Minor in Possession of Tea is Suspended from Cali School; Interrogated By Police

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    Editor’s Note: In a state where massive cuts in school budgets have left California children without access to classes like art, music, second language, and physical education, school administrators have, instead of finding new and innovative ways to educate their pupils, turned to following the lead of their police state benefactors and shoved the boot of tyranny down their throats. While First Lady Michelle Obama’s government mandated school lunch programs have been heralded by teachers’ unions and the like as a step in the right direction for reducing obesity in America, when an involved parent steps in to do the same, they are lambasted by government and quasi-government officials, threatened with the real possibility of having their  child taken from them under duress, and their child is interrogated in a way that would make the Schutzstaffel proud. As Kimberly Paxton of The Daily Sheeple points out in the report below, this is exactly what happened to one mother after her 7th grader brought a health supplement drink to school. Kombucha tea is readily available over-the-counter at most grocery stores and is sold without issue to adults and minors alike. Bring it onto school property, however, and you immediately become an enemy of the state much like those who would drink and share raw milk or offer organically grown dinners to friends and family.

    The government and their minions within the halls of our country’s pedagogical institutions have determined that they, and they alone, are capable of making decisions for our children. They force feed our children with genetically modified vegetables and meats loaded with antibiotics  pesticides and a mix of the most toxic feeds and fertilizers available, and somehow we, the parents, are the bad guys for resisting?

    When did this country lose its common sense?

    Officials seem to be having a difficult time keeping their hands out of school lunches lately.  Recently children complained of being hungry when schools across the nation began instituting caloric rations on cafeteria lunches.  Many people said, “If you aren’t happy with what the school is providing, send your child to school with a lunch from home!”

    But what happens when that lovingly packed nutritious lunch from home gets your child suspended for violating the school’s “zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy”, due to the ignorance of the educational authorities?

    That was just the situation faced recently by a Newport Beach, California family.  A 7th grade boy was pulled from class for the entire day after school officials spotted him with a bottle of kombucha, a fermented tea, packed cozily inside a foam sleeve to protect it from breakage.  The lunchroom Gestapo confiscated his drink and the next morning, upon his arrival at school, he was sent to the principal’s office.

    At the principal’s office, the boy was questioned (without a parent present) by a uniformed police officer. According to the student:

    1. There was a Police Officer there, who informed him drinking this beverage is against the law.  The beverage he has was illegal.  AND Tried to enroll his in a AA for kids??!! AND talked to him about Drinking and Medications and asked him right out…If he takes any pills also!!! …
    2. The school Vice Principle told him they were looking into transferring him out of that school.
    3. They pulled his school record and went over his “problematic” history.  Obviously, trying to make him feel responsible and teach him a lesson???

    His mother, like any mother, was shocked and outraged.  She describes the call she received from the Vice-Principal of the school:

    The phone call I received from the Vice Principle was very abrasive.  It went like this:  Hello, Gavin had a beverage taken away yesterday at school and we are going to be sending him home today because on the label it says this contains .5% alcohol and this violates our Drug and Alcohol Policy.  He will be suspended for 5 days.  I then, informed her that Kombucha:

    1. Is not deemed by the FDA as an alcohol beverage.
    2. He can purchase it himself at the store.
    3. The alcohol produced is due to fermentation and that label HAS to be there for FDA.
    4. I brought it to him for lunch.

    Well, I wasn’t getting far.  She was not listening to me.  Finally, fed up and with my heart beating fast I informed her.  “My son will not be treated this way, I do not like the way you are verbalizing this, I will not have you telling my son this is a drug and alcohol when it has not been researched yet and If they suspend him, there will be a fight. She would not listen to me and informed me that I would have to Appeal this considering it was turned into the district.

    The worried and angry mother spoke with a blogger who wrote about the issue to publicize how the boy was being victimized by the ignorance of the school authorities.  This negative publicity caused the school to refute the incident in a statement, despite the physical evidence of a 5 day suspension form the boy was forced to sign.

    “No disciplinary action was taken and the student was not suspended. The parents of the involved student met with the school principal to discuss and resolve any issues that resulted from Wednesday’s incident.  No disciplinary action was taken and the student was not suspended. The parents of the involved student met with the school principal to discuss and resolve any issues that resulted from Wednesday’s incident…

    …The article also references police involvement. The Newport Beach Police Department provides two full- time School Resource Officers who work with our Newport Beach and Corona del Mar campuses. Police were not called in specifically for this incident. The SRO was already on campus and participated in a routine discovery process…”

    The most insulting part of the entire situation is the way the school attempted to downplay the mother’s reaction to having her child questioned by a uniformed officer, sent home from school in shame, and threatened with drug and alcohol classes.  In fact, the matter was only resolved when the mother went to the alternative media with the story.  The people in charge lied on more than one occasion, only backing down when faced with evidence of those lies.

    The school board said in their statement that in the future the discipline process should be more “nurturing.”

    Seeing the need to review some of the practices regarding policies and procedures regarding discipline, the Newport-Mesa Unified School District Board of Education has requested the Superintendent to research programs that would emphasize a more nurturing approach to the discovery process and avoid overly aggressive practices when dealing with the discipline process.”

    Kimberly Paxton, a staff writer for the Daily Sheeple, is based out of upstate New York. This information may be freely reproduced provided credit is given to the author and web site via a direct link to www.TheDailySheeple.com.


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      1. It’s liberalism run amok. Here in Wisconsin my son had to carry all his books with him to every class all day long. Because the school was too gutless to properly handle students keeping bad things in their lockers, students weren’t allowed to keep their books in their lockers. Schools have become some weird alternative reality society where their idiotic and despotic rules and perverse ways of looking at things become laws. Another thing: some kid sucker punched my son. Some teacher saw it. The kid wasn’t punished but my son was warned that if he hit back he would be punished. How screwed up is that?

        • Knock out the teachers teeth. If he tries to punch you, tell ’em you’ll file a lawsuit….

          • I had an “You’re out of order!!!” moment sitting in on my sons orientation this year. The administration stated that if anyone fought, even in self defense, they would be suspended and or arrested. This included pushing another student away, even in self defence. Security then stepped up and said they (security) were allowed to taze or use any force needed to stop a fight or defend themselves from an aggressive student.

            I then stood up and interrupted. I asked why it was okay for an adult to assault a child in self defence yet a child was required to lay down and be beat on until an adult happened to come and rescue them. The entire freshman parent assembly sat stunned that I dared to ask such a question. The security guy stated it was for his safety and that he was trained to stop the assault.

            I was pissed at this point so I asked him this. If I came up on stage and proceeded to kick the shit out of him if he would defend himself. He puffed up and said “damn right I will defend myself”. I then told him that if he had the right to defend himself then so did my kid. He then repeated school policy.

            I told him that he had better ensure my childs saftey every minute of everyday in this chicken shit school or I would sue them for every penny I could get. They were taking away my childs right to protect himself so that means they were taking 100% responsibility to ensure his safety. Security then tried to escort me out of the theater. I was surprised how many parents got a little loud and agreed with me. BTW my child has been told that he does have the right to defend himself and I will support him. I have clearly defined what self defense is and he knows to seek adult assistance if it is available. If not he has the right to protect himself as best he is able.

            They (security) took me aside and talked with me a bit alone and threatened to have me arrested if I ever dared to threaten school staff or create an outburst like I did. When I went back into the theater I promptly interrupted again and told the entire parent assembly that I had been threatened with arrest for what I said and the questions I asked and if they would do this to a parent they would and could do worse to our children. Talk about an uproar, heheh. I got my point across and nothing changed but I will tell you this. Everyone in that school knows my name and my childs and NO ONE messes with either of us.

            I dont ever expect to change the system but I will not stand by and be silent, especially when it comes to the safety of my family. Many parents told me they felt the same but would never dare to say anything for fear of…you fill in the blank. I told every one of them that said that, it was because people would not stand up and defend what is right and thats why things were getting so out of hand. They all nodded and quietly left the orientation. Nothing ever changes, society has failed itself.

            • Double Down
              That is an awsome story. Good for you for sticking up for your kid against dipshit liberal administrators. These people are neutering our kids with the mamby pamby bullshit they pedal. You can’t defend yourself, your not supposed to be competitive, your not supposed to do better than anyone else lest some underprivilaged kid gets thier frickin feelings hurt. Too many parents just lie down and play dead and let them get away with it. Thats why we have a generation of compliant kids that are gonna swallow whatever marxist propaganda that the govt./media puts on their plate. We need more people like you standing up to these morons.

            • The school system is training our kids to be good quiet workers for the NWO. No free thinkers need apply.

            • Little know fact: Originally this nation was to be a type of socialist system where everybody lived in a share and share alike lifestyle. They qickly learned that nobody would work in that system and switched to the capitalist system with church and social networks to take care of those in NEED. Those who chose not to work could do as they pleased but they did not eat on someone elses sweat.
              It was the free thinkers who struck out to new lands,or built new businesses and farms and forged ahead into new ways of doing things and drug this nation along with them!
              It was NOT those who were really good at quietly standing in lines or following the “rules”.

            • @ Double Down: THANK YOU for standing up! you are my hero! wish more of us would do the same. you set quite an example.

            • Well said, the “authorities” need to hear this more often from more people. This is the correct attitude to use in an attempt to keep government in its place-as our employees not our keepers!

        • Barn cat, I can tell you that as a teacher, this is one of the many things that is slowly adding up to my decision to leave this field. I have worked in several different schools in three different states over the course of many years and everywhere it is the same: WAY too many of the people in charge in the schools are either cowards or lunatics. They cannot take care of the most important matters on their plate, but they have oodles of time to focus on minutiae that flat out do not make a lick of difference in any child’s schooling. Plus, when someone like me stands up and actually says something about it, they go on the warpath!

          • Public School Administrators: 0.5% common sense by volume.

            JackBoot Cops: 180 Proof Power-trip.

            HOME SCHOOL!

          • My decision to leave after only 6 years has not given me any regret. I told one parent the grades her child received in first grade would not keep her from college–geeze.

