Mr. President, Your Predecessor Actually Wire Tapped ALL Of Our Phones… What Are You Going To Do About It?

by | Mar 4, 2017 | Headline News | 157 comments

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    President Trump went on a Tweet storm this morning, presumably because at some point in the last 24 hours he learned that his predecessor President Obama reportedly “wire tapped” the phone lines in Trump Tower during the 2016 election campaign.

    In the process of tweeting, the President actually confirmed what many of us already know – we are being actively monitored by a domestic police state.


    We can fully sympathize with the President’s outrage over being wiretapped, but it should be no surprise to our readers. Back in 2011 we noted, to accusations of being conspiracy theorists, that everything Americans do is being monitored, including real-time monitoring of our locations, conversations and even video.

    At the time, our claims may have seemed ridiculous to most Americans. However, it was soon revealed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden that U.S. intelligence agencies had an incredible new program designed to do exactly what we originally described: full-on monitoring of literally every digital interaction in the world. We’re talking emails, phone calls and even the ability to remotely and secretly turn on the microphone and camera on your digital devices.

    The conspiracy theory once again turned out to be conspiracy fact.

    We realize this may be hard to digest for most, but the technology is very real and very capable, as evidenced by the following video clip from the recently released Snowden movie, which shows just how advanced the intelligence community’s capabilities really are:

    While we have absolutely no doubt that these high-level surveillance tools were actively monitoring then-candidate Trump in 2016, it is necessary to stress the fact that the surveillance state did not disappear with Trump’s victory.

    Thus, Mr. President, if you are outraged about being monitored and recorded, even when you have done nothing to warrant such surveillance, we have but one question: What are YOU going to do about it?


    The Surveillance State Did Not Disappear With The Trump Victory: “It Is Still Lurking And Completely Intact”

    Americans, Everything You Do Is Monitored

    Twenty TRILLION Phone Calls: “They’ve Been Collecting Data About ALL Domestic Calls Since October 2001”


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      1. That brown POS Obama needs to be tried and hung in public. Nuff said.

        • It’s only been 4o days. The TRUMPSTER is still consolidating power and STILL purging traitors from the ranks.

          Tribunals will commence before the end of the year. 🙂

          • DK, the system will either implode or martial law will be in place before the end of the year. The system is cracking wide open as we speak. Obozo is betting on that, and a WROL scenario. Trump needs to delegate the investigation immediately and have indictments ready. Obama is the shadow government and will not stop the damage. Jarrett the witch just moved into his house, and Soros is funding it all.

          • Trump hasn’t purged shit.

            So much for draining the swamp.

            • John Stiner,
              I know what you mean, BUT give Trump a little more time, as you may have noticed the swamp is much larger than estimated and IF he moves to quick BEFORE he has ENOUGH OF HIS people in plce NOTHING will happen. HE must wait until he is sure he has enough people that will back him up! Time will tell us if this synopsis is correct, I like you am NOT a doctor because i have absolutely NO patients!!! LOL, and am tired of waiting!!

              • Exactly, Apache. Stieiner is mistaken on this one.

              • Apache he is adding to the swamp. We have 6 Goldman Sachs guys Trump has appointed, one Rothschild (Wilber Ross Secretary of Commerce) and a Rockefeller oil Barron (Rex Tillerson). I wanted to believe in Trump however I cannot because of who he has surrounded himself with bankers, billionaires, neocons and a couple devil dogs to round it out.

                • This IS the concern, Green, and a valid one. Yet there is a lot of good. Pruitt at the EPA is a definite move to drain one of the largest alligators in the swamp; DeVos is another one, to take on the Communist Teachers of America camp. But yes, the Vampire Squid cabal is definitely concerning. But what would you do? Come in and try to do it all in one swell foop? Maybe he needs to be incremental. I don’t know, myself; what I do know is that he is much better than Hilary, and we at least have a chance with him. Where we can push him on, e.g., these Goldman Sachs appointments, let’s do. But we have what we have, so let’s go from there. Let’s encourage him where we can, and hold his feet to the fire where we need to. But, as noted elsewhere, the key thing is to re-light the flame of liberty and morality among the general population – then these corruptocrats won’t even be elected to dog catcher, let alone make the trip to DC

                  Their is a fairly well known episode on Welsh history 100 or so years ago. After a Christian revival, the town cleaned itself up to such an extent that the police literally had almost nothing to do. Similarly, if we experienced something like that happened here, these frauds in DC would never make it as far as they do today, as it wouldn’t be countenanced. I think it was Franklin (someone correct me here if I am wrong) who said people get the govt they deserve. So… the remedy is for us here in flyover country to become *deserving!*

                  • Test, well said sir. You our right, it is best to keep an open mind and hope Trump continues to deliver on campaign promises. I just find it somewhat disheartening how quickly certain people can go from 2nd Ammendment freedom loving patriots to full on police state fascists just cause our guy got into the White House. We must always hold Trump’s feet to the fire, he is indeed a politician now.

                    • So now “2nd Amendment freedom loving” Trump supporter’s are now “police state” (Brown Shirt) “fascists”? Did you guys meet in a chat room? It’s pretty obvious you guys really like each other. Are you sure your tip is still green?

                  • There’s a fairly known episode about 80 years ago after a move to revive a country that was devastated and taken over by the same type of people that we have running this country right now. And after that eviction was done the world was a better place for the people there for a few years. And now after rebuilding itself again and again, it is under attack again by the same people that were pointed out to be the problem in the years before. Today again if these people in that country, point out the obvious, and decide to stand up for themselves in the same way that was needed then, they will be demonized again. Yeah, the sin that they have is both an original for being white and also for standing up and doing what needed to be done.
                    Franklin was right, we do get the government we deserve when we don’t get involved deeply into what is happening at the top. Smedley Butler saved his butt, but then he did get his mind right too, to keep taking the country in the wrong direction. The remedy today is the same remedy that was needed 80 years ago in Europe. Voting for the lesser evil isn’t going to get it.
                    “Give this guy a chance” is the idea they want to keep planting in your mind when you already see where he’s taking you, though with a few rest stops inbetween. So you keep waiting, and things will keep moving along on schedule. That’s the plan. You have been co-opted,…..again.
                    The only reason your controlled opposition keeps baffling with their b.s. is because they think that’s all that “you deserve”.

                    • Well I’m glad someone’s got the balls to actually start the shootin revolution… oh wait we haven’t seen that yet.

                • Green tip 4 U,
                  I hear you and am watching closely. you could be right, will NOT surprise me, as the NWO are NOT stupid and have been gaining power for years and there roots are VERY deep, that is why I hope for the best, and that will probably mean a complete reset from a civil war, or something along those lines, because IF we cannot kill the snakes it will NEVER STOP. you have to know your killing ALL of those snakes or it won’t make ANY difference!! it will take something to be able to make them vulnerable to US!!

