Monday Bombshell: Evidence So Damning It Will “Determine the Fate of Our Nation”

by | Apr 20, 2013 | Headline News | 495 comments

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    Radio host Glenn Beck has reportedly obtained information regarding the Saudi Arabian national initially detained as a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.

    According to Beck, the lies surrounding this suspect run so deep that should they become public they will have consequences so severe that the United State of America as we know it will be “done” if the Obama Administration is not held to account.

    On his radio show Friday, Beck urged White House officials to come clean.

    Failure to do so, says Beck, will leave him no other choice but to release evidence so damning that it will, “determine the fate of our nation.”

    Beck says President Obama and law enforcement officials have until Monday to be honest with the American people, or he will release what he knows.

    This is very, very important.

    What we do going forward from here will determine the fate of our nation. 

    Make no mistake. This story is number two [September 11 was #1] because of what I know. what we do will make this the most important story of our lifetime. What’s happening now is very important.

    What happens in its aftermath will make it the most important, because it will either save our country, or we will be done.

    Let me send this message very clear. We know who this Saudi National is. And it is in your best interests and the best interests of integrity and trust for the people of the United States of America.

    It’s best coming from you, not coming from a news organization.

    You have until Monday.

    We have information on who this man is. And listen to me carefully. We know that he is a very bad, bad, bad man.

    I know that doesn’t make sense to you now, but on Monday it will.

    …I don’t bluff. I make promises.

    The truth matters. I’ve had enough of what you’ve done to our country.

    I thought I  had heard and seen it all. I thought I didn’t trust my government.

    No. No.

    There is no depth that these people will not stoop to.

    They have until Monday.

    Initial reports after the Boston Marathon bombing were that a Saudi Arabian was in police custody and being questioned in the hospital.

    Here’s what we know so far.

    • Within a few hours of identifying Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi as a possible suspect in the bombing, officials advised that the this individual was cleared of any wrong-doing.
    • The FBI and other law enforcement agencies searched Ali Alharbi’s apartment in Revere, Massachusetts. Officials indicated that no evidence was found or removed from the apartment, but eye witness reports suggest otherwise. Fox News reported live from the scene that law enforcement was seen removing several bags after searching the residence.
    • The following day, Secretary of State John Kerry had a private meeting with a Saudi foreign minister.
    • President Obama, likewise, had an unscheduled meeting with the ambassador from Saudi Arabia. The official White House position is that the discussion entailed Syria, and had nothing to do with the Boston bombing.
    • First Lady Obama, also concerned about the health of the Saudi, paid a special visit to him in the hospital.
    • Within 24 hours, it was reported that college student Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi, originally identified as the Boston Bomber, was to be deported back to his home country on “national security grounds.”
    • When questioned by reporters on Thursday, Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano said that she knew nothing about the supposed deportation and that this claim was nothing more than a “rumor.” When further pressed about the suspect’s involvement in the most significant terrorist acts on U.S. soil since September 11, 2001, a frustrated Napolitano responded, “I am not going to answer that question, it is so full of misstatements and misapprehensions, that it is just not worthy of an answer.”

    According to Glenn Beck, however, the real story surrounding Saudi Arabian suspect Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi has been completely covered up by the White House and law enforcement officials at the highest levels.

    By Monday night, either the Obama administration comes clean, or Glenn Beck has promised to make whatever information he has available public.

    If this report from Beck is legitimate, and we suspect it is, then somewhere in Washington President Obama, Valeria Jarret, Janet Napolitano and others are having a crisis meeting as we speak.

    What does he know?

    Whatever it is, Glenn Beck implies that it is powerful enough to bring down the Administration.


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      1. I hope they do not “Breitbart” Beck before Monday!

        • GO TO: E-Foods Direct and Goldline

          Give them the password: BECK

          And Glenn will be just fine.


            Every should join your local State militia. The sooner the better for all of US. Chapters in 38 States. Add your support. There is strength in numbers

            Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Women too! 🙂


            • janet napolitano will save us

              • This one really bothered the kosher thought police scrubbing everything but the AIPAC version of the Boston Marathon false flag.

                QUESTION: “I don’t know too many religions that kill innocent people as their agenda to their “belief”.”

                ANSWER: “…although our Sages declared, ‘Kill even the best of the gentiles,’ and that, as mentioned above, the Rambam [Maimonides] states in Hilchot Melachim 8:10 that any gentile who does not accept the seven universal laws commanded to Noah and his descendants should be slain. These directives, however. can be interpreted to apply only in a time of war or in a time when the Jews have control over the gentiles.”

                Scroll down to the Commentary on Halacha 1:

                • we’ll have to see what the zyGoo media allows Glenn Schlepp to say.

                • Thanx for taking the fight to the real enemy, John.
                  There are more of us, than them.

                  We both know, who wins in the end.
                  They do too!

                  Dio Vindice, brother!

              • BAHAHAHAHA. Glen Beck, LOL.

                Fool you once, shame on you.
                Fool you twice, shame on you.
                Fool you thrice, WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?

                • Hey Chumba. This sure isn’t ZH is it? Notice Tyler doesn’t list SHTF in the list of websites anymore?

              • Think so? How come, then, the Boston PD did all the leg work and killed one and caught the other. Where was “Butch”, having her mustache trimmed? I think she ought to be fired, and the chief of Boston PD giver her job. He might actaully be a patiotic American…

            • Howdy DK,

              Good Evening to all. The magnitude of the allegations being floated here by Mr. Beck are extr-aordinary…even for Beck, for whom I have little love. Nonetheless, it is a RARE day when someone who effectively ‘has so much to lose’ stands to make such without what is required to back it up.

              Although I do not regard Beck as a shill for the MSM – his behaviour and subsequent, effective termination from Fox (previously) demonstrates the contrary in fact – it remains that for all such as he that he is First, a ‘Showman’. I am prepared to give give full benefit of the doubt that I curently have this momment…till Monday evening.

              I wiil not further speculate on this until he has made plain what his allegations are, in detail. Those here who are ‘regular’ will already know what is transpiring with my personal circumstance and thus know as well that my opinion of what we see arond us now is, to say the last, Grim. Yet, again, I will forgo further – currently, baseless speculaltion – until we are FULLY apprised of the exact nature of what Mr. Beck is presently witholding from public dissemination.

              I am troubled by a great many things lately – seemingly an endless number of things as it were that we see alll around us daily and I assure you – one and all – that my initial response to this was ‘rush in where the Angels fear to tread” I will delay my personal judgement for a time..a BRIEF time, till…

              The ‘Ball’ t’will be in YOUR court come Monday Mr. Beck…given your assertions I hope you are not bringing forth that which is wholly trivial to America, in our eyes…the consequences to you could be rather unforgiving. I wait – now – prepared to HEAR and JUDGE for myself.

              May He Bless and Keep us…Each and Every one. Amen.

              Continue preparing in all ways as you have Folks, nothing has yet changed…

              ….though it might, soon.


              • JOG,

                Nicely stated!! Beck is often given to hyperbole and is about “moving the needle”, as they say in the radio business.

                • Howdy SD!

                  On balance here…I’d say that “Hit the Road Jack” by the estimable Mr. Ray Chatles probably sums it up for ‘Somebody’ come Tuesday morning…

                  “Hit the Road Jack..and dont’cha come back no more no more, no more, no more!”

                  “Hit the Road Jack…and dont’cha come back no more…” 😉

                  We’ll see, soon enough.


                  • Why don’t you stop posting? Everyone gives you a thumbs down and your a waste of wall space. When you have something relivant to add…… nevermind that won’t happen.

                • Beck is a judas goat, this news will be no big thing if it was he would be Breitbarted.

                  • you trust Obama more than Beck? what do you work for obama? Obama has done nothing but lie since he has been in office. if this guy was so innocent then why did they get him out of the country so quick to the country that Obama kissed the ring of it’s king? Beck told too much truth and thats why he was fired from fox! he was the no. 1 show in his time slot only second to O’reilly.

              • Ironic to find out that McCarthy WAS right — there ARE communists in Hollywood and the government.

                • And in Hollywood….

              • You should not judge, that’s not your job but someone else’s…

              • Does everyone remember that unbelievable farce that Heraldo Rivera put on, years ago, where he had a TV special where he was going to open a tomb or some kind of ancient vault that had been dug up somewhere? And, how the network this con-artist A-hole worked for at the time spent several weeks, promoting and hyping that show and how they had all of the sleazy media cockroaches wasting hours and hours of TV air time, sitting around and ‘speculating’ what ‘mystery’ might be discovered when Heraldo finally opened that vault or tomb? If I remember correctly, this farce of a stunt had captivated the pea-sized brains of millions of stupid American couch potatoes and huge numbers of these brainless nitwits tuned into the Rivera TV Special on the Big Night when the vault was finally opened.

                Does everyone remember that? Well, this Glenn Beck is nothing more than a slightly more polished version of Heraldo Rivera. And, this proclamation of his is designed to capture the attention of the stupid masses of asses – and I believe it’s part of the government disinformation campaign to steer our attention away from the presence of government special operations personnel being at the scene in Boston and being complicit in the whole false flag operation.

                It is a distraction, folks. Don’t get snookered again.

                • The duration of the wait is much too short to be a very effective distraction, just saying, it would do my heart good if he outs a 9/11 alleged terrorist who was supposed to be dead, or something similar.

                • If Beck has something he should just spit it out. The Obama adminstration is just full of lies. If the address it, they will spin it like a top.
                  I do wonder what is going on because there is no way the ricin envelopes in the mail and the bombing just kinda happend at the same time. It takes time to put something like the ricen power letters togeather and it takes planning. The bombs and the ricen are somehow linked.

                  • Twin Towers = Anthrax

                    Back-pack bomb = Ricin.

                    There. Fixed that.

            • DK I’m wondering who/what the secret is. Could it be that Gypsy Rose Lee is still alive and in Saudi?

              • ELVIS!???

              • It damn well better be “good” and accurate. His credibility is on the line. I urge everyone again, to join the Constitution Security Force Militia. Large numbers of citizens committed to the Resistance, will give the NWO Globalists pause.


                Join the Resistance and put them on notice. Collective action is how they came to power. Collective action is how they will be removed from power.


                • The ‘secret”? Cerebus is selling their guns and buying the new company that makes Twinkies.

                • Howdy…AGAIN!, DK,

                  “It damn well better be “good” and accurate. His credibility is on the line.”

                  NAH!!…YA THINK??!!! 😉

                  Whew-Boy…IF Mr Beck don’t have it ‘Signed, Sealed and DELIVERED’ this time…I’d venture to say that he MIGHT be up the proverbial ‘poog-pooh’ tributary without an impeller for the neccessary, required propulsion for his immediate needs! One way or another…for SOMEONE here…this is ‘Game, Set and Match.”


                  PS: NO matter WHAT happens at this point…it’s gonna BE interesting, Eh? 🙂

                • DK, et al: After this latest fiasco, and the the earlier one in California, how can anyone still be affraid of the so-called NWO and 1984-Style Police State? Four days and thousands of federal, state, and local cops and they miss one wonded kid hiding in a boat. These guys couldn’t catch a cold and folks are still worried about these “fearsome” storm troopers going door-to-door during some martial law/ national lockdown looking for gun, food, or bullion. Are you f*cking serious! The problem here is that the real-world cops don’t match the hype of tv and movies.

                  • And they do great!
                    When they are training against silouette targets with non combative opponents.

                  • G8, here’s a clue for you — they actually had to put down their donuts and go DO something here—when they come for US, they’ll have the advantage of every piece of data the government has amassed on us…home/work address, phone numbers (w/GPS locators) emails and associates lists, summer cottage locations, all of it, even right down to where we use our cards to shop, put gas in our cars.

                    They didn’t have that advantage with this one, skinny kid, yet they STILL had to have Joe Citizen make a call before they could find him.

                    I’d be less worried if I was a criminal with no ties in the database.

                  • Your trippin @Gregory All these thugs need is force. Skill is completely irrelevant when your knocking down the doors of civil law abiding citizens, especially if those citizens happen to be unarmed.

                • At the risk of sounding incredibly naive, or possibly asking for info that is classified, how does one go about doing this? I have no idea whom to contact or how to go about it. Am also concerned that most of the members may be DHS or FBI, taking notes.

                • My experience is militia’s are a joke. The one’s I seen were a bunch of fat guys with guns. I seen one exercise were everyone got lost and thirsty so they quit. If SHTF happens, your not going to leave your family and dwelling to go meet a bunch of losers to take on the government. I recruit people in my neighborhood to defend our property and families. I like my chances a lot more with people my age instead of a bunch of fat guys playing army.

                  GOD BLESS BUY MORE RIFLES!!!

                  • @ Indy Colts

                    You are right Indy. Most could not find their way out of a paper bag. Can not name the parts of their weapon, let alone clean it. Read a map and use a compass? Hahahahaha, There are many at this site too. They buy all sorts of exotic crap and stick it in a pack. Later when they do a MILE march, they jetison the junk on the ground for the pack becomes heavy. Wait till they feel the pain of blisters from not breaking in their boots beforehand. Bugs and dirt would do most of them in.

              • Ali Alharbi is BHO and Napolitano’s love child?

                • Now that is one fucke-up dude. his daddy is a muslim faggot and his momma is a dung beetle dyke. Whew, I’d hate to see his kids.

                  • I am glad that a few of my friends got it! Hopefully we never see his offspring, but in the meantime we have to deal with all his relatives.

              • Maybe Beck will spill the beans on Chris Matthews, and reveal that Chrissy gets shivers down all 3 of his legs whenever he sees or hears Obama make a speech?

                • Tucker,I think those particular beans were spilled quite a while back,were’nt they? Maybe Beck has photos of chris matthews and barney frank sharing giggles together.

                  • No dummy it is pics of Obama and Chris Matthews making whoopie!

                  • Seems like the Hasbarats A-Team must be assigned to monitor this site. Every post that I make, or any other post that anyone else makes that has any seeds of truth in them – wind up ‘hidden due to low comment rating’.

                • Tucker,
                  I wonder who the kissass Obama supporters are who gave you all the thumbs down. We have some real confused people on here.

          • Idiot….

        • My guess is that Glenn has a SPECIAL video should he have a heart attack or car accident this weekend…. Just my humble opinion of course.

          Keep your powder dry,

          • … and for only $19.95 you can have a copy.

            • does it come in Blue-ray?
              by the way, I like that moniker, DrinkMercury. Hilarious!

              • Ahhhh c’mon, who in the hell would mass red thumb our own Smokin-Okie’s commentary?
                Back-off y’all assholes, yer treading onto dangerous ground, as everyone here at this site, has this dudes back, in spades.

                Something stinks & it ain’t related to multiple uptakes of liquid heavy-metal poisoning from a shot-glass.

                Key word dipshits. Focus on heavy-metal poisoning.
                Its likely headed your way.

                Some of us know, who you are & where you can be found.
                You best sleep with one eye open.
                You know the drill. We keep score.


            • I used to like Beck, but it is very clear that he is just a commercial now. His 3 hour radio show is 10 min of substance and the rest is commercials and buffoonery.

              • Everybody here should READ that article written by Gordon Duff(owns vertrans today website) READ it at LINK posted above by JQP poster. A 10 minuit reading that totally describes what and who is behind this stuff(boston event).

                I’d Bet everyone who thunbed down JohnQ P’s post and Link to it never bothered to even read that article right?

                You automaticly Kneejerk react based upon Emotion based “feelings” based on false teachings You are brainwashed with right? This stuff in boston ties back to Bush jr and 9/11 when bush promoted Chertoff(dual citizen) to be head of DHS. Then Chertoff brought in His israeli pals leo-specialty orgs as overseers to our fed fbi-cops-Fusion centers etc!

                if You who kneejerk react Now cannot handle truths or facts regarding israel and APAIC-ADL-SPLC involvment in all these false flags and cover-ups, how in the world will You fools deal with the soon comming Read deal and it is YOU under the fed gov microscope? Think your Proisrael preachermen will vouch for you or what? Think You will be Raptured out before evil or bad things begin?

                HINT! Evil Has begun so has Bad stuff and Our nation has been infiltrated by so many kommies and zionist’s no sane honest folks can debate or deny it any longer. Wake up or forever remain Fool Idiots. Their Noahide laws perps are going to Love all you Fool types. They are Laughing at you all now. Once they take full power and control of the entire usa, They Will Murder You fool naysayers!

                If you cannot even be decent enough to Read the article posted before denying or naysaying it? You won’t even rate as a Fool!

            • Hey Drink mercury,

              AKA Cass Sunstein. Shut the F up. We know who you are.

              • This is all fine, and maybe he’s really got something, maybe not. Tread lightly, friends. Remember, he’s on establishment media. I hope he has some “truth”, but I won’t bet the farm on it, just in case he doesn’t.

                • What was that “surprise announcement” that Donald Trump claimed he was going to make before the election?

                  • Possibly hair-care secrets…

                • This is all a game to distract and confuse. Ever see anything tangible come out of all the huff and puff on all the talk radio shows? Come Monday Beck will have some stupid reason why he has decided to delay his “Big Story”until Obama has a chance to show what he will do. We will never hear about it again. Beck is a circus barker nothing more.

                  • What is Congress passing right now? Maybe this is slight of hand to no one sees alternations to laws or maybe they are signing the UN gun control legislation. The media are completely bought and paid for so if they are running this bombing story to death then what are they NOT talking about? What is big and going down this past week that they don’t want to talk about?

            • Will he throw in a salad shooter with that?

          • Howdy JJsan,

            Welcome back! 🙂

            ….Ummm, could BE…


            • Thanks brother, been working a lot

              • 😉

                I know the feeling…..


        • @American, not U.S. Citizen…..

          You beat me to it. The exact same thought went through my mind.

          • Same here. I hope Beck is still with us come Monday night. He sounds more serious than I have ever heard him.

            • Scout Motto: please let us know asap what he says. I don’t subscribe to Beck and many just listen to his radio show, which I seldom do. This is interesting.

          • I can’t wait til Monday to see what Beck has. I’ve been suspicious about this whole Boston Bombing from the beginning. I’m suspicious about the Texas fertilizer explosion too. Ain’t nothing gonna happen to Beck. Those in higher places will use the usual B.S. and try to make it seem like whatever Beck has is simply propaganda.

            • I’m suspicious this was a test of urban vs rural response to such a situation.

        • Where did he get his information from , Alex beat everybody to the real story.

          • …and be careful about Alex Jones…he may have info, but what is HIS agenda? Deliver the information with as much fear, anger, and manipulation as the mainstream media does with censored info. Often times he ends up no better than Faux or the Cartoon News Network. Keep your wits about you, friends.

            • In other words, yes, always be prepared for all outcomes, both positive and negative (in all aspects of life, for that matter)….but….always keep your feet on the ground and your life balanced. Be a chameleon – prepped for chaos, or just another day at the office, or even all out celebration.

            • Do NOT put all your eggs in Alex Jones’ basket. Ever.

            • Not entirely true. Jones is definitely in the “paranoia” business, but sometimes MIAC comes to mind–MSM including so-called “conservative” radio weren’t discussing it until 4 days after Jones broadcast the info and posted the document on his site. The US Army’s Internment and Relocation training manual (created Feb 2010) with which soldiers are to be trained to intern Americans for, among other reasons, “re-education about the positive aspects of Federal Government policies…” was available briefly from Access to the public went away within 48 hours, but plenty of time for myself and millions of others to download it. Don’t completely dismiss Alex–even a broken clock is right twice a day…

          • nah we all know that george nory get all the REAL storys

            • whoops “gets”

        • The Saudis is the real Boston bomber and the Russian kids were framed wouldn’t be the first time they did something like this

          • If the Chechyns were innocent, why did they run? Oh, forgot about the guys shooting machineguns at ’em.

