Muslim Migrant Beats, Rapes North Dakota Woman While Chanting “Allahu Akbar”

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Headline News | 240 comments

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    A Muslim migrant who kidnapped a North Dakota woman and raped her while chanting “Allahu Akbar” has refused to appear in court.

    Abdulrahman Ali, a Somalian who arrived in America four years ago, is accused of sexually assaulting a gas station attendant in a bathroom at Gordy’s Travel Plaza in Mapleton, North Dakota.

    After trying to kiss her, Ali allegedly forced the woman into the women’s bathroom, locked the door behind him and started sexually molesting her while slapping and kicking the victim. When the woman tried to escape, Ali threw her against the wall.

    After law enforcement arrived, Ali refused to open the door, claiming that the victim was his wife. After police kicked in the door, the woman was found injured and crying.

    “Documents say she was unsure if Ali was speaking English or a different language, but she could recognize one thing Ali said while they were in the bathroom alone. She heard Ali utter “Allah Akbar,” which, in Arabic means God is the greatest,” reports Valley News Live.

    Ali’s sister responded to the arrest by claiming her brother was a “good person” but that he was suffering from mental health issues.

    Ali, who refused to face a judge, claiming he was sick, faces charges of gross sexual imposition, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and two counts of terrorizing.

    The report again underscores concerns that the west is importing a real rape culture via the influx of refugees and migrants from the Middle East and North Africa.

    Rapes occurring in and around migrant camps are now so prevalent, that authorities in Germany are covering up details of incidents so as not to “legitimize” critics of mass immigration.

    Virtually every week, new cases of migrants raping women come to light, including recent attacks in Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom.


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      1. Islam, the religion of pieces. HUMAN pieces, unfortunately…

        • slightly inaccurate…I think of them this way:

          islam – the religion of pieces…SUB-human pieces of sh*t…

          • Allahu Akbar is the same to them as “Oh God, Oh God.”

            Too soon for sex jokes?

            • If obummer had a son…

              • He would have to have sex with a woman to have a son….biologically.

            • Really?

              • “her brother was a “good person””

                Apparently, the only thing he’s good for is TARGET PRACTICE.

            • I think ever would be too soon.

          • received in an email…

            We live in an “upside-down world”
            You know you live in an Upside-down Land if…

            •A Muslim officer crying “Allah Akbar” while shooting up an army base is considered to have committed “Workplace Violence”, while an American citizen boasting a Tea Party bumper sticker is classified by the Secretary of Homeland Security as a “Domestic Terrorist”.

            •You can get arrested for expired tags on your car, but not for being in the country illegally.

            •Your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more of our money.

            •A seven year old boy can be thrown out of school for calling his teacher “pretty” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class in grade school is perfectly acceptable.

            •The Supreme Court of the United States can rule that lower courts cannot display the 10 Commandments in their courtroom, while sitting in front of a display of the 10 Commandments.

            •Children are forcibly removed from parents who appropriately discipline them while children of “underprivileged” drug addicts are left to rot in filth infested cesspools.

            •Working class Americans pay for their own health care (and the health care of everyone else) while unmarried women are free to have child after child on the “State’s” dime while never being held responsible for their own choices.

            •Hard work and success are rewarded with higher taxes and government intrusion, while slothful, lazy behavior is rewarded with EBT cards, WIC checks, Medicaid and subsidized housing.

            •The government’s plan for getting people back to work is to provide 99 weeks of unemployment checks to not work.

            •Being self-sufficient is considered a threat to the government.

            •Politicians think that stripping away the amendments to the U.S. Constitution is really protecting the rights of the people.

            •The rights of the Government come before the rights of the individual.

            •Parents believe the State is responsible for providing for their children.

            •You can write a post like this just by reading the news headlines in the media.

            •You pay your mortgage faithfully, while your neighbor defaults on his mortgage, buys iphones, big screen TVs and new cars, and the government forgives his debt and reduces his mortgage with your tax dollars.

            •Your government can add anything it wants to your kid’s water (fluoride, chlorine, etc.), but you are not supposed to give them whole milk.

            •Being stripped of the ability to defend yourself makes you “safe”.

            •You have to have your parents signature to go on a school field trip, but not to get an abortion.

            •An 80 year old woman can be stripped searched by the TSA, but a Muslim woman in a burka is only subject to having her neck and head searched.

            Unfortunately, this list could go on and on.

            Our world has been turned upside-down.
            Wake up America!

            • Excellent post. KY Mom, you give me hope in knowing there are still normal people out there.

              • TexasPrepper

                I am waiting to see if Europe turns into one big riot zone.
                They are out of Bats and Broomsticks. Metal Pipe must be at a premium.

                “Hands across the water, Water.”
                “Hands across the sky.”

                Paul McCartney

            • The Twilight Zone for sure!

            • Everything you have listed here is why i get really pissed off when people say, “I am glad we live in America where we have freedom.” Bullshit on that.

            • that is fantastic……………
              and dead on………………..

              God bless and keep up the fine writing R

            • Time for a revolution… like now….

            • Excellent post. KY Mom. ❤

            • That writing was so good. So much common sense. Thank you

          • Amen!! To hell with ALL of them!!

        • Rape in Sweden is up 1000-ott percent.

          Shitstain Trump has called for censoring the internet.

          I don’t support RINO TRUMP, I don’t believe he has the balls or the will to do the things he talks about, but EVERY OTHER REPUBIC CANDIDATE WITHOUT EXCEPTION CONDEMNED THE CALL TO BAN MUSLIM IMMIGRATION, MUCH LESS TO BAN ISLAM.

          French and British leaders condemned Trumps Muslims ban proposal.

          I might just pound a fifth, hold back my vomit and vote for Trump.

          • Better than swallowing the vomit when voting for anyone else….
            maybe Cruz; they seem to be the emerging ticket Trump-Cruz.
            The worthless chamberpot rino repubs attacking Trump is enough to earn my vote.


              FUCK HIM


            • Trump will ban ISIS and any countries people that harbor ISIS.

              Then he will call for a formal Constitutional declaration of war against ISIS.

              Then just as we took the war to the Krauts, Japs and Mussolinis wherever they went with their military, including their navies on or under any sea, Trump will kill any ISIS, anywhere.

              You go, Trump and f the rest, particularly those on this site that support ISIS, Obama, Hitlery and other commies.

              • Your post would’ve actually been good, if you’d left out the hatred “Krauts, Japs and Mussolinis” of people that aren’t our enemies now.

          • Wrong. Ted Cruz did not condemn. Only disagreed.

          • Same here, bro.

        • Islam teaches the men that it is their RIGHT to rape ‘infidel’ (non Muslim) women.

          Followers of the “religion of peace” have been busy the past couple months. I believe attacks will continue. The attacks will be WORSE in places (like Europe) where gun ownership is difficult and the population for the most part has been disarmed.