                • He hasn’t drained anything, he just replaced the pond scum with black mold, which spreads even quicker and is more deadly…

              • Apache, Trump has 4 years to try to get anything done. What JS fails to realize is there are a lot of mid and low-level federal employees opposed to Trump and still wished for the hildebeast. Which means these people support the libturd agenda and our tax dollars are supporting these POS. THAT IS THE BIGGEST REASON WE NEED TO KEEP PREPPING, STAY ARMED, KEEP OUR POWDER DRY; KEEP ALL OUR OPTIONS ON THE TABLE. If anything happens to Trump, all bets are off. It will be game on. I’ll be hunting libturds. No bag limit, no permit needed.

            • Pedophile-Gate will drain half the Swamp in DC. Stay tuned..

              Had an FBI Agent tell me “Never put anything on your cell phone you would not want anybody to see.” You know photos, texts, contacts, emails, conversations, Banking info, passwords. And they have at least 7 hacking back door entry points into most cell phones. Never use WiFi snd turn the GPS function off your phone always if you can. Never ever do any banking on your phone period.
              When on the road traveling, remove the battery. Fake Cell towers, overhead surveillance planes or other vehicles may be using “StingRay” (cell ph hacking system) that will suck all the data info I listed above, off your cell phone as you pass one of these fake towers. The closer you get to US Military Bases aka: Listening Posts, the more fake cell towers there are. All US military bases around the globe are basically data collection listening posts. This is your warning.

            • John Steiner is an angry Hildabeast supporter. Expect those comments from the commies.

              Trump may hire some of the Tribe to later be able to convict them for lobbying for a foreign government. They took an oath. remember? Trump set up the chess board. Stay tuned for the purge show. Get your popcorn ready.

          • “Child Please”..
            The “Trumpster” is doing no such thing…
            The fools who post on this site are well..DELUSIONAL FOOLS.
            TRUMP has not “drained the SINK..Let alone the swamp.

            Jeff Sessions is a prime example.
            That southern POS is a “civil asset forfeiture” FANATIC and a “Jail every weed smoker” POSTER CHILD.
            NEITHER are policies that benefit America or Americans.
            If we legalized weed, it would kill the Messican cartels and Big Pharma.. Think on that.

            SCREW TRUMP and his batch of slimballs… The USA is D.O.A.

          • DT is figuring out just how deep the deep state actually is. And the simple fact is that this is a war of minds and criminal acts by the prior regime. They know they can be prosecuted and that is why they are pulling out all the stops to undermine the Trump admin from the get go. They went too far with their criminality because they thought Hillary was shoe in. Now they are desperate to save their asses from jail and must try to undermine DT and crew. That is why Loretta Lynch cam out today and made her insane comments as well . These mofo’s are some serious criminals and should all be prosecuted sooner than later. This is all escalating daily as more and more crimes are found out as I said would happen and that will only get far worse going forward. All of the new heads of agencies are finding massive crimes that were hidden from the public and many billions of dollars of taxpayer funding for criminal activities by the democrats! Here is the full meal deal

            and this as well

            My main concern now is Sessions I do not doubt he is a good man. But so far he seems very weak and wimpy and we need a junk yard dog like Trey Gowdy , who I always thought was a better choice from the get go. This is a very serious war and I want the tuffest MOFOs on my team not some mild mannered wimp. I simply cannot see Sessions kicking any ass based on his comments and demeanor so far ? and we need a serious AG ass kicker against these criminals, a take no prisoners junk yard dog ! Trust me this is gonna get shitty real fast after Lynches comments today. She is inciting as much violence and chaos as possible to save her own ass.

            • downtoearth, any link for the lynch article? I haven’t heard a word about her since the inauguration.

        • The (((men behind the curtain))) are running the Permanent Government. The “president” garbage is distraction from naming the actual (((bad guys))).

      2. fuck this world . infested with inbred power drunk freaks . someone please pop a nuke . preferably on my house !!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Dep1: Thank God this is not our final home. Just think of Roy Kurzweil and his singularity (IMHO, Google, with folks like him, or the disgusting Eric Schmidt, should change its motto now to “First, let’s only do evil) has only this life to look forward to. We should struggle for justice and truth here, but not mistake this life for paradise.

          And Trump not draining the swamp? He isn’t perfect, and I have a number of concerns. But he IS a million times better than Hilary, and I think he is doing some good things. But even if we had a perfect leader, as Adams said “”[N]either the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt.” —Samuel Adams, essay in The Public Advertiser, 1749

          What are YOU (or I, or another reader here) doing to drain the swamp? Quit waiting for some white knight, and you (and I) need to get our hands dirty. That is why what Mac is doing here is so great – he is not just cursing the dark, but lighting a candle with this website.

          It has been said the pre-Revolutionary War America wasn’t that much better than the America we see today. Same with pre-Wesleyan England. But the preaching of people like George Whitfield, or John Wesley, made in MUCH more difficult for corrupt people to lead the nation. *****It’s not for nothing that some of our wisest leaders (Washington, Madison, Adams, etc.) emanated from a time where the common man himself, had been ennobled and made wise by the Great Awakening of the mid 1700s.

          Trump draining the swamp? People will argue this here. But what are YOU, and I, doing, to make that drainage possible?? In a morally corrupt nation, even if Trump did drain the swamp totally, it would just re-fill in a short time.

          We also should not become like the mindless left, in that we need to keep Trump’s feet to the fire where he does fail. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

          • I watch NY politics, I have family in the area.

            NY City suffers from chronic corruption, the city did pass mayoral term limits, 2x4yrs. I have noticed if one party takes the mayors office for more than 8 years in a row, the level of corruption becomes intolerable. By voters electing alternating parties, the crooks have to buy off the new administration appointees, it takes time to infiltrate and buy everyone off without getting arrested. It also takes time for a new administration to drain the swamp left from the last guy, even as their swamp is filling.

        • That is the best thing I have ever heard you say…

        • Trump inherited a leaky boat with a broken bilge pump and drunken crew. Hes working on the leak holes and bilge pump in drydock. Patience. I know you want to hear him yelling “Your Fired!!” for your entertainment. Trump may nail Obama also for treason along with Hillary. Hes in the info gathering stage right now. Wants a solud case built before the undictments start flying. Any volunteers for the firing squad? Count me in.

