Murrieta Mutiny: Border Patrol “Will Not Obey Unlawful Orders” From Homeland Security and White House

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Headline News | 288 comments

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    border-patrol-oathAs the Department of Homeland Security and The Department of Health and Human Services scrambled to find food, medical care and shelter for up to 60,000 illegal immigrants making their way into the United States over the last several months, they came up with the idea of shipping thousands of undocumented migrants to detention centers in Murrieta, California.

    Americans showed up in droves to protest the proposed drop-offs. So much so that the gatherings made national news. Swarms of Americans, many of whom hailed from foreign countries themselves, stood in the middle of the road blocking scores of buses as they attempted to reach their destinations at makeshift refugee camps set up by DHS and HHS.

    Given the recent history of such brazen actions by American citizens exercising their First Amendment rights, it was believed that the federal government would step in and begin detaining protesters in free speech zones or temporary holding facilities so that the buses could get through.

    But that never happened.

    Now, a highly credible insider speaking with GMN in a recorded interview has shed some light on what happened, and according to him things could have gone a whole different direction.

    According to the whistleblower, who has thus far remained anonymous for fear of reprisal, the Department of Homeland Security on orders from the White House was preparing to disperse the protesters with physical force if necessary. Federal riot police were being mobilized, complete with riot gear, body armor and armored personnel carriers.

    When local law enforcement and border patrol agents, many of whom live in Murrieta, got wind of the plot they reportedly pushed back against the Federal government and themselves protested behind closed doors.

    In an exclusive expose regarding the immigration standoff in Murrieta, California, it was revealed by a confidential informant inside the Murrieta U.S. Border Patrol facility that the real reason busses stopped delivering illegal immigrants was due to a virtual mutiny within the U.S. Border Patrol ranks.

    A recorded telephone interview with a highly credible and prominent Murrieta community leader on Sunday July 14, 2014 when it was revealed that frontline U.S. Border Patrol agents threatened to stand down if the Department of Homeland Security executed a plan to use force upon protestors [sic] if they impeded buses transporting undocumented immigrants into the Murrieta processing facility.

    “Most of the Border Patrol agents here at this facility are residents of Murrieta, and when they found out that the DHS was going to come in with riot gear, the agents declared that they would not obey any unlawful orders which violate the Constitutional rights of peaceful protestors.” said the informant.  

    “Our contact inside the U.S. Border Patrol told us that we do not even realize how impactful the protest was….it was a shot heard around the world….all the way back to Guatemala; Mexico, and not just the U.S. Government….the influx of immigrants coming over the border has decreased from 1500 per day down to 800 per day…cut almost in half as a direct result of what we’ve done.”

    The front line U.S. Border Patrol agents are essentially refusing to perform any unconstitutional act upon the protesters, and they let their intentions be known to their superiors.  As a result, the Department of Homeland Security could not proceed with delivery of another busload of illegal immigrants to Murrieta due to the lack of support by Murrieta Police Officers, as well as Border Patrol Agents who are stedfast in upholding their oath to defend and support the Constitution of the United States.

    GMN via SGT Report

    The reports have yet to be verified because numerous reports indicate that anyone who discusses what’s happening inside of detention facilities or with the immigration process is being threatened with arrest.

    However, the federal government backed down surprisingly fast when protesters started blocking roadways, which adds credence to this report because without local law enforcement or border patrol support, it would have been a difficult undertaking for the White House.

    In recent years the government has been working to hybridize local policing agencies and personnel by placing their command and control infrastructure under the directive of federal agencies like Department of Homeland Security. If this report is accurate, and all signs indicate that it is, then we have just witnessed how easy it is to take the bite out of federal authorities attempting to overstep their Constitutional bounds.


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      1. I wondered why they didn’t sent the riot police. Now it all makes sense, because from what I read they were getting ready to do just that.

        This whole thing is a complete disaster. At least we know we can depend on some of our men and women in uniform to side with the U.S. Constitution.

          • My hats off to them.

            • Always happens, people that will not side with tyranny. This is what makes those in control most irritated, those that will not just openly conform with something that is wrong and unlawful. At least everyone is not asleep.

              • It takes more than just waking up, we also need to stand up.

              • There’s a reason .gov is using foreign troops for training in the US, it’s so they’ll still be able to control you when the local LEO’s decide they’ve had enough and begin to protest along with the citizens.

                They’ll call in the “other” Army and it will be business as usual.

                • Like myself and many other Fed LEO’s who post here…. we have MANY Oath Keepers on the inside and now the FED Guberment is starting to find that out!!! PRAY, PLAN PREP, FORM TEAMS…… and get to know your oath keepers……

                  • @Man on the Inside- I’ll believe LEO’s are on the Citizens side whey they are caught on Viral Video beating the crap out of Politicians for no good reason, like they do on the public for the fun of it. I’d like to believe you, but Talk is cheap. Another words put your Tasers and Knight Sticks where you mouth is and let the Politician beatings begin. Show me!! Thanks!

                  • Who Thunkit…. Then I would not be on the inside. The only reason I stay were I am at is more money for more prep for my family and team, and when the flag goes up I can warn freinds, team, neighbors, and family. It also gives me inside info valuable to all Patriots. Also many Oath keepers are not “Tazering folks”. An oath keeper ( Srg. and union steward) in our county kept an inocent from having this happen and got the cop tug fired. Don’t throw all of them under bus. They will be VERY valuble when the real S*&T hits the fan. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

                • That won’t work. Another Army would be wiped out. I could mobilize a small army maybe about a company of soldiers fairly quick. Guaranteed even with Semi Autos we’d kick their asses.

                • Billy Hill, that other army won’t stand a chance against 200,000,000 gunowners. Just 10% of the gun owners in this nation can defeat a UN army. Plus, no UN army has ever won a war anywhere. They’ve been defeated by insurgencies in third world nations numerous times. There will be boocoo blue helmets with bulletholes littering our landscape by the time it’s all over with.

                  • @-renegade. You mean III% can. so that is a Million armed Americans or basically the Michigan Deer Hunter Clan. A Million Man force with high powered deer rifle snipers.. Cause basically that is what deer hunting is. Stealthy Sniping.

                  • so i dont know if im the only one thinking this sort of thing would happen, but lets say america revolts and we take control of our country… or close to it, and “they” decide they have lost, i would think they would just unleash all hell.. not caring anymore would just bomb the country, and/or release the most horrible viruses and such?

                    idk just a thought, not a nice one either 🙁

                  • the renegade braveheart, I’m compelled to highlight a few issues:
                    1. Lack of resolve is a major issue right now.
                    While it’s nice to know Border Patrol and others stood down, this isn’t likely to be the case everywhere, and this is how the elitists were able to place a small area of Boston into martial law aka shelter in place to hunt a single teenager…

                    2. Lack of regency
                    As a matter of preventing targeting of opposition leaders many protests have been ‘decentralized’ mainly to prevent elitists from targeting their leadership. The downside is that it also prioritizes closing the communications or otherwise censoring communications such as the alternative media.
                    It can be as easy as simply paying the engines to bury or not even show various search results, which when you go back to the invention of the net in particularly it’s not called the worldwide wiretap for nothing.

                    3. There are 200 million or so guns privately owned with no real way to know outside specific states like California, New York, and etc how many people own firearms in general. Authoritarianism has two main mechanisms for defensible opposition, and they tend to involve genocide and democide. No-knock raids is only the start, and then the present crisis includes MS-13 who isn’t an ordinary gang at all. Most DBs have set aside old rivalries, and the 13 in MS-13 is a prop to the cartels backers who has been learned is laundered money by TBTF banks that are further connected to terrorist organization who referenced in a drummed down study notes MS-13 is actually getting training and heavy weaponry who are also filtering into the country.
                    In other words, the wars on terror, drugs, crime, and poverty are on the verge of taking on an entirely different meaning that the elitists will use to further centralize control.
                    The obvious false flags:
                    1. Pandemic
                    2. The humanitarian crisis can be used by the UN to get a foothold into the country. Interesting, the foothold also happens to sit around a staging ground into the country. New York, Florida, and California makeup gateways into the country, and they are utter nightmares to expel opponents. In fact during the revolutionary war, if Washington hadn’t moved south and tried for New York instead, we’d probably still be officially British. Hence, the strategy and tactics of the US during the war of 1812…
                    3. The war on terrorism, drugs, crime, and poverty takes on whole new meaning. MS-13 is effectively a military-terrorist trained and armed gang. The gang war under the war on crime and prevention effectively explodes.
                    It looks a lot like arranging a scenario for genocide and democide to me, but maybe it’s just me…

                • Since we are on the topics of LE, lately, I feel there is something that folks everywhere should be aware of. The use of excessive force has become the norm, and there are many reasons why; but, there are many more reasons for the argument of ; “have the American citizens allowed too much force against it’s citizens by LE, and subsequently the local, state, and federal governments?

                  A local paper ran a story about a “swat team raid” on a man to serve a search warrant for a suspected “marijuana plant”. Apparently, the cops/investigators didn’t do their homework prior to the “raid”, or they would have known that the young man occupying the house at the time was only a renter of one of the rooms of the house.

                  The young man said he heard sirens and a commotion outside and looked out to see police vehicles everywhere and thought they were there for something taking place at the neighbor’s house. Wrong! Immediately an explosion was heard and the basement door was blown to smithereens. He ran to the front door to see LE vehicles parked everywhere and cops behind those vehicles with guns pointed at him. He was ordered to step off the porch, hands in the air and fall to the ground. As he moved he was scared shitless, and was bewildered at what was going on and failed to fall to the ground and was immediately tackled from behind and roughed up and cuffed.

                  He explained he lived in one room of the house and that the owner lived there also, and was gone. The young man was told “no drugs were found in his room and if he would cooperate with questioning he would be free”. Wrong! He told them he had been arrested and charged with mushroom possession in the past but was not in any trouble currently or messing with any drugs.

                  The LE found a mushroom in the floor of his room, and a couple baggies of pot in the basement, and arrested him on drug charges and he was kept in jail for “eight months”, because he had no money for bail.

                  Finally, after being incarcerated for nearly a year, the lab results came back that the mushroom was that from a pizza. Yep, a jumper from a pizza! Also, the owner of the house had been located a few days after the arrest and admitted he owned the pot found in the basement. A veteran of 3 tours in the Iraq war, that suffered from PTSD.

                  As the story unfolded, it became clear that the whole raid was based on information from one of the local cops that had been in a heated conversation with the veteran a year or so earlier and said “he felt threatened by the veteran, because of the comments he made about cops”. Did someone(cop) lie, for a possible vengeance/spite move? No marijuana “plant”, was ever found.

                  Swat raids are supposed to be “only” used on citizens in instances where an active shooter is at, and /or a hostage situation; never to execute search warrants.

                  The ACLU did a review of 800 cases nationwide in 20 states, whereby SWAT teams were used. It found that 79 percent of the raids were done in routine police work situations, where a search warrant was executed to look for “small” amounts of drugs.
                  They also found that there was very little “transparency by LE Depts., or oversight by elected officials.

                  One such raid, ended with a police officer being killed. As a swat team busted down a door to execute a search warrant over possible marijuana; the suspect was startled and said he thought he was being robbed and immediately began firing rounds of bullets randomly. Officer Bobby Beane, was killed. Later a judge reprimanded the police dept and was quoted as saying; “A good police sergeant has now been killed over a little mess of marijuana”.

