Murder, Rape, Robbery and Assault Skyrocket In Bankrupt Stockton, California

by | Oct 24, 2012 | Headline News | 318 comments

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    (Billboard as you enter Stockton city limits)

    As more towns and municipalities across the country are forced into bankruptcy due to reckless spending and lowered tax revenues, residents of once quiet neighborhoods are waking up to the reality that life as they know it is changing drastically.

    In Stockton, California, which declared bankruptcy earlier this year, your chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime such as murder, rape, robbery or assault are 1 in 70, which is nearly four times higher than the national average.

    Your chances of being the victim of a property crime are even more likely, with 1 in every 17 residents of the city facing the prospect of having their house broken into or car stolen this year.

    This is what happens when a city, county, state or federal government can no longer pay its bills and is forced to lay off workers. In the case of Stockton, the city has cut tens of millions of dollars from their budget, mostly targeting law enforcement and other essential services.

    The result?

    A bizarre shooting spree has broken records in Stockton, making this the most violent year in that city’s history.

    …the City of Stockton has seen its most violent year ever – Stockton police tonight are investigating their 56th, 57th, 58th, and 59thhomicides.

    “I want people to remember that behind every one of those numbers is a person, and a grieving family,” Silva said.

    “This past weekend was obviously one of the most violent weekends we’ve had in Stockton in years,” Stockton police spokesman Officer Joe Silva said.

    Silva said investigating teams worked around the clock to solve the grisly crimes, even relying on detectives from other units to help interview witnesses and process crime scenes.

    “Right now, we’re working the best we can with limited resources,” Silva said.

    “I’ve never seen this many homicides in such a short time span.”

    The causes for rising crime rates in Stockton and other U.S. cities like the war zones that are Detroit and Chicago are multi-fold. Criminals are becoming more desperate and aggressive as police personnel are relieved of duty. Likewise, as economic malaise across the country has left millions without jobs or homes, individuals who never would have thought of committing a crime previously believe they are left with no choice but to rob and pillage in order to make ends meet. Add to that the Stress, Anxiety and Depression in a SHTF World and not being able to meet the most basic necessities for life like food, shelter and health care, and you have a population that is ready to snap because they have nothing left to lose.

    Stockton is just another example of what the rest of America will look like soon:

    The reality is that most of the country has been experiencing a slow decline for a very long time and once thriving cities such as Gary, Indiana and Flint, Michigan have become absolute hellholes.  They are examples of what the rest of America will look like soon.

    There are many communities in America today where it seems like all of the hope and all of the life have been sucked right out of them.  You can see it in the eyes of the people.  The good times are gone permanently and they know it.  Unfortunately, the remainder of the country will soon be experiencing the despair that those communities are feeling.

    Government officials on all levels are stuck. They are overloaded with debt and have no more money to spend. The only option is to start cutting services like law enforcement, emergency medical response, public food and homelessness support, and other social services like rental assistance.

    The effect of this collapse of government services is rising crime across the entire spectrum of criminal activity including murder, theft and organized attacks like flash mobs.

    This is more than likely coming to a town near you in short order, no matter where in the United States you live.

    Be prepared to secure your home and your person, because government no longer has the resources.


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      1. Kill em all, send them to GOD…

        • We can only hope that “law enforcement” is cut deeply and swiftly, followed by court personnel.

          Law Enforcement is, and always has been, the domain of the People. These paid milipolice forces are nothing but report writers for the corp whose main job is to generate revenue through Unlawful licensing and regulation requirements placed on the banksters chattel.

          Only someone who can protect their own property and freedom deserves property and freedom. If you depend on someone else to protect what you have, you also must give them a right to take what you have.

          That is not what America is all about.

          • If there was only a little bit of The Punisher in all of us, ooooh how we could change things.

            • Change things indeed. Each would be a law unto himself need no contraints on behavior thereby commiting all manner of atrocities. Brilliant.

            • @joe:

              We are all a law unto ourselves, it is called sovereignty.

              Self Determination is our Right.

              The Punisher goes after evil.

              …BA…..’nuff said.

            • Ryback, Absolutely.

              5 good guys with 10 good guns should approach a gated community and say, “Pay us each $200 a day, cash, feed us, house us and we’ll make sure your stuff stays where it should stay. Give us free reign to patrol the periphery and follow our instructions and we’ll be discreet and you and your possessions will be safe.”

              Then, move in.

              Are there 5 trustworthy guys on here that are jobless?

              Eventually, somebody is going to do it. Sorry, I’m already committed. My son and I are already doing patrols. We’re close to notifying the cops: stay out unless you’re called.

            • JoeinNC: So what’s your solution? The people are tapped out and can’t pay more in porperty taxes without many more more of them going into foreclosure. And cities can’t collect traxes from properties they’ve foreclosed on, in fact it costs them even more money to keep them, so what’s your brilliant answer? It’s happening all across this country; we’ve spent more than we should have and now we can’t pay our bills. Police, fire, and other services are being cut back everywhere, so we are all going to have to take more responsibility for our own well being and safety. That means defending ourselves from criminals too. Joe, you sound like the type who would cower in his home from the ‘bad guys’ until a real man or woman came to rescue you. Man, are you in trouble! Ladies and gentlemen, you too Joe, it’s YOYO Time (Your On Your Own), so get use to it.

              • It is NOT a “spending” problem. It is a TAXATION problem. Rich and powerful have paid off congress and wriggled out of their share. Period! Become a Prepper? Prepare for what? A life where it’s even more “dog eat dog” and bullies rule than it already IS?l Ooooohh! Where do I SIGN?!!?

            • Did the Punisher have to deal with the same brilliant gun bans as Kalifornia???

            • Man O man looks like I hit a nerve with that comic book hero stuff. But in all seriousness people you dont have to stand tall, but you got to stand up. READ, LEARN, TRAIN, and at the last resort WATCH YOUR CORNERS, SHOOT STRAIT, and watch your six. And I hope you have company.

            • -Legion7-
              Nope. The Punisher had the balls to break the rules made to contrain good men from stopping evil men 😉
              Evil men make these rules because they know that when the citizenry run out of muggers and pimps then they might start making their way up the food chain…

            • @JoeinNC
              Who just came up from hiding under your desk at UNC. You reek of the kind of academic attitude that got us here in the first place. Those of us who were in the military know how quickly society can break down and usually get thrown into foreign countries to save it. Heard of Somalia?

              Now go back ot watching Maddow and change your name to “Probable Victim in NC” please…

              People on this site have to live in the real world.

              You were probably driving the van mentioned in this article below…


              • Brilliant! Put on a party hat and some blinders! It’s not a “party” issue, but if it were, the party with the greatest force of wealth and corruption bears the brunt of the responsibility. Hmm. Let’s see. Big Oil? Pharma? Which party diapers those who pilfer the most from the people and dodge their tax responsibility so they can save up to bribe government some more? There is no 100% “good” political party in power, but for God’s sake, don’t be snowed by the wealthy.

          • Actually, I’m not surprised that folks would begin taking the law into their own hands:

            “At some point between the beginning of crisis stage and governmental collapse (say, sometime before the cops pretty much give up), ordinary citizens will begin forming their own protection groups. This may be a group of neighbors forming a vigilante committee, or an existing street gang that decides to start protecting their neighborhood and neighbors from rival gangs and criminals coming in from other neighborhoods. It starts with groups that help the police, such as neighborhood watches and increased general awareness by neighbors. Then as police coverage becomes thinner? Unarmed, and then armed groups begin to appear to perform citizen arrests. Then, they become outright vigilante groups. Eventually? You become your own law. Unfortunately, the same maxim will hold true for everyone else in your vicinity.

            While being with such a group will sound like a relief of sorts, these vigilante groups may well begin to make up their own laws as they go along, as due process will be whatever the whim of the lynch mob thinks it should be.

            There will be exceptions to this rule outside of the large cities and suburbs. Smaller, more socially conservative populations will try to retain some of the existing structure of law enforcement. On the other hand, actual justice and due process (courts, detention, trial by peers, etc) may be curtailed or simply shortened to execution for most crimes – either real or perceived.”

            I’ll reveal the source of that quote soon enough 🙂

            • There are already viglante groups, they are called gangs. Your answer to gangs is more gangs. Brilliant.

            • My father’s house was run over by the eye of Hurricane Katrina when it passed over the Mississippi coast. He lived in a small subdivision outside of a small town and his house was one of only three in the development that wasn’t seriously damaged or destroyed. The area went without electricity for six weeks, telephone service for five months, etc. They didn’t see the first outside assistance for a month, and when it came it was a private church group, not FEMA or the National Guard.

              My dad evacuated to my home for a week and when he returned, he found that the residents who had stayed had formed an ad hoc security service. They were less than an hour’s drive from New Orleans and the radios were burning up with news of people leaving NO and essentially raiding surrounding areas. The residents had set up a rotating 24-hour schedule to guard the entrance to the development. Each had a weapon and would use it if absolutely necessary (fortunately the sight of armed men was sufficient deterrent.)

              In addition, the residents determined who needed what and got it done. My dad had a generator and 50 gallons of gasoline we’d sent with him, so all of the residents who had medication, formula or whatever requiring refrigeration stored their stuff at his home. Others had gas-powered chainsaws to clear trees and debris. Others had carpentry skills and helped make temporary repairs to the less damaged homes using materials on hand.

              It was HARD for them. I’ve heard the stories and it’s nothing any of them want to do again. Yet they all survived and unlike in New Orleans they worked together. No one died, no one suffered any indignity that the others were spared.

              Based on my dad’s experience I think an ad hoc security group can work well provided everyone is on the same page.

            • @JoeinNC:
              I’m not advocating anything – I’m telling you what’s going to happen. It will occur whether you like it or not. It will happen no matter what any proposed solution may be.

              Consider it a force of nature: you can disagree with a thunderstorm all you like, but that won’t stop it from raining.

              Excellent example of how something positive can happen. In most cases, I think that’s what will come of it… at first.

            • Odd O,

              I have to disagree with you on a couple of points you have made. Let me preface my comments by saying that I live very close to Stockton and either I or one of my employees are working in Stockton every day doing home inspections. I think I am in tune with the thoughts and general feelings of the members of this community.

              This situation has been going on for almost a year. There is no active neighborhood watches in effect that I know of nor is there any thought of vigilante justice.

              The gangs black,white, hispanic and asian are the law. The Stockton police and San Joauqin County Sheriff have only one function at this time and that is to take reports and guard the coroners people as they haul off the dead. Neither has the manpower to do anything else.

              The gangs also act as the judge and jury in Stockton. They protect thier own people. Plus theses gangs punish those who harm a member of thier community.

              This is the picture of what you will see more and more of across the nation as things deteriate. The chemical make up of these gangs in other places may be different just because of the lack of ethnic distribution in any single area. None the less there will be some groups in every area that will be more than happy to fill the vacumn left when there is no police to enforce the rule of law.

              You can call these groups gangs, bands of thugs, vigilantes or whatever but they will be the ones serving up frontier justice until:

              In Northern California there are three main militia groups. They have been formed, they are well organized and they are currently training on a regular basis. The plan for when TSHF is to lay up and let the people destroy themselves. Gangs vigilantes and other self proclaimed enforcers will be systematicaly targeted by these militias who have already established between themselves who will control what area. These militias even have alliances with each other to come to and help each other if attacked by outside forces. I cannot say who those outside forces could be.

              Once law and order has been re-established these militias like any other form of governmentr will require that the people living in thier area will be required to tithe a certain amount product or whatever to these militias for protection.

              And the cycle will begin again. Smaller governments till they once again merger and get bigger and bigger. 150 years later and we will once again be in the same position that we are today. Who says history doesn’t repeat itself?

              • Well said. I have often wondered if the thousand years of peace promised in Revelations once good ol’ Jebus decides to come back is really just the world falling apart and since there are no nations to war, then world peace is achieved until they get big enough to war again.

            • @JoeinNC. You are most definitely a transplant from California or Denver, Colorado where most of the Libtards reside. You can’t possibly be a true “Son of the South”. Take those training wheels off your bike, throw that helmet away, you’ll feel better ol’ boy.

            • Human nature is as old as dirt itself. In a grid down WROL scenario I trust me with my personal security and no one else. If you delegate security to anyone unknown, and even some people you do know, there is a very good chance that over time they will come to view themselves as indispensable. Then it becomes progressively more difficult to get rid of them. Trust no one.

            • JoeinNC says
              “There are already viglante groups, they are called gangs. Your answer to gangs is more gangs. Brilliant.”

              Proven fact , the best way to kill a sniper …….is with another sniper . it works .

            • There is a distinction here that needs to be made . Gangs are criminals out for themselves …….when you have citizens arming, patrolling ,and fighting for the common good and protection of their towns or neighborhoods …..they are militias . This is a positive thing and how our forefathers meant for free citizens under siege from attackers to behave . Attack from foreign nationals , criminals , or even the government … makes no difference , thats another reason why they felt the 2nd amendment critical for free men to remain free and shape their own destinies unoppressed .

