Must-See Police State Video: “You Are At My Door With Guns And I Fear For My Life… I Have Committed No Crime”

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Headline News | 205 comments

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    The following video footage, captured by Avel Amarel and uploaded to Youtube, shows how easy it is to stop police state tactics dead in their tracks.

    When two police officers show up at the door claiming to be looking for a wanted fugitive, Avarel begins recording.

    What you’ll see is nothing short of shocking, as police attempt to first enter his home without a warrant, and then attempt to turn him into a criminal for refusing to submit to their demands.

    Keep in mind that entire conversation takes place on Avarel’s doorstep, with him standing inside of his home as police continue to push their way forward making unlawful demands.

    But instead of intimidating him into submission, they get a lesson in the U.S. Constitution and the letter of the law.

    (Video via Infowars)

    Officer: Can you turn that [camera] off?

    Avarel: No, I can’t.

    Officer: I said turn it off.

    Avarel: No.

    Officer: Turn that off because I don’t know what it is.

    Avarel: It’s a CELL PHONE.

    Officer: What’s your name?

    Avarel: I don’t have to tell you that. Do you have warrant? First of all I need three types of I.D. to explain who you are, because you could be anybody dressed up in a uniform.

    Officer: You wanna play games? I’m gonna drag you out…

    Avarel: That’s why I’m recording this. Straight to Youtube.

    [Police continue to threaten to search the home and request the man’s identification]

    Avarel: Do you have a warrant? Or do you suspect me of committing a crime? There’s nobody in here. If you want to check, please go get a warrant.

    Avarel: It’s the law. And right now you are in violation of color and law, because you are at my door with guns and I fear for my life. I have committed no crime. This is law. I am not harboring a fugitive. You have no evidence, video or audio. There’s no fugitive.

    Officer: Would you allow us to search your house?

    Avarel: Get a warrant.

    [door closes]

    The only ones playing games, it seems, are the police as they attempt to make up circumstances for why they have the right to search this man’s home without a warrant and threaten to “drag him out” for no reason whatsoever.

    The police state is in full effect. But Avel Amarel proves it can be beaten by citizen’s holding their government and its myrmidons to account.



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      1. without that camera
        the cops would have beat that guy to a bloody pulp
        and then laughed about it

        • I totally agree. In todays world, everything must be CYA policy at all times. Thank God cameras a so cheap now.

          This man knew the law and refused to back down. A true hero. He will of course be harassed every time he leaves his doorstep, and there will be no policy review for the officer.

          The next step is to present this video to the elected officials, or the elected Sheriff, and demand administrative action be taken. I know for a fact many officers do not care about the law, they consider themselves above it. Not all of them, we have our dear SGT Dale here, but a lot. Dealing with the scum of society day in and day out can jade a man – and we all look the same to these cops. I’m not making excuses for them, but I have seen it fist hand.

          • I certainly couldn’t work for someone else and act like I please. This has been going on for a long time and like everything else its out of hand and it has been allowed by he management. Cops in smaller towns with not a lot of crime act he same way.

            • When they said they were looking for a “felon”, but they didn’t know what he looked like, they were probably lying. Here in Oregon, police have mugshots of felons common to their area, including all parolees that have warrants. If they knew the guy’s name, then they had the ability to know what he looked like.

              • Way to get me all riled up before work Mac……..I hate them scum and they are all scum constitutional violators

              • That’s not the case all the time.

              • Everybody need to do random checks on the ir vehicles to make sure all their tail signal an break lights work includung your license tag light. I followed a guy in an older pick up truck into a park and when he eventually stopped I pulled along side and told him his left brake light was not working to avoid getting pulled over. He thanked me. Also have your registration and proof of Insurance stapled together an readily available for quick access. Eliminate all reasons now for any hassles later on.

                • Yup, I got chased down by a cop doing nearly 100 mph (him, not me!). My crime? One of two rear plate lights was out on my truck! Azzholes….

                  • We drove from Atlantic coast to Pacific coast 27 years ago on I-10 and was totally harassed the entire way, pulled over literally about every 50 miles because we had FL plates. The further west we got, the bigger and meaner the State Police got, since then, I have seen the total decay and abuse of power by those in law enforcement get worse and worse. I do think we are in a “Police State” at this point for sure! Paid thugs, and when they get caught they get a nice paid vacation for it! I never leave home without my video camera now. (I don’t have or want a “smartphone”).

                  • And these “public servants” can retire with hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in their pensions. I wonder how they sleep at night?

                  • I’ve stopped many people for the same minor violation. The vast majority get a useless warning. A few of these stops have turned in to DWI/Felony drug or warrant arrests. Its called doing our jobs.

                  • para bellum (Comment ID: 3219635):

                    Sorry, buddy but that’s not doing your job, it’s called “going fishing”. I started with San Diego PD and finished with over ten years at California Highway Patrol. No TO (traffic officer) would stoop that low, at least back when I worked there. Running the plate and discovering there was a warrant for the registered owner and _then_ stopping them for an equipment malfunction is borderline legit, but stopping folks for a plate light that’s not working to look for wants and warrants on their DL is bush-league. Grow up and honor the oath you took when they swore you in.

              • when are judges and juries going to see that if a cop can lie to a citizen…and it’s “LEGAL”…..why wouldn’t they lie to judges and juries?….OF COURSE they DO!

                • Stellar point, BCOD. The incentive to heed laws goes RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW when the enforcers AND the hierarchy THEMSELVES refuse to abide by the SAME laws they propone to enforce. Holding a badge then means D*CK. You become thugs in our eyes at that point, nothing more. And that alteration in outlook can INDEED become very bad news for you…..
                  Sorry Law enforcement; no cee-gar.
                  This fellow on the vid handled it well, but let’s be clear.. He was NOT in fear of his life…. It worked as a supporting deterrent statement, but he’d never sell it to a jury or muster it through the first round of administrative investigation. BUT, it was utilized effectively, and hinted at an unwanted escalation of the situation if the cops pressed. Psychology works both ways when dealing with these meatsocks….

          • Townsaver, good evening. That guy was very fortunate to get out of that situation alive, considering the anti-public mentality today’s breed of cops have been brainwashed with. Those 2 in the video definitely have had too much of that federal koolaid. I’ve got retired cops in my family who are all “old school” and back in their day, cops would’ve been fired for doing any of the things today’s cops do. Today’s breed have been brainwashed too much with all of that federal propaganda since 9-11-2001. It’s possible that guy could suffer some form of retaliation at a later date. I hope he’s watching his six extremely carefully. BTW, I sent you an email after reviewing your website. Take care.

            • Townsaver, PS, I just finished reading the email you sent me. Thanks for the reply. Will keep in touch.

              • Please do. Always a pleasure to have the debate. Good information is hard to find!

            • Hi braveheart…
              When the Patriot act was enacted, people like me were screaming… to no avail. That it would ‘morph’ from ‘only for terrorists’, to ‘anybody is a terrorist’… well imagine that…
              Do we understand now… there is no such thing as republican or democrat? That there is only the Haves and the HaveNots?

              There is only one way to fix what’s wrong. ‘They’, the 1%, know, that the world is running low on resources…
              they know, there must be massive depopulation, then the phoenix rises from its own ashes.

              In order to have any future, the Phoenix must die.

                • A 1000 Thumbs up John Q Public for shedding light on the worlds Cockroaches.

                  • I would like to add another 2000 Thumbs up to JQP and all of the awaken Americans. Cockroaches are main source of spreading disease all over the world and the sooner they become exterminated the sooner mankind gets a chance to survive.

                  • The two resident Joo hating a-holes. Bet you have no problem with the Muzzies though. You have a sickness. Get help. Wonder what makes someone so twisted. Get back to Daily Kos where the Joo haters hang out.

              • Piper Michael, good to hear from you. I still remember watching the coverage of the attacks on that day on a small TV I had in my office at the time. I smelled false-flag right then. I remember the day before when Donald Rumsfeld, Defense Secretary at the time, announced that the Pentagon couldn’t account for, I think it was, around 2 trillion dollars at that time that went missing. Later on during the Iraq war, they supposedly lost another trillion dollars. I think the 1% somehow “found” the trillions and divided them among themselves. yes, the day of atonement for the 1% is coming. It’s the only way to solve the world’s ills. Take care.

                • Much of that “missing” money may have gone to ISIS too, and who knows how much it has cost to arrange for a dozen airliners to go “missing.” I’ll bet if you add it all up, it probably amounts to several trillion dollars…hmmm?

                • Guess cops are different at different places… Once, I was approached by police in the middle of the night. I was in my car. I rolled the window down slightly and they wanted to question me but I asked to see ID and they said that was wise on my part and they did show ID… they said they were looking for a burglar.

