More Than 80,000 Earthquakes Have Hit California Since July 4th, And The Aftershocks Are Headed “Toward The Garlock Fault”

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. 

    The recent seismic activity in the state of California has taken a strange turn.  According to the Los Angeles Times, there have been more than 80,000 earthquakes in the state since July 4th, and most of those quakes were aftershocks of the two very large events that hit the Ridgecrest area early in the month.

    Over the past couple of weeks, however, a very unusual pattern has begun to emerge.  We have started to see aftershocks creep toward two of the largest fault lines in southern California, and this is making seismologists very nervous.  The fact that we are seeing aftershocks “approaching the Owens Valley fault” is definitely alarming, but of far more concern is the fact that the Ridgecrest aftershocks are also headed “toward the Garlock fault”.  The following comes from a local California news source

    According to a Los Angeles Times article, aftershocks of the magnitude 7.1 earthquake near Ridgecrest have been creeping into areas close to two major earthquake faults which is concerning for some seismologists on whether it could trigger another huge temblor.

    “Some aftershocks have rumbled northwest of the Searles Valley earthquake, approaching the Owens Valley fault. That fault triggered an earthquakeof perhaps magnitude 7.8 or 7.9in 1872, one of the largest in California’s modern record,” the article explains. “The Ridgecrest aftershocks have also headed southeast toward the Garlock fault, a lesser-known fault capable of producing an earthquake of magnitude 8 or more. The fault along the northern edge of the Mojave Desert can send shaking south and west into Bakersfield and Ventura and Los Angeles counties.”

    In the end, this could turn out to be nothing, but there are a couple of reasons why we want to keep a very close eye on the Garlock fault.

    First of all, the Garlock fault is the second-largest fault line in the entire state of California, and it is a major threat to southern California.

    Secondly, the Garlock fault runs directly into the San Andreas fault, and many believe that a major quake along one could potentially trigger a major quake along the other.

    If you are not familiar with the Garlock fault, the following is some basic information from Wikipedia

    The Garlock Fault marks the northern boundary of the area known as the Mojave Block, as well as the southern ends of the Sierra Nevada and the valleys of the westernmost Basin and Range province. Stretching for 250 kilometers (160 mi), it is the second-longest fault in California and one of the most prominent geological features in the southern part of the state.

    The Garlock Fault runs from a junction with the San Andreas Faultin the Antelope Valley, eastward to a junction with the Death Valley Fault Zone in the eastern Mojave Desert. It is named after the historic mining town of Garlock, founded in 1894 by Eugene Garlock and now a ghost town.

    So exactly what would a major quake along the Garlock fault look like?

    Here is how the Los Angeles Times described what a “worst-case scenario” would look like…

    A worst-case scenario would be a magnitude 7.7 earthquake that begins on the eastern end of the Garlock fault in eastern San Bernardino County and unlocks the fault to the southwest, bringing severe shaking to towns such as California City and Tehachapi; Edwards Air Force Base and Lancaster would see very strong shaking. Even Santa Clarita and the San Fernando Valley would see strong shaking, with much of the L.A. Basin and the San Gabriel Valley seeing moderate shaking — worse than what L.A. encountered last week.

    No, that is definitely not a “worst-case scenario” for the Garlock fault, but without a doubt, a major quake along the fault would be far more destructive than the earthquakes that we just witnessed on July 4th and 5th.

    We were told that those earthquakes “did not cause much damage”, but now we are learning that those quakes actually “caused an estimated $200 million in damage”

    The powerful earthquake that rocked California earlier this month caused an estimated $200 million in damage.

    The cost of damage from the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that hit southeastern California on July 5 and foreshocks that came a day earlier was estimated by catastrophe modeling business Karen Clark & Company.

    So if relatively minor earthquakes can cause that much economic damage, what would an earthquake 1,000 times more powerful do?

    Because someday “the Big One” is going to hit the San Andreas fault, and it is going to release so much energy that the quakes that we witnessed this month won’t even be worth comparing to it.  In fact, if a magnitude 9.1 earthquake were to hit southern California, it would be exactly 1000 times more powerful than the magnitude 7.1 quake that happened back on July 5th.

    And even though it isn’t likely, scientists did admit that the large earthquakes that happened earlier this month could trigger a quake on the San Andreas fault

    Scientists knew almost immediately that two large quakes that hit near Ridgecrest earlier this month did not come from the San Andreas. But ever since, they’ve been studying whether the quakes could cause more seismic activity from other faults — including the San Andreas nearly 100 miles away. A new calculation conducted in recent weeks at the U.S. Geological Survey showed that there’s an extremely remote chance the San Andreas could be triggered from the Ridgecrest quakes.

    Hopefully, it will not happen any time soon, but seismologists assure us that it is only a matter of time before “the Big One” strikes California.  They have repeatedly warned us that the San Andreas fault is “locked and loaded” and that it has the potential to “unzip all at once”.  And when that day finally arrives, scientists have determined that the ground level could drop by up to 3 feet, and that would result in vast portions of southern California suddenly being covered by the Pacific Ocean.

    We live at a time when our planet is becoming increasingly unstable, and we are witnessing major earthquakes and enormous volcanic eruptions all over the globe on a daily basis now.

    For a long time, the United States had been spared, but on July 4th and 5th that suddenly changed.

    Since that time, there have been more than 80,000 earthquakes in the state of California, and this is just the beginning of the shaking that is coming.

