MSM Begins To Panic: “People Don’t Trust Us. They Don’t Believe Us”

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Headline News

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    The mainstream media outlets, which are nothing more than state-sponsored propaganda at this point, are lamenting that the public has figured it out. NBC journalist Katy Tur said that the public doesn’t trust or believe the media during an interview with The Hill to promote her new book.

    “The trust in media, in newspapers and television, is hitting an all-time low,” said Tur as she looked forlorn. “People don’t trust us. They don’t believe us, and it makes me wonder if this job —as I’m currently doing it– is effective, but if it’s doing more harm than good,” she added.

    Finally, a journalist who has accepted the horrific state of her industry. An industry that was doomed to fail once it became the mouthpiece of the masters and an indoctrination tool of fear and propaganda.

    “Hear me out for a second here — have you considered not lying?” remarked Chris Menahan. The answer is obviously “no.” The media’s only concern is how to best package the regime’s lies in a way that’s “effective.”

    According to a report by Summit News, Tur made the comments in response to a new Gallup poll which finds that “Just 16% of U.S. adults now say they have ‘a great deal’ or ‘quite a lot’ of confidence in newspapers and 11% in television news.”  Honestly, it would be shocking if those numbers are that high.

    With the public showing a total lack of trust in the media, the baton has been handed to so-called ‘fact checkers’, who are just offshoots of legacy media outlets, to try to control the narrative by ‘debunking’ dissenting views.

    However, now they’re losing credibility too, leading them to try to pressure Big Tech to ban their competition, with fact-checkers explicitly stating their reason for doing so is that no one is interested in watching ‘fact checker’ content on platforms like YouTube. -Summit News

    State-Sponsored Omicron Propaganda Has Not Convinced Americans To Get “Vaccinated”

    Have humans finally discovered the lost art of discernment? Can they now tell that they are being lied to on a regular basis in order to advance an agenda of total control and slavery? Not that we aren’t slaves now, but it’s going to get much worse as the masters want to cement the deal and make it impossible to escape.

    WHO Has A 10-Year-Plan And Will Push New Diseases If Necessary To Achieve Total Control

    It won’t be too much longer before they create a problem, and swoop in with the preplanned solution. Since humans are wising up to what’s going on, will they get away with it? Or will we finally get off our knees and say “no?”

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