          It is important to be able to defend yourself and your family.

          Surprisingly, this was reported on NBC news.

          ISIS TRAIL OF DEATH: Six countries, six attacks, at least 525 killed since October 10th

          “Since October 10, ISIS and its sympathizers around the world have killed at least 525 people in six attacks in six countries outside its so-called caliphate.

          American counterterrorism officials say that of the six attacks, three were directed by ISIS from its territory in Syria and Iraq and another two were so-called “announcement” attacks — local ISIS elements revealing their existence in dramatic fashion.”

          • WRONG.

            Islam teaches that it is their OBLIGATION to rape the Karfir and seed her. The womb is a battlefield of Jihad.



            FUCK ISLAM

            • DEATH to all of those muslim islam cunts, to hell and death to them all!!!!

            • Right on!! Was never much a history buff, but watching this presentation by a scientist who took the time to evaluate and present the facts is MIND-BOGGLING!!! We see this on the lamestream news (ie, Muslims blowing up historic land monument – Buddhist temples, etc.), but it never clicked until I watched this. Take the time and watch the whole presentation and make up your own mind. Mine was made. When we are, “Nice,” we might as well bend over and take it, because that is what I see down the road: subjugation and elimination of what was once The United States of America.


              • Thank you for that video. I guess I missed those days in history class, because I am not ‘afraid’ of islam – I want to see it and everything it stands for, wiped off the planet. It is currently being exploited as a conveniently predictable tool for the NWO chaos doctrine.

                btw, if anyone ever wonders why I consistently use lower case for obama, islam, etc, it is because that is my way of showing my disrespect for those people and ideologies. Too me, those they do not deserve upper-case status. It’s never a typo on my part.

                • I meant “To me” – THAT WAS A TYPO.

              • This is a really great video. Every real American should watch it.

          • The muslims rip out the clit of their muslim women. Mad dogs, all of them, including their ISIS muslim women.

            • Actually up until the sixties they were doing Female circumcision here in the US in some areas of the country.

              • Can you clarify they?

          • Intriguing. Perhaps things in the present are no always what they seem. Just a bastardization of the past with each group taking turns on being radical assholes.

            I have a feeling the next group to take on this torch will be the christian fundamentalists “after the great collapse”. Though I doubt any of us will see it in our present life.

            The worm it seems always turns in humanity and sometimes for the better, often times for the worst.

          • The first mosques were Christian churches. Kill the congregation, deface the icons, and move in.

            Hagia Sophia in Istanbul was the most beautiful christian church in the world, bar none. Santa Sophia in Constantinople.

        • “Islam, the religion of pieces. HUMAN pieces, unfortunately…”

          Does this post and this comment above qualify as Islamophobia Hate Crime per Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General appointed by Obama?

          Moreover, do preppers need to speak in Politically Correct language according to the powerful Liberal Elites, lest they screw up all they prepped for by angering the Libs?

          • Lorretta has not arrested Trump yet !

            And Trump is right to want a ban even though it violates the first amendment .
            THEY ARENT CITIZENS anyway !
            I would also argue that Islam cannot be separated from Sharia law , so Islam is more than just religious thought.
            Its a form of governance , so it should be unconstitutional to allow it to be practiced in the U.S.

            • Hammerhead! BINGO!

            • Hammerhead, DING DING DING DING. We have a winner. I’ll never follow any Islamic crap either.

            • Trump will simply ban anyone from syria, iraq, saudi arabi, or any ISIS loving country. No need to ban a religion. Wow, solved that.

              And while you’re at it, Trump, send the UN packing. The UN, like most of Amerika’s people, are ISIS lovers and commies.

              Gaters and hogs gotta eat.

            • It is my understanding the Constitution only applies to citizens of the United States and its territories. Not Foreign Nationals, especially illegal aliens!

              • the Soopreme Injustices will apply the Constitution to anyone in the country, probably unconstitutional, but hey they said it’s “legal’ to force buying of health insurance, and anchor babies…both ridiculous decisions among many stupid ones.

                Either a “reset” under a Trump(maybe Cruz) Presidency, or more devolution. or outright civil war under a Hilarity treason.

                CYA, the economy is going to blow before the voting beginsin Nov. ’16.

            • ¯\_(❤.❤)_/¯

          • FS, I’m islamophobic and proud of it. The AG’s position is illegitimate. She doesn’t have a leg to stand on. You don’t have to be PC. I don’t care what anyone says.

            • Thanks for demonstrating that some Americans still have common sense. If I stand next to a pendulum and it hits me on the shin with every swing – after a while I’ll catch on and move. Any American with a brain should be Islamophobic. I’m a fan of your posts.

            • A phobia is an irrational fear, not based on any objective cause. Being afraid of leaving your house, say, is agoraphobia.

              Being wary of muslims, however, is definitely based on an objective cause. The correct term would be something like Islamocaution, a perfectly rational and sane response to a genuine threat.

              • So my idiophobia is a sane response? 🙂

        • F’n animals.


        • If this man is found guilty which I pretty much think that he is then jail is too good for him, he should be stripped of all his rights to being in this country period and sent back to where he came from (somalia). Islam is not a religion of peace and it is not compatible to our Constitution and to live here you must adhere to the US Constitution nothing else will be excepted period.

          • jail will be good for him..he will get butt fucked.

            • I think a group of American women should beat him and rape him with a broomstick, until he’s dead. This should stop some of them from this act, if they know we won’t just slap their hands and give them government money.

        • As long as everyone understands that progressive liberalism intends genocide on the very kind of people who visit web sites like this. It’s not about equality or tolerance; that’s a sham to disguise its real objective: the destruction of conservative, liberty loving humanity.

          What you will see is an upsurge in state-sanctioned persecution against Christians, culminating in our mass execution; for me, the backdrop to that will be when the dust settles from the nightmare global war they have planned and the blame game begins. I suspect religion per se will be outlawed (thus taking down Islam and apostate forms of “Christianity” too), but once again, the primary target will be the Lord’s own people. I don’t think it will end until the Jews turn en masse to Christ, an event that will transform the world and herald the beginning of the great church age on earth, as Paul the apostle said.

          • BINGO!

        • call out to all able North Dakota American Men… see a Muslim …kill it…

          • You are an idiot.

          • That’s the duty of the unorganized Militia, icetrout.

            Sharpen your Kbar, load yer deer rifle and get yer finger on the trigger.

            • Right mad puppy carpet pisser, spoken like a real old geezer glued to the sofa.

              • RJ and Yeah Sure are dickheads.

        • The fermented camel piss drinking religion of cut you to pieces.

        • Yeah, Muslim pieces of shit, allowed in this country by our own Muslim in chief sitting in the WH.

