, you may have to repeat the two week plan, over and over. Still, it should help us survive until the ammo comes back. Or Elvis lands in the mother ship, whichever comes first. Good luck.

        Our last letter today is from a young woman in West VA:

        Dear Okie,
        I’m 23 years old and recently graduated from Princeton. I have a degree in Social Engeneering, with a minor in Multiculturalism. I work for the Dept of Commerce. It’s an entry level job, but the prospects are good for moving up in the Bureau where I work. I’ll be able to help our President and his wonderful administration as He solves the problems facing our nation. It feels so good to know I am contributing to a better world for us all.
        I even bought my first car! A 2011 Volt in very good condition. I live driving it, even when everybody honks at me for going slow. I know they’re just jealous, since they aren’t as smart as me and don’t care about helping Mother Earth recover from all the human-caused damage we’ve done. Goodness knows, if we don’t get a handle on climate change, we’ll ruin the entire planet.
        I met a nice looking guy at a club a few months ago. We seemed so in love! He was learning to order in French for us when we went to dinner. And beginning to see my side of things on so many issues. Then, yesterday, he borrowed my Volt to go to the store. And he never came back! I was Sooo worried! Just as I was about to call the police and report him missing, he phoned me. He said he couldn’t go on living a lie. And we weren’t meant for each other. I am devastated! How could he not see the importance of all I wanted to do to improve the world? How could he not be there, by my side, as I helped make a better future for all of humanity? I just don’t understand! Plus, he still hasn’t brought my Volt back. Should I report it stolen? Tell me what to do, okie!
        Tearful in Charleston

        Dear Tearful,
        Have you tried large doses of anti-biotics? It may be your only hope. By the way, If your ex calls again, please give him this message for me: If you’re driving south and see a kid with a backpack, staring at his compass- give him a ride!

        • Man that was great Okie. You outdid yourself this time. Still LMAO

        • Reposted…

          To: Mr Smokin’ Okie’

          From, The Law Offfices of J & J Bruner & son’s LLC, JD

          Mr Smokin’,

          It has been brought the attention of this Law Firm that recently you have been publically identified as “practicing Humour without a valid License”from the Department of Propaganda, as is fully required per the expressed wishes of our Benevolent Administration, as well as ‘allegedly using said Humour as an “Unlicensed “assualt mechanism” against our client Mr JoeinNC (refered to hereafter as “Our Client, or The Client) We insist that you desist from the use of Humour under any circumstance hereafter forthwith as clearly you are simply not sufficiently practised with same or certified by the appropraite regulatory body to be able to safely exercise it’s use within a minimum margin of safety as defined by OSHA.

          Our client, was recently Seriously injured as a direct result of you UNLICENSED practise of ‘assaultive Humour’ while attempting to Legitemately and Patriotically ‘troll’ the Web site “SHTFPlan-dot-com”. Inasmuch as our client – in the performance of his natural civic duty and the exercise of ordinary ‘civil rights’ IS entitled to express a perfectly neccessary, prudent and reasonable disdain for anything that is
          deemed counter-revolutionary to the published interest of our Glorious Administrtion you are hereby notified that Civil – and quite probably criminal – charges will be leveled against you shortly. The injury’s suffered by our client are simply horrfying, and include but are not limited to an unexpected ‘urinary discharge’ accompanied
          by a violant fit of nearly epileptic proportion similar but not identical to “Tourrete’s Syndrome” during which additionasl excretia were clearly and odiferously
          discharged resulting in the complete ruination of a valuable “classic pink Tutu” acqured at significant expense from the estate of Mr ‘Cheech’ Marin as well as the complete destruction of a broad area of the carpeted flooring at his residence (located in the sub-surface section of the abode of his biological Mother Mrs Alberta
          JoeinNC. in addition there were hideous psychological damages resultant from his exposure to your un-authorized, non-licensed, flagrantly politically-incorrect application of non-corpoate sponsored use-of-Humour…

          In summation you may welll expect that we will be seeking damages in excess of 36 Million dollars and that said damages will also seek to permanently enjoin you from ever practising same, permanently in any portion the Federal jusisdiction of the United States of Oligarchy.

          You Sir are hereby warned and notified that you are thereby liable.

