Must See: “The America You Believe You Live In… Is Not A Reality”

by | Mar 6, 2015 | Headline News | 192 comments

Do you LOVE America?



    We want to believe we live in the land of the free, but as you’ll see in the micro-documentary from Future Money Trends below, that America no longer exists.

    The rule of law has been supplanted. Those who govern do so with an iron fist. They serve themselves at the expense of the people who elected them.

    What they teach our children at school and what they disseminate to the general public via the mainstream airwaves is an illusion.

    The America you want to believe in… The America you may even believe you live in… is not a reality.

    The America you have read and learned about is a foreign nation. The America you want to know is in the past… it died long ago.

    Its current population has been hard wired to believe in something that is nothing more than an illusion…

    We’ve been told so many fairy tales that the average American is now living in a delusional state. He has been taught that he is free when he is not free. Americans today are forced to buy services from private companies, forced to surrender part of their wages… they even need a permission slip to travel abroad… The average American commits three arguable felonies a day…

    The State has become a complete burden on the people and is a vicious master that seems to get away with anything it wants. Some Americans are now  being forced to even pay the debts of their dead parents.

    Watch: Life, Liberty, and the Sociopaths that Rule Us

    (Watch At Youtube)

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      1. Reality is over rated anyway…

        • The first one to push me too far will have their brains splattered all over the place. Then I will go see the people that are really responsible.

          • If only the morons who guide us would turn back to the ideals of our Founding Fathers…check out what I found


            This deck of cards have 52 quotes from the Founding Fathers on Government, and for every 1 bought they are sending 1 to a government agency. Pretty cool!

            • JD—

              Per your quote:..

              “..If only the morons who guide us would turn back to the ideals of our Founding Fathers…etc..etc..”

              Duh dude!?! ya really wanna follow re-rehabilitated morons??????

              Jezus bro..say it ain’t so!!!


              By definition…morons lack intelligence and/or morals..and relative to their association w/ government…they’re proof that rancid shit…does indeed… “float” to the surface!!!”

              ..that’s why the “tribe” is now occupying…center-stage in the media, govt & banking/economics…& practically everything else!


              Just a wee bit of advice, sir..if you desire to adhere to a conventional mil-spec hierarchy..forget such!!!

              ..instead.. —GO ROGUE—

              ..don’t follow….always lead..amid the current vacuum of courage & gonads..crippling our Nation..


              Otherwise…grab a sharp/trustworthy spotter and aim for…100 heads!!!


              There is…no other way out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Otherwise…grab a sharp/trustworty spotter

                And a tricked out 300wm

                And maybe a kestrel with AB in it

                • Be careful what you type. Hell I mentioned the importance of a DOPE book and I got the crap beat out of me. I’m not the primary, I’m the spotter. I use a POF .308 with 175gr match. My Shooter uses a .338 Lapua.I’m secondary and security.I use to run a .300 win mag…great round.

                  Have a good one.
                  Keep your head on a swivel.

              • If your never the leader the view never changes

              • This will burn yer biscuits ‘
                It seems the 556 green tip ban was a done deal in january.

                ht tp://

                • They can ban it all they want, but if they exclude gov’t and LE from the ban, it’s unconstitutional tyranny, null and void.

                  • Preppers need to go to gun shows to meet other like-minded people, if you take advantage of the right kind of relationships – you would be surprised on what you can get you’re hands on – it may cost $$$ … but there IS STUFF OUT THERE. I’ll leave it at that.

                    Another thing I see coming in the future: this new ammo ban will NOT be the last you see , hoard it while you still can. Buy! Buy! Buy!

                  • It’s unconstitutional no if about it.

                    But we have a commie government, all levels, all branches, and commie voters ruling.

                    What are non commies going to do about it? Vote?

                    You’re kidding ain’t you sweet cup? Wake me when non commies get their shit together and it’ll be a long sleep.

                    f ’em

              • It’s too late….. we’ve collectively turned into lemmings. We rely on others to do something about this, but that never happens and we bitch and complain about it all on blogger sites like this. Face it, with this amnesty Bee S that obama has pulled on our country, there should have been millions marching in Washington DC.

                When the chairman was flying and busing illegals throughout our country last summer, I drove up to Murrieta to protest along with the entire town of conservatives. There were enough people there to turn some buses back, but I wouldn’t say there were overwhelming numbers. And while we were up there, they simply were letting them all lose down in Chula Vista by the border, because no one was protesting down there.

                It’s too late… we’re just a bunch of keyboard bitchers that are looking out for ourselves.

                • @Stan552 You are completely correct. There will be no shot heard around the world. The gov will just keep slowly turning up the heat and we will keep taking it. We will gripe and moan and that is about it. This is the reality! I will be like everyone else and keep my head down but I will also prepare for the slow boil. I don’t let my thoughts of “righting the gov” leap out of books I like to read. Keep a firm grip on reality and plan accordingly.

                • Yeah, protest ought to really help. You’re protesting before one hundred million commie voters all of whom like their communism.

                  Old Karl is laughing his ass off, “From each according to his ability to each according to his needs.”

                  Just the other day I saw a non commie with his finger on the trigger. He was behind a stone wall, alone.

                  f ’em

                • Using a complex (quite simple) system to estimate the likelihood of a rebellion in the United States (or they were) the chances have increased 12% since Julius’ month (July) last year when it was 33% now it’s 45% within the next 5-12 years. Starting with riots (happening now in Florida, Oregon, Texas, and Tennessee), then terrorism at major government housings (Mostly just businesses and pharmaceutical companies). Moving on, then comes a massive armed force starting in the Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi region pushing up, west coast joins, then central (Colorado mostly stays out (being stereotypical with pot)). Finally, white house gets burned down. This is the most likely coarse at 7.12%. ‘Others’ starts mostly in Alaska with a ‘Secret Army’ pushing through to liberate Alaska and staying put for a while (a few years) then assaulting Washington/Montana. I there is a significant chance 18.47% that we will just stay put. At this point it’s all freakin’ Elysium (2013) from there. I do not care if you believe me or not because even I am skeptical about this system I’m using. It’s fairly new (1 year 4 months) but it’s been reliable so far (Price inflations, tech advancements, release date of new MLP FIM EQ RR (proved correct (2 day diff.)), and all my nerdy fantasies (There is next to no chance of any more Firefly D; )). But yeah… I really hate politics (Poly – many, Tics – blood-sucking demons of the deepest pit of hell (Get Buffy)).

                  • I used to feel free– years ago– and I was happy. I no longer feel free and I am pretty miserable. However, I’ve read that revolutions start when people don’t have enough to eat… so we’re not there yet.

                • Guys Blue Print has been revealed by Susan Payne of Boston Radio, Invited to sit in on Rally for Muslims To take over USA, its called Country within a Country being all made legal & total take over of USA. This Is Wild! see Radio show with Mark Levin guest Susan Payne there’s a LOT!!!!!!!!!!!! more to this YOU! need to hear !oh forgot to tell you this is Obama’s Blue Print as 15000 new coming in to be made Legal, Ha just as he was made Legal, lets see if this make it to print not site but who’s over seeing us on net now!

              • Rehabilitated morons sometimes have learned humility and wisdom from their errors. If they have, I have no problem following leaders like that. The real problem is there there are so very few like that. Rather, we just keep getting people like Hilary who keep doubling down on their absurdities… and worse, a gaggle of true morons that follow disgusting, vile, evil leaders like that

              • The “100 head” article from Sipsey Street never made it as a subject here at SHTF.

                Wonder why?

                • I loved it. The sheer lethality conveyed in the letter was awesome. I was feeling pretty resistant before, but now that I’m using these kettlebells every other day I’ve gotten so much stronger I think close in combat would be a real surprise for my attacker.

                  I imagine having that same level of proficiency with a rifle must be an equally nice and confident feeling.

          • My education has been handed down to me by my forefathers, not by the state.
            I know their trials and tribulations well, and
            they taught me what comes around goes around.
            There’s nothing new under the sun and what’s
            happening now is merely a rerun of the past.

            • This is true yet we have never dealt with the likes of the Technological Tyrant before. He ain’t clutching olive branches in that claw. Threw that shit away. The stealth drone Eagle only flies at O dark Thirty. Runs on olive oil. You can smell it coming.

              • Grandpa, smell it coming I can.
                The technological tyrant is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
                Screw their olive branches, real or perceived, I call
                their bluff. I have been around too long to have the
                fleece pulled over my eyes at this late date.
                I will go down with a bang and the whimper be damned.

                • Hmmm, bluff perhaps, I fear they are all in. Maybe we could get Putin to arm the Texan secession. I’ll see that Nuland and raise you a couple of patriots.

          • Every time someone sets out to do that they end up either dead or in prison in short order.

            And the only ones they ever seem to get to is some innocent or some stooge at the very bottom of the ladder, never the ones higher up the chain.

            So, in reality, they forfeit their lives for nothing of any importance and sometimes just make it more difficult for everyone else after they’re gone.

            What will make it any different for you?

            • And the only ones that get blown apart on the battlefield are the innocent Joe’s.. . Think before you make a stink!

          • Hello FP. I was awondering if “FuckingPissed” meant angry or if you just like to get drunk? I don’t mind either way. OJ over & out.

