Millions Try to Sign Up For Free Health Care: “This Demand Exceeds Anything We Expected”

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For over three years, since the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration has spent considerable time and effort convincing Americans that they would be given “free health care”, despite the fact that this very statement was quietly removed from the web site last week.

The President and supporters of his legislation used the notion that all health care would soon be “free” as a selling point to the masses. They ran television commercials, hired on special market exchange “navigators” to help people get signed up, and made huge push to get Americans on board with the new regulations.

When insurance health exchanges finally opened to an anxious public on October 1  they were plagued with glitches. So much so that and the many web sites that depend on its backbone to get applicants signed up were left paralyzed.


President Obama was forced to acknowledge the widespread failures in a speech on Tuesday:

“This demand exceeds anything we expected”

“That gives you a sense of how important this is to millions of people around the country.”

There’s no doubt that health insurance is important to millions of Americans, as the President suggested.

Now it is more important than ever, because millions of Americans are being dropped from their employers’ health plans due to the extreme cost increases being placed on businesses, which has left many with no choice but to seek insurance options from the exchanges.

That, coupled with the fact that those who don’t sign up during the application window will not be able to acquire health care benefits until next year when the next application window becomes available has increased the sense of urgency among many.

And, of course, there’s the fact that the US Supreme Court has ruled that the (un)Affordable Care Act is a “tax,” and therefore compulsory under Federal law, which means that every single American citizen now has a gun to their head forcing them to either get coverage or face stiff penalties over the next decade.

But President Obama claims that this demand exceeds anything he expected?


He and his ilk have forced health care mandates on a population of 300 million people, and they didn’t expect that those 300 million people would begin exploring their health care options to meet the guidelines set forth under Federal law?

The kicker is, that not only are working Americans being forced to pay up to quadruple their pre-Obamacare rates for their health insurance (an average increase of over $7,000 for a family of four), but that the electronic records system implemented by the government is prone to cyber attacks.

In fact, you don’t even have to be a hacker to gain access to the system! Over 2,400 private exchange records were compromised just today as a result of an un-encrypted spreadsheet being sent over email to numerous recipients – and the system isn’t even live yet!

Thus, not only is the system already incapable of handling the demands of the public,  but it is so chock-full of gaping security holes so serious that in the very near future your doctor could potentially kill you with the push of a button.

This is the idiocracy we are now forced to live in.

Welcome to the new America… A fundamentally transformed America.

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    1. Ordinary Average Guy

      Fundamental dysfunctional…hope and change is sheeple code for destroy anything good…full speed to the socialist utopia of doom.

      • Ordinary Average Guy

        I would bet most of the traffic is lookers not buyers. When the dust settles, if the website ever works, I suspect far fewer people will purchase as opposed to paying the fine. Why not wait until you have to have insurance to pay for a treatment..your pre existing condition is covered.

        • admin

          I won’t disagree with this… I logged into the Kaiser calculator yesterday just to see how much the government is going to screw me for. It ain’t pretty, that’s for sure.

          For those interested about how much they are going to rake in from you on a yearly basis (and the potential “subsidy” the benevolent government will give you) check out:

          • Kulafarmer

            The thing about the subsidy,
            You still have to pay the full premium up front,
            Then supposedly you get a tax credit when or if you file taxes
            So for a 50yo male i get to pay 760+ a month for a plan that still doesnt cover meds but has a low deductible?
            How is this a help?


            • Gods Creation

              “””And, of course, there’s the fact that the US Supreme Court has ruled that the (un)Affordable Care Act is a “tax,” and therefore compulsory under Federal law, which means that every single American citizen now has a gun to their head forcing them to either get coverage or face stiff penalties over the next decade.”””

              The Supreme Court ruling makes NOTHING compulsory, whether it is tax or not. The “taxes”, or better stated tribute, you pay now is VOLUNTARY. The new tax is also voluntary.

              How do you volunteer to be compelled? You use their numbers, so they can tax their use.

              It’s called being dependent, even if it is only on a number at this time. Many this board moan about those that are dependent on the corp benefits, yet use the numbers as though they are not.

              Learn to live your life without using the corps numbers, and nothing is compulsory.

              • JRS

                And there lies the rub, GC…

                If you are required to use their “money” you cannot fully opt out of the system…even without using a SSN.

                Someone, even if you have your property in a trust, has to pay the corporate tax in fiat dollars.

                They won’t accept gold or silver, ya know…

                • guero

                  “I actually made it through this morning at 8:00 A.M. I have a preexisting condition (Type 1 Diabetes) and my income base was 45K-55K annually I chose tier 2 “Silver Plan” and my monthly premiums came out to $597.00 with $13,988 yearly deductible!!! There is NO POSSIBLE way that I can afford this so I “opt-out” and chose to continue along with no insurance.

                  I received an email tonight at 5:00 P.M. informing me that my fine would be $4,037 and could be attached to my yearly income tax return. Then you make it to the “REPERCUSSIONS PORTION” for “non-payment” of yearly fine. First, your drivers license will be suspended until paid, and if you go 24 consecutive months with “Non-Payment” and you happen to be a home owner, you will have a federal tax lien placed on your home. You can agree to give your bank information so that they can easy “Automatically withdraw” your “penalties” weekly, bi-weekly or monthly! This by no means is “Free” or even “Affordable.”

                • Facebook Page

                  Utah Does.

                • JRS

                  At what value facebook…spot? lol…Face value.

                • Facebook Page

                  Spot value. They passed earlier this year. Many other states have them in committee right now.

                • Gods Creation

                  “””Someone, even if you have your property in a trust, has to pay the corporate tax in fiat dollars.”””

                  Not if it is a private family trust. There are no “taxes” to be paid. A trust is merely a contract between the Grantor and the trustee to act on behalf of the Beneficiaries in protection of the property of the trust. All trust property CAN BE, at the option of the trustee and under the rules YOU ESTABLISH for the trust, be registered in his name as trustee and nobody can violate the trust and take it.

                  You don’t need the corp to set up a trust to protect your property. Nor can you ever, for any reason, be required or forced to reveal or violate the terms of a private trust, whether a grantor, trustee or beneficiary.

                  You make the same mistake as everyone else in assuming that everything you do and everything you build must be done through the corp. That is not true. It’s only what the corp wants you to believe.

                  You can always ask for corp permission if you want to, but it is NEVER a requirement. And unless you do ask for corp approval and register it with the corp, it is without jurisdiction to hear any matter concerning the property of your trust. And it is without jurisdiction to “tax” the property of the trust, nor privileged to even know what the property is.

                  You can not protect yourself from within the corp. But you most certainly can from without.

                • Rog

                  And remember, the federal government’s taxing authority is largely external (the one exception, direct taxes,which are applied to the states. We presently have no direct taxes in effect), that is, having to do with things foreign. The “personal” income (excise) tax is imposed on foreigners earning income in the US and certain Americans with foreign income. Are you on that list? Are you exercising a government granted privilege having to do with matters foreign? If not, how do you suppose the fedgov can impose this “tax” on you?

              • KY Mom

                A fundamentally transformed America…

                More Than 300 Companies Announce Obamacare-Linked Cutbacks

                Obamacare…“with its employer mandate to provide health insurance, gives businesses an incentive to cut workers’ hours. This year, report after report has rolled in about employers restricting work hours to fewer than 30 per week — the point where the mandate kicks in.”


              • Swordsmyth

                I would love for you to expand on this line of thought with a little more detail if you have the time to do so.

                I have been researching trying to find a way to remove myself from the communist property taxes that I pay yearly. That money could be better spent on preps 🙂

                I lurk here daily and love your posts GC.

                Peace and blessings to you all!

            • PA farmer

              Looks like I’m gona have to sale everything, and turn into a hit an run man the rest of my life, cause I cant aford any of it..F U, TPTB..

              • OutWest

                PA farmer – this country couldn’t afford
                to give everyone here a lollipop. Who do
                they think they are kidding?

                When LBJ tried the same thing in the 60’s
                with his “Great Society” welfare program
                for all, the wheels fell off the country
                and went straight into the damn ditch.

                • George Gefferson

                  Time to end the failed experiment call MEDICARE

                  It’s nothing but a wasteful hand out program for the elderly.

                • PA farmer

                  Outwest, you and everybody on this site knows exactly what going on here.
                  I’ve been stairing at my screen for 45min now, because I dont know were to start and were to end, what I would like to say. I feel like I have been shot with a Tranquilizer gun..
                  standing by in PA..

            • DaisyK

              No. You don’t have to pay the premium up front. It works like the advance earned income credit, except that the payments are made to your insurance company — not to you. Then when you file your tax return, there may be an adjustment, depending on how well you estimated your 2014 income, whether there were any changes to your family composition during the year, etc.

              There are some problems with that.

              1) This year you are on the honor system. No one will check to see if you qualify for a subsidy. Maybe they will eventually check and charge you with the overpayment.

              2) Lots of people will not know that the subsidies are only available if you are under 65. So, if you apply now, but are 65 by the end of 2014, you will have received an overpayment and the government will take your house if you don’t pay.

              3) There have been lawsuits filed in Federal Court to prohibit the IRS from giving insurance subsidies to people who live in states who didn’t set up their own exchange. The law says these subsidies are only available to exchanges set up by the states. Once again, these people will have large tax bills at the end of the year.

              There is a provision in the law that limits the government from collecting the “tax” for failing to buy health insurance. The only way is to attach your refund. But that doesn’t apply to people who wrongly claimed a credit they didn’t deserve.

              An interesting consequence of the ACA that no one but me seems to have thought of is that, once people figure out that the only way the government can collect the penalty is to attach tax refunds, people will start claiming extra deductions on their W-4’s. This will result in a cash flow problem for the government that is used to collecting taxes in advance and paying it back the next year. In fact, many of these people will not only decide to receive more take-home pay, but they may find that there is a balance at the end of the year that they cannot pay. The IRS may never collect; some people will die or file for bankruptcy or enter into payment agreements that they can’t keep.

              • Deborah Collins

                Guess my husband and I are lucky to both have December 31 for our birthday. We’ll always be a certain age for the full calendar year.

            • Paranoid

              Millions want free stuff someone else pays for? “I’m (fill in blank) I say?” From some old movie nobody plays anymore. Fill in the blank to pass the quiz

              • maxthetruth

                When the GOP (under Nixon), Trashed the Gold Standard; they sold out Conservatism, “for more than a few dollars more.” Standards draw lines in the sand; i.e., $35/oz.; a Nation cannot Print money – – without acquiring more gold (buy it, mine it; steal it, or whatever); you got to have the Gold to maintain the Standard if a Nation wants to Print more money. Someone has/will ask: What’s the Dollar worth today? Safe Answer: “Hell if I know.” That’s clearly one of the purposes of eliminating Standards; it allows Crony Capitalists to manipulate the Monetary System; to benefit the, “chosen,” group. From September, 1971; it only got worse – – much worse! Maybe that can be discussed at another time. There is so much that needs to be said; if one is really interested in connecting the Dots.

          • Iowa

            Hey Mac, where’s the Chat Forum?

            – Iowa

            • admin

              I just emailed our tech guy today on this — We are so close dude!

              • sixpack

                LOL, close only counts in tiddly-winks, horseshoes and hand grenades…

                • Unreconstructed Southron

                  And porcupines and skunks?

                • Navy Vet

                  …and tactical nuclear weapons ;^)

                • Ghostrighter

                  “”I just emailed our tech guy today on this — (((We are so close dude)))!””

                  Funny, that’s what my wife says to me twice a year.

              • Facebook Page

                Is That Like Almost Pregnant. Or Like A Handgrenade

                • clark

                  Facebook Page asked, “Is That Like Almost Pregnant”?

                  I’m guessing it’s more like, just sexually active.

            • durango kidd

              This is the chat forum dumbshit! 🙂

              • Facebook Page

                True. And should stay the way it is.

          • InsanityISContagious

            I input several scenarios into the calculator you mentioned above — they charge DOUBLE the premium for somebody 50 and older than they do for a 25-year-old….10,000+ year…what a crock of crap!!!

            • Ryback

              No! Its all FREE. You just don’t understand, you have to give up your guns, your freedom, all your money, give your beautiful teenage daughter to a Afro-American man, and bow down and pray to Obama.

          • SilverSurfer

            I would like to point out a very good ‘health insurance’ plan-
            Invest in barterable silver coins (junk silver dimes, quarters, and dollars) and silver ounces (Eagles or generic).
            Think about it- when the doctors and nurses are getting denied payment for treatment of the bogus healthcare exchanges, or are forced to accept reduced amounts of pay (look that up), you will get preferential treatment if you pay with a silver coin or shiny silver ounce.
            It used to be this way, and it will return this way someday soon.
            That $25 silver ounce round might just save your life someday… And it sure is cheaper than tje deductables.
            Stack them deep and sleep well!

            • another Jay

              There is only one doctor left at our local clinic. The rest took early retirement because it takes two years to get paid by the government (they said). They opted for early retirement, said it wasn’t worth it any more. The remaining doctor takes silver, chickens, whatever you’ve got.

              • The Old Coach

                Ditto around here, apparently. My previous GP quit his practice (gave us ten days notice) and moved to CA. Looking for new doctor was a revelation. You either take a “nurse practitioner”, or some “MD” who got a “degree” from some unpronounceable “medical school” in Bangaldesh. I finally had to settle for an “osteopath”, of which there are dozens around here.

                Meanwhile, the only auto repair shop within 15 miles of me has shut down. Owner decided he’d rather retire than put up with Obamacare, so the story goes. The shop equipment auction is Oct. 10th. What I’m going to do when I need anything more than an oil change, I don’t know. I’m too old and creaky to be working under cars anymore.