          • Boy, are you ever right! I was only able to teach for a few years before I had to stop.

            Our administrators were terrified of losing more students to Alternative Schools. We had already lost 1/3’rd of our students and they were hell bent on not losing any more. Consequently, discipline was thrown right out of the window and students were allowed to sleep, curse or just plain scream at the ceiling and there was absolutely nothing I could do. I was expressly forbidden to contact the parents of these out of control students.

            My Seniors could barely read at a 3rd grade level and when I went to the administrators to complain that teaching history and government to students that could not read nor comprehend any of the subject matter was a waste of time and I should, instead, concentrate on basic reading skills, I was transferred to an even worse school.

            I tell every parent that I meet that they should avoid the public schools at all costs. All Costs!

        • Sue the bastards!!! Make an example out of them!!! When government goes too far … stick it in their ear!!!


          • Yes, sue the hell out of them, but I don’t want the money to be paid by the taxpayer, how about it comes out of the teachers pension funds!!!!! Then they’ll knock this stupid stuff off real fast.

            • It’s not the teachers. It’s the administrators.

            • I think thats what we all want and durango kidd meant to sue them personally and not the state or the police etc, people would stop this lawsuit stuff and back to common sense quick. Off topic but these racial groups that sue for millions because they didnt get paid same wage or not hired or fired for something and use that crutch. I believe this was all brought on by liberals if im not mistaken but could be wrong. as for that kidd sucker punching your son, id have your son go up to the kid that hit him and say, “I’m sorry if I made you mad and like to give you 10 bucks for all the trouble I caused you.” Then as he takes the 10 bucks have him kick the guy in the nuts as hard as he possibly can!! Then tell him to say payback for me and not a free paycheck for you bitch.

            • god I thought that was one of my better posts and got more neg than pos. I guess im not right with the majority here. ok

        • Barn Cat…. excuse me but how is this liberalism run amok? Did the head of the DNC show up at this kids school and slap him in the face? People like you (who use labels like “liberal” and “conservative”) are the reason this country is in the toilet. Newsflash, neither party has a monopoly on being stupid. They are 2 sides of the same coin and use social issues to divide people while distracting you from what’s really going on. Tell me, as a GOP member, do you have any females in your family? Do you love how the GOP hates female reproductive parts? How they are OK with women being raped? Defend your ignorant party please.

          When the SHTF, suck up to people like bill o and rush….I’m sure they’ll have you’re back and won’t sell you down the river if it means they can save their worthless behinds. Unless you make (AND CONTRIBUTE to the GOP) millions of dollars a year, the GOP doesn’t give two spits about you. And on the other side of that coin, democrats will gladly tax you to death to spread your money around.

          Wake up and stop being so easily fooled.

          • I’m GOP, and I love female reproductive parts. Your an idiot. And I’m not prone to personal attacks.

            Follow this one, turdbrain;
            Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood.
            PP is responsible for ?millions of abortions?
            Sanger was a eugentics fan. (kill off “lesser” races)
            PP doing her dream perfectly.Most abortions on underprivelidged, non-white.
            Libs; Pro-Abortion Cons: Anti-abortion
            But Libs are the sympathy party for non-whites,Underprivilidged?
            So Dems/Libs are for killing off minorties in quantity,no questions asked, but your sympathetic to their plight?

            I’m so sick of you liberal idiots claiming the high road.Claiming the “intellectual” road. Personal responsibility. That’s all Con’s want. You make your bed, you sleep in it.

            And as far has this conservative is concerned, give ’em a cruise with their free abortion. While your at it, offer $5000.00 to get sterilized. Cheap, compared to a lifetime on the Gov teet, voting Dem.

            • Margaret Sanger and her motivations behind Planned Parenthood:

              “As she wrote in her autobiography, Sanger founded Planned Parenthood in 1916 to stop the multiplication of unfit. This she boasted it would be ‘the most important and greatest step towards race betterment.’

              She conspired with eugenics financier and businessman Clarence Gamble to, quote; hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with Social Service backgrounds and engaging personalities.

              The outright murder wouldn’t sell, but wrapping it under the cloak of, quote, women’s health, and adorning it with the moral authority of black churches would. Sanger and Gamble called their campaign the ‘negro project’.”


            • dem, rep who cares already? you hate liberals? get over it. You hate conservatives? get over it. Those fights are gone and past that time is done there is no time to worry about left wing and right wing, you know why? Because both wings have fucked us and are flying the coop. If your stuck in the fight between the two sides still you are a now a hinderance to the future. Hate me for saying it but if your going to let them divide us when we need to be united the most, then you are not useful to the situation and there is no room for you. I am not saying loose yourself or forget who you are or what you believe in, what I am saying is are you going to hate that liberal when they are helping feed you? Are you going to hate that right winger when they are there protecting you? We are in this togeather. You will have to stand with blacks, whites, reds, yellows, browns, christians, athiests, wiccans, pagans, poor, wealthy, smart, stupid, young, old, right wing, left wing. If you can not do this or accept this then you are dooming the rest of us, you are the weak link, you are the crack in the wall, am I getting this point across? Say prepare your mind, well start preparing, if it gets really bad this world is going to get alot smaller and alot closer, do not be the cancer that destroys the future from the inside. If it gets really bad the Republic of Jkorp will welcome all, with the 2 rules, 1. A job for everyone , and everyone to their job. And, 2. don’t fuck with other ppls Shit.

            • @ KY Mom

              I always read your posts & pay attention to your links.
              Have learned much from you.
              You’re one of the bright ones posting here. Please stay the course.
              …& a heartfelt thanks for all you do!

            • If we would use the correct terms, then we would not be fighting. These people are big government statists. The reality is, these people want to control our lives. Right now most of them are coming from the left side of the political isle. But there have been many on the right well.

              Right now the left is truly trying to control our lives. Some, not all, of the Republicans have seen the light or were elected to stop this via tea party. But the Democrats have not seen the light.

          • Wake up yourself libtard.

          • Liberalism is the poison that has caused these people to think this way. Or why is it that we see this kind of nonsense mostly concentrated in the most liberal places in the country. This is a no-brainer.

        • “Having a substance on campus containing any level of alcoholic content is a violation according to District policy.”

          What? What a bunch of super moronic dumbasses! Cider? Apple juice? Grape juice? What a bunch of ignorant gooftards! I mean, really, do they not realize that just about EVERY DROP OF FRUIT JUICE ON THE PLANET CONTAINS ALCHOHOL?

          How did they… Oh, nevermind, they’re teachers. …sorry SonOfSam, but you need to get out. You’re in with a bunch of people that are absolutely bought into the propaganda spewed by the state. I work for a K12 school system. They pay me well and I work hard (I am not a teacher) and supporting teachers is like supporting little children in most cases. They are not worthy of our tax dollars. Most have been dumbed down by the system just like the kids they teach. I do, however, find one once in a while that deserve the praise. Todd. Tim. Jamie. Christine. Frank. You know who you are! All the good teachers need to open a private schools. WE NEED VOUCHERS! The public school system has screwed our kids for at least 40 years. We need to get it changed. The school system cannot be fixed. It must be scrapped and redone.

          If there are other teachers reading this, the very fact that you are here proves you’re one of those, mentioned by name, above. Thank you for your service and your hard work. Get out now. You’re fighting a losing battle.

          You know how the corporation you work for screws you and screws the kids, get out! Though I get paid by a K12 school corp, I actually push against the grain. I do my best to educate the uneducated education worshipers.

          Degrees, graduation and licensing are all about restricting fields of employment to those who will pay and pay big to those in charge of… Guess what? Degrees, graduation and licensing!

          Its amazing how so many people think this is the way it has to be. And, I guess, when you have the jackboots in charge, bought off by the banksters who own a system that promotes it, well, I guess it does have to be that way. …but maybe not much longer.

          The systems and the color of law are owned for the benefit of a few. Think outside of the color of (bankster) law.

        • Punish my lawsuit asshole.

          Kid’s getting a nice full body blow to the solar-plexus in this scenario. You want to avoid this shit, do your fucking job to begin with.

          • Sure downvote me.

            I knew a kid that this happened to in elementary school. Some other little asshole kid picking on him for weeks, saying all sorts of nasty shit, sucker punching him right left and center.

            Kid punched the little asshole in the solar plexus and put him on the ground.

            Mom threatened a lawsuite for them letting it go on that long.

            Kid got suspended for two days and that was it. I don’t know what happened to the little asshole but I know he was never a problem again.

            You force a kid into a situation he doesn’t want to be in, and force him to associate with violent little thugs, and then you don’t police the violent little psychos, I am not going to sit there and advise the kid to take it up the ass all year long. It screws up your self image irretrievably at that age.

            Downvote me all you want, you know I’m right.

            • EVERYONE: When I was growing up the teachers just let us fight it out as long as we didn’t do it right in front of them. We’d go out to some corner during lunch or recess and punch it out with a bunch of other kids standing around and cheering. We’ve truned into a nation of wussies afraid of our own shadows. I don’t condone starting violence but what happens when one of those sissy kids becomes an adult and someone attacks him? Is he supposed to curl up into a ball and cry, waiting for an “adult” to rescue him? It almost seems like someone is trying to turn us into a bunch of sheep; docile and compliant. If that’s true, where the hell do they expect to get real men and women who will become our police, military, and firefighters?

        • I think the Founders would have thrown the yoke off, long before it started getting this far out of hand. One more step to The Grey State…and people do nothing…

        • It would appear that the gestapo rules and regulations have unjustly been applied to children. Isn’t this “discrimination” based on age?

          Time to turn the Liberal against the Liberal and bring in the ACLU to fight for the rights of the children. If kids can only eat and drink certain foods and beverages, the exact rules must apply to the adults. Otherwise, the rights of the children have been violated. Simple.

          All we need is a brave kid and a supportive family who draws the line and contacts the ACLU for a trial. Let’s watch the Progressive/Liberal “redistribution” as it is applied to the adult gestapo and see how long those rules last.

