MUST SEE: Citizens Against Senseless Violence: “Join Us! Tell Everyone Your House Is Completely Unprotected!” (Video)

by | Jan 17, 2013 | Headline News | 289 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    This is one you don’t want to miss.

    Citizens Against Senseless Violence goes door-to-door and asks supporters of gun control legislation to join the movement by putting signs in front of their homes letting everyone know that they proudly live in a gun free zone.

    The group visits a host of key anti-gun proponents including the publishing team at the Journal News, which recently posted a public map of homeowners with registered weapons. They also visit the home of our very own Attorney General Eric Holder who has said we need to “brainwash” people about gun ownership, yet ironically, was the lead law enforcement officer in charge of an operation that transferred (without a background check or registration, no less!) military style assault rifles with high capacity magazines to the Los Zetas Mexican drug cartel.

    All have called on President Obama and Congress to disarm Americans.

    While they’ve been quite vocal about ensuring that Americans give up their guns through reeducation, intimidation and policy, as you’ll see, they are not exactly receptive to the idea of letting everyone else in their neighborhood know how proud they are to be gun-free.

    Since these reporters and editors did not consider it a violation of the privacy and safety of others to reveal which homes have guns and which homes don’t, we went to see which of them would be willing to put up a sign publicly declaring their homes to be gun free zones.

    While we didn’t find any members of the media with the strength of their convictions, we did find quite a few guns and some good explanations for why they might be necessary.

    Video by Project Veritas via Activist Post

    Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.


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      1. This article just screams….DUMBASS LIVES HERE!!!

        • I think the restoration of the Constitutional Republic will be much easier than we think. With logic like this, the opposition has to be bluffing.

          • As much corruption and malcontent as there is in our little portion of the world, it still isn’t enough for the masses to do anything about it. Far too many accept the changes forced upon them as, “that one thing isn’t that bad”. And in reality that one thing might not be, but add them all up and its atrocious! Too bad the cattle can’t remember two weeks ago. And our pseudo-illustrious leaders know it. And that is why status quo will continue indefinitely.

            • Just because you put one up doesn’t mean the house has to be gun free.

              It might keep the Nazi’s away, and give criminals a false sense of security gaining yourself the advantage of having a gun at a knife fight because the perp thought you were unarmed.

              One shot should clear up any misunderstanding, even if you miss.

              • Yeah, or it could be an inviation to god knows what

                I am of the thought that No advertisement of any kind is better than any at all, no matter the side of the fence you are on

                • Their hypocrisy knows no bounds and has no common sense.

                  • We’ve seen a lot of propanda by the media on the daily basis, and nothing happens by chance. Social security fund’s trillions of dollars have been missing. Now the bankers do not want to return it.

                    A lot of people WILL DISAPPEAR from a Manufactured civil war or a manufactured revolution, and that is the INTENT.

                    YOU CAN NEVER WIN OR DEFEND AN ATTACK(s) FROM WITHIN WHO ARE PLAYING BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE & WITH NO RESOURCES (food, arms, water, shelter and leadership).

                    Everything around the globe is being manipulated by the cabal with the help of the NGO club’s leader and is overrated by the NGO or the mass media. The cabal always promotes their own people such as:

                    – Hollywood Oscar winners (Natalie Porkman, Michael Douglas, etc.)
                    – Sport athletes (David Beckham, etc.)
                    – Scientists (Einstein who failed the entrance exam to an engineer college. Projects were funded by his own people, so they could name anyone they wanted.)

                    – Kate Middleton was carefully placed, and the queen is not aware of who Kate really is and why she’s really there. As everyone knows Kate was placed right in the heart of the British or until they take over the throne.

                  • NMBC, good points. Question, where’s the info concerning Kate? I don’t keep up with the monarch and was curious as to what is out there on Ms. Kate.

                  • Slightly offtopic newsflash:


                    “The West Point center typically focuses reports on al Qaeda and other Islamic extremists attempting to gain power in Asia, the Middle East and Africa through violence.
                    But its latest study turns inward and paints a broad brush of people it considers “far right.”
                    It says anti-federalists “espouse strong convictions regarding the federal government, believing it to be corrupt and tyrannical, with a natural tendency to intrude on individuals’ civil and constitutional rights. Finally, they support civil activism, individual freedoms, and self government.”


                  • OT: I just want to post this so as to in advance clear up any confusion.

                    I have No idea who the poster by name of “ORRIN” is. And I care Not who he or she is.

                    I agree fully, and have zero problems with Everybodys right to disagree or agree with others comments etc.

                    But I Do think it is Wrong and Unaceptable for anyone such as ORRIN is doing, to Stalk me or others, and post Personal Attacks.

                    Especially when the attacks of personal nature include things that the attacker has zero way of knowing, since they know Not the person they attack personally.

                    I recall this happened prior to Daisy. It was then, And now, to me Unwarrented. Disagreeing is ok.

                    But a non stop continuence, of Stalking, and Personal attacking, and posting an answer to a Third party post as if said “ORRIN” actually knows me or has inside info on me is Wrong.

                    I truly would appreciate it if ORRIN would kindly stop it.

                    I thank he/she in advance for this simple consideration.


                  • The Queen & Prince William know Kate is not Christian, and her mother’s side and last name are clearly not Christian. Prince William lived with Kate for 10 years before the queen approved the wedding.

                    – It’s a forbidden love, but William’s stupid and a party animal. Kate’s father is a multi-millionaire party planner.

                    – Since Kate & William were in college, they and their friends jetted all over the world, especially in France and Africa where the govt helped them to avoid the public.

                    – The MI6 would not allow any girl to get close to William or Harry, except for Kate and her sister, Pippa. The media overrated them, comparing Kate to princess Kelley of Monaco and Pippa to princess Diana.

                    – On Kate’s wedding day, the govt jammed the cell phone signals. So that no one could send out pictures of the guesses, who attended the wedding.

                    – Kate had a 2nd ritual wedding ceremony, and her ex-boyfriend was attended both of the ceremonies.

                    – The whole country had at least two week off with pay. Diana could not pull this kind of thing off, but Kate could, bankers wanted to glamorize their girl, it’s called ITS GIRL.

                    – After Kate’s wedding, she wanted the law changed, so that if her first child was a girl, she would become a princess and allowed to take the thrown, eventually. Last week the queen made a change so that if it’s a girl, she would be a lady in waiting.

                    🙂 Prince William & Haryy are still active in the British military (a very dangerous moves, and the bloodline is getting dangerously THIN.)

                    All these things are custom made for “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.”

                  • of course there is no common sense–they’re liberals. It is about how they “feel” about something, not the facts of an issue.

                    Have you ever had ( or attempted to have) a logical discourse about an issue with a liberal? It usually starts of with them saying, ” I feel that…”

                    The response by the freedom and liberty loving American is, ” Empirical evidence for 6,000+ years of recorded history demonstrates…”

                    At which point the liberal breaks down into a blathering, frothing name-caller.

                    This is why I try not to discuss things with liberals. Whether it is normalcy bias, cognitive dissonance or just plain “stupid”- they can’t be fixed.

              • Hilarious!

                By now the morons must certainly have seen themselves a laughing stock on You Tube.

                Well done!

              • Thats right GC! A strategy right out of Top Gun. Put up a Gun Free Zone sign and bring ’em in a little closer for the kill!

                It worked in the movie and it will work with the Golden Horde and UN troops; whichever comes first!


              • The path to heaven is to pray. The fastest way is to trespass..


                • Do Not Tempt Fate…Remain Outside the GATE!

              • Flying Trunk Monkey Says

                my sign just says if you can read this then you are well within the 100 yard range of my 50 Beowulf rifle

                Flying Trunk Monkey

              • I think I’d take one of their signs and some white spray paint to cover the word “Gun” leaving the sign to read:

                Citizens Against Senseless Violence – This home is proudly free.

              • You assume the perp/s would be sporting a blade.

            • We have entered the twilight zone, the train goes in circles and the passengers never get off, they think they are going forward because this is what they are told. Conform, obey, sit and stay, good boy, here is your treat! As for you wild and crazy ones who refuse to obey, no treats for you, go away!

              Talk about setting up your kids, yea, come on over thugs, gun free idiots live here, they probably have latch key kids to top it off.

              • LFOD, its a hoax…
                By a right wing org, trying to prove how hypocritical and/or stupid they are.

                • Piper,

                  Now I feel stupid, yea, it makes sense.

                  • False! This is not a Rightwing project. But it looks like another one of xx’s projects.

                    This will put the people in the house with the GUN FREE sign IN DANGER when it comes to chaos.
                    A coming manufactured civil war is in the making.

                    Hmmmmmmm…… 🙂 It’s a big bunch of propaganda for politicans to make themselves look good to the world.

                  • I mean one of the NGO’s projects.

                    Zbigniew Kaimierz Brzezinski and the CDC have stated there will be chaos in America.


                • And how exactly is going to their door and asking if they would like the sign in their yard a hoax – No matter what org, or person does it?

                  • THEY, are the hoax… impersonating ‘anti gun’ activists…
                    you must improve your powers of discernment…

                  • Of course, that’s not WHAT you said dipshit.

                    YOU must improve your powers of english.

                • of course it is a hoax you dim bulb. A group of Second Amendment defenders have purposely created a scenario which shows how not a single one of these gun grabbers are willing to show the courage of their convictions.

                  Not only are they hypocrites, but they are also cowards. The most telling part is the actual pct% of these frontal lobed challenged individuals who quickly call or hire someone—with a gun— to come and save them.

                  We all get it Piper, –a little slow but welcome to the same page as everyone else…

              • That’s why I am against high speed rail, I’m getting off at Willowbee.

                Great video to show the hypocrisy of the Left who want US to do as they say, rather than to do what they do.

                Leadership is best that is leadership by example. In that vein O’Bummer needs to drop his Secret Service protection.

                Lock and load.

                • Do freaking Libtards read or study history, or do they think the world started when they were born??

                  I still can’t get my head around how anyone would prefer to go through life, totally defense-less. Oh, yeah, I forgot, the elite one’s can afford armed security. Armed, being the operative word.

                  Piers is stuck on stupid, right now. I’m almost ashamed to say I have been tuning in just to watch his head spin. I hate giving that crowd the eye time. Deep down, it’s got to be part acting. Nobody can be that f*ing stupid, can they?

                  And why is the NRA shitbags for “using O’s kids in an ad”, but Zero is ok to surround himself with kids. And take their suggestions. Don’t you feel better. The most powerful leader on earth, taking que’s from six year olds. Arrogant asshole. And we’re expected to take him serious??

                  And to end the rant. I don’t hunt. I don’t mind hunters at all. But the 2nd Amendmant is NOT ABOUT HUNTING!!! aarrggghh.