          • HEY pissed,JUST hold your horses,THEY want to pull out the fighters first,DON’T let them get you too,JUST watch and wait,YOUR big chance is coming,LET them take down the LEMMINGS first,then you’ll have your chance,YOU REALLY don’t want to catch a bullet from some braindead moron whos losing it when really sets in…………

          • You think its bad out here, you should read what’s happening in prisons!

            Basically, corporations are taking over prisons and using the prisoners for labor, requiring them to pay room and board for their stay at the prisons and only paying the prisoners a little over $1.00/hour!

            Furthermore, if they ask for the least little thing, they have to pay for it and when they get out of prison (if they do… its a lucrative business!) they have to come back to prison if they can’t pay off the money they owe the prison for staying there!!

            For more information, please go to Chris Hedges’ website… I will see if I can copy and paste for you. But he says this is a model they plan to use for us!

            • Your point is well taken. One of the worst private prison corporations is Keeton Corrections Inc. I had the pleasure of being their guest for a while. Rotten inedible food, lousy living conditions, lousy sanitation, they don’t even furnish soap, showers inoperative, you get the picture. They are a major contractor to the only slightly less putrid Federal Bureau of Prisons.

        • what you left out is that ALL history you are taught in school is also BOGUS it has been altered to try to control people, if you do your own research you will see just HOW much it has been changed to fit there own agendas. Makes me sick to see how the average JOE has been duped because he was brainwashed to believe everything the feds tell you is true, that is also why public schools exist!

          • Recent history has been altered beyond recognition and now isn’t even taught today. We churn out clueless people who have no idea what is going and and don’t think for themselves. we’ll repeat bad history because we are unable to learn from the past.

            • Apache and Jim, 2 books that woke me up back in the 70s were “Tragedy and Hope” by Carroll Quigley and “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen. I highly recommend them and free versions of them are available online. “Creature From Jekyll Island” is another one worth reading.

              • Maverick,
                thanks, I will check those books out>

            • That’s why we homeschool. I assure you my assigned reading list is a lot different than the government schools. Of course my kids are allowed to come to school armed, encouraged to have the greatest survival kit that can fit in an altoids tin, take breaks to feed cows and chickens, and are required to speak at least two languages.

              There’s nothing like watching a kid play the violin with cow manure on their boots to let you know they’re well rounded.

        • It’s the Truman Show

          • Remember how we used to get more independent and secure as we got older?

            Now, it’s the complete opposite – the older we get the less secure and more dependent on “entitlements” we have become.

            • California R,
              Well for me I am more independent, BUT you are correct because we wee see more and more older people who are dependent on the freebies and they are also been brainwashed that the Fed.s are here to help you. we have been independent for the last 11 years and are getting more everyday. We hope to NEVER have to use any form of fed handout!

              • The problem for many seniors today is that their cost of living is nowhere in line with the cost of inflation. The Govt has LIED about inflation being SO LOW when infact according to several economists it’s double digit inflation for basic necessities. Food companies hide higher prices by shrinking package sizes.

                Because of The Fed’s ZIRP policy many seniors who have saved with the hopes of earning some interest have earned NOTHING and are having a tough time battling inflation. The Banksters have all made us poorer as a society but at least I can sleep well knowing the elder Lord Rothschild is concerned for our future.

                …….THE FUTURE HE BUILT FOR US !

                • Sixty percent of Americans cannot write a check for a measly two grand. Whose fault is that? If you are now a senior then you were alive an a grownup during the best days of this country. The fact that you are now broke is on you. Just two thousand a year between the ages of twenty and twenty five invested at a then very doable seven percent a year would give you over half a million now. That amount continued into ones forties would have made you a millionaire. I realize that back in 1970 two grand was a lot of money but even five hundred a year would have left most of us very well off. Most never gave the future a thought since at that time this was still a wealthy country. Real wealth not borrowed wealth.

                  • You forget that money kept in the bank now is losing money. If every penny I ever made in my 30+ years of working life was in my savings account right now, I couldn’t live on the interest it would make. And I know that because I just ran the numbers.

                    I expect to get more than that in Social Security, if it doesn’t get eliminated. I have never seen a time when interest on savings was more than inflation. If it ever was, it must have been years before I joined the work force.

                    In today’s economy, you have to spend every penny you make as soon as you make it. Buying a can of beans today will give you a greater return in a year than putting that money in a savings account at an interest rate that is 20-25 times less than the rate of inflation.

                    I don’t keep a dime in the bank that I don’t have to for paying a few bills. And the checking account pays only a third of what the savings account does. So that is empty all the time.

                    My only conventional investment I made years ago was in silver. It’s now worth over 10 times what I paid, since I got it all at face value in pocket change.

                    I tell people at the grocery store all the time that buying groceries on sale is much better than putting money in the bank.

              • What “freebies” are you referring to?

                SS and Medicare are (involuntarily) paid for forced retirement insurance benefits for working people- whether financially administered legitimately or not- and not in the category of “freebies”. Medicaid, SSI and such are for younger people, the majority of whom did not pay or fully pay for them and fall into the “freebies” class.

                “Freebies” are those welfare benefit programs that seem to apply almost entirely to working age younger and middle aged people, minorities in particular since they are the ones unthinkingly voting in those who provide them to get their votes.

                Older people don’t actually qualify for most of the “freebies” the government likes to use to keep people dependent, or make them that way if they aren’t already.

                • Sharon,
                  where i live there are unadvertised things like, phone bill assistance, utility bill assistance, and others that are not part of what i paid into, such as my SS. so i don’t view my SS as a handout, but the other things I do!

            • Well said. Thanks

        • Well no shit. It’s been this way for over 100 years now. How’s that voting the bastards out working for you? How’s that freedom you fought and died for working out? How’s that free press education you have doing? How’s letting someone else do your thinking working out? How’s that TV reality doing? Keeping up with the latest fad? Got the latest gadgets and hip clothes? Funny how this society says being stupid is cool huh. Smart people are whackos or nerds while the knuckledraggers are super cool. Gotta go, football is on and who cares if they support destroying the 2nd ammendment. it gives me something to root for and talk about (because otherwise I have nothing intelligent to talk about). 🙂

          • Apache, Right on! History is written by the victors of wars. How can any common man actually know what history really is? Modern times most history is documented but beyond that who knows. Just like religion, made and written for control of the sheep.

            We live in a matrix of bullshit, where men use psycological warfare and mind control to a very successful degree. I must say they are geniuses at what they do. It just astounds me at how many people just stumble through life eating the shit they are fed without a second thought. If your out of the norm (think for yourself and use critical thinking) you need to be put away.

            I think that on my next spiritual adventure I will steer far away from humanity. Animals are a lot smarter than humans for the most part. At least animals don’t destroy themselves and live in balance…

            • Animals don’t have individual continuity of memory and an extrapolated expectation of a future based on it, just instinct and learned behavior within the bounds of that instinct (i.e. a man can observe the stars over time and try relating his life events to them, since he is both aware of his past history and the past history of stellar movement, through continuity of memory and develop a theory of astrology to try to predict or understand his future, a cow or a cat cannot do this.)

              An animal forgets its own personal history and cannot extrapolate a personal future from it, a man does not forget his personal history and continuously extrapolates a personal future based on it.

              • Sharon, True but are we actually better off than animals? I have contemplated the same thing when Iwatch my dogs having a wonderful time outdoors, paradise for them for they know not of the past or the future. We on the other hand live in the world we make for ourselves. The one we live in today is not good. We know of our past but unwilling to change it (Wars evil etc) We worry about a terrible future by extrapolating our past unable to change the many evil people who share this rock with us. Definitely not the paradise my pets experience.

          • Genius—>

            “Smart people are whackos or nerds while the knuckledraggers are super cool. Gotta go….” ..etc..etc.


            Dude.. am w/ ya…more-n’-you’ll ever know..but, ya shoulda said:..

            “..Gotta go..’cuz “Dreams I’ll never see” (Molly Hatchet) on the stereo…

            Enjoy pal…

            • There are now two and a half generations of blacks that are mostly illiterates and unemployable even if there were jobs for them. Now massive immigration is pushing the situation past the point of collapse. All the moves being made are to push people into a civil war and then slavery. The plan is to eradicate the whites and it will be funny when all the liberal left wing whites who are pushing this agenda realize that they are also included on the to do list.

              • This is such a big problem that most who don’t live around blacks don’t realize. Blacks commit more than 50% of the violent crime now (with only around 12% of the population) because we give them welfare and let liberals sit on juries. If we didn’t then the crime would skyrocket.

                I’ve never met a black, or anyone for that matter, who would argue that blacks commit more crime. Some might argue over why, but nobody that’s honest will argue that blacks don’t commit more crime than any other race on the planet.

        • Hey where did the thumbs go? I miss my red thumbed posts dammit!

          • Genius, looks like thumb trouble again.

          • Site seems to load faster without the widget.

            As for red thumbs, you get your share, but I believe DK may have the record. He’s been down voted more than Chaz Bono at a wet t-shirt contest.

            As a disclaimer, I will say I never down vote anyone.

            • post script…

              I looked at the page cookies and sure enough the rating widget has disappeared.

            • Given the level of intelligence and the low level of education a few of the posters we have had here over the past five years ……

              I take those red thumbs as a badge of honor. 🙂

              Unfortunately, KyMom, Walt, and BI among others of note who made a real contribution to understanding current events ….

              No longer seem to be with US. Our loss. 🙁

              • RIIIIGHT dk, all the red thumbs are from the unwashed masses who can’t understand your brilliance…narcissism and self delusion are the true signs of the ignorant!