        • Thats not liberalism, thats Fascism. A real liberal would think it was ok for the kid to smoke pot in class, while listening to some Pink Floyd…so he could get inthe vibe man.

          Soon, We should just change the name ofthe country to the United Soviet States of America.

        • I’ve taught my daughter to fight when it’s necessary and unavoidable. She know’s that self defense is her right and no one and no government can ever take that away. Fuck the stupid school system and the over educated liberal douchebags.

          This pisses me right off.

        • BarnCat.
          “The kid wasn’t punished but my son was warned that if he hit back he would be punished.”

          That sounds like the Canadian ‘justice’ system.

          • Sounds like what’s happening in Sanford, Fla. right now.

        • Twenty years ago I saw this same problem in Vermont Schools and decided to Home School My Son. As a result he started University at sixteen and is now an engineer. Had I left my Son to the Leftist/Communist Vermont School System he would be a Wall Washer.

      2. Sad

        • Not sure that the situation is sad or is merely that those in charge (those with the governmental power) have simply been placed in jobs that are beyond their ability to handle that level of competence.

          As society becomes more complex, we will be subject to more and more dumbbell actions as those in charge are the less capable.

          • The “Peter Principal”; ( rise to your level of incompetance).
            The modern school system is the best/worst example of the Peter principal. Probably best some of these moron pricipals and vice principals are not in the classroom.
            Keep these pucking idiots as far away from the kids as possible.
            Of course, they move from here to the Board of Ed., help “run” things, and receive nice big fat paychecks and retirement plans, courtesy of you, the taxpayer.
            Who oversee’s them?? Other overpaid idiots, most likely in the Democrat party. Nice racket they got going here. Stuff like this makes my blood boil.
            Cost me over $50,000 to send my son to the only private high school in my area. THAT’S how bad I perceived public ed after talking to the teachers, and seeing the calibre of local high school kids.
            Just call public ed what it is, babysitting.
            But, what do I know?

            • rick you are 100 percent right on that. They are really different types of people anymore. Most of them either went to college after HS and got a degree and don’t know what hard work is. Or maybe like me was a good person did some crazy stuff and worked hard and was honest and responsible worker then went to college and have common sense and don’t over-react to petty stuff like some of these mornons do these days

            • Let’s also not forget George W Bush signed No Child Left Behind. The GOP is also the party of big government And more government intrusioninto your life. Romney will not repeal that law either and neither will Obama.

              If all of you idiots who believe there’ a difference between yourfascist and theirs supported Ron Paul and got off your asses, you wouldnt have to have this argument.

            • Public School system is generaly worse than a baby sitter (I went through public schools in 4 state/various cities). The liberaly dominated P.S. system is more akin to brainwashing,re-education/de-education (undoing any patriotism & moral foundation)! I necessary try placing your children in a rural (conservative) school, or home schooling (atleast in the earlier more critical years) to help instill solid foundation of morals & not so common sense.

          • What ever happened to teaching respect to1! the students? What every happened to teaching personal responsibility? If a child is a bully, they will not learn to stop by getting away with it. Schools that punish the victim are CREATING bullys. The school system turns a blind eye to the crime and punishes the victim. If that is how it is, society is in big trouble because our next generation has been schooled to be victims or bullys!

      3. Another outrageous example of stupidity and ignorance in our schools.

      4. When we stop acting like slaves, They can’t treat you like slaves. The revolution has started! It’s just waiting for you!

        “Be Smart!” –

        U.S. Citizens
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://revolution2.osixs.org )

        Non U.S. Citizens
        Read “Common Sense 3.2” at ( http://SaveTheWorldNow.osixs.org )

      5. Reason number 1,458,253 for my son attending christian school and not public.

        • I’m with you greyfox. My children are too.

          Our parochial schools (nor students) aren’t holy or perfect, but I’m thankful for the fact that the teachers are allowed to give sound direction and/or correction if/when needed.

      6. and these are the people we leave our youth with 8 hours or more a day..people whos brains have gone to mush, unable to be critical thinkers and able to think for ones self, these are the people we have teaching our kids how to be in society..we are seriously fucked, our future is seriously fucked, and what we are seeing now is the culmination of this showing up in society as the people now who are making decisions that are affecting us and our way of life.

        freakin darwinisum at its best , if this is how the future generations and those of the past that have been brain washed by this “education system”, than its no dam surprise we are where were at in history, including all the issues of today

        • Agree, except for Darwinism. If survival of the “fittest” was remotely in play, we would have half the problems we do. Too many doing tasks they have no business doing.
          More like “Race to the Bottom” or society based on the lowest common denominator.
          You would think it should make it easier for the smart ones to rise above. But too many of these idiots are now in positions of “power and authority”. They beat you down, for sport. Makes ’em feel good.

          • It was a play on words, or Tongue in cheak as it were, the fact that the stupid are saved from themselfs has brought this upon us

      7. the school is kinda right on this one …

        i gotta stand by the school on this one … home made manufactured brew from a unknown students mothers dirty kitchen is a danger to the other students who might sample the POTENTIALLY BAD BACTERIA INFESTED home made FERMENTED brew for kicks !!!

        kids need to be protected from STUPID !!!

        this is a drink for family home ingestion only !!!

        drinker beware !!!


        • it’s my understanding that this was a retail product… in any case, i have to respectfully disagree that a student should not bring a homemade kombucha tea to school… if we make this distinction and institute it as a school policy, then would it not also apply to a sandwich or brownie or koolaid drink made at home? all of these could be manufactured in unstanitary conditions at the student’s home and thus pose a health hazard to other students who may want to sample johnnie’s homemade baked goods…

          just a thought…

          • this drink is dangerous … do the research … it is not for children with still developing immune systems . ;0P


            The kombucha culture is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, comprising Acetobacter (a genus of acetic acid bacteria) and one or more yeasts. These form a zoogleal mat. In Chinese, this microbial culture is called haomo, or jiaomu in Mandarin, (Chinese: 酵母; literally “yeast”).

            A kombucha culture may contain one or more of the yeasts Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Brettanomyces bruxellensis, Candida stellata, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, Torulaspora delbrueckii, and Zygosaccharomyces bailii. Alcohol production by the yeast(s) contributes to the production of acetic acid by the bacteria. Alcohol concentration also plays a role in triggering cellulose production by the bacterial symbionts.[citation needed]

            Although the bacterial component of a kombucha culture comprises several species, it almost always includes Gluconacetobacter xylinus (formerly Acetobacter xylinum), which ferments the alcohols produced by the yeast(s) into acetic acid. This increases the acidity while limiting the alcoholic content of kombucha. G. xylinum is responsible for most or all of the physical structure of a kombucha mother, and has been shown to produce microbial cellulose.[1] This is likely due to artificial selection by brewers over time, selecting for firmer and more robust cultures.

            The acidity and mild alcoholic element of kombucha resists contamination by most airborne molds or bacterial spores. As a result, kombucha is relatively easy to maintain as a culture outside of sterile conditions. The bacteria and yeasts in kombucha may also produce antimicrobial defense molecules.

            The kombucha culture can also be used to make an artificial leather.[2]


            • i am a regular kombucha drinker, and its not somethng i really give the kids… i certainly understand your point on that… the argument i made is more of a ‘where do we draw the line?’ …. give the gov an inch on this stuff and they’ll take a foot… you know how it goes

        • You’re a idiot! You need to be protected from yourself…

        • In the letter the mom wrote, she refers to the tea as having a “label” – it was store-bought, not made in someone’s kitchen.

          And my kids take only items made from the kitchen – no processed (thus labeled) food in our house.

        • You’re really stupid, BaaBaa, and I usually ignore your posts–but, I bet you don’t think twice about eating that restaurant food someone just peed in!!

        • The Baaa Baaa says it all: sheople.

          Everything on the planet is possibly bacteria infested. OH WAIT! …like your gut? Oh, my!!!

          No, really, we are made to injest startling amounts of many types of bacteria, however, there are types that are toxic.

          It is none of the states business what I feed my kids.

          …and BaaBaaBlackSheep, if kids need protected from stupid, we’d be sure to keep them from federal, state and local governments, those being the very embodiement of stupid. Their anti-Midas touch turns good things into massive piles of bacterially infested *SHIT*.

          Statism has failed. Only people who are fully vested in statism won’t admit this. We need a new system. Oh, wait! The system we have is not the system we had 100 years. That one worked. This one does not. The unlawful system changers should be hung and replaced with a constitutional government that protects, not denies, the rights of the people.

          • When SHTF, want to take bets on what gets shoveled in the old pie hole???!!!

            Wait, wait.. that can of peaches expired 2 years ago!!
            That same teacher would cut your throat to feed it to his/her starving child.
            We, as a society, must have it waayy to easy, to be focusing on this crap.
            Lets get back to making sure the kid can read when he leaves high school. ( make that elementary school).

          • Bravo Net Ranger. Excellent post!

        • Actually in BaaBaa’s defense, kombucha can be homemade. It’s a probiotic beverage that is fermented and it gets a nasty sludgy top that has to be peeled off before you can drink it. There is definitely margin for error.

          That being said, this wasn’t homemade and most schools have rules against sharing now because of food allergies.

        • Your an idiot!

      8. I have been saying this for years! HOMESCHOOL! HOMESCHOOL! And again “HOMESCHOOL”!

        The only way to take the power away from the school system is to hit them where it hurts the most.

        When you pull your child out of school and homeschool them, the school system will not recieve the daily $ from that childs’ attendance.

        I know that a lot of parents have to work to pay for their living. But I know that homeschooling is possible. I know that universitys all over America are happy to have homeschooled children attend their campus because they are well behaved and educated.

        Many churches help with group activities for children that are homeschooled. Check with the parents around you who are homeschooling and see how they make it possible.

        Check with your churches and see how they are helping with the homeschooling parents in their congregations.

        If it is done properly, it only takes 4 hours of schooling each day to give yur child a well rounded education.

        Check out some of the homeschooling sites on the internet.

        It is time to take the fear out of the school government and the control it has over your children and your families.

