NASA Warns: ‘Catastrophic’ Supervolcano Poses Bigger Threat The Mankind Than Asteroid

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    NASA has warned that a catastrophic supervolcano’s eruption poses a bigger threat to humanity than does an asteroid. An eruption at Yellowstone, for example, would be an apocalyptic event – one which human beings have never experienced.

    A supervolcano has the ability to “push mankind to extinction” with an eruption, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) further warned.  The space agency conducted a “thought experiment” called, Defending Human Civilization From Supervolcanic Eruptions.  In it, researchers stated that a supervolcano eruption was more likely to happen on Earth in the future than an asteroid hitting the earth, according to the Express Daily. NASA added: “Supervolcanic eruptions occur more frequently than a large asteroid or comet impacts that would have a similarly catastrophic effect to human civilization.” Jet Propulsion Laboratory researchers found that collisions from asteroids which are more than 2km in diameter occurred “half as often as supervolcanic eruptions.”

    A supervolcano is defined as a volcano which is big enough to cause an eruption which could project more than 1000 km3 of material into the atmosphere. The term “supervolcano” was introduced to describe eruptions capable of “plunging the world into a catastrophe and push humanity to the brink of extinction,” according to researchers.

    The caldera underneath Yellowstone National Park is perhaps the most famous supervolcano in the United States.  Yellowstone has the capacity to extinct humanity if it ever erupts.

    Yellowstone is due for another eruption at any time, and no one knows when. Scientists haven’t even offered much of an educated guess, but NASA did say that they had plans to save the world from Yellowstone previously.  Although they admitted the plan could cause an eruption.

    As of now, there is no good solution or fix to an eruption.  Continue to be prepared, as many scientists say that an eruption at Yellowstone would cause a nuclear winter and there wouldn’t be enough food stored for everyone. Researchers have found that if a supervolcano like Yellowstone did erupt, then a “volcanic winter” would ensue. The length of said volcanic winter could surpass the “amount of stored food worldwide,” wrote Express Daily. 

    Volcanologists claim that MOST volcanoes display warning signs weeks before they erupt, however, some do not.  U.S. Geological Survey Volcano Hazards Program coordinator John Eichelberger told Life’s Little Mysteries: “These signs may include very small earthquakes beneath the volcano, slight inflation, or swelling, of the volcano and increased emission of heat and gas from vents on the volcano. Rising magma causes solid rock to break, sending earthquake signals.




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      1. I have a “thought experiment’, ‘push the federal government to extinction’. That would save mankind.

      2. Read a report on Yellowstone just yesterday that contradicts this entire article. The scientist in charge of studying the volcano at Yellowstone says there have actually been two larger volcanic eruptions elsewhere in the world since the last one at Yellowstone and humanity survived just fine. He also states that there isn’t much magma under the park. At least not enough for catastrophic damage. So there. I’m not scared.

      3. I would be more inclined to believe this if the NOAA geological survey was reporting this information.

      4. So we might get extincted? Lawd have mussy!

      5. So what to believe? NASA/GISS and NOAA both promote global warming. If we dismiss that as fudged figure hooey, shouldn’t we dismiss this, too?

        Besides, NASA claims they landed men on the moon. They fudged that. JMO

      6. NASA are the biggest liars & fakes in the entire government. They have ZERO credibility. And they certainly never went to the Moon in 1969.

      7. Thankfully.. was missing the daily fear factor..
        Can’t go through my day thinking I’m safe, it’s just not right.

      8. Thankfully.. was missing the daily fear factor..
        Can’t go through my day thinking I’m safe, it’s just not right.

      9. NASA does a tour for school children. During the tour the guide stops at the Van Allen Radiation Belt section. He tells of how in order to Travel space they need to find a way to safely pass thru the Radiation Belts. He stated that they had the Technology in 1969 but have lost it. And still folks think humams have passed thru the Radiation Belts in a tin foil capsule unharmed and landed on the moon and returned to earth unharmed????? Boy are folks stupid and gullible.

