More Gun Control: Trump Officially Bans Bump Stocks

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Headline News | 135 comments

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    The Trump administration has rolled out a new federal regulation on Tuesday which officially bans the ownership of bump-fire stocks. Bump stocks have been the focus of national attention of over a year, after a gunman in Las Vegas rigged his weapons with the devices to fire on concertgoers, killing 58 people in October of 2017.

    Officials at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives had previously concluded bump stocks were merely a gun accessory or firearm part, not subject to federal regulation, but President Donald Trump called on the Justice Department to outlaw the devices soon after the tragedy, according to a report by CNN.

    Those who currently possess the deviceswhich make firing rounds from a semi-automatic weapon faster by harnessing the gun’s recoil to “bump” the finger against the trigger, will have 90 days to turn in or otherwise destroy them from the date that the final rule is published in the federal register.  That date will likely be this Friday according to senior DOJ officials.

    DOJ officials said they took a look at bump-fire stocks and decided that they are allowed to dictate ownership of the devices. The “rule” made up by the government, concludes that bump-fire stocks, “slide-fire” devices, and devices with certain similar characteristics all fall within the prohibition on machine guns by allowing a “shooter of a semiautomatic firearm to initiate a continuous firing cycle with a single pull of the trigger,” and therefore, they are already illegal under federal law. So why does another law need to be written? Just to make sure the slaves stay in line and turn in the inanimate object seen as offensive by the masters.

    Anyone who believes this is not just one more step toward criminalization of gun ownership is nothing more than a willing slave to political elites.  As for how many gun owners will be affected by the new rule, officials explained it was difficult to provide precise figures, saying bump stocks “aren’t widespread, but they are not uncommon.” Owners don’t have to register their bump stocks either, so there is no way to know who has one.  Could something like this lead to a door-to-door confiscation? It certainly begs the question.

    This is one big step towards more tyranny. If you have ever wondered why liberty-loving people refused to vote in the last election, look no further than the banning of bump stocks and the tariffs (taxes) for your answer. Neither is giving you or anyone else any freedom.

    Trump has been a long time advocate of gun control.  We hate to say we told you so, but we told you so. Freedom is always more important than party lines.



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      1. This meats thevery definition of “ex post facto” laws.

        Ex post facto is most typically used to refer to a criminal statute that punishes actions retroactively, thereby criminalizing conduct that was legal when originally performed. Two clauses in the United States Constitution prohibit ex post facto laws:
        1. Art 1, § 9
        1. This prohibits Congress from passing any laws which apply ex post facto .
        2. Art. 1 § 10 .
        1. This prohibits the states from passing any laws which apply ex post facto .

        • If the ACA stands up to the current challenge in the Court System where the Gov can make you buy something you don’t want, then taking something away from you that you already bought and want is not a far stretch.

          Ex-post facto all the way, but we will see…


        • What i find most shocking is that something can be made criminal without an act of congress.

          Isn’t congress supposed to pass the laws?

          Doesn’t congress decide what is a “fully automatic firearm” is?

          So now government bureaucrats can make anything they want illegal by themselves?

          • “after a gunman in Las Vegas rigged his weapons with the devices to fire on concertgoers, killing 58 people in October of 2017.”

            BULLSHIT! Those people were shot from other locations! They think people are stupid enough to believe 1 guy with a bumpstock at 500 yards could do all that! There is a mountain of evidence the size of mount Shasta showing that story is impossible and it was a setup complete with fabricated evidence. FU orange julius! Oh but remember his quote ” take the guns now, worry about due process later” ? The NRA is all on board with this too!

            • The NRA has distanced themselves from this one particular issue as the cost of fighting this outweighs the benefits. Pick your battles.

              You have to realize Millennials have no money to support the NRA nor ideologically support arms rights as they are fully indoctrinated by leftist propaganda. The normal maturation process of getting married, having children, and owning a home does not exist for most of them. They are stunted like bonsai. Ordinarily such milestones resulted in purchasing firearms for home defense against criminals as well as for hunting. Not them except for the children of preppers.

              Preppers are the last bastion of Liberty.

              • “The NRA has distanced themselves from this one particular issue as the cost of fighting this outweighs the benefits. Pick your battles.”

                And then the next one and the next. It will never stop and no one will say “NO MORE PERIOD!”

                • A lot of preppers are lifetime NRA members. Don’t forget we stand on the shoulders of giants and they protected firearm rights since inception and before we were born. The country might have been entirely subverted without the dedication of the NRA. Preppers often read clips from The Armed Citizen as a way to persuade young dumb naive clueless people. It used to be rather effective.

