Must Watch: The Truth About Hillary’s Bizarre Behavior: “Does She Have Actual Brain Damage?”

by | Aug 6, 2016 | Headline News | 215 comments

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    In the last few years, and most recently as her campaign heated up,  we’ve seen Hillary Clinton engage in some bizarre behavior. From coughing fits and bouts of rage to uncontrollable laughter and overreaction to external stimuli, Paul Joseph Watson investigates what may be behind her odd demeanor.

    Is it post-concussion syndrome following a blow to the head in 2012? Is she having seizures? Does the lesion spotted on her tongue suggest she may have contracted syphilis from sex addict Bill Clinton? Or is she just a sociopath totally lacking emotional literacy?

    President Obama claimed this week that Donald Trump was unfit for the Office. If Hillary Clinton’s behavior as of late is any indication, it may be accurate to say that it is she who is physically unfit to serve as President.

    Watch as Paul Joseph Watson reports what you’ll never see in mainstream media:


    As Hillary Steals the White House, Five More Added to “Clinton Body Count”

    Payback: This Is WHY Vladimir Putin Wants To Take Hillary Down: “His Chance For Getting Even”

    Donald Trump Has Two New Nicknames For Hillary Clinton…

    Julian Assange: ‘Next Wikileaks Dump Will Get Hillary Indicted’


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        • Blame the states involved in Eugenics during the early decades of the 20th Century for not strictly enforcing the sterilization laws on your ancestors: BASED ON YOUR COMMENTS IT IS FAIR TO ASSERT THAT DEFECTIVE GENES HAVE BEEN PASSED FROM ONE GENERATION TO THE NEXT, AND WORST OF ALL, THE CHANCES THAT YOUR DESCENDANTS’ DNA CARRYING A MORE COMPLEX SEQUENCE OF YOUR FAILED GENES IS GUARANTEED 100%.

          Besides that never forget the following, stupid brute:
          “…It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind…Three generations of imbeciles are enough…”
          Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

          Buck v. Bell, 274 U.S. 200 (1927), United States Supreme Court decision that ruled that a state statute permitting compulsory sterilization of the unfit, including the intellectually disabled, “for the protection and health of the state” did not violate the Due Process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

        • When the US car industry crashed because their engineering departments and management were outclassed by Japan. Whites in Flint Mi knew enough to flee, many had to abandon homes and lose them to taxes because there were no buyers, they lost huge. Large numbers of African Americans just went on welfare and stayed there. There’s still no work there.

          • Another “Atlas Shrugged” moment. The makers left and the takers stayed.

            Socialism can never be peacefully put in place without woman voters. Most women cannot resist the attraction of somebody telling them they will take care of everything FOR them.

            • Cunnilingus you just took a shit on atlas shrugged and Ayn Rand.

            • CL, Wrong! Only liberal-minded women would support socialism. Ayn Rand was right on target.

              • A MUST READ over at the daily sheeple. “Federal Agency Suggests That Gadsden Flag May Be Racist.” I have Gadsden flags, t-shirts, caps, and a Gadsden plate on the truck. If that makes me racist, then so be it. F#$% the feds, libturds, and everyone else who looks down on me. I don’t care what they think and I don’t owe them a damn thing.

                • Brave, Don’t get sucked into another Zionist distraction and controversy to destroy American culture and our history. As when a people’s cultures are destroyed their is nothing left for the people to fight for, and they just fall in line with the new dictation.

                  Its the same reason the NAACP was set up and founded by the Zionists, to create racial controversy and chaos. Same with the latest dual gender bathroom issues, hand up don’t shoot, gay issues, women rights, and the list goes on and on. Its all to create one consolidation class of dumbed down hordes that, are no longer Privy or taught real American History, but to comply with the New World Order’s Agenda under their Fakery History.

                  Why its the same reason the Zionist are behind diluting European with the Brown savages of late. And entire mostly WHITE cultures are lost. They are jealous. As their history can be summed up in a photo of a parasite on the back of a host. So this is all part of their new world order agenda. So when you say, libturds, that is a code word for the Zionists behind the agenda of chaos and tearing down of cultures. Go read an American History book written Pre-1900, and you will find this real history and amazing the patriots that worked for the good out our country, instead of modern day Political terrorist hacks hell=bent to destroy us as every turn.

                  ~WWTI.. btw/ I think in the last 30 months plus snail boy has posted maybe 3 to 4 prepping info statements in total, (its in the archives) the rest is nonsense, self-indulged babble, or nothing related to the article in any fashion. That’s called a cyber squatter, that comes here to take his daily sh!t. And I would say I have posted 100 to 1 more prepping info related topics to share, than snail boy.

                • Braveheart1776

                  Everything is becoming racist.

                  • The Gadsden flag represents freedom from the English empire there is nothing racist about it. They hate everything the flag represents, so lets try to make it racist. Just a way to get rid of another patriotic American symbol.

                    Now, I’m going to get me a license plate for the front of my truck and a T-shirt and hat that display the Gadsden Flag.

                    I already have one on my ammo box.,,

                    • I saw the greatest thing on “Jeopardy” the other day.
                      The question (answer) was “American Black”.
                      An awful lot of people who claim to be “African American” are so far removed or not even it’s interesting.
                      Sorry, but, I consider all homo-sapiens human beings and nothing more or less. Who cares about anything except what kind of human being you are in a society?

                • So why not identify as being an angry black woman?

                  That should solve most of it….

              • Alisa “Ayn Rand” Rosenbaum- smoked herself silly- and collected S.S. Disability after she contracted cancer.

            • That’s DRAIN BRAMAGE!

              • I think she might be a big bull dyke.




          and NO!

          • YES!


            and YES!

            • Ha!


              and Ha!

            • not gonna happen

          • Does Hillary have syphilis? I don’t know, can you get syphilis from lesbian sex?

            • Statistically lesbians have the lowest STD rate of any group. More than likely Bill brought the clap home, and infected her.

            • If her companion has open sores, then one can suck in the syphilis parasite which is like a corkscrew that screws itself thru many organs of the body. There are three stages, the last stage can end up in a person’s brain without treatment.

          • -Arrest Hillary Rotten Clinton for ALLOWING Bengahzi Massacre/MURDER of US Diplomat by unfriendlies to USA.
            -Arrest Hillary Rotten Clinton for intentional BREACH of National Security. A breach which resulted in DEATH of human assets friendly to USA Interests.
            -Arrest FBI director for being ACCOMPLICE after the fact of Hillary crimes. by condoning her actions of TREASON and not holding her accountable.
            -Arrest ATF director for “Fast and Furious” gun running to know Mexican Drug Cartel members. Attempting to use Drug Cartel violence as excuse to violate and restrict constitutional rights of American citizens.
            -FIRE IRS director for using IRS as a Political VINDICTIVE tool to TARGET conservatives and Tea Party groups.
            -Impeach and ARREST Barack Hussein Obama, II who is posing as President, for not enforcing National Security Protocol and ALLOWING Mexican Drug Cartel Members, Diseased Illegal aliens, potential terrorists OTM’s, across US Borders. refusing to enforce Immigration Law and Refusing to secure US borders.
            This is TREASON. Impeach and Put Obama on trial for TREASON.
            For paying IRAN money for hostages that will be used to develope nuclear weapons.

            *****Those that work against American Interests should not be allowed to hold or remain in office. IMPEACH-Fire-Arrest all TRAITORS in Political Office.

            *****Those guilty of TREASON to USA should be held ACCOUNTABLE for their deplorable and CRIMINAL actions.

            If Those here can not get on board with these criminal and TRAITORS being arrested,
            If the American people refuse to hold TRAITORS accountable.
            Then you deserve a failed country of NWO/UN Collective Communist.

            Stand Firm. Be an American. Throw back their commie “change”.
            Refuse to Allow a Police state of snoops, snitches, boot lickers.

          • Make women make sammiches again.yeppers.

        • Blacks ruin everything they touch.

        • Umm… no. Just no. While things may have been simpler and more cohesive in the past, they were only truly good for one subset of the population. The main issue we have today is the lack of cultural cohesion under a singular set of principles. Those principles have always come from Christianity, and with the slow death of the Christian faith in American life we have seen a slow death of the country as a whole. As people end up more self-important it is no wonder we are in the state we are in. This is not to say I want a theocracy. All citizens must be free to follow their conscience. However, as more people define civility in different terms, it becomes increasingly impossible for us to have a singular sense of how one should behave to be an American. It used to be that we were in a way self regulating by having a core set of Christian principles we all understood and lived by, making much of the laws governing such behaviors unnecessary. Now everything is being spelled out and we are losing that wiggle room.