                  It is evident that we are living in a “police state” and are considered “guilty” until proven innocent, if it is even possible to prove. The citizens have been asleep at the helm of the ship and allowed over-zealous individuals to change and execute our laws of “free living folks”, to those imposed upon people living under rule of dictatorship.

                  I’m afraid the LE/Political, “bad genie” is out of the bottle and it will never be contained again, in our lifetime. Small pockets of LE doing the “right thing” won’t change the mindset of the masses. Too many liberals. I hope I am proven wrong.


              • To say we are At a time when we either stand for what we believe or surrender…is the understatement of the millenia. This is it folks. Even as such, I think we r done, just a matter of time. BHO holds all the cards, he can supply any false flags he wants to instill the dictatorship he envisions. Already the UN wants to intervene in this ‘refugee’ crisis. Something is coming folks and SOON. Prep wile u can. God bless

              • Bl, Always respect your opinion and insight. My thoughts on this are that the feds may have backed down this time as well to give protestors a feeling that they are superior (which they are) in the hopes that the next confrontation will get violent and then it can be turned around by the main stream drive by media that gun nuts are breaking the law. As a former reporter I can see this comming.

            • Oath Keepers.

          • Death to the New World Order. Death to Traitors. Its totally Constitutional!! 🙂

        • Start a grassroots organization in your neighborhood to hold elected officials to their oath to defend the Constitution! Small groups of people CAN make all the difference. You don’t have to join the organization of Oath Keepers to uphold their mission (although I do recommend joining!)

          When the people give their elected officials (County Commissioner, District Attorney, Sheriff, and Mayor) a place to hang their hat in bringing numbers together that will support their Constitutional efforts, it makes their job easy and gives them purpose. Lets start demanding, insisting and then supporting our local elected bodies in doing the right thing.

          Part of this is standing against them when they break their Oath. We’ll have NONE OF THAT!

          • Today’s Prepping TIP- SANDBAGS- Sandbags are one of those overlooked prepping tools. They provide a great defense when the shooting starts. Defending your position surrounded by sandbags can stop most common calibers. I refer you to this Great Video – SANDBAG Ballistics Test-
            I purchase about 80 OD Green Sand Bags .35 cents ea. and they are light weight, easy to pack in a bug out bag, and if you need to dig a fox hole, for a few days, they can protect you, including used as a wall to build a canopy over the foxhole for cover from the elements. Find sand bags at CampingSurvival. They can double as a carry bag, emptied and reused at a different location, and provide cover and concealment when necessary. The price has been inching up some, now at .44 cents ea, so get them while you still can. Stay Safe and Survive.

            • Everybody, Keep stocking up on ARMS and AMMO. Send a clear message to any and all invaders to the US. “You Try You Die” Japan did not invade Mainland America and Hitler did not invade Switzerland both for the same reason. A heavily ARMED Populace of resistance. sending in the US will be a suicide mission for them who tries. Remember the Worlds largest Army is the American Hunter. Millions and Millions more loaded and locked. 1.2 Million concealed carry permit holders in Florida alone.

            • Have a few bags that are prefilled.

              Mother Earth is your friend.

            • +100 on the sandbags. I purchased 200 of them last year. They are cheap and help with erosion if you live out in the country.

          • Sterling Silver: I have been recommending FREEDOM CELLS for two years here. WE can make a difference. Take to the streets. You are responsible for the US Constitution where you live.

            Death to the New World Order. Death to Traitors. Its totally Constitutional!!! 🙂

            • Good point D. Leadership really only reflects either the passion or the complacency of the people.

          • Take over local elements of the Republican Party. This is how one Virginia congressional district blew pro-immigration Cantor out in the primary.

            Local and state party committees are elected positions. If you even bother to vote in primaries, you see them on your primary ballots but you ignore them. STOP DOING THAT. Those committees usually wind up staffed by corruptocrat appointees, because nobody bothers to put themselves up for election. If YOU take a committee seat, YOU get to influence party policy and even what candidates are put up in the primaries. It’s starting to take hold here in my BOL State, and it obviously did in Virginia.

            • Very good suggestion for local government. But state and federal positions are bought by big money who own and control the voting machines. The only way to get that fixed is for local and state levels to outlaw computer votes.

              • The power lies with the local populations. When small counties assert their rights and “nullify” unconstitutional rules and regs, the big boys have to recourse. You actually think they’ll try and arrest an entire county of 20,000 people that are working together? They can’t.

              • Cantor was majority leader in the US House. A solid local organization threw him out on his ass. If you make the margin big enough, they can’t cheat enough to win.

                Look at Mississippi right now. Local organization was so solid behind McDaniel that the Cochrane gang of thugs had to resort to cheating in broad daylight. And local organization has stepped up to combat it. How many people did it take to do the mind-numbing work of combing through election records to expose the rat-bastards down there? Hundreds of dedicated local people are doing it, and it’s paying off. McDaniel now has enough evidence to contest the election in court, and may well get it nullified. Dedication and hard work can and does overcome the advantage of big money.

                All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

        • I would imagine that should the federal government order the Border Patrol or the military to take action against peacefully protesting individuals, that most of them would refuse. I would even posit that many LEOs would not be friendly to such high-handed actions by federal agencies stepping on their jurisdictional prerogatives. Many Border Patrol agents are former military; I would have been one had I not been stop-lossed and shipped off to Iraq months before my ETS.

          Those who have not been in the military do not understand how those in the military think. Yes, you are conditioned to take orders and follow them, but there is much more questioning of those orders by personnel at all levels than used to be only a generation ago. It is a never-ending source of frustration by NCOs and officers, of having to explain the why of something to a junior rank to get them to do anything. In many ways, the lack of unquestioning respect for authority that is seen in society at large is also played out in the armed forces, and that really shouldn’t be a surprise, since they are recruited from the general population. I have heard many an officer say how the current president doesn’t represent them, and it was always said tongue-in-cheek by senior officers to junior officers and NCOs that they had to respect the current commander-in-chief. I honestly believe that if they were ordered to attack non-violent protesters or perform unconstitutional activities such as door-to-door gun confiscations, that there would be quiet disobedience if not outright mutiny.

          I do not believe the same regarding the militarized SWAT forces, and other federal agencies with paramilitary forces; they have always had as their primary mission doing harm to fellow citizens whom they are desensitized to view as targets and perps. The “us vs them” mentality is actively cultivated and their “above the law” status leads to the kinds of uncalled for violence against civilians that we see examples of everyday. The biggest problem that the administration faces I believe, is that there are nowhere near enough federal agents and militarized cops to impose martial law and make it stick. Even in the most heavily policed jurisdictions the ratio of civilians to LEOs is so large that only a couple percent of civilians need actively fight back and the LEOs would be overwhelmed. I think that the elites are counting on using lack of food and disease to thin the herds and make the survivors more compliant, but nevertheless, each act of mutiny on the part of what they imagined were compliant and willing federal employees must be an unpleasant surprise to their agenda.

          • I remember years ago, I walked into a guard state quarters and of course there is the “chain of command” picture board of who was in charge. Bush #1 was still on the wall even though it was two years into billy’s term. I asked about it. I was told “we’ll take George down when billy is gone after the next election”. I laughed my ass off and knew I was in good company.

          • Moon, I agree with your analysis, especially about the feds. The feds for the most part are just mindless robots who will follow their orders without question and without reservation, especially if they’re Obama supporters. If/when they start acting against us, they will have to die, period.

          • “I think that the elites are counting on using lack of food and disease to thin the herds and make the survivors more compliant”

            Speaking for only myself, I know that the further you push me towards a corner, the meaner and more determined I get. I WILL explode long before I get cornered…every time.

            • Sixpack – Yes that’s what the US Govnt did to the Native American Indians. Cut off their food source and starve them, creating millions of refugees. Making food scarce and costly – F-n bastards.

              • The aboriginal population in the west when the bison were harvested almost to extinction was by most accounts about a quarter million.

                TW the denial of a food source to the abos was a side benefit. The main reason that the bison herds were destroyed was that the hides had commercial value, just as beaver pelts had commercial value until beaver hats went out of fashion. In an era when transportation was open and unheatable horse-drawn carriages and sleighs, or unheated train cars, “buffalo” robes were preferred to keep passengers from freezing on any winter trip of more than a few minutes.

              • WWT ,
                Yeh and how did that work out for Custer?
                This Regime is in full collapse mode they did not realize the lack of support internally .
                This could go either way quietly being removed from office or in a short lived violent death
                Throw. Now is a very dangerous time ,in my opinion he will be removed for mental health reasons the DNC is not stupid enough ( I hope ) to install an unstable dictator it goes against their self interest. But I could be wrong . Something is definitely up , one morning we are going to wake up to the news that the president pulled a Len Bais and is no longer walking the earth or has gone into rehab. He has a history of drug abuse ( admitted in his own book! ) and some of the behavoir exhibited lately resembles this erratic behavoir . Clearly the dynamics are changing .
                They know all is going down the toilet in a coreolis flush and they are just trying to save their own asses.

                If it happens like this it proves a point , the willing well prepared has prevented a tragedy from occurring just by the fact that they were. Deterance works and the constitution performed as intended .

                Be vigilent , be alert , anything can and will happen.


                Semper Fi 8541

                • How did that work for the Indians? They won the battle of the Little Bighorn, but it cost them the war. Public fury over the mutilation of the bodies ensured that the war against them would not stop until every last one of them was broken and living on the reservation.

                  I too, fear that we will win the battle against the forces of Federal tyranny, but it will be a Pyrrhic victory, because our masters will have the last laugh, whether we die by starvation from deliberate targeting of GMO crops by engineered diseases, or targeting of us by the hideous plagues waiting to be released from CDC labs. Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight though, I would much rather prefer to die fighting, standing on my feet, than live by groveling on my knees.

            • Sixpack, the trick is NOT to get cornered if you can avoid it.

              • Amen to that, RBH.

            • SixPack;

              This “thinning the herd” strategy using (lack of) food will most certainly backfire as well…since a huge majority of those who prepare (ie: have >6 months of food/water/ammo stored) are liberty-minded individuals and NOT Obama voters. This would result in the herd being thinned, but in so doing, it would be mostly sheeple who would perish. The remaining population following this die-off would be dramatically enriched in their enemy population: Us!!

              • This is why “Our PsyOpps strategy” needs to keep the unprepared masses going to the DHS, LEO, Politicians for help. Just have PRE-Made signs that you put up on telephone polls that say, “FREE WORKING OBAMA-PHONE GIVEAWAY AT THE WHITEHOUSE” “FREE FOOD AT ALL DHS OFFICES AND COMMAND CENTERS” “FREE TRANSPORTATION BUS RIDES AT ALL POLICE STATIONS” “FREE LUNCH AND DINER SERVED AT MILITARY BASES AND THE MAYORS OFFICE” Hopefully they will be so over whelmed by hungry refugees they will collapse and abandon their command centers. Creativity and imagination is plentiful here in the USA. Harness the Power that made us a great nation for hundreds of years.

                • btw/ this PsyOpps was a strategy used in the TV series of “The Walking Dead, as the opponents captured the zombies, then released them into the prison compound that they were trying to take over. The resisters were kept busy shooting at the zombies wasting their ammo, before the main charge took place to take over the prison. If you seek loyalty, feed the masses. Thus why Obama got re-elected by using the EBT Food Stamp Program as a bribe. As well as the Free Obama Phone. Thus know the masses weaknesses. We too can use this strategy too, to over whelm their resources. Just follow the signs arrows to the Free Food.

