More Proof Trump Is Working On Bill Gates’ Vaccine Under “Operation Warp Speed”

by | May 4, 2020 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    So many didn’t want to hear that Donald Trump is helping get the Bill Gates vaccine ready in record time under “Operation Warp Speed.” But the truth is more important than feelings, and people should be aware of what’s going on: this is full tyranny, and Trump is working with the “general and the admiral” to help roll this vaccine out.

    What would he need the help of generals and admirals for if this was not going to be mandatory?  We all need to stop looking at the left vs. right paradigm if we ever want true liberty and freedom, and too many are turning a blind eye to this.  Why is to not ok for Bill Gates to work on ID2020, but it’s fine if Trump does? I’ll answer: neither is acceptable and both are tyrannical.

    Liberty should not be negotiable, and if Trump does something to stomp on human rights, I am going to mention it, even though it’ll upset some people.  Your feelings don’t change what Trump said with his own mouth.

    Yes, what Trump said in the last video about “forced vaccines” was about measles, and it says so in the video clip where he says it.

    Medical Tyranny: Trump Pivots To Mandatory Vaccinations Under Operation “Warp Speed”

    Yet that mentality still should not be forgotten and that is why it was included. If he wants mandatory measles vaccinations, he won’t stop at just the measles and it’s delusional, at best, to think that he would. Trump admits that he is in control of Operation Warp Speed with the plans to have 300 million vaccines available as soon as humanly possible.

    There are 325 million people in the United States.  That doesn’t leave many unvaccinated. Go to 1:30 in the video to hear Trump say, himself, that’s he’s in control of this operation:

    Trump, himself, said:

    “I hope we’re gonna come up with a good weap-vaccine, ah, Johnson and Johnson and Oxford and lots of different great companies, representative of our country in sometimes-in some ways, the NIH is working very hard and doing a terrific job. Uh, no, I hope we’re gonna have a vaccine, in and we’re going to fast-track it like you’ve never seen before. If we come up with a vaccine, I think they probably will.”

    Next, a reporter asks Trump “who is in charge of this operation?” Trump says:

    “Uh we have, you know who’s in charge of it? Honestly, I am. I’ll tell ya, I’m really in charge of it. I could say somebody else I will say we’re dealing with the general and the admiral. They’re very much in charge, but, I think, probably more than anything, I’m in charge. And I’m the one that gets blamed and I get blamed anyway. Don’tforget, if we come up with a vaccine in record time, they’ll say they should have done it faster. But we have a lot of good possibilities.”

    Germany even confirmed that Donald Trump attempted to buy the firm working on a coronavirus vaccine in Germany. The president is not “draining the swamp,” He’s going all-in on a vaccine that will be horrifyingly fast-tracked.

    And while Trump didn’t say the vaccine would be mandatory, it’s hard to imagine this going any other way when he’s wanting 300 million doses and is working with the “general and the admiral” on this operation.

    Operation Warp Speed intends to fast track Bill Gates’ vaccine and Trump admits he’s in control of that operation. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to him say it yourself. I only want your eyes fully open to what’s going on, and what they intend to do to all of us. If you want to berate the messenger for bringing you this information, do so. But it’s information you all should be aware of.

    Does anyone honestly believe that this vaccine won’t be mandatory? That obviously the goal of the scamdemic.


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      1. Trump said he wouldn’t bail out the US Post Office. But in the 2 trillion dollar “stimulus bill” there is $25 Billion for the US Post Office. Only 4% of the stimulus money is designated for the individual little guy. $1200 each. The other 96% went to private lobbyists/lawyers and their clients. Nearly 7 trillion dollars has been distributed to the big guys. So far. More on the way. We get the bill. Oh. By the way. Stay in your residence and wear a mask. Pussies.

        • I am pretty sure that the $25 billion for the post office that you are referring to is for a loan and not simply a grant.

          Previously, I brought attention to this issue and believe that in the interest of national security preparedness, it is essential to maintain the viability of the USPS. If there was ever a war, or cyber war, or numerous other unforseeably predictable events, maintaining communications systems is imperative.

          The post office was created by Ben Franklin for the purpose of commerce.

          The next war may simply be a cyber war. If that were to take place, America needs a back-up in place which the USPS would be able to fulfil immediately, since it is already in place.

          America will regret ending the USPS if they are stupid enough to do it!

      2. Bill Gates. The grandiose gatekeeper.

      3. We are not even close to a tyrannical government you fucking fruitcakes.

        But if you boomers don’t start explicitly and exclusively supporting other white men you can kiss the Constitution goodbye.

        What is it going to take with you people?

        Boomers are a lost cause.

        • Eisen, you sat at your keyboard and did nothing. Those of us who went to Rhodesia to fight for our people didn’t see you there. Steve Dwyer and Hugh McCall were KIA on the same day. Americans fighting for Westerners.

      4. It could just possibly be part of the stick up, demanding money for something that they have no intention of using, which WHO and the medical mafia has a history of doing. They had developed vaccines that the government purchased and did not use in the past. Since they can’t claim that they need to use money to fight terrorists in the Middle East any longer with any degree of credibility or support, this is the gimick being used as a money laundering front diverting trillions of dollars from the Pentagon to Wall Street as they had done with the seven wars since 9/11.