                  On the other hand, I went to report all these dogs loose in the neighborhood– some were pit bulls! And this huge, 300-lb cop laughed at me and said, “don’t worry, their owners are around somewhere!” Mind you, this thug was a HUGE cop and had guns on his hips– easy for him to say, “don’t worry!” What about the little kids in the neighborhood and little old ladies, out walking small dogs? The cop was a useless, stupid a hole!

                  And then there’s the time, they tassered to death a returning VET who had served 2 terms in Iraq, and was just sitting on his porch doing nothing. (They suspected him of selling marijuana, they said, and so a bunch of them surrounded him and tassered him to death!)

              • Good post. The Patriot Act was approved by both parties and neither has done anything to change it even though it is unconstitutional.

                • I lost all respect for Michelle Bachmann when she pushed to have the patriot Act renewed. Good on many things but so wrong on this. Anyone else find it strange that right after her Tranny comments about the First Whatever Joan Rivers is malpracticed to death in a doctors office during a routine procedure. Breitbart anyone?

                  • They probably assured Bachmann, that if she helped get the patriot act renewed, she could be in “the club”…apparently, they lied.

            • He shouldn’t have opened the door, at least without a chain that couldn’t have been easily forced. Most door chains are junk, and entirely decorative.

              • To a cop, a security chain amounts to little more than an irritation.

              • Good reason for video/intercom system and/or the heavy security type storm doors that open out.

                I enjoyed the part about being directly recorded to Youtube. That ended the charade.

            • Imagine what could happen (what probably DID happen) before we had cell phone cameras.

              • Just ten years ago cops did not act like this. Once DHS got involved all common sense went away.

          • Engage your employees or be enslaved by them one rule, regulation, or bad cop at a time. 🙁

            • How about paying your employees an honest wage for an honest days labor……..instead of manipulating them you NWO schill.

            • DK-

              A lot seem to have a love/hate relationship with you here. Some posts everyone loves, others not so much. I think I understand your often quoted line:

              “Engage your employees or be enslaved by them”.

              These people work for us. They truly are paid with our tax dollars. You and your local citizens voted their direct supervisors into office.

              Maybe you could elaborate from time to time what engagement means, such as going to your local County Commission meeting and speaking during public comment. I have seen the public get railroaded and I have seen little old ladies get shit done.

              It is election season. You may find your documented, open meeting law protected speech to be a bit more powerful for the next few months.

              • That’s exactly what I was thinking, Townsaver.

                I mean, maybe he could post a couple of examples of how he successfully engaged his so-called employees so we could all learn?

                But you know, I doubt he Ever will.


                But if you really think “These people work for us.” Have I Ever got a bridge to sell you.

                Keyword: Will Grigg. ..Where the details of the little ole ladies getting railroaded by the bastards is detailed.

                Also, did you get involved with the Ron Paul bit in 2012? If you didn’t, you really missed out on how the system works overtime to make sure your “engagement” means diddly.

                • helot/CLARK: You fucking loser, living in your mother’s basement; get outside and get active. You would rather piss and moan and blame everyone but yourself for your condition and situation.

                  I grew up on the edge of the ghetto and have been independent since I was a senior in high school. You have had a much more privileged life than I. You have no education and no personal power because you are not willing to work and sacrifice for it; which is why you are still living at home.

                  Get a life, you limp wristed faggot, instead of singing the blues and blaming the State for the state of your life !!!!

                  Even ILLEGALS are bold enough to march on DC and occupy the Offices of Congress to get what they want. Quit sniveling you fucking crybaby!!! Man up!!! You embarrass yourself !!! 🙂

              • Townsaver: Political activism is essential in a Police State. This is how the NWO came to power and this is the easiest way to remove them from power.

                Look what one Muslim, Marxist, Gay Community Organizer has done to US. So those who say we cannot change anything are losers who cannot. Activism works both ways and now is the time to engage the political elite. They are listening.

                All politics are local. Grassroots America can change things. Look what ACORN accomplished for themselves and they are total baffoons.

                Magnify your voice with a group; increase your personal power with an organization. Start with a local, neighborhood Tea Party. Influence your local Republican Party.

                If not US, who??? If not now, when??? Engage. 🙂

          • That was one brave mofo. If I had done that, which I would try, those cops would have been through my door and kicking the shit out of my old ass and my phone? Never to be seen agaim.


            • They would probably shoot you because your “phone looked like a gun.”

          • It will be interseting to see ow your website develops Townsaver. Good luck with it.

            • I appreciate that. It takes years to really build up content and any kind of readership, but you have to start somewhere!

              Eventually I would like to get to a discussion forum like this one on my articles. The debate and comments is where the best information is usually found!

          • Im a police officer in southern California and former Marine and this guy did exactly the right thing! These two San Bernardino Sheriff’s deputies had no exigency to force entry into this residence looking for a parolee at large (PAL), yet they tried intimidation to get around a warrant.
            You have to know what your rights are and that we as the police do have power but it is limited by the Constitution and we are sworn to UPHOLD our Constitution, not VIOLATE it in the name of “public safety.” That’s how tyranny’s start. Our criminal federal govt assisted by the media has perpetuated the idea that we as the cops can kind of do whatever we want because “there is a terrorist behind every bush.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Im glad this didn’t go sideways for this man. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!!

          • Our problem in America is that we do not participate in our local governments. The road to tyranny is taken in small steps. Where I live, the Sheriff’s are a respected part of the community. I have heard of a rotten apple being ostracized and forced to leave by his fellow officers, in response to citizens justified complaints. I was once subjected to unnecessary temporary custody by a female Sheriff in L.A. attempting to show her authority, despite the attempts of a male officer to control her. This was outside the shop I was closing for the owner (the burglar alarm system was defective). I went to the Sheriff’s Department and filed a complaint, which was actually followed up by a written apology from the officer in question. Admittedly, I had the business owner on my side – he was wealthy enough to support many local political campaigns, but that is how America has always worked. Do nothing, and the tyranny we get is on our own hands.

          • I’ve seen plenty of examples of thuggish LEOs. Now THEY all look the same to ME. Oh, BTW, I know that a lot of people feel the same way.

            Show me you’re a PEACE officer and I’ll show you the respect you so desperately crave. If you’re just another LEO, then I’ll roast in Hell before you get anything more than contempt.

            Quite enjoyable telling the shaved-headed wannabe “operator” that he’s a thug. Last time we were hatassed, my wife asked who the Hell the thugs thought they were…? I said “welcome to the police-state, honey,” right in front of them.

            They hated me saying that… but I don’t care.

        • “I’m gonna drag you out here.”

          If not for the camera he probably would have.

          • “Can I search your home/car”?

            “No sir. I do not consent to any search.”

            Because that is my constitutional right. And sir, if you weren’t willing to take NO for an answer why did you bother to ask.” (Arsehole!)

            • Had he let those cops in, they would’ve torn his apartment apart, as usual, hoping to see something that might give them “probable cause” to do even more damage. A pack of rolling papers or a bent spoon could be enough for them to be “suspicious.” It leave them room to plant something if they didn’t find anything, and that does happen…frequently.

              I should know, I got my house torn apart once, over nothing more than pure cane sugar. Since all they need is mere “suspicion”,anything could be their catalyst… anything at all.


              • The son of a friend of mine once let his niece and her boyfriend move in with him. My friend’s son soon found out that his niece’s boyfriend was doing drugs and kicked him out.

                Later the boyfriend got arrested for something (his 6th arrest) and they offered him a plea deal — give up his drug supplier for a reduced sentence. You guessed it. He “gave up” his former girlfriend’s uncle, instead of his real supplier.

                The police came in while my friend’s son wasn’t home, ruined his walls, furniture, and carpet with their flash bang, tore up his house. Found nothing. But they later arrested him anyway solely on the strength of the false testimony of a young man they KNEW was a criminal.

                He had to post bond, wear a GPS devise (for which he had to pay a monthly fee) and lost his job since he was a stock broker and couldn’t work with that thing on his wrist and the unresolved drug conviction.

                The charges were eventually dropped, but he lost tens of thousands of dollars, between damage to his home, loss of income, attorney fees…..

                I told him he should sue, but he couldn’t afford an attorney and didn’t think he could do it pro se.


                IT NEVER USED TO!

                • DaisyK; You are a suspected anarchist. Reason enough to moderate your posts! 🙂

                  • Suspected??

