Must-See: Shockingly Blatant Propaganda As Washington Post Changes Immigration Headline: “Doesn’t Want You To Know Illegals Are On Benefits Paid By… You”

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Headline News | 71 comments

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    They’re not even trying to hide their bias any more.

    Despite efforts by the mainstream media to convince an ever disinterested public that they are still relevant and non-partisan, a last minute headline change by the Washington Post proves just how desperate they are to maintain their big government narrative.

    After running an immigration article entitled “Immigrants are now cancelling their food stamps for fear that Trump will deport them,” someone at the Post decided it just wasn’t impactful enough. That illegal immigrants were cancelling food stamp benefits seemed to suggest the Trump administration was acting in the interest of overworked and underpaid American taxpayers.

    And we definitely don’t want to give anyone the idea that undocumented immigrants entering the country illegally are somehow putting a burden on the system. Thus, the only solution is to flip-flop the story so that it looks like President Trump and Americans who support common-sense immigration policies are putting a horrific burden on the people collecting government benefits illegally.

    In response to this disastrous mistake to their own narrative, the Washington Post modified their title to ensure all of the blame was put directly at the feet of Donald Trump:

    “Immigrants are going hungry so Trump won’t deport them”

    And boom, just like that they are able to mold the minds of their millions of myrmidon followers.


    There’s no doubt that this report will immediately be dismissed as fake news with claims that we and others have completely made this up since a record of this no longer exists at the Washington Post.

    Not to worry, there’s another screen shot that confirms the legitimacy, as noted by the following Tweet:


    The Mainstream Is Circling The Wagons: “They Are Coming For All Of Us… This Is An Orchestrated Attack Against Truth”

    It’s Happening: They Are Shutting Down “Fake News” Websites to Punish Alt Media Hillary Opponents

    The Propaganda Machine: 5 Stories The Mainstream Media Reported as Real, But They Were Fake


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        • “Immigrants are going hungry so Trump won’t deport them”

          Let them starve !!! If they get hungry enough, often enough, maybe they will go back from whence they came !!!

          ILLEGALS cost the American Taxpayer more than $500 MILLION a year according to a Harvard Professor. Thats a lot of new infrastructure, health care, and social security for Americans.

          Let them eat cake !!! Deport !!! Deport !!! Deport !!! 🙂

          • “The Fiscal Cost of Unlawful Immigrants and Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer-

            There are approximately 3.7 million unlawful immigrant households in the U.S. These households impose a net fiscal burden of around $54.5 billion per year.

            Amnesty for unlawful immigrants can pose large fiscal costs for U.S. taxpayers including public education, welfare benefits, and other benefits and services.”

            – from report by The Heritage Foundation

            • That 3.7 million number is based on the fake 11 million illegal aliens. There are at least 20 million or more, but our gov will not keep any actual records just like they will not allow any records to be kept on the crimes they commit by any LEO agencies. I imagine that will all change now with he new regime. Also the Dem mantra and most Reps has been that illegals cannot get freebies or vote, but they seem clueless to the simple fact that any illegal can easily get a false SS card and drivers license which allows them access all benefits and to vote easily ! They all have simply lied to you , nothing new.

          • Why are they still collecting benefits anyway? I,for one, am damn tired of those pricks in Washington telling us that they’re gonna confiscate our money and spend it however they please and screw you Mr.Taxpayer if you don’t like it. That’s what it all boils down to. That money, imo, should have been cut off by now. Hell, maybe you won’t need the wall after all. And while you’re at it, every adult male between the ages of 18 and 55 gets cut off too. Unless they have a PHYSICAL handicap that prohibits them from working. If you’re on disability for depression, alcohol or drug addictions you get cut too. Welfare moms who fail drug tests get cut and give their kids to responsible families who will provide them with a stable life. Taxpayers foot way too much of the bill to finance these freeloading leeches and it’s time to stop all of it.