            • The FBI suddenly out of the blue says it wants you for killing a bunch of people. This is the first you’ve heard of it…

              Are you telling me you WOULDN’T run?

              Yeah I’d be all turning myself in on that one *sarcasm*.

              See this is what happens when assholes waterboard a bunch of people. Suddenly the average citizen’s willingness to cooperate kind of takes a major nose dive.

            • It could be that these two Chechyns saw what the jackbooted thugs did to Chris Dorner, and figured that the same thing would happen to them if they tried to surrender
              and then clear their names.

              After all, its pretty clear to most people with at least a couple of functioning brain cells in their heads – that cops today are totally out of control, murderous, blood-thirsty psychopaths and these monsters know that they can do just about anything to any citizen and never be held accountable for it.

              • The article about finding him in the boat tells it all for me—FIRST they shoot the boat full of holes for a while, THEN they bring in a negotiator to try to get whatever might be left to surrender.

                I’d run too, if I was in those shoes, hoping to live long enough to figure out what to do about my situation. That’s just common sense, not obvious guilt.

                • Has everyone seen the still photo that is going around the web that shows the 19 year old kid climbing out of the boat, when he surrendered to the jackbooted thugs?

                  Now, I have never had any specialized forensics or blood splatter expert training, but in that picture – the kid didn’t have any visible blood on his face, throat, neck, or clothes. Yet, now – we are seeing pictures and being told that he was covered with blood and that he ‘attempted’ to suicide himself?

                  Oh, and this morning, an Aunt of these two guys from Canada said she confirmed that the naked guy that the jackboots had cuffed and who they put into one of their jackboot mobiles – was the older brother. But, the older guy winds up being riddled with bullets and run over by one of the jackboot mobiles and gets croaked, after his apprehended naked hind parts had been handcuffed and placed into a cop car?

                  Engage brains, folks. Clearly, the kid in the boat – was deliberately shot by the jackbooted thugs – but, somehow didn’t get a fatal wound. The other brother was deliberately murdered and then run over by the jackboots as part of their cover story about a wild shootout. That one dead cop was probably sacrificed so as to make the narrative seem more realistic.

                  These two brothers are looking more and more like patsies, who got caught up in something and that’s why the jackboots wanted them both dead, so they would not have time to tell their side of the story.


                  The stench wafting off of this thing in Boston is so ripe, it smells like a blown up fertilizer plant.

                  Oh, yea. There’s one of those already. Oops.

              • Tucker, Read the Link JQP Posted above it shows why todays cops act like this and Who has trained the cops to do so. I don’t always agree with Gordon Duff articles, but he sure got it correct this time I think. It coincides with All prior articles by many various patriot writers going back 10 yrs to 9/11 falshoods etc.

                At some point and soon now, all the current crop of libs and naysayers, along with staunch neocon and hannity lovers as well as glen beck devotee’s will not be able to discount nor deny it all, when everywheres you look the Fingerprints of several orgs and personal are stamped all over most if not all we see happening again and again.

          • The Saudis owned the Bushs. Why would it be a problem for them to own Obama(a Muslim)and most of the congress? 750 billion a year forever that the US spends on saudi oil can buy alot of influence especially when the target group is a bunch of dishonest scumbags. Comparing politicians to scumbags is unkind to scumbags who at least serve a useful purpose.

            • saudi’s are running out of oil.

              • Bingo! But don’t you dare let the Saudi populace (or American populace) hear that one! There’ll be riots in the streets of …………Hmmmm…………..Wait a second……………..

                • Blacksmith…everyone wants to rebuff the peak oil theory.

                  There is nothing to rebuff. The easy oil is long fucking gone.

                  There is a scramble worldwide to keep this fucked up scam going. The US can only print money and manipulate the markets.

                  Everyone else is doing whatever they can to keep their economies alive…and everyone is doing it as dishonestly as they posibbly can with absolutely no regard for the earth and humanity.

                  We can smell the smoke, only a matter of time before the fire starts.

                  It will burn every country on this planet.

                  Be one wearing the full armour of God…and…

                  “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

                  • That’s pretty much what I was getting at. Like I said….shhh…..just don’t let those living an ‘entitlement’ lifestyle, as if the world owes them something, know about it!

                  • @lastmanstanding

                    Rebuff peak oil theory? What makes you so certain that the peak oil theory has any credibility?

                    I have worked In the oil and has business more than 30 years. Fact is, proved reserves are vastly understated, purposefully so. The International Energy Agency is a complete fraud, along with their numbers. The theory is but another fear meme of the elite, much like global warming, much like water shortages, much like over population, much like Y2k, ad nauseum.

                    In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the theme of the day was global cooling and looming oil shortages. Some predictions had the world running out of oil by 1990, and the entire planet freezing over by 2000. It is a hoot to read some of the prognostications by so- called experts of that era.

                    I have read some of Chris Martensen’s peak oil numbers. Sorry, but he is working with fake data, although he has no idea the data is completely bogus.

                    I am also scientist and engineer, and frankly have no time to debunk this nonsense. Sadly, there is an overwhelming amount of “junk science” perpetrated on the public. One good website that exposes some of this is

                    The PTB spew this fear mongering crap out there for one reason only, and that is to advance their agenda of control.

                    One thing they continually reassure people about is the USA economy. The Wall Street Shills, the fed, the banksters, our grossly corrupt Congress all tell us that life will be just peachy. Now, that’s something to really worry about. In fact, you better be damned scared. Almost all central banks worldwide are,in fact, insolvent. The speculative derivatives bubble involves more that a quadrillion dollars worth of risky bets that could go south in a heartbeat. And you are worried about peak oil? C’mon. Get real. Do your homework and think for yourself.

                    These themes about “shortages” of resources are only perpetrated so that control of these resources, and control of you, becomes far more concentrated into the hands of the statist social engineers who believe that their superior brain power knows what is best for all. These are godless, ammoral, evil people, who hark back to the bogus theories of good government espoused as far back as Plato’s Republic, proving that this battle between elitists and us, the common folk, have been going on for literally 2000 years.

                    The US Constitution was a major defeat for them, but now, they are close to destroying what our God fearing founders gave us. So not only do we have to be armed with our guns and ammo, with our food preps, et al, we have to be armed with our God- given brains, meaning, we damn well better have our facts straight, and be mentally prepared with the Truth, not with the utter bullshit hey keep trying to scare us with.

                  • anonymous…thanks for your reply, I damn near agreement with nearly everything you have stated and thanks for the link.

                    I have spent my entire life outside. I have truly tried to understand how the earth and its ‘booty’ work.

                    Here is the bottom line on oil…it takes way more resources (I will not eve begin with how much water is used/destroyed fracking) than it used to to get it out of the ground. As a scientist, (and I am not mocking you) you understand where I am coming from. Frankly, we should have tons of oil, even more than you claim…It is being used up at a ridiculous rate by corps to produce nothing of real value and by people on the dole who do less than nothing for the rest of the earth and humanity.

                    Frankly, I don’t give a damn about how much oil/gas a person uses as long as they pay for it with their own money that they earned being productive.

                    Look at all the fucks that benefit oil-wise from those that are productive. As an owner of 2 bizs, my money is taken/taxed and others get free oil of some sort.

                    I would love to sit down with you and discuss this topic at length over a cold one but I’ve got to get to work so that I can provide some worthless piece of humanity his/her fuel for the day…while they lay around playing xbox, texting/fbing, eating gmo or popping out another kid that they/we have to care for.

                    I get the lie that we have all been living and soon it will be rectified.

                    Like you, I want to be the solution.

                    Yesterday, we worked in our garden, cleaned up our private property, played with our pets, planted new fruit trees, head a couple beers and enjoyed a beautiful day.

                    This morn we have 4″ of snow…adapt and overcome bro.

                    thanks again for your enlightening reply.

            • It’s not the president they own, it’s the elites BEHIND the president who calls the shots.

            • OBAMA IS NOT A MUSLIM!!!! He is a marxist and they don’t believe in religion. Research is real father Frank Marshall Davis. I’m sure Barry thinks he’s a living god or something. He doesn’t bow his knee to anyone but hiself.

          • My guess is that the rich Saudi punk offered them money to do it, but got himself injured and trapped, and didn’t dare get money to them. The Chechens didn’t own a car, apparently, or have money to escape Boston, hence the carjackings. If they planned the bombing so well, why not escape from the aftermath? I bet they did it for money, and the money man’s failure to come through trapped them in Boston. The Saudi was likely present to see it for himself before paying and was inadvertently injured. The guy who grabbed him said he asked if there weren’t “two bombs”, and this, I understand was before the second explosion. Moochelle visiting this guy in the hospital, the meeting between Kerry and briefly the prez himself with the Saudi ambassador suggest that there was more to this story than a Saudi with relatives in Al Qaeda coincidentally being present for this explosion.

            • It seems strange that if these brothers were such fiends that killed anybody that was around them why did they let the guy they highjacked the car from get out alive? Or was that a planned escape?

            • Lenord, OR what you think is due to MSM Says all that happened right? And by thinking what you stated how much time did you devote to at least look at or consider what roles apaic-adl-splc et al orgs may have(very likly Did) played? I bet you devoted Zero time or thought to Those orgs and it’s attached persons huh?

              Who do you believe has more top inside control of the usa and whitehouse, congress,senate, MSM’s etc?

              #1 zio banksters and all associated zionist orgs like apaic et al ever since 1913?

              OR #2, islamic muslims that barely as yet have hardly any folks in key areas or positions, and Only since about 2004 or thereabouts?

              Wake Up! Islamics AND Zionists are BOTH Americas main Enemys! BOTH ARE!! Just because fox tv news and most msm’s as well as fed govnt “officials” keep claiming zio-israel is usa’s top allies and friends, do you actually believe it is true? If you say yes, then why would you not trust those same entities of msm and fed govnt on most everything they tell us to believe?

              Either persons tell truth or they Lie. Most stick to one or the other and on every issue or item they say. Liars Lie. Honest folks do Not. If they lie on 99% like our fed gov and msm do, why would any fool believe they are truthfull in saying Israel and its zionists are Allies and Friends?!

              PS Just remembered info of recent findings, Richard Land aka Head Honcho of americas largest group of enangelicals, the Southern Baptists which number at least 25-Million nationwide has become a bonafide Member also of the CFR! The Council on Foriegn Relations! a Private think tank org begun early 1900 era’s by Rokefeller bros. and Their buddy J.P.Morgan himself.

              Southern Baptist head leader Richard Land is now joined officially with aprox 4000+ Other eliets in CFR org which prime goals since it began is to SUBVERT USA Soverignty and take the usa into their NWO govnt! Current CFR membership is about 75% Zio-Jewish persons, and most all members are either high up officials of MSM-Fed Govnt-Multi-Corps-Other similar think tanks.

              25 Million+ Southern Baptists have been Sold Out by their main Leader! oh also acording to Chuck Baldwin article at newswithviews website a week ago, Richard Land along with Billy Grham’s som Franklin Grham have Both signed onto Hobammys Faith-org-directives to ASSIST in GUN BANNINGS!

              Got that yet? Land and Franklin Grham are BOTH Joined forces with ANTIGUN Libs! due to sandy crook/hook event!

              Check this stuff before naysaying as it is Truth.

        • you probably don’t want to know the truth here, actually. Let’s just say that a part of this story is the United States Government’s collusion with Hollywood, Indie, and foreign films. For example, when Britain’s Coldstream Guards did a national musical tour in America during summer 1981, just weeks after the deaths of Bobby Sands & friends at Long Kesh, the IRA dogged the entire tour with protests. This at a time of Libyan and Iranian support. That, ladies and gents, was the background for all films of Irish and Scottish theme of the past 30 years. On March 17th this year (uh…Paddy’s Day), “Family Guy” episode “Turban Cowboy” contained its own predictors in showing the Boston Marathon being bombed with two explosive packs set off by cell phone. Oh, there’s so much more to say, and it gets worse with every detail. They laid out the 911 attacks for years beforehand in films (Jon Voight born on September 11th in “Enemy Of The State” back in 1998). So much for Israel blindsiding the Americans here. OK, that’s all for now. How does it feel to be screwed by some trillionaires?

        • Why wait?
          If this is so big he should put it out there.
          This is not soap opera that we need a teaser over the weekend.
          As far as these guys being framed, bullshit!
          They had bombs, they had guns, they have video and they went down in a blaze.
          Were they alone probably not, first they found other bombs then they didn’t.
          What happened to the Saudi?
          What happened to the three guys they took in today?
          What happened in Texas?
          If Beck has info, he should spill it or get off his high horse.

          • They probably DID do it.

            The other unfortunate consequence of the whole “Iraq has mushroom clouds” BS is the fact that, now that they’ve shown a willingness to pull that shit… I feel like I’ll never know, will I?

            But… probably yeah. I’ll never be able to get closer than “probably” anymore. And at times I have my doubts on that one too.

            The Chimp and Co. sure did manage to fuck up citizen participation in an expert manner.

            I still don’t get why they’d be there. The perps I mean. I mean… is this Bullwinkle and Rocky? They have to light a fucking fuse or something???

          • I agree. Beck is a drama queen. IF you have real intel, out with it already or we may find you in Ft. Marcy Park.

          • all we know is what they TELL US they had.



          • Then Beck better have some real good body guards.

            • He does. And he has all his cars stripped down to the frame and custom armor installed. He knows people want him dead

              • More bullshit. Nobody wants him dead, he is totally insignificant.

        • Consider this legit intel. For those of you who don’t, may God have mercy on your souls

          Currently large numbers of military vehicles, and personnel are being moved on the hush hush. No I’m not talking about the youtube videos that have been floating around for months and years. I’m talking about april 20th 2013 while your all out getting high. If the internet is still up by monday, I doubt it will be showing anything useful. If you haven’t prepared anything yet, bring your ass to wal mart as soon as your done reading this. They will tell you whatever they want, and most will believein the beginning. Good luck to you and God bless. Make your peace now. For the ones who love to point your fingers and ridicule, you can not be saved. You’ll get yours soon enough. Good luck.

          • Legit Intel: After seeing the gross incompetence in both California and Boston, you’re still worried? Get a f*cking grip pal!

        • Luckily Beck has as bodyguards and I dough his are out whore chasing like the DICKtator and chief,s are. Although if it was my job to bodyguard Pres.Zero I would be doing anything but taking a bullet for that SOB!

        • No jinxing plx. God will protect Glenn and the like!

        • If he’s smart, he’ll have several ‘back-ups’ to get the word out even if he disappears. That leverage could keep him alive long enough to do it himself.

          • Becks likly to say usa needs to blow up IRAN asap! whatever angle beck is on bet yer ass it involves israel and becks jewish pals/zios.

            If Beck really did Read even one single of his huge collection of older books about russia wwi and original kommies like lennin and trotsky. As Beck Claims he read them all cover to cover. If even read a single one then beck KNOWS hes not telling the entire truth when he speaks of kommies and how that affects todays usa.

            Nobody can read those older fact filled books and Not know who the real orig kommies were and STILL are period.

            So Beck either refuses to reveal the WHOLE truth when he spews daily on this issue, OR he is simply another msm SOLD Out to zionists Traitor same as so many polititions and pastors today are. They constantly tell You to fully support our nations worst enemys and most folks do!

            Blind support while rejecting ALL counter info no matter who or where it comes from. Thats called Enabeling or Enablers of the Evils! If that fits YOU? wake up and Learn the truth Beck and Hannity et al will Never tell you of.

        • This is so idiotic. So he is going to hold back on the truth. I wonder if he even knows how moronic this comes across to people. So let me get this right, G B is threatening (blackmailing) the Whitehouse with what he says he knows to be explosive info. I think something is wrong here. Why would you give the Whitehouse, or any Whitehouse for that matter, fore warning, and an opportunity to do a threat assessment (enemy combatant, NDAA) along with time to formulate and strategize a reply. If they do come out with something, you best believe it won’t be to their detriment. Or does he really think they will reveal info that can have the potential to bring them down?

        • I hope they do. Beck is a blow hard piece of shit and full of crap, nothing will happen.

        • It’s Monday and?

        • Ok…so it’s Monday, BLOWHARD. What now?

        • If you ask me, he has nothing to fear. He works in their interest. The Saudis are involved? REALLY?!?!?! He isn’t bringing down anyone but himself and his idiot followers! Why isn’t he talking about the actual bombers who are appear to be working for the govt? That’s right, there nothing to see there. Move along folks. Beck is a traitor and only cares about his finances!

        • the phony opposition BECK has another grandstanding, ratings-whore FLOP. he and Jonestown are a sad commentary on true patriotism in America. but then the home of the american revolution letting its homes be gangraped by the SWAT thugs is a fitting partner to the ‘patriots’ they worship and follow. what a perfect mirror of our narcissistic spiritually dead culture. they all deserve each other.

      2. wow

        strong stuff

        Beck had better be right on this

        • no kiddin he better be right !
          he is layin it all out there , this could backfire really bad should it be a stunt .
          i dont think it is .
          just the implications of a white house cover-up , and having proof ? VERY DANGEROUS , be well glenn.

          • I hope it is a cover up and i hope the info he has is so damning that we can purge the entire top tier of the executive branch and replace all of the representatives for being complicit.
            Theres my kinda hope and change.
            God bless the republic.

            • Don’t be surprised if something huge happens this weekend. Then you can bet that Glen is not full of it.

              • Hey Ferb, i know what were gonna do today.

            • Yes, God bless the Republic! (Please don’t anyone call it “Homeland”– that’s what Hitler called Germany. Bush started calling the U.S. the homeland and everyone copied him… )

              • Thank you, grasshopper! It makes my skin crawl when I hear people refer to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as the “Homeland!”

            • Hell yes ..Purge baby .

        • GLENS the man that can stick the poker so far up obamas
          ass he wont never get it out. if glens right get ready for CHAOS

        • I just read an article on-line that said Michele Obama visited two Saudi nationals in the hospital because they were injured in the bombing. Cover-up, truth, coincidence on the timing? We could make ourselves crazy with conspiracy theories, “special announcements” and speculations. I doubt if the truth will ever be known. The media coverage was ridiculously bad; inaccuracies, conjecture, mispronunciations and factual errors. Don’t trust anyone in authority or the media, even the ones that claim special knowledge and sources. If Glenn Beck is right, we’re in trouble. If he’s wrong, or shooting from the hip, we’re still in trouble. Misneach, fianna.

          • But..But…Saudi Arabia is our Strategic Partner!

            • You’ll like that better than you’ll like $15 gas and the instantaneous crash of the petrodollar.

              If Glen’s planning to fuck with our Saudi partnership… yeah well. That’s an incredibly bad idea.

              • I’d personally rather tell them to shove that petrodollar up their asses, than to keep putting up with this shit for any longer. DEPENDANCE IS NOT FREEDOM, and that includes dependance on the Saudi’s oil.

            • Maybe they need to bust out the make it all go away-inator

        • Beck is as full of shit as a Christmas goose. I will believe it when he produces it with proof. He is first and foremost an entertainer.

      3. Let ‘er rip, Glenn

        Lets open up this can of sardines right now

        • I have never, ever understood why anyone would want to warn the bad guys that this kind of info will be made public — even in Hollywood, this means the good guy with the info gets cement shoes — what on earth possesses them?

          • “Drink your Ovaltine”. It’s called ratings. How many will tune in Monday to see what’s up.

            • You better hope… it’s JUST ratings…

              To be truthful, I hope you’re right…
              cause that can of sardines has been out in the sun too long.

              • The last time Beck did a statement like this, the MSM did indeed come clean about what he was threatening to expose them….He had a whole lot of information about Benghazi that the MSM was covering up, and he put it to them just like this, and low and behold, they finally did start trickling a little more information out about it…He also has 6 congressmen who have confirmed this information first hand and a number of other investigative reporters. I don’t doubt for a second that there are things that Beck does and/or says for ratings, but he is far more often right about a lot of things going on than he is mistaken on.