          • ‘Zactly!

            “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

          • ” Those that won’t be governed by God, will be ruled by Tyrants.” – W. Penn

            Americans are too sophisticated, educated, and aloof, to literally believe that God- through His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit- has preserved His instructions for eternal life in the inspired KJV Bible.

            They just value the abstract “essence” of that stuff- so it can be used to serve secular causes like “gay marriage.”

            • Stonehands. I have never seen or read in any instances or circumstances where Atheists have started wars or Genocide, or dropped bombs on mass population centers, or the cause of any active shooter related incidences.

              Your God however is a self professed jealous God. Read your Book, Its in there, to destroy cultures and other people belief systems. I would say Tyranny and Religion goes hand in hand as they play off of each other like partners in crime, to justify their dirty deeds, which is then Blessed by your fraudulent savior.

              “Religion is Pure Evil” to the core.

              ~WWTI…btw/ I m not an Atheist, I an a truth teller.

              • No, not a truth teller. Just a Moron…

              • WhoWTf
                Just a matter of perspective?
                Everyone serves someone or something.
                Who do you serve? Which side of the fence are you on?
                That is “how”,” why”, the direction that things are heading with ACCELERATED current events.At one time you could sit on the fence. Being neutral. Not good. Not evil.
                Those days of being Neutral are past.
                NOW you must decide. One direction or the other.

                I have fought. I Always tried to be on the right side of a fight.
                Sometimes the right side is defined. Often both sides are shits, lines blur.
                Bosnia. Serbia.

                But with current accelerated events the lines are clear. Defined.

                Hillary Clinton and the Republican party against Trump are One World UN Collectivist Communist. They call themselves Liberal. That is a LIE. They are NWO/UN Communist. Communism ALWAYS includes Genocide. Read history.

                Clinton is a self serving UN Collectivist NWO Communist.
                They WANT a WAR. World war. Nuclear. Destruction of civilization.

                Religion is not the same as God. Religion is a creation of men to serve men.
                God is something entirely different. Worship God. Not religion.

                I hope you choose the right side of the fight WhoWTF.
                The things of this world make men slaves. Not God.
                God offers FREEDOM from those things that would make you a slave.
                God sets you free. Ask and you will receive. The choice us yours.

                I have seen all of these and DESPISE them:
                I despise Communism.
                I despise war.
                I despise violence/brutallity.

                If I fight I will be on the right side of things. Win or loose. Life or Death.
                ***** ***** ***** God winning is how it ends. SO make sure you are on that side.
                Plenty of battles are lost in war. But the end is what matters. All that counts.

                Sometimes the best way to fight is Not to fight.
                Fight only on your terms. Not on terms the enemy selects.
                Fight on ground you choose. Not on the ground the enemy selects.
                Break contact, Run. If ground and terms not in your favor.

                God id Good WhoWTF. That is the side a thinking man/woman chooses.
                Life is about choices. Make the right one.

                Obama is Evil, TRAITOR.
                Hillary is Evil, a criminal, TRAITOR.
                War is Evil. Convince politicians to stay out of Wars.
                Nuclear war is INSANE.

              • If u “haven’t seen atheists committing genocide or starting wars” then u haven’t been looking. Bcz dozens of atheist tyrants thruout history have killed their own people for believing in a religion. China was the most recent, Poland did it & so did the U.S.S.R. Th Philippines had an atheist dictator that trued to wipe out religion & even Hitler had a plan to go after Christian churches after he git rid of Jews & “inferior” races & the handicapped. These atheist dictators have killed more religious citizens than all the “Holy War” fatalities combined & it was their own citizens they killed — not foreign enemies.

        • Acid:

          Why can’t you stick with one theme and get off your attack on women. “Subservient” ?? That is no way to win friends and influence people. Your regard for women is similar to that of the Islamics. Kind of gay, my man. Half the population is female. Women aren’t inferior to men, they are just different. If you don’t get that, you might as well give up because only gay men, men who can’t get laid because they are lacking in some way, and some idiots will agree with you, but that is about it.

          Make America Right Again. Caucasan people have rights, too; just like every other ethnicity. European white men need the support of white women. When men and women compete, one sex must destroy the other in order to “win”. When men and women complement each other in a mutually loving and supportive way, they and their children survive and thrive.

          Maybe you just need to rethink your vocabulary. Diplomacy is not your strength. I wouldn’t care except that I do care. I care about White Europeans, male and female. I also love and respect women, but I do not support the exit of women from the home into the workplace. That doesn’t mean I want women to be excluded from professions like medicine or law. No. There has to be some common sense. Your use of the word “subservient” was not helpful. Nobody in their right mind wants to be subservient.

          I know a woman. When she was young she went out with a fella who turned out to be a drug addict and an abuser. He got upset and smacked her around. The girl was still living with her parents who found out that this jerk had beat her up. When the boyfriend came calling, her father met him at the door. He said, “you beat up my daughter, if you ever come back or try to contact her again, I will kill you”. He meant every word. Then he slammed the door in the punks face. We never saw or heard from him again. I have no idea what became of him. So, Sir, women are not here to be abused. They are not here to be your servant or your slave. Grow a pair and act like a man without climbing on the back of a female in order to raise yourself higher in your own estimation. My mother thanks you. My sister thanks you. My daughter thanks you. And I thank you.


          • “…Maybe you just need to rethink your vocabulary. Diplomacy is not your strength. I wouldn’t care except that I do care. I care about White Europeans, male and female. I also love and respect women, but I do not support the exit of women from the home into the workplace. That doesn’t mean I want women to be excluded from professions like medicine or law. No. There has to be some common sense. Your use of the word “subservient” was not helpful. Nobody in their right mind wants to be subservient.”

            Women will be the catalyst of the Hillary Rottencrotch Clinton juggernaut. You sir, need to grow a sack.

            • Stone hands:
              Hillary is taking orders from the male dual citizens. Sure her femaleness is being exploited, but her policies come from the Center on Foreign Relations which in her own words is where she goes so they can let her know what she ought to do.

              Male or female, Hillary’s sexuality is not the problem. It is where her loyalty resides, not her body parts. Women can do the job. It’s your attitude that make some women want to vote for ANY woman, because if they don’t get her in they may never get another chance. A smarter attitude would be (iMHO) to assure women that a competent ethical Constitutional conservative with an America First platform would be welcome, just not Hitlery.


            • Not all women, not MOST women. Hillary does not represent all of us just as billy boy doesn’t represent all of you.

              B from CA seems like a wise, thoughtful man who has an, uh-hem, ‘sack’ as you so tastefully call it.

              What women need is REAL men who appreciate our limitations as well as their own. Men of moral standing who aren’t looking to rope in a few personal servants.

        • Paul Joseph Watson told us he saw no evedence that the Jewish mafia was up and running. Even though they own 96% of the media . And the same in government . And look who pushes gun confiscation . Repent you slut. Before its too late . And yes they will destroy you and your family. Through their media lies. Or go work at Walmart. Slaves get a free pass. Shut up and do what your told or die. That’s the American way.


        • corruption is in the heart of every human being we all bleed red.if you needed a transfusion doesn’t matter what color you are only the blood type matters.America was built on the back of slaves in Africa many wonderful inventions and mathematical breakthroughs we founded.Africa has many resources but are forbidden by the anglosto benefit from thembut change is coming

        • Yeah, afraid that pretty much is how it is. Look at any predominantly black neighborhood .

      2. She is owned and possessed, jmo

        • Yes, POSSESSED.

      3. No Hillary doesn’t have brain damage, all the people that vote for her have brain damage! Trekker Out

        • boy!, you hit the nail on the head THERE!

          • She’s a power hungry narcissistic fraud. She’s tired of waiting for “her turn” at the helm and its her way of dealing with all the people and the bullshit she has to, to get there. If this really is brain damage or whatever, then how do you explain her conduct from her Wellesley days up to this very moment? She’s a power hungry narcissistic fraud.
            Stay quiet Be smart

            • Once again, Obama doesn’t have a leg to stand on. He can go f#$% his African Muslim commie self. The hildebeast and her supporters both have brain damage. Commies always have brain damage.