      2. How the fuck do you “refuse to show in court”????

        • Good question

          • Here’s another good question.. Where are the vigilantes to serve justice?

            • Like you, hiding behind their computers waiting for someone to do it for them.

              • like U Trolling the net from Yemen…

              • This is why I am Voting For Hillary.
                Don’t worry Canon. Things are going to get so fucked up nobody will be able to hide.

              • Canon, I don’t live there for one thing. 2nd if I did dispense some vigilante justice I sure as hell wouldn’t be here telling you about it. What exactly are you doing about anything while were on the subject?

                • Well genie boy, I’ll you what I’m NOT doing, and that is shooting my mouth off 20 times per thread trying to make everyone think I’m a real bad ass when in actuality you’re a tired old man who’s only weaponry is a big mouth, a keyboard, a smiley face and a love affair with braveheart.

            • I’m sure the guy used to work there at the gas station therefore its only work place violence. Nothing to see here.

            • Vigilantes are stirring, but they’re not awake yet. A rifle behind every blade of grass. Japs didn’t try us on our soil of the United States of America.

              f the “homeland,” that’s a term for commies, ISIS lovers, and other assorted shitheads.

              I served my country and had others of like mind beside me.

        • Why is the POS judge still on the bench if he or she allows a perp to choose whether or not they will show up in court? Give me a friken break!

        • It’s called failure to appear, not refusal. Refusal implies a choice, which I assure you, if he was in custody, he wouldn’t have had. The dude was more than likely out on PR or bail awaiting his hearing which he chose not to attend. Next step is a bench warrant at which time the judge may or may not send someone looking for him depending on the severity of the crime.

        • Probably has some thing to do with Sharia Law.


        • You are a fucking foreigner and or muslim cunt and then well, its okay…My God what has happened in this god damn country

      3. I am sure this was an accident, immigrants only come to work at jobs we wont do because we are lazy fat slobs..Obama said he vetted every one so this must be forgiven as an accident

      4. Any of this trash touches anyone i care about and there wont be walls or LE thick enough to protect them and their family from me……

        • U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch will hunt you down.

          • Fuck that muzzy wannabe burr-headed bitch.

            • PO’d P, same here. Let that black racist jezebel bring it on.

            • Uh Damn PO, Say what you really mean.

          • Screw that nappy headed whore.
            I could give a rip

        • Kula, same here. If the sandnigger tried to harm any of my family, THEY would kill him before I could ever get there.

      5. Keep them coming. More Immigrants to add the votes to the Democratic Party.

        Oh he was a “Good Person”. How much more do we have to hear that line every time a crime like this is committed.

        • Because rape is not a crime in Islam. Seriously.

          • Razor, none of us recognize islam as legitimate.

            • Amen to that. My brother-in law is a teacher and he says I misinterpret the Koran on stating Islam is not a peaceful religion. For all his education, one can’t fix stupid.

              • Just ask him to show where the Koran advocates peace.

                He won’t be able to since he hasn’t actually read it.

            • Take it back a step Braveheart; I DO recognize islam as a legitimate political system. Mohammed (piss be upon him)created a government system, a kleptocracy to be specific. It just so happens that islam, by its’ own decree is at war with ANY other system: political, religious or, otherwise.

              Therefore, if anyone claims to be a follower of Mohammad (piss be upon him), they CANNOT be an American.

              Focus your argument in that direction.

              • Cowboy!!!

                You got it!

                islam (I refuse to capitalize that shitword) is not a religion. It is a political ideology masquerading as a religion. As such, it uses the religious fervor that can be whipped up in men as political power. It is powerful as it is evil.

                “Nuke ’em from orbit, its the only way to be sure.”

                Sometimes there is wisdom in movies. The only reason there are peaceful islamics is because they are not in a position to act. Give them money, weapons, secrecy, etc, and they will go crazy and kill as many as they can. Their religion makes it the obligation of the islamic to kill the kafir.

                YouTube search the following words:

                why we are afraid bill warner

                This 40 minute video will show you what islam really is. You’ll know the truth and you’ll never look at those evil scumbags the same way again. I just feel sorry for the kids that are having their spirit killed early in life. They train the spirit right out of them and then all trace of goodness, humanity and the One True God are GONE for GOOD.

                Its a brutal thing to say, but, the only thing you can do with them is exterminate them. If they have the will, I suppose, TOTG can put himself back, but, it he has to be called and they wont.

              • Cowboy, I understand your point. In the MUSLIMS VIEW it’s legitimate. IN OUR VIEW IT IS NOT LEGITIMATE. If the sandniggers want a war, we’ll give them one.

        • Locally here, had a vendor dealing heroin out of his taco truck, with his 10-year old in the truck helping him put the food orders out, within earshot of an elementary school and a high school.

          Major felonies, right? Lots of them.

          So in court this guys entire extended family, NINE people, all of them show up and tell the judge what a great and loving father this piece of work is, how he couldn’t have done what he’s accused of, just a racist setup, blah, blah, blah. NOT ONE of these folks could bring themselves to say he was a scumbag drug dealer and should be in jail, not one. So much for assimilation into the mainstream culture, eh?

          We’re going to have problems with these people for the next fifty years.

          This is the Land of the Big Pinata, and we Gringos are the candy filling. Don’t turn your back on any of them or trust one for any reason.

          • Smokey, we got them in Memphis, too.

        • SLING , prisons are full of “good folks” , ask obama .

          • and most of them are not guilty, ask them…

      6. Not sure why we just don’t send everyone without citizenship back to where they came. I mean I can’t go live in a foreign country just because I don’t like it here and feel threatened here by Obuttlips decisions/actions.

        All these refuges who came because of their governments bad fortune need to be rounded up and sent back. I work with a ton of them that shouldn’t even be here. I don’t feel Americans have a voice anymore.

      7. rape should carry a death penalty of hanging

        • Nah, just cut their ‘D!((%” off

          • So all those US military vets who raped women on their tours of duty should have their dicks cut off, according to your logic, right?

            If you actually served in Vietnam I am sure you witnessed acts of brutality done by fellow American soldiers or heard about them. What did you do about it?

            • Wow RJ, harkening back to the Vietnam war-era, hippie-mantra that Vets are rapists is really so, 1968 of you! Join us in the 21st century, won’t you? Here we deal with Islamist terrorists trying to kill us in our own country – while being invaded by millions of illegal, criminal invaders through our southern border.

              I’m guessing that libaralism runs true in your veins.

              • So you’re saying that “some” US vets during not only Vietnam war, but all wars ever waged (yes that includes the vestial virgins that fought in WWI and WWII cause you know times and people were just so much more innocent then than they are now – NOT) were not raping, amongst other things? If you believe that you are sadly mistaken.

      8. In the future, Americans will have to decide to if they want to take the fight to them (Inside the USA) or sit down and shut up while Muslims do these types of injury to us.

