MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: President Announces Full Iraq Troop Withdrawal By End of The Year

by | Oct 21, 2011 | Headline News | 189 comments

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    President Obama:

    Today I can report, as promised, the rest of our troops in Iraq will come home by the end of the year. After nearly nine years America’s war in Iraq will be over.

    Over the next two months our troops in Iraq, tens of thousands of them, will pack up their gear and board conveys for their journey home.

    The last American solider will cross the border out of Iraq with their heads held high, proud of their success, and knowing that the American people stand united in our support for our troops.

    That is how America’s military efforts in Iraq will end.

    We’ll honor our many wounded warriors and the nearly forty five hundred American Patriots and their Iraqi and coalition partners who gave their lives for this effort. And, finally I would note that the end of war in Iraq reflects a larger transition. The tide of war is receding.

    The United States is moving forward from a position of strength. The long war in Iraq will come to an end by the end of this year. The transition in Afghanistan is moving forward. And, our troops are finally coming home.


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      1. and now the bill will double while we pay for private contractors…

        • They being pulled out to start training for riots and marshal law….. Just saying

          • you are absolutely right , they need those extra troops because the sh*t is about to hit the fan .

          • I fear you are correct. There have been plans for martial law laid out for decades. The current uprisings are going to be their excuse to implement ML. It’s no surprise really when you think about the national emergency that was declared in 1933, and how it is still in effect to this day.

          • What Mr. President doesn’t understand is that they will be a hindrance to his progress. These are the ones that have taken an oath to uphold the constitution. Once they do, Obama is going to jail.

        • just saw the numbers. As of July over 62,000 private contractors vs 46,000 troops. Guess we are already paying way too much.

          • The Iraq Gov voted us out; gee I didn’t see that in the speach….Hmmmmmmmmm

        • Courtesy of K.B.R???

        • 60,000 “contractors” are staying

      2. Nothing accomplished…

        • I am still waiting (for someone to properly explain)to understand why over 4000 Americans died there. Still waiting to understand why America spent a trillion Dollars there. Still… still… still waiting.

          I guess we are still if AF to protect the poppy/heroin crop.

          Notice how no cares about 2 /12 million people slaughtered in Darfur… oh yeah, there is no oil or heroin being produced in Darfur…. yet we are/were so concerned with human problems in Lybia?

          and yes yes yes I understand that Haliburton (which is no longer based in America) has been very happy (monetarily) about the Iraq thing (was it really a war?)

          • petro dollar. saddam went to the euro. like lybia trying to go to gold.

            • Simple, and accurate! I do love a K I S S approach to a “media/government” complicated “explanation”! Thumbs up rachel.

          • In my opinion, it was about handing the monetary system over to the Rothschilds. Iraq used to be one of six nations on the planet which did not have a Rothschild-controlled central bank. As I understand it today, we are now at four (Libya was another one): Sudan, Iran, Cuba and North Korea.

            • Scout,

              you nailed it, took the keys right off my keyboard. this is all about; who controls the currency, if you remember, these countries you named are all part of the AXIS of Evil GW Bush spooke of 10 years ago, or earlier. we are being played, as well as the countries we conquer, they are being forced to take paper dollars for oil, and all the other resources, this is a RESOURCE WAR/CURRENCY WAR. After they have completely surrouned IRAN, they will attack IRAN, is it any wonder why IRAN would want to have a Nuke, like being the only guy in the neighbor hood without a shotgun.

            • Thank you rachel and ScoutMotto,
              Those two reasons make sense. FOLLOW THE MONEY

          • it started with those “weapons of mass destruction”. seems nine years later they’ve stopped looking for what never existed in the first place.

      3. Now that we have destroyed Iraq’s infrastructure, from top to bottom, we’ll use tax payers money to hire corrupt U.S. contractors to rebuild.

        War is our business and business is good.

        • War is a Racket, as Major General Smedley Butler said. Always has been, likely always will be. I would love to know exactly what the “mission” was, other than the obvious: generating income for the Military Industrial Complex. Here’s how War Is A Racket by Smedley Butler begins:

          “WAR is a racket. It always has been.

          It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

          A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small “inside” group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.”

          You can find the PDF of War Is A Racket online for free. If you have not read it, I highly recommend doing so.

      4. Well, we got the WMD’s and that’s what matters.


        • Hilarious!

      5. Gotta rest up our troops – Iran’s next!

        • I think Syria is on deck right now, Iran will be the big one to seal the 2012 election.

        • Iran? Or the OWS protests?

          • OWS Protesters?! You gotta be kidding! You could send a Boy Scout troop with BB guns to get rid of that bunch of pussies. Hell, if you took all their weed they’d probably leave anyway. A damn firehose and a couple bars of soap and they would run away like the bunch of scum they are.

        • Damn straight.

          Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!!!

        • In spite of our neat gadgets, we will really regret invading Iran. If they openly test a nuke, we will not attempt invasion.

          • That raises an “interesting” possibility. I’m sure WE remember the “three stooges comedy” plot about a suppossed Iran sponsored assassination attempt on the Saudi ambassdor in DC!

            Israel gets the “green light” from our gooberment to “take out” Iran’s nuke facilities. But, give US time to get OUR troops out of Iraq before the “fireworks” begin!

            Almost makes too much sense.

            • yental-they must be hiring better screenwriters.

      6. Protests at home, and now troops are coming back. Interesting!

        • I don’t think many of them will be coming home, just leaving Iraq. Most are reportedly being sent to Kuwait, assembling for Iran most likely, but who knows…
          No doubt they’ll be used as the tip of the spear for whatever new war the elites begin in our names.

          • I have a friend who just landed a four month deal for four years in Kuwait to instruct electronics and explosives for dod….so your probably right on the nail

          • Pretty dull spearhead. No offense to the troops, but aren’t they tired of fighting? I’d send fresh troops.

            Good Lord! What am I saying? Pay no attention to the babbling idiot in the corner.
            We don’t need more of our people going to war.

      7. Why now? Is the government really just keeping a promise, or will they be packing their bags for another destination? Maybe another “I” location, like Iran, or Illinois? Maybe I took one too many “cynical” pills this morning.

        • because what the liar in chief is not telling you….is that we are being “expelled”, this was not our decision….the Iraqis are telling us to go against the U.S.guberments and military wishes and recommendations

      8. Regardless of what one thinks of the war, at least our troops are coming home to their families.

        • Until Martial Law is declared, then they’ll be re-deployed to exotic locations like: Detroit, L.A., N.Y., and Chicago.

          • Martial Law will not be declared. It will be, in fact has been, installed.

            Think about it. If Obama stood up and said Martial Law is hereby declared, all that would do is make all the armed citizens stand up against it. A losing battle for the corp.

            The corp will never declare itself unlawful. I only hope enough people figure it out to put a stop to it before it is totally installed.

            That will not be long at the current rate.

            • GC,
              I must agree. This progressive Marxist administration is too slick for that. Right after O took office they started ramping up their anti-gun agendas. Citizens bought guns and ammo in droves. Lesson learned, Americans don’t respond well to heavy-handed tactics.