              • Well maybe wi’ll get lucky, and she’ll stroke out on national TV during her debate with Trump. Boy oh boy, now that would be worth watching!!

                • if that SHOULD happen, i can hear the headlines now….”TRUMP KILLS HILLARY IN DEBATE DEBACLE! libs rush stage and serve their OWN brand of justice.”

          • Show me a libtard that doesn’t have brain damage and I’ll show you a miracle!

            • They all are on every new drug . They can’t handle the guilt. So they take antidepressants . And worship Satan . Because they know they have no chance with God. They have been educated by their own kind . Maybe it’s not their falt. But they must be destroyed just the a rabid dog . We want to save him . But we can’t.

        • She is probably an active drug addict of some shape or form.

        • MT
          10/4. Thanks for the laugh. Because it is so true.

      4. doesn’t the fact that she’s a dim o crat ASSURE she’s brain-damaged?….of COARSE it does.

      5. I read when hillarys plane, made an emergency landing in Iraq 3 or 4 years ago, she obtained a concussion by hitting her head against the ceiling of the plane and I think the captain may have died. When she returned home I believe she remained at her home for two weeks or so and there was never any news in the mainstream about this emergency landing at all.

        • mmarilio—–> Yeah! Even Time Magazine wouldn’t touch that bit of news with a ten foot pole. That E-landing was where she and others were bounced around (no seat belts as there wasn’t any warning). Pilots neck was broken (somehow), co-pilot brought her to a safe stop.

          That is the same experienced where Hillary INSISTS (and tells people), that there was also a sniper shooting at them as everyone ran for cover into The Terminal Bldg. (In reality, a different plane that arrived hours earlier had taken on fire from a snipe, Hillary’s wings didn’t get shot at, and she was not running LIKE A BRAVE LADY WOULD undaunted and unafraid as she (in her mind) led all the others to safety.

          Just as it was done with JFK, so was it done with Hillary. Nobody knew the extent of damage might have been sustained by her ‘slam’ to the head (and she was out cold afterward, and never “ran for cover” at any time after that landing. Folks have searched high and low for data/documents/pics ANYTHING and it appears that everything regarding that incident has been purposely “hidden from view” (perhaps she placed that part of her life on one of her HDDs then had that part of her life deleted)?

          All of these crazy bastards, and since THESE PEOPLE ARE SEEKING TO DESTROY THE USA VIA THE MASS KILLING OF WHITE CHRISTIANS/CHRISTIANS (Any Color), plus all those who will not bow to Allah, Muslim beliefs or Shari’ia Law (I think that’s the right spelling there).

          THAT IS FUCKING INSANITY ISN’T IT? Well okay then. I refuse to allow my government to “set my ass up” so that I can be “taken out of the picture” all for the betterment and to assist MUSLIMs and Extremists, The EU, The Fucking UN and all other non-American NON-ALLIED COUNTRIES to sit on their asses somewhere and decide the fate of all Americans, who they only wish to destroy completely, so that ‘slanty-eye’ yellowish skinned folks can take as much from us as what Muslims seek to do.

          Who is that son of a bitch that is running around screaming that HE FIND SHARI’IA LAW TO BE NOT ONLY MUCH OLDER, BUT FAR BETTER WHEN COMPARED AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS.

          I’m SURE that all the ladies who have recently purchased firearms and know how to use them is just going to stand there, fully armed “to the teeth” and allow her non-working husband to beat her on a daily basis right? If I were to try that on my wife I’d resemble a watering can (plumb full of holes).

          All over the majority of states, even in the small country towns, realizations are coming to “a head” and everyone is now “catching wind” of the looming troubles we are facing “dead ahead.” Thankfully, the greater majority NOW KNOW precisely where Ground Zero exists (as the source of all this negativity meant to wreak havoc upon this Nation.

          Of course, Plan A is: Disarm The People (because you cannot dominiate a people who are armed nearly as well as you are and outnumber you 10,000 or more to 1. Those aren’t good odds, (even if all we had were spear and rocks we’d still win).

          Let’s all go chuck rocks on Obamas fucking lawn, bury his ass in stones…

        • Mmarlio:

          If she hit her head in a plane crash and sustained a concussion as you described, that is probably the main cause for her symptoms. I have seen this in people before. As terrible as their behavior is, it really is not evil, it is tragic. Putting someone with this type of disability in the Oval Office would be rediculous.


          • If this is true the only tragedy is that she survived it.

            • Gary Busey for President!!

              • Ketchupondemand

                Mel Gibson as Busey’s V.P.

              • gary busey…isn’t he the guy that left a piece of his mind on PCH?

            • The real JFK jr tragedy–three empty seats

      6. Or payback from God for calling those kid F75king retards at the Easter egg hunt. He made her one.

      7. So the latest jobs report is looking up or is it. The market is manipulated so is it being used as a political tool to convince the public all is fine you can spend $ on that new car or other big purchase. This latest report confirms obummers all is fine and anyone selling doom is peddling fiction. Well I never believed any of what they say. The fake it till you make it market will implode there are too many cracks for it not to crumble. Everywhere I look I see people bumming $ on street corners. More and more houses for sale commercial space vacant with for lease signs on buildings. Half of America is on ebt. There is no more bubbles to pop. Economic collapse is here only thing keeping anything going is manipulation of the numbers. We are all living paycheck to paycheck. just can’t see this charade going on much longer. We need a reset.

      8. Frigging Schizo bitch.

        If she was in the same ward as me, I’d be very worried.

        Hee hee hee hee, ha ha ha ha, ho ho ho ho, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa.

        Nurse, nurse, nurse…

      9. A repeated insult to the brain can result in psychotic episodes. People are unaware that intelligence and mental health are not the same. Very intelligent people, as clearly Hillary is, may also suffer from various kinds and degrees of mental illness. Repeated blows to the head, drug use, inherited disorders, age related decline; yes, only a blind man can not see that Hillary needs to retire and take time to relax. Instead of hating her, I feel for her; but I don’t want her in a position of authority, and certainly not the most important position in the land.


        • hillery is an insult to the brain…..just sayin’

          BOOT HILL ery 2016

          …stay the course…BA.

      10. it dosent matter who gets in, the powers that be have contingencies for any problem that will happen and it will result in them getting more power.
        there is a time that the system will rest in peaces but we dont know how the pieces will reform, could be anywhere from NWO to tribal warfare between towns for ever more.

      11. With the human mind, quite often when you discover someone is a genius, you also discover they have a myriad of psyche problems as well.

        Many aspects of these things may very well be from man-scientists ‘playing’ with DNA, Stem Cells and everything else we know little to nothing about (or they’d be working instead of what we are seeing …(we are seeing “fuck ups” from these scientists), or we are seeing their “products” are in existence only to infect and kill certain people.

        I wonder how many “plagues” exist that were/are man-made and even “launched” on the world by “psychos”?

        • Equitable,

          You stated people who are geniuses often have brain disorders. The problem for Hillary is that she is not a genius, but she has a brain disorder. She looks kind of like the Joker from Batman with her fake over exaggerated smile.

          • Add those creepy Mao style pants suits and is really terrifying

            • Kula

              Hahahaha! Yes that ass is wide and frightening too.

      12. Definitely something amiss plus a photo caught a hole in her tongue.

        • w and w. That is forked tongue.

      13. This is working too hard to make a mountain out of a molehill and smacks of trying to cover up Trump’s bizarre behavior. Glad I am not voting for either one. I will vote Libertarian.

        • So, you are still voting for Hillary then..

        • Rebecca, you think that video of her with the seizure is telling?
          Being the extreme feminist that you are, I’m surprised you’re not voting for Jill Stein.
          But go ahead and vote for the daily pot smoker Libertarian. It’s a wasted vote but at least it’s not one for Hillary.

          If Gary Johnson were to win, you don’t think Putin would put the daily pot smoker on a leash like you said he would Trump?

          • edit first line: you DON’T think it’s telling?

            • Just about everything about Chris Christy was made public last year, and yet The DNC Nominee’s medical chart is not out here for public scrutiny?

              Does any of this shit read anything like it should as compared to The Constitution or Bill of Rights, how laws are made, how justice is all inclusive, and include Hillary Clinton as well as the rest of us, Eric Holder and a host of others need to be doing some very serious hard labor federal “pen” time.

