Mystery Polio-Like Illness Spreading, Baffled CDC Under Fire: “Doesn’t Appear To Be Transmissible”

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    Editor’s Note: Parents in a large AFM Facebook support group have shared their stories, and have yet to find a common factor among the children who have this illness. Some children have been vaccinated, some have not, some have had the flu shot, some have not. There has been some speculation about the possible cause being an autoimmune response to a virus, according to a discussion in the group.


    The CDC has confirmed another 10 cases of Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM), the mystery illness that’s been paralyzing children across the country, bringing this year’s total number of cases to 72. AFM has been reported in 24 states, while there have been 396 confirmed cases from August 2014 through October 2018 according to the CDC.

    While the CDC still doesn’t know the cause of AFM, the risk factors, long-term effects, or why the number of cases spiked beginning in 2014, the agency has learned the following:

    • Most patients are children.
    • The patients’ symptoms have been most similar to complications of infection with certain viruses, including poliovirus, non-polio enteroviruses, adenoviruses, and West Nile virus.
    • All of the AFM cases have tested negative for poliovirus.
    • Enteroviruses most commonly cause mild illness. They can also cause neurologic illness, such as meningitis, encephalitis, and AFM, but these are rare.
    • CDC has tested many different specimens from AFM patients for a wide range of pathogens (germs) that can cause AFM. To date, no pathogen (germ) has been consistently detected in the patients’ spinal fluid; a pathogen detected in the spinal fluid would be good evidence to indicate the cause of AFM since this condition affects the spinal cord.
    • The increase in AFM cases in 2014 coincided with a national outbreak of severe respiratory illness among people caused by enterovirus D68 (EV-D68). Among the people confirmed with AFM, CDC did not consistently detect EV-D68 in every patient. During 2015, CDC did not receive information about large EV-D68 outbreaks in the United States, and laboratories reported only limited EV-D68 detections to CDC’s National Enterovirus Surveillance System (NESS). During 2016, CDC was informed of a few localized clusters in the United States. Learn more about EV-D68.

    In a CBS This Morning interview Tuesday, CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield said that while the agency still doesn’t know what causes AFM, “it doesn’t appear to be transmissible from human to human,” adding “[the] CDC’s been working very hard on this, since 2014, to try to understand causation and etiology. As we sit here today, we don’t have understanding of the cause. We are, you know, continuing to strengthen our efforts, working in partnership with state and territorial health departments, and academic experts to try to figure this out.”

    “I’ve recently asked again to put together a task force to really try to look at where we’re at, and what else could we do to try to solve this problem. The good news is that it doesn’t appear to be transmissible from human to human. We don’t see clustering in families,” Redfield said. “I do think that this is a new occurrence in the United States, the AFM. Our – our suspicion is it’s caused by a single agent. That’s the dominant disease that we’re confronting right now.”

    The CDC has come under fire for their response to AFM.

    “Frustrated and disappointed — I think that’s exactly how most of us feel,” said Dr. Keith Van Haren, one of the CDC advisers on AFM and an assistant professor of neurology at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

    Van Haren and other doctors who care for these children say the agency has been slow to gather data and to guide pediatricians and emergency room physicians on how to diagnose and treat the children struck with the disease, acute flaccid myelitis.

    “This is the CDC’s job. This is what they’re supposed to do well. And it’s a source of frustration to many of us that they’re apparently not doing these things,” said Dr. Kenneth Tyler, a professor and chair of the department of neurology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and another adviser to the CDC on AFM. –CNN

    Frustrated healthcare professionals weigh in

    AFM is rare – with less than one in a million people contracting it annually – however the number of suspected cases has been on the rise, frustrating healthcare professionals across the country.

    “We really don’t know what is causing it in some kids now, and there definitely needs to be more research,” said Texas ER Doctor, Eric Higginbotham, adding “Some of these kids recover from it,” he says. “Some kids, once they have that nerve damage, there is really not a way to heal that. So, they stay in this weakened condition.”

    “The CDC really seems to be out of sync with the conclusions that most scientists are coming to. We feel like we’re not being listened to,” said Dr. Keith Van Haren – CDC adviser and assistant professor of neurology at Stanford. “We don’t understand how the CDC has arrived at the place where they’re at.”

    “This is a mystery so far, and we haven’t solved it yet, so we have to be thinking broadly,” said Dr. Nancy Messonnier, the CDC’s director of Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the press briefing this month, adding that although enteroviruses can cause AFM, it’s not clear whether they are the main culprit.

