Gold Company To Withhold Sales: “Storing It And Holding For The Long-term… It Makes More Sense At These Prices”

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    Last year, following an attempt to motivate the Commodities Futures Trading Commission into investigating rampant manipulation of gold and silver prices, the Chief Executive of one of the world’s leading primary silver companies called on other producers to withhold precious metals from the market in an effort to stem the fraud. He recently reported that not a single producer contacted him to do so. But as precious metals prices fail to reflect the growing demand around the world, one company in particular is actively preparing to do exactly that.

    MX Gold Corp CEO Akash Patel and CFO Kenneth Phillippe say that they are positioning their company to stockpile between 20% to 30% of their physical gold production in coming months, noting that prices are nowhere near where they should be at current supply and demand levels. In an interview with SGT Report, Phillipe appears to be taking the stance of many precious metals investors, which is to stockpile the physical asset in anticipation of any number of potentially cataclysmic economic and monetary events like the hyperinflation we are witnessing in Venezuela.

    We want to pull out the physical gold… We want to take this gold and we want to store it. We believe that having the physical gold in the vault makes a lot more sense than selling it at these prices. Gold is ready to move. We believe it’s going to continue to rise… we’re going to be storing our gold and holding it for the long-term. 

    (Full Interview at Youtube)

    This whole entire industry – the gold market – is fueled by the economies.

    With the economies… the state that they are in right now… where they are continuously printing more money… This is why I understand most people would like to put gold into their portfolio… Because it’s clear to me that people have to take precautions against the unknowable future.

    We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. We don’t know if China is going to blow up. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the U.S. at any given time. They continuously keep printing.

    We truly believe that people in the United States are not investing into T-bills… government paper is just not what people want at this point in time… gold is liquid… under all these market conditions we truly believe investors are going to acquire gold. Owning the physical gold is the only way to see a major increase [in wealth]…

    The United States has gone on for eight years consecutively… and they haven’t gone anywhere. Everything that’s going on in the world… they’re not moving forward… they continue to print paper and the paper is worthless.

    Gold is the only physical value we see out there. We also have a lot of silver. We also have a lot of copper… which are the byproducts that will pay for our gold production.

    …You use what you need to sell to pay off all the bills, to pay off all the employees and keep the company moving forward…

    But we would really like to look at banking some of this gold… keeping it physical and holding it for the long-term future. 

    We’re going to be pouring bars on site… hopefully 20% to 30% of all production physically into gold bars on the project. 

    MX Gold is the first mining company to announce such a revolutionary strategy and it completely makes sense considering that some of the world’s largest investors are gobbling up everything they can get their hands on.

    And while gold and silver are still shunned by the majority of the population and mainstream financial pundits, as Phillipe notes, this is not the case in China where lines out the door are a daily occurrence :

    I have a close associate who just came back from China. He went to Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore and he said that there are still people lined out the doors to get into these gold shops. 

    Everything in China is physical gold.

    They’re selling gold bars… they’re selling gold ornaments… everything in China is being sold and it’s so busy… There is a lot of gold buying still going on.

    And for good reason.

    Whereas in the United States the former head of The Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke argues that gold is not money and is only held by some central banks as a matter of tradition, the Chinese government has been touting gold investing and stockpiling for several years.

    They, of course, know what’s coming.

    In the United States, however, the government and media have actively conspired to convince Americans that there is nothing to worry about because, in President Obama’s words, we’ve been saved from another Great Depression.

    Click here to learn more about Akash Patel, Kenneth Phillippe and MX Gold’s strategic plan for stockpiling physical gold

    For more interviews like this one visit SGT Report.


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      1. It’s about time these companies took a stand. The manipulation would be over very quickly if the major gold and silver players stuck it to the man and just stopped selling for a month or two. These people are on the right track and I hope others follow.

        They’re doing what each and everyone of us should be doing: stacking gold and silver in our vaults for the day when our money is worth less than toilet paper.

        • still can’t eat it.

          • True, we can’t eat it.

            You can’t eat your guns, ammo, fuel storage, and many of your other supplies either.

            I think gold and silver serve an important purpose in collapse environments. A video from Zimbabwe several years back shows how people were literally spending 6-8 hours a day to mine a few grams of gold; flakes in some cases. The sole purpose was to trade those flakes for bread. It hit home right there for me and is the reason why I find it necessary to regularly post updates about gold and silver here.

