NASA Is Either Covering Up UFOs Or Feeding The ‘Alien Hysteria’

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Headline News | 49 comments

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    The International Space Station’s live feed caught a UFO on its video, and soon after, NASA cut the feed.  This has led many to believe that the government-run space agency is either covering up the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence or feeding the “alien hysteria.”

    Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple feels that NASA could just enjoy “screwing with people.”  Which may be the case, but either way, the space agency is being disingenuous. “It’s tin foil hat time, folks!” says Joseph.

    “There’s another situation where a mysterious object comes onto camera from the International Space Station and instantly *boop* live feed cut. How many times have we seen this? Over and over again. And let me tell ya, NASA, if there’s nothing to hide, why are you doing this cuz it’s only feeding “hysteria” and tin foil hattery.” Joseph declares.

    We have to agree.  What other reason does NASA have to continue to cut the live feed? This isn’t the first instance in which the space agency has done this either.  There is also a video of a horseshoe-shaped UFO appearing over Earth’s horizon as the ISS moves around, and again, the live feed is cut.

    “I do know that there’s been an unbelievable increase, as far as I can tell, of reported incidences of explosions, sonic booms, objects flying through the sky…going through the roof. But there is something very odd about this object,” Joseph says. “I wouldn’t necessarily say alien-related, I don’t think so, but it certainly doesn’t help when NASA cuts the live feed every time there’s something that the can’t explain.” Or maybe, NASA doesn’t want to explain.

    Scott Brando, a UFO hoax investigator who runs, told “I think this is a reflection of sunlight through clouds.” If that’s the case, why bother cutting the live feed?

    Every time there is something odd or different, NASA cuts the live feed.  “That speaks to concealment,” Joseph says. “That speaks to ‘we can’t explain it, so instead of trying to figure it out, we’re just gonna go and cut the feed. And then we’re not gonna say anything because we’re just gonna let the 72-hour news cycle take over and just *pfft* under the rug.’ Now, is there something going on? I don’t know. I can tell you though, this is how things like questioning the shape of the planet and all this kind of stuff comes up.”


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      1. If you were trying to develop aerial technologies in secret, promoting UFO’s would serve your purposes well wouldn’t it?

        • NASA is funded and run by the crooks in government. They cover up everything and anything.

          • NASA




            Answer – They are part of the swamp big time

        • Stuart, yes it would and is. I just don’t know how much and what ones are ours ? Apparently not many people, do. But I guarantee some do and some are actually something besides our own.

          I think we are being observed because we are a dangerous species. That should be obvious here on this planet as we are by far the most destructive species. Now and a genius named Musk wants to shoot an automobile into space and create more space junk for an advertising stunt and many millions think it is a great idea, WTF ? And these are the same idiot people who think Musk is somehow saving the planet ?

          No wonder we are being observed, hey ?

      2. No such thing as as space as we know it….earth is flat. The ball earth story is the basis to promote the Big Bang, aliens etc. flat earth proves creation. All part of tptb’d deception over the masses.

        • The universe doesn’t really exist. If you think it does, you’re deluded. What’s more, life is actually impossible. We’re all just digits in a computer. That dinner you had last night? Sheer imagination. Same as your visit to the bathroom this morning. Even the squirrel that is drinking out of my birdbath right now, it doesn’t really exist. It’s only propaganda created by a super-deceitful higher power.

          • That dump I took this AM felt pretty real.

          • Rene Descartes walks into a bar.

            The Bartender asks “Will it be the usual, Sir?”

            Descartes replies “I think not…” and disappears.


          200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball: Eric Dubay: Books

          200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball [Eric Dubay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The largest collection of supposed spinning ball Earth proofs ever offered by NASA and other official agencies is 10.

          • Your Mom is flat…

          • $38.00 for a comedy book is too much.
            Trying to see how many gullible people you can get to believe this flat earth crap?
            Hey, there are far too many gullible people already, dammit.

          • I have a bridge I’m trying to sell. Anyone interested. Arnie you should be, since it seems you’ll buy anything.

        • Oh, not this hogwash again. The earth is NOT flat and the Bible does NOT say so.

          Last week I had some idiot rhyme off a series of verses that “prove” a flat earth… such as the world being the Lord’s “footstool” or references to “the four corners of the earth” (we Brits take it further in common speech and speak of “the four corners of the globe”, without doubting the earth is a globe).

          If you lack the discernment to distinguish metaphor from literal statement, then sure, it becomes possible to wrest Scripture to make it say the earth is flat. Some people do much the same to make it say that Sodomy is not a sin.

          In all instances, however, it discredits the Word of God and brings disrepute upon the Lord’s children. And for that, there is a penalty from God.

          My warning to all you flat-earthers who think you have a biblical mandate for it is plain: pray for spiritual discernment and sound doctrine, or risk being censured by God for promoting a fabrication based on shallow, childish, superficial and downright silly handling of the Word, because flat-earthism gives God’s enemies cause to blaspheme His Name and mock His Word.

        • Obviously you’ve never been in a plane at 35,000 feet. Otherwise you wouldn’t be making such stupid claims. Do people like you spout that “flat earth” garbage just to get noticed?? If so, that’s pathetic.