                If I could make a mirror that reflects back the images YOU see I would be a billionaire. What a douche…

                • Fuck you Dick Head!!! 🙂

        • the other day, I was thinking about the topic of Freedom and I realized it is the best- the most important thing in the world… I wrote a long essay on it… maybe I will bring it next time I come to use Internet.

          Nothing in the world can compare to Freedom– really!

      2. The video was good up until they tried to sell me their investment plan. When the flag goes up beans bullets and band aids will be the order of the day.


        This is why we need to build a wall and keep the goddamn fucking Mexicans on their side.

        You want your daughters sold into sex slavery by the cartels? 70% of the dumbass fucking Mexicans believe in gun control so you can forget about doing anything about it.

        If those fucking shitskins want their gun control, let their children get raped, fucking morons. But don’t bring your fucking dirty ass to our country and try to fuck our way of life up Jose.

        Anyone who believes in immigration, take a Mexican family into your house and pay for their shit.

        I swear American women are about a dumb as a fucking fencepost. This is why we have a patriarchy.

        • And you Acid are why we have mental institutions

          • Acid is upset about this crap but what he says is true.
            He doesn’t belong in a nut house. Be glad guys like him are around when you need some help. (and you will)

            • Ernie,

              Pass me the tacos, please…

            • Acid. Just like gold confiscation, not everyone was stupid enough to do it, Those that have guns afterwards will rule (if the govt. goes to hell).

          • Actually that is the only time he has made sense. He is totally correct as to all the Mexicans and other third worlders. Kiss your nation and eventually ass good bye. There will be no affirmative action for whitey. Truly scary agreeing with etch on anything.

            • The Student Council of UC at Irvine voted to remove the American flag from the lobby. Not an “American” name in the bunch. Guess their nationality.

              Death to the North American Union. Death to the New World Order. Its totally Constitutional. 🙂

        • Acid, you make valid points that I agree with, but if you want respect, try showing us some respect first. RESPECT HAS TO BE EARNED AND IT NEVER COMES ON A SILVER PLATTER. You’d be surprised at the results you’ll get.

        • spot on Brother!

        • AE I agree with you 100%.

          • That’s because you’re a 100% fucking idiot. CAPITAL PRICK to boot.

        • WRONG! I myself know a few hardcore Mexican preppers who are more Americana than the average American! In fact, some Mexicans are taking up arms in their communities and even fighting back against the drug cartels and corrupted cops over there. It is not right to label a whole culture of people as assholes, just because some of them are assholes – and if you do so, you might as well label every single American that way too – sheep to the slaughter.

          If you are so afraid of the immigrants, why don’t you meet some of them, chat with some of them and try to wake some of them up to whats going on in this country and what they should expect as well. I guarantee you you’ll find some key allies that will agree 100% and that know FIRST HAND how corruption works.

          God bless the human race. Fuck the fascist control freak scum!

          • There are MANY tens of thousands of Hispanic Americans who are American Patriots. American Patriots should never be defined by race, religion, culture, or national origin.

            American patriots are defined by their allegiance to and their defense of, American values as enshrined by our Founding Fathers in our Founding Documents.

            Kill the FED. Death to the North American Union. Death to the New World Order. 🙂

          • KILLCEN. Your sentiments for a none-prejudiced melting pot utopia comes straight out of the NWO handbook. There’s an alternative agenda being rolled out in all western countries. For the first time in modern history national borders are no longer being enforced and the free movement of people is having devastating effects on once stable communities who are now swamped with multi-nationals who have no appreciation or understanding of national/local traditions that are important for social cohesion, yet anyone that dare stand up in opposition to these New World Objectives is labelled as a “racist” in order to silence them. Freedom of speech, yeah right! It’s not the immigrants who I have a hatred for but the sinister plotters behind the scene who are hell bent on achieving their and your “utopia” no matter what the cost to ordinary folk.

        • you make the most cents on here. 100 pennys to ya maman

        • The fence won’t help at this point, too many are already here. AE will seem an enlightened metrosexual compared to the men of the culture that’s invading from the south.

          Is there a second generation mexican in this country that’s not on medicaid? Assimilation isn’t possible.

          Our way of life is lost to demographic changes.

          Plan accordingly.

      4. Dr. Goebbels would be awestruck.

      5. Gun control is hitting what you aim at. You want to do anything you gotta check with the state if they say you can leave. Freedom means you have to give up civilized life. I’m good with that myself but I can’t the state will say I’m neglecting my kids and take them away if they do not live with heat running water sewer service. They would be placed with a lesbian or gay couple. I swear around here people are worried about everyone’s business it’s the Rhode Island way. Fuckin nosey people worrying about what your getting and doing whole state is like this never used to be but this is the side affect of the nanny state. I’ve had welfares act like I’m in their league. Go fuck yourselves bums I work I’m not like you scumbags. When it goes down and the war breaks out the welfares are my enemies fuckin thugs. Open season on the welfares. Animals have no class or decentcy . They will rob you in a heartbeat. Think I’m kidding when the rug gets pulled out from under them the FSA free shit army will blame and attack the folks that have shit I’m glad Obummer is dividing us I hate the welfares. It will easy to pick out the villains. Oh the rich people are the enemy too. They stole from me and other working folks to be the savior of the welfares. These two groups are the enemy.

        • Man i hear ya ass hat, im from a small village in Lincoln, R.I., also lived up in Attleboro Ma. for a bit, been in Texas for 25 years now and like it pretty well, thing is i work on homes and a large percentage of ppl i work for are from back east, only thing is they have not acclimated like i have, still nosey,bossy,pushy, arrogant low ifo sheep lol, not everyone,but the majority,lol. but i do miss the beaches, i went to the gulf and found the water repulsive. we have our problems in texas but IMO it beats anywhere east of the mississippi.

      6. i know daniel, the guy who did this vid.

        good cali family guy over all , but he’s a ‘pump and dump pimp’ scam artist on penny stocks and other online money traps , always looking for a way to scam make money off of folks for services they don’t need.

        take what he says with a grain a salt , there is some truth here , but watch your wallet and disabled mothers social security check…

        • I watched the vid twice peckerwood. After reading your post, the feeling I had perched on my shoulder leads me to believe you are right. Nice sales pitch however. He gets an “A” for effort. I do believe he does bring some validity but not enough to pay my dime and walk into the tent to see the bearded lady.

      7. About 30% of your paycheck goes to the government one way or another,,,
        That seems a bit steep to me,
        Then you add the other taxes you pay such as fuel etc,
        What was the Boston tea party over again???? Oh yea, taxes,,,,
        Then you have these dumb ass fuckers in congress spending like it grows on trees!
        Entitled freakin government workers being dicks to you whenever dealing with them,
        (NOTE: Not all mind you, i had a pretty good experience today at the state DOT office, so Kudos MAHALO AND ALOHA to the Hawaii DOT workers on Maui)
        Yea, and then people wonder why the heck im not pushing with my farm and am going to revert to a bare balls subsistence lifestyle when the illustrious FDA and USDA implement their FSMA next year,,,
        I say FUCKEM!

        • I say FUCKEM
          They will have a whole tot of food safe people out there with nobody to supply food!
          Good luck with that crap.

          • Now Kula, don’t get your pineapple in an uproar. This shit has been planned for a long long time. Humans are inherently stupid and easily duped (look around you). The harvest is coming and there is nothing you or I can do about it. Take some assholes with us and move on to hopefully something better, I hope I get to meet you on the other side, you are a good spirit. The time to stop this shit was centuries ago my friend. Do what you can and don’t ever go without a fight.

            • Oh and Kula, For the record a lot more than 30% is taxes. Income tax, sales tax, alcohol and cig tax, DMV tax, gas tax, property tax, hunting/fishing tax, utility tax, phone tax, permit tax, fuel tax, death tax, the list goes on.

              Now that we covered that, the people you spent your tax money on are taxed with the same. An endless spiral of taxes! The revolutionary war was fought for 1/10,000 of that!

              • I would like to be able to just putter on the farm, go and stalk some deer, pull in some fish, and everybody leave me alone,
                Can make enough to cover my expenses and just chill, but it seems every time we turn around theres something else,
                So WTF!
                Im going to do this as a social experiment, document it all in a journal and at some point who knows,
                Diary of a mad man or a mad Man

                • Hey Kula! don’t forget the “rain tax”. We are taxed here by the amount of impervious surface, i.e. Roof, gravel driveway, tennis courts and other shit like that that will cause water to run off instead of being absorbed into the ground. It is designed to steal our money to help “Save the Chesapeake Bay”. We’ve had this save the bay bullshit program for nigh onto 30 years and it still is polluted. Plus the state keeps robbing the money out of it to pay for pet projects. Sound familiar?

                  • To riff off of General Sherman’s quote, “If I owned Maryland and I owned Hell, I’d rent out Maryland and live in Hell.”

                    Wait, the Communist People’s Hellhole of MD already IS Hell.

                  • I live way upstream of the Chesapeake and I will say that no matter how much they tax and spend, the Chesapeake will not likely recover from the runoff and sewage pollution. Hundreds of miles upstream, the bass have become Hermaphrodites from the hormone laden piss that is flushed daily into this river…most likely from birth control pills… and what is in the cattle waste that runs off.

                    Bass fishing is now illegal and done for up here. You can only shit in your own nest for so long until there are consequences. Makes me sick to see my fishing go away.