        • There was a Sting in Texas where Law Enforcement teamed up with a Car Dealership. They sent out free contest letters to their list of Deadbeat Dads behind in child support that had warrants against them. The contest was “Win a FREE New Car” Contest rules to win, were who ever could keep both hands on the New Car the longest, wins the car. On the contest day the Cops moved in and arrested those who got the free invite. “Yep keep your hands on the car, Ready GO!!!” lol

      3. Trump isn’t going to do jack shit about this.

        He’s being absorbed by the swamp.

        • It’s not the swamp that’s the problem.

          It’s all the alligators in it that won’t let it be drained.

          • Alligators or zombies? The path ahead is treacherous. Take no prisoners! That is the game the Demonrats are playing, a zero-sum game. This is not a gentleman’s sport any more but a winner take all, free for all. The future of these United States is at stake!

            Louisiana Eagle

            • They need to go after Obama, Hittlery, Wandering Eyes, Pelosi, Frankenstein, etc., and not let up the pressure on them. No more playing ‘nice guy’.

              • Frankenstein.. Al Frankin and Jill Stein.

            • Absolutely correct ! this is a war and nothing less and TRUMP and crew had better get on with it ASAP ! I believe they will and already are fully engaged !

              I am convinced the deep state democrats are desperate and realize they can be prosecuted at level and every agency

          • As noted above, even if Trump were perfect, and perfectly drained the swamp, a universally corrupt peoples would just have the swamp re-filled in a heartbeat.

            We need – you and I, dear readers – to engage, debate, discuss, inform, educate the ignorant, the deaf, the deluded. Just like Mac is doing here.

            Time is getting short. We have one last crack at this, or we will be overwhelmed. Churchill said it best about his generation’s battle with fascism:

            “…But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties…”

            • Churchill was a closet (((chew))). That stopped Hitler from draing the Swamp across Europe. And thats exactly why today the US has a boat load of parasites running the show here today. Notice how the US is on the wrong side of history, war after war. Like Arming the Taliban when Rusdia invaded Afghanistan. We should have let Russia destroy the Taliban and perhapse 911 would have never happened. Russia purged the Chews from all meaningful government posituons unlike the US who hires dual citizens to run thr DHS. Aka Michael Chertoff. That why the MSM demonizes and lables Russia and Putin the new boogie man lately. Its quite the opposite. Russia is the Euro White Mans friend. Have you sheep been duped by operation WOE- WOOL PULLED OVER YOUR EYES? Study History, always be curious in seeking the real truth and dismiss propaganda. Start with the USS Liberty attack. Then connect the dots all the way to today. And the Mural is pretty clear who wants to destroy America. Its not Russia.

              • Afghanistan had nothing to do with 911. The Taliban are against drugs and were destroying the poppy fields. That is why the U.S. is still there. To protect the poppies for Big Pharma and to keep heroin flowing into the U.S. (keeps the CIA flush with cash)

            • Churchill was a closet (((chew))). That stopped Hitler from draing the Swamp across Europe. And thats exactly why today the US has a boat load of parasites running the show here today. Notice how the US is on the wrong side of history, war after war. Like Arming the Taliban when Rusdia invaded Afghanistan. We should have let Russia destroy the Taliban and perhapse 911 would have never happened. Russia purged the Chews from all meaningful government positions unlike the US who hires dual citizens to run thr DHS. Aka Michael Chertoff. That why the MSM demonizes and lables Russia and Putin the new boogie man lately. Its quite the opposite. Russia is the Euro White Mans friend. Have you sheep been duped by operation WOE- WOOL PULLED OVER YOUR EYES? Study History, always be curious in seeking the real truth and dismiss propaganda. Start with the USS Liberty attack. Then connect the dots all the way to today. And the Mural is pretty clear who wants to destroy America. Its not Russia.
              Sorry if this is posted more than once.

            • So who is a perfect person??? There are none. We don’t want a pastor in the Oval Office. Right now we need someone with a titanium spine, who is not afraid of upsetting the status quo, and can get into the fray and fight like a warrior.

              President Trump is that bold leader with the courage to take on the corruption in the media and the putrid swamp in DC. We’re at war, the attacks are coming from every angle. The deep state has been exposed for who they really are, and just like the devil they work for, they are pulling out all the stops, grasping at straws, because they know their time is short and they are the losers.

              This war is not about Sessions, Flynn, or anyone else. It’s about getting President Trump out of office and controlling America for their NWO.

            • “even if Trump were perfect…”

              So who is a perfect person??? There are none. We don’t want a pastor in the Oval Office. Right now we need someone with a titanium spine, who is not afraid of upsetting the status quo, and can get into the fray and fight like a warrior.

              President Trump is that bold leader with the courage to take on the corruption in the media and the putrid swamp in DC. We’re at war, the attacks are coming from every angle. The deep state has been exposed for who they really are, and just like the devil they work for, they are pulling out all the stops, grasping at straws, because they know their time is short and they are the losers.

              This war is not about Sessions, Flynn, or anyone else. It’s about getting President Trump out of office and controlling America for their NWO.

        • Agreed. Trump is draining the swamp with a teaspoon.

          In all seriousness, I don’t see Trump cutting back the NSA or the Patriot Act.

          He’s treading water in that Neocon crap instead of giving them the middle finger like Ron Paul does.

          • the chimp chump bathhouse fagggit and his faggitfreinds are filling it faster than an industrial duty heavy strength sump pump can drain it. Same thing happened to Russian agents will happen to them. karma about to boomerang and catch up with them all.

          • HB – I like Ron Paul, too. But how much has he managed to accomplish? There is a sweet spot between change and accommodation. If you try to do too much, too soon, you fail. And if you wait too long, or don’t do enough, you get co-opted. The balance is delicate, protean and imperfect. Trump has been in power for a little over a month. How much would you or I have done in that amt of time?

            Let’s both support him where we can, and push where we see the “Neocon crap” that you mention above.

          • He has only been in there for a month and up to his ass in alligators since day one and the criminals have had 8 years top fortify their positions ? He has done a great job so far and what have you done ?

        • Anonymous you make a valid point about the gators but how do you know Trump WON’T do anything. Nobody wants to give them man time to do shit. Plus look at the seemingly overwhelming odds he’s facing from libturd POS who are still in the govt. The man needs all the support he can get. Instead of bellyaching, let’s get behind the man and help him. He never promised he could drain the swamp ALONE. No one can do it alone. I’ll stand with him and will do anything I can to help.

      4. Trump is learning how the political machinery works in Washington. But it is time for action. Hang one of them (not literally) as a warning message. It has to happen or the libtards will continue this game …

        • I’m for hanging the literally.

          • the = them

          • ME TOO

            • make public spectacle of them others maybe think twice b4 phucking with Americans.