            • I got my decoder ring and it says the deported Saudi prince was de brovas go-to man.

            • Wow! so many Glen Beck devotee’s here! No wonder all a sudden of recent weeks so many thumbs down types are now here. No wonder they thumb down all posts even remotly related to info on apaic or israel or other jewsih issues. It is all these beck belivers crowd types huh!

              Anybody still asleep about beck and his bs and blind zio support is as idiotic and easy to Dupe as a typical lib dem hobammmy idol worshiper is. Sad sad sad.

              • Them guys….you may have noticed as I have that posts such as yours and those belonging to others about similar subjects somehow manage to get the sae amount of red thumbs in certain amount of time….I don’t think that is due to the regular posters. I read all posts including the collapsed posts so I spot these trends. And by stating this I’m certain to have this post red thumbed to oblivion. Which is probably why the regular posters will not engage in dialog with you because they know every comment they make afterwards will probablybe attacked by the red thumb army and they don’t want the hassle.

                • Triggerman, yes I agree. I also think most of prior posters that were regulars here no longer post at all. That too is likly due to so many hasbara types comming here doing all these thumbs downs.

                  About a year ago it was all over the internet that israel along with several usa zio groups such as splc and apaic hired over 1/4 Million full timer online persons to check all sites with any info that goes against their zionistic agendas or is simply info that disproves or even disagrees with most everything we all were told to believe about israel and their main issues. Especially posts that include the Massive recent proofs to debunk so much of WWII type lies like “6 Million”! That number from WWII issues is sacred and also plays a huge religious belief to jews. Especially the Orthodox types!

                  Its part of Kabalaistic ritual beliefs. These info facts are all over the websites today and debunk so many prior things. Too bad so many who claim to be awake today really aint. Like liberals they cannot deal with such truths. Not about these issues anyways! Their loss, not ours that are awake huh.

                  • True…the main reason I started checking up on such claims was because of what I saw….so I had to see for myself what was upsetting so many. I read everything on an issue I can find both pro and con and then make up my own mind.

                  • On that note….look what happened to SmokinOkies comment up above. When the Hell has Smokin ever had so many red thumbs? Never!

          • 33 million dollars a year is reason enough to take risks and make headlines.

            • He was busy exposing TIDES for less that 3.

              • I think Glen’s exposing of the Tides foundation…as well as those on the progressive left has been his greatest contribution. He did a lot to expose guys like Soros….Cass Sunstein…Bill

                And he did this before a huge audience…much larger than most other cable programs.

                Is he quirky? Yes.

                Overly dramatic at times? Most definitely.

                But I think he’s done far more good than just about any one else out there right now…..except for maybe Judge Napolitano.

                Oh…wait a minute….the Judge isn’t on Fox anymore either, is he?

                • I’m with ya Walt,

                  The Tides revelation was outstanding. We all had an inkling of the movement of the enemy(left) but there was never any link. This was the beef btw him and Breitbart. Beck got lead to it, ran with it and it blew up. Breitbart after the fact wanted beck to have footnoted him about the Tides foundation.

      4. I’ve never been a fan of Glen Beck, but this is one time i can appreciate him. I just hope he has some kind of protection in his home. If he has the kind of info I think he has, his days will be numbered. Unfortunately, “suicides” do still happen to some degree. braveheart

        • I would think even with his level of security, he isn’t in his home…neither are his wife and children.
          Would you be??? NADA!!

        • His protection comes from being so public and saying, ” I have damming information”. That being said JFK had security too.

          When Mr Beck scoffed at the existence of the Bilderberg Group laughing saying “Bilderberg? Build A Bear; I don’t care” I lost respect for his validity.

          If this “leaks” it was meant to leak.

          • Read my mind Kevin2. “Gate keepers” as Beck has proven to be, rarely if ever have a change “tactics/heart”.

            This “giving youse guys till Monday or else” already has a profound stench about it!

            • Yental, exactly! Beck bashes all folks who question fed gov and msm official versions of 9/11-waco-OK fed buildg-and any buildeberger type orgs. Beck ranted non stop on fox tv for over 2 & 1/2 yrs daily about Prez Wilson and kommies involvment. Yet Never one time does beck mention the Fact of who or what those kommies as well as Todays kommies in america really are.

              Instead beck from one side of his mouth rants on of kommies, then from Other side of mouth, Praises ALL things zionist-Israel-Jewish. He even made a pilgrimage trip and held a huge event like his lincoln memorial fest to israel and claimed at the podium speech he made that he is Now a Jew and we All need to be one!

              Like Beck aint aware Who Invented kommies? or how Telaviv and apica or splc or adl is deep involved in fed govnt of america at all levels?

              Wake up Blind Sheeps! BECK=TRAITOR same as Hannity and O’Rilley are! All get paid $30-50 Million per yr and megga book deals worth tens of millions More to get YOU to blindly support Americas worst Enemys we ever had!

              Spend a few hrs researching APAIC-SPLC-ADL(adl began same as fed res in 1913 to counter any negative fed reserve info and all negative zionist info). I do NOT mean research from Wikki which as also zio run.

              read some website info that exposes the real facts about zionists etc. Then see who you trust as truth tellers.

              Or continue as blind Enablers of americas worst enemys ever. But be foewarned after a majority of usa folks awaken, You blind enablers and supporters of these scumbag kommies Will be looked at as enemys also. There is zero Middle ground, and One chance to get it right. Wake Up.

        • Clinton was the master of it.

      5. “Whatever it is, Glenn Beck implies that it is powerful enough to bring down the Administration.”
        We can only hope…

        • One would have thought that an obviously photoshopped birth certificate….or maybe the obvious fals-flag that was Fast and Furious….or more lately, Benghazi would have brought down this administration.

          But nope.

          The Maxist Kenyan is still in the oval office.

          • Nothing will change. A nation of dopes addicted to soaps and DWTS just cannot be bothered about something as trivial as their country and their childrens’ future being pissed away. rather watch sports or shop. Pathetic excuse for an electorate.

          • All of this goes back a lot further and involves a lot more people filling the ranks of both political party’s. It predates JFK, Gulf of Tonkin, the demise of Bretton Woods gold standard and where are those WMDs.

            The Romans had it right when they said, “Food & Circus”.

            • Kevin2 The Romans got it right when they Fulfilled Christs Prophecy in 70AD, and when the roman army was done not one single stone was left standing atop of another IE: Their 2nd Temple was destroyed as Jesus predicted 40 yrs Prior.

          • Mostly because the rest of the government controlled media will not cover it…. Main reason why Beck started his own news service.

        • Wanna bet that kid they mopped up yesterday goes into a coma and beck has a stroke or amnesia or something,

          • A friend of mine was doing combat training for militias in several states, and then lo and behold, he had a stroke that left him unable to speak or write coherently. He doesn’t think there’s anything fishy about it (from what I can tell) but I do.

      6. Hope he doesn’t go for any walks at night.

      7. Right On Beck,may the force be with you and all of us Americans,Were behind you all the way!!!!

      8. I doubt anything becomes of it. People believe what they want to believe. Folks at the top make the rules. Fast and furious? Benghazi? Born in Hawaii? H7N9 = martial law . . . My prediction for the future and Obama’s 3rd term.

        De Oppresso Liber, I never thought we would be the oppressed.

      9. Even money says he just might die in a car accident or a heart attack sometime between now and the time he’s planning on dropping the ‘bomb shell’….

        • I just said the same thing. Please be careful Glenn.

          • I have done my best to hold my tongue on the “Beck issue”, but simply cannot tolerate anymore of the rhetorical “stay safe Glenn, your life is in danger BS”.

            “Red thumb” me all the way to hell, I seriously don’t care. BECK IS ONE OF THEM! Sorry if this upsets your “normalcy bias hero worship apple cart”.

            You may not remember, but I do. There was a time in “Beck’s early days on radio” that he actually questioned 9/11. Now among “his” best put-downs, along with HANNITY, O’RIELLY, and every other MSM shill is: “OMG, he/she is a 9/11 Truther. (aka, INSANE CONSPIRACY NUT-CASE)

            You are being “duped”, Beck NEVER exposes anything more than the tiny top of the HUGE ICEBERG headed towards OUR collective ship.

            • Am reminded of a brother of a different mother, your logic is solid.
              Hold fast to your beliefs, time is short.

              FOCUS HARD!
              Zero comms.

              The main event is on deck and staging soon.
              Disregard the dog and pony shows.
              Read between the lines of Gorden’s stuff.
              He’s right.

        • Agent P,

          Read the hard copy on this the other day. Everything about this whole Boston campaign has smelled rotten from the start. Flags went up as soon as they started immediately blaming it on a right wing radical or white supremacy group. Then the Saudi man, that soon went hush, then the meetings with Saudi King. Ammunity is always the norm for Saudi’s. CIA cannot even investigate inside their country. They (Saudi’s) cannot be trusted. They support radical islamic groups. They have also sent arms and money to Chechnya rebel groups.
          As I said the other day, elite bankers met with the usurper. The dumping of the gold paper was to try to make the dollar look strong, because more people see the truth that the dollar is dying and a world of hurt is coming to this country. All intentional!!!! Thing is, their attempt, backfired on their criminal asses. People went out in droves to buy up any physical silver and gold. Also a few weeks ago, a key silver mine collasped. very convenient timing.Now waiting to see when physical silver becomes again readily available.
          They have said they plan on killing the dollar, well if you pay attention to everything? The dollar is going to have it’s very own grave stone soon enough.
          They always have to have back-up plans, which we are seeing play out.

          Did anyone read the gun bill that was for now hung out to dry???? Talk about a complete bullshit bill. Everything they have said including the usurper has been nothing, but in your face blantant lies. Old Harry even let it slip, anti-gun bill. Exactly what we here and on other sites, knew all along. Better know your neighbors and know your friends, but keep your enemies close.

          I have seen the video about the JDAM missle comparison to the texas fertilizer plant explosion. new videos are up, the explosion did not originate from the center, there was an outside source that ignited the huge explosion! Was this done to draw attention away from the Boston Campaign? or was this someone saying you better back down or else. There is not much information about this incident coming forth from MSM. Apparently the plant had a law suit against guess who??? Monsanto!
          The motto I have with this company, is killing you softly with every grain sowed!

          Have you noticed how the East and West coast are passing laws to strip Americans of every right. Seems to me like they are trying to close off all coastal regions, then slowly squeeze the bubble?

          As it stands, everyone needs to wake up, because lines are being drawn.

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive
          Freedom will stand the test of time against the evil that is coming.


          • 10 Signs the Takedown of Paper Gold Has Unleashed an Unprecedented Global Run on Physical Gold and Silver

            “So precious metals dealers now find themselves being overwhelmed with orders in the United States, in Canada, in Europe and over in Asia. Will this massive run on physical gold and silver soon lead to widespread shortages of those metals?

            Instead of frightening people away from gold and silver, the takedown of paper gold seems to have had just the opposite effect. People just can’t seem to get enough physical gold and silver right now.”

            “And once reports of physical shortages of gold and silver become widespread, it is going to absolutely rock the financial world. But this is what happens when you manipulate free markets – it often has unintended consequences far beyond anything that you ever imagined.”

            The Economic Collapse blog

          • Absolutely, the site intelihub has gathered several videos that makes it clear something very sinister happened in West, Texas. MUCH MUCH LARGER, MUCH MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than the ‘dog and pony show’ burning of two Islamist terrorist stooges in Boston.


            P.S. To make sure no one thought this was just an accident, it was perpetrated 66 years TO THE VERY DAY of the “Texas City Disaster” (April 16th 1947)

            • since we are allowed to ponder here and we all are stocked up on tin foil, what if boston was to divert our attention AWAY from west, texas? am thinking monsanto has enough money, connections, etc. to hire a “distraction” in boston while they make this fertilizer plant lawsuit go away. and there happened to also be a mass-cas drill in texas when it fired up. a lot of good police and firefighters died in the blast.

              obama is sooooo quick to use first responders to get his way, yet crickets when it comes to the non-union volunteer firemen killed in fly-over country.

              • People on way to scene recorded in video hearing a jet flying off. Lady coming out of the ruined apartment building said emphatically “IT WAS A PLANE!” A first responders (A KNOWLEDGEABLE WITNESS, one among some of the best in the nation BTW) said over dispatch, “A BOMB JUST WENT OFF HERE”. And the videos from the parking lot clearly show and you can hear a missile come from left to right through the smoke strike the ground to the LEFT OF THE FIRE and BLOW A CRATER in the ground. When I first heard about it, I didn’t believe it either and I’m about as level headed scientific, Joe Friday, ‘Just the facts ma’am’ as anyone you’ll ever meet. But after seeing the FACTS, it clearly happened. I don’t know who did it, but SOMEBODY dropped A BIG BOMB on West, Texas!

                And I also don’t know if Boston was a designed diversion, but the Fed Gov’t and the MSM have certainly used it as one. AND THEY ARE CERTAINLY TRYING TO PUT WHAT HAPPENED IN WEST, TEXAS, INTO ORWELL’S PROVERBIAL “MEMORY HOLE”.

        • agent provacateur: Whether this was a conspiracy, or just a couple of rogue whack jobs, the Feds came off looking like a bunch of clowns. If it was a conspiracy as this video suggests, they screwed it up big time becaue the public noticed a lot of things wrong with what the cop-fed media was reporting, so they had to change the story in a hurry. That’s F*ck-up number One. If these guys were just rogue nut-jobs, the Feds still look like shit because it took more than a thousand cops four days to find one badly injured kid. That’s F*uck-up number Two. Anyone who still thinks these super-pooper-troopers could lock-down an entire nation is not only totally-gonzo paranoid, but really bad at math too. Keystone cops all the way!!!!

      10. Whatever Beck has on the WH had better be spot on, because if it aint, heads will roll. I am not running the man down but I hope he is right.

      11. Oh bullshit. If the idiot Beck, other news organizations will also know. At least one of those organizations would have already let the cat out of the bag for ratings purposes. You people are so brainwashed and deluded, I do not know how you manage to stay alive. You are also so deluded and brainwashed, you do not deserve to stay alive. Do us all a favor, and end your pain.

        • ncjoe,

          So let me get this straight, we are “so brainwashed and deluded that we are brainwashed and deluded”? Read your crap before you post it. Do who a favor and end our pain, you? So you believe that people who believe Glenn Beck should all die? You sound like a psychopathic ego maniac that should be in a cage, or maybe a rubber room.

          Why are you so angry and hateful, having a bad day?

        • ncjoe, you seem like such a….lonely little man. you really should get out more.

          From ‘Support Your Local Sheriff’

          James Garner: (speaking about Pa Danby) He strikes me as a…lonely man.
          Jack Elam: Danby?! He’s a mean, no-good, low-down, bush whacker!
          Garner: Well, there, you see?! No wonder he’s lonely.

        • EAT your gun troll…..oh, that’s right, you’d have borrow one.

        • Beck is no idiot. He just plays to them on the radio. Wait ’til they realize how far down their gold is going to drop and see how much they like him. (LOL)

        • Ya know, joe, you sure keep coming back here a lot for someone who does not believe what is going on. You afraid you will find some useful information here?

        • I did end my pain. I took a massive and wiped my ncjoe.

        • ncjoe: It’s always a treat to hear from you. I’m glad that we’re inclusive here so that we can brag about our own (token) loony left libtard, unlike some sites that shut them out. Keep it up with the comic relief. You’re entertaining to say the least pal.

        • The other networks do know. However, they don’t depend on the market for their cash flow.

        • No surprise Mac.

        • Mac, agree. Thanks for this site…

        • He needs to at least wake up so they can read him his rights to make it official.

        • Dead men tell no tales. Interesting!

        • Yes, Muslim patsy in a Judaic hospital. What are his chances?

        • Number one rule in self defense…. You only want one side of the story.

        • Mighty Convenient, Max.

          BTW: Did you hear the adjustment of the narrative about his throat injury? Initially, reports were that one of the jackbooted thugs….er…uh…US Agents had inflicted that, which suggests some kind of big struggle occurred during the ‘capture’ between a skinny Dzhokhar guy and the 9,000 cops who were involved in chasing him down. Later, the narrative changed and now they are saying that his alleged attempt to suicide himself by shooting himself in the neck is what caused the throat injury. We’re supposed to believe, I guess, that the kid is such a diabolically clever rascal that he deliberately shot out his own vocal cords (instead of his brains), so he wouldn’t be able to answer any questions from the cops. Yea, right!

          Oh, and now I’ve seen a story being floated that the kid might have permanent brain damage due to his alleged attempt to ‘suicide’ himself. They’ll use that to discredit anything he might write down on paper that disputes the official narrative.

          Frankly, with him being such a diabolically clever rascal, I am surprised he didn’t also decide to shoot all of the fingers off of his writing hand.

      12. Im sure there are others waiting in the wings with this evidence or beck would’nt be announcing it so blatantly. Im sure numorous individuals know about it
        within the beck camp!! I really do hope this is what I think it is and the can of worms gets opened!!!

        • I always suspected Breitbart had someone for backup too.
          What happened? No one will ever know.

          • Breitbart was about to drop a bombshell about Obama just before the last election. (Remember those homosexuals who went to church with Obama and who happened to be executed mob-style within a month of each other just before Obama’s first election). Breitbart was poisoned. Witness who saw him ‘red-flushed-faced’ dying on sidewalk was ‘disappeared’. Breitbart’s death certificate was signed by THE NOTORIOUS Doc who takes payoffs to sign false death certificates for all of the wealthy and famous in L.A. (of course the death certificate didn’t say he was poisoned but said he had died of cardiac arrest in which case he would have turned blue and pal rather than red and flushed) The coroner who examined Breitbart’s postmortem toxicology was “accidentally” poisoned or they said “accidentally” poisoned himself.

            • Dan, I read he was shot with a dart. Heart attack was induced by what was in the dart.

      13. Law enforcement would normally take potential evidence from a search warrant and soon discard it for a number of reasons. A good example would be taking a computer and mirroring the hard drive, inspecting the information and finding it useless. They could also take address books, personal letters, and other literature. They could also inspect it and discard it as useless.
        Contrary to opinion, law enforcement often seeks the truth and moves on. Blunder they may, but if you are a good cop you seek the truth. Two high profile examples of police going the wrong direction full steam would be the tylenol poisonings in the 1980’s and the Olympic bombing in Atlanta. Law enforcement ruined two men and the true culprits were ignored. This is embarrassing and to be avoided.
        My point is that the initial suspect in Boston was in fact the wrong person. The photos circulating initially were the wrong people. The investigation was refocused and the right people identified.
        Law enforcement has a strict background including polygraphs. They also do pysc tests, physical fitness, and sometimes require degrees. Even with the safeguards, people slip through or degenerate once there. The photos in Boston showed several out of shape officers but they did not start out that way. Answering child abuse calls, fatal shootings, fatal car wrecks, etc takes a toll on a person. Some not many, do not emerge without pysc damage.
        To paint the officers with a broad brush is not sincere any more than meeting a few people from a region or culture and believing you understand the entire population of said culture or region.
        Glen Beck is first an entertainer and second an actual journalist. He shocks much the same as Maddow, et al. I would agree with most on this site, don’t put too much stock in the media.
        As for the misinformation often delivered by law enforcement. The media often changes or lies about facts or quotes. Treyvon Martin case, the media edited a tape and the damage is done. The media did this to sell sensation with no regard to the truth or a man’s life.
        In closing, I disagree that all cops are ill intended. In fact many belong to labor unions and can speak up without fear of losing their jobs. ( that is one benefit of a union but not an endorsement). The media is the main source of misinformation, sometimes mistakenly and often intentionally.
        Thanks for indulging me and I will keep my comments shorter and more directed.
        I mean this comment to spur conversation rather than ridicule or to inflame.
        I do believe you are good people with good intentions.

