Millionaire Democrat Wants To Tax Parents With More Than Two Kids As ‘Irresponsible Breeders’

by | Jul 25, 2018 | Headline News | 101 comments

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    A democrat congressional candidate in Pennsylvania has desires to tax parents who have more than two children as “irresponsible breeders.”  Scott Wallace is a population control zealot who has donated over $7 million to population control groups.

    Wallace is also supported and endorsed by both Planned Parenthood and NOW (National Organization for Women). According to The Daily Wire, Wallace,  a millionaire and democrat who believes in taxing families with more than two kids for being privileged, also believes that the tax would be on “the privilege of irresponsible breeding.”

    Between 1997 and 2003, Wallace gave $420,000 to Zero Population Growth (ZPG) — now Population Connection — an organization co-founded by “Population Bomb” author Paul Ehrlich, Fox News reported.

    From before its inception, ZPG had announced its intentions to tax large families for the “privilege of irresponsible breeding.” A 1968 brochure advocated abortion to stabilize population growth and claimed that “no responsible family should have more than two children.” Therefore, “irresponsible people who have more than two children should be taxed to the hilt for the privilege of irresponsible breeding.” –PJ Media

    Wallace’s fund (Wallace Global Fund) also gave $20,000 to the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE) in 2010. CASSE is an environmentalist group that sees economic growth as undesirable. The group supports an economy with “stable or mildly fluctuating levels” and a society with equal birth and death rates. CASSE calls this stagnant state of affairs “maturing.” CASSE still supports zero population growth and executive board member Herman Daly has pushed for reproduction licenses (permission from the government to have children). This bureaucratic control over birth would allow women to have only two children unless they buy the license for more children from other women who do not reproduce. Daly called this program the “best plan yet offered” to limit population growth.

    If you’ve ever wondered how close we are to totalitarianism, you no longer have to.  It’s right around the corner. Abortion and population control movements can be traced back to the horrific racism of the early eugenics movement, where activists like Margaret Sanger called for more babies for the “fit” and less for the “unfit.”



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      1. Cool story bro…

        The one’s that breed don’t pay taxes. What a hoot. Kowtow to your constituents while granting them immunity to the very crime getting you elected.

        • Cdwarior, you mean the MINORITY PEOPLE on welfare, EBT, etc.

          • Durn this dude can go blow himself. All dems and socialists are cocksuckers wanting to control everything. Your control ends at my muzzle.

            • Darn Right. Saw a great bumper sticker that said, “YOU BREED EM, YOU FEED EM.” Go look at the percentage of your Property Tax Bill that goes to Schools. It was 52% when I lived in the City and I do not have any kids, nor should I have to pay for other peoples reckless sex lives. Having kifs is a life style choice. If my life style choice is Boating, then pay for my boat gas and dock fees, and attach that to the property tax bill of the parents with all the rugrats. You Breed em you feed em. You pay for their education and bus limo rides to school for the free breakfast lunches and after school programs. Public schools is nothing more than an over glorified baby sitting service. Pay as you go ignorant breeders.

            • RIGHT YOU ARE.
              at the END OF MY MUZZLE AS WELL.

          • TDB
            Only the white middle class.

            • I’m damn proud of my wife! All i did was mention the plan of this story, and she said “Then they better apply that $hit to the moochers too!”

              I knew that there was a reason I married this woman!

              • If she was smart she wouldn’t accept such eugenists garbage being imposed on anyone.

                • I think you misunderstood. She sees it for the one sided POS law it would be.

                  And on the matter of eugenics, someone who has been disabled physically since birth knows all to well about “just getting rid of those people” all to well. What about you?

              • These people are elitist freaks. WE Christians, Conservatives and survivalists, freedom people and libertarians, and Patriots have the deck stacked against us. THEY have more money, power, influence, possibly even dumbed-down sheeple followers.

                When the time comes and these freaks have complete control, when they regain the house this fall and the next time they grab the White House, and Freedom calls on you to fight for it, what will you the Patriot do, what will you do? Will the average Patriot really stand up on his own two legs, or will they let some millionaire monster such as this guy control us.

                Can you imagine a country where monsters that want to strip us of our humanity and rights are swinging from lampposts? I can.