                  • Is that a full confession??? “-)

              • Excellent advise ! Never voluntarily consent to a search without a warrant. Do not engage in conversations with law enforcement in the absence of an Attorney. If asked to step out of your car, make sure all the windows are rolled up and lock your doors as you exit the vehicle. Don’t argue with a person who has a gun, taser and club. be polite and stand your ground. And if they start to pummel your happy ass, go all ” Don’t taze me bro” on them !

            • Don’t call the pigs sir. They deserve no respect.

          • Now that is election season. Never get corraled into one of these free speech zones that is fenced it. Resist being treated like a farm animal. Carry a copy of the constitution on your person at all times, so you can resite word for word to the uniformed Nazis their rules of engagement. Like you touch me muther focker I will have you arrested and charged with battery.

          • The kid should have cracked the door open slightly and tossed a flash bang on the porch. Then during the confusion yelled “Get down on the ground” and shot their dog. Sound familiar?

        • Notice how the fat thug’s tone changed when he realized the video was being sent straight to You Tube.

          • Or tell them this recording is on a live feed directly being sent to Cop Block that will post this to YouTube. Many people now in foreign countries have their own dash cam cameras just for personal protection during traffic stops by the corrupt cops who abuse thier positions of power. I suggest we also do the same. They are also recording you during a traffic stops.

          • He knew at that precise moment, that destroying the phone would not retrieve the footage. There was no way out that time.

        • Warrant or no, you bust in my home some of you will not be going home either whether I die or not. Fuck you pigs.

        • i don’t get it. i would think that the academy would teach new cops how to destroy those cameras so there’s no evidence. right after seeing them walk a striaght line and counting backwards from 10 down to one…that’s the entrance exam, you know,….soon as they are finished tipping their head back and touching their nose….it’s graduation time!…sarcasm OFF, for now.

        • your exactly right they would have ! its a sad day in time we live in today when the good guy cops will beat the shit out of us in a heart beat beacause they have not took the time to think this through

        • OK, I am going to sum up LE work for all of you paranoid schitzos.

          To let you know where I stand: Ruby Ridge and Waco are examples of very poor LE and those officers should have been criminally charged.

          I’ll admit it. Some cops are arrogant a-holes who lack training, education, and common sense. I have seen it. Most are not.

          Other than the comment “I’ll drag you out” and “turn that off”, these cops abided by the constitution and did not perform an unconstitutional search. How about applauding them for abiding by the constitution. The black cop should be reprimanded for his comments.

          Cameras? I just purchased one out of my own pocket so the cop haters can’t accuse me of some BS.

          Minor violations everyone complains about getting stopped for. That’s called hard work. I have turned tail lights out, burnt out headlights into DWIs, and felony arrests because I don’t sit on my ass eating up taxpayer dollars and do nothing. Most of these stops turn into nothing more than warnings.

          DWI check points/Spot checks? How about rolling down your window and telling the officer you haven’t been drinking so he can move on and catch the drunks that may kill your spouse instead of being difficult and taking up time in hopes you will be the next oppressed Youtube sensation.

          When a cop asks you or tells you to do something….HOW ABOUT DOING IT!!!! I only tell people to do things for a specific reason (primarily my safety) and when they don’t, there is usually a reason. Just like you, I refuse to let some scumbags make my kids grow up without a kid.

          Here is how I would have responded to the officers. I would have identified myself (although not required) and refused consent to search my house. I would have been a little more polite so they could go out and catch the bad guy that could be raping some teenage girl instead of being difficult and taking up much of their time.

          I like how some of you commented on the fact that the guy says they have guns and he fears for his life. So If I stop someone with a CCW, can I use deadly force since he is armed. Come on people, common sense goes both ways.

          BTW, I can use deadly force against unarmed people in certain circumstances. There are a lot of guys that are bigger, and stronger than me. If I have to take on more than one scumbag, deadly force can be justified. I will not get killed and make my kids grow up fatherless.

          So in parting, here is my suggestion to all those inner city thugs who think there are not enough black cops, all those who think we LEOs are just out to violate rights, and search w/out PC or do beat downs. Get off your ass, get an education, get some training, become a cop and help change the way LE operates.

          Then again, you wouldn’t have anything to sit around and bitch about.

          • Save your spiel……you work for a private “for profit” corporation acting “under color of law”, the rest of the self righteous banter is brainwashing…..the sooner people realize that fact the better off they’ll be………..we dont need private corporate security victimizing and shaking us down…..yawn. Oh yeah, it not a uniform, its a costume commemorating the masquerade and corporate fraud. …yawn

      2. Local city police and county sheriffs are not my main concern when it the SHTF. Over half of them, (or more) will be protecting their homes and families. They know they are severely outnumbered and would be a fool to go “stand a post” or stand in the middle of riot control.

        The things caught on video like above, are typically them looking for stats, them losing their cool due to a lack of maturity, (and proper supervision) or are a straight up thug who never should’ve been hired in the first place.

        Its the federal branch of government that are absolutely the most intrusive and will be the most aggressive when the lights go out. We can get pissed at the all the bad local cops caught on camera, and in some cases wisely so, but (just my advice) if you think this is bad, those federal folk will be much worse when the collapse begins.

        Stock and stack..

        • what is going on at the local level should be concerning because it’s all part of the bigger picture.

        • Silver Lodge, I also look for the feds to be the worst and most likely they’ll have UN troops and illegal aliens for extra manpower. They will all be in my rifle sights/scope.

          • Wait till illegal ailiens sit on juries.

            • Wait till an Illegal Alien sits in the Whitehouse…
              Oops WhoWuddaThunkIt.

          • The NATO Troops on the ground in Ukraine killing citizens sepratists is an example today of what can happen here with the UN. They are hired prostitutes killing for a paycheck. No matter where it is.

        • Sorry that i’m not sorry but this local 5-0 wont be in uniform catching bullets. When it gets to that point its every man for themselves. Bad cops who violate the constitution should be put on blast. They are a disgrace. beans, bullets and bullion. Stay safe everyone and watch your 6. People are no better than animals when they get desperate.

          • Some don’t even have to be desperate, to be dangerous.

        • The local cops will have to deal with the Feds and my guess is they will either join forces or capitulate. Very few if any will tell the Feds to get lost like this guy.

      3. Good for him! A great lesson for all of us.

        • Thank you for your service. You have a good relationship with this population because you aren’t judgemental.

        • You must deal with them from behind a closed door!

      4. Their taking gun coustomer lists in NY as a heads up to my friends up here! last part was the best I ain’t playing no games up in this mother fucker!

        • DieselDan, good to hear from you again. Thanks for the heads up on gun customer lists. I’ll be looking out for the same thing in my area.

        • Hi Diesel Dan ~ Have you seen any ‘Impeach Cumo’ bumper stickers lately? Or, how about, ‘ Repeal the Safe Act’ signs on peoples lawns. I always give a thumbs up as I drive by them. 😉

      5. To Protect and Serve….

        • Ugly, that is to protect and serve the GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC according to certain federal and state supreme court rulings. When we as individuals get into any life-threatening situations, we have to handle it ourselves. We have to become our own first responders. I have always fended for myself and will continue to do so. That’s just the way it is.

          • Best comment ever from the braveheart.

            We ARE our own first responders. Thank you.

          • Niiice..

          • They Changed their Motto from “To Protect and Serve” to “We treat you Like a King” (Rodney King)!!!!!

            ‘Semper Fi

        • …up a can of whoopass on any citizen who thinks he has rights.

          • Cobra — “You have the right to remain silent…”

            ht tps://

            • They will beat you either way. Open your mouth and they tell you shut-up and sit. Keep your mouth shut and they beat your head against the car.

        • Ugly
          Protect an Serve
          This was a feel good statement put on Squads.
          The statement is B.S.
          We can’t do anything for you until a law is broken, like battery, or theft to you.
          So Protect and Serve is BULL SHIT!!!

          • They may as well put on the Squads “To Harass and Enslave”

        • To protect and serve the 1 %

      6. Satori….no question about your comment…and anyone who doesn’t
        Realize what you said needs a wake up call……no hyperbole in your
        words …what you’ve stated is not opinion but
        a simple fact….it is not uncommon to read comments after some
        Police atrocities….an every day occurance….that there still are a lot
        of good police…..I believe that if that we’re true they would have resigned
        some time ago….or that they would have been know that every
        police department is highly militarized…under the false flag to protect
        your freedom……and I have no doubt that every last officer has consented to
        shoot on unarmed civilians….you get the gist….this isn’t the good old days….
        this is Nazi Germany in the homeland USA…..and the American public is j
        no less gullable than the intelligent German citizenry were….The NWO knows
        this…..and strategizes accordingly….SORRY FOR THE NO VOTE…..

