NASA Head Issues Agency-Wide Preparedness Alert: “I Became Aware of Some Things…”

by | Jun 13, 2011 | Headline News | 131 comments

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    NASA head Charles Bolden issued a weekend statement through the NASA Headquarters of Emergency Operations advising employees and their families to prepare for unforeseen emergencies and/or disasters.

    Some key excerpts from the video statement (available below) follow:

    They’ve given me a few minutes just to talk to all of you in our NASA family about emergency preparedness. NASA recently participated in a FEMA exercise called Eagle Horizon that was a part of a continuity of operations of government exercise that we do annually, and I became aware of some things that concerned me about family preparedness…

    So, what I’m asking all of you in the NASA family, whether you’re out on the West coast, here on the east coast, along the Gulf Coast, up on the Great Lakes, think about the natural disasters that could occur in your area. Think about attacks that could come like 9-11, from outside forces, and talk to your family about your work and what they need to do to prepare for the unforeseen.

    Develop a family preparedness plan in your house.

    It’s curious, considering NASA is involved in continuity of government (COG) exercises every year, that Mr. Bolden is issuing this alert now. Natural disasters are the most common events for which people prepare – even in the mainstream. Those in hurricane or earthquake prone areas prepare accordingly, and generally have a working knowledge of supplies they may need for disasters in their specific regions. Of course, this doesn’t always mean they have those supplies on hand, but nonetheless, most people are aware of their need to prepare and have a good idea of what, if any, potential disasters can befall them where they live. Thus, we don’t believe Mr. Bolden’s concern for natural disasters (unless we’re talking the New Madrid Fault) would be reason enough for him to take to the airwaves.

    While we are all for alerting the public to be ready for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances, this particular alert issued by the administrator of NASA seems a bit rushed and perhaps a little panicky.  NASA has redundant systems and processes in several locations around the United States, so issuing a statement that suggests an emergency may significantly affect operations should be of concern to all of us.

    What is it about the 2011 Eagle Horizon COG exercise that has him so concerned this year, but no mention was made of preparedness in 2010?

    The 2010 Eagle Horizon exercise primarily dealt with – you guessed it – a nuclear detonation in a US city (and several other secondary scenarios). Directors and administrators from a variety of departments and their employees trained, took workshops and went through procedures that would be necessary if such an event were to occur. The 2011 Eagle Horizon COG exercise will be a continuation of these nuclear response scenarios.

    The 2011 Eagle Horizon exercise, scheduled to take place during the week of June 20, will deal with what is referred to in COG circles as “devolution” or the process by which government transfers all aspects of authority including the personnel responsible for operations, the facilities that will be used, and even the maintenance of oil, gas and mineral operations throughout the country.

    An outline of the EH11 exercise has been released by the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management, and details some of the planned exercises and mission essential functions. This presentation has been made available in PDF format, as well as Powerpoint PPTX (full version with notes).

    This year, EH11 will continue with the EH10 scenario, an improvised explosive device (nuclear) exploded in the Midwest.

    Threats to other regions of the country will prompt transfers of leadership, authorities, and relocations to alternate facilities in order to continue business operations.

    The focus of EH 11.

    There are two aspects of devolution: planned and unplanned.

    How we devolve the Washington and State office operations is the focus of EH11, to be conducted on June 23rd.

    Planned is when, based on the threat, there is time to move leadership and key operations to your alternate site. Unplanned is when the event is sudden and without warning-such as the El Centro earthquake.

    Relocation to your alternate facility, orders of succession, and delegations of authority are immediately implemented where necessary.

    Reconstitution is the restoration of normal operations from the primary or alternate location.

    FEMA has templates for devolution and reconstitution that will guide and assist your in developing and formalizing your future plans.

    After the reported death of Osama Bin Laden last month, the media began discussing revenge attacks against the United States, even noting that members of Al Queda were looking at September 11, 2011 as a possible target date. Media was abuzz with the possibility that a terrorist organization would attack the United States with a nuclear bomb, whether dirty or conventional.

    While Al Queda means different things to different people, the idea of nuclear attack on US soil is now regularly discussed in media, and suggestions have been made that the stage for such an attack, of the false flag variety, has been set. We previously reported that San Diego port director admitted in February of this year that elements within the US homeland security apparatus intercepted a WMD, likely of nuclear origin.

    While the US government, along with state and local emergency responders work at preparing for nuclear and other emergencies, we can’t help but point out the difficulty government had with Hurricane Katrina, an event we expected ahead of time, and had the full resources of the entire nation to respond to. In a nuclear attack on a US city, or worse, a coordinated attack on multiple cities, we have no faith that any emergency services would be made available to the public. In April of 2010, the Federal Government issued a warning basically indicating that the Federal Nuclear Response Will Be Non-Existent.

    We certainly don’t doubt this and NASA administrator Bolden’s statement suggest he shares the same sentiment. Perhaps this knowledge, that there will be no one to help people on the ground, is what prompted him to send the message to his employees and their families – with the permission of whoever “they” are.

    We can’t help but wonder what Mr. Bolden, a chief administrator of our space agency and Marine (likely with high security clearances), has learned about the COG program and the threats we face.

    As always, we advise our readers to remain vigilant, be prepared for the unexpected, and be sure to have your evacuation plans in place – because you never know.

    Hat tip James Rawles’ Survival Blog, That Guy & Durango Kidd , Late Night In the Midlands


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      1. VRF

        sounds like they have prior knowledge of a false flag event, or even worse a huge natural event. Either way, we will never be warned properly or with enough information…so its SNAFU..when it comes to the gov. or our intelligence, same as it ever was

        • yourdaddy

          Object ELEnin?

          With polarity control temporarily wrestled away from the Sun, the Oceans will undergo a “sloshing” effect as our polar North is repelled away from the Object, and then repelled back towards the sun as the object leaves.

          Why else would the Nasa Director mention all 3 coasts & The Great Lakes as areas of concern?

          Good news (I suppose) with this, is we’ll know for sure either way by September..latest.

          • Durango Kidd

            Dad: I agree 100%. I think he knows more than he is telling about the size and mass of the comet (brown dwarf) ELEnin due to reach US, at the closet point,in 120 days.

            No doubt he is limited by secrecy laws in explaining exactly what we should expect. The fact that he has made this information available to where it could be found by the public, rather than a directive to his department head, speaks volumes to me.

            This is a highly decorated Marine officer and patriot. He would not be a party to a false flag event, under any circumstances. I trust him.

            Within 60 days the comet/brown dwarf will be side by side with the sun. If the early two sun photos that WE saw were an indication of its size this object is very large and will impact both the earth and the moon. It may also be a “trigger” to begin massive changes in the Sun’s energy which would also affect the earth by EMP and/or initiate the earth change process to begin.

            If it in fact a massive brown dwarf star (massive by comparison) then he does not want NASA to take the the political hit when the truth manifests. If this is the real deal we will know it in 60 days, and someone (O’bummer) is going to have a lot of explaining to do.

