Must Watch: Tucker Carlson Hammers Ralph Peters After He’s Accused Of Being “Nazi Apologist”

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Headline News | 63 comments

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    There’s no doubt it. Vladimir Putin is no saint, and his nation no beacon of freedom or human rights. But does that mean that we shouldn’t work with Russia when it comes to fighting Isis?

    That’s the question that was discussed earlier this week on Tucker Carlson Tonight, where Tucker went toe to toe with Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters, who has long been a cheerleader for regime change across the Middle East, including Syria. During the interview, he even went so far as to compare Tucker to individuals who sympathized with Hitler before World War Two, because Tucker didn’t think it was a bad idea to work with the Russians on this particular issue. That’s when Peters’ rabid Russophobia reared its ugly head.

    Ralph Peters seems to have a rosy view of America’s foreign policy. He says that the Russians have been bombing hospitals and refugee camps, but ignores the massive civilian casualties that our airstrikes inflict on a regular basis. That doesn’t excuse those casualties, but it suggests that the Syrian people would be no worse off if we worked with the Russians to snuff out ISIS.

    He says that the Russians are helping Assad stamp out freedom fighters, but he ignores the fact that most of the rebels that we helped in the past were and still are, Islamic radicals. In that sense, the Syrian people would be better off with having the Russians on their side. At least they don’t create more terrorists than they kill.

    Ralph Peters’ overly simplistic views on foreign policy are aligned with the same views held by neoconservatives who drove the Middle East into chaos in the first place. He’s aligned with the same people who thought they could destroy stable secular governments that were no threat to us, without unleashing a wave of sectarian violence and Islamic militancy. His proposals are more of the same. He wants to destroy a stable secular government, by helping radical Islamic groups (who he thinks are just freedom fighters) overthrow Assad, and he’s determined to prevent the Russians from cleaning up our mess.

    We have only a few choices in the Middle East at this point. We can keep doing what we’ve been doing since 9/11, which is trying to force Middle Eastern countries to become liberal democracies by utterly destroying them. That clearly hasn’t worked out. Or we can help the Russians stamp out the radicals that we helped spawn with our chaotic wars, which proved to be petri dishes for terrorism. Or we can back out of the Middle East entirely. Peters and his ilk support the worst of those options, and we should pray that they never come to dominate our government ever again.


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      1. He’s sure all his friends have never taken bribes.? How can anyone of us be sure of that? A children of Satan on display?

        • Col Ralph Peters is a friggin Moron. Folks this is the same type of people we have running the government today. Morons with an agenda, Hate Everybody. They all need to be fired and go dig ditches. Perpetual War is their only agenda , they work for the MIC Mafia.

          Tucker on the other hand needs to run for congress. He is more rational today than I have seen in a while.

          • i tried to listen to this but had to stop it less than 30 seconds after this bastard first opened his mealy mouth!!!

        • Ya can’t Cuck the Tuck

      2. Ralph Peters is a war mongering NeoCon.

        Give him a rifle and put him on the front lines.

        • Does anyone know if this blood thirsty, mentally insane, war mongering psychopath Lt. Col. Peters is jewish? Or, is the guy receiving a paycheck from any neo-con Israel First war mongering foundations or Israel based defense industries?

          From the very beginning of Vladimir Putin’s rise to power in Russia, when he cleverly pulled a rope-a-dope maneuver on the 12 out of 13 Oligarchs who jewish and conned them into thinking that, if they financed his rise to the top, that once he was the Top Dog, he would be their loyal, obedient and subservient stooge – but, then, once he had the power, he turned on them like a snake and either threw them into jail or ran them out of Russia. And, to add further outrage to the mix, Putin had the gall to move to restore the Orthodox Church and to help popularize and promote Christianity! This is the root of the vitriolic hatred that the jews who’ve hijacked America have for Putin and Russia.

          They had been voraciously plundering Russia in their historically well known, vampire-like fashion and Putin stepped in and decided to put a stop to it. This enraged the jews – who believe that they are entitled to suck the blood of the gentiles, so the jewish neocons have been gunning for Putin ever since.

          Oh, and don’t overlook this important aspect to the on-going jewish media demonization of Russia. WW1 and WW2 were both orchestrated by jews and both were Brother Wars-which pitted White nations against White nations.

          These wars resulted in massive numbers of Whites being killed – young White men who never had a chance to marry and have White children. With the percentage of the world’s White population now down to between 8-10%, the jews would like nothing better than to stir up another Brother War between the USA and Russia and the death toll would probably reduce Whites to one or two percent.