              I swear, I’ll do everything I am able to do within my power to work towards THAT end. Justice. Bush ..same difference.

              Justice out of the barrel of a gun is the only damned thing they are going to hear anymore, so why waste any more of our time pining away?

              • EQ, good point which brings me to ask, who runs in place of Hitlery if she has a stroke, seizure, etc. (in public, during a debate, one can dream, huh?)
                and she has to bow out?
                Kaine has “loser” plastered all over him.
                The obvious is dredge up Biden (dumb as an ashtray and will do whatever he’s told) or some other patsie?

                • Oh, I forgot, Biden has had 2 brain aneurysms also, so he’d be a perfect replacement!

          • Ketchup
            The D/R corporate machine is corrupt filth. A Libertarian vote this cycle might start a shift to a new party, sorely needed. Then again, voting for Trumper requires more self deception than I am capable of without heavy drug use. Although you clearly believe in puff the magic dragon I do not. I believe in Trump the con man with 3500 law suits, and Trump visiting pedophilia island, Trump the mafia buddy, and so on. Sorryyou still drinking D/R koolaid. The machine will never go away unless we take a different action.
            Not sure how intelligence and thinking equate to feminism; however, I am sure you are expert in feminism and know me better than God the Father.

        • Then you will split the vote and Hillary wins.

          • Emily,
            I am a Libertarian and I think Trump is a disaster. I think Hills is gonna win because Trump is a ridiculous nitwit. So why waste my vote on that fat old loser? I will vote Libertarian and see of this is the year that the D/R corporate machine falls apart. You vote for Trump… I assume you area registered voter. Will you accord me the freedom to vote my conscience? I do have that right under the Constitition, and the D/R corporate machine does not represent me.

        • Yeah, go ahead and vote Libertarian. That Johnson guy supports BLM. He’s not really a Libertarian.

          • Just read that Johnson also supports the TPP.
            How’s that sit with you, Rebecca?
            He probably thinks it stands for The Pot Producers!

        • Rebecca, that was definitely a seizure she had. I’ve watched full video over and over. It’s not photoshopped. She’s had a traumatic brain injury of some sort. The inappropriate affect (laughter that doesn’t end) the look on her face as she starts to cough seems to indicate she is trying to hide some other outward symptom. , angry outbursts. Classic signs.

          No mountains out of mole hills.

          But I do ask you THIS. Why are YOU on this sight if you don’t support individual freedom and gun rights? Because if you believe in either you damn well be voting trump. We know who he’s gonna pick for Scotus. It’s put up or shut up time and I’m tired of all the fucking pussis out there saying trump offends their sensibilities. There will be a damned shooting war if he does not get elected. DO YOU GET IT?!! Are you ready to be HUNTED, raped and killed by black panther anarchists? I don’t even want to take that chance.

          • NPPH

            It is sort of irritating on Rebecca’s part.

            Like the scorpion said to the frog.

            “It’s my nature”.

          • No pity
            every time men want to scare a woman they throw rape and and killed by a black panther to scare and control. Just like Trump controls you by playing on your fears. White women are almost exclusively raped and murdered by white men. I can certainly defend myself with an equalizer just like you can. The only time a white pig tried to rape me, my dear husband was home watching football. I bashed the guy in the head with a rock. He crawled out of my presence. So use your scare tactics on some dumb fluff who doesn’t realize that no man can be there 24/7 unless she wants to be a moose limb in purdah.

            • So Rebecca you have stats to prove it’s ‘almost exclusively’ white men raping and killing white women? Check the FBI stats troll!!

              • Rick, NPPH, facts mean nothing to Rebecca and that is why she will not address your questions with any kind of answer, just dodging maneuvers.
                Hey, R., we all know the D/R machine is corrupt. It’s old news. You’re not telling us anything we don’t already know.
                Hopeless liberal hippy.

      14. Trumps speech last night was reasonably impressive

        he seems to finally be getting it

        his “endorsements of Ryan and McSame were obviously forced
        but he did what he had to do

        starting to look a little Presidential
        I guess when your 10-15 points down in the polls ,you start looking for a plan B

        Trump is giving a major economic policy speech on Monday,in Detroit
        if he wants my vote this had better be good
        he needs to start explaining just what his jobs plan is
        how much it will cost
        and how it will be paid for

        Hillary has said she will spend 275 billion on infrastructure
        Trump has said he will spend double that
        where is the half trillion coming from?
        raise taxes?
        cut other programs?,and if he cuts other programs,the deficit will stay the same,he will just be spending the money on other things

        and I REALLY want to hear his about his health care plan
        his web site has NO plan,just some suggestions and tweaks

        he has said his plan will be “bigger and better” than Obamacare,not to mention “cheaper” his words

        I don’t think he can do it
        but we’ll know soon enough

        the time to stop ranting is now
        the time to lay out some real solutions is NOW

        • They all make promises that they never plan on coming through with

          But Trump hasent gotten people killed , or contracted to have people with good Intel on them

          Ain’t voting
          It’s the definition of insanity
          I see dumb people

          • “Ain’t voting
            It’s the definition of insanity
            I see dumb people

            Very much AGREED!!!


          • Vote Trump for the Supreme Court Justices alone then. If Hillary wins the constitution is toast, even more than it already is.

            • Miggy, thank you!!!!
              Satori you and Becca get a room.
              You don’t like Trump,we get it!!!
              Vote don’t vote,I don’t care,be a idiot whatever floats your boat.But on topics of Trump would you please STFU!
              WE GET IT!!!! Go vote third party see where that gets you!
              Is he a wild card,yes!STILL BETTER THAN HILLARY!!!!!!!!!

              Sorry for the rant just getting old!Same shit different day.

              • no Maniac
                you don’t get it
                thats the problem

                I’m just holding Trump to a high standard
                he has to prove himself before I will support him

                I wanna see facts
                I wanna see figures
                and it all damn well better add up

                and he better stop saying so much stupid stuff
                and start acting like a President should act

                sorry if that is too much to ask

                • Satori, so you’re looking for more of the same then, just another plastic goon to step up and replace what you’ve grown accustomed to.
                  Don’t rock the boat please, you may cause ripples!

            • Just what is it about Trump that is scaring the globalist elites so much???

              We should focus much more on whether a candidate for POTUS is a NWO globalist or a nationalist, than whether they are conservative or liberal, whether they are for the globalist NWO agenda or for AMERICA.

              Since World War II, globalists have controlled every presidential administration of both parties, with the possible exceptions of JFK and Ronald Reagan, and most of the Congresses.

              There will never be, nor has there ever been, a perfect candidate. But this election is literally about America’s Freedom and Sovereignty vs. abject tyranny.

              Even a non-vote is a vote for tyranny. Not that we’ll have it easy if Trump gets elected. There will be a time of unrest and clean up as the globalists and enemies of our nation inflict as much damage as possible on their way out, but at least our children won’t be sold into slavery and we will have an opportunity to restore our Republic.

              At this hour we still have the right, privilege, and sacred duty of voting, to effect change by turning out in mass to vote. Use it or lose it. This time could very well be our last chance.

        • Satori
          As you probably know, the President does not create the budget, it is generated by the House, negotiated with the Senate, then back to the House. It is a total default on the part of Congress for the President to suggest any budget.

          The budget has only shifted to the administrative branch because Congress is dysfunctional. It is unconstitutional and Congress is at fault for behaving like 535 nitwits, not to mention the 2 year old style temper tantrums.

          Why it matters: Constitutional separation of power designed to keep demagogues from being able to go dictator on the country. Designed to keep a tight lid on the administrative branch. The endless demand that Presidential candidates take control over the budget and economic policy is a call for dictatorship.

          I vote that we back off whining for a dictator… we will certainly whine if we get the dictator people are begging for.

          • WRONG! The president submits his budget to congress every year (called the PRESBUD). The house considers this when developing its budget and then on to the senate…

            • Do you realize ho many years Obama operated without a budget actually passed by both houses?

              This has been the most bizarre presidency in all US history.

            • So whichone is it Rebecca or chip. There is so much disinformation out there . Who do you believe?

          • Rebecca, as in Hillary, our next dictator?

        • I’ve noticed you use every thread to talk Trump. What do you think of Hillary Clinton brain damage ?

