Must See Video: “I Don’t Need To Stop at a Checkpoint to Prove Who I Am Because This Is America”

by | Jul 11, 2012 | Headline News | 134 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

    -The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution

    With local, state and DHS checkpoints randomly popping up all over America many of our citizens believe that we must comply with what more often than not amounts to unlawful requests and orders from law enforcement officials.

    While driving through California, Steven Anderson came upon three such checkpoints and he chose not to play ball with officers who asked him, among other things, to prove his citizenship, prove his identity and pull over for further inspection and questioning.

    When asked whether he was a citizen Anderson’s immediate response was, “that’s my business.” When advised that it was the officer’s job to ask the question, Anderson calmly responds by saying, “I don’t have to answer you, because I have rights as an American.” The law enforcement official courteously asks Mr. Anderson to do him a favor and pull over for further questioning, no doubt expecting Anderson to comply. But not today, as Anderson patently refuses to do so per his Fourth Amendment Constitutional protections. He subsequently makes his own request, saying to the officer, “no thanks, I’d like to just go on my way.”

    All of it was recorded on a digital camera in Anderson’s car and out of view of officers.

    What you’ll see below is a crash course in exercising your Constitutional rights when faced with the threat of detention, interrogation and random searches by Federal or local law enforcement officials. You won’t see this one in mainstream media, and it’s something they certainly don’t teach in college:

    Anderson: Is this Nazi Germany now, that I have to show my papers?

    Officer: It’s a simple yes or no. I need an answer or we can detain you until we figure out whether you’re a U.S. citizen.

    Anderson: Well, you know what’s more simple is the fact that my freedom is a little more important than you seem to think. Seting up checkpoints where people have to prove that they’re a citizen is not something that America is supposed to be about. So, I’m not sure if you understand that.

    Supervisor enters scene: Grunt

    Anderson: Grunt

    Supervisor: Just pull up over there (points to line of detained cars)

    Anderson: No, thank you… I want to go free on my way. Here I am just going about my own business and I don’t need to stop at a checkpoint to prove who I am because this is America. Correct me if I’m wrong – did I stumble into Mexico or is this still the United States?

    Supervisor: This is the United States.

    Anderson: Therefore, I should have the freedom to travel unmolested, because I’m in America here.


    Supervisor: Ok, go ahead and go.

    Score one for liberty and the US Constitution.

    It really is that simple.

    Sure, some officers will overstep their bounds in an attempt to intimidate and instill fear, but in this case cooler heads prevailed and the officer in charge understood that Mr. Anderson was on the right side of the law, and that their requests for him pulling over and showing identification at a random checkpoint were nothing more than requests, as no such mandate exists without probable cause that criminal activity is taking place.

    Mr. Anderson stood up for his rights – his own individual rights. To be free and to enjoy the liberties reserved and protected for the people by the Constitution of the United States it falls upon each of us, as individuals, to ensure the rule of law.

    On another day Mr. Anderson may have been detained, perhaps even arrested (unlawfully).

    But today in America freedom prevailed.


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      1. Hell yeah this is America!

        That guy has some balls, and that’s what it’s going to take. Most people would be more than happy to be herded like sheep.

        • Unless you have placed a cop on notice of who you are and that you refuse to cooperate in any way while demanding your rights, you don’t know how big a sack it takes.

          I tip my hat to this guy, knowing first hand the trembling he was doing on the inside, as well as the sense of freedom when you drive away unscathed.

          Still, it proves the point I have been trying to drive home that the corp’s officers are far more likely to harm those that comply and submit than they are the ones who forcefully stand up for their rights.

          I hope those who think that there is something inherently wrong with resisting “authority” where none has been given, and taking control of the situation and enforcing the Law like the King you are, is in fact possible for those with the courage to fight the battle for their own freedom.

          But it doesn’t come cheap. What this guy did doesn’t help you at all, unless you have the knowledge and cahoona’s to do it yourself.

          Maybe a few disbelievers will take a closer look at who they are and how they can win those battles themselves.

          • Jefferson said “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.”

            • Jefferson was a great man, but not a Theologian.

            • No, there’s no evidence that TJ, smart as he was, ever said that.

              “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.
              Variation: Disobedience to tyranny is obedience to God.
              This statement has often been attributed to Jefferson, as well as to Benjamin Franklin, who has been said to have proposed it as the motto of the United States, and sometimes to English theologian William Tyndale, or Susan B. Anthony, who used it, but cited it as an “old revolutionary maxim” — it was widely used as an abolitionist and feminist slogan in the 19th century. The earliest definite citations of a source yet found in research for Wikiquote indicates that the primary formulation was declared by Massachusetts Governor Simon Bradstreet after the overthrow of Dominion of New England Governor Edmund Andros in relation to the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688, as quoted in Official Report of the Debates and Proceedings in the State Convention: assembled May 4th, 1853 (1853) by the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention, p. 502. It is also quoted as a maxim that arose after the overthrow of Andros in A Book of New England Legends and Folk Lore (1883) by Samuel Adams Drake. p.426.” (

          • I was getting all pissed just watching this. I’m not sure how I would react to this sort of bullshit… Maybe I better practice.

            I’d buy him a beer if I could.

            • It would be great to find a real, legitimate legal reference to exactly what is and is not required when stopped like this.

              I’ve been reading about the stop-and-frisk crap going on in NYC and would like to know why these guys get away with it.