            So long as there is a buyer somewhere in the world, as has always been the case regardless of what was happening, gold and silver will have value. Even if it is outlawed in physical form, black markets will still operate.

            It’s just part of a well diversified “prepping portfolio” if you ask me 🙂

            • Gold is not an investment…. It’s an insurance policy against being totally broke and is to be collected sometime after the world’s economies collapse. It may take a bit of time to get to the point where it can be traded, but eventually it will. Until then, I plan to also college brass and lead among other things…..

              • Valid point 😉



                • After this Orlando shooting, it would be very wise tonight or ASAP, to stock up on more AR-15’s and Ammo to feed it. Watch the Prices jump on everything until the election. These jokers will do anything to create the Assault Rifle Ban before Obama Bootlicker/ Sell Out is kicked out of office.

                  Just once I wish 50 Anti- Gun Politicians were wasted. Its always the Innocent 99% of the time, that are used as pawns more effectively to produce public sentiment. You see if 50 Corrupt Politicians were killed, the public would cheer, and the race would be on to eliminate the rest of the sellouts. The Jews that hijacked the DHS keep giving their Tribe 95% of all of Tax payers Security grants. They Point at Muslims and pick pocket the tax payers. What a corrupt POS Hijacked Government we have right now.

                  Trump – Build the wall- Make Mexico Pay for it, and it just got another 10 Feet Higher.


                  • WWTI speaking of ammo, I just saw where a case of 1200rds of 223 greentip went up 135 dollars and its all gone. And you can bet there will be another run on high cap mags. Trekker Out.

                    • LMAO, it ain’t over yet. With all the weeping, wailing and nashing of teeth over this lastest target practice, they’ll gin up more support to set the 2cd down another notch or two. Piss on ’em.

                    • Just went to Cabela’s, have some good sales going on for Father’s day but it’s clearing out fast in my neck of the woods so get moving while you can still get it.

                      Molon Labe… it’s getting closer!

                  • WWTI, I also expect to see another run on guns, ammo, accessories, etc. just like what happened right after Sandy Hook. I have some purchases in mind myself.

                • Mac so true.I’m a blue collar redneck but someday that big house down the road that the yuppie owns might be mine.I’m not in debt and he is,I stacked.
                  Live within your means.
                  May not live like him but I’m happy and wise
                  Crazy like a fox
                  Maniac out.

              • A smart miner would have been doing this years ago in anticipation of the coming Changes.

                Buy a metal detector. 🙂

              • i NEVER go out of town any more without my 5 one ounce gold coins, universally recognized as a store of value, even if a handful of the simps that frequent shtfplan don’t realize it. there MAY be a time when shtf that i’m far from home, and that gold will come in mighty handy…..just make sure you got ALL the other preps FIRST!…and i DO thank all those that have sold me gold for under 1300$ an ounce for the last few years…..a GIFT, and i DO appreciate it!…here’s my list of things to have when going out of town overnite. it’s been a while since i posted my ultimate bugout list. i will post it again in the next week or two.

                here’s a list I made for my boy scout troop recently of things to have when
                I go out of town for more than a day… randy
                boy scout manual…there’s some GREAT information in there!
                plates/ eating utensils…(mess kit)
                bivy cover/sleep syst………….. sleeping bag good for 0*…-30 degree
                military sleep systems can be had for around 75$
                fire starter
                mattress pad/cot/bed
                cooking oil
                granola bars
                coats/cold weather bag w/hats scarfs gloves longjohns, shemagh

                optional stuff…………………………………..
                550 cord
                dutch oven
                firstaid book
                extra glasses

                jumper cables and brillo pad(fire starter)
                sawyer mini filter
                magnifying glass
                tool bag
                digging bar
                tow strap and chain

                • I have seen pendant gold bars before in 1 gram, 5 gram, 20 gram. Just a heads up pal.

                  • junk silver coins is your “change” to use for small amounts. i got plenty of assets to trade with, so not too concerned with little stuff….if yer prepared, you won’t NEED money/gold until late in the game. thanks for the suggestion, i’m sure it has helped some of us.

            • LOL,…. Touche’ Mac, Anon is like many, Uninformed and on the Low IQ info trail. When SHTF, Watch him follow the bread crumbs to the Gingerbread Candy House. You can eat there Anon, long with Hansel & Gretle and the Blood Thirsty FEMA Camp Witch..


