“More Resilient” COVID Variants Are Evolving

by | Oct 9, 2023 | Headline News

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    The fear-mongering over COVID is still going strong too, even as we stare down the barrel of another world war. The media laments that people are no longer fearful enough of the common cold and its “variants” so there should be more totalitarian control over the public, such as monitoring and testing.

    Cases in England are rising again, with a 10% rise overall in hospital admissions and the greatest increase in the north of England. With testing reduced, and national monitoring paused (the ONS infection survey paused since spring and only recently relaunched) the ruling classes “have much less data about Covid than we ever had before,” according to a report by The Guardian. What the rulers have decided is that COVID hasn’t stopped evolving, and they claim to have a good idea about what sort of situations might result in new and dangerous mutations, but with less surveillance of emerging variants and spread, we are losing what used to be a near real-time picture of the situation.

    That means until the public is in abject fear over getting a cold once again, they will continue to try to make sure it’s at the forefront of the news cycle; along with all of the war rhetoric of course.

    A COVID-19 Drug Could Be Creating More Variants With Distinct Variations

    The “vaccines” that are continually pushed on the slave class have already been shown to be anything but safe or effective and even the most naive of human beings are figuring it out. The newest booster shot campaign is not going well and that’s not really a big surprise.

    The Newest Vaccine Campaign Is Not Going Smoothly

    But The Guardian claims that “vaccination” is insufficient and that people should be given other big pharma concoctions as well to “prevent” further mutations.

    The vaccine-only strategy that the UK is using for vulnerable populations is an insufficient approach. Even with boosters, not everyone will have as effective a response to the vaccine – for example, if they are immunocompromised or on drugs that affect the function of their immune system. Any person considered more vulnerable to Covid should be able to access well-regulated treatments, including monoclonals and antiviral drugs, to enhance their likelihood of tackling the virus – and head off the possibility of a chronic infection that could incubate new variants. –The Guardian

    They aren’t backing down on this cold rhetoric, which means they aren’t done with it just yet. That could look like anything going forward, including more lies about COVID, or it could be a new outbreak they blame on mutations, or something completely different. Either way, the one thing we can be sure of is that there is a possibility that something really deadly could be released and that the ones who will suffer the most are not the rulers.

    The COVID scamdemic has become quite the joke, but the rulers’ mainstream media puppets are still trying.



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