                • Hoopster

                  My doctor that I have been seeing for years closed down his practice about 6 months ago,but opened a Back to Basics program that does not take insurance. He has explained it in detail how bad the insurance companies have become, from denial of paying him, all the new regs regarding Medicare, and he said he could no longer stay afloat like this. His new practice is thriving at the moment and I hope for all our sakes he continues to provide it. The typical office visit is anywhere from 25- 70 bucks and he actually has time to sit and talk with you. He provides labwork that is affordable also. He says he can prescribe what he thinks is best and not what some insurance company tells him he must prescribe. He downsized his office, has a smaller office with 3 staff members and is only going to take a certain number of patients that he can see in a timely basis.. I think more and more of these practices are opening up and that is good. I am not rich by no means. So far the office visit cash-only costs have been the same or less than my insurance copays. My doctor says this trend is growing and we can only hope it continues.

                • John_Allen

                  Old Coach,

                  Point well made. Didn’t we all used to scoff at Chinese “village doctors” in their boonies who had the equivalent of one year of medical school? Their leadership decided that minimal care for the rural millions was better than no care.

                  Parallel point. A husband and wife team of cardiologists from East India, who graduated from medical school there, gave my aged father ten years of active life he probably wouldn’t have had without them.

                  Other than being more sun-burnt and a whole lot less obese, the average East Indian human body is highly similar to the average human body in Indiana.

                  Health professionals from the Third World have been filling the gaps in Amerikan medical practice for decades. Only now our choices are being artificially constricted.

              • Showmestater

                That doctor is accepting barter as payment? Wow! I haven’t actually heard of any doctors around here who are doing that yet. Bartering will be very important when the shtf, but I guess it’s pretty much already here. Well, I better get busy purchasing barter items and not just necessarily personal prepping goods.

                • Me here

                  Yes, I hope we can find “off grid” Docs to barter with, then just pay the fine (which I hope stays reasonable, but I won’t hold my breath!).

                • erv

                  yep. I have a friend who bartered knife sharpening for some dental work. It was the Doctor who suggested the arrangement when he found out my friend ran a knife sharpening business.

                • John Q. Public

                  Be sure that the state medical boards will abuse their power to destroy affordable private practice.

              • Merree

                another Jay,
                Yep, it does sometimes take 2 years to get paid from the government, especially state governments. I quit working at one clinic and they contacted me three years later for help cashing a government check that came in addressed to me.

                What is worse is the monitoring businesses. There are large companies that come in and review bills already paid out to doctors and clinics. They try to find cases billed “in error”. This could be ex-spouses that weren’t taken off family plans or children too old to be on a policy or just some small quirk in the rules. The point is that this denial of payment is often discovered up to five years after the clinic was paid.

                The government comes in and takes that money back out of the bank account or subtracts it from pending payments. The company doing this gets a percentage of every dollar taken back. The clinic can, of course, appeal or charge the patient but either solution has major problems. I consider it impossible to run a business under these conditions. How could I even attempt a budget when it could be blown apart by one clawback?

                This is why I am retired as a clinician and my clinic is cash basis for the niches I serve. I would love to have patients offer silver in payments but none have thus far.

                • On65acres

                  I asked my doctor about aletervative forms of payment and mentioned silver or gold. He laughed and said he would only ever take real money – dollars.

            • Anonymous

              I hadn’t thought of paying my doctor with Silver Eagles, Surfer, but it could come to that! He says many doctors have already left the practice of medicine, and many more will yet, just because of Obamacare.

            • Mark

              I hadn’t thought of paying my doctor with Silver Eagles, Surfer, but it may yet come to that! My doctor says many doctors have already left the practice of medicine, and many more will yet, all because of Obamacare.

              • John Q. Public

                Every doctor has or is looking for an exit strategy.

                That is an intended consequence of ObamaCare.

                The goal of the “elite” is not “affordable healthcare,” but depopulation/enslavement/damnation.

                Every year USA doctors already kill about 150,000 people through negligence (about 5 times more than are killed using guns). A move to even lower level medical “providers” ensures even more depopulation.

                How many more will you let the tribal “elite” kill?

          • Swinging on a star

            It is simply a matter of time before the true reality of this dire situation around the whole world rears it’s ugly head to all of the citizens of the world.

            The elite can say the freedom fighting American patriots are paranoid therefore dangerous and crazy, they can track our movement, our phone calls and other forms of communication, our very existence, yet so many ignorant citizens do not believe it is anything more than an exercise in protection. Protection from what, the American patriot who is awake and preparing for the inevitable?

            Why do they want to have universal health care as the ultimate goal? I want an answer to that question, a real honest answer.

            You must ask yourself, is this regime looking out for me and my Family’s welfare and health or are they looking to destroy those of us who have an opinion and question their authority over our opinions and voices, over our children’s education, over just about every freedom that we thought we had and sadly believed was safe under the protection of the constitution?

            The dear leader is now in communication with one of the most vile leaders in the world, the president of Iran, is it to bring about peace, NO, it is a very sick man namely the dear leader who is insane enough to believe that he is the second coming and he will lead the world one day. This is complete insanity and I am certain that the devil is behind all of it. Egos, greed, manipulation, power, hatred, anger, frustration and insanity is what we are facing from the very people who were entrusted with the care and protection of our once great country.

            What is important to these monsters is not our welfare, it is their own selfish desires and evil intentions, we the American citizens are simply their flock of sheep who are being led to submission and some to slaughter. The ones who refuse to go quietly and willingly are the wolves that must be either contained or eliminated in the name of keeping the flock intact and on track.

            I would imagine they envision a world where their complete control over the population is worshiped and praised, therefore they will insist upon being treated like the Gods that they believe they are. What they will have to answer to one day will be beyond imagination. Eternity in hell with their mentor, the devil himself.

            Nothing lasts forever and like all things, this will end eventually in failure, however the toll on humanity will be tremendous and what will be left is anyone’s guess.

            Let’s face it, we are a corrupt society in so many ways and the day of reckoning will not be pretty for many of us. Most children are spoiled, many adults are selfish and live beyond their means, we are used to instant gratification, creature comforts, drugs for just about anything that ails you or simply to numb you to the real world. Soccer Moms hooked on pain pills, teenagers and adults smoking marijuana, young teenagers getting hooked on heroin, crack, alcohol, pornography, etc. etc. People get angry if they are in the fast food line more than a couple of minutes, they buy their kids all the crap that they want just to shut them up. Some kids and adults would go through withdrawal if you took away their cell phones or all the other electronics. This is what we have bought into and it is time to pay the piper.

            The world needs a awakening and I think one is around the corner. Be ready and be prepared, mostly spiritually.

            • PA farmer

              Swinging on a star, well said..

          • TnAndy

            OK….here is what I don’t get.

            Let’s say you do buy the “bronze” plan…..the basic minimum…..and let’s say it doesn’t cost you much per month, after subsidies ( which, as someone pointed out already, you still may have to cough up the front premium and get reimbursed via a credit later next tax year )….so what ?

            OK… you can barely cover the premium ( with or without subsidy )….the Bronze plan covers 60% of covered expenses ( up to a max cap of something like 12k ), and your deductible is in the $5,000 range.

            HOW in the HELL is someone barely making the premiums gonna come up with those deductibles and co-pays and co-insurance amounts ???

            I mean, they are so “poor”, they need subsidies for the premium… fine….now they have “health insurance”….so what ??

            They are simply paying for something they now can’t afford to use, for the most part.

            What has been accomplished, other than to line the pockets of insurance companies with premium money ( both private and govt money )…..and for which almost no claims will result….and politicians who can boast: “YEP…..we ‘gave’ you health insurance….everything is now hunky dory”

            What has changed ?

            How come people can’t see thru this farce ??

            • Me here

              All I know is I will sleep better at night knowing that my hard earned tax dollars will make sure that the members of the Senate, Congress, their families, friends, well wishers, etc. will have a nice “Cadillac” plan, even though I won’t have any idea how to pay for my own. Yep, gotta love Hope & Change!

            • Gonetoolong

              Most people are too stupid or lazy to look into the details at all. That is until the system crashes and it is too late for us all. Sounds like a plan!

          • Chip

            I went to this site and plugged in numbers, nothing came up

          • Realtime Prep

            Below is a layoff letter due to the havoc that OBGYNcare. It was actually very amusing to read.

            “Dear Employees,

            As CEO of this organization, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barrack Obama and that our taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way. To compensate for these increases, our prices would have to increase by 10%. But, since we cannot increase our prices right now due to the dismal state of our economy, we will have to lay off sixty of our employees instead. This has really been bothering me since I believe we are family here and I didn’t know how to choose. So, this is what I did, I walked through the parking lots and found sixty ‘Obama’ bumper stickers our employees cars and have decided these folks will be the ones to let go. I can’t think of a more fair way to approach this problem. They voted for change….So I gave it to them.
            The rest of you……See you all at the company picnic!”


          • durango kidd

            I ran a number of what if scenarios on the calculator. The less income you have the much less you must pay and the more that other taxpayers must subsidize you. No wonder they call it “affordable”.

            If you are “middle class” it is going to cost you a pretty penny. You are going to have to start hiding some of that income Mac! 🙂

            If you are wealthy, (above $250,000) the amount you must pay is peanuts as an amount of your disposable income. When you consider that half of all American workers make less than 32k, someone else has to pick up the cost. wonder who that could be?

            Socialism for the poor, Fascism for the Rich, shit sandwichs for the Middle Class …. again. 🙂

            • durango kidd

              Expect the shutdown to run for sometime folks. WE are likely to default unless some very creative financing is minted. The repubs want to delay OC until next year so that it becomes a voting issue.

              Then they can kill it altogether after the elections. WE need universal health care, but this is BAD legislation. 🙂

              • durango kidd

                Yeah, that 60% “silver solution” is going to impoverish middle America. Put your assets in a family trust, or they will come for your house and ALL of your bank accounts.

                This is gonna be ugly in three years. 🙂

          • Gods Creation

            What a joke. Just for shits and giggles I went to the site mac linked, entered 10,000 income for a family of four with two adults and two kids, the premium was 114% of income and the subsidy was 0. It also gave the option of taking the bronze plan for just 94% of the families income.

            Anybody who falls for this scam is just getting what they deserve.

            Just Say No.

          • Mensa Graham

            Keep in mind that is a tax credit payable when??? you file your 2014 tax return. Wait until the chickens find out they get to pay the full payment until tax time in 2014!

          • erv

            CBS is bragging that 7,000 people created accounts in California. That seems to be a very low number to me for the past two days. They did not say how many actually purchased a plan.

        • McGruff

          Considering the fines will increase each year, I expect the cost each year for insurance to increase as well. According to the government website about Ovomitcare, the fine will increase by the year 2016 to about $695 per person. Don’t know if anyone has heard of Lindsey Williams, but he has some interesting highlevel connections, and a video out about this. Check it out here.

        • lower40

          i dont plan to buy the ins. or pay the fine ,so we’ll see what they plan to do with non-conformist like me ,i used to say what are they going to do “cut me up and eat me ” but now with the new policy of shared sacrafice ,i guess that could be a posibility

        • DDearborn


          I believe you are correct. Most people that need health insurance but do not have the money today will not have the money tomorrow to buy it either. In fact fewer people will likely be able to get legitimate (i.e. actually covers your healthcare needs without unreasonable restrictions, omissions or sky high deductables) Obamacare is just one more example of corporate/government stealing from the people.

      • Anonymous


        “One Second After” can not come soon enough.

        Life Sucks, then ya die.

        When will this prove true for Obamabutt!!!

      • Mclovin

        On a different note, looks like Tom Clancy finally caught Red October…

        Too soon?

        • laeagle

          He will be missed! Tom Clancy truly was a great writer with an eye for details. He was prescient (sp?) and wrote of things to come.

      • MadAtchew


        • MadAtchew

          How many millions of “young ‘uns” did he say they had to sign up in order to pay for all the invalids like me and worse, those of us who lost their insurance due to O-Scama’s manipulations back in 2009 when they raised my rates “to the roof”…O-Choomer-Care by krikey!

          Something like 2.1 million 18-29 year olds are NEEDED to support the beginnings of this fledgling mandated fascist PONZI SCHEME – collectivism absolutely blows!

          Watch the stock market boom while the rest of us bust!

          This is the end of the middle of the end game regarding the largest transfer of wealth EVER… right under our noses.. all the while the THUGS are blocking our WWII Vets etc. from accessing our PUBLIC land…WTF is going on…?

          Are they getting ready to hand the keys over to Kenya?

          I’m GLAD they shut down the Guv… let those who sowed this shit reap some of the pain they expect us to endorse every time they break (into) the bank.

          Wall Street is FAITH BASED and ain’t too much faith happening right now. The numbers are up because they are lining the largest pockets of the few, while the rest of us, the world masses all over, are being bled off exponentially, and slow-boiled like the ever-trusting frog-in-the-pot. The economy is virtually burnt toast for the middle class.

          Btw…Helicopters and such annoying troll drones have been off the hook around here the past few days… nice clear skies so the satellites can get a good gander at their targets I suppose. F**K…there’s a tingle in the air…they always bug me more whenever I leave comments here. Keep them rolling because I AM NOT GOING TO SHUT UP. I’m just going to pretend how much I am fascinated by aircraft and act like Radar from M.A.S.H. and jump every time…ever ready to duck, cover, survive and return fire, if ever so provoked!

          God help us.

          Keep vigilant folks. Be nice and BE PREPARED for anything…and hug your pets (or loved ones if they are still hug-able) often, enjoy all the moments of peace while it lasts. Smell those roses…gander at the single fat pumpkin on your porch that took all summer to grow…take the time to be thankful, be grateful for the smallest things…and try to spread kindness not war.

          Peace y’all…

          • Mark


            Here’s a drone story for you off of ABC news:

            NEW YORK (WABC) — A small helicopter drone flying high above buildings on the East side of Manhattan crash landed just feet away from a businessman during the Monday evening rush hour.

            Video he recovered from a memory card in the crash debris shows the drone twenty to thirty stories above the busy streets and crowded sidewalks near Grand Central Station.

            The businessman reached out to Eyewitness News saying he thinks the 3-pound drone could have seriously injured him had he taken a direct hit.

            He called police who took a look at the drone video, but did no further investigation because they said no law was broken.

            • MadAtchew

              My experience has been they are reactionary when it suits them most, rarely preventive or protective…”no harm no foul” or “no reason to call unless you actually get hurt”…which for the most part I am fine with this disposition. Walking down any street comes with it’s own dangers and Sh*t happens all the time. Why waste the resources calling all cars, right?!

