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    This article was contributed by Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    If you thought that the election was dramatic or that the Capitol Hill occurrence was super-intense and historic, then, according to security briefings, we’ve got another thing coming in the days ahead!

    If the reports are even close to being accurate, the threat levels, seriousness, and awareness around the inauguration has not been this panicky in many years.

    The fact that a sitting president, Donald Trump, is not conforming to a long-lasting tradition of showing up to the inauguration of Joe Biden, is proof-positive that America has changed and that the cracks are huge!

    America didn’t always lead the other nations; perhaps in this century, it will again take a backseat to other nations that seem to be less chaotic and more on track towards financial growth and militaristic dominance.

    In the coming week, a major challenge that the Pentagon and all other security agencies around the country are facing, is how to ensure that Joe Biden gets sworn in without a political or national tragedy.

    Presidents have been under immediate danger, under life-threatening experiences and they’ve even been assassinated before in this country; attempts on their lives are probably more frequent than the media reports, since most must be censored and kept under wraps.

    We could assume that at any given time there are credible threats made, and that there are precautions taken at any given moment to maintain peace and order on the domestic front.


    There are many things to consider, but the main one is that President Trump never conceded, never gave up on the belief that voter irregularities cheated him from being president for a 2nd term.

    Winning an election is one of the most difficult tasks in the world, bar none. Campaigning is nearly impossible, from a physical aspect, for most politicians. They don’t have the tenacity, resolve or the obsession levels required to sacrifice their body for months on end for a single cause.

    From the perspective of effort and concentration, it resembles training for the Olympics or going on a space mission. From the perspective of using your voice and facial expressions, it resembles a world tour of a rock or pop star. From the perspective of constantly thinking about public opinion, it resembles being CEO of a large multinational consumer goods company and, then, after you’ve won, the job only begins.

    It’s been described as the loneliest job in the world and the stresses of it are so intense, that most former presidents want nothing to do with Washington once they’re out of office.

    In that sense, one can understand why Donald Trump, who genuinely feels robbed, can’t reconcile with reality and just proceed with his life.

    The same could be said of his most loyal supporters, who are convinced that the other side is acting in the interests of foreign and global forces, not for the sake and benefit of America. Herein lies their justification {in their eyes} for violence and any other measures.

    If in their minds, the reasoning behind their actions is for the purpose of saving the United States of America from a sitting president, who is in bed with the Chinese or part of a global agenda to weaken the middle class in America, then they deduce that their actions will later be viewed as heroism.

    We are not expressing an opinion on this matter; rather, we are pointing out the sentiment shared by millions of Americans, which, if not addressed, could result in drastic consequences for the country.

    There is no doubt that politics is in a state of crisis in America, and throughout the world, for that matter. 2021 will be volatile, but what else is new?


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      1. Hmm, I’m not real happy about the way things are here the states, but there isn’t anything I can do about it. so the one thing taht I can do is grab my rear end with both hands and hang on, because it’s going to be another bitchin ride for another 4 years with the communists in charge. So I’m not going to watch that dog and pony show.

      2. Many people today believe the gov’t sets the standard of how and what we should believe, and in our behavior. This shows many have been successfully propagandized, successfully inculcated. It is imperative for the State to have us believe it is moral, that it knows best, that it is a unifying force for good, that it alone has the right to decide what is necessary for the nation’s people, that it alone has the prescribed solutions, that the surrender of individual rights and individualism to the State is progress, and that only it can express the will of the people and therefore be the only entity to exercise legitimate power. The evidence seen daily reveals the very opposite is true, but the people have been taught not to believe their own eyes, to believe the State and its gov’t/officialdom.
        Those who do not buy all this are labeled “deplorables” from the likes of Hillary, or “dregs of society” from our new president (who is now calling for “healing and unity”). As if these two and others like them can claim sort of moral authority. The Dems. and deep State, with their propaganda organ the MSM accuse others of doing exactly what it does regularly (it’s a strategic contrivance on their part to do this). Power is simply too addictive, no ploy is off limits, everything is justified.
        Do not count me in as getting on board with the new Administration, if you want it you can have it, it will only drag you down. I’ll be living and working for myself and for those things important to me. I will blunt every measure officialdom requires of me. The empirical proof of my personal independence will be that my personal power, wealth, and life will continue to grow as a result. Whereas much of society will continue to be more dependent, have less rights, and poorer. Enjoy your future.

        • We had our best financial year ever.

          How the worm turns.

          Being absolutely not reliant on any government subsidy or relief program, we flourished while they fell.

          Such is the way of the world. Debt is dangerous. There is no such thing as a safe loan.

          Propagating an eating establishment is not lateral to providing necessary services, even if at some points, the compensation may be lateral or even better. The shadow of the raging 20’s is finally blending into dusk.

          Just wait until the coronavirus relief loans default, and they will continue to trickle and domino out for the next 1-40+ years.

          Biggest investment property foreclosure wave will be a blip, but is coming soon. Will be a great time to steal a deal if you’re lined up properly.

          I’m picking up traditional skills like cracking walnuts with my bare fingers, and getting into woodworking.


        Have you ever seen the cheesy, traditional, kid’s toys, where there is a red barn, a milk cow, pasture, and wishing well? Do you own your very own shelter, the means of basic subsistence, or a business, in freehold, in the “free” country?

        Cardi B. vs. Lil’ Wayne is not an ideological divide; they are both, equally, leftists and replacement demographics, not worth your moral support, stress, or physical risk.

        What are you literally conserving, conservative?
        ~~ No need to publish your inventory, to the savages and heathen. Just saying, count me out.

        • If you have ever personally sat under the shade tree on land, near the farm, active well nearby, flag waving in the distant breeze, you may have a different opinion of those traditional American icons. Living the dream.

          • But, you missed the point.

            freehold: an interest in property that is unconditional and represents the broadest ownership interest recognized by law.

            in freehold, in the “free” country?

            (I’m off to watch the selection. I mean, inauguration.

            Conspiracy theory talkshow hosts, expose your sources, if they are craven liars, or take credit for your own failed predictions. )

      4. No…No…No…This is 4d chess doncha know.

        Those National Guard troops aren’t there to protect Biden and Congress. They are there to arrest them and try them in front of military tribunals when Donald declares martial law some time before the inauguration (unless the goalposts move once again). Q and the patridiots sez so.

        Let’s try to keep up here, mmm-kay?

      5. I think I’m going out of town tomorrow, I’m not going to watch that dog and pony show

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