              They’ve learned it’s better to slow down and gently boil us in their Socialist, Communist, Marxist stew. Nudging and regulations are their favorite means.

            • Additional thought…

              Of course if there’s a “major disaster” they may have NO choice but to declare Martial Law. It would be in our best interest and safety. (sarcastic sniff!)

              Nothing would surprise me in this day and age!

            • I agree GC. Martial law was already implemented as far back as the Civil War when the south became a captured nation. It was further entrenched in 1933 by FDR and his stealing of the people’s gold. The so-called national emergency was declared in 1933, and has been in full force and affect since then. The people were distracted all this time with their personal comfort zones. Now the results of 1933 are coming home to roost in the 21st century.

            • SoutMotto,

              Take a read to deepen your already fairly complete understanding of how our Constitutional government was hijacked:


              This gives a few more technicals on the same subject:


              We can’t fix this beast if we don’t know where to stab it.

          • Or even Portland, Tn. to help with the TSA…that or strawberries.

        • Wouldn’t count those “troops” at home with their families until I see it.

        • and now the cold hard reality sets in…they need jobs…

          • Excellent observation. Fortunately OUR fearless leader has assured US on multiple occassions that the economy and job growth are great!

            • Heck yeah! Our illustrious leader of the senate, Democrat Harry Reid, told us recently that private sector unemployment is not a problem, but we need more public sector jobs with their snouts in the slop trough.

            • Our government is just awesome! Trashing all those bad guys in the middle east, ridding the world of WMDs while at the same time creating an AWESOME housing market, business environment and creating millions of jobs!

              This recovery path is just so awesome it makes me want to send money to O’s campaign!

              …I can’t wait for what’s next…

          • like Ron Paul said, they’ll still get their cks, but they’ll be spending them here to prop up our economy, not overseas proping up someone elses

      9. The only mission he has accomplished is the destruction of our country. He has greatly accelerated it and taken it faster and further than any other President in my lifetime.

        How would you like to be him when standing in front of the Lord God Almighty on Judgement day ? He was given the opportunity to be one of the most powerful people on the planet and rather than use that gift to improve the country, promote peace and greater well being; he has taken every opportunity to divide, destroy, manipulate and deprive.

        There is no amount of money, power, fame or length of days that would convince me to willingly swap places with that poor, horrid, contemptable man.

        • To whom much is given, much is required.

        • Every puppet has a puppeteer.

          • Heard that BHO outspent all the other candidates for his election campaign four years ago. Would love to know where all that money came from. The intended beneficiaries of his “spread-the-wealth-around” policy sure didn’t supply it.

            • We know where the money came from: foreign contributors.

        • He was given the opportunity to be one of the purported most powerful people in the world precisely because he would do what he has done.

          He even started enough wars to get the Nobel Peace Prize.

      10. we all know its IRAN OR SYRIA NEXT!!!

        • Dangit. I forgot about Syria. Makes sense, though.

        • or the good old US of A!!!

          • I wonder if the troops actually would fire on american citizens? I’d like to think they wouldn’t, but who knows? With the right amount of brainwashing, anyone could be convinced that the sky is green and earth is purple…and American citizens are the enemy.

      11. They are being pulled out to be redeployed to A) Kuwait/Gulf States in prep for the upcoming US/NATO attack on Iran, or B) here in the U.S. in prep for total collapse and martial law.

      12. The war will be over when all American troops are out of there and Lybians are paying the private contractors themselves.
        the korean war has been over for almost 50 yrs, the troops are still there. WW2 has been over for 66 yrs and the troops are still there.

        • That would be almost 60 years.

      13. Why is it, every time I see the mulatto, I shake my head in disbelief thinking “This guy REALLY can’t be the President of the United States. Say it isn’t so.

        I still can’t believe it.

        Denial, in this case, allows me some relief in a world gone stark raving mad.

        • Keep in mind, he is a figure head and a puppet. Nothing more.

          • But, you’d think he would at least *TRY* to be decent. After all, GWB had me fooled for a couple years. BHO is just… such… a… BAD ACTOR!!!

            It may be because TPTB know they are running out of time and they need to drop some of the facade fo facilitate a faster destruction of freedom and liberty. BHO, having no love for American, was their best choice. I don’t know but I am starting to understand that curse, “May you live in interesting times.”

            We live in VERY interesting times.

      14. Every time this person, he is not my president, opens his mouth, the hordes of Hell rejoice. Nothing ever has been stated to the contrary. Now if the troops come home, little butch will put them on a list? I hope our men and women come home with true stories of what really happened over there! If you run into a soilder you make sure you hug their neck, they are family, not the commanders sitting in the treason house in D.C.!

        • Sorry, but following treasonous orders is equally treasonous as giving them.

      15. They are being pulled out to expedite the final collapse of America. Once we are gone Iran will move in to fill the power vacuum.

        Conflict will break out across the middle east and oil prices will spike putting the final nail in the American economic coffin.

        Just watch it shouldn’t take long.

      16. Do you know the real reason Gadhafi was killed?
        no it wasnt for the humanitarian reasons they want you to believe(although that would have been nobel like fucking 30 years ago or at least 25 years ago)
        It’s because he wanted to sell that countries oil for payment in Afican Gold, not the American Dollar.

        this is my take on it, No one has to agree or like me for saying and feeling this way, but I feel it to be the truth
        if it isnt than why wasnt something done about him a long time ago?
        And on another note..our administration has no room to talk smack about him and his rule..they are pulling the same shit

        • He wanted to use a new gold backed Libyan Dinar. So how about that gold stash? He was as crazy as a fox and he didn’t want to play by the petro dollar rules.

          • Thanks , yes right..i coudnt remember the “name” they were calling it Dinar

            • Knew what you were trying to say VRF.

              He wanted to be his own banker. Kinda reminds me of a few other country leaders & ex leaders.

              When they find the other son they will find the gold but we will only hear about the son’s capture minus the gold.

          • Same reason Saddam was killed. He wanted (and was about) to move oil purchases off the US dollar.

        • VRF: Funny you said that, the wife and I were talking about this very thing last night. Wasn’t long ago Ga duf fie was here in the States trying to set up his camel tent on property belonging to Donald trump, couldn’t he have been taken down then, it stinks!

        • Agreed. Back in March, Libyan rebels set-up a new national oil company and a central bank (google it!). How business-minded these rebels must be – setting up a bank and business before a concrete government is even established!

          • The “rebels” had set up the central bank, drawn up a contract and sold their tanker of oil in approximately a week of the first major push. How does a “rag tag” group of “rebels” accomplish these goals in a week? or a year? Not only business minded, they have all the proper lawyers and contracts ready to go!! All from a lap top in the desert. Right.

        • Gadhaffi took Libya from one of the poorest countries in Africa to the one with the highest standard of living. Contrary to the propaganda spewing out of PsyOps and brainwashing the American’s, Gadhaffi was loved by the majority of Libyans. The Controllers don’t appreciate someone who controls better than they. So now they’ve destroyed Libya’s infrastructure (where have I heard that before?) so they can force the populace to do exactly as they are told. Another glorious victory for the Zionist American Terrorist Organization i.e. ZATO.