                  If you are old enough, after the attempt on Reagan, Sarah Brady might have got her way but the NRA largely stymied her at every turn.

                  • Amen.

                    NRA, like everybody else, is imperfect but they do a damn good job. Since the 1960’s they have been the only real force between us and “them”. If NRA hadn’t been around there would be no 2nd Amendment for all practical purposes.

                  • You stand on the shoulders of giants because you are nothing more than smurfs.

              • “Pick your battles.”….

                “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed;
                if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may
                come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” Winston Churchill

                • And the NRA cannot easily win regarding bump stocks as there are a tiny fraction who own them, so there simply are not enough people who will complain. This is not like banning AR-15s.

                  What would happen is an enormous amount of money, time, and effort would be uselessly wasted and still they would be regulated to such a degree that they would be banned. The Democrats control the House and we barely control the Senate. There are inadequate numbers of NRA members as millennials are broke and do not buy guns as they do not own homes.

                  You are asking the NRA to fight an unwinnable battle when a simple heavy duty rubber band will do the job and any such battle will cause the NRA to lose support from what few hardcore politicians we have. Why? Because crying leftist moms and moronic millennials get heard and they have endless money from any number of leftist billionaires who want us disarmed.

                  Use a rubber band.

              • You comments about the mindset of Millennials are spot on. Have worked for years in the: “American Public Education System”, I have seen it first hand. Not only are they stunted, they are for the most part shambling, texting, slack-jawed, brain-dead, mouth-breathing Mall Zombies. Thank their Gen-X parents and Woodstock Grandparents.
                The scary thing about this whole social/cultural/political situation is they are being mobilized by the Communists in our midst to register to vote. After the Parkland False Flag in Florida, a useful idiot Millennial, High School senior girl here in Rawles Land, organized a gun ban protest at Coeur d’Alene High School which, of course, received extensive media coverage. The adult Reds were in abundance, registering 18-year-olds to vote.
                The “last bastion of liberty” which you describe is slowly but surely being marginalized. We are still quite strong here in Northern Idaho, but we will be outnumbered within a generation. And, in my opinion, the only thing which will alter this trend is a massive economic and political correction similar to the meltdown of Yugoslavia in the 1990’s. That is when the Reds, Muzzies, and leftists were culled by the thousands. Bleib ubrig.

                • DTW; A Millenials most prized possession is their cellphone..Take away their cellphone and their as helpless as an infant..

                • And in a number of states, felons are allowed to vote.And with illegal immigrants bussed to the polling stations, why do you think the DNC is so opposed to Voter ID laws? Every country in the world (yeah, Mexico included) has VOTER ID LAWS!!! OK, except one country. And California has ballot harvesting, a practice outlawed in every other state..


                  • Active felons, aka people currently serving a sentence, or post felons, aka people who have served all their time and fines?

                    There’s a huge difference.

                • Dweezil, we’ve already been outnumbered by them and “minorities” in my area. My BOL is a 6-hour drive from my location but at least the demographics are better. I see Civil War 2 as the only way to save this country.

            • Genius – Good post. I am starting to believe President Trump knew the Las Vegas “shooting” was a set up from the get-go. Because he did nothing about it when he could have said things that assured us this one dubious incident would not impact bump stocks. But he didn’t, did he?

              Everyone here should face it, I think he wants confiscation of guns/ammo owned by American citizens. This is Phase Two of many more.

              I hold no hope of him announcing this has gone too far and enough is enough. Because he doesn’t believe that and he is behind all of this. It’s not just the bureaucrats, Trump is behind them too. He is, after all, the most powerful person in the world.

              To the shtf-ers here who still believe President Trump is on your side, in the long run, it is easier to face the truth than believe a lie.

            • Genius, agree this was a huge mistake all around. And yes the Vegas thing is a another sham.

              There is another 2nd Amendment advocacy group filing suit and the manner this is being done will likely fail legally. Beyond that they are junk and little more than a gimmick. But that is NOT the underlying point as others have pointed out. The legal parameters are the point and the precedents set.



              Also it is clear you do not understand what Trump is all about. He is the exact opposite of the deep state ! That does not make him perfect. When you find that guy please point him out to me.

          • JS, sounds like some bureaucrats better start watching over the shoulders.

          • Congress is supposed to make laws per the Constitution, but instead we have thousands of deep state bureaucrats doing it. That way congress doesn’t get the blame.