              • Watch for the pizzagate Pedophilia ring to unravel. The 450 arrested in California a few weeks ago, was just a warmup show. They arrest the low hanging fruit fist then get them to flip and rat on the rest higher up the chain. Half of Congress is on this, like Chucky Schummer POS. The Videos from Lolita island I hear will bury these political hacks. There is a video of Bill Clinton on that island that will crucify him. Have patience while the Pede Case is built that will drain most of these political hacks from the swamp. So the more MSM and lefty attacks you see against Trump the closer he is in indictments flying. Like cornered Rats on a sinking ship. They will canibalize each other to try and save their own asses. So dont give up on Trump so fast. Hes just getting warmed up.

              • nuckinfuts,
                YES i was serious about making examples of the snakes, hang-em from the beltway lite posts !! IF you don’t make DEEP HARD cuts into the enemy (and that is what they are) we won’t survive as we know it!

        • The best thing President Trump can do is expand his middle class support, the huge backbone of the voting public, by making good on the trade / jobs issue. Get so much support that he is a shoe in the next election then can Pence and pick up Rand Paul as VP as both shield and successor of like mind.

          The frightening thing is that the CIA in the Church Hearings had this 4 decades ago. Certainly it brings in plausible deniability.

          h ttp://

          The big worry isn’t the potential of US domestic anger/ violence because there would be sufficient doubt coupled with inherently a believing public. Trump supporters are of the law abiding class unlike the far left. If you were Russia however it would be perceived that the militarists have staged a coup and have obtained control of the US. That’s (dating myself) a “Danger Will Robinson” moment. If they’re frightened, I’m likewise frightened. Add in some incident planned or accidental, a misjudgment or two and its, ‘schools out”.

          • Kevin2, I agree. But if anything happens to my POTUS, all bets are off. I see every day what Trump is having to deal with from the left and it makes me hate the left more thn ever before. The left had better be very careful what they wish for and especially be afraid of the 100,000,000 gun owners in this nation. The left will face a backlash they won’t be able to handle.

            • President Trump can very naturally have a heart attack . People who have worked their entire lives staying out of trouble have an internal default normality bias. Given two choices they’ll opt for that which doesn’t require mayhem. No wreckage of a jet at the Pentagon, WTC Tower #7 falls W/O being hit? Its much easier to buy the official story. TPTB have experts that have studied the manipulation of public opinion with our unlimited money. They have the MSM to deliver the “accepted news”.

              All it takes for pacification is Food and Circus.

              Cancel football next season and close the grocery store and a problem will result.

      5. Put Obama,Holder scum in jail or waste these assholes they will NEVER STOP! do something it’s sadition that’s the death penalty or life in prison,better start offence!!!

      6. Trump tries to do anything about it without massive public support and the leftists become infuriated and take over.

        That won’t make anything better, it will cause their numbers to grow and become more and more disruptive and violent till they remove him in one way or another.

        Anyone remaining on the right will then have no means or hope of doing anything about it now or at anytime in the future.

        Then nothing, and nothing means nothing, gets accomplished.


        • He has massive support from the people. We elected him and are still standing by. Waiting

        • If anything happens to President Trump, I’ll be hunting libturds and I know others will too. The left can be stopped. Never say never.

          • and the only way to keep them from coming back is chop the heads off ALL the lead snakes, or they will continue to cause havoc!!

            • The racial demographics in my FL County is just 3% Black. Choose wisely as to where you live. We dont have any of that bullshit lives matter chaos in this area here. Its great living around like minded people where bar discussians are about AR15’s ammo reloading, BOL’s, prepping.. Its a renewed faith that America is not going down without a fight. It is also legal to openly wear long knives on your belt if you choose. Its becoming more commin sight lately. Freedoms need to ne exercised or they will be easily weaken.

      7. I don’t believe too much of what’s being reported anymore. No matter who author’s it. I’ll believe it when I hear the squeak of the tank tracks rolling down the black top road I live on.

        • and THEN it will be too late to do anything about them….oh HELL, it’s ALREADY too late.

      8. Somebody needs to be made an example of! Let get cracking! If you don’t stop it now it just gets worse and the other side thinks they can do it too(they have).

      9. Remember Watergate?

      10. The world can not wait to put itself in shackles. You only have to make it a new toy or fad that is going to do wonders for your life and most would buy it without any concern of the danger it poses.

        I’m surprised they don’t have robotic intravenous feeding stations in the malls. They where giving oxygen while you sat at the counter. Why not food?

      11. Seems to be a wire tap at trump towers 3 weeks before election,let’s forget that Iranian bitch val jarred.

        • Jarrett isn’t Iranian, although her parents happened to be there when she was born. She’s black, with a little French, Scotch, and American Indian ancestry.

          • Ain’t no wonder both she and Barry are joined at the hip.

          • Her Indian ancestor was Ayw-wee-pah-kee-noo-kah, a Kaskaskia Indian from Illinois. She was known as Catherine Exipakinoca and married a French Canadian named Jean-Baptiste Dit Laviolette Colon. These were Valerie’s 8th great-grandparents on her mother’s side.

          • Jar-RAT. Once one most evil, traitorous people in American history

          • Your right thx like mommy like daughter in this case


        It is official, and it is shocking. We are at war! Obama founded OFA in January of 2013 with Michelle Obama, which was the primary organization for his campaign. He has moved Valerie Jarrett, his Senior Advisor from his White House years, into his new Washington mansion to head the campaign to oust President Trump.

        • A SWAT team to raid the Obama home and just waste every one of them.

        • look at the house, its made of brick, set back front entrance, look at the windows??? they set this place up to make entry tough??
          x-ray scanners have a difficult time penetrating brick, looks like a fabricated roof, could be metal?
          windows located in site line to entrances, bet it has a bunker, somebody hired somebody???

        • Time to pull a WACO raid on the Obama Shack. Surrender now, or we burn the Commie Rats Nest down.

          Trump should wire tap Ob’s phones. Get the conspiracy on tape.

          • Burn it first, then demand surrender.

      13. How long to wait till he gets assassinated? Then what wait for public support?
        The problem is getting the right people that are not traitors
        Offence is needed now,and all economic indicators are we are down the rabbit hole we cannot afford to loose him now.
        Man up!

      14. just one more spiders web to keep the ruling class, both parties; running the show.

        if they can keep trump without any real changes for another year and a half, the public will lose faith and they get to continue on their game of ruling the people while telling them they still live in a demnocracy/republic.