          • Y, I called the current crop of soldiers generation why, as in why me. A lot of the why questions weren’t some quest for truth and meaning. More along the lines of why do I have to do that (me focused, not some truth quest.) my unit, this “why” would have been a rare occurence, save when clarifying mission orders for our unit (special ops). The support types, who I worked with fairly often, the why questions from junior ranks were oft times ridiculous. You need to understand that the average soldier isn’t to bright, and a lot of them are there because of no good alternatives. Some are clannish (masons), some are stupid (white suprem it’s, yes they do exist, albeit a tiny, pretty harmless, minority). So, while I have faith in my former brothers (airborne, rangers, spec ops, some intel types, most warrants) I’m not so sure the majority of soldiers won’t be mindless drones if called upon. The officers corps? Unsure. Of the ones (hundreds) I had direct experience with over my decade of service, I’d say easily 40% wouldn’t resist an order to secure unruly citizens. Some field grades fall into that category I’m sad to say. At higher ranks, if you don’t go along to get along, you don’t make it to colonel or general level. And, as you all are aware, there has been a bloodletting at the highest ranks of those who don’t toe the current party line. That alone will serve to mold the troops to be move pro government over time. Orgs tend to reflect their leaders.

        • I really want to believe this article. Really want to believe there are officials and officers that have principles. We need allegiance and oath defenders on the right side of the law, who will defend the US Constitution and America.

          • There are law enforcement officer’s who are also patriots…. I spoke with them myself at Murrieta.

            • Yes and many of them are Hispanic Americans!!! 🙂

        • I wish the riot police would of came and detained people, that would of pissed off the american people to a whole new level. I don’t want anyone arrested but you get my point. The public would of been furious over this if it happened. Dumb ass white house just wanted to arrest people but they told white house these people will blow back if this happens. Thats how far out of touch they are.

        • Silently they fell in line,
          He doesn’t miss a beat, its second nature; cover and align on the yellow foot prints that will define who he is to this very day.

          Silently they fell in line,
          Remembering an oath and a brotherhood which age does not defy.
          Timeless is your warrior spirit and tireless is our bond.

          Silently they fell in line,
          Remembering for one last time an oath we took to honor a code.
          Not for ourselves but for the greater good and an honorable idea.

          Silently they fell in line,
          Remembering that we right what’s wrong and bond like brothers, swearing that we’ll die for each other.

          Silently they fell in line as one brotherhood, as one unit,
          Remembering that you’re still Marines.

          Wake up Marines.

          Something is wrong with our nation. Time to fall in and sort this mess out.

          Semper Fi Marines.

          • MP ,
            OOORA !

            Duty , Honor , God, Country

            We of the OLD BREED will never forget.

            Born in Battle , baptized by fire ,

            Marines never quit .

            Semper Fi 8541

            • Thank you both for your service.

        • I am suprised that there havent been any cases of snipers picking off the illegals or their buses being met with molotov cocktails. Or even snipers taking out the tires on the buses to prevent movement before they arrive at their disembarcation place. However Americans are too nice to do anything like that.

        • How long do you think it will be before the DHS and Obama ask the UN for support with forcing the ‘refugees’ into American communities all over the country…. Having Foreign Hired Hands (like the UN) will remove the locals police force and Border Patrol who happen to have their community in the same town out of the equation.

          Foreign hired guns don’t tend to care what happens to communities they are ordered to engage (ie dispersing protesters via any means necessary). At the same time, Foreign hired guns only care about the money they are paid by the government that wants them to do some dirty work for them. Also, these hired guns don’t really have to be foreigners; they could instead be private security firms (Blackwater types) that consider themselves only citizens of the world / members of the ‘global community’ instead of citizens of the United States.

          I guess we will find out in a few days/weeks how far this crisis will take our nation, and whether or not the nation continues to be whole. As the federal agencies and the president and congress continue to push far beyond their constitutional limits I am concerned a watershed event will eventually result in a divided nation and/or declarations of martial law.

          • Anon, it doesn’t matter who they bring in for the dirty work. They will still be targeted and dealt with regardless.

        • @ sleepless

          No this is NOT a complete disaster: this is another example of “we the people” standing up against the forces of evil. Moreover, unless I miss my guess, this another example of ARMED Americans standing up to those who want to piss on our rights as citizens and rape and bastardize our just laws…. or shall we assume that the Border Patrol agents are not armed?

          In either event, this is yet more evidence that our so called “leaders” do NOT represent “we the people”; that they don’t care what we say or how we vote, since they mock our concerns and rig the so-called “elections”. They are CRIMINALS and TYRANTS plain and simple, and the only thing they understand is force. This is the message they need to hear from we the people, loud and clear: that they have lied and blustered and bullied us long enough, and that WE ARE PUSHING BACK.

          I for one don’t care who runs the country, and who gets to be rich while I have to struggle from paycheck to paycheck. They want to posture and harangue and compete to get their fat heads on TV, fine, go for it. Step back across the line first. Stay on my side of the line and I will be in your face and up your ass, until you realize its way more fun running the country the way it used to be, where you left me and mine alone.

          Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

        • Thank you Murietta and thank you to the good guys…

      2. It’s about time!

        • Let the Mutiny Begin. The populace can begin with a silent protest by Denying the Government our Tax Payments. Boycott Large corporation’s products, and begin a Nationwide Sit-down Shut-down, by refusing to go to work. This includes ALL Federal Employees. But have your preps in place first, like your stockpile of food a year.

          • Whoa there boy.

            Many, if not most, large corporations are NOT complicit in hiring illegal aliens and do, in fact, strictly require documentary proof of legal eligibility to work in the U.S.

      3. Like I said… there are some good border patrol employees that believe in Borders and Legal immigration. Now the LEO is a different story. Even my own kin has drank the “us/them poweraid. I do know a very few good LEO’s.

        • I knew ONE good cop. He died three weeks ago from cancer. Now I know no good cops. Good cops? Sorry, there aren’t any.

          • Uh….Mr. Hammer. There is at least one more. That is the officer who answered my 911 call a few days ago and downed a gun carrying drugged up maniac who held me at gunpoint in my house after breaking in. My hearing isn’t what it used to be so I didn’t hear the the break-in. Woke up with a gun in my face but managed to get to a phone the nut didn’t see. That officer is my buddy now, so don’t put them all in the same pot. 🙂

            • There are many LEO’s who are patriots. I believe that most of them are. Not every government official is a Traitor; not every LEO is a thug.

              Know your enemy! All politics are local. The NWO and their parasite followers are easily identified in your local community.

              When push comes to push back, you know who to push!!! 🙂

          • I personally know many good LEOs who don’t have the “cop” attitude. Good guys, every one.

          • JH- 20+ yrs ago when I lived in a large city in IL, I was told every Cop out there on the force was on the take, except for the police chief. So I hear ya.

        • A, sorry to hear about any of your kin falling for that federal crap. all the retired cops in my family were “old school” and would never go along with that BS.

        • I’ve got at least 6 generations (that I know of) of both Law Enforcement and Military in my family. Everything from Green Beret’s and SF, County Sheriffs and Federal Marshals (when the Marshals actually rode horses). Army, Air Force, Navy and Jar heads, er, I mean Marines.

          And I’m pretty sure not a one of them would’ve ever considered lining up against the people…no matter what.

          Death Before Dishonor.

      4. ***** EBOLA UPDATE *****

        Death Toll In Ebola Outbreak Jumps Again As Armed Gangs Chase Health Workers Away

        death toll now over 600
        and that is only the KNOWN count

        NUMEROUS instances of health care workers walking off the job
        and also NUMEROUS instances of medical personnel being attacked and driven out by a scared local populace

        and in other news


        we really need to come up with a new term
        “sheeple” just isn’t adequate anymore

        and I certainly hope that this story about the Border Patrol “revolt” is true
        more and more people standing up to a CORRUPT government
        and when it is the law enforcement types
        that spells BIG trouble for the CORRUPT status quo
        they ain’t gonna take this lying down
        expect them to strike back

        • @Satori … I read the article about about whether Americans approved or disapproved of NSA spying on citizens and was flabbergasted at the result. I forwarded it to Mac hoping that he would post something about it here.

          I suppose I should not have been flabbergasted since it seems that a predominant number of our countrymen have the attitude that ” if you’re not doing anything wrong, why be worried”. This attitude tells me that Americans have no idea what their rights are and probably think that our benevolent government grants them to us through the Constitution instead of the Constitution enumerating them.

          All hail the uneducated, uninformed free shit army. We are so effd.

          • Ignorance and stupidity are rampant in the US. Remember
            The Patriot Act and NDAA and the idiot lemmings beg “save us from the bad guys”

            • the idiot lemmings beg “save us from the bad guys” — YET the scream to get US disarmed…stupid sheep.

        • “we really need to come up with a new term
          “sheeple” just isn’t adequate anymore”

          How about homo-sheeple? Compliant sheepthink who have been so frequently sodomized by their erstwhile masters that they have come to enjoy it and actively seek it out.

          • Permapussies

            • LOL !

          • …those must be the ones that are constantly backing up to the fence…

        • How about “idiots!” 😉

          • Alot of times you can simply tell people and they will understand. A lot of times, they simply have not had the information given to them and that’s why they believe everything the Ministry of Propaganda tells them.

            • I agree whole heartedly with you. Yes, we can blame people for not seeking out further knowledge, but it is very hard to read between the lines when MSM and Washington are doing their best to blur the lines. We should be diligent in trying to open the minds of our fellow Americans, but patient. Plant the seed and pray.

          • Tards?

            • Simply “not long for this world”.

        • here’s a new term: SLAVES. Not sheeple, not useful idiots: SLAVES. They sold their liberties for a drop of water and a crumb to eat. Mindless, groveling skinjobs who believe everything they are told by their masters, who would willingly submit to being branded if they were told it was to help “the children”, or to heal “spaceship earth”.

          By comparison, even zombies think more clearly.

          Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

      5. Good reason to have foreign troops here, they won’t hesitate like the local guys will.

        • Most European troops are so effeminate that they could not fight their way out of a paper bag. I know, I have seen this firsthand working with ISAF in Afghanistan. Their populations are mostly effeminate, compliant metrosexual males who are under the heels of their women and muslim immigrants. Not a chance in hell that those types are going to stand up to real resistance once the gloves come off. Assuming they are actually here, they will be completely useless if this test of wills turns into an actual shooting war.

          • Awww they’re not COMPLETELY useless…

            You know those little midget Smurf aliens in Halo? Yeah they surve no real purpose… EXCEPT to deplete your ammo supply to dangerously low levels…

            • That is what melee is for! Save your ammo and grenades for the Elites!

          • Have you tried out Putin’s Russians or the Communist Chinese? They may not be that “effeminate”. …Lots of’em at any rate. Know your enemy.

      6. For now it has quieted down. If the UN has its way, and is able to under the guise of those crossing claiming asylum, then the border patrol will be negated and UN troops will appear.

        • Let the UN troops appear. They’ll get a dose of push back, hopefully a shove back, and find out what Admiral Yamamoto MAY have said is true, “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”
          And don’t start the petty assed bickering about whether or not he said this. As I said, Yamamoto MAY have said this.

          • Its what they want. The UN is begging to be let in. That camel will do anything to get its nose under the tent hem. I can see it now Shiela Soup Lips Jackson throwing her hand up in the air like she’s praising Gawd at a progressive revival, thanking the Almighty for the UNeeded to save the chillin’s. Bullets will fly……..

            • Jasmine and Po’d Patriot, let those UN boys come in. I’m ready to shoot at some of those pretty blue helmets. They’ll regret the day they came into our country.