              Of course, the bigger picture is that someone was invading a lot of other people’s privacy… spying rather becoming the norm…and obviously “endangering” the public, most certainly at least one individual. I’m with who ever is pissed off and mad about it! The police should be concerned, if they were equal to the law.

              Reckless bass-turds at the helm of the RC device should be held accountable and perhaps the po-po needed to be a tad more responsive here. But they are so wrapped up in spying that they HAVE to ignore these micro events or they will be cutting their own throats in the upcoming drone wars… Just sayin’…

        • mountain man 6-1

          OR O’bummers ‘FLEECE the PEOPLE PLAN’….Our motto is ‘YOUR MONEY is OUR MONEY ‘ so give it UP !!

      • st.augustine

        A promo for a tv show on pbs has been running lately and one guy states,”Democracy is not what goverments do,it’s what people do”.
        Think about it and act accordingly!!! please

        • KY Mom

          NPS says Obama admin ORDERED closure…

          Obama Administration Decided to Block Access to Memorials

          “The Obama Administration has decided to block access to public memorials on the National Mall as a result of the government shutdown. Like its decision to end White House tours when the sequester cuts took effect, there is no rational reason for this. The Park Police, nominally in charge of monitoring these spaces, isn’t even effected by the shutdown. Shutting off access to these sites is gratuitous and petulant.”

          “This is nothing more than a petulant response by the Obama Administration to the government shutdown. Over the next week, more than 500 WWII veterans are expected in DC to visit the memorial dedicated to their sacrifice. If the Park Police again try to erect barricades to this public space, it will be another sign that the Obama Administration has made an affirmative decision to separate itself from the American public.

          Obama chose this pass. He ought to be made to OWN it.”

          • John Q. Public

            Government Shutdown Theater: Making Cuts That Will Cause the Maximum Pain for Dramatic Effect


            “…The tactic involves making cuts to high-profile programs that will get the public’s attention – and tick them off enough to push them to support tax increases they would otherwise oppose….”

      • unknown suspect

        Anybody going to sign up obama or their employees (representatives)for this monstrosity? I’ve heard of folks doing it now. If they want to exempt themselves then they can be part of it.

    2. Outlaw

      I wont be trying to sign up.

      • Outlaw

        I would like to add that I do not feel that I am alone, and I encourage ALL who disagree with this monstrosity to join in the act. Please do not sign up for this. You owe it to yourself and to your children/grandchildren.

        • Kulafarmer

          Im with you,
          Wont be signing up for shit,
          Dont care if because i have gone Gault i now qualify for assistance,
          let the games begin

          • JayJay

            “There’s NO criminal sanctions for not paying this, and there’s NO ability to levy a bank account or do seizures,” then-IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman said in April 2010.

            In addition, Americans who refuse to pay for mandatory health insurance “SHALL NOT be subject to any criminal prosecution,” according to the law itself.

            Section 1501(g)(2) of the Affordable Care Act also states that the IRS CANNOT “file notice of lien with respect to ANY property of a taxpayer by reason of ANY failure to pay the penalty imposed by this section.”

            Either Sheehan’s claim that he received this notice is a lie, or the feds have been dishonest with the American people all along, and the revolt against Obamacare is about to take “don’t tread on me” to a whole new level.

            • kimintn

              yep, that’s what the law says, until it doesnt. grassley made a point to add that congress has to use obamacare, too. b.o. dismissed it with a wave of his mighty hand. wouldnt put it past him one bit to say the irs can take your cash, house, and them some. rule of law means nothing to these idiots.

              • durango kidd

                The “co-pay solution”, either from 60 or 70 percent is what will bankrupt Americans. One of the “reasons” for Obummer Care was supposed to be the elimination of medical bills leading to bankruptcy. Say what?

                Obummer care will not change that; only make it worse for the Middle Class. The Rich can pay and the poor have nothing to lose.

                We need universal healthcare. OC is a clusterfuck. 🙂

          • Prepping in Port Orange

            If ‘they’ want to play dirty…….Well, it’s game time. Enough of the bullshit. Let’s play.

        • Piper Michael

          I will not submit, will not comply. I will not pay a fine or keep enough money in any account for them to get. I will keep my options open. I have gone Galt for a reason, poverty is freedom, they leave you alone.

          I will not pay for the murder of the UnBorn, or the free lifestyles of the hedonist horde. Disobedience to tyrants is obedience to God… We are the Hands of Justice. Where is the Black Robe Regiment?… oh, wait, I forgot, the Preachers sold out to mammon for 30 pieces of tax free silver.

          A ‘behavior’ Tax? John Roberts was blackmailed or intimidated by this administration.

          F* them all.
          The III, are everywhere.

          • IRS agent

            I’ll see all of you folks soon and you WILL comply……

            • PO'd Patriot

              And you will die……

              • PO'd Patriot

                Don’t know how this ended here.

              • king krazy

                I believe you won’t be able to avoid it.

            • braveheart

              IRS agent, IF you’re really one, you might as well forget it.

              • Piper Michael

                I love the comments tonight…;)
                This troll has brought out the best in us all…

                GIT IM BOYS!
                You are the hands of God’s justice. Disobedience to tyrants, is obedience to God…

            • Anonymous

              IRS agent, call me at 1-800-EAT-SHIT.

            • Kulafarmer

              Come n get it fucker,
              I dare ya!

            • roger

              stop on by and become a fertile spot in the woods. i’ll compost you ya fuck.

            • IRS Agent Slayer

              “I’ll see all of you folks soon and you WILL comply……”

              You won’t see SHIT once your head gets blown off.

              • Kulafarmer

                Its like the poster in our local gun shop,

                If you herd my shot
                You werent the target

              • PO'd Patriot

                @ IRS agent, not before you see my muzzle flash, pecker breath.

              • PO'd Patriot

                Apparently the 11 dumbasses didn’t get it.

            • unknown suspect

              You might see the inside of a 55 gallon drum with holes punched in the side. Don’t worry, the shock of the cold water will be the least of your worries.

            • Piper Michael

              No, most likely, WE will die.
              You first.

            • REB

              …and you wont be in any condition to see anyone else!

            • Anonymous

              Are IRS agents government employees?

            • Butterknife

              Or no doubt one of us will be dead dead dead

          • Mark

            There are still some Orthodox priests who haven’t sold out to Mammon. My old priest, who was ex-army, and had a day job with the power company to pay his bills, once told me sternly, “I don’t want your money! I don’t need your money!”
            He and his Presbytera both took monastic vows years ago and have been living in poverty in their respective monasteries since Y2K.
            Another Russian priest I know works in IT for the state. Never asks for money. There is a little basket by the back door of his Church for contributions. No hard sell or even passing the plate. Still another, a Serbian priest, works for a document disposal company. His small Church is over a hundred years old. One senior layman at that Church, a baker, always provided free lunch after Church to all comers. He died recently, God rest his soul.

            I know. There is plenty of corruption in mainstream religion. But my faith is renewed when just one, or a few, truly walk the walk.

            • Piper Michael

              There are too few…
              We need the Black Robe Regiment to make a comeback.
              This is part of my mission, to tell people, they, are the hands of God’s justice… NOT the King.
              Disobedience to Kings, is obedience to God.

          • Me here

            You are spot on with the Roberts comment. Not the first and not the last! Buckle up people!

          • CWinOR

            @ Piper- while I don’t disagree with you at all, I just want to correct a common misconception: What Justice Roberts did SHOULD have been a gimme for “conservatives”. Since he ruled that it was a tax, and since it did not originate in the House, but came about via reconciliation, the “tax” had an unconstitutional origin, per Article 1, sec. 7. All that should have to be done is take it back to SCOTUS on the grounds that it violates the Origination Clause- and it should be a slam dunk. The real question is- WHY have they not done that yet?

            • Fed Up

              I’ve been saying that since it happened!
              The Justice did not “sell out”, he allowed We The People an out to rescind the unjust tax!
              Unfortunately, We The People are too dumb to talk about it…

            • West Ga Prepper

              I had similair thoughts when it was ruled a tax.

            • Piper Michael

              The rules of the Kabuki dance don’t allow logic to intrude…

          • Piper Michael

            I made the comment about Justice Roberts because I had a dream…

            A dual storm formed over the cities of New York and Chicago. They moved across the country and merged over Washington DC… then the Justices face came out of the whirlpool… he was afraid of the storm.


        • roger

          I’m not signing up either. In fact, as a show of my own personal disgust over the NSA spying on us, I deduct all taxes from my phone bill before paying it. I add a little note; I ain’t paying my servants to spy on me, so there.

        • CWinOR

          I don’t currently have coverage- and WILL NOT enroll either.

      • braveheart

        Howdy, Outlaw. I won’t be trying to sign up either. Already have coverage with BlueCross/BlueShield. I pay $53.00 per week just to cover me. If that takes a big jump, I’ll drop the coverage. I won’t sacrifice anything to have health insurance. braveheart

    3. California Resident

      Welcome to the right of another man’s labor?

      BULLSHIT !!!

      Welcome to Communism.

      • admin

        Spread the wealth around…

        He told us what he was going to do… and most who voted for him probably thought it was a great idea… I have a feeling that A LOT of Obama voters (especially middle class working Americans loyal to the democrat party) are wondering what the hell just happened.

        • RickE.

          Naw, they’ll have to get past the sheeple/don’t confuse me with the facts ideology first!
          THEN perhaps it will sink in.

        • Me here

          If it wasn’t so sad, it would be amusing…so you tried to get a big something for nothing and it blew up in your face? Really? You poor thing. NOT!

      • yourmotherwaswrong

        California Resident says:

        “Welcome to Communism.”

        It’s NOT Communism!

        It’s called FASCISM!!

        Communism and Fascism are both Collectivist/Socialist
        systems, but…

        … what we have here in this country today is Fascism, not Communism.

        The Communists will seize your “property.” Period.

        The Fascists will allow you keep your “property”, just as long as you can pay for the privilege.

        e.g, the property tax.

        Still think you “OWN” your property?

        Still think you live in the “land of the free?”

        • California Resident

          @ yourmotherwaswrong

          And what the hell do you think is going to happen when you don’t “comply” with a government edict – be it gun ban or ObamaCare?

          They are going to SEIZE your property via IRA / 401k / home (paid-for, or not), and all bank assets.

          Pfffftt – private property……..

          • yourmotherwaswrong

            @California Resident

            It’s called Fascism, not Communism. Jeez, get it straight.

            I will not “comply,” I don’t have too.

            I’m feral… and so are my assets.

            You must still be a slave. That’s too bad.

            • California Resident

              @ yourmotherwaswrong

              Go educate yourself. Here, let me help you:


              See, Communism is all about the totalitarian state that destroys the idea of individual sovereignty and private property, and what are we moving towards with ObamaCare (forced commerce through intimidation)?

              “Fascism and communism are very different in theory, but in practice have been hard to distinguish. Both are socialist ideologies (the state is more important than the individual). In fascism the state controls everything. Private property is allowed, however the state controls what the property can be used for and by whom. Effectively the state owns the populace. In communism everything is owned.”

              ObamaCare is slavery of the sovereign soul. ObamaCare is essentially the mark of the beast.

              Give your brain a chance.

    4. oUCH

      as previously reported.. Elections DO have consequences.

      If you voted for this Bozo to get a second term.. welcome to your well deserved reality. Thanks for forcing the rest of us to be included in your self imposed nightmare.

      Yes, if you voted for him, it IS your fault. If you didn’t vote, it IS your fault.

      This is the truth, whether anyone likes it or not.

      • Piper Michael

        That’s right… the numbers are in…
        Over 9 MILLION of you sat home… there were 9 million votes more for McShame than there were for Romney…

        I blame all you ‘Let It Burners’. In the words of E.Burke;
        “All it takes for evil to thrive, is for good men to do nothing”…

        You abandoned your first commission; Eternal Vigilance.
        You laid down on the altar of Liberty and took a nap.
        You refuse to give a states rights convention a chance, when we outnumber the statists 3 to 1. You WANT a war. Maybe that is the best solution, to clear out all the deadwood along with the evil. That is what all the prophesies say, so let it be…

        But if any blame is attached, let it be attached to the Preachers, and their rapture theories, unbiblical doctrines of devils, that keep the people in apathy and complacency, in submission to “Godly authority” under the Head of Gold. And when its over, remember the lesson of Samuel and Saul. He did not want us to have kings, do you understand now, why?

        Let your consciences be your guide, not some ‘leader’. Honest men don’t need a leader to tell them right from wrong. Honest men don’t need a leader, sheep do. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, but centralized power corrupts whole nations…

        • Piper Michael

          PS: For who complain “voting doesn’t work”.
          I state categorically you’re full of shite.
          Dictators take power LEGALLY, through the Vote.
          Yes, the system has been taken over by progressive statists in certain areas, and the two party system is now a statist nightmare, but, who’s fault is that? Refer back to the part about taking a nap.
          The RepubliCONs’s are a nightmare as much as the Demoncraps, so where is your third party? You say that just gives the D an advantage? I beg to differ, a libertarian patriot party, with some original ideals of both d and r, would kick butt.
          Abandon your old concepts of ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’, and find common ground in the concept of;
          LIBERTY and individual freedom. What another does with their body is none of your damn business, and you liberals too, you don’t get a free ride, and money is the center plank, end the Fed, return money to the people and the power to the states.

          Good luck with that… but no, we would rather have a war… be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

          • JoeRepublic

            Nice try moron, but a lot of us that can see clearly, know better. “Voting, because it’s worked so well so far.”

            Keep chumpin. chump.

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              Piper Michael says:

              “Let your consciences be your guide, not some ‘leader’. Honest men don’t need a leader to tell them right from wrong. Honest men don’t need a leader, sheep do.”


              Do you need a sheppard Mike?

              It would seem so.

              • Piper Michael

                You don’t know the difference between discernment, and being ‘sold’ something…do ya?

                You lose context when you’re stupid.

