MSM Is “Warning” Us Of An Expensive Thanksgiving

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    The mainstream media has finally caught on that the supply shortage and hyperinflation will mean that Thanksgiving will be “lacking” and expense for the items you can find. Overall, the media claims that this year’s Thanksgiving will cost 4-5% more than last year’s, however, we wager it’s higher than that.

    “When you go to the grocery store and it feels more expensive, that’s because it is,” said Veronica Nigh, senior economist at the American Farm Bureau Federation. Food prices are up 3.7% so far in 2021, versus a 20-year average of about 2.4%, she told CBS MoneyWatch. 

    As a result, the overall tab for turkey and all the trimmings will cost 4% to 5% more this year than a year ago. According to the Farm Bureau, in 2020 the cost of preparing the holiday feast came to just under $47 (for 10 people or less) — the lowest level since 2010. –CBS News

    They claim you will be paying more for your Thanksgiving dinner, but you will be able to get everything you need. Based on real images of empty shelves that have been seen all over the United States, we highly doubt that’s truthful. Of course, when is the mainstream media truthful and anything other than propaganda?

    “You might pay more for it than you want, but you will be able to find it,” said Nigh.  Turkey hatchery estimates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture point to “a very normal production year for turkeys,” she said. She said that the turkeys will be bigger though. How do we think that’s going to happen? Perhaps some injections or modifications? Perhaps. Just really look at the quality of the turkey you are purchasing.  “If you can’t raise more turkeys, raise turkeys that are a little fatter,” Nigh said.

    Just remember to look around, notice shrinkflation, inflation, and what is missing from your local stores. This will help guide you to the right items to get now before the shopping craze for the holidays hits. Make your list and start getting items now if you intend to put on a full Thanksgiving event.  It can be done, but it may take some preparation this year. Either way, don’t let the sociopaths controlling this food shortage to get you down.


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      1. Do you expect me to talk Mr. Goldfinger? No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.

      2. Just another BS holiday fousted on the sheeple. Be sure and invite some natives to your celebration of gluttony. Dress up like a demon to celebrate all hallowed eve! Spend a ton of money on plastic shit presents for everyone (or you will be shamed) to celebrate the Pagan solstice! Set off fireworks and barbeque to celebrate your independence and freedom (you have never had either one)! But hey, you want to fit in right? Follow the herd and never question it….

        • So what are you planning to do on all those days?

          • Just another day. Maybe take my boy out for a run in the hills.

        • Better to be a sheep…a sheep of the flock of Christ…than a goat that will land in the burning lake of fire at the end of this temporal life.

          Yet as a sheep of the fold of Christ. I follow no one expect for the Good Shepherd – Christ Jesus the King of kings, Lord of lords. For He is the eternal God.

          In the end there is only one thing worse than an unbeliever and that is an unbeliever that thinks they are saved.

          Many will find themselves standing next to their true daddy – the devil when they appear at the second resurrection only to be cast (thrown by the Lord Jesus) in to the lake of fire.

        • Very funny and you nail it!

          I agree: notice how the natives who supposedly helped the pilgrims never get to come over and eat some of that turkey and pumpkin pie??

          Instead, most Americans just stuff their faces and listen to their fat uncle Jim bore on about his umpteen health problems and how Trump is a patriot (gag!!) and is liberating trafficked children from secret tunnels somewhere.

          Halloween and “Thanksgiving” could very well have just been cooked up by Alistair Crawley, for all the creepy satanic symbolism and rituals. Hey, why beat about the bush? Just wear Chucky masks at the dinner table and perform a sex ritual on old Aunt Julie and leave it at that!

      3. You have no joy in your life.

        • Oh but I do. I just don’t participate in stupid sheep shit lol.

          • @Genius, well said ?

          • Anyone that views the Internet and/or television on a daily basis,whether it’s for entertainment purposes or simply to catch up on the news,is doing “sheep stuff”.

      4. We used to have a family Thanksgiving dinner, but it got so bad last year after a few jugs of home made wine got drank, that all the Trumptards started fighting with the Bidentards so we decided no more of that.

        Much more peaceful now. The dog don’t talk back. He just stares at me with his head cocked to one side.

        • Ha ha ha, I hear ya. Dogs are much better than relatives lol.

        • Sounds like a lot of fun if you know what to watch or expect… No spikes or shredding.

      5. the price of thanksgiving might be going up
        But the price of giving thanks hasn’t budged

      6. No relatives at my place, no tricker-treeters, no butterball turkeys, no political turkeys, just me and the dogs having chicken breast and wildrice stuffing, homemade gravy, and peas, giving thanks for a cheap $5 dinner.

      7. I’m a most happy never-married bachelor, and never pay for my Thanksgiving dinner. When asked by the one I’m dating at the time where I’m having Thanksgiving I just make up a line and say something like a past girlfriend invited me, or maybe with my sister’s family, or that I haven’t thought about it, or some other BS. I get the very predictable response – an immediate invitation, hasn’t failed in almost 20 years. I then hype to her how nice her invitation is, and they always go out of the way to lay out quite a dinner. It’s too easy. There’s been some Thanksgivings where I had more than one invitation. But there was one Thanksgiving the sister and mother of the one I was dating kept asking about my plans during the dinner. I said I don’t know what they are talking about and asked plans for what. They said our relationship plans. Apparently she made her family believe I was really serious. That ruined my dinner, I got up from the table and left without saying a word and blocked her phone number. Being unmarried I have the freedom of movement that married guys don’t. I can come and leave and feel no need to explain anything to anyone. I don’t do serious or long-term relationships. I’ve played it smart for years, never married so I don’t have to deal with all the BS of marriage, but enjoy all the “benefits” of marriage.

      8. I am not worried about paying $5 or $10 bucks more for my turkey for Thanksgiving. I am very worried about paying more than double to heat my home this winter season, and filling my gasoline tank to get to the grocery store.

      9. I think that most livestock can survive, feral, eating weeds and refuse, in any temperate climate, and that popular produce grows spontaneously from a native’s garbage pile, wherever there are the conditions for life. Wherever there are enough of these first peoples’ ilk, these foods run the streets.

        The only way for it become scarce is for it be eradicated, proactively, as matter of regulatory capture. You cull healthy animals, yet are warning us of artificial scarcity.

      10. I think that most livestock can survive, feral, eating weeds and refuse,
        Yes and no. Small herds yes, but not in the numbers needed to feed the US. And farmers and ranchers have no desire to do that, they need profits, and that means selling of low producing cattle for now and starting over later. Feral livestock has little chance of surviving severe droughts like the Western and West Central US is facing. Animals need water. Meat shortages are coming.

      11. Ahh, no problem here, I’ll just microwave anther hot dog or two and call it good.

      12. Why are you still listening to the MSM?

      13. I’m determined to cook a delicious turkey this year for Thanksgiving. Let’s just say my family has been less than pleased the last few years. No one likes a dry and tough turkey on turkey day! This year is gonna be the one!

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