            • JoeinNC; Typical Obama zombie, what u got no answer. Become a refugee, a single file robot, a neardowell, a sociopathic socialist, or who knows what. I will die fighting for every inch of my Country and my life, and protecting my loved ones and friends, against ANY TYRANT FOREIGN and especialy DOMESTIC. I’ve heard rumors the Gooberment will co opt gangs and use them against everyone. WAKE UP!

            • @TR well said

          • Do it for the dogs of America. Save a dog. Fire a cop.

            • @ John W

              Naw…the way I see it is thus:

              Save a dog, shoot the Michael Vick types!

            • joeinnc

              No it would be known as a militia, which hey you like the constitution yes? If a gang is roving and coming in to take over your area will you defend it or lay down for them? The thing is who is trustworthy to hold such positions? Who will not look at color of skin as a determining factor? Will they remember in innocent until proven guilty? Or just because they wear a hoodie and low hanging pants they are already a criminal? Well then anyone who wears a suit is a criminal yes? after all thats how bankers and politicians dress. Anyone who wears jeans is a criminal alot of politicians to look like they are connecting wear jeans and open collar shirts ( ie: romney/ ryan ).

          • “Only someone who can protect their own property and freedom deserves property and freedom.”

            Say that again when you’re my age and widowed. Other than that paragraph, I agree.

            • Gramma, I understand your plight. Have you no family to help? No children, surviving siblings, friends, church members?

              There are those who can not protect themselves as individuals, and always will be. However, the corp is not a worthy protector because it protects its own for profit off of you, just like the mafia protection rackets.

              If you have no one, it is in your interest to find someone you can trust to help you do it. The corp ain’t it.

              I wish you well and hope that statement in my post did not offend you.

            • Gramma Anne – What state are you in? I’d hate to know that you’re 10 miles from me and without assistance because, then, you only thought you were.

              Mail me if I can help: [email protected]

              It will take far less security than you think once you get out of the city. If you’re in the city, it will take far more than you can muster. GET OUT NOW! (I’m hearing there are 50 shootings a week in Shitcago. Yeah, hows that gun control working out for you guys up there, huh?)

              In my opinion, places that contain large numbers of humans are places of danger NOW. When it gets harder, it will get worse. The corp has truly brainwashed us into believing that the cops care and can help. That is the only reason crime has been lower. Once the fake psychological safety barrier is removed, the petty criminal class will go wild in these cities.

              Once things get bad and the cops *HAVE* to actually start working with criminals, they’ll all quit. Once they can’t prey on victims with fines and tick-et(s) to justify their existence, they’ll abandon their post. Nothing makes a jackboot run faster than a real nemesis and a lack of big brother backing them up. Actually, the flip side of that coin might me that the cops banned together to continue to rob us after the collapse. Only instead of tick-ets and BS fines, it will be your pantry.

              4 guns. 2 rifles, 1 shotgun, 1 pistol. 500 rounds of ammo each.

              If Gramma can’t afford that, one good pistol and a thousand rounds will do you in a pinch. Post a sign. “No food. No gold. Nothing to do. Plenty of ammo. Please come loot so I can shoot!”

          • GC “Only someone who can protect their own property and freedom deserves property and freedom.”

            This is an Anarchist society and one I agree with. Republics have rule of law and those always become corrupt over time, just look at America and other republics.

            • Grammas New shiny Sign out at driveway entrance…

              “Don’t Tepmt Fate!…..Stay OUTSIDE the Gate!”
              signed: Granny Goodcook…

              (Oh Sugar Bear!…Cant get enough O’dem sugarcrips…bloodsN’crips!!)

          • By that logic, gang members have the most rights to freedom and property.

            They are loosely organized as a group and are heavily armed and have zero remorse about doing anything they want to do.

            If you think you could stop some of these people I invite you to try.

            There’s something fundamentally flawed with your concept there.

          • A threat to severely cut the number of make-work employees on the city’s payroll does not have the desired effect.

          • Here’s the key issue that’s lost in the fog of this story—Stockton’s people voted for this! They have no one to blame for their catastrophe than themselves.

            They’re the ones who always ridicule and shout down candidates calling for sober economics and careful spending. Stockton epitomizes every BLUE city, every BLUE state, overrun with corrupt unions and weak sheeple who are far too ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ for rationale budget judgements.

            And guess what? They’ll STILL vote for any blue nose Democrat because, yes, they’re just that wretchedly stupid to rely on the same slimes who sabotaged them in the first place. Take a guess who they—and the entire state of California—will be voting for, Obama or Romney?

            They deserve their fate as does Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, New York, LA and a sludge of other blue cities and states. They bought their quicksand wholesale. Now they can wallow in it.

          • G C your on the right track,when they passed all the bands on good weapons the goverment knew this was coming in california,they said peace and safety,IT fooled every women in the state,IT didn,t fool any of the guys,but the women passed it anyway,even after being warned,after the band on weapons the POLICE GANG went around threatening everyone and the jails were filling up fast,the crime is high in california now because they took their weapons,FIRE ALL THE POLICE GANG AND GET YOUR WEAPONS BACK,you never needed all these nazi pigs to start with……..

          • That’s exactly right. My whole entire neighborhood is gunned up for several blocks. We already have plans in place, enough food for everyone for 18 months or more, and sniper teams with assault teams already set up and ready to go. When the blacks or anyone else try to move into our neighborhood, they better have at least several U.S. Navy Seal teams with them.

            Also, as a warning to police/military: Do yourselves a favor and don’t come after us. Leave us alone. We will not relinquish our weapons.


          • Okay. Then can they refund every red cent they are STEALING from us as “taxes” if we get absolutely f-ing *nothing*?


        • God doesen’t want them.However an alternate site is waiting.

        • It is bad enough that America has been usurped from within by the parasites. The American people have been conditioned into a bizarre form of nihilism. People have always gone off the deep end, and hurt others, but it is a new event every day. Even as you read this article, a new one is making the rounds:

          The American people, once known as a educated, and charitable people, are canabalizing themselves. The eat and drink like swine, use 60% of the world’s psychotropic drugs, and mush thier brains on mindless entertainment, and condone the invasion of any and every country, that the parasites tell them to. And, when they go off the deep end, and snap, the kill otherwise innocent people, because at thier core, they are cowards. The masses that call themselves American Citizens have become a disgrace to the world.

          It is small wonder the rest of the world hates this country. It is small wonder, the parasites look at the masses of people here with disgust, as they heard us into a police state. And, in the end, Amerikans will scream for it, because they are too cowardly, and corrupt to the core, to do otherwise.

          • The fact is there is a large population of people with mindsets that would not survive (will not survive? Are not surviving?) if things were tougher. As such, we have a large “thinning” that needs to happen. Its always been “survival of the fittest” to some degree but in American society, we make sure the weakest are spoiled rotten because “its not their fault” or “they had a bad childhood”.

            Look, I was raised on a farm where we didn’t have a lot of money. My friends families drove better cars, had fancier houses, bigger TVs, better clothes and the latest whatevers. While they were sleeping in, I was squirrel hunting. While they were taking a Sunday drive, I was running a trap line. While they played basketball, I was rebuilding engines or doing ballistics research. (…the one luxury we did have was guns. Lots of them.) Sometimes you don’t comprehend the blessings you’ve been given until some years later.

            My point? I was raised to survive. To work. To create. To know and understand how things work. There are more like me that came out of that same high school here in rural America. There are also those that came out of that same high school that are of the CoCoa Puff class. Those have jobs that create or maintain nothing of value yet they make big money at it. They spend every dime they make. When the lights go out, their hopes and dreams are dead.

            There is a population of people out here, not in the city, that know how things should be. Let the cities implode. I hate to see the carnage but we’ve had it coming. Once the thinning is over and we eat the bankers, hang the lie-a-ticians, we can start taking the good people and putting them to work and take the worthless people and re-educate them.

            We are on The Road to Roota!

            The future is actually very bright but there is a storm front approaching. There will be rain and hail and lighting, a twister or two and wind, but, we’ll get through it.

            This is why you need those 4 guns, a few thousand rounds of ammo, lots of food and water. …and to be out of the cities.

        • The problem with the law enforcement cuts is that the FEDERAL law enforcement is not cut. They can selectively prosecute who they want to and push their agenda, just like the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman. The feds have their finger all in that. If Florida drops it the FEDS will pick it up.

          • @ John Stiner

            Correction Mr Stiner, if a Florida jury acquits or finds Zimmerman innocent. Govt Double jeopardy comes into play.

            The US Judicial* Dept will retry George on some other idiotic charge like, violating the poor dead thug’s “snivel rights.” They’ll fry that innocent man, by hook or by crook…its in the cards.

            *could not bring myself to type Justice Dept., as in truth, such an entity no longer exists @ the government level

            • Anton H: It’s been used before when someone was found not guilty. Given Obama’s interest in the case and AG Holder’s blatant racism, I could see them going federal on a civil rights violation. That’s if they are still in D.C. after the election.

        • No, it should read: “Kill ’em all, let the holly spaghetti monster sort ’em out!”
          Remember friends, Friday is meetball and Noodles day!

      2. No problem. Tell ’em just to wait seven days and then they can protect themselves…..maybe.

      3. This story is a perfect example of how Cloward and Piven works. Rome fell not because she was overcome by a superior enemy, but because she could no longer afford to defend herself.

        Give me Liberty of give me death, Ike

        • This will only get worse.

          “The independent State Budget Crisis Tax Force has released its analysis of California’s finances and found that rather than being a whopping $28 billion in debt, as Gov. Jerry Brown alleged with he came to office, the state is actually a nearly unfathomable $335 billion debt.”

          “California is on the verge of an economic meltdown. The state, with the second highest foreclosure rate in the nation, is being hammered by the deep recession, rising unemployment and a growing multi-billion dollar budget deficit. … And, while California may be the biggest state in trouble, it isn’t alone.”


          • Wonder who is the state’s presidential choice?

            • Really! You have to ask?

          • Ky Mom, I’m only repeating what I read months ago; but, the article said California is not broke.
            They have money in ‘special’ columns that only accountants know about.
            If I could find the article I would share, but I probably can’t.
            The eye-opening statement was at the end—there are many states that do this to rob the taxpayer more.

            • JayJay..Its called the CAFER acounts. Combined Anual Financial acounts or close to that.

              A web site by a pissed off attn guy. has every states cafers listed.

              Basically what states do is this…They cry to public taxpayers of mass shortages etc..To force tax raises.

              While they Dont admit to taxpayers that the states has aprox 5-6 different lists of Cash on hand and future income etc.

              Example= Mich. Has one list for “General Budget” of state expenditures for the year…Which is most always short of goal.

              Thats what public is shown or told about.

              BUT in another “List” Mich has aprox $125 MILLION Cash on hand. Its in an acct. from Ten Cents bottle deposists which nobody as yet claimed a refund on.

              Mich govner has sole descretion to invest that $125 Million Cash to collent intrest…That huge cash intrest goes into Another “Listing”…

              There are at least 6 or more such Listings or colums of actual cash state has.

              Public must get access to all such funds under FOIA laws. But just Try to access it!!!…You must go thru many many hoops to see the listings of ALL funds state has on hand.

              The guy added up all 50 state excess cash amounts, and it was something like $85+ TRILLION Dollars CASH!!!…..All invested in various wall st funds etc.

              Prior to 2008 most states got an avg of 11% to as high as 18% intrest depending on how “risky” mutual fund or bonds were etc.

              Every single state, All 50 states Had vast sums of cash on hand surpluses as of 2007 era I think it was…If not 07 then it was 2005 for sure.

              Whatta racket no?…While they cry endless tears of zero funds for Union Pensions with Garentee raises every year regardless what economy looks like.

              Make no mistake…Union mandated contracts for city/county/state work forces is Main reason for “bankrupted” states now.

              Newswithviews website has ongoing Oregon countys woes and Reasons its so bad…That website and many writers is homebased in Oregon.

              One county is $60 Billion in the Hole! one avg med size county!…While pensions are based on 8% intrest gained for funds each year regardless of current economy.

              Raise property tax is always only answer!

              That one county has folks getting Over $200,000 per yr pensions…Teachers from grade schools with $125-150 per yr pensions!….While most kids cant read or do simple math!!!

              Liberals & Unions= Kommie run usa…

            • What you are refering to JayJay is funds that several departments had that were at one time or another were mandated by law. The biggest one if I may refresh your memory was a 50 million plus that the Department of Parks and recreation had for off roading parks. These funds were mandated by a state inititave voted on by the people of California that were supposed to be used for that purpose only. But with little fanfare Govenor Brown siezed these funds when he found out about them as well as other funds of the same nature. And not one person has even mentioned his abuse of power.

            • @ Angelo & Everyone else

              Actually, your CAFER statement is slightly incorrect.