        • If parents are raising their kids to be Liberal ….. they are being irresponsible !!! 🙂

      2. I love creatures (busybodies) like this. It gives me that warm feeling when I tell them they can blow it out of their ass, sideways. The only way an ass hat like this can justify his own existence is to murder the innocent, and tax the survivors. I think we used to call them monsters.

      3. want to tax irresponsible breeding? Stop paying welfare.

        • A-f*king-MEN

        • That’s a good start. But don’t stop there. There is a great gap between those who have children and those who have children with the goal of continuing their family legacy…aka the elite. They are the ones who should be limited to one child and then sterialization.

        • NEC: Exactly, also no dependent tax ded. after two kids. Welfare moms are low IQ, don’t know anything about birth control, can be sterilized if on medicaid.

        • I am sure this does not include the democrat welfare base!

        • Start taxing the Sh!7 out of the parents when the baby is born and the birth certificate is filed at the courthouse. $1000 on Day 1, then $2000 per year per child to cover the cost of their own kids education. By thectime the kid hits kindegarten they have a money pool set aside.

          All we got now is breeding as many as you can for a bigger welfare check, and if no daddy is around Baby Momma gets paid even more.

          Its a fast race to the bottom our current tax system rewarding failure and taxing success. This needs to end quickly. You Breed em, you feed em.

      4. Screw that guy.

      5. It doesn’t seem it would work with his constituents. Don’t they receive more money with having more children? The simplest way is not to give people who have children benefits. That would cut out the child bearing scheme immediately. Do away with unearned income credit. But continue to give the people who have children the deductions. That way people who could afford to pay for their own children could get a break. But this wil never happen. Dream. Dream dream dream.

        • The ones who are “irresponsible breeders” are MINORITY GROUPS. You can imagine the outrage if he was referring to them. Every black, Hispanic, and muslim group would be calling for his head on a platter.

      6. Let the socalled, irresponsible breeders cover their own costs, in a free market.

        You cover yours (without taking anything from us, at gunpoint) and tell us who is irresponsible.

      7. Having only two children is good. But no one should be able to force you to have only two, or tax you for having more.

        But, if the population stops growing, the monetary Ponzi scheme of exponential growth will fail and collapse the economy. Debt (growth) must be maintained by more and more debt slaves to take out loans to create more credit (money) to repay the usury on previous loans.

        This will never pass because it goes against the current banking system and .gov knows who butters their toast.

        • JRS I hate to say this because I know your not a Liberal, but “having only two children is good” is a Liberal Philosophy, because they have no time nor money for children because it would interfere with their life style of a bigger home, newer cars, and a boat, so having only two children is not a good policy. Not to sound racist but this is the problem worldwide with the white race, I think the average for whites is 1.7 or something to that effect and people of color is much higher so therefor the white race is a dying race. Trekker Out

        • It’s happening in Europe, population stops growing because the Europeans are similarly convinced like this guy of this ideology.

          The problem is that then there is no one around to support the elderly. Enter then importing muzzies as “New Blood”. Problem with this is the Muslims don’t like being taxed and try and are a net user of government funds.

          The clash of civilizations are apparent there. Thus the extreme violence of Muslims on Europeans, as the Muslims try and exterminate the locals as they did in Central Asia centuries ago, and what happened to the Byzantine Empire, and parts of eastern Europe, they exterminate as they go.

      8. Scott Wallace and his wife – must be irresponsible breeders themselves!!! 3 kids – Joanna, Astrid and Robert. What a hypocrite; or worse, because he’s a millionaire, he must think his genes are of more value than your’s/mine/any others’.

        • Actually his parents were the irresponsible breeders.

      9. Because my parents were incapable of stable relationships,
        I Have three stepbrothers, one half brother, one step sister, one half sister, and one more or less adopted sister.
        I wonder how the dipwad would handle that?

        • rellik: had co workers (on food stamps), and some relatives who I never assoc. with, (all white) some didn’t pay child spt and moved on to another whore breeder or slacker males who didn’t know what a condom was.

          • Laura Ann, I know exactly what you’re talking about. That’s the kind of people some of us call WIGGERS; white people imitating n-word, especially young white males. All the time I see these boys with girls who are working and supporting these losers and don’t seem to be troubled by it. Those girls will pay a huge price for that decision eventually. Their boyfriends are nothing but bums; drunks, dope addicts, won’t work. I’m sure there’s some cases of domestic violence in those relationships but don’t know how much. Those bums deserve whatever is coming to them.

