MSNBC’s Joy Reid Is Now SHILLING For MS-13 After Attacking President Trump For Using Words Such As Church And Family

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    Another day, another example of the extreme anti-American sentiment running through parts of the Democratic Party as MSNBC’s Joy Reid not only attacked the president for using seemingly normal words such as church and family but also spent time directly shilling for the murderous illegal immigrant gang known as MS-13.

    That’s right, not content with attacking the very idea of America, Reid used her on air time during the networks coverage of the State of the Union address to laughably claim that no one has ever heard of MS-13 unless they watch Fox News. Or, in other words, MS-13 isn’t actually a danger to Americans and should be left alone.

    Fox News reports:

    During MSNBC’s coverage of the State of the Union, Reid mocked the president’s remarks while analyzing the speech with “Hardball” host Chris Matthews.

    “He gives a speech tonight, in which he makes it sound like the biggest issue in the United States, the biggest threat is MS-13, a gang nobody that doesn’t watch Fox News has ever heard of. So he makes it sound like they’re the biggest threat.”

    Reid said Trump simply mentioned the deadly gang to accommodate the “audience he wants applause from.”

    First off. In no way shape or form did President Trump say MS-13 was the “biggest” issue in America, that claim is all in the head of Reid and Reid alone. Secondly, MS-13 is incredibly dangerous and has killed an untold number of American citizens and people across the world. How someone could appear on television and seemingly defend them while attacking the American people is beyond me.

    Amazingly, this shilling for MS-13 came around the same time that Reid was actually triggered by the president using words such as church and family.

    While this seems insane to a normal person, it actually makes sense when you consider the anti-family agenda of the globalist world order.

    “This is not satire. I repeat this is not a satirical piece. Joy Reid was actually triggered and angered by the use of the words family, church, police, and military. If this is not direct proof of hardcore anti-American, pro-globalist sentiment I don’t know what is,” I reported at the time.

    Paul Joseph Watson also noted the insanity:

    Yes, you read that right. Reid is literally upset that Trump used the words church, family, police, military and the national anthem during his address to lawmakers.

    It was perhaps the most bizarre reaction of the night, and there was no shortage of competition.

    Twitter users took Reid to task for her apparent unease with every day words and ‘American as apple pie’ concepts.

    “No, Joy, the Left is so out of touch you don’t even recognize normal when you see it,” responded one.

    It has become strikingly clear that hard-left deep state puppets such as Reid are becoming more and more bold in their anti-American proclamations at a time when the mainstream media has been willing to cheer on literally anyone that “stands against” Donald Trump.

    One has to wonder how long it will take some Democrats, and, more importantly, independents, to realize that the Democratic Party of yesterday no longer exists and has been replaced by one that openly puts the needs of illegal immigrants in front of the American people?


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      1. The two couples that President Trump showed who lost their 16 year old daughters to M13 grabbed the heart of the nation. The father crying was difficult to watch. Does Joy Reid think that she is endearing herself to a sympathetic audience? These people live in an echo chamber. The Democrats alienated their core support in the 1990s with Bill Clinton and Free Trade. Their core supporters are being reduced to now criminals. M13 doesn’t reside in Beverly Hills but rater East LA type neighborhoods with black people close by.

        • Im convinced that these democrats are just plain ignorant,
          I dont care what any of them have to say about anything anymore,,,
          They can all go to hell, and they can take the government and the buncha lame POS yahoos that work there with them,

          • Democrats are not ignorant….they are EVIl. Manipulative, hypocritical, conniving, lying SOB’s.

        • Kevin2, agreed. There’s more trouble between blacks and Hispanics than anyone can imagine. I know of certain incidents between blacks and Hispanics in my city that have never been reported by MSM. Those 2 groups hate each other more than they do white people. Trump really earned my respect recognizing the plight of people like those 2 couples. If I ever encountered any MS-13 scum I would simply shoot them. That’s exactly what needs to be done with them.

        • This fool should be removed from the current job and sent packing to dig ditches for Africans.

      2. There are Mex gangs and black gangs. Whites can hardly get together for anything. So, poor white kids who live among blacks and Mex play the part of mascot. It’s pitiful. If whites do form a group it will be some type of committee. If the white people talk about issues facing white people the group will be labeled a hate group or white Supremists. If white people formed a violent gang like MS XIII, I’m certain it would not be tolerated.

        White people are discriminated against in the USA.

        • For this reason white people tend to improve their lot sufficiently to not live with them.

