Multi-Million Dollar Heist: The 4 Security Mistakes Kim Kardashian’s Team Made

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    This article was originally published be Tess Pennington at

    Tess is the author off the highly rated guide The Prepper’s Blueprint: A Step By Step Guide To Help You Through Any Disaster

    Make no mistake, anyone held at gunpoint is living through one of their worst nightmares. That nightmare came true for Kim Kardashian West when she was recently held at gunpoint and robbed by masked criminals pretending to be police officers. While the criminals spoke mostly French when they broke into the private apartment, they also screamed, “Ring!” “Ring!”, referring to the 20 carat diamond ring estimated at 5 million dollars that her husband, Kanye West had given to her, and one they most likely saw on her Twitter feed. In addition to her ring, the robbers stole other jewels in the heist estimating to be over $10 million dollars in stolen jewels. Two cell phones were also taken that could prove to be a disaster in and of itself due to the stored information, contacts and photos.

    Courtesy of Instagram/kimkardashian

    “[Kim] was tied up, and gagged with duct tape wrapped around her head. They put plastic ties around her wrists but she managed to squeeze her hands out of the wrist ties by wriggling her hands,” a source says.

    4 Costly Security Mistakes Kim Kardashian’s Team Made

    While many are scrutinizing Kardashian for her lapse in judgement on posting images of her wealth and always revealing her whereabouts on social media, we can all learn a few lessons from this experience and how to better protect our personal security by being more prepared when we find ourselves in unforeseen circumstances.

    1. Social media is the devil. Ok, maybe it isn’t entirely evil, but like Kardashian, at times we have all revealed a bit too much of our personal information on sites like Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. For Kardashian, she created a social media empire based on giving the public access to intimate parts of her life and what happened in Paris on Monday was no different. Where she went wrong was posting images of her jewels on her Snapchat account (which also discloses the location of where the picture was taken). In addition, she also took pictures inside the private residence she was staying at. These choices made it increasingly more difficult to protect her. As well, her bodyguard was not present when he should have (something we will touch on later).

    Social media has quickly become a way for criminals to stalk a victim and get an inside perspective of someone’s daily schedules, favorite spots and other intimate details that strangers shouldn’t be privy to. Kardashian isn’t the first person to post private images of her life. We all do it, but we should be careful. In fact, many post vacation pictures while away from their homes making it very easy for criminals to get the green light for a break in.

    While Mrs. Kardashian made her name from her open access through social media, this situation she found herself in certainly begs the question of could this have been avoided? Thankfully, this ordeal ended without anyone getting seriously injured, but we should all take a step back and ensure that we are all doing our best to protect ourselves on social media.

    2. Don’t flaunt what you have. When you put on expensive clothes and jewelry, wear brand name purses, drive high end cars, etc., you draw attention to yourself. In this day and time, there are many who have fallen on hard times and may see your wealth as an opportunity to better their situation. Designer, Karl Lagerfeld was quoted saying, “‘Kim Kardashian cannot display wealth then be surprised’ when she is robbed.”

    I get that in Kardashian’s case being a celebrity makes it difficult, but if we are trying to learn from her situation, when we are out in public areas perhaps we can leave the expensive hand bag or flashy jewelry at home and try to blend in more. I’ve seen countless women dressed to the nines with expensive bags and jewelry in shopping centers during the holiday season. This is absolutely the worst time to get dressed up. Folks, when you are in a highly populated area, do not bring attention to yourself by wearing expensive fashion items. Save it for another time!

    3. Security layers are the key. It must be said that Mrs. West always has a highly trained security detail around her, but perhaps enough security layers were not met in this case. The night of the robbery, her bodyguard was not present and in six minutes, the worst-case scenario went down. If someone is tracking a victim they look for an opportunity and take it. As well, perhaps Kardashian fell victim to a classic case of cognitive dissonance. As a high profile celebrity they know that danger can lurk around any corner, yet she didn’t think it would happen to her or felt the security was adequately handled.

    Her security guard was there to protect her, yet he left her side and went to a nightclub to help protect Kardashian’s sisters.  The security detail dropped the ball in this case and handled the situation a little too relaxed, thus giving the criminals the opportunity they were waiting for. As well, there probably were not enough security layers insulating her from harm’s way.

    To learn from this, we know that home break-ins have increased throughout the years. Having multiple security layers present can better protect homeowners from danger. Here’s a few ways you can add to layers to secure your home.

    Layer 1: The Outside Layer

    • Reinforced doors and locks.  There is only 1 ” of wood protecting you in normal door locks.
    • Invest in heavy duty door hinges and secure door frames with 3 ” screws.
    • Barred windows or European-style security/storm shutters.