                    Downstream, a municipality just got a huge fine for dumping over 3 million gallons of raw sewage into the river. Imagine how often this happens and no one is caught. Sure, it dilutes, but how much?

                    • Albermarle Sound is now pretty screwed too. The big halibut out of Seward Alaska are also a thing of the past as I discovered this year. No more easy ninety pounders to catch. have to go out a long way now. I may try Ketchikan this year.

              • I also pay timber tax on my wooded land. and if I sell any wood or logs I must pay a severance tax. The same with the mineral rights.

              • and when we won that war GEorge whashington put a tax on whiskey to pay for it. fight a war over taxes ,Win the war , and pay for it with new taxes

            • Thanks G
              Hopefully ill just go quietly at some point rather than in a swirl!

        • 2:2
          20 years and still stretching from a long sleep.

          True knowledge is exasperating work.

      8. Anger.

      9. I’ve known that the country I grew up in, has been gone for most of my adult life. When I think back, I see all of the little pieces torn out of my freedom along the way. I didn’t see most of them then—but I see them now. ALL of them.

        Hindsight really IS 20/20, isn’t it?

        Back then, I was only into being a 20-something worker with dreams of living the life I was working for. I really didn’t understand how events in some foreign land over there, affected ME over HERE. I was one of those people who didn’t think anything of what didn’t apply directly to ME.

        WITH AGE COMES WISDOM. I just wish I’s had better eyesight.

        • sixpack, And they were bitching about the govt. when you were a kid too lol. As for age=wisdom. that is true for the old people that had a brain to start with. The rest are still as dumb or dumber.

          Ever try and convince an old fool about truth? Hell I have learned a lot in my life and adjusted my thinking accordingly. Some fools carry their false belief system to the grave. Question EVERYTHING and think for yourself. “thruths are self evident” 🙂

          • I know a lot of fools both young and old who think things will always be as they are, that theres nothing wrong with whats going on,
            I guess im just off or something becsuse to me
            Nothing seems right at the moment, at least nothing outside of my little slice here on Haleakala,
            We shall see though, i bet my preps will be more useful than some of these old fools artwork or young fools surf gear and electronics and dope

          • Sixpack and Genius, I’m the same way. When I was young, we had complaints about the govt., although fewer and on somewhat different issues. Most people who know me think I’ve “gone off the deep end” or “gone against the grain”, etc., but I don’t care. I’ve always been independent-minded and thinking for myself. I’ve always questioned everything BECAUSE I WAS GIVEN REASONS TO DO SO. I don’t accept anyone’s propaganda about anything.

        • Yes, Sixpack. And how?

          “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.”

          – Charleton Heston

      10. That is, how did we get to a world as corrupt and violent as it is today? Simple. See below:

        “The New Atheists have not offered one original argument for atheism. But they’ve plenty of original insults.” —Graham Veale, author of New Atheism: A Survival Guide

        Here’s frantic New Atheist Alex Rosenberg, a professor of philosophy at Duke University. In his book The Atheist’s Guide to Reality: Enjoying Life without Illusions, Rosenberg states,

        “Is there a God? No.
        What is the nature of reality? What physics says it is.
        What is the purpose of the universe? There is none.
        What is the meaning of life? There is none.
        Why am I here? Just dumb luck.
        Is there a soul? Are you kidding?
        Is there free will? Not a chance!
        What is the difference between right/wrong, good/bad? There is no moral difference between them.
        Rosenberg concludes, “So much for the meaning of history, and everything else we care about.”

        The key point is that, in our frantic prof’s amoral world, there is NO difference between right and wrong, good or evil. As one Brit journalist said about people like Rosenberg: “If chance be the father of all flesh, disaster is his rainbow in the sky, and when you hear a state of emergency, (such as) sniper kills 10, troops on rampage, youths go looting, bomb blasts school, it is the sound of man worshipping his (self-proclaimed) maker.”

        In fact, Alan Bloom, The Closing of the American Mind, starts his book with the statement “Every professor on a university campus today can be absolutely sure of one thing – that almost every student coming in for an education is confident that truth is not absolute, but relative.” Apologist Ravi Zacharias notes that the result of “Displacing revelation with man’s un-aidied reason leads to a quicksand of violence and eroticism, where young children are slaughtering one another and worse… the age of reason is not doing very well, is it! “
        It is, as famed theologian/philosopher Francis Schaeffer observed, that if there is no God, whatever is, is right – echoing Dostoyevski’s famous comment, “if there is no God… everything is permitted” (and yes, this IS a valid quote – from the Russian, Без бога всё позволено

      11. and here is more about that absurd “physics” comment from our dear, uneducated prof Rosenburg. He should get a clue… he might be able to find one on eBay:

        I will dispense with our poor prof’s absurd comment on physics, with just a few quotes from the world’s most famous scientists that he just might want to learn about:

        Sir Frederick Hoyle, the famed astrophysicist, who coined the term “Big Bang,” also stated ““Biochemical systems are exceedingly complex, so much so that the chance of their being formed through random shuffling is… insensibly different from zero.” There must be “an intelligence, which designed the biochemical and gave rise to the origin of carbonaceous life.” (Sir Frederick Hoyle, Evolution from Space)

        “Most modern biologists, having reviewed with satisfaction the downfall of the spontaneous generation hypothesis, yet unwilling to accept the alternative belief in special creation, are left with nothing.”
        (Dr. George Wald, evolutionist, Professor Emeritus of Biology at the University at Harvard, Nobel Prize winner in Biology.)

        “Evolution [is] a theory universally accepted not because it can be proven by logically coherent evidence to be true, but because the only alternative, special creation, is clearly incredible.”
        (Professor D.M.S. Watson, leading biologist and science writer of his day.)

      12. or….

        “My attempts to demonstrate evolution by an experiment carried on for more than 40 years have completely failed…..It is not even possible to make a caricature of an evolution out of paleobiological facts…The idea of an evolution rests on pure belief.”
        (Dr. Nils Heribert-Nilsson, noted Swedish botanist and geneticist, of Lund University)

        “Scientists who go about teaching that evolution is a fact of life are great con-men, and the story they are telling may be the greatest hoax ever! In explaining evolution we do not have one iota of fact.”
        (Dr. Newton Tahmisian, Atomic Energy Commission.)

        “When you realize that the laws of nature must be incredibly finely tuned to produce the universe we see, that conspires to plant the idea that the universe did not just happen, but that there must be a purpose behind it.”
        (John Polkinghorne, Cambridge University physicist, “Science Finds God,” Newsweek, 20 July, 1998)

        “Many have a feeling that somehow intelligence must have been involved in the laws of the universe.”
        (Charles Townes, 1964 Nobel Prize winner in physics, “Science Finds God,” Newsweek, 20 July, 1998)

      13. Well said sixpack. Funny thing is I think most of us saw it coming.

      14. And on another note, when corruption leads to tyranny, one founding father said as follows:

        “If the federal government should overpass the just bounds of its authority and make a tyrannical use of its powers, the people, whose creature it is, must appeal to the standard they have formed, and take such measures to redress the injury done to the Constitution as the exigency may suggest and prudence justify.”

        –Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 33, 1788

        • Thank fuck that’s over.

      15. (a few beers later) Hers a rant for ya all. I am in my 50’s and when I grew up (small/medium town in the redoubt) Times were fun and politics were hardly discussed. My parents never bitched much about politics (both teachers). They were divorced when I was a baby so single parent from then on. Needless to say I grew up poor as hell (3 kids) so I made my own entertainment and trouble lol. I learned from friends what I could not learn myself. Having piece of shit cars forces you to learn how to fix them or else. Same with every other thing. Analyzing construction sites I learned how to build structures. Shooting skills were learned from rifle club and grand parents and extensive reading and practice.

        Playing in the mountains I figured out the common sense ways to do a few wilderness things (boy scouts too). I figured out that you don’t need school to teach you how to do things, all you need is books and some experience (I did do solar school though).

        I have always been self taught in any field I was interested in. If I want to know how to do something I read as much as I can and ask questions of people that know.

        Fast forward to today… Kids are so god damned stupid they don’t want to know how to do anything! They think there mommy will call the repairman and get it done. Fix something? Hell no I can’t do that! Make my own things? Are you kidding? Entertain myself? WTF? Stove doesn’t work? Throw it out and buy a new one.

        We are truly fucked beyond belief, We have become a throw away, retarded society that wastes resources by the millions of tons. It’s amazing people can even fill out a job application let alone do a job. Creativity is all but gone! Kids are just stupid assed zombies looking for their next cookie. And the worst part is I am forced to pay for their dipshit education!

        Fuck them and their retarded zombie kids with retarded fuck up parents! Eat shit and fuckin die you moronic parasite freaks! Get the reset over with or get me the hell out of this fucked up madhouse.

        To all you stupid assed soccer mommy retarded assholes “Eat shit and may you have a slow retarded death at the hands of your money makers and have to repeat this shit you created 1000X over

        OK my beer is empty now I will be back 🙂

        • For Crists sake, I built a 2 story tree house with power. electric lights, and a stereo when I was in 5th grade. With no direction whatsoever. My friend made my bike a chopper with his dads power tools same age. All from scraps collected. I look at this generation and want to puke!

          • Gee Genius, I wasn’t aware that you made it to the 5th grade. And the treehouse thing ain’t shit. Why I flew 50 combat missions in a homemade helicopter that I made out of a an old Edsel that I found in a junkyard. All this right after I got my master’s degree at age 12. And I didn’t puke either…..