      15. People this is a “FUCK YOU” as well as a “FUCK YOU” to Trump. You do realized the people of these USA elected this POTUS and that Communist Kenyan Shoeshine Nigger doesn’t respect that fact. This is the first time I have ever used the word nigger, but damn it this time it fits! I’m so mad! I would like to know if he got a warrant to do so; and isn’t this interfering with an election? I’m just so mad at this SOB POS! INVESTIGATE NOW! How can anyone respect and trust this Muslim POS?! The world has gone crazy and nothing is being done. If my father, the Master Sergeant, were still alive I guarantee he would be leading an assault on that Kenyan and his cronies. I am just so mad about ALL this shit that has been happening since Trump was elected. The Demoraps need to shut their damn mouths, they are a sorry excuse for a human being. I’m sick of hearing their damn complaints they do nothing to try to improve this country. They are the ones causing all this turmoil going on right now; it’s been going on since the election. Reminds me of a bunch of immature teenagers trying to get back at someone. That damn Michelle needs to shut her damn mouth…..”when they go low we go high”… got news for the bitch, you can’t go any lower! Get off your high horse, you are maggots, scum of the earth. You prove everytime you open your mouth just how rotten to the core you are. So SHUT UP!!!!!!!!~!~waiting

        • Waiting, BRAVO! Damn good post.

        • They will shut up when they are dead,,,

          • Nailbanger

            Bravo. Bravo.

        • investigate?? we know the score it is time to hang ’em high!!! DAMN IT!!

        • I have to say, Waiting – just reading your “vent” lowered my blood pressure some! Thank you! Emotional relief without putting forth the effort. Again – thank you!

        • the shoeshine SOB POS Ahole is a white boy not black.Mama was white.Sperm daddy was arab. We have not yet had a black president in white house unless you count billyboy bubba clinton.

      16. Obombya us the m****f***ing honey badger. Him, Killary and most of the democrap elite ate like herpes.

      17. If they wiretapped Trump’s phones and still lost, what does that tell you about Hillary’s popularity? I’m still waiting to hear what evidence they actually have that Russia interfered in the election process. With the huge number of liars on the current scene, you can’t just trust intelligence leaders.

        • The FBI is on the record as saying there is zero evidence of Russian interference in the election. No one, repeat, no one, has brought out any genuine evidence to the contrary, despite all the histrionics from the left.

          They did get a whole boatload of Democrat emails, though.

      18. I’ll say it again, POTUS needs to get Rand Paul and Trey Goudy in there for planning a war on the Communist Democraps. Waiting.

      19. An Obama spokesman is saying it’s not true. Like we would believe the scumbags. Waiting

      20. Reports indicate that Obama requested a FISA search warrant and was refused by the FISA court. That is incredible. 99.9% of requests are approved. His attempts to undermine the incoming President were so foul that even the court of yes men turned him down. He apparently went ahead with the scheme without court approval.

        • Update…The June request was denied, the October request was approved on a much more narrow request format. Source, Conservative Treehouse blog. Very accurate. Good source.

        • Obama Advisor Rhodes Is Wrong: The President Can Order A Wiretap, And Why Trump May Have The Last Laugh

          “In Chapter 36 of Title 50 of the US Code *War and National Defense”, Subchapter 1, Section 1802, we read the following:
          (1) Notwithstanding any other law, the President, through the Attorney General, may authorize electronic surveillance without a court order”

          “Additionally, Philip Rucker, the WaPo’s White House bureau chief echoed Favreau’s caveat, namely that the Obama spokesman’s statement does not deny the existence of wiretaps on Trump Tower, only that Obama himself and the Obama White House did not approve them if they did exist.”

          “Further implying the existence of such a wiretap was David Axelrod, who tweeted today that that such a wiretap could exist but would have “been OK’ed only for a a reason.”

          ht tp://

      21. Put Sessions back in there to start proceedings against Obumer and Hidabeast now. Lock them up! Waiting

      22. When is that dumbass John McCain going to except that he is not President and stop interfering in other country’s wars? Waiting

      23. The arguments about left or right, blue or red, grow old. The state is out to only preserve the state.

        The sooner you wake up and realize that no one that works in .gov cares about you, the sooner you will see that it is all constructed to rob you of your labor and enslave you to the state.

        The only one you can depend on for your life, liberty and happiness is yourself, not the fuckin’ state OR your fellow man.


      24. I am just so mad that I can hardly contain myself! The time is coming, it’s very, very close. Hope people are prepared to die, because it won’t take much more. Those snakes, liberal elitist, are prepared to crawl in their holes(underground shelters) and probably release some sort of biological warfare on the rest of us; that’s probably why Bill Gates was talking about biological weapons recently. I may be old but I’ll fight to the death, and I’ll take a few with me. I was never taught to just lay down and give up. I wasn’t called a persistent little cuss for no reason. I’m just waiting for the call to go out, when someone says to me, “come on let’s roll.” The snakes are going to be very surprised. I’M MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! Waiting

      25. POTUS needs to pardon Snowden, that would really make Obama shit his pants………and while he’s at it he might as well pardon Assange. Waiting

      26. Have you ever noticed how all schizophrenics say that you are being monitored by your TV. And that it is unclear whether you are real or a duplicate, or clone.

        This lends to several possible hypothesis (theories):

        These people are caught between our dimension and another.

        These people have been hypnotized or implanted with these ideas by a secret group.

        These people have a gift of picking up info psychically, and know the plans.

        These people can see into the future.

        These people aren’t as crazy as they seem.

        __ ? __


        • There used to be an electronics engineer on our street, who swore that televisions became two-way capable in 1964 when transistor technology became prevalent. We’ve been buying them and putting them into our homes since.

      27. A short history of how they know everything about everyone (for dummies like Donald J. Trump, King Fool of the Fools):

        1980s: Role out of Echelon. Under Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, a global electronic surveillance apparatus went live using the latest in computer technology. Echelon mostly did deep, high-level global surveillance (state actors, major infrastructure – airports, etc. – and government officials).
        1990s: Database consolidations. Countries merged databases into common systems.
        2001: Under the guise of the 9/11 attacks, secret plans to go to total surveillance were put into action. Immediately telecoms workers were dispatched to phone exchanges everywhere to place backdoor routers to divert all electronic communications (internet, etc.) to fusion centres. Total Information Awareness was fast-tracked and new digital technologies were put into place to gather through wide net casting every piece of digital communications. Control files were also set up for every citizen in the Western world.
        2003: With the hot war soon to happen, they move on cell phone towers and overhead surveillance of cities (silent drones, signal catchers such as Stingrays, helicopters etc.). Televisions and all other digital technology has backdoors installed. The same goes for software and laptops. A secret programme to live stream from all CCTV cameras everywhere goes into play.
        2005: Plans go live to build enormous fusion centre in Utah. A mass surveillance of Americans is outsourced to the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Filthy British Muslim dirtbags in turn are monitored by the CIA/NSA.
        2008: Global economic crash offers opportunity to control and monitor all global financial transactions. Obama institutes the ‘Long War’ allowing for American military to wage war anywhere on any person. Drone attacks etc. and American overseas bases are expanded exponentially. The State Department upgrades all overseas listening posts.
        2009: Obama authorises the funding and training of Islamic radicals in order to destabilise the Middle East and terrorise Western populations. Plan instituted to radically reduce the populations of the Middle East and Africa through war and unrest.
        2011: So-called Arab Spring further brings chaos.
        2017: Trump the Chump takes power and is surprised he is under surveillance.