        • Every cop is a parasite. They produce nothing. Cops are nothing more than paid viglanties who hide behind a badge. they are the parasite enforcers who do the bidding of the ruling class. I would never trust any cop.

          • O.G.
            Well old buddy. I guess this when the trains are going down different tracks.
            I have to strongly disagree!

            • I’m sure you do. You chose to be a parasite.

              You want to improve that situation? Find another line of work that does NOT involve sucking off the productive class.

              In short, quit being a parasite.

            • We have some good deputies around here. I meet them on the street and we talk vehicle to vehicle while I am not wearing my seat belt. They never say a word. They ask about the family and I do the same. Something to be said for small towns.

            • Ok If whatever you do for your money doesn’t in some capacity use the natural resources of the planet to make build or grow something that adds to the GNP you are a parasite. Any government paid thug vigilantie cop whos paycheck comes from the public coffers that are filed by robbing the productive. That person is indeed a taking parasite. Too many taking parasites and too few making producers simply is not sustainable.

      7. In other news about the Police.

        Waldo, Florida with speed traps. Highway 301. Investigating if there are daily quotas, required to be filled by officers on each shift.

        Covers one third of the years revenue for the town in fines.

        • In FL there is also a court case concerning a city council in cahoots with a private company trying to prevent questions concerning red light cameras from even getting on the ballot.

      8. This is exactly why I grill my boys about learning the Bill of Rights, Constitution, (state and federal). I want them to know EXACTLY how to deal with these fucking pigs!

        • Every police traffic stop or encounter, I get a copy of the police report of the encounter to find their lies, then go to court and rip them to shreads. I have beaten many tickets etc. Once you get your first court date , immedietly request an entention date. Half the time the cop fails to show up on an extended date. Then you just plead not guilty and the case is dismissed. Several traffic stops I go back and take photos of the scene. And have proven my case with evidence. Judges are impressed when you show up prepared to do battle. They sometimes cheer you on and will guide you like when the cop fails to show up with calibration documents for his radar gun or maintenance records forhis cop car like asking the cop what his tire pressure was in his tires as he claimed he clocked you with his vehicles speedometer. There is no greater satisfaction watching a cop get his ass handed to him in a courtroom and leaving the courthouse with his taill draging behind him. Fight every ticket look for lies in police reports and do you homework in knowing the law.

      9. Sad thing is this might not be the end of this – a vindictive cop(s) might just happen to “find” some weed on him at a “random stop” one night in the near future.

        • a cop got sent to trial recently because they had video of him doing something and then lying to the judge/court….thank god for youtube!…last i heard it looked like he would get serious prison time.

      10. This shows cars/homes ect. should be wired for video/audio,tell em conversation recording with phone in hand,let em think phone removed from you is it while real system sending straight to a net account/e-mail ect.,the tech used against citizens works also against oppressive servants of the master.The day you can no longer file suits in court for violations,well,pull no punches,all sorts of tech for both sides in this sick/evil fucking game.

      11. Sooner or later these criminals in blue are going to go to the wrong door and face death.

        • Yes I am surprised there hasn’t been set up ambushes for these suspected swat team drug raids. Where somebody calls in a fake crack house address then a heavily armed posse lays in wait at 5am for the team to arrive and start blasting them is a massive crossfire, when they exit their Mraps.

      12. Tucson P.D REQUIRED to issue one traffic ticket per officer

      13. The ‘straight to YouTube’ statement is paramount. Otherwise the cops simply bust in, beat the guy over the head, and destroy the cell phone.

      14. Nothing scarier then a bunch of GI Joe wannabes running loose with top notch military equipment and a free reign court.

      15. Woodstock 2017 by Ugly….

        I went to Woodstock 2017. Keith Richards was around 81, so was Jagger. Daltry and Townsend was near that age too. I talked to Cocker and he wanted to know where the restrooms were at. I pointed the way and then sat down at a spot in the lawn where nearly 800 of us gathered, far less that 1969.

        Us hippies were old now. Some came and then fell asleep. Others rehashing old times. Me I brought my head band, peace shirt, six pack Oly, candy bars, and a tent.

        The first band was Loving Spoonful followed by the Animals. Eric Burdon sang but we were old….

        Instead of speed, geritol was passed around. Between bands, we did calisthenics. Some walked, others again fell asleep. We are old. But we tried to listen. One person was stretching and another reading as music kept going on. Jefferson Airplane then played. We danced, but had to take a break and started stretching again. Making sure our bones were loose….

        Woodstock 2017 was soon done. We all picked up our trash and cleaned the park and headed home. Not sure why, but as you age is the past really that good?

      16. God please don’t let our peace officers turned to be like ISIS monsters and next to start beheading Americans. Just what the hell happened to our country? Who are these people in uniform a badge and a gun? Are we still bitching about some manufactured imaginary enemies coming from another galaxy to kill us? I am afraid the enemy is within and this is the result of a ZOG in charge. Water is at 150 degrees and the frogs are dead.

        Dear God I am I am wrong.

      17. This is why i answer my door with a stacked and racked 1911

      18. The cops asked him to step outside. Smart move not to do so. Never step outside. The cops will detain and/or arrest you just for making them mad. I would not have opened the door. Talk through the door. The cops were probably lying when they said a witness told them the perp went to his apt. Cops will say anything to manipulate you.

        • If a witness had to tell them where the perp went, they didn’t see it for themselves, so they were NOT in “hot pursuit”, which means they needed a warrant to search for the guy in their apt.

      19. Woodstock 2017, the true ugly story of the sinking of the Titanic:

        I went to Woodstock 2017. Keith Richards was around 81, so was Jagger. Daltry and Townsend was near that age too. I talked to Cocker and he wanted to know where the restrooms were at. He had a full detail of off duty cops pushing his was through the crowd. One cop yelled out, “Make Way!” while another cop tasred a pregnant woman to clear a path. I think Cocker and some of his fans laughed about it all. I talked to Cocker and he wanted to know where the restrooms were at. I pointed the way and then sat down at a spot in the lawn where nearly 800 of us gathered, I asked the other people if it was ok if the cops tasred a pregnant woman, and they all nodded, yes.

        The hippies were old in 2017, they loved the new police state now. They got ecstatic over the feeling of control they got whenever a cop shot someone or tazered anyone, it was almost like they did it themselves, but then their attention was diverted to a sports game on their handheld communicator and they forgot all about the victims. Some came and then fell asleep. They didn’t give a rats ass about the pregnant woman who got tazered or the kid who was put in a coma from a punch by the police, they were just happy they had the trappings of life, you know, stuff: a couch, a big screen TV, an iPad/cellphone-whatever, a head band, a peace shirt, a six pack Oly, candy bars, and a tent. Hot Damn, ‘The Game’ was on, they didn’t care about what happened around them in the mud and the grime – that was other People -… not them. “Engage The System!” they all chanted. … As if they wanted to legitimize the bastards.

        The first band was Loving Spoonful of Illusion, followed by the Animals That Were Tame. Eric Burdon sang but we were old…. We didn’t care,… we had ours. We just encouraged others around us to get theirs too while the getting was good.

        Instead of speed, a Big Pharma drug was passed around, one which rotted our brains, sapped our strength, and made us into zombies. We all left our trash strewn about the place and the park was a mess but we expected others to clean up after us, I mean, what’s Socialism worth if the government doesn’t take care of Everything? Then we headed home. It was a good feeling since our home had increased in ‘value’ after the T.A.R.P. bailouts. We were ok with having other people pick up our tab, we didn’t feel bad about it as it was, ‘The New American Way’ where torture is acceptable, War is Peace, and People hardly noticed they sold out their souls to the empire a long, long time ago.

        Ya, that was Woodstock. …High and mighty noble shit that amounted to nothing.
        The Daily Bell said the counter-culture at that time was created and manipulated by TPTB at that time. … That makes perfect sense now.
        It’s no different than the People who were played for suckers to die for the empire in the jungles.
        Pawns, all.

        • Soma for all!

        • Rule number 1: Never, and I mean NEVER, answer your door to the cops. Since they don’t sell cookies, they’ve got nothing anyone of us wants. Let them knock, they’ll get tired and go away eventually. Many cameras now have either a ‘live feed’ feature while many others have immediate transfer features used to send all footage to other ‘off-sites’ for future use should anyone need the footage for court. This really gets the cops pissed because if they lie, they are screwed because it leaves them and their department open for law suits. Get it where it really count$.