    Layer 2: The Inside Layer

    • Consider investing in an alarm and advertise that you have one by placing stickers in windows and signs in the yard.
    • Consider adding a 2-way voice feature to the existing alarm system.  This feature enables your security system to communicate directly through the control panel.  This feature also allows you to call into your system and be able to listen to any activity or speak to your child or other family members who are home.
    • Position web cams strategically in hidden areas.  Place the computer that is monitoring the locations in a hidden spot so the criminals do not walk off with the computer.

    Layer 3: The Personal Layer

    This is the most critical layer.

    • Teach family members to be observant of their surroundings when coming home and be aware of suspicious activity.
    • Never open the door to strangers.  Teach children not to be easily persuaded by strangers who look professional or have badges.
    • Teach chidren to call “safe” adults, such as neighbors for help in cases where parents are not home.
    • Get to know your neighbors and have their phone numbers on hand in case the child needs help from a nearby adult.

    Read more about security layers here.

    4. Operational security is a top priority. OPSEC or operational security maintains essential secrecy for effective operations. Those who like to be prepared for anything use this as one of the principles for staying prepared. This helps them protect the investments they’ve made in food, supplies, ammunition, etc. Therefore, if a person wants to have better security, using OPSEC is the best way to do it. You can read more here about this security component. OPSEC is another term for being aware of your surroundings and this is where Kardashian went wrong. Perhaps she become complacent and comfortable thinking she was well protected (as aspect I’m sure she is beefing up now).

    This article is not intended to shame Kardashian. She didn’t want this. She didn’t deserve this. But, perhaps this situation can be something we can learn from. Use the above examples and tips to better reinforce your home security layers to ensure the safety of your family.

    Has this celebrity learned her lesson? Only time will tell.

    This article was originally published at Tess Pennington’s

    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

    Visit her web site at for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.


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      1. The only mistake that was made was making the Kardashians famous.

        • Outer Layer ??? Three words: Gorilla Glass Four. Personal Layer ??? One word: Glock !!! 🙂

        • It’s probably an insurance scam to help poor kanye out of his money troubles and get kim back on the front page !

          • I smell scam!!!
            The girl’s whole life is about wealth and privilege. Her supposed “business savvy” should severely doubted otherwise.
            don’t wish robbery on anyone but, damn, didn’t anyone around her see it coming???
            If not she paid too much and
            should get all that money back.

      2. The first sentence in this story I will never dispute. Being held at gunpoint by anyone for any reason ain’t nothin’ nice. I normally wouldn’t say this, but the girl had it coming to her. Go anywhere you want flashing all that overpriced jewelry just makes you a target. I’m sure other members of Hollyweird have been paying attention to this and I know there are others who also go around advertising their lifestyle. If they have ANY kind of sense, maybe they’ll have second thoughts about wearing such jewelry out in public. What’s ironic is that her POS husband is a rapper who stands up for the criminal elements of his people. The whole Hollyweird crowd does for that matter. Now that a criminal attack has struck home let’s see what kind of song the Kartrashians will sing now.

        • Brave – Nicely said

          The Kartrashians and Kenyan West are nothing but floating turds in a toilet bowl.

          Somebody … please pull the handle and flush the out of existence.

          Very much appreciated an thanks in advance for doing society a huge favor. ?

          • I’m a little ignorant cuz i never watch tv. Is kim kardashian a movie star or what?

            • Not even that, she is a celebrity, famous for being famous.

              Other than that, her accomplishments are precisely nil.

            • Marie:

              The Kardatians claim to fame began with the OJ Simpson murder trial. OJ was all edged to have killed his wife Nicole and a young man, but OJ had a dream team of lawyers. One of those lawyers was father to several attractive daughters, one of whom became famous during a reality show featuring the entire family, including step-dad Bruce Jenner who has gone from fame as an Oplympic athlete to fame for his role as dad on this show and for having his body transformed surgically from male to trans-gendered. Now Bruce is a woman. And the Kardatian with the biggest rear end is famous for her backside, and her marriage to a black guy, who, I guess, makes money in the j*w run music business, promoting the gangster lifestyle and general degradation.

              ? No more TV, movies, or jungle music. But it’s everywhere. I read the covers of magazines while waiting in line at the supermarket. It’s more than I ever wanted to know.


        • This exact thing happened to one of the Gabore sisters ages ago on the way to a Jonny Carson show. After that she only wore paste jewelry in public. The good stuff stayed home in the safe.

          Rule number 6 for living is: “never tempt a thief”!

      3. Not trying to be self-centered but….pardon me if I don’t care.

        • Patriot. Ditto

        • +2 Patriot.

      4. At 15, had a neighbor girl’s father tackle me, he was drunk, held a .38 to my head because he thought I was diddling his daughter.
        I can relate…

      5. Gun point is where all of these kasarians need to be held.

      6. I suspect insurance fraud since they need the money.

      7. Eppe, I was once young and not too wise myself. At 16, I was dating someone from my English class which didn’t last long thanks to her mother. Back in the day, I had a “reputation”. LOL! On a Saturday I went to the girl’s house for the ‘usual’. Just when we got finished, her mother burst into the bedroom with a .45 in hand. somehow she got wind of me and my reputation. I couldn’t even get dressed so I went straight out the bedroom window. I hit the ground flat when she started shooting at me. She emptied the whole 7-round mag at me and yelled out, “If I catch you with my daughter again, you’re dead.” They moved away shortly thereafter and I never saw her again. It was funny but it wasn’t funny, if you know what I mean.