            • Jelco:

              If Genius’ post doesn’t ring true to you then you must be in the category of his last sentence that starts with “to all you stupid assed soccer mommy retards”….

              Unless your post was meant to be sarcastically funny.

              • Keepin it real Granny, keepin it real,
                I like that!

        • You sound like a brother from another mother brother!

        • Your post reminds me of this 18 yo male that was hired to perform short term labor and didn’t know how to: 1) use a plunger, 2) use a wet/dry vac. 3) perform any type of basic easy labor (even cleaning). 18 years old and Mom/Dad never put a plunger, vacuum or cleaning supplies in his hand.

          He knew how to play on his phone though.

          • Well arnt you just the perfect one! Don’t blame the youth, get angry at the system. DUMBASS.

        • Genius:

          You will need another beer to swallow the latest.

          Faux news says prison inmates are suing to be paid by the hour for their labor.

          Its a mad, mad world we live in!

          And the emperor of the US is proposing tax increases with no input from Congress among his other tricks in his dog and pony show. We are living under Communism (we have gone way beyond the phony words of fascism/socialism, those “soft” words used to cover the truth).

          A rude awakening seems just over the horizon.

      16. Here y’all go. Interesting little chart. Seems we keep shifting to the left in the table.

        ht tp://

      17. anyone in iowa from here. we have to start meeting people with the same minds. We need to start prepping. I think this summer is going to be a lot of protestors out there. IF some of you don’t know listen to alex jones. Not all 100 percent but does care about this country. Anyone have problems with their cursor running slow or behind or delayed. Probably being recorded but we need to speak our minds and band together. We just want to be left alone but I believe we have to many different branches of government fighting each one and something is gonna break.

        • prepper opsec: only organize secretly with close family and long time friends. or you risk infiltration and entrapment by the zog fedgov gestapo.

      18. Genius,
        It’s amazing people can even fill out a job application…

        They Can’t. It’s amazing what the job applications that I receive at my store look like. It starts with them bringing in an application from a competitor’s store, filling out the application with a pencil; and, even misspelling their own name and crossing it out instead of erasing it and correcting it.
        I have no problem with NOT hiring someone who is incapable of filling out a page and a half fill-in-the- blank application. They don’t know their full name,current address, or phone number, where they went to school,if they graduated, or if they have any previous job experience. They don’t even know the current date. I did not realize that any of these were “trick questions”.

      19. You took the words right out of my mouth. 🙂

      20. Half the time the rich are the bad guys. Now the only way you are free is if you are rich.
        I wish someone would make up their minds.
        I’m sorry some of that stuff they were talking about is true. Some of it was B.S.. Empire building??? You don’t give your territories the right to vote if they want to be come a nation or stay a territory. Can you say the Philippians.
        And if we wanted an empire we would of had it after WW2.
        Also your passport was only put into the works, was because several nations would NOT allow you in their country with out one.
        Tell me what liberties have been taken away from you, the only one that I know of is, claiming that you are a Christian and celebrating a Christian holiday in public.
        Which one of the bill of rights have been annulled.
        Are TPTB pressuring US?? Hell yes they are, but they are only in power because “We” the American citizen puts them there.
        We vote with out learning whom we are voting for, or we don’t vote and the wrong person gets into office, can you say Barack???
        If there is someone to blame take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself. Am I part of the problem or part of the solution.
        For a while I was part of the problem, not any longer I check out the people I vote for. I have and will donate to a political cause, can you say Tea Party.
        And for the taxes, Weather I like it or not As a Christian, I have to render unto the government what is the governments and unto GOD what is God’s. believe me there is a lot I don’t like about rendering to this government!!!!!
        This is not the same U.S.A. I grow up in. I’m in my 60’s now, this country has gone down hill so fast in the last 20 years that it makes me sick.
        This Me First generation, or this You Owe Me generation, or this Great Society generation and this political
        correctness B.S. has ruined the once great country.
        I don’t care about the red thumbs. The fact are the facts. and If you have not lived it or lived through it you can’t know it. Only by someone else telling you about it. So listen to the people that have been there, and not someone with a political bias or want you to buy there books. Hell I’m still learning from those old gray hairs, Hold on a minute I’m becoming one of those gray hairs.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

        • Reb,

          I’m sorry some of that stuff they were talking about is true. Some of it was B.S.. Empire building??? You don’t give your territories the right to vote if they want to be come a nation or stay a territory. Can you say the Philippians

          The empire is the planet, controlled by the same assholes that control us.

          And if we wanted an empire we would of had it after WW2.
          The protocols of the elders of zion says all future wars will not be for land.

          Tell me what liberties have been taken away from you, the only one that I know of is, claiming that you are a Christian and celebrating a Christian holiday in public.

          The freedom to purchase and own any firearms of my choice including ammo. The right to travel unencumbered. The right to free property ownership. The right to unreasonable search and siezure. The right to a trial by jury. The right to free speech. The right to peaceably assemble. The right to no taxation without representation. Did you crawl out from under a rock?

          Which one of the bill of rights have been annulled……
          The right to unreasonable search. The right to retain property without due compensation, etc.

          Are TPTB pressuring US?? Hell yes they are, but they are only in power because “We” the American citizen puts them there

          We didn’t put them there. They were in control the whole time fool. Ever heard of banker’s? Damn you are a FOOL

          We vote with out learning whom we are voting for, or we don’t vote and the wrong person gets into office, can you say Barack???

          You really are an ignorant ass aren’t you. Voting is done electronically (anyone can make up the outcome) and the candidates are SELECTED not elected. And the famous quote (evidently you never heard it) ” it’s not who you vote for, it;s who counts the votes”

          If there is someone to blame take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself. Am I part of the problem or part of the solution.

          Yes! ask yourself why you continue to believe the bullshit. And propagate the bullshit. I try anr tell people the truth but like you, they want no part of it!

          For a while I was part of the problem, not any longer I check out the people I vote for. I have and will donate to a political cause, can you say Tea Party

          Ha Ha your kidding right? The tea party was hijacked from the start by neocons, Just another republican conservative bullshit trap.

          And for the taxes, Weather I like it or not As a Christian, I have to render unto the government what is the governments and unto GOD what is God’s. believe me there is a lot I don’t like about rendering to this government!!!!!

          Give Ceasar what Ceasar is due? WOW are you an idiot or what? Ya jeesus will save you. Thats all fair and right and moral huh? Just pay the man and shut the fuck up? Fuck you you moronic brainwashed asshole, YOU pay for all this shit and then STFU!

          This is not the same U.S.A. I grow up in. I’m in my 60′s now, this country has gone down hill so fast in the last 20 years that it makes me sick.

          Well back to your voting thing. How’s that worked out for you ha ha ha. Figured it out yet?

          This Me First generation, or this You Owe Me generation, or this Great Society generation and this political
          correctness B.S. has ruined the once great country.

          Remember YOU voted for it (or so you thought) Your vote is a joke don’t you know? This shit was the plan all along.

          I don’t care about the red thumbs. The fact are the facts. and If you have not lived it or lived through it you can’t know it. Only by someone else telling you about it. So listen to the people that have been there, and not someone with a political bias or want you to buy there books. Hell I’m still learning from those old gray hairs, Hold on a minute I’m becoming one of those gray hairs.

          I have supplied the FACTS NOT you. And I HAVE been there. Like I said in another post ” Old fools are some of the hardest fools” Wake your ass up and smell the fascism fool. Your tripe was the easiest shit ever to dispense with. {lease try harder next time and maybe try some ginko biloba hers 🙂

          • Good rant Genius! I’m slowly backing away from the “Machine” and have had to rethink a lot of stuff that I believed in but no longer do. I’m in my 60s also and today is a far cry from what we once had. Glad I had it but its almost gone now.

          • Genius:

            Your reply was exactly what I “thought”. Sometimes it seems almost too much to reply to a post like REB’s.

            You did an awesome job, Genius. But then you always do. Thanks!

            • Thanks Granny, it’s good to see people that understand whats really going on 🙂

          • “G”
            Elders Of Zion? They are telling the whole world that wars can’t be fought over land. Please Enlighten me on this. Russia just took over part of Ukraine, China is claiming islands that have belonged to Viet Nam, Korea, and Japan. Some one forgot to tell them.

            Choice of firearms, I have to agree with there. Where can’t you go in the USA? Property? I own land and pay taxes on it to the State not to the feds. Thank God I do because it would be hard to chop my way there, the state maintains the roads to it. Search and seizure, Supreme court has ruled stop and frisk unconstitutional. Now if you are driving a car and they search it, because of P.C.(The smell of an alcoholic liquor)they can, you have to remember that driving is privilege not a right. I don’t know where you got no trial by Jury, Our Court houses are full every day of the week. Free Speech? You can’t yell fire in a crowded space unless there is a fire. Free speech zone yes they set them up but that doesn’t mean you have to use it. Peaceful assembly As long as you aren’t blocking traffic and causing yourself or someone else to possibly get hurt there is no problem with that. Your rights only go as far as they don’t infringe on someone else’s rights. Taxation without rep. That is a bad one. I’m sick of all the taxes I have to pay, and there is no representation for you or I. Question is what are we to do about it? I know what I would like to do, but right now all there is, is a ballot box. God forbid we have to go to the AMMO box.