          Sincerely Yours
          Jerker and Jerkee Bruner


          “A Gift in-kind Smokin’,…as a poor effort to give-back what has been so graciously provided to many…which was so very, very needed…so often
          Many Thanks Firend


          • Dear Mssrs Bruner,
            Fire away! Give it your best shot! I have more dirt on the DA than even his bookie has. (they don’t call me ‘Mr Untouchable’ for nothing, you know)
            Plus, dozens of eye-witnesses, and hundreds of Youtube videos, attest to the fact that your Client routinely soils himself. You can’t hang that on me!
            My advice is: Just fumigate your office and write him off as a non-client.

            Thanks JOG! 🙂

        • Ugly, ugly, ugly…

          Howdy Satori…I DON’T like this ONE bit. This thing is at or near the the cusp of the Tertiary mutation that will create something that will not be ‘user-friendly’. Oh Man…this is NOT ‘Good News’.


      86. Obamacare was written in music of the 1960s….

        ‘Will you still need me, will you still feed me; when I’m 64?’….


      87. Solar Update,

        The most recent NASA HMID(C) (magnetic field) imaging shows a large, dense spot group emerging in the trailing region behind NOAA 11732 (newly enumerated). Subsequent inspection of the NOAA SXI (‘Soft’ X-ray) imaging reveals a VERY bright area centered roughly over this region. IMHO, this is the brightest such manifestation seen in this section of the emission spectrum since last Fall. We will know more in the midnight time frame as by then this area will have precessed into view somewhat better than the current edge-on aspect visible currently.

        It is to be noted tht the most recent Penticton Flux measure is already above 130 sfu and with the emergence of this new, strongly emitting region we shold expect that figure to rise significantly over the next 24 hours

        Updates to follow as warranted


      88. I’m really getting tired of these chemtrails. Today..the sky had no real clouds…not even a haze…just a milky white high altitude chemical oxidation wrap to simulate ozone.


        IT’s all gone!!!

        So they have to stray millions of tons of aluminum oxide and barium salts.

        I predict one day that all the plants will die from them fucking up the soil ph.
        Monsanto has patented aluminum resistant seeds.

        I figure I have about 25 years left.

        But I do miss seeing a “TRUE BLUE” sky.
        My child has never seen one!

        Why the fuck can’t they just manufacture ozone and spray that?

      89. I was looking at Before It’s News and this article is one that has basic survival and government thumb and boot on the basic rights as a person. It has to do with rainwater collection.

        I can understand about basic riparian rights that prevents for example your neighbor from drawing down the water table using excessive water so you have to spend several thousand dollars to dig a deeper well. Or you Beaver damming up a small stream so no one downhill from you has any water. But rainwater???????????

        I see all sorts of plans on water conservation that allows homeowners to catch water off their roof so they can water their vegeatable gardens. In these hellholes mentioned in the article, some nazi politicians have decided to make it illegal for you to catch rain or snow to water your garden or use this water for some other purpose. These pieces of crap rather you let that water run off into to the street into the gutter where motor oil and other toxins make this water not fit to use for much. They rather your garden dry up when they put water restrictions on how much water you can use from the city.

        You see what is happening in Wahington, Colorado, and Utah? Yes even Utah, suppose to be a free state. These politicians are trying to control every last aspect of your life. Big brother right up your ass. How much rainwater can even a huge catchment basis collect. Answer from someone that has taken much hydrology in college, not jack sh&*. The amount of space that it would take to make a tiny amount of difference in a stream, much less a river or lake is tremendous and more costly than simply purchasing the water. Especially the tiny amount from an area that is semi-arid that sees little amounts. Where do these municipal water sources get their water from? Snow pack from the mountains, not from the tiny amount of runoff from people’s properties.

        This is yet another example of what these devils are trying to do, just the same as telling you what you can or cannot eat or drink. Total control just like someone in a maximum security prison. This is why they are so desperate to kill the 2nd. Amendment, so no one can defend themselves against total iron fist rule over every last person. This type of crap has got to piss off everyone. Epecially when homeowners are trying to be environmental friendly and grow their own food, and not tax the limited amount of water avaliable during drought. These dumbasses are next going to tax us when it rains and waters our lawns. Freedoms dying each day as these suckers tighten the noose around all of us.