            • Donald 2020 MAGA, indeed our government and out of control bureaucracy as well as the corporatocrcy they have created is the real enemy of all of us ! It is simply out of control and far too big. This is precisely how the deep state came to exist as it is today !

              Excellent video ! I will be using it.

        • By the way, everybody here is now under arrest.

          All of you are in violation because each one of you has a belt loop to hold up your pants.

          Those who currently possess the devices, which make firing rounds from a semi-automatic weapon faster by harnessing the gun’s recoil to “bump” the finger against the trigger

          • I can do the same without a belt loop just using holding technique.

        • “This meats (sp) the very definition of “ex post facto” laws.”

          No it doesn’t. Not even close.

          • I beg to differ, Hoss. Consumers bought legal devices possibly years ago, and now on a whim, they have been deemed “illegal” by executive order and the DOJ is going after them. Technically this not only is ex post facto but also tyranny as only Congress can create laws as long as the President signs them.

            If it’s an executive directive, it still is illegally bypassing existing laws and directing the DOJ to persecute citizens who have followed the law.

            This would be akin to banning beards to catch the Taliban.

            • Maranatha, spot on. Stuart gets an F+ on his homework.

              • The Deplorable Renegade, agree this is whacked but so are the stocks. The manner this is taking place is the real issue and it is totally bogus and a huge mistake.

                •, although I don’t have any AR or AK-type weapon with a bump stock I’ll still stand up for someone else’ right to have one. They might go after high capacity mags next. I’ve got high-capacity mags for 3 of my weapons and I’m not giving up jack, no matter what they come up with. No one tells me what I can or can’t own.

              • It was in fact my homework 32 years ago preparing for my exam to practice before the U.S. Tax Court.
                I passed by the way.

            • Sorry, you are incorrect. Ex Post Facto has nothing whatsoever to do with this Executive Order.

              Ex Post Facto means to punish someone for actions which were not illegal when performed. This executive order does not do that. It applies to dates after its enactment. Nobody will be criminally prosecuted because they bought or possessed a bump stock before the date of enactment. They will only be prosecuted for possession AFTER the date of enactment. When they acquired the bump stock is irrelevant.

              You are wrong HOSS.

              • No Hoss, you are wrong.
                It IS retroactive. If you own them, you have until March to turn them in,otherwise the claim is you effectively own a machine gun.

                I suggest you read the link and make appropriate plans.

                Of course it also deals with banning future sales.

                What once was perfectly legal is now illegal.

                The NRA is asking President Trump for amnesty for those who currently own them ie no visits from the ATF, no need to destroy, and grandfather them in.

                Otherwise in March, and you fail to turn them in or show proof of their destruction, you will get a visit from the ATF. Yet in 2010, the ATF decided they were no problem.

        • It also goes against the 2nd Amendment as well as the the 10th Amendment. In regards to the 10th Amendment, all powers the federal government has are listed. This makes the Constitution a whitelist document. The federal government doesn’t have the power to ban anything. There are only two things the federal government has ever banned that were constitutional which are slavery and alcohol because they added amendments listing specifically what was to be banned. If anything is te be banned by the federal government, an amendment must be made.

          • Agree

          • anonymous, likely why this will fail legal tests already in motion

        • Dementia Reversed in Detail
          Health Advocates

          Trump might benefit by watching this video on YouTube.

          Why are known poisons that cause dementia still legal?

          Did you know that vanillin, an artificial form of vanilla extract, causes dementia?

          Are you aware that your brain is made of cholesterol?

          Did you know that “silver amalgam” dental fillings are 50% mercury, a toxic waste when removed from the body, but considered safe in your mouth?

          Dementia and Alzheimer’s are reversable.

          Most blood tests don’t test for T3 for low thyroid which causes depression and dementia in some people and older people decline in the ability to turn T4 into T3 making synthetic medicine for thyroid disease ineffective.

          President Trump should watch this video and maybe do a refresher course on the Constitution.

          How can we not be protected from poison in our food, hair and soap products, cleaning products; but then be all freaked out about a damn bump stock? All the people killed in mass shootings are but a minuscule number compared to those dying or dead because of the poison which is legal in our prescription drugs, food, dental work, cleaning products and vaccines.


          • Alzheimer’s Reversed in Detail


          • B from CA,. all excellent and valid points.

            We can easily protect ourselves by simply paying attention and living accordingly in truth of many matters !

            Who coulda known, Hey, how simple ?

