My Liberty Movement Suicide Security Pledge

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    I woke up this morning to the very disturbing and saddening news that a Liberty Movement colleague, David Crowley, had been found dead in his Minnesota home along with his wife and 5-year-old daughter. Mainstream media outlets, without any apparent evidence or backing from local police and coroner reports, have immediately injected the notion of “murder-suicide”, suggesting that Crowley was somehow unstable, and that he had murdered his own family and then took his own life. MSM articles showcase Crowley in tactical attire and holding firearms (most of which were props for his upcoming film ‘Gray State’, which depicts the collapse of America and the rise of a totalitarian society very close to what we are actually facing today). Ostensibly these photos, along with the fact that Crowley owned “many guns”, are being used to convince the public that the murder-suicide theory is plausible. The police, on the other hand, are treating the deaths as “suspicious”.

    I met David Crowley myself in Tampa, Florida during the Paulfest rally and RNC in 2012. We had bunked in the same house with multiple other liberty activists and movement voices. We hung out around the pool, drank beer, discussed the growing troubles of the day, and joked about the absurdity of it all to make ourselves feel better. From what I remember of Crowley, he was a level headed and dedicated military veteran, with absolutely NO signs of mental instability, anger, or depression. I happen to be very familiar with the signals of post traumatic stress disorder, and Crowley had none of them. He knew his path in life, his film concept was gaining momentum and funding, and his mission was clear. None of the psychologically debilitating elements of bewilderment, lack of focus, and lack of self-value common to suicide victims were present in Crowley’s attitude or life.

    Like everyone else, I am not privy to the physical evidence available to police in the case of Crowley’s death and the death of his family. I can only speak on what I know of the man personally, as well as my intuition on the situation. My intuition tells me that there is NOT A CHANCE IN HELL that Crowley had a breakdown, let alone murdered his wife and daughter. Nothing in the mainstream narrative adds up. Which leaves me only one other conclusion: David Crowley and his family were murdered.

    We can only theorize on the ‘Who’ behind such a crime; I would suggest that people ask themselves who it is that benefits most from the death of David Crowley, or any liberty movement activist, for that matter. Who, exactly, benefits from the possible fear such a vicious death might cause.  Who benefits by inserting into the public consciousness the notion that liberty activists, especially activist veterans, are all “time bombs” just waiting to snap?

    Many in the alternative economic field are well aware of the strange trend of dozens of mid-to-high level banking officials and people tied to them dying off over the course of the past year.

    Most of these strange fatalities have been attributed to “suicide” without any substantial investigation. And in some cases, details of the deaths have been hidden from the public.

    My concern is that such an unfortunate and unexplainable suicide frenzy may strike prominent figures in the Liberty Movement as well. So, to head off such a scenario before it begins, I am writing the following pledge to secure myself from “suicided” status, and I hope that all other liberty movement activists and prominent personalities will make similar statements in order to provide at least some insurance and public reference against a possibly insidious purge.

    My Pledge, if it turns out I happen to be important enough to kill…

    I, Brandon Smith, founder of, will NEVER bring deliberate harm to myself or other innocent people. I will NEVER commit suicide, nor will I ever hurt other people, including family, friends, or colleagues. I will NEVER use a weapon against another human being unless in self defense. I also will NEVER disappear from public view of my own volition, nor will I ever abruptly quit my work within the liberty movement. I am dedicated to the cause of freedom, I am proud of the path my life has taken, I am of excellent health, and am sound of mind (though such a thing may be treated as “subjective” by many).

    I will NEVER jump from a bridge, jump from a tall building, hang myself with my underwear in a case of auto-erotic asphyxiation (I’m not into that), drown myself in a lake, or drive my car into a tree after packing it with explosives. I have no drug addictions and NEVER take psychotropic medications.  And to be clear, I will NEVER fly in a prop airplane, so it is impossible for me to die in a prop-plane crash. I also will NEVER pull a firearm on a police officer or federal agent unless they arrive without a warrant and exhibit clear intent to harm me or those I care about.

    If I am found dead, regardless of the supposed circumstances or motives given by the mainstream press or state officials, IT WAS MURDER, not suicide. If I go missing, it is because of foul play, not because I have quit the movement, or gone off to Alaska to commune with the damn trees. Character attacks will not deter me from my work, nor cause me to walk away from my activism.

    If I or any other liberty movement activist end up dead or missing under strange circumstances in the near future, I highly recommend that others in the movement consider this a serious threat and go “operational” to secure themselves and their loved ones.

    I have no fear of covert programs against the movement or myself. I will continue to pursue my work, and all possible dangers are ultimately irrelevant. It is my hope that other activists will adopt the same attitude and not be dismayed, no matter what we witness in the days to come.