              It would be nice to accumulate more Physical Silver if I could. This will be a nice swing at the bat when the metals market tightens up even more. How much or long can the paper shorter manipulators hold this down. It sill sling shot into a large bubble, Just sell or trade it before it pops. We have see $48 twice before.

              • I bet gold and silver will be immediately tradable on the immediate black market . No one will take a chance on cash. The black market will be like the swap meet .you can’t take your stuff to the store and trade . But in the parking lot for gold.people will trade everything exactly like a swap meet. And the big sellers will want something compact and valuable. The little guys will be trading bullets for beans. It will be all about the black market .

            • Mac,
              As annoying as the comment “you can’t eat gold” is, I’ve had most who make it ultimately admit they have no free cash to buy gold. I’ve learned to ignore it.

              The fact that they are here on your site, thinking about being prepared on whatever level they can afford is awesome.

              For anyone that has all the bases covered, drinking water, stored food, growing food, energy, security, precious metals are next. Silver for barter, gold for the duration.

              That last one is a mountain too high for some, it frustrates them thus hey act out.

              Still in this environment metals are finally breaking free. They are such a small sector of the investment world that when they break free, they will fly. For any prepper that can, it’s time to buy on the dips. There won’t be many more.

            • Guns and tools are my currency. May not be able to eat Em but you can kill stuff, game ppl etc or trade for items. Some coworkers have talked about the gold stuff. I don’t really understand it. Buy coins ? Bars? Dust? My late brother always told me guns and good tools are great barter and I believe he’s right. Especially good hand tools. Not junk harbor freight. I’m just afraid I’d lose my ass buying gold. But I know I can at the very least make 10 percent profit on any gun I’ve bought. Can any pension, bank savings do that?

              • TM, uh, its OK to trade tools for something but I must recommend AGAINST trading any guns, ammo, etc. Whoever you trade guns and/or ammo to for something else could turn around and use one of those guns to kill you and take everything you have. I believe there’s way too much risk in trading guns or ammo, but that’s just me.

                • Ditto Brave. Took the words right off my fingertips. I have 20 silver rounds I keep in the vehicle safe. The rest I loston the boat in the river.


                • I guess I didn’t word that quite right. I’m meaning I can use guns to kill game to barter with or provide security for people that need it in exchange for goods. As far as the tools I buy many different items, hand and power tools and buy duplicates and then some. I believe tools would be a good currency to people that need an axe, shovel, or a saw to build something. And your right I’d only trade with people I know. I have many good neighbors that I’ve known for years. Could I trust all them 100percent ? Mayb mayb not mite have to take a chance but that’s life. But braveheart appreciate the comment. Everybody can learn stuff by communicating.

                • good point, braveheart!

                  • MY ammo isn’t just for ME….i HOPE to have a few friends show up to provide security, among other things….hope to hell they remember their PASSWORDS” i got plenty of food, water, and ammo for everyone in my group, and some extra for YOU”!(shouted from 2 blocks away)….

            • Don’t need gold to trade for Anything if you grow it or raise it. I would bet few of the “self sustained” people up here and farmers have gold, silver, yes, because you can use it for other things than currency. I would bet food has much more value than gold. Unless you are planning on traveling, I see gold as only a very long term investment in wealth, that I won’t live long enough to benefit from.

              • i agree with a lot of what you said….but what if we DO survive?….better have some gold, just in case.

          • You’re right, you can’t eat it. But you’ll be able to use it to buy food dumbass. I love it when people talk that dumb shit. Maybe you do it cause you can’t afford it or maybe you’re just to damn cheap and stupid to see its value. I’m guessing there’ll come a day when you change your perspective. It’ll be motivated by an empty stomach.

            • Invest in gold as a store of a portion of your wealth on the other side, AFTER the Changes.

              Speculate in silver and use it to buy things that you may need, as it will increase or hold its value DURING the Changes.

              Hoard your lead to get you THROUGH the Changes. Never use ammo for barter. 🙂

            • Hey Jackassknife, Did Ted insult you with his opinion and comment? Or are you just a keyboard tough guy. A apology is in order.