            I like this You Tube video myself:


            • BJ

              Terral03 has real good videos on youtube about it as well…check it out if you get the time

          • Odd Questioner

            Dude, seriously?

            If this supposed object is as big as estimated (4km, or ~2.5mi in diameter), no amount of preps will save anyone on whichever side of the planet it would smack into. If it doesn’t hit, the thing is going to be too small (and made of the wrong material – namely, ice) to do much of anything to axis, magnetic fields, or etc.

            Let’s compare… how does a 4-kilometer-wide object made of loosely-packed ice, supposed to go nuts on the rotation or magnetic field of an iron-cored planet that is almost 6400 km in diameter (like, oh, Earth)?

            We get bigger icebergs floating in the Antarctic:

            In that URL? Think of a big pile of ice bigger than Jamaica. No, really… Jamaica, as in, the whole island. Yet for some odd reason, and at even closer contact than any space-borne object passing by, the berg doesn’t make the oceans slosh, nor does it monkey with the Earth’s rotation or magnetic fields. At the same time, that iceberg and the comet are made of the same stuff – ice, with some dust and rock all mixed in.

            Unless the whole comet is actually made of some exotic radioactive substance or somesuch, I think we can safely say that if it doesn’t hit, we’re probably good to go. If it does hit, pray that you’re on the other hemisphere (in both directions) from it, or you’re pretty much screwed.

            • BJ

              Comets are made of ice…or so I thought? Brown dwarfs are failed stars, too big to be a planet and too small to be a star. And it is not going to hit earth, just come real close……however from what I have read and understand, it is going to seriously mess up our life as we know it.

              Elenin is not a comet

            • Durango Kidd

              OQ: The Comet or brown dwarf will come closest to the earth at au .23 something, or around 18 to 20 million miles from earth. It will also be 2 million miles high at that point after it crosses the earth’s orbit plane, as I recall.

              So it won’t hit, but it may affect the tides, thus the danger to the coasts, including the Great Lakes.

              If it is a brown dwarf, rather than a comet, it would be composed of more than ice. As I remember, BD’s are collapsed stars and composed of iron with its hydrogen and helium burned off. A dense collapsed iron failed star would probably have a strong magnetic field. It is that strong magnetic field that could affect the earth, the moon, and the sun.

              But hey, I am no expert in astronomy. Doubt if we have any here. You’ll have to do some research on that score for yourself.

              I’m just saying:

              1. Its unusual for this guy to make an announcement like this, in this way, and he is in a position to know;
              2. There’s something unusual out there and it is coming this way, and coming fast;
              3. There has been much speculation surrounding this object for some time;
              4. We are in the “Last Days” and anticipate a game changer. Maybe this is it.
              5. We should know much better in 60 days.

            • yourdaddy

              OQ: The fact that you believe this to be a Comet and only a few miles in diameter speaks volumes here…

              If this was a comet at a current distance of 1.7AU, it’s icy composition and tail would be easily visible in the sky near LEO44 right now. Head out to your local observatory and let me know how that goes…

              What is headed our way is not a comet, and it is NOT projected to impact the Earth directly. Where did you come up with your counter-argument/post as I didn’t mention ANYTHING that you are refuting (Comet, ice, 2.5mile diamter, impact of Earth)…You sound more like a dis-info agent/shill to me, but I digress.

              Through June 6th, this object was “tracking” on our ecliptic orbit (which lessened the tug, and kept our distances relatively equal) As she is now cutting across the inner solar system she will begin to accelerate. As she reaches perigree position of .482AU (On Sept. 11th) the “tug” on the Earth will begin to have dramatic impacts culminating in DIRECT ECLIPTIC ALIGNMENT on Sept. 26th. You can play with the JPL diagram here:

              BTW, most junior astronomers posting on the net believe ELEnin to be a Brown Dwarf star (Our Sun’s binary) that is a tad larger then the planet Jupiter. Just so you know, BD stars don’t have the engine for fusion (like our Sun does) and thus have a surface temperature near Absolute Zero and a magnitude making it virutally invisible outside of the infared spectrum.

              Regarding the Direct alignment on 9-26-11:
              At a distance of .4AU, in direct alignment with us & our Sun, you can expect power 135x the recent quake near Japan. With a mass the size of Jupiter, at that distance & IN ALIGNMENT with the sun, our north pole would be repelled 90* and we’d be “turned on our side.” Northern hemisphere endures 3 days of darkness, and Southern 3 days of full exposure. As the Earth literally rotates to its side, the oceans will wreak havoc on every coastline. This effect would reverse itself as ELEnin clears our orbit and heads back out to space. Only to give us one more parting gift on Nov. 20th with another DIRECT ALIGNMENT at .548AU

              There is a TON of available information on this. You just need to start looking into it.

              For any of you who find astronomy fascinating, here’s a very cool tool that allows you real-time visuals in 3D.


        • c

          They get these trainings every year but they don’t necessarily “listen” or think about how they might apply them to their home/family. The recent world natural disasters have gotten everyones attention.
          This may be nothing more than a man finially connecting the things he is doing at work and how it might impact his family.
          We should all have our own disaster preparations for family,neighborhood or office. It is just prudent.

      2. PO'dpatriot

        I smell something cookin’…..and it ain’t pancakes.

        • JANE

          Durango Kidd, you and your dad (aka Yourdaddy ) are constantly selling sheeple man-made ideas which are based on science fiction.

          1. SOLAR FLARES: You’ve said it could happen and is long over due.

          2. Planet ELEnin was recently found and will collide with the earth.

          Ans: It’s all a bunch of Bullsh*t. Intelligent people can figure it out for themselves.


          • JANE


            Anyone can post any propaganda on the internet, all you do is to pay them nicely. I know there are million of trolls who have written articles, and I have read them; they sound like nothing more than boring salesmen, hahaha.

            The hidden hands had its people placed in the biggest news organizations around the world (Algeria news, EU, Russia, or China, etc…), so therefore their articles are not reliable either.

            The headquarter will provide some scientific info., and anyone can fictionalize on that; These idiots are not smart, they are LIARS.


            Oh well, it’s only my opinion as based on my observations and research.


          • Durango Kidd


            1. A massive solar flare could happen at any time. Statistically, yes, it is over due as a significant EMP occurs about every 100 years.

            2. Drunk again? No, I didn’t say it would collide with earth. I said that it would be as close as .23 AU or (18 to 20 million miles) and two million miles ABOVE the earth’s orbital plane.

            3. Yes, Jane, intelligent people can figure it out for themselves as long as they are sober and don’t start drinking until after 5 pm. It seems the comprehension of SOME people becomes distorted if they start drinking in the middle of the afternoon.

            Love ya, Jane! 🙂 Now that you’re single know that I am looking for a prepping woman!

      3. Grandpa Dave

        Iran will have their bomb this summer … if Israel doesn’t stop them. The current and past U.S. administrations have been sitting on their hands on this one. Thank God for the Jewish State of Israel … Pray for them — An old, southern WASP

        • Tom

          I agree but how are they going to get over there to stop it?