              I would sure as heel hate to tell the guy to go pound sand and find myself hog tied in the back of a patrol car.

            • LedMizer says

              It would be great to find a real, legitimate legal reference to exactly what is and is not required when stopped like this.


              Led, there is one. It is called The Constitution Of The United States Of America. Stops like that are forbidden in Law, thus NOTHING is required of YOU other than it’s belligerent enforcement.

              The problem is not that the Law does not exist, or that it is hidden in some statute for nobody to find. The problem is a lack of enforcers of the Law, because ONLY the People as individuals, and that means YOU, can enforce it to protect themselves.

              It IS the Law of the Land and YOU are the SOLE enforcer. If you defer your Law enforcement authority to a costumed officer of the corp under statutory (fictional) law there is no one left to enforce the REAL Law to protect you.

              Too many believe that either everyone has protected rights, or nobody does. The reality is that freedom and rights belong only to those who enforce the Law for their own protection.

              You can be the King, or you can be the subject. Your choice does not reflect on me or mine, or anyone else.

            • LedMizer.

              Here is your legal reference:

              42 USC 1983 Civil Action for Deprivation of Rights

              Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress, except that in any action brought against a judicial officer for an act or omission taken in such officer’s judicial capacity, injunctive relief shall not be granted unless a declaratory decree was violated or declaratory relief was unavailable. For the purposes of this section, any Act of Congress applicable exclusively to the District of Columbia shall be considered to be a statute of the District of Columbia.

              What this means is that if your rights are violated, the PERSON violating these rights can be sued for damages (suit in equity) PERSONALLY in Federal Court for this action.

              • Yeah, good f’ing luck successfully suing a police officer under that statute for performing the job he was ordered to perform in good faith.

                Not gonna happen.

                Not in my lifetime.


            • JohnG is right, however it is best to know the Law that prevents the deprivation of rights before it happens.

              The only Law the People need concern themselves with is the Constitution.

          • Here is a video of my very first encounter with warrant-less checkpoints:



            If I keep Coming and peaceably assembling a mile up the road on private property and exercise my right of free speech to communicate with other consensual citizens by voice, hand signals, smoke signals or even by signs such as: Smile -or – Have a Nice Day -or – POLICE CHECKPOINT DRIVE SAFELY
            Statistically Police on Patrol are 5x more effective against Drunk Drivers than at checkpoints. Eventually, with fruitless results after hours wasted in the hot summer sun, wasting overtime and taxpayer monies, the point of having a checkpoint in my town would be useless. Liberty prevails. The Constitution lives another day.

            Express dissent with your God given, free will, VOICE.
            They can never tell you you cant communicate, its unalienable.
            Peace to all



        • WTF!? We have gained full momentum on the slippery slope to totalitarianism.

      2. If we had a few more like him, I’d sure feel better about what’s coming.
        There’s no check points here in SW MO, but if they ever show up I assure you, they will never have my willful compliance.

        • They are setting up checkpoints around the country, yet closing border patrol stations across 4 states.

          Closure of Border Patrol stations across four states triggers alarm

          • How do you prep and stay on line “ALL DAY LONG” ? I mean , “WE” as fellow preppers help on another right ?

          • Well, I guess that means it may be easier to leave the country when it starts getting ugly. I don’t think I will be leaving though. Just sayin.

          • Patrol myballsKYjeLLY Mom !

        • Countryboy,

          There are enough of us out there to make DHS and others put out propaganda attacking us and making its officers aware of us, albeit in an very inaccurate light to the fully indoctrinated officer.

          The only real threat we pose is that we have valuable knowledge of Freedom and Truth that must be suppressed because it is so contagious and POWERFUL.

          Once infected with the knowledge of the existence of true freedom and Law, one can NEVER go back.

          If you want to really feel better about what is coming, add yourself to the list of those like him and know that there are tens of thousands more just like it.

          You will still need to fight the battles on your own. Change will happen when there are millions of INDIVIDUALS fighting them all over the country, every single day.

          Every win that one of us gets helps the next guy win his and educates an officer or two.

      3. You should see down in my neck of the woods! Border patrol check points popping up every where! The police state is here! 1St!

      4. Finally, someone who knows his constitutional rights!

      5. Bravo…

      6. Watch your butt….

      7. Evening.

        Hope you don’t mind me asking but are these check points just near borders or are they popping up all ver the place?

        Also , didn’t the dictator, I mean president set up something where after so long illegals can stay? If I remember this right what is the point of the checkpoint. New illegals would know about it and take another route, established illegals would have nothing to fear anyway.

        Take care

          • Is it all part of UN AGENDA 21 ?.

            • No. Agenda 21 is a VOLUNTARY recommendation towards sustainable practices worldwide, and has nothing to do with a totalitarian tyranny.


        • Burt the Brit,

          Good afternoon! According to our leaders, the illegals aren’t the problem. It is patriots, former military, those who support the 2nd amendment, those who support life vs. abortion, have a “vote for Ron Paul” sticker on their vehicle, etc. who have now been labeled the “dangerous” ones.

          Remember nowadays an 80 year old woman can be stripped searched by the TSA, but a Muslim woman in a burqa is only subject to having her neck and head searched.

          Ah…freedom in America.