              The correct abbreviation is….CAFR
              Which translates to, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

              If one desires to gain the knowledge worthy of a true revolution, here’s your search engine:


              Warning: Do not venture there if you suffer from high-blood pressure problems or have leanings towards cowardice.

            • thanks Angelo–and the accountant should know–it’s his field.

            • The CAFR provides information about all of these other government agencies that may have their own budgets and separate investment accounts but their financial holdings ARE NOT combined with the general purpose budget that the same government presents to the public. The CAFR, can be used along with a budget document to compare the organizations total financial standing to the annual general purpose budget.

          • Oh fuck.

            three hundred and thirty five fucking billion.

            im in all lower case now because im literally in shock.

            oh fuck.

            i warned them. why didn’t they listen. why don’t they fucking listen???

            they’ll repeal prop 13, there will be a mass exodus, and property values will go detroit on our ass.

            well, as hicks said in aliens: “MARINES, WE ARE LEAVING!”

            • OOpps! I need to clarify my CAFER state funds post above…When I said that guy added it all up and it was $85 TRILLION cash…I meant All 50 states-AND every single county(aprox 3050 counties) AND every single City fund for pensions and all other cafer funds combined.

              I think it was like nearly 100,000 Total city-state-county-fed individual accounts combined which equals that $85 Trillion cash invested etc…Still alot regardless no.

              Get rid of Unpayable promiced pension cola raises as is currently done and most all them states/citys/counties be okay. And if due to bad managment investments or wall street swindles they are broke now?….

              TOO BAD! aint we all!…Taxes cant be raised enough to pay pensions any longer. Union leaders will still eat lunch daily at 1600 Penn ave(whitehouse) though eh!!

          • KY you are correct.

            And lets face it, California was in trouble years ago. 10 people taking and 5 people paying taxes.

            Stockton is a small community surrounded by Sacramento to the north and San Francisco to the west. They have the I-5 corridor bringing in illegal’s from the south and from L.A. and the mountains in the east to grow pot. It’s a RIPE environment for crime in a small town farming valley. No state funds and cops beating the shit out of everyone creating lawsuits didn’t help either. My advise to anyone in the Central valley south of Yuba City is get the hell out of there now. It’s not going to get better and that my friends is the fact. If you live in this area and you are a prepper. You should be prepping your truck and trailer with your belongings and head north.

            • Disector..Head North!!! Yep! I know you mean North in Kalif. But I mean North Everywheres!

              I got pals moved south, fla mainly. I tried to alert them its foolish to go Anywheres south.

              Wheres Most all africans?…Hispanics?…yes some are in lower,Very lower northern areas.

              Their breed hates clod weather and snow. Their dna originated in Hot desert climes. Our race Thrives in extreme cold and snow areas.

              If history does repeat again?…Whos got better chances?

              White Viking-Celts-Anglos-Saxans types?….Or hot weather african/hispanic types…..I rekon it all depends Where you reside eh.

              How do you exit FLA once I-75 is shut down by DHS etc?…One way out and it is North…Unless you can tread water along time no. Then what? go to cuba!!!!!

              I firmly believe if them who predict america will balkanize into 4-5 seperate nations or areas…..North is where the vast majority of white survivors will be loocated.

              I too rather live where it stays warm year round…But I must rather remain Alive!

              Cant wait til soon we again sing xmass songs!….Like “I’m dreaming of a white america! Oops I meant Christmass!!” Up north rural snow remains pure white and beautifull all winter..unlike city snow which traffic and congestion gets snow dirty looking after one days time.

        • “Give me Liberty of give me death, Ike”

          That quote has bothered me since I first read it in grammar school. Being from an Army family, my first thought was to reword it to:

          “I’ll have liberty or they’ll have death”.

          • @41MM That’s good stuff.

        • FYI by the time Rome fell, taxes were so high, and the coinage so tainted that many welcomed the “barbarians” with a sigh of relief. Sounds familiar….

      4. Welcome to the near, NEAR future of life in the states

        • sounds like fun. i am surrounded by by Gary, ind., Detroit, mi., flint, mi., ann arbor, mi. & Kalamazoo, mi. and all of those cities are within a 2 1/2hr drive.i think that it is time for me to look into a good rifle with a scope. when the shit hits the fan, i don’t plan on letting no one get close enough to use a hand gun. you know that it is getting bad when walmart have ar-15 for sale. for a good price too.

          • Did you forget Jackson?

            • no. it is just that most people haven’t even heard of jackson.

          • Ann arbor used to be a nice collage town. MI state university is there.

        • In Richmond IN the monthly average for home break ins was never above 27 until Feb 2011. They jumped almost over night to 40+ and have remained there.

        • Check out Europe…Its happening in america also…

          The woman, Barbara Lerner Spectre, says in an interview on Israeli IBA-News: 

”Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we [Jews] are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies [sic] that they once were in the last century.

          “Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multi-cultural mode,and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.” #Unquote.(they survived 2000yrs without jew dictates! yet she knows best?)


At the eight-second mark in the video, a parade goes past a church (´Storkyrkan´) doorway adorned with an Illuminati symbol. Is this a coincidence?


It´s not everyday a Jew tells us the truth of how organized Jewry is active in subversive activities to destroy foreign societies. It seems that the above ’stupid’ declaration from the woman, is a gift of great value in our effort to put an end of Organized Jewry’s attack on mankind.

Ms. Spectre’s “education group” Paideia was originally financed by the Swedish Government (ca. $ 5 mil.) about half from the ‘crypto-Jewish’ Wallenberg family, of bankers and industrial wealth. But a closer look into the matter of who finances Ms. Spectre’s undermining of Europe leads to more sinister sources of money.

          We find that Paideia co-works and is financed by a four-year-old Jewish institute (Fund) located in Israel with the name EJF (European Jewish Fund).

          Furthermore, a look at their board-members (who call themselves activists, show the name of Jew Mikhail Friedman, oligarch boss of the Russian ALFA-group of companies, a criminal conglomerate notorious for its drug-running- and money-laundering activities).

          MI Footnote: the original video showing the immaculately coiffed and petite Spectre voicing her provocative nonsense quoted above, has since been removed by YouTube because they say it violates YouTube’s policy on “hate speech”.

          • Don’t paint all Jews with the same brush! Not all of us are leftists.
            Many of us agree with the honest, moral majority posting here. We hold our right to freedom and our right to self defense as our highest rights, granted by our creator, NOT by government (which, of course, is how the founders viewed it and expressed it in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution).
            Like many above, if you come to my place with bad intentions, you’re taking your life in your own hands.

      5. I’ve been hearing about some places where the military is moving in, classes are being mandated for local police to deal with uprisings, and areas of high military aircraft traffic..etc.
        I am in the Northwest of the US, and haven’t seen or heard about anything like that here (but I don’t know anyone in those professions that would tell me).But I have heard of some activity at the FEMA camp in NW Montana.
        Has anyone else heard or seen this type of activity? What part of the country is it happening?
        (Maybe its in response to the rise in crime)

        • NW Prep

          I’m east of you in MN. We have the usual street crime in “The Cities”, but nothing like this article.

          Most folks don’t know how good the economy is in MN and we like to keep it that way.

          2nd. to Iowa in corn production, #1 in iron ore,#1 in medical devices, #1 in flour and cereal production. MN companies include Pillsbury, 3M, Cargill, Gold Medal, Hormel, Jenny-o, Medtronic, to name just a few. Along our border with Canada they discovered a very large gold and silver deposit.

          What we do have is election fraud, i.e. Al Franken

          • Yes, we make Spam in Minnesota. Also Federal ammo is made in Anoka MN. Our unemployment rate is well below the rest of the U.S’s. You bet’cha

            • Right on Rev! Enjoy the prosperity as long as you can..hell, if the gov’t is buyin’..take their money! ALso, I love Spam.

            • Federal Ammo!!! love the stuff!

            • Ever been to the Spam museum? Pretty interesting.

            • I live in miinesota and yes the economy seems OK here, for now anyhow.

            • Spam and ammo , what a great combo but what about the beer ?

          • Thanks Rev..although the city 30 miles west has some crime and such, we really don’t have any to speak of – and what we do have is very isolated and swiftly dealt with. Like your area, ours is almost perfect. Our economy isn’t great, but there are still alot of options to find work – even if it’s just selling firewood. Our area supports a survivalist mentality if you will, and encourages hunting to feed your family. Living in a cabin and off the grid to some extent is fairly normal. What we hate is the rich folk that move here with their Mercedes 4-wheel drive..and all of a sudden they are mountain men! Pretty funny really…don’t scratch the Benz!

            • And they also bring with them their warped Kalifornia political views.

          • And high taxes. When I was moved from MN to MI in year 2000 I took a pay cut. But the lower income taxes in MI made up for it. And MI is not known as a low tax state !

          • I moved from the twin cities years back. I used to live just off Dale St. at Dayton and Mackubin. The old cornels house across from the brownstone church. The neighborhood looks 100 times better than when I used to live there. Nice coffee shops and eateries everywhere. I used to go to a place up the block in an old firehouse called “Chang-O’Hare’s Bistro. Almost moved back last year but the thought of the bugs in the summer and the ice in the winter kept me from taking the job. xcel energy gig. I must admit I miss my old friends and should visit more. Dang ….what dose this have to do with prepping. Sorry guys and thanks for the memories.

        • If you haven’t seen this before, it is worth the time. It is a very good 1 minute video.

          If the US continues on the path we are on…this will be our children’s future.

        • But, the parasites, they are experts after all, say anyone who is worried about China is a paranoid conspiracy thoerist!

          • Forgot to mention, a block of Aisian Nations are going to a Yuan backed trading standard, dropping the Dollar…Some people who post here regularly said that would never happen…LOL…

            • Has anyone told DK??

            • JayJay, DK knows all about it. This has been going on for some time now.

        • Ouch , damn but the truth hurts

      6. Rev. Ike, you’re right on target. Crime is steadily getting worse here in Memphis. When TSHTF, all hell will break loose and LE will overwhelmed quickly. Check out this article: direct link; This article describes what’s coming soon. I think it’ll start happening before SHTF. Best wishes and keep prepping> Braveheart

        • Braveheart…..Any new info regarding the New Madrid fault? I am a widow in Missouri and would like to know where to go for more information… Shepard has been acting oddly this evening…not frightened, but wish to know exactly what we may be facing? Thank You

          • only worry during the new moon, thats when it broke loose the first time in 1811…

        • Memphis is the new Mogadishu

          • Aluminumati

            Your post is…PRICELESS!

            Thus we now have:

            Sodom on the Potomac!

            Gomorrah on the Hudson!

            & thanks to your keen intellect…

            Mogadishu on the Mississippi!

            Wish I could give you a thousand thumbs up!

            • Anton, I gave him and you a thumbs up. What you said is pricesless, for everything else there is tptb. Thank you both for the your wit.

            • Aint a city in Wisconsin the New Somolia?…Aint that where a few yrs ago whackjob antiwhite somolian guy shot a bunch of deer hunters?…If I recall msm tv news said over 80,000 somolians was imported to that kinda small to medium size WI town…?

              Them somoloians are even against regular african blacks I heard…Very mean bunch. If its another group not somolians then sorry…I am going from memory a few yrs ago….

            • DD5508

              Thank you, brother.
              Glad you enjoyed the humor.

              Stay focused & watch you six, its gonna get nasty soon enough!

        • Memphis made the top ten shitholes list this year along with Detroit and flint. Demcad had the article link a few days back.

          • Didn’t Memphis used to be a nice city 20-30 years ago?

            • Its like Kalifornia USED TO be a great place to live …..50 years ago .

      7. Wherever Democrats go, Hell follows after….

        • Wouldn’t be suprised if the book of Revelation chapter on the Four Horsemen, was changed and actual translation used to read….”I saw a 4th DONKY! it was Pale green, the color of Death…And its rider ws called DEMS ( Death) and Hell followed.

          • sad part is if the 4th was a dem he would of had a republican in a elephant shaped side car. Unless you think that they are not also responsible for this too :)After all it is a two party system, and both parties have been dancing at this show for a looong time.
            Remember it was a republican the parties first president who invented federal incometax. Lincoln 🙂 In 1861.

            • More proof that the WRONG side won the civil war …….hows it workin for ya now ?

          • Angelo, you out did yourself. Great read but remember what it says in chpt 22: woe unto he that adds or takes away….
            Still, you brought a grin to my face and I’ll be sharing it to others. Love the line.

            • drd5508…I am aware of what your warn of…However I dont believe me makeing kinda of a joke here is akin to actually “Preaching” known wrong verses etc…You probobly know this also I rekon.

              Couldnt help it as it just popped into my mind and seemd funny to me!….Appears a few here think it funny also eh!

              TO: ANON Legion:…Yes repubs also are screwed up alot…But face facts…In last 100yrs since 1913 fed reserve act, along with two other NON-ratified ammendments, IRS taxes and popular vote for us senators, changes…..That was when Total DemacRAT, controled fed govnt entirely.

              AND you canot deny each sucessive time Dems had Prez-us reps-us senate total control…Which is what?..5 times now includeing wilson 1913 era?