      28. And the whole way the media squalked about the Russsians it was Obungler who was interfering with the Election!!!

        It was a smokescreen aided by the corrupt media the whole time!!


      29. Sir, not only “What are YOU going to do about it?” What about us .. you know, several hundred million every day regular hard-working law-abiding American citizens?

      30. If serious OFFENSE is not implemented by potus this is nothing but a pre-planned event from start to finish.

        A few marines need to do some pick-ups and put the pick-ups in GITMO to be held on ice.

        I feel nothing but direct action will resolve this issue.

        The left ran the biggest piece of POOP they could run and can’t believe it was not a win? Surely to God they knew?? It was not rocket science.
        The rest that followed is all Bull Hockey!

        So sick of the bologna!

      31. Meh. It doesn’t matter. They are all the same. I don’t care who’s in that big white house out there in DC. Even if he is honest (not) he’s just one man. I don’t care how tough you think your dog is, if he goes up against a pack he doesn’t stand a chance.

        Many decades ago I actually had hope for the future. Now I’m resigned to the fact that the S is gonna HTF no matter what. It might not be an EMP, solar flare or complete economic collapse. It might be a simple transition to a complete police/slave state. Either way is bad.

      32. I believe, Mac, your graphic on Obama was supposed to read “Yes, we SCAM?” Anything dealing with Obama should have that word!

        And JUST in time for Disney’s gay movie propaganda (next on the Disney docket will we have the Little Mermaid be engaging in bestiality…

        NY Post: Birth certificates ask parents if ‘woman giving birth’ is female.

        “A city Health Department form for new parents requesting birth certificates asks the “woman giving birth” if she’s male or female. Along with routine questions — mother’s maiden name, mother’s legal name, mother’s Social Security number… And just in case the inquiry is not clear, the birth-certificate request provides a convenient check box and asks the question in capital letters. “What is your DATE OF BIRTH, current AGE and SEX?” the form asks in the section clearly marked “Mother/Parent (Woman Giving Birth).”

        “ Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one…”

        – Charles Mackay (March 27 1814 – December 24 1889), in his famed book, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (1841)

        “I can calculate the movement of the stars, but not the madness of men.”
        – Sir Isaac Newton

      33. Everybody with a lick of sense knew Obama was bad news from the onset of his presidential run. One of the biggest frauds pushed onto the American people in history. They suck it up as because he was black that he was an agent of change, “change we can believe in” a psyop that worked on the dumber fools that vote. Frank Marshall Davis’s son posing as someone else. Despicable excuse for a human being, everything he said about his past was lies. An enemy of America, an intelligence insider working to implement the NWO. Still hanging around to steer his gullible sheep.

      34. President Trump may need citizen protection. That is, small units organized to take action independently in response to major events. Perhaps these already exist ?

      35. No matter what, 99.6789% of all black people will still support anything another black person in a position of power says or does.

        A chew will back up another chew publicly, and secretly he will jump through 1,000 hoops to advance another chew over anyone else.

        A white European will criticize, condemn, and destroy another white European publicly; and it would never even occur to him to help out and support another white European in private. Then white Europeans wonder what they should do cause the Chews and the Blacks are circling the wagons. By the way, in some Latin American Countries, game is caught by circling the prey.


        • “No matter what, 99.6789% of all black people will still support anything another black person in a position of power says or does.”

          Thats a tad high due to the Christian vote its more on the order of 95%. Let President Trump bring back a significant number of blue collar good jobs for the black community and while publicly they “signify” in the voting booth they’ll vote their wallet. I seen “The Brothers” in work level with everyone in general conversation until another “Brother” comes into earshot. There is a strong pressure to band together and take the “black” position. Voting is anonymous and the Democrats, the traditional allies of the middle class have alienated them back and white.

          • Kevin2:

            You took issue with my numbers about blacks which you know was not intended to be statistically correct but to make the point; and yet you never challenged the 1,000 figure. When it comes to chews there is a double standard, it is probably 1,001.

            Sure, you are right. I agree.


            • B from CA

              Your possibly correct with your figure as that is a tight knit community and the social pressures of not helping your own is significant. Its to its me less of a negative for them and more of a negative for others that don’t do the same because they have no social cohesion. When the Italians originally came over they helped each other, especially if from the same region (I was always amazed how the Calabrese and Abruzzi looked at each other like they were a different people). Two generations later, well assimilated, their grandchildren often had a last name like O’Brian. The cohesion, the unity, was lost. Jewish people have done their best culturally to keep with their own and that is changing much to the dismay of their elders.


        Now, not only is Obama caught wire tapping Trump Tower during the election; he’s also running a “shadow government” that exploits his remaining appointees throughout the federal bureaucracy to wage a criminal campaign of illegal leaks and “deep state” sabotage attempts against the sitting President.

      37. molon labe

      38. Tip of the day

        Yea there may be a solar flare or and EMP that does the power in for all of us but as of now.

        Have you thought of how many ways to charge stuff up? What you can do to make it easy and adaptable.

        There are Cigarette lighter adapters (Male Plugs) at Radio Shack that you can use to charge a 12vdc item. Also female adapters you can hook to a spare battery There are some that you can hook to hand held C.B. radios. Another item is small inverters that you can turn your car into a small generator. Charge small power tools. Tool cig adapts with wire can jump a car like jumper cables.. Make sure you have the right polarity.

        Good time to get the small stuff now, that can save you big time hurt later.

        Reason for bring this up. Doesn’t look good for Radio Shack in my area. If they are closing stores in your area, it might be time to get the stuff you need and at a discount too.

        BTW, nothing at the Flea Market.

        • Both Radio Shack stores closed here several years ago…

          • A Local

            “Best Buy” is not looking good either. Last Bastion?

        • Anon, good tip on the 12vdc plugs and adapters. Don’t forget SPARE FUSES for all those 12vdc plugs.

          • DB

            Good point on those fuses. I always forget something. )0:

      39. Rank Paul was my first choice. Trump was the preferred candidate after that. I personally fell he trails Dr Rand Paul MD by a lot. Regardless President Trump believes Ed Snowden is a traitor. Well hows it feel to be on the receiving end of an unjustified surveillance?

