NASA Has A Plan To Knock An Asteroid Off Course For FIRST TIME In 2022

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Headline News | 37 comments

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    NASA will attempt for the first time, to knock an asteroid off course and away from our planet to prevent a collision with Earth in 2022. NASA has approved a mission that aims to slam a spacecraft into a “small” asteroid and bump it off course.

    According to IB Times, the asteroid NASA will be attempting to punch is the 150-meter-tall moon asteroid named Didymoon. As hinted by its name, which originates from the Greek word for twins, Didymos, it is part of a double asteroid system and orbits another asteroid that is 800 meters tall.  The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), the name given to this mission, would be the space agency’s first planetary-defense mission.

    NASA has also touted lofty goals of drilling into Yellowstone to prevent a supervolcano eruption too, noting that one wrong move could set the caldera off.


    Nancy Chabot, a planetary scientist at Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory and project scientist for DART, previously said that this mission is different from the usual NASA projects as it aims to solve a current problem in the solar system rather than study its past. “That’s one of the big differences, is a lot of the science-driven missions seem to be focused on understanding the past of the solar system, the early solar system, how it all formed,” she told earlier this year. “Planetary defense is really about the present solar system and what are we going to do in the present.”

    DART will be powered by a solar-electric propulsion system. It is scheduled to crash into Didymoon in October of 2022. The European Space Agency (ESA) will be helping NASA out in this project with its Hera spacecraft, which will gather data about the asteroid. Hera won’t be present at the actual collision, but it will observe Didymoon in the aftermath of the crash.

    NASA is so far confident that this mission will be a success and Didymoon will be knocked off course. “DART would be NASA’s first mission to demonstrate what’s known as the kinetic impactor technique — striking the asteroid to shift its orbit — to defend against a potential future asteroid impact,” Lindley Johnson, planetary defense officer at NASA Headquarters in Washington, said instatement. According to NASA, the spacecraft weighing 500 kilograms, will slam into Didymoon at 6 kilometers per second. This will change the asteroid’s orbital velocity by approximately 0.4 millimeters per second.


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      1. A good plan.

        What could possibly go wrong?

      2. What a waste of time and money.

        Per the NASA page link, the “collision” in 2022 will be at the closest point to earth in the asteroid’s orbit at about 11 million kilometers away. It was closer in the early 2000s and will be several million kms closer in an orbital approach years from now.

        Maybe they should stick to the caldera since there is really no chance that this asteroid is coming anywhere near earth in the forseeable future.

        This is just make-work for those feeding at the taxpayer trough. “Hey, what say we see if we can get several hundred billion dollars to try to destroy something in space. It’ll be fun and our jobs will be secure for another ten years or so if we use some fear porn to persuade the sheep.”

        • No. This is the first useful thing that NASA has EVER done with taxpayer dollars. Consider that they may be lying about asteroid Apophis. Even if not, they know that they have not (and probably cannot) track every possible asteroid that might hit us. This is a test for when they find one headed straight for us — or maybe they already have.

          It’s more common and frequent (for earth to be struck by sizeable asteroids) than they have led the public to believe.

          • After the collision, where will the fragments fly?

          • No. This is the first useful thing that NASA has EVER done with taxpayer dollars.

            but, but, I thought they were responsible for velcrow!

        • Exactly right! Yet another bottomless pit to drop taxpayer money into, and for what,,, the illusion that the allmighty NASA could save the earth if an asteriod actually was going to impact Earth? What a joke! Gimme my job security! No wait, I’m on SOCIAL Security… Sorry taxpayer, no funds for you.

      3. call me a bit curious, but as this ‘effort’ is coming from a government who can’t do basic financial accounting properly… tell me, why should I trust that they can predict the orbital path alteration accurately enough to ensure that in the future, they’ve not done more harm than good?

      4. So, currently it is Not going to hit Earth.

        Let’s hit it so it goes a different way?

        um, maybe that will make it hit Earth? or, the bigger one!

      5. JRS is 100% correct.

        NASA is nothing but a false patriotism machine/money blackhole for the international deep state: It’s all lies, stop listening to them. Nothing in “space” will get us.. this is just as bad as “global warming”.

      6. The whole thing is a farce. Earth is a flat plane and the sun, moon, stars are all contained under a firmament. We’re not moving “through space.”
        This is the greatest lie perpetrated on all of humanity. Check it out for yourself…The truth will set you free.

        • yourdaddy.. I’m inclined to believe what you say is true. So the asteroid or whatever it was that was said to have wiped out the dinosaurs is false?

          • That is correct Aljamo. We’ve ALL been indoctrinated from birth regarding the spinning global, helio-centric universe. There is no “outer-space”, we never went to the moon, and the sun isn’t 92M miles away…This list of truths is too long to list here. Just hit Youtube and look up Eric Dubay, Flat earth and listen with an open mind…You’ll be blown away by the world we live in.

          • Those so called craters are all volcanic caulderas. An asteroid has never hit this place we inhabit.

        • I hope your username doesn’t mean you had kids.

      7. Uh, didn’t Hollywood make a movie about this? From what I remember, things did not end too well for a lot of people. I agree with JRS. This thing is a make-work project for FEDGOV trough feeders. Such foolish, wasteful activity will not stop until the debt buck crashes. But, should they screw up and the rock crashes into Mordor-On-The-Potomac, I will consider it a Divine Intervention.

