“Mystery Virus” Spreading Like Wildfire Across U.S. Population, Putting People in Bed for a Month… Is This a Depopulation Bioweapon Experiment?

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Headline News | 88 comments

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    This article was originally published by Isabelle Z. at NaturalNews.com

    A cough can be rather annoying, especially when it keeps you up at night, but you can usually take comfort from knowing that it tends to run its course rather quickly and you’ll be back to normal in no time. Unfortunately, a new virus is going around that is turning what is normally a week-long nuisance into a month-long nightmare – and speculation abounds regarding its origin.

    Physicians around the nation are reporting a spike in cases of people suffering from a very unusual cough. It’s caused by a virus and it’s lasting anywhere from four to six weeks – and in some cases, even longer.

    One doctor, Texas Health Dallas’s Dr. Gary Gross, says he has been seeing at least a patient a day suffering from the virus, and he lamented the fact that it lasts so long without seeming to get better.

    Dr. Gross told CBS DFW that the virus has no quick fix. Patients have no choice but to let it run its course, although some medications can help soothe the cough somewhat. Patients are advised to get plenty of sleep as well as lots of fluids.

    Emergency medicine specialists in Cincinnati have warned the public about the virus, which they say has caused a surge in patients presenting with upper respiratory symptoms such as a cough, congestion, and shortness of breath.

    Bethesda North Hospital’s Dr. Kenneth Patton describes the difficulties patients with the virus experience in breathing, saying: “They are retracting, their ribs are doing a lot of work. You can see their neck muscles, you can really see that they are having a hard time breathing.”

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    Patients’ biggest complaint, however, is the duration, with many people stuck in bed for weeks. Avoiding the virus is a matter of washing your hands frequently and keeping your distance from people who are sick. Once you get it, however, you’ll simply have to wait it out.

    What is the source of this virus?

    Naturally, any time a new virus like this emerges seemingly out of nowhere, it’s hard not to wonder if it could be part of a depopulation bioweapon experiment.

    Plant Pathology Professor Dr. Cyril Broderick has stated his belief that the Ebola virus was manufactured and then released intentionally in Africa as a weaponized virus. Other experts agreed with his theory. Meanwhile, in the wake of the Zika outbreak, governments in Latin America urged women to avoid pregnancy because of the potential for birth defects.

    The idea that depopulation efforts are underway is bolstered by the ongoing push toward reducing human populations in the name of somehow saving the planet from “global warming” and the testing of vaccines and experimental drugs in African nations. Influential names like Bill Gates have openly declared that reducing the human population could help “save” the planet, and The New York Times recently printed an editorial arguing that the end of humanity would actually be a good thing for the planet.

    There’s also the fact that pharmaceutical companies have a lot to gain in the wake of such outbreaks by developing new vaccines and drugs. In fact, a team of researchers at California’s Scripps Research Institute have engineered a deadly new bird flu strain that can infect humans on the pretense of learning what such a virus could do in order to prepare for it. The mutations they’ve created allow the virus to make its way into human lung cells. What could possibly go wrong?

    When you pay attention to everything that is going on in the world today, it’s not a stretch to question whether depopulation efforts are behind viruses that emerge mysteriously and suddenly affect a significant number of people.

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      1. I suppose that if Dr. Cyril Broderick, a Liberian born (black) agricultural professor at Delaware State wrote in a Liberian publication -the Liberian Observer- that Ebola is engineered by the defense dept. it must be true.

        After all, with credentials in human pathogenic virus engineering and defense department projects how could he be wrong?

        • I have this cough! It started on Dec. 23rd as a dry cough. I went to urgent care the next day for a stronger cough syrup. The inhaler and other pill I was given didn’t do anything other than make me worse. This is the fourth week of coughing. It is such a hard cough my lower ribs feel bruised. Runny nose and congestion only lasted a four or five days, it is this cough that is horrible!

          Yes, taking Vit. C and Vit. D. Good article. I was wondering WTF kind of cold I had caught. I haven’t been sick in years and I don’t get a flu shot, either. There was one day, right before Christmas, when I went to the grocery store and it was packed with people. That is the day I got this. So almost a month, for me, so far.

          • sounds like what i had about 5 years ago. my stepdaughter had it for a month or so before i got it….it took SEVERAL months for me to get rid of it….probly the worst of all the sicknesses i ever had. it went around so cal for quite a few months. good luck to you.