          Putin predicted that a WW3 would likely leave no survivors, and I suspect he was thinking primarily about White European mankind. This is what the jews want more than any other thing on their agenda.

          Oh, and this Peters cockroach was lying through his stinking teeth when he kept claiming that Putin ‘hates America’. Putin justifiably detests the diabolically evil and mentally insane neocons (most of whom are jewish) who have their tentacles wrapped around the throat of the government of the United States – and I SHARE THAT HATRED. But, as for the average American citizen on the street – Putin has repeatedly said kind things and complemented the American population for opposing their war mongering, neocon infested government, such as when Obama and the neocons pulled an earlier false flag attack in Syria and then tried to use that to snooker the American public into supporting another ground invasion into Syria.

          The only rabid ‘hatred’ that exists is the hatred that jews have for Putin and it is clear that Peters is trying to shift that ‘hatred’ over to Putin vs America in order to con Americans into going along with the jews lust to stir up a WW3 between the USA and Russia.

          It is oldest trick in the jewish playbook. When they HATE someone or some nation and want to destroy it, they pull a false flag op against the USA, plant clues that point to whoever it is they hate, and then use their control of the mainstream media to start calling the leader of that nation they hate as ‘The New Hitler’ and scream that the USA has to attack and destroy that nation. They’ve been using this Hitler bullshit scam for the last 70 years, folks.

          • Luke; you seem to be aware of the situation and God bless you for being so! The Roman government said two thousand years ago that the Jews hated more than anyone else on Earth! Their hatred then was complete and nothing has since changed!!! Well, I say nothing has changed, the following has changed- the Jews have taken over totally, the American media and American ideas and opinions are therefore created and controlled by this evil , wicked race of devils. It remains to be seen how this all will play out, the slavery of what is left of mankind or the freedom of mankind which will necessitate the removal of these evil bastards to perhaps, to Madagascar where they can harm mankind no more!!!

          • LUKE, You so Friggin Nailed it. I have been saying this here for years. The Gews hate Putin because Putin kicked all the Gews out of all meaningful positions in the Russian Government, and strengthened Christianity. And he sure does not he the Problem America has, being infiltrated with Parasites. That’s who we are as Americans, white Christian and patriotic and productive, and the Gews hate that, and so they want to destroy Putin and Russia with the US Military. Somebody need to flatten Israehell and 85% of the worlds problems go Poof into dust. And we get back to world peace and commerce and more open markets. All these Boycotts and sanctions is to is strengthen the Fascist US Monopolies economically, on trade.

            The real (((Enemy))) is already on our shores. Putin laughs at America stuck in the Gews clutch. We are so friggin dumb. Spending Trillions on bogus wars for nothing to gain.

        • Red Leader, Peters should be taken out long with all of the other neocon trash.

        • Tucker Carlson owned him.

        • I couldn’t even listen to that BS!! The idiot only talked less than a minute and I already felt like vomiting and stopped listening… I hate liars!!

          He had the audacity to state that Russia has not been fighting ISIS… the guy is a looney tune! (Black is white and white is black, according to 1984 scumbags).

        • I’d put Ralph Peters in the same foxhole with Lindsay Graham and John McCain in ISIS-held territory in Syria.

        • Agree 100%!

      3. Or we could seek Congressional approval for these misadventures by Generals arbitrarily deciding foreign policy. NATO Generals pushing for war with Russia. It is time to reign in our Generals and take back control of our future but is it even possible given the backbone of the modified modern day American. Weak hands easily can have their country wrested from their grip.

        • To be fair: Ralph Peters is only a Lt. Colonel. He was not good enough to make it to General.

      4. Definitely a spirited conversation:

        We should work with Russia and wipe out ISIS. Then get the heck out of the Middle East.
        Everybody knows this is the plan to take Syria then IRAN just like Wesley Clark said.
        It does not benefit the American people.

        Tucker got insulted being compared to Lindbergh.
        Lindbergh SR. Led the fight against the Fed Reserve Bank.
        Charles, the son had a murdered baby.

        True that Charles was an isolationist against going to war, however, Charles was a spy and was central to winning ww2. He was shown the German planes, so we knew in advance that our planes were too outdated and Lindbergh was able to design planes that could beat the German’s. So people need to look past Lindbergh’s initial resistance to having the US involved in the war.

        Charles Linbergh is a true American hero.


      5. Yup, get the eff out of the middle east. We don’t need their oil any longer,the only reason we were there in the first place. Come home and take care of our problems here,let the arabs kill each other like they have done for centuries. We are broke,tired and fed up. Time to redo our own country and worry about ourselves. Everyone else on the planet is on their own!