        Act NOW!

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • yes, home school. Not only are there less problems but my kids actually learn something.

        • We home schooled our two kids and they have been nothing but successful. Most adults are too wrapped up in their own lives to consider the time it takes but we decided 20 years ago to take this route. It was one of the best decisions we ever made.

          Public schools are a joke. Most of the teachers don’t give a crap and the teachers unions are all about the money.

          • Bill, I can assure you that many of us teachers DO care… and that means we spend our working lives with bullseyes on our backs, from administration nd from the unions

            • Sam, In your opinion, as a teacher, what do you see as the reason the results of pub ed are not stellar?
              I’ve stated I feel modern schools are little more than warehouses to keep the kids off the street while mommy and daddy work, or whatever, during the day. Disagree?

            • SonOfSam- I could almost say ‘been there, done that.’ But not quite. I bailed out of college midway through my last semester. During many hours of in-class observation, as well as my student teaching, I saw first hand some of the problems you guys are up against.
              So, even though I often post harsh comments about the crazy things going on in the education system, I have to say: To you and the other teachers out there fighting the good fight against the corruption and madness in the public schools: You have my respect!

            • Sam, I know there are some really great teachers out there that are fighting the system. It has to be tough to be one of those few. I believe most teachers start out thinking and trying to make a difference but soon realize they can’t fight the system. We live in hard times. I’m glad I’m a simple carpenter. It has to be tough being a teacher in any school with the type of kids out there these days.

              God Bless.

            • Sam. It is not for the most part the teachers. It is the Administrators and the money loving local politicians who take the money from the Fed to implement programs. Money equals power and the quest for power by people who dont have the ability to handle it causes the problems.
              Years ago we wanted to put our youngest daughter in Kindergarten. They said they couldnt accept her because her birthday was one day after the cutoff date. One day.
              At that time she spoke 2 languages fluently, could to addition and subtraction, could read and write good. She was only 4. They made a dog and pony show and gave her a test which she aced and then said she did not have the ability to enter kindergarten. The whole process was a joke. Then later during the year they sent me a application to get her into a gifted children’s program in first grade. I come to find out that they get more money for the children in gifted children’s programs for first grade but not for kindergarten. The all thru the first grade I got hassled about homeschooling. It took me 4 years but I got the superintendent of schools fired and a few of the other people involved fired also. The sad thing is the trustees hired more of the same types of people.

            • I taught my students about the Constitution, the fed, the funny money we use, etc. and liberal and conservatives and rigth wing parents all called me a conspiracy theorist. I also taught about what is going on before it happened. The students loved it but parents were not happy that their kids were being tuaght ideas that went against what they had been taught in government approved detention centers aka public schools. Public school’s whole purpose is to brainwash people so they’ll protect teh status quo. Look at all the comments here bashing liberals or conservatives while obvious evidence shows that voting democrat or republican has not changed the course of the country.
              Obama kept Bush’s fed chairman and department of defense chief. That was teh proof that policy would not change and the Prez is a puppet. Whoever u choose, u’ll get more debt, more jobs going overseas, and more illegal wars to steal people’s oil while they claim it’s to spread democracy. They could only keep this up conning people that are educated in public schools.

        • Homeschooling is excellent


          you will not hurt them in the pocket as it is in your property taxes

          whether your child attends or not

          Kudos to all homeschoolers though

          at least they are not indoctrinated by the state

          great article btw Kimberly..lol


          • No, it will hit them in the pocket, because state and federal disbursements to schools are made based on attendance. I remember that Detroit was recently giving out vouchers for sneakers on “count day” to boost their “apparent” enrollment.

        • Quote for truth !

      9. This reminds me of the argument on the last thread regarding school lunches, where people said, “If you don’t like what the school is feeding your kid, send a lunch.”

        Hmmmm….mom sent a lunch – an incredibly healthy one – and her poor kid is traumatized by a uniformed lunch cop!

        I hope the family continues raising Cain about it!

      10. I’d like at this time to comment on an issue with the state reading palms, yes palms with a scanner, for lunch.
        The reason behind this(wink wink)invasive practice is to save time; because there are few minutes provided for lunch period.
        That is absolutely correct. As a first grade teacher in public school, I was allowed 22 minutes from the classroom door to leaving the cafeteria door. 22 minutes.
        Now, I’m from Tennessee where we use common sense approaches and think for a living. We even encourage these approaches for problem solving.
        So, the tickets for lunch were sold IN THE MORNINGS…the tickets had NAMES of the students and circles on each ticket under the M-F.
        If the child paid for all 5 days, the circle was marked(I don’t recall this part–can’t remember how!) under the M-F.
        As the line moved, the cafeteria employee had all tickets divided by teacher…and as the child went through with a bought cafeteria lunch, the circle was punched out with a hole puncher.
        A non-invasive, cheap way to maintain who ate, and how many days were used, or not, huh???
        But that’s in a rural county in Tennessee, and I bet a dime to a doughnut, they are still doing it that way.
        Go fricking figure.

        • That program is probably computerized now; but still simple with no violation of privacy rights.
          A computer printout sheet every Monday morning to account for unused days for the previous week–simplicity at its best.

        • That’s how they did it when I was in school, too, Jayjay. Your other option was paying cash when going through the lunch line.

          Back then the worst problem was losing your lunch ticket.

          • But, the tickets remain in the cafeteria supervisor’s domain.
            No lost tickets and in 6 years, I never had a student refused lunch, miss lunch, or have an accounting issue with the supervisor.
            She had control of all tickets and money.
            Simplicity at its finest.
            These scanning programs are only profiting someone’s friend, family member, or significant other….that owns or has stock in these companies making these scanners.

      11. When I was just a lad in 2nd grade, I was constantly being bullied. I would come home with bruises all over my body. Naturally we informed the school and showed them the marks. They took no action because “they didn’t see the encounter.” They refused to do anything and this went on for months. Eventually my parents convinced me to fight back and defend myself. I did. Ironically the teacher saw me fight back and I was suspended from school. The other kid didn’t even get in trouble. The system is ridiculous.

        • @ David. The ONLY thing that these idiotical schools understand is the word LAWSUIT. When a child is being tormented physically and someone threatens that the child’s civil liberities are being violated by the school’s inaction they do something, the school board sees the old deep pocket court or out of court costs. This is how much SICK power lawyers in this country have, and one of the reasons why the country is falling apart at the seams. What is even sicker is that if you had taught those kids a real lesson when you fought back, the kid’s parents could have sued your parents when all you were doing was defending yourself.

          It is a sick system that goes right into adulthood in which in many states if you defend yourself against some criminal scum you run into the possibility of civil and criminal problems. They rather have everyone call the police and let them handle it a hour later after you are face down somewhere. This country is falling apart so quickly it is frightening. Lost is common sense and common fairness to EVERYONE other than those select privileged few.

      12. Gov’t bureaucRats @ it again…..

      13. Wow that’s awful. I cant imagine why people put up with this. It helps to know your rights around cops. Assuming we still have any.

        Stand strong until freedom dawns.

      14. This can be avoided by not sending items in their original bag/container. you can get a thermos or juice box… chips and other snacks, put em in a plastic bag.

        • it would be my luck they’d throw it all out because it was in unmarked wrapping! Let’s face it—if they can’t READ labels, they can’t visually identify the contents either.

      15. Yet one more reason I support home-schooling.

      16. Just wait till they apply this STUPIDITY to Obamacare. Liberals suck !

        • Going to visit the doctor wil be like going to the MVA.

          Co-worker’s wife works at a hospital. Intake/social type position. She says hospitals now receive lump sum payments for Medicare. For example; the hospital receives $10 million for the year. If it covers MC patient costs, fine. If not, tough. Her job partly consists of “getting them the hell out as quick as possible”.
          Can anyone else attest to this being policy?
          Because if it is, I would think it not a good idea to get sick near the end of the fiscal year.

          • Hospitals are paid by the diagnosis. For example, someone comes in with a heart attack. There is a predetermined length of stay and a set amount paid. If the person goes over the time limit, the hospital starts losing money. Now they are also monitoring readmits so don’t go home and expect to be readmitted within thirty days. The hospitals get dings for that too.
            Of course, it is a little more complicated than this but a hospital makes the most money if it can get you out quickly but in good enough shape you don’t bounce back.

      17. This is stupid, the appropriate response is to sue the principal, vice principal, school board, school district, police force, and police officer involved. Make it cost them money. Lots and lots of money. Winning a judgement against the principal or vice principal just ruined their entire career. Costing them MONEY. Scare these people into never stepping out of bounds again.

        • Winning a legal suit against a government entity does not cost “them”. Such winning costs taxpayers.

          • I believe No was talking about suing the individuals separately from the school – that’s the only way to make people accountable, it appears.

          • I was referring to suing individuals and attempting to get judgements against them. Filing suits against the district however will also cost them money and force them to police themselves much more. I do however think if we are going to have so many potent state run organizations that the appropriate way to deal with a lawsuit against a particular agency is to put a lien on the salaries of each and every individual employed by said agency/district/group until the judgement is paid. If individuals do not like the idea of a potential lien on their salaries for eternity they are free to choose to not work for the government.

      18. I just worry that they will begin coupling these actions with the already aggressive Child Protective Services. Will they threaten to take away children who bring unapproved lunches from home? Or will they begin saying that home schooling is child endangerment (I have already heard “educators” claiming that)? It is just a tiny shift from where we are now to these more extreme actions. And they will justify it by saying they were just doing the right thing for the children.

        • When it comes to liberals, nothing and I mean nothing surprises me anymore.

          • We still have family living in Cuba and you have no idea how bad it can get. For a long time Castro made it against the law to grow veggies in a home garden.

            If they caught you growing tomatoes, you could go to jail!

            • But free health care. The Great historian and Oscar winning documentarian Michael Moore says it’s some of the finest healthcare anyone on earth is priviledged to receive. What’s a “few Rules” in such a paradise?