          • Two topics of conversation in, and she won’t talk about it, only that she’ll vote for the daily dope smoker Johnson.

          • Takenit Easy
            Valid question. I only talk Democrats to my Democrat friends. A waste of time to get on a right wing site and go wah wah wah Hillary. I registered as a Republican in 1972. I could not vote for that criminal Shrublet and did not vote Obama so I sat out 2 cycles. I left the Republican party. I believe 50 percent of the voters who are Independent would do better to join a third party and push the infinitely corrupt D/R corporate machine into oblivion. This cycle, Trump fractured the Republican Party so I believe it is a good year to put a third party forward.
            I like to have conversations with people of various viewpoints because it comes closer to truth than just parrots saying polly wants a cracker.
            I come to this site for an alternate viewpoint. I also listen to the Young Turks, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and love late night comedy. Because I am not vested in any viewpoint, I have a broader outlook. My dad taught his daughters to think and debate issues. Use facts. Amazing in the 50s. He wanted intelligent thinkers to talk to, not parrots. Not popular at this time among the right wing.
            I am a Constitutionalist. Sadly missing from the D/R corrupt rhetoric.

        • Polls are wrong. That poll had 46% dems, 36% repubs remainder independents. 5% more repubs turned out than chillary. She’s getting NO crowds at events and cancelling stops. Sickness or no interest?

      15. If this video went viral, many people would still vote for Hillary. Hillary’s past events proves the future.

        • Damned if we do or damned if we don’t (voting). As far as I’m concerned it’ll depend on how I feel when I wake up that day when the polls open. Right now my “I don’t give a shit” attitude I still wear on my sleeve.

          • 100% totally agree.

            They are welcome to go fùck off somewhere

          • I am beginning to think of my vote as a weapon. I can choose Peace Or Violence. Considering the future changes in the Supreme Court. You can really shove it up the whole country’s ass with a Hillary win.

            I may vote for that U.N., New World Order, Gun Grabbing, Power hungry crazy bi ch.

            No worry. My vote don’t count.

            • If you don’t vote you have no right to bellyache. VOTE.

              • Horseshit!

                • If voteing made a difference. They wouldn’t let us do it. Mark Twain. Samuel Clemens .

                • Was going to respond with some quotes and logic.

                  But, you are not worth it.

                  • Sorry, the response was for VOTE, not anyone else

                    • Y’all a bunch of bellyaching dumbasses fore sure… PERIOD.

                      Try gittin of your old fat asses and practicing your right to VOTE.

                      You caint help stupid bellyaching people and that’s the gospel truth… VOTE. VOTE. VOTE. You goddam flee bitten rats.

                    • Release, you release nothing but methane gas… You shout loud outa your flabby old ass boy. VOTE.

      16. Hillary does not look physically fit for this office. But if Trump does get in, his biggest problem will be the old school bought off dinosaur that is the Washington establishment(both parties) that won’t want any change whatsoever.

        • Honeybee how sweet it is. Trump was not my first choice, maybe my 4th or 5th choice, but he sure has proven that we have a One Party System and no matter who you are, you can’t buck the Washington Establishment. Even Trump is coming to recognize that fact, thats why he’s now supporting those two asses McCain and Ryan in their primary races. He’ll have to fall in line or the RINO’s will even support Hillary over a Republican Trump. It can be very hard to control your rage, but it seems that one day this will have to come to a rebellion or a person will have to roll over and give up. Trekker Out. Give Up, Not In My Life Time!!!

      17. Metastatic cancer to the brain after her tongue lesion biopsy?

      18. Notice her demeanor when she turns around to wave … Also notice that no one gets excited like this type of thing happens a lot.

      19. TPTB had every intention of giving us another Clinton/Bush election.
        If for no other reason Trump gets credit for stopping that agenda.
        I think TPTB need to be drug down a gravel road behind a pickup truck .

        • *dragged tptb dragged

      20. Clone #9 needs to be reprogrammed.

      21. That spot on her cows tongue is from her Crack Pipe. It might be an STD. I’m leaning toward the pipe.

        Haven’t most of our latest Prez. have some type of brain damage?

        As far a STD’s you can bet on that between Bill and Hitlery they have had more ass than a toilet seat in the ladies restrooms at Yankee stadium. And you know the odds are great she has an STD. Couldn’t happen to a better “B”. You know that Karma is going to get you when you back the killing of babies in the womb, Gay stuff, all in violation of what is taught in almost every religion. It is shown to us and taught to us for a reason, because this kind of crap will happen to you.

        Can you see Hitlery with the launch codes??? No wonder Putin doesn’t want her as Prez.

        She does look loony as a Cuckoo bird. Can she be worse that Obullshit???


        • Putin does NOT need to as much as HINT that he would consider using “A Nuclear Pre-Emptive Strike” should Hillary ‘take the helm.’ And with all the shit in The South China Sea AND “discussions” around Syria the fact Kerry is surrounding his nation with small nations with nukes, is giving Putin even more reasons to consider many things. Still, he has indicated he’d not want to initiate a WW-III. China would (or “boisterously” say so). One nuke they’d shut to hell up and so would N. Korea (Kim Sung Un and his never end mouthing off), …his fat ass and ignorant haircut NEED nuking).

          • Equorial, I read that China’s take (probably Russia’s, too) on WW3, nuclear of course, is that the first country to RECOVER wins.
            With Russia’s civil defense shelters and China’s massive population, they’re in the winner’s circle.

            • I’m uhhh…..I dunno. We’ve got a shitload of Tridents (newer ones) out there that are nothing but underwater silos for ICBMs, are we’ve got our laser’s (at least two strategically located so that means there are more), that can slice a rocket in half (with no detonation) either.

              Technologically speaking, we are still FAR the military superior power (and Putin openly admits it, because we are).

              At least Russia is building underground shelters WITH FOOD AND WATER and other stuff, for all the Russian People (save those that live incredible distances from nothing …plus all of those who “not a soul” has any idea they are living “way up there” in eternal snow country. (Like Arctic Circle living).

              I’ve always taken note that this government builds all kinds of underground fortresses for themselves (public servants? excuse me, but did you say public servants get to build multi-billion-dollar nuke-proofed facilities for themselves, but the people they are “servants to” don’t get a damn thing (not even iodine tablets and a mylar emergency blanket)? Anything wrong with the picture of all people who are serving in positions which a federal, meaning PUBLIC SERVANT, have more power than YOU DO? Can put YOUR ASS INTO JAIL – – or shoot and kill you with impunity (which is being done right now if the conditions are just right, meaning the feds are ready to stage another movie and all the actors have been briefed.

              It’s just the same with overseas. Nothing malicious seems to happen until some “creation” of a government comes in and lays waste to someone else on political/religious grounds, then big-jaw Kerry comes in and promises our non-allies millions if not billions, just if they’ll help him and Obama do shit to tear down America in all possible ways (to rid the earth of “bad” Christian White Males and Females (the kids are wanted by the pedophiles or another kid needs your daughter’s liver, so she’s a donor (the remainder is either used in medical teachings or just burnt with the rest three times daily). That’s what those big, tall chimneys at hospitals are, the fumes from burning body parts, murdered people, and waste that must be “propane flamed” for sustained periods. The ones I’ve seen have only a very white ash (very light) within them.

              • The country that wins isn’t the one with the better weapons and defenses (arguably the US), but the one that has already resigned itself to the strike – and prepared their population for it. And the countries that have done this the best are: China, North Korea, Russia and Switzerland. The US ONLY has preps for the top level of government and military. Everyone else is on their own.

                A post-strike world would look like this: the majority of the US pop would be wiped out, not just in a strike, but by the disruption to food systems etc. As for the majority of the populations in China, North Korea and Russia, they would still be around. And they would be pissed. That’s when the hook up with the rest of the world to get back at the US.

              • Equorial says:

                first of all, the lasers the military use do NOT cut a rocket in half, all they do is FRY the on-board computer. you need to learn more about your subject before you shout!!

      22. Demon possession?

        • That’s my first guess!!!!

      23. She’s a psychopath. That’s the simple truth of it. Perhaps and likely demon possessed as well.

      24. What I would love to see is that both Hillary and Trump put on stage with media coverage. One Truthful Democrat and One Truthful Republican together. To include a viable third party if so. Armed with the facts of the faults of each candidate, and the legitimate concerns of the nation, to be spoken in front of the American people.
        Both need a good ass chewing. Both need to know that they will be held to a higher standard. That we are tired of the superfluous bullshit, the deceit, lies, cover ups and the feel good accomplishments that don’t accomplish anything. That this country is not their own personal property to be plundered by their superficial whim.
        I want both to know that if they do not do right, they can be Forcefully Removed from office.