        • Oil? Please.

          Look up Eretz Israel. I dare you.

          • I looked it up….and?

          • Eretz Israel defined as:

            the land of Israel

            this will probably land me in moderation for a time

            • well, what do ya know. it didn’t 🙂

              • I think Israel can take care of itself.

                • Russia exposed satellite imagery Video of Isis stealing Oil from Syria, shipping via Tanker trucks to the Ports in Turkey and the ship they video taped were filled up with the stolen oil and they sailed to Israehell. This is why the Cabal hates Russia and Putin, and why everybody needs to expose these parasites at every turn. They are lying scamming scumbags and need to be destroyed.

                  So guess who works for who, and who is on the take?

        • True, oil has been used by The Arabs to blackmail us, and they have.

          But oil is not the only reason we and the world are there,

          Little place called Israel and a city called Jerusalem.

          We have often laughed at reasons why some people fight, road rage or over a cabbage patch doll.

          People will ponder, why there?

          Because of the spiritual significance of East Jerusalem.

          But many will scoff but it is often the little things we leave untended that causes the biggest trouble.

          • “And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.”

            Zechariah 12:3

      6. Wow, Tucker was very impressive in this video.

      7. Well, bad news for all.

        We and all the nations of the world have a hook in our mouths and have and are being drawn into a very explosive matter.

        All of you need to keep in the back of our mind that what is occurring in Syria is terrible but not the main course.

        The objective is Jerusalem, especially east Jerusalem where in times past the very present of The Living God Resided
        in The Temple that once stood on what we call The temple Mount, a place not considered important to many here, but the cause of the future deaths of millions.

        I would like to see posted on this site a posting regarding that matter from a person who is very creditable.

        This matter will require an open mind, heart and many will disagree. Regardless, a very large conflict is coming to that area and we, here in the state may not be untouched.

        • “I would like to see posted on this site a posting regarding that matter from a person who is very creditable.”

          Might not come very soon. Most of the usual posters here seem to be loudmouths vehemently yelling invectives at whatever target pointed out to them by the article on top – be it Stephen Hawking, Raph Peters, or anyone else.

          What they are doing here is not worthy of the name of discussion.

      8. Ralph Peters has never seen a moment of combat. He’s always been an “Office Soldeir”.

      9. Peters is a fruitcake, the basis for his entire world view is “Russia is evil, Putin hates America”. Everything he believes is predicated on that. No matter what the issue or topic is he keeps reverting back to that point, he is obsessed. Individuals like him construe every bad thing in the world on Russia. News flash – the Cold War is over. He sounds like one of those nutty obsessed persons saying things like the White House was an extension of the Kremlin. Even if Russia isn’t a close friend of the US at this time in history what should we do – start nuking them? Yea, that will make the world better. He can’t see anything else and then tells people they are the equivalent of Hitler lovers if they don’t agree with him. He is a useful neo-con idiot. If I was in charge of Fox News I would keep him on merely because he is amusing.

      10. What a F’ed up federal government controlled by bankers, anti American free people intelligence agencies running every angle. War on drugs ongoing despite occupying Afghanistan for heroin riches, boosting troops in America’s longest war. Obvious inside job 9-11 demolitions, bankers buying stocks in the attempt to stave off the inevitable financial collapse. Like a freak show the horrors magnify with each next near daily performance.

      11. Ralph Peters is a neocon globalist pig. He actually gets paid to say the stuff he’s pushing. Sadly, the Globalists control the US government.

      12. Why the Post Office Gives Amazon Special Delivery

        “A Citigroup analysis finds each box gets a $1.46 subsidy. It’s like a gift card from Uncle Sam.”

        “…the federal government’s relationship with Amazon: The U.S. Postal Service delivers the company’s boxes well below its own costs. Like an accelerant added to a fire, this subsidy is speeding up the collapse of traditional retailers in the U.S. and providing an unfair advantage for Amazon.”

        “Around two thirds of Amazon’s domestic deliveries are made by the Post Office.”

        ht tps://

        (currently posted on Drudge report)

        • phuk.

        • All the while the US Postal Service is running a deficit. Who is making them lose money with this deal. Who made this deal, it’s criminal.

          How can small businesses in America compete with the Amazon/China monopoly that’s being government subsidized. Amazon in turn is spending millions supporting progressive globalism trying to overthrow the US Constitution and attacking any conservative representation in government.

          This destroy America subsidy has to stop.

      13. It is ALWAYS entertaining to watch uninformed, ignorant, fascist leftist tangle with Carlson. Particularly when they are so utterly ignorant that Nazi stands for National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party, and their socialist planks are freely available for anyone who has the intellectual honesty to just google “Nazi party planks” or similar.