          • Question: If I dressed up as a WWII, German SS Tank Commander, and drove up to a check point in a replica WWII, German Tiger tank …….. Because I’d look more Nazi-i-fied than the actual Nazi Storm Troopers running the check point ….. Would I still be obliged to stop? Or would I be in trouble for trying to impersonate one of the new world order Master Race? And does driving a tank on the road require me to carry an “open carry” permit?

            After watching this clip, I feel like I want to park my tank up outside the next Beer Hall I come to
            and have the fräulein behind the bar pour me a beer so I can drown my sorrows!! What’s next? Will they replace Monday night football with Nazi Properganda News Reels??? Will the American flag soon be replaced with a Swastica? Will children in school be obliged to raise a Nazi salute when they recite the pledge of allegiance?

            Welcome to the Forth Reich.

        • UN arms treaty could put U.S. gun owners in foreign sights

          “A treaty being hammered out this month at the United Nations — with Iran playing a key role — could expose the records of America’s gun owners to foreign governments — and, critics warn, eventually put the Second Amendment on global trial.”

          NRA Takes Aim at Weapons Treaty

          My feeling is if they can’t get the Senate to ratify the UN Treaty or others to that effect, they will use the Supreme Court to get their desired gun laws passed. Unfortunately, for many in power the Constitution means nothing. Several on the Supreme Court could retire in the next 4 years.

          Michelle Obama’s Warning To Gun Owners

        • @Burt this police state isn’t about illegals. It isn’t about drugs, or money laundering. It is about CONTROL. These check points are for the purpose of conditioning Americans to compliantly and sheepishly respond to demands for “papers please”. Locally, all the surrounding police agencies have grouped together for so-called safety checks. (The money came down, through grants, from the Feds.)These are nothing but pretextual road blocks. Pretextual roadblocks are illegal, so they call them safety checks. I am watching and waiting, for them to make a mistake on me. Then, it will be confrontation time. In the meantime, BRAVO to the guy who stood up to them. We need millions more.

            • Thanks for all the explanations, makes far more sense now. How long has this being going on? Is it anything to do with the TSA setting up shop in bus stations etc, a kind of expansion of that?

              I know the clips not a TSA agent but it seems to be mentioned more since those idiots escaped from the airports.

              Take care

          • SWIFT, et al.: I’d like to know where this took place. If it was at the border then under 19USC (U.S. Customs) they can ask all kinds of questions and search you without 4th and 5th amendment protections. Congress has allowed it and the Supreme Court upheld it long ago. Under this federal section of law you are not technically in the U.S. until they pass you through the border. It’s called border search authority and you don’t have to like it, it just is. The war on drugs which has now morphed into the war on terror will allow this to continue. Let’s say you are returning from vacation in Jamaica and landing at the airport in Kansas City, you are subject to the same boarder search laws until you pass through the Customs and Border Protection station at the airport. Congress and the courts have allowed that area of the airport to be called the FEB (Functional Equivalent of the Border). And that applies to all international areas of all airports and seaports in this country. What’s really gotten out of hand are the Border Patrol stations down the road from the land borders, that are looking for alien smuggling. That’s what this looks like it might have been. It may be only a matter of time before we see these kinds of stops all around the country where they do ask to ‘see your papers’. Know your rights but also know what laws can be enforced. At the border, you’re at their mercy.

            • Unless I miss read , I believe Anderson was in the People’s Republik of California .

            • FEB: Forward Edge of Battle

          • what do you think seatbelt laws are????

        • Burt: Here in Arizona there are Border Patrol checkpoints along the southern Interstates, 8 & 10.

          I have personally encountered them several times. These particular checkpoints are very useful and stem the flow of illegals and illicit drugs into the United States.

          Conversation between the officers and the drivers are designed to slow traffic long enough to give their drug dogs time enough to detect drugs.

          It really isn’t about looking at “your papers” or even your driver’s license. The Border Patrol, and any other LEOrg can obtain the information they want by scanning the license plate into their computer.

          There is a drug dog at these locations walking up and down the line, and it will “alert” when it detects the presence of drugs. The “alert” gives the Border Patrol probable cause to search the vehicle.

          While I appreciate Steve taking a stand for his rights and mine, I am willing to slow down, say “Hi Guys!” in my best Magnum impersonation, and let the Border Patrol do their work. I think there are better places to exercise OUR individual liberties.

          I want 30 million illegals returned to Mexico. I want their gangs out of the Barrios, and I want their drugs off the streets, so I will happily cooperate with the Border Patrol.

          Unlike many LEOrgs in the USA, the Border Patrol is working for my best interests.

          According to the US 9th District Court, citizens are required to give their correct name and address to law enforcement, so if they had wanted too, the Border Patrol could have legally detained him for failure to cooperate. They had bigger fish to fry that day.

          “Thanks, guys!”.

          • You want illegals returned to Mexico?

            What about the Europeans that migrated to North America and killed of most of the indigineous population. Would you like them returned as well? use your noodle pumpkin head. We have rights.

            “Those who give up rights for temporary safety are idiots.”

            “Thomas Jefferson” (paraphrased for modern readers)

            • bob germaine: Yeah, Bob, I want ALL illegals deported. But the Europeans who conquered North America, now own the land, as possession is nine tenths of the law.

              If you are an illegal you have NO FUCKING RIGHTS in my country; go home, avacado head.

              “About 56,637 non-Mexican migrants, most of them Central Americans, were detained by the U.S. Border Patrol along the border with Mexico between October and May. That’s more than double the 27,561 detained in the same period a year ago.”

              Great job guys! Keep up the good work!