        I am willing to bet that it will be the latter. Why? Because we are still dealing with Gun Control. We are still dealing with the banking system. We are still dealing with Unemployment. We are still dealing with OPEN Southern Border. Race Relations. Need I say anymore about our President?

        We are On OUR OWN, already. We just don’t realize it yet.

        • sling, some of us DO realize it, thats why we prep 🙂

          • Genius

            O.K. Genius Here I Go.

            What the hell is this sob doing out in the middle of NOWHERE? Google the Town. Is he a resettlement?

            • Maine took a pile of Somalians in. Can’t imagine them there in winter. Maine is tropical compared to ND in winter.

              That guy isn’t there because he decided to move to a -20 deg f State.

            • I looked for a while and it says N, Dakota has the largest per capita refugee settlement. Fargo is one, here is a map (2014) ht tps://

              • Genius

                At least they’re sending them to nowhere land where 3 to 4 months out of the year they’re huddled inside in the warm. Everyone there is armed. Most probably don’t carry as a general rule but one look at, “The New Neighbors” and you travel in three’s; Me accompanied by Smith & Wesson.

                • I like the way you think

        • Slingshot: Muslims are trashing the EU, rapes, robberies stealing from stores, destruction of property, as police stand by and do nothing. I expect the EU will be a caliphate in 2016 and their pro Muslim leaders will formally convert after victory for the invaders is announced. Mass killing will take place and destruction of churches, etc. Most of this agenda even here is funded by Saudi oil money incl building of mosques here and overseas. I see it happening to us because the politicians are corrupt and don’t care to incl local mayors and city council allowing Muslim resettlements in their communities. Plus the fact there are very few alpha males left that are true patriots who will stand up, most being over sixty. Younger people will go along with whoever is ruling even if it’s shiria law because most are stuck in stupid. Over 90% adults over 18 are dumbed down idiots. all we can do is get our own house in order as gov. will not protect anyone. Since the enemy is inside the gate, voting will not solve Muslim invasion as the ship has sailed.

          • Laura; Governments are changing in Europe. Every time one of these lowlifes create a problem more people turn against the present governments. People are rising in Germany,France,Belgium,Netherlands,Switzerland and Eastern Europe. There will be more violence there and more here. If our elections are allowed to happen there will be an unheard of turnover. If not,there will be civil war.

            • Civil war, Jim, sooner than later. There are a lot of us old guys around and wer’re pissed.

              No need to lock. Keep your finger on the trigger, it’s about to blow.

      9. Why does it have to be about a person’s immigration or religious affiliation? Why not post the statistics of American men who rape and assault women daily in this country? Would rape stop if immigration was stopped? No.

        Trash is trash no matter what country or religion they spew out of their mouths. That my friends is just the nature of some people.

        Stopping immigration will not stop rape. It will not stop murder. The American population is ripe with both rapists and murderers.

        • RJ. But rape will stop from these immigrants that think they have right to do so. It won’t stop the few american idiots that do it but americans will rise up to stop people that come in here with no skills,no language and will not assimilate.
          These are non citizens with no rights here and should be in refugee camps in the middle east with some money donated their countries, not to come here and impose their beliefs and customs on us. How many Syrian christians have been brought over? None

        • Rape, RJ, will stop by ISIS immigrants after Trump stops immigration by all people from syria, iraq, saudi arabi and any county harboring ISIS.

      10. Any muslim coming up to me with a face that looks like that will experience diciplinary action on a severe phucking level. Amy muslim that rapes my woman is one dead ass phucking muslim. Any muslim i catch raping a woman or anyones children, is one one dead ass phucking muslim.

        And i wont be using a gun, thats too easy and not painfull enough. I am going to use my bare hands and martial arts, the untimate punishment. Its going to be a slow painfull death.

        Muslims getting scard and are trying to fool us, its not working.

        The muslims have even been seen protesting in the streets with the American Flag and they think that because they are out there talking crap about jihadist and that the terrorist give islam a bad name. You dumbass muslims reading my post need to know one thing, its that your koran says that you are to kill all Christians, jews and none believers. So you all can keep trying to Bullhs….t you way on our streets protesing with our flag, you aint fooling people like me and others. So Phuck you.

        From what i have heard recently the attorney general is going to tell us what we can say of do from this point on. Well bitch needs to know something, you wont be able to tell us what the phuck to do in says our state, so go phuck off bitch. To show my strength as and athlete and as a martial artist and as and American. I can honestly say this. PHUCK ALL MUSLIMS AND ITS TIME TO SHIP THEM OUT OF OUT COUNTRY. Our ammunition stores are selling literally 100,000’s of rounds of .308/.223/5.56 M859, a does not give a rats ass about anyone trying to pass laws in Washington, to implement of us. The first amendment allows me to speak my phucking mind, so eat sh…t bitch. Your tatooed up faced ms13 cartel gangs will be shot on site if they start war with the red neck forces of Texas.

        I have to agree with Trump, phuck the muslims.

        Donald Trump just said recently at a rally that no more of these phucks should be allowed to enter the coutry, then of course, yahoo news shows Trump as making racist remarks, and talking bad about muslims. I dont trust Trump yet, but i have to agree with him on the border and the the “jihadist refugee crisis”, the former fighters that are running out of Syria, while russia bombs the phuck out them. The Saudis and the turks wont take back thier owne fighters fleeing Syria, and are trying to dump them off in America with thier allies in the Agency. Then again, the United Nations of Muslims is responsible. They are muslims who wrote the gun ban charter.

        They have all the Jade Helm 15 assets in position in Texas, and cant wait to have the 10,000 muslim jihadist fighters that they are flying in to attack us here is Texas, quoted Dr James Garrow, former Cia, now whistle blower, who was told that the admistrations is sending in Chinese soldiers under the disguise of civilians, business owners, restaurant employees and students to be the boots on the ground to attack, shoot and kill the American people, coupled with the fact that the Candian General cut a deal with Zi jin Ping, china’s president, to allow thier soldiers to take thier land, homes, wifes and daughters, and that they must give all white males two shots to the head and that the wife and daughter is theirs, to take and do as they please and see fit, quoted the canadian general.

        I read and artilce last year showing the rape statistics in Harris County, meaning Houston and its sorrouding cities. Illegal aliens off all kinds, not just hispanics, includes africans, and other illegal nationals, have raped over 9,000 women between 2013-2014. The cops and state also made over 100,000 arrest from assaults, armed robery, and all sorts of crimes including home invasions, which the attackers not only robbed the family, but raped the women and thier children.

        Hopefully the family of that North Dakota woman hunts down the muslim bastard and kills him.. You would not believe that i would do to a man like that, with a face like that if i get ahold of a muslim like that. Had that muslim raped a mans daugher in Katy Tx, and cops didnt catch that muslim in time and he was in the area, that muslim would have over 100 rounds of holes in his face, and all over his body.