      20. Woodstock 2017, the true ugly story of the sinking of the Titanic:

        I went to Woodstock 2017. Keith Richards was around 81, so was Jagger. Daltry and Townsend was near that age too. I talked to Cocker and he wanted to know where the restrooms were at. He had a full detail of off duty cops pushing his was through the crowd. One cop yelled out, “Make Way!” while another cop tazered a pregnant woman to make room. I think Cocker and some of his fans laughed about it all. I talked to Cocker and he wanted to know where the restrooms were at. I pointed the way and then sat down at a spot in the lawn where nearly 800 of us gathered, I asked the other people if it was ok if the cops tazered a pregnant woman, and they all nodded, yes.

        The hippies were old in 2017, they loved the new police state now. They got ecstatic over the feeling of control they got whenever a cop shot someone or tazered them, it was almost like they did it themselves, but then their attention was diverted to a sports game on their handheld communicator and they forgot all about the victims. Some came and then fell asleep. They didn’t give a rats ass about the pregnant woman who got tazered or the kid who was put in a coma from a punch by the police, they were just happy they had the trappings of life, you know, stuff: a couch, a big screen TV, an iPad/cellphone-whatever, a head band, a peace shirt, a six pack Oly, candy bars, and a tent. Hot Damn, ‘The Game’ was on, they didn’t care about what happened around them in the mud and the grime – that was other People -… not them. “Engage The System!” they all chanted. … As if they wanted to legitimize the bastards. ?

        The first band was Loving Spoonful of Illusion, followed by the Animals That Were Tame. Eric Burdon sang but we were old…. We didn’t care,… we had ours. We just encouraged others around us to get theirs too while the getting was good.

        Instead of speed, a Big Pharma drug was passed around, one which rotted our brains, sapped our strength, and made us into zombies. We all left our trash strewn about the place and the park was a mess but we expected others to clean up after us, I mean, what’s Socialism worth if the government doesn’t take care of Everything? Then we headed home. It was a good feeling since our home had increased in ‘value’ after the T.A.R.P. bailouts. We were ok with having other people pick up our tab, we didn’t feel bad about it as it was, ‘The New American Way’ where torture is acceptable, War is Peace, and People hardly noticed they sold out their souls to the empire a long, long time ago.

        Ya, that was Woodstock. …High and mighty noble shit that amounted to nothing.
        The Daily Bell said the counter-culture in the 1960’s was created and manipulated by TPTB. … That makes perfect sense now.
        It’s no different than the People who were played for suckers to die for the empire in the jungles. …Or, the deserts now.
        Pawns, all.

        But yeah, “Cops will say anything to manipulate you.”

        Dave’s Not here. F*#@ ‘Em and feed ‘Em fish Heads.

      21. So. We need a revolution in ideas, not blood:


        “ALL money systems promote the most psychopathic to the top of the money/power heap – THEY will do ANYTHING to get there.”
        “The love of money is the root of all evil; remove the soil in which the root grows…”
        “If the universe is made of mostly “dark” energy…can We use it to run Our cars?”
        “If You want peace, take the PROFIT out of war.”

      22. I hope they get a warrant.

        • For what?
          No proof no warrant

      23. A Republic must be built through open societies that share information.

        When there is information, there is enlightenment. When there is debate, there are solutions.

        When there is no sharing of power, no rule of law, no accountability, there is abuse, corruption, subjugation and indignation.

        ~Atifete Jahjaga

        • Put No Tresspasing signs up right at the City Easement Line in your front yard in full view. Many Cops know if they cross that property line they are Trespassing. Also put up video cameras above your front door in full view. Then they know they are being recorded. That also has stopped 90+% of door knocking solicitors. As well as a no soliciting sign on or near your door.

          • Better yet fence your yard and put no trespassing signs on the locked gate. a little barky yappy dog or a few honking geese make great alarms. get one of those one million candlepower 12 volt lights to shine on anyone who comes up to the gate after dark. Mount it on a long pole so you can hold it from your body. don’t let tem even get to your door. For me not living behind a locked gate is akin to being naked.

      24. Military dictatorship is born from the power of the gun, and so it undermines the concept of the rule of law and gives birth to a culture of might, a culture of weapons, violence and intolerance.

        ~Benazir Bhutto * who was assassinated gunned down in broad daylight by the zog amerika c.i.a. .

      25. WITHOUT HOPE

        a man that has been turned into a lifelong indentured tax debt slave, stripped of all personal property and basic human rights by a corrupt FASCIST ZIONIST ZOG OLIGARCHY national political dicktatorship system and it’s enforcer zog thug dhs gestapo is a man to be feared.

        as he is destined to become an desperate dangerous angry man with no hope, no future and nothing left to lose.

        he is destined to become a FREEMAN PATRIOT FIGHTER,

        with NO FEAR.


      26. Been there, done that, and got the T shirt.

        I got ‘ Swatted ‘ by the local cops this past June. I won’t go into details other than to say I had no part of this “alleged ” menacing charge by my roomate. I wasn’t there so I can’t testify to what happened off of my property.

        The cops had no evidence as well other than hear say but they came on like Rambo in Viet nam.

        12 cops in full body armor? Really? With fully auto AR 15’s? Well, OK… was only 4 of them with full auto’s but still, it was over kill ( pun intended ) and not one Remington 12 GA in sight.

        I should clarify one issue: I live in a very large trailer park and yes, there are some dregs of society that live here as in any neighborhood. Most of the local cops hate us although there are a few who do hold up the motto ‘ To Protect and serve.” The mindset of the majority of police around here is to come down hard and with huge numbers of force even though it is not often required. Most of us want to comply and get along with law enforcement because they are protecting us but with majority of them hating on us ” lowlife ” trailer residents we have no choice but to be skeptical and keep our mouths shut when dealing with the police. BTW, my home is paid for, better maintained and kept up than any cops home i a 40 mile radius.

        Does that sound familiar? It should. Most persons who are discriminated against by the police tend to become very insular and withdrawn.

        Even our park management have told me that ” the police hate this place and it’s residents so don’t expect any special treatment from them.” I asked ” what about my Constitutional rights like the 4th amendment?” ” What’s that?” she asked. I told her never mind. The public school systems quit teaching that when you were pooping in you diapers and I’m only 52 YRO. Her eyes rolled so hard that I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t roll out of her fat face.

        At any rate, the cops swarmed my home and demanded to be let in. I said no, not without a warrant. Didn’t slow them down a bit. The sarge played bad cop and said he would bring several detectives over and confiscate everything. At this point, I knew that they had run a background check on me and found out that I had a CCW and was a good citizen with no criminal record.

        I asked the cops to leave their fully automatic AR’s outside of my home and come in with handguns and was told to STFU.

        He again threatened me with taking my three safes. Two are gun safes and the other is a fireproof safe for my personal papers. How did he know that? I suspect he was bluffing.

        Those safes not only contain my collection of firearms but cash, gold and silver. I sure didn’t want any of that falling into a hostile police forces hands so I went along A holes demand to search my house as there was nothing to hide and although I felt violated I had nothing to fear.

        The Asshole cop wanted me to stay in the living room during his search and I informed him that I was fully aware of my 4th amendment rights and would shadow him during his search which pissed him off even more than he already was. He informed me that he knew the 4th better than I did and I carefully pulled the Declaration of Independance and the Bill of Rights from my bedroom desk and asked him to read the 4th. You would have thought I peed on his military issue boots.

        They left after the drug dog searched the house and found nothing. A hole was even more pissed.

        I did stand my ground. I was not belligerent or aggressive and I’m well informed and fairly well educated.

        Yes, the dummies that brought this hell upon my humble home went to jail because they deserved it. They are long gone now thank G-d and now things have returned to a slow and sedate pace around my semi rural home.

        The thing that chaps my ass is that three of the dozen cops are people I KNOW!!!!! and they were helpful. The a hole didn’t kill my dog who was on a 30ft tether and she did nail him. My neighbor cop talked him out of shooting her and for that, I am grateful.

        I no longer trust LEO’s except for the three I know personally. I have moved all my firearms to what I consider more safe locations and have 3 banks with safe deposit boxes.

        If ya’ll want to search my house now, all you’re going to find is dust bunnies.


        Snake Plisken

        • pls. note: safe deposit boxes are no longer secure, and all contents are now property of the banks.

          no b.s. .

          • True about bank boxes–if you don’t use them on a regular basis (sometimes even if you do) the bank will drill them and claim for themselves the contents therein.

          • Yeah always read the fine print on every bank document. After they steal your money they will send you a copy of your signature agreeing to it. They win you lose everytime. What ever you don’t like on a contract cross it off and initial it and make full copies. A guy did that on a credit card application for Zero % interest forever. The application was approved. Then when the bank jacked the rate the guy sued and won. The bank never reviewed the contract and approved it. Know how to play the game and win everytime.