            The opposite of this sitting in front of the TV getting fatter and dumber and going along with the junk thinking !

          • There are many kinds of dementia besides Alzheimers. You can get dementia from alcoholism or from poor nutrition or from infections. I think I studied eight different kinds in grad school.

            Some Alzheimers patients can truly benefit from small amounts of coconut oil. This also seems to help some hypothyroid patients. It won’t harm you so at the very least some might try it on their parents who have not had any real success otherwise.

        • After The Fact Laws.

          The Good Faith And Credit Clause (reciprocity of carry permits)

          The 14th Amendment tying the Bill Of Rights to the States.

          The 10th Amendment

          The 4th Amendment (NSA Spying)

          Equal Protection Under The Law (which implies equal enforcement) “some people are just more equal than others”.

          This is just a partial list of gross blatant injustices.

        • Regardless, President Trump doesn’t value the Constitution, or liberty, and is not good for his word. Caved on the wall and now wants to take away natural rights. Then, as if to rub salt in the wound, the State department says they will give 10 BILLION dollars to Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. TWICE as much as needed for the wall!! I am SO angry.
          Time for our own yellow vest movement.

          • Steven, past time by years not weeks or months. But try to get people off the couch ? They are few to be sure. Talk is much easier.

        • Its not a law. Its a rule change.Which is more bureaucratic bullshit.

        • NJ is about to get a lot of their police and sheriffs killed and wounded with their confiscation bullshit. This is not constitutional and the masters damn well know it.
          Its just that they masters won’t be the ones going door to door to enforce these unconstitutional edicts.
          NJ victims know who the real criminals are and should act accordingly.

      2. They shoul just ban “evil”. That should fix everything….

        • Just ban gubermint asswipes

      3. Between bump stocks and capitulating on the budget threat to shut government down without border wall funding, Trump has lost my support.

        We got a year and a half of good out of him, and two decent Supreme Court justices, but it’s over now. The Left has won and nothing of significance will happen from now on.

        As far as bump stocks go, I have no desire to own one and never wanted one, but I did like the freedom of knowing I could buy one without questions or restrictions if I decided to. That freedom is gone now, I am now less free than I was before he banned them. It’s the loss of freedom under Trump that has turned me against him, the border wall fiasco and resulting loss of credibility by surrendering to Pelosi and crowd just makes me more determined to quit trying to support him and I will not vote for him again (or speak out against his coming impeachment, removal from office and imprisonment if he can’t bow down low enough to the Leftists to make it up to them).

        Freedom is lost one little piece at a time, nothing quite large enough in itself to cause rebellion but all adding up to an eventual total loss. Trump has carried on with this gradual loss and not only failed to stand against it but actually joined in its continual progression.

        He didn’t have to do this, he simply did it. Presumably to please the gun control crowd since there has been no outcry from anyone else other than that crowd and those that bow down to them.

        • Trump is brilliantly using the wall as a distraction. He’s 5 steps ahead of the enemy.

      4. Look on the bright side – they banned a fun but ultimately useless accessory and in doing so diffused what could have been far more damaging legislation that could have banned an entire class of firearm.
        Besides, the new binary trigger has about the same rate of fire as a bump stock and doesn’t destroy accuracy the way a bump stock does.
        The government is always two steps behind.
        Is this a great country or what.

        • Useless for you, maybe. It’s your capitulation on the issue…then what happens when they ban your lovely binary trigger? Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile.

          Had to have served to realize this. REMF.

          • Binary triggers are also on the list to be banned. All devices that increase the rate of fire are on the list. Useless? You have a small imagination. After binary triggers etc. will be high cap mags over 10 rounds. BANK ON IT! Have you ever even tried a bumpstock? I doubt it.

            • Just my opinion,
              The standard capacity mag ban will be the straw that breaks the cammels back,,,,

              • Nail, anyone who approaches me with any such intentions will be the straw that breaks MY back and I’ll respond accordingly. I just bought a new Ruger 9mm with 4 15-round mags. I’ve got 30-round mags for my M1 Carbine and 25-round mags for my Ruger 10/22. No one tells me what I can or cannot have.

                • DR,

                  Good. Then enjoy your $$$ fine and forced confiscation.

                  There are no special rules for you and you only. Your not special. The ban applies to EVERYONE. No exceptions. Not even you.

                  This is just the beginning. More to come from Trump.