              Every time that occured IS when america got shafted the Wosrt. 1913 as prior mentioned.

              1930-40’s era FDR!!! PURE Kommieboy!!

              1964= Johnsons “Great Society”!! AKA= Welfare cash for non stop african breeders. And alot of other bad stuf to boot!…(Vietnam escalations?)…

              1980 era= Jimme penut farmer man Carter!!! Previously the Worst prez of modern day usa…Then came…..HObammy and crew!!

              1990’s 92-2000 era= Kommieboy Extrordinaire the TwoFer Klintons!!!!!!!(twofer=Bill& Dykeobitch)

              By the time repubs got a chance again After 63 Yrs to get total repub control, america was so Multikultid and welfared and feedstamped and…Afirmative actioned(Reverse Racisim against Whites)…Well you get the picture I think.

              No matter How ya slice it…95% of all BS done from 1912 to 2000 Was done by Dem liberal Kommies.

              But there IS a reason for that! However, each time I try to educate folks here on What and Who that “problem” is….

              I get called a antisemitewhowantstokillsixmillionmorejewshatemongerkkkracist…..And also a right winger!(just kidding on right winger part!).

      8. If not invested in “Precious Metals”, 11 shopping days left to visit your local gun shop. Stock up for the Holidays ! This crap is coming to everyone’s neighborhood.

        REV IKE: You are quite correct. Not only are we unable to afford, but the PTB no longer want an individual to defend themselves from the vermin bubbling below the veil of civilization. The veil is unraveling each minute. We all see it everyday. The internal rot is pervasive.

        Liberalism, destroying what no other nation could militarily accomplish.

        • My Christmas shopping list has nothing but ‘precious metals’ and other survival accessories on it! Even my non-prepper family members are getting some cash crop plant starts! We are going to need something other than ammo to barter with at some point…and if you have ever seen how pretty a cotton plant makes a great house plant!

        • Liberalism or Globalism,it’s all the same.One works torwards the other.

          • Its all a form of Communism , THe G and the C are exactly the same , its just saying C openly is not PC , but its all about the same corrupt control . Ask any eastern european how well C works ……… doesn’t , its just designed to make and keep you dependent and what amounts to a slave .

      9. This is why you need to protect yourself and your family. Having a self defense weapon on hand and getting trained on one will ultimately be a game changer for many of us.

        If you do care about yourself and the others around, get off your ass and buy some protection, you will not regret it. Firearm training is a must and remember, guns don’t kill people….But people kill people.

        Again, lots of ammo, I recommend a 12 gauge with 00buck or a 45ACP for home defense.

        In truth

        • Watchdog, glad you’re not a close neighbor of mine!

          If you were, I’d try to talk you into using, at the largest, BBs in the shotgun and trade that 45ACP for a 9mm with +P+ defense loads.

          45ACP is great for many things. Home defense, well, it will get the bad guys, for sure, and maybe your neighbors toddler too.

          When you turn that 00 buck loose, do you think your T-111 plywood siding is going to stop it before a couple .24 diameter balls go through the head of your neighbors daughter while she’s up late watching “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”?

          No, really, you need to rethink your tactics. You need projectiles that will dump their energy into the target, not just punch holes and go and go and go and go…

          I’ve been working on some 45ACP loads that do pretty good, but, I can’t find light enough bullets with open enough hollowpoints.

          00 buck is for BUCKS as in “deer”. It, essentially, is like a big rifle up close. Use #2s or BBS if you want some penetration. My personal favorite is #4s. In a full choke gun, your pattern will be less than 10″ in diamaeter at 20ft. If you’re shooting bad guys at 50yds, bigger is better but buckshot is just too big. Go up to BBs (#2s are close). You’ll still get decent performance at 50 yards but inside, they’ll stop after a couple walls. The fact is, even #8s or #9s are about as good as anything up to about 20ft. If you think you need longer range, go down in size. I’d trust #2s at 100ft to get compliance.

          If you need range, use a rifle. Don’t trust these nuts who preach hollowpoints or softpoints in standard loads in 223 and 308. You need really light bullets and really fast speed so they bullets expend all their energy into your target.

          (I don’t know who the moron was that though heavier bullets gave you more power. Think light bullets, fast speed.)

          I’ve got a 9mm load that you nobody will get up from. Sure, a 45ACP punches a big hole and all that but these 9mms I worked up will only leave 1 hole. Under that hole will be about 2 pounds of manburger. No one would survive the wound these would produce. The hydraulic shock alone would probably burst every blood vessel withinn 8 inches of the entry wound.

          • sorry net but I like my .45 and my 200 gr. hp moving at 800ish fps aint going through body mass and multiple walls and I’ll be sticking with my 00 buck as well . its a crowd pleaser

          • Fact : most home defense shootings happen between a distance of 3 and 7 feet away . The neighbors toddler will in all probability not be anywhere around there .9mm or 45 , who cares , if you have the right defense round in it , it will do the job at that close up . Shotgun or semi auto carbine if you have enough warning …….thats an if . But either way , you owe it to yourself if you value your life and you owe it to your loved ones if you value theirs . You dont get off the mamsy pamsy gay ass ” guns are evil ” bullshit …….and arm yourself with a kitchen knife …….the chances are very very high that when something does go down … will be a statistic and anybody YOU are supposed to or are depended on to protect . The old saying ” when seconds count , the cops are just minutes away ” Not saying your going to LIKE doing it , because if your not a psycho , you will not ….but you need to do it . just sayin .

            • Remorse is the luxury of the living ……

            • here’s another saying……..a gun in your hand is better than a cop on the phone.

      10. This all started about 1975, the last time we had a trade surplus. When you lose money collectively, you either go bust or replace it with printed and borrowed money.

        Not sure what the total lost in total is. But from 37 years of losses, with the losses being $600 Billion on the average the last few years. I think it matches the $16 Trillion debt we have.

        We’re at the stages where printing and borrowing no longer helps. The cuts are starting to hurt. And they have barely begun

        • Sierra Dave

          All of this pre dates the official Free Trade agreements that just accelerated our demise. Billy Joel’s hit Allentown came out in 82 singing about the already in effect decline of the once mighty US Steel Industry.

          The Bull Shit “Service Economy” was a phrase coined to deceive the masses long enough to complete the transfer of industry that was latter called “outsourcing”. Citizens (children) could not believe that their parent (government) would do such a thing. Surly my elected officials would stray but in the end they would look out for my best interests. It’s “The Other Party”, “They Did It”. Well it’s like the line in the 1978 cult classic “Animal House” when Otter said to Flounder, “Face it, you fucked up, you trusted us”.

          • The people who call the shot in business always knew neoliberalism would not work on a global scale – except for them. Being psychopaths, you, me, and Joe six pack never mattered. My one and only wish is to get to dispatch just one of them myself.

            • LT, many dream that dream.

              May your dreams come true!

            • WE , the 90 something% may get that chance …….if there is a worldwide collapse , we have nothing to loose at that point than to arm up and pop any of them you see . Revenge is a dish best served cold . All the arrogant asswipes you see running around like king shit will be laying dead in their front lawn while rioters drive off in their car and rape their wives . Not pretty , just sayin thats how the “mighty ” fall and human nature behaves . Not one of us will be safe .

      11. AmeriKan Society will slowly destroy itself for the NWO Globalist to Arise to Global One Ruling Gov Power !

        One GLOBAL NWO ZOG Banker Government to Rule them All !

        sigh … ya’ll still don’t get it .

        “they” the “nwo zog ptb bankers globalist freemasons” … want this too happen … it’s intentional .

        AmeriKa must Fall so the NWO ZOG GLOBAL BANKER GOV may Rise .

        It’s all part of their Global Government Master Plan !

        … this is still only a glimpse of what is coming to main street AmeriKa in the upcoming years of AmeriKan Society Economic Collapse .

        The Fun has only just begun …

        Prepare … Buy Lead Food Water Filter and Silver !


        • Human nature will undo all things …….even the best laid plans turn to shit at the last moment . Thats why one world order/government only works in Star Trek . There is always an anti tyrant and always a people wanting to be free . They may try …….but they will fail .

      12. “Diversity is our strength.”

        These are the fruits of the demographic “improvements” that Obama’s fruity advisor David Plouffe just “celebrated” today:

        It’s time for real Americans to declare OUR independence from the regime and its third world foot soldiers, who have been brought in as colonizers of our territory and destroyers of our civilization.

        • Ahabs messg quote especially aplies to Libral bleeding heart christian orgs. Time to undertand what “Cast Not your pearls before Swine” means eh!

          Also…”let not every spirit into your Homes(nation too).”

          Every single thrid world “minority” comming here already Has their OWN countrys. Time to Reject anymore. Go Back and Fix Your country!

          What would mexican atuhorities do if say…15 Million White americans all a sudden rushed over Their borders and refused to leave or speak Their language?

          You all Know the answer!! and all 15 million whites would be fast labled Racists invaders! Zero aclu’s or naacp’s to help whiteys eh!

          I cant believe so many has kids or grandkiddies yet totally Ignore this massive problem as if not there?

          I bet after little Suzi creamcheese gets Gang Raped by a dozen or so…..Then we will hear of it eh. Why not Fix before all them white suzies gets raped?

          • The real enemies of Western Civilization are the despicable enablers who have & continue to advocate for the influx of those “brown squat-monsters” into our society.

            You cannot have a stable, high-tech advanced civilization that caters to 3rd world level detritus & expect to maintain said civilization without it falling into decline.

            • Turd skins

            • ANTON..Oh Man! too funny!!! aint never yet heard the phrase Squat Monsters!!! heh heh heh….You correct on enablers too…I cant stand even being in vicinity of such fools…And they are located everywheres!

              Stupid brainwashed bleeding hearts who say stuf like “Dont confuse me with Facts or Truth! as my minds already made up and I wont change it period.”

              Days comming when some lucky ones out there wil get a chance at them clowns….Go for the Throats!

            • They came here because their children were hungry. There are no foodstamps. There are plenty of rich Mexicans behind thier 8 foot topped-with-broken-glass-bottles gardens, We will be lucky to become Mexico soon, rather than Guatamala…Most Americans have never known hunger. They will learn that hunger removes both conscience and fear.

        • Diversity is our demise …….just sayin

      13. If and or when this country can no longer borrow it’s way into stability and the great DEBTpression begins in earnest. It will take a community to create a quality of life and security for all it’s members. You will not be able to rely on government, you will need friends with skills, neighbors with a streak of decency and you will need to put yourself out there to be known as a trustworthy and honorable person. I would bet that in Stockton that there’s enclaves of normalcy and that one thing they have in common is that it’s members look out for one another. It’s not too late to leave your bunker and build a network, make friends, make yourself a friend to someone and to get involved with your community.

        • What county are you in?

      14. I would strongly encourage anyone who needs to protect themselves and their family to use only factory loaded ammo. We wouldn’t want anyone thinking your hopped up handloads were used in a mailcious manner now would we?

        • Speer Gold Dot’s, Winchester PDX-1’s, Hornaday Critical Duty’s. .38 spl, .357, 9mm, .357 Sig, .40, or .45 acp.
          According to the most recent trials done by the FBI labs, they will all penetrate 12 inches of more and expand as designed to.

          Of course any size buckshot will mess up your day too.

        • believe that was ruled out as a possibility when the Castle Doctrine states started poping up, you can use what ever force necessary to back a crook or threat down.
          If you louisville slugger his ass to a pulp and you were where you belong, they have to prove, not you, they have to prove you didnt need that type of force.

          Or it could be a state or court thing?

          • Well, maybe/maybe not, VRF, cause when the judge asked the lady why she shot the guy trying to rape her six times..she said,
            Cause when I pulled the trigger the seventh time, it went ‘click’!!

          • Advice from my lawyer: do what you gottah do to make sure you dont have to listen to his lies in court.

          • Varies by state … YMMV

        • Urban Legend. There’s nothing at all that lends credence to this rumor.

      15. Past several weeks now I’ve seen a drastic increase in police patrols. My wife says they’re gearing up for something big. I have to agree. A lot of federals around as well!

        God help us!

      16. already here in Houston.

        I noticed two stories in the news here.

        One, that cops have labeled a subdivision off limits because of gangs.

        two, a buiness owner and his family was murdered recently by criminals stealing the equivalent of scrap metal and Houston is one of the cities where things are still pretty good economically.

        i imagine within 6 months, i’ll be driving to work with a gun in my glovebox; even though they’re illegal on company property.

        • So sorry to hear it’s in Houston too. Have you thought about relocating?

          • But Houston benefitted from the “diversity” of Katrina refugees!

        • @leeholsen. in six months you wont be going to wont be driving anywhere either. listen to yourself man. youve lost your mind! get out now!

      17. 10 day wait in kali… I’m within 100 miles of this hell hole and its going to spill over into the neighboring cities.

        Time to stock up on some more G&A before the election.