            Posted on March 16, 2017
            It’s About Erasing White People
            Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, March 16, 2017

            Since the left & the RINO cucked neocon right have decided to no longer try to camouflage their true agenda – and are finally admitting that they are declaring an open race war upon White Americans – the ultimate objective of which is to maliciously minoritize Whites and subjugate them to being ruled over, terrorized, exploited and fleeced by a motley collection blood sucking non-white leeches from every third world shit hole of a nation on Earth, along with a collection of sexually degenerate left-wing freaks – it would not surprise me if we soon find out that these illegal alien parasites are being supplied with tax payer subsidized viagra prescriptions, to encourage them to fornicate even more aggressively and irresponsibly than they already do, so as to bust out millions of more mestizo crumb crunchers or various other mystery meat crumb crunchers – which, of course, the mostly White tax payers will be forced to pay for via one or more of the social entitlement programs that these leeches will manage to sign up to collect.

      2. Here’s a Headline, “Get the F*Ck out of our country NOW, before we shoot you on the spot.”

        • Problem is … the people arnt our problem

          It’s who’s letting them in you should have in your cross hairs

          Don’t misdirect your anger or actions
          It’s exactly what the pukes pulling the strings want

          • Follow the bouncing ball, pay no attention to the hand that’s guiding it.

            Oh. Also pay no attention to the strings that’s guiding the hand that’s guiding the ball as well.

            Including the hand, from behind the curtain, that’s on the strings, that’s on the hand that’s holding the ball.

            Don’t ask whats behind the curtain, either!

            Now. Where were we? Oh, yes. Follow the bouncing ball…

          • Enemy of the State:

            I agree 100%.

            __ changing immigration policy was entirely a Chew Conspiracy. The fact that Chews pushed for open borders is no secret. You can research the connection between immigration and ethnic cleansing, as well. Chews are enemies who exploit their victims as they work toward their destruction, taking out the best first. That is why they hate the Germans. I recognize the real objective behind the genocide of Germany. The white race IS superior, not because they seek domination and suppression over other races (but the Chews do); but the Germans are the most cultured and intelligent of the white race, the best of the best.

            Just think about what Netanyahu said about America.


            • I’m surprised you weren’t censored for telling the truth…happens to me all the time

          • Partly right, partly wrong.

            The people ARE our problem, if they come into this country with ill intents, or try to change our way of life to fit their desires.

            If they don’t like things in their own country, they need to group together and change things there, instead of coming here and changing everything here to be like their own country.

            • BlackMoe, truer word were never spoken.

          • it IS ALSO THE PEOPLE>> FFS

            did the soldiers in ww2 say “hey, its really Hitler, not the german soldier”?

            did the Patriots in 1776 say ” hey, its not the redcoats, its really King george”?

            If some unreachable scumbag sent desperate hungry people to STEAL FROM YOU would you let them?


            they are the SCABS in the modern day strike against the ELites.

            if the immigrants were NOT here, 92 mil unemployed would be for lower amount.!

            it IS THE IMMIGRANT! stealing from what MY families have built for MY children. the losses of branches from MY family tree.

            immigrants are freeloaders! did THEIR ancestors die building america?

            dont see ANY latin names on the Declaration, do you?

          • EOTS, damn good points. The foreigners are not our problem nor our responsibility. The only people I’ve ever had any obligations to have been my own wife and I’ve helped out my parents on occasion. We don’t owe anything to any damn foreigners or any other minority group. TPTB need to be in our cross hairs.

        • Zeus, spot on about those f#$%ers leaving. Like we already didn’t know about the illegals sponging off our tax dollars. Hell that goes all the way back to Clinton. High time for the freeloaders to get the boot.

        • Dearest Zeus,
          I’ll take a hundred of those signs please.

          Ps. Have place to raise pigs. Any buyers? (For what, you ask?)

          At first I thought of pig’s feet and hog jawls. But THEN, I thought of unlimited piss and shit to throw at anyone with a towel on their head, dressed in a black sheet.

      3. I have read that 87 percent of illegal immigrants are on some sort of welfare . Google it.

        • That fact validates the term “scum illegals”

        • Beowulf, that’s correct and they’re living better than a lot of white people out here. The foreigners don’t even pay any taxes into the system. If you’re NOT a naturalized US citizen, you’re TAX-EXEMPT, EXCEPT for the sales tax when you buy something.