          • Pan Am Flight 103

            • Pan Am was what the govt and media wanted you to believe. The witnesses were paid and later recanted their testimony

          • SSHHH, people don’t like to much truth especially if it goes agianst their programming.

            If we were so hurt about Pan Am 103 we would have got got rid of him years ago.

            Considering we have been getting rid of heads of state on regular bases for the past 60 yrs.

            • Not to mention sense the illegal invasion of iraq(nothing to do with 9/11 and no WMD’s) Ole Gadafi duck has been kissing our ass.

              Had nothing to do with his gold,oil, water reserves and his big FU to the IMF and the central bank.

            • SaDamn Insane messed up when he invaded Kuwait and killed many of the Kurds afterwards. Bush Sr. gave him many opportunities to stand down.

        • VFR

          In total agreement..same as Saddam Hussein..same story..

          The facts is the facts as they say..

          Let’s see who’s next on the proverbial hit list..





      17. Let’s tell the world the “peace” plans for the end of the year and use it as a political tool to increase poll numbers and to have “ONE” thing on the libtard re-election resume’. Maybe we can “dictate” some peace to Libya now!

      18. I agree with above comments that martial law is a big reason. When the president and the Ayatollah (sp) of Iran both support the occupy protests something is up. I also heard a news report (whilst grabbing my peanut butter this morning) that on the west coast, Seattle, Portland and LA, Gangs are starting to hijack the occupy portests. The reporter put it very tactfully that the protests were being infiltrated by “undesireables from nieghborhoods you wouldn’t venture to at night” For the love of crap, would you just say black gang members!!!!and anti semetic movements were becoming prominant. The “leader” of the Seattle protest defended anti jew signs held by a black woman, claiming first ammendment. Now, we all know that that does NOT work both ways….the first white supremist or sepratist to show up…it’s gonna explode. The race wars have begun to brew. Not to hijack the thread here, but I think Mr. Puppet in Office knows that when his planned race wars erupt, those door to door soldier skills will come in handy.

      19. At least O didn’t have a HUGE “Mission Accomplished” banner hanging behind him.

        • Well, how was Bush supposed to know that the Iraqi people were so insane that they would revolt against the killing of their dictator. Those people hate each other (Shia versus Sunni) even more than they love their children. Any normal people, after having been freed from their brutal dictator would rejoice and welcome their benefactors, but not those Muslim lunatics.

          Never again will I advocate lifting a little finger to help any Muslim.

          • Nobody did that in the first place…

          • I am not sure if your post about Bush was serious or not. That clown of a president supposedly went to Iraq for WMDs, not to save the Iraqi people. The Iraqi reaction was entirely predictable to anyone with a brain.

      20. Another (follow the money) stories.

      21. hes doing it so he can have at least one feather in his hat for re-election campain.

      22. Does anyone know how many times I’ve heard “Troops home by Christmas” since 2003?

        • since 1944?

          • That’s a great point, I’m sure mothers, fathers and families have been hearing that after WW2 & Korea.
            As long as oil is in Iraq, as long as oil is in Libya (and fresh water), as long as Iran is hated by our owners in Israel, we will ramin in all of these areas, but the average US voting dummy believes it, so it shall keep raining down like manure from D.C.

            • We don’t get any oil from Iraq. Jews are our owners? Get a clue moron. You can always spot the lefties as they are the anti Semites. Bush Sr. should have finished the deal the first time. The Iraqis would have acted totally different. Instead he betrayed them and let saddam slaughter them after he enticed them to revolt. The Bush family is a plague.

            • Willy: Bingo! Right again! The Bush Family IS a plague!

        • the more things “change” the more they stay the same 😛

      23. Now can anyone answer how you can still want join the army really? if some of ya still want to kiss you famely goodbye
        now answer me another question if all hell break loose in america how many troops will be on american soil most of them are all oversea! and i dont think you have many in the US now! damn when TSHTF it will be verry ugly hope you all have you gear and guns ready to lock and load.

      24. Its sad to see some of these comments and beliefs. I’ve put 4 years into Iraq and lost friends there. There are people there trying hard to fend off radical Islamic beliefs – the very kind Iran would like you and me to live under.

        WMD’s? Guess you all missed the memo on the nuclear material Canada bought and had shipped home in 2008? Or perhaps the scientist we rounded up with images of American cities on the back of Saddam’s portrait hanging in their offices. Any of them could have concocted a nifty coctail of poisions for our water supplies here, and that is exactly what they wanted to do. No, no barrels of chemical weapons, no nuclear war heads, but plenty of people use to be employed by the dictator Saddam that could produce weapons easily and quickly. Guess that doesn’t matter to any of you cause you have no fear – you think its all about the big bad govt producing fear. BS. You were not there! You have no idea what radical Islam has in store for you.

        Yes leave now Mr. Obama because you are too chicken to stick it out and keep the radicals from growing in Iraq. Leave now Obama and try to salvage your second term. Leave now and we’ll need to go back in 15 years just like we did Germany after WWI.

        • So how much longer should we stay? At what point has the objective, as you see it, been accomplished? Until the last radical muslim person/idea is exterminated? Is that even a reasonable objective/possibility?

          I am no fan of “Obimbo”, but I’m a big fan of getting our troops out of this never ending, constantly expanding, clusterfu*k.

          • Yental: The “objective’ will not be met until the US has destroyed every Israeli adversary in the middle east for the dual citizens in the Defense and State Departments that have hijacked the American government.

        • and we’re supposed to believe you on the internet???? BS!! you could be anyone spreading more propaganda for the govt and their controlled media

        • Thanks IraqiVet. I was there many times too but you would have had to look up. First one and second one, not done yet. My feet are usually wet and there’s no place like Mom to come back to with 320 after grabing a wire. Scott Speicher’s wife was there when we got home. I wonder who will be the last to come home.

        • Get em IraqiVet. I was playing in the sand box back in the 70’s when another POS US President lost control in Iran. Look at what happened after that. No countries had any respect for us.

          America needs to learn Conquest again, the liberator mentality makes us nothing more then a global SWAT Team. Screw nation building we should have kept it as our own gas station.

          • Good for you PO. You didn’t surprise me. PeeNut was my 1st CinC. What a disappointment until RR. Light parade is coming up.

            Bite me JB.

          • “America needs to learn Conquest again”. What, we haven’t left enough depleted uranium all over the sandbox to make you happy yet? Birth defects and increased cancer deaths in “your countries of conquest” are still too low? That comment goes down in my personal “hall of ignorant comments”. Exactly what segment of the INDUSTRIAL MILITARY COMPLEX currently employs you now?

            • War is the closest you will ever be to Hell on earth. Are you one of those people that used to spit on me and call me a baby killer? Just remember this, I did it for you. I did it for your rights.

              Myself and others like me, less then 1% of the population, will stand in the breach and take a bullet for you and your rights. Would you do the same for me?

              There is Evil in this world and it’s not me or the United States of America.

            • Do you speak German or Japanese? I didn’t think so.