                  • Rick,
                    I hate to break it to you, but some of them ARE that illogical. I know a woman in her 70s who “won’t let guns in her home, ever”. She says — and I am absolutely NOT making this up — that if someone breaks into her house in the middle of the night, even when she is sound asleep, that she will just run out the back door.

                    Yes, because all 70 year old women can wake up instantly, leap out of bed and then outrun the 25 year old crackhead breaking in at 3 am…. a perp, btw, who is WIDE AWAKE when this whole theoretical scene begins.

                    Now before you get all nasty with the comments about her, please realize that I am related to this woman by blood. I love her dearly, and I fervently hope that her theory is NEVER put to the test. That much being said, I believe that she is out of her freaking mind.

                    I would ask her husband what he thinks of this whole setup, but apparently if someone breaks in, he’s going to be on his own 🙂

            • Yeah, totally generalizing huge segments of the population as farm animals really helps you get the point across.

          • Sterling, the gun grabbing control freaks are every bit as screwy as the unwashed, car-shitting freaks in OWS : both groups are allergic to soap, logic and common sense

          • Most understand the the liberal left is spineless. But they are persistant in their subversions and that is what makes them dangerous. It is so tiring to fight their relentless attacks.

          • The opposition you speak of is in power now and not going anyplace for 4 more years.

            First they take the guns, then the gas and food supplies after that. Then its every man for himself.


            • Anyone who watches this video and says Sandy Hook wasn’t a false flag is in shock. Watch the coroner (16:03) speak to Every Major News Network, looking like a butcher without knife.

              This world is evil.

              THE “GREAT DEBATE” IS ABOUT TO BEGIN, and no, it really hasn’t started yet.

                • Dude,

                  There are about as many videos on youtube that Sandy Hook is a false flag in only one month, to that of 9/11 in 10 years…

                  just sayin. Seek, Knock, Ask…

                  PS: Thumbs down with no comments seems weird.

              • Anyone here feel like something is going down at the inauguration? Makes me wonder if this is where the beast receives its deadly wound and is healed. I’m just searching so don’t hold it against the Lord for my questioning.

                The Lord is Righteous.
                Standing by in Texas.

                • Maybe he’ll do the world a favor, and hand over the Bush and Clinton cartels, right before he surrenders his own ass to a US Marshall or an immigration official?? Now that would be worth watching!!!

                • ‘False Prophet’ of Islam, not AC.
                  But yeah, wouldn’t doubt it, perfect opportunity for some ‘gun nut'(sarc).

                  • Piper M: Islamic false prophet?…But do not Muslims and islam Prohibit All forms of Idols and idol worship?

                    If the Real false prophet(2nd beast) is to cause folks to erect an Idol of the 1st beast(antichrist) and to Worship said idol.

                    That don’t sound like any islamic person.

                    But I Can think of a very highly regarded person who Does surround himself with tons and tons of Statues(idols).

                    Kinda like a Pope?…With thousands of statues of Mary which he/they bow to and pray to and worship(although they will reject this. I was Raised roman catholic so yes I am aware of what I speak…I do not follow their ways any longer).

                    Also the Only religion worldwide that the “leader” aka Pope has his Own city(vatican city) and is recognized as a True UN approved Head of State, with total full powers any other head of state possess even to make Laws!

                    And due to his(popes) worldwide acceptance and praise etc sure fits the bill alot better I think.

                    If Any islamic leader or High Priest type guy told worlds 1.5 billion muslims to erect a statue (idol) and Worship that as an example of praise to antichrist?

                    I’d bet we see a vast Riot on a worldwide basis by the muslims. They would hang the guy!

                • Christ said the son of perdition Must be revealed before Christ can return. So it makes good logic to think no deadly wound can happen prior to his revealing, no.

                  Also I think the word antichrist means More than a final man in leadership position.

                  It is also about a “System” that is Political/Religious and Economical in nature and control as a NWO govnt.

                  Then there is also the False “Prophet” man. Or the Second beast. He is who it says will cause an idol to be made and worshipped and He is who gets folks to take the “Mark” aka 666 name or number etc.

                  Seems many today confuse it and think One guy an antichrist man is who will do all these things.

                  I think when Christ said He Fullfilled the Prophets and the Law(old testement stuf) He meant it.

                  So quite alot of old prophetic events from ancient times Was done as predicted. And theres nowheres it says they are to happen again a second time around.

                  That is something alot of pastors say. That the old prophetic things that did happen already long ago, have some “dual” meanings and are to happen again in Our times etc.

                  I do believe they are totally wrong on this. Most all of the old prophetic stuf was Warnings to the Whole House of Isreal(All 12 tribes although some events predicted, were split amoung northern 10 tribe house of isreal, and the southern tribes of Judea After the 12 tribes Split into Two seperate nations which Remain split till the Lord returns).

                  And all them predicted things to Isreal did happen as foretold. They have zero to do with Today.

                  Todays main predicted events yet to unfold are mostly written of in the new testement, especially final book of REV.(but mathew and others also).

                  “Some” Of Danials book is future, yet to come. But not as much as many today claim. Read with Discernment.

                  • Angelo—Look below for my latest post.

                  • what r u puffing on in that corncob pipe rednekk ??

            • This video seems to have been censored.

              • @Sebastion T

                I believe this world has been censored. Whats your point again? Sebation, you got any videos this week?

            • Look what the media did with Manti Te’o and the tragic death of his non-existent girlfriend.

            • Hey most of these links have been taken down… good bye free speech it was nice having you. Nasty old AR locked in trunk during shooting BUT lets get them out of the hands of these gun nuts. BS to proceed with NWO. WHERE ARE THE JOBS OCOMMIIE ? Still waiting for the committee to get back ?

        • You have to be kidding me, someone would actually put a bullseye on themselves like that. It screams, come take everything from me. The sign in my yard has a gun on it and it says, I don’t call 911.

          • Yes liberals are that stupid. 🙂

            • …and that’s when natural selection comes into play

          • I think the whole point was to expose the anti-gun crowd for what they are—hipocrits (sp?) Apparently they don’t want to be flagged either, yet they had no problem publishing other people’s private data. They intend to keep their guns, they just want OURS.

          • Not bad.
            One of mine, the one at the back door says “If I find you here at night, you will be found here in the morning”, the other, up front, “Never mind the dog, beware of the owner …”.

            • Mine says: Trespasser”s Will be Shot! Survivors will Be Shot Again!

              Semper Fi

              • Warning all Trespassers will be Violated
                Ugly ones will be violated by the banjo player

                • Mmmmmm… you sure got some purty lips thar boy! LOL!

          • I will call 911 afterwards, but only if I’ve lent the neighbors all my shovels

        • “This article just screams….DUMBASS LIVES HERE!!!”

          …..more like you you can’t fix stupid. 🙂

        • These idiots are telling all the criminals to go rob, rape and kill them. Don’t they understand that!!

        • I’m thinking they could clinch the deal. Put out a few newish boxes from high end electronics right next to the sign. Kinda like ringing the dinner bell.


        • @ Seriously? It screams……. FUTURE CRIME VICTIM 🙁

          I know I should not hate other people, but I truly hate these anti-self defense creeps that want ALL of us to be defenseless and wide open to be tortured and killed by the future nightmares bound to happen to this country.

          I hope there are a lot of dog owners that will let their dogs take a nice wizz on those “come and F@#$ me hard” signs, and a huge economy size dump on the owners of these houses.

        • This indeed a hoax video by film maker James O’Keefe of the Veritas Project. He is the one who acted like a pimp with a hooker and destroyed ACORN.

          Brilliant work Mr. O’Keefe!! O’Keefe is the tall blonde kid with short hair in the video.

          • If you foam at the mouth about how evil guns and their owners are and I walk up to your door and ask if you want a sign that professes your stated belief in your yard, and you say no, what does it matter who what when or why I ask you? How exactly is it a hoax?

        • Sadly, there is no cure for Stupid or Hipocrcy. Sorry if this is a repost.

        • A funny thing happened on the way to pick-up my payment in fresh, grass fed, free range beef and I noticed a sign on a fence near where my rancher is. This is a rural area and people are quite independent and aware of what’s going on with this latest anti-gun horseshit. Anyway, the sign on the fence was simple:

          Why do I carry a gun?

          Because I don’t have room for a cop on my tractor.

          I found that to make a world of sense.

          Now for the video remark. LoL, the idiots in that video are putrid sacks of pus filled maggots smothered in cancerous brain tumors and topped with a glaze of dried mucous. It’s what’s for dinner!

          • you forgot decomposing goat a@@. lol

        • Must be lots of lurkers around this site. I just can’t understand why anyone would thumbs down on your comment.

          Mac can you publish their IP addresses which will teach them a lesson – not to lurk?

        • Come and rob our house, and have your way with us any time please! We will not resist.

        • No, no way.

          This has got to be a joke. Nobody could be that stupid….could they?

          Take care

        • When the journalist printed the address of legal gun owners there was a backlash printing of the journalist addresses. Did Project Veritas get the address of the Journalist and others in this video from the backlash postings? It would be great if they did. It would be even better if they let them know they did.

        • why would you invite criminal to rob you. what a bunch of idiots

      2. They must be “PREY” .


        The choice is Yours .

        ;0p pssszzt

        • NinaO strikes again! It’s been nice not to see your psychobabble for a while! I just had an idea – go away again or make some relevant sense! :p

          • As i said you be back on the pipe.
            Do you receive any support from anyone that counts. Now that your friends are finding that they can be successful by distancing themselves from you. Who do you get to stroke your hair.

            And i will wait for your name calling reply. Oh and your 3 followers that lick your crap up.

          • Nino,

            Whats up my crazy MF friend good to see you again, I figured you were out hunting up some grub. Hope you are taking care of that 45-70 you left me in you will..LOL. Myslef cleared out some older 30-06 rounds today, sure felt good brother..

            Keep them clean and loaded,


            • ;0)

              • Molon Labe

                (mo-lone lah-veh)

                ” King Leonidas exists still in Spirit … in us All ! ”

                ~N.O. ;0p

                * Two little words. With these two words, two concepts were verbalized that have lived for nearly two and a half Millennia. They signify and characterize both the heart of the Warrior, and the indomitable spirit of mankind.

                In 480 B.C. the forces of the Persian Empire under King Xerxes, numbering, according to Herodotus, two million men, bridged the Hellespont and marched in their myriads to invade and enslave Greece.

                After days of fighting and having killed countless numbers of Xerxes’ elite troops, they were finally overrun after being betrayed by a traitor who showed the enemy another pass behind the defenders. King Leonidas, his Spartans and their Thespian allies died to the last man. Xerxes marched on and destroyed Athens. The standard of valor set by this sacrifice inspired the Greeks to rally and, in that fall and spring, defeat the Persians at Salamis and Plataea and preserve the beginnings of Western democracy and freedom from perishing in the cradle.