            • Piper Michael

              Did you run for office?
              then shut up.
              It is a system out of control, agreed, by voting for the ‘lesser of two evils’, for sure…
              But Obama? You wouldn’t vote for a Mormon, so you voted for a Moooslime?
              And you call ME names?

              You’re part of the Let It Burn crowd… making excuses for your ignorance and self destructive attitude.

              • bong

                voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting FOR evil

              • Wolf359

                Don’t pay any attention to yo mamma.

                He’s an anti constitution anarchist with nothing of value here.

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  Wolf359 says:

                  “Don’t pay any attention to yo mamma.

                  Yeah… “Don’t pay any attention.”

                  Shit, where have I heard that line before… oh, I know… that’s a Government line!

                  “He’s an anti constitution anarchist with nothing of value here.”

                  So, who made you the arbiter of “value” Wolf?

                  YOU??? LOL

                • Wolf359

                  @yo mamma,

                  I believe the majority of ppl in this community are an abiter of your value here…

                  Which is a tad higher than excrement we scrape off our boots.

          • XTP

            I’m voting no matter what, if a person doesn’t vote, they have no room to complain, I’m gonna do my part as an American

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              XTP says:

              “I’m voting no matter what, if a person doesn’t vote, they have no room to complain, I’m gonna do my part as an American.”

              Voting does nothing but maintain the illusion
              that democracy is run by the voter!

              In the words of Emma Goldman, “if voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”

              The very nature of your government (The State) is tyrannical. Government is predicated on the idea that some people have a right to tell other people how to live their lives.

              Q: Who in their right mind would “vote” for a system like that?

              A: Sheep.

              If you vote… if you participate in the con that is democracy… you are part of the problem.

              There is no “consent” with a “Non Vote!”

              On the other hand, if you vote, you “have no room to complain.”

              You asked for it!!!

              • Facebook Page

                A non vote was a vote for Obama. How does that feel. Plus you willingly gave up you constitutional right vote. Might as well give up free speech and your gun willingly. Especially since you are not even willing to send in a ballot.

                • Outlaw

                  FP, I had exactly two people on the ballot in my state. Obama or Romney. So you are saying a decision between a turd sandwich or a piss slurpy is a choice? No thank you, I will pass. You can keep that constitutional right.

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  @Facebook Page

                  You can’t seriously believe this country would be in better shape if Romney headed up the Mafia (Government).

                  Maybe you do.

                  But if you do, remember this, you’re nothing more than a voting apologist enabler for the criminal element destroying this country.

                  You must be proud.

              • Wolf359

                Yo mama,

                Give us your solution?

                Your great at tearing down but again you offer nothing but attacks against republicanism and the constitution while regurgitating anarchist bullshit all the while calling everyone statists.

                Do you have anything else to say?

                Its getting lame pretty quickly the same monotonous drivel you spew here.

              • durango kidd

                Yo Mama: Emma Goldman was a 18th century jewish activist, anarchist, and socialist; who, not unlike Henry Kissinger, brought her European ideas to America.

                She died in 1869 long before women had the right to vote in America. No wonder it made no difference to her. Bogus argument.

                Can you say, “sour grapes”?

                Voting does make a difference and the unemployed commies in Colorado who wanted to take OUR rights and OUR guns will tell you so. Voting made a very BIG difference in their lives.

                WRONG AGAIN! LMAO! 🙂

            • Outlaw

              Actually you are wrong XTP. Those who do not vote for “the lesser of two evils” are the only ones who have room to complain, as we did not give our consent to the system. You did, whether you voted for obummer or romney. You consented to the system, therefore you have no room to complain.

              • John Q. Public

                I sure hope that some of you folks live near me.

                • John Q. Public

                  …but not you thumbs downers! [laughing]

              • yourmotherwaswrong


                “… maybe it’s not the politicans who suck… maybe something else sucks around here… like the public.”

                Gotta love George. He had an insight that escapes Boobus Americanus.

          • JRS

            I vote local… where it actually works.

            I also voted Ron Paul in the primaries.

            You are correct that I with held my vote in the general election because I refuse to compromise my vote for “the lesser of two evils”.

            If you think that the majority of voters will vote for liberty , you are mistaken…they will vote for handouts.

            • Piper Michael

              Then you voted for Obama… by forfeit…
              Sorry JRS… but numbers don’t lie.

              • Outlaw

                Again, as if Romney would have been better?

                • oUCH

                  Yes. Romney would’ve been better. I won’t even bother to list all the things he would not have done that this guy does all the time.

                  If you don’t at least TRY to pick who you get; then you are only looking for more reasons to complain. If you pick the lesser of 2 evils every time, then maybe, just maybe things will get better. If you do nothing, because of some protest philosophy, then you have effectively given up any and all rights by refusing to exercise the most basic of them all. The right to have a say in who the leads your country. Seems to me that picking the lesser of 2 evils is better than accepting the worst of 2 evils as a result of doing nothing.

                  This is wisdom.. do what you can.. it is better than doing nothing at all.

            • erv

              I know many that did not vote in the general election because of the candidates. I understand why they did not cast a vote and respect their actions. Hopefully those in power will take that into account in the next primaries and quit pushing these lame candidates.

        • roger

          and what the fuck did your almighty (worthless) vote get you?? listen people, there is NO voting our way out of this shit, the fix is in.

          RESIST, RESIST, RESIST………….

          • Facebook Page

            Well then start it then. I keep voting. But am ready to survive the death of this.

          • Piper Michael

            I’m sure, in the 1930’s, the German people thought the same about Hitler…
            Enjoy what your ‘nonvote’ has cast…
            I say again, ALL DICTATORS get in through the Vote…
            Then, they ‘fundamentally transform’ their nations…

            Enjoy the fruits of your non-labors… evil succeeds where good men do nothing…

        • Outlaw

          As if things would have turned out any better should Romney have won.

          • Facebook Page

            We won’t know now will we.

        • ENFP

          Hey Piper, Not all 9 million who voted for MCShame stayed home. Some of us voted for a 3d party candidate because McShame taught us the Republicans are no better than the Democrats. I am disappointed more didn’t vote 3d Party. I know MSM wouldn’t televise the debates. But I found them on Russia Today News.

          • Piper Michael

            I voted for Mickey Mouse… for county commissioner… 😉
            (We can write in.)

        • Butterknife

          Grown men do not need leaders, Edward Abbey

      • Outlaw

        So because I refused to vote, it is my fault? I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries, and campaigned for him heavily. He didn’t make the ticket. So I chose not to participate. Under your logic, had I voted for Romney, then would it no longer be my fault?

        • Sgt. Dale

          I feel like you do. I’m so tiered of voting against someone instead of voting for someone! When will this Country get a leader you can vote for? I have stopped vote for the major parties on the last two elections. I did vote. You have the right to do what you want. So keep doing what you think is right.
          By the way I saw your other blog. You can be Butch Cassidy and I’ll be Sundance. If that is Ok with you?

          • Outlaw

            I’d be happy to have you by my side anyday Sgt. Dale. May have seen another blog then mine though. I dont have one live yet, but working on kicking off a website and daily radio show in the spirit of Henry Shively and Word from the Trenches. Will be sure to update here when it goes live.

            • Sgt. Dale

              Great love to hear it. KEEP IN TOUCH

        • Piper Michael

          God bless ya…yes, you did vote… by forfeit.

          • The Old Coach

            Would electing Romney have stopped this travesty? His resume included implementing the model for Obamacare in Massachusetts. Yeah, I voted. I hoped we’d unseat a flaming liberal Senator, but it fell short. I voted for a Rep for governor, and what did he do? Started working to join the Obamacare bandwagon as soon as he was in office. I did not vote for Romney. When I got in the booth, I just couldn’t do it. He was the PTB/Agenda21/VampireSquid/Bilderberg “alternative” to Obama. This November I’ll vote local elections, but I’ll feel the same despair.

            • Piper Michael

              I say again..

              at least Romney was an AMERICAN.
              I held my nose, yes, but I voted AGAINST this communist crap in the WH.

              Would Romney have been any better?
              God only knows, but, it would have been less evil.

              • John Q. Public

                Yes, supporting less evil is part of that secret “gnosis”… but we already knew that gnosticism is all about evil “…that you might be as gods.” Genesis 3:5

                • Piper Michael

                  And, You’re still an idiot.

          • p.o.'d in colo.

            I voted. I didn’t vote for Romney, I voted my conscience.It wasn’t for Obama either. I voted knowing it did no good. I voted knowing my voice wasn’t heard. I voted angrily, but I voted and I will vote because “it’s my duty”. Now every vote I ever will cast, be it dog-catcher to President, will be against the incumbant. No longer does it matter to me their stated positions, their party, or their supporters. All that matters to me is voting someone out of office. Next Presidemtial election I won’t have an incumbant to vote against. Hopefully between here and there something may convince me that flipping a coin is not the best way to decide.

          • MadAtchew

            At the top of the cake, we fight for the right to vote for which turd we place on it. There was nothing but EVILS in the top elections as of lately…choosing the lesser of evils was virtually impossible given Mclame RomeKnee or Oblunder….we HAD NO CHOICE…

            The fix truly is in and any one who pipes up otherwise is a fool or a troll…a foolish troll at that.

            • Piper Michael

              elections have been a choice between a lesser of TWO evils,for a LOOOOOONG time…

              What else have you done, other than vote once every two years or MORE?
              At least I have tried to help w/the Reform effort of Perot, working the election commission, the Tea party, the Libertarian party, the Ron Paul RELoVUTION. What have you DONE?
              All the parties, primaries, and other machinations, are controlled by MONEY… but, the grassroots just continues eating grass and going BAHBAH… like good little sheep.
              You have reaped what sheep sew, wolves.

          • gone under

            I voted. And I know my Romney vote was changed to a Obama vote. The fix has been in for years….Selected. Not elected.

            • Facebook Page

              Show your proof. Gut feeling are making those worse than it is. Vote fraud exist but it doesn’t help to make shit up.

          • Outlaw

            Lol Piper, God Bless you also. You got played like a chump, forced to vote for “the LESSER of two evils”. Not so sure about your morals man, but mine stand high. Besides, things would be no better with Romney in anyway.

            • Piper Michael

              The math doesn’t lie, be happy in your illusion and false sense of morality.
              Too many illusions are killing this country.
              Never thought Romney would be ‘better’, merely, LESS EVIL.

          • Outlaw

            So let me get this straight, Those who voted for Romney are blaming those of us who did not vote for “the lesser of two evils” for this shit storm we are in?

            Well, let me just flip this shit. I campaigned hard for Paul, but, due to you lazy asses, I had two unacceptable choices on my ballot. I am pretty pissed at you bastards who settled for Romney and then want to flip the blame on me that Obama got into office.

            • Piper Michael

              I sympathize Outlaw… I’m with you…
              I would have voted for Paul, I signed the ballot petition. There were not enough of us…
              We cannot get any traction with a TWO PARTY SYSTEM that has changed the rules to suit themselves…
              But, denying it doesn’t refute it,a nonvote was a VOTE for OBAMA.
              He did not WIN this election, he won by forfeit…

              This is why we need a real third party, and a states rights convention.
              Otherwise, CWII, here we come. I think this evil piece of crap in the WH, is deliberately going to push us towards a default… we’ll see.
              If Romney were in there, things would be much more normal. IS this what you guys are afraid of? Normal?
              Do you WANT CWII?
              I think so.

        • Anonymous

          Agree totally. I was (and am) a Ron Paul supporter and don’t feel liable for Obama. On his first run, I voted for Chuck Baldwin which didn’t go anywhere, either, but it was an effort. Have you ever seen anyone who enjoys hurting the American people any more than Obama? I don’t think he’s that bright, but what cells are functioning must be firing off ideas of how to make it worse. We currently have private insurance, almost too expensive to afford now, and I don’t know what next year’s premiums will cost. We may opt for the fine, after I’ve drained our bank account. Obama’s a laughing stock everywhere but here, but that’s because he’s inflicting so much pain that we can’t laugh. We need a law that forces Congress to use his plan. They’re running from that sucker like it’s Ebola, so you know it’s REALLY bad. Impeach Obama and Biden. Anthrax, pressure cooker and det cord.

      • lena

        “If you voted for this Bozo to get a second term.. welcome to your well deserved reality. Thanks for forcing the rest of us to be included in your self imposed nightmare.

        This is the problem I have been having, as unless you have a whole bunch of money to be able to pay what obamacare requires and also for private healthcare, obamacare is going to haunt you until you die.

        So, in an effort to avoid obamacare as the ruler of my life; i am cutting expenses all over and increasing my job skills. It’s very depressing to accept the future obamacare has put on the USA; but it will not be avoided now. I finally accepted it and can move on try avoiding it at all costs.

        My advice would be to cut your expenses and double or triple your retirement savings. The best revenge you can have is to be able to afford private in your senior years and laugh your butt off at every person that is stuck with whatever obamacare tells them because they never made one effort at being responsible for themselves. I intend of having a house on the lake and an unlimited supply of cigars and newcastle beer while i laugh so hard that i drop my beer over the stories of obamavoters and just how bad it is.

        • slingshot

          Welcome to my Nightmare.
          I think you’re gonna like it.
          I think you’re feel right at home.

          Alice Cooper.

          • NoRegretVet

            I posted ….and then erased it all…..what is left to say…..We are down to the “Doing” at this point !!!

            ” WE ARE ALL IN A WORLD OF SHIT ”



            ” FUBAR….FUBAR….FUBAR….FUBAR “

            • Facebook Page

              OK well start the doing many will follow.

              All that is left is to survive its death.

          • The Old Coach

            The would be funny if it weren’t so true….

        • oUCH

          Excellent advice Lena.. I am doing the same. My only “debt” is a small mortgage and I am applying as much as possible towards retiring that debt. Care for your own.. look to meet your own needs..

          Regarding the comments of others suggesting “a moral hall pass” for not desiring to vote for the lesser of 2 evils.. guess what ? You got the most aggressive and violent of all possible evils for your efforts. How is that working out for ya now ? Making a mistake once is called learning, making it twice is called foolish.. don’t make it a third time.. that would be suicidal.