    All of this might sound a bit “over the edge” to some people. Frankly, I couldn’t care less. These are the times we live in, whether one accepts it or not.

    One lesson from the Crowley tragedy is the lesson of community. Crowley and his family had apparently been dead for around a month before anyone decided to check on them. Their neighbors barely knew them.

    Where were their friends? Where were their relatives? Neighbors heard no gunshots? Why was there no community of people around them to question their disappearance? ALL liberty movement activists should be building community and organizing in groups which meet regularly, and they should be doing this NOW. This organization might be in the form of a neighborhood watch, a weekly prepper group, an Oath Keeper CPT group, etc. We cannot be isolated from each other any longer.

    This pledge is a precaution, not a shield against violence aimed at us. Preparation must continue, for only when organized and prepared will we find any kind of legitimate security


    Brandon Smith


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      1. Thoughts and prayers go out to David Crowley’s family and friends.

        Like Brandon, should this author ever end up “suicided”, it was not by choice.

        I do not know the specifics surrounding the circumstances that led to the death of David Crowley and his family, but I do know that he was an outspoken critic of the police state. (you can read an Infowars report about Crowley’s death here: )

        His movie, Gray State, had just recently received full pre-production funding from a crowd sourcing campaign and looked like it was going to make a serious impact when released.

        We posted the original Gray State trailer when it was first released and were excited about the prospect that Crowley was going to bring the issues to light. The trailer and pre-production work was absolutely stunning.

        Official Concept Trailer:

        • What Mac said. Dam shame.


          • Mac, kinda puts a chill down your spine?
            Thanks again, site seems nicer…

            • Ditto. Never suicide.

              • Brandon Smith says:

                “I would suggest that people ask themselves who it is that benefits most from the death of David Crowley, or any liberty movement activist, for that matter.”

                Q: Who benefits the most?

                A: The State!

                • The state knows this is coming so yes they do! They don’t want the general public who hug the cops now being made aware of this movie. This is why anyone can make a donation to have this film completed.

                  • ya this one I linked bellow. Watched it pretty intense. long but still shows all what’s truly going on.
                    I think since it calls for Revolution in the trailer is one other reason this guy got killed.

                  • Video was taken down due to a copyright claim by someone named Thomas Edward Rice.

                    Seems par for the course with videos on blogs like this. *sigh*

                    • Not missing anything. I hope the movier comes out and it is better than that documentary. It was boring, long and didn’t say anything new that we don’t already know and talk about all the time.

            • Anyone watching the POTUS blowing smoke???

              • He is the most disgraceful lying POS this country has ever had for prez.

                • Obamas BS Speech. He is one twisted POS. He pretends he is on the side of the people Hopey and Change BS, but his action are to destroy every Americans dream of liberty, peace amd prosperity. He is an appointed Shill to break America into a thousandpieces so fragmented and defensless his NDAA and DHS can rule over us. I tell you this. Buy as much pysical Silver as you can afford right now. Bury it in PVC tubes. BUY Guns and ammo and stay alert. Just when you fall asleep. They will come a knocking.

                • Ovomit is not my prez as he is not lawful, is a fraud, traitor, and murderer, all of which can be verified with facts in hand.

                • You’re right… I thought Bush was the most disgusting piece of lieing trash I had ever seen.. couldn’t even stand watching him on TV.. turned my stomach. I never thought anyone could be worse than Bush– but you’re right; Obummer is worse than Bush!

                  • And Obama’s replacement will be even worse than him! Man is that a scary thought!

                  • I gave you a down thumbs because you are an idiot. Thanks and have and have a nice day.

              • eppe.

                The Black Messiah has saved us all and has shown us the path to success and unity.

                He said the word, “Truth”, once and stuttered.

                On the “Vets” section.

                His administration has called me a coward, terrorist and unpatriotic. Now he wages a war on Vets to disarm them of their 2nd amendment rights. I have heard no apology either but he is buddy, buddy with Vets all of a sudden. I am a Vet.

                Mr. President, Go Fuck Yourself.

                • Amen!
                  With a big ass cactus!

                  • Jumping cholla would work best. 🙂

                  • AMEN AGAIN!!!

              • Yeah remember, its the muslim way to lie. Koran says you’re gtg.


                  (1) scholarship (including Torah scholarship), (2) sexuality, and (3) hospitality
                  The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition, Vol II, p.49

                  (4) lying to gentiles (Baba Kamma 113a)

                  (5) for “peace” (meaning, “it’s OK to lie to keep out of trouble”) (Yebamoth 65b)

                  (6) when everyone should know you are lying, “guzmah” (Hullin 90b)

                  “Rabbis are liable to alter their words, and the accuracy of their statements is not to be relied upon.” The Talmud: The Steinsaltz Edition, Vol. II, pp. 48-49.