            • Thanks for the heads up BCD! I have a humidifier, now, so hopefully that will help.

              Not fun. Between my voice being blown out and my lower ribs / diaphragm hurting, this is not good. Humidifier seems to be helping so I can sleep at night. Put it on a step stool so it is level with my face when sleeping.

          • Philosopher Deplorabilis, is it a deliberate weapon ? Possible I imagine. But realize most Americans have a seriously compromised weakened immune system and 70+% are over weight or obese that also greatly affects their over all health. The fact you went to the doctor for cough medicine tells me all I need to know. It should you as well, but I doubt it does. Good luck with waking up and taking 100% responsibility for your own health and well being. You apparently have a long way to go.



            My proof of what I say is very simple indeed. You do NOT know another 70 year old RVN vet who has had many NDEs and healed himself of many serious maladies and accidents that look like I do and enjoy great health and well being as I do rather easily 24/7/365. Anybody can do the same thing as well. Just have to know how and get on with it. I only believe in results and facts , nothing else. And I have helped thousands of people heal themselves of all manner of maladies rather easily. Just as a clue, stay away from the doctors and what we call the health care system here in USA today ! All of it is a serious bad joke on YOU !

          • Got in on Dec 26. I’d been on a packed plane. REALLY bad cough, wheezing. Ended up in ER because bronchial tubes were clogging up. Could not breathe. 3 rounds of different antibiotics, cough remedies, prednisone, nebuluzers, inhalers….nothing has worked. Slowly getting better but still have a little wheezing and acute fatigue. Never experienced bronchitis this bad! Almost 4 wks and still not well.


          • Took our rainwater to a prof lab yrs ago. Scientist was surprised to see Barium in the sample. “Barium should not be in our rainwater,” she says. I ask her what effect would it have on people? Her reply…”It affects the immune system.”

      2. Oh well, nothing can be done about now especially if some place goes pushing a vaccine for it except wait and see.. If its fatal then im fucked.. So what the world can kiss my ass and may it have it twice as long. Karma will smile kindly upon you as it hopefully have mutated after my demise so nothing works to “cure” /prevent it. Will be my personal gift for all you slackers. I wasnt the first to get it, but have had it long enough. Either i will conquer it or not,and i am mostly healthy and fit.. For you fatties and other diseased and malnourished by choice….. You dont know the fun you are in for.

        • This is my fourth week. My voice has been wrecked too. I have spots on my lower ribs that hurt when I touch them. Not sure if my ribs or my diaphragm have been been bruised but this sucks. The cough is so fricking hard, and so low, it is tearing me up, physically.

          • The fact that this virus is so very different thana nything before i have experienced, and it is so uniform in its symptoms across the stories…. Well, lets say there is no such thing as coincidence. It is definitely debilitating, so to weaken a population with it deliberately though, yeah, it is engineered and it all hit right at the time they went stupid crazy with the chemtrailing around christmas for maximum mixing of geographic populations and familial concentrations… If i were the evil genius strategist…. Its what i would do for maximum exposure, maximum mixing and transport through key holiday transportation systems. For equal diabolical certainty of results…. A secondary virus exposure of something different and alien to the taxed immune systems would be a follow up about spring break time. The second virus would also be the more impactful, the first to blanket weaken and prime the immune systems, the second to cause deliberate cytokine storming and pnuemonia. But who am i, i am nobody, but i do pay attention to trends and symptoms….. Sooooo. H1N1 swine flu sucked big time, but to get whacked while your lungs are already weakened…. Will be devastating.

            • No one dares to name the country that is doing it to the people. Who has those amazing labs and unlimited budget to make those illneses. I wonder which country is doing this

            • Has any/everybody been taking their nanosilver regularly along with the C,D,E,echinacea, zinc?

            • Deplorable NJ, just saw an article the other day about the young reporter who suddenly died. She wasn’t sick when she went to bed,but woke up almost dead. Hospital said it was H1N1-swine flu. So there’s your lead-in to that virus. My daughter has this cough last year,she broke multiple ribs from violent coughing.We All had it around here. Nasty stuff.

          • Be careful, you can crack ribs coughing too hard.

            A nasty virus like the article described might be an excuse to try out colloidal silver.