      90. Hello, I am the guy who doesn’t agree with most views here and I want to ask questions in a serious non taunting way and perhaps spur discussion. I realize my present question will illicit a number of angry responses and is one of the most talked about subjects here. I do not think it would be possible to seize even a small portion of guns in the US. Unless I am quoting incorrect facts, there are over two million shot guns in the publics hands. This number does not include all types of long guns, all handguns, all assault rifles etc.
        If I were running the country ( and I am not and for obvious reasons) and I wanted to take all guns from all citizens, I would have a difficult time thinking of a viable way of taking them. A large portion of guns were either bought off paper or handed down generationally. I don’t know the percentage of guns, but it has to be a large number. ( gun shows).
        Now being in charge, I may feel threatened and want all weapons so I would not be overthrown. I would first ask for voluntary surrender of guns. I would guess I would get quite a few due to people not being attached to the guns or to people afraid of being arrested. Say I get half of the millions of guns.
        How would I get the rest? Who would I send after the remaining gun owners when I don’t know who a lot of them are? People would quickly figure out my intent and hide the guns. I would now have 1.5 to 2.0 police officers per 1000 citizens which is the average number of police in the us. How long would it take me to go door to door and search every house, apartment, out building, trailor, vehicle, barn, etc? Maybe I would solicit the military for help? That would not make any difference. This is assuming that my people would win thousands of gun fights quickly.
        I would also have to believe ( erroneously) that all my military and police officers would go along with my plan. I suggest they wouldn’t. I have made this point during a prior comment. Police officers are a reflection of their communities albeit slightly more conservative. The military is even more conservative. Both organizations have strong values and beliefs. They are also pro gun rights as a whole. So now I would have half my people fighting the other half and still go door to door. This scenario is unlikely at best.
        I could choke further ammo supplies to a large degree. This would be effective to a point. Ammo last decades with little care. People can also make their own ammo although it would be difficult.
        I would quickly see I bit off way too much. Why would I want to start a civil war when my original plan was to avoid one?
        I am not personally against guns and plan to buy one. In my opinion, the genie is out of the bottle, the ship has sailed, that dog won’t hunt etc. The current ideas of controlling guns are laughable. The current NRA ideas are also not workable. ( regarding armed guards in schools). Shooters would go where the guards are not. Malls, parks, events etc. There would need to be a armed peron on every corner. That’s not happening. Citizens with guns? Also not going to work. It would almost have to required for everyone to have a gun when in public. Of all solutions I have heard, this would be the only one that would have an impact but as much as you like the idea, many would hate it and refuse to carry.
        Like I said, I am not here to take pot shots. I am here out of interest. I think the biggest threats to you are natural disasters, epidemics, terrorism, and sporadic violence. I do not think regardless of wanting to or not, that the government would take you on. Thanks for your time.

        • Good Morning Con T,

          I THOUGHT that I has seen your monicker here previously…in any event,

          The Heart of Living lies in our differences…No, I’m not talking here about the pathetic ‘diversity’ which continues to be rammed down the throats of many today, per “Political Correctness, ie, Political Expediency”; I am here talking about the basic, small differences of opinion which lie between us All…there is much there which to discuss, if People will but set aside – for a moment – thier reflexive responses, many of which are wholly justified in the current days, due to the effective disenfranchisement many feel as a consequnce of the egregious actions of out ‘Betters’, Eh?

          Your introductiion is appreciated Sir (or M’am), So Be Welcome Here. Any who are ‘mindful’, that is to say ‘Considered in thier thoughts and reflections – as well as Polite – are always welcome in my ‘Book’, thus and so.

          Much of your analysis seems both good and proper…I can find little flaw therein, therefor. With respect to your assertion that ” The current NRA ideas are also not workable. ( regarding armed guards in schools)” I would only ask, “Why not?”