                  “It is strictly forbidden to moser [inform the non-Judaic authorities on] either a Jewish person or his property. One who mosers a Jewish person or his property has no share in the world to come.”
                  Shulchan Aruch, Choshen Mishpat, 388

                  • There is something wrong with you.

                    • Uncle Mike: He’s conflicted, his real name is John Moishe Publicstein, a self-loathing Jew trying to distance himself from his heritage. He tries to hide it, but his detailed knowledge of Jewish doctrine gives him away as having been a deep scholar as a young Jew studying to be a Rabbi.

                  • #4 and #6 allowed for Jewish comedians. Ed Sullivan used to have them on all the time. I could never understand some of the things people were laughing at. Being from the South, I didn’t know about matzoh balls or gefilte fish, or where the humor was coming from. At least I can spell them now.

                    My father never told jokes, because he said almost all of them were lies. The most he would do is repeat things that coworkers had said. Like one time, he said that there was a coworker who obviously didn’t take baths regularly. Coworkers said that he would wear a pair of briefs until they rotted away, except for the waistband. Then he would put on a new pair. They claimed he had on at least a dozen old waistbands.

                • muslimes are told they can lie, murder, steal, rape, and enslave in the koran, my pig excrement be upon it. Just facts. Look it up if necessary.

                  • Actually, GP, is absolutely correct.

                    If it furthers the spread of TRHD (The Religion of Hate and Death, pronounced like “turd”) it is allowed.

                    Everything for stealing to lies to fornication to murder, anything! …even denying the faith, if you can work that in.
                    Everything for TRHD.

                    Search the following words on YouTube:

                    why we are afraid bill warner

                    …if you want to know the truth about TRHD. What The Kenyan said about the “peaceful” members is true. The vast majority are peaceful. Remember: everything for TRHD. They’ll be peaceful as long as they have to, but, as soon as they get a leg up (according to history, its around 6% of the population) you get VTRHD. That is when it starts getting ugly and the violent TRHD, or VTRHD steps in.

                    Once you get educated, you’ll never let someone pull the “peaceful muslim” bullshit within the reach of your voice without a rebuttal.

              • Nein. I cannot bear to watch or hear the village idiot in any capacity. I have a sudden urge to throw items at the TV that could possibly break it, when he is on TV. I ignore the white house turd burglar because to pay attention to him would make my blood pressure go through the ceiling.

              • I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE SO BAD!!

                • Ditto! I pray it will still get produced.

                  I’ll buy 10 copies of it and distribute.

                • Anonymous: Really, just the idea of a dystopic future like “Gray State” excites you. I’m sure you were even more ‘aroused’ as a young person when “Red Dawn” first came out. The very though of “doomsday” thrills you and others here so that you can break out all of your toys you’ve spent years acquiring at great expense to your bank accounts as well as you personal sacrifices of time away from family and friends. But your end-time fantasy doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. A 29 year old contract employee walks out of NSA HQ with all of their sensitive data on some thumb drives and flies half way around the world before they even know it. So much for the all-knowing all-seeing ‘overseers’. Over 1000 LEOs combed the hills of Pennsylvania for 7 weeks before capturing one gunman. So much for the all-powerful juggernaut of the militarized police and their ability to enforce much of anything. The reality of these huge failures on the part of those you call TPTB proves that reality can never come up to meet the expectations of your fantasy.

              • “Anyone watching the POTUS blowing smoke???”

                Yeah, I did! I think my butt is till on fire. Oh, nevermind, its just the smoke they were blowing UP IT!!!

                Don’t pee down my back and tell me its raining!

                I wonder if all Kenyans are genetically pre-disposed to lie like that? These SOTUAs make you wonder.

                I started watching and typing in the lies in on my laptop. I’m a fair typist and can bang out 60wpm on a good day with just a few errors. I gave up after the first couple minutes. I mean, it was NON-STOP lies.

                11 Million jobs created? Really? Oh, you mean those part time, minimum wage jobs?

                I’m just so sick of the lies. If these criminal bastard thieves lost a single heartbeat each time they told a lie, they’d never live past about 50.

          • It is a sad fact that those who seek to alert the rest of us to the antics, deceit and outright dishonesty of those n positions of influence and/or power come in for “special” attention.

            Usually this takes the form of using personal attacks to discredit and embarrass, to convince the general population the guy is a nutcase, that he has no credibility and that anything he says or does is the action of a kook.

            If that doesn’t work the big guns come out and the next whistleblower who is silenced permanently wont be the last.


        • Sad it has come to this. Any seemingly real threat to the status is dealt with swiftly and decidedly. Talk about a powerless feeling.