            • I didn’t know that but this cough is so hard, I wouldn’t be surprised. I ordered a humidifier and it arrived today. I am back up, but when I did lay down, it was relief. No coedine cough syrup tonight. I bought one from QVC that is quiet and can run 30 hours after being filled. Should have bought one sooner. $50 and worth it!

              I have colloidal silver but have never used it atomized. Long time fan of AJ and IWs, btw.

              Thanks for the info!

        • Deplorable Neal , there are very simple ways to avoid any and all of it so it is not fatal if you choose to live and think correctly. Also to heal it quickly. The only people who will get any of these maladies are those with weakened immune systems and not thinking and living correctly. That is just a simple fact, do with it as you please. It is all about choices, nothing more.

          The last time I got a cold or whatever it was is when I was sneezed on by an illegal alien. I treated it immediately and never got full on sick as everybody else did a few years back. I have not been sick with any such a thing for so long I cannot even remember the last time. So I am doing something quite right, Hey ? simple stuff.

          What ever you do , do not believe your lying eyes and also believe the Mueller team are good guys as well upholding the law !

      3. It morphed into a bad head and chest cold last week that im still recovering from, lost my voice for two days so far… But by god i can laugh, and oh how ironic that laugh is. According to my daughter, i sound like a ghoul from Fallout four. Hahahahahaha! So delicious to see this all play out. Reality is coming.

      4. During the black plague of Europe in the Middle Ages, people went to live in the countryside. The isolation saved them. An isolationist policy is always resisted, but it has its merits.


        • If anyone hears about this virus in their community or even nearby town, it’s time to avoid crowds (shopping areas, church, civic events, theaters, sporting events, etc. like some are doing now during flu seanson. Using germ wipes on shopping carts, etc. Shop, run errands early in the day.

        • Why diseases spreading/worsening: Causes.
          1- Self serve Soda fountains. At movies and fast food joints. Also Buffet serving lines.
          2- Waitress that does not properly poor from drink pitcher. Touching pitcher from glass to glass. Nanny state Idiots, banning sanitary drinking straws.
          3- Waiters/waitress from third world countries, coughing on your food. How I nearly died.
          4- Allowing people from third world, India, Central America, China, Africa, all filtering into US unchecked/uninspected/undocumented illegals. These types coughing on you while out in world. These people also seem to always be spitting EVERYWHERE ans anywhere. Why?
          5- Exchange students, China-India-Africa students on university campus.
          6- Flu shot. Bioweapon.
          7- Vaccines. Bioweapon.
          8- Travel to third world. Bad idea. Why do people keep going to India. Read history of famous people dieing during or after visit. The rural people in India defecate in any/all open areas. Refusing to use privy. Seriously!
          ALL the above will make you sick, maybe even kill you.

          But I believe that:
          A. Poor nutrition due to modern agriculture methods.
          B. Lack of exercise due to sedentary lifestyle.
          C. Not enough exposure to dirt as children, due to urban/suburban living.
          D. Exposure to rf microwave energy emitted by cell-wifi-bluetooth wireless.
          E. Lack of sunlight due to fear mongering uv concerns.

          These factors are Most of reasons behind illness.

          Countermeasures below that worked for me. Maybe for you?:
          Notice that YOU have Choices for many if not most of risk factors.

          At my goading her, My lady friend started taking her own filtered water to work. Not using company provided water cooler or soda fountains at work.

          We stopped all eating out at restaurants.
          No self serve movie drinks from those push button, many choice, drink machines.
          Washing hands upon returning home, Always. Remove shoes at door, like in Japan.

          Everyone in her office had flu last season. She did not.

          We also ate citrus fruit consistently, throughout flu season.

          Exercise. Walks, Try to find sunshine.

          Remain properly hydrated with clean filtered water.

          I was healthy as a blue Ox. I take lunch and drink to work ALWAYS. Never eating company provided food for events, holidays, training. (Bring mine, eat mine.)

          Keep heat down in house.

          Also used humidifier during sleep. Keep sinus from drying out due to dry heat.

          Change furnace filter very often. Use quality filter element.

          But children in public school will destroy the very strongest immune system of the parents. Illegal children are mixed with taxpayers children. I have no counter for this disease vector?

          Maybe Ship the children off to military academy?
          Last was joke. Kind of…

          Perhaps the above ideas will help you and your family stay healthy?