        • Thoughtful post Contheo…

          One concern I have is that the initial photos released of the “suspected” bombers in Boston, may have been intentional disinformation.

          If you have the time to go back through my postings regarding the incident this week, you will see that I stated that we only “knew” a very few limited facts for sure.

          Contrary to how some of my posts may appear, I do not have a hatred for law enforcement. I have a close family member in law enforcement. One of my very best friends is a reserve police officer. And it might interest you to know that he frequently refers to SOME of the alphabet agencies as “Nazis”….actually…I think the exact term he uses is “effing Nazis”. Personally, I spent over 10 years in a profession where I had close contact with police officers from various agencies on an almost daily basis. I found MOST of them to be professional, courteous and decent human beings who had an intense desire to do their job to the best of their ability and serve the public. Frequently…..their hands were tied by higher ups.

          My beef with most of what has been going on in this country over the last 20 years or so had been because of the militarization of our police that I am seeing. I am also seeing a shift of emphasis from the real enemies of our country to those who probably have the greatest love for it. This disturbs me greatly.

          I would say that if what a lot of us have to say here seems paranoid, it’s only because we are looking at it from a frame of reference that comes from a vast pool of personal research and observation. A great number of the folks here have done a lot of digging to….just as a good police officer does…find the truth.

          I don’t WANT to believe half of the negative stuff about our government on which I comment. But I cannot ignore what I see. And the conclusions I reach regarding these things are not come to lightly or without thought.

          • Intentional misinformation is a rarely used tool. The DC snipers were watching every move the police were making and Moose ( the chief ) was feeding them information intended to “head fake” them.
            I don’t think but don’t know for certain the photos were given out by the police. I would guess not but I really don’t have the information. As of right now, I would think the photos were the product of a scared to lose the race to the story media. I also have to admit they photos looked promising and were initially an attempt to help.
            This will unfold and the information will be vetted. I don’t think they police had it put together until shortly before releasing the photos nationally. Imagine how many photos they went through. I don’t think they had all the photos initially and put the case together as the photos dribbled in.
            The concern I had was the opposite. Being fearful of blaming the wrong person I thought they held back until they were very sure, perhaps too sure. When I saw the photos on TV, I knew it would be a very short process. Suspect # 2 had a nose that would be beyond easy to identify if you knew him. I even remarked he may as well have had a tattoo of his name on his forehead. We will see as time goes on concerning the photos time frame.
            Police have become increasingly specialized in the last 20 years. The Swat members are incredibly better trained. The general police population have shifted from hunters to information gatherers. The hunter went out to find suspects the gather crowd utilizes computers. Which is better? Time will tell. If you also look at the type of newer officers you will see physically smaller people considering women are more represented. The Tazer, mace and other tools make physical confrontations easier for a smaller person.
            Thanks for your reply and I hope to be included and a resource.

          • Aslard- I didn’t see the joke until I typed your name. True there are some go along to get along or cops not thinking for themselves. I think it is a small representation and no greater than occupations that come to mind.
            Picking a random percentage say 10%, of police officers, doctors, teachers, lawyers etc are in fact either followers or not competent. Some careless, sloppy work can actually ruin or take a life. The police are represented. Some have good intentions and respond to evolving dangerous circumstances. Some intend to do wrong and need to be weeded out. Larger cities generally include IQ test in the pysc. They do not want to pay out millions for poor decisions based on not being mentally fit.
            The test also look for a profile. Aggressive yet not too aggressive. In the 1980’s some agencies were purposefully hiring people with slight ADHD and would go out of their way to make it worse. This made for a “energizer bunny rabbit” who would hunt all shift long. The smaller agencies are all over the board from hiring friends, relatives, “yes men” etc. You are correct to a degree Aslard but not as a whole.

      14. It is almost certain he will not make it. A “loose end” like that is a liability if he is indeed a patsy.

        • Ok, last comment for awhile. American has a point but is missing half. I think it’s amusing that everyone on all sides hopes he lives to prove the other people are wrong. I personally think the brothers did the (not complicated) planning and execution. I want the guy alive to prove it. You think the opposite. You want him alive in order to prove I and my ilk are wrong. Odd how people want the same thing for different reasons and the reasons exclude each other.

      15. Is this the same Glenn Beck who on Fox and Friends one morning said he was going to expose the FEMA camp story on his evening show and then that night said there was nothing to the rumor of FEMA camps?

        • I was thinking that very same thing. I’ll let the first one go, but if he does’nt come thru this time he’s done in my opinion.

          • this time around it would make him a total dicktard follower, this is his only chance of ever getting me to watch is show, I don’t even know what time or station or website it comes on, never have watched or listened to him before,

        • Hes referenced before he was censored or atleast urged to avoid certain content on Fox and cnn. He didn’t point directly to that instance but Beck is genuine in what he does. More so than anybody who was on cable.

        • He’s turned around on the camps and much of what he sneered at during his time on FOX. Remember, guys like Beck are the facemen–they have company-furnished researchers and support staff that feed the info to the faceman for show prep. Could be that he wore out his welcome on FOX once he saw the truth. Check out his radio show now–he’s not the same guy…

      16. I do hope this is not another “Trump bombshell”, if it is Beck will be totally discredited too. If it is a major story I will be anxious to hear, but also concerned for our country’s reaction.

      17. Wow. If this is just a stunt, please join me in never listening to Beck again.

        If not, of course…

        • Yeah, I agree Matthew. This better be earth shattering.

          • Yeah. Thanks for posting the story — I would’ve missed it this weekend otherwise. I check you and Drudge for news.

          • It was all just a dream… how bout them ratings!

          • I would like to think he wouldn’t risk making an ass out of himself and he really does have some good information. But in regards to the FEMA incident…..maybe someone had a little chat with him about that and he decided discretion was the better part of valor. Why would he expose himself to ridicule if he doesn’t deliver if he wasn’t sincere? Things to ponder.

            • I am looking for a smoking gun here too. But, I’ll tell ya, the media is trying to sell these two brothers as the most trained terrorists ever. I ain’t buying that story either, not yet anyway.

              • No getaway plan. no money, not a vehicle available, nothing to hide who they were when at the marathon. Not saying they had something to do with it, but it looks like amateur hour if they did.

                • Neither of the suspects appear stupid. They just underestimated the number of cameras both fixed and personal. They had no end game and over estimated how smart they were. Add crazy, attention seeking, religious beliefs and this is what you get.

          • Mac
            i dont know about glens earth shattering news what i seen that was earth shattering was how the people of MASS
            bowed down to the lockdown and storm troopers of that asshole in washington who to say that bombing wasnt staged by our puppet goverment if you notice whenhetalked about the loss in the senate on gun contol he said he would take it to the people if he can make the brainwashed people in this country believe their going to protect them they will side with him on gun control what do you think

            • And what would have happened to them, if they had run out their door with their AR or AK screaming …?

              With that kind of concentrated police and military presence, discretion is the better part of valor.

              Of course, if YOU wish to commit suicide by cop, be our guest…

              This is our future. That is the message.

              • No one said anything about coming out with ars or aks. by the the way you soundlike you already sold yourself out
                remeber people died to make you free your comment sounds
                like you already turned tailcoat TRATIOR…

                • And you sir sound full of yourself.
                  Traitor? Fuvm.

              • don’t have to run outside with AR. just stay “inside” and ask to see a warrant. make them break in. then defend yourself as is your God given right…

                • Yes…. assert your rights, or lose them.
                  But, don’t be stupid about it… as a swamprat.

                • thats right chip that dipshit piper sounds like a obama
                  pawn just by the sound of his comments he sounds to me like obama trooper these people are not going to protect anyone going house to house looking for one person is nothing more than trainning for the real SHTF this bull shit was planned because nothing else as worked

                  • Do I know you? How long have you been around here?
                    You should know better than to make such assertions.
                    You’re an idiot…
                    Obama troll? Sounds like you, trying to stir people up to race out against tanks…
                    Sounds like a true agent provocateur..

                    Although I agree this Boston crap was just that, crap, and possible training for Martial law operations. In that case, still, being smart means being a warrior and not a stupid grunt. Warriors observe their enemy, and understand the best time to strike. The battles ALWAYS won, are the battles NOT fought. (Sun Tzu… swamprat)

                    Now how about we back up and try to drop all the posturing bs. If I’m gonna go after a tank or machine gun toting black suited thugs, then, I’m gonna have a cannon and some stealth, not jump out in front and say BOO!

          • I agree Mac. One thing I thought after watching this video was “well, haven’t we been told by others before that X Y and Z are enough to bring down this administration?” I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but a small part of me is maintaining a level of skepticism, perhaps so I won’t feel disappointment if it turns out to be nothing.

          • Wow:

            I never seen so many different screen names blogging. The web site “TOLLS” must have be activated by this story.

            Let’s see what happens

            • Yes, swamprats and others seem to have ‘swamped’ us, maybe part of the disinformation campaign… or stirring up the masses?
              Keep your powder dry, observe, report, be smart.

        • Couldn’t agree more. Although I find Beck an insightful pioneer I let my blaze membership expire since he told everyone just surrender their weapons in the event of an AWB to just overwhelm the system. Sorry glenn, I luvya and been there with you since way before Obama but I will not follow you there.

          Having said that, Glenn has been in the trenches since day1. What’s happening now he spoke of years ago. Give me one other cable tv personality who promotes prepping and self reliance?

          Glenn doesn’t want the lot cast to him but he runs with it in stride. Just listen to him and it will be evidently clear. He hates confrontation and avoids it at all costs yet he is compelled to speak truth.

          Lets hear him out monday and take it from there.

          • I did not get that AWB turn-em-in to overwhelm the system at all. OK, so 10 million semi-autos get turned in at every police station on next Monday morning, through the entire week. So what? They’ll just stack them up in a room or a rented building and guard them for 2 years while they get the crushers going. It’s not like they’re going to have to give us much more than a Xeroxed receipt or something, certainly aren’t going to oil them down and box them up for storage or anything, just toss ’em in a pile and done.

            • He wanted everybody to peacefully not turn them in and overwhelm the system by clogging jails and courthouses with millions of people like gandi and mlk.

              • The left would have gladly ponied up the billions to make gun owners felons and subject to confiscation and jail. Probably would release quite a few drug dealers and illegals to make room for us.

        • Matthew,

          I don’t know why you are listening now!!

      18. This administration is crooked and treasonous. I’m glad they finally got caught with their hands dirty. Praying Glenn Beck is able to deliver, that the people listen and the response is just.

      19. he should have just come out with it.

      20. Interesting to say the least!

        Beck the NEW converted Libertarian (On Stossel)

        Coming out with the truth. I’ll be waiting for this one tomorrow. We’ll see how libertarian he is.
        He’s starting to be more like Alex Jones every day.
        They’ll be buddys in no time, LOL

        • LMAO KorHi, SOOOO very happy to see him come to the light with Stossel…=)

          Jones and Beck can’t stand eachother, which is just nuts since they’re basically on the same side!!!! I listen to Beck everyday, so I’m hoping like hell he’s got something real, if not I’ll be seriously disappointed and won’t be able to listen to him anymore.

          PS. I checked TONS of the sites I visit daily and he’s on all of them. If he doesn’t come through,he’s toast!

          • They don’t like each other cause they’re vying for the same spot. “Snake Oil Salesman of the Year”. Both are pompous asses with bellyfull of importance.

            • This Beck swindle sounds alot like his Lincoln memorial DC event was. Beck spent several months, maybe a full year hyping his big deal event in DC. But refused to actually reveal the exact details of what it was and who will be there to speak.

              Then the Big Day arrived finally. 1/2 Million Patriots spent countless dollars and went miles to see Becks big deal event in DC.

              As soon as he began to tell Patriots to NOT wear anything like tea party folks do to look like patriots of the past era, and to NOT bring any protest signs etc I knew something was a swindle in the making.

              And swindle 1/2 million folks Beck sure did! All his years worth of daily hype and all his big DC event amounted to basically was alot of long winded boring repititious spew.

              And look at who Becks suprize guest speakers mainly were! A Bunch of Preachers from alot of Black Baptist orgs. Pastor John Hagge(usa biggest pro zionist swindler of all time!) along with several Rabbi’s aka Judaizers. All non stop speaking about Pro Black racial issues and of course very pro israeli and jewish issues.

              Barely 1% was about any true patriot or americas troubles in fed govnt today issues. No wonder Beck refused to reveal what it was truly about! Nobody would have came!

              Bet your ass if he would have told folks ahead of time that his big deal dc event was mainly going to be a Kiss Black and Jew ass affair to make Beck look like a “Good Goyim enabler” to the world watching it all on live tv. Becks dc event would have never gotten near 1/2 million patriot folks to go!

              A Full day event pre-planed as a massive pro african blacks and pro israel and jews swindle. All Beck needed was a huge crowd to look as if so many support beck and his preacher and rabbi pals too!

              Look close at folks facial expressions on the videos of it. Most appear very disapointed or scammed for trusting beck and believing his dc event was really going to be a Patriotic thing instead of a open air By-Racial-Multicultic Interfaith swindle were blacks and Jews reign supreme while 99% of the 1/2 million crowd attending it were Whiteys!

              1/2 Million mostly White folks got swindled into spending alot of cash and miles to attend a “Make Beck look swell to his jew handlers and black tv preacher guys” all he needed was alot of whiteys there!

              Go Look up Video Proof of MLK JR. and his Kommie zio ties direct to Moscow in 1950-60’s, and his constant drunken with prostitutes scandles! FBI has 16 Full Tall File cabinets filled with MLK Jr.s facts, his wife got a lib fed judge to Seal all mlk files till something like 2040!

              Don’t They tell us always if ya gots nothing to Hide whats the problem? What do MLK relatives and wifey need so badly to Hide about MLK Jr? Think Beck aint aware of This stuff also? Beck slobers all over MLK as well as all his Rabbi handlers!

          • So, what you are saying is you don’t want to have to admit you have been wrong this whole time. There, in a nutshell, is the reason so many Americans cling to the right/left paradigm, the military is defending our freedoms, policemen are heros, ect. I wonder, if people on their death beds review their life and feel an emptiness from having so vehemently defended so many falsehoods. Throw off your mental chains!!

      21. “If this report from Beck is legitimate, and we suspect it is,…” – Mac Slavo

        I am eagerly awaiting Becks Monday revelation…It honestly has my ears perked up…However, I would let Back gamble his reputation all day long if he likes, It is his right to do so as he pleases…I am surprised to see Mac vouching for Beck…That might turn out to be even more interesting…In Mac’s favor however he did say “the report from Beck” not “what the report contains”… yeah yeah I know… I’ve watched Beck for years…I also watch The Big Bang Theory but I don’t always get the funny lines in that show either…*sigh*…Anyway, back to the show…Credibility is everything…Monday will tell whose remains intact and who must sweep the floor with their shame…One just never knows…Talk about a cliff hanger…This could be like a pay per view match for FOX with Megan Kelly doing the Carl Rove walk of shame (election night) with round cards…Daisy? You work the pop corn tray and I will work the soda tray…We should make a fortune…

        • Wait…I had an even better idea while cutting the grass just now…Why don’t we bring in Michelle Bachmann to read aloud The Constitution…Alex Jones to wear the “Mighty Carsoni hat and make predictions…and last but not least
          Ann Coulter to recite poems she penned whilst sitting on her porch in repose as to mimic a scene from The Beverly Hillbillys…*Big Sigh*…


          • I’m guessing you prefer the chiseled, well-spoken leadership type like Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid.

            • No Sir…No Sir I Do Not…

              Fed Guy 20002

        • Will Beck get consumed by the FIRE, or stand tall with the TRUTH?

      22. IF Glenn Beck is correct, BO is finally going to be BO. You just don’t know of anything nowadays, nothing, they hide so much. They also hide their shear ignorance also has to be considered. Wish we know the truth.

        Mac, you still going to use that article I sent to you? I was just curious as I think when the time is right people will enjoy it.

      23. From the mocro-drone surveilling The Blaze…

        GB: Okay! Quiet, everybody! Now, let’s review. Do we have ABSOLUTELY irrefutable proof on this guy?

        Stu: Absolute! not a doubt in the world.

        Pat: It looks perfectly legit to me. And this is dangerous stuff! It could bring down the country.

        GB: Alright then, what’s the latest word from the white house? Will they acknowledge it?

        Stu: Not a chance, Glenn. They just keep stonewalling us.

        GB: So…our next move is…what?

        Pat: We have to force their hand! This is too big to let them keep it hidden. A cover-up like this is worse than Watergate!

        Stu: I’m with Pat. We have to get this out to the people! If they won’t acknowledge it, then we splash it on every front page in America. Even if it topples the administration! The people of this country have got to know the truth!

        GB: (sigh) Ok…Ok. We’ll give them til Monday to fess up. If they won’t then we’ll tell the world….Barak Obama is Sidney Poitier’s love child!

        • hahahaa….. good one smokin…

          Beck, better be damn careful, and have his six covered.

          • P M…Regarding his six.

            Beck is friends with Marcus Lutrell…Those of you who don’t know who Marcus Lutrell is, you had better get your head out of your ass…Read “Lone Survivor”

            I would bet that Lutrell is or handles Becks security.

            I personally have a very, very special place in my heart for our nations special forces both present and past. In fact, I have friends that served our fu gub and have/are seeing the writing on the wall about what they were used for. Everyone of them is a patriot to the core and loves the United States of America.

            Look at how our veterans are being shit on…I gotta leave it at that.

            I would bet and will bet that our Navy Seals, Green Berets, Delta Force, Army Rangers, and all of our special forces who have been sent to do tptb dirtywork both current and former are looking for a big payback.

            To those of you who have served our country.

            Thank you, we love you and we will stand fast with you.

            My SEAL always says…

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight.

            • Thanks lastmanstanding,
              as a Vietnam vet, I know exactly how I was used, abused, and put up wet.
              Now, I know how the VA treats us old farts. Everyone of them acts like they’re pulling the money out of their own pockets…

              As far as the Fed’s… their time IS coming… I just pray Glenn has something that will stand up in a court. Anything else, will just cause the usual media frenzy and come to a draw… if it gets that far. The better the accusation, the better the direct evidence better be…

              I’ve heard of Lutrell… that would be a good man to have on Beck’s team, I hope you’re right.
              I’m mainly hoping Beck has his shit together…
              pulling for him…

              • amen P M…I have a cousin who is immortalized on “the wall”. Army door-gunner. God bless you.

                I have watched/listened to Beck since the beginning.

                I have learned alot from him. However, there are a few places that he will NOT go based on my own 4 years of ripping thru mountains of material.

                I’ll just say that imo, the 1-2% that he leaves out keeps his ass safe. We will see on this deal.

                Their time is coming…We are here to be a part of it.

        • Guess who’s coming to dinner? Sidney Portier, Spencer Tracy and Catherine Hepburn. Good thing bundle-ass Moochele was too young to be in it cause the food would all be gone before they sat down.

      24. -FBI asked for information to identify Suspect 1 and Suspect 2. But now admit numerous contacts with them over past years after confronted with facts.

        -Listening to NPR radio Thursday 4/18 the show host said one of boys was well known in the community and very well liked and very social. Said he’d been to her own house numerous times with friends. A total shock to all them….very caring was a description.


        • Too many drive-offs without paying—Who cares?

          • Actually there are alot of morons in NJ who forget to remove the pump hose from their filler caps before driving away, smoke while pumping gas, getting gas all over themselves while smokin, pumping and then catching fire. Oregon is just a nanny state. Since the price is the same and the service is quick I like when I go to those states and get gas especially Or. where it rains all the time.

        • Oh yes my friend, great question.
          Because I love sitting there waiting for an attendant to finally come over. And then I love waiting again when the tank is full, and waiting, and waiting.