                Two memorials remain today at Thermopylae. Upon the modern one, called the Leonidas Monument in honor of the Spartan king who fell there, is engraved on a marble slab is his response to Xerxes’ demand that the Spartans lay down their arms. Leonidas’ reply was two words:

                ” ‘Come and get them.’ ”

                The second monument is a plaque dedicated to those heroes at the site. It reads:

                “Go tell the Spartans, travelers passing by, that here, obedient to their laws we lie.”

                The point of this true story is when anybody demands you to give up your arms, tell them “MOLON LABE”.

                These words live on today as the most notable quote in military history. And so began the classic example of courage and valor in its dismissal of overwhelming superiority of numbers, wherein the heart and spirit of brave men overcame insuperable odds.

                We have adopted this defiant utterance as a battle cry in our war against oppression because it says so clearly and simply towards those who would take our arms.

                It signifies our determination to not strike the first blow, but also to not stand mute and allow our loved ones, and all that we believe in and stand for, to be trampled by men who would deprive us of our God-given – or natural, if you will – FREEMAN FREEWOMAN INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS OF PERSONAL FREEDOM , just to suit their own ends.

                ~N.O. ;0p

              • Go back out and hunt some more. Seems your head’s still isn’t on straight. But hey, it takes all kinds to make the world go round, doesn’t it?

        • Dude, go take your meds. I agree no one is taking my guns, and that there are forces at work to destroy the republic, but take your “Zionist” babble to Al Jazeer where everyone else thinks like that.

          Now, just an intelligence gathering thought. Say some fool comes to your house and asks you to put up one of these signs in front of your house. You tell him no, that you support the 2nd ammendment. Do you not think that will go also be reported by these NAZIs?

          Maybe I am just always thinking counter intel, but just a thought.

          Keep your powder dry,

          • I used to think like you, but one cannot ignore the fact that Jews are behind an awful lot of these initiatives. Jews are hated wherever they go in the world. I dont think thats completely because of antisemitism. I think thats because of how they conduct themselves. Same with the blacks.

            • Is your IQ above room temp?

            • Their acting is quite amazing—that they can keep a straight face pretending they are the victims, that there is no cause and effect, that Judaic swindling, misanthropy, genocide, their gun ban fanatics, their abortionists, their homosexual activists, their pornographers, and their “only Jews are human” Master Race creed have nothing to do with ‘antisemitism.’

              Never forget the Polish proverb:

              The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

              • Another MSM Proverb:…Example= A Jewish guy Butcher- murders Both his parents in a fit of Rage.

                That evening ALL MSM tv shows the 45 yr old jewish Murderer and many pics of His dead murdered Parents in huge pool of Blood still Warm.

                The various MSM talking heads all act very deeply concerned, as they all chatter the exact same scripted words.

                OyVey! that Poor Poor 45 yr old Orphan Jew! Now Both parents are Dead! And hes all alone at age 45! A Sad Orphan.

                Hobammy appoints the 45 yr od jew murderer to head of the FBI!…OyVEY!!

            • I hear ya. Feinstein and freinds are definately jack asses. My ex-wife had some jewish relatives who were pricks, but some were awesome. My buddies Catholic wife is a bitch, but he is salt of the earth. I have several folks of color at work who are the laziest pricks on the planet, right next to a couple of white as rice lazy bastards too.

              Idiots come in all races, all colors and religions, but if we target one group, then we have to realize that todays protected group is tomorrows targeted group (look at what Adholf did to HIS brownshirts, Night of the Long Knives). I firmly believe that our best chances are being the melting pot that made America great. I have a friend who met his wife in communist China as a studdent, and another who’s wife grew up in communist Czechslovakia. Both of these women are the hardest conservatives because they know where this liberal agenda is going. they both grew up under it and do not want to go back to it.

              I think the forums here at SHTF need to be about surviving, making contacts and sharing info that can save all of our lives. If I am wrong, just let me know.

              Keep your powder dry,

              • HENCE, JJsan, my repeated focus on what people BELIEVE and DO and my repeated admonitions AGAINST race-baiting.

                Of course, we all have good friends of various colors and persuasions.

                My excellent Judaic friends and relatives REJECT Judaism’s “kill the best of the Gentiles” and “only Jews are human” Master Race creed. Though their roots are in Judaism, they personally do NOT BELIEVE or DO as Judaism demands.

                The problem is that the Judaic banksters and genocidal warmongers and their politicians BELIEVE and DO EXACTLY AS JUDAISM DEMANDS.

                THEY are the problem! So, once again, I exhort:


                • John Q,

                  That is the best arguement that you have put forth yet. If that is how you feel, then you go brother. But enough of the Zionist stuff. Those fools are few and far between, and when the party is over, if and when they are brought to trial and found guilty, You get one hang mans noose to put on one of the criminals and I get another. The criminals will be brought to justice, and all free men and women (no matter what they are or how they believe) will be just that, FREE…

                  Keep your powder dry,

          • JJsan,

            I suppose the irony is completely lost on you that it was Judeo-Communism that initiated and weaponized the use of psychiatry and psychiatric hospitals against political opponents.

            Oy vey, is your tribe showink?

            One other amusing element—Freud’s practice was almost entirely Viennese Judaics. He mistakenly attempted to generalize from the tribal pathology he observed. No wonder that psychiatry was and still is a FAIL.

            • John Q,

              I can only imagine that it is hatered that keeps you warm at night. Let me ask you something brother. Look at how many people are getting tired of the Zionist BS that you spread. It is getting old. My tribe is the Republic and America. I have served in the military and law enforcement. I have put my neck on the line and have the scars to prove it. Have you? I know that my tribes religious founding father was a Jewish carpenter, and if you are hell bent on destroying His tribe, what tribe are you with? The Jihadis?

              My point is there is enough hate speach all over the web. Why bring it in here? Unless you are trying to start a fight amongst the preppers here and divide us? As I have been brought in from the field and had my shoulder rebuilt and my knee fixed from fights from several idiots, the Dr that has put them back together is a little Jewish Dr. He was also a Major in the USAF and is a Vietnam vet who was an F4 fighter pilot dropping bombs and napalm on enemy combatants in support of ground troops like my uncle over there. And he is one of the most conservative, liberal hating men I know. We can all look up hate videos on youtube, there are a dozen conspiracy theories for every half fact. Go blab the hate speech on another site and let us all in here, the true preppers and true brother and sister AMERICANS (with a scattering of folks from around the globe who we embrace in good company) exchange ideas without your garbage.

              Keep your powder dry,

              • Can I still hate Libtards??? Please?? with sugar on it?

                • Rick, please do. Please do. Maybe with a nice hot fudge….

              • @JJsan……Very well said, and Thank You for saying it


                • What about you, Feisty Old Broad, do you love genocide, looting, and the murder of babies?

              • JJsan:
                John Q. and his ilk are victims of their own limited mental capacity. To them the world is big and freightening place which they are incapable of understanding. So they look for, and find, simple answers to complex situations from false messiahs who say they know the cause of all of our problems. And unlike many of us, they never had the courage to serve in the military. The few that did were never officers due to their limited intellect. Remember, most of these types are the ones that refere to 5th grade as “my senior year”. Those that did make it through basic training never made it a career becasue of their mental/emotional instability. They always serve just one term and get out as E-4s or less because they keep getting busted for their constant screwups and they ususally blame others for some kind of conspiracy to keep them down. Sound familiar, because it’s often in their little rants. So don’t sweat the John Qs of the world.

                • Yes, my limited mental capacity understands these fundamental facts.

                  God is good. Satan is evil.

                  Satan wars against God and good.

                  Bad people assist Satan in his war against God and good.

                  Another simple fact: As usual, Greg8, you have no facts, no rational argument, only name-calling ad hominem.

              • Your strawmen are showing AGAIN, JJsan.

                I have NOT called for the destruction of a tribe. I have called for prosecution and punishment of crimes against humanity.

                “Hatred,” you say. I hate NO person—that is consistent with the Gospel promulgated by the God-Man from Gallilee (not Judea).

                I HATE GENOCIDE. I HATE LOOTING. I HATE THE MURDER OF BABIES whether in the womb or in Gaza—that too is consistent with the Gospel promulgated by the God-Man from Gallilee (not Judea).

                What about you, JJsan, do you love genocide, looting, and the murder of babies?

                Jesus was NOT an adherent of Judaism. Judaism, as the rabbis quite freely stipulate is a POST-Christian religion. Judaism is anti-Christ. Jesus was not anti-Christ. Shall I provide you with extensive documentation of that from the mouths of the rabbis themselves?

                • John Q,

                  No I do not love genocide, and I have no strawmen in here. People are just tired of hearing your rants. The Armenians had genocide against them in Turkey. No Jews there. The Hutoos had Genocide against them in Rawanda by the Tutsies, no Jews there. The Philistines were wiped out by the Hebrews, Jews definately there (in the Old Testament). Do I need to go on? Genocide has been around for ever, in history and pre history. That being said, it is almost always pre dated by rants such as yours stirring up hatred. People simply don’t want to hear it anymore.

                  We are a community in here that are hell bent on helping each other with ideas and info to survive what we all think is coming. When we come together after we survive it (as a globe, because I think this is going to be global) the monsters who brought this upon us will get a rope (rope is cheap), whether they are Zionists or NAZIs, or Communists, it wont matter. Humanity has never been this informed (minus the WalMartians) in history. The masses who follow their dear leader blindly will die fairly quickly without their slave masters to give them free stuff, extra large McDonalds burgers and Super Gulps to wash them down with, and I am hoping that America will return to a country that the masses forgot how to be.

                  Open doors for women,
                  Respect and hold elders in high esteem for the wisdom,
                  Work ethics,
                  Want freedom, not free shit,

                  That is where we will be a melting pot again, taking the strengths of all cultures and making it uniquely US. Where I can go and eat a gyro next to a Chineese place, with a milk shake for desert. That is what we once were, and can be again, as long as we stand united! Not divided by rants like yours. (I will get off my soap box now and get ready for my weekend).

                  Keep your powder dry,

                  • Since you seem to have forgotten the numbers, the QUARTER BILLION PEOPLE MURDERED, JJsan, maybe these people for whom you claim to speak need to hear the “rant” one more time. 🙂

                    Your history is weak. The “Young Turks” who perpetrated the Armenian genocide were mostly Judaic. That is one reason why the ADL wails when people start to notice that holocaust. Same reason why the 61+75 million holocaust perpetrated by Judeo-Communism cannot be discussed or compared to the “6” million.

                    Considering the tiny fraction of the earthly population that they represent, “Jews” have been responsible for an enormous disproportion of genocide and misery on this planet.