            • Now, the crappy Castro government encourages Cubans to grow food on every available plot of land. Since they cannot import things because of embargoes & the government is poor, they tell U to grow whatever U can or U’ll starve.

              All government should be encouraging that kind of self-sufficiency, even though the Cuban government is not doing it because they’re saintly. It’s out of necessity.

      19. This is another straw on the camels back. WE JUST NEED TO SHUT IT ALL DOWN, EVERYTHING FOR AT LEAST A WEEK! Tell TPTB no more, go back to your villa’s and live the way you want, but don’t force your ways on us. Thats just me

        • Copperhead

          Too bad we couldn’t start our own state or territory
          free from regulations
          everyone home schooled
          hydro.solar and wood powered
          community gardens where everyone participated
          and a massive militia on guard 24/7 to thwart the feds

          oh yeah..

          I forgot

          Ruby Ridge..Waco Texas

          that worked out real well didn’t it?

          never mind


          • i wish we could be you can do whatever you want, shoot automatic guns, drink or take whatever you want and as long as you keep the environment clean and most of all you dont hurt anyone else or cause animals pain or harm. Just common sense and fun.

            • Clint,
              Instead of communion wine can we serve Bourbon?

            • Ike, what kind of Rev. are you?

            • Highspeed, according to some of his posts, I believe the dear “Reverend” is into “don’t do as I do, do as I say”. Seem these kind before, grew up around them. Reverend by day, Holy Hell after dark.

            • Highspeed,
              What! Not a Bourbon fan? How about Scotch?(sarc)

              Jesus made and drank wine. He also hung out with a bunch of Redneck fisherman, not some stiff necked clergymen.

              “Wine is proof that God wants manking to be happy”

            • @ Rev. Ike

              Hey Reverend, where exactly is your “Church of the Pickled Flock” located?

              Seriously, I’d be interested in joining.
              Free bourbon makes for ribald choir practices too!

              Address please…

      20. California is a hell hole and the suffocating laws are but one reason not to live there. The smog is absolutely the worst in this country, other than Mexico City, the western hempishere. People breath in this filth when the wind is not blowing from the inland deserts, and this filth gets into the blood stream not to mention the lungs. The congestion and influx of way too many people is horrid. It is the lawyer capital of the world, that makes it one place dangerous to visit even. The people out there are some of the grandest phonies that there is. Say we mention the San Andreas and other faults ready to rip the state apart.

        The state of california has become a mixture of the worst of the east coast and west coast together. People have found it is far easier dealing with cold weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, high humidity, extreme wind, etc. than handling the everyday horsesh%^ of california. I lived there for a while and it is a place you truly are grateful to escape from, like some foreign prison. Those still stuck there, feel sorry for them that they have to deal with laws that resemble something from a true police state. Those that have gotten away from this cess pit state are truly fortunate.

        • Try living in Massachusetts

          everything is illegal here

          we are the mirror image of California

          state motto

          Welcome to Massachusetts!

          “if you work for a living..you are part of the problem..”


          • @ possee. This is exactly what frightens me so much about about romney, the governor from massachusetts. I cannot stand obummer, but those feeling that rombot is going to change this country for the better should see what this character signed into law while the governor of massachusetts. Just the mere fact that romper DID NOT take a stand against the state putting into law measures that go after people’s right to self defense, should alert people severely. IF rombot had refused to sign into law measures against the 2nd amendment, so what if it was over veto ridden, and had been straight forward and more transparent with what he believes in, then maybe people like myself would be in his corner. It is called honesty.

            I tell possee, I lived with the biggest phoniess that are completely untrustworthy and this is something that is hoorible to deal with. This is why I cannot stand rombot, because you don’t know where the hell he is coming from. The old expression; “you can lock your home from a thief, but not from a liar”. IF rombot was Pinocchio his nose would stretch from massachusetts to california, a serial liar that believes his own fables like obummer does. The republicans truly chose the worst character to go against the worst president.

            I tell you what bothers me the most about rombot is the 2nd amendment. Those in the NRA and gun support groups cannot let their guard down for one second if rombot is elected and the world is still around. The ONLY good thing about obummer is that everyone is totally ready and on guard for the attempted gun grab, and will go down hard should and when this happens. With rombot people will let their guard down with someone that has gone against the 2nd amendment. It would be far easier to sneak around everyone and limit gun rights from someone that SAYS that they are pro gun. This is scary and from someone that no one can trust is something that everyone should be ready for.

            Remember kerry when he was going against junior bush in the 2004 election. He went out and shot some geese with his 10 guage and got an “A-” for gun support from the NRA. This extremely bothered me because kerry was and is part of the bubba clinton and those in the gang of anti-gun and anti-self defense glub. Words are meaningless and ONLY actions speak, and rombot and obummer have shown their personal willingness to go against the 2nd amendment. No amount of jabber jawing is going to take away what either of these two have done in the past that smell of anti-freedom, anti-gun and anti-rights.

            Yes rombot could be ALMOST as bad as obummer and we could all lose our gun rights. ALL dictators take away the citizen’s right to defend themselves. Rombot has already proven he is more than capable of trashing the 2nd. amendment and self defense laws in massachusetts. Isn’t massachusetts one state that doesn’t even allow non lethal stun batons and stun guns? Isn’t there some regulations on the size or the the concentration of pepper spray in the state? Even in hell hole california people are allowed to have stun guns.

            I cannot stand either candidate, and if rombot wins I don’t want ANYONE to drop their guard with this person, because if they do they will be talking about how horrid he has become just like obummer. He has the track record of a democrat, and if elected he may be the most liberal minded republican president ever. That means underhanded SNEAKY means of destroying our rights. This is why I have absolutely no confidence in rombot and why we are all screwed no matter whom wins.

            Already two characters from massachusetts have tried at the presidency; dukakis and kerry, I wonder if third time is either a strikeout or a charm. Won’t matter because all of us strikeout with either obummer or rombot. I guess MOST of the people of the country have degraded so much that they will choose a leader that is as bad as the country’s infrastructure has become. SAD and SICKENING at the same time.

            • Wrong on the NRA rating. Kerry was ALWAYS rated “F” by the NRA-ILA (Institute for Legislative Action).n They ridiculed the duck hunting episode.

            • BI,
              All of what you say is valid and Mittens and The Cheesehead would not be my first choice either.

              Weird thing about Mormons. They think that the Constitution is God inspired and Holy. I know weird.

              So if Mr. Mitt is a good Mormon and true to his faith, at least he will try to live under the laws of the land. I hope.

            • @ Rev. Ike. Unfortunately romney is backwash from the 2008 republican primaries. If there was a decent candidate going against BO it would not even be close, it would look like when carter was trounced. Same holds true if there was a decent president going against rombot, it would look like the 1964 election with Johnson and Goldwater. Someone that is not worth a crap is going against a president that is not worth a crap. It reminds me of two of the worst college basketball teams in the country both 0-30 playing each other to see who wins the garbage scow trophy.

              It just proves that one of these two imbeciles are going to lead the country come 2013, if the country is not mostly blown into the stratosphere because of WW3. That is something that is extremely depressing.

              @ rm. I saw this idiotic rating that kerry got on all three major news networks; NBC, FOX, and CNN. This was a sickening stunt and made me wonder why any pro gun group would ever believe this. Evidently the news people like usually got it wrong. Rombot however has gone against the 2nd amendment and self defense in general and any pro self defense group and individual needs to take this huge red flag into account when supporting such an individual.

              There is a logical reason why I say that if people went out in force and voted for a third party candidate, even as a protest vote. I know very conservative voters that are just not going to vote because as they put it in their own words, “f… romney”, this is what they tell me. IF there is by some miracle a 2016 election, IF some third party candidate got 10% or more of the vote without even any exposure, the magic 10%, this would give a third party a chance come 2016 to really make an impact after either one of these imbeciles screwed up the country very badly, but by some miracle the country is barely still around. Just a thought.

            • My sentiments exactly. I might eventually vote for Willard anyway, as the lesser of the two weevils, but my political activity this time has been focused entirely on helping trustworthy congressional, senate, and state legislature candidates get elected. What I truly enjoy is using the post-paid envelopes the Romnians send me begging for money to send letters explaining why I won’t vote for him. His abysmal record in my home state is high on the list.

            • you know whats funny. mitt romney looks like the premier of my province ( equal to the governor of a state) dalton mcguinty and my old boss. and they are all the same. all pinochios

          • Taxachusetts.
            Home of where the future President Romney created Obamacare!

      21. Bsrn Cat and VRF, I’m with both of you all the way. I grew up in the old segregated school system in the South during its last years of existence and that was a totally different world from the schools of today. Back then, educators were a totally different breed and the environment was 100% conducive to learning. They even taught kids how to think for themselves, believe it or not. A higher percentage of kids graduated from school than what you have now. Kids were raised right and parents were really involved with their kids education. Parents were really parents back then. When Memphis City Schools became integrated in 1971, that’s when things started going downhill. During that transition period, I and many other white students became victims of theft and assault by some of the black students. In every case, I engaged in self-defense and was suspended by school officials. Nothing happened to the black students; the local branch of the NAACP made sure of that. I was suspended only reluctantly and grudgingly by the principal; he admiitted to me it was part of the federal court order which integrated the schools. That first year of integration was tough; things didn’t settle down until the second year. It’s a wonder how I even graduated, but I did. There is no way I would have any kid of mine is tosay’s schools. best wishes and keep prepping. braveheart.

        • Agree 100%. That’s when schools went to shit.
          I missed (Dad removed me from school) 6 1/2 months of the 7th grade due to racial violence. Went back with 2 months to go and made up the work, passed the tests and was promoted. 8th grade, won an academic scholarship to a parochial high school. Like night and day. A high school diploma from a parochial school was near equivilent to a college degree. They taught you HOW to learn. Learning was up to you. It stays with you for a lifetime, and pays untold dividends.
          Your kid will be bored stiff in public school though. Be prepared for the challenges that presents.
          Imagine, you need to learn new skills or knowledge for your job. It’s out there, you find it and teach yourself. It’s that simple when you know HOW to learn.
          The teacher becomes a guide and a judge of your grasp of the subject.
          Parents with babies, get “Your Child can Read”. It will be better than $150,000 saved for college. Reading and the love of reading is the key to knowledge.