        So with satistics like that in my city, i decided to listen to my scientist friend and to prep for the worst and get ready to bail from my city. If those bastards are doing that with those kind of numbers, that what are we to expect if the food, water, grid, cuts off from our city, when the cabal detonates and EMP of Texas, blames Russia for the attack, then we are suddnely caught off guard, and thrown into SHTF IMMEDIATELY. Like i have warned before, women cant protect themselves, they are dead, finished unless they are with harcore survival grup of trustworthy men. The evidence keeps showing itself with sh…t like this, that keeps proving that my scientist friend is telling me the truth. He keeps telling us everytime he sees us that the women are going to be extinct.



        Agency ass clown super moderator. Coming soon, there wont be any website of article of agency ass clows to moderate. Why? we wont have a rats ass of a grid left when they are done with us.

        • HCKS, I share your sentiments. I’ve got bullets dipped in BBQ sauce waiting for those sandniggers.

          • Let me say it this way.

            I wonder what the odds are that sooner or later the goatherding pukes cross the line that the collective conservative psyche will no longer tolerate on its front porch.

            Or, what the odds are that sooner or later 3 guys get off an elevator leaving behind a crumpled cultural misunderstanding on the elevator floor.

            And, I wonder what the odds are that all 3 of them are willing to swear they heard that crumpled misunderstanding say “All of you to the snackbar”

      11. All the muslim terrorists are described as ” good persons”
        by their relatives. I would hate to see what a group of the
        “bad persons” would be like. Their Allah Akbar is the devil!

      12. It has been said before; opening day for OPEN SEASON on these bastards is right around the corner. With no bag limit. Lube your rounds with bacon grease, happy hunting ya’ll.

        • Infidel-2

          Have to act fast before they go Nocturnal.

          • Jacklighting will be legal.

            Hunting by torchlight may become a social function again, like in the old Frankenstein movies.

          • Slingshot
            Not to worry I have night vision scopes.

            • I’ll bring my thermal scope.

            • SGT. Dale

              Illumination Flares. Doing it the Old Fashioned Way.

            • Sarge, I also have a night vision scope.

        • Why don’t you declare open season on American men who rape women?

          • RJ they have it worse – they get sent to prison and get their fudge packed. In my humble opinion that would be worse than death.

          • It’s already open season on them, RJ, ever hear of self-defense?

            What medication do you take to stop your heart from bleeding?

          • You are using a straw man argument to simply get away from looking at the truth presented in the video. You are a complete asshole liar Muslim sympathizer. Period! You have nothing to say about the horrific actions by Muslims and keep shitting on American men. You MUST BE A TROLL ASSHOLE.

        • Infidel 2: If any are captured, first feed them pigs ears and chitterlings with turnip greens then after their final meal, line them up against the wall. Q of the day: will there be enough patriots to participate? Seems doubtful thus far from what I glean from. California folks are apathetic for sure, as after last week, some refusing to report suspicious activity before the event happened.

        • Frig the bacon grease bullet lube. Muzzie gonna have to take it ‘dry’.

      13. Rape is not a crime in Islam. If anything the woman is blamed for asking for it

        • Joys of Muslim Women
          by Nonie Darwish

          “In the Muslim faith, a Muslim man can marry a child as young as 1 year old and have sexual intimacy with this child, consummating the marriage by 9.

          The dowry is given to the family in exchange for the woman (who becomes his slave) and for the purchase of the private parts of the woman, to use her as a toy.

          Even though a woman is abused she cannot obtain a divorce.

          To prove rape, the woman must have (4) male witnesses.

          Often after a woman has been raped, she is returned to her family and the family must return the dowry. The family has the right to execute her (an honor killing) to restore the honor of the family. Husbands can beat their wives ‘at will’ and they do not have to say why.

          The husband is permitted to have 4 wives, and a temporary wife for an hour (prostitute) at his discretion.

          The Shariah Muslim law controls the private as well as the public life of the woman.

          In the West World ( America ) Muslim men are starting to demand Shariah Law so the wife cannot obtain a divorce and he can have full and complete control of her.

          It is amazing and alarming how many of our sisters and daughters attending American Universities are now marrying Muslim men and submitting themselves and their children unsuspectingly to the Shariah law.”

          Author and lecturer Nonie Darwish says the goal of radical Islamists is to impose Shariah law on the world, ripping Western law and liberty in two.

          She recently authored the book, Cruel and Usual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law.

          Link below

          • KY, how come the media doesn’t broadcast the muslims sexual depravity every day? You know, so why don’t you tell us?

            • because we have government controlled media…duh.

        • Says who??????????? Rape is a crime everywhere and anywhere……religion, or lack thereof, aint got nothing to do with it……….punish them!!!!!!!!!!!!!………yawn

        • If the perp is doing the rape in America, it IS a crime, here! I don’t care what, if any, religion the perp espouses. Rape in America is a CRIME, and needs to be treated as such, and if the perp is mis Moo Slime, they need to be shot . save the taxpayer dollars!

      14. This is a rape and murder cult, they do not assimilate,they conquer It has been so since their child molesting murderous prophet began to spread this cult by force 680AD.
        Arm your women teach them to shoot, if she doesnt want a gun get her a can of bear mace from the sporting goods store and a good pair of running shoes.

        • Assimilation is NOT part of their plan.

          “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant.

          The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the ONLY accepted religion on Earth”

          –Omar Ahmad, Co-Founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

          • You are right KY Mom. They are here to conquer.


      15. WELL the only way to ride this close borders, IMPEACH THERE LEADER in the WH…CLEAN house of all of muslims and AMERICA..
        THIS is the anti CHRIST MOVE ON AMERICA!! But another problem there is to many ANTI AMERICANS IN THE W.H. YES vote them out of office whether democrat or republican,,recall or IMPEACH!!!!

        • Obama has committed Treason. If convicted, punishable by death.

      16. On what continent is Somalia located? In light of that fact if Mr (can’t spell or pronounce his name) was of any or no religion, it probably wouldn’t make a statistical difference in his desire to commit violent crime. You would be hesitant to turn your back on him period.

        • Kevin; It is located in eastern Africa.

          • Jim in Va

            I asked that question as a joke but thanks anyway. Maybe my sense of humor is a tad warped but my thought process is accurate.

          • Not any more, it is in Minneapolis, Mn, USA

            • Also known as Mogadishu, Minnesota.


      18. are they saying this POS isnt in a jail cell?
        how could he NOT show up for court?

        a lot of unanswered questions here .. I didnt think anyone had a choice to not go to court especially when accused of a crime, and I have to believe that he was arrested once the cops kicked down the door of the bathroom

        gather this pile of spit up and get his ass into court and lets hang this fucker before all Muslims to see ..than cut his fuckin head and balls off

        • He has to be in a jail cell, the cops kicked in the door and arrested him. How you can sit in a cell and not be taken into court in chains is beyond me.