              • Lots of equipment to be gathered after the blue helmets are lying on the ground decorated with ventilation apertures……

        • Something like that could go down bad, for all involved.

        • The second UN troops cross/appear at the border and confront Americans it will be game on. Most will hesitate to fire on US LEOs since that is how we were raised and old habits die hard. Foreigners will be shot on sight especially if they start it. Our own LEOs and others better choose sides wisely.

      7. At some point there will be a new Concord/Lexington moment in history. Perhaps this will be the new one yet with a shot heard round the world. The illegals kids include tatooed gang members who are experienced criminals. Reminds me of Britain putting illegals in school who had been boy soldiers in Africa. Boy soldier veterans mixed with little smedly who had yet to have his first fist fight did not work well. So far the Feds back down when resisted. At some point they wont back down. They will trot out the armored cars and machine guns and use them. Then history will be made again

        • Rockman, I wonder if Obama would realy issue the order. Like all bullies, the man is a coward at heart.

      8. frontline U.S. Border Patrol agents threatened to stand down if the Department of Homeland Security executed a plan to use force upon protestors [sic] if they impeded buses transporting undocumented immigrants into the Murrieta processing facility.”

        3 raucous rounds of “Hip, Hip, Hooray!!” for two groups of patriots:

        (1) The courageous protesters.
        (2) The courageous LEO’s who stood up AGAINST the orders of the Obama Administration’s Department of Homeland Security to execute violence against the courageous protesters.

        “According to the whistleblower, who has thus far remained anonymous for fear of reprisal, the Department of Homeland Security on orders from the White House”

        And major props to the courageous whistleblower (perhaps emboldened by Snowden) who disclosed criminal government overreach.

        • Maybe they backed off because they weren’t ready yet.

          I expect something to happen just before November. Little old ladies like me usually vote Republican. If there is mass violence maybe the elderly will be afraid to go to the polls.

          Or maybe they’ve got something else planned that is not “ripe” yet.

          • Yes, they are making sure that all of the federal agents get their anthrax/ebola/smallpox vaccinations before the culling of the herd begins…

          • I also believe they will eventually push forward anyway. The NWO NEEDS THIS TAKE DOWN and they need it NOW. I doubt they will let a few innocent citizens stand in their way for long.

            I’d suggest we be prepared for a fight.

          • Get out and vote. We need a Lame Duck. If not, we have two more years of this and martial law.

      9. Now you know ‘why’ this was stated:

        BARACK OBAMA : July 2, 2008 Address: “A New Era of Service”
        University of Colorado – Colorado Springs, Colorado

        Obama: “New Era of Service” 7/2/08 speech: “Civilian National Security Force” genesis

        In a recent article on WorldNetDaily (“Obama’s ‘Civilian National Security Force,'” July 15, 2008), Joseph Farah points out what, prior to his piece, no source in the mainstream media has discussed – one of numerous proposals contained in Barack Obama’s July 2, 2008 speech – delivered at the University of Colorado, and broadly dealing with “national service.”

        Farah hones in on one brief passage of Obama’s, part of a larger section of the address in which he ticks off various items on his national service “to do” list:

        “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve gotta have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

        So why did the Border Patrol agents take issue with this immigration ‘issue’?
        That’s because REAL Americans WILL NOT side with tyranny or evil, in any of its forms. Time is almost up for the bad guys.

        BAD GUYS, BAD GUYS…what ya gonna do? What ya gonna do when WE come for you?
        Turnabout is fair play, after all.

        • “…in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set.” And just who is this “we” he is talking about?

          • It is the Napoleon “we.”

            Dictators who claim to be descended from God or who claim to be the Messiah always call themselves “we.”

            • @DaisyK – Obama has been using this term lately; “MY GOVERNMENT” GW Bush used to say that too,”MY GOVERNMENT” like for some reason they think they are The King and we the people are their slaves. The last few decades, these Pres. Administrations have been consolidating a lot of power, and have become way too powerful with no oversight or accountability and lack proper checks and balances.

              • King Obama’s Claims “My Government” Quote caught on Video-


                We didn’t consult or don’t need any bodies permission, in My Government.

      10. Sadly, won’t last. The GOV will send in the federal SWAT teams and they, and this is inexplicable to me, they will indeed do what they do.

        Really, the problem is not the few (relatively) jerk politicians that give the orders, the problem, really, is the thousands and thousands of jack booted thugs that gleefully obey the order.

        The Big Zero can sit up there and talk all day long as far as I care, what worries me, is the jack booted thug who is just itching to drive up my driveway, shoot my dogs, kick in my door, hold a full auto weapon to my children’s head, throw my wife to the floor, tazer and drag me out (if I am lucky).

        No, the problem is not the tyrant, the problem is the thugs who follow his orders.

        • I see the down-arrow trolls are really out in force today.

          Down arrow this, you NSA faggots!

          • Here ya go, Harsh mistress

            ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
            ……….”…\………. _.·´
            courtesy of http://www.ascii-middle-finger (dot) com

      11. I don’t know about this. Obama does not take no for an answer. Don’t celebrate just yet. DHS will have their way.

        • southside, DHS is not invincible. they can and will be defeated.

          • I have no doubt that they will be defeated. Simple numbers would indicate they will have their asses handed to them when they are ordered to start fighting us.

            I also believe it will be a Pyrrhic victory; their last act before they go down in flames will be to unleash all the plagues they are working on in those CDC labs, and take us down with them.

            However, that doesn’t deter me from taking as many of the bastards with me as I can; they are going to need to build a new feasting hall in Valhalla to accommodate the size of my honor guard.

            From Galt’s speech in Atlas Shrugged:

            “The only proper purpose of a government is to protect man’s rights, which means: to protect him from physical violence. A proper government is only a policeman, acting as an agent of man’s self-defense, and, as such, may resort to force only against those who start the use of force. The only proper functions of a government are: the police, to protect you from criminals; the army, to protect you from foreign invaders; and the courts, to protect your property and contracts from breach or fraud by others, to settle disputes by rational rules, according to objective law. But a government that initiates the employment of force against men who had forced no one, the employment of armed compulsion against disarmed victims, is a nightmare infernal machine designed to annihilate morality: such a government reverses its only moral purpose and switches from the role of protector to the role of man’s deadliest enemy, from the role of policeman to the role of a criminal vested with the right to the wielding of violence against victims deprived of the right of self-defense. Such a government substitutes for morality the following rule of social conduct: you may do whatever you please to your neighbor, provided your gang is bigger than his.”

            • Those flames in which they will go down can protect us from their CDC arsenal.

            • Watch what happens to Bundy and those who supported him on site to get a good idea as to how far they will go to crush any who dissent. Funny how all the commie bastards did nothing but dissent themselves and now they have become that which they protested against. Looks like the guy with the outhouse float will be getting an IRS proctologist.

      12. Once the UN puts boots on the ground. then it’s time to remove this vile organism from American soil…….! It’s up to American’s to push back at every turn, because as I see it, we our the bastions of freedom!

        • soap , its pushback that Obama wants.
          Then every patriot , conservative, tea party or NRA member can be labeled an “insurgent”.
          Its what he is working for, fundamental change.

          • Well hell, ain’t like he can’t get it. It sure ain’t gonna be what the ‘lil puppet had in mind.

          • @Hammerhead:

            Good Day Sir!

            I am already labeled —– and I hope I live up to their expectations.

            I plan on being the first one to sell blue hats on Ebay, slightly dented and perforated of course.


            …..tick-tock, tick-tock….steady….tick-tock…BA.

            • Blue helmets, “air conditioned”

              • drilled for lightness

          • Yes, he wants pushback so martial law ect can move forward. So many use this “don’t push back or he will do this” to end the arguement, end any discussion of pushback spawning FEAR of government retribution. That makes me sad and just a tad frustrated. Obummer is going to act (whether we pushback or not). Is it better that we pushback against tyranny and then he declares war on us OR he kicks in our doors first and we pushback from the inside a Fema camp ? Just a question. Kinda have a picture in my mind of a man in Auswitz telling his friend “okay, let’s pushback now !”

            • So very TRUE, tomtom! No better battlefield speech has been uttered by a general.

          • Oh this is what they want indeed hammerhead! There’s not a day goes by, they continue to provoke, push, and prod the American people.
            Apathy has enshrouded a majority, but those awake, just wait till there is no more waiting to be done.

      13. This is part of the plan, to bring in people willing to work for three bucks an hour, which will phase out what is left of the American working class. Wake up, you are expendable. The politicians that you voted in are doing to you what pedophiles do to children. You voted, now you pay. Meanwhile get ready for the economy to implode.That is the goal, to destroy the foundation of this government. Get wise, the 2%ers who control your existence need people to work for three bucks an hour. The project to dumb the population down with fluoride, MSG, corn syrup, fast food, TV, super heroes, sports, soda pop, subliminal messages, news spin, phony education, and fear, has been working for over a decade, and most out there are beginning to look like porky pig. But the big surprise is around the near corner. OK, and when the dollar collapses what do you think will happen in the good old USA. Let’s be ruthlessly brief, TS will HTF, you will be up the river without a paddle. Your money will be about worthless and the beer and peanut butter in your refrigd will last only a few days. Like most Americans you will morf into a zombie, driven by hunger and thirst because you had your better half stuck up your lower half for the last ten years. So read up for free, get a copy of Yankee Anti-Zombie Survival Manual from AMAZON, 101 rules to save your self from disaster.

        • I love your moniker!

          Haunch of zombie, properly seasoned and roasted on a spit, will sustain one’s energy for several days. The smell of roasting meat is also a great way to lure more zombies within rifle range. Scraps can be smoked and jerked for long term storage as well. The bones make a great fertilizer once they have been ground up.

          • Bone meal is also useful for case-hardening steel. A little tip for the post SHTF gunsmith.

        • Yeah, I just read on Zero Hedge that the BRICS nations have 1 billion dollars to go up against the dollar– everyone shaking hands– they are counting on and happy about the demise of the US dollar.

          • I can’t say as I blame them. The Western block has been bullying the entire world’s governments for decades. It’s status as the world currency is what gives the U.S. the idea that it has the right to sanction other countries for not doing what they’re told. The U.S. buys governments and installs puppets and destroys the country and the people in them.

            Just like the American people, they have had enough of the United States Government Bullies. Nothing will change, until this govt gets knocked down off it’s high horse.

            The interesting thing is, the people of the world do not hold us, the American people responsible.

            Imagine that.

            They know it is out usurped govt that is fucked, not us…yet most American sheeple still don’t get it.

            If the end of the petro-dollar is what it takes to stop the NWO/IMF from destroying the sovereignty of the world, then so be it. I’m in.

            WHATEVER THE NWO WANTS — I DON’T. PERIOD. The why doesn’t matter.

        • “Yankee Anti-Zombie Survival Manual from AMAZON”. not free anymore. $3.99

          • They’ve been using two main methods of keeping us all in-fighting:

            1. The Fear Card

            They have been less than successful at making us fear the Russians, Syrians, Iranians, etc… People just aren’t buying into the warmongering anymore. We’re not lined up on the lawn watching the bombs burst in the distance, like the Israelis are cheering the bombing of Palestine.

            Once the govt started calling U.S. citizens “terrorists”, the “T” word has lost much of it’s shock and awe value. Oops.

            2. The Race Card

            Without the Race card, they’re done. All they’ll have left is the homosexual card and the sexism card. Those are much less effective these days.

            That’s why I personally think this is great news and I hope it takes off like a bat-outta-hell.