      4. Gods Creation

        I can’t help but recall how DICK Cheney was sitting in a bunker conducting an “exercise” relating to airliners flying into the World Trade Centers AS IT HAPPENED.

        The only purpose for the exercise was to keep the military confused and inactive during the event, ensuring maximum damage and asserting maximum control over the military operation happening against us by those who ordered it.

        History may well be about to rhyme once again.

        We should all set a permanent “devolution” of the US Bankster financed government as OUR GOAL for their orchestrated event intending the opposite.

        • Cyber_Samurai

          Speaking of the Gangsta Banksta’s, does anybody else besides me wonder if they’ve bankrupted America (as well as other countries) to prepare for this HUGE EVENT that’s coming up? Maybe they said,”To hell with the economy! Lets blow all the money we can to save our asses and let the little man foot the bill, then, die like rats.” Oh well. Sounds like a plan.

          • Opinion

            Good grief, I hope this is not another warning that they are trying to shut down the internet. Worse, it could be a false flag as an excuse to go to war with IRAN.

      5. Gods Creation

        Also, he talks about his time as a Marine. Have you ever wondered why ex military people are always put into high positions in government operations?

        The answer…they are the most brainwashed, and the most easily brainwashed in the future, about the illegal acts committed against the People. They have been well trained in “Government Rights”, which are limitless according to the training they receive.

        He mentioned the four sides of the country, but not so much the middle. This has nothing to do with NEW knowledge of the New Madrid fault. HAARP or no HAARP, the Banksters do not control nature.

        There are many large cities on the west coast and east coast, the oil refineries on the gulf coat, and the major automakers in the Great Lakes area (and Chicago).

        My prediction would be a nuke in Detroit. It would kill the remaining productive capacity of the country, and wipe a useless city off the map. Of course, if you hear of a meeting in DC with all of the automakers “high executives”, that might be a clue to get the hell out.

        One thing is for sure. The military is controlled by private powers and can not be stopped if they choose for something to happen. They have the most brainwashed and obedient slaves that can be had and will kill any innocent Man or Woman who questions their “superiors”.

        The MO for these psychopaths is now Mass Murder to induce maximum fear. A natural disaster is not acceptable. All they do is make people get more prepared against nature. A military attack promotes maximum fear.

        What do you think it will be?

        • Anonymous

          “Have you ever wondered why ex military people are always put into high positions in government operations?”

          Thank God, now if we could just get some military knowledge in at the “top” of the white house so we won’t get involved in a war and if we do have to get involved – so we can win one!

        • EAGLEDOVE

          What do you think it will be?

          Maybe; is it possible for a sub to enter into the St.Lawrence sea way, then into the Great Lakes?

        • Durango Kidd

          GC: This is not about things. It is about people. What you have here is a patriot warning ALL OF US about the brown dwarf “comet” which is probably the second half of a binary star system (OURS), as these are the most common type of star system in the Universe.

          Everything is not a government conspiracy.

          It was the military that kept George Jr from attacking Iran. They just said “No”. If you have never served in the military I don’t think you have any basis for a concept of the mindset of the military.

          I have never known a soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine; who served honorably, who wasn’t a true American patriot.

          • Anonymous

            U-505 DK. “Great” story about it if you have time to read up on it.

            • Durango Kidd

              U-505 sounds good! I must have been thinking about uranium. I did see the sub as a kid and walked through it at the Museum of Science and Industry; which is a really cool place.

          • SmokyMtnLady

            “I have never known a soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine; who served honorably, who wasn’t a true American patriot”. Thank You,DK…you said it before I could!

        • EAGLEDOVE

          With the Great Lakes being mention above , it will be less likely a sub would be involved.

          Thanks for your reply.

        • NetRanger


          It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it causes a situation for them to gain ground (take freedoms) against the enemy (the people).

          There is no “grand plan”, there are just battles. Here is the reason and explanation of what they are doing:

        • Willie Wonka

          A nuke detonated here in Detroit would be a TOTAL waste of an asset. This place looks like its already been nuked, there would be no strategic value in doing with a bomb what the leftists running this place for 50 years have already done. There are NO auto plants left in Detroit proper and very few even in the Metro areas. The population is down below a million so casualties would be relatively low compared to NY or LA.

          Of course if those planning the “attack” have any shred of conscience, this may actually be an ideal target, it would cause fear without really doing a lot of infrastructure/personal damage compared to a more robust area of the country.

        • mike

          if my major say this statement ihont warry but the head of nasa hell yes i m prepering just in case all respect sorry for my english

      6. Havok

        Why would a mini-nike ever go off in the midwest…I dont see any reason a “terrorist” would ever target that area. The only way I could see that happen is the Odumbass admin set one off for political reasons there because it would have the least amount of casualties.
        Their little “scenario” is a bit shady if you as me…

        • Plain Old American

          Oklahoma City ring any bells?

        • stormbringer

          Maybe Offutt in Nebraska – major weather info hub.

          • Anonymous

            I heard they have more than weather.

        • Gods Creation

          How many acres of farmland could be destroyed and rendered unavailable to grow the food we need? Sounds like a good way to end a lot of lives slowly that could be blamed on the terrorists.

          A full scale nuclear blast in the middle of nowhere could cause far more damage than taking out a single city. Isn’t it funny how we have so many nukes hidden in the midwest,, in the heart of farm country? What would happen if there was an “accident” (other than ALL witnesses being killed).

          Shady scenario? Not if you are a psychopath bent on taking out the masses indirectly. An obvious goal of the so-called Elite.

        • anon

          A dirty bomb and its resulting contamination would have large effects on the food produced in that area.

      7. Chuckles

        Well there have been articles in the news about increased solar activity by the sun. I’m wondering if they are worrying about some kind of sun spots affecting electronics in the U.S.

      8. Bloodyfellow

        The single Biggest threat to America or American’s is big government expansion as well as unconstitutional federal laws.

        Note: I don’t expect everyone will want to watch or have the time to all of these videos, so just pic one.

        • Gods Creation

          See the Corp for what it is. Sun Tzu say know the enemy.

        • NetRanger

          Excellent videos! (…except for the last one. The scrubbing continues…)

          Ron Paul understands the reach and strength of the tentacles of the corporation. If we don’t chop off some of them, they will have us all by the neck!

          After the last election in 2010, I am so unbelievably uninterested in election politics. After I saw a field of 8 candidates composed of the people for my particular congressional district get beat out by one home boy that few had heard of but was “in” with the republican party. Money and greed. Its all about that. It hasn’t been about representation for a very long time. In fact, as GC and I know it, It CANNOT BE ABOUT REPRESENTATION. The real government is unconscious. The corporation is running America into the ground.

      9. MadMarkie

        Our ‘Beloved Leader’ has pole ratings that are falling like a brick dropped out of a third floor window. President Obungle needs an incident not related to unemployment, falling home prices or the economy to help him win reelection in 2012. Look at Bush’s approval ratings just prior to 9/11 and what happened to them afterwards. The country always comes together after we take a ‘hit’ of any kind, especially from an external source ….. us against them.