          Dammit… VOTE !! There is a reason why something is called the “lesser of two evils”. It’s LESS evil.. which is better than MORE evil. Evil is bad.. but more of it is worse..

          • Vicky

            Agree with you totally. I was (and am) a Ron Paul supporter and voted for Chuck Baldwin the first time in the Obama merry-go-round. That didn’t go anywhere, of course, but I felt better about it. We currently have private insurance, which we can barely afford, and don’t know by how much the premiums will increase. We may just pay the fine, after draining our bank account, and we have made the decision that when it’s our time to go, it’s our time to go. Hard to stick with, but no other option.

            Have you ever seen anyone as truly evil as Obama? I don’t think he’s all that bright, but what brain cells he has are fixated on causing as much pain as possible for the American people. We are well and truly caught in a net, so we need to work very hard on figuring out how to escape. I very much want Congress to live with ObamaCare. They’re running from it like it’s Ebola, so you know it’s REALLY bad.The only saving grace is that it’s a mess and a royal screw-up, like so much of the rest of Obama’s handiwork, that it may collapse on its own. Keep pressure on your congressmen, not that I’ve found that to be at all effective, but at least you know you tried. I don’t think Obama realizes how ANGRY the people are becoming and doubt that he cares. His natural reaction is probably to kill us all, but don’t think he can pull it off unless he can get the Iranians to do it for him. Resist! Anthrax, pressure cooker, det cord.

        • Jeff

          I hate to break this to you, but the .gov will come and leagally steal any thing you have saved up. As the Feds and the banks get more desperate to find the money to fund their programs a little bit longer, they WILL steal what is in your bank acounts and retirement funds.
          It is called a Bail-in. Just look at what happened in Cyprus.
          Remember too, once you make a deposit in your bank, the money is no longer yours, it now belongs to the bank to do with as they please. You just lent them “your” money, sucker. The bank is “leagally” obligated to repay in kind (same amount) to you on demand. But if the bank fails, and they can not repay, then you are S–t out of luck. The other creditors get theirs first and you will get what ever is left, it anything at all.

          • Me here

            Yes, I was sitting here myself trying to figure out how she would pull that off. Be nice if we could find a way around this debacle.

            • oUCH

              Take out cash and keep it at home. Everyone should have at least 6 months of living expenses in cash. Even if you have to build up slowly.. do it. Don’t touch it. You’ll know when it’s appropriate to make use of it.

              They aren’t “desperate” for money.. not as long as their
              computers still allow them to add zeros to their slush fund accounts. They have unlimited money, as long as it’s recognized as “money”.

          • TheGuy

            Ever think maybe that’s exactly what this is?

            A bail-in in disguise?

            Come on with the unemployment rate being what it is, they have GOT to know a metric ton of people are going to balk on this thing. What choice do these people even have BUT to balk?

            And then they CAN raid their bank accounts.

            Awesome, neh?

    5. Ugly

      I think that sign-up says 181 days to inroll.

      inroll? What a bunch of dipshidiots!

      The govt can contact me to inroll at:


      • Kulafarmer

        What do you expect,
        The authors and implementers are the same people who bring you a gun free Chicago!
        Hows that workin out?

      • Piper Michael

        With all the qualified people walking the streets, they’re hiring H1B visa people…
        What does that tell you?

        F* this gubmint and their money masters.

    6. Indy Colts

      My insurance already sucks and I pay a crap load. Its basically a high deductable policy that pays nothing until you reach a 3-$6000 I can be assured it will go up. I pisses me off because when I probably should be to the doctor and get things taken care of, I don’t because I know there’ll be a $2-3k bill for a MRI or CAT scan but I sure some government zombie would get the same xray for free.

      • Barn Cat

        You can thank the government for making the insurance rates high. They’re forced to cover all kinds of things you wouldn’t want or need. And of course, the trial lawyers are a big donor to the Democratic Party. Multimillion dollar awards for pain and suffering drive doctor’s malpractice insurance sky high.

        • The Old Coach

          Not only that, they’re building a giant bureaucracy that will siphon off trainloads of money for their fancy homes in Virginia and new BMWs and Audis. Only place in the USA that isn’t in a Depression is Washington DC metro.

        • Piper Michael

          It isn’t just the gubmint, rates and costs were already headed to the moon without Ocare…
          Anytime you introduce a middleman, costs must go up, period. WE, want something for nothing, and all think we need ‘insurance’ to pay for our healthcare, thus, naturally, supply and demand.
          The higher the demand, the higher the price.
          If you were a doctor, insurance was a way of getting paid. Until the insurance companies saw what an unprofitable business model they created… thus…OBAMACARE. (That was partially written by insurance and big pharma lobbyists… one of my jobs in big pharma, was to set up the lobbyist office IT in DC.)

    7. Scott

      How many of the people visiting the site were there out of curiosity to see: A. How much their healthcare would cost, or B. How to get out of it?

      • The Old Coach

        And how many who were dumb enough to give up their contact info will get signed up as Democrats? Probably without permission. This is gonna be another motor/voter. Which when I moved to my current home state, I signed the form to register as a Republican. First election, I found out that they’d shot-canned my registration. It took me two personal visits to the country clerk’s office, and three months wait to get registered. But if you promise to vote Democrat in this state, you can register on the day of the election.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Scott, not me. I’ll never visit that site ’cause it ain’t for me. Why should I be interested in state manufactured health care when its ran by inept shitbirds that couldn’t even run a pie factory let alone a government, and now a nation’s health care system? WHAT-THE-FUCK?(sorry ladies). My feet are ‘set’. I won’t pay, I won’t conform, and I will use force if I’m trifled with. I’m awake and I’m ready. If you come for me, I will bury some of you. So hug your wives and children ‘fore you get here. I’m gonna turn your children into orphans and your wives into widows. This is my decree to you, and truth of the matter, I’ll enjoy it.

        • Outlaw

          Right there with ya PO’P

        • braveheart

          PO’d Patriot, I’m right there with you. braveheart

        • REB

          …so eloquently and tastefully stated POP…it brung a tear to my eye… 😉

        • Piper Michael

          Amen PO’P.

          People don’t understand… this is not ‘socialism’ or simple communism, it is NAZI.

          Corporations + Gubmint = NAZI.

          They’re HERE…

      • TheGuy

        IS there a way to get out of it?

        I know that’s why I was there…

    8. Kulafarmer

      Who is John Gault?

      • Me

        I am John Gault


        • John Gault III

          I am the real…..John Gault

      • Archivist

        I am, as of 9 years ago.

      • REB

        A dear friend of mine from years ago… 😉

      • Piper Michael

        Um, that’s Galt, John Galt, the American spelling for an American…

        And, I am..

    9. Iowa

      now that I’m without a job, I started going to a 7 am bible study. Ironically, next weeks discussion is mney. I’m about to WAKE THE FLOCK UP! God speed.

      • Southern Gal


        Good for you! Please know that my prayers are with you.

    10. old guy

      Ive never had health insurance. I don’t plan on buying any. The ruling that it is a tax forces me to engage in commerce. If I refuse to engage in commerce im suddenly a criminal subject to fines ? I become a criminal for not doing something?

      • Outlaw

        and now you understand my moniker of “Outlaw”. Not because I think I am some badass who wishes to rob from others. Because the government has made me an outlaw.

        • Kulafarmer

          Thats the thing,
          If they are going to make me a criminal,
          Im going to give them one they wont easily forget.

          • VRF

            right on!

          • guero

            A lot of people will feel that way after a while, when Obamacare details start getting to the sheeple. Let them go first, and get cut down by the police state. After they grind up each other awhile, you should be able to do what you feel is necessary. I’d like my friends to survive.

          • MadAtchew

            Right on Mark!

            Yeehaw…we’re all feeling a tad like Pretty Boy Floyd lately…if not, you ain’t livin’ in the good ol’ UsA!

          • Outlaw

            Good music Mark, Thank you sir.

        • REB

          Same here…folks started calling me REB when I was a younger man…they said I had an attitude problem towards authority and government…who me?….guilty as charged and dang proud of it…why not?…they accuse you guilty or not, may as well not disappoint them… 🙂

          • Kindle

            Yea Reb I’ve had that problem too.

      • Jeff

        In a word: Yes

    11. BackSpace

      ~The Creamy Behemoth In The Inverse White Bowl~

      Compares the fruity phone glitches to a goobermint run program…

      I think the American people deserve more than a Taiwan based cell phone company offers…

      ~Piss On It~


    12. Ben

      Question about Cost:

      If a young man or woman does not have health insurance provided by an employer and who opts to pay the $95 penalty rather than purchasing a health insurance plan via the health exchanges, gets injured and requires (for example) Neurosurgery and lets say the medical cost to save this child is 100K.

      Where does the money come from to cover these expenses?

      • VRF

        same places as it does when this happens to an illegal here, it comes out of our pockets

        • GUNNY

          In other words there is no shame in looking for a handout as long as others are doing it too? How can anyone call this being an American? All these people complaining about free Obamaphones and other handouts are no better if they too need the handout. Don’t tell me about your rugged indiviualism and independence if all you are doing is scaming the system until you too need a service for which you have no money. Being independent and refusing to get your own insurance plan means you pay for what you need and don’t expect the public to pay for it. Too many are opposed to Obamacare yet they can’t pay for the medical services they need. How are they any better than those they are continuously accusing of being freelaoders?

          • TheGuy

            I don’t expect anybody to pay for my anything.

            If I get laid off I sure as sh*t can’t afford this. And that looks entirely all too probable these days.

            I would appreciate it of someone paid a guy minimum wage plus the cost of a bullet to help me do the “honorable” thing. But no I don’t expect to be unemployed… insuranceless… and leeching the system.

            Except now!

            It appears I can be unemployed, bankrupt, propertyless, and in jail!

            Well… that’s an improvement… *sarcasm*….

      • PenCRNA

        It would cost a lot more than 100k. The or alone would be 100k. Neurosurgical sutures are billed out at about $200 each. Some disposable devices are over $2000 each. That’s why a high deductible plan is better than no plan at all….but not at obamacare’s cost. You could get a high deductible HSA family plan for $7000 a year with $5000 deductible before April 2010. Same plan more than doubled now. It’s better to owe $5000 than a lien on your home. But again, obummer has screwed us all. Nobody can afford it at the democratic prices.

        • Merree

          But if you send the same neuro patient to Singapore for treatment, the costs could be less than $20,000 with similar quality care.

          Watch for the next great outsourcing- medical care. Already a few insurance companies have started encouraging people to leave the US for health care. People who pay out of pocket are increasingly doing it. I would not be surprised to see some insurance companies trying to convince people to get their care outside the US to save money.

    13. Dr. J

      I suppose most of the heavy traffic was coming from Mexico with the help of the state department and ALCU as they are trying to overload the system with illegals as further incentive to invade.

      • The Old Coach

        Yeah, illegals are specifically exempt form the “tax”, but of they show up aqt a hospital, EMTALA mandates that they get all the care they need. Who pays? The hospital, which is one big reason why healthcare costs are rising even without Obamacare.

        • REB

          Well then, I am officially “illegal”…that ought to fix it then…I am NOT a citizen…I AM an American…put that in your crackpipe and smoke it barry! 🙂

    14. Hammerun

      We’ll NEVER see those numbers. Let’s wait and see what a wonderful program this is in about six months. This thing will fall over like a bad B movie at the box office. The real problem is, this prick will be long gone by the time it hits full force. In the end, what was the number? 30 odd million uninsured, they will be card carrying fully insured payed for by us and Obama and his will be on an island sucking up sun.

      • Ben

        He is prick, and an anti-american muslim operative destroying America from within.

    15. SoapDish

      I can already hear the sheeple screaming when they get their medical bills. What a bunch of complete useless fools falling for the biggest load of crap. I can also see default on medical bills by this crooked corrupt infiltrated Gov….!
      The shit is running down hill with nothing to stop it.

      B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

      • sixpack

        Look at the bright side—just as soon as the gov gets all of the biometric data they want on everyone, the RFID chips inserted and the database for gun confiscation completed,


        They’ll finally just sit back and watch millions die from lack of health care and, promptly repeal the law altogether.

    16. Man on the inside

      This is the first shot over the bow of our final death throw… We are broke, we are weak, we are not respected, we are in the back of the pack in terms of education, we are entitled, and we have lost our moral compass. Prep for the fall.. and most likely some kind of war…. PRAY, PREP, PLAN, FORM TEAMS…..

    17. Sgt. Dale

      Its all the Bobullshit crowd that gets free EBT, Cell phones, and now free health care, off the backs of the working class. Don’t forget pour over the boarder and you get free health care too. Why do you thing an ASPRIN cost $7.00
      I’m not signing up for shit. I’ll pay $95.00 fine at the end of the year. The Gov. can kiss my lily white A$$!
      I hope they keep the Gov. closed until the REVOLUTION starts. Its coming very soon, because the working class won’t be taking this very much longer! When they see their kids not eating or get health care.
      What we need is an EMP. No way to sign up for Obullshit care. What a blessing that would be.
      Just thought of a false flag Obullshit could use. Syria, Iran, China, Muslim Brotherhood, just to name a few, hacking the Obullshit health care web sight and stealing all the info. Just an idea!!!

      • Indy Colts

        $95 is just the intial fine, they said in the 2nd and 3rd year it will go up a considerable amount. They don’t know the exact dollar amount yet.

        • slingshot

          They have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.

          Surprise, surprise, surprise!


          • Hammerun

            Pelosi looked like such an idiot when she said that, it’s incomprehensible how the hell she gets elected into office. Sounds like the constituents might have a little to do with that. Every time she opens her mouth I just gotta rattle my head and and say, who is it her or Biden?
            Personally, I think she needs a drug screening.

            • sixpack

              They don’t care what is in the bill—THEY ARE EXEMPT FROM IT ANYWAY.

        • Sgt. Dale

          you are right.
          Do you think the Obullshit care will last more that a year or so?
          The 27 to 35 year olds are the ones that have to fund it. All the kids I know are telling me that they will pay the $95.00 this year just to see what is going to happen. They are also telling me that that with Obullshit care, and Student loans they are going to have a harder time paying for both of them!
          They all tell me that they don’t need health care. They tell me its old farts like me that needs it. I have to tell them I have only been to the Dentist and not to a Doctor in over 7 years. I’ve had my check ups and have been told that I’m more like a man at 40 than one at 60. The Good Lord has been watching over me.