          No I am not a Doctor or health expert, otherwise I would have said, “Take the magical flu shot sheep.”
          But then you would get cancer from it. I have seen a dozen or more people die within year after flu shot. I believe flu shot is depopulation Bioweapon.
          What do you think?
          Anyone have proof from credible source?

          • It sounds like you’re a smart guy. Maybe your kids will go to the Citadel?

            They did a study and ice machines at restaurants are FILTHY and full of germs.

            • There’s a pinkish-greyish mildew sludge that loves to grow in commercial ice machines. I’m not a big fan of gooberment inspectors of any kind but at the place I managed, they always made a beeline for the ice machine to make sure we were scrubbing properly and changing the water supply filters regularly. We did a good job but I doubt that many places do. As you and Anonymous pointed out, one stands a strong chance of receiving a dose of crud at restaurant/fast-food joints from ice machines and soda fountains.

              • Which is the reason I never get ice. Ever.

          • staying hydrated so that your body can fix itself is MOST important.

          • Anonymous, in other words weak and stupid people who have been seriously mind fucked and do NOT accept full responsibility for their own health and well being.

            Same exact people that believe the Muellers sham, and many more as well who are simply lazy thinkers/doers ! Nothing new under the sun, yet so very simple indeed.

        • Honeypot, I’ll be isolating myself with the family when the balloon goes up. There’s definitely some benefits to isolation.

        • Maybe that’s what happened to Bill Gates. He has been deafeningly silent over the past few months.
          Silence from a potential genocidal maniac always troubles me.
          He might be on the same path as Ginsburg. Maybe then you will be able to buy a PC devoid of the crippling Windows OS.

      5. WAKE UP. The Elite at the top of the globalist food chain are malevolent apex predators. You are prey to them. Worse, you are using resources when they have already fed like vampires to take away your income.

        Do you really think that when AI and robotics take 40% of jobs that they will just give you guaranteed income? There is only one reason to do so: to prevent rioting.

        Why have the elite bought so much ammunition for elements like Social Security and the Forestry Service? Why have the simultaneously restricted firearms and ammunition for the citizens?

        Soon, they will not need workers only LEOs and soldiers. And when they don’t need them due to even better robotics, then they will be marked for extermination.

        The easiest way to eliminate mass amounts of the populace are EMP, public water utility failure, and contagion. That is far cheaper and effective than war.

        • Take your med’s

          • right on says. yes run down and get more meds for your prepping stash ? Many new ones available daily so yo will not suffer restless leg and such maladies. And certainly get a lot of antibiotics to be sure ! That way you will kill off all your good bacteria and not shit for weeks. Excellent stuff those meds, ain’t science great ?

          • We in Forestry need the ammo for shooting bears is all.

        • Great Comment – been saying the same things for years.
          We are just resource pigs to the elite.
          The issue is that if they unleash a biological agent to depopulate they will need to have a vaccine to prevent them from getting it- also there will no doubt be people who are just resist to the agent and will survive.
          Biological agents have a habit of mutating and being unable to control

        • Yes, but a pandemic needs slow-release timing, and they are not there yet with their diabolical”science.” Corpses piling up in the streets would defeat the purpose. The same applies to EMP and water contamination.

          • You want low lethality at first in a bioweapon or else the host dies before spreading the infection.

            ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_reproduction_number

        • That’s a whole lot of austere hyperbole. How about suggesting a solution. What say you in the protection of the planet and its inhabitants against such malevolent apex predators?

          The time of stashing and caching is over. Time to set-up shop and be ready for the onslaught, which awaits only the command to commence.

          • The immediate solution is get out of every high population density region.

            Go to Western Kentucky and live on a homestead.

            Learn as many ancstral skills as possible.

            Marry a beautiful, sweet, submissive Proverbs 31 wife who is an RN preferably an ER nurse.

            Be a veteran with combat skills.

            IF the SHTF, it won’t be head on assaults, it will be guerrilla tactics. It would be no tactics while contagion is raging and in history only FOOLS fought in wintertime.

          • Fact Is, the solution is a simple one. Build a strong immune system by living and thinking correctly and work at being prepared mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually for any events that may come. That includes various forms of self defense matters. The spiritual part is not about religions at all, quite the opposite. It is about actual knowledge and understanding the other parts and your own Inner Powers ! That is what all the religions have hidden from you forever. Very simple stuff indeed. Become a sort of warrior monk and live accordingly in peace, but totally prepared for any and all events. It is all about simple understanding of many matters of your life.