        • All well and good, but Trump is the President and Rand Paul is not. We need to get behind this President and support him.

      40. To say Obama tap anyone’s phone it’s completely ridiculous there’s no evidence to suggest that nothing to back it up as a fact and in order to wiretap anyone’s phone it requires a warrant from a federal judge unless you are suspected terrorist which Trump is not so therefore if there was any kind of monitoring device it was because a federal judge was convinced due to probable cause for such a device you are delusional and choose to believe propaganda instead of actual facts and by the way the Patriot Act was implemented by George W bush Obama expanded it because it was set to expire but he extended it

      41. Americans are waking up they know what globalization is the know who and what the neocons are and there endless thrust for money technocrats like Soros.
        They have been sucking us dry for 60yrs 60yrs man. Has things gotten better,remember Biden saying I can’t believe we got away with it.
        This in my opinion is the last constitutional president we are going to get that’s why it’s nut cutting time,it’s time to go on the offensive now.
        Just for example let’s say for argument there were hundred thousand patriots in 1955 and fifty thousand anti Americans
        (AMs)in 1980 let’s say ninety thousand patriots and sixty thousand AMs and in 2017 you have eighty thousand patriots and seventy thousand AM just look through history to see before and now.
        Look at the perverted supreme court,this is it it’s time stop the defensive b.s talking times over don’t let them bring the fight to us bring the fight first before they get instead of 30,000 they have 80,000.

        BLITZKRIEG MAN don’t let em see ya comming!

      42. I thought you people had reached impenetrable depths of stupidity and ignorance, but I was wrong. The USA is screwed because of moronic assholes like you. But, I have gotten to the point of not caring. I am old, have lived a good life and have no children, so it will not be my children and grandchildren that will pay the price for your lunacy, but yours. I just hope I live long enough to see you morons crying in your beer when you see your offspring suffering because of your idiocy.

        • Can’t stand bs

          Just move on and don’t come back.

        • It’s about talking points and having a discussion
          Sorry your upset cupcake.

          • Pro USA

            That’s a good one. Been here long?

            • Hay anon not to long few month’s I think everyone is awsome
              No matter what’s said have good one!

        • Cant stand bs, if you’re looking for “impenetrable depths of stupidity and ignorance” you’re at the WRONG SITE. Go to MSM sites. Start with; they’re the BEST for that. This is an INTELLIGENT site. BTW, we can’t stand TROLLS’ BS, so go f#$% yourself!

          • DB

            Seems like this site get a few now and then. ;0)

            We should call them, Huffers.

      43. Samsung TV are the worse when it comes to recording people in their home and uploading the data with X-Boxes coming in second or did spy master bill gates not tell you that when they are switched off they open up a wifi hotspot four times an hour just for a few seconds to record any passing mobile devices that are looking for a new connection.

        Google is running code on just about every web page on the internet and all that data about you is being feed into super advance A.I systems that make our IQ’s look silly so who knows what this advanced A.I will find

      44. Trump can’t arrest Obama, the country would fall into chaos if he tried, kind of hard to jump start an economy with the chimps burning all the cities. This corruption has been decades digging into our government, nobody can root it out in 2 months. Trump needs to slowly purge Oshitheads people from government, put his own people in and focus on getting our economy back from the brink. He might drain the swamp SOME by his second term IF he gets the economy under control. If he doesn’t there will be no 2nd term.That is if they don’t kill him before that.

        • TPTB have their tentacles throughout the bureaucracy. Just because President Trump issues the order doesn’t necessarily translate to it being carried out as ordered or even carried out at all. In essence the deep state runs the show. With their control of the MSM if President Trump exposes it he will be deemed a laughing stock by them and by default the US public. The public may have that gut feeling that something is wrong but massive normality bias gets them to deny it. The thought of a government not remotely under their control is far too frightening to contemplate because the ramifications of its collective exposure mean big trouble.

      45. Good morning my shtf-effers. Waiting. Welcome to the board.. I think your mouth needs to be washed out without soap and water. Then again who the fuck am I to judge. I am none other than HCKS. Waiting is right.
        Waiting made some serious points.

        How in the hell did that faggot get into the white house must be th why pedofile gays who are running the county.. How did that happen to begin with. while his wife’s is a man, who has broader shoulders than the average man.. I have banged a lot of women. I know a man when I see one, that bitch is a line backer of a former foot ball team. I wonder who is really taking dick up thier ass?..him or the president..

        Now we have Trump, who has good taste, and his wife is what a first lady should look like.. Hot looking. Not some ugly ass black dude with a dress…yet Obama is living in a mansion down the street from the White house, something is wrong with this picture guys, I am telling you it looks like and attempt to tople Trump is in the works..prep, prep prep. War is coming to cities and the foreign soldiers are here.. Trump needs to arrest those son of bitches asap.


        The agency ass clown Super moderator…self voluntary.

        • HCKS

          President Trump needs to have special prosecutors dive in on this mess. I believe he is waiting to get the people in that he needs and those who seek to foul his plans out. Lots of investigation to do. A few indictments and or arrest of known, Democrat Party Regalia, would warm my heart.

        • -HCKS-

          I could add, not just some ugly black dude with a dress ( aka Michael ).
          A ugly black dude in a dress with big deltoids and an adam’s apple.

      46. Another tip of the day.

        Been doing all kinds of updates.

        Many here have acquired lots of info on our computers. Most have downloaded the information on drives and disc’s. The big question is will you be able to recover that information in a EMP or GRID Down scenario? Do you have a paper backup? Books and paper copies made off the internet information. Good to have both paper and electronic copies. One for fast moving and the other for, “just in case”.

        Fire Prevention. Do you have those little votive candle lanterns (Glass) that fully encase the candle in a secure manner. Keeps the wind off them too.

        • -anon-

          Nothing left to recover after EMP. Time to grab the rubber inner tube and start paddling to
          the southern hemisphere now. Madness and insanity are all thats left after an EMP here.
          No social order. Mass murders over dwindling resources. No man is an island. Leave now.
          If I had the means to do it, I would… All of you guys armed to the teeth for the apocalypse,
          you could sell your property, gold, guns, all that high dollar stuff combined with your
          savings and leave this rat race for real. Learn a little spanish or portugese, move to central
          or south America. After the northern hemisphere is obliterated, there will be a new
          pecking order in what is left of this world. If you haven’t noticed, those folks down there
          do not go to war as often. Their priorities are way different than ours. They don’t stress
          over all of the b.s. that Americans do. I’m sure they will get by just fine after all the
          superpowers north of the equator get done wasting each other. Believe me, If I had the
          means to do it, I would have left many moons ago. All of the talk about turning your homes
          into fortresses and acquiring pallets of ammo ( sorry, Ted Nugent ) and blasting zombies
          and all of that other stuff is just not realistic. EMP means game over. For everybody.
          A cow in a pasture will not be safe. Wild game would be almost nonexistent. Nobody
          would be safe and within a few weeks most would be dead. Hundreds of millions gone.
          No more shining city on a hill. Again, if I had the means to do it, I would be out of here.

