Mosquito In Georgia Found Carrying A Rare And Dangerous Disease

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    A rare but dangerous disease has been detected in a mosquito found in Georgia. DeKalb County officials say they’ve identified Eastern Equine Encephalitis at a mosquito surveillance site.

    Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEEV) can be transmitted to humans via mosquito bite even though it is more commonly seen in animals.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, severe cases of EEE (involving encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain) begin with the sudden onset of a headache, a high fever, chills, and vomiting. The illness may then progress into disorientation, seizures, or coma. EEE is one of the most severe mosquito-transmitted diseases in the United States with approximately 33% mortality and significant brain damage in most survivors. The incubation period for EEEV disease (the time from an infected mosquito bite to the onset of illness) ranges from 4 to 10 days.

    “It’s a very serious illness if it is to infect a person,” Ryan Cira, the environmental health director for the DeKalb Board of Health, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, though humans are rarely infected by the virus.  Cira also said mosquito species known to carry EEE are found mostly in coastal and swampy areas.

    Now that the virus has been identified in DeKalb County in Georgia, public health officials are reminding residents to stay vigilant to prevent the transmission of the EEE disease because there are no known treatments. This should include minimizing the chance that a mosquito bite will occur.  People in DeKalb Country should consider removing standing water, reducing the amount of exposed skin when outdoors, and wearing insect repellent with DEET.

    This comes as health officials in DeKalb County continue to warn residents about West Nile virus. So far, one human case of West Nile virus has been reported in the county this year. Statewide in Georgia, there have been at least seven human cases of West Nile virus, one of which was fatal.


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      1. As of this morning, the 150 in Italy with Legionella has turned into at least 400.

        In Madagascar, they have plague deaths and illness.

        There are measles outbreaks.

        There is a weird situation in America with hand, foot, and ,mouth disease.

        There is ongoing issues with MERS-CoV in the Middle East and a few cases in England and South Korea.

        There a couple of weird cases of monkeypox in England.

        There is a bad case of Klebsella killing babies in South Africa.

        Swine flu is a major concern in China.

        • Now 450 cases of Legionella in Italy.

          Viral meningitis in Michigan.

          Bacterial meningitis in Kansas.

      2. It’s some bad stuff. Knew a young man who contracted this scourge and lost use in his left arm and some speech issues. This fella played the mandolin, banjo and sang in a bluegrass band. But know longer.

        • Lemme guess, the company that sells the mosquito poison to County officials found the false flag mosquito? Kinda like a tire company that throws nails up and down in the nearby road to get more business.

          Once you start poisoning the environment to kill one thing, many other species die also and it upsets the entire eco system. Did you know dragon flies eat up to 30 times their weight daily in mosquitos? Yep, but when Mosquito control comes out and sprays they also kill dragon fly larvy, butterflies, honey bees, and many other beneficial species. You want to kill Mosquitos?? Build a few Bat house, because bats eat mosquitos also, and throw some cracked corn on the ground to attract more birds and they will flock to your property and eat many pesky insects. I even seen a wild Turkey snap a mosquito right out of the air. All birds eat insects. Seen a hawk eat a big grasshopper and a snake.

          Of course most ignoramus morons called humans never observe nature and learn anything. They are just to busy spraying poison on everything and killing most everything and trying to manipulate nature for their slave. Get with nature and be as one, as it will provide you everything you need if you observe, learn and respect it.

          • Another insect you rarely see anymore due to chemical spraying is the red colored ladybug. The red lady bugs eat aphids. I see plenty of the nuisance type(yellow colored ladybug aka Asian Lady Beetle)these will bite you.

          • Purple Martins and Barn Swallows eat their fair share of mosquitos too. Put up some houses on your property for em.

      3. Some time back maybe eight years, I remember a report findings being read on the radio having to do with West Nile virus in CT. The whole thing was mainly about the shock of the findings that people tested in a random population study had shown that a lot of people in CT already were exposed to the virus as indicated by the antibodies found in the sample. The findings basically undermined the fear porn on the virus because so few exposed actually required medical attention.