        Get ready folks, the elites are willing to sacrafice any number of us ‘little people’ in order to retain their positions of wealth, power and authority.

        Not exactly on subject; but I stuck my head into the local Knife & Gun Show at the War Memorial Auditorium here in Ft. Lauderdale this weekend. I wasn’t really looking to buy anything; just looking at what was available and checking prices.

        You wouldn’t have believed the number of people there!!! You had to ‘scooch’ sideways through the crowds to get down the aisles. Lots of folks were stocking up on guns, ammo and accessories. They had to have special areas set aside to take care of all of the people filling out the paperwork to purchase.

        There is an uneasy feeling of unrest, anticipation and uncertainty out there amongst the ‘homies’. One vendor had people with two-wheeler carts hauling ammmunition in steadily. As fast as they could bring it in ….. the peeps were hauling it out.

        Please get any preps that you have outstanding taken care of asap. God Bless and good luck to all.

        • Anonymous

          Any good bumper stickers at gun show?

          • MadMarkie

            I especially liked the one about:

            “The voices keep telling me to pull over and load all the mazazines!”

            Although putting it on the bumper of your car could prpbably result in getting you pulled over and killed.

            I have never been much of a ‘bumper-sticker-individual’ though. I much prefer to maintain as low a profile as possible.

            • Anonymous

              I buy them to put on other cars.

            • AJ

              When I was living in Texas about twelve years ago, I had a bumper sticker on my truck that read:

              “Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six”

              I was pulled over twice after adhering that sticker, and the first thing the LEO’s asked me was: “Where’s your weapon?”

        • GA Mom

          You are so right. The prepping is starting to go more mainstream. I know a few people who are doing it now but would have laughed about it 3 months ago.

      10. WatchOut

        They know something, but they do not know how big and when.
        Sounds like they are covering for some future super event, and want to make sure that no one left alive asks why did they not warn us.
        In other words NASA, A Federal agency is covering their asses!!!

      11. Bloodyfellow

        Wow! YouTube is at again as soon as I find a video that they don’t like they scrub it! WTF!!!!!!!!

      12. AJ

        One word: ELEnin

      13. BJ

        Reminds me of Jericho….which I just finished up with the short and hurried 2nd season last night. Mac and OQ….you were exactly right…ending sucked and it totally took a BS turn.

        • admin

          yeah, good show, but i wouldn’t have minded another season or two…

        • Odd Questioner

          Sorry, man. I still think the rest of it was entirely worth enduring the ending, though.

          • BJ

            Yes, all in all we both loved it. But like Mac said….I would of loved another season..heck the 2nd was only 7 episodes while the 1st was 22. I wanted to see the civil war with Major Beck, Jake and Hawkins leading the cause

            • NetRanger

              Certainly ended too quick. …and that Hawkins character! I mean there is “cool” and then there is “Hawkins”. After a while I got to watching it just to see what he was going to do next. …him and Jake. Very cool show.

              Anybody ever get into Jerimiah? Both shows, in full, are available on NetFlix.

              Currently I’m watching “Flash Forward”.

      14. Gods Creation

        The Web is the greatest fear of the so-called Elite. More people are using it than the PTB can control. I believe they are aware that shutting down the internet would cause 100% of those awakened by it to take to the streets.

        That is sufficient numbers to stop their plans, and it will take decades to wheedle the the free use rights away while pretending we are still free.

        They don’t have time to do it the old fashioned way with crooked legislation. It will have to be taken down in one unholy act with unknown consequences through the executive orders of the Dictator of the Corp.

        Then the people will all know who the real enemy is and can get down to business. Then and only then will the corp give way to the power of the People.

        • AJ

          All they have left is fear. You must be frightened of your government. Very, very frightened. And don’t you dare say something on an internet message board that some random FBI agent doesn’t like or agree with. They will GET you for that. We now live in a fascist dictatorship, and TPTB will make every effort to silence your dissent. That includes sending a federal SWAT team to your house to kill you.

      15. GA Mom

        It seems like possibly good people inside the govt are trying to warn us.

        The zombie cdc video, this one, all point to one thing – folks on the inside are telling us to prepare. Now, the regular media is not connecting the dots of course but those of us in the know, well, we know.

        • Durango Kidd

          Good points GA Mom!

      16. harry

        Help there is no recovery, the united states has fallen and it cant get up!

      17. Rachel

        the message was take care of your family now so you can come to work in a emergency. Interesting the mentioned the great lakes. We don’t get anything up here. Even a nuke attack would be localized. I’m thinking massive cyber attack that takes down power grids and banks. Notice he mentioned using cell phones to communicate. many hints there.

      18. NunJoBizness

        “Also, he talks about his time as a Marine. Have you ever wondered why ex military people are always put into high positions in government operations?”

        At God Creation: I used to wonder when I was not “with it” enough to understand fully why. Stanley MCCrystal comes to mind. He’s a member of the CFR last I heard. I wasn’t surprised as many in the military ARE the “elites” now.

        I wish I had the words to put the pieces of the puzzle into place and try to explain this to my family and friends in an easy to understand way.

      19. Marc

        Okay.. so after spending the time to read the article — I watched the video. BIG disconnect. This article amounts to grabbing at straws and a bunch of fear mongering as there was nothing suspicious in the vid to merit all this hoopla!

        • NetRanger

          Marc, really? Really? R E A L L Y ?

          So, you don’t things its out of the ordinary for someone like this to wander about, verbally, with no specific information?

          I mean, I risk breaking into heavy profanity here. *NASA* warns is *FAMILY* to be ready and you don’t see anything suspicious? Really?

          Do you have any food, water, supplies and ammo stocked up? I bet you don’t have an extra can of beans or a jar of peanut butter in the cupboard.

          …and I bet you think the government loves us and wants to help us live long, productive lives, too, right?

      20. Slim

        General Stanley MCCrystal is a very intelligent man that cared more for his people than himself……. There was no boondoggle except for a certain somebody to save face and the system.

        • Charlie

          McCrystal had a big hand in the Pat Tillman cover-up. There was no honor in that act. And considering what he told Rolling Stone, I don’t think I would describe him as intelligent. Maybe the rest of his career was good, or even very good, but he has nobody to blame for his downfall but himself.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, I would assume he gambled or didn’t get the straight story. Maybe both. Have you ever spoken with him or shook his hand and looked him straight in the eye? I didn’t think so…. I’ll never shake or salute who is in charge.

            • Charlie

              He flat out lied to Mrs. Tillman about her son.

      21. Joerocker

        I’m on the same bandwagon on most issues, BUT,
        I think a brown dwarf is on the way, but is is not ELEnin the comet per John Moore and James M. McCanney, M.S. Physics – Official Home Page (also )

        These guys have the street cred the NASA Corp Gov payed guys don’t have. the NASA guys will say anything their employers tell them to.

        anyway, the 3600 year event seems to be underway. McCanny says the brown dwarf is as large as Jupiter and won’t hit Earth but come close enough to shake things up real good.
        So, I’m in the McCanny, Moore camp, and time will tell who called it, and by that time nobody will care anyway.
        Thanks for letting all views be told.