              • No Ted did not insult me, as a matter of fact, I was responding to anonymous,so why would Ted be talking to me? And who are you to stick your nose into my business, I’m sure “anonymous” can speak for him/her self. And HYPOCRITE, you did exactly what you judge me for. And as a matter of fact, i do happen to think I’m pretty damn tough. I won’t try to qualify it here obviously, but since you asked. So Mr. Dickstuckinyourmansass, buzz off. By the way, thanks for the advice on the wheat berry grinder. The one you recommended is useless but thanks anyway.

                • @ Jacknife….The wonder mill Jr has the wheat grinding stones and the extra stainless wheels. Why would you call it useless. It is very high rated for under 400$ and there are more of them, than any other brand/model which makes replacement parts plentiful.Everyone here that owns a wheat grinder knows the one I recommended is the best for the price range. As far as you not posting your comment to a specific poster, thats your mistake and Anonymous’ comment was brief, without being a asshole like you were. That does not make me a hypocrite. Do you prefer me to quit this site so you can spew your insults and lack of useful material in peace?

                  • @ Jacknife…looking back….I didn’t realize Anonymous insulted you by his statement “you still can’t eat it” referring to gold… So go ahead and call people a dumbass. Try responding to people like they are face to face.

                    • Dave, thanks for admitting you’re a hypocrite and speaking before knowing the facts. And lastly, who cares? I don’t care if you quit this site. If you’re that sensitive that you’re feelings get hurt that easily, maybe you should. You don’t know me but sometimes a good smack will get someone’s attention. That’s all I was doing. Here’s one fer ya Dave, back in 1984, my unit was in Panama at the JOTC. I got lost on the course so guess what my platoon Sgt. did? He and 4 squad leaders beat my ass silly. Guess what Dave? Jacknife stopped getting lost. Don’t be so damned sensitive you wuss. Your politically correct milk toast ass is exactly what’s wrong with “men” today.

              • Ha ha. I’ve got about as thick a skin as u can imagine. Just imagine if Tom hanks on castaway had a bucket of gold even on an island with a lot of people. Wouldn’t get him shit. But those ” packages ” or tools saved his ass

                • Ted, I know what you’re saying and I’m not disagreeing with you, heck I wasn’t even talking to you. Anyway, I’m not saying your plan won’t work, it’ll probably be “good as gold” but many may not have tools or your skills but if they have Ag,Au they will have something to trade. The reference to the movie castaway isn’t quite the same as what shtf will be. There is a commerce system in place so hopefully, some semblance of that system will be maintained, on Tom and Spalding’s island, it was unexpected hardcore survival with no commerce system and very limited resources. Dave in Idaho drew you into this, he owes you an apology.

          • No, but one ounce of it will buy 500 loaves of bread.

            • “No, but one ounce of it will buy 500 loaves of bread.”

              And has for many centuries, give or take a bit.

              This mining company holding on to gold isn’t the only one. Many of those gold mining shows, the top producers have done the same for years. They ‘convert’ enough to paper currency to pay the bills, and the rest gets stored in a mason jar. Gold Rush showed old John Snovel hauling out a few jars to sponsor his grandson Parker into the mining business. Old John is no fool.

              The taxes dues on holding gold are nothing….it’s when you convert to paper a ‘profit’ is realized….much better to simply hold it in metal form and see what the future brings. If you had been doing so for 40-50 year like John, you’d be way ahead of the stock market.

          • No you can’t! ALL of you who are remotely suggesting “putting away” PMs are “serving two masters” (…and was it not said that “Thou cannot serve two masters”)? I believe it was. (Nothing I am stating is a direct quote nor meant to be).

            How can you write in comments to one article how “…the only way to win against them is to starve the beast, and other ‘like’ statements” …and then, like now, your #1 concern is to PUT AWAY AS MUCH PM AS YOU CAN, (((to keep in secret, and protection, for an unknown length of time))), only TO FEED THE BEAST AS SOON AS YOU KILL THE SON OF A BITCH? Nobody sees the incredible ‘folly’ in that? I damn sure do and hate to see it, let alone think of it.

            THAT is “the straight & easy road” …and it leads nowhere fast. (You want the very narrow, rock-filled and dangerous road, to eventually end up where “life is truly good”).
            Those who would LOVE to ‘flame me’ on this are more than welcome to do so. It shall not harm me in the least of ways, and I’ll never read it as I am not returning, as it is time for me to move along.
            You can also take a look around the world as it stands right now and then (consider) telling me with a straight face that there is no such thing as good and evil, and neither are rearing-their-heads within ANY of “all these horrors lain before us”? (There are none so blind that will not see)? I suppose so, as I am witness to it, as are you …IF you have been given the eyes to see?