            • And Bob, WE need to start with the Kenyan!

            • Hey BOB,

              Europeans were here first, pal.

              Ever heard of Kennewick man or the Solutreans?

              The white man was here first and your little natives you love so much are land bridge Asians.

              The Clovis spear was invented by the white man who was here long before the savage Indians, who BTW happily killed innocent white women and children and gleefully scalped whites who did absolutely nothing to them.

              I’m really quite sick of you social marxist anti-white haters. I bet you live in a lilly-white gated community. I’m sure you never go into a native community full of those immigrants you love do you?

              White people owe non-whites NOTHING.

            • Go ahead Annie, kick his ass. I will hold your gun! 🙂

            • Ooooh, “land bridge Asians”. Annie, I’m thinking that is the pre-history equivalent of “trailer trash”.

              LMAO! 🙂

          • Been through these as well DK. Most of the time they never ask me anything at all, just waive me through. I have seen vehicles with the perps cuffed and and some sort of baggage sitting next to the vehicle, drugs? Not sure.

            We all want the flow of drugs and illegals stopped yet we bitch that our rights are being violated when we have to deal with stops like this. Unless a person has actually driven along interstate 8 along the southern border they have no clue how difficult this area is to patrol given the limited resources the border patrol has. I for one don’t want the job these guys do.

            Sorry if this pisses off some on here but these check points are not in the middle of Kansas, they are along the Mexican border and you can see the fence line where the check points are set up. It may be a little inconvenient to stop but I for one have never been harrassed, just waived through.

            • If this is about illegal immigration, then why has the executive branch, which directly controls DHS and ICE, formerly decreed an executive amnesty? The last president to enforce immigration laws was Eisenhower.

              You need to educate yourself about the push for regional government in the Americas (analogous to the EU) as part of the strategy for world government. Start by researching the laws passed to harmonize regulations between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, initiated under NAFTA and now moving forward under the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

              You must understand there are legitimate goals intertwined in these checkpoints such as drug enforcement which gives the exercise a veneer of credibility. There are other goals you will never be told about, the plans are compartmentalized, layered, this is the standard modus operandi.

            • Think Again: WE are all aware of the NAU and the program of the PTB to undermine American Sovereignty. Suggest that you read:

              SHTF Illegal Immigration to catch up to the rest of US.

              In the meantime understand that there are legitimate law enforcement activity in this country and I am in favor of legitimate law enforcement.

              The activity of the Border Patrol is not part of the NWO conspiracy. It is legitimate. To wit:

              “About 56,637 non-Mexican migrants, most of them Central Americans, were detained by the U.S. Border Patrol along the border with Mexico between October and May. That’s more than double the 27,561 detained in the same period a year ago.”

              Let me say again, and emphatically:

              GREAT JOB GUYS!

          • I’ve got to go with DK on this one.

            We need to pick our battles wisely.

            I tend to think that in this case, had the guy simply answered the BP agent’s question as to whether or not he was a U.S. citizen with an affirmative response, he would have simply been sent on his way.

            Being asked to present identification, is not an unreasonable request.

            Now if he, after answering the officer’s question regarding his citizenship status, been directed to the side for further search, I would be somewhat more inclined to agree that he might have cause to protest.

            I would think we DO want the government to secure our borders. In fact, that’s one thing they are supposed to do. That would imply that they should have at least some authority to confirm that a person has a right to be here.

            Having said this, I think random checkpoints further inland that amount to nothing more than fishing expeditions are totally out of line and should be resisted.

          • 30 million illegal mexicans!?? Where in the hell did you get that number?, shit brain.

            Oh boy. I hate idiots who make up random numbers as much as I hate illegals. Not just illegals from Mexico, but from any part of the world… and I don’t give a damn wether they come from Europe, Asian, central and/or south america, etc.

          • “useful” is irrelevant.

            House to house searches of homes in your neighborhood would also likely be ‘useful’ in finding contraband and other evidence of crimes committed. But that doesn’t make it ok.


        • Please remember which President made all this possible,

      8. Make sure this video is disseminated to univision

        • someone and all of us if on facebook put this on there and explain this is about control and we dont not need to comply and soon this will be thrown out that none of us have to follow this. we must post this on everywhere so it makes the msm news that this is america not mexico.

          • Just don’t bitch when illegals have overrun this country. 25 million and counting

            • illegal immigration should be stopped at the border, then DHS would have no pretext for these random checkpoints in the first place…

              I understand the illegal immigration issue, but should we surrender our God given rights, which happen to be protected by the Constitution, just because Janet Napolitano and President Obama have failed to do their jobs?

              So yes, i reserve the right to bitch about illegal immigration, as well as the Human and Constitutional rights violations occuring to Americans on US soil every single day.

            • Mac,

              I did some research on this, in 1976 the Supreme court ruled in US v. Martinez-Fuerte that immigration check points were not an unreasonable seizure under the 4th amendment. Basic information could be given and the ruling was 7-2. I don’t advocate unrestrained police power and there is a limit but it is not unreasonable to approach a checkpoint, give your citizenship, 3-5 seconds, and move along

              • centurion, thanks for the info on that case… i did take a brief look at it but due to lack of time didnt get too far into it. i certainly understand your point here, but my concern is what happens next? today it’s citizenship requests, tomorrow it’s a full out interrogation… no doubt we have an illegal immigration problem in this country…. the federal gov has completely dropped the ball on the border, which is where this should have become a non issue.

                this is certainly a complex issue when viewed with respect to your argument… Arizona essentially wanted to do the same thing and many liberty minded people supported it… this video shows us what the blowback of such a policy could be…

            • Well stated Mac, the United States government has completely dropped the ball in all aspects. I respect your opinion on this one.