      18. Increasing crime is a symptom of a much greater problem that additional police cannot fix.

        When you economically compete unhindered by tariffs with the third world requiring your labor to go on equal footing with them you slowly but surely become them. Crime ends up replacing gainful employment. Cities such as Camden NJ and now Detroit MI are examples. Only a police presence of a military nature with a suspension of civil liberties can contain the advancement of criminality.

        Personal freedom with safety and security is a luxury that costs money.

        • “Only a police presence of a military nature with suspension of civil liberties can contain the advancement of criminality”.Thats a shame and nanny state mentality that will apply unfortunatly,esp in the shit hole cities AND States that really are about as commie as one could get.Because the citizens there as a whole just don’t get it when it comes to taken care of their own hide.A sad sack of people indeed.

          • I carry. I’m a Life NRA Member.

            Everyone can pack but if everyone is poor the crime rate will be huge.

            • Thats when you will start to see organized militias in the neighborhoods ……you will also start to see urban gardening for food . If the internet is still up , DIY , field repair information will be at a premium as everybody will be forced to make due with what they have and try to maintain it .

      19. With some of the strictist Gun laws in the country, i bet if you live in Stockton maybe you should be considering Buying a 12 Gauge for hunting (wink wink )If you are really agaianst guns you could use Bean Bag Rounds. Although when the judge lets them out( the next day ) they know where you live and are raelly pissed off.

        • And if you kill them you, the average Joe Blow, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Here in California they will make the Florida laws look like I don’t even know what. Florida compared to California is a pro gun state.

      20. I don’t believe this article. California has some STRICT gun laws banning those scary assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Hasn’t California become a safe and peaceful utopia because of gun control?


        • Yes it has , and the Soviet Union was truly a workers paradise .

      21. None of this unrest would be happening if the outsourcing of American’s jobs was’nt continuing at a rapid pace. The “free trade” agreements have hollowed out any chance of averting the coming planned collapse. Business demands ever increasing profits, damn the consequences to struggling Americans. Just like with the loss of freedoms under NDAA, Patriot act, DHS, neither of the Repubs or Dems will create jobs or listen to the majority whose concerns are being ignored.

        • Time to whistle dixie again huh ?

      22. I met a woman from Stockton, she moved herself and kids from there to here in middle Tennessee. She said the crime was unbelievable , and knew her kids would end up being in gangs or victims of them if they didn’t join . There are places that are unsafe to go in broad daylight even if you live there.

      23. Off topic: I’m sure that folks on this site know that some emails have been leaked today that show that Barry and Hillary were lying thru their teeth about Libya.

        The battle went on for 7 hour there, we had assests 1 hour away, and they did nothing! What were they trying to bury and why?

        Oh, it was all about “A movie”…mother@%$$@!!!!!

        • They’re trying to bury Ameircans.

        • The ambassador had been used by the CIA to run guns to Al Quewhatever. The whole thing was messy. The press was onto it and wouldn’t let up.

          Basically, it was about to become another Fast & Furious and The Kenyan thought he could lie his way out of it.

          It had nothing to do with a movie. There was no protest. That was all a ruse, a trick, a lie. Our president is a lying SOB.

          They essentially, let Al Qeiwhatever kill him. Essentially, it was Assassination By Jihad (or was set up to look like it).

          • Net Ranger.

            Please rephrase that statement!

            It was an assassination sanctioned by the Whitehouse & the US State Dept…by default!

      24. In reply to:

        “Sierra Dave says:
        October 24, 2012 at 3:04 pm

        This all started about 1975, the last time we had a trade surplus. When you lose money collectively, you either go bust or replace it with printed and borrowed money.”

        Regan had a manufacturing base of around 28%. Obama has a manufacturing base of around 9%. Even Regan couldn’t get us out of this mess with just a 9% manufacturing base. Romney will not be able to do any better….only different.

        We are living the offshored, outsourced, free trade economy and it’s been a complete failure. There’s no arguing when the proof is in the pudding and the pudding has been thrown in your face.

        • I wonder where you got those numbers. Manufacturing is alive and well in the USA. My ex-employer, (I’m retired) which sells capital equipment to manufacturers, just closed out a record year. Up almost 20% from 2011 sales. What IS down is manufacturing employment, because automation is replacing the lazy, error-prone, badly educated human debris that is all they can find hire these days. Been there, seen that, burned the T-shirt in disgust.

          • Old Coach

            You are right. While I resent illegal aliens, esp who suck our social services, don’t pay taxes, commit crime that costs Americans – on the other hand, no one else will pick fruit and vegetables, or do manual labor landscaping. Part of our problem is that, like you said, many Americans are lazy, stupid, too arrogant to stoop and do hard honest work, they all DEMAND ALL BENEFITS before they will consider working. This is part of the reason that work gets oursourcedn to 3rd world countries: it just costs too much to have goods manufactured by arrogant, unionized, lazy, entitlement mentality Americans who make it cost too much to employ them. Entitled feeling Americans want it ALL, or else they won’t work.

            So, part of all this shit we brought on ourselves. And then with the advent of the socialist health care that’s coming, I expect production in the US to tank even more. No incentive to start a business, too expensive.

            • Yes and no , I would hike up the import tariffs SOOOOO high , that we are forced to make everything ourselves . People in the 1950’s didnt have a whole lot of personal possessions by todays standards . They instead , purchased a few good things and made due . Prices would rise because of it , but it would force a shift in mentality and behavior ….we would go for quality over quantity … would be the end of the disposable mentality which is long overdue .

            • GOP4ever…I worked Landscaping and sod layer at age 14 yrs old. AND for Min wages which then was $1.60 per hr.

              And I worked 10-12 hrs per day. Three weeks straight to earn cash for school clothes so other kids will stop laughing at my 3 dizes too large cousins handmedowns pants etc(complete with huge iron on knee patches!).

              Spoiled folks today as you say Is a problem yes…But its tied into the overall swindle.

              Swindle= Get em used to free welfare etc…Change imigrant laws…Open flood gates…..Destroy white race america…..Disarm whites….Exterminate whites….Takeover ownership of america and all vast resources……Planned by:….The “Tribe”

              If welfare ended tomorrow?…(except for them what needs it) You’d see a Rush of youth and others also go to jobs like fruit pickers etc…..Too many excuses are made for these troubles. Time to Admit to Real reasons for it all.

            • Angelo

              FYI, GOPwhatever is a tribal member or an ardent supporter thereof. Your truths & valid data fall upon deaf ears in his mindset.

              Thus as an auxiliary tribal entity, he supports & acts as an apologizer for the tribe’s revamped 1964 immigration act, sponsored by fellow tribesman Sen. Jacob Javits…the resultant destruction of American society is now history, for those who keep tabs on the tribe’s progress to destroy Christian-gentile America.

              My advice:…
              Hang tough Angelo, ‘cuz it ain’t over till the fat lady sings & we haven’t had OUR day in the sun…yet!

              Arm up, pray much, identify the enemy & keep the faith in your heart!

      25. Stockton is the shit hole of the world now because of the gangs Those are the real terrorists and the government really does nothing

        • drone day asses….beyotches!

      26. I agree that it will be getting worse in many progressive locations, but there are still plenty of mid-western states left to live and vacation. Most of them are still running surpluses in their budgets or have balanced budget laws.

      27. Not everyone is college material. Idiots in Washington refuse to accept this reality. Dumb people need dumb jobs. Deprive them of that and they resort to crime to occupy their time. Those off-shored jobs in China may not pay much on the surface, but when you consider how much money is spent on law enforcement and welfare in our country, those lost jobs pay much more than you think.

        • And don’t forget the loss in welfare, housing assistance, food stamps, and healthcare..

        • Those jobs making widgets while they may not pay a huge amount give something that welfare cannot. Self respect and a feeling of being worth something.

          • Aye that ! its productive .

        • well said Flarp

        • Flarp…..+10 … forgot the cost of the crime victims life trauma which can not be measured in dollars and cents .

      28. Leeholsen,

        You might take a close look at you concealed carry law in TX. There are times when trying to get a gun out of a glove compartment will take too much time.

        Some folks here have a holster mounted on the steering column. Others carry on their person while driving. Some like the center console of their SUV, and on their person. Keep all of your car doors locked.

        It has a lot to do with preparing for the locations that you drive in. Took a course where as a last resort you shot through you drivers window to deter a real deadly threat. Better have eye protection! If it saves your and your families’ lives do what you must.

        I knew this older gent that cruised thru a stop sign and sure enough, he gets pulled over by a local cop. Ben hands the cop his driver’s license, insurance verification, plus his concealed carry permit.

        “Okay, Mr. Smith,” the cop says. “I see your CCW permit. Are you carrying today?”

        “Yes, I am.”

        “Well then, better tell me what you got.”

        Smith says, “Well, I got a .357 revolver in my inside coat pocket. There’s a 9mm semi-auto in the glove box. And, I’ve got a .22 magnum derringer in my right boot.”

        “Okay,” the cop says. “Anything else?”

        “Yeah, back in the trunk, there’s an AR15 and a shotgun. That’s about it.”

        “Mr. Smith, are you on your way to or from a gun range…?”


        “Well then, what are you afraid of…?”

        “Not a damn thing…”

        Y’all Beware! Keep ‘em clean, they work better when you need them the most!

        • @yall-beware:

          Fortunately Texas has the Texas Motorist Protection Act, to protect those great Texas Patriots who do not have their c.c.l.(w) as of yet.

            • In Ky, I can carry ammo and the gun in my glove box only.
              No, I won’t; just comes under the heading, ‘things I may need to know’ dept.
              Ky Supreme Court defines glove box as NOT being the console.

        • Dang! Are you sure that wasn’t Mr. Ranger?

          My normal “suite” is a S&W 5906 in “The Gun Bag” on rear seat floor which also contains a Taurus PT22, a Rossi 972 stainless 357 magnum under the console armrest and a laser equipped Ruger LC9 in the door pocket of the drivers side door. All loaded. Rounds in the chamber. Ready to go.

          I tell people that I go out to lunch with “My Friends” but they never see me eating with anyone. I don’t bother to tell them about “Laser”, “Maggie”, “Smith” and “Tiny”. Its called OPSEC.

        • Dont need a CCL in AZ , constitutional carry state .

      29. Part of the problem is unionized public employees. Their pensions are bankrupting a number of states.

        • they should not be unionized …….ever . It should be a job like any other .

      30. I understand the futility of waiting/hoping for protection from the police but, I hope Stockton fired the building inspectors, zoning commission, parks and recreation dept, any and all clerks, and the city commissioners and their entire staffs before they began cutting the police dept.

        Somehow, I doubt it.

        • if you are forced to make a choice between cutting fire or police …….cutting fire is the correct decision .

      31. The common denominator in all these crime ridden cities is the demographics of the population. When the SHTF these people will kill each other off at an alarming rate. I believe the problem will solve itself.

        • Amen brother

          • Amen, amen, amen !

        • After the gangs kill or chase out the remaining productive people from a city, there will be no more free lunches and they will then have to turn on each other to fight over the spoils. These gang members have no means of sustaining themselves after all. They will literally kill the hand(s) that feeds them.

          • Exactly what happened in Detroit. Can you say “Coleman Young”? The only thing keeping Detroit on life support is welfare aid from the Feds.

        • Detroit Mayor,1980, Colman Young’s solution to the Polution plan.

          Round up all monkys and put em all on Belle Isle…

          Supply em all the Ammo they needs.

          Get a 400LB watermelon, fill with TNT!…

          Give 400LB melon(filled with TNT) to last final survivor..

          Wait till survivor is at least several hundred yards Away from crowd…..Trigger tnt melon by radio remote.

          ZERO Polution problems.

      32. I live next door (so to speak) in Modesto, CA about 20-30 miles from Stockton. There are some really tragic “budget” stories from that town and why not; its city council is bought and paid for by the public employee unions. At one point there was a city employees contract that entitled every worker to LIFE TIME health insurance after just 30 days of service. And bankrupt does not waive that; no bankruptcy does not change the employee union contracts that is wonderfully exempt by the “laws” of our land. The only people screwed in the bankruptcy are the people who bought the cities muni bonds for its professional skating rink (minor league hockey), professional baseball stadium (minor league baseball), and wonderful down town front “port” and convention area. A few who bought bonds for pipelines, roads, and other infastructure are just as screwed but those facilities should be auctioned to the highest bidder and stripped of the govt that represents them.

      33. It kinda looks like the SHTF is already in motion! Abeit, not a sudden event, it sure seems that it is creeping its way through the country.
        Does anyone else see this? What are your thoughts on it?

        • Not too long ago(few months) I seen a whole Town for sale..No price was listed. But entire former good small town out west was for sale.

          It had water-streets intact-Many stores and other buidgs etc. Main reason town went to “ghost” status was due to some type problem with enviros got main industry shut down I think it was.

          Folks slowely faded out and left till its now 100% empty.

          BUT! picture if a hundred or two Preper folks such as Here this site, bought the town for Our homebase etc.