                  • The Other Anon, no hi-cap mag ban has been proposed at fed level yet. You’re jumping the gun there. And I don’t claim to be special. I’m not the only one who’s not complying. I’m not the only one here who’s fed up. If you’re suggesting submitting to anyone with bad intentions toward me, go take a flying leap. I don’t care what you do for yourself but surrendering to the enemy is not an option for me.

                    • The Other Anon sounds like a libturd shill or maybe even a govt. shill.

              • That already happened before and nobody did a thing about it.

                • You talking about ca and ny?

                  • Well, yeah that too, but really meant the Klinton ban.

        • Agree. This was an easy give away to the libs. If Trump defended bump stocks then the political fallout could have been very bad.

          Now if Donald ever gives in on something like magazine limits or an “assault weapon” ban then I’ll bail on him.

          • Lost Karma, I’m only a step away from bailing on him.

        • Stu,
          I generally stick to .30 cal. But $500 for a binary trigger for my MAK? I only paid $350 for the entire gun in the 90’s.
          I’ll start saving.
          Another curious product is “Hypergat” it is only $50 and will work on Ruger 10/22 as well as AK.
          ht tp://
          I’m generally of the belief that in a survival situation semi-auto is best as we have to make the most of the limited ammo we have. Full auto is best when you are being offensive in close quarters. Like shooting up a joint session of congress( I’d use a bomb to start and shoot people as they exit), but that would be illegal. I never violate any constitutional Federal, state, or local laws.

      5. Who do I send a few bucks to in order to challenge this evil foolishness in the Court System?

        I don’t own any such devices, but if I did, I would not turn them in or destroy them since this has not really been decided yet.

        Keep ’em safe and warm and decide later after the last horn blows at the SCOTUS whether you want to be a permanent law breaker or not 🙁


        • bb, Don’t send your money to the NRA (negotiating rights away). They were all for this ban. Check GOA and see if they are fighting it.

            • OK,this is getting very creepy,this is the 2nd(pun intended)time this week I have agreed to at least a degree with genius in regards to firearms,GOA is great/no compromise on a birth right aknowledged in the bill or rights.

              Gun control was me this a.m.,firing a few friends pistols and thus new to me,a 9m.m. and a .40,was hitting 50% of the time at 100 yards(a bit more)12″x18″,for someone who does not fire pistols much not too bad,with a more regular practice hope to up to 100% hits at the 150 yard line,a lot of work but like hitting longer ranges with a pistol,also working on tighter groups at 50 yards.

              Oh,you all have checked out the tm31-210,right?!

              • Thanks for that WCD. Saved on flash drives.

      6. I don’t own nor bought a ” Bump stock “, but if you have, don’t turn it in, don’t destroy it, fuck them who are they to dictate to anyone anything? WE THE PEOPLE, they can make up whatever they want, but if it goes against the supreme law of the land, fuck them!!!

        • CB
          Its time to say fuck them to everything and anything they dictate period.
          All the bullshit these gov assholes are foisting on us, nothing more than an overreach of bureaucrats, they can kiss my white ass

          • Nailbanger, same here. I’m not giving up shit. No one has any obligations to any govt. people.

            • Exactly!

          • Agreed!

          • Nailbanger, excellent perspective and analysis !

            short and sweet and to the point

        • CB,

          They’re now considered a machine gun and having one carries the same penalties as having any other unregistered machine gun (10 years and a quarter million fine).

          You seem to be advising people to take this risk.

          But, since the penalty is the same, just throw the damn thing out and get a real illegal machine gun instead if you’re going that route. Easy enough to do by converting, making, stealing or illicitly buying one and it is far more useful than that bump stock that you will get in the same amount of trouble for possessing.

          If you’re not going to be a law abiding citizen, a law abiding gun owner, and follow the laws, at least do it in a big way that justifies the big penalties you will face.

          As for me, I will remain a law abiding citizen and obey the gun laws they enact even if I don’t like them. You can choose to join the criminal class if you wish but I won’t certainly don’t advise you or anyone else to do so.

      7. In the past, the government had to re-inburse people who had to surrender property. Also, in reply to the question about, doesn’t congress have to pass a law to ban something? They already did. The law that set up the ATF. Congress passes laws, then washes their hands of the enforcement part. They leave it up to appointed people to determine what is legal and what isn’t. What a country.

      8. Have no use for a bump stock, or a full automatic firearm but what I see is “death by a 1000 cuts”. Now that the Leftist have this they will go after hi-cap magazines, then sporting rifles (not using the term AR cause they are not), then ammo, then pistols with hi-cap… they will never stop until full confiscation. Molon Labe… III%

        • Weaponized compromise.