        • 2 rules I went by:

          Never get your honey where you get your money.

          Do not have sex with Kim B…
          Still got accused…

      8. I find the whole story to be a fabrication. No one caught on camera… No bodyguards around?
        The fact that no one tried to rape her or at minimum cop a feel. Leads me to believe it was an inside job. Hubby just a few months ago was bitchin about not having enough money.
        Pushed for facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg to give him a loan.
        Kanya prob had the whole thing set up for insurance fraud.
        Hired a few guys paid them in cash to rob his wife with some rules to be included.
        Like pick up whatever jewels, I had Kim lay out on the bed. Help tie and tape her up… oh one more thang! You dont lay a hand on my woman!! or ill send out the big dogs after you and your loved ones.

      9. I agree with the article.
        This was an inside job all the way.
        Kardashian broke the cardinal rule for NOT getting robbed,
        When you advertise, someone WILL answer your ad,
        Everything with Mrs. West is for show and/or ego, there is no substance there whatsoever.
        She got what she advertised for.
        Oops! Hopefully, will be lessons learned, but I highly doubt it.

      10. I bet those big cheeks were shaking like the San Andreas fault line.

        • Him, LMAO! good one!

      11. I still stand by my first thought

        Insurance Fraud!!!

        I’ll bet it was set up by ConYea West

        He’s deep in debt and his mushit sucks and so does his clothing
        He probably didn’t inform his cowwife, because she’d blow it ( doesn’t she always)
        How is it that she got fee so quickly ? And no signs of being bound

        This is all BS just like every thing else these leaches do

        • and than we have this.. ht tp://

          • more.. interwebs are full of speculation.. i felt this way 2 seconds after the announcement .. I could be wrong.. but that seldom happens 😉

            ht tp://

        • Rebel Son, you could be right. West certainly has enough motive to give it a shot [pun intended, what the hell].

      12. /kanye-west-wanted-by-police-for-kim-kardashians-11-2-million-jewelry-robbery-insurance-scam

        • WTF Mac?

          • Rebel,you said what I was going to.

      13. French police are now treating Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as suspects in the Paris robbery case as evidence has emerged suggesting the jewelry theft was an inside job.

        International and special operations director Richard Davis said, “You need to rent the room on the right and a room on the left. Plus men in the hallway and the elevator who will stop people and say, may we see your room key please. Now, they’ll meet in the lobby or hallway and that’s their pickup and dropoff point and the bodyguards go back home. We’ve been warning them for years.”

        Standard celebrity procedures were ignored on the night Kardashian was robbed, and police believe it points to an inside job.

        “I worked in a hotel and when celebs or wealthy guests had ‘loans on’ for an event, within minutes of their return to the hotel the jewelry store (with their own guards) would be there to collect the jewelry.

        The really rich guests would travel with their own safes, book connected rooms and have guards in the rooms at all times. Even the hotel maids were not allowed into the room with out a call down to the desk to check if they were legitimate and they were not left unsupervised. The room with the safe were usually not cleaned until guest departure.

        We all know what really happened when Ryan Lochte claimed to be held at gunpoint a couple months back.”

        I cant link anything because Mac puts it into eternal moderation

      14. insurance scam.

      15. Who really cares ?

      16. If its a genuine robbery they’re idealistic Californians from “La La Land”. If its insurance fraud consider the source. Regardless they occupy too much media for too bad of reasons. I like The Waltons. Shows how times have changed.

      17. All I can say is I hope if the French find this to be a fraud
        That they show the US how to put shit like this in jail rather than playing celebrity games and taking bribes to cover crimes

        Guess we will see

        Or not

      18. And you fall for this fake event. Like these sluts do anything for publicity.

      19. Who really cares what happens to that fat ass ugly b!tch? I can’t be distracted by Hollyhoar types. They all can be robbed and tossed in a sewer ditch for all I care.

      20. Why everyone blaming the west. It’s her so she doesn’t have to give it back in a few weeks when she dumps him for being not sensitive enough. It’s over the neg table.

      21. I don’t care about this case. It is suspicious as an insurance scam, but don’t know or care.

        Where I disagree with many of you, is the idea that just because people wear rings and necklaces or valuables, anyone has a right to rob them.

        I’ve been broke and never would rob someone. It is wrong. Period. That is the problem. People have their sense of principles, values, morals, all confused. The Ten Commandments are the best guide for good behavior; whether you are religious or not.


      22. I call BS it never happened, all a BS stunt for the cameras, these people are trash!!

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