              • likewise – I completely sympathize with yours!

      9. more power to the guy. he must have caught those cops on a off day. because cops don’t care about enforcing the law. they only care about following orders from the powers that be.

      10. Freedom, dependent upon compliance, is not Freedom!

      11. nice work anderson

        • Speaking of Mr. Anderson… I can’ resist… It’s just fits so well with this article…

          “You must know it by now… You can’t win it’s pointless to keep fighting… Why Mr. Anderson… Why, why do you persist?!”

          • red pill or blue pill

            its a choice we all must make

          • Good ol’ Agent Smith. Thanks Mac. 🙂

          • To bring glory to God and enjoy Him forever

      12. US v. Martinez-Fuerte

      13. Are you a citizen?…what a joke….hahahaha. What would they do if he said “no”?…..immediately sign him up for free housing, medical, welfare and voter enrollment??? LOL It’s not like they are deporting illegals these days. Didn’t the federal gov’t just sue the state of Arizona to prevent the police from asking this question???? This all has to do with our growing police state….nothing else.

      14. Knowing your Constitutional Rights is great but remember the POTUS has already demonstrated that he has no regard for rights or the constitution. They will get our guns first and then it is a cakewalk for DHS.There is no checks and balance anymore. Look how they cut off Arizonza.

      15. That is very odd. California? Checking citizenship? WTF this just doesn’t pass our smell test out here? CA is practically a sanctuary for criminals that have immigrated here against our nations laws – laws our president has declared he won’t even enforce so I don’t get this “citizenship” thing? I see check points for DUI often, they ask if I’ve been drinking, I say no, and they leave me a lone and I go my way. Now I’m in the center of CA no where near the border, but this is relatively shocking that a check point exist for “citizenship” in a state that CARES NOTHING about citizenship in a nation that doesn’t even enforce immigration laws?

        • “but this is relatively shocking that a check point exist for “citizenship” in a state that CARES NOTHING about citizenship in a nation that doesn’t even enforce immigration laws?”

          Home run jim.

          “irony is so ironic”-Frank Drebin Police squad.

      16. Hi All, OT, I posted a question at the end of comments section for our Money is Disappearing: What date in the German Chart would you place the USA today, between 1918-1923???
        @ LAG: “they are the ones who think it’s okay to purchase a purse for a $100”. They sell purses for only $100!?! Who knew? For the guys out there, one of the few things I know about women is that they dress for other woman (not us clueless men). Their purse is a fashion statement, an accessory. Think Agner, Coach, D&B. Think $250 and up. Don’t even walk by a big city retailer with imported purses. Think: I could buy multiple weapons for that price. And the ammo for them. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

      17. Everyone needs to do this at every checkpoint and not just whimper “yes sir yes sir”.. Walk in your God Given Rights that many had to fight and die for.

      18. Imagine my shock and suprise when I found that this occured in “The Peoples Republic of California”. Well good for Mr. Anderson. May he be lesson for all in standing against oppression.

      19. A certain person has a very violent temper and would probably have flipped.

      20. @harry reid-come on harry, Introduce a Home Land security bill for $100,000,000, to get those cops some aqua misters!!!!!

      21. My dad recently was injured. He had to go through a border patrol check point. He said I have to get to the hospital now! The offered him an escort. I have been through check points and we have been asked to look in the trunk. Go ahead. We were on a picnic and had trash in the trunk. At the time they we more worried about drug running. My brother and his friend were pulled over and the windows of the car were blown out with automatic weapons. They were doing nothing wrong. Hospitals have gone bankrupt because of illegals , there is a massive
        amount of trash left in the desert. Most people do not know their rights.

      22. Checkpoints are for regulatory purposes only (with exception of DUI’s – those are treated separately). Therefore, a checkpoint (or roadblock) cannot be established solely for the purpose of detecting/discovering criminal activity without probable cause.

        Regulatory purposes include asking people to show their driver’s license or registration. The police can then check to see if the person (a) is licensed to drive a vehicle or (2) is operating a car that is duly registered.

      23. With that said, it is two different things to ask to see a driver’s license/registration and to prove that you are a citizen.

        These are two separate issues.

      24. Ok. If Ol’ Barry is no longer deporting illegals, and he just closed several check points, than why do we need these dragnets? Can we all see the implications here? The reasoning? The acclimation? Many years ago (around thirty) I was car pooling to work with a couple of fellow employees. It was on the way home and for some reason the topic of the conversation swung to the federal government. I want to note, in the 50 some years that I have walked this earth, I have never trusted any form of government. That being said, during the conversation I was asked about what I thought the federal governmnet would do in the future to US citizens other than try to take firearms. My response was, “You’ll be asked to show justification to travel from state to state”. The response that I got from the other two was howls of laughter. Of the two fellow employees, one has passed on and the other I haven’t seen in 25 odd years or so. If he were around I often wonder if his laugh would be so hearty now. Everything went well for Mr. Anderson…..this time.

      25. As a whole, California is really beyond hope. I wish they would secede and put us out of our misery.

        This guy is awesome!

        • @mrB- If only we could be so lucky.