        • Snake, what state are you in if you don’t mind?

          • Hello Lastman, I’m located in NW Ohio. Specifically Perrysburg Township. We’re semi rural and surrounded by corn, wheat and soybean fields. It’s quiet and peaceful for the most part.

            I like small town living and have always had a good relationship with the local cops but I’ve noticed over the last few years that local police ( most of ’em ) have become increasingly militant and belligerent.

            The young cops are the worst to deal with. Not sure if it’s the ” us vs. them ” mentality or PTSD from overseas deployment.

            One thing I have observed though is that when the police interface with a person who is calm and collected and knows their rights given by our Founders they get especially agitated and frustrated.

            Don’t get me wrong, I don’t look for confrontation with anybody, I live my life very peacefully. However, I will NOT let anyone trample my rights, or for that matter, willfully hurt a child, woman or elderly person in my presence. I reckon I’m old school.

            I apologize for the rant. I’m still pissed off 3 months after this Swatting event!!!!!

            Snake Plisken

            • Hey Snake Plisken;

              My B-I-L lives in Syvania, that’s pretty close to you if I’m not mistaken.
              Anyway, sucks about your encounter, be glad you survived it!


              • I work in Sylvania OH! It’s about a 25 minute drive for me.

                Snake Plisken

                • No Shit, that’s cool. Its a real nice area, great people. I’m in NJ (I know, I know, we are trying to leave), anyway we try and get out there at least once a year or so.


        • Safe deposit boxes are no longer safe. If they are left dormant for too long, the banks have a habit of cleaning them out and keeping the contents or selling whatever was in it. If there is a “bank holiday”, you’ll have no access to your box. In a SHTF situation, don’t expect to get to your box.

          • You are correct. I’ve taken to burying small mason jars of silver coins in the barn where I rent storage space. I don’t trust banks at all.

            Just trying to mitigate my risk. The owner of the property has no idea.

            Snake Plisken

          • Yeah you mean like all the bank vaults that were cleaned out in the world trade center towers before 9-11 hit. Poof gone. Or like the $2 Trillion missing at the pentagon the exact wing as the accounting office was located that tracked that missing money.

      27. I agree with most of what has been said if he didn’t have that video they probably would have beat him.
        Next ferguson please don’t side with law enforcement then!
        Were only going to be successfull in retaking the Repubic by violence sorry to burst your bubbles but true!
        and oh btw
        The iron and clay mixed is Republic vs Democracy mixed Gov!
        Makes sense to if you read the book of Daniel and compare to modern day of age.
        Daniel 2 vs 44 should come true and now!

      28. The only way the police would need to come to my door to ask anything of/from me is if the US has fallen and a full gun confiscation is in effect. The big fat police officer in the vid has the mentality that he’s allowed to do anything. He’ll be the first one who doesn’t show up for work when shit hits the fan, but will be the first one to come to your house and try and take your provisions. I pretty much don’t think about them doing day to day business. If for some wild ass reason the police would show up at my house to perform a search and attempt to do so without a warrant, it would be disastrous for them.

      29. A+ Maybe the fat pig was hungry & wanted to search the fridge.Fucking above the law cops hiding behind their guns badges and court systems. Lose all three and let’s see how truly badness you are.

      30. These cops need to be in front of a firing squad.

      31. As a taxpayer I pay their wages.I addition to that they are constantly on the prowl to write tickets, etc.”Would you be interested in buying a ticket to the policeman’s ball or making a donation to the F.O.P.?” No thanks stick it in your ass.If I treated people that way on my job ,I would get terminated.Bad ass cops above the law.

        • policemen don’t really HAVE balls, do they?

          • Some of them do. Not many. The last couple of times I’ve been pulled over by a cop I immediately inform them that I have a CCW and where my hand gun is located. One officer was my age ( 50’s ) and the other was in his early 30’s. Both of them were polite and friendly and sent me on my way after thanking me.

            OTOH, I have run into other cops who were combative and hostile. They always back off when they know you are well informed and they might be on your camera phone.

            But i digress, back in the 70’s and 80’s when I was coming up there were a lot of cops that weren’t scairt of mixing it up and we knew which cops would put you down on the ground in short order so you had to be more compliant or suffer the consequences. Now, you’d better be very, very careful with this current crop of pansies. You could get yourself killed.

            I guess small town living and knowing your local cops can be of benefit.


        • Sick
          I and we thank you for your tax money that pay or wages.
          Here is what you might think of. How much money is a life worth? I have said this before and I catch B.S. for it. You do know that this is one thing that might happen on your shift. Save a life or take a life or give up my life. Do you really think that the simple wage we get is enough? Ball players make Millions for putting a ball in as hoop throwing a ball to a guy squatting and another trying to hit it with a piece of wood.

          • I get it could be yer last day. Finish yer shift & go home alive no problem there but cops think they’re fucking GOD. Trust me I know first hand also being a brother in blue in a major U.S. city. Some just don’t know to treat the law abiding public like the subject of the video. What crime did he commit? Having his house in close proximity to where the incident happened? Maybe the fat one .needs to get a desk job pushing paper all day,or consider a career change.

      32. Marriage is a 3-ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring and suffering.


      33. It’s not true that married men live longer than single men.

        It only seems longer.


        • know why men die before women?………’s because we WANT to.

          • know why divorce costs so much?

            Because its WORTH it!

            • Divorce Defined:

              The screwing you’re getting for the screwing you got.

              • i thought divorce was the removing of one’s money ….through his testicles.

      34. “The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government which like
        a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities states and nation.
        At the head is a small group of banking houses generally referred to as
        ‘international bankers.’ This little coterie… run our government for
        their own selfish ends. It operates under cover of a self-created
        screen…[and] seizes…our executive officers… legislative bodies…
        schools… courts… newspapers and every agency created for the public

        ~John F. Hylan

        (1868-1936), Mayor of New York City (1918-1925), nicknamed “Red Mike”

      35. just one of the many “side effects” of an epidemic

        Ebola is now threatening West Africa’s food supply

        “The combination of slower trade plus bouts of panic buying has sent prices up, and now “people either cannot afford to buy food or it is not accessible anymore,” another FAO official, Vincent Martin, told Reuters.”

        when the trucks stop running…

      36. New ISIS threat: America’s electric grid; blackout could kill 9 of 10

        9 out of 10 may very well be hyperbole
        but even if it’s only 5 out of ten
        that’s over 150 million

        or even if it’s only 2 out of ten
        that’s still millions

        Congress is WELL aware of the various threats against the grid
        and yet they continue to fail in their duty to protect the country

        • wonder if the could test this in DC first?

          hey just a suggestion

      37. I think this guy was wrong. A woman had been beaten and he saw the whole thing, then refuses to help the cops find the perp.

        I’m all into busting cops for police brutality, but this is not it.

        • I think your missing the point

          they wanted to search his home without a warrant
          .and thats just something no one in this country should ever allow period

          now if they suspect he was a witness they could summon him legally and not pull this kind of bullshittery jackbooted bunko squad chest pumping crap

          Man did good, man did right, and more lessons to the cops need be taught like this , no matter their bullshit suspicions
          no one gave them a God card, and our Bill of Rights firmly state the procedure for such, yet they dont follow it, so a lesson should be in order each time this crap is tried

        • Wrong…

          The cops wanted this guy to identify himself. To what purpose? They didn’t even have a description of the guy they were looking for, let alone a name. How would his identifying himself aid their investigation. Most likely, they would have run his ID in hopes of finding some outstanding warrant or other reason that could justify them entering his home without his consent.

          This guy was was entirely within his rights. And the ONLY reason he didn’t end up being brutalized was because he was documenting the event and uploading it to youtube in real time. And had he stepped outside his apartment, I guarantee you that it would not have ended well for him.

          Those cops were on a fishing expedition. Their goal? Make an arrest….and it didn’t matter if the person arrested was the real perp or not.

          Sadly…..too many in law enforcement today have lost sight of their true mission. They have bought into the “us against them” mentality. And the “them” is anyone who is not a cop. They operate on the premise that the public is their adversary…their enemy, until proven otherwise. And that burden of proof is ALWAYS on the citizen. And how do you prove that you aren’t the enemy? By total compliance with whatever it is they demand of you…..including the surrender of any Constitutional right you have.

          I don’t say this gladly….as I have a son in law enforcement. But I assure you that I have shared with him my views on this very topic, and tried to make him understand that he needs to realize that not all of the criminals are “inside” the bars. Some of them wear a badge.

