Most Americans Think The Government Is CORRUPT

by | Sep 9, 2020 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    Americans may finally be waking up, even minimally. A majority of those living in the United States believe that the government is corrupt and unaccountable.

    This brings to mind a quote:

    Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. -John Dahlberg Acton

    That means that anytime you hand power to anyone, their morality will decrease as the desire to control others increases. No one cedes power willingly either. If we have learned anything from 2020 it’s that those in power or authority figures are not in it for us, but themselves.

    Seventy-three percent of Americans say that elected officials do not face “serious consequences” for misconduct, according to a new Pew Research Center poll. A closer look reveals that a mere 21 percent of those leaning Democrat and 32 percent of Republicans believe there is some basic justice for delinquent politicians. This is not the only issue where US liberals and conservatives almost reach a consensus.

    Seventy percent of US citizens don’t think the government is “open and transparent,” while 60 percent of both Republicans and Democrats believe that judges aren’t free from the influence of parties and politicians. RT

    However, Americans still think reform is the answer. It’s not. Not allowing others to have power over you is the answer. That means once the system falls (and it will) we replace it with nothing. No more masters and no more slaves.  The good news though, is that some Americans are at least finally understanding that corruption is inevitable in every government under any “established rule” over others.

    It’s time to figure it out. In fact, it’s past time. We all need to stand up, unite, and stop allowing other people to steal from us, dictate to us, start wars, and use order followers to enforce the “laws.” We don’t need them. They need us. Once we withdraw our consent to be governed (which means controlled) it’s over. We are not their property or their slaves. We all need to realize this quickly.


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      1. Covid-19 play list:

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      2. There are American’s that don’t think the government is corrupt?
        I find that quite a surprise, they must be in the government!

      3. Lord Acton said, “Power corrupts.”

        It is not true.

        It is not that power corrupts, but corrupted people are attracted towards power.

        Power brings their corruption in to the open.

        Of course, without power they cannot show their real faces.

        These people are corrupted, and power simply brings their corruption into action.

        Power in itself is neutral.

        In a good persons hand it will be a blessing.

        In an unconscious persons hand it is going to be a curse.

        Power does not corrupt, it only reveals the truth.

        If humanity comes to understand the deep psychological roots, and changes the unconscious so that there are no corrupted seeds, power can go on raining and there will be no flowers of corruption.

        Otherwise power is going to be misused always.

        For thousands of years we have condemned power, without thinking power has not to be condemned.

        People have just to be cleaned of all their ugly instincts that are hiding within.

        Each human being must realize their own individuality and the responsibility for it.

        Unconscious evolution is collective.

        But the moment evolution becomes conscious it becomes individual.

        Consciousness creates individuality.

        But before consciousness evolves, there is no individuality.

        Only unconscious species exist, not individuality.

        An immediate transformation of is absolutely needed, it is an urgency which humanity has never faced before.

        In a way, we are unfortunate as soon there may be no future.

        In another way, we are very fortunate because this crisis is so big, perhaps it may help us to wake up.

        If we go on sleeping the world may die.

        It is urgent that we take it seriously as the world may not be there tomorrow.

        We don’t have time to waste for anything else other than our own awakening.

        Times of disaster make you aware of the reality as it is.

        It is always fragile, everybody is always in danger.

        Just in ordinary times you are fast asleep, so you don’t see it, you go on dreaming, imagining beautiful things for the coming days, for the future.

        But in moments when danger is imminent then suddenly you become aware that there may be no future, no tomorrow, that this is the only moment you have got.

        So times of disaster are very revealing.

        They don’t bring anything new into the world, they simply make you aware of the world as it is, they wake you up!

        If you don’t understand this, you can go mad.

        if you understand this, you can become awakened.

        The secret is, start living more fully, more totally.

        Be more alert so that you can find within yourself something that is unreachable by death.

        That is the only shelter, the only security, the only safety.

        And if you want to help your friends and family, let them become aware of this secret.

        The disaster is great, the danger is great, but great is the opportunity too!

      4. Lord Acton – miss- quote, o well

      5. The game of politics is played on the people, and the fricking sheep deserve it.

        Year after year, election after election, twenty percent approval, eighty percent reelected to congress.

        Only an imbecile would believe the people will ever actually unite. People don’t think for themselves, they’re too busy believing their’s don’t stink, and reeeing about the opinions of the so called opposition.

        Voters really are useful idiots.

        Things will be different this time… it’s your civic duty…. this is the most important blah, blah, fricking blah, blah…

        The sheep are not intelligent enough to do better, and the government knows it.

      6. Stamp 666 on the side of the elephant, and holding a stylized hypodermic in his trunk, to signify Project Warp Speed.

        The jackass with a slice of pizza in it’s mouth — perhaps, wearing someone’s face.

        In alt right news, the public schools are proposing to keep your kids, overnight, in regards to a Covid-related, alleged emergency.

        Their critical debate was about how you readers would fund it.

        I can politely tell this to people, who are supporting the public school system. They can politely tell me that it’s a bad idea and concerning to them, too. Noone is arguing with me, at all. Then, they keep sending their kids away, politely. (Their teachers were defective, too, they politely say, in full agreement with me.)

        Where people have completely forgotten about God, you can talk about Jesus. He is no better or worse than any idols or other superstitions, secular theories, or pop psychology. Their conscience will not be offended.

        “My relationship to power and authority is that I’m all for it. People need somebody to watch over them. Ninety-five percent of the people in the world need to be told what to do and how to behave.”
        — Arnold Schwarzenegger

        “The Three Percenters, also styled 3 Percenters, 3%ers and III%ers, are an American far-right militia movement and paramilitary group. The group advocates gun ownership rights and resistance to the U.S. federal government’s involvement in local affairs.

        The group’s name derives from the disputed claim that only three percent of American colonists took up arms against the Kingdom of Great Britain during the American Revolution.”
        — wikipedia

        (As opposed to the approximately 97%, in a vegetative state, ie. ‘Cabbages and Kings’. Some dogs will just as soon follow anyone down the street. )

        Conformity is a psychological need of most people, who will seek out a new form of dictatorship, or a new figurehead, in the event that the present one fails.

        Where some version of H.G. Wells’ Eloi or Calhoun’s rats experience a life of ease, they become morbid and seek after a Freudian death drive. We blame sadists, all the time, but not the dutiful person, who surrenders himself too willingly.

        Whomever these mannequins are around longest will do their thinking. They will automatically change figures of speech, fashion fads, facial expressions, to suit the type A life of the party.

        Or, they will simply lose purpose and fail to thrive.

      7. I keep reading and hearing things from libertarians about taking a stand against corrupt government. Tucker Carlson will say, “I don’t know why Americans are putting up with this.” What would taking a stand look like? Not voting? Protesting? Rioting? How do you refuse to be governed when it is difficult to earn a living in this country without taxes being taken from your pay before you even see it? What is the plan to stop the corruption of government? I know someone who refuses to wear a mask when our state governor has ordered masks in all stores, risking the $500.00 fine for not doing so. How does that stop corruption?

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