          • lets all take the pledge never to commit suicide using a nail gun to staple ourselves to a cement block while throwing ourselves off a bridge with a rope around our neck and our hands tied, and blindfolded.

            • Paranoid just in case they find us at the bottom of a lake all wrapped up in chain. Lets make a pledge never to steal more chain than we can swim with. Trekker Out

            • I remember a true story of the suicide of a black man who was in custody in South Africa before the end of apartheid – seems this guy, even though he was handcuffed, jumped out a window and closed it behind him.

              Sounds legit?


              • Mike Ruppert was about to make a documentary about our police state also and he was found dead also– gunshot to the head. They said it was suicide but I have my doubts.

                • Ya I see in my research on the guy he called out the CIA on their drug smugglng racket they had. He wrote several books too like Crossing the Rubicon, most of his works were anti gov so ya could be.

          • Powerless feeling? Of course. That is the psyops of the NWO. Divide and conquer. United we are invincible.

            Lone wolves do not survive. Join a group, even a Tea Party. Multiple your voice in a group. Magnify your power in a group.

            Take a lesson from La Raza and other minority groups who press their cause. THEY ORGANIZE. Start a FREEDOM CELL where you live. Connect to like minded FREEDOM CELLS.

            All politics are local. You are responsible for American Liberties in your neck of the woods. Know your enemy. Know your local enemies to the US Constitution.

            When Nibiru passes it will be a good time to eliminate the New World Order, once and for all. Until then, take control of your Board of Education, which the enemy is using to spread their communist ideas.

            Take control of your City Council. Demand transparency. Make Citizen Arrests of Law Breakers charge with the Public Trust. Others are doing it.

            You can do it too. 🙂

              • Thanks for the link. It looks like a great organization. I will join and support it. WE need a chapter of this organization in every city and town in America.

                United, we are invincible!!! 🙂

                • the durango kidd says:

                  “Thanks for the link. It looks like a great organization. I will join and support it. WE need a chapter of this organization in every city and town in America.”


                  Hey DK… AAN is in opposition to central banking!

                  How does that square with your Keynesian brain???

                  • YMWW, why don’t you go suck an egg?

                    • I finally figured out who you remind me of insecureheart; Doug Whitmore in 50 First Dates, played by Sean Astin


                      I can even hear you say go suck and egg mofo, with a fag lisp.

                      Your such a retard, your a funny retard, but still a retard.

          • gonetoolong, it means they are afraid which they should be.

        • Mac, this tragedy has “US GOVT” written all over it. I’ve watched the trailer several times and the production definitely showed a lot of promise. Now it’s all up in the air. I hope his colleagues will carry on and finish the work. It’s what he would’ve wanted. I would be happy to watch it IF it ever gets finished.

        • His movie received no funding.

          • “His movie, Gray State, had just recently received full pre-production funding from a crowd sourcing campaign and looked like it was going to make a serious impact when released.”

            Yes it did, many of us funded it.

            • Cal,yes,it got started funding with the trailer,then,they as stated on their site got involved in something else and put on hold,read this awhile back as was looking forward in a grim way to seeing this movie come to life,seemed dead and stale in the water though even before this tragedy.

        • Since we’re very adept at tagging and bagging folks worldwide.

          this comes as no surprise

          sad as it is

          especially a 5 year old

          then again

          how many wedding parties and collateral damage has occurred?

          these evil luciferian worshipping bastards have no boundaries now do they?

          may Crowley and his family rest in peace..


        • Interesting that Dailey Mail article mentions a dog being found inside the home. The article does not state the the dog was found dead so I would assume it was alive. If that is the case I find it unusual that a man that kills his wife and 5 year old child would not also kill the family dog. If an outside party killed the family there would be no point in killing the dog as the dog cannot provide a witness statement.

        • If he was a prepper– if he cared enough about his daughter to prepare for what’s ahead, if he cared enough to make this movie… then, I doubt seriously he could have “outed” his little girl.

        • You’re right– this is an extremely powerful film. It goes against everything the BS Media is trying to convey, so of course, they will do all they can to prevent it from being released. I agree what someone said: THIS FILM SHOULD GO ON ANYHOW, NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

        • I liked the trailer, so who is going to carry the torch and bring this movie to fruition? The bad guys can’t win. This movie must be made and published despite the price. Silence is not golden—it’s suicide.

      2. May David and his family rest peacefully in Heaven. Those of us left behind will carry on the fight in his memory. The fckers who killed him will burn in hell forever with they Nazi ilk from times past.

        I am not prominent by any means. I have told my wife that I would never off myself. I have told friends and family that if I am found dead without the obvious being robbed by some thug evidence it was a government opt that did it. I don’t really worry since I am a nobody, but then again enough of us nobodies can really make a difference.

