Must See To Believe Fake News: CNN Totally Fabricates “Protest” With Muslims In Scripted Outrage After London Attacks

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    This report was published at via ZeroPointNow


    Update: CNN Responds Below

    Update 2: Same protesters, multiple locations?

    Being one of the more inept tentacles of the deep state, CNN was apparently caught staging Fake News in the aftermath of the ISIS claimed London attacks which claimed 7 lives and injured 48.

    While ISIS supporters are celebrating the attacks, MSM propagandists have been hard at work pushing the “religion of peace” narrative – trotting out hijabbed women and a child to hold signs expressing Muslim outrage at the terrorist attacks.

    This doesn’t appear to have been an ‘organic’ protest against terrorism, instead, it looks very much like CNN staged their outrage.

    Caught on Video


    AP used the same pictures:



    UPDATE 2: Multiple Locations?



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      1. This gave me the best laugh I’ve had all morning. There are more cameras than ‘protestors.’

        • Yeah 🙂 youre right m8, pathetic to swipe everything under the rug with holes in it!

        • They do not care if they are caught faking and/or lying about anything. They will continue to promote their lies, over and over. Those who want to believe them will accept what they say, and try to shout down anyone who says they are lying.

          Like character assassination, once it is done, it is done. Even if proven otherwise, the damage is done. They will simply move on to the next lie, and claim victory over what they just did.

          Even if they are caught outright, as in this instance. They will look you in the eye, and say they are morally justified, because they are trying to “start a dialog”.

      2. Englands ANTIFA…..HAHAHA…pathetic.

      3. Epic fail CNN. After further review, you still suck.

        • It’s amazing to me that CNN is still on the air. They lack any credibility whatsoever anymore, and the only people more pathetic than CNN staff and reporters are any of their remaining viewers.

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      5. Why am I not surprised? CNN is going in a downhill spiral.

        • They’ve been circling the Bowl for 10 years. Hopefully the suction will get them real soon.

          • They are an untouchable leftist tool. They will continue on, nothing will happen to them.

      6. Ready,… and ACTION!!! Roll Em!! If CNN is the most trusted name is news, what are the rest like?

      7. Sweep…I know 🙂


      9. CNN is nothing but liberal diarrhea!! This makes me want to use my hand as TP and then begin clapping right up close and personal to all the protestors out wherever they may be.

      10. Fake news, who watches, listens and reads that? The dumbed down hordes that’s who. The same people who are indifferent to an oppressive warmongering police state. They outnumber logically thinking common sense folks by the tens of millions. The patient incremental destruction of America.

      11. I was looking for just ONE “celebrity” outrage on the matter and couldn’t find a single left-wing-socialist-Hitler-anti-West/anti-nationalism/anti-white “celeb” to speak out against these Muslims for their MURDERS, RAPES, FRAUD and TERRORIXM. I suppose the “celebs” will come out from under their rocks next week and blame the murders on the right wingers again. It pisses me off, no one is lower than a left-wing socialist celeb.

        • Bert:

          Too bad Mr. Hitler did not rename his party the anti-Communist Party. It would have prevented a great deal of confusion.


      12. Hang all the alphabet news moguls for treason.!!!!!

      13. Can you imagine the pain? You lose a loved one and they quickly find a Muslim and shove them in your face just to make it hurt more. Then they deny the cause of the attack even though the perps say so over and over again. And then the government admits they knew who the perps were all along and were monitoring them. So, the government is just f#cking with you, having a little giggle at your expense.

        We are ruled by sick, murderous dirt bags who lie and lie so they can take kick-backs from radical Islamist countries such as Saudi Arabia (Trump’s favorite place to sell weapons to).

      14. Utterly ridiculous and outrageous…..and they get away with it….This isn’t news. This is propaganda. I don’t believe we have a freedom for propaganda…..Can’t we start prosecuting the “press” for lying and fabricating the so-called “news” yet?

      15. There’s nothing new here. ALL of the MSM outlets fabricate things 24/7/365. All MSM outlets are owned and controlled by six corporations whose CEOs belong to a certain tribe.

      16. Disgusting.

        Criminals at CNN.


      17. Maybe that crowd was hired by the same group that hired the crowd to yell Crusify Him ?

      18. More folks need to be aware of lengths government’s will go to take freedoms they were promised!

        Jun 7, 2017 Father of Omran: armed groups used my son for propaganda

        Father of Omran: armed groups used my son for propaganda.

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