          People go into civil court in neck braces, wheelchairs, on gurneys, with IVs in their arms and a nurse standing alongside, all the time.

          • agreed , this act of not showing up in court is bullshit , and should also be considered contempt of court, even if he was detained ..still a lot about how this story was written leaves a lot out

            hang the SOB once he is deemed guilty , let all the others see it.. this is what happens to you when you pull this shit here

            lets face it, if the courts dont go hard line on crap like this , people will begin to take measures that will not allow the perp to be tried in court

            I really wish more women would carry .. this shit hole would have been delt with

            • When, oh when, Enemy? I haven’t read any stories about muslims getting killed by Americans.

              But then, sss is my motto.

              f ’em

      19. So how many red blooded Americans are heading to North Dakota to serve up some justice with a rope?

        • Your comment reminds me of comments made by the KKK when a black man was accused of raping (or just looking at) a white woman.

          Where is your outrage and justice for women who have been raped by men born and raised in America? Or is that more acceptable to you because they are US citizens?

          Honestly I do not understand the logic being displayed here with some of these comments. The bias shown is nothing but plain ignorance. H

          ow sad that as a culture this is what it comes down to in life. Tribal mentality that excuses the evil acts of those within the tribe, while blood lust happens for anyone not a member of your specific group or creed.

          Almost akin to rape that occurs in families and is covered up because after all you have to protect “the family.”

          • RJ

            We already have enough Rape and Crime in this nation. We don’t have to Import anymore, do We?

          • Dude nobody is sayin’ they wouldn’t dust any other rapist regardless of race, religion or creed. Just because it wasn’t said doesn’t mean it wouldn’t happen. Maybe you need to get up out of that chair and let your linen ‘unbunch’.

            • Well it hasn’t happened yet, as far as I know. Thousands of rapes happen every day in America, yet I have yet to hear anyone rallying to kill those American rapists.

              Am I the only one who sees how we are being played with this immigration/rape situation by the alternative media and mainstream media? Both sides on the opposite end of the spectrum and extreme?

              There has to be a reason for it. Could it be that both sides are working together?

              It is so easy to work people up into a feeding frenzy. How many rapes last week were committed in the US by natural born citizens and how many by immigrants? Get those figures and compare the two and then start rabble rousing over one article about one rape.

              • We see what they are doing in Sweden Britain France and every other country that lets them in. How can anyone say we need immigrants ? There’s not enough jobs for them . Only the domestic enemy would want more immigrants let in.

          • RJ, I for one am opposed to rape regardless of who or where the perpetrator comes from. If he was born here I would still kill him.

            • RJ, let me go further. How carefully did you read the article? The issue was an American-born woman being raped by a POS Muslim from Somalia. Even if he’d been born here, he’s still a POS and should be held accountable. Are you black, by chance? If so, then you don’t have a leg to stand on considering the nature of the black community. You can’t really criticize white people over anything.

              • Can’t criticized the white race?are you that stupid inbred.the world is like it is today because of white trash like you.

          • Ah, yes, moral relativism, tempered with references to the KKK, ignorance, and incest, just to ensure us of the purity of your heart, superior intellect, and the unquestioned truthfulness of your argument.

            That simple-minded drivel doesn’t work anymore, we’re not college sophomores and haven’t been for a long time. The country is growing up and reality is setting in.

            The only reason all these American rapists and criminals exist is because of people like you, RJ. If it was up to us, there would be nothing for you to cry about, the problem would be dealt with quickly and finally.

            Cry us a river.

            • My argument because you clearly are unwilling to acknowledge a valid argument is this:

              It does not matter where this person is from nor what religion they aspire to. A rapist is a rapist. Focusing on muslims and the comments about let’s get all the muslims because one raped an American woman are ludicrous at best.

              This is the way innocent people – who are muslim – who are not rapists – get killed in America.

        • I would hope North Dakota will take care of it.

          Same down here in Florida. If we can’t take care of it here by ourselves. Shame on us. We deserve what we get.

      20. Yeah, he’s got mental issues all right, poor thing. Thinking forcible rape and assault are acceptable behavior is just a sign of a conflicted personality aggravated by an abusive family relationship as a child, right?

        Boo hoo, cry us a river. Death Cab for Ali.

      21. Didn’t know they spread out from the Twin Cities area … there’s a whole “don’t dare enter” section of the metro where they live …

        These African Muslims are biggest concern around for the FBI … there’s a regular shuttle between MN and Somali for “religious training” ….

        • JRS, just leave the job to Russia. They’re making Obama and NATO look like shit.

        • If they run out of hellfire bombs then it’s time to break out the good stuff. Maybe a couple of B61’s.

      22. I wish we could show all the pictures of the brutal crime to those who want these refugees to come here. Including the President. Let them support them on THEIR Dime. Americans have always been open but it does not mean we have to pay for them and suffer the crime.

        “Oh, they have been ravished by war?” Fuck You!

        Tell that to the Husband or Father to his face whose wife or daughter that has been attacked.

      23. Rape goes unpunished in America all the time.

        I worked for a rape prevention organization.

        Came across a young woman nine months pregnant.
        A black man had entered through her kitchen window.
        She was white. He was violent and beat her. I was
        told by her that the police believed her story. Pitiful
        fact that rape is not rape if the police do not believe
        the victim.

        Talked to a big handsome man. He had been raped
        by three men. But usually the victim is a woman or
        girl. We should do more to prevent this.
        Let’s think about the money and power that is behind
        the curtain and pulling the strings. Get rid of the
        Israeli influence in America. We can take it from there.

        • Rape is now POLITISIZED, way beyond the court of Public Opinion. In fact Public Opinion don’t mean shit because if the News Media could cover it all up, to never see the light of day, they would.

          I would like to see both the Israeli and Muslim ejected and have them fight it out someplace else.

        • What the fuck kind of sense does THAT comment make? Jesus H. Christ, what the fuck has money got to do with causing people to get raped? And is there some kind of Jewish mind control ray that they use to make people become rapists? This time you’ve shown how fucking stupid you really are grandpa, go lick your photo of Hitler, he’s waiting for your tongue on his face.

          • Canon

            Rape is a political hot potato when you talk about ISLAM. It is part of their culture and religion. Why don’t you look at Ann Barnhardt’s video on Islamic Sexuality and see if you want that shit all over the country. And if you don’t like what I say about Israel.

            Too Bad. They are not fucking angels either.

            I hope you still have 50 years or more to go in your life.

            • Slingshot,

              I should have posted the comment was meant for b of ca, not you.