        If anyone except an obvious uniformed LE comes towards you be prepared to shoot first. If some guy in a black suit walks out of a black SUV you might as well draw first, your life as you know it is already over…

        • George w,
          AMEN to that my friend!

        • I agree with everything you just said except the obvious uniformed LE part. Always be ready to shoot if needed.

          • Rebel in ID, I agree. I’ll be ready to shoot regardless of who it is. Evil can wear anything.

          • Hey Rebel,
            What part of Idaho are you in, N or S?

            If you’d rather, you can email me [email protected]

            • Eastern side, a little over 30 minutes drive from Idaho Falls.

      3. Brandon Smith, Thanks man for your letter & announcement! Salute, no atta boy, there is to much to be done get your atta boy afterword’s. Keep the good clear spirit within you! I pray & wish the best for you & yours in the forthcoming.

        • Yo inthewind! Been a while man

          Well ,
          Take it easy

      4. This sounds completely backwards from OPSEC. Depending on where you leave your letter, you and your letter will disapear. These letters only really work if you are in the public eye. Nobody cares about the average Joe.

      5. i do believe brandon is getting just a lil’ worried…

        ‘chin up’ brandon the ‘Zog Gestapo – Midnight Black Bag Squad’ can only kill you once.

        might i suggest you get yourself a few motion sensors for your homes exterior entrances , exterior security doors, 4 point door bars, a couple of mean puppies and a 7.62 bullpup.

        you will sleep much better for the effort.

        russian motto: ‘they can’t kill all of us!’

        • Not worried, just covering my bases, as we all should. If I was “worried”, I would have quit already, and I never quit. Also, I already have mean puppies, and any unfortunate souls sent to do me harm, even if they succeed, will likely be joining me across the River Styx…

          • This kinda crap just hardens my resolve to not go along

          • Stay safe Brandon……I want have another lunch with you next time we come out that way.

          • Brandon,

            Have you seen what D. Hagmann is saying or talked with Doug about it?

          • you are not alone Brandon

            if you need help just say so

            those that can will come to your aid

            the community where you live is full of very well armed True American Patriots and Angry Veterans who are all just itchin’ to fight.

            there is a Veterans of Foreign Wars pub in town on Baker Ave,

            check it out sometime… the beer is good and cheap.

            go there if you need immediate help or safe sanctuary.

            you will find yourself amongst like minded friends there.

            • Nice to have friends nearby.

              Not so much Apple Valley. I lived there for ~10 years. After Sperry Univac went away a critical mass of neighbors became long distance commuters. No time or energy to engage neighbors beyond the occaasional bar-b-que.

              Bedroom communities are IMHO unsafe.

      6. People have a way of hiding what’s going on with them, yes I’m sure this man was up for the struggle to come, but I also know how daunting it is when everyday it seems the things I care about are under attack and we must admit that’s some heavy shit.

        Brandon, I commend you for voicing this possible threat and for publishing your insurance policy. Can any of us at this point believe or Government is not beyond actions such as this?

        I don’t and I worked for years within the dark side of the Army, I know what can happen.

      7. I feel bad for those who died,will wonder whether the true story here will come out or not.I will say was looking forward in a grim way to the movie Grey State,seems way too many hiccups in the making of that movie and guess will just have to see it play out live,Dave,hope you in the company of family keep raising hell and kicking up a fuss in the next life against injustice!

      8. Soon and I mean very soon a branding iron will be used to mark the foreheads of such patriots with a “Six Sided Star” with the clear intention of leaving a mark for the rest. Just don’t give up your guns patriots.

        RIP grandpa. Your generation warned the humanity about these species.

      9. Thanks, Brandon. I personally endorse the same pledge – one that I made to myself in 2009 when I first realized the seriousness of “The Great Social Experiment of 1945-2015.″

        Tonight I am pleased to report that seventy years of fraudulent, lock-step science is over!

      10. SOTU is about to start. Get out your umbrellas cause it’s about to pour bullshit

        • Umbrella? You better build an ark.

      11. I regard people like Michael Ruppert and David Crowley
        to be modern day prophets of sorts

        they discover things 99% of the population doesn’t know
        and probably doesn’t want to know
        they carry a HEAVY burden psychologically speaking

        I know there are times I want to go and start taking the blue pill again,things were so much easier being ignorant


        that ain’t gonna happen

        I’m fighting the bastards to the end

        • For Michael Ruppert it did seem like a heavy burden… he had announced his suicide several times in advance and had actually ‘prepared’ for it. I really enjoyed his work.

          As for Mr. Crowley, I am not sure of what was going on in his personal life, but from what I have read this was totally out of the blue with no warning signs at all.

