Modern Witches Plan To Hex Brett Kavanaugh

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    Dozens of witches say they plan to gather in New York City this month to hex Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was sworn into the nation’s highest court last week.  Kavanaugh’s journey was a rough one, with women coming forward seemingly out of nowhere with allegations of sexual misconduct.

    Those allegations (remember, allegations are simply accusations, not convictions) appear to be the reason the witches will gather on October 20 in order to hex the newest Supreme Court Justice. Dakota Bracciale, the Brooklyn-based witch who is organizing the hexing event, said the witches see the hex as a radical act of resistance that continues witchcraft’s long history as a refuge and weapon for the “oppressed, downtrodden and marginalized.” Bracciale is also the witch who organized three hexes against President Donald Trump last year.

    “Witchcraft has been used throughout history as a tool and ally for people on the fringes of society who will not ever really get justice through the powers that be,” Bracciale told The Huffington Post. “So they have to exact their own justice.”  Bracciale added that the ritual is meant to be cathartic for alleged victims of sexual assault. Kavanaugh will apparently be the focal point for the hex, but not the only target. The public hex is meant to exact revenge on “all rapists and the patriarchy at large which emboldens, rewards and protects them,” a Facebook page dedicated to the event states.

    According to USA Today, about 60 people will be in attendance at the pagan event on Saturday. The ritual will include effigies, coffin nails, graveyard dirt, and a spell, Bracciale told media outlets. Bracciale also said that not everyone in attendance will believe in the power of the hex but that won’t matter. According to Bracciale, the hexing event is, in part, nothing more than a means of spiritual or emotional catharsis. Immediately following the hex, a second ritual will be held, which is called “The Rites of the Scorned One,” according to the Facebook page.  It will “validate, affirm, uphold and support those of us who have been wronged and who refuse to be silent any longer.”

    Hexes are “not something you do lightly,” Bracciale said to The Huffington Post, “but it is something you have in your arsenal or toolbox.”


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      1. Good. Elizabeth Warren can join them. Her Pocahontas blood should mix well with her Progressive Socialist Democrat Native American B*tch blood. Strong medicine there.

        • Report today of here DNA testing shows that she actually is a Native American.

          Maybe around 1/512 from 10 generations back, possibly as high as 1/32 if her ancestor was a full blooded Indian, but that would fully support here claim to be an Indian and makes Trump the fool in the matter.

          • If Warren is an Indian then I’m bringing JFK back from the dead. And everyone knows that won’t happen. [SARCASM]

          • “Trump the fool”? No Warren is utterly disingenuous and self serving claiming quite proudly her “Indian heritage” to gather political support. Elizabeth Warren has what any mathematician would quantify as an insignificant American Indian DNA that could be as low as 1/1024th. The Cherokee Nation does not accept her because she is “too little” Indian to be an Indian. I’m of Italian decent, Rome conquered the known world and traded across the globe: I’m therefore likely part Chinese : I can’t effectively use chop sticks.

        • Odd that I haven’t heard anyone name the tribe she belongs to; I personally do not believe it.

          • DNA is DNA.

            It’s science, real science not phony science.

            It doesn’t require faith or belief to be what it is.

            • I believe DNA, I just don’t believe her. I haven’t seen the test results, and find it odd they did not name the tribe when announcing the results. The results would also give you the tribe.

              • From what I understand, there is no real database of actual Native American DNA to compare with so they extrapolate using Peruvian, Colombian and other South American tribes thinking they are somehow the same DNA as Native American tribes.

                • North American aboriginals do have several, genetic founders, some of whom do come from the South.

                  Particularly, when they were being called “civilized” (already) by the Colonists, and their voluntaryist, political model was being copied, different kinds of people had been accepted into their confederation. Just because they lived there.

                  People during the civil rights era could see her dark haired mother and could refuse their blessing, under rumors of mixed blood.

                  Whether I like her, personally, or agree with her politics, nothing she said was especially sensational, if we don’t turn everything into outrage porn. This was mostly, useless, emotional propaganda, of benefit to noone, on either side of the argument; what if she was really, really, Cherokee? Then, what?

      2. And they criticized Nancy Reagan for bringing an astrologist to the White House.

        This just makes women look bad. No woman in her right mind wants to identify with witches and or “women scorned”.


        • I’ll bet Hiliary will be there, the ugliest witch of all time.