        • Once robots and AI take over many menial jobs.
          Once mechanization and automation is stable.

          Ruling class will use, Disease, flu shots, vaccines, processed food, 5g cell radiation, wireless radiation, and the ruling class favorite cull tool WAR, Nuclear and Bio War.
          They get rich and your children die. That is the con job the rich have always played.
          That is the future if ruling class not defanged and muzzled.

          Politicians want WAR. War is a culling method, nothing more.

          A sane, thinking man, would not go half way around the world looking for trouble in someone else’s backyard, kill strangers, then get blown up or messed up himself. It is INSANE.

          Protect the US Border. Stay home.

          Let’s see if DOD and website censors stop message. China is now scrubbing web world wide.

          US with the Political correct insanity is becoming a place many people now want to leave. Nearly as bad as China. The anti US media owned by foriegners is out of control.

          Take back our media! Stop allowing foriegners to brainwash the sheep.
          Keep our rights to be well armed.
          Secure the borders. Stop the illegals by any and ALL means neccessary.

          Borders-Language-Culture-Strong America-National Security for AMERICANS-Jobs for AMERICANS

          Bill Gates and Ruling class wants to use insects to spread pandemic.

      6. Two of the richest people in the world are also two of the scariest people: Bill Gates said “Reducing the population could save the planet” and crazy Oprah said “We need to get rid of all old white people.”(By “old” she meant 70+ years)

        I think that is being accomplished with the Big Pharma drug pushing culture and Opioid crisis, Chemtrails, Monsanto GMO produce/foods, plastic inside our seafood from ocean dumping that we ingest, to name a few ways of many.

        • Southpaw, consider this, only weak minded and very stupid people take any forms of opiouds and get addicted. It is a self cleansing thing not unlike AIDS. It solve itself by death.

          I feel sorry for none of it. They are solving their own weak minded problem, so have at it, I can care less. I just do not want to be forced to pay for any part of any of it. And if any attack me in any way for any reason it is over, they will suffer no longer ! Good riddance to all of them, and yes if my own kid did this I would feel exactly the same way and have already been there to some degree on alcohol after attempting to help.

          Enabling any of it is not any kind of solution, just much more of the insanity !

      7. awY1MRlMKMc
        You listened to liberal liars.

        The elite despise you. They are malevolent apex predators sitting at the top of the food chain.

        Their actions have wiped out the middle class income and jobs.

        Feminism has wiped out the former wealth and security of ladies who were put on pedestals. They stayed at home and had marriages lasting 40 years. They had more and you have less.

        They claimed the sexualrevolution and abortion would empower women. Instead it caused a plague of stds, broke up marriages, caused single moms, and killed millions.

        It was always about depopulation, destruction of the family, and to weaken American citizens.

        Margaret Sanger’s goal was to cut out the dead wood of the tree of humanity.

        Meanwhile the elite even gave firearms and enormous ammunition to the Dept of Social Security and the Forestry Service. Then took them away from citizens.

        The three easiest ways to depopulate are EMPs, disrupt city water utilities, and CONTAGION.

        Do you really think when AI and rrobotics eliminates 40% of the workforce that they will pay you a guaranteed income? Why would they?

      8. Now you’re just repeating what Dave Hodges says…LOL

      9. Im going to cough all over pelosi if I get it. It will be a test to see if there’s already a vaccine for it.

      10. My dad earned a BS degree in Microbiology. I helped him do his senior labs. I was exposed to the cause of Disease at an early age.
        I prepared Petri dishes, started growing things and made slides of the resultant growths. I grew asshole bacterial from dinner plates we had just washed.
        I did not become “germ” phobic, in fact I believe that a healthy immune system can only occur by living normally in your environment. I had about every childhood disease you can get, and I got more shots in the military than you could ever imagine.
        I was inoculated with some of the last smallpox vaccines given in the late 70’s.
        You cannot escape disease, you can only try to use best practices to avoid it and do what you can to treat it once you get it, sometimes that is absolutely nothing. No medicine will cure a flu,
        and many other common problems, all you can do is survive it.
        Nobody gets out of here alive.