      10. I have lived long enough to know if a US Government agency is fear porning something – EMP attacks, alien invasions, a virus, pandemic etc. – it is budget time.

        With all their satellites, surveillance and dark science I doubt there is anything they don’t know about by now.

        Know this: the planet has always transitioned, often violently, from one stasis to another. We haven’t seen anything yet. Remember the Ice Age, the dinosaur extinction? The best we can do is prepare to ride it out. There will be parts of this planet we will need to write off. The planet has people to spare so losing a few million isn’t going to do much to the human story. 2 million Rwandans were murdered in a genocide back in 1994. Do we miss them? Is the planet dumber for their loss? No. In fact, that is 2 million black mouths we didn’t have to feed, give free healthcare to and no-interest loans and grants.

        Was there an Einstein in that 2 million? I doubt it because Africans average a 60 IQ. I also doubt it because Africans are still grappling with the concept of the wheel, clean water, hygiene, smaller families, etc.

        • I took a break from this site for a very long while. It was due to the ignorance demonstrated in postings like this. Out of curiosity, I decided to come back for a gander.

          I hope that you all realize that some comments here are written by trolls that are trying to destroy the USA from within. To divide and conquer is Frank’s agenda. Possibly being paid to troll by a foreign entity. Write down your contact information for all to see Frank.

          • No traditional conservative wants to “compete” with these races for any useful resource, whatsoever.

            • True Conservatives believe there are enough resources on earth for all people to share. They believe in a higher power that will provide for all. In this manner, we have transitioned from burning wood, coal & blubber, oil & natural gas, and now on to sourcing lithium, cobalt, and graphite for energy storage. In each industrial age, we have transitioned to better resources for the use and benefit of all of mankind. Even if there is a finite amount of certain resources on earth, we have never reached the limit in finding these new deposits.

              If your philosophy of competing for resources holds true, then you must believe in a finite sum of money on earth. If the guy standing next to you has a pocket full of money then you must believe that you will never be able to get any money for yourself. Because he/she has it all. There will be no point in working to get any money for yourself because someone else has it all already.

              Ask yourself what you have done for humanity? Where is your research and scientific publications? I am not a hypocrite in asking such questions of you. I adjure you to stop taking credit for the cell phone and transit pass in your pocket. I recommend you seek out higher learning in order to make your contribution to mankind. If you leave no mark on humanity for your posterity to see, then shame on you, sir. You are no better than the purported inferior races that you claim to be competing with. We are all standing on the shoulders of giants, and if you claim otherwise then you are the ignorant fool. Post your scientific publications to prove me wrong.

              Mankind must seek to end racism, bigotry, and misogyny. I understand that our forefathers may have fought for freedom of speech. However, hiding behind their hard-won right to perpetuate hatred toward another group of God’s children is an abuse of the freedom bestowed upon us. Grow up and stop hiding behind these purported rights that you have. Learn to love and you will heal. Good-day.

      11. I have an idea. Lets tax it out of existence.

      12. Why is NASA looking into this? This is NOAA and DOI turf.

        NASA needs to focus on space exploration and space sciences. If NASA has free time for non-space activities how about they look into why the SLS is $billions over budget and a decade behind schedule?

      13. No supervolcanic eruptions but a tornado landed on a church in Austin Texas and it looks like a bomb explosion. For real.


      14. I think that a giant asteroid that causes a super-volcano, pole reversal, mile high tsunamis, planet-wide EMP effects AND carries a deadly alien plague would be the most dangerous.

      15. The supervolcano is being used as an excuse for energy concerns to develop national parklands.

        In the animated, satellite map of volcanic gases, there is a far greater activity in faraway countries, where you did not want to build a geothermal plant.

      16. Well for all you religious people, why are you worried since it’s in God’s hands? Frankly, I can believe that God might want to make us extinct.

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