          • Indy Colts

            @Sgt Dale

            I hope obummercare doesn’t last but I figure it will. I read somewhere the government stands to make 3 trillion over the next 10-20 years taking over healthcare. Not having healthcare isn’t an option for me. I had cancer at age 26. It was life changing and the LORD healed me completely. Recovery sucked but its better than to other option. Funny how GOD knows exactly how to get our attention because if that situation wasn’t as bad as it was; I never would have changed the dirty life I was living.

            And Them Guys, I still got love for you bro and I hope our difference of opinion on the jew things doesn’t harbor anger. Braveheart, where have you been man?

            • Anonymous

              Indy Colts and Sgt. Dale, I just got over the stomach virus that’s been running rampant in my area. On Monkeycare, the way things are shaping up, just maybe it will fail before it can be fully implemented. the employer mandate has already been set back to 2015. Even the creators of Monkeycare have been shocked by their own handiwork. If it can be aborted, that’s one of the best things that can happen for this nation. I say the jury is still out on whether it even gets implemented. Let’s all hope the jury comes back and says, “KILL OBAMACARE”.

          • Outlaw

            Hey Sgt. I plan to pay the $95 also, if/when it goes up I will probably just stop filing. I have been on the fence the last couple of years over filing anyway. Fuck em!

        • JayJay

          Affordable Care Act penalty:
          “For the tax year 2014, the penalty for the entire year will be $95 per adult and $47.50 per child, up to a family maximum of $285 or 1 percent of the family’s income, whichever is greater.
          In 2015, these amounts increase to $325 per adult, $162.50 per child, and a family maximum of $975 or 2 percent of the family’s income.
          For 2016 and subsequent years, the full penalties will be $695 per adult, $347.50 per child, and a family maximum of $2,085 or 2.5 percent of the family’s income.”

      • SoapDish

        Amnesty next, then watch the implosion run full throttle!!!

        B Aware, B awake, B alive

      • old guy

        Yes a EMP or some great world wide end of an age earth changing clatyclismic disaster would be preferable to me. I would consider it as Divine intervention.

      • braveheart

        Howdy, Sgt. Dale. Be careful what you wish for {EMP}. That could still happen. I agree that would be preferable to anything TPTB have planned for us. I’ve lived without gadgets before and can live without them again. braveheart

    18. Tactical

      My questions is since 6 years ago or perhaps longer, we were being told, let’s copy the health plan from the socialist blocks of Europe and Canada. Are such nations force their citizens to pay monetary fines if they choose to not pick a plan? In the USA, the Gestapo IRS will come after you if you don’t select and pay for a medical plan. So is this another big Insurance Corporate scam being disguised under the name “health Plan for all”?

    19. New Patriot

      If you think that this many people are wanting to sign up for the FREE OBAMACARE…just wait to you try to see a doctor, if they have not quit. And you are stuck in line for the foreign doctors to pull your plug.

      • Kulafarmer

        I would bet its more curiousity than anything, how many millions of people like you and i who have been waiting to see?
        Yesterday on NPR the local news talked with one of the local bureaucrats from health and human services
        Our state programs and premiums are age related, so the older you are the more you pay, from the folks i spoke with yesterday, it looks like the rates are higher than they where before the exchanges opened.
        Next year ill bet will be even higher,
        Large numbers of physicians have been retiring, interesting outcome in a state that already has a shortage, so short they actually have signing bonuses and other incentive programs to attract physicians
        From foreign countries,
        Way to go obammycare
        We are now officially going to have just as good a system as most third world countries! Yay

        • ENFP

          If only it were as cheap as the third world countries!
          Three years ago or so my nephew got an object in his eye that required emergency room removal. His grandad lives in the Czech Republic. They told me it would have been cheaper to fly to Czech and have it done than it was to do it in this country. But something like that can’t wait so they didn’t do it.

    20. WyoReaperDad

      Kill you with the push of a button? Come on, that’s just over the cliff B.S. The ACA is bad for America, for sure, but let’s not exagerate.

    21. Mal Reynolds

      just another program designed by the Progs to crash the system so they can implement their socialist agenda.


    22. wildman

      I am old enough to qualify for medicare but so far old doc takes cash. So we are covered an if i die who cares, its all taken care of anyways so here we go! An with all this crap about drills starting in oct, Im glad i got them taters dug. maybe its time to dry the hay out alittle more afore smokin then chitlins. Time for a coffee an a piece of peach pie , the last of the season wildman out

      • Kulafarmer

        Sounds good!

    23. mountain man 6-1

      Now let me see ….Pay for something I CAN’T afford OR debtors prison ??…..Decisions..decisions !!

      • TheGuy

        Yeah isn’t that f*cking great?

        What’s even more cool is the fact that I can’t even avoid this one. I just paid off all my debt but now I’m going to have to buffer up about $10,000 that I can never even touch for the rest of my life “just in case” I get laid off for…

        Shit what happens if I get laid off for… ever?

    24. Ugly

      Prepper Dudes.

      There is only one way we can win the elections in 2014. That is to turn out in droves. We need more than 20% margins just so that on record we win by 2%.

      That is because voting machines now count the votes, there are no paper trails; therefore the machine is the recount.

      Let me explain again as I have done before.

      Let say one machine had 15,000 voters, thus 15,000 votes. Let say the actual vote had 7800 for the R and 7200 for the D. Thus, the machine shows the R had 600 more votes.

      Not so fast.

      Let say inside machine, the calculation is as such.

      R = votes x 0.95
      D = votes x 1.05


      R = 7800 x 0.95 = 7410 votes counted (not 7800)
      D = 7200 x 1.05 = 7560 votes counted (not 7200)

      you see, the Dems win by 150 votes.

      Dewey Wins !!!!
      Dewey Wins !!!!

      And who counts the recounts? The machine does cause no paper trail.

      Dewey Wins !!!!
      Dewey Wins !!!!

      I am not a fan of the todays Republican Party, but 75% of them are voting more towards Constitutional Law.

      Don’t say Independent either. The one and only Independent in the Senate voted with the Dems on the anti-gun stuff.

      We need to vote in droves as was done in 1994. We will need record voter turnout just so we can will by just 2%.

      • nevermind/obe

        This country may not make it to the elections; the silent majority needs to be texting, emailing or calling house rep and senators every day to voice their opinions.

      • KY Mom

        We should not be surprised with the results. Look who is in charge of programming the voting machines.

        October 25, 2010 – Voting machine technicians are SEIU members.

        Nevada voting machines automatically checking Harry Reid’s name.

      • TheGuy

        Good point, I’m voting Republican down the damn board in 14 just because of this piece of sh*t.

    25. PO'd Patriot

      IRS agent, looking forward to seeing you……….

    26. Anonymous

      One fact most people will never hear, let alone believe, is that certain “illegal” drugs when used responsibly can reduce the need for doctor visits. If there were ever a time to quit smoking tobacco and abusing alcoho/bad carbs this would be it. I avoid hospitals and doctor’s offices like the plague and haven’t needed to visit either (aside from when I was hit while riding my bike. Refused hospital invitation but did visit my physician next day). As far as being sick, though, I quit taking antibiotics of any kind nearly 20 yrs ago and have rarely gotten sick. Fuck the ACA and anyone who supports it. Ill take my chances and rely on what’s kept me alive this far: common sense and experience.

    27. A Christian Man

      Seems as if this Web Site has some problems today. Header says 61 comments so far. But NONE came up. ust be the Governments fault right.

      My problem is that, in my neighborhood, there are is no one else, that I feel are trustworthy enough to team with.

      That’s out of 8 other residences, in the area. the locale is ideal, off the beaten path, and its an island with only one Road/bridge access. But the lack of fellow preppers really sucks.

      One neighbor is like our Leadership, anti gun she flipped out when i talked about teaching my grandson and sons to handle firearms and shoot when they were 9-10, and had my grandson, driving my Dodge Ram diesel, with a six speed manual, 4×4 when he was 10.

      Any way how do I locate someone to team with in an area like this? neighbor across the road is getting all sorts of Federal benefits, and has been unemployed for the last 5 years, him, his wife, and 27 yr old Son, who couldn’t even pass a drivers license exam.

      Please help, with some ideas if this site gets back up. All prepped, armed and ready as possible here.

      • nevermind/obe

        a christian man; look up American Preppers Network. They have a map of prepper networks and lists of meet up groups. There might be something near you.

      • GOP4EVER

        Christian man
        If it were me in your situation, if it came down to dire straits, I would take out the bridge.

        • REB

          …after finding a good ruse to get the others off the island for a bit… 🙂

    28. Anonymous

      The whole monetary and economic construct operates like a Rube Goldberg machine.

      Too many middleman functions that end up with the same end result while they take the “rentier” tax out of the middle. Much ado that signifies nothing but oppression to the common man.

      Capitalism is man’s exploitation of man. Socialism is the reverse. Whatever “ism” it is, it is not there to benefit the common man. With fractional reserve banking and usury, the wealth always flows to the top…to the creators of the “money”.

      The problems we have today are almost entirely caused by a lack of cheap fossil fuels and a corrupt banking system trying to draw it’s last penny from the labor of the common man while sitting on their ass and producing NOTHING.

      Any worthwhile candidate to run the country must have the end of central banking and a return to Constitutional money as a plank or they are simply another mouthpiece for the bankers.

    29. SoapDish

      A note to everyone, just stop buying, lets shutter this country to a stand still, then maybe the sheeple will awaken? It’s time that things come to a complete halt, because no one in the government cares about the little guy/gal.

      We are all alone, but we will stand together when the SHTF!!!!!!!

      B Aware, B awake, B Alive

    30. ptmama

      Hey BI, they shut down the USGS site due to the govt shutdown

      • sixpack

        yeah, I’m sure one page on their servers costs sooooo much to post…

    31. Nam Marine

      Oblome care will fail just like everything else the little
      Muslim has done !

    32. Nam Marine

      The only “change” we need is in the current Administration !

      • Kulafarmer

        I would say we need to remove the entire top tier, house, senate, president, etc

    33. Uzziel

      So… waste all they send to penalize, and they’ll stop coming.

      Problem solved.

    34. king krazy

      I have a cadillac plan but what’s the point? I quit going to the doctor and went natural and I am healing up from a horrible back injury. The doctors around here are worthless.

      • Southern Gal

        King Krazy,

        Please share your secret. I almost ruptured a disc (between L3 and L4) and had to have surgery. It was pressing on the nerve so badly that my entire right leg went completely numb…and was on the verge of losing bladder control so I HAD to have surgery. I have been fighting the continuing pain and side effects from surgery. AND the other little dirty secret the surgeon didn’t tell me…having the surgery is causing the collapse of the discs above and below the bad one.

        Any advice that you can give that has helped you would be greatly appreciated.

        • sixpack


        • old guy

          When you die the pain will go away. Until then take drugs or learn to live with it. Acupuncture might help.

          • Facebook Page

            Needle therapy works.

        • Merree

          Chronic pain is a tough issue. It helps to go after it with multiple treatments.

          Alternative therapies that can help are acupuncture and hypnosis.

          Diet can help prevent collapse of the vertebrae. It is essential you get enough vitamin D and calcium. It might help to have an anti-inflammatory diet.

          Minimizing sugar and carb intake can help. Carbs break down into sugar and sugars attach to muscle and bone cells and can increase pain signaling through the nerves. My diabetic patients have increased tendency to chronic pain but this improves when they keep their sugars under control.

          If there is anyone around you who does Rolfing massage, they can release the scar tissue. It is a painful deep tissue massage but it works. It releases scar tissue and the abnormal scar can be contributing to the breakdown of the neighboring tissue.

          Another good technique is called Feldenkrais- it deals with improving movement.

          Depending on the kind of injury you have, prolotherapy might help too. It involves injecting a concentrated solution near the site of the pain to encourage the body’s natural healing process.

          The last resort is pain medication. My current preference is Lyrica. Even though it is expensive, it does not seem to have as many problems as hydrocodone and oxycodone.

          It also helps to look at mental attitudes. Some people get rid of back pain when they get out of difficult life situations that have been “holding them back”.
          I hope some of these ideas might be helpful for you.

          • Kindle

            Merree, I have used all the modalities you have mentioned. Some feed back that took me 20 years to acquire.

            acupuncture and hypnnosis: Ok but short lasting.
            sugar and carb: some wisdom in there but couldn’t do
            it long term
            Anti-inflamatories: Spent 10 years on them & muscle
            relaxers…works…especially the ones for severe
            arthritis….but then lets see Vioxx & a couple of
            were recalled because of side effects
            Rolfing: Careful…they were so intent on breaking stuff
            up they actually tore muscles. Left me with several
            fibrotic nodules
            Feldenkrais: Awesome.. a lot of good there
            Injections: short lived
            Pain med: refused…I could have been swimming in
            Mental attitude: Lots there
            Fancy name machine that entercepts & interrupts the pain
            signal going to the brain…works great as long as you
            wear it…long term use..less effective
            Pain Management & visualization…good
            Body Mechanics…..VERY IMPORTANT

            After years & years of having every therapy and treatment out there….I got tired of being a guinea pig to be studied so I took a year and weaned myself off all the meds….and went with body mechanics, non-medicated pain management, aleve, meditation and visualization.

            Still got lots of aches and pains but I learned what I can and cannot do.

        • PenCRNA

          Find a hypnotist with experience with pain patients. I have helped several folks, and having an understanding of how pain signals are transmitted, received and perceived is important. Also understanding chronic pain feedback loops that don’t stop sending signals after the area is healed. There are lots of hypnotist a around, seek out one with experience.

          Keep in mind that fear and anxiety about your pain and healing situation actually creates brain signals that amplify the pain. Start every day saying “I feel better today” whether you do or not.

          Good luck my friend.

        • lastmanstanding

          Check into dry needling as Facebook said…it is often a physical therapy treatment.

