Moscow Prepares For Nuclear War: “Stock Your Bunkers With Water And Foodstuffs”

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Headline News | 46 comments

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    The United States and Russia have been engaged in a war of words over military intervention in Syria, with both countries now mobilizing their armed forces in preparation for conflict. Though the U.S. public doesn’t appear to consider the developing situation in the region as a serious threat, the citizens of Moscow are being urged to prepare for nuclear war with America by stockpiling essential and life saving goods in their homes and bunkers.

    Russian state-owned television is urging the country’s residents to stock their bunkers with water and basic foodstuffs because Moscow could go to war with Washington.

    Warning that the potential conflict between the two superpowers would be “catastrophic,” an anchor for Russia’s Vesti 24 showed off shelves of food, recommending that people buy salt, oatmeal and other products that can last a long time on the shelves. Powdered milk lasts five years while sugar and rice can last up to eight years, the newscaster explained before showing videos of pasta cooking in a bomb shelter.

    Moscow has built some 5,000 bunkers over the last decade and has been actively holding nuclear emergency drills in an effort to prepare residents for the possibility of a worst-case scenario global conflict.

    While such a scenario playing out in the real world is likely a low probability event, it can most certainly happen, especially when tensions and rhetoric are running high as they are at the moment. With both countries possessing massive militaries and thousands of nuclear weapons, a small misstep or misunderstanding could very quickly devolve into a hot war, the likes of which the world has never seen.

    All it takes is for one person to misinterpret a comment or strategic action and the red button gets pushed. And once that happens, all bets are off.

    Taking the potential for such a threat seriously and making preparations before disaster strikes could be the difference between life and death. Citizens of Moscow and broader Russia are getting ready.

    Are you?

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      1. Where are our bunkers ?




          • …and the white man can’t do anything without the women. And, btw, I’m a white guy… so.

            • Anonymous – Where did you get that notion – from Cuck Illustrated Magazine? I don’t know a single female – liberal or conservative, that has as much survival knowledge as her husband or boyfriend. I’m sure there are some out there but generally speaking, they are miles behind in knowledge of self-defense, reloading, hunting, emergency power generation, solar system set up, automobile repair, etc.

        • Expendable Deplorables don’t get bunkers, just the Owners…
          That decision was made decades ago. But, don’t worry, be happy! Grab a beer and go shopping 🙂

          • Extreme fear porn at its finest. Ole vlad spouting off saying any military attack by the US will be met with a response and now got his people scared shitless. The only way the US would send nukes to Russia is in a MAD scenario. Vlad will get his ass kicked in Syria and anywhere else he decides to challenge the US. This article proves it. BUT, the real objective here is to frighten many of this sites readers so they can sell you stuff. This system is going to collapse, absolutely no doubt about it, but this ain’t how it’s gonna happen. This is all a diversion

            Stay quiet Be smart

            • @Jacknife: I’d like to see you say this to Vladimir face to face. Before you say somehing stupid like this, think first if you can back it up with action. You are talking about a country that has known no defeat in direct combat, just FYI.
              I am tired of seeing “armchair commandos” and their bravados.

              • Medic, in the unlikely event that I’d meet Vlad face to face, I sure would tell him. I’d be just as willing to tell you too. Some people like you do not deal well with reality. Sad.

              • By the way, the ruskies got their asses handed to them in Afghanistan in 1980. Since then, they never have done any real fighting. I’ll forgive your ignorance but not your insolence. Know your facts before your start spouting off with your stupid mouth. And FYI, they would’ve never been successful in WWII without the US hegemony. You sound like a commie lover.
                Is this really Jeremiah Johnson?

              • The article above this one says it will be an economic war… Which one is it????

        • 6 feet under, when your dead.

        • Our enemies(China, Russia) know all they have to do is take down our grid. And wait for 6-8 months for the massive die off. Then they could make there entry!!

          • And they know we know the same thing. Plus we have more capabilities. We have military bases all over the world.

          • And why would they want to make an “entry”?

      2. Oh boy, I see – get us worked up and then try to sucker us to buy this over priced mess…

        • Agreed

      3. You guys think so old school. Like this is Dresden in WW2 or something just with bigger booms.

        Look man with this kind of shit and a tiny modicum of creativity, I can wreck you entire continent for the next 500 years. As in redner it totally uninhabitable.

        Better start talking things out, that’s alls I can say.

        • In toe to toe nuclear combat the only thing surviving in North America are some bugs and Keith Richards if he is on this side of the pond.

          • That guy survives everything. He’s indestructible. He’s like a cock roach. Must have been all drugs, booze, sex, and cigarettes. My vote is on the sex. The women he has known.

          • Imagine like the phoenix rising from the ashes Keith Richards genes as the nucleus of future mankind. It would be like the original Star Trek series episode “The Omega Glory”.

      4. could be worse, bugger all bunkers for working people in UK!

      5. In America, the authorities are wary of preppers. Sometimes we’re persecuted and monitored. Russia’s encouragement of prepping is surprising.