          • Infidel, That’s why they chose New York, her current hometown, to host their witchy event.

        • The administration which made a corny, Disney actor the most powerful man on Earth. Appointed a cabinet full of Trilateralists.

          Republicans get all warm, squishy, and nostalgic for this one.

        • B from CA

          Kavanaugh is a Christian J.C. will protect him.

          • Agreed, The power of Jesus will always trump over evil witches. As a part-time Christian Minister I have told people for years that Hillary has all of the Biblical qualifications for being a witch.

            While in the White House in the 90’s she participated in talking to the dead (IE Demons) summoning up Eleanor Roosevelt with Jeane Dixon. She was in a coven in the basement of the national HQ of the United Methodists, it’s what she does when in DC.

            The screeching harpies at these “protests” also likely qualify to be called witches. Look at the scene in Wizard of Oz, where the witch melts and compare it to youtube videos of the “protests” of the “Hillary Harpies”.

            We Christians should not fear the “Walking Dead”, but we should be evry knowledgable about all the hell-bound people out there wanting to rule overus. Christians shopuld bever agree to having heathen rule overus. See Psalm 125.

      3. Witches and democrats and snowflakes oh my!!

        • Burn them ALL and call it a good day for America.

        • TSB, that’s a perfect combination for them, LOL.

      4. Really? WTF. HANG these vile buffoons!

      5. No one seems to remember that Hillary said she was a Wicca Witch when she first entered the White House. She is a raving lumatic and extremely dangerous. She fakes being a Christian to get votes but she said it in public to the media. All you good Christians be sure to support the black hearted witch who will lead you to hell with a smile

        • I remember hearing numerous sources, Larry Nichols among them, claiming she was a witch but must have missed her saying she was.

          Got a link or to her saying that about herself?

        • Q: Is (fill-in-the-blank) candidate a Christian?
          A: Always, most definitely yes. Hallelujah, and praise the Lawd.
          Q: Which chapter and verse will he legislate?
          A: …

          ^^^ The church lady auto dialers, telling you how to vote, really, really hate this one.

          +10pts, if you ask to talk to the man of the house.

      6. Spirit cooking, orgiastic excesses, Bohemian Grove, painting weird symbols on your hand… What’s your beef, witches?

        You modern ones must never have heard of Bacchanalia and human sacrifice.

      7. There is invisible evil at work in this world, and these counterfeit witches better be careful what they do. People in attendance who aren’t witches and don’t believe in hexes better be careful also, because you are there and put yourself at risk of being part of what may be summoned. When things are settled by votes( Presidential elections, and judgeships, etc.) that should be the end of the argument, and people need to move on and make changes in other ways other than using violence and stupid demonstrations like a meeting of witches. The so called witches could do the same thing in their own private meetings, but no it seems everyone needs their 15 minutes of fame.

        • I learned something a long time ago about what these people are trying to do. And they seem to forget that they live by an equation of sorts called the ‘3-fold law of return’. Basically that whatever you ask for in terms of a ‘magical’ change of affairs will come back to/on you 3x over. The idea being to never will evil or ill upon others, for it fate/karma will strike you back harder.

          • Consider the modus operandi of most criminals. Getting away with something is not the end-all be-all of criminality. No. They must also pin the blame on someone else.

            There is no particular rule, of which I am aware, about who must be the scapegoat, to satisfy a karmic debt.

      8. I have come to the conclusion that these women need a STIFF C–K

        every last one of them.

        The only problem is how many drinks do you need.

        • Angry Frog, forget that idea. Someone would catch something.

      9. Speaking of witches, I suppose that Hillary and Maxine Waters (aka “Aunt Ester”) will be involved somehow.

      10. I don’t believe in any witches, hexes or associated lunacy but there are more suckers born every minute that believe anything that comes out of a politicians mouth. Trump criticizing the Fed without witch backup may prove troublesome, lol. Presidents who go there may end up gone like the four dead ones who did the same. But Trump is their tool, every indication points there. A good article that discusses this is at dated 10-14-18 called: Trump Enters the Assassination Zone. Good comments also.

        • aljamo, Trump criticizes the Fed to secure his base and to keep his base happy and energized, and the Fed knows that is his ruse.

          Interesting article at the link you provided but Trump has not “entered the assassination zone” nor will he ever. He is not against them. He says what he needs to say to stay in power.

      11. First, the snitches and then the witches.

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