          Nope, the productive states will have to secede.

          Funny, the productive people can live without the unproductive, but if the productive states secede, the new york banksters, california, and other commie parasite states would $hit.

          They will send other people kids with guns, a-10’s,tanks, and strykers to MAKE us stay in this empty shell of a republic.

          I say back to the constitution, and the ORIGINAL bill of rights.

          @alsharpton-No that doesnt mean I want you to be a slave. You stupid a$$-clown.

          • I think Cali is (was) a net donor state. MS is the opposite.

            I would be pissed if I couldn’t return a useless slave like Sharpton.

        • i love this guy and good for having a video he knew what he was doing. plus he probably had someone call in case the pullover search went bad he could call for additional help or other police etc news. im glad he did what he has rights to do and I did not know this. this is good info to know. id take an abuse to stand up. i just carry a gun and would hate to lose my life and kids to some cop with a temper and lie in court like many do. so many people lie its nuts. hope they burn in hell.

        • Oh Wow! Some luck and a whole lot of chutzpah! I’m inspired now.

      26. This same guy was physically beaten at a checkpoint a few years ago when he stood up for his rights. He eventually won the court case.

      27. WELCOME TO THE USS(R)of Amerika………….
        I wonder when the rest of the jackboot is put into place ?… maybe later this year .!!!

      28. That video did not surprise me. America is a sick brain dead old man on life support. We stand around the bed watching him die welling up the anger about it. No doubt about it, a reckoning is coming for those who think that they can live off of our dime, and that video is for our protection. They will not be able to handle the shock and hence will fade away.

      29. I very rarely comment on these wonderful sites, but here I MUST say “BRAVO”!!! I have the greatest respect for authority when duly and properly exercised. This was most certainly NOT such an event, and he politely, firmly and articulately stood up for himself, and, in a sense, for all of us. BRAVO!!

      30. This is beautiful. I though can see the day coming in which such a person exercising their rights as an American citizen being thrown to the ground, beaten up, and arrested, or worse and disappeared. Someone like this has much inner strength to do this, but like others say above is this so wise to try your luck with such a system that scissors out another piece of the constitution each week?

        Part of survival is being careful enough not to endanger yourself so much that you are not around to survive the collapse. I have found “sometimes” it is better to bite your tongue no matter how pissed off you become at the shear injustice of something. Sometimes it is better to let the law enforcement agent trap themselves on some constitutional violation and hopefully get them fired then to try to challenge them and then get charged with some other crime. One of the best feelings you can ever have is to see the same cop that f’ed with you, got fired, and now is working at McDonald’s AND taking your order. I have a Big Mac, no, a fish sandwich, no, I just can’t make up my mind. Probably won’t happen, but getting some “wad” fired for trying to infringe on your constitutional rights would still be true justice.

      31. this is a test people

        its a sheeple test

        they are counting how many do just what they tell them to do..and how many dont

        which one are you?

        I hate to say this but I bet this guy was one of the few that excercised his rights that day at that unconstitutional 4th amendment breaking check point..
        I would be interested how many sheeple they counted…and how many United States Citizens that are awake that they had to allow passage to

        • damn right its a test and know i see that. I would not see this as a test because it makes no sense that fuko obama doesnt want them arrested and they have safe houses. its with no doubt a test to see how many people stand up and how many pull over and obey. then they go back and give info to government what the results in areas and how people inter-acted. the real test is when they try and hit the 2nd admendment and thats when it will hit the fan and shootouts on law inforcement. you gotta be thinking the same. any thoughts on this anyone?

      32. Its about time we start to stand up to these Nazi stooges. Well done sir.

      33. An American is what they (read: those who have authority) define as an American.

        Solzenitsyn, a decorated Red Army Officer, was no longer a Soviet citizen after the Party decided he was no longer one.

        (Ironically he died playing Putin’s pet dog – so maybe the Soviets got something right!)

      34. People should be more considerate of authority.

      35. I don’t want to be a sheeple, but the idiotic routine seems to be set at airports. Traveling by air requires we go through TSA – I wish I could use the “I’m an American”, but know that scene would NOT work in airports. I have family members that live a good distance, and flying is the best option right now.

        I flew out of LAX the other day and I opted out of the radiation and opted in to the groping. As the young girl was putting on her groping gloves, I stated my typical, “I want you to know you are violating my Fourth Amendment rights!” She looked shocked and told me I was making her feel uncomfortable. Unbelievable! I was making HER uncomfortable!!!!!! Hahahaha!! So, she then got another female to do the search – and I repeated the same to this TSA pervert.

        I am so sick of this BS – I can’t stand it.

        • I opt for the grope and remind the groper that he is not humiliating me, because I am not the one making a living by feeling other men’s balls.

      36. at checkpointss/roadblocks i really do not have a problem showing my drivers liscense or auto registration papers….what i do have a problem with is the reasons why i am being stopped if i am not doing anything illegal. if proving with a drivers liscence who i am means i can continue on my way, or vote, or get the attention i am looking for perhaps at a hospital..i do have a problem with authorities releasing anyone who does not belong on the roads, in the voting booth etc.. as they are the ones stomping on the rights of all americans.

      37. This is a great opportunity to start a business. Training people stand up for their rightss, confront the overstepping LEOs over a weekend course.

        Interested? Email me

        • @Sybil: BRAVO for you!!

        • to T ruble:
          How to get hold of you?