            I have to respectfully disagree with you on this. Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God What is God’s. Math. 20/20-22. That is what the Bible teaches from Jesus. Are you saying that you are smarter than the teaching in the Bible? (By the way. “Caesar” is how you spell it.) No one said you have to shut up you can complain all you want.

            I have no clue how old you are I thing you said in another post up a little ways you said you are 50.
            I’m guessing you were raised by some of the Woodstock generation by your post. Nothing wrong with that but most of them that I watched grew up with have gone one of two ways. Still drugged out or have become The professors in most of the major collages. And you see what they are teaching.


            • Sgt:

              You might hesitate a minute and check out why Jesus got in trouble with the MONEYCHANGERS.

              No way in the world would the Lord sanction the theft by taxes that have been laid on our backs by the new generation of moneychangers. He believed in supporting a “lawful” government; he will be coming back to “abolish” this shameful sham monster that is consuming us.

              All the things listed in your post as “freedoms” are being encroached on at this very moment. Any idea of how many thousands of pages of law/executive orders there are that all of us are unaware of that infringes on our liberties? And the “bullets” seem to be coming our way almost daily, to take away more.

              Whatever you wish to believe about the “protocols” is your choice SGT; but you go read them….if you want to believe they are a forgery, that is fine too. But after reading them, come back and tell us that what is stated there that was to “happen” has/is coming to pass is “fiction/not true”.

              In your posts you have never come to grips with the true Zionist PTB; choosing instead to follow (without knowing why) Albert Pikes blueprint of WW3.

              • POG
                I know and I agree with you about the rights.
                I know that there are some where around 17 books that belong to the New Testament That the Roman Catholic Church has not let the public see.
                Protocols have happened and will happen again and again until man learns another way or there is no more man on this earth.
                Please enlighten me on who the true Zionist are. So many people have different ideas. I’m willing to learn. Now some say it is the Jews, (remember Jesus was a Jew and practiced Judaism ) Some say it is the Illuminati, some say it is the people that worship the Devil.
                Please help me here, Thanks

                • SGT:

                  Thanks for the reply.

                  You might check out go to Q&A and see the answer to that. Lots of Q&A’s there for the Christian who has been duped by judeo-Christianity. What an oxymoron.

                  Also, do yourself a favor and go deeper into the Jewish religion, SGT. Past the Torah into the Talmud. There they call my Savior (and I believe you believe Him to be your Savior) the vilest most filthy language you can imagine. They do NOT believe He was the Messiah….jewism or judaism will cement to you that THEY DO NOT AND NEVER WILL BELIEVE HIM TO BE THE MESSIAH and why.

                  Apparently you have never bothered to peruse through all the links left to you for information. Your choice of Him being a jew shows that you haven’t bothered. I will venture a guess, your false preacher/teacher has drummed that into his congregation.

                  It is the Zionist who is doing all the devils work. Are they all jews. No. But a damned big portion of them are. And the fed reserve who is financing all the worlds woes is owned, lock, stock, and barrel by them. What is it about the articles written about the Rothschilds, the City of London, the Federal Reserve, the quotes of presidents, popes, etc., identifying these people that you choose not to believe?

                  I am amused at the trolls answer to posts about the Zionists and their lackeys. “Why, those old presidents, popes, learned men didn’t know what they were talking about. I will take the word of Jefferson or Henry Ford over any troll that visits SHTF, thank you.

                  By the way, has a wonderful timeline on the Rothschilds from the beginning up to the present. If you truly care about truth it is worth the time to look it up. Might change how you look at the world.

                  Just a little help in case you are interested in truth.


                  And now the trolls?

                  • No way ma’am. I doff my cap to people such as you who take criticism in their stride… Well done to you Granny.

            • Of course you are right…simply because you are a lover of state and all it entails. Your solution is always to have someone else tell you what you can be “allowed” to do. All your petty rules to extract revenue and rule over your fellow man are “righteous” because a bunch of people wearing black dresses say so.

              I don’t think you understand natural rights or the idea of free men…or you could not be an enforcer for the state. I don’t even think you believe you are a statist since you’ve been so effectively neutered by the state propaganda.

              • JRS
                Please name me a time in history where there wasn’t any rules, and rules makers or laws and Law makers in a Civilized Society.

                I know what I’m allowed to do. and it is not to take my rights and us them to rule over their rights.

                Law is a different thing. There has always been laws. It could be handed down by God (if you believe) or just simple things in nature. (you don’t piss with a hornets nest unless you want to get stung. A simple law of nature.) Get over it there will always be laws and rules to live under. I bet if you drive you don’t speed. Why? you don’t want to break the Rules/Laws, because you know you will get a fine.

                We look back on the rules/laws and say that some of them were barbaric, and so will man kind in the future look back at us and say the same thing.

                Lover of the State. NOT!! Lover of my Country and what it stands for. YES! I’m willing and had the chance to stand up and fight for her, and am still doing so today.
                Can you say that? If you can I say thanks for your service.

                • Rules?

                  Rules are “cause no harm to anyone else”.

                  Why do you think there should be anything more than that?

                  The rules you abide by as an enforcer are revenue extraction rules where no harm is caused and there are no victims. You enforce them under “color of law” statute and code that presumes a crime “may” happen sometime down the road. Presumption of guilt where no actual crime has been committed.

                  No victim, no crime.

                  Put your badge in your sock drawer and become a real freeman.

                  • JRS
                    Let just take seat belt.
                    My Grandson was in a car accident Tuesday night he had his seat belt on and his cousin didn’t Today my Grandson is in the hospital recuperating, and his Cousin in dead because he didn’t have his seat belt on and was ejected out of the car. Now if someone would have enforced the rules, and because he knew the rules he gets a fine, but he would be alive today. I’m not make this story up look up Huston Ch.13 news. Officer in accident.

                    Money is the only thing you can take from people. Is it revenue yes, but I can tell you out of every $100.00 the Police Dept. only gets $15.00 the money goes for the domestic violence shelters, The Court house, the State police, the County police, the Juvenile detention center, just to name a few.


                    • Sarge, Seatbelts, theres a good point! Sorry the kid was killed but things like seatbelts are the choice of those who operate the vehicle. I was in a rollover once with 3 guys in the truck. None of us were wearing seatbelts. No one was seriously hurt but had we had seatbelts we would be dead! They would have pinned us in the seat while the cab was crushed. So see it works both ways, seatbelts can KILL too.

                      Defending things like seatbelt laws is just giving credibility to the nanny state. I am a grown man and am responsible for my OWN safety. I don’t need the state to be my mommy and protect me from threats real or imagined.

                    • Two young boys I know where driving down the road not speeding or doing anything wrong. There was some water and the car hydro planed. driver lost control and the car rolled over. the driver was wearing a lap belt. he dies. the passenger not wearing the belt was ejected he lived not a scratch. it happened at Monroe center ill in 1973. And the cops that I see are not wearing their seat belts. Ive been looking. Everyone pay attention. You can see inside their squad car just as easily as they can see in your vehicle. most cops don’t wear their seat belt.

                    • just curious but it seems that seat belt laws are odd? If im riding my motorcycle um ive never been pulled over for not wearing seat belts? So why can I make that decision on my motorcycle but not when driving my motorcar? lol

            • Sarge, It is kind of hard to find a copy of the protocols but it is in William Coopers book “behold a pale horse”. Read it and you will be amazed at how perfectly accurate it is.

              As for wars for land WE haven’t claimed any land from any wars in the last century. China and Russia aren’t fully going along with the plan.

              Traveling unencumbered means you don’t have to pay registrations, fees, licenses, permits, etc to travel in your personal vehicle.

              Ever heard of eminent domain? Around here if you don’t agree to their shitty price they just take it from you. Same with forfeiture laws, They get you for some stupid small crime and sieze your property.

              Free speech? If you talk freely about whats really going on you get disappeared or killed. Brietbart ring a bell?

              Peaceful assembly? Are you kidding? Look at what happens to protesters lately.

              Look deeper into what your saying, there are blatant violations in all the things I mentioned. Without a victim there is NO CRIME.
              A zionist is one who follows the protocols and uses them to achieve the NWO goals.

              • G
                William Cooper I will look it up Thanks

                “G” And I agree with you but TPTB have us by the ass on this one. Driving is privilege not a right und in the Constitution. Now if we used a horse you don’t have to have a license.
                Eminent domain is blight on this nation, an very go point.

                Brietbart said he had info coming out. and was more than likely killed for it. You know that TPTB have been doing this to cover their asses from the beginning of time. The Russians did it to the chest player. ( can’t spell his name).

                Peace full lately. Destroying shops, burning down business, stop traffic, Look at some of the protest most them were over a lie,(Hands up Don’t Shoot). Even Holder said it was a lie, and so did the witness for the grand jury. not all but most of them. The choke hold. If you can talk you can breath. If he couldn’t get enough air in was because he had other problems not relate4d to them trying to take him down. We will more than likely disagree on these, but that is Ok it is a friendly debate. You have your believes and I have mine and that is OK. This is what make the world go round.

                Why use the word Zionist for those that are trying to achieve a NWO? What I read about Zionist that they started around 1870 to set up a homeland, and the wanted it to be in the same location of the Biblical area now know a Israel.
                The question I have isn’t there a better name for this?

                I believe that every race and nationality has their grubby little fingers in our Government. Just look around the Israelis, the Muslims nations, Russian, China, England, Japan, Just to name a few. This all came about when we became a world power, and every one want a piece of the pie known a America. I might be wrong but that is what I believe.