          ” If white people formed a violent gang like MS XIII, I’m certain it would not be tolerated.”

          When white people do it its no longer a gang but organized crime which takes ORGANIZATION.

          • Joy Reid is another of those black racist trash just like Jemelle Hill of ESPN, Don Lemon of CNN, and April Ryan of Urban American News, a black-owned radio network. I can’t stomach any of them. I think they’re actually worse than the white talking heads in the MSM.

            • Again and again TDBh, I ask what is it with liberal black women? Of all the classifications of people in this country, you’d think they would see that the stances they take are contrary to their own best interests. Damn again – one more for the cotton fields.

        • B from CA, spot on. There is definitely an illegitimate campaign taking place against our people and even black people who believe as we do. You really cannot envy their position. On the one hand, they face the white idiots like KKK, Neo-Nazis, etc. who mistakenly paint with too big of a brush and on the other side they face brainwashed black people who call them Uncle Toms, acting white, etc. because they chose to think for themselves and do something positive with their lives instead of falling for the NAACP’s propaganda and staying on the democrat party/government plantation of dependence and despair. I’ve got some good black people where I work who have told me numerous stories of how they’ve been taunted by the losers in their community. It’s a tragic situation all around. Anyone of any color who attacks me will just get themselves killed. Bullets never discriminate.

      3. That Bi tCh needs a slap with a framing hammer

      4. MS -13, Isn’t it becoming obvious, That a reckless element, well financed ,is working for the distruction of the middle class? They are just to uppity. Hard to control? Rome fell, And the dark ages began? And the fate of their middle class?

      5. Nailbanger, I say the only way that bitch got to where she’s at is affirmative action.

        • Yes sir. If it weren’t for the government cheese, they wouldn’t know what to do for themselves.

      6. I don’t like Joy Reid, only watched her a few times, but she rattles on about nothing. I wasn’t impressed. Dems and Libs are mental.

        Anyway, thought I’d share this about Trump. Believe what you want but whatever Trump does, I guarantee you he will further the interests and agendas of the Global Elite (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Disney, etc).

        Donald Trump’s God is money, real estate, women and power. Trump has not glorified God in the past, nor does he now, and it is unlikely he will during the remainder of his Presidency. Beware of Donald Trump, he is an Illuminati Jew. Hiring Goldman Sachs Executives after all his Anti-Wall Street Rhetoric is one hint of many.

        I am not trying to be mean, but I don’t like being lied to or deceived by anyone. Nearly everything that Americans have been indoctrinated to think nowadays is FALSE. It really is a joke to hear people calling Mr. Trump a “Christian,” who allegedly converted while running for office of U.S. President, yet Trump himself publicly says he doesn’t consider himself a sinner. America’s Evangelical churches are so gullible, naive and foolish. Believe what you want but Mr Trump is not the Christian many seem to think he is.

        Expect war in the Middle East folks, and a police state here at home in America. President Trump will also push for a cashless control grid, to eliminate loose cash. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” all business transactions will be done through credit and debit, and money will be done away with. Coming soon.

        If HRC were President the economy would have already crashed and we’d already be at War. But Trump is not going to MAGA and save the day. If he wasn’t an Illuminati puppet and if he were anti-war and also not supportive of the cashless society he wouldn’t have been selected POTUS.

        Fritz Springmeier has authored an eye-opening book on the subject titled, “13 Bloodlines Of The Illuminati.” After reading some of this you’ll see we were deceived by Mr Trump.

        • Your rheteric is quite contrary to what the president is trying to achieve for the people of the United States.

      7. I think, a race war is one of those dirty jobs, which white people won’t do, anymore. If blacks are endangered by anyone, it is Latino gangs. Blacks have specifically formed gangs, to retaliate against the Latinos, which, for purposes of gang warfare, are her blood enemies. If Reid believes that paramilitary groups are so credible, she should at least root for her own team.

      8. As a survivor of MAD HATTER’s DISEASE, I was as crazy as a bat. With that said, I recommend a blood test and other analysis for Joy Reid. Help is available.

      9. Another knuckle-dragging black racist ! How surprising
        that she is too stupid to know how racist and traitorous
        criminal Hillary is.

      10. Joy Reid why do you sound so idiotic with no common sense. God forbid you ever have to experience family members being killed. Some people will do and say anything for a job and lose all integrity.

      11. Another PC Barnum School of Journalism graduate..

      12. Joy Reid is yet another example of the fact that “You can’t fix stupid”.

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