          • I have worked for quite some time with people who have mental health issues
            and I can tell you from decades of experience
            people are very good at hiding their true selves

            as they say

            NO ONE knows what goes on behind closed doors

            it is very interesting to note however
            that a LOT of whistle blower types do end up suicided

            this guy was set to testify against the President of Argentina
            until he wasn’t

            Investigator to probe if Argentina prosecutor was ‘induced’ to suicide


            and similar examples are simply too numerous to count

            • Satori, I smell “US GOVT” all over this incident. Someone among TPTB did not want that film to be made. Now let’s see if anything happens to his colleagues who were working on it.

        • Satori,do as Warchild did,take the blue and red pill!I accept the reality that life can and probably will get real interesting and yet enjoy the day to day experiences/conveniences life has to offer at the moment.To use a tired phrase,”Live for today,prepare for tomorrow”.

      12. Let me share a “contrarian” thought with you.

        With respect to everyone who knew this gentlemen, his family, his friends, and everyone here, what if he, his wife, and his daughter were kidnapped and are being held somewhere, and that the “murder-suicide” story is to cover this up?

        There are things here that do not add up.

        Unless there are viewings, and his family and friends can account for why they did not report not having seen them, then I for one cannot accept the official version.

        No more than I can accept that jet fuel brought down the twin towers (jet fuel does not melt steel), no more than I can accept that LHO shot/killed JFK, no more than I can accept the official version of what happened at Sandy Hook when, as I understand it, parents were prevented from viewing the bodies of their deceased children. Were those viewings all closed caskets?

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Whenever you have eliminated the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth.” – Sherlock Holmes (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

      13. Never say never!

        • Always say never as long as you mean it.

          • This Crowley things smells of government PsyOps almost as much as you do, Brandon Smith.

            • Universe: You are a fucking moron!!! 🙂

      14. I believe they were murdered and the mainstream idiots said he killed his family and then himself. They can make him out to be a terrorist and unstable prepper it strikes at the core of liberty else should we look at it. I can deliberatly run somebody over with my car and kill them and just say the were suicidal and jumped in front of my car. See what I mean . I just watched obumer what a joke. I’ve not gained a thing I’ve lost 15 percent of my salary 75 percent of my pension and no cost of living increases I don’t know what the hell world this guy lives in but he is waay out of touch with working people. I don’t vote for liberals period but my union has supported the democrats and I haven’t seen a dime increase this guy talks about equal pay fair shakes what about me I’ve been brought down to the same level as everyone else. That’s fair and equal to him. I don’t care I’ve thrown out the anchor I do half the work I used to do that’s what’s fair to me. I’ve been looking for a new employer when the deal is right I’m jumping ship. Don’t work for any company owned by deutche bank they are cheap ass Jews. With all I’ve lost I’m just a notch better paid than a walmart worker now see we are all gonna be the same it’s fair and equal. No mention of our gun rights tonite that’s a last second legislative agenda. No need to mention that. I don’t know but this sounds like a man with a paper ass. I don’t buy into the global warming agenda it’s a money grab. The earth is constantly changing anyway it’s impossible to prove this it sounds believable though to some folks that go along with science. I can see trying to keep the earth clean but not at the cost of necessitys like cheap coal for electric it’s not that dirty the plant near me is a coal one and they upgraded the scrubbers. the people that own the plant made a huge investment to do this. Now the stupid hippys want it shut down and they are gonna slowly take it off line. The energy rate is gonna go up 20 percent how is that good for my family paying more for the same service. All this with no raises in pay my wife looked at me and said this is ridiculous . I’m fuckin pissed I can’t give her more $

        • Government says its suicide. How does anybody shoot themselves in the back of the head twice? Double Tap…

      15. Brandon, read yhis on your site and sheeple,
        Interesting times we are living in, the arrogance and ignorance of the government is mind boggling, never did i ever think we would be in this mess, from unending wars to our southern border wide open and the POSOTUS and other reps actually pushing amnesty,
        BULLSHIT, thats all i got sorry
        They can go fuck themselves

        • I wouldn’t allow them that much fun…

      16. Yo Brandon , I stand with you

        Mac –good site keep it up

        Stay safe out there folks and keep your damn heads on a swivel

        • Satori,ak designs made in the US for a long time now.There is a outfit in New England that has made milled receiver ones for awhile now that though have not seen personally folks do seem to like.You have/access to one a decent metal brake one can bend/drill/spot weld a receiver easy,at moment parts are all available in country to build yourself one.

      17. I used to have a website (before blogs came along) dedicated to opening eyes about the NWO. After my site was visited by someone at the Pentagon and days later someone at .doj, and soon after had a helicopter hovering directly over my house using infra-red (because they knew I had run to the back door to look out, and they dipped down below tree line, over the patio to meet me), and people were getting suicided even back then, I told my family and friends the same thing – that just in case I ever apparently committed suicide, that it was no suicide.