              • Genius:

                I just type it into my search engine. Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Not hard at all.

      21. Think I read similar thing in 97+/-, old summary

        Buy freedom…………

        I don’t “buy” freedom……………..

      22. What an odd feeling. I feel naked without my red thumb army lol. Sorry old coach, you will actually have to refute me now ha ha ha.

        • Red-thumbers are members of the stupid-man-group. Since Mac removed the thumbsucker app, this site has already improved in its allure of intelligence.

          • YEAH. Pity you don’t contribute anything of worth to the site. You barbore.

      23. Mac you have NSA or some other fuckers screwing with your site, im getting an add that says to let BHO know you got his back,,,,

        • Kula, Thats just durango kid chiming in lol.

      24. I gotta tell ya, this hacker crap and people doing it are just a buncha pussies,
        They like screwing with peoples lives, payback will be a bitch……

        • ^^^^ gives Kula some moonshine 🙂

          • When things go south everythings going dark, everything,
            Lets see the hacker pricks do shit when theres no internet,,,,,

            • Kula, seems to me times were pretty good before the internet. Before cellphones, before all this shit. Hey maybe happy days are here again 🙂

              • Id like to think of it as equalizing!

              • AAAAH, payphones, snail mail, dropping off your film and waiting for the development lol. 10 cent horsey rides, petting zoos, shooting galleries (with real guns). Montgomery wards, Woolworths, Skaggs, Sears. Keggers in the hills, Hot rods, 10 bux for a 4 finger lid. Trout in every stream, open carry was normal, The malboro man on tv, gunsmoke, bonanza, you get the picture 🙂

                • Yea those days are gone
                  Sad but true
                  Thats why my idea is dark ages rather than 1930s

                  • What’s that saying? It’s darkest before the dawn? We’ll see my man.

              • I was 12 years old before we had electricity.

                Folks made me go out in the woods and hunt and fish. I’d carry an axe with me and on the way home I’d chop a load of firewood, lash it to a travois and drag it home.
                Every morning folks’d make me go to school and the teachers would make me stand by my desk and read aloud.

                I don’t think the teachers thought I could read cause we only had coal oil lamps at home.

                I’m a thankin’ those teachers.

                How you gonna read when the electricity goes off?

                We’d use a tater to jam over the spout on the coal oil can as we’d lost the cap and couldn’t afford another ‘un.

                Folks were proud, I’m a thinkin’. Made me go to school for 12 years and then 4 more years for a bachelors degree in science and stuff. Then 4 more, after my military, for a doctorate in medicine.

                Folks I didn’t know ‘d ask me what kind of doctor I was and I’d say, “A good ‘un.”

                It was the coal oil and the axe.


      25. Many perceive from a false notion. They think that the gov. is elected. You are wrong. They are selected by the cabal. the i r s and the f e d are foreign owned. They do not work for America, they work for the crown, imf, un and you are being conned into paying them, which means you support crime. You think I am wrong? Read this!

      26. proof israel jews control the al-cia-duh/ isis in syria

        direct video and photo proof that israehell idf jews and israel government zio-jews are working directly with the al-cia-duh and isis in syria.

        Israel threatens Press TV Syria reporter over Golan photos

        On Thursday, Press TV crew stationed in Syria near Israeli occupied Golan Heights released photos of Israeli soldiers speaking to Nusra Front militants. Our correspondent in the area Hamad Awidat now says he’s been contacted and threatened by the Israeli army. He earlier spoke to Press TV’s Waqar Rizvi.

        The photos have already stirred a heated debate on social media. Hamad Awidat says an Israeli army officer asked him if he has taken more pictures and that from now on everything will change for him, the Israelis will not forget his name and he’d better be careful. According to Awidat, cooperation between militants who belong to al-Qaeda’s official branch in Syria and the Israelis is nothing new and local people have witnessed several encounters between the two sides. Last week, the Israeli army arrested a Syrian citizen who had released a video showing militants crossing into occupied side of Golan to meet with Israeli agents.

        Also see this video (Photos obtained by PressTV show alleged Nusra terrorists next to Israeli soldiers):

      27. It’s a shame America is not what it used to be. I’m watching tv and they are saying they want to ban snow sledding. Anything that’s fun or feels good they want to ban. The argument about the sledding is people are able to sue for injuries. When I was a kid we rode in the back of the pickup truck cars with no car seats or seatbelts played around the train tracks. We did things that could injure us there were some injuries but I think this dumbed don generation of kid are different. Common sense is not stressed or taught. We can’t ban everything that people get hurt on for their lack of caution. This is the new America. It’s sad too. I think that’s why guns are scary to some folks . Grew up with them was in scouts they took us to range no big deal. Went whitewater kayaking and canoeing climbing could’ve been killed doing these things. I’m glad I was able to do this stuff before the safety police take it away. These things are part of life’s experiences I have stories I wouldn’t have without these experiences. People used to hang their shotgun in the back window of their truck those days are over as well. I’m part of the me generation and I will tell you oh it works for me. It is my default mechanism when there is plenty I’m all for sharing it is better but nowadays there is no extra meat in the bone the competition is stiffer for resources in the form of jobs that pay well enough to support your family I’m sure good jobs used to be dime a dozen all you needed was willingness to work. Now that doesn’t matter there are more laborers than good jobs. As times change people change to adapt to new conditions. America used to be the land of plenty. Now it’s stiff competition. Being a kid we used to shovel snow for our elderly neighbors at least the front sidewalk. My father said if they needed an ambulance it would help. People looked out for each other not no more it’s i want $20 to do it. I won’t take 5 or 10 to do it. Or I know your poor so I will just do the walk to the front door so you can get out. I’m out shoveling my drive and grown men are asking me if I want help while the elderly lady next door can’t do hers. I told her if she needs any help to come over and knock. I have helped her a few times in two years. She does not take advantage of me for help she knows I work a lot. I don’t mind helping out. I grew up this way you look out for your elderly neighbors. We had a hurricane the power went out for the day I went over thee and asked her if she was all set and was gonna be ok. My wife is the same way too she has soft spot for old guys her pop was old man he was sick for years before he passed.

      28. It’s not the state that’s in control, it’s the corporations who run the state. We are in perpetual war because the military-industrial complex gets rich that way. We have a war on drugs to fill private prisons with cheap labor paid for by taxpayers. We can’t afford health care because of the insurance industry and the AMA. We can’t pay our utility bills or afford anything because corporate lobbyists got politicians to remove caps and deregulate. And we are overtaxed because corporations got Congress to change the tax laws–I told you many times that when corporations pay little or no tax, we the people end up footing the cost to run government.

        • Like most physicians, the insurance industry and the AMA are commies.

          Makes it easy for them where sixty million commies voted for bommie.

          f ’em

        • sharonsj

          Its beyond money, its global control and dominance with banks being at the apex.

          “I told you many times that when corporations pay little or no tax, we the people end up footing the cost to run government.”

          Actually the corporations pass their tax cost on to the consumer in higher prices. They don’t pay tax regardless.

      29. We live in a movie that started to be shown decades ago and has become poorer in quality over time as the public continues to believe regardless of its content.

      30. “The difference between a Socialist and a Communist, is that a Socialist doesn’t have all of the guns yet.”

      31. Amerika and its “melting pot” always have been and are the template for the New World Order. As Calvin Coolidge said, its only “business” is business. Kinship, racial and tribal allegiances have no place in its creed and are in fact considered heretical taboos, unless one belongs to a certain tribe or “old money” Mayflower stock like the Bush clan.

        The predicament in which we find ourselves can be outlined as follows: The Jews present within Amerika’s borders constitute a NATION; the Negroes are a NATION; and the Hispanics constitute a de facto NATION. ONLY the WHITES in Amerika adhere to the schizoid and hollow tenets of “Americanism,” which means that they are spiritually disarmed and without focus as they are confronted by the aggressive, consciously TRIBAL, proudly RACIAL, and avowedly anti-White agendas of the three aforementioned groups.

        White Americans have been conned into considering themselves members of what is by definition a NON-NATION, and to claim kinship with those who seek their destruction. This above all applies to those who base their identity not on thousands of years of heritage, culture, inheritance and blood, but on a LEGAL DOCUMENT adopted in 1788.

        Now, after being used the rulers of Amerika to bomb, destroy and militarily subjugate their despised ancestral nations of Europe to the New World Order, White Amerika is to be rewarded for this betrayal with subjugation and eventual elimination, via the Blacks, Hispanics and other yet to be imported Third Worlders.

        A true “Amerikan” will welcome this development if it is good for business. A White man (a.k.a. an Indo-European, Aryan or whatever you choose to call him) will fight. It’s time to bury the moribund “state religion” of Amerikanism and reclaim the identity that nature gave us, that of White men and women.


        GOT PHYZZZ?

        i encourage you all to invest in real phyzzz pm’s.

        if you can’t afford gold , then buy silver…

        if you haven’t already done so , now is the time to do it.

        What REAL VALUE is supporting the international financial system? We take a close look, and it’s not pretty. Here’s the lesson we could all learn from Warren Buffett’s father.

        Warren Buffett’s distaste for gold is well known and promoted in the mainstream media.

        One thing that’s not well known or promoted is that Buffet’s father, Howard Buffett, a four-term Republican Congressman, believed in the role of gold as money and was a huge advocate for the gold standard.

