MSM Fear Mongering Continues: Two COVID-19 Mutations Have “Merged” Creating a “Hybrid Virus”

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    The fear-mongering will never end.  Now, if you pay attention to the mainstream media, the coronavirus has had two mutations that have merged to create a hybrid virus.

    According to Salon, who cites their source as  New Scientist, the B.1.429 variant of SARS-CoV-2 that originated in California has somehow had a “recombination” event with the highly transmissible B.1.1.7 variant that originated in the United Kingdom. If confirmed by other scientists, this would mark the first recorded time that the novel coronavirus has developed a recombinant strain during the pandemic, although it is not unusual for coronaviruses in general to recombine.

    Bill Gates already said we’ll probably have to have a third shot to “protect us” from this “invisible enemy” but just how many shots of the mRNA vaccine should we expect? If they don’t stop at two, what makes anyone believe they won’t try to force as many as it takes to complete whatever agenda this is obviously a part of?

    Similar viruses that have some genetic variation, Dr. Alfred Sommer, dean emeritus and professor of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University said, will “‘exchange’ similar pieces of their genetic code during the process of replication.” “The ‘new’ virus,” he continued, “therefore contains mirror parts of two viruses, and if those two original viruses had different mutations in them, the new ‘daughter virus’ has them from both,” Sommer said.

    Dr. Georges Benjamin, Executive Director of the American Public Health Association, echoed Sommer’s observation that we do not yet have evidence for concern about the recombinant version of the virus. Benjamin wrote to Salon that the danger “depends only if it continues to get copied with these changes and how those changes affect its ability to transmit from person to person and cause disease . . . Just because they contain both mutations do not mean it acquires the disease attributes of the two. Only time will tell.” –Salon

    So now we just wait and see how the ruling class chooses to play these cards. It truly is a waiting game.


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      1. Now,it’s obvious the msm is lying once again.It is beyond
        obvious that two covid 19
        mutations could not have
        possibly merged and become a hybrid virus.After all, everyone and everything has been social distancing
        for ages, so,how could two covid mutations have gotten close enough to each other to create a hybrid virus? Now, I will of course apologize if it is revealed that the two
        naughty little covids had not been social distancing.?

      2. mutations creating a “daughter virus” Damn,these viruses have certainly been getting their freak on during these lockdowns!??

      3. These psychos will never stop with this “mutation” b.s.
        In phony 19,they have found the gift that keeps on giving.

      4. Dig deeper? For 6-9 months, there has been very sparse and unconfirmed news that a CoV mutagen would be released about this time. Is it not possible that the above story is the beginning of an MSM narrative for a next significant strain? Just asking.

      5. Looking at everything that has transpired(and continues to occur) since this covid
        “pandemic” began – it is hard to conceive that there are
        still plenty of sheep who still believe that any of what has been done to us until now has absolutely ANYTHING at all to do with “protecting” us from a ? “virus”.? SMH

      6. Quickly coming up on a.year of this “unstoppable pandemic” and yet you have to ask that simple question:
        Why aren’t we all dead??

      7. 1)No bodies in the streets √
        2)No constant sounds of ambulance sirens √
        3)No physical distress√
        4) No continuous funerals√
        5)No people keeling over√
        6)No cries of suffering √
        7)No higher than normal
        death tolls √
        8}No uncontrolled panic √
        Deadly Pandemic X

      8. And of course, the final shot, will be a shot in the head.

      9. Never ever get tricked into taking their poison vaccines

      10. They’re obviously just making this up as they go along at this point. I’m surprised they didn’t claim the hybrid has a force-field and ESP and the only way to defeat is to give the government access to your bank account

      11. Look it up: gain of function research. This virus shows all the attributes of gain of function research. The Wuhan lab was doing gain of function research for primarily two clients: the US National Institutes of Health (Dr Fauci) and for a British NGO that funded research into bat viruses.

        Somehow the virus leaked and went mental. It is designed to transmit easily, to target certain groups (the old, those with weak immune systems – low Vitamin D ‘folks’, the disabled, the sick and old etc.). It will continue to mutate until it has burned itself out and the world’s population develops herd immunity. This will take probably 5 to 10 years and in the process it will kill off those groups in wave after wave.

        The vaccine regimes will not be able to keep pace because, as we can see, governments are incompetent and corrupt and can’t do the roll out fast enough.

        In the meantime the economy is going to be in rough shape. That’s why it is crucial you economically support your group. For example, the fastest shrinking population on the planet right now is people of European extraction. You need to ‘buy white, do right’ to keep them supported. Buy European foods and fashions for example. Support European diversity (a people with the greatest diversity of hair colour, skin complexion, eye colour etc. – a group of people who invented modern science and put the first humans on the moon). Host fondu parties and listen to Bach and Strauss.

      12. That must mean that we will need to mix the mRNA, and Visa—no, Phisa together to get vaccined.

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