Millions Of Americans “Prepare For The Apocalypse” As The Global Food Crisis Expands

by | Feb 7, 2024 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog under the title: Millions Of Americans “Prepare For The Apocalypse” As The Global Food Crisis Reaches Unprecedented Levels

    Hundreds of millions of people are “facing chronic hunger”, and in the time that it will take you to read this article the death toll from starvation on the other side of the globe will go even higher.  But since the legacy media doesn’t really talk about the global food crisis much, most Americans don’t even realize that it is happening.

    Many of us are so obsessed with what Taylor Swift and other celebrities are doing, but when was the last time that you had a meaningful conversation with someone about global famine?  According to the UN’s World Food Program, “a food crisis of unprecedented proportions” is unfolding right in front of our eyes at this moment…

    Conflict, economic shocks, climate extremes and soaring fertilizer prices are combining to create a food crisis of unprecedented proportions. As many as 783 million people are facing chronic hunger.

    783 million people are suffering from chronic hunger.

    These people are not just missing a meal or two.

    Those who are considered to be dealing with “chronic hunger” are hungry all the time.

    If you took the entire population of the United States and doubled it, you still wouldn’t have 783 million people.

    In some areas of the world, widespread starvation is already happening.  For example, just check out what is taking place in Sudan

    The U.N. food agency said Friday it has received reports of people dying from starvation in Sudan, where raging fighting between rival generals is hampering the distribution of aid and food supplies to those most hungry.

    I wish that I could tell you that things will get better, but that isn’t true.

    Global hunger has been steadily rising for nearly a decade, and now global food supplies are really starting to get tight.

    For example, it is being reported that the global rice shortage is about to get even worse

    Global rice shortages are set to worsen, as India’s exports of premium varieties encounter fresh hurdles due to a surge in freight costs amid the Israel-Gaza war – and domestic shortages hit shipments of other types of rice.

    Exports of premium Indian basmati rice last month were half of what they were a year ago, with traders blaming freight rates that have doubled following a series of attacks on commercial ships by Iran-backed Houthi militants.

    Global supplies of cocoa are getting very tight too.

    In fact, the price of cocoa recently hit the highest level in 46 years

    Cocoa prices climbed to a 46-year high this week in New York as concerns mount that seasonal Harmattan winds across West Africa could dry cocoa fields and reduce yields for the Ivory Coast’s mid-crop in April. This would pressure global cocoa production even further.

    Bloomberg reports the most active cocoa futures jumped as much as 2.2% to $4,961 per ton in New York. Prices are up 126% since Sept. 2022, threatening to raise costs for the world’s top chocolate makers, such as The Hershey Company.

    If you like chocolate, you can still find it priced very low at many dollar stores.

    So if you plan to hoard your favorite chocolate bars, now is the time to do so.

    Meat is going to become even more expensive in the months ahead too.

    The bird flu is wiping out millions of chickens and turkeys, and the size of the U.S. cattle herd has fallen to the lowest level since 1951

    The US cattle herd shrank to the lowest level in more than seven decades as ranchers continue to send their cows to slaughter, threatening to keep beef prices at stubbornly high levels for consumers for at least another couple of years while eroding profits for meat processors.

    There were 87.2 million cattle as of January 1, down about 2% from a year ago and less than anticipated by analysts surveyed by Bloomberg, the US Department of Agriculture said Wednesday in its biannual cattle-inventory report. That’s the smallest animal count since 1951, according to USDA data.

    So why is that a problem?

    After all, Americans were eating very well in 1951.

    Well, in 1951 there were 150 million people living in this country.

    Today, the population of the U.S. has reached 331 million.

    So there is less than half as much beef to go around per person.

    Of course this is precisely what the global elite want.  In fact, the head of the WHO is publicly telling us that we need to eat less meat in order to fight “climate change”

    WHO head, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, declares war on meat and traditional agriculture, in the name of fighting “climate change”:

    “Our food systems are harming the health of people and planet. Food systems contribute to over 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, and account for almost one third of the global burden of disease.”

    “Transforming food systems is therefore essential, by shifting towards healthier, diversified and more plant based diets.”

    Are you ready for a diet that is filled with lots of soy and lots of insects?

    Because that is the future that they have planned for you.

    And in a desperate attempt to control the climate, researchers funded by the elite are coming up with all sorts of extremely bizarre proposals.  Here is one of them

    Climate scientists are developing an umbrella-like shade the size of Argentina that would block the sun’s rays to mitigate the effects of global warming on Earth.

    The wild idea comes from Israeli researchers who believe the one-million-square-mile shade could reduce the Earth’s temperature by 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit within two years.

    The team at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology is seeking up to $20 million for a prototype of 100 square feet, which they said could be achieved by 2027.


    We are already not producing enough food for everyone and they want to block out the sun using a giant umbrella?

    What do you think that would do to global food production?

    The elite also have plans for what we will drink.

    In fact, if you live in Los Angeles you will soon be tasting the refreshing sweetness of water that has gone from “toilet to tap”

    If you live in Los Angeles, California, and drink tap water — you might want to think again.

    In December, the California State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB) moved to implement a new system that will recycle up to 60% of LA’s sewage water, a process now being referred to as, “toilet to tap.”

    The sewage water will be directed to a facility and then treated and piped back into Los Angeles homes after meeting purity standards evaluated by the city.

    Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

    Of course none of the plans and programs that the elite are implementing will be able to change our trajectory.

    We are heading into the greatest period of chaos in all of human history, and tens of millions of Americans are feverishly preparing for what is in front of us.  The following comes from an outstanding article by Kay Smythe

    A study published in mid-January found that a majority of Americans and Canadians in certain areas have done something to prepare for the apocalypse in the last 12 months. Are you even slightly surprised?

    More than 40% of residents in Maine, Nebraska and Arizona, and half of those living in Ontario and British Columbia are prepping for a North American apocalypse by purchasing various goods, according to a study published in mid-January. Most people are stockpiling food, water, fuel, weapons, learning survival skills and more. But an overwhelming majority of residents in other states are totally blind and ignorant to the risks posed by being alive in the modern world.

    America is in a massive amount of trouble and very few people want to admit it. As I recently told The First host Jesse Kelly: we don’t make anything the rest of the world wants to buy, except for upcoming seasons of “The Chosen.” We don’t produce most of what we need domestically, we buy it all from other parts of the world. And with the ongoing financial crises from the COVID-19 pandemic and idiot lawmakers post-2008 economic policies, there’s a good chance we won’t be able to buy anything in the coming years.

    In addition to stockpiling food and supplies, many people are also having underground bunkers installed on their properties.  The following comes from Fox Business

    Some of USA Bunker Company’s clients have included government and White House officials, who have lost confidence in the government’s structure. Other customers are looking for protection from natural disasters like tornadoes or accidents such as toxic train derailments, as seen last year in East Palestine – but the majority of clients reportedly have concerns about nuclear warfare.

    “Ninety-five percent, I would say, want it for nuclear war, like World War III,” Stump said. “Just everything pretty much being destroyed.”

    The elite continue to insist that they have everything under control, but everyone can see that they don’t.

    All of their systems are starting to break down all around us, and global events have begun to spin wildly out of control.

    If you haven’t been getting prepared for what is coming, I would strongly encourage to do so, because 2024 is going to be such a major turning point.

    Michael’s new book entitled “Chaos” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on, and you can check out his new Substack newsletter right here.

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