      9. I hate this planet. If ET lands in my backyard you can have it.

        • I will tip my beer to that!

      10. I never heard about bump stocks until the Las Vegas shootings. It was my impression that Hillary Clinton, George Soros and the Progressive Socialist Democrats invented bump stocks just to further impinge upon ownership of their favorite demonized weapon, the AR-15.

        • You mean until you heard the incredible LIES about Las Vegas. Trust me, if you ever tried a bump stock you would know. And if you spent 10 minutes looking into the fabrication of the event you would have NO doubt it is all BS!

          • I was being sarcastic. I forgot that with this crowd the brackets are required.

            And yes, of course, I heard the “incredible lies about Las Vegas,” and Newtown, and these school shootings with their crisis actors.

            For a “Genius” you can be pretty “Stupid,” especially when you can’t tell your friends from your enemies. Get a new hammer.

      11. So rubber bands are next? How will they regulate rubber bands and ban them???? Seems the next thing to be banned is the weapon itself.

        Nunchaku are Okinawan or Japanese flail which were originally used in agriculture but became one of the five leading weapons when the samurai banned the peasant class from owning katanas.

        How ironic! NY had created a problem for martial artists for decades by banning them, but finally it worked its way through the courts and was declared unconstitutional.

        Not only is their the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights, but additionally in state constitutions. Gun control nutjobs intentionally create illegal laws and then years later they get eliminated. Don’t focus entirely on firearms but see the bigger picture.

        • That is interesting. It implies that the Second Amendment doesn’t protect relatively effective weapons (firearms).

      13. Sam Adams, wait until the Supremes get that case! Talk about shtf! Otherwise,the bump stock issue is a directive,not law. Technically, it could be challenged. In the meantime, I’m ordering more 30 rd. mags for my long guns. That is what we need to focus on. The Dems may try for a limited capacity bill once in power. My god,the country is in for a real shit storm

        • I hope they do,,,
          Its about time to shit or get off the pot

      14. I’m not in favor of banning but I found the bump stock less accurate and more ammo wasted and expensive. Hard to stay on target when your ammo is flying all over the place.

        • Yep. Double tap with a handgun or short controlled bursts from a rifle for suppressing fire. Anything else is just a waste due to extreme loss of accuracy. Everyone in a genuine firefight for the first time always is surprised at the amount of expended ammunition regardless of preloaded magazines. Imagine running out because you were just wasting ammunition without a clear shot. That is all bad.

          There were devices you could put on that effectively created rapid-fire since 1982 otherwise there were dangerous alterations that were quasi-legal or worse.

          • Some American infantrymen in Vietnam never fired their M-16A1’s on full auto. Fact.

            • True. and in the Falkland war both the UK infantry and the Argentines both fielded the FAL rifle.
              The only difference was the ARGENTINES has FULL AUTO FALs.
              BUT the UK won with Semi auto

          • Mar, Bump stocks are select fire. You can use it just like a regular stock or bump. You only waste ammo if your having fun and have a lot to spare. Or for hosing down a close group. Otherwise its like any other stock.

        • There may come a time when you want ammo flying all over the place. With practice they are not that bad and can be useful.

          • That used to be labeled “spraying and praying” and is not SOP by any means and a gunny would chew out people wasting ammo. There is a very limited number of battle harded combat vets who can justify it…most likely to invoke fear in the enemy.

      15. Before the Hellfire trigger modifcation in the 90s, in the early 80s there was the GAT trigger which used a hand crank believe it or not (only effective from a fixed mount). This is hardly a new issue.

        • Ya I remember those, you could mount 2 10-22’s and make it like a gattling gun. I want one lol.

      16. Looks like those folks telling us trump is a jesuit and playing the right as fools might just be correct.
        President chump, shall not be infringed, does that ring a bell ?

      17. In the nineties, you could buy an SKS in private sales for $50 that was brand new surplus. It cost more to trick it out than the rifle itself. Let’s just say that lots of Kentuckians and Hoosiers bought immense amounts across the state. It’s a decent back up weapon.

      18. A red party and a pink party.

        I don’t really want to shoot a gun, that way.

        But, that’s none of my business if you don’t make it my business.

      19. Meanwhile,
        Heres a headline from Fox

        Nation of Islam receiving federal cash to teach prisoners

        Makes ya all warm n fuzzy dont it

        • At least $10.5bil to Central America. Can’t budget 1.5bil, for the wall.