        • I did chem lab work but knew some pretty girls who worked in micro. I though agar agar and other growth medium stunk. I did work on instrumentation/calibration on autoclaves and temperature controls involving clean rooms later

        • @ Maranatha: That’s a whole lot of austere hyperbole. How about suggesting a solution. What say you in the protection of the planet and its inhabitants against such malevolent apex predators?

          The time of stashing and caching is over. Time to set-up shop and be ready for the onslaught, which awaits only the command to commence.

          @relik: Straight-up candid comment with which I concur as a medical practitioner.

          • See my reply above.

      11. There’s a virus called COMMUNISM that’s already infected this land.

        • NWO, leftist, communist, is a mental defect.
          These types are out of touch with reality.
          These people are more than dangerous.
          Yet they walk the streets, brain wash sheep with foriegn controlled media, and brainwash children in schools.

          Good people must stand up against the insane NWO communist bullies.

        • The Deplorable Renegade, and that can only happen via apathy, stupidity and laziness of the populace !

          Americans have become very slow to realize many simple truths and even slower to take any necessary actions to stop any of it. So of course it only continues. Same is true on every health issue as well.

          No rocket science, PHD or MBA needed to realize it all.

      12. GOOD: Construct a 40 foot high double fenced concrete wall, equipped with thousands of meat eating wild animals
        , automatic electric eye/gunnery system and land mines.

        BETTER: Move the TSA to the US/Mexico border and make sure every person crossing into America has their papers checked,
        ensure they have a legal right to cross,
        check their criminal and civil fine/penalty records, and pat them down for drugs and weapons.

        BEST: Create a 12 mile wide buffer zone on the US/Mexico border where any American citizen can use lethal force to
        defend the United States from illegal invaders.

      13. saw a headline a few days ago that this years flu virus was mutating… but still urged you to get your flu shot.

        • The latest preliminary information is this influenza shot which typically at best has a 50/50 chance of effectiveness is even LESS EFFECTIVE this year.But that is the injected versus.
          CIDRAP found that the inhaled version(often given to kids) probably has a 25% effectiveness but is as little as a 20% effective rate.

          And there are reports in some states of confusion as H1N1A influenza is causing some patients to have vomiting and diarrhea which then can cause severe dehydration.

          It is widespread in 30 states…and practically in all states, though the majority in Arizona is H3N2.

          • Note that IF you took the vaccine right this second, you would not develop antibodies for 14 DAYS! It wouldn’t do squat for two weeks, so if exposed and the variant matched, you still would get sick.

      14. ??⭐️⭐️?? Is this what “the Simpsons Movie Decoded! 1-18-2019? – YouTube” thinks is coming???
        “The Armageddon Virus is Almost Ready to be Released into the public!” YouTube
        Simpsons Movie Decoded! 1-18-2019? – YouTube
        Revelation 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the BEASTS of the earth.
        News article “Scientists Describe How 1918 Influenza Virus Sample Was Exhumed In Alaska”
        Also Matthew 24:7 Prophecy page click my name. Thank you.

      15. In 1918-1919, influenza hit in three waves. It affected African Americans and Hispanic Americans and Native Americans much more intensely sometimes based upon the area. In fact, white women, often of means, would voluntarily care for these folks. This is a fact buried by extreme leftist historians. Meanwhile white men often built coffins…and those who got the illness, sometimes did not last 24 hours.

        In some cases, a white woman risked her life, either acting as a practical nurse in a field hospital or moved in to help a mother with the illness, only to end up caring for one sick child after another.

        It typically began in prisons, in universities, or among soldiers due to sleeping quarters. One of the concerns in 2009 was if the close the university, then you have potentially infected students going home…ony to spread the contagion.

        When epidemiologists wanted to see the virus, they actually went to a remote Native American commumity and dug up bodies there because they were in permafrost.

        Actually in Russia, they have had issues with old anthrax victims becoming exposed in melting permafrost and starting new infections.

        • Realize that germ theory was still somewhat novel in 1918 and so those people burying the recently deceased might very well have been exposed and thus might bring back the contagion.

          That same issue still exists with Ebola outbreaks.

          • Maranatha, and germ theory itself is seriously flawed, we now know for a fact.

            As well most all that we base what we call HC and medicine on these days is seriously flawed ! so anybody that still buys into much of it is seriously undermining their own health themselves for lack of actual thinking.