          Needles are similar to accupuncture needles but of varied lengths…they are used to release trigger points, muscle knots, etc. on damn near every body part.

          I have had it and know many others who have had miraculous results from it…you will feel the benefits in a few days if your body is or has been out of whack for short or long periods of time.

          It is way worth researching and trying.

          ps…fuck obamacare…look for those in your comunnity for healthcare, investigate essential oils,change your lifestyle for the better and “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    35. VRF


    36. VRF

      I think every one of us every 10 min. should flood that site for the next 10 years, or until it goes up in flames.

      keep it off line, keep it bogged down..crash the shit out of it

      • sixpack

        Where’s Anonymous and their DDOS attacks when you need them?

    37. Jacklyn

      I have to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in penning this website. I am hoping to view the same high-grade blog posts by you in the future as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has motivated me to get my own site now 😉

    38. GUNNY

      I agree with all of you. Don’t sign up, don’t pay the fine/tax, but do me one favor when you are sick and need medical help do not look for the govt. to provide this medical assistance for free. Be not only independent in word, but also in deed. If God forbid you end up with cancer or some other serious illness and are in desperate need of medical services and you have no insurance, how will you pay for these services? Please don’t tell me about your chickens, gold or silver, no hospital will take you serious. Also don’t tell me that you will pay for the services at time of service, because, let’s be honest, most peopleon this board live from paycheck to paycheck. One week in the hospital would bankrupt most. But you are free and independent. As long as you act free and independent and don’t look for a handout I am all for you declining to buy insurance. Just don’t do what most will do, decline to buy any insurance and then look for a free handout or bitch when the govt. will not pay for your medical needs. It is your choice.

      • Swinging on a star


        So tell me, what kind of care do you think sweet little granny government is going to give you? You have made assumptions about a few things in your post. Why do you assume that most people on the board live pay check to pay check? Why do you assume that most will decline to buy any insurance and then look for a free handout or bitch when the government will not pay for your medical needs?

        I will assume that you are not familiar with “most” of the people who post here. I am afraid you may have insulted “most” with your assumptions.

        I will also assume that “most” of the people who post here, will not sign up for Obama care, will not pay the fine and will never count on the government for their health. After all, who wants to willingly die at the hands of incompetence?

        This experiment developed by idiots will never work, it is doomed to failure because it is run by the government. If indeed it does manage to stay on track for a while then you will see just how horrible and inhumane this Obama care truly is.

        • kimintn

          boutique medicine.

      • Archivist

        I am not looking to the government for anything. What most of us here want is to be able to buy a real insurance plan that helps us out in a catastrophic health situation, not for every little nickle-and-dime cough or scratch. So many people want health insurance to pay for colds, for headaches, etc. Suppose you did that with car insurance. That would mean insurance paying for gas, tires, oil changes, etc. Don’t you think car insurance would soon be impossible to afford?

        Like car insurance, I just want health insurance in case of a health wreck. And the government doesn’t want me to have that choice. I can pay for everything else. If health insurance didn’t cover everything in the world, including medicine, all those little things would probably cost less than what we pay as a deductible. I know that it’s so with one of the doctors I went to in the past. The insurance said my part of a visit was $81. The doctor only charged $45 if I had no insurance and paid cash. So if I paid the $81 and used insurance, it would cost me $36 more, plus the doctor would get extra from the insurance company. So I paid the lower amount. Some of my medicine used to be less than the insurance deductible.

        Back when I was in college, the average cost of a prescription was $2. Minimum wage was $1.65. Minimum wage now is about 5 times more. Try buying a prescription drug for $10 now.

      • TheGuy

        See but this is “old home week” to the government.

        I mean, they’re used to incarcerating people that can’t pay. Look at child support. Based on “purported income”. Yeah? Well what happens if you’re at the magic less than terribly hireable age of 48-52… and you get downsized (as is common these days)?

        Do they give you a break until you can pay, and put the mother and kid on augmented State assistance? HELL NO!

        The words “what about the phrase ‘I do not have the f*cking money’ don’t you understand” means nothing to these people.

        You COULD avoid that by not having kids, or saving up an ass-ton of money BEFORE having kids.

        But guess what! You can’t avoid this!

        If this is a “tax”… it is as close to a “tax on breathing” that you can possibly get.

        It’s time to expat, kids.

        It’s really really time to expat.


        Unless you dig being chased down for money you don’t have.

      • Me here

        Ever hear of catastrophic insurance for big issues like cancer and paying a REASONABLE rate for small things like x-rays? This is how it use to be before this middle man called “Insurance” got involved in a heavy way. Most of us would like to return to those days, but thanks to your Dear Leader that option is permanently off the table!

    39. Buzzfix

      The black marxist mushroom is about to get squashed. I like a nice capitalist green yard.

    40. VRF

      I received an email tonight at 5:00 P.M. informing me that my fine would be $4,037 and could be attached to my yearly income tax return. Then you make it to the “REPERCUSSIONS PORTION” for “non-payment” of yearly fine. First, your drivers license will be suspended until paid, and if you go 24 consecutive months with “Non-Payment” and you happen to be a home owner, you will have a federal tax lien placed on your home. You can agree to give your bank information so that they can easy “Automatically withdraw” your “penalties” weekly, bi-weekly or monthly! This by no means is “Free” or even “Affordable.”

      Don’t start the revolution without me…MMkay?

      • sixpack

        I just read that earlier.

      • Piper Michael

        Greece, is going down the tubes. Manos said it best, if I can paraphrase… a letter he wrote to their IRS.

        “You are asking me to pay the tax, or starve… so, you are killing me. Before that happens, I will kill you first.”

        Thus, if this stuff happens, they are asking me, at my deliberately reduced income level, to buy health insurance, or starve?

        Die suits, die die die…
        and rot in hell.

      • sixpack

        you might be surprised to learn whose side they are on.

    41. aljamo

      I don’t see how anyone could vote for either of these political establishment choices. They have all been the same for decades, working together behind the public knowledge for the same agenda. Hillary seems to be their choice in 2016. Frightening, one crook after another. The divide you imagine does not exist. The whole show is driven to the conservative hard right, like Obama who is actually a neocon in sheeps clothing.

    42. Unreconstructed Southron


      Ain’t nuthin’ free, ‘cept God’s grace and blackberries.

    43. Stan522

      When will they run out of other peoples money…?????

    44. M

      I wonder if the pirates in somalia are hiring. that always looked like a cool way to make a living )

    45. NC joe

      It is not free health care you idiots. Get your facts straight. Oh, there is that word, facts, something most posters here seem to have an aversion for.

      • braveheart

        ncjoe, f#$% you! We all know it’s not free. And yes, we DO have our information straight, @hole, so go f#$% yourself!

    46. aljamo

      The healthcare dilemma got much worse when Obamacare was enacted. I would not participate or pay them a dime either. Cut out all the greedy middlemen, like the insurors, big pharma and all others profit seekers who actually do nothing to improve the people’s health. This wellness system is a gigantic fraud perpetrated to fleece the public dry, with no improvement in actual healthcare. Medicare for all, single payer or whatever you want to call it, would be much cheaper and cover every U.S. citizen. The majority support it, yet big money works overtime to thwart anything sensical. It’s the moral and right answer to healthcare.

      • Archivist

        Single payer is what Obama and crew are drooling over.

        The moral and right answer would be to allow Americans to buy insurance with the coverage they want. The moral and right answer would be to keep government out of it. Davy Crockett voted to give federal money to help someone whose house had burned down. One of his constituents gave him what for about it, and Crockett saw the error of his ways. The federal government is not a charity. If you get in a situation that you can’t afford, there are charities. Number one is churches. My church gives thousands to individuals who are in a bind. Sometimes there are barbecue and fish dinners week after week to help people who have been burned out or need an operation they can’t afford. If the government would get out of the way, we could help even more people.

        If the government would get out of the way and let us handle healthcare for ourselves, it would be much cheaper and quicker. I had to go through a worthless treatment for six months before the doctor could do what should have been done the first day, just because of the insurance hoops. That’s six months at $81 per week. I would have been better off without the insurance, because I could have gotten the surgery right off the bat and paid it off 100% with that $81 per week in just four months.

        95% of what the government does is unconstitutional and a lot of the rest is unnecessary.

    47. Barn Cat

      You can forget care for people with pre-existing conditions. That will be rationed or eliminated altogether. 20+ years ago my late first wife was in the hospital for a couple of months with illnesses related to kidney disease. The hospital bill alone was over $100,000. Not counting doctors, labs, and all the other stuff. I’m sure her lifetime medical care exceeded $1,000,000 and she died when she was 30. I’m sure in the future someone like her would never get the kind of care they used to get under medicare.

    48. Anon

      If you fall for this SCAM and sign up, and keep voting for this TRASH that we now have in Government you deserve everything you get. In five years what will the premiums costs? It’s time to put an end to this and all the Bull Shit coming down. If we don’t we truly deserve it all.

      • Piper Michael

        In five years there will be no more ‘private’ insurance…
        There will be only… tada… FEDCARE!

        • REB

          Maybe we get lucky and one of the unintended outcomes of this crap is that medicine gets cheaper and doctors get out of the hospitals and back onto the circuit actually working with and helping people…I know folks have a tendency to see the negative side of things and with good reason most of the time…the way the medical system has spiraled out of control it was bound to crash eventually even with out barryo murdering it…perhaps we the people can glean some good out of what is otherwise a nightmare,there are a lot of smart people out there who could come up with better methods that foil the kings plans…the tyrants plans are no better than those of mice or men…

    49. The VOICE from the Outer World

      Good Evenning Everyone,

      BI, in looking at the 24 hour ‘read’ at USGS for 4.5 and above I seee that the entire segment of the Pacific basin from Southern Mexico all the way to the tip of the Aleutian’s has went utterly ‘dark’ seismically. This is in stark contrasts to the remainder of the Pacific Rim all the way round…except fort THAT one segment. Additionally, this state of affair- as contrasted with other, more extensive periods, ie 7 and 30 day, does NOT indicate that the sudden lack of activity along the Western reaches of North America is ‘normal’. In your estimation be there cause here for concern? My current net acceess is ufficiently limited that I can not – effectively – perform a earch through the last few days – as normallly I would – to gain the ‘read on your opinion in this case…. My Thanks Friend, in advance.


      PS: we DID have a very slight trembler here yesterday…just barely noticeable.

      • PenCRNA

        You know there are trolls in the midst when JOG gets red thumbed…really?

        BTW JOG, even though I wasn’t posting much when you went off grid, I must say, I very much missed your posts. I’m envious, good luck to you and Godspeed.

        • The VOICE from the Outer World

          Howdy PenCRNA,

          MANY thnakns for the warm ‘welcome back’. As well, I missed seeing your commentary in my absence…always well thought-out and cogent; always worth the read thereof; one of my reglkar ‘reads’, and now again as well!

          I am seldom troubled by the ‘red-thumb brigade’ here for if I were recieveing nonesuch then I would wonder IF I were doing the Job to whoich I have been appointed (by HIGHER Authority) RIGHTLY. I am so glad to know everyone here is all-right; THAT was something that nagged at my sleep to NO end over the last few months. Good Luck Sweety…and God-speed…when required. 🙂


    50. Rachel

      I just had an hour debate on a forum with a lady about Obamacare. She’s very pro-Obama and just loves everything the guy does. She’s going on and on and about how mush she loves Obamacare, how everyone is a liar and how it the employers fault they were cutting back hours to avoid a 4 grand per person fine if they don’t offer insurance. After an hour of her defending this piece of crap, I asked her when was she signing up. She said she was above the income level so it wouldn’t help her. But if she was poorer she could get healthcare for 300 hundred a month. Incredibly brainwashed, she had already been affected negatively by this damn thing but she would defend it to her dying day because she loves Obama. Incredible.

      • PA farmer

        I didnt know they had access too computers in a mental institute ..poor woman.

      • Piper Michael

        ‘poorer’? ‘gets’? ‘healthcare’? for 300 DOLLARS??? a month?

        Hmmm, that’ll go a long way towards feeding me and mine.
        Hmmm, healthcare or food…

        Hmmm…decisions decisions….
        oh wait!
        Are they trying to… gulp… STARVE ME?

        Ok then… that means I get to Kill them honestly, first.

        • SmokinOkie

          Hey Piper! How you been?
          Amazing how much you can know about a person by the words they use, isn’t it? I’d bet the woman Rachel was debating also has NPR on the radio preset in her Volt!

        • SmokinOkie

          She probably thinks guns are dangerous, too!

      • REB

        ;)…the sad part is that’s an hour you can never get back…

    51. Y'all Beware!

      The method of potentially saving you money for a huge dental bill may be used in the following way:

      I purchased an amount of ground meat from a big store chain of (90/10%).

      I prepared my spaghetti mixture and while tasting, broke a tooth in half on a small bone.

      I made many phone calls and finally was asked, “tell me what happened.”

      So, here is what you MUST KNOW TO DO:



      Weight, date sold, amount per pound – etc.

      With 2” around the label that would hold 1 table spoon of actual burger.

      Wrap the 1 TB of burger inside the label, then if you broke a tooth, put the bone and tooth inside a freezer bag that contains the labeled burger.

      That is your evidence! Not doing so cost me $1800.

      Y’all Beware! BITCH!! Joke Later.

      • Archivist

        I don’t believe you would win, no matter what the evidence. The law says that only foreign objects count. In other words, perfection is not required, and you can reasonably expect to find a bone in meat or fish, or a piece of shell in an oyster dish. But if you found a metal washer in your food, that would be grounds for a suit.

        By the way, no tooth is worth $1,000 to me. If a tooth breaks, I don’t do anything unless it hurts. If it hurts, I go get the local dentist to pull it. That is less than $100.

    52. Be informed

      All I have to say about BO is he is a total BO. Isn’t it that any of us can refuse medical treatment based on our Constitutional Right? Then why are we being taxed if we choose NOT to use the medical system? IF you don’t own a car, truck, motorcycle, or any vechicle, then you have made that choice not to use one then you don’t pay car insurance. Why do you have to pay medical insurance if you choose not to have dr. quack f up your body? Answer, we are losing our freedom each and everyday, Until it is so compromised that someone from 25 years ago would not even recognize it.