          We could elect a Mayor, and Sherrif or police chief, then Deputize Everyone age 18 or 21 and older.

          From online pics I bet alot of folks could move into existing dwellings and stores etc. If all concerned assisted to Build more cribs or whatever is needed.

          A new viable town can be erected and perhaps cheeply compared to each indicidual going it alone eh.

          I believe there are a few more empty towns like that one avail too.

          “Welcome! to: Them Guys town, USA….”

          Who Are Them guys?….Theys them guys momma warned ya about!

          MAC for Mayor!! all rest of Us for Police force!!!

          Do Not Mess with…….Them Guys!

          America…Just as I pictured it!

        • I dont know what to think . Here in Alaska there are so many Fed state and military employees that you have no way of knowing what it would be like if we were making it on just fish , oil and tourism and thats really all we have without the government paychecks that they just love up here

          • Alaska and Texas could secede and do well on their own . Any mental fires burning in that area ? They are in Texas .

        • You are exactly right. I spent a few months working in Stockton this year. It feels like a slow motion apocalypse rolling in.

          During that time, there were murders within a half mile from my office in 3 directions, one of them near lunchtime. That day there were gunshots audible on several occasions from that neighborhood.

          The problems Stockton is facing are combining to form a really bad scene: poor planning at the city level, unfunded borrowing, gangs filling the resulting power void, and a massive foreclosure problem going back to the mortgage-backed securities fraud. 80% of mortgages in Stockton are “underwater”.

          The city ran out of gas a couple of times one week because their fuel contract had been shut off due to their credit downgrade. The change over to a new supplier left the emergency services siphoning and rationing gas on those days.

          I was told by a lifelong resident that the two challengers in the mayoral election this year were a gang lord and a pedophile. Needless to say, the incumbent sailed by to reelection.

          There are a few enclaves where things look nice in Stockton, but someone was robbed at the McDonalds drive-through in one of those areas while I was there, so it doesn’t count for much. The gangs are of all races and drive all over the city.

      34. I am in no way attempting to be insensitive or funny with this comment, but the unraveling we are seeing is the same psychological dynamic that the characters in the “Walking Dead” face. Though the cause of the SHTF is zombies, the real human reaction is quite fascinating and sometimes enigmatic. The characters are routinely having to ask themselves very hard questions about who they can trust, who should live, who should die, where to go, how to survive. Replace zombies with gangs or posses, or even TPTB and we are now back to reality. I would venture to think that most people would not be able to make the hard decisions comfortably, if at all.

        Example 1: your kids haven’t eaten for days…do you rob your neighbors house? Kill the neighbors dog? Let them starve? Leave them unattended to go out in search for food? (let’s assume you don’t have a food supply, like 95% of America)

        Example 2: You need antibiotics for your significant other otherwise death will follow. You know where to get some but this person has already refused to sell or trade for it. You…rob them? Kill them? Hold out hope that you can find another source? …you get the point

        The only way to truly know how any of us will handle these situations is to be in it up to our elbows. We can play the scenario game all day, but when push comes to shove, people respond. And in a lot of these cities now, we are simply seeing people respond (good or bad). Most people are scared and when they are cornered they freeze. More than likely a lot of people on this site are not like that…but, anyone can talk a big talk. Even me.

        • Good points. Speaking from the fairly prepared point of view, if my dog alerts me of someone entering my property, I will first determine threat. If it appears not to be a threat, I will tell them to STOP, IDENTIFY and STATE PURPOSE. We can go from there to escalate or stand down. Of course, if it is just someone with a hillbilly credit card (gas can and siphon hose) I will let the dog take care of it

          • Its no coincidence we see so many recent tv series and made for tv movies all revolving around this exact scenario. Its called “Conditioning”.

            Fits in with Social Re-engerning etc. And the exact same group of eliets who own the fed res/major fed banks, also own hollywood and msm/tv chanels etc.

            And incase of any new readers or new to preping and recently awakened. If You are a White American Citizen?

            You Are IT!…It being who “They” desire to exterminate before they take full ownership and kontrol of entire usa and all its Vast resources etc.

            White Armed Free-minded americans Is “Their” No.1 Main Obsticle and also main Threat to Undo Them big time!

            Anyone who still believes all these Politition Zillionaires such as Hillery-Pelosi-Kennady-Hobammy-ROCKAFELLERS!=ET AL: that they all are simply feeling sorry for so many minoritys and 3rd worlders?

            So thats the reason they allow so many to Invade Our nation?….Then you Aint as yet awakened.

            Remember, most everyone of them illeagles and even legit 3rd worlders from mexico-africa-S.America-Central America.

            Have a well practiced down pat method of appearing very dowm trodden. Simpletons who cant or wont harm a flea.

            Wait till you turn your back on them!….From Looking dishevled and staring at their feet “feel so sorry for Me the Victim” type…..To Bonzai Killers will take just Two seconds!

            They act that way to each other and imidiate family members….You, and especially if “white”, matter zero to them.

            We got Tens of millions here now who been taught entire life that the Main reason They have nothing…..Is due to American Whiteys Stole it from Them!

            If you act kindly and offer answers?…Such as tell them “Go Back to Your country, and tell Your govnt officials You voted for to fix Your country and do it by ACTING like Whites in america did to creat so great a nation and prosperity etc!”

            Many/most Will attack to kill You before you can finish the sentence. They believe whiteys who Never been to Their country, are to blame that They cannot Feed Their 15 kids!…As if we had sex with Their wives or girlfriends to make so many hungry kids!

            Dont believe what I say?….Go Try doing it!!!…You will be a believer or Dead or near dead.

            If they remain(very likely) our best hope just may be what others wrote of they will kill each other off quickly to end or minimize problems etc…Otherwise?

            We got troubles like none alive today ever yet seen!!

            Unless they survived Kommie Poland or Russia prior to 1990 era and came here to escape that nitemare…I know a few like that from Russia and Ukraine.

            America Will be in same boat as that was if things continues as we see today…Remember them eliets/tribe Planned all this to Destroy Us…Their own books and writings shows it. We are just recently finding out all this stuf and it aint looking too swell.

      35. Stockton is an ignorant pit and has been for a long time. It’s Oakland’s little snot-faced brother. The city leaders have been corrupt and sold the city for the proverbial mess of pottage. There are so many things wrong with this city, it would take me a while just to list them all.

        Stockton is pretty much owned by Spanos and Grupe (for those of you that don’t know, they are MAJOR developers in the San Jaoquin valley). During the early 2000’s they went hog-wild building housing developments. When the market collapsed, Stockton was hit HARD with foreclosures. Neighborhoods became rental havens with the tenants not being the best of people to live next to. The good people moved out and went elsewhere. Also, the drop in tax revenue due to reduced home values hit hard – leaving Stockton unprepared to deal with less revenue for police and other essential services. The city leaders were too busy at the time to think ahead and plan for the event that they would have to run the city on reduced revenue. This lack of leadership is nothing new.

        • You might want to consider relocating…

          • I don’t live there anymore – haven’t for many years. I saw the writing on the wall.

      36. Off Topic but,tonight the World Series begins. We’ve got
        Nignogville versus faggot city. Sounds like a MUST event for obama to throw out the first pitch.

        • i sure you hope you don’t have any children. it’s embarrassing how proud you wear your ignorance.

        • @ sg

          Let’s all pray together & hope somebody tosses him over the balcony of the VIP box instead!


          • Anton…Yes! On the wings of eagles…Soaring high above the stadium…..Oh Oh! the eagle sneezed! loosened his claws!….On no!…..Crowd goes Wild! chants…Hope dat monky can fly!…..Splat!….Umpire: “Clean up Crew!..Now!”

      37. Stockton had problems with crime before the housing market went bust. This only served to make a bad problem worse. People there have become complacent about the state of the city. In Lodi, a neighboring town, residents are very involved with their town and the way it is governed. It’s just a very different mindset – people care about their city. As a result, Lodi was not hit as hard as Stockton and did far better during the downturn.

      38. Day by day things get worse. The Bush Tax Cuts dropping off in 2013 will be the final nail in our coffin. When workers are taxed more in an already harsh economic situation, it will be like the Stamp Act of 1765, however with an actual impact to our finances. It will anger the people. More Americans will protest, riots will start and it will escalate into full insurrection. The United States Government is our King George. I love my country, but the farther our government drifts from the sacred Constitution, the less safe I feel. This will not end well.

        • Couldn’t agree with you more, well said.

        • If the Bush tax cuts expire, added on to the huge increases in my health insurance, my take home pay will be about 55% of my gross. How is anyone supposed to live like that? Oh, and also, my property taxes have gone up over 25% in the last 2 years as well…

      39. Give it enough time, and PSAPs will not be around to process our 911 calls.

      40. 10mm, the first sentence of your post is the only part of your post I disagree with; the numbers in LE are just not there. In SHTF, they will be overwhelmed quickly. KY Mom, it’s worse than what you said about California; they’re terminally ill, on life support, and that life support will eventually be turned off. OQ, it’s going to be worse than what you outlined; no LE, except maybe in small towns and rural areas, and no courts, period. The one fear I have about vigilantism is innocent people being targeted and killed. In post-SHTF, if you target anybody, first make sure you have a damn good reason for doing so, and second make damn sure you have the right person. You’re the one who will have to live with any ramifications of your actions. You’ve got to be able to live with yourself. You’ve got to be able to look in a mirror ans honestly say, “I’ve done the right thing”. You’re the one who will have to deal with any nightmares, etc. The same thing applies to me if I’m ever in a one-on-one situation with any two-legged animal. Well, you can’t cross the bridge until you reach it. i pray none of us ever have to get near that bridge. I’m getting more nervous about the post-election period; that may very well become SHTF. The Obama fans have been all over Twitter the last 2 weeks saying they’re going to burn the country down if Romney wins. SHTF in one form or another is coming regardless of which puppet is chosen. Going shopping again this weekend. Best wishes and keep prepping. Braveheart

        • I hope they try.

          • So do I. That way morons like you and the morons who would burn the country down will kill each other off.

            • joe-in-nc

              You know, you tend to come across as an equal opportunity limp-wristed fag sometimes!

              Where in NC do you haunt?

            • Ive been to NC ( Raleigh / durham ) , they are for the most part limp wristed and liberal………far cry from their proud Confederate roots ….that they are no longer proud of . SC still embraces it . More good Rebs out west than is left in NC .

        • The Obama fans have been all over Twitter the last 2 weeks saying they’re going to burn the country down if Romney wins.

          Why are surprised by this? They got the idea from the Republinazis threatening civil is Obama is reelected. Wh be critical is someone who is adocating the same thing you and your Republinazi cohorts have advocated.

          • Im for live and let live ……..but if somebody …anybody… fucks with me or mine……I’ll shoot their ass ! remorse is the luxury of the living . Pioneer families take care of their own .

        • I call that twittering–tim–i–da–tion.
          Nothing more. Brave online warriors??

      41. I see they really can’t afford to take the trash out.

      42. IT IS NOT HARD TO SEE WHY. We have lost our way as a people and country. A righeous nation does not need a lot of laws because people will naturally do the right thing. Look at us now, laws on top of laws and still the crime rate goes up. We try to spend our way out but it just keeps gitting worse. There comes a point when a country under these circumstances implodes. We are very near that point. Stand strong patriots and do the right thing.

        • When there are so many laws that everybody knows they are breaking some law or other without even knowing it, respect for law drains away and you get Stockton/Detroit/Cleveland/Memphis/ When I was young the law matched common sense. Not anymore.

      43. I told my wife last month that 575 rounds of 00B would be enough;
        after all, I have 500 rounds of duck loads, couple hundred rounds of assorted high brass bird loads.

        Guess I am gonna have to tell her, ‘baby I was wrong, I think we need some more.’

        Watch G&A sales go through the roof in Nov/Dec if the sock monkey is re-elected.

        • “sock monkey” I like that!!

          • Just wish we knew whose hand it is inside the sock !

            • Coach…Hand belongs to Rothchild…Hangs out at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan…..When hes not back home in TelAviv that is.

            • I thought it was the muslim brotherhood and the NAACP……my bad .

        • Let’s see, a choice between a sock monkey and a delusional that believes the fariy tale story of Joseph Smith. I guess his magic underwear will cure all our ills.

        • You need at least 500 slugs, my friend. It is possible, with practice, to make a head shot at 100 yards with quality slugs. And a round to center mass is a gaurenteed kill.

      44. I’ll betcha if we would just spend another couple of trillion dollars chasing imaginary terrorists and lyons and tigers and bears in foreign countries, everything will be all right!

      45. Nothing in this article is much of a surprise. California has been circling the drain for some time now. The libtards who run the place have run it right into the ground. This is about as predictable as the operating of a clock. I’ve advised everyone I know and everyone I can reach via the Internet to sell out and leave that state while they can still recover some of the value from their property. A lot of those who are productive have done just that, moving to AZ, CO, NV, and other states that are not as bad off. We are rapidly approaching the point where Calif. property will have no value at all because no one will buy it. When that time comes, those who remain can choose between abandoning their property or being over-run by the criminals who are taking the place over. Looks as if the long-held dream by some of making Calif. look like Mexico is being realized.