            Now all we have to do is not let them start the race card up over the Hispanics. Think about it. The other boogie-men FAILED. They know how most of us feel about illegals and they are PLAYING US YET AGAIN. This time closer to the heart. The Indians, of all people, are feeding off of this issue too.


            DO NOT FALL FOR IT.

            My position is: I want them out of this country unless they can do it legally, but I don’t hate anyone…not even the useful idiots cheering for open borders. They all have their place, just not at my house.

            • Six,will be amazing how the govt. openly attacking citizens in large numbers would kinda put those division cards on the back burner.We have been openly attacked in a economic/control way,soon perhaps at gunpoint nationwide at the same time,hope I am wrong.


          • EH,bet you can get it pirate bay ect. for free,the interesting thing is do a search for it,seems SOMEONE is pushing said manual on many different sites almost word for word verbatim,hmmm….,perhaps worth a look but feel to a degree this is forum spamming.

        • And they have the added advantage of ensuring there is never another Republican administration.

      14. I wonder if those agents actions would have been the same had they not lived in the area .

      15. I was there for two days in a row, including the Monday we were to face off with riot gear equipped Fed’s. I drove a couple hours from my home. Instead, the barricades were removed and the local police bid farewell. We (including la raza) were free to move around out front of the border patrol center.

        After discussing the days occurrences with the locals. They said the following:

        An undisclosed Border Patrol contact admitted to discussing internal plans with the protesters and either was reprimanded, or possibly fired.

        On Saturday, July 5, the BP agent said a world of hurt is coming to Murrieta by DHS, but again that didn’t happen, but everyone expected it and were ready.

        They said that the Border Patrol agents that work in Murrieta and live in the community refused to be a part of any hostilities directed at us protesters.

        They said that DHS planned to reassign those who would not follow orders and bring in agents from outside of the community

        While there, I had conversations on the side with Sheriff’s, Murrieta police and CA Highway Patrol and every single person I spoke with were 100% behind us and supported our efforts to bring attention to this Federal Government overreach.

        There are still people onsite all day and night. If you are compelled to travel and support, you would be more than welcome.

        We also are seeing news out of other States like Nebraska where the Governor is accusing the administration for dumping illegals into their state without discussing it. You can read the story below:

        Neb. Governor: Feds ‘Conducting Secret Operation’ Placing Immigrants In States Without Officials’ Knowledge

        I 100% agree with and believe what Mac Slavo posted as being true and accurate.

        • thanks for the input.
          I got this in email today. Might be helpful for anyone wanting to protest this weekend. Also might be able to track some of the illegal dumping in a few of the states w/ a site like this.


          I do searches just using the word illegal and the state or the word migrant w/ a state name. Some of the news is not using illegal now. Quite a few states been dumped on but more have raised hell and the feds sent the illegals elsewhere. For now that is.

          I figure most illegals will wind up going to big cities because whats a few more in a cess pool? Small towns are raising hell.

          • Thanks…I hav new plans for Saturday afternoon now!

        • …Looks like time for an emergency Constitutional Convention in which the several United States need to take back the powers delegated to the Federal Government.

          • I have to ask: If the “old” Constitution isn’t worthy of respect and being obeyed, how will any amendments make one whit of difference to a top-to-bottom traitorous government? To me, the danger of a ConCon is that unlawful amendments will be passed and THOSE will be obeyed by the traitors.

          • I find that quite interesting. I am originally from Western Assachusetts and have seen firsthand the pathetic wussy bleeding hearts who don’t have a clue about the true laws of this land. That they have a limit is quite interesting.

      16. The Feds knew without local “participation” they were naked. God bless any man/woman who refuses an unconstitutional order. God damn anyone that doesn’t.

        • Let’s Demand Mandatory Passports to enter the U.S. No Passport No Entry. Go-Home! Good Bye!

          • That’s already the case. Even for people going across from Michigan to the casinos in Windsor for an evening’s entertainment. Used to be you could re-enter the USA with nothing but a driver’s license, but not no more. No passport, no entry. But the goons in the inspection booths are half Hispanic and half Arabs, so you know there’s plenty of wink-wink-nudge-nudge going on. Been there, seen that, sooooo glad I’m retired and gone from there.

          • The laws are already on the books. They’re just not being respected and obeyed. We don’t need MORE laws as some think. Common law and the Constitution with its Bill of Rights are MORE than sufficient.

        • Not sure of your point– all the visualization of naked people (!) and the curse words… distracting.

      17. 60,000??!! I just read an article about this at AOL news and they were saying a few children??!!

        • Try 300,000 , for starters.
          And a “child” my be up to 26 years of age .

          • There are reports that some of these “children” aged up to 35 are trying to enroll in high schools.

          • The best part comes with the family reunification nonsense. There will be over two million admitted when that happens. Spread out in the small states they will change election results which is the game plan. The stupid party will never win another national election and damn few state and local ones. yet Boner, McLame and Lindsey Girl are pushing for amnesty right now.

        • Last count is 60K or so for this year.

          AOL aint a reliable news source. Go to Drudge where there are links to news articles. Leave AOL to the old farts who cant add 1 plus 1.

          • Yeah, I know AOL isn’t a reliable news source– just sort of shocking to hear one story and then another.. of course, their whole point is to mis-inform.

      18. Ah!… it starts off saying 40 children and later (hidden in paragraph at the end) it states something about 100’s of women and children coming here since May. One tends to think its a small matter (only 40 children!) until reading further… same old tactics of TPTB… pull the old wool over the eyes of the plebs! ; )

        “ORACLE, Ariz. (AP) – Dozens of protesters on both sides of the immigration debate showed up in a small town near Tucson on Tuesday after the sheriff said the federal government plans to transport about 40 immigrant children to an academy for troubled youths..”

      19. The America as we knew it is being intentionally destroyed before our very eyes. The genocide of the American people and our Christian culture is being perpetrated by our Government and the inaction of our elected officials. Our two most powerful tools are the ballot box and the cartridge box. Perhaps I am just a jaded old warhorse but I can feel it and smell it in the air. It’s the feeling and smell of fear. When people become scared enough they will either panic or act. As for this once great and hopefully will be again country, the time is here to act ! Build a damn fence already, secure the border. Defend the constitution ! I’m tired of the DC politics. Are you ?

        • @booger

          Our choice is simple, either do nothing and end up living under the type of conditions the people of Cuba, China, or North Korea do.

          Or Fight!

          As Col. Tanner say’s in the old movie “Red Dawn” while raiding the Invaders Base, “We all got to die sometimes, better standing on your feet than on your knees!”.

          If you think that you are going to hide out in your super secret “bug out” base, good luck. The Feds will find you sooner of later.

          The time to join the fight is NOW!

          • Please see Lobby Scene of the Matrix for inspiration… cool! 🙂

        • Great comment, booger! Only I would say that it isn’t just us, the American people, who are on the verge of being culled– heck, look what they did to the Native Americans, the Iraqis, the Ukrainians… the US empire is doing what it does best: destroy.

      20. funny how the govt. supports 15.00 per hour for fast food workers and then turns around and wants to bring in ungodly amounts of illegals to work for nothing. which is it Obama?

        • He doesn’t care about them working, that is irrelevant to his agenda. The real issue is generating a crisis which allows him to issue more decrees and suspend more freedoms. And if a nice little civil disobedience/civil war were to break out then that would fit his agenda even better.

          • @Moon….
            According to KGB Col. Yuri Besmenov, civil unrest is the second to last step before the installation of a Marxist Dictatorship.

            • At that point people will fight back and totally take out these traitors I believe and you will have massive people leave the Military. I don’t believe it was like the old generation where they would follow orders. Too many people know the truth and are somewhat informed of history and what happened in Germany ww2. I think there is going to be a major major backfire on the black whores house if they try and do this and they know it. I think they are at the point where they have stolen so much money they are now at the point making real decisions is going to be needed. No more kicking the can, there is no more room and tough choices these cowards are going to have to pass. Funny thing is if the power is out and they try and control the masses nobody is going to listen to them since they have no idea whats going on. Its going to be a major mess. this will break the history books once it starts. Maybe after this is over you might have a American hummer or some anti tank missles in your arsonel once its over.

              • Cool…I’ll redecorate.

                • I would be happy with a Soviet RPG-7 and some of those new thermobaric rounds. Maybe Mr Putin would be happy to oblige?

                  • Ya never know.

                  • Harsh Mistress. I’m sure some undercover FBI agent can get you some RPG’s right away. Whats your address? lol

          • And scare Congress into handing him 4 billion for his “slush funds” which provide sustenance for his Free Shit Army.

        • lol…yea, cue Monsanto. Round up ready hemp. So you can spray the weeds but save the weed.

          • …you do know that Monsanto Corp bought Blackwater Mercenary group, right? They then changed the name to ACADEMI and now back to Blackwater.

            Now that the Monsanto Protection Act was signed by Obunghole, the are absolved of any wrongdoing or lawsuits. Ask yourself- What does the world’s worst Corp and enemy of humanity at large need to own the world’s largest and deadly merc group for?


      21. Thank goodness for the ethics and morals of these Border Patrol agents! Great Americans, on the front lines against the cartels and now, exposed to all kinds of hellish diseases.(not that this Administration gives a damn about them…) We do. Thank you, US Border Patrol for standing up!

        • This is the first I’ve seen of border patrol actually respecting the rights of Americans. Notice that THEY have something to lose and so it becomes important all of a sudden. Sorry but I wouldn’t trust these jerks at all. They’ve created quite a track record for themselves.

      22. These jackbooted fucksticks know that if they fire at American citizens, they would be hunted down and killed.

      23. just how corrupt is the government?
        here’s another perfect example

        $7 Billion Citigroup Settlement: About Those 25 Million Missing Documents

        “Adding further insult to public sensibilities, the Justice Department correctly summed up the impact of the wrongdoing by Citigroup, writing: “…our teams found that the misconduct in Citigroup’s deals devastated the nation and the world’s economies, touching everyone.”

        what’s that again ?

        “the misconduct in Citigroup’s deals devastated the nation and the world’s economies, touching everyone.”

        and they pay a fine ???


        no one EVER goes to jail despite that fact that literally
        millions of felonies are committed

        need more proof of government corruption???

        Citi will pay this fine
        and then its back to business as usual
        did ANY one of the individuals or city governments who were defrauded get reimbursed ???

        a stinking rotting purulent corpse smells better than this
        so called prosecution

        Eric Holder should be in prison

        • Eric Holder should be lynched.

          • By his tentacles (if he has any)

            I’ve never hated a parson worse than Harry Reed. The Native American death by being buried in an anthill is too good for the bastard!

            • I ment his balls, not tentacles! (dam spell check!)

              • Educated,I believe the word we are looking for is”testicles”,the more you know!

              • Educated,I believe the word you are looking for is”testicles”,this will appear twice as apparently cannot spell my moniker properly and first response in moderation,felt this was too important to wait!

                • 3rd attempt at posting this

                  Yup, best laugh I had all week!

                  • In challenging times laughter is a great commodity.Actually,laughter is a great commodity anytime!

                • On Eric Holder, I’m sure that he has more “tentacles” than “testicles”. Moochelle has the testicles.

            • LOL!!! That was great even if it was unintentional….going to be my new word for….


              • Testiculars

        • And the fines never go to the wronged parties……the STATE gets the spoils.

      24. WTF ???

        State police now fingerprinting every Texan

        and in Texas ????????

        and they call themselves a “red state”

        and Rick Perry a ” conservative”
        and he’s allowing this to happen??

        can’t trust anyone can we ?

        ha ha ha

        way too funny

        if this was Jerry Brown and Kalifornia it wouldn’t surprise me

        • I like end of article,you want to legally challenge folks willing to take the case for ya’s,of course,am not a Texas citizen so non of my business,hope someone there does take up that offer.