          • Yeah. They honestly had very crude knowledge in 1918 but that hardly was restrict to just medicine.

            Imagine what historians will say in 2119 if we are still around?

            The most effective technique that saved lives in the 1918 influenza pandemic was the osteopathic lymphatics drainage pump.

            htt ps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1939852/
            htt ps://sciencebasedmedicine.org/pump-it-up-osteopathic-manipulation-and-influenza/

      16. It was clear already a decade ago that weaponized epidemics will be used for population control.

        At the same time, the perpetrators will need to save a servile and sufficiently inept underclass to serve them.

        As only the underinformed and obedient accept vaccination these days, the antibodies are likely to be put into vaccines. However, these vaccines will also contain nanotechnology that will render the suvivors lame and demure.

        Either way, you are dead.

      17. Too damn many people coming in contact with each other and nobody washing their hands. Hospitals with bacteria problems(MRSA) and poor sanitation around the planet. Mother nature will weed them out.

      18. Lets add all the mass of people coming across our southern border sick and diseased without being checked out.

      19. Yes, as I reported earlier, epidemiologists believe that the 2008-2009 H1N1 influenza PANDEMIC started in Mexico in Oaxca region or Vera Cruz. The earliest cases are from there and eiter American tourists or illegal aliens brought it to the USA. Look it up.

        Frankly the reservoir of the strain is just how the DRC is the reservoir of Ebola.

        But of course this is no commonly discussed, because that would be politically incorrect. We mustn’t use science and must minimize anything which could threaten the extreme left which insists on breaking the law and allowing illegal immigration. So that has become the policy in the EU and the USA, allowing illegal economic migrants from Africa and the Middle East and Central America and Mexico.

        It’s absolutely nuts. Our ancestors knew to quarantine legal immigrants to avoid contagion. Yet a hundred years later, we throw out long established effective policies out of idiotic emotional appeals.

        What’s really nuts is AI and robotics are replacing human labor and yet these moronic leftist politicians want to flood the least educated and untrained criminals in, who are the least likely to get a long lasting job. And so they are the first ones who will lose a job to automation! You can’t mistake this stuff up.

        So the very people bringing disease, are the very people who will form the future welfare state!

        The leftist excuse is that we need the illegal alien criminals so we can bolster social security, yet instead we KNOW that is a LIE. That has been repeatedly proven to not work in the EU where the flood of economic migrants from Africa and the Middle East have failed to find lasting employment!

        Regardless, you would either want educated Asians to come as legal immigrants going through a vetting process, which has a proven effectiveness rate. Or the most logical and economic policy would be to raise up educated AMERICANS who are young to put them to work. We don’t need more immigrants.

        • The perfect vector to deliver part two of the binary biological weapon after part one was chemtrailed onto us. Guess what the vaccine mixes didnt include. As if it mattered, timing is everything and all vaccines are poison to the body anyway…but you have no CHOICE, TAKE YOUR POISON OR ELSE they kick em out of school, their jobs…. Etc. Conform dammit!

      20. ht tps://abcnews.go.com/International/worlds-2nd-deadliest-ebola-outbreak-reaches-600-confirmed/story?id=60383138
        There have now been ten different outbreaks from the DRC with this being the 2nd worst so far with 600 confirmed dead and hundreds more likely to be infected.

      21. Meanwhile right during the worst of the influenza season, let’s send another illegal alien caravan from Honduras!

        htt ps://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-15/trump-warns-new-migrant-caravan-forming-honduras

      22. Lysol is pretty cheap I don’t go anywhere without it. Wallmart has some of the sickest and most unhealthy people I have ever seen. I agree with other comments that avoidance is the best mechanism. Stock up your food and cashes of goods so you don’t have to interact with sick people.

        • Listerine began as just plain old phenol which was a standard disinfectant in WW2.

          • htt ps://www.cleanroomtechnology.com/news/article_page/Disinfection_of_cleanrooms/134515
            Clean rooms for medical or pharmaceutical purposes routinely use phenol-based disinfectants for most microbes.

            Removing prions is difficult and the standard is using copper ions.

            Some bacteria can live at very high temperature (thermophiles) but so far these are not the varieties that harm human beings…that we know of.