    Messonnier told CNN: “AFM is a destructive disease of the neurological system. If this virus was causing this damage, we’d expect to be able to find the virus in the spinal fluid of most of these patients, and we’re not,” adding “We cannot explain these three peaks of disease in [2014, 2016 and 2018] by enterovirus, and so the way that sort of any discriminating scientist would do, we’re trying to think more broadly and make sure that we’re not missing something.”

    The CDC will meet next week with medical experts to discuss treatment considerations, according to Messonnier.


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      1. Polio Vaccine, that’s the cause.

        • I’ll bet everyone of those kids coming down with this has had the polio vaccine. Remember when somehow some of the batches of the polio vaccine was contaminated with the aids virus, which in itself is very suspicious. There is no way of knowing exactly what’s in this vaccine, they could be using a mutated form of the polio virus, or be adding who knows what! The officials themselves say it appears to be a polio like virus.

          • Didn’t bother to read the article did you?

            • In a past article it stated AFM is a virus similar to polio. Do you believe everything the CDC tells you?

              • More diseases brought in with the immigrant parasite infestation, thanks to the liberal sanctuary mindset.

                Avoid brown people like the plague.

            • The obviously obfuscating some have been vaccinated some have not and some had a flu shot (vaccine) some have not and some have not.tells me all have been vaccinated. Not being transmittable defense points to the verboten answer of metals in vacci

            • The flu shot is a vaccine. So the statement of some did some didn’t for each is an attempt to dismiss without actually lying.

          • Fact: The US contaminated the Smallpox vaccines with AIDS that were given freely to the African population back in the late 1970’s. My Dad , who did some information gathering for the CIA was in Africa during that time. He was told to go to the nearest clinic to receive the vaccine while in Africa. He was physically sitting in the small exam room when a Naval Officer burst through the door, and informed him that under no circumstance was he to get the Smallpox vaccine, as it was laced with AIDs. True story. So, for all of you out there that still believe vaccines will not harm, continue to be the Sheeple….

            • Polio vaccine contaminated with aids: referencing little girl on Phil Donahue Show ,whose parents, sibling, blood transfusing was all investigated as causes. Absolutely at the time no idea where her aids came from. Something like decades later was the discovery made.

      2. I blame the large number of illegals and refugees who are spread all over the country.

        • HIGH 5 CHAD

      3. You might laugh, but I have a friend who is a lineman who works on installing 5G network boosters who swears are to blame.

        He claims they disrupt the “resonant frequency of the water in developing nervous systems” and is causing this.

        Now I’m no doctor, but I found his claims to be interesting, if unsubstantiated. It might, however, require some further study.

        As a HAM, I do know RF can do some weird stuff to the human body.

        • It would make sense if this was just happening in the USA and in areas of 5G installations.

      4. Well Random, you just might be onto something there. Although the quote about resonant frequency of water is nonsensical, we do know that microwave radiation as produced by 5G transmitters is not a good thing for the body. Our protection, if you can call it that, is that the emitted signal is very small. However, we should remember that all nerve endings are essentially antennas. We should also bear in mind that the 5G signal, amplified sufficiently, is referred to as a microwave oven.

        • As for fringe explanations — and, I know what is discussed, conventionally — I’m from the train of thought, in which technology was slightly downgraded, slightly dissembled, short of a miracle. Eccentrics (sorry, eccentrics, but there’s still a word for it) use those same nuts and bolts, to heal.

          Conventionally speaking, the only measurement we’ve read, here, was a spinal tap (usually, considered severe?) They have not reportedly measured all of the body’s other tissues, between it’s outer covering and it’s very center, none of what the body excretes, or what has gone into the body. Based on what I’ve read, here, an epidemic is found in this one place, only (spinal fluid).

      5. 4 G affects the H2O in the blood, and 5 G affects the O2 in the blood.

        • H2O in the body and O2 in the blood

          • Still needs clarification: 4G affects water molecules in the human body, while 5G affects oxygen absorption in the blood stream.

      6. (Above post was misplaced.)

        There is a formal, bureaucratic procedure. Boffins can’t think outside of that box, and new points of view have not received funding.

        I don’t necessarily want to work with this stuff, here.

        But, anyone could conceivably build their own models, test and document that.

        Science is a form of volunteerism.

      7. Pestilence comes to mind.

      8. Offhand I think it stems from or is related to West Nile.

        Something I have personal experience with and something that could definitely cause it if it infected the right systems in children. I lost feeling in my hands and lost and some use of them when I had it that took several months to recover from when I caught it.

        What the cause of the increase in these neurological oriented symptoms without a corresponding increase in its other systemic symptoms and why mostly in children leaves me wondering though.

      9. List of Possibilities:
        DARPA playing with insect vectors to transmit disease?
        Bill Gates playing/testing with his vaccine mosquitos in US? Or is it the Mosquito spraying done by cities?