                    Note carefully. I did not say “all,” I said “enormous disproportion.”

                    I submit to you that “helping each other with ideas and info to survive what we all think is coming” includes CORRECTING BIG MISTAKES and PUNISHING THE PERPETRATORS OF OUR MISERY.

                    If you put your head in the sand because you believe H✡llyw✡✡d and talmudvision lies, then you are destined to repeat history and you are part of the problem.


                    At the risk of repeating myself for the people that JJsan claims to represent:

                    “Chosen People” (Gavril Princeps and his co-assassins) started World War ONE—25 million died.

                    “Chosen People” (the 1934 Declaration of War of World Jewry against Germany) started World War TWO—60 to 80 million died.

                    “Chosen People” created (Rabbi Moses Hess and his disciple Marx), financed (Rosenwald, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, etc.), propagandized (Ehrenburg, Mikhoels, Khaldei, etc.) exported (Kun, Eisner, Zimanas, Rozanski, Pijade, Rakosi, Olszewsi, etc.), and mostly ran (Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, Litvinov, Andropov, etc.) Communism, their secret police (Dzhezhinsky, Yagoda, Bronstein, Yurovsky, Pauker, Slutsky, Gay, Speigelglas, Babel, etc.), and gulags (the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk, etc.)—60 million died in the USSR; if you blame Hess and Marx for Mao, add another 75 million dead.

                    The synagogue of Satan is responsible, directly and indirectly, for the murder of nearly a QUARTER BILLION PEOPLE in the 20th century.

                    How many will you let them kill in the 21st century?

                    Can you name any other group in history responsible for murdering nearly a QUARTER BILLION PEOPLE ? If so, name the group and provide your statistics.

              • Thank you.

                • Wow. JJSan obviously knows nothing about the Young Turks, who were just like the Bolshevik Russians and the commonality among them. Do I need to say more?

            • How on Earth do you reconcile saying this above

              “my repeated admonitions AGAINST race-baiting.”

              with the Bullshit you just posted. You’re either a moron, a liar or both but you’re definitely a race baiting anti-semite.

              • @ Big Perm

                If you cannot tell the difference between RACE (something nobody can change or control) and BELIEF/BEHAVIOR (something that anyone can change or control), you have a serious problem of logic to overcome.

        • Welcome back! It’s nice to see you here!

          • Yeah Miss Daisy, that’s right. Associate yourself with the likes of this nutcase just when your online popularity is on the rise, and watch what happens. If you align yourself with the hate of some of these so-called patriots here, you will be tagged just as they are. But, to each their own. You will inevitably show your true colours as well.

            • Anonymous

              I guess I am showing my true colors – I’m showing loyalty when someone is being treated unfairly. If people who read my articles have a problem with that, there isn’t a whole lot I can do about it. I respect who I respect and my opinions on that don’t vary based on the response of social media.

              Why should I sit back and watch if I think something is wrong? So that more people will visit my blog? Not gonna happen.


        • i’m afraid you all have mistakenly identified me as someone who actually ” GIVES A SHEEIT !” what you lil’ HATER pea brains think !

          ;0P pssszzt

          • I got about 2 minutes into this stupidity before my nose started bleeding. I’m sorry, but douche bags running up to a cop asking about the gun he’s carrying, helicopters with search lights and images of a demon are proof of sheeeit.


      3. The biggest flaw in the anti-gun peoples logic is that they want the Government to have guns so that they can confiscate the guns in private citizens possession.

        They are actually very pro-gun!!

        • The biggest flaw in their logic is that they dont have any most of the sheeple thats for banning guns dont think they are emotional and scared. u cant reason with someone like that they believe cuns are bad and kill and thats were their logic stops

      4. Brilliant move ! We go door to door first! Hey maybe Obummer can make executive orders to create some jobs and put some young able body people to work so they don’t have to join gangs in order to survive. You think? Or some orders to keep these kids off psyco prescription drugs AND even violent video games? Too close to the truth maybe and against the Corp takedown program. Step up the Prep Up and the Resistance !

        • Just remember… you don’t have to outrun the bear…just the guy next to you. haha!

      5. Classic stuff. I think I will have a few signs of my own printed up and ask my California Liberal neighbors to join me in making a statement. Then unbeknownst to them I will have a gun and be able to protect myself. This could be a fun family project. 🙂

        • I just put this sign in my yard:

          Let us hope our weapons are never needed –but do not forget what the common people knew when they demanded the Bill of Rights: An armed citizenry is the first defense, the best defense, and the final defense against tyranny. If guns are outlawed, only the government will have guns. Only the police, the secret police, the military, the hired servants of our rulers. Only the government — and a few outlaws. I intend to be among the outlaws – Edward Abbey

      6. Wow.

        Don’t know what to really say about this.

        “Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.”

        Just . . . amazing.

      7. Wow, Just wow! Talk about begging for it.

      8. I need a bunch of these signs. Remember the kitten video that was seen on tv and youtube? Laying on it’s back and it’s reaction when the owner said boo.
        I think this would be the reaction of anyone breaking into a home in my neighborhood. Famous quote from the TV series House “Dr House- Everyone lies”.

      9. Why not just put up a billboard on your front lawn the says “please rob me”? I am not a gun owner, but fully support the 2nd amendment and those that choose to excercise their constitutuional right to bear arms against all tyranny foreign and domestic.

      10. I already have signs up that state you will be shot dead if you attempt burglary.

        • If you ever have to act on it, take it down before the law shows up. They will take a thousand pictures of it and you will be portrayed in court as some whack-job who was just itching to shoot someone. Good luck in jail… Not say it is right at all, just the way it is.

            • Apparently, in Detroit many people elect not to involve the “justice system”. Lots of bodies seem to be dumped in abandoned buildings, and there is an ample supply of abandoned buildings.

          • shoot, shovel, shut up.

            • As the good Sheriff in Kentucky requested; ” when I get there, just make sure I only get one side of the story”

              • Looks like Santa Troll visited overnite. Made sure every post had at least one T.D.

                Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of a…. Libtard!!

      11. my concern is when obama comes to take our guns is that the fed will mark homes as gun free.

        FDR tooks people’s gold and i gurrantee you everyone around knew who held gold and some probably figured they had other valuables.

        no reason those that see guns being taken wont figure those houses got other goodies that no longer are protected.

        and people wonder why some people want right to privacy and limited government.

        • One big difference between the days of FDR and now—
          Most people still had respect and class, today few have any class and most have 0 respect

        • Don’t worry, nothing valuable will be left.

        • FDR demanded that we the people turn in our gold. Many acted like sheep and foolishly complied. Many others did not, which is the ONLY reason you still have gold coins from that era all over the place. It’s going to be the same with guns: some will hand over their guns and gonads and join the lambs being led to the slaughter in this film. Others of us will say no fucking way and refuse to comply.

          Besides all my other good reasons to own firearms, my wife is INSANELY hot, and I will do everything in my power to protect her from harm

      12. Never a shortage of stupid people!

      13. Sign traslation

        A liberal who own no means of protecting theirself lives and here , please rob me of my valuables I promise I will not fight back and you probably deserve my stuff anyway…

      14. This is probably the beginnings of the SS spy. People going around and asking if they want sign, when someone says no, then they GPS home and send to SS as rats.

        The entire city will have GPS of homes that said no. I think we should all register as Democrats and infiltrate their system.

        Now I know why Nixon broke in. Wished we could have heard those tapes?

        • So say “yes”.

          Whatever. What difference does it make? It’s not like the sign’s accurate.

      15. The logic of a Liberal:
        “Hey, I hate guns. I have no guns. I am your friendly neighbor. We must have social justice. NO guns in America! No one needs a gun!”

        The bad guy’s realization:
        “Hey! That home has no gun, no way to defend themselves, and no guts. Thanks so much idiot. You are my next victim!”

        Basically, there’s what you get (and deserve) if you’re stupid enough to display a sign like that!!!!

        • I think Darwin had a word for these fools: EXTINCT

      16. The guy who was worried about the Right Wing taking over and pausing to rethink his anti gun position had a nano second of logical thinking regarding a distrust of future government.

        Generally a more naive bunch of people incapable of logical cause and effect thinking does not exist. They live in a world where reality is clouded with fantasy expectations and they loose sight where one ends and the other begins.

      17. After watching the first 30 seconds I did not think I could sit through 10 minutes. I was smiling ear to ear the whole time!….peoples true colors really come out.

      18. Hey guys; remember the couple that exposed ACORN? These are the same people! Its great! They are making these people look stupid because most turn down the offer of the sign. The dems are hypocrits.

        • They give away the deception with statements concerning being defenseless. good illustration, though. I can’t imagine them needing very many of these signs.

      19. This is assenine.

        I guess they have to re-learn what I learned at 15 when I was mugged at knife point. Or again when that guy robbed my neighbor’s house with a gun. Or again when that guy beat the ever living piss out of that lady I knew. Or again…

        Goddamit idiots. Physics is physics. If you jump off a building, you don’t fly on the 500th attempt.

        This is just stupid now.

        This has turned into a total circus.

        Stupid fucking popularity contest.

        People must be really bored. Or brainless. Or both.

        • Hell, I didn’t have to be mugged, nor did I have to wait until I was 15. I was TWELVE when the bullies in my school started picking on me. Cue the idiot teacher response– “Use your words” “Tell an adult” blah blah blah blah. Like UN resolutions on peace, they didn’t mean shit.

          I finally got sick and tired of being scared, so I fought back, and I fought dirty. Ball kicking, hair pulling eye gouging choking biting… you name it I did it. I did it for me, and for every other smaller weaker student who got picked on and harassed, while the so called “adults” turned a blind eye. I got called all kinds of names for it, but they started doing the name calling from a distance.

          I am a teacher myself now. Guess what kind of horseshit I will NEVER tolerate in MY class? I am a parent too… guess who put his kids in karate classes?

          • Same here Sam. Beginning of every school year, about 2 weeks in, had to pick a big bully and go apeshit on him. I was a little guy ( 5’6′, 125 lbs) in high school.
            That changed me for life. Today, at 50, I can spot a bully ( now government employees or cops) from a mile away. They gorge on people’s fear and cowering. I take it to these bastards. And they don’t know how to deal with it.

            Little ones grow up to be big ones.

