MSM and The Rulers Continue To Fear Monger Over Omicron

by | Dec 30, 2021 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    The mainstream media and the ruling class continue to promote the fear of the omicron scariant. They are not letting this one go and they continue to push the “vaccine” hard on the population.

    According to CNN, omicron is “crushing hospitals” across the United States. The media outlet also claims doctors are describing packed emergency rooms. “Health experts” are all but demanding that New Year’s Eve revelers to keep parties small and outdoors to help avert an even worse surge.

    “It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen, even at the peak of the prior surges of Covid,” Dr. James Phillips, who works in Washington, DC, said Wednesday, when the nation hit a new pandemic high of 300,886 average new daily cases over the prior week, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

    The media is also trying hard to sell the vaccine that is obviously not working even as reports continue to come in that omicron is a mild cold and actually impacting the “vaccinated” more so than those who continue to refuse the shots.

    Omicron Is “Extremely Mild,” Says Doctor Who First Discovered Strain; Numerous Mutations “Destabilize” The Virus

    Most Omicron Cases Hit The Fully Vaccinated

    Don’t worry though. The fact-checkers are on it and say that omicron is scary and it’s not the vaccinated perpetuating the scamdemic. The rulers have to continue to censor everyone who provides any evidence against the official narrative because this is breaking down quickly. No one believes these sociopaths in the news anymore and fewer want to be ruled over. The more they propagandize this scamdemic, the more people will be able to see what’s really going on.

    But stay alert. There is desperation out there and you can read it in the headlines of most mainstream media outlets. They are desperate to keep the fear going which means it’s obviously not working as well anymore. That could mean a false flag event is coming so they can continue to cement their power over everyone else. Stay moral, help others, and stay as prepared as you can be. This isn’t over yet.



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      1. Those fearmongering leaders are actually absolutely brilliant in their understanding of both human nature and applied political science.

        They’ll end up getting what they want, but will they be able to hold it?

      2. recently read this:
        Just a reminder..
        A genuinely deadly
        pandemic doesn’t
        require 24/7 advertising
        to remind you it exists.
        Real pandemics don’t need
        advertising campaigns and
        endless propaganda…?

        • In the past, people believed in science and got a vaccine when it was needed and when it was available. Now, slightly less than half of our population turn to Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones for their “news” and “medical advice.” It’s no surprise at all that the truth has to be pumped to the unvaccinated masses on a regular basis. They are idiots and they require 24/7 babysitting. What I’m saying is, you people are dip$hits and YOU are the reason this virus hasn’t gone away yet. Either get vaxxed and wear a f*cking mask, or get Covid and die. I really don’t care which you choose, just hurry up. I’m tired of wearing this mask.

      3. We are still playing Simon Says with these lunatics, becoming ever more like trained animals as we delve deeper into the greatest psychological operation of all time.

      4. In the spirit of the holiday season, I’d like to wish all
        the psychopaths behind all
        of this an absolutely awful
        2022 as I eagerly look forward to the ultimate demise of all of you evil, psychotic, unfeeling, sadistic criminal, soulless bastards!!!

        • Well done! You captured my sentiments about trump, his family, his GQP minions and all of the anti-vaxxers perfectly. Good on ya, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


      5. Even if the hospitals
        were not allegedly “overwhelmed” I wouldn’t go
        anywhere near a hospital.
        I care too much about
        my health.?

      6. False

        • Oh, the irony is strong with this one…

          Seriously though, your little creation would make the PERFECT tag line for the modern GQP. Well done!

      7. and still no piles of
        bodies in the streets??

      8. pandemic humor:

        possible new ad:

        “If you take our vaccines,
        you won’t have to worry
        about dying anymore ~
        we’ll take care of that”?

      9. This is now a pandemic of the vaccinated.
        ADE is real.

      10. Did anyone else see that Gov. Abbott is begging for federal assistance to combat the Covid spike in his stupid f*cking state!? LOL! I do believe the Independent Republic of Texas can go f*ck all the way off. Maybe they can use all those guns they’re so proud of and shoot Covid to death. Dumba$$es. Too bad that tree from 1986 didn’t complete the mission…

      11. Dear Rulers,
        We are no longer scared and you are losing the narrative . I look forward to the day when a million Karen’s turn on TPTB ! You can run but you can’t hide! The tables are turning and the truth is coming out! God bless America!

        • @ Spider25 Agreed!!!
          Very well said!!! ?

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