          • That %100 post was proofread, but the paragraghs jumbled on posting?? That’s never happened.

        • +1 braveheart, got the T shirt. I was banging heads on a daily basis when desgregation started.

      22. My son got in trouble when I sent a sprite in his lunch. Thankfully they didn’t take it away or call me because there would have been hell to pay. It’s not something I do often, if he has a cold or has been sick. It is my RIGHT to send whatever I want in his lunch. Thankfully I understand nutrition and care what my kids eat. This nanny state bullshit is so out of control.

      23. Be Informed, you’re right on target about the people’s Republic of California. I’ve been out there twice in my life; once in the late 1970s, then again just 4 years ago on business. The smog wasn’t much in the 70s, but in 2008 it was unbelieveably horrible. i couldn’t get away from there fast enough. Totally different world out there. i feel for the good people stuck there, too. When San Andreas goes, an awful lot of good people along with the bad will die. The bad ones deserve whatever is coming to them. braveheart

        • @ braveheart. Talking about earthquakes, Yellowstone just had several of them the past hour. This is on top of the many different locations around the planet that have had moderate shakers today and yesterday. Something is coming that is really big, I have seen this before when you get a bunch of different places having these moderate quakes, usually something pretty big follows. That 6.4 in the Balleny Islands indicates this until October 24. Already had the 6.7 in New Guinea from the 5.3 on the other side of plate that had the 6.4.

          • @ Be Informed. I was hoping you would give an earthquake update. my daughter now lives in eastern Idaho, around 90 mins outside of Yellowstone, so I was creeped out when you posted about the YS quakes. do you feel YS will blow? if so, what’s the timetable? do you still feel the Caribbean is gonna get hit before the 24th? I’m not sure what our fault line is called here in SC, but I do know we are way overdue for something big. I’ve kept earthquake on my home for years, long after my co stopped offering it. what are your thoughts on our situation here in SC? thanks!

      24. I discovered that the two things the administrations in charge do not like, when they do wrong, are media exposure and police involvement.

      25. My daughter was suspended a couple of years ago for taking a folding camping utensil to school. It had a fork, knife and spoon and the school referred to it as a “weapon.”

        I got the call when I was at the doctor’s office for an appointment with my other daughter. I asked what she had been doing with the tool for them to call it a weapon. “Was she brandishing it at someone? What was she doing?”

        Apparently, my 9 year old little girl was spotted eating her pudding with the spoon. I’m sure she was eating her pudding aggressively for them to feel so threatened. /sarc/

        • Daisy,

          That is just sooo nuts.

      26. I totally take side with this mother with anger against the school. but I can see where if it said .5 alcohol there are so many new products it seems we cannot keep up and the school might take warning but if bought OTC and researched by internet within 3 min by the school which the dumbasses should of done the problem could of been resolved without stupid police and in just a few min without all of this. Thank god more people are making businesses and public offices more aware of what they really do. On top of that the school lying is just crazyness. Are not the schools supposed to be teaching kids hard work and honesty. I guess these liberal schools feel its their way or the highway and they think they can get away with anything. I think the principle should get 5 days without pay hows that sound.

      27. Flash!! Breaking News….
        2nd Grade Girl Viciously Attacks Pudding With Camp Spoon!
        Authorities Consider Filing Charges Of Felony Assault On A Creamy Dessert! Film At 11……

        Now, here’s today’s School Lunch Menu:

        For the Students:
        Irradiated hormone-laced Meat-type patties
        Instant Potato-type mush
        Genetically modified peas (that’s why they’re square)
        Artificially flavored gelatinized globules
        Antibiotic-laden pasturized ‘milk’

        Now let’s peek inside the brown bags in the teacher’s lounge:
        Left-over KFC nuggets on a stale bun
        Bag of Doritos
        20 oz bottle of Coke Zero
        Marijuana-laced home made brownies (lots of ’em)
        Pack of Winstons

        Come to think of it, I’m not really hungry today…

      28. home school your kids. i will.

        along with the academics, you will be able to teach your kid practical skills and some needed common sense. i am so tired of seeing and hearing about idiot teenagers who aren’t able make themselves a simple meal, carry on a simple conversation with an adult and many other “stock skills” that we just somehow knew growing up. stop leaving your kids off to idiots who don’t care about your children. teach your own. if you believe deep down that the shit is gonna hit the fan real soon then wtf are you still doing going through the motions? while there is still time sit down with your kids and teach them things. you owe it to them. you talk about not wanting to be slaves of TPTB then guess what, give your kids the skills to think for themselves.

      29. Before ya know it, you won’t even be able to bring sketti to school. I told my little smoochie to just hit them over the head with the bottle of jack daniels in the lunch pail if they told her she couldn’t eat her sketti.

      30. Should have told them it was pot or heroin. Maybe the ATF would have given him a machine gun or two.

        • @ U-Southron

          Maybe so!!!

          But my money would be on AG Eric Holder offering him a job in the judicial dept.*

          *notice I refused to write “Justice”…

      31. There will be a Civil War with Liberals some day!! Normal people are getting fed up with their lunacy,and are nearing the boiling point. I can’t see any other way to get these sick people ( Liberalism is a mental disorder ) out of our faces. I pray for speedy retaliation against what i see as a covert way to UN unite this nation.

      32. OK students, let’s see if you’ve been paying attention to the news. Here’s a Pop Quiz

        A sky-diving daredevil set a new record on Sunday when he parachuted from 24 MILES above the earth. From his helmet radio transmitter he said:
        A: I can see Russia from here!
        B: I can see dozens of drones over Detroit!
        C: I can see Obama’a birth certificate from here!
        D: Oh Rats!! I remembered the parachute, but I forgot my Depends!

        Viewers of PBS are angry at Mitt Romney for his pledge to cut funding to the taxpayer supported network. Some are planning a ‘Million Muppet March’ next week. The main obstacle to the march is:
        A: They’ll have to postpone Bert and Ernies wedding.
        B: Oscar the Grouch won’t be out of re-hab til next month.
        C: Miss Piggy is on a photo shoot for Maxim Magazines Sexiest Swine issue and refuses to reschedule.
        D: The network is about 975,000 viewers short of a million

        The presidential debates continue, with one last meeting between Obama and Romney. But that’s not all. Following that, the debates will feature:
        A: A televised debate between Obama’s folding camp stool and Clint Eastwoods empty chair.(9pm ET on C-Span)
        B: A televised debate between the un-manned teleprompters of each candidate.(8pm ET on CNN)
        C: A televised debate between Joe Biden and a breathalizer.(11pm ET on The Comedy Channel)
        D: All of the above.

        bbrrriiiinnngggg. There’s the bell. See you after recess.

      33. When freedom leaves…the void is filled with concerned adults that care for every ones well being….just as long as we ‘tell’ you what ‘that’ is…we are no longer freee and still not many care..or in this case that school and many others should be boycotted till administrators are fired..then again that would eliminate many educators from the calif. system…

      34. The Coming Loss of Personal Liberty

        “It is the invariable habit of bureaucracies, at all times and everywhere, to assume…

        that every citizen is a criminal.

        Their one apparent purpose, pursued with a relentless and furious diligence, is to convert the assumption into a fact.

        They hunt endlessly for proofs, and, when proofs are lacking, for mere suspicions.

        The moment they become aware of a definite citizen, John Doe, seeking what is his right under the law, they begin searching feverishly for an excuse for withholding it from him.”

        –H.L. Mencken

        A Turning Point in Human History

        We are quickly reaching a turning point.

        One of those turning points that will effect every living man, woman and child on this planet forevermore.

        Most thinking people have seen this coming for quite some time. They have felt and observed the Worldwide pressures that have been building up during the latter half of the last Century and the early portions of this one.

        They have seen Governments out of control in fierce battles for resources and power. They have lived through economic pressures that seem frustrating and unsolvable. They have experienced the destruction of Moral Values and the Educational System. They have seen our Intelligence Community fail miserably. They have watched the Pharmaceutical Industry come up with a pill for just about everything. They have seen the News Media compromised through fabrication of the Truth. They have seen our Military Machine wage wars in the highest technological fashion while sitting in their living rooms.

        There have been many of us in the USA who have wondered how long the ‘Powers That Be’ can hold things together.

        We know this – We feel this – We see this

        But why is it any different NOW?

        Why has this situation reached ‘Critical Mass?’

        Let us examine the evidence.

        At this period in History . . .

        1. The Federal Government doesn’t have to answer to the common man.

        Who will you vote for in the coming election? Rommey? Obama? What are their differences? Strong points? Weak points? Which one is best suited to solve all of the many problems that seem to be springing up? Will it matter? What can you do to make a difference on the National Political scene? Write letters? Make phone calls? Join the NRA? Is the Federal Government justified in detaining American Citizens without trial? Are the elections rigged? Is any Member of Congress influenced by Money?


        2. Economic Conditions are tough

        Stock market corruption is very real. We do have an unemployment problem. Major American Manufacturers are moving out of the country. The stock market is down. Gold and Silver are moving up.


        3. The threat of Terrorism is very real

        911 Really happened. The Federal Building in Oklahoma was actually blown up. American kids are dying around the world in our Defense. Suicide bombers really blow up other human beings.


        4. Natural Disasters and Diseases are on the increase

        People in other Countries are dying in mass numbers from something. Birds and animals are getting sick. Weather conditions ‘seem’ to be changing. The Center for Disease Control is concerned.


        Will the end come during the next month? Year? 5 Years? 10 Years?

        I don’t know, but all of the above conditions, occurring with increasing force and frequency are creating change in EXPONENTIAL ways.

        Which is why this particular period in History is definitely a time to watch.

        What effects will all of the above conditions eventually bring in the Long-Term?

        When Trouble, either natural or man-made, strikes, it is human nature to cry out for help.

