More National Guard Troops Are Deployed In Geogia Than People Who Have Tested Positive For COVID-19

by | Mar 16, 2020 | Headline News

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    If ever there was evidence that the media is overreacting and causing unnecessary mass panic amongst the public, it can be seen in Georgia.  The state’s governor has called in 2,000 national guard troops to “assist” with 99 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

    The complete loss of freedom and the decimation of the economy are the real problems here, not the actual virus.  While it’s true that this virus spreads rapidly, and it is new, so little is known about it, the sheer panic is astronomical and that’s a much bigger concern right now. Governor Brian Kemp hasn’t helped calm his constituents either. He has issued an executive order to call up as many as 2,000 Georgia National Guard troops to State Active Duty to address coronavirus concerns.  But it’s only going to panic people further and cause more economic disruptions.

    Coronavirus Crisis: The Virus Will Bankrupt More People Than It Kills

    Here’s What’s Coming for America as the Coronavirus Spread: MEDICAL MARTIAL LAW

    The Georgia National Guard is already assisting with the transfer of thirty-one Georgians – formerly passengers on the Grand Princess cruise ship – from Dobbins Air Reserve Base to their homes today for isolation and monitoring by the Department of Public Health officials.

    So far, 99 Georgians have tested positive for the virus.

    “Through extensive emergency preparedness training, the brave men and women in the Georgia National Guard stand ready to serve above and beyond their traditional military duties. In states of emergency, they are equipped to take necessary action to protect the health and safety of Georgia families in every region,” said Governor Kemp in a press release. “To assist with COVID-19 mitigation and critical services, including the transfer of Georgians currently at Dobbins Air Reserve Base to their homes, the Georgia National Guard will now be available to communities to ensure the steady supply of medical equipment, food, shelter, or related materials to keep Georgians safe in the weeks ahead.” –CBS 46 local affilate

    Health officials have not answered questions about the number of people who have been tested in the state, and medical experts expect the actual number of cases is far greater than has been reported. Even so, AJC, a Georgia media site reported:

    For most people, the new coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia. The vast majority of people recover in a matter of weeks. –AJC

    The Best Ways to Prevent A Coronavirus Infection

    If you are older, over the age of 60, please be cautious of the virus.  It has been having a greater impact on those who are older. Doctors suggest that people remain calm.  Panicking only causing the stress hormone cortisol to rise which will impact your immune system negatively. The most important thing to do is realize that a strong immune system is the best defense against any viral infection, including the coronavirus, the flu, or the common cold.

    We want all readers to be prepared, but panicking isn’t doing individuals or humanity any good.  It’s crashing our economy and even now, it is going to be difficult to recover from such an overreaction.

    Prepper Foods and Supplies to Survive Coronavirus Without Leaving the House

    Toilet paper is selling out, and as we find some, we’ll link it for you.  Understandably, this will affect people who didn’t panic buy all the toilet paper at their local dollar store, and you may need some. Also, consider a bidet.  They are better for septic systems and our planet anyway, and you won’t need much toilet paper.  You can grab one for under $40 that attaches to the toilet. It’s simply another way to beat the mass panicked public.

    Baby wipes and paper towels are still available in bulk too if you need another alternative to toilet paper.  Remember, don’t flush baby wipes (even if they say flushable) or paper towels.  The last thing you need a clogged toilet during this mass panicked public. The S could literally hit the fan in your house!


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