        • I don’t trust Goodle for anything today.
          Yes that 87 % # is very right. Even in EU that # is still good.

        • Even in Europe the 87% # is accurate.
          Even USA allows a muslim to have 4 wives and all the kids they have. Also if the man runs a CASH biz all of them can get Medicaid b/c the is NO visible income. Even if they live in $ million house and drive million $ car.

      4. How do you kill the middle class? Let them pay for all of the zombies and leaches in the nation legal or illegal.

        The wife wonders why I’m so PISSED about paying 25% of what I make in taxes!!!

        Time to cut all illegals off.

        Oh hell what am I thinking we can’t do this. So I’m just going to set back and PREP for the Big Purge. When us that have prepped for the hell that is coming starts to get hurt the PURGE will start and there is nothing in the world that can stop it.


        • Immigrants legal and illegal are just the icing on the cake. The middle class was decimated by NAFTA and China Free Trade.

          • K2
            I 100% agreement with you.

          • Its IRRELEVANT at this point WHAT the cause is of the destruction of the middle class and America..

            What is relevant is we KNOW its destroyed, BUT WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? The point is to not keep complaining and pointing at the obvious spilled milk problem. It accomplishes NOTHING. WHO FREAKING CARES WHAT CAUSED IT.

            Without self determination, true patriots and personal courage and character AND DEFINITIVE SELF DEFENSIVE ACTIONS to turn this around, the destruction continues and NOTHING CHANGES except the body count OF INNOCENT CITIZENS, our families, our children, concerning the problem. IDO WE NEED TO HAVE ACTUAL BEHEADINGS like just happening in PARIS before we DEFEND OURSELVES from our criminal government and the invaders they continue to let flood in?

            Im all about supporting President Donald Trump 1000% in his efforts to save America, BUT IT IS POINTLESS AND USELESS at this point to STAND BY IDLY WAITING ON SOMEONE ELSE TO SAVE US FROM OUR OWN COWARDICE as we watch the destruction continue at the hands of the leftists and terrorists ON OUR STREETS RIGHT NOW. Truly sickening.

            • We have already had beheadings here in America. 5 listed on the site “shariaunveiled”. The muzzies will take over, because the nwo are using them as their hammer, and the leftists are helping them, and no one will stop them, for fear of being ostracized…

          • AND the remaining jobs PAY was DECIMATED BY IMMIGRANTS!

            immigrants LOWER PAY
            increase HOUSING COSTS
            degrade PUBLIC SERVICES

            supply AND demand

        • That’s what I’m thinking. If the illegals are smart ( and some are), they will hightail it back to where they came from! NOW!

        • 25% ?
          Dam yer one of the “lucky” ones

          My salary is taxed higher than that
          Than the state
          Fuel , every dam thing you buy

          Born free taxed to death or object poverty

          People make comments about 3rd world nations

          We’re almost there

        • The scum illegals are free to go be scum illegals in Canada. Yes waiting for the purge and heavily armed everywhere I go.

      5. I can hear the Dems now….
        “If you like your paycheck, you can keep your paycheck!”

      6. La Raza. If you don’t know who they are, you don’t know much. La Raza says that 90% of Mexicans in the US are receiving WIC. WIC is a federal welfare program for women, infants and children. That’s only one of the many welfare benefits available to illegals, legals, and refugees.

        • Where is our President while all this crazy crap is going on?This is the stuff that revolutions are started from.When it starts I sure wouldn’t want to be an illegal,moving targets.

      7. This falls into the “why didn’t you know this” category. When a migrant to the US gains legal status, they can legally bring in their entire extended family. All of the elderly and sick or disabled family members they bring in are eligible for SSI after only a 90 day wait. A husband and wife migrant couple bring in both of their elderly parents. Sign them up for SSI. They get $1000 per month per parent. That’s a total of $4000 per month into their household, tax exempt. What a country. That doesn’t even count the food stamps, free medicaid and housing assistance.