        • The Californians fleeing CA are bringing their destructive philosophy with them. They will ruin whatever state in which they land. They are well on the way to destroying Colorado, my home state is hardly recognizable today. If I had my way anyone relocating from CA would be forbidden to vote for five years (pipe dream, I know.)

          • Marie,

            As a nearly life long Californian, I agree with you. All one needs to do is look north to Oregon and its major cities.

            The one thing you can count on is the many of us who are staying in California want the California we grew up in. We remember a state vastly different from the haven for the criminally minded that exists today.

            We’re going to fight to take it back.

      46. At the risk of ticking people off, let me point out a few things. Economics may be one contributing factor, but I think the influence of demographics on crime rates is a better explanation. I escaped to South Dakota from a densely populated, “culturally diverse” area. I watched local politics morph into a liberal, identity politics spoils system over thirty years in the big city. If the last failed school superindendent was Black, the next one had to be Hispanic. And so it went. We got to the point where most murders didn’t even make the news.

        Yes, it’s cold as hell in the SD winter, snowing today, but I have little concern about violence in the streets. My uncle says the cold keeps out the riff raff. BTW, I suspect we are one of the most heavily armed populations in the nation on a per capita basis. So much for guns causing crime. Here, guns keep the peace. I have never been in a SD home that did not have at least a .22 leaning in a corner. Only a moron with a death wish would attempt a home invasion here.

        Those folks in Stockton can stew in the hell they have created for themselves. If I am told I need to help pay for their folly, though, we will have a problem. Label me a racist if you choose, but facts are neither racist nor judgemental. They are truth.

        I’m interested to hear what folks on this site think. Go ahead, give it to me with both barrels.

        Demographics of Stockton

        White 43%
        Black 11%
        Mexican Descent 27%

        Demographics of Detroit

        White 12%
        Black 82%
        Mexican Descent 3%

        Demographics of South Dakota

        White 87%
        Black 1%
        American Indian 9%

        • Population density has a lt to do with it, too. I would wager the population density of SD is not close to that of Stockton.

          • True. Population of City of Stockton is 290,000. Population of the State of SD is 814,000. Hard to be anonymous in a rural area.

        • Obtuse one,
          Don’t get too smug. Just forty years ago California demographics were just like South Dakotas’ today. They just haven’t gotten around to invading you yet. Just go across your border to MN. and you will see the damage that has been done in just the last ten years. Your time is coming you can count on that.

          • By “they” I assume you mean illegals. I have seen a few on work crews that have come in from other areas. I don’t really feel smug. I am, however, really happy that I got my family to a safe area. It was expensive, and took a lot of effort. I really don’t see major civil unrest happening here, regardless of what happens in the cities.

            Here, Americans do the work Americans supposedly won’t do. However, wages are horrible unless you are in the oil fields. A licensed electrician just starting out can expect to make $10/hour.

            Maybe you are correct about what the future holds. My psychic powers aren’t that good. I just know I don’t have to press one for English anymore, and I’m not taking my life in my hands if I run to the store at night.

            BTW, I checked and you are in the ballpark as far as California’s demographics in 1970 vs. SD’s today. I was surprised at that.

          • JW,
            I agree , MN is bad , so liberal it makes your skin crawl . Swedes will mix with pretty much anything .

        • In truth O-angler, it boils down to Race & DNA.

          And for the hopelessly indoctrinated here…yes there ARE rare exceptions to the rule. But their percentage is minuscule, compared to the mean average.

        • demographics of grey and bruce counties in ontario canada
          97 percent white
          2 percent native indian
          1 percent other

          • Wish that was the US breakdown .

            • Me too!

      47. The old “Big Valley” stockton is no longer big. The whole state of california became a hell-hole after the late 1990’s. I am just glad I am out of there. The old Grapes of Wrath of people fleeing the 1930’s dust bowl only to be screwed by those in california. Now anyone that goes out there risks death, or suffocated by the law system that resembles some of the worst boa constrictor laws of some of the European countries. I can remember when I lived there at least 60 days out of the year it was difficult to breathe and many people’s chests were in agony because of the lethal smog out there.

        The golden state has become the grand golden turd, even the shape of the state resembles a turd. I feel sorry by anyone out in california that is wither stuck or seduced by the weather or other other reasons that are far outweighed by just how truly awful the place is. Talking about california, has everyone seen that more places are getting hit with earthquakes. It seems like the it is like the entire grid system of plate boundaries and away from the boundaries is getting hit with earthquakes. It is getting closer to the really big sequences of earthquakes.

        The 6.6 in Costa Rica did show that polar earthquakes within 15 days the time they hit, you have a 6.5+ earthquake. After the first Balleny Islands on Oct.2 there was a 6.7 in west of Indonesia, then on Oct. 9 another Balleny Islands and you had a 6.6 in Vanuatu that was later downgraded to a 6.2 but remained 6.6 on some other seismic sites. Yesterday a 6.6 in Costa Rica. Then you have had polar earthqaukes since then in 4 different spots. These polar earthquakes further extend the danger period of more earthquakes. 5.4 in Cayman Islands today, all those with offshore bank accounts have to be thinking about a much bigger earthquake there.

        The third chain of polar earthquakes began on Oct.18. So within this 15 day period there is at least a 80%, more like closer 90%, of chance of a 6.5+ by Nov.2. There has yet to be a bigger earthquake, which I am right now 90% confident will hit very soon. I still go from a line from Soloman Islands to Tahiti and south of here as the highest probability. Next central Japan, northern Chile. Less chance is eastern Russia and Alaska. The Caribbean and california are getting better chances. Will study the pattern tonight and really try to pinpoint it.

      48. In the Atlanta area this week, a jewelry store in a metro-Atlanta mall was robbed at gunpoint-during regular daylight business hours! Another problem that is ocurring here is that 3-4 times a month now, there is a news story about a 10-14 year old child either being abducted or the child managed to escape the attempted abducter, usually while on the way to or from school. I am getting more and more concerned about leaving my house unattended. We are fairly well prepped and have firearms we are well versed in using, but they do me no good if I’m not home when someone else decides he needs it more than I do. Luckily, we moved out to the suburbs a few counties out, and here the neighborhoods weren’t finished being developed, so there aren’t many houses here, and a lot of empty lots. We don’t get a lot of traffic here because of it, but I still fear each day when I go to work, just what I might come home to. It is harder and harder each day to leave my house to go to work.

        • Not to mention the church shooting today as well. I live about 40 miles outside Atlanta, but I have to commute a couple days a week into the city for work. I have the same concerns as you about leaving preps behind unattended.

        • GAPatriot

          I am leaving the house less and less, too! With gas so expensive, we combine errands, etc. so we don’t have to drive as much, and combined with fear of leaving the house, we are home a lot more lately. Also got a great pyrenees puppy (70lb at 20 weeks)for some canine security.

      49. Get out of the cities if at all possible, even it’s only 30 mi. but get the H out. When the SHTF you may not get out, and you are at the mercy of the mobs, even armed. I can not understand the elected morons,on self defense. These people are not smart enough to have a head ache. I have people in the city and they would never move to the sticks, soon they will wish they had. So get out while the getting is good.

        • Amen to that! IMHO you should be more than one gas tank away! I’m not, I admit, but I’m on a back road off a back road off a back road, and I’ve eyeballed a couple of large trees that I can drop into a choke point a mile from the house. (Ain’t chainsaws wonderful?)

        • D2D good post anon is how i got awoke to alot of what is going on. I am heavy supporter of the Anonymous Legion.

      50. Water Filtration Question: What filtration system do you have?

        I’m comparing the smaller Berkey (Light w/ ceramic filters) and the Rainfresh gravity system.

        The purpose is to filter lake water to be used as drinking water in a down-grid situation.

        Any advice on these systems (or others) is appreciated!

        • we’re running with the berkey for our gravity filter, but also have a katadyn combi and several katadyn hiker pros for portability. as an emergency backup we stocked about 120 days of each of these: the katadyn chlorine dioxide tabs and iodine tabs…. my son and i recently built a bio filter with sand and activated carbon, just so we know how to build our own backup system if we lose access to the other filters…

          we may have gone overboard, but water is something i am not going to mess around with!

          • Ha! After my recent hiking adventure I just ordered 3 Katadyn hikers! I have purification tabs already, so I’m looking for a long-term solution now. May I ask which Berkey you have?

            The water that you would be filtering: what is the source? Rainwater? Stream? Lake?

            I agree, you can’t really go overboard on water!

            • We have an Aquarain gravity fed water filtration system.

              Here is the link to their website.


        • Miss Daisy

          The only one I can comment upon per experience, is the Berkey. Its outstanding!

          The Rainfresh unit has some impressive reviews, though.

          I use a Katadyn Hiker in my “get home back-pack”, while on the road.

          Great question, girl. Shows you’re thinking ahead of the curve. Good luck.

        • Daisy, I have a Berkey w. extra filters, coffee filters, alum, pool shock, filter tablets, not in that order..LOL!!

        • I was going to get a Berkey, but then decided to just order the same filters it uses and make the rest myself to save money. There are plenty of DIY videos on YouTube on how to make a gravity filter with food grade buckets. This was another backup option for us. Personally I have several 55 gal drums of treated water, about 30 gallons that are in portable containers, some purification tablets, hiking filters and an outside rain collection system which stores about 100 gallons for our garden or for emergency. I have a creek 100 yards down in the woods behind our house if needed as well. I plan to have a well drilled around March next year if we make it till then. To me, water is most important for my redundancy is key in this area.

          • If it helps..I got the PF-2 filters for filtering out flouride in my tap water which is stored in our barrels if those are used and I got the standard black Berkey filters to filter the creek water and/or rain water collected from the roof outside. The filters are easy to switch out or use together for whatever situation you need them for.

            • Water purification question:
              Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions of using UV water purification systems like the Steripen systems?
              I was looking online at the Steripen Sidewinder- fill with water, hand crank for 90 seconds, done. No batteries or chemicals needed (as long as you prefilter out any larger particulates). Apparently it kills all things such as cryptosporidia and giardia. Apparently it’s filter/light are good for 8,000 liters. It’s on sale on a bunch of websites for like $99. I was told that they use uv systems in hospitals.
              Any thoughts of using one of these over traditional filters or water purification tablets?

              It seems like it would be easier and cheaper than stocking up on tons of tablets and filters.


        • Thank you for the input, all! A filtration system is a big investment so I want to choose carefully! 🙂

      51. Fortunately here in East Tenn. the crime rate is still low and unemployment is under the national average. In fact, thier are more jobs here now than before the 2008 crash many of which are relatively good paying jobs. The fact we are a right to work state has allowed several manufaturing jobs especially in the auto part sector to move here to avoid the union. I believe Tennessee is either 1st or 2nd in the nation now for total auto manufacturing. So although the north is becoming a hell hole, alot of those jobs are moving south. You can thank the unions for that. We also have a castle law and in a gun friendly area. I’m sure crime will begin to pick up here but any would be theif also know they are taking thier lives into thier own hands when they break into a house here. Unlike many more urban areas, a large majority of folks here have roots that may be several generations deep so they have a family member’s house to stay at if they loose a job so they do not have the desperation of living on the street. However, I believe East Tenn is the meth and presription pill users capital of the world.

      52. Ghetto Fabulous Night Sights

        I recently decided to take a serious look at adding night sights to my favorite carry gun, a HK USP45. A lot of companies make night sights and accessories for USP series pistols and Glocks for that matter. I wanted the ability to see my sights at night but did not feel like investing $100.00 plus in tritium night sights. I shopped every internet sight (pardon the pun) and could not come up with an affordable solution.

        I was shopping at my favorite Wally World and happened upon a bottle of GLOW IN THE DARK nail polish in a clearance bin (leftover) from Halloween. For about a buck I now had the solution to my conundrum in hand. I applied the nail polish with the tip of a machinist’s scribe. I worked carefully to make sure I filled in the white dots with equally sized drops. I stood the pistol on end in a clamp cushioned with leather to protect the finish. I let the sights dry overnight and VIOLA! Ghetto Fabulous Night Sights are what my shooting buddy called them and the name stuck. He asked if he could do the same to his Glock. His choice was to only treat the front sight.

        I lit them up for thirty seconds with a surefire and they glowed brightly for the first couple of hours. I thought, “not bad” and left the room. Eight hours later they were still glowing, somewhat dimly, but nonetheless, GLOWING! These may not be much of an advantage compared to tritium sights, but they are WAY BETTER than black sights at night. The best part is that if you don’t like the effects, the stuff comes off with a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover.

        This can be used on just about any pistol, shotgun or other CQB weapon. Good luck and good shooting.

        • copperhead,

          See this is why I read this site, only here would you find a $1.00 fix for night sights. LOL guess the ND-3 laser designator was a waste of good prepping money.