        • The NASA computer generated green screen images will show you anything they want to propagandize. Remember Sandra Bullock in “Gravity”?

      3. Intelligent life on other planets is possible;the difficult part would faster-than-light technology to travel to earth. We might not want to be found.

        • Brian, reading some of the b.s. above, I have my doubts if intelligent life has been discovered anywhere. Especially here on Earth or in the neck of the woods where flat-earthers, creationists and other such self-deluded idiots live. As for FTL – if a civilization could move/travel breaking the light-speed barrier in some manner – the biggest signpost in the galaxy would be the endless outpouring of non-intelligent garbage we spew out in the form of radio, television and all other comm. All moving outwards @…. the speed of light. In 1900, Reginald Fessenden made a weak transmission of voice over the airwaves – that’s right @ 118 years of travel outwards. 692,152,128,000,000 miles or thereabouts. That’a a lot of stars:

        • I have long known there is something out there observing us because I have seen many anomolies in the skies that are not supposed to be there in the skies at night and once in daylight. And they are increasing in frequency in recent years. I hike a lot and live in a place that there is not much light pollution so I see more than most people do regularly. I have documented craft flying at 17500 MPH plus on the horizon for MUFON. I can tell you for sure these things are very real. But I have no idea who or what they actually are. I think they are other life forms watching us because we are dangerous to them because we are a destructive species.

      4. Hubble Telescope – crisp, clean, picture perfect photo’s.

        I.S.S – always blurry, out of focus fucked up pictures.

        Something isn’t right with NASA

        • Something isn’t right with 90% of the photos people post online. They’re fuzzy and crooked.

      5. Official “First Contact” is coming. How does society deal with it? If it occurs today there will be a considerable number of people, seeing the news continuously focused upon it say, “I hope they don’t cancel the Super Bowl”.

        • I’m not worried. My personal savior will save me. You think I’m talking about the ancient shepherd, the one who takes care of his sheep. But no. I’m talking about my real savior, the one who is responsible for actually saving me, and I know him very well because I see him every time I look in the mirror.

          • That is the essence of Satanism, you do know that?

          • My Personal savior is: John M Browning, with a supporting role by Sam Colt ,and MR Smith and Wess.

            • Jesus is mine.

        • The government would shoot nuclear missiles at them before asking questions.

        • Yeah well just remember this. There’s a billion UNINHABITED planets just kicking around that have mineral resources and frozen water coming out the ass.

          So if they try to spin this staged BS as a resource grab all I can say is these would have to be the stupidest fucking aliens in history…

          • Nope we have already met the stupidest aliens around. Just look around.

            • Paranoid, true dat they are here on spades everywhere you look !And it explains why we would likely be observed

      6. zuma?

      7. Kevin 2 is right people will be more concerned about the NFL than if little green people landed in the white house. Unless it interrupts the game. People have no idea what’s going on around them. Most have their nose in a phone. I think facebook and companies like that should be highly regulates. The dems go to screaming about gun control after some jackass pulls off a shooting. Why not phone control after some jackass kills someone while driving and posting crap on facebook?

      8. NASA always lies. The biggest lie was the Apollo moon landings hoax. The Van Allen radiation belts keep us earth bound and keep other life out. If there are so called Aliens they are interdemsional travelers who can bend time & space. I think much of so called UFO,s are military stuff from area 51. and the planet is not flat.

        • Bull crap, these Van Allen belts were found by the same people, you have a strange way of justifying you thoughts. All the deep space probes go through them.

        • I agree what we are seeing is at least some of our own creations, but likely not all. I have seen some very strange objects in the skies many times. I can go out any night and see these things, so I know they are quite real. Just two nites ago I saw a very large object just sitting in the sky at a dead stop for over an hour. I could not tell exactly how big because it was at a distance and it is hard to scale anything far away for sure with no reference object. I am not aware of any large object that can stay in place and levitate for a long while that we are aware of ?

          Something is out there watching us.

      9. NASA (never a straight answer) is public cover for the “real” space program operated by the military. That “golden” UFO in the shot is probably one of our Navy spaceships McKinnon found the names of when he hacked into the Pentagon a while back.

      10. I suspect that what we see as ufos are military equipment that is being kept quiet. Also, I am wondering about the possibility of intelligent life on THIS planet.

      11. Aliens are foreigners aka those from a Country other than ones own. Even just half a century past, there were acknowledged differences between people of different ethnicities, even those within the same race. Propaganda movies and publications have so confused people that those in their early twenties think all this ethnic mixing has been natural, and that any form of identifying with your ancestors is unnatural. They think multiculturalism is wonderful. They “know” that “racism” is bad. They “know” that the human race is the only race on earth, all else is some kind of social hocus pocus, and an alien comes from a galaxy far far away. Poor dumbed down babies.


      12. They are building another telescope better than Hubble to find proof of black holes. The Stupor Bowl sucks when the Patriots go so often. It’s more than obvios that referees fix their games and the love of the word Patriots are the real reason America hates the Patriots.