            • I was among the “patriots” of the false flag “Gulf of Tonkin” Vietnam bullsh*t. I not only didn’t spit on OUR troops, but actively bashed the “hippie, drugy culture that condoned such activity. IMO, there is a vast difference between “conquest” and “defense” of native attributes and soil. The “truth” is out there in undeniable volumes, and the 9/11 myth isn’t it.

              I not only don’t dislike/hate veterans, I am depending on the majority to do the right thing at the right time.

              Come-on, “American conquest”. Is that what WE are about at the end of the day?

            • The blatant LIES of this “government” that sends America’s finest to kill/die for falsified reasons is the primary focus of my anger. To those that have not only “served” but given/witnessed the ultimate sacrifice, my fight is not with you. You have my unconditional respect and thanks.

              At some point, you have to look in the mirror and console your demons or continue to deny the REASONS you are at the coming crossroads. Godspeed in that process!

            • good posts on all points Yental….hopefully the programming will stop with some??

            • PO says

              Just remember this, I did it for you. I did it for your rights.

              No you did not. That may have been your intent, but it has never been the outcome. If you want to fight for my rights, the only battleground is only on the ground here in the good ol US of A

          • PatriotOne says:

            October 21, 2011 at 8:20 pm

            War is the closest you will ever be to Hell on earth. Are you one of those people that used to spit on me and call me a baby killer? Just remember this, I did it for you. I did it for your rights.

            Tekroanin says:
            You didn’t do sheeit P1… No one spit on you (Thats a Urban Legend!) But if ya come to Montana I’ll get a Homeless Wino Vet here to pee on your leg if it’ll make ya happy! I will CALL YOU A BABY KILLER and a raper of women! And what rights did you Protect P1 ‘0P pssszt NONE! Maybe the right of the IRS to Further Enslave us through debt as Debt Slaves to further feed the IMwC Industrial Military war Complex KBR and help the CIA through the CIA controlled Drugs shipped to the USA with Air Force Planes from the GOLDEN CIA TRIANGLE laos cambodia connection… lmao ;0) and YOU left 45,000 POW’s there bro! Johnson refused to pay for them and they are still there!!! WTF!

            You and Your Veteran Pals from Vietnam LOST the war dude!

            The only rights you protected was to further Increase the Taxes here in america and Help increase the level of police state we currently live in!!! The Lowest Point of the History of the US ARMY was the Vietnam War!
            sorry bro but I ain’t buying your war BS story… the vietnamese you fought were PATRIOTS… black pajami’s Viet Cong Patriots!!

            Read a book dude!

        • The Iraqi people voting for the first time in so long…and feel that they have a say in their country…a serious accomplishment. Putting and end to Sadaam’s government ruling via mass graves and torture.. …a serious accomplishment.

          Read book after book even before the war started where there was indeed evidence of Sadaam’s nuclear intentions…and plenty of people working for him (willingly or not) who could make them. Authors who later turned tail but in their first books concerning the issues in Iraq before the war…they were calling for intervention. During the first two years of the war, I also kept up with a number of Iraqi bloggers who were professional people (a network of dentists and physicians), well read and could quote words from our own Constitution and Martin Luther King which would bring you to tears…and they were beyond grateful (even despite the hardships) to be out from under this brutal dictator. Imagine, there was only one street in Baghdad where these people could go to find books to read. Now…bookstores are everywhere!

          Hundreds if not thousands of schools were outfitted by kind hearted soldiers and volunteers…tons of toys sent to hospitals. Many have made a difference in the midst of the trouble. Many of these efforts were started and finished by American soldiers over there while operating under unbelievably hard conditions and losing friends and being up against fierce and homegrown enemies.

          I, for one, am grateful for the efforts of the American soldiers, many of which were there because they wanted to put their lives on the line to make America safer in the long run. They are heroes to me.

          Regardless of what TPTB intended, these men and women deserve a lot more credit for the overall successes of what happened over there. So many of the good things that were accomplished were never spoken of because the press was so against the war. But, there were places to find the facts if you were looking. A friend of the family in the Navy just came home from being on the Iraqi oil fields, helping to guard them so that the oil could be sold to…whomever…not America. Those Iraqis who were there were nothing but grateful. Yup…115+ degrees…for DAYS….just to make sure those engineers and workers were safe.

          Nothing is perfect and there were sad incidents that everyone wished wouldn’t have happened and weren’t proud of but overall, there is much to say about the things that were accomplished for the people of Iraq….people just didn’t hear very much about them because the press spun it how they wanted the sheeple to hear it. The press still is. Sometimes it pays to listen to the people who were actually there.

          Thanks IraqiVet and all those who served and might be reading this.

        • IraqiVet,

          Saddam was hardly a radical Muslim. Radical maybe. Anyhow, there are approximately 1 Billion Muslims in this world. I am still waiting for at least 1 percent of those Muslims to cross our southern border like so many Mexicans do undetected, and blow up crowded AmeriKan bars, Malls, and a few sniper teams taking out people walking to work in Manhattan.

          But then I remembered. There is a secret clause in the Koran that says a Muslim can only get his virgins if he hijacks a jumbo jet and blows it up or crashes it.

          The fact is, you didn’t advance the cause of freedom in Iraq one iota with their constitution based on … Muslim law. And certainly, you and your dead buddies didn’t advance the cause of freedom and liberty here in AmeriKa. In fact, since your beloved war in Afghanistan and Iraq, freedom and liberty in AmeriKa has taken the biggest step back since its creation. I don’t remember you and your dead buddies surrounding D.C. and demanding the occupants repeal every single unconstitutional law, code, public policy, regulation, agency, treaty.

          Obviously, the wars we are involved with have nothing to do with advancing freedom and liberty in AmeriKa.

          You, and your dead buddies were and are nothing more than cannon fodder for TP’sTB. And you, and your dead buddies exist for nothing more than advancing their agenda. And guess what … freedom and liberty ARE NOT the agenda of TP’sTB.

          I know how it is. It is hard to look at yourself and your dead buddies and convince yourself that this was all for the cause of globalists. So you convince yourself that it was all for the cause of freedom and liberty… when deep down inside, you know that everything you fought and died for was a lie. Freedom and liberty is just a shroud that you cover yourself with to blind you from the painful truth.

          But if you truly feel that these wars are the cause of our freedom and liberty, then you are still wearing the uniform and will be proudly serving the globalist agenda of bringing the Non Integrating Gap into the Core for years to come. There is still a lot of work ahead for you… and all those radical Muslims are not all dead yet. Your duty for the “cause” is not over yet.

          Former 4-star U.S General admits to America Foreign Policy Coup:


          The Non Integrating Gap and the Core:


          The Pentagons New Map:


          The Project for a New American Century:


          Burst your bubble. Like I said, you and your dead buddies have not advanced the cause of freedom and liberty in America one bit. Not one iota. Isn’t that what it is all about? Or do you honest believe that somehow fighting them over there is preventing them from coming over here by way of our southern border to create massive mayhem? If 10 to 20 MILLION Mexicans can cross our borders undetected… what is preventing 1,000 and more Muslims from crossing those same borders?

          Yep. You are fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here?