            We are the greatest nation on earth for a reason. We have one last chance to have it again, and if we reject these things, we will quite likely be forever cast into a FOURTH world Country Of Total Division, run by those who Serve Two Masters (and live and die with nothing but sorrows and misery their entire lives). Look at all that China suffers with, and North Korea …but Russia, with Orthodox Christianity, IS GAINING GROUND while all else are failing fast? Yes, that is a truth and you shouldn’t be wondering why this is so. You KNOW, but choose to look the other way and struggle within yourselves to “justify” the meaning of it in another way (which cannot be done).

            Let’s not do that when we know better, and THAT is “the bottom line” you are being kept from seeing (in all these clouds meant to obscure The Truth from you).

            For the non-believers, there is no need to tell you to go to hell. You are well on your way. For all others, we have a chance and it only requires “a tiny bit of faith” (right)?

            Lastly, how many “Rich Men (or women)” have we observed in our lifetimes that are NOT TOTALLY ENSLAVED to their “Fame & Fortunes” …which bring only “more of the same.” They are “bound” to “all that money can bring”, and that is where it ends for them.
            The very ones I speak of are precisely the very ones that seek to destroy all that of God that was once bestowed upon our Nation, and we, as a nation have silently allowed nearly every one of these blessings to be blasphemied and removed from our very culture. (The Ten Commandments removed from a COURT? (Now in a cellar covered up with a tarp? Yes sir, that’s right). I once saw a bumper sticker, “Jesus Is Coming And Man Is He Pissed” …that was 30 years ago, and yet now it takes upon a whole new meaning doesn’t it?
            Statues removed due to Atheist’s “feelings being hurt?” Gay men and women receiving SUPERIOR rights ‘over and above’ those of NORMAL people. You like that huh? Good, there is much more to follow shortly…
            The Pledge of Allegiance (in schools), Prayer (in about everywhere but your mind, which they also seek to control), various and sundry “CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES” that were once ours that we have (seemingly) and uncaringly allowed to be cast out of American society so that it can be replaced with the evils, vileness, cruelties and Hell-borne activities-of-late, such as=(burning people alive in cages, or young girls who refuse to have sex with ISIS “bastards” being burned alive), each was SOME ONE’s DAUGHTER (could have easily been yours) …and dozens of other “things” that point to God ‘ousted’, by our very own Government (Federal AND State!…does THAT shit NOT SHOW their evil souls and intents VERY clearly to any of you?) …and then ‘the many’ all stand around scratching their heads wondering how could all this be happening and “where in hell or what in hell is causing all this strange shit to happen on a global scale (that above all else is ‘far and beyond’ our intelligences to stop, let alone survive through)?

            Think about it AND HARD, as we are quickly running out of time. What many seem LEAST necessary is indeed MOST necessary, or there will be NOTHING left but endless agonies “for the multitudes” who would not listen. (And again, history will have repeated itself).

            Via con DIOS ….or via (Go With God …..or just go)…


          • Interview, as in a job interview? Yes, and apparently he got the job…

      2. I can hear Burl Ives singing, “Silver and gold, silver and gold.”

        Seems the LGBTs will be packing heat, instead of packing meat…

        • The pink Ladysmith in a Prada holster will be the current gay rage.

      3. The calls for people to snitch out others are being promoted. Why would I rat anyone out ever. I’m not the police investigating. I don’t see shit because I’m not worried about anyone else when I’m in public. How come gay pride is totally embraced but white pride is racist. Total bullshit gay pride is racism.

        • Because those controlling the media love to promote deviant behavior to rot honorable society from within. This has been their pattern since ancient Rome, and probably before that.

        • see sumthin’, say NUTHIN’?…or is it see sumthin’, SHOOT sumthin’?….i’m so confused….just remember, it takes a village to mind their own goddamned business.

      4. So Bernanke says gold is just held by central banks because it’s “tradition”.

        Shameless lying is just “tradition” for these Banksters.

        Gold is the real exchange. For thousands of years, some people have been finding ways to take the gold of other people. Lying is part of what they do best.