        • rick perry…Bilderberg member and Trilateral commission.

          Just doing what he is told by those who own him.

          Texans are being fucked so hard, their state will become the next annex to Mexico

      25. Gen. John Kelly, Commander of SOCOM, “The crisis on our Southern border threatens the very existence of the United States”.

        Gov. “Bobby” Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, ” There is a hostile takeover of Washington DC brewing among the American People”.

        In Jan. 2009 I called into a local talk radio program and predicted, “There is going to be a Civil War in this country before Obama leaves office”.

        Looks like all three of us are right!

        • Sort of off topic

          Was in a Gander Mountain store today buying extra mags for my DW’s Marlin .22 and noticed PMAGS for sale at $19 ea.

          One we know that that price can change real quick and Two in a year or two from now you might not be able to buy them.

          Maybe you think that you have enough, think again

      26. Protesters were arrested! Only the anti-illegal protesters though, not the pro-amnesty protesters! I live near-by…..

      27. Like I read somewhere, Obungle does’nt belong in the white house, he belongs on Jerry Springer. Or one of the old shows, To Tell The Truth or What’s My Line.

        • Jeopardy.

        • America’s Most Wanted seems more appropriate.

          • Truth or Consequences

            • Muppet show.

      28. We all have family, weather we are DHS, FBI, Military, Police we all have family here, there everywhere that and the oath these people take to defend the Constitution of the United States will be the reason these people WILL NOT fire on un-armed civilians protesting an unlawful act by Obummer.

        • Yes but many are dishonest liars. the liar in chief obammy took the oath and he didn’t keep it. maybe he has his fingers crossed when he took the oath? taking a oath or pinning on a badge does not make anyone a good person. its meaningless.

      29. Not exactly in my backyard, but in a small town about 100 miles from me, DHS plans to reopen a closed prison to house hundreds of invaders from the south. Local residents say NO and I stand with them.

      30. Necesitais entender que merecemos estar aqui! Norteamerica era nuestra patria antes y va a ser otra vez!

        • Like hell you do.

        • Hey Alonso … We speak English in the USA. As to your “deserving to be here” how do you figure that when the Texans took it from you? As to “North America being your country and will be again”, as a famous Greek guy once said “Come and take it”, if you dare.

          • Poor Alonzo doesn’t even realize that Mexico is in North America.

        • OK, let’s give Texas back to Mexico. Then, let’s give Mexico back to Spain.

          See how you like it, eh?

        • Dear Alonso Martinez, my people immigrated from Germany, adnb Id love to introduce you illegals to some 1940’s German culture when the time comes. Personally I want to operate the showers. Got nothin but love for ya Slick!

      31. I’ve never been a big fan of Pat Buchanan
        but when he’s right
        he’s right

        America: No longer 1 nation, 1 people

        and Reagan certainly had it right when he said

        ” a nation that cannot control its borders isn’t really a nation anymore.”

        and we definitely have a President and a Congress
        that REFUSES to protect our border and enforce our laws

        treason as far as I am concerned

      32. All of this bs. Every governor has the authority to call out his states national guard. This is all polical posturing to make the other side look bad. F’ing politicians on both sides suck. This doesn’t even have to be an issue but both sides want a crises. They can all blow me.

        • Just thinking out loud – – – Putting the Texas national guard on the border risks armed confrontation with the Feds. Perry is probably not quite ready for Ukraine on the Rio Grande yet.

      33. I stated it on other threads here. I believe we are going to have civil unrest. Martial law, Civil war ,Race war, Ethnic cleansing. and the main reason is we have too many parasite takers and too few producing makers. And that simply is not sustainable. Most folks will not mentally be able to cope with the loss of everything they believe in. They wont know which way to turn. Who to trust. And what to believe. Im not looking forward to it. However its unavoidable.

      34. I don’t want these guys to speak up “behind closed doors”. I expect them to come out in public and stand tall.

        • That would be nice, but as long as they just walk away I’m happy.

      35. The ZOG-abetted Third World invaders and the diseases they carry are currently being scattered like plague bacilli all over the hinterland of this benighted country. By law, this tidal wave of subhuman filth will be accorded unfettered access to social services denied to many citizens, starting with FREE public school educations.

        Look for local property tax bills to skyrocket, pricing countless Amerikan families (who are already barely surviving) out of their own homes. Perhaps HUD will then move these subsidized and scrofulous wetbacks into those dwellings formerly occupied by now homeless Amerikans, who according to the regime in DC should fulfill their role as good Amerikans by DYING as quickly as possible.

        The negroes and mulattoes in Washington DC are the implacable enemies not only of the empty zionist-consumed husk once called “Amerika,” but more importantly, of every White man, woman and child within its boundaries.

        If we had a government that was not run by our cultural and biological enemies, the disease-ridden Third World filth would be shot on sight by our troops as it crossed our southern borders, not welcomed and subsidized. These enemies of our children will eventually be armed by ZOG to fight against US, ultimately so that “Jews can feel safe,” especially since even cursory research on the central role of Jews in promoting Third World immigration reveals both a seeming unanimity in its FAVOR as well as a culturally-ingrained Hebraic hatred of all peoples of European descent WORLDWIDE.

        WHITE GENOCIDE IS THE GOAL of the minority-racist coalition that rules Amerika.

        • If you had a canker-sore from giving blow jobs to deserving Jihadis, it would still be the Joooos fault, wouldn’t it.

          • You’ve confused me with your mother and her favorite oral activity. By the way, can you name even one SIGNIFICANT Jewish organization, congressman, senator or pundit that has actively opposed this invasion? You can start with Jacob Javits and Emanuel Cellar, who wrote the pro-Third World Immigration Reform Act of 1965 for the ADL. Better yet, you can discuss Jewess Barbara Lerner Spector, who actively supports the invasion of Europe by Muslims.

            While assembling your evidence, Coachie, be sure not to neglect your Jewish grandchildren. After all, unlike my grandchildren, they will have a great future in Obama-Holder-Jarrett’s mongrel Third-World Amerika.

          • I suggest anyone interested in what is REALLY wrong in this world go to Jewish Virtual Library and search their site about Noahide Laws; what their opinion of Christians and Jesus Christ are, who thier g-d really is and then come back and tell the rest of us who the REAL Jihadists are.

            Are you thinking that muslim sharia law is the worst laws in the world? Check out the Jews Noahide Laws vs Christianity and Christians on that jewish site. You will be punished for even saying the words Jesus Christ.

            • The JAHD-USA website (Jews and Hasidic Gentiles United to Save America) has two great articles that any American Christian patriot will find of great interest.

              JAHD-USA website:

              The 7 noahide laws


              who is the son of g-d. A real eye opener about their view of Jesus Christ.

              • While at the JAHG-USA website check out the’why not Christianity’ link and then all you judeo-christians ask yourself what part the judeo has to do with Christianity.

                If your preacher is preaching such nonsense Judeo (anti-Christ believing) Christian (Christ believing) check out the Bible for what happens to people who do not accept Jesus Christ as their savior and Messiah. Ask yourself why your pastor would try to connect you together with any judeo-Christian nonsense. Are you comfortable sitting in a pew, donating your time and money to an organization that tries to make you believe there is even a remote connection between the anti-christ and you as a christian? Jesus was very explicit who the anti-christ is (satan); do you not believe HIM over any pastor you might be listening to?

                • Jesus was a Jew, wasn’t he?

                  • Old Coach:

                    You have been following the SHTF blog long enough to hsve researched Jesus’ lineage.

                    Just to refresh your memory see comment #2886134. Jesus was a Gallilean, not a Judean.

                    Seems you have no interest in the truth, Old Coach, or you are part of the tribe. False preacher/teachers have led their congregations to believe the lie that the jews are the chosen, special people blessed by their g-d. If any person on this blog would bother to research the Jews religion, their anti-Christ Talmud and Torah, it would not take very long for there to be a shortage of people sitting in pews in America listening to this blasphemy.

                    Any person, Jew, Greek, Indian, Asian, can be saved in eternity, Old Coach; but they must REALLY accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and the ONLY God of the universe. God knows who is sincere when accepting Jesus Christ, Old Coach. He WILL NOT BE MOCKED.

        • That Is why if for any reason im forced to leave my place ill burn everything when I go. I wont take the chance of my property being used to aid & abbett the enemy. Its mine debt free. My right to destroy it if I want.

      36. This is frightening a lot of people all over the world:

        Yellwostone as well as most supervolcanoes just don’t blow without a massive trigger or until there is much more substanial indications. A supervolcano is like a monster truck tire as compared to a small volcano like a bicycle tire. Where a few inches of uplift on a small volcano can mean trouble, a supervolcano it is actually “normal”. Still the media is using this for sensationalism or because they just don’t understand what the signs are before a supervolcano erupts.

        You can magnify the tell-tale signs of an impending supervolcano many times as opposed to a regular volcano. The area affected would be huge with gases released, not isolated so far. The magma uplift would be visible and very pronounced. The hot zones would be widespread, not just certain pockets. The earthquakes would be 4 to 6 range like a regular volcano would have 1-3’s. In short, no one could keep Yellowstone ready to blow a secret. One other thing is that supervolcanoes take usally weeks to months long run-up. Unlike other volcanoes that take hours or days.

        Like i have talked before this doesn’t mean that Yellowstone cannot rapidly erupt. A strong enough earthquake at the right place can and has opened up volcanoes before. Like the cheesy movie Volcano in which an earthquake opened up a crack below the La Brea Tar Pits and set on a volcano suddenly, this was actually accurate. Technically anywhere on the planet can have a volcano if the magma below has a passage to get to the surface. The pressure below would allow it to get to the surface. An earthquake can cause this, or even an impact from an asteroid. While unlikely in most places, it still remains a remote possibility and shows how truly vulnerable we are on top of this egg shell Earth crust.

        Yellowstone is a deadly hazard, but the real event to look for right now that would cause a mega red alert would be an earthquake close enough to the weak points. If you hear of a major earthquake 6.5+ within 25 miles of the caldera this is a bad sign and time to possibly worry. A 7+ this close, and it might be time to plan to bug out. Get a 7.5+ within a few miles of the caldera and people better start hoping that it didn’t rip something close enough to surface open, if it did all bets are off and the mega SHTF that ends civilization could be on. Until then I would watch the Middle East, Russia, and the Chinese and the east Pacific more closely, OR some future false flag that seem to be more ripe than ever.

      37. I have a hard time believing that any man or women would fight against their own people.
        Most all of the agents and police officers have family at home. Why would they want to risk starting civil unrest ,that would only mean that they would have to get to their loved ones and protect them. They wouldn’t be able to carry out orders from home. Or worse yet having something happen in their own neighborhood .so , I think that they won’t hurt fellow Americans , and most people will never do anything about things they don’t like except to bitch about it.

        • We’re brainwashing our kids from Head Start through college to believe the government knows best. Our soldiers today have had that hammered into them from the get-go. How many of them will be able to overcome that indoctrination?

        • I guess you haven’t read the old news that the lithmus test for getting certain positions is that you WOULD fire on Americans if ordered to do so. Also you don’t think that they can find thousands upon thousands of men and women that have no family of any kind? They might be enlisting the ILLEGAL aliens into their ILLEGAL standing army as I type this. Some people are just naïve.

