More Troops To Be Deployed Against The People In Sydney, Australia After ONE New Case Of COVID Pops Up

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    The police state is descending rapidly upon Australia. More troops will be deployed to the streets to enforce the tyrannical and draconian control of the slaves after one case of COVID-19 pops up.

    Lockdown violators will be facing a mounting police state and utter enslavement as the ruling class rolls out their hired thugs to keep people from violating its dictates.

    Another three Sydney areas were placed under a strict lockdown on Thursday. New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the extension of the measures is necessary despite the fact that “some (of the areas) only had one case overnight,” insisting that restricting movement is nevertheless necessary to “stop the front of the spread moving forward.” The total number of districts living under the sweeping restrictions is now at 12.

    And why the advancement of the totalitarian police state? One case of COVID-19.

    Sydney’s “outbreak” (if it can even be called that) has also been linked to the first local case of the virus in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) in more than a year. The patient is reported to be a man in his 20s. The case triggered a snap one-week lockdown for the whole of Canberra, with ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr calling it the most serious public health risk” the area has faced in a year. The lockdown resulted in the closure of schools, except for the children of essential workers.

    This “outbreak” is being blamed on “lockdown violators.” “Just this week we saw a person travel out to Parkes without a reasonable excuse,” SW Police Deputy Commissioner Mick Willing said. Oh, the horror! People being free and knowing they don’t need permission from other people to do be free!

    In order to bring those defying the lockdown rules into line, Berejiklian said she expects the state police commissioner to request more military assistance in patrolling the near-empty streets.

    “We are ensuring that no stone is left unturned,” the premier said. The spokesperson for Defense Minister Peter Dutton confirmed to Reuters that government officials indicated they would soon file a formal request for more troops. –RT

    These lockdowns are not designed to end. Anyone who thinks they will end is living in delusion. It’s time to wake up and figure it out. This is coming here unless we get enough people to realize what’s happening to them.  We cannot abolish slavery if most of the slaves still think they are free.


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      1. A case of Covid is a very serious thing, one that requires taking immediate and serious action before it kills half of the population.

      2. “stop the front of the
        spread moving forward”
        How can these psychos
        even say these stupidities
        with a straight face????

      3. As we all know by now, one case is all it takes to begin
        humanity’s downfall and no
        I am not talking about the non-existent “virus”. I am talking about the tyrants in charge. I imagine at some point there was only one case of a psycho wanting to take over the world and control us all
        and now they are everywhere
        Started with one Napoleon wanna be and now these nutcases are everywhere.
        All out tyranny has spread much faster than any non-existent “virus” ever could?

      4. Real power is achieved when the ruling class controls the material essentials of life, granting and withholding them from the masses as if they were privileges.
        ~ George Orwell

      5. actually there was some nucleic acid in Canberra detected in the sewage days before the case popped up and then another several did in short order.
        Australia’s health system typically runs near or at breakpoint like an Amazon warehouse. Ambulance ramping is commonplace.
        This bureaucratic approach has deteriorated progressively and sets the scene for the current predicament.
        The system would be rapidly overwhelmed with any half decent acceleration of cases, with the aged population acting as a slingshot of cases onto ERs.
        So, the ‘oy vey, shut it down’ public health approach is the best of the bad bunch of choices unless let it run through the population (eg elderly voters in electorates with marginal swings between parties).
        Still, it all seems to be on a hiding to nothing, given the virus will mutate quicker than a politician and it will hide in animal reservoirs, where it should also mutate.
        It’s not going away.

      6. You take away the guns so people can’t defend themselves and this is what you get…Tyranny.

        • …take away the guns…

          Most gave them up, which says a lot.
          Brits did the same, and look what happened there (and they recently outlawed knives – which means, the Crown is still afraid of its subjects)

      7. I’m confused.. the Australian people are locked down by mitary who is also from Australia? You would think the military would refuse such actions against its own people AND families.

      8. COVID-1984 sucks.

        This is probably martial law testing for a war with China.

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