        Search engines used to allow to to research, now I’m getting a lot of garbage. No link found as of yet.

        • West Nile is some nasty business, I’ve had it.

          It’s symptoms can range from none at all to death depending on what body systems get affected, and many times you never get over the damage it does to them even after the disease is over.

          No real way to treat it either, just drink lots of fluids and hope. Hospital life support procedures for the worst cases can sometimes increase your odds of survival but really only keep you alive long enough for it to run its course without killing you first.

          • “No real way to treat it either, just drink lots of fluids and hope.”

            Not true.

            I am sure you were treated with antibiotics and you are still here. I would also suggest MASSIVE doses of Vitamin C, which is totally non toxic.

            In Europe & Mexico doctors are treating and curing HIV & AIDS with 50,000 mg of C in IV drips. BIG PHARMA & BIG MEDICINE work together to suppress any cure for which they cannot patent and charge their customers an arm & leg.

            Pathogens cause disease. Pathogens can be killed. Other than Vitamin C, garlic, ginger & turmeric are anti bacterial, anti fungal, and anti virus substances that can be used to kill pathogens. 🙂

            • Antibiotics don’t affect it and all the herbal stuff really doesn’t do anything either. Trying to treat the symptoms so it doesn’t kill you while you get over it is the only option I’ve heard of so far.

              Ask you doctor about it.

      4. the next big outbreak will be spread from the hand rails in public places.also look out for those nasty casino chips.they are never washed.when was the last time an airliner was cleaned.the beat goes on.

      5. please report your personal experiences.was exposed to ionizing radiation during the cold war.prostrate cancer 40years later.they said i had been carrying it for a least 10 years.who do you trust?

      6. Don’t go outside later in the day. The mosquitos here land on the window screens if you are sitting a few feet away with the windows open trying to get at you to suck some blood.

        • Only female mosquitos bite for blood, it helps in reproductive egg laying. And also people with O type blood are bitten more often than any other blood type. Mosquitos like O Type more for some reason. Something about the genetic make up. Also Mosquitos are drawn to CO2 so your breath exhaling attracts the pesky buggers.

          • I warned my County if they ever come out here and spray their poison around on my private road again, I will sue them big time. Told them to cease and desist, and Stop poisoning the environment.

            You know what Mosquito control is??? Answer: At dusk, go inside and shut the screen door. No problem.

      7. My question is, how much is the government paying these corporations for their services?

        Years ago, Kissinger said it used to be easier to control a million people than to kill them but now its easier to kill a million people than to control them. So, my question is how much is the federal government paying the companies? Everyone knows about Monsanto– turning food into Frankenstein substances (half food, half plastic, half microbes, half shit?) And recently they discovered toxic fertilizers–glysophates (sp?)– in little children’s cereals.

        But they’re also sneaking poison in our drinks. I was at this lady’s house awhile back and all she had was diet soda (I was house sitting). I drank one of her sodas but noticed it had a really odd taste, sort of like poison, and it had a negative effect on my body. So I looked up the ingredients– it had aspartame as sweetener. I looked it up on the internet and discovered that aspartame contains formyldrahyde (sp?) in it. (A toxic substance!!) Now, in the old days when we were children, they DIDN’T PUT glysophates in our cereal!!! And they didn’t put formyldrahyde in our sodas! They had only “FOOD” ingredients! So why are they doing this now? (Killing us, little by little, so we won’t notice?)

        My daughter is trying to give up junk food but for her birthday she decided to buy a Dr. Pepper. I told her not to do it because I know the stuff is toxic by the effect it had on my body the last time I drank one (about a year ago). She insisted on buying it so I looked up the ingredients on the Internet for Dr.Pepper and also for Pepsi (regular, not diet) to see which might be healthier. THEY BOTH CONTAIN ASPARTAME!!!