      38. We might understand from articles such as this post, why things such as U.N. Agenda 21 are supported by the administration. I have heard people ask just what reason could the government have for giving FOREIGN jurisdiction to “law enforcement”. It will probably be the only best way for them to use deadly force and otherwise deny the fading Constitutional rights to the LEGAL citizens, as well as their protcetions under the Posse Comitatus Act.

      39. Pass the cup and raise enough money to hire a fleet of buses to haul ALL of the people including MSl3 teenage killers to DC and drop them off on Pennsylvania Ave.

      40. when they come greet them nice at the door invite them in and offer them a soda or cup of coffee then gladly and nicely give them the shitty 22 bolt action rifle you have and a single shot shotgun and half a box of shells for each and tell them ya i havent used them for years and the wife is always askin when im gonna get them out of the house and then thank them cus they just got her off your ass and tell them to have a nice day then the ball is in your court and you can say when and where the engagement will be

        • God Solder Your a Idiot. When they come they wont be appeased by you giving them a couple of shoddy guns. They will come early in the AM and they will completely ransack your house. make you get down on the floor and treat you like a criminal. You posted here so you are on the list. Anyone coming on my place brandishing a weapon even the local law with a warrant will be met with deadly force. because im law abiding and any warrant would be false charges.
          I have a gate and fence down at the entrance. and if a vehicle stops down by the road my little dog lets me know. climbing that fence is a no no. my phone number is on the mail box. if anyone has business with me they can call & leave a message and I might give them a appointment.

      41. Anyone know how well baby blue shows up with a red dot sight?

        • kinda purple

      42. DHS agents are the fucking traitors. Local LE must stand up to this Federal nazi force and protect local citizens. The Federal is beyond out of control. Do you notice that the larger the government gets the worse things get for those of us that work and pay taxes. The 47% of Americans that don’t work or pay taxes fully support the Federal Government. I wonder why.

        • problem is, the DHS has already infiltrated the LE group , and its epidemic

          • there’s a reason why the local cops and state cops arnt denouncing this, and making a stand .. they are complicit

        • Local LE? man that’s a joke. Where I used to live the local LE are part of the problem. many are black or Mexican. one white guy has a Mexican wife & children. The chief of police wife was working for the judge and dealing dope from the judges law office. the FBI arrested her. the prosecuetor mailed a enemy a poison copperhead snake .then when he showed up to face charges in federal court he was high on cocane. A state trooper was caught with a Mexican whore and a car packed full of Marigwuana. he was convicted. lots of unsolved murders and murders ruled sucicide. a man was shot & killed his wife and young son brutally beat to death. the little daughter abducted. and a 911 call was made. the local deputy who responded stated in here at Dalton Ar and everything is quiet. Dalton has a population of 10 people. the little pre teen girl was kept in a 55 gallon drum and eventually raped to death. it took over 5 years before any one was charged with the crimes. and only after a new sherriff judge & prosecueter was elected. Check it out Murder of Elliot family at Dalton AR. a young boy Tracy Collins who was the local LEO,s snitch was murdered. and no one was ever convicted. so their is a murderer still walking free as a bird. Local LEOS what a laugh. You cant trust or count on anyone other than yourself.

          • Arkansas family
            Friday, August 1, 2003

            By Katie Plumb, SEMO News Service

            DALTON, Ark. — Citizens in Dalton, a small northeastern community in Arkansas, may sleep a little better tonight knowing suspects have finally been arrested in connection with the quadruple murder case that claimed the lives of the Elliott family in 1998.

            The arrests come five years to the day that the bodies of the mother, Lisa Dubois Elliott, and her 7-year-old son, Gregory Allen Elliott, were found.

            Charles (Chad) Wayne Green, 27, of Doniphan, Mo., was one of three arrested Wednesday in connection with the murders. He was taken into custody in Ripley County on a Randolph County warrant charging him with four counts of capital murder and one count of kidnapping.

            Also arrested were his father, Billy Green, who already was in the Randolph County jail on other charges, and Charles’ brother, Jason Green. Billy and Jason are both Randolph County residents. If found guilty, they could face the death penalty.

            July 30, 1998

            According to Randolph County Sheriff’s reports at 1:15 a.m. on July 30, 1998 a deputy responded to a call where “there was hollering going on” at the home of Carl and Lisa Elliott.

            Less than six hours later, authorities were again called to the area, this time by a woman who said she had just discovered the dead body of her stepdaughter, Lisa Elliott, on her front porch.

            When then-Sheriff Rob Samons arrived, he went next door to the Elliott residence and found the door slightly ajar. It was at this time that the body of Gregory Elliott was found lying dead on the living room floor.

            Some 48 hours later, the body of the father, Carl Allen Elliott, was found in Eleven Point River, having been shot in the back of the head.

            The last of the four member family, 8-year-old Felicia Elliott, remained missing until Sept. 8, 2000, when authorities discovered her remains in a remote wooded area of Randolph County.

            Officials from Randolph County are not releasing any more information on the case.

          • Were on our own, if you or your family have been delt wrong , its up to you to gain “justice” , either in the form of punishment , retribution or ………

            especially when you see that the “Law” isnt doing its job, or is part of the problem ..its your duty to clean it up ..its up to you if you want to be known or not, for what you have to do.

      43. DHS agents are the fucking traitors. Local LE must stand up to this Federal nazi force and protect local citizens. The Federal is beyond out of control. Do you notice that the larger the government gets the worse things get for those of us that work and pay taxes. The 47% of Americans that don’t work or pay taxes fully support the Federal Government. I wonder why.

      44. Ok lets get back on track to tips again, we can all talk and talk. I would say wipe off all your shell casings and pickup some HCL hydrochloric acid to dissolve any metal you might want to cover up later. If you have to fire, make sure you do not do it from your location and or be videotaped. Have some kind of scarf, sunglasses anything to make it harder to identify you later after the smoke clears. If you fire near your location they will have all your stuff. Make sure you do not TRUST ANYONE!! People will turn you in when the questions are asked. THEY will and its sad people are snitches. I don’t know why people are that way I really don’t. Is it jealousy or do they just hate people or you because you got away with something and they are jealous of you and only way for them to get any type of satisfaction is to turn you in and see you pay. That is why I say that. I believe some extra sheets of 4×8 plywood would be good for covering up holes, patching windows etc if things get bad. Have some fire extinquishers near in case your house catches on fire.
        Don’t be afraid to defend yourself!! Remember they will take everything you have in a collapse. People will not be themselves. Adrenaline will be flowing and they might be coming into your home with that HIGH LOUD DOMINATE VOICE to try and scare you! Get some earplugs and use them. It will help with other gunfire and keep you focused while it could scare an average shooter or less qualified swat guy who has never been in direct return fire of a 12 gauge or a ar-15 from 10 feet away. Stay relaxed and don’t hesitate!!! That 1/2sec hesitation could make or break your life!! Stay relaxed and practice with your weapons however you want. Practice with a friend in the country pretending to be an approaching police officer trying to arrest you or some other situation. Know where your weapons are going to be ready to go and you have backup mags to get the job done. You will win if you believe it. SO many people have missed at 30 feet away shooting bullet after bullet at each other. That is what I’m talking about be calm and quick! We can win and good people will prevail!!! List some good survival tips people food weapons, camping, booby traps or whatever, would love to hear and we can all learn!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • the quick, and the dead

      45. I think it’s time to take our COUNTRY BACK like the lyrics in this song says.

      46. I think it’s time to take our COUNTRY BACK like the lyrics state here

      47. I think it’s time to take our COUNTRY BACK like the lyrics state here

      48. One problem:


        “Diversity” means being chased out of your neighborhood.
        “Diversity” means being chased out of your school.
        “Diversity” means being chased out of your job.
        “Diversity” Means Chasing Down the Last White Person.
        “Diversity” means White Genocide

        Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.

        Nobody’s flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.

        Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.

        Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

      49. just a little update

        Bio-Unsafety Level 3: Could the Next Lab Accident Result in a Pandemic?

        and this is certainly interesting

        “It’s not just a theoretical risk. In 1977 a flu virus swept the world in an event that became known as the Russian flu. It was caused by a strain of flu that, later genetic tests showed, looked remarkably like those that had circulated in 1950. The belief is that the virus escaped from a laboratory or was used in a vaccine project that went awry.”

        what is it mom used to say?

        you play with fire long enough
        and your gonna get burned ?

      50. OMG. I have just heard the most outrageous interview on a news station.

        CNN is a shit puppet station of the government. They just badgered a sheriff for asking a question of the government.

        I and all my friends will boycott CNN news.

        Fuck CNN news, go kiss Odumbos ass some,ore.

        • this?
          h t t p://

          • Yes that’s it. It discussed me to see the newsman attack an American citizen and defend the illegals.

      51. If those Border Patrol “people” couldnt see this train headed for them . who are we to show them anything? ( as far as they are concerned ) its not like they would have listened anyways.
        Hey ya’ll BP’ers.. you know where the problem is , and its only 10 Sq miles , maybe closing that border in might give you some attention.. they aint listening to us

      52. All this border mess to me is a well-planned event to cause massive civil unrest of the American people. In doing so, soon someone or a group is going to open fire on the illegals and that will usher in Martial Law. Now how do we stop this or what do we do? Stop them at the border from crossing into America, to do this it will take a lot of people standing and patrolling our borders. I mean a lot of people from all over the nation; this is our entire problem not just the Southern States. Should we be armed absolutely, but fingers on the safeties. Having said all that, this is GOLDEN GROUND for a major FALSE FLAG where a government sponsored group will open fire and blame the people. Stay study my friends this is one of their last ditch ploy’s to start the games, but they also have a few more in their bag. Things are going to speed up as the mid-terms approach, (as if that in its self means anything because the ballot box is broken). Study my friends and fingers on the safeties!

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      53. Os decimos que merecemos estar aqui en nuestra patria porque era a una vez y va a ser otra vez!

        • Alonso…what I don’t think you understand is that the people on this board aren’t angry that immigrants are coming into the country, they are angry because they are coming in ILLEGALLY! There are legal ways of coming into the US. Sneaking in, stealing identities, mooching off the system, etc…that is not the way to do it. And don’ try to tell me that these things aren’t happening. They are. I’ve seen it. No free handouts…earn it…be a part of the solution…become a community member.

        • If you were not born here, it’s not your homeland. I was born here, so it is my homeland, not Germany or England or anywhere else my ancestors came from.

        • Land mine the borders, station guards and armed drones along the way, and execute anyone seeking to enter America illegally. Deny EBT, Drivers Licenses, Voting rights,jobs to illegals. ( Sneak into America and it is not our problem to feed, clothe and shelter you), especially for free just cause your sorry assets managed to sneak in. We need to try and convict people and corporate officers who allow and encourage the hiring of illegals. Conviction resulting in fines high enough to bankrup businesses that hire illegals, and executions for individuals found guilty. The only way to stop this unarmed third world invasion will be by not the ballot box, or the soap box, but the ammo box, I fear.
          We tell our elected officals that we do not want the entire third world admitted to America, and those officals just smile and continue with admitance and amnesty.

        • Martinez: Nunca. Obama quiere matar Los Estados Unidos per el no entienda que la gente tienen el pais en el corozon y en los mientes y la vida. La gente son Los Estados Unidos. No es el gobierno, es la gente. Y la gente son milliones como las estrellas. Y la gente no son solamente blancos per todos que quieridan este pais, todos que vienen legalmente de todos paises. Gente que veined para vivir con dignidad.
          Si no quiere estar parte de la gente, esta bien. Devuelva a Mexico con los benedictos the Dios.