      @ JustOneGuy. Along with the political crap going on, the geophysical world is also going ballistic. Those two quakes on the western Australian plate and the one on the Nazca plate towards the Galapagos Islands is where all those butt ugly Marine Iguanas live (a good place where feinsteinless could fit in well) occurred within 15 minutes of each other. Those two point to some very large previous earthquakes that have occurred before after those areas were hit. Two that were 8’s. On top of that South Mid Atlantic Ridge that hit on Sunday in which before the 8.8 in Chile and 9.0 in Japan. It doesn’t look good at all.

      I am looking at much energy coming from the far eastern Russia area and Alaska to Cascadia fault, India/West China, Japan and sothern Kuril Islands, and from northern Chile to Ecuador as the areas most likely to get hit with a at least a major quake, most likely something 7.3 or higher. I would not be surprised at all right now to see what I call a generational type quake, a super mega quake in the low to mid 9 range with all the activity pointing to something huge coming. The other areas are still from New Guinae to Samoa/Tonga region and down to New Zealand, and the Philippines, and perhaps central Indonesia and Mexico to about 20 degrees north.

      I was thinking about feinsteinless, and that harpy would be content down there with those marine iguanas. They could all bob their heads up and down, all day long. Those stupid enough to elect feinsteinless are exactly the type of fools that will bob their heads up and down like the idiotic iguanas as they worship their orgress. I had to get that in, I just can’t stand anti-gunners and their queen medusa of the hive feinsteinless is worse than even ass worm piers morgan.

      • Swinging on a star

        Be informed,

        I agree with everything that you wrote with one exception, she is not on par with an iguana, iguanas are definitely superior and better looking.

        • Jeff

          I have to strongly object to placing Sen. Feinswein in a group of iguanas; that would be an act of cruelty to animals. I like the idea of exile to Detroit. At first I thought of Sibera, but even the former KGB guards have standards.

      • FriendPrep

        Between you and another guy I watch, I feel like I could pick a date and a location for some of these. His window is 10/3 – 10/5. He’s been pretty good with dates. And you have been pretty good with the locations.

        So I would guess one of your locations and within the next couple of days… be watchful.

      • The Voice from the Outer World

        Major Oops…

        BI, I have the WORST time adjusting to that new !IDIOT! interface at USGS. That said, what I saw, in reality was that in the 7 day period nothing but that activity off the coast of BC…and NOTHING ele whatsoever along the entire arc from sothern Mexico all the way to the Sea of Okhotsk.

        Truly, I do not EVER recall seeing such an abrupt ‘darkening’ of the activity along such a huge swath of the Pacific Rim; the Ring of Fire. Compared to the 30 day there i a HUGE differential between whjat has transpired there-through and what SHOULD have already occured during the last 7 daya…THI makes me nervous Friend….What comes next I wonder. I DON’T like this AT ALL…


        P: Am I seeing this rightly?…or am I just hallucinating here? Your call.

    53. Y'all Beware!

      Mike and Yvonne were 85 years old and had been married for sixty years. Though they were far from rich, they managed to get by because they carefully watched their pennies.

      Though not young, they were both in very good health, largely due to Yvonne’s insistence on healthy foods and exercise for the last decade.
      One day, their good health didn’t help when they went on a vacation and their plane crashed, sending them off to Heaven.

      They reached the pearly gates, and St. Peter escorted them inside. He took them to a beautiful mansion, furnished in gold and fine silks, with a fully stocked kitchen and a waterfall in the master bath. A maid could be seen hanging their favorite clothes in the closet. They gasped in astonishment when he said, ‘Welcome to Heaven. This will be your home now.’

      Mike asked Peter how much all this was going to cost. ‘Why, nothing,’ Peter replied, ‘remember, this is your reward in Heaven.’
      Mike looked out the window and right there he saw a championship golf course, finer and more beautiful than any ever built on Earth.
      ‘What are the greens fees?’ grumbled Mike.
      ‘This is heaven,’ St. Peter replied. ‘You can play for free, every day.’

      Next they went to the clubhouse and saw the lavish buffet lunch.
      ‘Don’t even ask,’ said St. Peter to Mike. This is Heaven, it is all free for you to enjoy.’
      Mike looked around and nervously asked Yvonne ‘Well, where are the low fat and low cholesterol foods and the decaffeinated tea?’

      ‘That’s the best part,’ St. Peter replied. ‘You can eat and drink as much as you like and you will never get fat or sick. This is Heaven!’

      ‘No gym to work out at?’ said Mike

      ‘Not unless you want to,’ was the answer.

      ‘No testing my sugar or blood pressure or…’

      ‘Never again’

      Mike glared at Yvonne and said, ‘You and your F*ckin Bran Flakes. We could have been here ten years.

      Y’all Beware! Keep Smilin.

      • Piper Michael

        Hahaha…. thanks for that.
        That’s my take on it, maybe not mansions and golf courses…but, there are those ‘of’ the world, and those ‘in’ the world. Those of the world will get a little bit lower class accommodations…

        When it comes right down to it, I’m not from this evil world, and I don’t care to stay one minute longer than God says I have to.

        In the old days, you knew your time was up, and you just laid down and quit taking food or drink… no more suffering than necessary.
        (Unless you were John Wayne, and you went looking for one last fight,hoping one of those guys would put you out of your misery…;)

      • laeagle

        This was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks. Needed a good laugh!

    54. John_Allen

      I don’t know where the comment I just posted is. Zero, zip. Lost in the ether.

      Nothing the government passes out as an inducement to servitude is “free.” Productive individuals and profit-making businesses pay for it. Doesn’t “pay for it” have a civilized ring to it? Their wealth is stolen, ultimately by the threat of lethal force.

      Since retirement I have paid cash for my medical and dental care. After being bullied and extorted by insurance companies for years I decided, “No more.”

      I don’t want or need anything from you, or you, or you over there cleaning your LWRCI. You owe me nothing. Your productive work, your disciplined saving should go to benefit your family. It should not be taken from you by force or by guile.

      The Oblunder crowd, (a more mild sobriquet than some I have seen here) won’t be happy until all of us are dependent on government for life’s every need.

      I am an anarcho-capitalist. To go along with this would be to receive stolen property. Your stolen property. To wink at the coercion.

      I will resist this.

      I am in my mid-60’s. I am single, no dependents. If I were a family man and didn’t have the means to pay for my own care my calculations would be quite a bit different.

      You owe your highest duty to you and yours. Whatever you decide, squarely face the coercion and theftimplicit in this so-called “free health care from the government.”

    55. REB

      ….got a bunch of peach butter canned and a big batch of fire-y hot salsa done up…looks so nice piled up in the pantry with all the other goodies…100% natural/no gmos/no chemicals and no federal reserve notes spent… gotta love it ;)…. go to blazes barry!

    56. Fed Up

      So I’ve been gone more than I’ve been here but I do stop by from time to time to see what’s shaking. In my absence, I see someone has taken up my screen name. Hope no one gets me and whoever that is confused. I hope we all make it through the madness this government has thrown at us.

      Take care and see you all around!

      The Original Fed Up

    57. TheGuy

      This is such smouldering bullshit.

      I agree our healthcare system is broken, but care to tell me what happens when A) you get a gun stuck to your head to shell out $4000 you don’t f*cking have and B) then you get laid off 6 months in and your next sign up window is 6 months away?

      Groovy, baby.

      Poverty has been made illegal in this country. That’s f*cking awesome.

    58. Earthman

      Until we make a STAND and go into the white house fully armed and take these traitors to justice they will continue doing what they please.WE THE PEOPLE cant seem to do something like this though and I cant figure why we cant do so.If there is a huge amount of people waiting for change our four fathers would be ashamed to see us set back.

    59. Be informed

      @ JustOneGuy and EVERYONE else looking for a good laugh. Did you check out the wonderful message at the USGS?

      “Government Furlough”

      “Due to a lapse in Federal funding, the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program has suspended most of its operations. While the USGS will continue to monitor and report earthquake activity, the accuracy or timelinessof some earthquake products, as well as availability or functionality of some web pages, could be affected by our reduced level of operation”.

      What an atypical message from “OUR GOVERNMENT”.

      Is it just me, or does all of this sh$% seem like it was and has been long time staged? I mean you now have Suadia Arabia and Israel talking about some type of way of “dealing” with Iran. You have this government shutdown. All these islamic nut cases going crazy and attacking everything. The earthquake activity is going off the charts again. All signs point to something massive on the horizon. Complete bulls supposingly locking horns in congress and with BO. To me this is looking like a bad script to one of those crappy B movies. What do you think about this one?

    60. SmokinOkie

      America has become a Banana Republic… except that we’re no longer a republic… and we can’t afford bananas.

    61. Barry

      More lies and damned lies.

      1,000,000 Hits does not mean 1,000,000 people visited the web site.

      The number of hits will always be the bigger number. That’s why people throw it around; it sounds impressive. Designers put all sorts of bells and whistles (graphics, java applets, the html file and so forth) on a website to attract and keep a visitor’s attention. When someone visits that website, the server loads up all that stuff, counting each item it loads as a hit.”

      Not only that, if a person continues to hit the refresh button on a page that is not loading fully, any items that display will further inflate the hit count artificially as well.

      A million hits…the questions is how many people took even the first step of signing up on the site.

      Hits, or even unique visitors on a web site mean nothing unless the person takes the desired action after reading the page.

      More smoke, mirrors, spin, and damned lies.

    62. James Woroble Jr

      ‘Obama Care’ is the bread crumbs of tyrants –JWJr

      Lesson of the Plucked Chicken

      During those final days of the collapsing Marxist experiment in the Soviet Union, Soviet novelist Chingiz Aitmatov retold the following story, which has been paraphrased here.

      On one occasion, so it was narrated, Stalin called for a live chicken and proceeded to use it to make an unforgettable point before some of his henchmen. Forcefully clutching the chicken in one hand, with the other he began to systematically pluck out its feathers. As the chicken struggled in vain to escape, he continued with the painful denuding until the bird was completely stripped. “Now you watch,” Stalin said as he placed the chicken on the floor and walked away with some bread crumbs in his hand. Incredibly, the fear-crazed chicken hobbled toward him and clung to the legs of his trousers. Stalin threw a handful of grain to the bird, and it began to follow him around the room, he turned to his dumbfounded colleagues and said quietly, “This is the way to rule the people. Did you see how that chicken followed me for food, even though I had caused it such torture? People are like that chicken. If you inflict inordinate pain on them they will follow you for food the rest of their lives.”

    63. sharonsj

      Nobody said the health care would be free. What you pay depends on your income and which plan you choose. If you are poorer, you’ll get credits which will lower your monthly bill.

      While all you baggers are complaining about Obamacare, millions of people, including Republicans, are signing on for affordable health care. What conservatives are really scared about is if Obamacare works!

      • kaddi

        You are feeding into the same old line the democ-RATS are telling you…………Pubs are scared it will work. That is pure BuLL. The Pubs know some of what is in obamacare. There is over 700,000 pages and we do NOT know all that is in there. I know enough to know if it was so great all politicians would be jumping on board and that is what Congress said to Obama. Come on board. Why should he……..he has the best! Why give that up? Instead, Obamacare is the first step to the universal healthcare plan Obama has been craming! When insurance companies go bankrupt and the government takes over once again the decisions for our future medical care will be determined by a group of government officials. Most likely providing crappy care for people like me with health problems and for the elderly. Obama is good at talking and reading teleprompts…….not negotiating! He refuses to sit down and only blames others. I blame him! What democrats are really scared about is the American people learning the truth about the 7000000 pages in obamacare!

      • REB

        BS! 🙁

    64. kaddi

      I have no insurance. I can not afford insurance. I have a pre existing health problem and have to wait another year for Medicare. This should be a dream come true! Ha! Not when the money is not there and I am penalized for not getting on board. Where is the fairness in that? Obama is use to getting his own way, living the high life, and doesn’t understand what this means to the average American! The Republicans are looking out for us on this one. If and I say IF obamacare is so great why are companies laying off to avoid being taxed, cutting full time employees to part time, and Obama and Congress are EXEMPT from this great plan? Why is there over 700,000 pages in obamacare sealed from the American people? Whatever is in there……….must be horrific! Otherwise, unseal it! His plan is going to bankrupt the present insurance companies. We are going to be forced to be on one big universal plan controlled and dictated by the government. I don’t want my medical records in Washington and my medical treatments decided by a board that doesn’t know me. Obama is good at one thing……….talking………..reading teleprompts! Nothing more! There is reason for the American people to be concerned!

    65. sign_me_up

      I need free healthcare. Sign me up. Already spent about $6K out of pocket this year not including premiums. Have another 2.5K in dental work needed and really know I personally need $1K’s in dental but am ignoring (flossing, mouthwash, drink water instead of sugar drinks, etc) because I simply would have to sell my car or something. I do have a lot I’m trying to sell to raise some money.

      So, YES Y-E-S GIVE ME MY FREE HEALTHCARE ALREADY. (in my field most companies don’t provide anything and those that do are expensive with high deductible and caps at 25K etc)

      • REB

        Sorry but youre not entitled to another mans sweat taken from him at gunpoint…not you… not me… not anyone…

        • Slick One

          Damn right Reb,Im tired of being forced to support Welfare Checks, AFDC, Food Stamps, SNAP, Section 8 Housing, WIC…….But America is cursed with hoards of welfare moochers.

    66. Banderman

      “This Demand Exceeds Anything We Expected” Said no one ever.

    67. Mensa Graham

      Has anyone here mentioned the Obama help line phone number? It is 1-800-F UCKYO

    68. Mensa Graham

      I am waiting for all the progressives that think this think is a good idea to find out that their discount is in the form of a tax credit they get when they file 2014 income taxes.

    69. Republicae

      FUBAR…This entire concept is so misconceived that I’m astounded that even the most idiotic member of Congress could have supported it, but I suppose I should not be surprised by anything those buffoons do in those once Hallowed Halls.


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