        In fact, Howard Buffett gave a speech in 1948 to Congress titled, “Human Freedom Rests on Gold Redeemable Money”.

        The elder Buffett believed in the gold standard, as he knew that it would limit the ability of government to inflate the money supply and spend beyond its means.

        The junior Buffett clearly has not followed in his father’s footsteps and chooses to conveniently ignore the quadrillion-dollar quagmire that is overshadowing our financial system.

        Yes, you read that right: A quadrillion-dollar quagmire.

        When we start discussing numbers in the trillions and quadrillions, it can be difficult for us to wrap our minds around such figures.

        Thankfully, a new info-graphic puts our global economic dilemma into perspective.

        Here is the current financial system – over one quadrillion dollars of it – stacked against the world’s supply of gold and silver:

        ~link: see attached graph~

          • Birch Gold link from PW should not be overlooked.

            Just a little info why Caesar will be coming after your retirement accounts, your savings, your bank accounts. It is called DERIVATIVES.

            DERIVATIVES = a financial instrument which derives its value from underlying assets…..the derivative ITSELF HAS NO VALUE.

            In other words, the financial system has $1,000 TRILLION dollars in derivatives which are based almost entirely on A FICTITIOUS VALUE.

            This is a global dilemma but the US banking system shares its blame.

            According to the latest report from the Office of the Comptroller, the top 5 “too big to fail” banks have $40 TRILLION in derivatives exposure EACH!

            JP Morgan Chase
            Assets $2.5T
            Derivatives Exposure (DE) $65T

            Assets $1.9T
            DE $65T

            Assets $2.1T
            DE $57T

            Morgan Stanley
            Assets $814 Billion
            DE $44T

            Goldman Sachs is leveraged at $70 to 1.

            All banksters abroad have the same story.

            And you think the world is going to keep on spinning the same as always? There is not enough money in the world to cover these criminal bastards gambling; but they will steal what they can get from you.

            Read the rest of the link at Birch Gold.


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      34. Any one who is still voting, is voting based on bad info. The MSM isn’t there to inform you. It’s there to “manufacture consent”. “Manufacture consent”. The lesson for today.

        • Good point.

          Thumbs up

      35. The only way I could vote again, is if they had a Frankenstein candidate. One with Romneys looks, Christies balls, and Pat Buchanans ideas.

      36. More corruption: First THREE Way Marriage Solemnized

        … or NOT so solemnized…. “T“Three-Way marriage” – say the phrase enough times, and you’ll get used to it. Same as homosexual marriage, and soon to come polygamy, polyandry, bestiality and more. (You disagree? Tell me, why exactly should they be proscribed, other than our bourgeois, archaic “biases.”) And yes, the radical homosexuals ARE, in fact, the thin edge of the wedge – the shock troops if you will – to bring destruction and oppression around the world.

        Three gay men from Thailand have tied the knot in what is thought to be the world’s first three-way same-sex marriage. Happy newlyweds Joke, 29, Bell, 21 and Art, 26, took the plunge on Valentine’s Day after exchanging their vows in a fairy-tale ceremony at their home in Uthai Thani Province, Thailand. The three blushing grooms are thought to be the world’s only wedded male threesome and have since become internet sensations after photos from their big day went viral.

        Couple stories at or main story at by Corey Charlton

        Note to the radical anti-freedom of conscience homosexual Brownshirts: We’re here, we’re NOT queer – and we are never, ever, ever going away (even with your anti-democratic judicial activism). Get used to it.

        • Seems to me like you have some deep issues that need dealing with!

        • Art Bell Joke

          Putting the names in alphabetical order.

          I wonder if Art Bell knows about this.

      37. And speaking of leftist fecklessness, not an unspun report on unemployment:

        Per in February the U-3 measure of unemployment continued to indicate that the American economy is expanding. Here’s what the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported: “Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 295,000 in February, and the unemployment rate edged down to 5.5 percent … Job gains occurred in food services and drinking places, professional and business services, construction, health care, and in transportation and warehousing.” The better measure of unemployment, the U-6, edged down to 11% and the civilian labor force participation rate changed little at 62.8%. But troubling is where most of the job gains occurred. Jobs in the food service and drinking industries don’t contribute to long-term growth — they are as permanent as a burger with a side of fries.”

        And the real unemployment figure of 11% is still in Jimmy Carter range. On the plus side, I do hear that hiring is waaaay up for travel agents for Michelle-Marie Antoinette vacation services. So, no everything is bad in the employment sphere.

        Can it get worse under Obunglernomics. Mais oui!! Now, a record breaking 56 mm women are unemployed (the REAL war against women), and black unemployment rates are TWICE as high (funny, Jesse and Al are NOWHERE be found to protest this….) Ali Meyer just wrote a record 56,023,000 women, age 16 years and over, were not in the labor force in February. Not only was that a record high, but it’s also the first time the number has exceeded 56 million, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). To be counted as ‘not in the labor force,’ according to the BLS, one must not have a job or have looked for one in the past four weeks. In January 2015, there were 55,756,000 women not in the labor force, which means that 267,000 women dropped out of the labor force since then.

        Black Unemployment? The rate is now nearly TWICE the national average on eve of Selma anniversary. Caroline May wrote. “On the eve of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the civil rights march in Selma, Alabama, the unemployment rate among African Americans remains more than twice that of white Americans and nearly twice the national average. According to the latest jobs figures released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the African American unemployment rate for the month of February was 10.4 percent, compared to the white unemployment rate of 4.7 percent and national average of 5.5 percent. The latest African American unemployment rate represents a slight uptick over the January figure of 10.3 percent. Whites experienced a slight decline in unemployment from January’s rate of 4.9 percent and the national average also dipped from 5.7 percent.” Full story at

      38. The narrator is invoking nostalgia for a ‘once great country,’ which was founded on war debts and triggered a new tax rebellion within 10 years.

        He uses the word ‘statists’ as an epithet, then implies that we should invest. Said investments can only be guaranteed by the use of force.

        This discussion boils down to the state being an impartial tool, with a facade of emotionality.

        The narrator leverages the tool of state, as it suits his personal needs, and he justifies this by diddling the heartstrings of the listener.

        This is how your kings, founding fathers, mafiosos, banksters, captains of industry, and televangelists installed their own versions of moral authority.

        Indeed, humans are typically liars, naming problems, reactions, and solutions of their own devising.

        This is like the diagramming of a story, with a hero, villain, plot and conclusion. The expression for this is creating a ‘narrative.’

        • Yep, it happened here…the first martial law. Pay up tax or cease and desist.

          Statists always defer to the government for their orders.

        • Most of this crap we read is controlled oposition,
          I wouldnt doubt that ALL of it is to play on the minds and emotions of those who visit, comment etc,,,,
          People be aware, there are psyops that we are being played with, all very purposeful,
          I would put it on the same plane as others who have been manipulated by these alphabet soupers similar to Tsarnev etc,
          At the proper moment we may end up being the next unwitting focus of a witch hunt,
          Just think about it.
          How do we know who is really behind these sights?

          • KULA –
            I have often thought about that as well.
            This site would make for a good psychology experiment ,
            wouldnt it ?

          • Just wondering …. I noticed Braveheart has been absent for some time now. Anybody know how he is?

            • Braveheart=Maverick

      39. good to see my post are just deleted and not for view.

        guess I won’t waste time here…

        • What are you posting dude? I’ve found this site pretty open-minded. Give it another shot. Could be the moderation thing coupled with it being Sunday.

      40. Return to CHRISTianity …. America lost when It’s moral base was diluted with zionism.
        JUDAS ISCARIOT is alive and preaching from the pulpit of many American Churches.
        Any “teacher” who diverts Christians into bowing to the Jewish Temple Priests is a JudasGoat “kissing the cheek” of Christ through HIS Flock, for pieces of silver or foul reasons.
        He who blesses Israel Crucifies Christ.
        CHRISTians should welcome any Jew that comes to Jesus.
        CHRISTians cannot support or aid Israel or the Jewish Nation that DENIES the Lamb of God.
        OLD testament / NEW testament
        WAR god / PEACE god
        OLD covenant / NEW covenant
        The ESSENCE of Judaism is VENGEANCE
        The ESSENCE of CHRISTianity is FORGIVENESS.
        ANTI: a prefix meaning “against,” “opposite of,” “antiparticle of,” used in the formation of compound words (anticline); used freely in combination with elements of any origin (antibody; antifreeze; antiknock;;;; ANTICHRIST).
        How can one say “judeo-christian” or “christian-zionism” when Judeo refuses to even ACKNOWLEDGE CHRIST?! Judeo refuses to acknowledge Jesus except to INSULT him and HIS teachings in the NEW Testament. They claim Jesus was the bastard child of a Roman soldier and Mary was a Harlot ……. and “christian” preachers CONDONE this?!?
        The LAMB of GOD was the FINAL sacrifice. Rebuilding the Jewish Temple and resuming bloody animal sacrifices repudiates the Crucifixion, SACRIFICE of Jesus.

        • Once saved forever saved. I’ve had my fight with the Holy Spirit and knocked me out easily. Glory be to God.

      41. You treasonous leaders that you ACCEPT AND VOTED IN FOR and now you WORRY???

        You do know that if you OBEY them you are committing treason and breaking your very own Constitution?

        I just gave you the solution to neutralize the idiots running your country. IT’S YOU!

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