      5. Oh great Mac,
        Zimbabwe at that point was a net importer of food.
        I’m pretty sure North America is self sufficient and
        if it wanted too, need not trade outside its boarders.
        Gold may be good for cross boarder trading, but
        we are storing wheat on the ground( silos are full)
        we have so much of it this season. We are exporting
        oil, coal, all that kind of stuff industry needs to
        I’m going to buy wheat from North Dakota, using electronic
        dollars, and FedEx will ship it to me. They would look at me as if I were an idiot if I were offering 1/10 ounce gold dimes as payment.
        Now if I had to buy that wheat from the Ukraine it might be different. But why would I?

        • With new trade treaties and Obama’s blatant attacks on farmers ranchers and water rights what do you think is happening.

          Obama can’t directly control US farmers and ranchers, but if he can bankrupt them, then the market shifts to imported food. Obama can then control imports. Imports are the prevue of the Federal government.

          Control the people’s food and you control the people. Isn’t this the point of EBT cards, to own the slaves.

          • There isn’t much food to import, we make most of it.
            between Argentina, Canada, and the US we feed the world.
            I live on an island that is easily self sustainable, but we ship all our food off island because Democrats have screwed everything up so much. Even if I’m bankrupt, my cows chickens, pigs, and goats will make new ones, My potatoes will make new potatoes.
            gold flakes aren’t going to feed me, North Dakota wheat, and Iowa oats will feed me and they will take Federal funny money.

            • I was in New Zealand recently. Astounded to find because of TTP etc we already import several billion in beef to the US. The upward curve on food imports since Clinton was president have been astronomical.

              Can you imagine that due to new federal regulation, it is now cheaper raise, butcher, freeze and ship beef from the opposite side of the planet 12,000+ miles than it is to raise it in the US.

              Yeah not really, but it is the preferred way for the new world order. It’s all about control.

              • Plan twice:

                Dangerous situation for us.

                On the up side: New Zealand beef is grassfed. They don’t have our pollution either. It is a good time to buy grassfed beef and can it. If you include vegtables, onions and garlic with some rice or pasta and cooked lentils and beans; you can have a readymade meal if and when TSHTF. If you buy a lot, you’ll want to can some plain meat. I can’t imagine the price going down.

                If a person is just starting to consider prepping, learning to can and buying the equipment to do that canning might be a good starting off point. It costs a little to begin, but you save a lot of money in the long term. Grow your own and buy sales, then can.

                • To both ptpos and BCA,
                  New Zealand feeder cattle is about $0.40 a pound more than American feeder cattle(May 2016), someone is losing money. I didn’t know we were getting imported processed(boxed) beef. All my beef is grass-fed, mine are not finished off in a feed lot, as is the imported feeder cattle. Grass fed beef has a very distinct flavor, and is generally tougher than grain finished beef. It also makes for very dry Hamburger, but great beef jerky, because of the low fat content. If you buy your beef in a store it generally was finished with GMO corn. If you want grass fed, buy it direct from the guys that raised it.

                  • Rellik,
                    Thank you for confirming what I already knew.

                    While Obama destroys US ranchers and farmers, then signs on to international treaties that obligate the US to buy foreign goods at a loss is nothing more than a device to bleed Americans and redistribute wealth to the rest of the world.

                    What fails to occur to many is the fact that the US is in massive debt and we continue to go further into debt to fund Obama’s redistribution of wealth, or in the case of reality, redistribution of credit? America will be slaves to the debt that Obama incurred so Obama could give America away to create his communist utopia.

        • A side note on food imports: When the SHTF, food-related items imported from far away will be extremely expensive and very hard to get hold of. This will be especially true in another global conflict, where resources are focused on the war effort (rather than consumer markets) in conjunction with shipping venues being severely restricted by safety concerns.

          Reviewing the shortages, rationing, and black markets during WWII should make it obvious that every prep pantry should include deep stocks of items such as sugar, coffee, tea, cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and similar goods. (Yes, sugar is produced domestically; but it is used in conjunction with the other things listed here, and was both highly desired and hard to get during WWII rationing.)

          Kept sealed, and hopefully in a cool, dry, dark environment, these items will remain good for a long time; and in an extended crisis situation, they will have phenomenal value as trade goods. This is probably more true of coffee and sugar than any of the other items on the list. If limited by storage space or budget, then concentrate on just those two things.