        Yeah, I post this all the time. And I will continue to until ever lying leftist is aware that THEY are the heirs of Nazism.

        • @TEST…

          There is no practical difference between Communists and Nazi/Fascists. They are two sides of the same coin.

      14. Hi all , haven’t been posting much but I’ve kept up. Things seem to be plodding along here in northern Alberta. Well be looking at a new provincial government here soon with any luck we’ll get a different federal government too.
        Work for me has been pretty much a hand to mouth thing for the last 18 months.
        There is starting to be louder voices on the issues of transfer payments and separating east West. Were tired of supporting the have not provinces.
        I tend to side with the separatists although I don’t want my country torn apart we can’t continue to support the rest of the country. And have our industry hamstringed with bullshit green laws
        ( Who shuts down coal plants with nothing to replace it)
        I finely a member of the “assault weapon”owners the best I could get under our laws was the cz 858. (Plz guys I no trashing) it’s the best we can get here. Lol. Oh has anyone else been having problems with their electronic devices?
        In the past 60 days or so my phone has been acting funny dropped calls false signal strength won’t sent texts the factory radio in my 98 Silverado quit working it won’t pick up anything g but static the ECM in my 2011 Kenworth has been giving all kinds of headaches at work even the 2way radios we use in the field quit working periodically as I said it all started about 60 days ago anyone else having issues in Alberta area or anywhere

        • Angry Beaver, good to hear from you. In the southeast US where I live, Verizon was having some service issues earlier today. No voice calls but texting and data still worked. Other than that , nothing strange in the US at this time.

          • I think Verizon is Rogers here that’s who I’m signed up with all my electronic devices have been acting stupid last two months

        • HI Beav! Yes, have missed you! Are you in (charred) Ft. McMurray? Edmonton (where I used to live)? Peace area? Would love to hear about getting a new premier. I STILL can’t believe a NDPer got in (yeah… she will magically make the price of oil go up).

          My wife’s cousin was Boy Wonder’s nanny. I’ll dispense with possible jokes on that part, but his ramadan socks at a gay pride parade were perfect. The guy is actually worse than his father, if possible. I was in Alberta when there was an Western Canada Concept MP. And now that Ontario is a “have not” province under that insane lesbian premier, what has the country got left?

          Sorry to hear about the financial stress. Seems Alberta is still boom or bust after all these years – one reason I left.

          Keep well, mon ami!

          • It’s always been feast or famine out hear if you know it’s coming it isn’t so painful. Yes our provincial and federal will change soon there is a certain feeling in the air that this political correctness and weak leadership are on the way out sooner rather than later. And the talk out at the gun range the restaurant the garage is all leaning to the word separate

            • Ps . Where I live isn’t that big a secret should I ever have to bug out ( the the tree line is 342 meters from my back door across the hospital parking lot and behind the tennis court ? and yes I’m completely surrounded by undeveloped crown (spat) land

      15. IMO, Tucker got offended but then saw je could grab some more ratings as could be seen as rather than dismishing peters, he brought on some other guy a few days later and went thru the whole theme again.

        Is Peter’s over the top and extrme in his views ? yes, but he is not wrong. Putin kills journalists, dissenters and people in pretty high positions in Russia.

        sure, he cannot be tied personally to it and he is trying to build Russia into the strongest he can after the USSR fell apart, but how he is doing it is thru aggression and power and corrupting the local govt; this is not how first world countries strengthen themselves.

        is puin going to launch an attack on the usa if the usa takes out assad and north korea leadership; no; but it’s enabling iran to get to the day it launches nukes; that’s not some one you should work with; that’s leadership enabling evil intentions by others.

        • Tucker’s point, if we can’t deal with Putin on the issues we have in common, what influence can we have over issues like freedom of press or human rights.

          There’s something really twisted when the left bargained like crazy with Russia while Obama was installed, but Trump can’t, because Russia is suddenly too evil and Trump can’t even communicate with them? Huh!

      16. Let us all assume we are beng played. Keep clean thinking in mind and purpose. Talk about survival and how to get friends to run for local, county and state/Provence positions. Think two generations ahead or we are all slaves. Chess to the young and middle aged required…
        Get involved as best we can, me included.
        Safe summer and travel lightly….

      17. When questioned it was amazing how fast Ralph Peters turned to viscous personal attacks. When the first failed he resorted to others. When someone spews this much hate in a discussion it’s obvious either they or their political paradigm is defective.

        Nice job Tucker outing another globalist monster.