              • Canon

                Without a name it is hard at times to see who is commenting on who.
                The posts seem to jumble around some at times. Moderation has a part in it.

        • Jews are responsible for rape in this country? Just how stupid are you to believe that we are so stupid as to believe you?

      24. I hear the United Nations has been upset about the Negative Muslim talk.

        Well if they Bulldozed the UN building into the East River in New York City, I would not miss it.

        • Slingshot, the people behind 9/11 attacked the wrong target. They should’ve taken out the UN building and that would have solved some of the world’s problems. Take out DC, NY, Hollywood, and City Of London solves even more.

          • Braveheart1776

            That would have really Fucked things up.

            Imagine the world representatives in a General Assembly Meeting and having to roof come down on you in flames.
            Holy Shit, Braveheart. Maybe we would not have the terrorism we have today.

          • Brave, why would they attack their own?

        • The UN must go. They are worse than Amerika’s commies and muslims.

      25. ATTN Sgt Dale…I got a good look at some still photos and video of the town house and garage of these two lovely individuals from CA….not sure if you’ve seen them but if you have not please search them out… I could not see any sign of any fingerprint dust anywhere in the views that I saw…door edges, table and countertops were clearly visible and void of dust… what do you think gives here?…

        • Oldman

          Something that they would do is dust/check to find the two dead scum bags prints and then check them for other prints in the house. I can see how this could be questionable here.

          Now the other way to pick up prints is with new equipment that uses inferred lights. Less messy. Prints come from the oils in your skin and these light can pick this up better than dust.

          Let us hope that they used the new stuff which works better than the dust. Let us hope they get someone else before there is another strike. Or that they aren’t make this some kind of a false flag.


        • its all a big cover up from the white house down to the state level

          the virus has stated that “he don’t want no drama ”
          and so it starts

          so far in the 7 years he has been in office how many shootings has he had covered up by claiming work place violence ?

          too many

          this has got too stop and some one better do it soon or we will be stuck with the Clinton virus and no known cure for that one

          can you imagine 4 or 8 years of her ???

          all of this bull shit is because of political correctness and it has gotten so out of control
          that no matter what we do it wont be enough

          the apt that these scum lived in was contaminated by the media on purpose it was all part of the plan to have any case fall apart that’s also why the family was not held very long for questioning and was released with in a couple of hrs.

          so that the FBI and the Virus in DC can claim no big deal nothing to see here move along

          know your enemy


      26. Every other Republican is against Trump because of his stand on Immigration of Muslims. Trump just tweeted that he still has 68% of his present followers and would stay if he ran as an Independent. Republicans can not stand Trump. They will lose to a split Election. Get Ready for Hillary

        • Hillary, and then maybe you f ‘ers will start the war?

          I doubt it, cowards everywhere.

      27. All it takes is one good guy with a gun….
        It might make these goatfuckers think twice, before doing shit like this.

        But I doubt it….

      28. If you aren’t backing Trump, you should go re-register as Democrat.


        • AC

          I am going to get my wish that Hillary becomes President.

          Going to Knock those Arm Chair Generals to the floor because they will HAVE TO DO something.

          I’m Voting for Hillary to Bring It On!

          So get your shit together.

          Are you Ready?

          • sling, Yep get hitlery in there and let’s get the party started!

      29. Slingshot; say it isn;t so!

        • Jim in Va.

          Serious for sure. I know damn well Hillary is going to continue the Obama platform and move closer to the United Nations and the New World Order.
          Consider the Constitution TOAST! I depend on her wanting her payback from all the trouble, we as Patriots have caused her. That is why “that look” in her eye is present, on the Presidential Trail. I am tire of people telling me I am not going to do nothing. Believe me I have done plenty over the years in Politics. What better way to force a hand than by using the same system against them.
          Voting for Hillary might force a civil war and if it don’t. It will shortened the time that this country collapses. No More politics, only action. After all you have to be in it to win it.

      30. Let us let more of these scum bag bastards into the USA. That is what the Prez. Muslime Obullshit is doing, He is doing his best to bring on Cowboys VS. Muslimes.

        The only real answer for this piece of crap is a tall tree and a short rope!!! I would love to hear him yell Acky Candy bar then!

        This will continue until the GOOD men and women stand up and start fighting and killing these bastards.

        The way I look at this right now is it them or us. Good old Western Justice is what is need to stop this.

        This is not big talk. If this happens to any of my women family members that bastard will start a war he can’t win! Not a Threat but a Promise. Time for us to grow some balls and fight for what is RIGHT!

        Any RAPE pisses me off, but when you think, and are taught that it is your right to rape someone because of your religion that just puts you into the same class of a BABY RAPER.

        When I read this story on another site I was so pissed I had to go for a walk to clear my head. So I would say I’m sorry for the Rant, but I’m not. The way I feel right now is to hang this son-of-a-bitch, and let his body hang there until it rots and falls apart. Then bury him with a dead pig!!!!


        • Sarge,,,
          Notice how this turd is the same ethnic background as the nappy headed bitch who is running the DOJ
          Guess she will be prosecuting anyone speaking out about this chimp,
          Ask me if I care…….

          • Kalu:
            No I didn’t, and thanks for bringing it up.
            She will also prosecute the poor woman that was raped because she doesn’t have 4 men to back up her story.

            Now do you see what you get when you let muslimes chips run the USA. Am I being racist? Nope just telling the truth!!!!


            • A cowboy, an indian and a muslim were sitting together in a bar one day. The indian said “once we were many but now we are few”. The muzlim said “once we were few but now we are many”. The cowboy spoke up and said “Thats because we haven’t played cowboys and muzlims yet” 🙂

          • Kula, the sandnigger who did the rape needs to die. Let’s see the jezebel AG do something about that.

      31. Whips and Chains, importing whips and chains Moslem style, they believe in slaves,that is what
        Their women are to them and every one who is not Muslim. RJ you have no rights they could rape you! All rapists are evil!

      32. Here in Arizona, this guy would very likely not have survived the attempt, especially if he had targeted my wife.

        Even if she had *not* been carrying her sidearm (no permit required in Arizona), she is athletic, very strong, and is the only woman to have defeated our Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor during one of our Field Training Exercises conducted by the Arizona Militia.

        To say that I am proud of her is a gross understatement. I am somewhat fearful of her myself when she is angry, and I know that she likes me. Imagine what she would do to someone who managed to really piss her off.

        So, send this camel-shagging douche up here to our very rural part of the Arizona mountains and I will have my wife take him into the truck stop bathroom and give him a thorough b|tch-slapping that he will never forget.

      33. Stupid assed liberals. They are going to get EXACTLY what they deserve. Unfortunately, the rest of us will ALSO be in the shit.

      34. I’m not a betting man, but I’ll bet this one time you won’t hear a peep out of the feminists whining about the so called western rape culture. Welp, it’s here now.