        We cry out to our Parents – We cry out to our God – We cry out to our Science – We cry out to our Authorities for Help

        Help us feel Loved; Help us feel Happy; Help us be Well; Help us feel Secure.

        And what is their answer?

        Yes, we will help you, you poor unthinking creatures.

        We will help you primarily because we have a lust, a disease, for POWER and CONTROL!

        First of all we will form committees to study the situation and then we will form committees to study the committees. And all of this costs money, so please give us some. If you don’t we will take it from you in one way or another. We are doing it for your own good.

        And as we see it, everyone must perform a specific Task in Society; We will train you for these tasks and show you exactly how being a productive member in this machine will bring you everlasting fulfillment and happiness. There is nothing more and never was. You will be afraid to leave this role because you will feel unsafe.

        Most of these tasks will only be found in the large Cities, where we can protect you much better. If you live anyplace else you will starve. You will eventually see the Wisdom of this. But if you don’t, we will provide you with a pill to make you calm and happy once again. If the pills don’t work we have places for troublemakers like you. No questions are allowed.

        Eventually, we will all speak one language. The Official Language. We will all use one form of Money. The Official Money. We will all listen to the same News, read the same books, answer to the same Government, practice the same Religion.

        And we will finally be SAFE!

        What can you do if you don’t like this potential scenario?


        1. Examine your priorities.

        We are born, we go to school, we go to work, we retire and then we die. There may be a few high points and a few low ones. We may find Love. Is this all there is? Are you spending the time allotted to you in the highest quality fashion that you can? What if you die tomorrow? Have you seen everything you wanted to see? Been everywhere you wanted to go? Done everything you wanted to do?

        Is there a point to all of this madness or are you stuck in a dead-end role that you were taught would bring you the Ultimate in Happiness and Security.





        2. Protect yourself and your loved ones from the coming Dangers (and they are coming my friends, without a doubt).

        Do you have some extra food and water in case you can’t get to the store? Are you protected from Terrorist threats like radiation, bio-terrorism and more? Will you get sick and die from one of the very many diseases that seem to be springing up? Will you be the victim of some senseless crime because you didn’t have any means of defense and relied on the authorities to protect you? Will you be laid off, starve to death or become homeless because you aren’t diversified and don’t have any marketable skills besides your specific role? Will you be caught un-prepared on a cold and snowy night on some dark and deserted highway? This is where we are headed, if we do not do something to stop it. What do we do? I don’t have the answer, do you! Just something to think about.

        • Once again a homerun, copperhead.

        • Copperhead, you freakin’ rock. I look forward to seeing your posts..thank you.

      35. 8 Survival Lessons Learned from “Brushfire Plague”

        1. Skills and stuff are equally important.

        2. Community organization with like-minded people can and will save lives.

        3. Mental discipline and a level head under pressure will prevail when tough decisions need to be made.

        4. Do not underestimate the need to defend yourself in ways you can not fathom in advance.

        5. There will be casualties. Be prepared mentally and physically to deal with the seriously wounded and the deceased.

        6. Grieving is important as is the need to spend personal time alone to rest and recharge.

        7. Perceived “good guys” may be bad and perceived “bad guys” may actually be good.

        8. Feelings and compassion count as does the love and support of friends and family.


      36. See, now THIS is riot-worthy.

        Your kids. Your taxes. This bullshit.

      37. We are in so much fuck’n trouble in this country and some asshole has to bust a kid for the kind of tea he was drinking!
        Crap, if it had been a fuck’n Coke, or a can of Root Beer the dick-wad Fuzz might have shot the the little bastard.

        God knows what they would have done if it was a dreaded “Dr. Pepper”…..waterboarding at the least.

      38. GET PHYSICAL ;0p PM’S !

        * message for all shtfplan clubhouse regulars from NinaO … on monday oct 14th 2012 .

        BUY NOW all the silver gold physical pm’s you can get your hands on … the writing is on the wall .

        the fiat ameriKan dollar is dead on arrival .

        the ENTIRE world CHINA RUSSIA ENGLAND INDIA JAPAN etc etc is scrambling for pm’s RIGHT NOW !

        get it now while you can still afford it .

        only 3% of the reg. ameriKan pop. is even aware of what is happening ECONOMICALLY real time …

        the rest of the world is going back to the gold backed currency … ameriKa has no choice but to do the same , but it will be modified of a lessor value – CHINA WILL VERY SOON BE KING GLOBAL GOLD BACKED CURRENCY .


        next year most of you wont be able to invest in pm’s , eat or buy gas as the prices for everything are all going up as the basic hourly ameriKan wage tumbles .

        buy your pm’s “NOW” … hide EM’ good … so you can trade it later for the basics … food medicines etc etc !



      39. You can’t stop a woman from killing her unborn child because, “It’s her body”, but “They” can tell you what you can consume in yours?

        God does not intend for people to live this way, or have control like this over others. This is why it is so dam important to defend the Christian Faith, as the principles of Liberty are drawn from “Doing unto other, as you would have them do unto yourself”.

        If America loses Christ, we will lose America.

        • Every night at 8 central, there is a call for all to pray for our nation, pray for the laws to be based on the Bible, pray for Christianity to grow in America, pray for peace in the world…one minute each night.

          • Our church has been doing this for several months Daisy. We pray @9 pm est. We also meet at the church altar the first thursday of each month to pray for our nation.

        • Rev. Ike. I need to take down a tree to put a building up.
          Old sycamore, nothing exotic. I love tree as much as anyone, but;
          Had to hire a registered arborist to write a detailed report. Said report had to be reviewed by commitee. After comments and 30 days wait, had to revise report and resubmit. ( can you say dollars??). Fee was agreed upon to pay into a “fund”. ( more $$$/time). Tree can be removed, but not sure on the funeral arraingments at this date.

          But; If my 15 yo daughter wanted an abortion, right away and without my knowledge.
          This defines Liberalism. Truly a mental disorder. Logic cannot explain their actions, but they are supposed to be the smart, educated crowd. Notice how, if you argue with them, it aways degrades to them getting furiuos?

        • Eenie, Meanie, chillee beanie, the spirits(JD) are about to speak……I’m glad reverend Ikester has God’s ear.

      40. Why do we insist on sucking so badly?

        • Cause we have grown shiftless, lazy and we lack initiative. We seemed to have gotten good at it.

        • musashi; guilt, stupidity, legal force.

      41. Control Control Control…I can’t take it anymore! Every time I turn around another piece of my so called freedom is taken little by little. I wish the sheeple would wake the hell up already.

      42. It’s ashame what our country has become! I’m so happy I have lived during the times that we played outside and help out on the farm. If you were bad at school the teacher would bust your ass then when you got home your parents would get you again. we ate school lunches and brought our lunch, usually leftovers,as for the alcohol in that drink,hell we had more alcohol than that cooked into rabbit! police state in schools,glad my daughter graduated!

        • lol…Yes and the teachers all had their “Board of Education” hanging on the wall. I’ll never forget my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Lawrence had a 1″ by 1″ yardstick she used on us. In front of the class for humiliation sake. Like you said, I NEVER went home and told my parents I got in trouble because I was certain to get another lickin’. Most boys had their own pocket knife they carried by about age 12 or so. Don’t recall a single “knife fight” with them. This is what happens when the state is in a downward spiral. They have to put more and more control on the “slaves”.

      43. I’m SO thankful that I went to high school in the 1980’s before the country became a totalitarian state.

        But even then, high school wasn’t happy fun time for me. Far from it.

        My son is only two years old but I am already making my plans for how to deal with these wannabe gestapo thugs and the asshole varsity athletes.

        Not one hair on my son’s head better not be ruffled. Nobody better not as much as even give him one harsh word or even a bad look. Bad things will happen.

        My son will have an advantage I didn’t have: me. The new version of me THEY created back in 1989.

      44. Clint Hospo, you’re right about the liberalsmaking it possible for all these minority organizations to file these bogus lawsuits over literally anything. It’s called attempted fraud or running a scam. I see this in my company all the time with minority employees who get fired or even quit for any reason. They think they’re automatically entitled to collect unemployment or any other so-called goodies. you don’t know the efforts we have to go through to defend ourselves when they make these false complaints, but we usually win and stop their scams. It really burns me when they cry discrimination when our workforce is 65% black; that’s a clear majority in anyone’s book. There’s no way in this day and age that blacks can honestly claim discrimination, not with all the quotas and set-asides out here. They get all kinds of special treatment from Uncle Scam. A white male who is self-employed can no longer get any kind of government contract. Must be nice to be minority. braveheart

      45. BI, thanks for the tips. I’m trying to keep tabs on NMF since I’m in harm’s way. I’d rather face SHTF. If NMF goes, my whole region is screwed, good and bad people both. braveheart

        • ditto. first thing i do is scan comments for BI’s reports. BI, your hard work is not going unnoticed.

      46. The People Republik of Kalifornia . The state flag should be red with a hammer and sicle .

        • @ T.R.

          I respectively disagree. The hammer & sickle meme is so passe’ nowadays.

          A better representation of the revised Kalifornia state flag…would be a machinists vice crushing an ample set of male genitalia, set against a blood-red background.

          With an underlining phase in Latin that translates into English as….We gotcha by the balls!

          • That would work also .

      47. Don’t say Government and Agents anymore. Say Britain and Recoats.

        • Brownshirts and reich .

      48. Hey Mac,

        If one of us ever needed the BULLHORN of this website, you, would you help one our family members?

        For example, my stepdaughter was stopped by redcoats for running a red light, taken to jail to be strip searched, not searched and left in jail til the morning when the judge let her out.

        Would that be good enough?

        • iowa, please send me an email when you get chance.

          • I accidental thumed you down. What’s your email address?

            • mac@

            • Mac, she wants to be left alone. Thanks anyway.

              • Understood. I was ready to ask on of the reporters at The Daily Sheeple to look into it. (Video/Audio evidence is always good, otherwise it turns into a he-said-she-said)…

                In any case, just let me know if ever there is anything…

      49. Why do parents insist on putting their own children back into a school capable of inflicting this much pain on their child? One incident like this, and I’d yank my child (children) out forever. The school gets money from the state and from the Feds for each child enrolled, so you need to hit them in the pocketbook which is all they care about, anyway.