      18. Hmmmm

        I must have missed the report. You know the one that provides actual proof that either the Syrian government or Russia is bombing critical civilian infrastructure.

        On the other hand there has been massive amounts of evidence provided by Syrians on the ground as well as numerous international agencies that the US/Israel/Turkey have not just been blowing up civilian infrastructure, but are committing war crimes as they busily murder literally hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and turning millions more into refugees that have been pouring into Europe.

        The retired Officer is a liar and traitor. And oh yes, I would be more than happy to tell him to his face. The US and Israel were secretly engaged in a completely illegal war of regime change using known terrorists for years before they were publicly outed. First they denied it. Then they lied about it. Then they claimed they were fighting “ISIS”. And now we are hearing the truth that it was all about regime change and handing over the Southern half of Syria to Israel.

      19. New Babylonian Corporate Whore versus New Babylonian Corporate Whore…Let the treasonous seditious Corporate Whores turn on each other, we need more of this from the fascist boot licking cowards, especially those treasonous Corporate murderous whores who served in the Luciferian psychopath run US Military like Ralph Peters.

      20. Tucker Carlson and Ralph Peters are both genocide supporters, and Nazi Apologists and sympathizers. They are both well paid Corporate Whores working for GENOCIDAL psychopaths pushing poisonous toxic GMO filled fake food horror on their Luciferian Network from hell, and when the chemical, EDC, glyphosate filled processed toxic fake food garbage the toxic dumps are now addicted too makes them disease ridden, dumbed down, depressed, and dying early….of course all day long Faux News has the GENOCIDAL PSYCHOPATH answer, so they instruct their dumbed down toxic dump fat ass audience of boot licking drunken bum pill popping coward victims of the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling to:


        (or something like that), about the latest Big Pharma poisonous toxic pure shit which changed its name 5000 times and NEVER underwent any testing or review, but it does come with all the liability freeing same warnings about death and destruction to your body, which the Big Pharma horror is designed to cause, all told by a reassuring voice and shown on the Big Pharma murderers commercials on Faux News, and the other Corporate GENOCIDE SUPPORTING treasonous criminal Mainstream Media Propagandists, with people smiling and doing all the things they will never do after they have been murdered by the poisonous toxic GMO filed horror, and the Big Pharma shit PUSHED on them by OATHBREAKING drunken bums calling themselves American doctors.

      21. Israehell and Saudia Arabia conspired and committed 911. Larry Silverstein got his cut of the loot for the WTC’s. And when it want to court the Judge was a GEW and awarded the stolen insurance money ($6 Billion) to the other Gew. And the NY Port Authority got their cut of about $2 Billion as well. 9-11 is the biggest crime of the century. RELEASE THE 28 PAGES OF THE 911 REPORT. WE DEMAND THE TRUTH OF WHO WAS INVOLVED.

        Remember Americans the 5 Dancing Gews (Mossad Agents) that were sent to NY by Israehell, to film the planes crashing into the towers. They were held for about 30 days then returned to Israhell and welcomed as heroes. Ad al of this admitting of these facts are on tape if you go look for it on Ytube.

      22. Holy shit! Freedom fighters???

      23. “Nazis” sometimes consider the word to be a smear. They prefer, national socialism.

        So, you have a nationalist, generally in favor of the majority demographic.

        He is supported by too-big-to-fail sponsors, in a media outlet, so large, it can only exist with state approval.

        Is this not socialism and nationalism.

        How does the moral of the story go —
        There are social parasites, in that resources are ultimately limited. We live in a world of eternal struggle.

      24. Someone needs to tell the Ltc. That we were allies with mass butcher Stalin in WWII. Roosevelt sang his praises. They’re both ignorant morons,ignorant of history. They both need to STFU.

        • By 1938 Stalin had already amply shown what he really was: a ruthless mass killer, with the liquidations of his old bolshevik associates (the 1932/1933 Holodomor – mass starvation of Ukrainians – was largely kept hidden to the west I think).

          Yet Roosevelt called him “Uncle Joe”! The outrage….

      25. Tucker Carlson is a joke. When I saw the headline I pictured a baby in diapers banging away with a Fisher Price hammer.

      26. How would you put into practice, what he says?

        Online Nazi’s happen to be Carlson apologists, fwiw.

        • Staggering lack of knowledge, Beaumont. Nazi means National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party, which adopted explicitly socialist planks at its very first convention, Munich, Feb. 24, 1920. Did you know that? Apparently not. You and Bobby Tran truly have no idea.

      27. “rabid Russophobia”?


        Why does this leave a taste like “homophobia” and “antisemitism”?

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