          And someone please, please make this video go viral on you tube and other social media.

      38. Here’s a quote from one of the most kick ass movies of all time, Tombstone. Wyatt Earp: “I don’ t think I’ll let you arrest us today, Behan.” Enough said!

      39. Countryboy says there are no checkpoints in SW MO? I have been stopped twice at “random” ID checkpoints while riding my motorcycle in the last year. They demanded my license, registration and proof of insurance. They did not ask me if I was a citizen, but they called me in and verified I had no warrants. Both times they were set up on two lane hwy intersections with about 8 cars. It included county and state cars, with a chase car for those that tried to u-turn when they saw the stop in progress. I did not have the balls to tell them no. Both stops were within 50 miles of Springfield Mo in the SW section of Mo.

      40. I have seen many on this site decry illegal immigration. Actions such as those described here are a result of the outcry against illegal immigration. Now, something is being done about illegal immigration, and some of the very people who dmanded action are acting like spoiled brats. You cannot have it both ways people. If you want action taken on illegal immigration, do not cry when that actions affects you.

        • You couldn’t be more wrong. The checkpoints are about all about the growing police state while the EXCUSE is illegal immigration, despite the fact that the feds have refused to enforce U.S. immigration laws. The Supreme Court recently struck down all of Arizona’s laws targeting the open border agenda EXCEPT the one provision that allows states to check identities in a national database, this was done to support the strategy of expanding E-Verify as a stepping stone to a national ID with biometrics and eventually a RFID chip. The major immigration “reform” groups are gatekeepers and are pushing this “solution” as well. You’re not in Kansas anymore, Joe.

      41. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. He can go about his business. Move along.

      42. WTF are our police/citizens acting against what they swore to protect? A simple answer. Government Paycheck. I hope it all goes down the drain for them.

      43. This is reverse psycology probobly. IE: ask Real americans if are a citizen, while we all know 30-40million illeagles aint being booted out.

        Then after awhile when enough real citizens bitch up a storm, gov fed/state will say “Ok then just agree to total amnesty for illeagles and we won’t hassle you folks no more.”

        ALSO Consider:..Not certain if other state laws are like here in Mich?…But here I carry ccw guns Always and Eerywheres. Our ccws law states if I get stopped or aproached etc by ANY/ALL LEO types In Uniform, I must Imeadiatly tell cop I am ccw holder and am pakin a gun.

        So I do not see any way us types who pak a gun can do as that guy did?….At minimum I must reveal a ccw lic and gun(only IF I am pakin at the time though). Then he is likely to ask More questions. Like “Where is your gun”? etc….You can’t simply tell him “I waive the bennifits” then. Or refuse to comply right.

        I agree we should oly need the 2nd ammendt to carry. But I aint got 20 Grand cash for lawyers nor want to defy ccw lic requirements Untill enough others agree at same time nationwide to do so. Very screwed up no?

        And to simply stop pakin a gun?…Thats the Worst option just to be able to do as video guy did.

        I rekon it will remain as this and get progressivly worse untill enough folks nationwide get fed up and stop obeying ALL wrong illeagle “Laws”. Wish we had a better way to cause a wakeup. Perhaps others smarter than I am will come up with fool proof method.

        I do not think so though. I think soon with obammys hit/kill Lists etc to Murder us citizens based on His go ahead as in recent exec. orders he signed folks will be too scared to stop for a traffic or other cop or checkpoints etc.

        Then next step will likely be Folks will figure Gee am I next to die on that list?…Next will be lots of cops being whacked all over america before cop can kill innocent citizens. Then a real fine mess huh.

        Meanwhile cops aint got no time to go after any of too many to count Massive Chimpouts by negro youths attacking and beating crap out of all whites everywheres it occures.

        Since about last year in may it began and still Zero MSM reports yet websites are Packed with nearly every other day a new mass chimpout and many whitefolks sent to hospitals and a few even been killed already.

        By Massive attacks I am talking as low as 40 blacks to as high as 500 or more as occured at Minn. Mall of america on a sunday at malls closeing time!

        Them youths were dragging folks out of cars and useing Bricks to smash faces in. But ONLY attacked whiteys. Wait till you are in freeway traffic jams and all a sudden a few hundred do a chimpout!…You Wont be able to drive away…A ccw handgun wont be enough…Time to carry AR-rifles or 12 ga shotguns I rekon eh.

      44. The video looks like a hoax to me, or possibly a training session that was secretly videoed and edited to appear to be an authentic traffic checkpoint stop. The “officers” are way too accomodating and peaceful. In a real life scenario, resistance would have been met with force and the driver would have been ordered out of the vehicle at gunpoint. They don’t take “No” for an answer and they don’t casually discuss the matter. I call this one bogus. There is no corresponding news story on the Internet about California immigration checkpoints.

      45. be assured, Mr Anderson’s plate number and vehicle make & model were taken down as his attitude for wanting to remain free to travel was duly noted… his vehicle WILL BE detained in a future stop and they will try to make him regret his earlier choice and words… it’s my guess that tptb will go after a close relative driving that car next time rather than him…

      46. This is not about illegals nor is it about checking your papers.
        This is about CONTROL…its about getting you accustom to a totalitarian Police State where big brother is in CONTROL…same with the TSA.

        I will say this…the kid has balls.
        If you are sure you want to stand for your personal rights and const. liberties…then do be aware of repercussions you may endure.