        I would not allow them to reply. They don’t need to reply. They must LISTEN.

        • anon, you don’t get do you… THEY are just puppets on the stage so the goyim will THINK that they have a choice…The (((Tribal leaders))) run things…PERIOD. They want 90% of the world’s population GONE, DEAD, TOAST…the remaining pleabs will be their slaves…YOU want hope & change… It WILL come from the barrel of a gun…

          • Chauffeur .

            Oh, I get it.

            Why do you think I tell people to prepare for War.
            Really, lots of stuff we say here is only wishful thinking.

            We are standing around looking at each other, wondering what we are going to do. Eyes shifting back and forth and like penguins on a ice flow. Waiting for the first one to dive in. More likely we will be the Deer in the Headlights type.
            You know. The “Oh Shit” look.

            • More than anything, whether or not anyone realizes it or not, but “in pure essence” we are playing our part as The Militia, some of us are Untrained (which just means no military service), and Trained Militia (whoever has gotten at least two years over ‘over 20 day-for-day’ to qualify for retirement.

              You’ll start seeing ‘movement’ from The Sheriff’s Office (and it most certainly won’t be aimed at HIS people of HIS County, there are just a handful of Sheriffs who are staying on the corruption side of the fence, most of them located in metros (which is another reason to get out of Dodge and to a small town in the middle of nowhere where it is heavily forested).
              You can also look to see collections of people in meeting at places like The VFW, American Legion and others. You really didn’t think that these vets went there just to get soused did ya?

              We’ve got trouble. They’ve, just like myself, have taken a life-long Oath and I find no good reason not to keep it, even if it means my death, I swore it so there you have it. We’ve been infiltrated with domestic enemies and flooded with foreign enemies. Being that our government IS the damned domestic enemy doesn’t give us ANY choice in who to fight does it? The entire government is corrupt, right down to the tiny judge in the smallest town in The USA. They’ve all got bloodstains on their hands, and big brother don’t miss when he aims his gun.

              Bide your time and actually enjoy whatever we are given, as it will virtually change overnight and with little to no warning. Total peacefulness to absolute chaotic hellish outbreaks from every crevice these frigging heathens have ‘holed up’ in , aside from our “Complete and Entire Government Establishment” being 100% corrupted and in desperate need of replacement (the Constitution says we may hang them by their necks until dead). That works for me.

              All of the alternatives, for us, totally suck, and they all involve US being disarmed, first thing, first ‘days’ business on Hillary’s agenda. So, I reckon they’ll be an uprising with or without input from outside organizations. I would not be in the least surprised to hear NRA “double down” and recommend a full-fledged Revolution …as there is just NO FU*KING way millions and millions are going to give up their arms to become, as history teaches, slaves and caretakers for those WITH guns.

              Also, they haven’t the power to change the Constitutional “interpretation” after it has stood quite well “as is” since her inception, thus there is no reason to change it due to the whims of a whacked out psycho that over half of America hates anyway, if not more.

              Will they cheat to get her in? Did they cheat (FL and Bush) to get Obama in by going through Bush and having a Florida recount that placed BamBam in The Oval Office? (Or something to that effect). Has our POTUS been heavily cheating over the past four years via his use of EO’s to go around Congress (and since many of these things were laws, they are not law at all as The Executive (the president) has no power to write law at all, only to ensure that it is “executed” as written, nothing more. Needless to say, Obama has been excessively “out of order” and working far outside his many limitations imposed upon all presidents (he just chose to ignore them, creating a legacy that will crumble as soon as he out the door, as nothing he has done “has teeth” nor will last (such as ObamaCare). His only true endeavor was to create as much division in as many places (social, political, monetary, etc), to ensure to weaken this nation as much as is possible. (We do not live near enough ANY metropolis to “have a clue” what it may be like in a place where gunfire is a constant sound heard throughout all days). Can’t imagine what that must be like, but I’ve no doubt we’d have left after one night and “thrown” money placed into real estate or rent.

              This isn’t going to come with any “Oh shit looks” from anyone, as they are just too fucking short on men to go from door-to-door (on death missions), nor would they if ordered to do so. It will be “arranged” in such a way that many will absolutely be forced into “turning them over” or go without your EBT Cards, and the other 50% will lie like hell claiming no weapons and will get away with it …because we’ll not give them up, meaning, the majority just aren’t going to comply with any new laws about The 2nd A. Fuck’em. It will be THEIR necks in those nooses. Not mine.

              On another flip-side, should all of The American Public who are still patriotic enough to be pushed into the corner so far that they are willing to come out fighting (or be enslaved or killed), it would certainly be a very short Revolution.

              Just think, no more ABC Agencies, IRS, BLM, FCC, CIA, FBI and the rest …all fucking gone for good. THAT’S The America we want back. No frigging “crime bosses” (kill them), gangs (kill them all), cheaters and thieves (kill them all especially if you catch their asses red-handed). Allow THE PEOPLE to police and “be the law, court, judge and jury for all local problems). The locals know more about their “close-by” idiots than the police normally do. Pop them and slip’em into an old bog never to be found under all that peat.

              • Equorial.

                I’ll believe it when I see it. I have tried to get a few people together and was just pissed on. American Legion, Vet of Foreign Wars, Fleet Reserve. Sorry don’t see no action there. You must be in a good area. Maybe the atmosphere has change but those I know who belong to these organizations wanted no part of it. I am not a member to be clear. Would it matter?
                I will tell you I am not sticking my neck out again. Well, maybe here on this site. There will have to be blood spilled before I give thought to joining up. I want to see heart and not talk. Otherwise I will do what I need to do alone and die if need be to defend what I have. I am tired of the B.S from government and those who talk B.S. with no preparation at all.
                I figure you will do fine.

                In about 90 days or so we will know which way the country leans. Not too much later we may hear people shout, “This is America. They can’t do that!”

                Then what? Anybody’s guess.

                • On Taking the Oath to defend the Constitution.

                  Done the same. Myself I believe that it is NOT a Life LONG Oath. It is only during your term of enlistment or agreed upon contract, that you must adhere to it.

                  Why would I want to fight for a person who would not stand and fight for himself. Because of a completed contract oath that others feel I must extend. If they feel threatened, then let them get off their lazy ass and fight.

            • anon, I agree with you there… 🙂

      25. I would like to see a third party candidate debate these two establishment choices. Either of the two most notable will do. I do not support either part of the uniparty. As far as smoking cannabis every day, where’s the problem? Buying the lies? Somehow connected to the established corrupt chemical medical cabal? Don’t like freely grown natural medicine? Like serious damaging side effects with your meds? Enjoy the police state prison industry? Reefer madness?

        • (((Stein))) and Johnson are also owned by (((The Tribe))). No difference between ANY of them…

      26. Anon, love the idea.
        Was sorry to see Trump back,Ryan and McCain,Me f&%# them!!
        Both sell outs to the NWO,MCCAIN should be ashamed for leaving our MIA in SEA.He new they were there,600 plus!F%#@
        Maniac — Out

      27. Could she be the Neo-Nero this burning Rome is waiting for?

      28. Old Cankles Klinton is very ill . She has a blood clot between her skull and brain. Trombosis. She also is on blood thinners, Thyroid medicine & steroids. She has conjestive heart failure and The Beginning stages of MS. But that don’t make her unfit. Ronald Regan had full blown Altizmers when he was president. All the president has to be able to do is read a teleprompter. Old bill looks like he has the AID,s?

      29. Might be brain worms.

      30. My prediction:

        Hillary gets worse following any real problems confronting her election, Obama steps in “for the good of the country”; beats the “racist” trump; and completes the transformation of the usa into whatever socialist/communist/Islamic country he been working at for 8 years now.

      31. Should Hillary win.

        There will be the biggest purge in government , Military and civilian political adversaries.
        The NSA will be on hyper drive doing all sorts of research on who was saying things against her.

        “I’ll get you, my pretty”

        WW of the W

        Release the Flying Monkey’s Hahahahaha!

        • Git yourself a “growler” and release them brain worms!