        It is why the stock market must be shut down and outlawed in addition to cryptocurrencies which has evolved into nothing more than a low operating expense cassino and pyramid
        scheme as a result of total deregulation and total
        unaccountability bssically since 1992 and getting progressively worse each year, which nobody can deny any longer. These people not only working for Wall Street, but investors have become totally corrupt to the point of being willing to destroy the economy and country. I do not believe anyone who claims that investing in the stock market is a sound investment. It is a gigantic gamble and people should not be rewarded financially for losing money in it by honest tax payers that saw the writing on the wall and did not collude in the daisy chain, or pyramid scheme, or money laundering scheme, or what ever you want to call it, but it certainly cannot be called investing, particularly since companies like Snap Chat do not sell users data, do not charge users, do not advertise to users, so logically, their stock should not have a price higher than zero, and it really does not even meet any criteria to be listed as a publicly traded company, which is why blue sky laws were created, but Bill Clinton abolished them for tech start-ups and the God damn fucking psychopaths thought that it was more important to enrich themselves, than to protect liberty, the economy, and the country.

        America is fucked up because too many greedy fucking pigs are willing to profiteer over the loss of civil liberties, the loss of justice, the loss of accountability, the loss of a functional economy, and the loss of a finctional country.

        This country is a hopless fucking pig-sty of moral and intellectual depravity!

      5. I think you are misreading the terms General and Admiral. I believe it to mean the Surgeon General and the head of the NIH (the Admiral) since they use Navy ranks.

      6. Proof??????????

      7. Bill Gates used a vaccine in India that paralyzed 490,000 children. Look it up–everyone is spreading this all should too.
        India kicked him out of country and ordered him to never return.
        Another country ( somewhere in Africa??) is having children harmed also.

        • Bill Gates is a eugenist just like his father. What is COVID. Certificate of Vaccination. All part of ID2020. Do a search for Gates/Event 201.

        • Bill Gates is a eugenist just like his father. What is COVID. Certificate of Vaccination. All part of ID2020. Do a search for Gates/Event 201.

        • Yes it was in more than one African Country, India, the Phillippines, Here is a summary of some of the most well known incidences, with links to references

          And here is more, and how the WHO and UN is complicit in the human rights violations/medical experiments…more often on black and brown kids than others.. And of course, Gates digital ID is being put into African bodies first. I don’t have a link but it’s on the internet everywhere…

      8. Mac,,, you’re generating fear porn by connecting dots that are not there. You know damn well if they don’t produce enough vaccine for every citizen of this country the media will label him an incompetent racist. Maybe its as simple as he wants every citizen to have the option to be vaccinated – Occam’s razor.

        • I completely agree. This article is nothing but TDS. If Killery were the President right now we would not only be required to take the vaccine, they would RFID chip everyone as well

      9. Did this site go anti vax all of a sudden? Take your vaccine and be happy you can open up your doors after that.

        (I mean, *I* aint taking it, at least not for a few years…)

        • He can not fire fauci now. But his opening and contribution no longer required . He’s working with generals now . With other eligible doctor to produce vaccine . If he wanted Bill gate vaccine. Bill gate will not be lobbying other country to sign mandatory vaccination into law. Trump is the only saviour we have now and why he’s busy looking for the best vaccine to settle the virus .thanks

      10. The fact he hasn’t fired the evil Fauci yet is why I no longer trust or like trump.

      11. No, he keeps his enemies closer. He is the most brilliant person, he cracks me up, I got exactly who I voted for and he exceeded my expectations. He is subliminal, sarcastic, strategic, smart ass, has backbone, reverse psychology user, workaholic, energetic and always miles ahead. It’s only one military man and the other is from pharmaceuticals GlaxoSmithKline I believe is the company he left. IF YOU DON’T WANT A VACCINATION YOU DO NOT HAVE TO. HE SAID THE OTHER DAY HE DOESN’T BELIEVE WE EVEN NEED ONE. Now, those military vehicles everyone saw on semi trailers and train beds…I believe our military is in place for our protection because shit is going to hit the fan. Not if, but when. We are dealing with deepstate/Muslim pact. A bunch of damn radical Islamic lovers. Our former 5 PRESIDENTS are traitors. The crimes are unbelievable and you take 50yr of the same damn people and their spawn, coincidentally a bunch of Harvard students in power, wash, rinse and repeat. This is global and they are DIRTY CORRUPT SCUM that have to go. That’s why they needed him gone but obviously depending on your news choice you’d know the exposure of treason by Obama and cronies. Anyway they’ve been in the same circle and cover up everything, they control EVERYTHING so they have that advantage. Their activities always comes full circle to Hillary Clinton. Their reach around the world is huge as you can imagine. Trump is NOT OUR ENEMY. THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AND CAIR aka Hamas are. Planned a 3rd world country and ISLAM ONLY. WHO director is an Ethiopian communist, NIH is tied in, Rod Rosenstein’s sister is CDC, little dr. death Fauci wants that vaccine because $$$ and Gates depopulation. These terrified people will run straight to a vaccination and it will kill them. If he beats them, it’s not going to have harmful shit in it so people better choose wisely. I’ve never done flu and I don’t intend on this either. Seasonal flu is deadly and this you have a 98% chance recovery. That little lady over 100 survived. They’ve lied about causes of death, the INTENTIONALLY killed people. Deepstate created MS-13 antifa black Panthers black lives matter …isis(Obama) al Qaeda (Clinton) taliban (Bush) Hamas (obo and Hillary) Hezbollah is a proxy of iran. We are surrounded so if civil unrest happens and/or they’re unleashed on us, I pray that’s where our men are.

      12. Yes it was in more than one African Country, India, the Phillippines, Here is a summary of some of the most well known incidences, with links to references

        And here is more, and how the WHO and UN is complicit in the human rights violations/medical experiments…more often on black and brown kids than others.. And of course, Gates digital ID is being put into African bodies first. I don’t have a link but it’s on the internet everywhere…

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