          I am NOT being – or leading to – ‘fractuousness’, here…be so advised. In the Greater World, which has as it’s underpinnings all of Nature, in which each thing – outside of the brief period wherein it is ‘nursed’ to “fullness” – is clearly expected to directly BE it’s “Own, Best defense” are we so haughty as to beleive that we are “Above” all that?; That by some ‘miracle’ of our particular creation that we are NOT thereby equally subject to that from which we come, as is all the rest? All that Humanity IS, NOW, can be analytically traced with good precision down an evolutionary Path which stems from Nature…Did someone just ‘conme along and rewrite the rules’ which serve as the genetic underpinnings from which we stem?

          If so then we are Blessed indeed, and We need not concern ourselves further with any foolish notions of Hatred or Greed or Wanton Lust…or any of that sort of thing. Such as that then is NOT a PART of the Human character, anywhwere…in anyone? Such would SURELY be the exact result of that mentation, No?

          Elsewise, on the other Hand, We ARE the product of the Mind of God, expressed through His agency Nature over long time. IF so, then We ARE subject to that from which We are derived, carrying with us the legacy’s which accompoany any such path of development. The logic herein is – IMHO – simply inneluctable…cannot be carried to it’s conclusion in any other way. IT IS, one way, or the other – Period.

          That Hatred and those other things mentioned above – as well as others – abide within Humankind Broadly is Wholly ‘Self-evident’ and need not here be treated any further: Simply put, “They Exists.”

          It is the case that Many today, by virtue of the action of PURE WILL seem to beleive that by THAT agency they can obviate ALL History, to nullify all that serves as our past by the simple expedient that they WILL it to be so. Such as these are frequently seen to say things like, “Well H’es NOT a BAD child..there are NO BAD children!” or alternately, “It isn’t thier dault…it was how they were raised, what was done to them by someone else…it’s SIMPLY NOT thier FAULT.” I tend – in my Mind – to call all such as those the ‘Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda’ crowd. Such as THOSE form one existent ‘Camp’ of Humanity’ as we know it today. There is another, obviously.

          The second ‘Camp’ consist of those who – on some level recognize the influence of Nature in our “fashioning”, perhaps those whose path in Life has never served to divorce them wholly – at any point – from Nature, as we know it. These have the notion that “Bad Things” exists in the World…Murder, Rape, Theft, etc, et al, AND that these things STEM from the animal nature from which we are derived: Clearly these beleive that NOT all People are basically ‘Good’

          Hence, the first camp – no matter how they obfuscate the matter – BELIEVE that all are fundamentally “Good’ and that it is ONLY circumstance that ‘leads them astray’: The second camp instead beleives that “People will get Ya…IF you are not CAREFUL.” If you spend a little time walking through these two notions you’ll rather quickly come to the conclusion that one is ‘wrong’, the other ‘right’.

          I would add my own observations in the REAL World to what is above, if you will permit me. I HAVE seen STUNNING Bravery, NOBILITY beyond desctiption, LOVE surpassing any Words which can be used to describe such in my fellows (and fellow-ettes!) in the course of my 50+ years…

          …I HAVE ALSO seen Unpeakable Cruelty – often performed for no other reason than that the one so doing, COULD DO SO; GREED, BOUNDLESS, MEASURELESS, which cared not the consequence to ANY other, even unto the LIMIT of Life itself, but that it be SATED; LUST for POWER that would wipe the WHOLE WORLD clean ere it would even consider relenting…

          WHAT have YOU ‘seen’ in your days?

          Humankind has spent many Millenia coming to where we are today, during which we were in something of a state which might be viewed as a ‘Childhood’ wherein each did exactly as they COULD, whenever the could. Near abouts the Time of The Founders something New entered into that equation, a new thought. In that sense Many became ONE to act to promote the Good WELFARE of ALL. Far from this being a matter of altruism, those involved saw that by ‘concerted action’ they could withstand what they alone could not. So it is.

          In the Time intervening between then and now the principles which the Founders attempted to place into the form of the written word, bacame corrupted and misunderstood broadly…leading to the cultural ‘insanity’ which we see today. THIS insanity is most pronouncedly visible in the Governance of theis Nation, which is a REFLECTION of BOTH the People of which it consists and the guiding principles on which it was founded. Clearly, the general thrust of each of those two things is now seen to be diametrically opposed to each other.