          • AMEN and Bravo Curtis, what a honest, truthful, factual and all around awesome post…..kudos to you!!!

          • cudoo;s good post … totally agree!

        • IraqiVet,

          Thank you for your service! There are many young men & women (including many in my family) from this area who serve or have served in the military. I and many others pray everyday for your safety.

          I only saw ONE article in the news about the WMDs that were removed from Iraq. That article was printed in US papers on July 4th weekend in 2008 … after all the WMDs had been moved from Iraq to Canada.

          Somehow (?) that article was ERASED from all US onliine archives in early 2009. However, you can still read the truth if you go to the Canadian press.

          “The last major remnant of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program – a huge stockpile of concentrated natural uranium – reached a Canadian port Saturday to complete a secret U.S. operation that included a two-week airlift from Baghdad and a ship voyage crossing two oceans.

          “The removal of 550 metric tons of “yellow cake” – the seed material for higher-grade nuclear enrichment – was a significant step toward closing the books on Saddam’s nuclear legacy. It also brought relief to U.S. and Iraqi authorities who had worried the cache would reach insurgents or smugglers crossing to Iran to aid its nuclear ambitions.”
          July 2008


          KY Mom

        • IraqiVet,

          Thank you for your service! There are many young men & women (including many in my family) from this area who serve or have served in the military. I and many others pray for the safety of our men and women in service.

          I only saw ONE article in the news about the WMDs that were removed from Iraq. That article was printed in US papers on July 4th weekend in 2008 … after all the WMDs had been moved from Iraq to Canada.

          Somehow (?) that article was ERASED from all US onliine archives in early 2009. Sadly, we must now go elsewhere to read the truth. I found it posted in the Canadian press.

          “The last major remnant of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program – a huge stockpile of concentrated natural uranium – reached a Canadian port Saturday to complete a secret U.S. operation that included a two-week airlift from Baghdad and a ship voyage crossing two oceans.

          “The removal of 550 metric tons of “yellow cake” – the seed material for higher-grade nuclear enrichment – was a significant step toward closing the books on Saddam’s nuclear legacy. It also brought relief to U.S. and Iraqi authorities who had worried the cache would reach insurgents or smugglers crossing to Iran to aid its nuclear ambitions.”
          July 2008


          KY Mom

        • Talk about a line of BULLSHEET! This statement by this supposidely Iraqi Vet is nothing more than cointel b.s.!

          We are there for the oil, money and central bank… To Enslave the IRAQI people as Debt Slaves , nothing more.

          Sorry for your brother at arms deaths! Sad to say it… but I will –

          Every American who died in Iraq died for Lies! nothing more… they died so some companies Black Water GE Haliburton KBR ect etc etc an bankers in ny – gold in my sacks and london – Lucifer Rothschilds could and will make more $$$!

          They died empty deaths… and caused the illegal deaths of 1.3 million Iraqi’s and counting!

          The Iraqi’s have called for JIHAD cause america is once again attacking a weak country to kill innocent women and children so you can buy gas at 3.00 dollars a gallon.

          These Radicalized Islamists are nuthing more than PATRIOTIC people fighting a FOREIGN INVADER, here’s a Hint for you… ready… “YOU IRAQIVET ARE THE INVADER!”

          So Iraqi Vet it’s because of YOU and the US ARMY that the IRAQI’s are pissed off and Getting EXTREME Radicalized trying to kill you! YOU INVADED THEIR COUNTRY and KILLED their MOTHERS DAUGHTERS SISTERS and BROTHERS with housands of 500 pound BOMBS and Cruise Missles! Gee Whiz I’m thinking that might have pissed em’ off! Ya think???

          Silly Rabbit!

          America is lucky we only lost 4000 and counting… to bad it’s to much of a puss to take on a REAL military fight such as China or Russia!

          america is nuthing more than the local bully kid in the school yard sand box kicking sand on an pickin on the kids two grades below him – cause he can!

          I obviously have no mercy for Irag or Afghan american Vets… they get what they deserve in my book!

          They are the Invaders! They are the Destroyers! They are the Murderers! They get what they deserve and should be punished more for the criminal suffering they have caused to millions in the Middle East! All in the name of PROFIT $$$ nuthin more!

          For SHAME America… shame shame shame!

          nuff sad… ;0P pssssszzzt

          • Please move if USA is so bad.

            My whole life I have heard such things, but have heard of precious few defectors to places like USSR or especially to any “___stan”.

            USA is far from perfect, but you obviously could not be dragged out of the country with a backhoe. Move to an Islamic country and let me know how “tolerant” they are. Surely they will welcome you. Just explain that you are their friend while they saw off your head.

            • Got Muslim boo on the brain Ben Dover? Or are you just … stupid?

              Libya’s liberation: interim ruler unveils more radical than expected plans for Islamic law:


              Remember… it started with Bush which gave the Iraqi’s an Islamic constitution.

              Muslims… BOO?

              Didn’t all of you AmeriKans believe that you were suppose to crap your pants, give up your freedom and liberty, be subjected to random road blocks and be molested by your very own government, and give up your personal privacy because … OMG! … Muslims … BOO!?

              It amazes me that AmeriKans are actually TO STUPID to realize the greatest threat to them … is their own government … the same government, since George Bush, that is giving us the future Islamic Caliphate.

              Frikkin wake up … patriots!

            • LOUD SPEAKER in USE:

              “Mr. Dover this is da Police! PUT DOWN THE IRS debt slave flouridated COOL AID and COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP! It’s time for you to go to your assigned FEMA Camp Sir!!!”

              Keep just sittin there Ben watchin FUX News… It’ll be alright!

              By the way YOU now OWE the IRS FEDERAL Government $$$ 163,000 da da da da DOLLARS B B B B Ben as part of the governments 17 TRILLION Da Da DOLLAR Bail Out Quantitative Easing Program! Pay Buy April 15th 2012 please.

              And your property taxes are going up another 26% by the way DEBT SLAVE!

              ;0P psssszzzzt lmao ;0) sucker!

              There’s your america Ben Dover Keep drinking your Cool Aid Ben!

              I’m Done here… ;0P

        • Quote: “No, no barrels of chemical weapons, no nuclear war heads, but plenty of people use to be employed by the dictator Saddam that could produce weapons easily and quickly.”
          Oh, really? Easy to produce nuclear warheads??? What are you smoking? I want to have a drag too! My father was a nuclear engineer who worked at the Chernobyl Plant, Reactor #4, the one that actually melted. Let me tell you, its not easy to enrich the radioactive isotopes without a centrifuge and due process.
          These tribal desert dogs you have seen in Iraq are not capable of doing simple math, for goodness’s sake, let alone enrich uranium or plutonium.
          My buddy is a Warrant Officer with two touts in Iraq and he tells me that. So, I don’t know what it is you think is best for our troops, but its definitely not worth 4000+ lives of soldiers wasted in the sandbox.

          • ;0P pssszt I don’t think I’d be to quick to “BRAG” that my old dad worked at da “Chernobyl Plant” THE ONE THAT BLEW UP!!! ;0) laugh my ass off lmao… I’m kinda thinking that line doesn’t get ya a lot of dates! ;0P psssszt ;0) Last I heard they AREn’T suppose to BLOW UP!