        • Boy, I don’t know. New Jersey was such a shock for us. You also can’t make left turns there. I think it’s because New Jersey is very poor and there were too many gas skips, or else it’s totally union and that is supposed to save another huge bunch of low-wage jobs.

          • They use jugheads which once you get used to them are actually better than left turns. There is no room on most Jersey roads for a left turn lane and they don’t believe in left turn arrows on the traffic lights. Ct. sucks even worse.

        • Jobs is your answer. Hiring people to pump gas rather than letting patrons pump their own. It certainly is not a safety issue, have you seen some of the people pumping gas. I think Oregon NJ and Montana coincidently do not have a sales tax, just a fun fact but I would guess not connected to the gas issue.

        • Some numb nuts thought it was a good idea, “Create jobs”. Same ones who want open borders because they think The United States needs more illiterate landscapers.

        • Gotta give Illegals a job …. Just saying.

        • Standard Oil is one reason. I worked in a convenience store one time, and a NJ car pulled up to the pumps. The lady insisted that I should pump her gas. I told her she had to do it herself. Later she came inside and got a bottle of Coke. She wanted a straw. I told her we didn’t have any. She wanted to know how she was going to drink her Coke. I told her to drink out of the bottle like everyone else does. She was just so put out. I think she left without getting any gas. Sad.

          • In nature…no way she lives.

        • its all about jobs and getting or keeping people off welfare

          it was done in the early 90s in Oregon under Clinton i believe and was part of a welfare to work type program

          most in Oregon didn’t like it at first as it took jobs away from teenagers
          and the lazy hippie types had to actually go out and get a job

          • It’s older than that. I remember driving through Oregon on the way to the EXPO86 in Vancouver in the summer of 1986 — and having pulled up to the side of the pump, then got out the handle and stuck it into the appropriate opening of the car and then wondering how I’d make the pump actually start. Then I was sternly told that I was not allowed to do this at all in Oregon.

            I’d think it has been that way since forever, it was new to me then, being used to California and the variety of self-serve and full-serve gas stations there (and as a student I would always use the self-service seeing as the price could be as much as 30 cents per gallon less for the exact same product)

            • There was no self serve anywhere that I am aware of in the US until the mid 70’s.

              • I was working at a convenience store with self-serve gas in 1974 in NC. I don’t know when it first opened.

      26. We’ll give them until the end of the day on Monday.

        People will buzz about the show all weekend, tune in to the show Monday, PLUS, then they will have to come back and tune in again Tuesday for the big reveal.

        Let’s make it for subscribers only — we’ll offer some kind of special deal.

        • If there’s anything to this, Beck gave them all weekend to find cover or create a diversion.

          • Hey Rocky! Watch me pull an Orange Alert out of my ass!

            • Theguy: Say, don’t I know you? I’ll bet we’re from the same hometown, Frostbite Falls Mn. Or did we meet at our alma mater, Watsamatta U.?

      27. Just one man’s opinion.
        I have been listening to Glenn Beck since he went on radio, and I for one have found very little to contradict what he says. In my opinion he is spot on about what he has spoken. Like he says, his timing may be off, but his predictions about what is happening now and in the near future have been pretty accurate. If Glenn says he has a bombshell, then he has something that is quite interesting. The only thing that bothers me is that the left has most of the media and 51% of the morons in this country to vouch for the integrity of the worthless maggot occupying the People’s House. I kinda look back and think of the good ole days when all we had to fret about was a president getting a BJ in the oval office.





        • Eisenkreuz

          Again I ask you for the third time,

          At what age does “Old People” begin?

          I think I was old when I was Sixteen

          having been raised in an orphanage.

          By the way, are you Eisenkreuz #1

          or Eisenlreuz #2, just for the record.

          • “At what age does “Old People” begin?”

            If stupid is the criteria for defining old, then I would suggest Eisencrap was born old.

            • Your obsession with me is truly touching.

              • Obsessed with you? I’m not obsessed with you. I’m sick of you and your arrogant, know-it-all attitude.

                You bitch and moan about older people but you haven’t got a lick of common sense or respect.

                One reason people live to be older is they don’t do stupid stuff like run their mouths and piss people off.

                One of these days, you’re going to run your mouth at the wrong time to the wrong person, and you’re going to find that your mouth just wrote a check that your ass can’t cash. So much for growing old. You won’t have to worry about it.

                And what will be funny is that the guy who will adjust your attitude (if he doesn’t just take you out) will probably be some “old” retired veteran that you think is too over the hill to do it.

                The only sad thing about this whole scenario is that we don’t know who you are so we won’t be able to sit back and enjoy the show.

              • The comment below – Contheo describes you well. Passive Aggressive you are. Stupid old people comments. You then back off your bullshit. You do not have a lot of respect or power in your life. Contheo is right. You sit at a computer and confront but not in person. You are a loser. Passive aggressive

            • Hello friend Walt. If you want a legal definition, most states with elder crime laws define elderly at either 64 or 65. I am not being serious and know that is not your real question. Don’t hate eisencrap as you call him. Emile Durkheim, a French sociologist had a theory. Society needs someone to rally against. My point is eisenkruez provides himself as the person to rally against. He is annoying, smarter than he acts, and picks at the core irritation of a person once he locates the sore spot. I would think he has used the “old” taunt and feedback suggests he made you angry. He provides aggravation yet judging from his red thumbs, he is not well respected. Think how boring this site would be without him. What if we all agreed were completely like minded? Enjoy his antics. By the way he is passive aggressive and making you and others angry is all he has. Don’t take that away from him. Think of him as community service. You pacify and occupy him and the rest of society hears and sees less of him. Please consider everyone else prior to dispensing of his mindless taunts.

              • @Contheo…..

                I enjoy a good debate, but I hate stupidity and I really hate rudeness. I will however, respond in kind.

                I will however, take your advice to heart.

                I do tend to view him as a spoiled three-year old who keeps being obnoxious just so he can get attention. What he really needs is someone to take him out behind a woodshed and educate his ass.

                Thanks for your input.

                • Contheo & Walt

                  He is of no service and he doesn’t debate. He attacks

                  with malicious intent, directly and personally without

                  provocation. Some here believe he suffers from a dual

                  personality. BS. I can only think he’s a gov’t plant

                  with more than one person sharing a mutual handle to

                  aggravate and disrupt continuity on a site provided

                  for intelligent discourse. His brand of vitriol would

                  be more suited to a segment on “Saturday Night Live”.


                  • He’s nothing but a basement douchebag and should simply be ignored.

          • Beck is Eisenkreuz, interesting theory… LOL

        • No. Idiot, we didn’t SEE what happened at the Capital… WE PARTICIPATED in protests at the capitol to end the Vietnam war…just like young people are protesting NOW concerning pot…

          Not that you, Eisen, could understand any of that. All you do is sit in your safe little livingroom, making nasty, derogatory remarks to others, while other brave souls do the hard part…

          Try looking at your own flaws for a change, idiot, before you put everyone else down!

          And by the way, we didn’t get no permits, and we didn’t sit in little designated areas… we got up, wave after wave of young people, chanting, “1,2,3,4… we don’t want your fu– war! And we were chased down the hill by cops on horseback, swinging billy clubs at us. Some people got hit but we didn’t give up… this went on day after day until the war ended.

          So think about this.. a hole, before you make your snotty remarks. If you’ve never done this, then please shut your crappy mouth.


          • Well I would if I could get up off the couch.

            Now…where’s my Doritos?

            • Hey man…you missed it. Denver… Wow man… You should have seeeeen it. Wow man…. It was so cool man…….. What was I saying……..?

        • The truly frightening thing is, he got some green thumbs…

          Again, my only regret is I have but one red thumb to give.

        • Hey there, whippersnapper! Glad to see you got at least one hand out of the plastic zip-tie cuffs. Keep workin, you’ll get that other hand free soon.
          Every time you say ‘YOU STUPID OLD PEOPLE’ I have to look over my shoulder and say, “You talkin’ to me?”
          By the way, “Reefer Madness” which you so disparage, won the 1947 Acadamy Award for Best Picture About Mind Altering Substances. It beat out Gary Cooper in “Shane Drops Acid” and John Wayne in “McClintock: Stoned On The Ranch.” You might like it if you ever watched it straight.
          Now, about this habit of generalizing, guilt-by-association, and otherwise putting yourself at odds with everyone over 20. Don’t you think you might NEED to rely on some of us oldsters someday? Say, in a post-shtf world? Nevermind- I guess we’ve covered that topic before…
          Stay frosty. Oh, and don’t forget to wear your bike helmet. One more head injury and Nurse Ratched will start using the nylon straps (way harder to chew through than the zip-ties).

        • Never going to happen. It’s a huge industry..cops, lawyers judges, equipment vendors, the list is endless. Us old people have been trying to get MJ legalized since the 60s.

        • No prejudiced here.

        • Gee numbnuts who do you think started using drugs like candy. the boomers or old people as you call them. Bet your daddy wished he had used a better rubber.

      29. Beck is full of it.

        1. It is not better that the information come from the government. It is better to show the power AND WILLINGNESS of the media to expose the truth.

        2. It is not better to wait until Monday to release the facts. Waiting until Monday gives the government time to spin the story all weekend and have a list of lies ready on Monday. It is insanity to give them time to prepare.

        The only reason to wait until Monday is to hype the audience for his show.

      30. Well !!!! the guy in the hospital is dead,and was transported dead. it was all just for show!!!
        The Saudi fella is part of a network here, in the good old usa. I’d guess there were plans to bring about total chaos nation wide. Remember,we have a deal signed with the house of saud and opec to sell oil in petro dollars.This would present a huge problem,worldwide if we turned against saudi arabia.Thats why beck mentioned 9/11 just sayin. thats my guess.

      31. Sounds like this Saudi had something to do with the Boston Marthon Bombing and the Obama’s HAD to let him go, (get him out of the country, in a BIG ass hurry)
        OR ELSE!!!
        I say any religion that has to Kill, intimadate, mame, threaten or use any type of violence to further their own religion (agenda) is NOT a religion but is in fact a CULT.
        Cults are dangerous, who does that sound like?
        Cults threaten & intimadate, who does that sound like?
        Cults use violence to further their agenda, who does that sound like?
        Cults use violence to increase their membership (believers), who does that sound like?
        Cults beleive violence IS OK if it furthers their agenda, who does that sound like?
        Cults profess NOT to be violent when they want or need to have main stream support, who does that sound like.
        It all sounds like a CULT to me.

        • mall man,

          Are you talking about the Crusades??

          • That was 900 years ago, this is current events. Try and keep up.

          • SDMULE No hes talking about the Talmud verses describibg how jews should murder all gentiles but especially kill the Best of the gentiles since it is never any sin nor crime for them to do so. The same talmud also says it is ok for them to steal and lie and swindle from gentiles. The Only time it Is a sin or crime is if Gentiles do the same to jews! Go Read some talmud its all in there.

            Thats the largest and longest going satanic perverted set of so called Holy books in the world. And yes it too is a massive Cult of satanic worship disguised as holy. Just read what Christ says of them!(before they murdered Him that is).

      32. Obama to sell $10 billion in weapons to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE

        Zerohedge dot com

      33. Wow, Beck’s ratings must be sliding something awful for him to put it all on the table like this.

        • Beck’s rival has been getting massive amounts of publicity lately. This is surely some kind of ratings scam. If his info was that big it would be released already. Doesn’t he own blaze tv and I call B.S. We shall see Monday.

      34. I hope GBeck is on New Zealand time…just sayin’

      35. Beck is a broadcaster and showman before all else. I generally agree with his politics, but he is a salesman with a product to sell (himself) before all else. If Beck REALLY had something as devastating as he claims, he would come out with it. He would report it, he would spread it far and wide. He wouldn’t sit on it over the weekend, like a cliffhanger in some TV show. His behavior makes absolutely no sense… except in terms of showmanship.
        So Glenn’s a great showman, I’ll give him that. But he’s got a terminal case of full-of-crap-itis.

        • Showman he is. I’ll grant you that. But before you go blindly off on a tangent, at least listen to what he has to say. I truly do not believe that at this time in history with all that is happening in this country, that Glenn is trying to have his Geraldo moment. I’m not a conspiracy fanatic, but if someone has something that may be relevent, then let him speak.

        • It is unfortunate but you are right Delamare. The days of Cronkite are over, the entertaining circus is here to stay.

      36. Ncjoe, go follow your own advice and go f#$% yourself to hell and back! SmokinOkie, you sure know how to keep people laughing. BI, it’s possible GB could have some real dirt on the BOY in the WH. Why would the Saudi Foreign Minister come to Washington AND the Saudi ambasador meet with Kerry and Obama in the middle of the Boston crisis? They said the Saudi suspect was being deported on “national security grounds”; i.e., they were trying to cover their tracks. another false-flag that didn’t go 100% right for them. braveheart

        • @ braveheart. You know Ncjo(k)e(r), I think we may see on the news pretty soon. Anyone that says that all of us don’t deserve to stay alive is at least wishing to be able to manifest that. I have seen psycho trolls like this in regular life, and thankfully the ones I have known have not done anything, but they are capable. This lady I knew would joke about this character and when he would go postal. I would tell her this is nothing to kid about. Last time I heard about this weirdo he was actually in a mental institution that tried to throw themselves against the reinforced glass windown and bounced off. I could see ncjoker in this category.

          I have been mad at people before but I have not wished them grave harm, I don’t even wish joker anything really other than some serious mental help. Anyone that would say such a thing towards the good people on this site that they don’t deserve to stay alive and do everyone a favor and end your pain. This is not someone just blowing off steam, this is someone that is blowing a gasket. This idiot can’t hurt any of us, but can go into a crowd because he has lost what little piece of mind he has left. He could be a patsy for some government of course, or this nut could just decide that everyone at his local mall are the people that have “insulted” him on this site and others, or that the people have all become his imaginable enemies.

          I am saying this to protect the site, Mac, and others, this joker is dangerous and IF joker acts on this and does something on his very own there could be problems. What I saw in that person I knew, he could have went nuts all by himself without anyone coaching him on. Thankfully as rumor has it, he is safely in a straight jacket as ncjo(k)e(r) should also be.

          I know how pissed off everyone is at that babbling imbecile, but I don’t know if it is such a good idea to “engage the crazy person” too much. I would hate for a bunch of people to suffer from this nut burger finally flipping out. I tell you braveheart, I didn’t like the above statements joker in nc made. These were not only threats, but someone that is going off the deep end and starting to see all sorts of colors and strange images as their mind goes into melt down.

          • Agreed BI. He’s gone off the deep end.
            Along w/Eisen #1 (or is that #2, I get confused…)
            Unfortunately, I have only one red thumb.

          • To change the subject did anyone else notice how they had thermal imaging when the suspect was in the boat where was it when they spent hour after hour “searching”for him?I guess it wouldn’t have been so sensational.hours of martial law test I guess.

          • Joker is the type that gets p.o. and starts shooting.the one’s that rant and no one takes seriously.

      37. Off-topic…@ BI,

        BI, I’ll be FAMNED if we haven’t HAD another GRB…same occured at around (just prior to) 13:0 UTC according to the real-time tracker. Additionally, the LC gas posted for the 3rd event I listed earlier…it appears to be the LEAST of the thre events in terms of it’s ‘intensity’. Obviously, it WILL be a bit (several hours, at least) before we have a ‘read’ on the last, latest event…in a rush here…forgive any typo’s Y’all, please.

        Gotta fly to other concerns for a bit…JOG OUT.

        • Amended and corrected,

          Off-topic…@ BI,

          BI, I’ll be DAMNED if we haven’t HAD another GRB…same occured at around (just prior to) 13:00 UTC according to the real-time tracker. Additionally, the ‘Light Curve’ has posted for the 3rd event I listed earlier and it appears to be the LEAST of the three events in terms of it’s ‘intensity’. Obviously, it WILL be a bit (several hours, at least) before we have a ‘read’ on the last, latest event…in a rush here…forgive any typo’s Y’all, please.

          Gotta fly to other concerns for a bit…JOG OUT.

          Gee, guys…so many ‘red thumbs for a couple of typos?
          I DID apologize after all…

          …or maybe the govt-trolls don’t want such being disseminated here….I’m SO confused here 😉

          I wonder…


      38. stay at home this weekend beck…no movies, dinner out, nor ice cream with the family at dq….i want to hear what you have to say

      39. Wow! Took me an hour to read all the comments on that last article. Tremendous interest generated, Mac. You da man!
        And the short comment I made the other day (about the video still in post production in hollywood) evidently touched a nerve! ouch! Still, a good butt-whoopin’ now and then keeps me humble. Thanks to all 977 red thumbers. I still love ya!
        There’s been so many good, thought provoking comments shared here recently…it almost makes me feel guilty cluttering up the place like I do. Nonetheless, I endeavor to bring levity into a cynical world. To shine a small light of truth into the darkness. To plant a seed. Or water where another has planted. Some might say I do more fertilizing than anything else, but that’s ok too. Somebody’s got to do it.

        Cop: Dammit, okie! Not you again?! Do you have any idea how fast you were going?
        okie: Not a clue, Barney-boy. The speedometer only goes to 90.
        Cop: What are you hauling?
        okie: Sailboat fuel….dispatcher brains…honest politicians…that sort of stuff.
        Cop: So, you’re empty?
        okie: Right.
        Cop: Well, you were running 35 over the limit! I’m impounding your truck!
        okie: Good! I been thinking of a career change anyway. Might even be a cop. What’s it pay?
        Cop: Not nearly enough, considering I have to put up with people like you!
        okie: Oh, c’mon now…we been doing business together on this same stretch of road so long…it’s like we’re old friends. In fact, the city traffic court has set up a special charge account for me. Saves writing all those checks every month.
        Cop: Yeah, I been meaning to ask you. How do you make a living, spending all your money on tickets?
        okie: Several ways. For one, I’m on the ‘Frequent Flyer’ club, so the judge gives me every 10th ticket at half price! I tried selling plasma but it made me too dizzy to drive. Plus, whenever I have time, I stop and gather aluminum cans along the highway…you know, you just find ways to make ends meet.
        Cop: I never know when to believe a word you say. Just sign the danged ticket and let me get out of here.
        okie: You ain’t keepin’ the truck?
        Cop: No! I can’t. No self-respecting tow truck operator wants that rattle-trap old rig on the back of his hook. Bad for their image. Now, get going!
        okie: I knew there was a good reason to never wash this thing! I even still have a little mud from Hurricane Rita…what was that? ’94? See, right there by the broken lug nut? Ah….the memories. Say, did I ever tell you about the time I took a load down to Laredo and went over into Mexico? Man that was- Hey! Where you going?…..

        • SmokinOkie,

          All I can say is if you have Grandkids then they are the luckiest kids alive, you are one heck of a story teller.
          Hats off to you and your incredible talent.

          • My guess…. It’s all true and he has a great memory.

        • Smokin’,

          Brother, NEVER think for an instant that what you put here is other than HUGELY ‘needful’. “clutter”, Hardly Friend!

          I see that ‘we’re’ up to ‘our’ usual high standards again today…Thanks bunches, as always!


        • 94? You’re off a few years.

      40. You people need to understand that glenn beck is just another pawn in the game, he wouldn’t be allowed audio/video broadcast time if he wasn’t.

        This in itself is probably another black op, to see what, if anything, we the people do when confronted with illuminati approved evidence that our leaders are corrupt.

        Trust no one.

      41. He better be right!! Geraldo Rivera and Rick Sanchez stood up on a pedestal once.. Never to recover from being shund by the networks and the views..

        While I am very Saddened to what has Occured in Boston .. I am sorta surprised that it has taken that long for a incident like this to happen on US soil.. This was inevitable ..

        There needs to be a culling of the herd.. There are Too many bad souls on this earth that need to be escorted back to where they came from.. HELL..

        God will soon put them all on Hell Express..