          • My best memory of my paper route,
            I was 12 and the local bully’s would constantly grab the back of my bike.
            Remember those bikes we had in the 70’s with the banana seat and that big chrome handle on the back. Well I got tired real quick of the shake down the punches in the shoulder, so I glued an Estes model rocket engine the big D one to the back of the bike under the seat and put the igniter
            Control on the handle bar. The bully received second degree burns and I was never picked on again.
            I don’t own guns; my first divorce was nasty with the ubiquitous phony order of protection.
            Buy I figure a nice model rocket engine up in the soffit over the front door would stop any home invasion

            • I used to get bullied by the kid down the street. He was older and bigger. He would grab my bike and absolutely terrorize me. One day I caught him running across the street into the woods out of the corner of my eye anticipating my passing on my bike. I was able to time it out so that when a car finally did come along (deeply rural) we would all cross paths at the same time. Long story short after the ambulance took him away there was never another problem. Moral of the story I guess is that bullies aren’t generally that bright and with some thought and creativity you can use their own brazen arrogance to take them out.

      20. It would be more…..amusing to see the home-owner jack a round into their 12 gauge pump and then we could see the universal language of self protection in action and all without one word being spoken. Those signs are an excellent idea whose time has come. Maybe I could sell a few of these to all the fine folks who’ll be attending one of the largest gun shows on the west coast this weekend in Puyallup Washington??

      21. I cant wait to start running them over with my truck. Should be fun!
        Wait is this a thought crime? Ok, never mind.

      22. I would just like to say Thank you to anyone who puts this on there front yard when the gang bangers drug addicts and scumbags come knocking on your door instead of mine be sure to be a gracious host with neon signs pointing out your easily pawnable stuff is il be cleaning my handgun

      23. These people are professional victims.

      24. Genius !!! Priceless !! Hypocrisy on parade… LMAO !!

        Duh.. I’m against guns.. Duh… no, I don’t really want to tell anyone that.. at least not at my house.. Duh.. I agree with you.. Duh.. guns suck.. Duh.. no, no, don’t put that sign there.. are you CRAZY ??? I’ll get robbed or mugged or something… Duh.. Boy, I hate guns.. when guns are illegal, only criminals will have guns… Duh… no, please !! Get that sign away…some criminal might see it… Duh..

        LMAO !!!!!

      25. LOL!!!!
        That just screams “ROB ME! RAPE ME! KILL MY FAMILY!”

        Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have children.

      26. Violence is an act. Senseless violence is a description of an act. Firearms ownership is neither. Their stupidity is immense.

      27. “We’re not afraid…we’re defenseless”

        Still laughing.

      28. I wonder how many retarded black gangs, black criminals, and average welfare sucking black baboons would give up their guns for their beloved black Führer?

        • Ask yo momma Oprah, shes will tell ya the truth ’bout the sit-che-ation. Times to take a load offs those feets bro and pop open anutter cold one!


      29. Guys,

        the signs were “offered” to the anti-gun folks for display on their lawns on hidden camera, with the intent of exposing their hypocrisy. they all refused to display the signs, despite being against gun rights.

      30. Whenever open- and/or concealed carry laws are instituted or upheld, liberals always squeal that “everybody will be shooting each other” and “it will be just like the wild west.”

        What they’re really saying is that, if they had weapons, they’d be tempted to use them many times per day, and basically couldn’t trust themselves not to. I’m glad liberals are afraid of guns, because most of them are one Prozac prescription away from flipping.

        Of course, it’s not enough for them to refuse to exercise their own natural and 2nd Amendment right to bear arms — they HAVE to prevent everyone ELSE from exercising that right.

        That’s what you get when you mix equal portions of ego-projection, arrogance and hypocrisy.

      31. I love these signs!

        My hogs have never eaten so well!

        I’ve made lots of $$$ off of only-dropped-once guns!

        It’s a bit like a reverse Molon Labe sign…


      32. Greetings Everyone!
        In what’s left of our fair republic everyone is ENTITLED to their viewpoint….
        But having said that,we live in dangerous times where true protection by LEO’s seems to be ebbing away.Why would anyone NEED these in their front yard?Perhaps to intimidate or pressure their neighbors to follow suit?
        Criminals only care how much “stuff” they can steal,rape or kill,not in that order either.Guns of ANY kind that have responsible owners are a priceless asset when the bad guys start to bust open your door and the LEO’s are 15-20 minutes away at best.Signs that state “No trespassing” on the front lawn would have a greater impact in the positive sense.
        Just a few thoughts,
        Hope to God you’re able to have a warm SAFE place to sleep this night.

      33. I was all excited about watching it until I noticed O’Keefe in it. No thanks.

        • @Charlie
          Oh, so you disqualify the message because you don’t like the messenger? OK, professor, why don’t YOU go out there and do this stuff your own self then?

          Talk is cheap, you hypocrite

          • Yes, because the “messenger” has been shown to be very dishonest.

            • yes I agree… you are incredibly dishonest hypocrite. go away ObamaNazi slime

      34. This epitomizes “can’t fix stupid”, doesn’t it??!

        (Last laugh is that Breitbart lives vicariously through O’Keefe. Gotta love it!)

      35. I truly think that liberals honestly believe that nothing, nothing – nothing…bad happens or can happen in their world. Everything is live and let live…in their perfect suburbian world, they simply go to work, come home, watch tv, have a beverage, shop, go on vacation and take the kids to soccer practice. Lather, rinse, repeat. This is no laughing matter because one day (when it all goes into the crapper) they will witness their daughters being raped or son being shot…or any number of horrors. This is what we read about happening to other people. They never think it can happen to them or their loved ones because – this is America. The food at the grocery store never runs out, and the water is always safe to drink. This isn’t going to be pretty. I truly pity these people – there are a few relatives of mine that fit this category.

        • Ignorance is bliss. Blissfully ignorant.

          I sometimes wonder if the common sense and knowledge is a curse.


      36. That is F’ing hilarious. Someone drop by Piers Morgan’s and Anderson Cooper’s house.

      37. I think a lot of you missed the point of this hoax. It is actually a pro-gun group going to anti-gunner’s houses and asking them to put the signs in their yards, and NONE of them would. Completely demonstrates their hypocrisy.

        • Oh..( red faced) Yup I missed the point..It was my fault for not even watching the video, I “jumped the gun” to coin a phrase..

        • If someone did miss the hoax, it’s not because the actors were able to be that serious, but because most liberals are that comical.

      38. Really intelligent..a rob me first sign in the front yard..the ignorance knows no bounds

        wait until thier home has an armed home invasion because they told the theifs and rapist where to go..If I was thier insurance agent I would cancel their home insurnace and life insurance policy over this stupidity

      39. Personally I like the yard sign i saw on another sight, gotta try and find it
        It had an old rifle on top of it and said “We dont call 911”

        • Wife got me one that says, “Caution, due to the high cost of ammunition, a warning shot will not be fired.”

          It is placed strategically on our property…

          I call it “the point of no return.”

          • The second attacker gets his warning shot when you fire at the first.

      40. Come to my house with that sign and you might end up with a gun in your face saying turn around now! What a bunch of idiots.

      41. Does anyone else ever see these things, or witness obnoxious people, maybe a guy that cuts you off and gives you the finger or a guy arguing with the grocery clerk about who knows what, anyway, anyone ever think this world just really needs a cleansing? Or am I the only one? Perhaps I should not feel this way, perhaps human beings have the right to act like uncivilized…was going to say animals but the fact is animals play a perfect harmonic role on this planet. So I do not know what to call them. Seeing this and reading this article, it boggles my mind. Watching the president line up children last night and not understanding how people can just not see the absolute disgusting political maneuver and clap their hands and bark like seals just confuses me. Wanting to be gun free when we are lied to by the msm every single freaking day about every single freaking thing. Yet people, educated people even, just swallow it? How is this possible?

        Isn’t it our natural human instinct not only to hunt, but to defend, to protect our loved ones at all cost? To prepare for the unknown and to be ready? Or is that just an older human way of life? A man does not need a certain kind of rifle for protection. And another man will tell him he cannot have it. It, to me, just goes against what is natural in nature. I thought that is what the idea of this country was, unalienable rights for all Americans. Maybe I am wrong though, I sometimes do not know.

        • No, you are not wrong, please donot second guess yourself

      42. Being in an area of hunters and big farms, my next door neighbor has signs all along his property that says “Trespassers will be shot and buried in the woods” And his next door neighbor on the other side is a sheriff. Love it.

      43. you know when the shtf has hit or is in the wworks when you start to see wre home and coutry we call home call the new world china. many from us are going to figth for what we feel is rigth but at the end of the day the great usa and his not fit new world slave runer will find a way to break us all apart things are going to start to fall where they want it to. they will replace all the ppl in high power like the County Sheriff’s and many more ppl what we need is to stay together in this loing war that is going to take place soon. we need to talk a good game and come together as a ground that we are and start looking out for one anther. it all start’s with us preppers we need to work together on trying to bring all of us together and not allow the ones that want us gone to get the upper hand. i for one had been working on perppering for many years but have never see where we stand for each other. evry time i hear about where one of us has lost every thing we have to the great usa’ but where are we for each other. maany ppl i know call a good game but when shtf hits they walk the other way with there tails in between their leg like a lost puppy. how can one call them self a perpper when we don’t stand for the rigths that we each have. we have allow the place you call home to be taken over by the ones you call the govtment. we have three things that they can’t take from us wich is soul’ skill, and will to figth. but they are finds ways to take that away fom us. i must ask many of you why do you think we found the place we call home many yaers ago do you think for a monet that it is for rulers and lords but for what we out of all country have which is were freedom and rigths many have lost theirs life for what we have to allow a man thats not from this country to come and take but its were fault and not his for he blind to in to seeing what so many of you didn’t want to see which is a new strat at life and hope for one anther. so many ppl lost touch with what going that they can’t see pass another day. the time starts now not in days but now we must all bring one another together and start a new home if not for us but for your kids and their kids. we must under stand that with out each other where do we stand the long wolf never makes in the wild. no dose the blink wolf if you call your self a perper then tell your next to tell the next. to come together for we are in this together. it all has to strat some where i know that i’m not the smarts one but when it come to my freedom and my love one i will with all that is in me i will stand for some thing and figth for all of my brother but not with hate. for it is not their fault for they do not know what they do.

      44. You can tell who watched the whole video. I almost didnt but I think I was in shock. Glad I finished it. What a bunch of hypocrites. They want to know where the guns are, but don’t want anyone to know they don’t have one? And why is that I wonder? Funny that they are afraid they won’t be able to defend themselves. Maybe they should get a gun.

      45. I want a sign that says

        “My neighbors house is a gun free zone”

      46. You have to watch the video to get the message. These people passing out the signs are pro gun. They visited the editors and reporters of the newspaper that put up the interactive maps of gun owners. They also went to Erik Holders house and some creeps homes from msnbc. This is really funny how the all knowing libs can’t stick up for their so called convictions.
        This should be shown in every school, bar and church in this country. LMAO

        • The newspaper hired armed guards after they published this map. This crowd DESPERATELY wants a return to the “good old days” when such things as weapons or ample food were reserved for a select few, and consider themselves to be that select few.