        • NetRanger

          Joe! Thanks for those URLs. I’m putting them in my archive rotation.

      22. That Guy

        I am here, I am a prepper, but I always hoped that by me being prepped, would guarantee that nothing would happen, and I might live to be an old (older) man…

        I bet it turn outs that is it a lot more fun to prep, and plan, than to ever actully be required to use those preps/plans. I gurantee if shtf, everyone (esp me) will have forgotten at least one thing which they love and need… but alas… no more…. it makes my heart hurt. I have loved this life, and it will be sad to see it go.

        This NASA warning could be it. It could be them covering their asses (clearing their conscience) by being able to say, “WE TOLD EVERYONE, WE DID THE RIGHT THING”.

        If anyone might know about something “coming” from outer space, like a rogue asteroid or something like that, it would be NASA… and if they did know, and they said nothing… then people who work for them, could rightfully say, “You POS knew, and you did not tell us??”

        Who knows, maybe this statement is NASA’s way of telling people… without actually saying it… no matter what, being prepared, and stocking up on lots is always a good idea. So no reason to not make the message.

        It “feels” pretty scary today.
        My whole life I KNEW that I would never live to see the year 2000, and I was wrong (happily wrong)… My whole adult life I was always prepping for the big one, and I have always been wrong (happily). I have had nightmares which never came true (happily)… and now I wonder could this be “IT”… I hope I am wrong… again…

        I am prepped, but that does not mean I dont love this life. I grew up, and lived, in the greatest country during the greatest time in the history of man.

        I love cars(that go at the turn of a key), I love lightswitches that bring light at night, I love AC, I love food stores with full shelves, refrigerators, clothing stores, hardware stores, candy stores, TV, sports on TV, DVDs, HBO, plumbing toilets, the internet and peace blue skys and wether reports and flowers and strange pretty woman I have not met yet… it has been a great life.

        It has been a great life, the best ever.

      23. GoneWithTheWind

        The options are more then just that it hits us and destroys everything or it misses us. I had a friend who stuck his arm out the school bus window when the bus made a turn on a corner where a telephone pole was close to the street. The bus did NOT hit the pole but the pole did indeed remove my friends arm. This asteroid could come close enough to do some damage or barely contact terra firma or something in between.

      24. Daniel

        Grandpa Dave says:
        June 13, 2011 at 6:45 am Iran will have their bomb this summer … if Israel doesn’t stop them. The current and past U.S. administrations have been sitting on their hands on this one. Thank God for the Jewish State of Israel … Pray for them — An old, southern WASP


        Fat chance Grandpa

      25. BJ

        check out the cops in Joplin Mo telling CNN they cant tell them where the morgue is, its a secret, and then told them don’t come back….WTH??

        • That Guy

          That IS a very disturbing video.
          I do not undererstand how only those with connections could get morgue information about their loved ones(dead?, alive? or missing?) and those without connections are told to turn off the camera, stop asking questions, shut up and “DONT COME BACK!!”

          DONT COME BACK??? wtf??

          At some point we need to re-assert the fact that the police work for us, and they can not talk to us like that.

      26. Dave

        I’m so sick of hearing about doomsday “right around the corner”.
        Get over it folks, it may be exciting to read about, but it’s mostly horseshit.
        No comets, no return of Christ, no galactic issues with the winter solstice in 2012, nothing.
        If anything does happen, it will be a false flag by our parasitic Israeli “friends” in order to sucker us into destroying more of their well-deserved enemies.

        • JANE

          If there’s going to be a war, it probably will be a nuclear attack war among countries, and the U.S. will get involved with the U.S. citizens will not approve or not knowing anything about it, until it’s too late or it’s over.
          NASA’s head Charles Bolden who is advising their employees to prepare for unforeseen the coming emergencies and/ore disasters.

          I hope THIS DOES NOT EQUATE TO TELLLING THE PUBLIC that something is about to happen, but they are unable to tell us …… Because if the government tells its citizens, the leaders have to prepare its citizens for the catastrophic events (underground shelters, potassium iodide tablets, foods, water, etc ….)


        • Durango Kidd

          Dave, they already did that.

        • T

          I suppose when you describe Isreal’s well deserved ememies you mean the very same fascist dictatorships that supported Hitler in World War II and Stalin in the Cold War. The very same “enemies” that openly advocate terrorism against innocent women and children. Israel is the only democracy in a region of fascist shitholes. It’s a beleagered flower among a region of vile weeds. You need to check out a little history when you belittle the country of Israel.

          • Dave

            By checking out a “little more” history than what the MSM have spoonfed you, you would find that Israel spies on us, sells the info to our enemies (China & Russia) for bling.
            You would also learn that three Jews devoted to Israel (Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and Richard Perl) of the office of special plans were the trio who lied to the state department about “WMD’s in Iraq”.
            That whopper of a lie has gotten 6,000 Americans killed and 500,000 Iraqi men, women & children.

            By the way, the reason Stalin was so tyrannical was due to his following Jewish inspired Communism which was invented by Marx & Engles, promulgated by Trotsky (whose funding came from Jacob Schiff- a NY city banker).
            Marx, Engles, Trotsky, Schiff were all Jews.
            Roughly 30 milion Christian’s were killed from that misery!

            Moreover, the holodomor (the real, unembellished holocaust that starved a few million Christian’s in the Ukraine) was headed by Lazar Kaganovich (another Jew).
            Just don’t expect to see movies about those holocausts by Steven “Spielberg” or Roman “Polanski”

            Israel recently killed 900 civilian’s (women, children) in Lebanon for the Lebanese taking one single POW who was on their soil in 2006!
            Look at Gaza and the 1500 people killed with white phosphorus (illegal weapons obtained from the US)

            Israel is a serious threat to the liberties (and economic well-being of all Americans and much of our terrorisim arises fom our sick association with that racist apartheid nation.

            • Durango Kidd

              Dave: They don’t have a good track record do they?

      27. Anonymous

        Dave, you need to whole mouth a kosher ‘ long wiener (with ketchup) and take BO on a working vacation to Israel and stand the post. What do I expect from a non-believer!

        • Dave

          That’s the typical response from either a Zionazi or a rapture craving Christian nut.

          • Anonymous

            The mother ship is calling you Dave. You need a non-vegetarian enema from your better half. Put your purple robe & high top sneakers on. You’re shovel ready.

            • Slim

              Anonymous wins!

            • Tom

              Anonymous wins again!

            • JANE




            • Harry Bawls

              Defiantly Anonymous!

      28. JANE

        Please add the following items to your emergency supply list:

        – Mask: the type Israel supplies to its citizens, and Israeli mask is sold on the interne. Or at least the regular type, it may not help much.

        – Potassium Idodide tables (min. 130 mg, not 130 micro-gram)

        – Blood Coagulator: to stop/slow down blood flow to save your life.

        You also need leaders who really care and can figure out what’s going on, not AFTER it happened.