        • @ Randa, I don’t completely disagree with you. We as citizens need to look out for one another, yet the way the cops approached this person was all wrong, it was a poison pill. They approached with an attitude of confrontation and not one of looking for cooperation. The person filming obviously has had a history with cops that wasn’t a positive experience and was being prudent to try and to avoid another bad experience.

          The whole situation was screwed up. The perp doing the beating was probably known to many, also known to many is that the justice system is a revolving door and that the perp would most likely be out of custody within a few hours, then who ever cooperated with the cops would be on their own. A very dysfunctional system that leaves people not wanting to get involved.

          • True Rick, but to suggest that people should deal with cops in this manner is looking to get a whole lot of people hurt. Most cops are not nearly as nice as these cops were!

            Here’s the thing. Those Sheriffs could (and many or most would) have been incredibly violent with this guy, and it seemed to me the guy was in their face and not the other way around. He was extremely disrespectful.


            Seeing the cops and sheriffs etc as the enemy will ensure the worst outcome. The guy was just so demanding and these sheriffs did not appear to me to be mean. They were looking for somebody.

            I thought the guy was showing off from watching too much Alex Jones.

            • You think the cops were being nice? LOL!

              They just didn’t want to brutalize the guy and have it be on youtube!

              The guy was in THEIR face? They were at HIS door. There is nothing disrespectful about demanding that they produce a warrant. THAT WAS HIS CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. You know what that Constitution thing is, don’t you? Or did they not teach you about that in school? Or perhaps they taught you that it’s outdated……or “open to interpretation”?

              They weren’t looking for “somebody”. They were looking for ANYBODY.

              I repeat….the ONLY reason this guy didn’t get the crap beat out of him and end up in the morgue, hospital or jail, is because he was documenting the whole thing. Why do you think so many cops don’t want anyone to video what they are doing? You think maybe they want to hide what they do?

              For cops like that, the ONLY bad thing about the Rodney King beating was that they got videotaped while they did it.

              The problem is not that the people of this country see cops as the enemy…..It’s that so many of the COPS are seeing the PEOPLE as the enemy. That’s why you see them with AR-15’s, full body armor and MRAPS on our streets. THAT is what provokes more violence. People are getting sick of it, and will not tolerate a police state.

              Got to hand it to you Randa….you’ll be a nice compliant slave.

      38. Well, of course, it’s his “duty” to assist LE…lol.

        All law enforcement is based on presumptive guilt in today’s statist world. You are guilty until proven innocent by an insufficiently vetted jury of your “if it’s the law, it must be right” peers.

        The country is “occupied” by statist lemmings and their masters.

        Freemen are domestic threats to them.

        Be a “lemming” during jury selection. Be a “nullification man” during trial. Gum up the works.

      39. Why is anyone surprised that the police are acting just like military occupiers?

        They were set up to be just that. That is why you will always be considered a perp until you can prove otherwise. Same as an occupying military force.

        Look at the structure of law enforcement. It is modeled directly on the military.

        “Troop J” in the local “barracks”

        Corporal, sergeant, captain, lieutenant, commander.

        “On duty” or “off duty”.

        Instead of the Naval Academy, it’s the Police Academy.

        When on duty, you’re on “patrol”.

        “Police forces” instead of military forces. The word “force” should give you an idea of their intentions.

        Don’t be fooled into believing they are anything but a domestic military force.

        • Yup, the days of the “Peace Officer” are long gone. Serve and Protect has been replaced with Harass & Abuse.

      40. Two ME looking men speaking nothing but Arabic set up at the range a few lanes down from him and his two sons. They pulled out two Sig pistols with silencers from an old gym bag.
        This information is related to ME looking man observing the school.
        A client of mine went to the gun range in east TN the other day. Two ME
        looking men speaking nothing but Arabic set up at the range a few lanes
        down from him and his two sons. They pulled out two Sig pistols with
        silencers from an old gym bag. They spent a few mags, firing almost in a
        gangsta type form, packed up and left. That’s strange, but even stranger,
        the client friend of mine thinks they snuck into the range at a very
        peculiar time. That day, and the same day of every week there is a cowboy
        shoot. On this day, one of the gates is always open for competitors to
        leave freely. The friend of mine believes they knew the pattern of gate
        access well enough to slip in, shoot a few mags, then leave without notice.

        Because of this, the suggestion to head to Defcon 1 by Gen McInerny, recent
        uptick in terrorist chatter and the eleven missing planes, I’m keeping my
        daughter from school this coming 9/11.
        Thanks for being an amazing watchman,
        J in East TN

        • Do your kid a favor and get her out of the public Fool System

          than you wont have any dates in history to fear

        • If they had sound suppressors, they didn’t need to use a range. They could have practiced anywhere. No problem. Since they used a public range, they may be ok.

      41. Here is how you really deal with this situation

        Dont answer the door, period

        Ignore them

      42. Honestly, the cops should have shot the man dead in his tracks then searched the apartment instead of wasting their time and my tax dollars arguing with some one cell animal holding a cell phone in their faces. One clean shot to the head and it’s all over. It is nothing short of choas to disallow public servants to do their jobs. The tenant/occcupant also failed to ID which is a crime. The cops are not the criminals regardless of what you think. And to put such unbelieveable nonsense on youtube is just more bs to attempt to make the police look bad. Either one of those officers would have given their lives to save the idiot with the cell phone. He should have been cooperating. Any tax paying law abiding citizen should always endeavor to be a solution not part of the problem our men and women in police uniforms face everyday.

        • LICK them boots, plowboy…

          “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom — go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” — Samuel Adams

        • Wow plowboy…you would have fit right in Germany of the 1930’s and ’40’s. Shoot the guy because he demanded that they produce a warrant. Yeah….ol’ Adolph and his cronies would have loved a nice compliant subject like you.

          Let me tell you what chaos is…….it’s a government out of control. THAT is chaos.

          The guy didn’t HAVE to produce an ID. He was in his own home. What good would it have done to produce an ID in the first place? The cops didn’t even know who the perpetrator was. No….the only reason the cops wanted to see his ID was so they could run it to see if there was anything they could use to justify arresting him or further violating his rights.

          Listen….the police are NOT the final authority on ANYTHING. The Constitution IS. The police have an obligation to do their jobs WITHIN the boundaries that the Constitution delineates. Unless the police SAW someone entering that residence who was a suspect, they have no right to DEMAND entrance. The mere word of someone who “says” that the suspect entered that residence is not enough to justify the police entering without a warrant.

          Not all cops are criminals, but I assure you that had those cops persisted to the point of entering that residence without a warrant they WOULD have been. And the ONLY reason that they didn’t persist is that they knew that the evidence of such a criminal act would have been documented and all over the Internet by morning.

          I have no problem assisting police. I’ve done so many times. But I draw the line at surrendering my Constitutional and God given rights just because some Barney Fife thinks he’s God.

          Maybe YOU want to live in a police state. But I DON’T. And I won’t. And if cops tried to do to me, what they tried with that guy, they’d get the same response.

      43. I’m proud of the home own not giving in! If they needed to search the house why didn’t they get a warrant?

        Here is what the cop should have done.
        When told no he should have walked away and used a stakeout on the house until he gets the warrant. Just that simple.

        Now a days (which I think are wrong) they will get a no knock warrant and just kick in the door. This tactic will get a lot of people killed.

        The home own asked for three types of I.D. Just like the home own a cop doesn’t have to produce any type of I.D.
        Most of us have a badge a name plate and the name of the Department we work for. Three types of I.D. so to speak.

        Here is something you might not know. If an Officer sees someone on the arrest warrant signed by the Judge. Walk into a house the Officer can follow the subject into the house with out a search warrant. Now if he see anything in the house like pipe bombs he can stay in the house with the subject he arrested and wait for assistance to secure the residence until a search warrant is obtained and then they can search the whole house. Because the subject was wanted and a pipe bomb was found the owner of the house can be arrest, but the house can not be searched until a warrant is signed by a judge.

        I think the home owner and the cop seeing he walked away handled it quite well.


        • Sgt Dale You know that when SHTF you will be on the short list. Every person that you ever wrote a ticket very possibly will become a potential enemy out to get even with you. Even today Any person with a gun no matter who & what circumstance even with a badge & warrant who tries to get past my gate & fence. they will be hearing about them & me on the news! Folks that I know or have legitimate buisness can call me on the phone and make a appointment to meet me. the phone number is on the gate. It is on a machine and they can leave a message. I never answer the phone. the phone isn’t even in the house.

          • Oh I can see snipers setting up across the street from a donut shop. Just like a salt block lick for deer. lol

            Like shooting ducks in a pond. Next!!

