MSNBC Puts Voter Count On The Screen The Night BEFORE The Election

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    MSNBC has just made a disastrous error that should force everyone to reevaluate just how much trust they are placing in the mainstream media. The propaganda news outlet put up and image of the Florida voter count for a hotly contested gubernatorial race the evening before the elections.

    The news network attempted to calm those who had seen it by stating that the image was nothing more than some test numbers and they were just as confused as the regular public.

    “Quick clarification here,” a rather embarrassed All In host Chris Hayes told viewers, according to Deadline. “Just want to say, earlier this hour, uh, we showed a graphic of the Florida gubernatorial race. May have caught your eye because our system had inadvertently populated some test numbers. Obviously, we do not yet have any vote totals here, the night before the election. That was a misfire. Don’t worry. I was pretty confused when I saw it up there, to see it myself.”

    Of course, this obviously begs the question: is this race rigged? Or was it really just a test run and an accident?  Judging by the lack of trustworthiness inherent in the mainstream media, its difficult to believe anything they say. But we wholly believe that they are just stupid enough to put the rigged numbers up early.

    It’s the kind of goof that gets people concerned, however, and many will likely scream about it being fake news – which it obviously was, according to The Washington Times. Hopefully, the people who make these sorts of graphics at MSNBC will at least change the numbers on the graphic before actually announcing the winner.

    Regardless of if the election is rigged or if this was just a test, it’s certainly not the kind of gaffe that inspires any kind of trust in those who report the news. And let’s be frank: this had nothing to do with a tweet of president Donald Trump’s. MSNBC did this to themselves.


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      1. This could look a bit suspicious if Gillum actually does beat Desantis 49.4 to 48.8.

        Otherwise not a big deal, just testing to make sure the reporting system works using someones wishful thinking numbers to have some numbers to put in for the test that accidentally got broadcast during the testing process.

      2. “… That was a misfire. Don’t worry. I was pretty confused when I saw it up there, to see it myself.”

        We don’t believe you.

        • Oops. Nothing to see here, move along…

          • Speaking of the night before, looks like time for one of my famous poems lol!

            Twas the night before christmas and all through the house
            the smell of mash cookin drew out a mouse
            it came and it sniffed the smell of good stuff
            it chewed through the lid it was pretty tough
            it dove in and swam in all the good grain
            as he gulped down the goodness it went straight to his brain
            his courage it became more than 10 fold
            he thought cause Im small I still can be bold
            he crawled out of the big plastic pail
            his voice got real deep as he let out a wail
            “come try to get me you stupid old cat”
            “your geetin old and slow and so fat”
            the cat heard the mouse and sneaked his ass near
            then cornered the mouse with eyes full of fear
            the cat said “you did what I never could do”
            “get into the goods my hats off to you”
            the mouse said “thank goodness your welcome my friend”
            “we’ll drink till its dry until the end”
            they both got their paws on a couple of straws
            I guess as friends go they’re aren’t no laws
            the rest of their lives were spent gettin drunk
            the cat and the mouse now who woulda thunk?

            • Ya know, I write the best poems when I’m drunk lol. I wish someone had saved my shopping poem it was epic. Funny how one moment you have perfect words then next thing you forgot it. Dammit getting old sucks….

              • I have had ideas for hundreds of inventions too and forgot them. Most all were when drunk too. My best ideas have been when sitting around drinking (no shit) Like designing my cabin, watchtower deck etc. All turned out excellent. Many of my ideas for security, surveilance, traps, are developed that way.

                • Alcohol kills off the weaker brain cells to allow the stronger cells to prevail. Therefore, the more you drink, the wiser you get.

                  • Damn it I knew it! Where’s the ‘ol Lady……

              • Republicans SWEEP Florida in a Sea of RED. No More Dem Sen Bill senile Nelson, off his rocker. We stepped up and made it happen. Florida, Pro-Gun, Pro American, Pro Freedom and Liberty. And the Democratic Commies can go cry in their soup.

                • …And pro rubble from the hurricanes.

              • Dang if that wasn’t pretty good.

            • Genius, LOL! Another damn good poem.

      3. Building 7 still standing?

        Bombs going off in front of the green screen?

        Now, they’re psychically predicting elections.

        These people are ? amazing !!


        • This is a non-story.
          The same thing happened on of the times Reagan won the presidential election. The news media is practicing. Yawn

      4. Btw: how are those elections going?


        • Looks like the repub’s are winning.

          • Dems took the house (at latest reports).

            Trump’s agenda is finished. Nothing he wants, like border policies, has a chance now.

            Maybe Trump’s finished too. The American people have rejected him and all that he stands for.

            • Anonymous, you might be right. The next 2 years will be “interesting”. There will be more false-flags and more attempts at “gun control”. Civil war 2 is still on the table, just postponed for a while longer [MAYBE]

      5. Misfire? Thought they were against firearms. What a Freudian slip that was.

        • Misfire? Must be using federal ammo.

          • Remington Golden Bullets?

            • Ya that too. Even when I was a kid I had fed shotgun shell and .22 duds a lot. Not to mention mil ammo .556 with avg, 15% duds! Federal can suck my weenus!

              • Genius, I stockpile several brands but I promise you federal’s NOT one of them. I’ve also had misfires with federal. Real sorry-ass ammo.

                • I shoot a lot of federal 9mm FMJ never a problem

      6. If any DEMONRAT wins anywhere it was rigged! No reasonable human would vote for communist socialism!

        • Democrats have subpoena power now. Let the games begin.

        • Sam Adams, that black voter fraud is amazing. [SARCASM]

      7. Hey, where’s that fucked up Eisenkooks at? Always talking boomers this, boomers that.
        Record millennial turnout and now the democrats control the House.
        Of all the rotten luck. Eisenkooks-your generation is the fucked up one.
        Millennial snowflake mocha latte drinking Beto O’Rourke voting (haha he lost) fuckers.

        • He must be in his safe space playing with playdough coloring books and puppies.

          • Infidel, LMAO! Damn good one about Eisen!

          • the federal reserve has a monopoly on playdough

            working of gaining the monopoly on play-doh!

      8. In Alabama we have “ink in the bubble” paper ballots counted by
        machine and held in the event they are needed. Gotta show a picture ID to get your ballot. Look at our results in spite of demographics. No cheating.

      9. Well considering the republican won… I’d go with yes, test numbers

      10. The Senate went more Republican, which was the main hope. This makes it certain that Trump can appoint some more conservative judges for the Supreme Court.

        I think we’ll get the House back in 2020 for Trump’s second term, if he needs to run again.

      11. Archivist, the black voter fraud worked for the dems this time around.

      12. There is a saying that the victor writes history.

        I bet, the shuffle can be remembered any which way, as though it was gospel truth.

        And, anyone contributing to that nervous energy is effectively a stage prop.

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