      29. BJ

        YOURDADDY: Probably a stupid question here but….is there any way of knowing which direction the water will slosh? Like which way we will be flipped….east or west? I am 1.5 miles from Lake Muskegon and 4.5 miles from Lake Michigan…they are connected.

        NETRANGER: whats Jerimiah and Flash Forward about?

        • yourdaddy

          No questions are stupid, and I wish I could tell you…But just imagine if the Earth was an Apple sitting upright in your hand. Now rotate the Apple so that the Stem (Polar North) is laying flat along your hand. The base of the Apple is the South Pole which will now be directly facing the Sun, and the Stem will be in total darkness. All of the water around the equator (middle of the Apple) will rush to the stem now laying on its side, and then rebound back. Additionally, since the Earth will continue to spin on its axis (equator, or middle of the Apple) which is now our former North to South direction, who in the world knows how this will affect the worldwide currents. On top of that, Object Elenin will be exerting extreme magnetic polarity against the Earth and the moon which will also impact tidal flows.
          Bottom line, my best guess is a TOTAL mess.

          Maybe this is why the Nasa’s Charles Bolden advises all of his employees that live on, “The West Coast, The East Coast, The Gulf of Mexico or the Great Lakes” to be prepared.

          Why in the world would a NASA chief come out with such a widespread, water-centered warning? Can anyone think of another scenario that would impact all of these bodies of water in the manner in which I just described? If so, please proffer that argument, as I am all ears.

          Like I said, if you’re the kind of person who needs a date to get motivated to do something, then 9-26-11 is as good as it gets in that regard…

          (I am not a prophet, nor am I advocating any movement around this date. I’ve just done a enormous amount of research on this issue, and this fast approaching object will either do her damage or won’t by that date).

          • BJ

            Thank you for your thoughts/opinions.
            So since I don’t see joining the group we want to join as a possibility before this date for lack of funds…..would you agree it might be wise to plan a trip down to mom and step dads farm….oh crap the farm is in Illinois about a mile east of the Mississippi….but it does sit up quite a ways higher than the river

      30. Durango Kidd

        DAD: Great info. Thanks for the corrections. The video link I posted had great visual but may have been where OQ picked up the size. Some of those u tube videos did measure it that way, and my link may have done so too.

        I liked it for the “play by play” on the computer that you could follow and seen the image in Infra Red, then disappear in regular light.

        If this thing is slightly larger than Jupiter it will wreck havoc on the earth at only 2 million miles! Who knows, we might even lose the moon. Lets face it, this will be new territory for all of US.

        If it is actually larger the size of Jupiter, I smell an EMP coming OUR way. This thing may also have its own heat or create an ejection that might scorch part of the earth. Think I read that at the end of Ezekiel yesterday.

        In any event, its time to exercise our personal SHTF Plan. I got MINE. Keep US updated DAD!

        • yourdaddy

          If you haven’t read Dr. Mensur Omerbashich’s paper regarding Earth’s Long astronomical alignments within our solar system being the root cause of all strong (M6.0+) seismic activity, you need to do so.

          He focuses in on Object ELEnin and the incredible impact she’s had on Earth every time she’s in Sun-Earth alignment. The last two times she was in alignment were Feb 27th, 2010 (Chile 8.8) and March 11, 2011 (Japan 9.0)… Her distances at these dates respectively were 6.6AU and 2.1AU.

          The next two times she will be in alignment are:
          Sept 26th 2011 (.396AU) &
          Nov 20th 2011 (.58AU)

          The important distinction about the 9-26-11 alignment is that for the first time, Object ELEnin will be BETWEEN the Earth and the SUN. So she devastates Japan & Chile from 6.6AU & 2.1AU, one can only imagine what impact she’ll have from .396AU while between us and the Sun…Polar shift!

          FYI, for anyone who doesn’t know what AU means: Astronomical Unit or The distance of The Earth from The Sun or 92 Million miles.

          READ this report, and then try and argue that she’s just a rinky dink comet…Only person that will be listening to you at that point will be OddQuestionguy.

      31. Durango Kidd

        BJ: I think I can help you here. I have a friend who has actually seen all of the water on earth moving from the southwest to the northeast. ALL the water.

        That maybe the beginning or the end on the “tilt”. I would plan to relocate to Cadillac to a BOL if I lived where you do.

        DAD: Later this summer I will visit the telescope on Mars Hill in Flagstaff and see if they will give US a peek!

        • BJ

          HOw has he seen all the water moving….I don’t understand that? And if that’s true, I am screwed being only 4.5 miles from Lake Michigan huh? The group we are trying to join is located northeast of Cadillac….but I still need a years worth of food for each family member, a tritium compass, a .45 acp and a AR-15 and a lot of ammo….it isn’t looking like I am going to be able to get my family in….and that isn’t even counting the unanimous vote you have to get from all members. After meeting the requirements, you see the place (description of it is bad ass big time) and then meet all the members and then they vote on you and your family. but I don’t think there is enough time left….sucks being a late bloomer

          • Durango Kidd

            BJ: You can still be “high and dry”. Men and women have had dreams and visions since the beginning of time to give them direction and purpose. Go within for yours.
            Find that inner Amoeba!

            There is a school of thought and EXPERIENCE that individuals are spiritual beings first; physical beings second, and that the spiritual being also has a faculty of touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound.

            These individuals are known to US as mystics and saints, or dead heads on a bad trip. 🙂 The difference is that mystics and saints experience a spiritual life without the aid of drugs but only through prayer and meditation.

            Every individual has the CAPACITY to personally experience these spiritual realities because every person is a spiritual being and that is OUR very nature.
            It is not, however, for the faint of heart or for those without some scholarship in these matters.

        • yourdaddy

          See if you can get to that Telescope on or around July 7th. That is when Object ELEnin will have its closest alignment with Saturn. Although Saturn will be orbiting “higher” in the ecliptic then ELEnin, all 3 objects (Sun, ELEnin, Saturn) will be in linear alignment offering a strong possibility of a “tug” on Saturn. Because Saturn has rings, any polarity movement by her will be easy to pick-up.
          This isn’t a fool proof observation, as if there is not a visible effect on Saturn, it is quite possible due to the high altitude over the ecliptic plane that Saturn has…However, if there is a visible tug, then ELEnin is definitely for real, as her distance from the sun will be 1.46AU and much further & lower then that from Saturn.

          • BJ

            That’s what Terral03 says on You Tube….watch Saturn on 7-7-11 and what she does to Saturn, she will do to us only worse

          • Durango Kidd

            DAD: I will make a point to check the link and visit the telescope next month on the 7th. It is open to the public for viewing but I don’t remember what night or nights it is available. Summers are usually a little slow in Flag as the kids are home for the summer.

      32. Ben

        Preparation for a false flag? If I had to take a SWAG…I might think that it would be around the beginning of August when we are supposed to raise the “fictional” debt ceiling.