      42. This is so serious that the very survival of the nation as our patriot fathers established it may be at stake. If this is true the patriots of today may have already had a secret war foisted upon them, as they may be just waking up to realize. If Glen Beck knows something so dire he should not have waited to broadcast it. In any kind of battle the element of surprise is sometimes critical. Having warned them only gives them time to come up with a plan and an excuse or to eliminate their problem all together, possibly Mr. Beck himself. If he really knows something he should go public immediately. They don’t deserve a warning but the people deserve to know without delay.

        • The most interesting point of the Debka article (which everyone else has missed) is the fact that the FBI knew these guys personally, yet asked the public to ID them.


          Who ARE the other guys in kahki pants and boots with backpacks (obvious military types)? Who was the FAT guy (CIA handler is my guess)with the bag?

          Finally, what Mosque did these bombers attend?

      43. Beck the poster boy for the League of Extraordinary Useful Idiots.

        • Screw you Satan punk!

          • Fuck you Marine. I think most of your kind are brainwashed idiots. Beck is a tool for the NWO, lies about nearly everything he promotes, grandstands to make a buck. He’s scum and you’re too fucking stupid to see it.

      44. May the Good Lord Bless you Mr. Beck in your War with the Evil One.

        • What are you saying?
          Is Beck schizophrenic or bipolar?

      45. Folks, there ain’t nothing coming out on Monday. Beck doesn’t know crap. What ever he comes out with will be inconsequential.

      46. I would wager that what Beck has in his hands would have been very damning 50 years ago. Today, however, it will be like a firecracker going off at your neighbor’s house. “Did you hear something, honey?” “Probably just a car backfiring”. Americans don’t give a shit anymore. It would take video of Obama shooting his mother to get people’s attention. You will see. A few people like us will get pissed. The Kadashian Americans will not understand and not care if they did. Sorry folks, this is just what will happen.

      47. I sure hope this brings him down! I voted for him the first time he ran but I had no idea he planned to become a dictator!

        • Don’t leave me hanging, what changed your mind? And why vote for him in the first place?

        • Kind of stupid aren’t you to not be able to see through Hussein. had much life experience?





        ;0p NinaO

        • NinaO ;0p

          You know what they say,
          “you seen one pretty tittie… you want to see them all.”

          Unfortunately, your posts are all the same and getting old.

          • No, no… By all means, boycott this site. How we’ll get along without Nazi trolls multi-posting long rants blaming Israel and/or Jews in general for every last one of the world’s problems and linking to idiotic conspiracy theory sites known to be run by other paranoid anti-Semitic idiots, I don’t know, but somehow I think we’ll manage.

      49. First, I was never a huge fan of Glenn Beck. Considered him good. Glad to see him finally say something. The unfortunate part though is this. If what he says is truly a bombshell, which I believe will be, far too few citizens will listen. They will still only worry about who the Kardashians are banging, to be blunt. Way too much kool-aid has been drank by the sheeple. Hopefully Barry and his cronies trully get exposed for all their lies.

        • America. You are right again. The country is preoccupied with trash tv. Watching television in order to feel better about their lot in life. The opiate of the masses to steal a thought from Karl Marx. Television programming is making this country slightly more ignorant day to day. Honey boo boo? Programs about low functioning or unhealthy people appear to make people feel better about their circumstances. Much in the same way Marx regarded religion.
          I do agree with most comments. This country is beyond the point of salvage. Mouth breathing college kids going through life as voyeurs of dysfunction.
          Perhaps television is the way to put citizens in a state of dependency. My life sucks but not as dramatically as honey boo boo’s family. Perhaps no one needs to seize your guns. Simply wait until you are so stupid you swallow your tongue. ( not people here just generally). Make people lethargic and unable to reason. I have never thought of society this way but it makes sense. Beauty pageants for 3 year olds. Dancing b listers. Drop people on an island and watch them sink or swim. This actually could be the way a society could be controlled. I really am asking. Does anyone see the mind numbing spoon fed dysfunction as being more dangerous than an army? Think about it.

      50. This just in…..

        Rumors have it that the bombing “suspect” just died.

        According to the White House Press Corps, his last words were:

        ::gasp! rattle! cough!::

        “I work for George Bush.”

        Then he expired.

      51. “Never underestimate the power of denial.”
        Xanax and American Idol will win the day.

      52. So wait…..let me get this straight.
        When It Hits The Fan, we don’t get weekends off??

        Keep preppin’

        • no weekends off?…i feel so small and lost… 😉

          prolly no dancin’ wit da stars, no monday night foootball….i don’t want to live anymore…i’m going to drown myself…in da toy-let…*sniffle*, REPEAT…



          Howdy tCM! 😉


          • There won’t any working toilets.

            • My outhouse will work.

      53. Beck is a right wing wack job in the same vein of Limbaugh and the rest of the airwaves self called conservatives. There is no other side in present day media, it’s completely devoid of truth and represents only the fear and warmongering of our selected allowed viewpoints.

        • Neither Limbaugh or Beck are right wingers whatever that is. Obviously you have never listened to eithers program. Rush spends half his time laughing and Beck spends half his crying. Left wing twits like you are so ignorant.

      54. Picture of suspect climbing out of boat hearty and hale? Picture of suspect on ground bloody (with ATF agent cutting out his vocal cords?)

        ps- the district attorney came out and said that the story they robbed a 7-Eleven was not true, that it was “an unrelated event”. Wha??? Didn’t 7-11 have a cashier witness plus video cameras to prove they did it? And if not, why were we told they robbed the place?

      55. whats up with you people? you watch too many movies. your crediting our government with the ability to pull off a scandal involving hundreds that may need to keep quiet to make this work! yeah right. let watergate be an example that people talk and no scandal of the magnitude being talked about can ever be coordinated by our government. this also proves the conspiracy theories that our government was behind 911 were all no more than paranoid old men trying to figure out how to use their new computer, camara, and wireless connection. stop watching those late night movies! go have a glass of milk and chill out

      56. Are you kidding? Let’s start with justice for JFK, the victims of the OKC bombing, 9/11, and any other number of events. The chowderheads in Boston are dancing in the streets and cheering the capture of this low-level nobody and acting like it’s case closed.

        If Benghazi and Libya didn’t take down the Golfer in Chief, why would this?

      57. I don’t know if this is coincidence or not, but I am pretty sure the this Saudi’s last name means “of war” in Arabic.

        • Hey Roman,
          I don’t know if this is coincidence or not but:
          In the Kenyan language Barak Hussein Obama means Commie full of pig crap. And now this is where it really gets weird-In the Indonesian language Barry Soetoro (are you ready for this?) mean Commie full of pig crap!!!

      58. Went to the gun show in Loveland today. There was a line outside, and most of the line formed a line inside at the main ammo counter. We stood in line to take a number. When my number was called, 9mm HP and 223 were all gone. There was still 9mm FMJ, so I grabbed a case. Also picked up a 22Mag revolver for good measure.

      59. I wouldn’t be surprised if a drone is circling Beck’s house right about now.

      60. What could beck possibly have? This is total bs. Lets assume the Saudi guy that was deported was the “handler” of the two Boston bombers, the us knew about it, and still let him go. So what?….. You think it is “worse” than that scenario? I seriously doubt it, sucka mother fuckas. And how would beck no that anyways? He’s a self aggrandizing former drunk. This is pathetic that he’s gotten people on this board into a tizzy.

      61. I would seriously like to hear some hypotheticals of what beck has hat would Ben elevate a pulse rate among obamas handlers.

      62. Beck is full of crap. He has nothing. He just wants to get listeners. This will be just like Al Capone’s safe. LOL

      63. O/T

        Nuclear Event: State of Illinois

        The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Region III staff is monitoring the La Salle nuclear power plant after a lightning strike knocked out offsite power to BOTH
        Units 1 and 2.

        The NRC has mobilized its Incident Response Center in Region III, located in Lisle, Ill., and is monitoring the events along with the resident inspector onsite.

        La Salle declared an Unusual Event around 3:11 p.m. Wednesday, after external power was lost to the two Mark II boiling water reactors.

        The plants automatically shut down and all control rods were inserted.
        The plant’s diesel generators are currently supplying power to plant equipment.

        The two-unit site is operated by Exelon Generation Co., and is located in Marseilles, Ill., about 75 miles southwest of Chicago.

      64. I just listened to the video clip of Beck. UTTER MELODRAMATIZED NONSENSICAL BLATHER. What he said is not even a good impersonation of an idiot. “I don’t bluff. I make promises.” What a buffoon.

        • I do not wish to argue Glenn Beck’s beliefs. Exposing his and other “media member” tactics and not reacting is a goal we should all think about. Think the program you disagree with the most. Msnbc CNN or Fox. Everyone has strong opinions either positive or negative. I will use Beck as an example. ( full disclosure, I really don’t enjoy listening to him but this is not my point). Why do I dislike him, his associates and counter parts? They are shrill, dramatic, verbose, and simply low denominators. He and others over emphasize their hated of ” the other side”. He and others regardless of their target audience speak in a fever pitch, act appalled and generally inflame or annoy depending on the audience. They are not sincere in their anger. If they were in fact continually inflamed they would die very young. Beck is an entertainer and not a reporter of true thought or news. Regardless of left or right, they need each other. I would not be surprised to learn they frequently contact each other and script arguments. He is following Donald Trump’s big announcement. He is going to make inflammatory claims citing either few or unnamed sources.

      65. “MAKE NO MISTAKE” lest ye wish to be doomed. Beck has lost it. Tottaly and utterly lost it.

      66. THis is stupid, Beck is gonna get a little visit from the wrecking crew to tell him to shut his @$$ up. Nutn here to see folks.

      67. It doesn’t matter what GB has it will be ignored. The msm will not report it. And even if they did report it this administration would not respond to it.
        You can hold them in contempt of congress, they don’t care.
        Big sis wouldn’t even answer a congressmans question. And he didn’t push it.
        GB will be discredited by their silence. No reaction by the scum in d.c. will make it go away.
        90% of the u.s. population won’t even know glenn said anything, and congress is so impotentt an overdose of viagra wouldn’t be enough to make them worth a fuck.

      68. “Powerful enough to bring down this administration…”

        One can only hope something will put an end to this marxist administration that is full of lies, corruption and those trying to ram Unconstitutional laws down our throats…. Bring it on Glenn!!!

      69. Monday is ransom day, pay day, if beck gets paid enough he will do a fema bailout, if no money it just might be a good show

        • Like x 1,000,000

      70. Glen Beck is a ZOG shill. He’s as full of shit as a Christmas goose. Talkin loud, sayin nuttin, like a dull knife, just ain’t cuttin. Listen and believe this shit fuck at your own peril.

      71. BI, in deference to you, I will take your advice to heart concerning ncjoe. DK is always advising us to engage, so I always feel a need to engage trolls like ncjoe, finx, etc. I believe it was Nathan Hale who once said, in his last words before the British hanged him, “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country.” Braveheart says, “I regret that i have but one red thumb to give for the trolls.” Those are NOT my last words on anything. And I will engage the NWO when the time comes. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • Howdy braveheart!

          How goes it Brother?

          Ummm, “ IS A wonderful THING, ain’t it?” 😉

          Stay Frosty Friend….yeah, I KNOW it’s HARD not TOO…but it just MAKES THEM GROW, JUST like the ‘Movie’!!!! Oh, and Yes…Life WITHOUT passion is not worth living. ‘Luv’ Ya for it Friend! 😉 🙂



        • @ braveheart. I wish everyone would leave ncjoe (joker) alone and just collapse these ranting of a crazy demented person, this character has totally gone off into la-la land. It is fun to nail the trolls, as myself I have much temptation to do so. Today joker in nc crossed the line of a troll and someone that is potentially dangerous. It is one thing for some troll to get everyone all riled up, government trolls are good at this. It is another issue when some psycho out there starts talking about that all of us don’t deserve to stay alive. This type of talk at some college or workplace could get the joker in nc put into some facility to see if he is insane or not, which of course they would find out is.

          Someone like Eisenkreuz gets people quite angry at him and disagree with him, but he isn’t telling us that we should all die. We all say something that others don’t like and disagree with. I myself have said some dumb things that I later regret. The problem with ncjoe (joker) is that he left for awhile and then came back and was even more angry and crazed like some coyote high on loco weed. There are some individuals out there that just snap. Use to be Joe in NC, now it is just ncjoe could be a small sign of some unravelling also.

          We all interact with each other here, and myself I don’t want to be partially responsible for some lunatic that is on that very edge of flipping out that is pushed over and we hear about another mass shooting whereever that nut actually lives. This character could be all talk, but I have a bad feeling that joker in NC is a little more than that. You just don’t come on to a web site like this and start wishing death to everyone unless there is a major bolt loose in the head. I also don’t want the FBI and DHS investigating the site and everyone here after ncjoe goes ballastic in some mall or a crowd.

          I admire the hell out of Mac for his openness with this site and free speech, but it “might” come time to put some serious guard on what joe (joker) in NC is saying here. Someone telling all of us we are f’ed in the head and whatever else is just bluster. Someone telling all of us we don’t deserve to be alive and that we should all do ourselves a favor and end our pain, that has crossed some line in which this character has gone bonkers and wants to hurt the site, Mac, and all of us that depend on this site for prepartion for what is coming.

          IF that nut did something that was national news like that other joker in Colorado, this site could be shutdown for all sorts of investigation. On top of many of us that feel that we drove this maniac over that proverbial edge. This is just what I was thinking about and I hope I am wrong about how dangerous this psychopath is. What do you feel?

          • You hysterical baby boomers are afraid of your own shadow. Everything is “suspicious”. Everyone is a “potential terrorist”. Everyone has to be silenced “for our safety”. Everybody is “mentally unbalanced”.

            Get a life, old man. The number of shooting has decreased by 50% since the ’90s. You’re brainwashed.

            • @ Eisenkreuz. You are a bright guy that gets on almost everyone’s nerves, but you are hardly like Joker in NC. There are very few, as in what that can be counted on someone’s hand that is a potential terrorist on this site. I don’t exaggerate issues. If I did I would be talking about a 9.5 to 10 point something for the san Andreas breaking. I have calculated out a 8.1-8.4 for a break from the Salton Sea to about Parkfield, not a 9 pointer unless the entire fault goes from Mexico to near Oregon. I am not exaggerating nc joker, this squirrel bait is a wacko.

              Other trolls on this site are just pains that enjoy causing people to get upset like a screaming 2 year old throwing a tantrum, or some screaming macaw or cockatoo birds wanting attention. Joker in NC has become more and more angry and yesterday spelled out the tell-tale sign of pre-psycho melt down. If you can’t see this, then I have over exaggerated your intelligence.

              NO not everybody is suspicious. NO not everybody is a potential terrorist. NO not everyone needs to be silenced for our safety. NO not everybody is mentally unbalanced. I will defend you that you are not dangerous as many people on this site feel you are. You are just highly opinionanted and piss off many people. NC joker IS dangerous, and this nut runs the risk of having this site shut down for investigation if he acts on those lunatic thoughts.

              Come on Eisenkreuz, how many people out there have said that they want all of us to die that we don’t deserve to be alive? This is rantings of a deranged nut with guns. You must understand that there are psychos out there. Joker in NC is one of them. Watch Full Metal Jacket and watch the mind decay of private Pyle as director Stan Kubrick is a master of putting the mental deterioration of someone on to the screen.

              This is what has happened to nc joker and proof of this is in the above comment # 1503675 that nc joker made. Put your strong opinions and idealisms away for a second and read this comment from the non-biased point of someone intelligent and you will see what I mean. This character is nuts and dangerous.

            • You wish you had a brain to wash numbnuts. Still bet your wishes he had used a better rubber.

      72. Mac, I’m totally shocked at NinaO saying to boycott our site. Come on, Nina, you can’t be serious. You’re not going anywhere. You give our community such character. Life wouldn’t be the same here without you. I’ve checked out a lot of your links in the past and know you provide some credible information. I’ll take you over trolls anyday. braveheart

      73. Glenn Beck is a pissant.

        • You need a Dirty Sanchez, Janet. Volunteers wanted.

        • I saw that headline. The way I see it, the FBI is going into full scale damage control mode – trying to blow this thing up and use it as an excuse to get more funding from Congress, by making up a big boatload of lies that there are ‘sleeper cells’ all across the USA.

          The Commies in the the White House support that agenda, because it gives them their carte blanch pretext to ratchet up the police state and recreation of the USSR right here in North America. That greasy little cockroach turd Lindsey Graham is already taking his cue from his Commie buddy and declaring the entire USA a ‘battle zone’ and screaming for drones to be unleashed to spy on the whole freaking country, and to heck with the Constitution and Bill of Rights!

          This Boston thing could very well be the excuse they are trying to use to declare martial law and flush what’s left of the Constitution and Bill of Rights down the toilet.

      74. What if it is our own government that is terrorizing America just to get the fascist dictatorship in place? As I see it the democrats are not a political party but a crime syndicate. The republicans are bad enough but the dems are just blood sucking evil.

      75. @ BI,

        Evening Friend,

        Just had another 6+…different location, the Izu Islands Japan…Gee, getting a little ‘broad-based’…isn’t it?


      76. Why is DHS “quickly”deporting a foreign person of interest in the Boston Bombings. If he’s truly innocent and cannot provide any information on the bombing why not let him go back to school. Why is Big Sis so anxious to get him out fo the country?

      77. I’ve seen him do this over and over. He will produce nothing in all likelihood. Just like when he said he would expose FEMA camps and then backed off! Need I say more?

      78. I hope Glen Beck is right, but even if he is, would it be enough? What about all the evidence about Obama having someone else’s Social Security number from a state he never lived in, and that sort of thing? They won’t even investigate it, because they don’t want to know and have to do something about it. The administration will just scoff and belittle Glen Beck’s revelation, and lie to the public, who will believe him. There’s many places where we’ve drawn our lines in the sand, but the rest of the country does not even seem to care.

        • “seem to care” or believe this bs you all talk about. i believe our government has done some dirty cover ups in its time, but to believe our government has plotted and covered up the mass killing of americans such as 911 and now this? the terrorist are anti government as well. if your not for US, you must be against US.

      79. I am not much on the conspiracy stuff but I do have one nagging question that bothers me. If the FBI had a file on Suspect one, Tamerlan, then when they got the pictures and were showing them around why did one of the agents say “hey we know that guy we interviewed him a while back”. I would think that if the Russian gov. asked you to check on someone you would remember them. And what about the facial recognication stuff. Just seems off.

        • disgruntled, furloughed fbi agents! this info must have came in just before quiting time on friday!

        • You are right. First hand experience with facial recognition, if anyone is in the system, like these guys were, they knew who they were. They just wanted them to run.

      80. it must be ratings week or something like that.

      81. @ JustOneGuy. The earthquake activity in DIFFERENT spots has increased, this maoning effect means something quite large is coming. Too many times in the past this has happened.

        By the way, you asked about government trolls. Well I am not so sure ncjoe (joker) is one. This deranged character is exactly what the government wants as an excuse to shut down, at least temporarily, informative FREE web sites like. You have this person go insane somewhere and the DHS or other agency then has the authority to potentially take this site off the net to see if ncjoe (joker) was just a nut or affiliated with something else. The government right now is on that knee jerk mode.

        This is why for the benefit of the site I think that ncjoe might be a good idea to moderate what that nut says. I so much am first amendment and free speech, but that lunatic showed at least me today that he is not playing with a full deck and the more distant we all are from the psycho, if and when this person decides to fulfill some sick fantasy, the better off everyone on this site will be. Seriously, I like coming here and talking about all sorts of issues and don’t want some loser to ruin it for everyone, especially all the valuable information on preparing that we will need before whatever happens, happens.