        Recently, I read that people protested against Pepsi Cola company for putting aspartame in their sodas and Pepsi company stopped doing it– for awhile. But then they started putting it in the sodas again even though they knew the customers didn’t want it and were refusing to buy the sodas! Why did Pepsi company start doing it again? They could have simply put SUGAR in their sodas like they did in the old days! HOW MUCH IS THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PAYING THEM?

        Most people can’t imagine their government doing such a thing (neither did the Jews!) But the US government confiscated the Nazi’s papers on killing people when they went there and destroyed Hitler’s army. They KEPT the material concerning the elimination of the Jews. If you read Naomi Wolf’s books, you will see that our government is “going by the books” that all would-be dictatorships go by to turn open societies into closed societies.

        So they are eliminating us through the food we eat, through our drinks, even little kids through their breakfast cereal and there is one more method– this one is really brilliant! They don’t want us to evolve because they know if we evolve to a certain point, we will eliminate them. So they are attacking us through our phones. I have tried over and over for the last year or two to buy a phone that is not lethal (no Internet service) but there are none! All they have out there are ones that will “do us in”– slowly, of course. So my question is “how much are they paying the companies?” (by the way, I read that Monsanto officials ONLY eat organic foods and travel with their own personal chef!)

      8. Dekalb County is very close to the CDC in Atlanta. I wonder if this insect escaped from any research lab…

      9. With any kind of infection that affects the brain and nervous system, the patient will present with unusual signs and symptoms. This includes encephalitis but also meningitis of various kinds (viral, fungal, bacterial). Even an STD like tertiary syphillis will go to the brain.

        You need to look for peculiar symptoms like them saying “I’m having the worst headache of my life”, light sensitivity, stiff neck, they fail cranial nerve tests which is a very fast way to assess, etc. They will have issues where when they stick out their tongue, it drifts to one side. One or both eyes will drift or not be able to follow your finger. Their sense of smell or hearing or balance is all out of whack. They can’t chew or feel their face. You would think it tells you specifically which cranial nerve is affected, then they die and inside their skull it’s a gooey mess innundated with pus.

        You rush them to the ER ASAP. Minutes and seconds count.

        It’s an oh no type deal when the SHTF and they will die and you will wonder about exposure and will have no way to prove what they had as typically you need a spinal tap and micro lab to look at it.

        Bird and swine flu can go to the brain and kill suddenly though typically it’s respiratory distress and or seizure all at once.

        Very serious brain infections occur with something as simple as improperly cooking pork and Taenia solia (worms in the brain or eyes).

        You are going to have very serious infection control issues and decontamination and worrying about proper burial.

        A patient might have fallen and have a brain bleed in the Circle of Willis or they fell some time ago and thought they were alright. That attending needs to now pronto because they need a surgical team right away to relieve the intracranial pressure.

          Any prepper can learn to do a cranial nerve exam. You don’t have to know the medical aspects and treatment, just assess that an infection or injury affected the patient’s brain. It takes minutes to do it quickly and then rush them to the hospital.

          They will fail key parts if something like infection or injury is applying pressure. As soon you can clearly see deviations from normal responses, GO right away.

          Believe me, if you tell the RN triaging and the attending physician that “when I tested this cranial nerve function and it deviated”, you will get immediate attention. Compare that to saying, “He has light sensitivity and a stiff neck and a headache…” The latter might not even be heard by a negligent harried staff member.

      10. During an Encephalitis outbreak in the St. Louis area, in 1957 I got it and damn near died. Got Dengue Fever in 1970 in VN, damn near killed me too ( along with “lead” poisoning). The treatments are almost as bad as the disease. Quinine. Kills your appetite and plays hell with your innards. And as long as third world barbarians keep coming into the US, they’re going to bring diseases that we “conquered” long ago. TB is making a come back in the US right now. You can’t expect to welcome people to your country, that shit right on the street back home, to change their filthy habits over night.

      11. Microplastics, too?

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