        • Sgt. Dale…..thanks for bringing some sanity to this discussion.

          You are one of the good guys. I wish all cops were like you.

      44. “I’m gonna drag you out….”

        I hope Mr. Amarel is contacting his attorney right now.

        • that was the best part of the whole video. lol

        • Yep….that was a threat. Borderline assault in fact.

      45. We never heard about any lawsuits or rights violations from the citizens of Watertown Mass by the police during the Tsarnaev search.
        People were removed from their homes at gunpoint, hands raised, while the the homes were searched by LE. There was not a single warrant.
        Granted, it was Massachusetts…. but at least home-owner should have known his rights.

        • Most of them are Democratic Socialists. They LOVE the police state.

          Try that in Texas and see what happens.

      46. What is the app to use on the cell phone that records straight to You-tube, does anyone know?

      47. Witnessed a rare event last night about 11 PM. A suburban cop, with backup by another suburb cop, pulled over an African American women, apparently for DUI. The Sargent also pulled up. 3 squads. They did the roadside sobriety check. She couldn’t keep her balance. She was over weight, but dressed nicely. Then they did the breathalizer. Then they searched her car. Then they let her drive away, no ticket, no nuthin’. Never saw anyone allowed to drive away without even a minor ticket. Strange.

        • maybe she wasnt drunk. Could be she lost her balance because of huge knockers or a bad hip?

          • I got pulled over early one morning by California Highway Patrol. Totally bogus stop. They had nothing else to do. Just your basic fishing expedition.

            Their were two officers. Had to do a basic field sobriety test. Those things are hard to pass when your sober in my opinion. Had me breathe into the breathalizer. Nothing.

            One of the cops got ticked off and went and sat in the car and pouted.

            They let me go. No ticket of course.

        • TP
          She more than likely past the breathalyzer. And she told them that she wasn’t drinking and that they could search the car. She worked with the cops and they let her go.
          If a person works with the cops they guys will work with them. At least I do it that way. Right or wrong this is how it is done. You nice to me I nice to you! SIMPLE!

          • Sgt you remind me of a fellow I now who was a staunch republican. after a time when all the faults of the bush & other republicans was undeniable. He finnaly admitted there wasn’t any real difference between the partys. He stated he was finished with carrying water for the republicans. Maybe someday you will quit carrying water for all the other scum parasite LEO,s?

          • You mean to say we have to be nice and let the police violate our rights so the police will not get upset? I want the cop to get so darn mad he has a heart attack and dies if he wants to violate my rights.

          • Sgt. Dale…..being nice does not necessarily include allowing a search of my vehicle.

            When asked, I will politely decline. I’m not being uncooperative. I’m simply exercising my rights.

            Most likely, my response when asked if they could search would be…

            “Do you have reason to think that there might be something illegal in my car officer? I don’t think I want to consent to a search of my vehicle. Nothing personal. I am just exercising my right as recognized by the 4th amendment to the Constitution.”

            I’m normally very cooperative with police. I just don’t believe I have to cooperate to the point of surrendering my rights. If I did something to give them cause to believe I have something illegal in my vehicle, then they really don’t need a warrant to search it anyway.

            I should point out that when I get pulled over by the police, I roll the window down and place both hands on the steering wheel. If it’s at night, I will turn on the dome light so the officer can see into the vehicle. When he asks for my registration, I tell him it’s in the glove box and ask if it’s ok if I retrieve it for him. In short….I do everything I can to put the officer at ease and make his job easier.

            BUT…..nope… don’t search my car without a warrant. Sorry….just not happening. I ain’t hiding nothin’. It’s JUST BECAUSE….

        • Her last name was Obama.

      48. How’s this for disgusting?
        ht tp://

      49. Last night around 10 p.m. we had a policeman killed in our city. He was chasing 2 bad guys and took a bullet to the face and abdomen. The policemen was able to fire off a few rounds and hit the 2 bad guys though. He died shortly after he arrived at the hospital.The last cop killing we had was in 1959.

        I go to a cop gym owned by sheriffs. When the Ferguson thing was going on, the cops came in, were quiet and grim, did their reps and left. Some would talk among themselves in low voices in small groups. I am sure last night’s killing is not going to help matters. Sad.

        • Like is stated many times those who continually go looking for trouble usually eventually find it. My hope is that everyone gets exactly what they deserve and deserves exactly what they get. Now for those who don’t believe that the Parasite LEO,s & Firemen are not a brother hood society who will band together support each other and lie & trample on the common citizens. Watch and see the astounding number who will travel from far & wide to attend the funeral of someone they don’t even know!

          • Sounds like the police busted you for kiddie porn or something else. Such a hater.

            • Remember Poon Tang, that in the process of pointing the finger, you have to curl three back to point at you.

              So what you mean to say is your a child abuser right?

      50. Kudos to the homeowner for ‘standing his ground’ and asserting his rights…what little we have remaining.

        The LEO should have simply stated- ‘Look, I can park a squad car here and go get a warrant and I’ll be back and in your house. The homeowner could have replied, please do, and I’ll be happy to comply with your request.

        That’s IT…that simple. But NOooo… the cop had to get all huffy and didn’t know the law(or wish to admit it). They especially HATE it when you dictate statutes and laws to them… like they are the only ones who might know said laws.

        The REAL problem that is abused so very often, is that catch all phrase ‘Probable Cause’ or they rely (allegedly) on anonymous ‘tips’ to justify the no-knock raids. If I was the D.A. I would subpoena that anon caller information in a heartbeat, cause we all know that phone booths are few and far between these days and there is no such THING as ‘anonymous’ in todays day and age. (no offense meant to the Anonymous hackers group by my reference to that term).

        In summary-

        -KNOW your rights

        -KNOW that you can also be maimed or killed by any crooked cop at any time.

        -KNOW that real-time streaming video is very compelling evidence against crooks and bad guys, but it won’t bring you back to life.

        -KNOW that if they cross the threshold of your door into your home, there are ‘Castle doctrines, Make my day laws (and various others that vary from state to state)that allow YOU to use physical, deadly force against intruders if you feel your life is in immanent danger.

        Once enough of these ‘tough guys’ get shot in the face for attempting to storm some ones home, they may think twice about not having a properly signed and executed warrant. Or, they will just keep doing what they do now… and break more laws and bring more thugs with them the next time.

        • Socretes, have wiser words ever been spoken?

      51. This is part of the reason why I have an acre and a half for any officer to walk before they get to my door and a automatic code entry lock for my door. Cameras and a microphone on the front door with a DVR recording stored safely in a lockbox bolted to the infrastructure of the home – hidden away and very much a pain to get to). It is very simple for me to step outside – hit a single button to lock my door and be happy to carry on a conversation under the safe watchful electronic eye well within ear shot of a microphone. Your home is your castle – treat it with a mote.

      52. I remember when cops were something kids looked up to. The cops were usually big and burly they looked like men. They had big moustaches and had names like O’Neil, or something to that effect. You could see them beating up drunks that were harassing the women on the street. Or you could see them walking an old lady across a busy intersection. You could count on them “walking the beat” at night time. With a big billy club that scared all the punks back into their homes. I remember when my grandmother would invite them into the home late in the evening for coffee and sweet bread or a piece of pie. I remember when they would walk into a place, people would respect them. Those were the cops I grew up with. Sadly all I see now is what looks like either a NAZI storm trooper of some kind, complete with shaved heads and dark sunglasses so that you never see their eyes, or some low life douchebag out of shape minority or woman that couldn’t get a job with a shovel or the brain cells didn’t work so well, so they just became a cop. Except they are armed to the tee! Unlike yesteryear’s!

      53. I have just witnessed an attack by a Police Office against a young lady sitting in her car in the passenger side of the auto. I have no idea what her crime may have been but what I witnessed was nothing short of Police lies, and yes, brutality!
        This is small town USA……large land mass but very contained in small section of a downtown where this took place. As I passed the auto I heard her say “My ride is on their way now.” The officer became unglued and said she swore at him. I know she did NOT! I was passing and heard her say exactly that! He over-reacted and pulled her out of the car with the force of pulling a large man……..she was 100-110 lbs. Threw her against the auto, her glasses flew off. She said she never swore at him…….she never did. I didn’t have my cell on me, hey, great place to live Right?
        I’d be lying if I said that didn’t scare the crap out of me! The last thing I want is the LEO’s on my family. Yes, scare tatics indeed! It’s all about the family. If I come forward I believe my family will come under attack by the LEO’s. SOooo, how does one boil a frog?? My heart breaks. My guilt of not coming forward is tremendous, but possibly life saving……..scary prospects here and now!

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