        • Antibiotics do nothing for influenza, but when the SHTF, you don’t know what it is. You are making an educated guess. If you get sick with flu symptoms, rebound, then get sick again and your fever spikes to 103+ then most likely you got a secondary bacterial infection because you were exhausted maybe dehydrated and your immune system was tuckered out. That is when it’s antibiotic time.

          Older wiser docs will often consider the patient, his/her medical history especially if more prone or medically fragile, and will anticipate this. Young docs are newbies, harried, and don’t think it through.

      23. I would have to say open your eyes look to the sky and see, nothing is normal up there any more, they are spaying crap up there and it is settling and we are breathing it in, aluminum particulates is just one of the things falling and that my friends is not good for your lugs, Just google Chem Trails.

      24. Bill Gates have openly declared that reducing the human population could help “save” the planet.

        He should lead the rush and be the first to commit suicide to help save the planet.

      25. LOL. Depopulation weapon obviously, better buy Natural News rubbish “cures” Beware this quack salesman.

      26. To all of you reading this blog, please read the following, I beg you. (I’m emphatically NOT trying to sell anything, I swear. I’m just trying to help.)

        HYDROGEN PEROXIDE may well be one of our most powerful weapons against all forms of contagious disease. It’s cheap, too. Taking hydrogen peroxide on a regular basis has been found by many people to restore and maintain sound physical health, so you really should seriously check it out. (I’ve been drinking 50 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide daily for months now; one change I noticed was that my mouth ulcers healed more quickly than before.) One place to start would be the book The One-Minute Cure, available at Amazon. (The book’s got a 4.4-out-of-5 star rating from more than 850 reviews.) Who knows, it could well be part of some conspiracy that the medical establishment has not acknowledged the curative power of hydrogen peroxide. Try it; it could well save your life and that of your loved ones.

      27. Deplorable NJ, just saw an article the other day about the young reporter who suddenly died. She wasn’t sick when she went to bed,but woke up almost dead. Hospital said it was H1N1-swine flu. So there’s your lead-in to that virus. My daughter has this cough last year,she broke multiple ribs from violent coughing.We All had it around here. Nasty stuff.

      28. Deplorable NJ, just saw an article the other day about the young reporter who suddenly died. She wasn’t sick when she went to bed,but woke up almost dead. Hospital said it was H1N1-swine flu. So there’s your lead-in to that virus.

      29. How ridiculous! Every time I try to comment ,moderator says “this is a duplicate comment- you’ve already said this. But I havent

      30. This is pretty alarming in light of the recent announcement from “World health Org” listing those they label as ‘Antivaxers” a grave threat in 2019. When you start to connect the dots it,this latest cough virus preceding this announcement is highly suspect. A intended biowarfare release to justify forced vaccinations?



      31. “Some comments on this web site are automatically moderated through our Spam protection systems. Please be patient if your comment isn’t immediately available. We’re not trying to censor you, the system just wants to make sure you’re not a robot posting random spam.”

      32. htt ps://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/argentina-approves-forced-vaccination-of-entire-population
        Forced vaccinations in Argentina.

      33. Yes especially if the other individual do not know his or her personal interests.
        Is there an “either or” decision you’re fighting with?

        Roving eyes can cause a regarding heartache for the spouse belonging to the ogled.

      34. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) kills microbes and the human immune system uses hydrogen peroxide in small amounts.

        BUT it is HIGHLY UNSTABLE as H20 (water) has strong covalent bonds but that other oxygen radical bond is easily broken. It is not meant for internal use.

        If you have hydrogen peroxide in liquid form, go open the cap, and you will hear that extra oxygen pop as the cap is opened. You witness this when irrigating a wound with hydrogen peroxide then bubbles on contact with blood.

        But when it is liberally taken internally, it damages tissue! Don’t believe me, watch videos where someone foolishy swished their mouth with hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth but it then harms their gums. Don’t do that. There are safer ways.

        Antioxidants are in food naturally and these bind to free radicals that are implicated in disease and the inflammatory response. Why would you ever intentionally put more free radicals in your body??? That is why hydrogen peroxide is NOT for internal use.

      35. Mouth ulcers are typically caused by viruses. They are exacerbated by acidic substances like citrus juice and by smoking. You want to treat causes not symptoms.

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        internet marketing email campaign. You can offer recommendations, reviews,
        comparisons, behind the scenes coverage. Figures like sales conversion and visitor prices.

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