        I ended up home-schooling my youngest children and wish I had done it for all of them. They received a good education with no hassle, except for trying to convince their mother that they didn’t have time to do homework.

      50. stupid as hell. here is a good example of what type of people are “elected” into office over and over. please watch. the comments beginning at about 8 minutes bothered me the most.


        • We all are just one disaster away from this.
          Don’t count on family, friends, or neighbors.

      51. “…lovingly packed nutritious lunch from home gets your child suspended for violating the school’s “zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy”, due to the ignorance of the educational authorities?”

        i would add ARROGANCE in with ignorance… there would be a lawsuit none of those involved could financially survive – individually nor as a group…

        it’s past time these teacher union, management and leo thugs get taught lessons from We The People everytime they do crap like this

      52. It is as ridiculous to ban this drink for the alcohol content as it is to ban industrial hemp for the THC content.

      53. “Once a government resorts to terror against its own population to get what it wants, it must keep using terror against its own population to get what it wants. A government that terrorizes its own people can never stop. If such a government ever lets the fear subside and rational thought return to the populace, that government is finished.” – Michael Rivero

        • @ copperhead. This is exactly why I am so against any leader that would dimish our right to defend ourselves. People’s firearms are the ONLY thing protecting us from tyranny. I know I upset certain people about bashing rombot, but this character has proven that he is not pro 2nd amendment. Supporters of him can sugar coat that rombot compromised by allowing a waiting period to obtain a firearm to go into law, or an assault weapons ban in massachusetts. The truth behind this is that someone willing to compromise the 2nd amendment is very dangerous to its continuing being our right.

          I cannot stand what the bush/cheney administration did to the economy, but both bush and cheney had a hell of a lot conviction and they did not back down to something that they believed in. Neither bush or cheney would have ever signed anything that diluted the 2nd amendment, and this I respect of both of them a lot. Rombot has proven that he is willing to dimish the right to defend ourselves and no one that supports him can deny this. That is something that anyone that supports our right to defend ourselves cannot honestly swallow.
          Pinocchio can try to hide his nose from his past deeds against the 2nd amendment in massachusetts, but for those willing to see it, the truth is as clear as the nose on his face.

      54. Bring back apprenticeships…

      55. Here’s the Morning Announcements-

        First, tonight’s choir practice over at the Church Of The Pickled Flock has been postponed. Somebody set fire to the hymnals and none of us know the words without them. We’ll try to fill in with a karaoke machine and some Garth Brooks cd’s til we get more hymn books.

        Next, the lunch room staff has decided to stop serving pudding (for their own safety).

        Whoever parked their ’64 Ford Galaxy crossways in the handicapped spot needs to move the car immediately. You’re blocking the fire exit.

        Next, will someone please call the school board and inform them that it ISN’T “kumbaya” tea and we don’t need to hold hands while drinking it.

        Tryouts for the annual ‘Nickel Sniffing’ contest will be held at 6pm in the auditorium.

        Next, remember that the election for a new school mascot (to replace the offensive ‘Red Bloodthirsty Savages’ which we used for 60 yrs) will be this Friday. Finalists in the voting are:
        ‘The Blue Helmets’
        ‘The Streisands’
        ‘The Barneys’ (Don Knotts edition)
        ‘The Barneys’ (purple dinosaur edition) and
        ‘The Barneys’ (fat gay congressman edition).
        Please remember to go vote!

        Finally, all students and teachers, please remember to pick up your prayer rugs and not leave them in the hallways. The custodian says they’re clogging up the floor buffer.

        Now, everyone stand and face the UN flag and say the pledge with me:
        I pledge allegiance to the flag, and to the New World Order it represents. I pledge to narc on any suspicious friend or neighbor. I pledge to follow every rule, since it’s always for my own good. I pledge to never question any authority about- What the hell! Did I just hear gunfire outside?!….

      56. Things to Know about your Neighborhood

        For those of us who live in suburban or semi-rural neighborhoods, it is critical that we know everything about our surroundings. We must know who our neighbors are, what they drive, etc. Here’s a list of what you need to know.

        There are many reasons why these things are important. Here are some suggestions, but you need to determine what is important for you.

        How many homes are on your street?
        What are their addresses?
        What is the distance between each home?
        Which houses are safe to pass between? They need to be dark with a few places of concealment. These houses should also be dog-free.
        Which houses have fences?
        Do these fences keep the dogs and children in or are they designed to maintain privacy?
        Do the fences hide a pool – a potential source of water?
        Where are the swimming pools?
        Which houses have sprinkler systems? If TSHTF, this may be a source of water.
        Do any of your neighbors have small gardens?
        What about livestock?
        Do any houses have vegetation that may attract animals such as deer, squirrels, or rabbits?
        Which houses have a well?
        What yards are prone to flooding?
        Where are the creeks or streams?
        Where is the nearest pond or lake? You should know every one within five miles.
        Where are the fire hydrants in your neighborhood?
        Which houses have natural gas coming in?
        What about a stack of firewood?
        Which neighbors hunt?
        Which neighbors fish?
        Who likes to camp or hike?
        Who have the boats?
        Who have the four wheelers or dirt bikes?
        Does anyone work on cars?
        Does anyone have a skill that could be bartered for one of yours?
        Which houses have basements?
        Which houses are two story houses?
        Which houses have fireplaces?
        Does anyone have a gas grill in the backyard?
        Which houses have security systems or CCTV?
        Which houses have lights with motion sensors?
        Are there any tall antennas other than for television?
        Who are the retirees?
        Who are the single moms?
        Where do the children live?
        What are the careers of your neighbors?
        What times do the school busses role through?
        When does the trash truck come?
        What is the company that hauls out the trash?
        Do you know what the trashmen look like?
        What company provides cable television?
        What company checks your water meter and electrical meter?
        What company provides the gas?
        If you have home heating oil in your area, what companies do your neighbors use?
        Which neighbors have a lawn service and who do they use?
        What kind of vehicles do your neighbors drive? Write down their vehicle and the license plate.
        Does your street have a lot of through traffic?
        Is there a neighborhood watch set up?
        Do any of your neighbors have alternate energy sources such as solar panels or a generator?
        If you aren’t sure why these questions, give it some thought. It may be a source of food or water that you haven’t thought of. It may be point out a weakness in your security plan. You should know the people that are coming to check your water meter, electric meter, and taking out the trash. I wouldn’t want a stranger walking anywhere near my house. Think of all the robberies that have occurred by somebody pretending to be someone they are not. Most burglars will stack out a place or do some reconnaissance before they break in. They may be a few drive by’s. They may actually pull into your driveway or your neighbor’s driveway.

        Some of the questions may no have relevance to you. There are many other questions that you probably need answers to.

        How do you obtain all this information? It’s called exercise. Go for a walk in the morning or evening, or both. It’s important to know who is coming or going and at what time. You may already be exercising and never thought about this stuff. You never know exactly what you will need to know. You have to prepare for everything. The more information you know ahead of time is very important. Map out these details and have that information available when you need it most

      57. Never retreat or fear threats of school administrators. Always stand your ground and use common sense, because these administrators are simply ignorant, fascist dictators who enjoy intimidating kids and parents. When common sense is not enough, gather evidence [written statements from those students and teachers (if they actually observed the fight – this is very important). Just remember that there are parents who will support you in this cause. If discussions fail with administrators, then put everything in writing and threaten to sue and publicize the incident. This is what I did when my twin boys were suspended for defending themselves in a school fight. After that, the school administrator and superintendent immediately dropped the suspension notice from my sons school records.

      58. Fiat Currency and the Emerging Police State

        “Our transition from more-or-less free country to police state is accelerating.

        The NSA’s Utah data mining facility, ever-tighter restrictions on offshore accounts, the Internet “kill switch,” the Patriot Act’s many assaults on the Bill of Rights, the militarization of local police, the spread of drones for domestic surveillance;

        each has a role in the high-tech updating of a very old idea: that the state is paramount and the individual a slave to public order and national power.”


      59. * picture of the happy couple together on July 4th 2012 in wash dc hospital birth ward .

        such a cute baby afro and all …

      60. I would sue the crap out of the school and the Principle!

      61. Our government: for the greater good; for the benefit of all; it is good for you … Bullsh*t!!

        “A man’s liberties are none the less aggressed upon because those who coerce him do so in the belief that he will be benefitted.” –Herbert Spencer; Social Statics, 1850

      62. Stop whining & complaining. We all know public school is a disfunctional factory producing obedient non questioning drones.

        You want your kid to be a free thinking individual who can do what he/she needs to do without believing that they need to get permission first? HOME EDUCATION.

        The system produces system supporting units. Don’t like what the system produces? Get out of the system.

        >>My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us.<<

      63. when my daughter was in 7th grade, she had a boy who kept harassing her. she ignored him; he didn’t like that. he was 2x her size, and when they left class he tried to pick her up & take her outside a side door. no one was there to help her. she kicked him in the nuts, and he dropped like a baby & was crying on the floor. she told him to NEVER touch her again.
        she asked me that nite how I would have reacted if she had gotten in trouble from administration. I told her I support her 100%. she did the right thing.

      64. all this back and forth about liberal this, or conservative that. you guys are falling right into the trap that the puppet masters want you to. as long as you are blaming one side or the other, your’re distracted from the ones who are realy to blame. it’s the puppet masters. They make these silly rules that keep everyone arguing. Unless those fascists , totalatarian creeps are gotten rid of, nothing will change , or get better. In the end, we’ll still be blaming some liberal or conservative for our problems.
        Focus on the puppet masters. They are the ones yanking your chain, and getting you all worked up.
        it’s all about control, they got it, and want you to know they do. But when someone stands up to them, they don’t know how to handle it, and get all confused, and have to backtrack. have a great day.

      65. I have come to attend the funeral of the USA

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