      47. Feb 15, 2013: SCOTUS to hear evidence on FRAUDULENT Obama documents.
        WE FIND OUT that day, whether the Supreme Court has been corrupted the way all the others have been; that have had this case put in front of them.
        IF the Supreme Court throws this case out, THEN THE END IS NEAR, for acting civil with the TYRANTS that have taken over our government.

      48. They are pretty much insulting America by saying unarming Americans is American? There is this one problem with their so-called logic and it’s called the US Constitution which contain the “Bill Of Rights” So they think the 2nd amendment is un-American? Guns make you a violent person? Are these people on dope or something?

        • Wait! I didn’t read the print in the light blue box! I been had……………Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I see! A spoof on anti-gunners……Hahahahahahahahaha!


      50. Oh finally, now I get it!

        Here I thought the gun worship crowd was just crazy… how wrong could I be!

        From the number of comments of those that clearly do not get this (lame, idiotic…) vid is clearly just a prank, I see now you’re not crazy… just intellectually challenged dolts!

        • @SRV
          My wife and I both own guns. We don’t worship them , we worship GOD.

          Btw, you bigoted hate filled lunatic, before you start spewing your poison about American citizens being “intellectually challenged” would you care to tell us all about your incredible love of learning? Can you PLEASE tell us all about the advanced degrees you possess? Because I’d love to compare what you have to my Masters degrees in computer programming and education, or to my wife’s clinical doctorate… that’s a “PhD” to you, dumbass

          PS I don’t see you volunteering to put a gun free sign in front of your house… is that because your mommy won’t let you out of the basement just yet? Go finsih your coloring book; GROWNUPS are talking here

      51. I think the cat photo applies here. In fact: Mac, I nominate this as SHTFplan mascot/ thing. It needs to be the first thing people see when they enter the soon-to-be-release forum. OKAY… I promise to be happy with just a plain ole’ forum – please 😉

        I actually made it through the whole video. It was very entertaining. I chuckled often.
        I am very certain my DH would have made a statement not to be soon forgotten had these younglings shown up ask if they could place a ‘gun free’ sign in our yard. In fact, I would absolutely love to document his response.

        Is this for real – I mean really! folks went about asking peeps this.

        I live in an alternate universe; my near-by terrestials are an exact opposite of this. Nope, scratch that. There is no need to advertise the obvious – you will meet the short end of something very unpleasant if you haven’t been authorized to enter the private property of the legal owner. We don’t have to advertise said fact.

        Carry on warriors, red alert -dumb people are multiplying at an exponential rate.

        • Kind of like you worship your 1st amendment rights to be a complete jackass!

        • “Idiocracy”, the movie, is proving to be a documentary.

      52. I think a sign suggesting that “I Promote Senseless Gun Violence” would be a great deterrent.

      53. ah they are fools, if they had any inkling of history they would know guns serve a purpose, to keep the savages at bay

      54. I love them signs, where can I get one I would put it with pride in my front yard. Of course when the bad guys show up they would find out I’m a liar and we would see how fast I could empty my 30 round clip in my Sig m400. Just trying too help remove junk from the gene pool.

      55. Awesome! The video made my day! Hypocrisy and liberalism at its finest! Hilarious! Thanks for making it guys!

      56. I found this today, seems timely….

        You know you live in a Country run by idiots if….

        You can get arrested for expired tags on your car but not for
        Being in the country illegally.


        You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…

        Your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions
        Of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more of
        our money.


        You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…

        A seven year old boy can be thrown out of school for calling his
        Teacher “cute” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class
        In grade school is perfectly acceptable.


        You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…

        The Supreme Court of the United
        States can rule that lower courts
        Cannot display the 10 Commandments in their courtroom, while
        Sitting in front of a display of the 10 Commandments.


        You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…

        Children are forcibly removed from parents who appropriately
        Discipline them while children of “underprivileged” drug addicts
        Are left to rot in filth infested cesspools.


        You know you live in Country run by idiots if…

        Working class Americans pay for their own health care (and the
        Health care of everyone else) while unmarried women are free to
        Have child after child on the “State’s” dime while never being held
        Responsible for their own choices.


        You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…

        Hard work and success are rewarded with higher taxes and
        Government intrusion, while slothful, lazy behavior is rewarded
        With EBT cards, WIC checks, Medicaid and subsidized housing,
        And free cell phones.


        You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…

        The government’s plan for getting people back to work is to
        Provide 99 weeks of unemployment checks (to not work).


        You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…

        Being self-sufficient is considered a threat to the government.


        You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…

        Politicians think that stripping away the amendments to the
        Constitution is really protecting the rights of the people.


        You know you
        live in a Country run by idiots if…

        The rights of the Government come before the rights of the


        You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…

        Parents believe the State is responsible for providing for their


        You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…

        Being stripped of the ability to defend yourself makes you “safe”.


        You know you live in a Country run by idiots if….

        You have to have your parents signature to go on a school field
        Trip but not to get an abortion.


        You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…

        An 80 year old woman can be stripped searched by the TSA but a
        Muslim woman in a burka is only
        subject to having her neck and
        Head searched.


        You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…

        Using the “N” word is considered “hate speech” but writing and
        Singing songs about raping women and killing cops is considered


        You know you live in a Country run by idiots if…

        You can write a post like this just by reading the news headlines.


        “IN GOD WE TRUST”

        • The Country isn’t run by idiots. And it’s not hypocrisy — it’s Communism.

          Think Chess.

      57. OK, I’m on a roll again. Anyone who’s really retarded enough to have such a sign in their front yard deserves whatever happens after the fact. let them suffer froma home invasion,having theirloved ones raped and killed, etc. and see what it feels like to be a real victim of crime because they didn’t have the good sense to believe in the concept of self-defense. if they survive, let them find out the hard way that law enforcement is not out there for them, they serve government. The federal and state supreme courts have ruled on that numerous times. Dialing 911 won’t do shit for them. JJsan, I can relate to what you said in #1038554. I met my wife on South Beach in Miami in 1975. She came here from Communist Cuba in 1967 after losing some of her family to Castro’s thugs. Only after we tied the know on Valentine’s Day 1976, during our honeymoon she finally opened up to me about her life under Castro. she told me things that absolutely blew me away. It’s times like this when I wish she was still alive to tell what she experienced firsthand under such an evil system. If we allow aqnyone to disarm us, that will be our ultimate fate; you can bank on that. My late wife and her experience under communism are the biggest reasons I believe in the 2nd Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms. Our guns are the only thing standing between us and tyranny. I think it was Thomas Jefferson who once said, “Firearms are the people’s liberty teeth.” Something to that effect. Anyone who wants to come for anything I have, you better think long and hard before you do anything. I don’t want to take a human life if it can be avoided, but I will if necessary. I’m not giving up anything, period! Braveheart

      58. European American, what you wrote is true, except one thing. the people running the show do know exactly what they’re doing because they have dishonorable intentions toward the people. When they declare war against us, they will be signing their own death warrants. braveheart

      59. Off Topic ~ @Burt the Brit – I just read the U.K. is going to have a 2 day blizzard ending this Saturday. People panicking and making runs on the grocery stores for staples. How are you??

      60. Why do the heathen rage? Because of the false prophets of the media ruining our God given rights for plunder. Woe unto them when the Lord smites them for their sins. The day is coming and it is the end times for them all. God bless America and everyone reading here. The righteous shall prevail!

      61. I got some friends out in the sticks and my favorite sign has to be ( If you can read this sign you are in my sights)

        My new sign in the shop ( Warning due too the price of Ammo no warning shots will be fired)


        • I have a nice small sticker that is on my barn door, says

          Nothing in here is worth your life..right above the door knob. been there for over 15 years, so far good, easy to remove if ever necessary

          I took down all the other signs indicating any premeditated harm..let um find out the hard way

          Life is hard enough,but really hard if your stupid

      62. Be Informed, I’m with you all the way. Anyone who wants to target me over any act of self-defense had better be ready to get their day ruined, because they’re not allowed to hurt me, period! I’m all worked up, just like you are. Knowing liberals the way we do, i still had to see the video to believe it. The hypocrisy of communism definitely knows no bounds. I challenge any moron to put one of those signs in his/her yard and see what happens afterward; I’m sure that would be interesting. braveheart

      63. “….in charge of an operation that transferred (without a background check or registration, no less!) military style assault rifles with high capacity magazines to the Los Zetas Mexican drug cartel.”


      64. Were all going to learn a lot when they get down to the buisness of this trial in Florida.. you know the one..

        the one where an innocent man has been already tried by the media.

      65. Where can I purchase a few of these signs/bumper stickers for phucked up neighbors…

        • Kennepunkporked, just on the other side of the “bridge”.

      66. Zip gun Johnny’s finger is itchin’
        Oh the lid’s gonna blow up in hell’s kitchen
        It’s an eye for an eye
        And a tooth for a tooth
        They’re so ruthless when they fight

      67. Its Not Me: I live only two hours from Zimmerman and we got a lot more news coverage than most folks. It now appears that the special prosecutor has bitten off more than she can chew with a charge of second degree murder. There are no credible eye witnesses because it was dark, only ear witnesses, and both sides are analyzing the voices recorded on the nearby cell phones. No one is saying much, but as of last report, it appears that Zimmerman was the one calling for help, supporting his claim of self defense. Along with the pictures of the injuries to his face and head, and the medical reports, the burden of proof necessary for a second degree charge isn’t there. But the Prosecutor’s reputation and ego are on the line. She may have to refile a lesser charge of reckless endangerment just to get a conviction. It’s a shame that things like this get politicized.

        • Shes a coward who caved to the damn black agitators before anyone knew anything.

        • She may have to refile a lesser charge of reckless endangerment just to get a conviction

          Or she may have to lie–they do it all the time!!!
          Just ask our legislators.

          • JAYJAY: She can lie all she wants. Both sides get to analyze the evidence during “Discovery” and if the prosecutor witholds any exculpatory evidence, she’s toast. Remember what happened to Mike Nifong when he witheld evidence from the defense in the “White LaCross Players vs the Young Black Stripper Case” at Duke University. Not only did the State of N.C. drop the case, the state and Duke both had to pony up millions to the three students, Nifong was fired, the Bar Association stripped him of his license to practice, and he was criminally prosecuted. He’s a walking dead man. That’s one big reason this prosecutor is taking her time. The other is since this is a politically charged case she feels compelled to get some kind of conviction, any kind really, or there may be riots. My question is: nearly 45% of all murders is this country are black on black (12% of US pop.) and yet the race pimps like Jackson and Sharpton are silent. Answer: there’s no money or press coverage for them. Stay tuned folks for the next exciting episode of “Evil Whitey Killer Man”. Sad, but true.

