Mysterious “Nosebleed” Illness In Tanzania Claims 3 Lives

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Headline News

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    Of the 13 people who have been infected with a mysterious “nosebleed” illness in Tanzania, only one has recovered. Three have already died and the others are being held in isolation while the rulers try to figure out what is causing the illness.

    While this disease resembles other hemorrhagic diseases like the Marburg virus and Ebola, all patients tested negative for both and tested negative for COVID-19, according to a report by Medical Xpress. 

    A mysterious illness characterized by fever, headaches, fatigue, and nosebleeds has claimed three lives in southeastern Tanzania and left 10 more people ill, the country’s chief medical officer announced on Wednesday, adding that a team of doctors and health experts had been sent to investigate. -RT

    Tanzania’s chief medical officer, Aifello Sichalwe, has urged those residing in the country to remain calm, explaining that a government-backed team of professionals was on the case. Of course, what we always need is more rulers on the case to tell the public what to do.

    The mysterious disease was diagnosed in the southeastern Lindi region, and only one person has recovered. Three have died, and the remaining patients are being kept in isolation, Sichalwe explained.

    President Samia Suluhu Hassan stated on Tuesday that the “strange” disease might have been caused by “growing interaction” between humans and wild animals, blaming “environmental degradation” for the alleged cross-species leap. She did not elaborate on whether a particular type of animal might have been responsible or provide proof for the vague claim.

    Ready Nutrition recently posted an article on zoonotic diseases, those passed from animals to humans. The article reads: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continue to give us more guidelines on monkeypox and COVID, it begs the question: is there more to come?

    A World Health Organization scientific advisory group released a preliminary report outlining what needs to be done when a new zoonotic pathogen emerges. It lists a range of early investigations into how and where the pathogen jumped to humans, determining the potential risk, as well as longer-term environmental impacts.

    They are urging the population to be ready for another pandemic. –Ready Nutrition

    It’s only a matter of time until one of these “new” or “mysterious” diseases is an actual concern for humanity. Because COVID-19 was such a lie-filled propaganda push to inject the masses with a substance that gives them AIDS, human beings may be less willing to compromise next time. Stay aware and use your discernment.


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