            Silly Russian Rabbit!

        • No brother can’t stand with you on this one.

          There comes a time when you can no longer buy into the lies they have fed you. I have spilled the same blood on that godforsaken place but eventually the truth seeps in.

          Just how many sons and daughters need sacrifice on this alter of deception? How many Iraqi/Afghan lives have been enlightened/elevated? They just want to be left alone. WE were the invaders not them.

          If you buy the 9/11 lie why didn’t we go to war with Saudi Arabia…after all they had 14 of the hijackers right?

      25. it means they probably know something else is going to happen by Christmas

      26. Did his lips move?

        • sure indication he was telling a lie? 😉

      27. Just a thought..

        Its Funny how when the presidential administration NEEDS a popularity boost.. Either a un- deemed Ali” to the USA is killed.. Or we move some troops back home.. Before having them
        Deployed somewhere else!!

        “We the people” need to vote all these clowns out of office.. That is the only solution to our economic problems.

        As for contractors beinh paid by the USA .. It should be the other way around.. Send All the unemployed workers to close up shop in Iraq.. And get them off Govt assistance!!

        We all criticize about what is going on.. But at the end.. We do nothing.. And accept it.

        So who is really to blame here?

        • Hi from another “prepper Andy.”

          I would go one step further than voting them out of office. Start a recall drive on them. Let an election be held sooner to remove them from office. Make them more afraid of going back to their home town in the disgrace of being fired by their constituents.

      28. Thought we were voted out by the their gov.? Also are they not suppose to be more sympathetic to Iran?

        And how long before the Iraq’s who resisted the occupation rise back up?

        They need these guys for Afghanistan also for sure, far from being done there.

        On a side note, a friend is dating a woman whos son just got deployed to iraq and he said the son told her that something is going on and to keep a close eye on the news. Something not good.

      29. What a waste. All the terrorists have to do now is kill off a few troops now and then and wait for the last one to leave. Then they will take down the remainder of the government. The Iraqis are already making deals with the terrorists. They have known since Barry took office that they were going to be sold out. It will take 50 years to unravel the damage that this WH traitor has done to our policy.
        Just two other things, I guess that our troops were expendable while Barry waited for a campaign bonus and last but not least, this kinda reminds you of a Huey leaving the Embassy in Saigon.

      30. Everytime he opens his mouth, he proves he isn’t trustworthy and should be impeached. Dictators always have an agenda for their actions. And yes, I beleive he isn’t American. His career seems to coincide with the HIV or aids virus. They have said it started in Africa, same as Barry.

      31. Oh geez. I smell something very very bad brewing. They’ve made every excuse to extend the soldier’s stay in Iraq. Now, all of the sudden, they are returning them. This does not smell good. What was the mission that they accomplished?

        Nothing. Iraq hasn’t changed since, say, 5 years ago. It’s the same today as it was back then, so it wasn’t about accomplishing anything. So it’s something else.

        I think, it’s got to do with the OWS protests. I do not like this one bit. I have no idea what they are up to, but it smells very bad.

        Marshal law is coming. Another false flag is coming, this time the soldiers will be used to enforce “peace” in the USA. Somehow this will happen.

        This is scary guys.

        • i will not live in a socialist/communist/facist/whatever new word they come up with, america. i belive in the US constistution, and will die defending it if need be.

          • SKSlover says:
            October 21, 2011 at 7:20 pm
            i will not live in a socialist/communist/facist/whatever new word they come up with, america. i belive in the US constistution, and will die defending it if need be.

            Just to burst your bubble, the USSA has not been operating under the constitution for some time now. Obviously, you failed to defend it.

            That was just for your information just in case you had your head under a rock and were unawares of that.

        • I actually talked to my buddy, who is a an Army Warrant Officer coming back from Iraq after two tours. He is very concerned about what’s going on back at home. I couldn’t believe my ears when he said he wanted to get a defendable acreage in TX. I wonder if the Army will side with the People or with the Government?

      32. and what will become of the 5 military bases and the MASSIVE embassy ??? its bullshit….they arent going anywhere thanks to the caspian sea basin . the U.S. are natural resource thieves and arent leaving IRAQ !

      33. I do not believe anything this administration says or does is for the reasons they tell the American public.

        We have elected the enemy.

        • I also despise the current US government, but have faith that the ship will be righted one way or another. The resulting nation(s) will be better off.

          I’m sure that if (when) USA is pushed from the dominant nation spot, a nation like China or Iran will play much nicer with the world they dominate. Riiiiiight!!!

      34. Here is another thing I think

        I think this shit of “bringing our troops home” is a nothing but political wrangling..he’s Campaigning..he knows his ass is a one term president, so he is pulling out all the stops ..on everything
        all his “socialistic ideas” and all the bullshit he can shove down our throats ,, its all going to come hard and fast with as much shit to make it slide as he can muster.

        these troops are not coming “home” their going to be used ..against us, and against the next guy that doesnt want to use US currency for oil or any country or state that wants a “gold standard” or to control thier economy with something other than our fiat currency

        and as far as ML..its already been here people..its just called the patriot act, thats how they smoked it up your skirt with out everyone knowing thats what happened.

        when a bunch of cops or swat team can bust down any door they want and come in with flying lead and tear gas, your rights were no longer viewed as a deterrent to their new tool the Patriot Act..that my friends is a police state, a militarized police, you wont get served a warrent, because thats part of the times when we had a constitution and rights..we dont have this anylonger because we allowed them to play out this Patriot Act, that is not patriotic, and is not american in any way.

        the war on the US citizen started a long time ago..its time to wake the fuck up and push back harder then they can advance, because my friends they have had the jump on us since the PA went into affect, so as i see it they have one hell of a head start

        I am all for a Partiot Act..but not the type the government wants, if you catch my drift?

      35. If at all possible, Obama would bring back Adolph Hitler, just to kill him, if he thought it would help his chances of getting elected again

      36. Iraq would not grant immunity to our soldiers who commit crimes. That was the latest negotiations that fell through. so, they pulled the troops out, leaving the contractors there and declared victory.

        those troops will be redeployed to either packistan or some other country we invade next.

        Iran would be very hard to invade. that one would start ww3. I’ld say yemen, packistan or syria.

        • Any American who stays there will end up “commiting a crime”.

          • They committed a crime by going….

      37. Obviously more a political move than a military move…

      38. I saw an interesting interview on Fox news yesterday. Two congressmen (didn’t get their names) on some military committee (didn’t catch that either). Anyway, they both kept saying “We need to get on the ground in Libya” over and over again. The Fox news reporter said “But the U.S. is broke. We don’t have the money for that.” They replied “Libya will pay us back, there’s a lot of money there.” Did anybody else see this? I wish I had paid more attention. Too busy chasing children.

        • Kinda like the Iraq thing was going to pay for itself?

      39. More CorpGov “Blah Blah blah blah”

        Ron Paul 2012 !

      40. do you think it could get to the point where they try to take our guns like they did in hur.katrina? better make a good stash spot for em lol.