      68. Everyone check out this article. Direct link: If they push the envelope far enough, then it’s party time! Braveheart

      69. This is James O’Keefe doing another one of his acts.

        • Stupid people need visual aids to discover their own stupidity.

      70. Call me a pessimist and / or paranoid, I have a feeling, these guys just want to find out who the gun-owners are …
        Americans just CAN’T be this dumb, there has to be an ulterior motive to this.

      71. Here is some food for thought from one of the few, honest, real preachers left in America. Direct direct direct

      72. The Liberals I work with laugh and say that if there’s ever a civil war between Consevatives and Liberals, that it’s going to be a very short war – because all the Liberals are unarmed.

      73. What a bunch of sapsuckers!

      74. Greetings…I`m happy to say Indiana has a Law to protect us from the Feds…2nd Amendment Preservation Act…So FU BHO…

      75. More earthquake activity, this time in an interesting spot. The Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge had a 5.0, and when this almost exact spot has been hit in the past, extremely large earthquakes have followed. Example is on Dec.20, 2004 this spot had a 5.1, within a few miles of today’s quake, and 6 days later the after Christmas Day super earthquake happened in western Indonesia at 9.1 and sent an ocean wide tsunami. This area really favors Mexico to Northern Chile/Peru area though. With all the activity in different spots it seems almost certain that a very powerful earthquake is on the way “soon”.

        • Thanks BI

        • Thanks BI. I sure hope there is not a repeat of the Indonesia quake. That was probaly one of the worst natural disaters in our life time.

          • @ BigB and VRF. Each plate of the planet is affected by the movement of the other plates, even on the opposite end of the Earth. The planet is really not that large, and the entire crustal system is all connected. What I have seen in the couple of weeks a tremendous amount of energy coming from the Chinese and Japanese area AND the area from northern Chile to central Mexico. Not to say that other areas are not experiencing similar energy waves. These areas seem the most likely to go off first.

            I really feel that the Cascadia fault is due before the San Andreas, and the Caribbean plate is holding on by a thread. The southern San Andreas went about the same time as the Cascadia fault in 1700. These faults should have about a 250 year time frame between ruptures. The Cascadia is much overdue. The southern San Andreas is a little sloer than the central portion, I little bit. This section of the fault should rupture every 175-250 years, the central portion every 140 years. The northern portion about every 90-100 years. The southern portion is a ticking time bomb and way overdue, the central part is about 15 years overdue, as well the northern portion.

            There is enough energy built up right now in Cascadia fault as the Indonesia fault that broke, maybe even a tad more. Those earthquakes; 7.8 and the 7.5 north of the fault should have broken it. This didn’t happen because the fault is more locked than a 8.8-8.9. That means 9.0-9.2, maybe 9.3 tops. When the Cascadia fault breaks it is quite likely that the San Andreas will follow as there will be an opening area north of the fault from the Cascadia moving.

            I honestly have seen how different precursor quakes have different future locations that get hit with bigger earthquakes. One area in the Antarctica favors South America and maybe New Zealand, while an area towards Greenland might favor Italy and Pakistan. It is so interesting when a new area is hit and you go back to see what occurred afterwards and the areas with big earthquakes after this have had some sort of connectable lines to show why this happened. You can see this especially well of a globe rather than a flat map.

            I have seen this happen before with many different locations having these moderate earthquakes on them, and then BOOM. I believe this is because the very large earthquake is emitting waves of energy in many directions because of the shear size of what is building up, and the areas that are not too locked take up this energy and have moderate size earthquakes on them. Energy has to go somewhere. This is why I firmly believe that EVERY large earthquake that is coming has foreshocks, most AWAY from the fault zone that is preparing to break. This is going on big time right now.

        • With all these different quake indicators, it seems like we could have a series of very large quakes in multiple locations. ugh. I’m staying alert!

      76. Female Genital Mutilation – UK

        ” HOLY CRAP !!!”



        ~N.O. ;0P

      77. VERY IMPORTANT …

        CHILD SEX SLAVERY exists in AMERIKA !




      78. WHY ?

        *as amerika financially dies crumbles under nwo un zog tax debt slavery zionist fascism … expect more of this ….

        children abandoned , sold off by their own parents to be victimized prostituted raped by child sexual predators across ameriKa …

        WHY ?

        The Shaniya Davis Story

        She was only 5 years old !!!

        Shaniya Nicole Davis
        2004 – 2009

      79. Why aren’t we looking at the causes of this?
        Why is everyone (government) skirting the issues of Obama’s birth and false ss#?
        Why isn’t big pharma being scrutinized? I am sure the trigger men were on some psych drugs?

        The good book proves itself once again, that mankind has given itself over to a reprobate mind and will not listen to common sense.

        We (US) are definitely in trouble!

      80. ps… where’s your share buttons????

      81. I want one of those signs for my yard. Boy will the criminal retard who breaks in my place get a BLAST when he shows up 😉

        • No, that’s Darwinism…in full swing.

      82. If they want us unarmed, I think they should make Eric Holder do it all by himself, go door to door asking or i should say begging each and every one of us to follow his lead.. freakin hypocrite

        • Follow his lead? No I am not sending anything to Mexico

          • you missed the point

      83. What a disgusting hypocrisy!!!

      84. This is a hoax right? Seriously, a hoax? This cannot be for real.

        Perhaps in their kumbaya fervor, leaving a box out front with a key, and then have some coffee and sandwiches waiting in the dining room. Then after, the robbers wont have to steal and rape on an empty stomach. This would prove their love for all mankind…

        everybody hold hands now…

        Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya…

      85. I know it’s been said a thousand times already, but I’ll say it, too. Even if I was vehemently against guns and would cheerfully sign the petition, there is no way in hell I would put up a sign that says my home is a gun-free zone. Oh sure, you can pair that with an ADT sign, but that’s just telling home invaders they have five minutes to get in and get out. You can even add a third sign that says “Smile! You’re on candid camera!”, so that just means you have five minutes, and you need to wear a mask.

        Bad guy sez,
        “Challenge accepted.”

      86. I just wanted to share two facts to think about:
        1. Germany taking physical possession of its gold from the Federal Reserve.
        2. France, yes France, sending troops in the last couple weeks to secure Mali – the 3rd largest produce of gold in Africa.

        • And getting very little coverage in the msm due to the furor over the gun issues. The Netherlands is condisering (publicly) requesting their gold from the Fed also. Wonder which [former] ally will request theirs next???

          Confidence crisis, anyone???

      87. (Gun Free Home)
        BOOM; BOOM; BOOM; “No it isn’t!”

      88. there is no right or left. there is however the “Third Way”
        Look it up.

      89. What is happening in New York State with the gun ban? Almost a news blackout! One Mayor is saying there might be some type of Waco standoff. Hmmmmmm. Naw. They will run to the Jersey Shore. Oh! NY and NJ have reciprocal gun laws? Do not pass go. Go directly to Jail.

      90. I still say this is a prank or hoax….how can anyone be this stupid?

        • Of course it’s a prank…but a very educational prank that demonstrates the hypocrisy of the leftists, and the illogical foundation of their “argument,” all while making us laugh. Brilliant!

      91. the most dangerous weapon in the world : a marksman trained warrior and his rifle …

        Finnish Sniper Simo Hayha

        Simo Häyhä aka “The White Death” is widely regarded as the most hardcore sniper there ever was, with over 500 kills to his name. He helped defend his homeland from the Soviets during World War II. Here is his story.

      92. For what it’s worth here is the letter I wrote I sent to my conressman. I feel like I need to do something right now. If I get a reply I will try to post it here.

        Mr. Westmoreland
        I am writing to you in regards to the ongoing gun debate.
        sir having served over 20 years in the U.S. Army I know full well the oath that I took to defend this country. I am sure you have recieved numerous calls and letters concerning this I would like to add my voice to this.
        I do not actually own any guns but I feel that any attempt to change the current laws is a violation of the oath that so many people have lived and died for. Last year I helped to bring home a fallen soldier from Afganistan, he was my sons best friend. I know he didn’t go over there thinking about the constitution but he did go, and he died defending it.
        Sir this arguement is not just about guns. It is about the constitution. You either defend it or you don’t. Please no backdoor deals, or give or take. Freedoms or no freedoms.
        Anything that restricts a person from owning or buying a gun or ammunition or magazines or anything else to include taxes or permits is a violation our our rights as U.S. citizens. These things are not priviledges, these are Rights.
        I would appreciate a response in order to better understand whether you represent me.
        Thank you

        • Send that twice a week for the rest of the year. I’m doing the same thing, with my own message. Takes 5 minutes to contact all my state and federal representatives, and the White House. We need to inundate them with verbal resistance.


        It happened before and it is starting again. Government confiscating (stealing) the people’s life savings. Just like in 1929 the British government began its theft of the people’s life savings just before the Great Depression. After an inflationary run-up in prices and asset values, the stock market crashed in 1929, and the economy soon went with the crash. This time the British government is disguising its outright theft by claiming the entire contents of safety deposit banks are owned by criminals and the contents are the proceeds of crimes.

      94. I believe I saw a drone over Idaho yesterday. I had to wait today and see what a normal jet and contrail looks like. After today, the commercial jets were definitely around 30,000 feet with long contrails.

        yesterday, this craft (drone?) was solid white and left a small contrail. My estimate is that is was flying around 7,000 to 10,000 feet. I could see it zig zagging and you could see the craft. Wish I had my binoculars, but didnt. I need to carry them with me.

        I am sure it was just scientists measuring global warming and CO2 as it was -10F this morning. I think the solar flares are actually ‘cooling’ the earth more of an ice age type.

        • Please see my post below…

      95. Hey Bernake..if gold isnt money..why is it worth so much, and why are they taking it home? it wouldnt be that you guys are so corrupt that they cant trust you, is it?

        Germany is transferring nearly 700 tons of gold bars worth $36 billion from Paris and New York to its vaults in Frankfurt.
        Once the shipment is complete, Frankfurt will hold half of Germany’s 3,400 tons of reserve gold — currently worth about $183 billion

        wonder if all these distractions in this country lately are because its not all there, or they altered its state, like gold clad lead bars?

        • Wiemar Republic crash coming to a dollar near you?

          and they know it

        • It’s not just tungsten “salted” bars they need to worry about… The big banks have all sold and leased out all the gold into the markets all these years and there are multiple titles on all the gold. Think of a game of musical chairs with 100 people but only maybe 10 chairs. That’s the situation, proven with documantation and mathmatics by GATA and others. Silver will be even hotter than gold. But be sure to convert some to gold when the ratio falls from 55:1 (now) to more like 15:1 (historical monetary and natural geologic ratios.) The mining ratio and ratio of aboveground supply suggest a ratio even possibly 10:1 or lower in the longer run!!!