        • Grease, it’s a safe bet on what you say. The feminazis are bogus and don’t really care about women anyway. They’re just using women to pursue their own agenda.

      35. Hello everyone new here

        • Hi. Welcome. Lots to read and learn here.

          • Welcome Bryan! I hope your here seeking truth cause you will find it here (after some weeding lol).

          • Yeah, lots to learn here all right. Like learning to be an old diaper bound geezer who can only spit hate from a keyboard because you’re too damn old and feeble fro anything else.

          • First thing to learn is that Genius is an Idiot, he and Them Guys form a duo of Jew-haters, nothing they post is factual or remotely sane.

            Now before either of them does it, let me advise you that I am ‘kosherboy’, and ‘satanic spawn of the tribe’, according to them. However, I’m not Jewish, no matter how much they fantasize about it.

            Which brings us back to the part above about nothing they post being factual or sane.

        • BryanB, welcome aboard. You have a tremendous amount to learn so do your due diligence. If you’re seeking truth, you’ve come to the right place.

        • Enjoy.

      36. Wild wild west ,we are on our own,Trump has traveled the world and knows what we are having
        Shoved down our throats. Hcks is right no woman from ,1yr old up ,will not be safe from these sick bastards their wives are slaves,property. This is common sense , they wear fear on their heads and cover their entire bodies except for a slit for their eyes.They can beat and mutilate them. Babies, babies ,babies,………….. And poor tea boys! Babies………..
        That is the age they can take a Wife! Sick sick sick! This is not a religion it is a cult mentality!
        Go Trump tell it like it is,the rest are a bunch of cowards,they won’t protect us!

      37. Check out Ann Barnhardt’s video on Islamic sexuality on youtube. (Warning- it is graphic!!) From her presentation a couple yrs ago to the Colorado Patriots group.

        Show it to friends and relatives who are neocon, libtard or simply in denial. Maybe a few of them will wake up. Then again… maybe they won’t.
        Either way, keep investing in precious metals like brass and lead…

        • Smokin, about time you came back around. How you been?

          • Howdy Braveheart! I’ve been working like a mad man past several months. In Atlanta Tuesday night, Phoenix Thurs morning, back to Atlanta Friday night, then Phoenix again by Sunday. Another typical crazy week. This truck engine hasn’t cooled off since June! It was a new truck 15 months ago, now it’s got 375,000 on the odometer. Makes me tired just thinking about it! But you know what they say- got to make those federal reserve notes while the sun shines.
            Hopefully, come spring, it will slow down and I can spend a bit more time at home. And here at Mac’s place. Been missing the fun! Y’all keep stacking the preps…

        • SmokinOkie

          That should be televised over and over on the News networks. At Least Public television. The President should watch this and se if he changes his opinion on Islam.

          Ann BarnHardt’s video is shocking.

          • Amen to that slingshot. I first saw it a couple yrs ago. Maybe it was DK or somebody here who first recommended it. And it was here at shtfplan where I first heard of Ann. Or for that matter, where I first began to wake up. Mac still has the most kick-ass site in my opinion! Y’all be safe… and keep stacking.

            • SmokinOkie


        • sss, Smokin. Good to hear from you. Any muzzies left in your AO?

        • Good to see you back, SO.


        Assumingly that we have a 2016 Election of coruse. Lets be phucking realistic.

        No the white house spoke person is calling calling Trump out on his fake hair, as if anyone gives a rats ass about his hair. For the record, i am letting everyone know that i support Trump for the time being. Because i was just informed that he is trustworthy and that a real cabalist pissing match has commensed for power in the US. He is not talking crap or playing make belief, he is the real deal. Yes he does have horrible friends, but those friends are not against the other horrible assholes on the United nations side of muslimdom. So the Power grab is literally up for takes.

        No moderation on muslim bashers today. Phuck it. Menzobarrazan, you can talk, this is a free country, spider man.

        Today is Menzo day. When i listened to what the phucker did to the gastation clerk, i nearly sh…t. Then the bastard is so confident, he was seen naked in the restroom. Man, now thats confidence, confidence because he was told by his mosk , that muslims own the US now.

        A muslim phucker like that needs to a good white boy neigbourhood street corner ass kicking.

        No moderation for all Legitimate posters. Phuck me.



        Agency ass clown super moderator. Who the hell am i here to critisize. Naked phucking muslim raping woman in a local gastations. What the hell has this country come to.

        Donald Trump for President.

      39. I’m sure our leaders will assure us that “Allahu Akbar” has nothing to do with Islam.

      40. Just a cultural misunderstanding. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

      41. These problems will not be solved by typing.

        • So what are your suggestions?

      42. It used to be that when there were mad – rabid dogs loose, everyone would pick up a weapon to protect their families and homes. Is this now being “politically incorrect”? I say “screw the islamic advocates & the horses they rode in on”. The mad – rabid dogs are intent on devouring our families and taking over what our forefathers, our husbands, and sons have died for in the last 239-years to current. What is it going to take for us to take a stand?

      43. All Muslims suffer from a mental illness called Islam.

      44. Ali is a “good person”, meaning “A Muslim Man following the life of Mohammed and the teachings of Allah”. Rape and kill the unbeliever—good job Ali!

        Look out for “good Muslims”.

      45. Black jack Pershing handled the Muslims correctly!!
        Search it!

      46. RJ, you going to volunteer an extra bedroom in your house to accommodate some muslim “refugees”?
        It’s the fair thing to do. How about it?

        • For the record I am against bringing refugees here from any part of the world.

          Each country should bear the responsibility of taking care of their own people (though are interference in other countries, creating some of the problems is a whole other can of worms entirely).

          We do after all have enough problems with illegals from Mexico coming here, so why add to it by bringing people Syria, etc?

          My point is that to go all holy war on all muslims living in the US is wrong. Each person should be punished based on their individual crime(s), not an entire group of people for the sins of others.

          Fear is making many a rational person become irrational. It will only create the very thing we should be trying to avoid: martial law by your own government, to contain the violence as it spreads.

          • It’s not fear, slick.

            Not by a long shot.

      47. I am amazed we even heard about this story. Surprised that woman’s man or man friend didn’t just escort that animal out to the back forty and conveniently made him ‘disappear’!
        It is time for a cleansing of all non whites. To hell with the melting pot of America. Everyone needs to return to their country of origin and make it or break it there, not here! All those who want a mixed marriage can leave too! Eliminate the possible extinction of White America & White World.

        • What’s the alternative ?

      48. God do I wish that woman was armed and blew that muslim cunts head off of his worthless shoulders. That is the only way to deal with those baboons!

      49. If the female gas station attendant was white it should also be a HATE CRIME!!

      50. His sister is right, he is a good Muslim. Got to spread the seed of Allah’s minions in the infidels.

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