          How long can this continue, do you think, before something ‘gives’? Today, my thinking is: Not MUCH Longer…

          Mayhaps this can serve as starting point for other discussions, later. In parting here today I observe that in the past the term ‘Broad-minded’ came to be viewed as euphemistic for excessively liberal in thought, a position espoused by nmany who were dilatantes, effectibely…remote from that which is REAL. I say that “Broad-mindedness” is NOT used today as it should be, but is instead corrupted. Dialogue IS Needful, to be sure
          but there ARE limits which any rational, thinking Creature must observe in so broadening themselves lest thsy falll into a PIT of Sophistry wherein “Up is Down, Right is Left, Good is Bad, Life is Death, etc, ad infinitem, ad naseum”…

          Such as THAT is where we seem to have come to today, is it not? Dwell on these things if you will, perchance we will take them up again, later…

          Good Day then and Well-Met.


        • There are about 250 million firearms in the country. There is literally no possibility of rounding them all up and it would be a waste of time to try as you admirably point out. That’s why the government isn’t going to try and why those who worry about it should find some more realistic worries such as figuring out what to do to minimize the impact of climate change on their children and grandchildren or finding a way to reversing the accelerating concentration of wealth and power in this country.
          This whole brouhaha about gun control is simply one of many ways that much of the population is diverted from joining together to take action on the real problems that we have.

      91. Good Morning all,

        To read all of these posts this morning has taken a lot of time and truth of the matter is that the main topic of the article has been thrashed about is most unusual ways to say the least.

        My only point would be that the National Guard / Police / Military or any other Government agency does not have the right to enter any house with out a legitimate warrant and a specific reason named.

        Shame on the cops et all in Boston who participated.


      92. I wonder if we will see violations of the 3rd Amendment now.

      93. Swinging on a star-

        Your comments are strong and full of emtotion. That is understood and I think everyone can agree that horrible things have taken and will most likely, happen again.

        The ages of the ‘alledged bombers’ are not the important factor here. Upholding the laws of the U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights are. Why? That is what supposedly separates America from all the others. We (the people) believe that ALL should be presumed innoncent until PROVEN guilty in a court of law. This is supposed to protect the real innoncents from being taken to court and falsely imprisoned or put to death.

        When we allow our own ‘Law Enforcement’ personnel to start acting outside the law, then those things our forefathers fought so hard for…are all in vain. In other words, just because you ‘think’ that the alledged bombers should be drawn and quartered, shot full of holes, and burned alive does not make it legal. That is not justice nor for you or I to decide. Is our government/legal system corrupt, full of loopholes and evil people? You bet it is.
        You want to clean up your neighborhoods and country? “This filth infiltrating our country needs to be eradicated and if it takes the cops to do it then bully for them.” Remember the gunfighters code: ‘I will NOT shoot down an unarmed man.’ The Police (and apparently now the military) have a JOB to bring in the alledged for questioning and a court trial. There are still a ‘few’ good law enforcement officers out there, but the numbers are dwindling fast. I’m afraid. Things are about to change soon, as the war between good and evil is in full court press right now, as you all read this.
        Since I was NOT physically present at the bombing, (but do know people who were) I can only speculate who or what took place based on the limited information I have. My first inclination (like yours) is outrage and shock that our overbearing government CANNOT guarantee our safety at any time or place, no matter how many safeguards or rules they devise,period. My second inclination is to make sure they get the guilty parties and bring them to justice. Of course I feel that when a lame drunk ass driver kills an innocent party too, but I digress.

        Get INVOLVED with your local sheriffs association and members.

        KNOW who they are and what they stand for.

        KNOW your neighbors and community, help as many as you can.

        With all of the ‘good’ people in the know and on the watch, the gangs and thugs do not stand a chance…at least not in my neighborhood.

      94. Swinging on a star-

        Your comments are strong and full of emtotion. That is understood and I think everyone can agree that horrible things have taken and will most likely, happen again.

        The ages of the ‘alledged bombers’ are not the important factor here. Upholding the laws of the U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights are. Why? That is what supposedly separates America from all the others. We (the people) believe that ALL should be presumed innoncent until PROVEN guilty in a court of law. This is supposed to protect the real innoncents from being taken to court and falsely imprisoned or put to death.