      41. Seventy-three men sailed up
        From the San Francisco Bay
        Rolled off their ship
        And here’s what they had to say…

        Flashback—a scene from a 6th grade classroom in 1972:

        Teacher: OK class, it’t time for your presentations on current affairs. Suzy, you may go first.

        Suzy: My curent affairs lesson is on equal rights and the progress we’ve made recently. I believe the candidacy of Ms Shirley Chisholm reflects the great strides that our country is making. This woman, born to a poor family in Harlem, has risen to be a real contender in the presidential race. Even though she didn’t get the nomination, she still has a big influence on the platform of her party and on the issues. (polite applause)

        Teacher: Very good Suzy, now Barry it is your turn.

        Barry: Thank you teacher, fellow students, and the viewers at home (shuffles his note cards)…I mean, skip that about the viewers…What I’d like to report today is the great job I have done on this assignment. It is without a doubt, a job well done and a mission accomplished! (waits for applause, none happens. looks back at his cards) So, now, the next issue to address is the inequality in grade distribution here at school. The only fair thing to do is to give everyone a ‘C’. (looks at teacher, she scowls) If we can’t find an equitable way to distribute the grades, then many of us will be scraping the bottom of the barrel with C minuses and Ds, or worse. We simply can’t allow this unfair grade hoarding by the A students to go on. (looks at Suzy, she flips him the bird) And, by the way, we know that Ms Chisholm is just a token candidate to satisfy the guilt of the white man, and she never really had a chance. The system is obviously rigged against her, and all of us too. Payback is not NEARLY complete yet. But we’ll get there. Which brings me back to my ideas.(he ducks a spit wad from Suzy)
        Now my plan is for each of us to make some sacrifices for the benefit of the entire school. I, of course, deserve an A for the terrific job I’ve done on this subject. And a few of you may have to get by with a bit less than the grade you think you deserve. But it all comes back to fairness. We simply have to do what is right on this matter. My girlfriend Michelle, as soon as she returns from her class trip to Uraguay, will be helping to implement the new grade distribution system. As your class president, I think it’s (Suzy interrupts)

        Suzy: Who the hell voted you class president?

        Teacher: Suzy! Please watch your language. (turns to Barry) and yes, Barry, just who the hell did vote you in as class president?

        Barry: Well, I…uh, voted myself in during recess. But it was a completely fair election…Now, about our new plan for grading…

        Suzy: Bite me Barry! You’re nothing but a blow hard…

        Other students: Yeah, who put you in charge? Who do you think you are…(yelling, chaos…)

        Teacher:(rushing to her intercom) Get the nurse in here immediately! Barry is off his meds again and he’s got the class in an uproar! Hurry!

        • LMAO, thanks Okie!

      42. Julius Caesar. You know what happened to him.

      43. Early to bed Early to Rise….Going to the grocery-woods at 4:30 To find the best deal on deer burgers, steaks, sausage & Deer jerky… :)~ There is nothing better in the world… then to watch the the Sun rise on a cold Fall morning with a bow in my hand. I have never felt more alive then to have a cold wind in my face and the morning sun at my back. To hear a single leaf fall from a tree….on a cold quite morning and land before me……

        P.S. Iraq been there and done that….Fuck (BHO) but, it’s about time…….

        Semper Fi Brothers…..!!!

        • Now that is excellent!

        • Good luck BF with the stick and string. I’m headed out in just a short while this morning with my son, muzz-loader.

        • Any luck & skill at store? I always like it when the two come together.

          • Yeah, I got a little spike buck …he will make some good steaks … Headed back out in the morning. 🙂

      44. Thanks to all who served. BHO is selling out the blood and gold we shed to make sure Saddam never hooked up with al queda. Iran and al queda will be back in no time.

        • Not to repeat it too often, but little o is just following a timetable set while Bush was in office. Of course he will take all credit to himself – that’s what narcissists do.

          I just wonder, if and when we also leave Afghanistan, how long it will take for the Chinese to move in. They do share a border, and it would set the stage for a land route to the oil in the Mideast, and to all the other resources they are buying up in Africa. It would also help them surround India.

          • Coach: The old “silk road” running from China through Central Asia is already being transformed into an autobahn with buried pipelines running alongside.

            This has been under development for some time.

            Another decade and Exxon will have gas stations all along the route where Chinese Military Convoys can refuel.

            Exxon will want the Chinese to provide the muscle to protect their “gasification” of Afghanistan where there are plenty of new oil fields to be drilled.

            It gives new meaning to the old phrase: “Put a tiger in your tank”!

        • Jim, the fact you mentioned al queda as though it existed means you are not awake…

      45. The Des Moines Register reports this news flash:
        Obama and Biden have been spotted running up and down I-80 in a hot-wired teleprompter, giving unwanted speeches to surly crowds. An APB has been sent out and state troopers vow to catch the pair soon. Iowa residents are cautioned to stay indoors and keep their ears plugged until the danger passes.
        In other news…

        The Kardashian sisters have joined forces with the AFL-CIO to form a new union. The ‘Sisterhood Of No-Talent Sluts’ (SONTS) Hollywood Local 206 has been inundated with membership applications, including Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio and the entire cast of the remake of Footloose…

        Boeing announced a new jetliner, honoring the First Lady, is on the drawing board. The ‘Me-shell 07’ , nicknamed the ‘Never Ending Flyer’ has been bothered with design problems since its inception. Engineers can’t figure out how to build a plane with no landing gear and no shut-off switches for the engines…

        In response to demands from the Wall Street occupiers, the NYSE has agreed to a dual reporting system. The exchange will now report share values in US dollars and actual real-world value as well. At the close Friday, ExxonMobil was up 4%, to 6 and a half gallons per share. John Deere was up, closing at 7 bushels of wheat per share. Solyndra was down slightly, closing at 3 crackers and a small piece of (government)cheese…

        In sports, the fans in Dallas and St Louis have little to cheer about this year when it comes to their football teams, but huge crowds turned out for the opening games of the World Series, proving that baseball is gaining popularity in both metro areas. Investigative reporters have been unable to determine if either city has a basketball team…

      46. Oh, God it gets worse. Check this article I found on prophecy, Nostradamus and Hillary Clinton becoming president! It’s scary and claims it’s all in the Bible codes. Armageddon is coming!

        • That website is full of it. And there IS a MABUS already, he doesn’t have to be fabricated by word games.

          He is Undersecretary of the US Navy!

          Look for him to be named Defense Secretary or posted to NATO in some way. It is after his death that the Anti Christ rises.

          The good news, and you KNOW I always have good news: that means there is lots of time people, but keep prepping!!!

          • I swear, I need a dictionary of acronyms to read your posts. 😀 What the heck is a MABUS?

            • Daisy: The word “MABUS” is not an acronym. The word first appeared in Nostradamus’ prophecies in the 1200’s in France: The Quatrains.

              The word has always been shrouded in mystery but was generally accepted as a clue to the Anti Christ and WWIII. No one has ever been able to put a finger on it until now. 🙂

              In hindsight, some of his prophecies are clear, some not so much, and some questionable at best.