      33. Durango Kidd

        OQ: Thanks for the link. Seems no one is really sure of the size of this thing. Your link indicated maybe as much as 7 miles wide. The dinosaurs were killed by an astroid only 6 miles wide if I remember right.

        But that was so long ago, my memory is fuzzy! 🙂

        • yourdaddy

          The “reply” button for OddQuestion’s reply at 7:01pm doesn’t show up, so I’ll copy/paste his comment here:

          Odd Questioner says:
          June 13, 2011 at 7:01 pm
          “If this was a comet at a current distance of 1.7AU, it’s icy composition and tail would be easily visible in the sky near LEO44 right now. Head out to your local observatory and let me know how that goes…”

          Umm, okay:

          (image on page)

          Funny thing about the link Oddquestioner shared is that the man who took this photo (Steve Farmer) posted a comment advising that it isn’t of Object ELEnin but of Comet 81/P
          Here’s his comment from your link:
          Steve E. Farmer Jr. said…
          The photo used in this article is not an actual photograph of Comet Elenin. It is a photo of Comet 81/P Wild that was taken by Steve E. Farmer Jr. This picture is being used from the following article – which was written on December 25, 2010.

          Keep up the good work OddQuestioner. I wonder what your agenda is? You have yet to post anything of value or accuracy regarding Object ELEnin…Trying to keep folks in the dark I suppose? For what purpose?

          Bottom line, the object heading our way at 2 Million miles/day is virtually invisible in the thermal spectrum. NOTHING this close to our Sun (especially a comet) would be this hard to get a visual on, as it would be reflecting the sun’s light constantly…That is something with physical mass, that doesn’t have a temperature of absolute zero.

          If this is such a straightforward issue, I wonder why Google (via its Google Sky program) has “blacked-out” the exact location of where Object Elenin should be?

          Everyone in this forum has been preparing for “some event someday down the road.” I can’t say for a scientific certainty that Object ELEnin will be the primer of that event, but she’s the odds on favorite at this point IMO. At a bare minimum, start using 9-26-11 (or thereabouts) as a rough-in date for when the SWHTF. If nothing else, it will serve to motivate you to get things done. In fact, a few weeks before that time is a better due date to operate with. If it comes to pass that this object has no significant impact, then you’ll just be that much more prepared when the actual primer hits.

          • BJ

            perigee is September 11th…what a date huh?

        • yourdaddy

          I’ve read from multiple sources that the expected mass of this brown dwarf is 2.5x-4.0x the size of the planet Jupiter…Yikes! An asteroid 7 miles across is looking better & better all the time.

          • Durango Kidd

            Hey DAD! Can you provide the links to the 2.5 times the size of Jupiter estimate? The key to the extent of the damage it may inflict is obviously the size of this thing.

            The extent of the potential damage makes a difference as to how I want to approach and prepare for the effects; if any. 🙂

            • Durango Kidd

              Hey DAD! I just googled “2.5 times the mass of Jupiter” and discovered that the mass of Jupiter is 2.5 times the mass of all of the rest of the solar system combined.

              This could be more exciting than Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!

            • JANE


              You and your dad (aka Yourdaddy ) are constantly selling sheeple man-made ideas which are based on science fiction.

              1. SOLAR FLARES: You’ve said it could happen and is long over due.

              2. Planet ELEnin was recently found and will collide with the earth.

              Ans: It’s all a bunch of Bullsh*t. Intelligent people can figure it out for themselves.



              Anyone can post any propaganda on the internet, all you do is to pay them nicely. I know there are million of trolls who have written articles, and I have read them; they sound like nothing more than boring salesmen, hahaha.

              The hidden hands had its people placed in the biggest news organizations around the world (Algeria news, EU, Russia, or China, etc…), so therefore their articles are not reliable either.

              The headquarter will provide some scientific info., and anyone can fictionalize on that; These idiots are not smart, they are LIARS.


              Oh well, it’s only my opinion as based on my observations and research.


            • JANE





              GO FIGURE!


      34. Durango Kidd


        1. A massive solar flare could happen at any time. Statistically, yes, it is over due as a significant EMP occurs about every 100 years.

        2. Drunk again? No, I didn’t say it would collide with earth. I said that it would be as close as .23 AU or (18 to 20 million miles) and two million miles ABOVE the earth’s orbital plane.

        3. Yes, Jane, intelligent people can figure it out for themselves as long as they are sober and don’t start drinking until after 5 pm. It seems the comprehension of SOME people becomes distorted if they start drinking in the middle of the afternoon.

        Love ya, Jane! Now that you’re single know that I am looking for a prepping woman! 🙂

        • SmokyMtnLady

          DK…Geez, maybe it’s kool-aid she’s been drinking, with a little something extra??

          • JANE


            I don’t like to respond to this type of scum tactic. If you have anything to say about this article, then make your own posting. You know nothing about me.
            You are the type of people with no brain, can’t argue and relieve your frustrations on someone else.
            People like me, always use logic in their postings, does it sound they are drinking or on drugs to you??
            What about people like you who made unfair accusations towards people whom you know nothing about on the internet? That’s what I call someone with MAJOR PROBLEMS.


            I will get back to DK’s posting on this later when I feel like it.


            • JANE

              DK, here is a bitch that you may be interested in.

              The only problem is she may be a mental case.
              I believe she may have found her match in you.
              Best of luck, and I hope it works out for you.


      35. BJ

        Jane put the bottle and the crack pipe down and get some help!

        • JANE

          BJ,…. OMG, it’s you again. You’re still bitter from the last time I responded to your stupid statements.

          In fact, I have not respond to your multiple postings that you addressed to me.

          Just because you called people names doesn’t mean that they have to accept it. It’s childish and brainless to react like a little child who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.


          • JANE

            Here’s one of the postings that we fought about.

            From the article – Ventura: Abolish All Political Parties”

            ____ JANE says: June 9, 2011 at 10:50 am _____

            BJ,…. Your comments are always just a bunch of LIBERAL NON-SENSE.

            How could it be a distraction when the Democratic Party and the GOP are in the business of promoting their candidates?? ….. See how stupid your statements really are when you said: “Actually Jane, the Republicans and Democrats are the ones that distract for the real issues….Ventura happens to be right on the mark.”

            Actually Ventura, he is a DISTRACTION, because he is not even a candidate. He’s constantly being promoted by the elites and Alex Jones, and has been given a TV show.

            1. Those idiots think Ventura does not have any motive or a clear motive are stupid. One of Ventura’s agenda is telling Republicans and undecided voters not to fill in their ballots, and you know Dems and the Illegals will – Therefore, in this way DEMS WILL WIN AGAIN. The elites are trying to reduce Republicans voters, get it??

            2. The conspiracy theory is partially true, that’s how they control people and make a profit. However, Ventura’s theory is trying:

            a) to distract people away from the real culprit and
            b) to make the rivals opponent look like the guilty party.

            I don’t work for anyone, so don’t send me any posting; You can use different tactic(s) to sell your LIBERAL BULLSHIT to the masses.

            It’s a lot work to take care postings and that’s the Republicans party’s job, NOT MINE.