          I like your earlier analogy of OUR votes being used as a weapon.

          VOTE. VOTE. VOTE.

      32. Shoot that is half the government.

      33. Once the pay checks stop coming … military will go home to protect their own family’s same goes for the blue helmets.

        After the looting hordes coming out of cities realize they are no match for survivalist and militias..they will burn everything.
        Buildings, pastures, forest everything.
        One in an attempt to flush out game and two to kill or expose those that are dug in.

        Anyone thinking they are going to lay low and ride the storm out is delusional. You will have to take the fight to them or there will be nothing left to protect.

        It will be impossible to tell good guys from bad guys when nobody’s wearing a uniform. The time to form alliances is now. There are people on this thread smart enough to devise a vetting process without it being blood in blood out.
        Time is of the escence.
        ———————————–hey Eisenstein how’s that batch coming along? Thinking about this stuff is giving me a powerful thirst…?

        • No delusional Frosty, just ex-combat military and well-acquainted with what you view as a nightmare (as it is).

          However, practically everything is survivable (excepting the extremes like planets crashing, alien attacks, super volcanic eruptions).

          Nothing pointing to ANYTHING YET that would pose an impossible to survive situation (unless you believe somebody will allow ISIS to access those 90 nuclear missiles). Sorry, that much ain’t gonna happen twice in a row.

          Don’t you see that the summation of Hillary’s antics WILL BE “taking the fight to them” in every literal sense of the words? 🙂 I’m prolly to old to be fighting, but if that is becomes a necessity to keeping my life and children’s futures, then I will fight ruthlessly.

          • Taking the fight to them as in they are already here.
            I’m just talking about having the manpower to set perimeters .

            • You are referring to the “Tribal Community” mindset, which can be before or after an event(s). Everyone contributes – Everyone.

              While ‘trust is earned, not given’, currently, very few are willing to forego their security and preps to hook-up with unknowns. The situation is not yet critical enough for most.

              The best one can do is to contact and hook-up with those that are most trusted in their immediate circle of influence.

              Do what you can with what you have.

      34. I wonder if only a violent civil war can save our nation from these third world rats. The longer we wait the more their numbers grow. Read about what the bolshavics did in Russia. To see what these people are capable of. For a paycheck these third world rats would do anything. And everyday their numbers grow. We need a quick and dirty house cleaning. And trying to pick and choose won’t work . When their numbers recover it will just start again.wether we like it or not. No multi cultural or multi racial country has ever survived long. We will not be different. We can delay the inevitable . Kick the can. Let our grandchildren deal with the civil war that we let happen . There never has been and never will be racial harmony . We don’t need it anyway. What good will it do us?

      35. Just ordered a Fulton angled flashlight, D cells, military grade, USA made, $15.00. Olive drab and comes with 4 lenses (colored).
        If it’s as good as it sounds I’ll get more.
        I like that you can clip it to your chest area and have hands free nighttime light. Easier to carry a weapon, gear, etc. (ebay)

        • Ketchupondemand.

          Got a Goose Neck. Not as powerful as some LED’s but dependable low light. You might find a LED light bulb to switch out.

          • anon, I’ll check around for an led bulb.
            There were other angled flashlights (led) listed but mostly foreign made and on amazon the reviews were ok but a lot were rating them junk.
            Also, there was a great product listed, a flashlight with a hammer end and a knife built in, but the ratings sucked…$20., but people saying you get what you pay for, but it’s a neat idea.
            Like Leslie Nielson said in one of his disaster movies, “you can’t have too much water in a nuclear plant”, then on to wondering what that meant..”is it bad to have too much water, or not bad if you have a lot?”
            I say you can’t have too many flashlights!

        • Once I went headlamp can’t go back to flashlight.
          The blood tracking led also serves to keep the bugs away when frog gigging nite stalking etc…

      36. Gotta have a brain to begin with for it to become damaged

      37. All the familial inbreeding from generations past coming to fruition in Hillbillary.

      38. Hillary for nursing home…… For the criminally insane!

        • At least she won’t cause any harm when she presses the button, only nurses come when you press the button.

          Nice shinny red button…

      39. Kudos to Paul Joseph Watson.

        We need more people of his calibre. Thanks Paul, keep up your good work.

        • But he won’t mention the true eternal enemy the Jewish mafia.

          • You know what dude… You wanna try visiting Israel.

            Israel is a class act in a desert full of famine, strife and hate.

            Maybe He aint mentioned Israel coz there aint anything there that concerns us to mention!!!

            Try getting of your ass fella, go visit and experience living in Old Jerusalem… It’ll open your fuckin’ dumb biased mind.


            It’s SO lame to attack Israel and the Jews.

            For fucks sake… Go get a life.

      40. Does Hillary have brain damage,is this some kind of sick/twisted question?!

      41. Hillary’s problem is possibly syphilis, as that sore she has on her tongue looks very similar to a syphilitic lesion. Syphilis causes extreme mental problems, and Hillary just doesn’t look or act well, she’s obviously ill.
        Therefore she is unfit for any public office.

        • Now, who is going to have the guts to say it, and make her admit it?

        • Rick, That and she has also said she “short-circuited her answer with a comment she had made.” What! I think she slipped under pressure knowing her brain is what is short circuiting and she caught herself revealing something she didn’t want the public to know and instead said she short circuited a response.

          She turns 70 next year. She also has cardiac problems. I didn’t say heart problems because she doesn’t have a heart. But then she’ll probably make it through because the devil takes care of his own.

      42. They all have brain damage. They are little spoiled rotten rich kids who inherited tons of money.

      43. I remember reading about the young girls that are used in the sex slave business of the government. The recount of the young girl that was brought before cankles and was subsequently attacked by the crotch muncher after she was told that she was safe (no disease) while people watched her going to town on this little girl. That whore probably was out later doing drugs and drinking with her middle east whore Huma and couldn’t take it anymore and went down on someone that did have a very bad disease it would be great if her tongue rotted off. If it as it appears and she is up to the brim in mental and physical disease then the libtards on this site that support her or hate Trump had best think about that no account that is on the ticket with her. What happens when the first major crisis hits and she wigs out and they have to replace her. That slime bag she chose is another one in the back pocket of mudslimes. Anyone ask just what would make him presidential material other than being the same old worn out American hating democrat just like the rest of the brain dead scum that sucks the tit of the government and have iq’s around 60. The ability to have a Constitution rest on this election, if you go for hitlery or a 3rd party then it will be RIP for that wonderful document that defines our republic. That whore will pack the supreme court with the most vile individuals who will use judicial activism to make repressive laws and destroy our bill of rights. Again you want a war where your family could be taken out if it happens then vote the whore or some no name 3rd party douce bag.

        • Nam/redux, well said, man.
          Can’t help but think it’s the end of us, the US.
          Hate to be negative but the USA is over.
          We did have a good run, though.
          You feds that read this get it? You got what you want.
          But it will backfire on you, too.


        I use Snopes, but with a grain of salt. Here’s one reason why: You know the old saying about “close” only counting in horseshoes & hand grenades!

        And, whoops! Yet ANOTHER mysterious Clinton adversary death. Lead Attorney in DNC Fraud Case Found Dead, at Wonder if this time they’ll claim he slipped on a banana peel and died, like that guy last week they claimed died in his sleep… on the bathroom floor? (Y’know… the bathroom floor, where most of us usually sleep).

        • Good ol’ TEST.

          You make my hart soft fella.

          Stay safe.

        • Thanks

      45. Has anyone heard anything about Edward Snowden?
        There are news reports stating he is either missing or dead.

        I asked Mac to please check this story out.

        I also posted a link, but it is in moderation.

        One person stated that Edward is o.k.

        The rest of the news articles sound grim.

        • This is very concerning. Everything seems so quiet, since it was first mentioned
          It sounds bleak, considering that he ”disappeared”, etc,on his 33rd birthday..
          If he was murdered, which wouldn’t surprise me, then the death count is now up to seven.
          I’m so sick of this world

          • @ Redundant ~ Thank you. Yes, that is the link.

            It doesn’t make me feel any better either.

            Glen Greenwald says that E. Snowden is “o.k.”

            I won’t believe it until I see Edward Snowden on a
            video, holding todays newspaper.

            Even if there is posting on his twitter account,
            can one be sure it is really him ?