        • In Russia-aligned countries, the hoarding of food used to be called primitive or original accumulation, and it was a capitol offense.

          You’ve definitely heard stories of starvation, by now, but there were productive farmers. If their store of grain was found, it would be burned in the street.

          afaic,for America to make food stores of more than one week illegal, is in the same spirit.

      6. Only ‘bunker’ I know about is Archie’s place.

      7. I made brownies today. The world is just a little bit better for it.

        • Ohhhh man, now im getting the munchies,,
          Whyd ya have to go and say brownies

      8. “sugar and rice can last up to eight years”??

        Dunno where they get that idea. My Augason Farms N2-purged 5-gallon buckets of rice, sugar, and many other essentials are rated for 30 years….and that’s likely a lowball estimate as it applies to their edibility.


      9. I agree with many others, that this just seems like a ploy to frighten people into buying the author’s products.

        I see one GLARING omission: a means of obtaining potable water. Water is more important than just about anything in a survival situation. I guess the author doesn’t have any water filtration system for sale.

        Annnd you can get potassium iodide quite reasonable from
        KI4U, Inc. 212 Oil Patch Lane Gonzales, TX 78629 (830) 672-8734

      10. Nothing really surprises me anymore. Anyone who REALLY wants to know whats going on should definitely check this out, its a pretty scary warning from a history and religion professor. Pretty damn eye opening:

      11. Parsley is both a vegetable and a spice. If you have limited space, buy several pounds of parsley. It’s easy to grow. Pound for pound it is very nutrient dense.

        Celantro is good too. Oragano and fennel seeds. Really all spices have nutritional, medicinal, and culinary uses.

        Cinnamon lowers glucose and cloves kills parasites.

        Stock up.

        • B,
          I too am from CA and love Mexican food, but Celantro tastes like the soap my mother made me eat when I used bad language. There must be some genetic thing. I don’t like Kale either but I’ll eat Spinach by the pound. Perhaps Celantro is an acquired taste, if you like Ivory soap.

          • Celantto tastes like stink bugs!

          • Relic and Nail:

            Taste is an individual preference. Celantro detoxifies Mercury. I like guacamole with lemon, tomato or salsa, salt, pepper and a handful of fresh finely chopped celantro.

            But I wasn’t always fond of Mexican food. It is an acquired taste on my part. For all my posts about white people’s rights, at heart I’m a Latin Lover.


        • B, Cloves kill the parasite eggs, not the parasites.

          There is a substance in cloves that penetrates the hard, protective shell of the eggs and kills them, but it does not kill the adult parasites.

      12. wanna see the fireworks

      13. Would you really wanna survive an all out nuclear war,no thanks!

        • @Sean, Just what I was thinking. I’ve been preparing for a while now. Definitely not as long as most here, but an all out nuclear war…….. It would be in anything we eat or drink. The pills would eventually run out.

      14. 90% of the expected & projected casualties from any nukes unleashed are wholly avoidable when the affected populations know beforehand what to do, and not do, from the instant of the first initial flash. Read the Physicians for Civil Defense ‘how to’ guide by googling GoodNewsNuke.

        Here is the recently added FOREWORD to it;

        Toshiharu Kano, third generation Japanese-American, author of ‘Passport to Hiroshima’ reminded us recently;

        “I am the last, closest to ground zero (800 meters from hypocenter), living survivor of Hiroshima atomic bomb of August 1945. Many of the tens of thousands of victims there tragically perished from an unfamiliarity of how to protect themselves from the unique effects of a nuclear bomb’s flash, blast and radiation. As a US citizen living in middle America today I see a hauntingly similar vulnerability growing among the general public here ever since Civil Defense was discontinued after the Reagan Cold War era. The ‘Good News About Nuclear Destruction’ is that if all Americans were trained again in the Civil Defense basics of what to do and not do if nuclear weapons were ever unleashed again, we could instantly make all nukes 90% less lethal. Ideally, while I’d like to see a world free of nuclear weapons someday, in the meantime we should all embrace rejuvenating public Civil Defense to greatly minimize their lethality.””

        • The only way I can see to make nukes less lethal is to have an underground bunker. Am I right?

      15. all the gun rights fanatics can masturbate with their Guns while they are dying from a nuclear war. So pathetic.

        • TommyD – shouldn’t you be over at Mother Jones Magazine writing an article for limp wristed cucks?

      16. i am amused by the gun rights guys on this site. All you gun rights guys can masturbate with your guns while you are dying in a nuclear war.

      17. LOL, i am amused by the gun rights guys on this site. All you gun rights guys can masturbate with your guns while you are dying in a nuclear war. And you all were fantasizing about your guns. What good did it do you?

      18. The Russian Government builds bunkers so it’s ctuzens can survive..
        The American Government steals its citizens money and couldn’t care less about their survival….

        Gee… I wonder why I don’t feel in the least bit in alligned with those thieves in DC ?

      19. BOO!

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