        When we allow our own ‘Law Enforcement’ personnel to start acting outside the law, then those things our forefathers fought so hard for…are all in vain. In other words, just because you ‘think’ that the alledged bombers should be drawn and quartered, shot full of holes, and burned alive does not make it legal. That is not justice nor for you or I to decide. Is our government/legal system corrupt, full of loopholes and evil people? You bet it is.
        You want to clean up your neighborhoods and country? “This filth infiltrating our country needs to be eradicated and if it takes the cops to do it then bully for them.” Remember the gunfighters code: ‘I will NOT shoot down an unarmed man.’ The Police (and apparently now the military) have a JOB to bring in the alledged for questioning and a court trial. There are still a ‘few’ good law enforcement officers out there, but the numbers are dwindling fast. I’m afraid. Things are about to change soon, as the war between good and evil is in full court press right now, as you all read this.
        Since I was NOT physically present at the bombing, (but do know people who were) I can only speculate who or what took place based on the limited information I have. My first inclination (like yours) is outrage and shock that our overbearing government CANNOT guarantee our safety at any time or place, no matter how many safeguards or rules they devise,period. My second inclination is to make sure they get the guilty parties and bring them to justice. Of course I feel that when a lame drunk ass driver kills an innocent party too, but I digress.

        Get INVOLVED with your local sheriffs association and members.

        KNOW who they are and what they stand for.

        KNOW your neighbors and community, help as many as you can.

        With all of the ‘good’ people in the know and on the watch, the gangs and thugs do not stand a chance…at least not in my neighborhood.

      95. SEAL Team 4 Commanding Officer Best Known For Finding & Then Killing Osama Bin Laden Commits Suicide.

        25 members of the team who allegedly killed Bin Laden are dead. No conspiracy theory there. Just the facts. You decide.

        THINK ABOUT IT, what did they ALL know?

        BTW the Seal team 4’s CO was the leader for team 6

      96. SEAL Team 4 Commanding Officer Best Known For Finding & Then Killing Osama Bin Laden Commits Suicide.

        25 members of the team who allegedly killed Bin Laden are dead. No conspiracy theory there. Just the facts. You decide.

        THINK ABOUT IT, what did they ALL know?

        BTW seal team 6 had team 4’s CO directing OBLs take down

        • sorry about the doubble post, it didnt show up for a while

      97. The Good guys are not coming to save you

        The Sad Truth

        No one is going to ride in and save you.

        If you want things to get better, then YOU will have to make them better. YOU will have to stand up and take the arrows, yourself. Liberty, at this stage of human development, requires risk and pain.

      98. December 29, 2012 marked the 122nd Anniversary of the murder of 297 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. These 297 people, in their winter camp, were murdered by federal agents and members of the 7th Cavalry who had come to confiscate their firearms “for their own safety and protection”. The slaughter began AFTER the majority of the Sioux had peacefully turned in their firearms. When the final round had flown, of the 297 dead or dying, two thirds (200) were women and children.

        for those who think they wont MURDER us..these people thought so too

        • This was the first Battle of Wounded Knee. The Second Battle of Wounded Knee in the winter and spring of 1973, was just as sordid, even though casualties were only around 63 people. In the aftermath the government tried to prosecute Russel Means and Dennis Banks (both American Indian Movement leaders) for their participation in the Wounded Knee stand-off. The FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office had engaged is such prosecutorial misconduct, that the cases were thrown out. The government appealed, and lost! A good read for those who want to know the truth about how the FBI acts in real life. Not the bullshit press releases from the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington.

      99. The author says:

        “The America of the future will be replete with heavily armed law enforcement and military personnel patrolling our city streets, identification verification stops to ensure you have permission to be in a given area, and a total surveillance web monitoring the everyday activities of our once free citizens.”

        He’s obviously far behind the times. We are rapidly approaching the point where retroactive surveillance of everyone when they are not inside their home will be a reality. Very shortly after that, real-time surveillance of everyone outside the home will be the reality for all city dwellers and visitors. The inexorable geometric increase in technological prowess is changing everything.
        The totalitarians of the past would have given anything for the tools that we give to our government with nary a peep. We are frogs in a pot and the water is beginning to boil.

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