        • they did actually. i believe its called “how it ends” i watched it a few months ago on netflix.. im sure its still on there.

        • deeezil, well golly gosh, if hollywood made a movie about it and, it didn’t end well, that’s all the reason we need not to try anything. Why should we ever do research when we can just watch a movie? Get a life drizzle.

      8. Armageddon, Deep Impact. Seeking a Friend for the end of the world, Meteor Storm. Gee, what could possibly go wrong? Sounds like another big waste of government funds.

      9. MAYBE we can build a wall with this.

      10. “Using the NEXT-C ion thrust engine, DART will spiral out beyond the orbits of the geosynchronous satellites and the Moon to reach an escape point to depart the Earth-Moon system en route to Didymos.”
        “The NEXT engine is a type of solar electric propulsion in which thruster systems use the electricity generated by the spacecraft’s solar panel to accelerate the xenon propellant to speeds of up to 90,000 mph (145,000 km/h or 40 km/s).”

        The patent office has refused high-efficiency solar cells, Occasio-Cortez saying that climate change is our WW2???

      11. Fake money for a fake mission, seems fitting :/

      12. How much mass does the asteroid have? How much force can the device muster? These asteroids can be extremely heavy and so let’s say it were possible to hit the asteroid head on and deliver the maximum force. Most likely it would have a negligible effect.

        You would have to DETECT an asteroid very far out and then make an impact, and then generate enough force to alter its course such that it altered its trajectory.

        When actually we know many asteroids’ trajectory to “some” degree of variance but we entirely fail to detect asteroids routinely. That is relying upon compiling data from international sources and then calcuating which is a farce. We need detection well away from Earth. And our degree of detection and monitoring had a wide tolerance such that I doubt we can predict things like accurate current trajectory until it’s probably too late to do anything.

        If you don’t believe me, there are astronomy sites that monitor the trajectory of known asteroids and look at the variances. Look it up.

        This is not like antiballistics missile technology. Some of these asteroids are bigger than NYC. What missile do we have that could move an object in space the size of NYC?

        Some of the old movies are very silly where drilling and exploding and splitting asteroids. These are absurd and even IF you could so then you would create a bigger problem with totally altered massive shards tumbling in new eccentric trajectories. That presumes you can land on asteroids with human beings (likely a suicide_mission) and could drill deep enough, then using nuclear ordinance explode it and deflect a massive object….

        It’s just silly. What kind of force is being generated by a NYC sized asteroid?

        • Well you wouldn’t want to hit it head on, but from 90 degrees of its current path.

          Instead, wouldn’t it be better it land 10 or 20 of these on the asteroid all around it, with the engine and the solar panels facing away from it and whenever they got sunlight the engine would be pushing it, effectively always away from the sun. Do that for a year or 2 and that should change its orbit.

          kind of a set it and forget it…..

      13. Probably they are talking about the small subset of asteroids that we detect and these are very tiny asteroids (like the size of refrigerators), that we then impact and effectively destroy as the eccentric rubble then burns up in the atmosphere. ‘Sounds like whistling in the dark but it’s better than nothin’.

      14. …Bump it “on” course, not “off course. There hasn’t been any problem with asteroids…until of late. And, that “problem” is more of a “solution” (theirs) looking for a problem to “solve” (cause). The powers-that-be are wanting to manufacture real problems that seemingly make us even more dependent on their “solutions” so we “can’t” be independent and free from their mastery over us all.

        • Exactly!

      15. Sounds like the kids have taken ovef the science class,and doing what they want to get their kicks

      16. Think about what we really need is a comprehensive space program because when you look at the VAST TECHNOLOGICAL GAINS they are due to NASA.

        So put up asteroid monitoring far from the Earth, and build a.lunar colony mining the moon.

        Start mining asteroids. Why not?

      17. Wormwood, what could possibley go wrong? But wormwood already fell down to earth. Wormwood II?

      18. This isn’t their biggest fear. Look up what a micro nova is. This is what NASA was created for. S0 has an excellent series on it. In short, it is a CME so strong, it includes heavy metals and other ejecta from the Sun. If you’re not underground when it happens, then you will not survive. And the government knows there is evidence it happens in cycles, around every 12,000 years. Guess when the last time it happened? Then look up what happened 12,600 years ago (hint, great flood). Amazing stuff.

        • If you want to use an example from the Bible…

          In Genesis 5:
          “This is the book of the generations of Adam….
          Adam lived an hundred and thirty years…
          And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years: and he died….
          And Seth lived an hundred and five years, and begat Enos…”
          And, so on (and on…)

          From this passage, it is interpreted that a flood came ~4000yrs ago, and creation would last for about 6000yrs. The Millennial Reign of Christ is said to be symbolized in the Sabbath, creating an entire, completed “week”.

        • I recently heard about a potential micro nova but YouTuber did not provide much info. Do you have a link to to the info on SO? Don’t know what SO is but sounds interesting.

      19. This seems an awful lot like a trike hitting a slow-moving semi truck or a bug hitting your windshield. Lots of money to find out this will ruin your toy.

      20. The Earth is fucking flat you bunch of fake wankers… Go get God creation informed. Nothing is as it should be yknow. They would like & prefer us to believe in their perverted man made globe and all that bullshit space travel – fuckin’ antichrist cunts.

      21. NASA = No Actual Serious Answers.

      22. Earth is flat… God made it that way.

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