            • JANE


              I DON’T GET PAID LIKE YOU:
              – TO ARGUE ALL DAY



              GOOD DAY!


            • Anonymous

              Never show your button if you don’t want it pushed. I have a lever but never let them pull it.

            • BJ

              denial is the first and hardest part to get past Jane. Just admit you have a problem…then it’s all down hill from there. Do it soon before SHTF, if not your own group will want to kill you and feed you to the zombies.

              You can thank me later

            • JANE

              I responded to BJ, and his constant personal attack on me. I don’t have any enemies, except you BJ.
              BJ also has been attacking me personally through name calling.
              Because I pointed out he was not telling the truth, and I support the Republican Party and just noting what’s going on —– NOW GEORGE SOROS’S PEOPLE ARE THREATENING MY LIFE.

              If people don’t like any posting or any person, they don’t read it. But BJ (George Soros’s people ) is taking way too far.

              I don’t care who will win the election. I just mentioned who is making the news and provide some facts.

              I want to know what Mac have to say about this??

              In Response to BJ’s posting on Wed., June/06/2011 aprx. 9:50PM

              BJ says:

              June 15, 2011 at 11:38 pm denial is the first and hardest part to get past Jane. Just admit you have a problem…then it’s all down hill from there. Do it soon before SHTF, if not your own group will want to kill you and feed you to the zombies.

              You can thank me later


      36. SmokyMtnLady

        Oh, so sorry Durango Kid, Jane’s match making just won’t work…I’m afraid my husband and four sons wouldn’t look kindly to another man in my life :/ But, that being said…I do have two 20 something nieces who are new to the prepping world and they are both single, ;)…and BTW, they don’t have poisonous tongues like an asp….like some others on here! 🙂

        • JANE


          I’ve never had any Muslims, Chinese or Russians or anyone attack me like you and your ppl here have done. Too bad you don’t like what I believe in. Americans:

          – are able to exercise their Universal rights (freedom of speech, religion, etc..)
          – should always be allowed to have different beliefs than yours
          – object to the filthy rich who want to sell or buy American resources ( Fort Knox gold, silver, oil)

          Every 10 postings that I see from this website or at others, at least 5 of them are the same people like you who are pretending to be Christians and Conservatives. Real Conservatives tend to read more, but post less than you guys do.

          SO DON’T THINK YOUR FOOLING ANYONE, MY LEFT-WING RADICAL. BTW, Speaking the truth is not having poison tongue; just because you don’t like it and you condemn it, that is speaking with a poison tongue.


          You mentioned your girls, who cares, this is not a whore house??? I did not respond to you sooner, even though YOU NEEDED A MORAL LECTURE, bc you are not my primary concern.


      37. Nikolas

        This is total crap. Bolden’s video on preparedness was posted on the NASA site in September of 2010. Why are you trying to pass it off as if it just happened and serving as some cryptic early warning of doom?

      38. T Bonham

        There seems to be some confusion on the Earths magnetic pole and axis. flipping the magnetic pole 90 degrees would cause problems (extreme) but that flip would not effect the rotation on the earth’s axis. Day/Night would not be effected unless by gravity. The moon’s gravitation tug on the earth is what causes the slight wobble in our rotation. So to clarify some statements, whatever you beleive “it” is it will be a gravitational effect that changes the rotational axis not a strong magnetic field.

      39. Kat Sung

        673. Another attempt of Nuclear attack (6/20/2011)

        Read the following news censored by mainstream media. Watch the date.

        [quote]Two Nebraska Nuclear Plants Partially Submerged by Missouri Floodwaters

        June 17, 2011By LBG1
        FAA issues ‘No Fly Zones’ due to ‘hazards’

        Ignored by the Mainstream Media two nuclear power facilities in Nebraska which were designated temporary restricted no fly zones by the FAA in early June due to ‘hazards’. The FAA restrictions, ‘effectively immediately’, ‘until further notice’. The Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant, currently sandbagged against the floodwaters of the Missouri River, and, the Cooper Nuclear Station, located on the Missouri River. According to the NRC, there’s no need to panic. If so, then why the No Fly Zones due to ‘hazards’ issued by the FAA?

        Video news report from local NBC 6 on the Ft. Calhoun Power Plant and the massive amount of farm land flooded by the Missouri River. According to a local farmer worried about the levees, ‘We need the Corps-Army Corps of Engineers–to do more. The Corps needs to tell us what to do and where to go. This is not mother nature, this is manmade.’

        On June 6, 2011, the Federal Aviation Administration put into effect ‘temporary flying restrictions’–until further notice–over the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant in Blaine, Nebraska.

        According to an informative post at the site The People’s Voice, the Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant and the Cooper Nuclear station are ‘partially submerged’ by Missouri floodwaters.

        On June 7, the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant filed an Alert with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission after a fire broke out in the switchgear room. During the event, “spent fuel pool cooling was lost” when two fuel pumps failed for about 90 minutes.

        On June 9, Nebraska’s other plant, Cooper Nuclear Power Station near Brownville, filed a Notice of Unusual Event (NOUE), advising it is unable to discharge sludge into the Missouri River due to flooding, and therefore “overtopped” its sludge pond. [/quote]

        [quote] Bin Laden’s No. 2: Muslims will destroy America

        By BEN HUBBARD, Associated Press Ben Hubbard, Associated Press – Wed Jun 8, 4:24 pm ET

        CAIRO – Osama bin Laden’s deputy warned Wednesday that America faces not individual terrorists or groups but an international community of Muslims that seek to destroy it and its allies.
        1. FAA issued “No fly zone” over the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant on 6/6.

        The Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant filed an Alert with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on 6/7. It means FAA knew the nuclear alarm in advance and knew it earlier than the NRC which directly oversees the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant. Is that strange? It reminds people that Al Qaida issued warn that they would activate a nuke attack if Bin Laden was killed five days before “Operation Geronimo”.

        2. There was no report from the mainstream media about this event. Compare to the news with Japan Fukushima nuclear leaking it is a blank. Remember it happens in USA! They will be reported only when the main plot went through and the situation would be created to a disastrous level.

        3. Al Qaida No.2 – Zawahri threatened to destroy US and its allies on 6/8.

        I think the Feds planned another nuke attack around 6/10 after the soured 5/21 plot. (see: 671. Climate weapon (5/31/2011)). The nuclear bomb attack in the name of Al Qaida is an already done project. Each time they need a nuclear panic background for the public. That’s why in this year we saw rare three incidents on nuclear power plants. All related to climate weapons.

        1. 3/11 Japan Fukushima power plant damaged by the largest earthquake and tsunami in Japanese history.

        2. 4/27, Two nuclear reactors in Virginia were shutdown in an unprecedented tornado storms.

        3. 6/7 – 6/14, no fly zone and level 4 emergency alarm in two Nebraska nuclear plants due to the historical big flooding.

      40. Thistle

        “NASA Head Issues Agency-Wid…” The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.

        • admin

          Thistle, thanks for the heads up. That video has been updated.

          Here it is in full:

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