              Nostradamus wove his prophecies into these verses in such a way as to avoid being labeled a witch or warlock, as that would have meant torture at best or burning at the stake.

              For example, he correctly prophecied the rise of Hitler, his birth, WWII and a number of things about the Nazi’s.

              Mabus has been a mystery that I now expose just for you. Mabus is a man. That man is the US Undersecretary of the US Navy.

              Keep your eye on this guy. I expect his rise to US Secretary of Defense in the next Administration. He is not the Anti Christ.

              Sometimes life imitates prophecy.

            • Daisy: Forgot to mention, he perceived “Hitler” as “Hister”, but it is generally accepted among scholars that he nailed the name.

              Mabus is quite clear in the Quatrains. Many want to create it by writing it in reverse, or in any number of inventive ways, etc etc.

              The fact that a US Under Secretary of the Navy is in fact named MABUS should give US pause … and a clue as to the signs of the times.

              Move to the mountains. 🙂

            • Sorry, that link has changed and didn’t tell about MABUS. An older site showed it quite probably to be Bush, whose skull and bones name was Magog.

              The original site is no longer there.

      47. Mac

        and just where are the troops coming home to?
        home to rest for another mid east/africa deployment aka Iran/Syria/Uganda or some other (unknown to us) “flash-point’?

        and do you some of you folks really believe 46k troops are coming home to assist in a “roundup” of 300 million citizens?

        the logistics are simply not there..

        after all. there’s way too much untapped natural resources that need to be extracted free of charge from destabilized nations awaiting..sending the troops home would be a zero net gain..


        • You forget about the foreign UN troops. Their contingent is much higher.

        • Not to round up the country silly. To clamp down on the power centers and large cities.

      48. Watch for Obama to raise terror alerts and drag out the next al queda leader videos to boost his popularity. Why not, worked for Bush.

      49. Check out this link on Hillary Clinton becoming the next president: screamingreviews.com/hillary-clintons-plan-to-take-the-presidency-permanently-its-been-her-plan-all-along/

      50. Let’s see, Obama can take credit for leaving Iraq, killing Osama, Awlaki, and Ghadafi. Maybe overthrowing Assad. This is how he will try to get re-elected. Looks like a limited (large?) attack on Iran by the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia is near. The NWO marches on.

      51. The end game is the coalition of the G5 nations, fulfilling the remainder of the elite’s agenda. These troops are coming back (as mentioned)to crack down on our citizens, yet gets spun as something wonderful, done for our troops and their families, with the air of success in the air. Hillary is already kicking off the next move into Iran with yet another false flag accusation. Gaddafi had simply outlived his usefulness, AND we want/need his gold. And we will get it now.

        The final move, when the rest of the middle east is secure, is the toppling of the Saudi Royal family. The very last. Obama has already put all other ‘dictators’ on warning, and that’s because there is still a bit more to clean out before the Saudis.

        It’s all going as planned. You just watch.

      52. Obhama is quite clever, bringing home all these troops is great for them and their families and 2012 votes.
        However, we will see a spike in unemployment when they arrive home in the states, no good jobs for any of them at all.
        Wow, Just in time for 2012 elections, when more Americans will feel that they need even more of Obhama’s government assistance.

      53. Hundreds of billions of dollars later our troops come home. We are leaving a nation in a very vulnerable situation (especially with all the other turmoil over there). We do need them home right now though. With our riots and the potential for things to get very, very bad in the middle east, it’s best for them to be here. At least for now.

        But one thing is clear.

        Obama’s in Full Campaign Mode.

        I pray it doesn’t work but the sheeple are stupid so……

      54. They are getting ready to re-group for Syria and Iran. Its like a Chess game really. Russia is getting Putin back in the Pilot’s seat in 2012, which means there’s going to be tough stance and no funking around.
        Obama is done. Steve Jobs told him about a year ago that he was one time elect as he shouldn’t have crushed the businesses with his socialism.
        Interesting and frightening times ahead…

      55. There’s going to be a depression that the government pretends isn’t coming and martial law will be the presidents reason to turn control over to a new world order to create peace. The sheeple won’t be prepared but you should be getting ready to fight for your lives. We will prevail in the end if your ready to teach and learn how to fight these commie bastards who are animals that need to be put down.

      56. It’s all unicorns and fairy dust. Let’s try the CIA for torturing the poor little terrorists, after all we are so concerned with not offending the people that want to cut our heads off, and the left wing nuts who love them. However we can be butchers and drop drones wherever we want and of course our new saying is [Wanted, Dead or Dead]. Why do they want to kill them and not get information from the terrorists and dictator pigs. What’s next, degrade our military even more, by using them to keep the sheople in line? Israel will be the scape goat and they will take out Iran, then the US will let Israel be destroyed. This is the plan, but what they don’t realize is that when Israel falls so do we! Then again I think that is their plan; perfect for the new world order. Buckle up preppers, it’s coming to a head and not far away. I believe we have about two to three months before the shtf, only it will be a little different and much worse than we imagined. I think this will be more about control of the masses, through any and all means of communication. We will be kept in line through propaganda, fear and isolation. I do not think there will be a power grid failure, but control through fear, and giving us just enough to be thankful, but not bad enough that we want to bring out the guns. When we are humble enough, scared enough, and thankful enough, that’s when we are ripe for the ultimate goal. Complete control of a society with no means of fighting back because the trouble makers, the guns, the stored food, and the outspoken, will be all be taken care of. Your own neighbors will turn you in out of fear and intimidation. This will be the ultimate weapon against society, when we turn on ourselves.

      57. Pulling out to come home? Yeah right! Who’s next? Pakistan? Iran? Somalia? We’ve now secured a bridge head into Africa by ‘securing’ Libya. That Master Stroke secured the largest oil deposit in Africa and drove a wedge between Egypt (which has been discretely subdued) and the western side of Africa ….. Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Africa is split down the middle!!!!
        AND by taking out Libya, the West has managed to kick out the 35,000 Chinese working there. It’s not a case of “when are we coming home” it’s more a case of “how many countries can we piss off” It’s not going to be long before several countries “loose their temper” with the West and turn around and bite us in the ass!! Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan are fuming. Add to that several countries who have been beaten down …… Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan (who have stated they’ll stand with Pakistan against the US) Egypt ect ect.
        Point is, if you piss everyone off one by one, eventually they’ll all side with each other and collectively have a go at you to get you back. My guess is that, that time is upon us.
        The West is doing a very good job at, not making friends in the sand box. I am so not happy, just thinking how many casualties we’ll have, so our ‘leaders’ can make their point!!

      58. What you are not being told is this was not a decision made by the POS obummer…Iraq is telling us its time to go, this is just more spin to cover up the big snafu (for those who’s interests it is to stay) on behalf of this administration’s bungled efforts to broker a longer residency. More bullshit from the king of bullshitters, the used car salesman obongo….come on down we’re slashing prices!!



      59. government no money already
        cut cost cut cost cut expenses
        cut NASA expenditure, no more space investigation
        released the reservoir oil petrol not in appropriate time
        print more money
        now cut these troop expenses…..etc


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