        • Good Morning BI,

          I was wondering…..about that. 😉

          Thanks for the heads-up. The Izu Island thing happened to occur as I had the USGS window open…I suspected that it might be ‘telling’…

          As I’ve said before, here…

          There are BUT THREE types of People…in all the World,

          The Stupid; Those who do NOT learn from thier Mistakes,

          The Smart; Those who DO learn from thier own Mistakes,

          The Wise; Those who learn form OTHER People’s Mistakes.

          Without seeming to be arrogant here…in the slightest – you well remember what I have said from long ago? I know your memory is excellent Friend. I AM the least of my Father’s Children…and content in that – thus, as a general question to any who stop to read this,

          “What category do you fall into?”

          Such as that will be the dividing line in the End…

          Oh, incidentally, the LAST GRB occurance has now posted to the LC Rep. and it appears that it was the smallest of the four seperate occurances…by an order of magnitude (factor of 10 for the non-technical here) and as such it is YET the case that we have NOT had any strong occurance since the 15th of March last , apriori, last September. Please note that SEVERAL such occured during the Fall of 2011 and Spring 2012, and none since till as stated above – roughly mimicing the overall pattern of solar activity, broadly.

          Speaking of which…the elevation of activity in the aftermath of the events as noted is a direct, upsurge in Low Band X-ray emissions (1.0-8.0 Ang.) and a far more prouonced increase and sporadicity in the high band (0.5-4.0 Ang.). On the current ‘trajectory’ of increase we could well see an M-Class event within 24 hours. Lastly, – in closing – there does appaer to be two spot groups on the cusp of rotating into the Terrestrial LOS over the course of the next 48+ hours. It WILL be intersting to see how they have evolved in the interim pon emergence…

          Anywho, I have been exceedingly busy of late and I must needs get horizontal, soon. Tis about 06:30 CST and a well-earned rest beckons…

          Auf Wiedersehen Sie, mein Freundin! Guten Nacht… oder Morgan 😉


      82. glen beck = moron!

        • We should all keep our eyes on this one. H1N1 was also found in a chicken in China this past week. This would be horrific if these two strands ended up in the same chicken and recombined as a super virus. This is what pandemics are made of.

      83. Nothing is going to Happen!
        They are still going to try and change the Constitution so they can elect OBAMA for a third term. If they do not Hillary will be in the thick of it and the GIVEMEDATS will ensure her election.

        Come on. The Fate of the Nation is already sealed or are we that stupid to wait for one showman to tell us.

        What more can he tell us? More terrorist attacks? Martial Law. The Government is Crooked?

        I throw th B.S. Flag.

      84. I enjoy the site.
        Yet I’m done with all this prepping crap.
        Yeah, we’re ready.
        Prep up then forget about it all.
        You prep for peace of mind.

        As for Glenn… he’s full of it.

        Here’s the credible ones:
        Gerald Celente
        Peter Schiff
        Ron Paul

        They will continue to print money then one day it will devalue…but most likely steady and slow decline.

        You should prep up on a new career, read more books, align your crew. Business network. Then when business start to crap out…you won’t be fired off….the guy next to you will be. THERE’S YOUR NEXT PREP.

        Life is clicking on….
        Look at all the shit that went down in Germany…back before ww2 and during it.
        Yet we’re still here and the sun is shinning today.

        You don’t have any control over any of this shit. You just think you do.
        You think you are free… in reality you are a debt slave.

        Don’t you think you’ll have more say if you control businesses and some economic power?

        All the 99% are a bunch of losers.
        They should have all banded together and built their own business network.
        Instead..the are just a bunch of winy Dems who are headed for socialism and are bunch of commies.

        The 1% are laughing at them all. They still have to use all their business systems. There’s not many alternatives.

        The world is controlled by the jews and the oil company execs as well as the bankers.

        Find a way to build your own systems and you’ll do much better.

        Yeah…get your thumbs down ready…. Many have you have been brainwashed by this prepper movement to think that you are screwed.

        I scored a 5 figure raise by building my own in-house business network of IT guys.
        When I threatened to leave and take everyone with me to a new company..they responded. THAT is the power of an inside take over.

        Let the rude and uneducated 99% comments fly…

        • You make valid points and if I was of the mindset to make millions, you’d be spot on. However, I have no interest in that lifestyle. Prepping has opened my eyes to self sufficiency. I WANT to move out to the country, raise my own animals and vegetables! I want my own piece of land where noone can tell me what the FUCK to do! Just leave me alone and let me do my thing and raise my kids the way I want to.

          So you are right! Better yourself, but you want to do it differently than I do.

          Good luck!!!!

          • @ you don’t need to know. You know preparation use to be not only widely accepted, but highly encouraged. That is until brain dead politicians, the mass media, and others like National Geographic for more viewership have demonized and made it seem like it is only for the end of the world doomsdayers ready to fight everyone. Preparing gives a wonderful sense of security WHEN something happens. The STUPID 99% that don’t will be in manure deep to the neck should they have a personal SHTF event. You personally have felt the true positives of what prepping has done.

            Unfortunately people like above your comment have no idea just how FAST an event can bring on more events, or just plain escalate totally out of control. They are thinking on the terms that everything will remain the same and all events are recoverable. Well they are of course not. There are all sorts of events that would send most people into a rolled ball like a pill bug, or running around like a herd of deer or something not having any idea what to do or where to go.

            People that say prepping is crap need to look at the article I wrote and Mac refined last year just how horrific it will be for the non-prepper. There is NEVER a point in which ANYONE can say that they cannot glean new ideas on preparation. I say the MORE ideas that people come up with and personal experiences with making prepping that much more organized, the better chance we ALL have that take this information and use some of it.

            To the person above that hates prepping and talking about it: “since when has anyone had all the answers that they cannot learn much from others?”

            • west texas no power or running water right now, and not sure when it will be restored. bless those folks, they don’t want fema even driving by. am guessing there are a few preppers in west.

              any of you still wondering whether or not to prep? what if the boston lock down lasted days? what if you were emergently evacuated and couldn’t get back home for days? like BI has listed before, there are multiple reasons to prep.

              (side note to BI – dang! didn’t see local plant going kablam on your list of reasons; may want to add that one 🙂 )

        • And you would be……..DK?

      85. @ JustOneGuy. You know I have watched jo(k)e(r) in NC go from someone that use to just complain a lot and even talk to people, to becoming very upset that their comments were collapsed, to just trying to irritate people, to much more anger, to finally wishing everyone would die on the site. If you look at the 4 stages of an eruption of a volcano, joker in NC has reached the advanced stages of 3, 4 being the eruption.

        Now lunatics like this cannot get us in the cyber world, and they feel in their warped minds that everyone has bullied them. So whom do they take their anger out on? You guessed it, everyone around them. They start to place names on potential victims, the names of all the people on this site and others sites that have “bullied” them. It is not that nc joker has come on to the sites and been and acted like a psycho without any sense. In their twisted minds they see ONLY that they have been wronged and are going to get all those that have been “unfair” to them.

        Like in Columbine those kids went after targets, not so much those that “bullied” them, but just everyone that moved. If you look at the decay of nc joker over the months, it is the same as these psychos that go postal. When I look at the victims of these mass killings, it is awful. Right now anyone that would say such a statement as the joker in NC did, there is some real potential there for a major league meltdown. When I think of nc Joker, I think of the movie “Full Metal Jacket” and that psychopathic look on private Pyle right before he shot the drill sergeant.

        I have seen these characters in college go into these melt downs, thankfully without the violence. Joker in NC is in this category right now, and someone needs to put this danger to a bunch of inncoent people that have harmed no one, into a straight jacket and into a well padded room. Just like the forecasts before major earthquakes, this character is primed to do something bad. Hopefully he will just go play a video game or go step on some bugs, but the potential is there to do harm on a mass scale.

        Anyway, the 6.1 is still not too intense for the volcano islands of southern Japan. I have seen quakes in this region this large and larger as this is part of the Philippine plate boundary. Could mean though a major quake is coming on the eastern section of the plate towards the Marianna Islands region. Still watch Mexico to Chile, this is the area that is boiling over like joker in NC.

      86. The Saudi is a on the FBI Terrorist Watch List as well as his family. Dig people, find the intel… IF this is Becks big bang then it will fizzle out and he will be back to his own crazy ass self. Is it true, yes it is dead on correct. Will the sheep care? Nope…
        That is the issue, the Boston Bombings scream false flag and there are so many screw ups on the government side that a 5 year old can see what is really happening. Sheople do not want the truth, they want their false reality.

      87. Recently Saudia and China agreed to do a currency swap in the yuan.It’s dubbed “The Petro Yuan”.Id say that’s an indication of the end of the dollar.

      88. Curious that Drudge isn’t carrying a smidgen of it.

        • Exactly. Beck does not have shit and is not special. He will cite 5 congressmen without naming them. He may even name them and take information out of context. He may say “I have sources, verrrry reliable sources”

        • I thought the exact same thing. I consider Drudge the best real news source out there, VERY surprised it’s not on there. He lists Glen Beck and relative news…??

      89. Didn’t have time to read all posts. The Saudi is the son of a Saudi Diplomat. He visited him in the hospital. He wasn’t deported, he was evacuated. The Saudi royal family showed up to thank Obama. The Saudis fund the Wahabi terror schools. The older bomber had been working as a snitch for the FBI. He wasn’t happy how they treated him, so he went off the reservation, so to speak. The rest is history.

        • Now this sounds believable.

      90. A few days ago I checked for emergency drills being held and found New Orleans having Homeland Security drill set for this coming week and now cannot find anything. The New Orleans Jazz festival starts Thurs or Friday, A very big event. Please if anyone can find out if it is going on for sure, that information should be put out there. In fact ALL drills should be put out there.
        I had suspected the so called Boston Cowboy (turban cowboy) had some knowledge. Anyone look into the 40 lb backpacks the military runners were carrying. they came in 8 minutes before the explosions. Just saying that people need to look where no one is looking.

        • this brings up an interesting point I was thinking about…I have a pressure cooker–actually 2–and there is no way they could ever fit into the backpacks those kids in the pics had–just saying. Maybe they were smaller model cookers or the pictures skew the scale or something. I just know that the backpacks I own–normal backpacks the populace uses–could never hold my pressure cookers.

          Those must have been some big backpacks or tiny pressure cookers.

          Just a thought………

        • seesee:

          New Orleans issues notice of Military Training Exercises

          Throughout April, the U.S. Department of Defense will be conducting a series of Homeland Security exercises across the city.

          Local and federal law enforcement agencies are providing support for a pre-planned join military training exercise in and around the greater New Orleans area.

          The training exercise included the use of military helicopters throughout the week.

          The city says the training sites and times were carefully selected to minimize negative impact for the citizens of New Orleans and their daily routines, and safety precautions have been taken to prevent risk to the general public and the personnel involved.

          link to follow.

      91. more trolls here than all the shrimp boats on the gulf coast,trollololololololololololololo!

      92. Glenn Beck? Is this the “reliable source” for information leading to the Monday expose? Did Glenn ignore a more important story before all hell started to break loose — back when he was still on FOX? Ask him about “JIGROP” and “ELIJAH” to confirm his honesty before he starts bringing down America. This message is no joke!

      93. The Saudi may be the handler of these kids that allegedly placed the trash can/pressure cooker/backpack bombs….

        This thing is really starting to stink–word is starting to leak out as of early this AM that these 2 kids have been under the employ of the US and Saudi’s as spies and ended up going rouge or “double agent”..

        Still too early in the game for me to make any educated opinions or take a stand on what is going on–however it is starting to look as if the FBI knew about these guys–whether they were complicit or whether this was engineered awaitsto be seen..I actually hope Glen Beck does have some evidence–it would be nice to get some truth once in a while that hasn’t been filtered by the MSM and pre-edited by the mega corps and their politico puppets

      94. Oh, Glen, just hurry up and go to HollyWoood and become a movie star already! HollyWood needs you, and you need HollyWood! Your first movie can be, “Sailing up the Whinning River” or “I don’t want to be Me anymore”….and after that, go ahead and become an InfoMercial dude, selling everything from BullShit to little girls panties, and GI Joe dolls.

      95. After watching the video of Beck’s warning, he is going to expose the Saudi as a dangerous person. He will in fact have proof the person is “bad” as he puts it. Beck will be right about his allegation. I also believe he has found information about the Saudi being radical. He will then relate the person to the bombing based on the information.
        The Saudi was contacted right after the bombing for a reason. Perhaps prior threats or actions. The Saudi was excluded and then sent away for the original reason he was contacted and his safety.
        Beck will cite all the information including a threat to bomb the race or similar event. The fact is, the Saudi did not do the bombing.
        If Beck’s information was a game changer for the country, he would have revealed the allegations as soon as he could. Beck is not the only person or media personality looking into a wide array of the bombing. He would be really worried about getting scooped and reveal what he has now. This is going to be another Trump style announcement.
        You can also tell he is full of shit when you listen to the video. The use of bad bad bad, the vague grandiose bullshit. The repeating statements etc. His version of a carnival barker. I bet the Saudi is related to a 911 bomber, bin laden, a known terrorist or the like. That does not mean a thing but he will hype the shit out of it to sell his show. I hate the player and the game.

        • This sounds entirely plausible. Haven’t we all seen shit in the past 4 years that we just knew would spell the end of the administration? Well in a reality based, normal universe these things would. Now they mean nothing. Our fellow countrymen we call Americans are led around by the media. Unable to think for themselves. Almost like some sort of hypnotic trance. Very bizaar to say the least. There are plenty of Dems and Repubs that need to be hung in a tree for crimes against the country whether they themselves did them directly or allowed these things to take place. Plenty of examples out there. Not going to rehash again.

      96. Here’s the word: not only is the Saudi national being deported on Tuesday a member of the 12-man sleeper cell, he is the leader of that cell and a member of the Saudi Royal Family. That’s why he gets the “get out of jail” card free. Questions not asked and certainly not answered: How did Saudi national burn his hands? How did these players get into these expensive collages and what were their SAT scores? In other words, many of the same questions the corporate media refuses to answer about our President.

      97. If he has something, what will happen? Does Glenn expect the peasants to riot? Remember that all the power is in the hands of the government. Nothing we do really matters except when we vote or spend money.

      98. Afternoon All,

        Solar continues a slow, ramping buld-up at this time. NOAA 11726 continues in growth and as such will soon become ‘interesting’. The current X-flux levels have for a few hours been at or slightly above the C-class level and the errstic pattern of emissions on the “High Band” monitor (0.5-4.0 Angstrom) continues. At this point 11726 has passed the center point of the Solar Polar meridian and will hereafter be slowly executing it’s pass to the western limb.

        As of this point 11726 has a good potential for the emmision of an M-Class event…


      99. I recall the late Andrew Breitbart had evidence that would completely “vet” the current POTUS…

        …Didn’t end well for him, either.

        I highly implore Mr. Beck to drop the bravado and release the information to the public, immediately. Monday is under twelve hours away, and a lot of cheeky *work* can happen within that time frame!

        Release the evidence, immediately, Mr. Beck!


      100. O.K. this seems like a fairly confident Beck speaking from the heart to the people. I realize he is a showman (aren’t they all), but something about this one seems different.

        Firstly, if he does indeed have ‘damning evidence’ as he says, he just painted a huge drone strike (or even airplane crash) on his back. I believe he is letting part of the cat out of the bag so to speak as to try and put the bad guys on the defensive…keep them busy making up more lies and cover-ups, perhaps? He must also know that the MSM, DHS, FBI and Administration are ALL going to try and ridicule and discredit him nonstop. That response is a given and we already expected as much from the slime balls anyway. He may be trying to raise awareness to wake up some of the sheeple who are half-awake/ half asleep to get them off the fence… you either know your government is full of evil people… or you don’t.

        He most likely has good contingency plans in place in the event of his untimely (and sudden) death…another Breitbart we don’t need…neither does he. Some people on here question his motives and purpose- personally, I think it’s pretty ballsey doing this- hat tip, to you Mr. Beck. Others on here question and whine what can we do? The big bad government cannot be stopped. Wanna bet? THAT kind of defeatist attitude is what THEY WANT you to have. You are more powerful than you think and in large coordinated numbers…you are unstoppable. Remember that, and use that knowledge as the time approaches soon. This is almost like the animated movie, ‘A Bug’s Life’ where the big, mean grasshoppers enslave the lowly ants…till one smart ant figures it out and calls them on it. It didn’t turn out well for the grasshoppers. Ever seen a mound of fire ants? Deadly powerful stuff there, my friends.

        Keep your powder dry…and hidden. You know the rest.

        • Note to govt: If we are lowly ants, diatomaceous earth you ain’t!!

        • Howdy Socrates,

          I LIKE your monicker! 🙂

          Quite nrerly all of what you say is to me, wholly reasonable and considered; ergo, I agree.

          What is troublinh to me here – notingh the lofic you apply – is that it MIGHT be the case given Beck’s CLEAR ‘ballsy’ confidence in making such an assertion that he HAS ‘someething’…what then?

          I am about as prepared as a person can get for what may come…that does not mean that I could LOOK forward to any sch with the clear glee that many of those here demonstrate in thier commetaria. What would undoubtedly come then would be far worse than most any here have actually envisaged…a direct WAR with the Feds, almost IMMEDIATELY.

          Who here…how many, are prepared TODAY for such as that; few, I think.

          Of all the qualities I prize in myself and others it is Intelligence that is that which attracts me the most; the converse is also true…I swerve BROADLY whenever I see actual ‘stupidity’ in action, or moreover thoughtlessness…

          The latter I mention above is my worry here, today.

          “Are you ready?” Truly, that is the question at hand, multiplied many millions of times over, Yes?


      101. It’s official: You people are clinically insane.

      102. Okay for all of you hording your meds, go ahead and take them (especially my son). You also need to quit responding to him as he will take a fancy to you boys. I don’t know what to do with him, he’s like that baby on the etrade commercial. Every time I take a device away, he finds another one. PS, I would do Beck or Rush for a 20 rock…

        • He needs a foaming beef enema administered by Dr. Makem Bendover. That will clean the bad ideas out of him.

      103. Don’t worry something else more catastrophic will happen next week, either locally where you live to keep you distracted or somewhere else, but big enough to garner world attention. This is done on purpose and with purpose. They are storing away food and preparations in the meantime. “They” have looked up and have seen what is coming, I know I was there too! We took the capital and the knowledge and used it to look further into space. We lied to the people and told them we were using their money for other things, and you believed us. It was not true then and it is not truth now. They are keeping you “Captivated” in as many ways as possible so that you will not look up and see what is about to happen to you. It is control of the end. They are controlling the end, it will all end anyway, but they are doing it in a way that they can save “some”. Unfortunately none of you are included in that “some”. I chose not to live with them or participate in the lies. I had the opportunity to be with “them”. I choose to die here with the rest of all. I am too old and I don’t care what anyone says or thinks of me. Some young people on the internet have known the truth and are telling as many of you what is happening. Even some in Hollywood have made movies letting you see the future of mankind, they are not for entertainment. They don’t want you to go insane with panic, so they let you know slowly. God help us all!

        • @Olden,

          I want to know. I’m 68 and have not felt anxiety like this until the last couple of years. I want to know.

        • Any particular details? It’s probably the Sun, I guess, or then some asteroid. The Sun has been seen to let out a big flash in near future by remote viewers ( Do you mean this?

          Have you been on Project Camelot?

      104. I’m anxiously awaiting……and I’m so hoping it’s something really good mostly to prove all the Beck haters wrong.

        Some of you are pathetic….

      105. If it’s half as big as Beck claims, he is derelict in his duty as an American to not already have said what it is. Showmanship should not trump country.

      106. Based on past experience: Why would anyone believe anything coming out of Beck’s mouth?

      107. People actually believe this drivel? Wow. Wake up folks.

      108. With almost 400 comments, I couldn’t resist adding just one more comment for just one more view. It seems Beck is not aware that he’s being used to sell the NW0 agenda.