          Thanks bud

          • DPS: No it was not

      53. LOCK NLOAD!!:)

      54. Precursor: a: one that precedes and indicates the approach of another
        b: Predecessor

        The old saying goes something like this; as goes California, so goes the country.

        There are still some pretty smart people in the Golden State and not everyone in the cities are dumbasses. I’m willing to bet that a lot of people, especially those in the northern areas are plenty prepared and those in the cities with $$ and smarts have a plan and a place in the hills. When the US gov goes bankrupt to the point of not issuing entitlement funds for even one month; the cities will run out of everything and masses will head for the hills.

        I can see groups and gangs of all types. Some will have no conscience to kill for a piece of bread and others will only do what they have to.

        The comment earlier by Obtuseangler makes a “very” valid point about demographics. You may make it OK if near a city with the correct demographics/ratio of races.
        But, it’s absolutely important to get the Hell out of a place like LA or Detroit, Chicago or NY city. Just sayin’, people. You might get your racist feathers ruffled but it’s true.

        In a situation of survival, political correctness bull shit needs to go out the window and into the creek.

        • Dont tread…You aint being racist. More like a Realist.

          As you said…PC Must get the Boot.

          For 50 years now most americas have deluded themselves with a hellbent desire for Liberalisim-Diversity, and, Equality…..The final reults equals…Mentaly Deranged- liberal idiots…..Liberalisim=Mental Illness…

      55. Mac, it’s my understanding, that Cali is over 600 billion in the hole, yes, you heard that right. Now, how long before this spreads through out the state? My son in Livermore, bought a CJ5 BOV, has it set up, ready to go. I reinforced this possibility the last time we talked.

        I also find it interesting, the most avid anti gun municipalities, are the ones experiencing the skyrocketing crime. What does that say?

        • @ DT

          Nope, you missed that one by a mile, dude!

          In a shtf situation…political correctness gets dumped & flushed down the “shitter”, ‘cuz that’s where it originated from in the first place.

          Drop a note with it that reads:…”rejected, returned to sender”

          • Anton Hackl

            Thanks for the kind words last night bud. My hunting trip for elk will begin late next week as we are hunting the last season for CO, however so far so good for deer in Tx got 1 doe in the freezer, and rifle season will start 1st week in Nov. One of the ranches I hunt has 160 doe tags to be filled this yr under the land managment program. That reminds me I gotta get another freezer.. Thanks again bud.


            PS For this store I say if they try to come in or hurt your family start with a shot to the knee caps and work your way up… Lock and load folks things are getting pretty damn wild..

        • Watcher: Search Washington’s Blog about that. They did an expose on that some weeks back and called BS. Creative accounting at best.

          More BS from the powers that be to serve Agenda 21.

      56. FOB, sorry for the late response; just got home. Nothing new that I’m aware of, but being only an hour’s drive from marked Tree, Ark. where the southern end of the fault is located, I’m certainly concerned myself. Read the posts of Be Informed on this site; he gives the best information on New Madrid and other faults of anyone on this site. You can also go to for info. also covers New Madrid on a regular basis. I hope this helps you. Best wishes and keep prepping. Braveheart

        • Braveheart:

          Much of my family lives within an hour of where you are and they seem to feel no sense of urgency whatsoever when I talk to them about the NM fault. I’m anxious every time my children go there for a visit. I keep after the relatives to prep for such an event but they just laugh at me like I’m some kind of eccentric, to the point I’ve basically given up.

          I’m glad to hear at least a few people are aware of the situation – stay safe!

          • Daisy

            Thus its a very good thing that your family moved out of the city & secured an off the beaten path wooded lakeside abode.
            You’ll never regret your move, as there are surely some hardy folks in your area.

            If I may offer some advice, seek out the local sporting goods locale & strike up conversations with local hunters & fishermen & glean them for info per your survival interests.

            Coach your conversations well & remember OPSEC…that said, you may very well garner a suitable invite that evolves into ‘real world education’.

            Best of luck to you!

      57. To Be Informed, I lived in S.Cal. from 78 to 83, 5 years. Worked in a local hospital. It was already getting bad in the early 80’s, I am so glad I am the heck outta there, and never wish to return. The pollution was bad then, and affected my lungs (have allergies) I can’t imagine what it was like in the 90’s.
        I watch the earthquakes and volcanoes, and earth changes.
        Cal., yellowstone has places roped off from the public , and they are drilling holes around it, I suspect to alleviate the pressure, and the sinkhole in Lousiania…..

      58. Obtuseangler, you’re right on target. The demographics in Memphis are: 67% black, 23% white, and 10% all other groups. Things are only getting worse here. My biggest concern now is Nov. 6 if any riots break out. Going shopping for more ammo this weekend and stripping down all 4 of my guns for maintenance; gotta make sure they’re ready to go. Check out this site:; it says it all. braveheart

      59. Hoping for venison soon here too.. Anyone putting up meat, consider pressure cooker canning. Now days alot of negative on it, from the AMA and govmint sites, but I’ve been eating home canned meat and fish for decades.
        Lasts for couple years no problem (if it don’t get et first) Real handy and portable.

        • cw: Look who you said are coming down on canning. They can not have people self reliant it goes against them.

      60. Nah, I’m thinking that these are the areas in which National Guard/Military is called in to keep the psychological meme that Military conducting law enforcement practices as a good thing. The alternative is to use FEMA Corps, which recently had a graduating class and seems to fit the civilian police force as strong and well funded as the US Military. When enough people are desperate enough, I would expect one of these two to be the go to solution.

      61. SARCASM ALERT!

        Of course, it’s better to cut spending on law enforcement and fire emergency services, rather than on some of those “pet projects” like more bike lanes, flower boxes in the park and new surveillance cameras (that they apparently ain’t using).

        How many times have we seen this? They let the citizens fry for a while, THEN hit them up for higher taxes…of course they’ll approve by then. Can you say “gullible”?

      62. Just thought about something for everyone to ponder/comment on; where tf is the California National Guard? If it is as bad as this article and BigB says, why haven’t they been doing what they were set-up/organized/formed to do? Guard the citizens/victims.

        I guess they are too busy digging bunkers in Afganistan.

      63. What I notice is a disconnect.

        Most people think these situations will only happen with poor minorities, but out in the suburbs and the “country”, meth labs are popular.

        The economic collapse hits the poorest 1st, but most people think they’re immune, even as they suffered declines in wages or purchasing power.

      64. Why are we prisoners in our own home, afraid to go out at night. The DEATH WISH movies had it right. Take it to them, but our leaders want us to be afraid. Thats just me.

      65. Mac, please delete my last statement. Too much information.

        • roger that 🙂

      66. So, how’s that over the top gun control working for you Californians?

      67. How do we protect ourselves when Solider X reports that the gov. plans to take our second amendment rights.

      68. Buy a Buddybar door jammer,

      69. I live 20 minutes outside Stockton. Most people do not realize that Stockton is surrounded by small towns consisting of small farms and ranches. We produce everything from almonds to beef. My town has about 6K people. Some like Collegeville and Farmington only have a few hundred.

        The crap from Stockton is starting to spill out into the surrounding areas. Property crimes (burglary, vandalism, auto theft, etc.) are on the rise. Stockton has a huge illegal immigrant problem along with both hispanic and black gangs that run unchecked throughout the city. Tweakers (meth addicts) are nearly omnipresent.

        As soft targets begin to evaporate (houses and businesses are being hardened and numerous small businesses leaving, the opportunities for theft decrease. This drives the criminally minded into the surrounding areas looking for easy pickings.

        In The Stockton Record (local paper), several readers recently advocated bringing in the military to restore order. This was after the US Marshals were deployed to the streets to augment Stockton PD, the sheriff’s department, and the California Highway Patrol trying to suppress gang activity. The lookouts for the gangs notified others through cell phones, facebook, twitter, and FRS radios of law enforcement activity. For the most part, the criminals were one step ahead of the cops.

        The efforts of these law enforcement agencies, while laudable, were an abysmal failure.

        On the road I live on, we’ve had a few incidents with people attempting to break into vehicles. Most of the time, they’ve been caught by neighbors or the vehicle’s owners. Beatings of the suspects at the hands of residents have ensued. Another road not far from me continually has numerous vehicle and residential burglaries. Those folks seem to be relying on the police.

        Its just an observation, but it seems that criminals learn what streets are safe for them. Make your street unsafe for criminals.

      70. The bigger issue is that Kalifornia has taken away the ability of the individual to protect themselves and therefore taken the burden of protecting the populous on the state. Now it is obvious that the state can’t protect the people, but the state will continue to use this violence as an excuse to take away more rights of self-defense.

        Anyone that thinks that the police will protect them is a fool. Your safety is your responsibility(!) If the politicos try and take away your right of self-defense, vote them out of office. At some point the politicians will realize that they serve us, at our discretion.

      71. The people of Stockton have become sheep, ripe for butcher. Until they understand that it is their responsibility to protect themselves, I have no sympathy.

        • your right, they have let all these years pass by and these same people have re-elected the same criminals to there leadership positions i there City along with the State governor and all the cronies in state government, I believe they will all go to the slaughter for the will of Agenda 21 which California so loves and adores for the U.N., and they will be hearded like Cattle into Los Angeles with the rest of the sheeple for annihilation.
          May God have mercy on these pleasure seeking fools in California, the majority of there cities will go down in flame one by one for the new world order, its all been planned like this, and if the Hispanics think there going to get away because they are Hispanic and some protected special class of people, they are sadly mistaken they will also be murdered for for the UN agenda 21 depopulation scheme. I personally can only speak for myself, I am not going anywhere for anybody, there will be a fight to the death and the enemies bodies burned in piles , so I am waiting when they come but none will be going home.

      72. Where are your posses deputized by the county sheriff with all the laws of enforcing that no crimes goes unanswered. Where is the sheriff of that county, is he a sleep or part of the New World Order or Agenda 21 apparatus structure. Hey Sheriff the people of your county have been dealt an ugly blow to the city by unscrupulous politicians and also in state government. People wake up and take back your city by force, arm yourselves and dont adhere to any state government laws especially your communist Governor along with your communist attorney general, they need to be hung for treason .

        • Bill,

          The sheriff of San Joaquin County ( Stockton is in SJ County ) is a joke. Steve Moore should not even be wearing a uniform. If you want to see how inept this individual is just put “Speed Freak Killers” into any search engine. You can read how this fool played politics trying to literally bury the investigation after one of the convicted killers started to divulge the locations of the missing victims. You can read how he screwed up the investigation after being forced to search the areas indicated by Shermantine. You can read how he literally bulldozed the areas in question and then returned mixed remains to the families of the victims.

          Don’t get any ideas that this guy is wearing a white hat and is aspiring to be John Wayne. He’s just another thug with a badge.

      73. Hey, I have a radical idea. Stop, I repeat STOP spending taxpayer funds on illegal aliens, put radical liberals to work cleaning up their mess and draft Wisconsin’s governor to come to your once great state to clean up all the God hating laws and you will set the example for the rest of the country

        • Arnold,

          The problem with California is the way the Liberals have used the courts to marginalize more right thinking Californians, essentially disenfranchising them, by drawing really screwed up political districts.

          If you ever visit California, you’ll notice outside of the coastal and tourist areas, people are very conservative in their thinking.

      74. Born and raised on the south side of Chicago. I loved that city, said I’d never leave.
        Glad i did now. I DO NOT miss that shithole.

      75. Grew up in stockton 45 years. The last 8 years I have lived in 3 other states. It opened my eyes how nice and sane it was in other states.I can never live in Stockton again. Ever.

      76. How come they are not laying off the people that started this all? THE POLITICIANS!!

        In fact they always SCREW YOU and are the last to go. A good example is them laying off the cops first. They are saying SCREW YOU STOCKTON!

        We have to vote all these liberals out of office. I have been saying this for YEARS.

      77. The general pattern is the darker the city, the more dangerous it is. Anyone see a pattern there?!?

      78. love is the answer. 5.56 or 7.62, take your pick, but love one.

      79. California spends over $20 billion per year on illegal aliens.

        Now deal with the consequences, California.

      80. This all keeps happening because we keep voting in all these NWO elites , yes like BHO and Obamney. get your heads out of your ass’s America and educate yourself on the fact that you keep falling into the same old trap. You can stockpile all you want but have you figured out what kind of Govt you will end up with after all your preps are gone and your down to bartering Rats for cans of peach’s. This is NOT a game its not Red Dawn , and your NOT Patrick Swazye , This is for real and DEAD is Dead, and thats what you will be when the DHS troops move in to your town and found you joined the local Vigilante group. keep thinking your Rambo and your neighbor will turn you in for a $50 gift cert. Start NOW and go to your local Commissioners meetings and boo the bad guys and support the good guys , Its never too late if you start NOW, John 3:16… Besides that you missed the boat with RON PAUL… Good Luck will the last patriot turn the lite out!!!

      81. Arm the public and see if crime is not deterred!

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