      54. will the truth come out ???

        Must Watch Video – Congressman Thomas Massie Calls for Release of Secret 9/11 Documents Upon Reading Them–_Congressman_Thomas_Massie_Calls_for_Release_of_Secret_911_Documents_Upon_Reading_Them/36657/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        ““I was absolutely shocked by what I read,” Jones told International Business Times. “What was so surprising was that those whom we thought we could trust really disappointed me. I cannot go into it any more than that. I had to sign an oath that what I read had to remain confidential. But the information I read disappointed me greatly.”

      55. 93 Year Old Prophecy Comes To Pass…
        H.L. Mencken (born 1880 – died 1956) was a journalist, satirist, critic and Democrat. He wrote this editorial while working for the Baltimore Evening Sun, which appeared in the July 26, 1920, edition:
        “As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents more and more closely the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.”
        —H.L. Mencken, The Baltimore Evening Sun

        ( yes we are supposed to be a Republic, but our form of government was taken over, made into or run like a democracy and that my friends is why its failing miserably , no democracy ever survives , its proven )
        “you have a republic , if you can keep it” ..
        well folks its time to take it back

      56. Three cheers for the Border Patrol and the local police!

      57. Deport Obama and Hillary—-America is too good of a place for trash such as the clown-in-chief and the suckritary of state.

      58. I can’t stand what islam stands for, it is pure evil. I however try to be fair in my opinion over what is going on in the Middle East. I was reading what the palestinians and hamas wants in return for a ceasefire with Israel and it is actually not unreasonable. It might open up more arms shipment to gaza of very destructive weapons. Opening up more of a fishing zone I don’t see would harm anyone, just bring in more food.

        I copied part of an article in the israel national news web site for everyone interested in what hamas is demanding so there can be “peace”. I am not sure exactly about this, but Israel cannot starve out people but in the same token must not endanger themselves from some high tech weapons coming in. Of course both sides may just want to wipe out each other and WW3 may be just pre-destined.
        “Report: Terrorists offer 10-year truce.”

        Palestinian Arab sources reported Wednesday that Hamas and Islamic Jihad have drafted a ceasefire offer that would involve a 10-year truce with Israel.

        The terrorists want all crossings into Gaza opened, and an international airport to be opened in Gaza. The Rafah crossing is to be opened up to international traffic, under UN supervision, with international observers along the borders.

        There is no official confirmation of the offer and it is being greeted with skepticism, as more of a trial balloon than an actual offer.

        Other conditions in the alleged proposal include the withdrawal of IDF tanks from areas they entered in Operation Protective Edge; a complete removal of the blockade on Gaza; an international sea port; no more flights by Israeli aircraft over Palestinian-controlled territory and expansion of the fishing zone to 10 km from the shoreline.

        In addition, the terrorists demand that Israel release the terrorist prisoners who were freed in the Shalit deal and re-arrested in Operation Brother’s Keeper following the kidnap and murder of three Israeli teens. As part of the search for the teens and their killers, IDF forces arrested hundreds of Hamas terrorists, including dozens who were released as part of the prisoner swap to free captive IDF soldier Gilad Shalit in 2011, but who broke the terms of their release, which included not being involved in terrorist activity.

        Other conditions leveled by the terrorist groups include that Israel be obliged not to interfere with the activity of the “Palestinian unity government”, and that industrial zones along the border will be rebuilt and renovated.

        • Can’t? Have you ever heard the term ‘All is fair in love and war”? If my neighbor was taking pot shots at me I would take any action necessary to take him out. Now lets say I owned two houses next to each other and my ‘neighbor’ was actually a squatter who I had been begrudgingly allowing (for some unfathomably reason) to squat there for years and all of a sudden he started taking pot shots at me. Same outcome would happen in that case. There is no such thing as a Palestinian nationality… they are from Syria and they need to get off the property that they are squatting on or die. I think that is simple enough for people to understand?… Maybe?

      59. We are literally financing our own oppression

      60. Unless someone else has beaten me to it, what is happening in the state I left behind:

        This is literally burning the candle at both ends. The government, through these EBT cards (a nurse said at work her son calls them “Eatin Big Time” cards) is subsidizing Wal Mart(big corporation) indirectly as well as the illegals directly.

        Middle America doesn’t stand a chance. The government is targeting us because we have money the government can extract, but not that much that we can influence the politicians nor put up any meaningful legal defense.

        The police aren’t going to bother the illegals or EBT card holders because they don’t have money or anything worth going after.

        We can continue to watch our remaining savings and wealth be confiscated by the elites unless we mount an armed resistance. The framework for any meaningful reform or reversal of the events through the traditional poitical process does not exist.

      61. If patriots have to take action against U N troops there must be a no prisoners policy.

      62. They’re Coming for Your Accounts

        And, of course, they’ve already had a trial run, when they stole funds directly from individual bank accounts in Cyprus, just last year. Here’s how that went down:
        March 16, 2013: Cyprus announces a bank holiday and sets the terms of a “bail-in” to save the banks: 6.75% of all bank balances under €100,000 and 9.9% of balances larger than €100,000 will be confiscated. In honest language, the word for that is “theft.”
        People screamed, and the government hemmed and hawed for a number of days.
        March 24, 2013: People are permitted to withdraw €100 at a time from their bank accounts.
        March 25, 2013: A bail-in deal is announced. Accounts with over €100,000 lose either 40% of their money (Bank of Cyprus) or 60% of their money (Laiki bank).

        And, as it happened, a number of very rich people and companies were permitted to withdraw their money in full, regardless of the “bail-in.”

      63. Wow! Looks like, every once in a while, we get a glimpse inside the cloak of the Emperor Who Has No Clothes, and we can all (except the libs among us) see that he really does have no clothes.

      64. I’ve been saying it for years…Law Enforcement for the most part will side with the people because they live and work in the same communities they patrol. Once law enforcement turns away from following unlawful orders they will have to turn to the military. My guess is the majority of them won’t take up arms against their own citizens…so what are you left with? The UN and foreign troops. The simple fact that the media never misses a chance to paint law enforcement in a bad light indicates to me a pre programmed propaganda to get people to not trust and hate the police so that when the time comes, the sheeple will beg for the military/UN. If that ever happens, you will yearn for the days if domestic law enforcement. Law enforcement is starting to wake up en masse. The powers that be can’t have this…

      65. Pay close attention to what is happening with these illegals once they go into custody.

        They are being treated exceedingly, and some would argue excessively, nicely. Compare that to what they have just come from. And consider what their backgrounds and life experiences to this point have ingrained in them.

        There are reports of illegals being transported to a WalMart in North Carolina with EBT cards in hand to shop for whatever their little hearts desire. There are reports of toys, games, and entertainment being provided. There are reports of new clothes and new shoes being provided. And now there is the report of a $50 million resort near the border in Texas being prepared to house 600 of them, complete with all resort facilities and on site medical personnel — all on our taxpayer dime.

        Is that red carpet treatment or what?

        The overwhelming majority of hard working, tax paying, law abiding AMERICANS cannot afford a luxury resort in sunny south Texas or anywhere else!

        So you have to ask the question, Why?

        Simple meals, simple shelter on the floor of a gym, and toilet facilities are the full extent of what these illegals should expect — even in their wildest dreams — while awaiting immediate deportation. They didn’t have even THAT level of comfort in where they have come from.

        We owe them nothing. NOTHING.

        So why the exorbitant efforts to accommodate them, transport them wherever they would like to go, clothe them, etc.?????????????????????

        Theory: To win their undying hearts and minds for Obama.

        Remember those billions of rounds of ammo purchased by the federal government?

        Remember Mao’s Communist youth army, who were just teenagers rabidly supportive of Mao, who went door to door after Mao took power, smashing family keepsakes and heirlooms and any other symbol of Chinese middle class life? Remember Lenin’s Bolshevik armed young men who went neighborhood to neighborhood after Lenin took power, consolidating Lenin’s control over the middle and upper classes?

        It’s classic communist strategy and tactics. Obama knows that he would never be able to form and dispatch an American army of male youth willing to subdue Americans house by house. But backward, ignorant, controllable, destitute villagers from some of the poorest and most violent societies in the Western Hemisphere? You betcha. And that, sports fans, is what this may all be about.

        The establishment, indoctrination, formation and dispatch of illegal, ruthless, hardened, teenage male thugs who would be more than happy to do Obama’s bidding without question and without hesitation across the country.

        Don’t think it can’t happen? Don’t think it won’t happen? Ask yourself if you ever imagined what already has happened would ever happen in this country.

        It’s happening as we speak — Stage One is in progress.

        Get your plans made and get ready to protect your family and belongings. This will get very dangerous very quickly if Congress does not put a stop to the invasion within the next couple of weeks and concurrently get these invaders hauled back across the border.

        And as for Mexico having to deal with the return of the invaders, well, Mexico can just kiss our butts.

        Obama and Jarrett are moving with all due speed.

        • I dont believe this can be reversed without bloodshed, our leaders do not listen, and they already have their agenda in place that being the destruction of the USA.

      66. U.N. seeking to intervene in U.S. border crisis

        UNITED NATIONS – Representatives of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, or UNHRC, are “intensely discussing in meetings” the possibility of extending U.N. protection to the thousands of Central Americans crossing the U.S. border with Mexico illegally by defining them as “refugees” who are seeking asylum from political and domestic violence in their home nations, WND has confirmed.

        Officials privy to the U.N. discussions have explained to WND it’s “a tricky situation,” because the Central American immigrants are not part of any group the U.N. has designated as victims of political or religious persecution.

        A UNHCR official confirmed Monday to WND via email that a 10-nation meeting in Nicaragua of ministers of the interior from the U.S., Mexico and various Central American countries was held Thursday and Friday.

        The ministers, according to preliminary reports obtained by WND, concluded the Central American illegal aliens are “refugees” deserving international protection under the auspices of the U.N. as they seek asylum in the U.S. The ministers cited the U.N.’s 30-year-old declaration on the rights of refugees.

        Attending the meeting were UNHRC representatives, as well as representatives of SICA, the El Salvador-headquartered non-government organization known in English as Central American Integration System. The group was endorsed by the U.N. General Assembly in a resolution Dec. 10, 1993, to create regional bodies and institutions authorized to interact with the U.N. officially in an effort to unify Central American states politically and economically.

        On Monday, the UNHRC in Colombia notified WND the U.N. would issued a press release Tuesday afternoon on last week’s 10-nation meeting in Nicaragua, after receiving comments from SICA and the host country.

        In 1991, SICA was created by Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama, with Belize becoming a full member in 2013. SICA includes the U.S., Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay and Colombia as regional observers.

        URL to article: h t tp://

        • There would be no “border crises” if armed Americnas were turning back these third world invaders.

      67. Unidentified sources with zero confirmation from any third party.

        This “report” is a load of bullsh*t designed to sell additional advertising.

      68. They’ll do whatever they’re told to do as long as they get payed. Do you think an alien in the military cares about your rights and the Constitution when they come marching? Aim for head shots

      69. We are being invaded by foreigners coming across the Mexican border… I say foreigners in general because only an idiot would think that just Mexicans are coming across. The traitors that lead this country are letting it happen. I applaud the efforts of those who stood the gap and would not allow this… protesters and border patrol alike. As for it cutting the influx in half?… probably not, but the effort hopefully brought some media attention to the matter. Stock up on food and ammo because we can’t allow our country to be destroyed from within for too much longer.

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        posts. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I in finding
        it very troublesome to tell the reality nevertheless I’ll
        surely come again again.

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