        In the past when he had an hour program with Fox News, he said he spent an hour working on it. That tells you all his information was pre-written for him.

        1.Any information about foreign policy, Glenn Beck got his info. from the wrong source.

        2.Maybe with some of economic stuff, but when it comes to foreign issues or terrorism, they are a much bigger picture and way to much for him or for someone like him with limited knowledge about the world.

        The NW0 is going to take the house of Saudi down and that would collapse the world’s economy, especially America.

        In the background, Wallstreet has controlled all of the oil on planet earth — shorty after a revolution, a civil war in the Us, and a possible Russian coup d’etat.

        Based on what they try to push a revolution in Russia and in Saudi and a civil war in the US.

        The Saudi’s revolution was scheduled for March 11, 2011,and it was delayed because of the Tsunami hit Japan on the same day. 🙁

      109. Whatever Obama and his ladi-boi Glenn Beck have to do to take your eye off the ball, they’ll do it. It’s as plain as the nose on anyone’s face that the Chechen Bros. are al-Qaida, that Obama’s lax attention span to al-Qaida is why these two were not caught sooner than 4/15. Obama is so desperate to keep you from finding that out, that he’s even willing to throw Glenda under the bus with yet another one his BS stories along with another one of his ‘or else’ threats. Beck is worse than Oral Roberts up in that tower crying that God was going to call him home….lmao

      110. Disclaimer: I read the article but not your 300+ comments. Sorry if somebody already made these points.

        The sources for my speculation are: the Michael Scheuer books I mentioned in a prior thread: Imperial Hubris and Through Our Enemies Eyes;

        Dore Gold: Hatred’s Kingdom, how saudi arabia supports the new global terrorism;

        Daniel Pipes: Militant Islam Reaches America. Read all of the above books in total about 8 years ago. So I have some authoritative background but not recently, you dig.

        The Saudi royal family are militantly Wahhabi, the most strict form of Sunni. So are their subjects.

        Osama bin Laden and 14 other September 11th jihadi were Saudi. I can’t find my notes from that long ago but it’s a safe assumption all those 19 hijackers were strict Sunnis.

        From the days the British and American oil interests gave the Saudi Royal Family a modern economic foundation US and UK have been sucking up to people who smiled in our face but would quite happily have murdered us in mass.

        Not because they hate baseball and jazz but because the way US foreign policy affects Islam and muslims in that part of the world.

        I speculate the young Saudi suspect in Boston was let go because we still need Saudi oil. They still need our very profitable high tech armaments and our protection more than the US needs good relations with a Muslim district in Russia.

        So a pair of college kids who, in the opinions of the people who knew them, had no nexus to political Islam, are (maybe) being painted to take the fall for a much more sophisticated and incomparably better financed international jihad.

        We on this board recite as “proven facts” what the media propagandists have repeated a million times about various events. We “know’ what they photographed and broadcast. But what do we really know? Were you there, do you have you own independent source of information?

        The media is the authoritarian state’s propaganda arm. It bothers me to see so many people thinking so soon that we have the whole story and the only story.

        Who benefits, who gains from what happened since April 15th? It isn’t two kids who in the words of their own uncle are both losers with dubious futures.

        anonymous: Am not a liberal, am not a hippie. There’s a difference between repeating what “everybody knows” The Big Lie Internalized, and having an opinion of your own. You might try it some time. I”ve done the studying, thinking and traveling to have my own thoughts.

      111. Craft International guys (mercenaries) were carrying large backpacks, until on the next moment they weren’t. One of them is holding a device which looks like cell phone but is probably a detonation device (given the coincidental(!) detonation at the same time). Then they were running to a meeting point.

        And this Glenn Beck is trying to intimidate the government to release the real info? Haha… that’s a good one. Which reporter would start intimidating government instead of just reporting it straight away? Doesn’t happen.

        The explosions were even tweeted at @BostonGlobe before they happened:

        • That device the merc was holding was a portable radiation detector. That’s already been figured out.

          I agree, there is something fishy about his backpack disappearing, however the device was for radiation monitoring.

      112. Beck makes me a little sick. I used to respect him, but his unending hucksterism and showmanship has become too much. His entire schtick is this ominous apocalyptic paranoia which always turns out to be 90% hype. Meanwhile, he’s laughing his happy ass all the way to the bank, and we suckers keep going back to the trough for another dose of his BS. Does he actually believe what he says, or does he just work off a script? He’s like a slightly more respectable and less flamboyant Alex Jones, but he’s just as credible. As in, not at all.

        • Agreed. Beck is a major deceiver, seeking ratings.

      113. The only thing that will take down this administration is the good Lord himself. Barry could get up on stage and slit moochelle’s throat, rape his daughters, and the sycophant press would cheer him on.

      114. Well let’s hear it.

        • Exactly… Don’t hold your breath.

      115. Well…Its Monday… I’m at the office…All ears picked high for Beck’s revelation…Any word yet? What time and time zone is it coming? …Simply want to know…Its after lunch already so I’m assuming this afternoon is the prime time?… Someone fill me in…

        Since Mac said he felt Beck’s claim was valid I also assume Mac will let us all know what happens with this as well…I see many folks in here want to know…

        Standing by
        Fed Guy 20002

      116. Let’s all hear….Waiting to hear…Attention focused…Pad and pen ready for words of utter revelation…

        Fed Guy 20002

      117. Don’t worry like everything Beck claims it will be bull. H has a history of claiming to have important info, then when it comes time to show what he has it is fluff. I don’t believe anything Beck says.

      118. Oh come on? This is unbelievable speculation at best. No proof other than “what someone said”. Even the letter he referenced from Congress stated the bombing happened on the 22nd, but the letter was dated the 19th…

        “There is a pattern,” Beck said. “There is a relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia the American public doesn’t know about. The case of Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi is only the latest example.”

        If you wait and listen to Beck’s program later he will divulge more news about “Monday Bombshell” or “Monday Beckshrill”…

        We really give the government too much credit in being a good coverup artist…

        • Hush Now…Hush Now…None of that…Soona and very soona the Rev Becka shall speaka…And he in all his wisdoma shall reveala and impart words of wisdoma upunust us…And we the faitfula in the house of Mac shall remaia pearcheda in our seatsa to reveice this wisdoma…

          I know I know…I got to get a real life…I just couldn’t resist…Yall have a great day…

          Fed Guy 20002

      119. Beck Breaks Exclusive Information on Saudi National Once Considered a Person of Interest in Boston Bombings

        The Blaze dot com

        (direct link below)

      120. I call this entire story BULLSHIT. Beck is KNOWN liar, grandstanding f*cktard fool.

        He hates Obama. If he had a chance to drive a stake through his heart, he’d TAKE IT. But instead, he issues this “warning” and prior-notice that he’ll “TAKE ACTIONS”.

        Bullshit. Beck, you are grandstanding lying f*cktard, I trust NOTHING you say and NEVER have.

        I don’t know the truth behind the Saudi investigation. I don’t know the truth behind the alleged “bombers”, but I doubt very much their guilty of anything except being setup.

        Beck’s story stinks to high heaven. A great way to get ratings and views and ‘advertising’ (he’s known for doing this again and again).

        If you have it – spill it — otherwise you are just a money-hungry grandstanding as*wipe like everyone else.

        • Beck is a zionist stooge, if you listened to his show last year he spent months talking nonstop about israel in every single segment. israel is behind a large number of terror attacks around the world and they constantly spy on USA, so where the fuck is Glenn Beck on that?

          • Ranch! BINGO!! Nice to see at least a few here get it. Beck=same as entire crew at fox tv shows/news. In the last couple years fox has gotten so many zionistic jews on every fuckin show it is a massive joke of phony news crapola. Fox started out fairly good almost 15 yrs ago and lasted a few yrs afterwards. Then they hired more and more zio jews till today its wall to wall 24/7/365 non stop.

            Just get a pen and paper and take down notes as you view every single show from 5am to gretta ziobitchkommiejew show. Look at the sleezey 3 am show “Red Eye” it needs be changed to Beedy Rat eye nothing But jewszios show.

            Every show has 5 persons and 1 guy in backroom who speaks now and then from control booth. Every nite at least 5 if not all 6 are zio jews.

            Anybody who relies for their news on Foxjews tv is too stupid to awaken! 24/7 “Poor israel, poor jews” and “Oh Oh! We Must blow iran up and do it NOW!!” the entire world is filled with Gentile Nazis! and they ALL are out to whack us poor poor 14 million zionisticjews…Boo Hoo!

            Or is it Boo Jew!? They are worse whinners and crying clowns than even african black “Victims” are! While for Real it is They who terrorize the usa and most of mid east world nations. Can’t wait for enough white folks to get awakened and fed up! TIC-TOC-TIC-TOC…Fuckin kommie zios. And their “Good Goyimboy” Beck! Let me know if glen beck ever removes his head from deep into zio jew ass.

      121. Most of you were right about Beck. His big deal was a big nothing. The course of this country depended on his revelation? Say it is all true and it is not. This is not history or country altering. I want Billy Cunningham. He has principles. I didn’t like beck. Now I hate him. What a buttmunch.

      122. The same Glenn Beck that has done everything possible to avoid discussing the absolutely OBVIOUS 9/11 story, he won’t even mention WTC7 on his show! And his treatment of Ron Paul is unforgivable. Fuck Glenn Beck.

      123. “And his treatment of Ron Paul is unforgivable. Fuck Glenn Beck.”

        Yep…..I haven’t paid a lick of attention to the Crybaby Attention Whore since he dis’d Ron Paul back in 08.

        If Glen Beck said the sun was coming up, you’d have to go outside and confirm it.

      124. Hey Mac, WHERE oh where is the great Glenn Beck revelation???

        I looked on the blaze, and all there is on there is a bunch of jibber jabber…

        nothing that will bring down the house, let alone the administration…

      125. That’s it? Fuck me naked. Is Beck a retard? Beck is a dick licking liar. What a let down. He had me going…..not.

      126. Just heard Beck poured gasoline all over himself and is threatening to light a match…

        STAY TUNED.

      127. I do believe Mr. Beck has done himself in…
        I was counting on him.
        I actually saw it posted somewhere, that this Saudi was Hamza bin Laden…

        Osama’s younger son.
        There’s no end to the bs, the lies, the shadows and illusions…

      128. Wtf, Beck?

        • Heres the big revelation to learn from: If all you worship is $$$$ and desire Easy massive paychecks, like $30+ Million per year AND Vast cash book deals too?

          Move to NY or Chicago, go to work for msm zionists and do and Read whatever script They supply/write for you to Parrot daily. That is simply the main fastest way to massive wealth and fairly easy work. They OWN the Banks and ALL MSM’s bar none. Be Their Good Goyboy or girl and you too can get rich selling your soul to Satan and your services to Zionist jews. Ask Beck or Hannity or O’Rielly if you do not believe me!

          Or Ask CNN’s Rick Sanchez what happened to His cushy cnn job/paychecks after Sanchez Outted the fact that Yes zionist Jews do own and run ALL forms msm media nationwide, make that Worldwide now! ps incase ya aint aware Sanchez was Fired for That reason. Verify, as it is Fact.

      129. Of course most here wished for a monumental revelatory moment which would spark a mass awakening and rally patriots to revive the Republic from it’s death throes…

        It is incumbent upon all Impeccable Warriors of Light to refrain from succumbing to evil and accepting the reality that “WE” are the ones who must take up the yoke of TRUTH!

        As this dark tyranny continues it’s relentless blitzkrieg of doom we must remember that WE CAN AND SHALL STAND TALL! DEVOID OF FEAR!

        Dark is NOT the opposite of LIGHT…

        It is merely the ABSENCE of LIGHT!

        Bless You ALL and Godspeed!

        We will PREVAIL!

        “I believe that man will not merely endure. He will prevail. He is immortal, not because he alone among creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance.”

        ~~~William Faulkner

      130. I am afraid the only thing that is going to fall with this ‘bombshell’ is Beck’s ratings and everyone’s ability to trust him. Fool me once (FEMA camps) shame on you, fool me twice (Boston bombshell) shame on me. Fool me a 3rd time, I seriously doubt it because I won’t be listening.

      131. Well, once again Beck proves he is nothing more than a blowhard traitorous piece of shit. This site blows globalist dicks. I can’t believe you assholes actually bought into this shit. Beck is just another name to add to the TOP of the list. Good luck sheep!

        • People lacking in intelligence and communication skills frequently use foul language to try and get a point across.

      132. Beck made the point that this third man who is most likely involved in this bombing,because of his political connections,will be whisked away to safety,leaving the other two(at least two) to take all the blame.I think that is pretty significant.If that fails to upset or awaken the american people that is not Becks fault,it’s ours.

      133. The crying circus clown has another epic fail..

        This Muslim /brown people narrative is getting quite old..especially when the enemy operatives in the 67 Arab Israeli war were ,shall I say,operatives..and the ploy worked..

        The entire story lines thereafter are so full of holes.the false narrative constantly changes..on and on and on..with every well planned “event”..

        Beck is just another useful tool swaying his ever so faithful idiots for the kool aid consumption..

        Another well placed divisive media mongol perpetrating the propaganda…

        The administration ,as always, is using thousand year old tactics utilized since the days of the Roman empire..

        Unfortunately way too many still buy into this crap..


      134. OK, I read the info. on the Blaze website. Did not watch because I do not pay for stuff like this. If what I read was the big “reveal” then Mr. Beck was clearly going for ratings. Sad because it will cause many to laugh off what is really going on. Since I was not a Beck fan to start with it was not a big surprise, but friends of mine are really disappointed and for that I am sad.

        Ready to get back to prepping info.. I can share my recipe for some yummy coffee creamer at some point in the future. Til then stay strong preppers (my take on Boston).

      135. Well,,,, It’s Tuesday…

        • Beck is a clown. he is on right now playing the part. Biggest bag of wind in talk radio. As long as you understand that he is an entertainer you will not expect anything from him.

      136. I can’t believe this ?? The last posters are you reading and hearing the same thing I am? And without dealing with why what he says is unimportant or just hype you use names like fu–tard and such…

        • Justacowboy, I hear your frustration and language aside the comments reflect discouragement for the best reasons go back and read Grippentrog’s comment above ID number 1507896. Even before the announcement he called this one. But it just did not warrant Beck’s over the top caution to everyone. Coverup on the Saudi is probably true, irrefutable truth…not so much. Linkage to Obama hard to prove. Even if Michelle went to see the Saudi still not enough. Has to be powerful enough to break through and this was not. Fact Drudge did not pick up was pretty telling. Sorry.

      137. Well…Maybe today Beck will have something for us…I sure hope so for the sake of those who hang on his words and also for other sites who stepped up for him as SHTF did…It would be a shame to loose that credibility with their readers…I would imagine there is no numerous amount of side bar ads that could be squeezed in the frame of a webpage that can make up for lost readers…

        The info out there so far from Beck and his site is old news and not entirely correct at that…Much like his “history” chalk board lessons from the past (quazzi truth twisted into a tv show)… Wonder what they did with those damn chalkboards anyway…I do miss seeing him in his little ivy league outfits and wisdom caps…*sigh*…

        Look folks, you may not agree with me…Thats the beauty of this nation…And my “word of honor” may not mean much to several here…But Im telling you…Its a different world out there from anything you can imagine…And it takes new and constantly inventive ways to cope and manage that new and ever changing world…Not all rules fit every situation…Its not a one size fits all world…And it never will be…There will always be folks who will take great advantage of those who are working for good and for the betterment of mankind (govt, cops, and everyday folks included)…Take that to the bank…What you have to remember is there are those who are working for good and the betterment of mankind…Not everyone who knocks on your door is there to hurt you…Granted some are…One must use the mind God gave them to decide what is best in each situation to do…For themselves, their family and those who are on the other side of that door…

        Get to know your neighbors…You don’t have to give them your dossier or SS number, just get to know them…Then you can make a sound judgement on your surroundings and what you may or may not have to deal with later down the road…Above all don’t be one of those people who stare glassy-eyed into a news camera and moan that they “never thought it would happen here, of all places”…Because it did…It does…And it eventually will…I think you will find that those who tend to rant and rave over the the horse hair tampon and tinfoil issues have never been affected by the things they fear the most…And when they are confronted by them their world crumbles…There is no such thing as bravery…Its called being responsible towards others…Nothing brave or heroic about it…It happens slowly and indiscreet through out ones life long journey or in a flash of necessity…But its just something that exists in most all of us…

        Fed Guy 20002

      138. I knew that is exactly what he would do. I used to listen to his show until I figured out he is full of shit. He always tells you half the truth and in the end you have the empty feeling that something is missing in what he told you.

      139. @Former Cal Girl, Believe me I’m not a big Glen Beck follower but it just seems to me if there was a Saudi there at the race and he was listed as a triple B or whatever threat and then they decide he needs to be deported and then they deny it and Obama meets with the Saudi’s somebody in the administration needs to do some explaining… I just don’t believe that Beck would stake everything on this…. he must have good sources?? Unless he is in financial trouble and is trying to dig himself out and gambling this will get him out??

        • Why don’t you believe Beck would “stake everything on this”?

          Let’s examine that.

          Nobody hold scum like Beck, Jones or even this website accountable for wrong predictions (of which there are now hundreds and hundreds).

          Therefore, anybody can say “anything” and not be concerned about any backlash.

          The sheep (like you) are VERY stupid. They never learn. They never realize that they’re being brainwashed. They never realize that their “leaders” and “information sources” are often dead wrong. They never learn from these failed predictions, assessments, analysis and bogus reporting.

          If they were smart — they’d walk the other way.

          They never do.

          Therefore, what you “believe” is utterly irrelevant, because you’re going to “believe” whatever the hell you want despite the evidence, despite the facts, despite the failed track record of Beck, Jones and sites like this one.

          You’re just too stupid to learn anything.

          Sorry, but that’s exactly the truth. Maybe you’ll finally reassess what you “believe” and start dealing with facts and reality.

      140. Tis Tuesday, and no bombshell. It seems with all the erroneous predictions made by the shit for brains owner, you idiotic sheeple would realize this moron is an idiot and stop patronizing his stupidity. But, you idiots are the true brainwashed sheeple, so you mindlessly follow this crap regardless of the preponderance of countervailing evidence. Idiots.

      141. take Glen Beck with a grain of salt! he one of the domestic enemies of our nation that sabotaged Ron Paul for president!

      142. take Glen Beck with a grain of salt! he’s one of the domestic enemies of our nation that sabotaged Ron Paul for president!

      143. So what determination of our fate came from this? Other than the first practice session of widespread Illegal home searches that already took place? Beck needs to go back to his chalkboard calling everybody the next hitler and step aside for those who DO bring the horrorors of our overexpansive government to light. His crying “wolf” for ratings is the same idiotic mess that got him fired in the first place.

      144. I say kick all the muslims and all the jews out of this country.Let them fight over the shithole known as the middle east.Who really cares.It’s not like those are the real Jews anyways,they’re Khazzars,i.e. fake Jews who call themselves Israel.They are not Israel and never were.The Ten lost tribes from the northern kingdom are Israel and nobody knows for sure what became of them…

      145. Paultards can’t see shit for being blinded by RP – victims of cult of personality – no different than Obamabots. Pathetic.

      146. John you call me stupid… I’ll bet you wouldn’t have the balls to say that to my face.. people like you just resort to name calling that distracts from the conversation… where I come from we have a little respect for people.. I can see that you don’t and wouldn’t last out here..

        And it is people like you that hide on the internet and talk shit that are the problem.. So if you would like I’ll give you my location and you come on out and I will put you on one of my mules and we can ride on out to the divide trail and see who makes it back?? 😉

      147. We are now in May and as far as I can see nothing has happened. Has Glenn Beck told what he claimed he knows?

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