        • The stooges will never get me… I made myself a full tinfoil suit of armour.

          • Tin,though a suit seems extreme the important is did you also “ground” yourself?For years looked stylish in tinfoil cap till folks realized was right and could dispense with,little did I know though was for naught if not grounded,found this out here in this forum recently,luckily the tin hats full powers not needed,as they say”The more you know”!

        • Interesting,under 4 pounds unloaded.

          • Before ya’ll go getting your diapers in a wad over this rifle, you should know that it’s just at .22LR

            Lot’s of .22LR rifles out there in tacticool configurations. AR-15 types, Sig, etc. So this rifle will not have a gas-piston system. It will be your standard .22 rimfire blowback. So, if you just want something that looks like an AK then fine. But otherwise, there are better choices available.

            Now, if they come out with an AK clone in 7.62X39 and 5.56X39, THAT would be a big deal.

            But you would be better served with a Ruger 10/22 with 25rd mags, than you would with the Mossberg. Not saying it’s a bad rifle, since I haven’t seen it. But there are just a lot of other choices out there that would probably be better.

      18. Mac, BZ (Bravo Zulu) for your site and all you do. Brandon, we’re with ya…”si vis pacem, para bellum.”

      19. David Crowley is killed by the Feds.

        And stupid sheeple continue to eat GMO, watch too much tv, and suck their thumb.

        To hell with thus country.

        Go wave your damn flags and go watch “The Interview” and “American Smiper”.

        Pathetic. USA is a joke.

      20. Did you see Obama’s Man-Wife Mooshell up in the Balcony? He waved with her man hands. Obama also claims Joan Rivers committed suicide during her own surgery.

      21. Saw this on KWN a couple of days ago. I was sorry to hear about it and was anticipating when the movie would be completed. Sounds like a “Breitbarting” to me.

      22. People-People: when is ENOUGH going to be ENOUGH!!! Holy Shit Batman. The shit is getting deeper than a tree.

      23. I take this oath if per chance something like this ever hapens to me. It was murder and not siuicide. I wold defend my wife and family to the deathbefore allowing Gov thugs or any thug to do this to me. My fight may not be anymore than what I write, but by God util enough people wake up that’s what I have.
        I have already told my wife and mom that I get killed by a cop it was murder not I doing something wrong as in the Brown case. Iv’e already had an incident where the cops pulled me and my wife over for nothing, an feel if my wife were not there i’d of been shot. So yes FiIget pulled over and a cop yells put down the knife gun or whatever don’t believe it for I don’t carry a gun nor a knife except maybe for a small fishing knife. It will be him murdering me and not I doing anything.
        I’ve seen this tailer now a couple of times and fully believe it’s here now or very very close. This guy was in Iraq and had to have some in the know about Gov and the military,and UN involvment to even be wanting to make such a film in the first place?
        So yes I take this pledge that I will not ever commit suicide or murder anyone. and if killed by cops it will be murder on their part not me doing anything wrong!

      24. This movie needs to get to the public and this story too Gov killed this guy not him!

      25. I think TPTB did him in. Just too many patriots falling in the last several years.

        Now after writing that I also can see the Patriots knowing something we DON’T, and they know it will cause heavy, heavy pain and suffering to those who get it, and the PATRIOTS will be the first to get it. Something like Ebola, and there is no cure or way to fight it. Or a Nuclear war coming and they did want their loved ones to live in the radiation and suffer and die from radiation sickness, and cancer.

        It would take a strong person that LOVES his/her family so much that he didn’t want them to suffer, to send them to Jesus. I know there have been sick people take out their families, but these several folks in the last couple of years were not sick.


        Here is what I think it was. TPTB didn’t like the movie the Gray State, because it will fire up a fire so HOT in the bellies of the true Patriots that they will loose control and we will win back our Republic! In the beginning they didn’t think it would matter but more and more people are waking up and seeing the light, that now they are worried. TPTB will try and scare other writers off so they had him and his family killed. This is my belief and I think most of you feel the same.

        This whole thing makes me want to fight the NWO even harder!

        • Right, fight them eve harder, but all your battles will be posts on internet chat rooms. If these so called patriots like yourself were ever going to rise up and take back your republic, you would have begun long before t ever reached this point. Statements like yours make for good press release, but everybody know it’s nothing more the meaningless talk.

      26. I think I would check to see if this guy was put on psych drugs. Most, if not all, PSD suicide victims are on some prescription psych med. Also, almost all of the school shooters were on the same meds.
        The US Army is looking at this very seriously. I expect they will stop the use of these dangerous drugs very soon.
        Stay away from meds!