        • You ever tried to buy stuff with gold ? I have. Got my kitchen remodeled, and teeth repaired using it. The contractor and the dentist were quite happy. Gold is a wonderful way to keep transactions private….yet another reason the bankers hate it.

      6. I guess in Venezuela right now you can’t get food for cash hardly. But you can get anything you want on the black market for gold and silver. Probably be just like that here . The stores are empty . But if you go to the black market areas with gold ? I wonder if the police will try to shut it down. Or just take a cut?

        • VZ government nationalized farms long ago. Farm output is being exported for government profit, while the sheeple starve. Think this couldn’t happen in the US. LOL!

          • I don’t think it will. Unlike
            Russian Kulaks, we have guns and
            the city soldiers( AKA cops) aren’t
            really ready to live off the land.
            A bunch of guys whacked out on opium
            and marijuana held off the entire
            Russian army and has really kicked
            our butts.
            Americans are just as nasty, and we
            don’t have the weight of Islam limiting
            our resourcefulness.

            • This attack at the gay bar, 300 to one, and not one person tested the 21 foot rule.

              Sheep one and all. Obama has built a new gay military.

              Are American civilians better than our new gay military and police that Obama have built?

              I propose that Obama built ISIS better, on purpose.

              • what was the 21 ft. rule, I forgot..

                • k

                  It is the distance a person can travel with a knife before you can draw your weapon, aim and shoot him.

                  • google mexican kils cops with a knife, or sumthin like that, and you’ll see a guy with knife kill several south american cops before they can do anything about it.

              • Yep this Gay attack is to attract new Gay recruits to go fight the Boogie man.


                • Who:

                  Gays used to be tough bikers who could fight as well as any man. We had a gay biker bar near where I lived. From the outside, you would never suspect these tough dudes were queer. But now, with hormones and estrogen in everything, the men are so weak, I think a girl might be able to beat them up. An army of estrogen sissies crying when the enemy advances. Omg???????????!!!

                  • Instead of the rough and tough leather-clad bikers of the past, now they prance around wearing spandex and carrying rainbow flags.

              • Was thinking that today, I watch that educational vid of the 21 foot rule at least once a month. I think this should be practiced as a SHTF skill. You never know when ammo may run out in a long term SHTF, bladed weapons don’t require ammo.


      7. I count silver and gold as just other team players in the prepper game.

      8. Gold and silver brass and lead. Gold and silver are more compact . And will be accepted by people who have lots of brass and lead .Gold and silver will rule the black market.and only the black market will have everything. You will probably have it a certain day of the week or month at your local swap meet parking lot. Your problem will be cutting off a certain weight of gold to pay for something. Probably a hammer and small chisel. And a scale. But as written it will eventually get so bad that only food and brass and lead will have value and they will throw their silver and gold in the streets. So spend it all before that happens.

        • You should have silver dimes to pay for the small stuff. Gold is only for much more expensive items.

          • having an ounce of gold is like having 1300$ in the bank, with only a checkbook to access it….you’re in trouble, until you find someone who will “help you out”….for a percentage of what you have.

      9. I’m not convinced about going nuts buying metals. Gold is too damn expensive and silver is manipulated down. I’m gonna stick with real US dollars for now. It may sound foolish but I’m gonna take this gamble. Investments are a bad deal IMO. 401ks bonds all that market crap will be raided.

        • Not foolish at all. While I believe gold and silver are SOLID investments and insurance for the unknown, cash in this environment is king. It is my understanding that a lot of those big players who are buying gold and silver are also hoarding lots of cash.

          The markets are so distorted it is impossible to really know where they’ll go next.

          So, while I do believe precious metals are a solid way to diversify one’s portfolio long-term, I don’t think going all-in on any one asset class is a good idea here… The general consensus from contrarians is 10% to 30% of one’s wealth should be in PM’s if you have the ability to do such a thing.

          • The major multinationals hold the lion’s share of ALL the cash. The dollar is not going to disappear contrary to the rantings and wishful thinking of Jim Willie and others like him.

            The UBER RICH and the MIC Multinationals control the system and hold their power through the FED. The dollar will not die unless there is nuclear war, pole shift, or Yellowstone blows.