            Many feel that Snowden put many spies out in the field
            at risk, to the point some were killed.

            I have been reading the blogs and posts, no one seems to
            give 2 sh*ts about Edward Snowden anymore.

            Some say he just went ‘deep underground.’

            The death count is now up to 7 people, what do you mean by that?

            Thank you for your reply.

              • I still find it strange that something like this happened,not only that, but it apparently happened on June 24/16
                A story like this is huge. Why are we finding out about it now? If this happened, in June, two months ago, that would have made Drudge, front headline. Something still stinks, imo.
                I want to see a live video of him
                People have been picked off, because they know to much about Hitlery, Six, to be exact. One that comes to mind, is a man, that authorized many books, was happily married, and he committed suicide, by shooting himself, twice, in the back of the head, on his birthday. The ”family” can’t figure it out..d’oh.
                I have a video of this, somewhere, please don’t ask me to find it. I can’t remember what Youtube channel, it was on..Lol
                She will the be the prez, and whoever stands in her way, you know the rest

      46. I can’t put my finger on what’s going on with Hillary. She simply acts as though nothing she says or does matters either way. Does she feel she can’t win, or does she feel she can’t lose, or does it simply not matter?

      47. We can all make fun of the sideshow but, the truth is Hillary is not the best choice to save our country.

      48. Somebody please help her up the steps…

        All thirteen of them.

      49. As usual, I am posting late on the west coast and probably no one will read this but, oh well.
        I just walked about 250 yards in the dark to our barn and machine shed looking for one of our cats. I had a flashlight but didn’t turn it on till I had need to. I got that kind of tingling on my spine that you get at times as if you are being watched. Nothing popped out and scared the hell out of me but I suddenly realized how futile all of the talk is about how everyone will kick ass and take names in the event of civil unrest. Ya gotta eat and sleep. If wandering hordes of bad guys are roaming the country side pretty much everybody is going to be fubar. Have a nice evening.

        • I read your post skeptic.

          Above all… I was left wondering if you ever found pussy?

          Bet you’ll never see this post.

          Shine a friggin’ light!

        • You keep a little dog that will alert you if something or someones lurking about. we also have a gaggle of geese that set up a ruckus if something is around.

          • Geese are a good choice… They’re noisy bastards.

        • Hello skeptic. I have property too and I have found the that the darkness bows to the light thrown out of the Nitecore TM16GT. Rated to over a kilometer. Going gear has the best prices and if you watch there review video they have a discount code for 10% off in video. You’re going to love this light because when it’s dark out there light is your #1 security tool! Good luck ‘out there’.

      50. If she is ill she should wrap it up and retire. The Clinton’s have enough money and do not need to rape the country any more.

      51. Looking at her from an objective but medical perspective, she seems to present as follows:

        1) Elderly woman in poor physical shape: we can see from the large thighs and butt that she is overweight. She also wears trousers and blazers designed to hide the fact she probably has a large belly. These are all indications of obesity. Obesity at that age leads to all sorts of health problems, from Type 2 Diabetes, to stroke, high blood pressure, seizures, heart disease, shortness of breath, etc. Looking at past photos and videos of her, she was in much better shape a decade ago. She was very hot in the 1990s. This would show a precipitous decline in physical condition beyond normal aging. I have seen many women who are very hot and fit into their 70s when they take good care of themselves. With the amount of personal wealth Hillary has, she could easily get the best exercise and nutrition advice available. That she doesn’t do this does not speak well to her choices, especially when campaigning to take on such a stressful and important job. If a patient presented in this condition and then said “Hey, Frank: I am going to run for the President of the US!!” I would say “Woah! Maybe you should step back and re-evaluate this goal at your age and/or undertake a serious regime of physical conditioning to get in better shape.”

        2) There are numerous video accounts of her tripping, being vague and doing weird head spasms. This has even come from her close advisers. These indicate problems with balance and/or brain problems. Not great for a job that requires long hours and above-average cognitive skills.

        3) Coughing: this seems to be beyond normal dry throat from frequent public speaking. Repeated and habitual coughing can be indicative of lung cancer, tuberculosis, sexual health diseases, etc.

        As for Bill, he looks wane and gaunt. There is normal musculature and bone decrease as people age, especially if they do not counter this with exercise and weight training (which can actually stem such age-related wasting). We know he brags about being on a diet and not eating as much junk food as he used to (no more jogging to McDonald’s for a burger and a blowjob). But he looks frail beyond being just old. I would say there is something else going on there. Look at Dick Cheney: he is about the same age, has had a zillion heart transplants and major operations and looks like he good wrestle a bull.

        If this can be observed by people on the outside, then the elite know fully well what is going on. They can’t really believe she will stay the course for a full term. At some point, she will be switched out for somebody else. But who?

        • FT

          I see Drudge picked up Hillary’s health concerns. Could get some traction on the story.

          • Agree: the health issues will come front and center now the campaign is underway. A pharmacist says he believes it is Parkinson’s Disease. That would make a lot of sense. Others believe Bill has AIDS.

            Personally, I can’t see people voting for that, no matter the politics. They only have to compare recent presidents – Obama, Bush – to see how fit they were. They both looked like presidents.

            I believe the best candidate for first female president should be an Asian woman in her 40s/50s. America has so many super-smart Asian women and they look amazing on top of it (a great asset for the country). Your average Asian woman is way hotter and in better shape than your average white, black or Hispanic woman in the US. How about a woman who looks like Lucy Liu but has a medical degree?

          • The coughing fits are easily explained by the fact she screams into a microphone all day long when she’s not on dry airplanes; the ‘tongue lesion’ is a cough drop ferchrissakes, and she wears the long ugly jackets because she’s wearing a bulletproof vest, as is Trump. They can weigh up to 40 lbs which explains needing help to get upstairs, besides the obviousness of her age and physical condition.

            The weird head movements were an exaggerated reaction to having several microphones shoved in her face at once (she was trying to be funny and human, which doesn’t work for her); the other one at the convention was a reaction to the fireworks which are not shown on the shorter videos.

            Honestly, there’s much to find wrong with Hillary. I’m ashamed of Paul as a reporter that he would stoop to this.

            • If ole shitty pants isn’t very sick. Why is the fat doctor right beside her 24×7? quit being a denialist ole kankles could very easily expire at any time.

      52. Police State AmURiKa

        they’re coming for YOU next

        Jury Finds Police Violated Family’s Constitutional Rights; Awards $1 in Damages

        h ttp://

        “to protect and serve”

        not so much

        • And when exactly have you Satori personally experienced the frame of events you’re so keen to warn us all about first hand?

          Looking forwards to hearing your precise and candid re-run of events on the American “POPO” BRUTALLITY that you’ve suffered “first hand” and are so keen to find OFFENSIVE!
          You lame ass Bitch.

          • I can see that reading comperhenshun is not yer freend

            I NEVER said I experienced any of this

            POINT of FACT-it is a true story,a REAL event that happened

            POINT of FACT-I do know of several incidents locally

            POINT of FACT-some people can look at history and current events and see patterns and put 2+2 together

            POINT of FACT-and others are incapable of doing that
            and suffer the consequences

            example-some Jews in 1930’s Germany saw what was happening and got the hell out,others ignored current events
            ended up in the camps

            it’s pretty obvious where you will end up

            “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.”
            Proverbs 22:3

      53. Nobody who sees this video will vote for her.

        • robertb

          Sure they will.

      54. Liberalism is a disease by itself, but the Clinton’s are nothing short of career criminals.


        Now you know why the politicians love Islam and help promote Sharia law. They have been bribed! It is appears that Washington is now just a criminal enterprise that has sold out the country. When we as a nation turned from God, these criminals filled the void, and God departed from the nation.

      55. the clintons always attack the opposition, accusing them of doing things or character defects that personify the clintons, in order to negate any later attack against them.

        the idea that there is something mentally deficient about trump is classic. the clinton campaign know she’s teetering on the edge of holding on so they’re on the attack. then, when trump responds with an attack on her (well founded), they can say that trump is just repeating accusations.

        they’ve done this over and over and it’s the signature cheap trick they’re so well known for.

      56. Wonder if they had a rubber room in the Scooby Van.

      57. It’s not brain damage. It’s the demons in her souless body attempting to escape.

      58. Really, no empathy so she could have autism, what a stinking moron, every autistic kid I know has more empathy than most non autistic adults.

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