      96. the great awakening

        10 volcanoes in one week !!!

        tinfoil hat time ???

        “On the precipice of a shift: Geologically speaking, we may be on the verge of witnessing something unprecedented in recorded history, as more aggressive change progresses within the interior of our planet. From January 6 to 13, in a span of only seven days, no less than 10 volcanoes were stirred into activity. Six volcanoes in Kamchatka, along, are reporting activity. At the planet struggles to equilibrate its thermal cycle, more and more of the planet’s systems that utilize thermal energy will be thrown into disorder: tectonic plates movements, sea-floor spreading rifts, sesimic events, climate, volcanic systems, and ocean circulation patterns. Change has come to planet Earth, and the effects will only become more pronounced and extreme over time. –The Extinction Protocol”

      97. Posted this on one of the other threads and got no comments…am re-posting here because this was WAY NOT NORMAL! Think about this…AT LEAST 10 strange aircraft, flying in a line one behind the other, slow enough to see if there were markings on them (there were none), that were not heading lower like they were landing at the area airport 10 miles from here, and that literally just faded from view against the blue sky! These HAD to be drones…at least 10 of them that I was able to count…headed west toward El Paso!

        Sorry for going so far off-topic, but this was highly unusual…

        Original post:
        VERY off-topic…

        Just had strange plane convoy fly over my house…east to west. Higher than planes heading to the airport, and for the time we could see them they didn’t appear to be coming in for a landing. Almost sounded like they had props, but no props visible on fusilage. Had very wide wing spans. 10 in a row, flying one after the other. Fairly slow moving. And they didn’t get far before they just kind of ‘disappeared’ into the sky. Neither grandson or I could make out any markings. Lost them from sight before we could get the binoculars or camera.

        • @TxGranny….I only saw two here in Idaho. I am assuming they were drones in the way they were manuvering. What caught my eye was the wing span and the elevation. I am guessing around 10,000 feet, or less. One of them I could see for abit, then quickly no longer.

          the other one was kind of circling and doing stuff similiar of what you see hang gliders do. And then it went away from a distant view.

          These were not trying to hide by any means. And they were not above 30,000 feet as I seen several commercial jets fly by. The contrail on one I could see, the other I couldnt. The contrail was short.

      98. think this was the first time I’ve actually seen a drone. What got my attention was the noise – once I became aware of it, it went on for quite some time. So there might have been more than the 10 I counted after I went outside. They were pretty low – more like the old Confederate Air Force planes that come around occasionally. Certainly not at commercial craft levels. And all in a row – not in a loose ‘v’ formation or anything…almost like the one in front could have been pulling the others. But it wasn’t. These things were strung out for quite a ways. But once they got past me, they just kind of “disappeared” – blended in with the sky. These didn’t maneuver, like the ones you saw. Wish I’d had my binoculars!!!

      99. ORRIN: I thank you for the reply. For the record: No I do NOT think blacks came or come from apes nor do I believe in darwin theorys.

        I do think that total equality of everyone is a farce. I have posted the Proof that the promotion of equality is and was a designed Plan by zionists jewsih persons(no not all jews) to assist them in their propaganda by hollywood and MSM;s in the creating of massive white guilt to subdue whites into acting PC.

        I also think when it comes to many serious troubles we see today. That an an avgereages basis or percentages basis nobody can argue that Far more from “certain” races does Far more evils or bad stuf etc.

        The stats are overwhelming as is the first hand personal experiences many of us have over our lifetimes. After 50 yrs observation since I was age Ten yrs old. Has convinced me those stats Are correct.

        In fact I believe the MSM and FED Govnt Plays Down stats and tries to make Whites look worse.

        Its kinda like this: Where blacks has about 90% who are problem types of many various problems like violence-welfare etc etc…

        Whites are the Opposite with a small percentage who act that way. I do not buy the liberal crap its all due to Ghetto poverty etc…I SEEN Detroit Destroyed by Blacks begining when I was 10 yrs old. It never halted! Look at detroit now! And Every large city nationwide.

        Blacks did that with zero white help. I do not hate people. But yes I do despise what them types do to us and their own and america in general.

        JEWS: When it comes to jews. Me and several others has posted Extensive writtings/plans/agendas and Past things such as Communisim which IS a jewsih invention. Thats proven solid 100% by so many verrifiable sources its not even debatable.

        I Have Never said I hate jews nor have I said “all” jews are evil or kommie etc. But I do think from all My research the last nearly 20 yrs on this stuf, that a vast majority are that way.

        No other group or race or anybody else has stuck true to their tribe as they have. Problem is Much of what they do is bad. Like Communisim and all the several hundred million deaths due to it and them.

        Aprox. 503(? close enough) persons were the Top Rulers of Russias kommie revolt in 1918 which Began communisim and deaths of at Least a Hundred Million mostly whites and christians. The deaths didn’t end untill aprox 1990!

        Of that Top aprox 503 Kommie rulers ONLY a total of…13-thats Thirteen persons were NOT jews.

        When so large a percentage is that way how can anybody deny it was Jews who did it?..I gusee stuborn liberal will focus on the “13” who were not jews eh…I sure wont.

        Nobody can deny and if they do I and others here has posted much factual info that Proves Most all MSM and Hollywood-Porno-Progressives-kommies/cpusa and way more already listed prior is either a totally or near total ownd and staffed and managed and controled BY jews.

        Most Every Top Chairman seat in Congress And us senate as well as aprox 90+ % of whitehouse advisors etc are jews.

        And they are doing most everything wrong or bad for us and america.

        Historical Evidence abounds and is 100% well documented and Proven that their group or race or religion as they change it to suit their agendas alot. Are nationwreckers.

        That does Not mean I hate jews nor do I think “all” are that way because I know they aren’t.

        Aprox majority of 86% voted hobammy, and likewise At least that amount are likly antigun too I believe.

        I gareentee you if you take the time to actually Research this stuf, and if you are open minded enough to admit or agree when Factual Truths shout it out to you.

        Then I do think you will discover, as I and others have by this research method, that most all what we was told or taught our entire lives is/was False or wrong.

        And weather or not we “like” it…That includes most we was taught to believe about jews-nazis- the SIX million etc etc.

        If you read what Christ Himself as well as apostle John wrote regardling Talmudic jews teachings and rabbi’s etc you will see I aint making this stuff up!

        It is my hope that whoever the “good” are will awaken and come to Our side asap. This includes blacks and jews as well as ALL other races etc.

        I agree on unitedness is our greatest strengths. But Not Multicultural antiwhite crap promoted as such.

        If you research Who invented and Began and Funded and Ran the NAACP(national assoc. for advancement of colored persons) you will find out.

        Back in aprox 1909 era about 5-6 Russian jews who were certifiable kommies, came here to usa, and They began the naacp org…They also had ONE Single black man who was also a CPUSA member(commie party of the usa) to act as “Front man”.

        You can find That and much much More accurate proven info at a website owned by a FORMER born & Raised NY jewish man, who 25 yrs ago Converted to Orthodox Christian.

        He tells the real facts and Truths cncerning all this sutf as well as many more websites do.

        His site is…realjewnews dot com(I can provide many more websites if you need)

        He is Brother Nathinal Kapner….He has aprox 750+ seperate articles on Every posible thing from A to Z on todays woes of usa and etc. he exposes what and where jewsish folks were involved and in what ways etc.

        If you read it and are an Honest person(honest with self) you will find a definate Need to RE-think several positions you seem to now hold.

        I hope you Do research this issue at least somewhat, I hope many others do also!

        If you do and what I posted here assists you?…Good, if not?…Oh well I tried! your loss not mine eh.

        One final issue: I do Not subscribe to what you said on how we must “Censor” ourselves or others opinions and truths due to “maybe” some libs will see it and use it against us or our “cause”. They do that already, and call us all racists etc even when we do Nothing like that! It was on TV news Last nite! Two blackmen US Rep Rangle NY and that black rep man who a video that went viral shows him asking a us Admiral(navy) in Congress hearings on cspan live tv…”If you navy guys place 30,000 more soldiers on Guam, wont guam Turn upside down and Sink!!!?”

        Ever see that vid?..That black rep imbecel along with charlie rangle called nra and pro gun folks Racists for oposing hobammy!…Again!..Regardless if we walk on Egg Shells and zip our mouths shut…They Will still attack us all…Especially if you are White!

        So no, I cannot support any plans to watch what we post or say etc…We and Our parents did that the last 50+ yrs…Where did it get us?….It got us america in Ruins. Time to take Off kid gloves and use Both Barrels so to speak is My option.

        Thank You again for acting very civil in your post reply, I really mean that Orrin…..Angelo.

      100. And on the topic of this piece – I don’t post signs of any kind around or on my house. I have 4 large dogs, sometimes out back and sometimes in the house. They are my first alert to someone approaching. And I will neither warn an intruder that I might have weapons inside – they might want to try to steal them. But I certainly wouldn’t assure them that I DON’T have weapons inside – they’d want to steal everything else!

        In other words, if they’re stupid enough to be breaking in, they deserve whatever they get – whether from my dogs or any possible guns I might have! The dogs would growl before attacking, but the price of ammo being what it is, I don’t think I’d fire a warning shot…if I had guns, that is. Intruder, beware!

      101. Maybe those folks dumb enough to register their firearms or give them up shouldn’t have them when TSHTF. Unarmed perps would certainly be easier to deal with and it would probably save lots of ammo.

      102. Maybe the “marbles on the floor trick” would give them more time to escape.

      103. I wonder if, while he is tied to a chair, and his wife and daghter are being raped in front of him, will he still think owning a gun for protection is “senseless”, or will it suddenly make sense to him?

      104. Start firing or stone walling all dems and socialists.
        Treat them like second class citizens.

        Traitors to the US

        I always knew the dems and unions were commies.

      105. I am gonna get one of these signs right away to put by my front door…. but just inside my front door I have a full auto Mac-10 (it is fully licensed, I live in Oklahoma)…. it’s clear that gun looking theives may just bypass my place for better pickings.

      106. When it comes to liberal democRATS mentality, you just can’t fix stupid.

      107. Terrific idea!

        We should go to these people that want gun-free zones and post a sign for FREE!

        The free-loaders should be proud of our sustained effort to warn all people about a gun-free house.

        My energy level just went up a few points. Perhaps I could join this great movement?

      108. I want one for my dog’s house… She did have a gun in her saddlebag, but she kept jumping in the river with it… She only has a pocket rocket now…

      109. If you don’t want a gun in your house, that’s fine. Worry about yourself then and leave the guns to the grownups.

      110. Everyone should have a “This is a Gun Free Zone” on their house.

        Any person that’s enters the House, just Blast ’em
        Eventually you will run out criminals, and once again Umerica is safe. But then, I’m Just Nuts.

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