        • Him:

          You can’t blame the Mexicans. They have been being recruited by American businesses that put up billboards in Mexico. My neighbors are mostly Mexican. I’m close to the border. One family has been bringing in more and more family. One person had Cancer. After surgery and Chemo died anyway. Who paid for all that? The taxpayer, probably. The saddest part is that Mexico has alternative health care where coffee enemas and diet actually cures people for pennies.


          • Our Mexicans put up Christmas lights a day before Thanksgiving, beat their unruly women, in the church parkinglot, drench their landscaping, during drought advisories, use the car horn for a doorbell… Need I go on.

            They’ll call the police, on fairly-passive, white people, too.

            But, they don’t write the rules.

            Noone, who puts up with them, on a day-to-day basis is willing to call them victims.

            But, they haven’t created the situation.

            • Why do you, use so many, commas?

              • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

                • Damn. Nailbanger gets 2 points for the bitch slap. ?

          • Mexico doesn’t have real good health care. Especially for the poor.
            Mexican governor: Cancer children given water instead of chemotherapy
            ht tp://

          • B from CA, actually I can and do blame the Mexicans and other migrants, also. I know who brings them here and why. Mostly it’s about money, but also it’s about intentional change of demographics.

      8. Who we should be directing our anger at is The President of Mexico, along with former President Fox. They have failed their people. Instead of creating jobs in their own country, so the Mexican people won’t have to come here illegally, they are berating our President at building walls to keep them out.
        Where is the outcry about this?

        • The cartels are only in business because Americans have a voracious appetite for dope.
          People always talk about the CIA ratlining the drugs in. Guess what? There’s only dope in
          America because dopey Americans want that garbage. Supply and demand. Yes, my
          fellow patriots, America creates many of it’s own problems. Get mad all you want, you know
          it’s true.

          • joeybagofdonuts:

            For the same reason adults are held responsible in cases of statutory rape, an imbalance of power, adult men and women hired by the CIA are indeed more powerful than teenagers. Most drug addiction begins before the age of 21 when children most crave acceptance from peers. I have personally met many top “pushers” whose excuse is always the same: “nobody held a gun to their head”. Clue: it isn’t necessary. Although sometimes force is used, usually the method is one of deception. A pusher “hires” a teen or young adult to befriend a group of teens. Once he or she is accepted and becomes popular, it is like taking candy from a baby. First it’s free, then it’s not.

            Of course addicts must accept responsibility and make amends for their part before healing can begin.

            Make no mistake who is going to hang in hell on earth if the people realize they have been had by TPTB. The opium wars in China ended when the Chinese killed all the Englishmen in China, guilty and innocent. In fact, most were not just completely innocent, the majority of English in China at the time were there to help. They paid the price for the sins of the opium pushing Englishmen. God help the innocent CIA.


            • Innocent CIA? Huh. Supply and demand. I get tired of saying it.

        • I’ll admit, I find outrage to be counterproductive at this point. Damage done. I think drowning in outrage just distracts me from what needs to be done at this point. Protesters just waste time railing against a dying behemoth. Time to just realize that I can only affect what happens to me and mine and even then, there is no guarantee. I just have to do my best and ride out the collapse as well as I can.

      9. A really dangerous media takes the tact that any truth about Fukushima would cause more deaths than not mentioning and playing down this catastrophe. So they don’t report a thing. Suffer the consequence, thanks for the news. I’ll be my own censor, thanks for playing. Speaking of playing, Fukushima is a venue for baseball for the 2020 Olympics. We will see if it takes intelligence to play ball, or not. The athletes that do play will petition you to pay their future medical bills too. Have they decontaminated the carrier USS Ronald Reagan yet? No news,eh. Real news reports the answer is no. Glowing naval pride at its finest along with a manipulating colluding media, after all, it takes effort to not account for half of the national debt. For this too I blame the mainstream media. Truth was their best defense. So be on the watch for sea food source labeling scams that real news might have prepared you for. While we suffer the consequence.

      10. It’s so very easy, to blame minority members, change agents, and exotic snowflakes of every shape and color.

        None of these niche, social interests, no matter how annoying, has the power to create wealth, ex nihilo, decide who comes and goes.