          • JBODAB

            The whole world is fucked up, so where do you run to. Sooner or later they will find you even if you go to the ends of the earth. JBODAB, I’m too old to run the world. Already done that! Guess that means I’m not running. Already know some Spanish and was always able communicate with others. In the end everyone dies. So if I want to make my abode a fortress so I can kill a few more when I need to. So be it. Not telling you what You Need to do. Only do what ever turns your motor over.

            Been at this a long time and I have a mean streak at times.

      47. Mar 4, 2017 Did President Obama Spy On Donald Trump? True News

        On March 4th, 2016, President Donald Trump published a series of tweets alleging that former President Barack Obama and his administration spied on him during his presidential campaign. President Barack Obama’s carefully worded statement to President Trump’s accusations have only added fuel to the political fire engulfing the highest office in the United States.

      48. Hi all.
        Long time net net lerker,
        i read a lot, i do not understand most of it, but,i have read the law of GGGG, god guns grub gold and the rule of 3.s, 3 min of air, 3 days of water, 3 weeks of food, we all need to be part of a comunty, no one is a island, but who can we rely on ? some say the the georga guide stone calls for 6 hundred million population.
        I am 60, not to bright, sweep floors for a living, i go to work, go home, read, do it again and again.
        So my question is, How do we keep as many people alive to maintain the population when as individuals we have no power >

        • RcS

          Teach them how to survive without power.

        • RcS:

          “not to bright”

          Are you sure??

          Most really stupid people don’t have the ability for that kind of honest introspection, and ruthless evaluation. They come through the indoctrination schooling with the ease of a parrot. Like a parrot, they recite from History books and Literature censored to conform to a specific point of view. You, at least, are attempting to put the missing parts back in where they belong.

          Want to save lives??

          Learn about Communism. Fight Communism in America by sharing what you learn with others.

          Here are some facts.

          Communism was created by and is promoted by atheistic “J” Chews. (Avoids censorship)
          Communists destroy the upper, middle, and lower middle class. They create a society of very few rich, of whom they are themselves; and very many poor (everyone else).
          Communists murder, torture, and terrorize to obtain total compliance.
          Communism always depends on outside productivity and eventually collapses.
          Communism, Zionism, Socialism, all the isms lead to worldwide international global Masters and the rest of humanity, slaves. This is THE Conspiracy, at the core. It is forbidden to say but it is “j”chew wish supremacism.
          Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks were Communist agitators.
          King and Parks were pawns who attended Communist Instruction from Chews.
          Chews use nonwhites to genocide white Europeans.
          White Europeans pose the greatest threat to Communism and Chew-wish Supremacy.

          Chews are an Oriental, Middle Eastern ethnic group with heavy inbreeding with Europeans and a small amount of Knee-grow. Chews may appear white but they are a different ethnicity than white Europeans, even though many have Germanic mixing, making a few almost indistinguishable. Most however bear a definite look: large hook nose (nose jobs disguise this feature), dark curly hair (hair dyes and hot combs disguise their hair), names end in stein or man (universal tendency to disguise names), charm and cunning disguise their hatred for their victims.

          In short, Chews are the Masters of Disguise, deceit, treachery and lies.

          Communism is born of this evil mind. Fight Communism so that more people survive.
          BY the way, Chews are not above sacrificing their own.


          • -B from CA-

            Martin Luther King, Jr. was a registered republican (surprise!) and a gun owner.

      49. Rcs, longtime lurker. Don’t feel too bad because you clean shit for a living. Yours truly here was homeless sleeping in his car. Starving on the streets of Houston. While dunmbass trolls think that I am jerking off in my mothers basement.. The dumbasses are so stupid they don’t even know that Texas Homes are not built with basements. None of them unless you request it out in bum fuck nowhere..

        True power comes from tn barrel of a gun.

        Mao ze Dong..

        Mao was not talking about his murderous. Rapist and killer soldiers brutalizing the people, he was referring to the people owning guns to protect themselves from government infringing on the rights of the people..

        So we have power. Believe it or not. The average elite is a fat put of shape fat of old coward who prey on innoscent boys and girls, and military security force protecting them, how pathetic…do you think someone like the Chinese president who is massing soldiers in Mexico who deployed over 350,000 while his buddy Leland Yee and his buddy shrimp boy is busy bringing in rocket launchers and AK’s into the country to use on American whites.. That chi-com leader could easily get kicked in his balls and his head smashed into a counter by a red neck civilian combat soldier, and would learn that bringing soldiers into our country to take over California is a Heath hazard. Of course the Chinese leader asked that Obama need s to step up to plate and disarm the citizens to make it easier for the Chinese soldiers to have easy access to you teenage daughter and children after they attack us form the north side from a Colorado and from the Mexico. No need to worry.. Texas is very bad state to fuck with.. Rcs. Welcome to the board.

        Like one vet an veteran told me, when I wa in Nam I was scared because I didn’t know the terain. In America I ain’t going nowhere and I k ow the terain, so I am gonna kill those sons of bitches and scalp them alive and hang his dead body from lamp poles in the streets..


        The only good chicom is a dead chi com.

      50. At what point do more of you people WAKE UP, and start (or join) secessionist movements within your State (or support groups outside of your State).

        The entire federal government of the USA operates outside The Rule of Law.



        • Congratulations. Your internet service provider just gave your address, name, and whatever
          else is sacred to the NSA.

      51. JBODAB, Internationally known locally respected.

        Good points of fact. If a president is living with and sleeping with a dude in a dress. And this said president is bending over aND taking dick up his ass from a line backer and think that this is normal, then the country is in a lot trouble..

        Donald Trump is my kind of President, he lays back at th end of the day and gets his Cock blown by a hot woman.. He is well qualified to run th country.. In his mind he is sane, and if this president is getting blow by women. Then he has my support because that’s normal in my book .. The president of the United States must be a straight male, not some cock sucker who is taking dick up his the former..


        Agency ass clowns Super moderator.

      52. Not exactly a wire tap like we think of a wire tap wasn’t at the tower it was captured down the line, that way Obama can cover his tracks and using the Fisa court.
        Good for trump run with it changed the narrative of the Russian b.s.

      53. Someone needs to come up with an e-mail worded just right so it is PICKED up by these snooping programs and then everyone in the country needs to send it to everyone they know. Maybe we could overload the system. Just a thought.

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