      27. My insurance policy is family backed , : that if anyone kills me or any of my family, up to and including my dogs ,, we all go hunting for theirs.

        The pact is also .. that no matter how bad shit gets no one self exterminates .. because we are a vested group , and have negative beliefs about that way of death.

      28. EOTS
        Amen Brother Amen!

        • Hey guys, my name says it all…..I too had hope for change…not what we got…but my hope still lives. I have things to do and goals to reach…I can’t do that suicided. That would be an inconvenient interruption of my plans. My saying is “as long as I am not pushing up daisies….life is good”.

      29. That is something that has not set with me as well. They say they had been dead before Christmas. Now think of how many you called or emailed or texted or otherwise got in contact with on Christmas Day to wish them a “Merry Christmas” or reply with a “Merry Christmas to you to.” How about Happy New Year? Where are his friends and family? Did he speak to any of them during Christmas or New Years? Something ain’t sitting right there, it ain’t flush.

        • They pulled of Sandy Hoax, and America swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

          You think they couldn’t get the media to believe bullshit like this? I mean, compared to Sandy Hoax, this is small potatoes.

          I’m wondering, is there any real evidence like a real funeral that anyone can give an affirmation of seeing real bodies of real people dead?

          I just don’t believe what is put out by “media” and “police”. They’re both agencies of the corporation and they have no ethics that require them to tell the truth. So, I’d urge Brandon to ask trusted people to affirm seeing bodies and blood.

          You know what they say! Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.

      30. Of course it WASN’T Murder Suicide. ANYONE; who OPPOSES TPTB who hasn’t been bought off or publicly destroyed; is going to meet an untimely death. Does anyone here remember John Heinz? Senator from Pittsburgh. That man WOULD have been a 2 Term POTUS. Impessive record; and clean; scandal free. Killed when a helicopter flew into his small plane. THAT happened in 1991; and I KNEW then; it was no damn ” Accident ” When was the last time you heard of a helicopter flying into a small plane? The man was JFKed.

      31. Everyone whoever appeared on Infowars is on some lists somewhere.

      32. Your so called oath is worthless. You cannot definately say you will never do anything because you cannot tell how your health, mental or physical health will change or what circunstances you will encounter. Your so called oath is nothing more than a show of your arrogance.

        • You show your arrogance thinking or believing you know me and what I do or don’t believe in

      33. I doubt I’d ever be important enough to even be looked at twice. I share the same ideas and value the constitution and believe our rights as laid out by the men who designed a country for the people (not government or business or bank). I don’t trust those that pull the strings, I have a clear understanding of the financial system and how we are being taxed and basically enslaved by the consumer machine this so called society has become. I do not claim to know a single thing about David Crowley or his personal life, who his friends, family, or enemies may be. With that said, I want to also pledge that I would never commit suicide. I couldn’t imagine leaving my wife and children to fend for themselves in these turbulent times and what lies ahead.. The author of this article and a couple commenters above mentioned phsycotropic medications. I understand there is a stigma when it comes to this topic.

        Im 36 and live with mild-moderate depression stemming from a less than ideal childhood and have dealt with anxiety on occasion. I take a low dose of an SSRI which only helps me enjoy my time on this earth a little more than without it, and helps make me an even more productive person, father, husband and prepper. I have been off of meds and changed dosages and tried new ones and have never experienced any homicidal or suididal thoughts. The only reason I bring this up is that I know there are many other law abiding liberty loving gun owning Americans or otherwise that feel the same way and are afraid of being called crazy or getting a knock at the door by some jack booted swat team to render my 2nd amendment null and void. Just because someone has gone through a tough time and is given a medication to alleviate some of those effects, doesn’t automatically point to them being crazy or suicidal nor should it take away their God given right to bare arms and defend themselves.

        So again, I pledge to never commit suicide or use a firearm other than in defense of myself, family or fellow countrymen. Just incase I come up missing and the local paper publishes some b.s. about me.

      34. I don’t know all these letters kind of ring of suicide thinking to me?

      35. Cops are getting away with murder as we know and judges put both banks and politicians above the law so the only laws left that are enforced are being used against us.

        When things turn the payback will be massive but please dont burn rich houses down because I would like to claim one free of charge and free from debt.

        The owner can come back and ask for his property back if no one have removed his head and I will comply and take it that his peers have found him not guilty.

        How long are you going to sit down and let the police bully you into doing what a bent system tells you to do and how poor will you become before you get up and deal with the root course.

      36. Of course, every organization of individual libertarians will have it’s resident spies for the elites. That’s why specifics need not be discussed, only generalities. Let the elites kill themselves out of despair at the thought of having to live as equals with the rest of us.

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