        They’re not making the rules.

        • LLLLLMAO. You read so stupid.

      11. That’s OK, I never read or watch MSM, what they do publish is a LIE.

      12. GrandpaSpeaks.. what Fukushima news? People would be safe eating from the Pacific Ocean? Shh it’s a secret. I’ve read that the needed time to clean it all up ranges from 75 years to thousands of years from opinions. The nuke backers are fine with the msm blackout of Fukushima.

      13. WOW!!! Good news! Glad to hear it! Hard to believe that rag would print good news such as that!

      14. From the “religion of peace”…

        In Australia…Teacher quits after Islamic students threaten to behead her.

        Drudge Report

        • Sgt,
          Consider raising exemptions and, look, you got two cows standing in your yard! Congrats! You now own a farm! Lots and lots of deductions on S ched F (farm).
          Here daily if you have q’s!

        • Yep, I read that too, Mom. I just SMH at these things. It IS coming here, you know (more than it already is). At this point, we just gotta get and stay prepped, cause it’s gonna be a rough ride. Oh, and I should say that it’s gonna be a rough ride for any of those punks if they start talking about lopping the heads off of me & mine.

      15. I believe the gvt. has been doing this for a long time. Weren’t the Vietnamese given 30k to settle here?

      16. Should any alien, legal or illegal ever receive welfare or government assistance? If an alien is not supporting themselves, shouldn’t they be forced to return to their home nation. Why should citizens of another country be using the resources of America?

      17. I meant it when i said 2014 was the last year

        • Last year for what, Nail?

      18. Guns and Roses had a great song. “Patience” Every hear it? Was it Dwight D. that said “loose lips sink ships” or someone else? The time is coming to other comms. that do not includes sites like this. That is unfortunate but known.

        • Soon

      19. What part of the domestic enemy don’t we understand?

      20. I mentioned this before but it is worth bringing up again. We were locked in protracted negotiations with a government agency over services we would provide them. They kept coming back to us and insisting on paying less and less money for our services. The amount they were willing to pay our people per month was not even close to their living expenses and taxes. So, we decided to look at what the government was paying refugees and migrants per month. We were shocked: they were paying much more per month in living expenses to people who were not working or paying any taxes than they were willing to pay professionals who would be working and paying taxes. At that point we realised the government was corrupt through and through and was pursuing an agenda to impoverish its own citizens in favour of migrants brought in from Africa and the Middle East. It was just that blatant.

      21. “They do all the jobs Americans that are unwilling to do”
        How many times have you heard the left use that reasoning and that our fruit would just rot in the fields without them to do it.

        Well I grew up here in Michigan’s fruit belt, and those jobs were done by me and all my friends in middle and high school.We picked asparagus and strawberries in the spring, detassled corn in summer and picked blueberries, peaches and apples in fall,and finished up trimming grapes and fruit trees in winter after school.

        This was only back in the 1970’s too not a hundred years ago. Now none of the kids around here have any of those jobs. They all go to illegals,getting the good 20-30 bucks an hour,allbeit hard dirty work… and our kids are not allowed to work at the farms and so they maybe work in fast-food for minimum wage…or mostly they just sit at home and play video games.

      22. I enlisted in the military during viet nam and was required to take an oath stating I would defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND domestic. I am surprised our soldiers have not said enough is enough, and started shooting our domestic commie democratic terrorist congress.

      23. Jeff ‘BozoBezos’ and his clown circus newspaper publication needs to honestly & immediately change the alleged ‘newspaper’ name from WashingtonPost to WashingtonPork.

        Same as NYTimes needs immediate & honest ‘newspaper’ name change over to NYPork.

        P(ublic) T(ruth) BarbN’Em will be most grateful and appreciate taking your first honest steps thank you.

      24. Continual & blatant propaganda is and will remain crybaby efforts in failure to find sympathy & acceptance for immigrants rejected everywhere they are, and everywhere they go.

        Never forget: the cesspool swamp is and will never cease to be drained thank you. If anyone doesn’t like the way things are finally being done in Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave…

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