          • Yea, dont you love it,,,
            Makes ya all patriotic n stuff,,,
            Fuckin assholes

        • Nailbanger

          Unless I’m mistaken Louis Farrakhan and the Nation Of Islam in action are quite benign. They don’t accept the mixing of races, alcohol, drugs, gambling, theft and believe in family. I don’t think they have been implicated in domestic terrorism in the US. Are any other religions receiving funds too? The wife and I stumbled across Farrakhan on TV about 20 years ago speaking about the Rothschild Banking dynasty and interestingly not long after he got on that subject the TV went blank and he was off the air. Go figure.

          • NOI’s bow-tie gang was implicated in wrecking liquor stores and would presumably consider your religion to be another moral vice.


            People on this spectrum will print their own ID’s, steal the copper wiring out of your house, and claim that all famous, historical figures were really black. African placenames, like Nile, etc, are given to your major cities, which they take for their own.

            • Beaumont

              Thank you for that info. I was unaware of the liquor store wrecking. By and large as blacks go I’m still inclined to believe that they, The Nation Of Islam are more law abiding then their overall racial demographic. If I was in a black neighborhood (which I avoid) and had to chose walking by 25 year old Nation Of Islam members and 25 year old random black males I’ll opt for the former.

      20. But Americans will take their government dictated BS as required. Like Genius says the Las Vegas shooting report is completely false and was swept under the rug quickly without a whisper of truth surfacing. Sandyhook school shooting also bogus as the school was closed down before the event happened and the falsely claimed victims were already in another school. It is nearing a crime to not accept official lies. Can you see US citizens standing against this level of deceit backed by police state shoot to kill any opposition directives? The French people are more free.

        • aljamo

          All of this is done with such regularity involving lower level, town, city, county law enforcements at a minimum looking the other way that one wonders what kind of “persuasion” the “men in black” types have over everyone. No one is coming forth. This for me is the spookiest part of it all. These mass shootings being smaller are “bottom feeding”. WTC #7, how / when were the charges placed, that took manpower.

          The “Twilight Zone” has nothing on reality.

      21. Folks,keep buying/building ect./bloat daily,the dems have said straight out that supposed “gun control” leg will be introduced first 100 days in new year,why risk were it goes when everything inexpensive for most part now?

        • I would add,
          Bust out your big boy pants and harden your heart too,
          The time will come when its either stand up or stay on your knees,
          Id rather die on my feet than kneel before any man,
          God is the only being i will kneel before and i dont give a rats ass what you naysayers barf up,,,
          Think otherwise, try me

          • Nail, it’s going to be the same for me. I’ve just gotten to where I don’t give a shit anymore. When my time comes I’ll just go out in a blaze of glory.

            • There speaks your true keyboard kommando, the inimitable dr.

              Surely you mean “a blaze of gory”. With absolutely no combat experience you’ll be dead in less than a minute. War isn’t glory. Stop reading and believing comic books.

      22. Woodpile had this video and a few others this week,
        If you think the cops and NG etc are your friends,
        Think again

        • Nail,choose your grounds,not theirs if full turn on citizens.As I have mentioned,the first will cost you your savings/freedom/perhaps life,after that,the rest are free.

          While a little resigned to the way country headed hope I am wrong and am just being too realistic/paranoid.

          • Warchild,
            I think we are fucked

            • Agree Nail,also hope we are both wrong.

      23. Sooooooooo…….evil person uses an inanimate object to hurt/kill others, and the inanimate object all of a sudden becomes evil, and millions of peaceful Americans are punished due to one person exercising his free will…..mmmmmmm, “Land of the fee”?????

      24. I feel betrayed. But guess his approval ratings will soar, I am sure the lefties and Demoncraps are loving this. Watch his approval ratings jump now. Thats all he cares about. That and money.

      25. Nobody gonna do s@&$!!!!!! Oathfakers

      26. Stupid statement in the article:
        “Trump has been a long time advocate of gun control. We hate to say we told you so, but we told you so. Freedom is always more important than party lines.”

        OK, Mac Slavo, who do you think we should have voted for in the election? One of the loser 3rd party candidates who had no chance? That would have just given Hitlery the presidency. Idiot!

      27. you think this is bad, wait till the Dems take charge of Congress. They will pass Gun control and the “moderate” Republican senate will pass it and Trump will sign it after the next fake Shooting.

      28. “DOJ officials said they took a look at bump-fire stocks and decided that they are allowed to dictate ownership of the devices.”