            In the occurrence of any of these three potential events, just bend over and kiss your ass “Goodbye!”. Until then, show me the money (King Dollar)! 🙂

          • i had gold stocks as part of my IRA back when the stock market crashed in 1987….gold crashed right along WITH the stock market, and i never TOUCHED gold for 25 years after that,….i learned my lesson…but i woke up a few years ago and realized it had left me behind. i got a feelin’ that when the market collapses this LAST time, gold aint going down, it’s going UP….a LOT. THIS stock market crash will be different than ALL the rest of them. it will be the end of the petro dollar….if there IS a major drop in price, that’s when i back up the truck…..but there will be MANY items to choose from that will be at fire sale prices….cash WILL be king, but only for a day or a week(s)…..not for a year, i’m sure.

        • The cheaper silver is, the more you can buy. In the long term, it doesn’t matter what it’s worth in dollars. What matters is what it’s worth in commodities. As far back as I can remember, a silver dime has been worth a short loaf of bread. I don’t expect that to change a whole lot in the future.

          Get you some silver dimes and quarters so you can buy in the future, whether in black markets or regular markets after a collapse has stabilized.

      10. What is a muslmcum scalp worth these days?

        • Muslim scalps are worthless, but their unibrows, priceless!

          • Well speakin’ of bloodbaths and takin it up the wahzoo, the stock indicies is a sea of red this morning. For instance the Argentina ‘Bolsa G’ was down 8,886 points. Gold is up over 1286 (gonna crack 1300, I’m feelin’it) and silver is over 17.

            • $17.50


      11. I also have no intension of selling any of my physicals but that won’t stop the price going back down again and it won’t stop others like Buillon by Post from running main stream TV adverts at quite a cost to try to off load gold/silver on us.

        $12oz silver is my buy singnal and you have a much better chance of seeing that than $24 silver so don’t be taken in so easy.

      12. I can’t afford gold, got a little silver, but my purchase of precious metals this week will be a case of canning lids?

      13. I bought 10 maple leaf silver 1 ounce coins at the coin shop last Friday. They had the US walking liberty 1 ounce for a little over a couple bucks more. I don’t know which is the better deal, but the Canadian coins are purer silver content. I figure the shop made more money on the sale because of the dollar vs Canada dollar value. What do I know?

        • Just FYI, the difference in purity isn’t much between the Maple Leaf and the US Eagle (Walking Liberty) silver coins. Its simply one extra “9”. .999 pure for the Eagle and.9999 for the Maple Leaf doesn’t affect their value at all. They are always worth the same. In fact, the Eagle costs more over the spot price when bought and fetches more over the spot price when sold than the Maple Leaf, (at least in the U.S.).

      14. SEEDS people, when the stores have been looted and it doesn’t matter how many rounds you have because there’s no one around to kill and take their food, and there’s not a seed to be found anywhere and all the small game is gone, you’ll starve with a gun in your hand. Remember, you need at least Three full sets of seeds. Because, the first time you plant, it may get rained out by bad weather and the seeds will rot in the ground. Then you replant, but this time the crows and the mice eat everything. You replant a third time, and just as the seeds sprout you have to flee your location. Buy seeds now as they are on half price everywhere, get at least three full sets and vacuum seal them and keep in the fridge. They are lightweight and easily transportable. Make great barter items.

      15. I’m interested in purchasing the $5 gold coins, but when I research companies that sell gold online, they all seem to have so many complaints against them on BBB. I don’t want to buy locally because I don’t know if the store owners even know how to spot a fake gold coin if they saw it! Can you recommend a reputable company to buy gold coins from besides the US Mint?

        • Apmex

      16. I’ve been wondering when these mining companies would start holding back some of their output. That has to be a logical step for them to take in the emergence of increased demand and suppressed prices.

      17. The company stockpiling gold is just playing the commodities game and if they need cash they can borrow against it. The funny part is they are leveraging themselves by holding gold.

      18. Commodities are sold on contracts that vary in length. They are likely trying to make lost money back they lost on short term contracts. The gold miners are guessing the price will go up and they have been very wrong before. I don’t look at PM companies guess work and neither should anyone else. Inflation will come but if you figure the ROI and the spread on physical gold and silver, it’s a bad investment. Think of it as insurance and don’t plan on making a lot of money on PM, especially the physical PM.

      19. Homemade Laudenum……the gold would flow in….

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