        • Aljamo:
          That telescope taking pictures of a black hole, that is something I’ld like to see. If there are other universes, they must be on the other side of black holes. Not just stars and planets, black holes take entire galaxies.

          _ I don’t think much of string theory. What I mean is that I thought about it a lot. But how do you prove it? Even if a telescope takes video of a black hole, who is going to believe it is real? We’ve been lied to about so much. Someday, if black holes are real, man may find a way to travel in them to another dimension, without being stretched and torn to pieces.


          • B from CA, you do realize black holes are just a theory right ? like many other events that have been sold by supposed science as a fact ? Hypothesis and nothing more and it is NOT provable as it should be. also the CERN collider is proving the exact a opposite of what they claim to have set out to prove ! Something the ancient vedics spoke about many thousands of years ago, so nothing exactly new in physics really ? Just a realization that all of it was known previously !

            Beyond that the real purpose of CERN is likely not what it is claimed to be and may well be a very dangerous event in motion.

      13. Stanley Kubrick was allegedly hired to stage the Moon Landing, and left clues in his films.

        It all depends, I guess, on who of us has her/his eyes wide shut?

      14. Earth is flat and that’s that

      15. After I shot and killed a reptilian that tried to eat my dog last night. Three guys in black suits showed up when I burring it in the back yard. They took it away from me. Damn I was going to use it for fertilizer. They told me that if I say something they would make me a laughing stock. I told them I don’t care I like making people laugh. I told them if I have to shoot another one I was going to send a bill to the Guberment.

        Just a story I tell my grandkids. If you believe it then you believe JFK was only shot by Lee Harvey.

        • I have to chase aliens out of my backyard regularly Sgt. They use it as a shortcut. Spanish speaking trash will steal anything not nailed down also.

      16. NASA is good at only one thing, ARTIST RENDERINGS.

        • Chesley Bonestell was my favorite as far as art renderings of space subjects.

          ht tps://

      17. With all the junk going on in the world…..don;t waste time with this “flat earth” garbage…Remember, the sailors in the 1400s knew that the earth was round when ships appeared over the horizon, first the masts, then the rest of the ship. Early navigators knew the earth was round. The Greeks calculated the diameter of the earth using trigonometry. Their calculation was very close to the actual diameter of the earth, proved years later by satellite imagery. Aircraft flying at 35000 feet see a curved earth. We would not have the cell phone and satellite technology’s if the earth was flat becasue VHF radio waves are of short length duration that means the signal must be bounced from cell tower to satellite to satellites around the world. IF the earth was flat the signal would die after 100 miles…The movement of the planets and the sun are all proved by a round earth. Look at the planets. Is Venus or Mars or Jupiter or Uranus flat? No, they are all round. The Bible says the earth is a sphere resting on nothing at all when some religions say the earth is flat, resting on a huge turtle. Which do you believe? Nasa is a lying piece of S&^t, just like the rest of gov’t. I can’t believe there are hundreds of alien races secretly working with Nasa, like some foil hats believe, but I know that UFOs have appeared in Nasa video and photos since day one ( 1958, Nasa was founded). IF you look at some of the early video from space, recorded, becasue Nasa says they have “lost” much of this original footage…you will see plenty of strange moving lights and other UFOs…they can’t be other naturally occurring bodies of the universe…We need a mission to Mars to walk the plains of Cydonia to see if the “face of Mars” and the pyramids, and other odd things we see on mars, are truly man made, or not. I believe Nasa has stalled all attempts to go to Mars since we discovered artifacts on the Moon and on mars. Nasa has been stalling becasue the official gov’t line is that the people are too stupid to accept the truth that there are aliens on other worlds out there…Contact your legislators and tell them to support a privately funded group( with help from Nasa owned resources like the tracking network) to go to Mars to investigate the Cydonia artifacts. Look at The Mars Societys simple Mars Direct plan that can get us to mars in 10 years at $10 billion…not the whacky Nasa plan which is 20-30 years at hundreds of billions of dollars. The apollo program employed 400,000 Americans for 8-10 years and made the USA the worlds leader in many technologies. Since Apollo, The Shuttle to no where and the International Space station have been jokes….they are/ were junk science, and the shuttle killed 14 people needlessly. Tell your Congressmen we want a reality check on a manned space program. We don;t need to go back to the Moon, there is nothing there. On mars there is CO2 and water that can make oxygen to breathe and rocket fuel. You can grow food on Mars. Man can survive. Would it not be great to study the artifacts of some ancient civilization? Elon Musk of SpaceX has revolutionized the space industry with his reusable rockets. He has a plan to go to Mars. Use the mars Society and Elon Musk to answer the question of the artifacts on Mars….man made or natural?…You can’t believe Nasa…just another shill agency of the gov’t….The Truth is Out There….LETS GO..

        • And what good will come from trying to go to Mars for humanity if we cannot even keep a city like Detroit intact and functional or our oceans clean and functional ?

          The obstacles to get to Mars are not going to be overcome any time soon, as in a hundred years or more. And everything you said about man can survive on Mars is utter nonsense.

          Musk is an entrepreneur and salesman, no different at all than Obama and many others, just a different product !

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