        Be mentally prepared for it to go wrong,..because for the most part, LEO’s will either bring the drug dogs to sniff and accuse you..or they will just snatch your rear-end out of the vehicle and slam you to the pavement…constitution be damned. They can and will make an example out of you by trumping up false charges and running you thru the courts systems…draining your money and leaving you broke…..or in jail.

        Not saying dont do this……but know ahead of time all your rights…remain calm and respectful…dont be intimidated or pushed into a confrontation…… prepared to be arrested.
        It may go either way so prepare for it.

        • Another dumbass nazi thug cop. IQ well below 100. Mother was a whore. Just another day in Amerika!!!!

      47. At least he made an attempt. How many others conceded willingly like cattle to the chute? In the end his freedom was taken. He was illegally detained and searched, (the last checkpoint wouldn’t release him till they ran his plates).

        Right of search and seizure regulated

        The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

      48. The ACLU “Police Tape” app (for android phones) would be useful for these types of situations.

      49. That isn’t a DHS, TSA or random checkpoint. He intentionally visited a Border Patrol checkpoint that has been there forever. This is the most narcissistic video ever.

        Border control checkpoints are more than necessary. DHS, TSA etc are not. This is another open borders attempt to exploit libertarianism for the sake of pushing an amnesty agenda.

      50. Pick your battles. Frontal confrontations can be hazardous. In Nam, our adversaries rarely prevailed in a head-on confrontation. Revenge is sweet, but much sweeter if you are around to savor it.

      51. Glad to see this guy learned a little from one of his previous encounters. If I remember correctly, his refusal on a previous encounter ended with him resisting a search and going to jail. I believe some injuries were involved.

      52. Old Vet is entirely correct. While this young man was certainly within his rights, Cops can and do manufacture legal ways to stop and detain you. “Crack! Sir you have a broken taillight” comes to mind. If anyone of those LEOs had wanted to detain him, they would have found a reason. In the courts it has be found legal to have checkpoints for drunk drivers or insurance/driver’s licenses. It happens in California all the time.

        Americans as a whole have been brought up to respect and to follow orders given by people in authority. Sadly in today’s society some in authority use their power to intimidate and threaten. By the use of public assumed authority beyond which they legally have, LEOs can persuade people to voluntarily give up rights. It makes their job easier.

        This patriot is just lucky he didn’t come across a LEO having a bad day. Being a bit late would have been the least of his problems.

        This video reminds me of many of the 2nd amendment open carry videos on the net. While there are plenty of LEOs that respect and defend your rights, there are many who either do not know the law or do not care about it. I was amazed at the lack of knowledge that some LEOs have demonstrated about their own state laws regarding the 2nd amendment and open carrying of firearms.

        I would suggest that anyone wanting to test their LLE do so with a camera,audio and a good attorney/bail bondsman.

        • Not while being filmed..they knew, hence, the cooperation..
          What would have happened if they hadn’t seen the camera??

      53. wheres the video? sites title is “”must see video” but no where on teh site…… where is it?

      54. Although I totally agree with what Anderson said and did, unfortunate for us, there is nothing “explicit”, in the constitution giving you the right to travel freely and unmolested. It is in the articles of confederation. However there is a supreme court case, Shapiro v Thompson, 394 U.S. 618 (1969), which covers it…sort of. However silly and wasteful, simply asking for your citizenship isn’t unreasonable search and seizure either. It did appear that they would have searched his vehicle if he didn’t stood up for himself. Good article and thanks for sharing.

      55. I wonder what is the purpose of the checkpoints? Why do they need to know if you’re a citizen? Should illegal aliens have the right to respond the same way? i.e. refuse to answer?

      56. yeah if this was nazi germany we would be free of the jew world order communist bs do some research on the national socialist german workers party constitution the 25 points are actually the blueprint for freedom how many of you know the nazis abolished interest outlawed war profiteering ect ect just google search judea declares war on germany and you will find out that the destruction of germany was a calculated communist plan by the way the communists in russia received 100 % of their funding from american jewish organizations do the research lenin trotsky stalin all jews along with all top members komissars and about 80% of party membership oh yeah lenin trotsky stalin their real jewish names are ulianov bronstein and dzhugasvilli wake up people before its too late national socialism is the opposite of international finance capital

      57. I am not the “man” that guy is. My nightmare would be:
        Pulled out of car > tasered > drugs found in car(planted) > prison

      58. All they did was run his plate and put another mark on his record as a non-comliant. We are all screwed 2 ways to Sunday.

      59. this is a test only a test we are seeing how many sheeple know the rights that they are protected under the const. when they see only a small amount of the population know that pretty much nobody knows the protection of the constitution and how easily sheeple comply it will be alot easier to herd the masses into camps. good old uncle sam gathering stats on it populace, smooth sailing for the salughter….think about it, if thptb can get officers to comply with enforcment of the takeover of this country , military to shoot us, people to comply with them the rights bestowed upon us will vanish as we are seeing. it is only a small percent of people that know their rights, the rest will follow willfully bekeiving that they will be prtected by their dear uncle who cares sooo much about them, remember this is only a test….stand for something or fall for anything take c

      60. Simply Stated – This guy is one of the wolves amongst numerous “Sheeple”! His pain in the ass style of questioning the officers told them that he was going to be more of a problem than he was worth.

      61. The Nazis won the war!
        This guy is a hero.

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      64. Take it back NOW! Before it’s too late!

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