        Something missing or something added?

        Something incompatible with GMO food? GMO soybeans?

        Some chemical added to water?

        Vaccinations-Flu Shot
        Favorite kill weapon of the “elite”. Human cattle line up like lemmings because they are afraid of unknown. I personally will take my chances with unknown. I will NEVER be flu shotted. I will never get vaccine. If I die from not having it. It was a calculated risk. So be it.

        I believe this is the winner. Pesticides more dangerous to our developing children. Cumulitive effect. Pesticides like Round-Up are in EVERYTHING. I can not use horse manure on garden because round up is in their manure. Round up kills plants. I HAVE NEVER used Round up on my place. But neighbors do. And feed suppliers products bought have trace amounts in there.

        All the above corporate interests are very connected and bribe the politicians/media. Doubt truth will be made available unless an outsider finds proof and posts info to web.

        Note: the Round Up con game is that round up kills plants. Then you must buy GMO plants engineered to grow with round up. These plants are Hybrids. They do not propagate true. Therefore you are locked in to buying seeds each year. Underdstand the con game now?
        * Corporation makes money selling poison Round Up.
        Round up also ruins heirloom plants growth.
        * Corporation makes money selling you seeds EACH year.

        Note: Most pesticides are offshoots of chemical weapons used in war. That is where they came from.

      10. Who in their right mind trusts the CDC? The Center for Disease Control does exactly that, create and control disease. Works hand in hand with pills for every illness by chemical witch doctors.

        • Bingo, we have a winner. I’ve read that every effected child had four or more oral polio vaccines.

          These vaccines are now made using recombinant gene splicing tech, they combine many diseases to create the vaccine. Until it’s been in use for years they have no clue how it will react in a large population.

          The comments about cell signals, Blue Tooth, and WiFi signals being a health concern are also valid. We have this stuff everywhere. Never put cell phones or WiFi equipment near developing children or pregnant women. if a phone is in your pocket the screen should always face your body, they are designed to send the most radio power out the back, because manufacturers know it’s not good for you. The safest way to use a phone is with a corded ear piece and mic, and the phone kept a cord length away from your body. When not in use keep phones and BlueTooth equipment far away from you, like the other side of the room. Most routers have a time lock function intended to allow you to shut off child access after bed, use it and shut off all WiFi while your family is sleeping.

          I saw an interesting article from a cancer researcher who was looking specifically at electromagnetic/Radio Frequency induced cancer. He felt the RF alone was not that hazardous, but combine it with certain toxins or medications, and cancer is almost guaranteed. He did not elaborate on what those chemicals or medications were.

          There are also articles on how gov black ops can use cell and WiFi signals to mess with a targets head. What was thought a conspiracy theory only a year ago, but has been confirmed by whistleblowers. The answer is to shut off this equipment while you sleep, and what can’t be shut off like an apple phone should be on a table on the other side of the room in airplane mode.

          • PTPO
            Question. whay put apple phone on other side of house.
            Wrong advice.

            Why have Apple phone?
            Why give your money to a corporation that has a long term track record of being Anti Freedom and Anti American?

            Apple’s relationship with China is TREASON.
            Apples choice, Encrypt keys stored in China. TREASON

            Why have cell phone? Cell phone’s pupose is to track and suviel you.
            Why have cable TV box? track your movements and surviel you. They also sell your info for profit.
            Why bug your house and pay for that privilige?

            Makes ZERO common sense.
            Unplug from the Beast System.

      11. CDC – Center For Disease CONTAGION

      12. What if its the latent effect of a vaccine given to the children early on in life or as recent as 1-2 years before? Just a shot on similar effects seen in other parts of the world.

      13. Fukashima is poisoning the Earth and all its inhabitants.

        • This is very true, but they(people in power) are not going to tell you this. Water, land, and air are all being contaminated beyond any repair. Therefore you, human, are also being contaminated beyond repair. Again our only hope lies in our Creator.

          • Has your Geiger counter shown an increase in background radiation since the Fukushima thing?

            Mine hasn’t.

            • Watched a YouTube, a guy that had a Geiger counter and was on a plane coming from SE Asia to Chicago. As he flew over Japan it went way up into hazardous levels, and the readings only increased as he flew along the wind currents into the US. Very creepy. Keep in mind that radiation levels at high altitude can be dangerous anyway, and the way air is slowly exchanged on aircraft exasperates the problem.

      14. Bring on the vaccines, Roundup, 5G, Fukushima, and whatever else.
        The world will be much better place when 90% of the population is killed off and only the more robust human breeders remain….

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