        However, that’s nullified because the 2nd Amendment shall not be infringed upon. Therefore.. get lost!

      29. Only 2% of legal American citizens are preppers. Out of 330 million, 6.6 million are preppers. We have always been outnumbered.

        In 1920, the rural folks were prepared particulay east of the Mississippi River were able to withstand the Great Depression as they knew how to grow food and preserve it. That meant a PANTRY was a standard in those homes thus normal versus the idea today that it’s abnormal. That required firearms as practical tools for hunting and it sure meant home defense.

        Rural folks west of the Mississippi River in the Great Plains faced the Dustbowl conditions as well as sharecropping practices. Tenant farmers got thrown off the land.

        Nobody can “enlighten” another. You can lead a horse to water but not make him drink. I find it ridiculous to blame boomers as the cause for moronic milennials.

        The USA most likely is Mystery Babylon in the book of Revelation. I have no doubt Lucifer plans its demise but country people will NEVER disarm especially in Kentucky and Idaho.

      30. The 14th Amendment effectively made federal law supersede state laws especially regarding the 2nd Amendment. In effect, if people are willing to spend decades suing states gun control illegal laws, then in most cases,the Supreme Court will allow the gun owners to win.

        But that is the problem. Most people are not willing to spend millions plus time and effort.

        All of these laws regarding gun control are temporary obstacles but why go through all that hassle? Just move to Kentucky where not only is the 2nd Amendment sacrosanct,but is even more strongly worded in our state constitution! That is why our firearms laws are so minimal and why we are so heavily armed.

      31. Kentuckians had 2.6 million FBI background checks out of 4.4 million people just since 2015. But an untold number bought through private sales and have always bought firearms in huge numbers. And since there is no firearm registration nor standard permits, no one has any idea how many gun-toting rednecks are armed.

        That FBI figure is the number one spot in the nation and TWICE the number in slot two.

        When I was a boy, unofficially one in three homes had a rifle but things got squirrely in the early eighties and every redneck and his German brother bought SOME meaning MANY. Then things went completely apeshot under Obummer because that guy is a spawn of Satan.

        I am not joking when I say bristling with weapons.

      32. In Kentucky, this is horse country as we were the original western frontier. Hoss is a shortening of Horse said with a southern redneck accent. It is a term of friendship and it recognizes the person’s worth, strength, and dependability. That means you are a good ole boy.

        It has nothing to do with Bonanza though those who didn’t watch the show thought Hoss was simple when he actually was strong, compentent, did the right thing, dependable, even tempered etc.

        You would never want to make a “Hoss” mad…that would be all bad.

      33. Kentucky,and yet you need a permission slip for concealed carry unlike say Me./N.H./hell,even granola land Vt.!

      34. Big deal. The instructors make sure you can hit a target 11 out of 20 times at 7 yards plus that you are not a criminal or owe back child support (which in my mind is being a criminal).

        Whoop de do.

      35. My gosh, since 1798 in Kentucky, even black freemen and slaves could own guns albeit someone had to vouch for them and they alone had to get a license. Talk about ease of bearing firearms.

      36. Article I section 1- all legjslative powers shall remain in the legislatove branch.

        Yet more and more legislation is coming from executive and judicial than legislative.

        This country has passed the point of no return. Doomed.

        Don’t know about the rest of y’all but my energy is now focused on Texas secession. #texit is coming soon in the form of a referendum on the ballots in Texas. And I’ll damn sure vote yes

      37. Are you worthless Assholes really surprised this Asshole deceived you? Trump is a Traitor! Wake up you Stupid Sheep! Civil War Now!!!!!!!

        How do soldiers train to confiscate weapons and round up people for questioning and deportation?

        The military has advertised for internment specialists for years. They have trained for urban pacification for decades. Since 80% of Americans live in urban environments,here is your inevitable future.

        Eventually they will use Obama’s executive orders to confiscate everything of value, and you will be sent to a labor camp. Otherwise, you will be deemed a useless eater because you know nothing and have no skills.

        All those red zones that voted for Trump in the rural regions, will take forever to pacify as we can always go to the swamps, hills, forests, and mountains. The military has had zero luck with insurgents and partisans who adopt that strategy.

        Realize that they cannot feed themselves if they attack country people while we can always attack those labor camps and supply lines and fuel sources. It will be a guerilla war of attrition and they cannot win without starving themselves.

        It will a thousand times worse than Afghanistan.

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