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      1. complete bullshit. According to the USGS searchable map, there have only been 4320 quakes over 0.5 magnitude in all of California and Nevada in the last 30 days. By comparison, quakes under 2.5 cant be felt without seismographic instruments.
        There have been less than 1000 over 3. The article would have us believe the ground has been noticeably shaking every few minutes. It has not.
        the same time period last year shows 961 quakes over the same time period. This is an increase of 4x; however it can be explained easily by the large quake this year spawning small aftershocks as there was no one single event in that time span in 2018 over magnitude 3.

        Michael Snyder, financial guru, prophet, survival expert, political science expert, and now… geologist.

        • CORRECTION:
          I misused the timespan option in the searchable database.
          My corrected numbers are :
          25676 over magnitude 0.1 in the last 30 days in all of Cali and Nevada combined in the last 30 days.
          Prior time span in 2018 is about 1500.
          June, 2019, there were less than 1000

          Again, I stand by my assertions that these are pre- and after- shocks directly related to the large quakes on the 4th, but wanted to correct the numbers.

        • The epicenter of the BIG ONE will be at Temecula California and will hit precisely at 4:02 pm PST, on May 24th. The exact year is yet to be revealed. It will trigger the biggest Quake in modern California history destroying LA 80 miles away and causing the liquid faction of the beach cities; as the MATRIX is crushed, affecting even the SF Airport.

          The Dewayne Johnson film of a few years ago is a good representation of the effects that will occur. 🙁

      2. Speaking of California…..Mass shooting at a garlic festival? WTF, over? No description of the shooter. This long after the event means that the news media is in on the cover up. No one at the event described the shooter to any news people? BS. Big BS. Why conceal the ID and the motive?

        • I cant cite a source, but I did read a general description, along with him shouting something about “being angry” and the usual bit about people seeing multiple shooters but they must have been mistaken (LOL). Theres cell video out there, its not very good though.

          People have been saying watch for a mass shooting, Iran conflict etc after the Mueller thing folds depending on how it goes to move attention. so… It was a nothingburger and Dems were embarrassed=mass shooting.
          Op Success!

          this is getting predictable 🙂

          • I posted details and a modified link to source but whouldntchaknow… it seems to have been eaten by the automated moderation system

        • Just uncorroborated guesses, pulled out of thin air —

          Some too-big-fail, failed, so was in immediate need of undeserved funding.

          The make, model, and demographics will now be under review.

        • the Daily Stormer shows his picture. he is a Itialian Iranian?

          • OG, correct. 19 years old.

      3. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that each integer increase on the Richter scale represents an increase of amplitude of ten. Therefore from 7.1 to 9.1 would be an increase of 100 times, not 1000.

        “enormous volcanic eruptions all over the globe on a daily basis now.”: really, I think maybe Michael gets a little carried away with his proclamations.

      4. Wait until old faithful blows

      5. The San Andreas, and it’s affiliates, run in a north-to-south direction.

        The Garlock is apparently the end of the line, transferring stresses in an easterly direction, across the North American Craton and into the New Madrid.

      6. In only 2 weeks I’ll finally be relocated permanently to north GA. I’ll be about 300 miles from New Madrid fault line so I should be OK. I’ve finally had my fill of cities.

        • Tool Band: Ænema song

          It is somewhat possible, to be prepared, for life as we know it.

          But, all you can do is be contrite, in case of planetary catastrophe.

          Otherwise, those people calling for hundreds of mph winds, continental tidal waves, and the fervently-melting elements…

          Show us a demo. Like a documentary. The Death Star is exploding on a blue screen / green screen, in the background. Classic movies peeps are clawing to get in the Noah’s Ark, away from Godzilla or a GrecoRoman titan. There is a test site, in the desert, where the buildings get ruined, on the newsreel…

          The a.dvertised get-home bag is being used in the foreground?

          In 25 otherwise-stable yrs, without maintenance, the city not made to last will return to nature. Many of our cities look like ‘it’ already happened.

          teotwaki preps are highly-useful for everyday inconveniences, will make you look like a boss, under social decay — not for the end of the universe.

        • Smart. I also relocated to North GA. I left the northern state of Florida.

      7. In 1937 Joe Brandt, a teenager, took a fall from a horse that put him in the hospital. While there, he had repeated vivid visions of a future California mega-quake. Each time he slept, he was transported to the future and witnessed the event in great detail. He also saw earth changes in many parts of the world. Afterwards, he wrote it all down. He reported seeing things that no kid would have known about in 1937, like men wearing earrings. One of the things he did not know about but was given knowledge of in the dream vision was the Garlock Fault. That was unknown then, especially to a kid, and few people know of its existence even today. He said that it was the Garlock Fault that twisted and caused San Francisco and the rest of California to overturn into the ocean. So this is getting pretty spooky, reading about Garlock Fault activity now in 2019. I found this link to the written version of Brandt’s account. There is also a verbal version on youtube. A must read.

      8. Good Let it rip. I would jump for joy if Calif slipped off into the Ocean. Anyone still stupid enuf to stay in Calif we don’t need them anyway.

      9. Comment censored? We must all bow to the NWO Tech Beast and Political Correct nut jobs. Right?
        — — — — — — —
        Sodom-wiped out.
        Gomorah-wiped out.
        California-land of freaks, fags, communist, satanist, druggies, illegals, criminals are only ones allowed guns in Cali. Wonder if there will be correlation?
        Las Vegas–Greasshopper infestation. hmm . . . maybe someone above has had enough?
        What do you think?

        I’m staying out of California. Big one will be a mess. Besides I don’t allow communist to take away my 2nd inalienable right granted by God. Communist control freak governments should be avoided. I don’t do business with Communist or Californians. I would never reside in communist stronghold. Will not live under TYRANTS or Trannies.

        Hope I have offended everyone with equal measure.

      10. We need to build a wall around Commiefornia NOW before the big one hits! We dont want those parasites infesting any other state!

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