            • Generally the greater the education and affluence the less children the couples have. Its an inverse of what one would think would be the social norm. Welfare has injected a variable that alters normal social development divorcing parenting from responsibility. Irresponsibility is therefore rewarded. Anything rewarded is increased. At one time churches took the role of orphanage. This had an effect of applying social pressure chastising poor behavior.

      10. So how do you tax welfare? The welfare crowd has babies to get more cash per month on their EBT cards! They then feed the extra brats with bags of rice and beans they get for a few dollars! The rest of the extra cash they get per brat is mad money to spend on liquor and drugs!
        But don’t worry! The problem will eventually solve itself! The USA is heading to become a country like India: the rich living like kings and the majority of the population in total poverty.

      11. Some living on welfare have six or seven
        kids just for the gov. payout.

        16-17 old girls get preggers just to get
        away from home. No husband. No job.
        Nothing. Taxpayers pay for everything,,,
        the more the merrier.

        They don’t have enough brains to fill
        a thimble.
        They get food stamp (card) to buy food
        then the stupid gov. gives them breakfast
        lunch, supper all free. The gov. gives them
        $$ allowance to buy needs….also.
        Plus pays their rent, phone, healthcare……..etc.,etc.
        with no end.
        Kids have no future with loser part-time parents who
        are irresponsible.

      12. My wife and I have formed our own population control group.
        If this dumbocrat will send us 1 million bucks we will not have any more kids. That is not much for him to have a documented impact on population control.

      13. People who advocate population control should be given a knife and instructions on how to cut their throat effectively. If they believe so fervently in the cause, then certainly they should be willing to go first and help out the planet. I doubt, however, that Mr. Wallace’s intentions are sufficiently noble and sincere. Ironically, the tendency in modern, developed societies is for people to have less children than is necessary to sustain a population. Therefore established populations decline and hence the call for more immigration from less developed countries where they pump out kids like rabbits. Seems to me that population in civilized countries would naturally decline if you simply reduced immigration and let nature run its course.

      14. Another Douche-Bag Democrat! I’m stunned. How about we tax the Be-Jesus out of registered Democrats for any and all breeding??? BRILLIANT!

      15. We should retroactively tax his parents for breeding such an ignorant offspring.

      16. Jim in VA, now THAT’s a great idea. Impose the tax on ALL libturds for having such ignorant offspring, heehee!

      17. Off Topic : does anyone know of a good book on how to read a topo map?

        • For the average person who has no map and compass, then following railroad tracks can get you in the right direction back to civilization. Whereas taking the roads under SHTF conditions will likely lead you into danger.

          • Maranatha if you live where I do and you need directions to civilization, your going to be in trouble finding railroad tracks to follow. I spent 36 years riding up and down on railroad tracks, but where I live now you won’t find any track in any direction for at least 150 miles. Trekker Out

            • I know, but 81% of Americans lve in urban zones, so my answer is CORRECT. It’s the standard advice to steer the preponderance of people in the right direction who had to flee and NOT take the roads.

      18. Let me be more specific. I know about contour lines,colors and terrain features. I do not know how to read the longitude and latitude lines or find my way to them.

      19. Let me be more specific. I know about contour lines,colors and terrain features. I do not know how to read the longitude and latitude lines or find my way to them.

        • ss – latitude – the lines that circle the earth on a map encircling the globe east-west: One degree of latitude is 60 nautical miles, 69 statute miles or 111 km.; One minute of latitude is 1 nautical mile, 1.15 statute miles, or 1.85 km. So as you move north or south (regardless of east-west movement) you either increase (in North America) your latitude when you move north – to 90 degrees @ the pole(s), or decrease if you move south. The equator is zero and all points north of the equator are positive numbers. Longitude – all longitude lines run through the 2 poles encircling the earth. The closer to the pole (either one) you are the closer together the lines of longitude are … until all lines of longitude are the same point at either pole. Zero longitude is Greenwich, England. All lines of longitude west of Greenwich are positive, all to the east negative. @ 180 – halfway around the world from Greenwich is the International Date Line. All of North America is a positive longitude number. As you can see if you visualize it – @ the equator, lines of longitude are also the same distance apart as lines of latitude are per degree or minute. That number decreases geometrically obviously as one moves north or south. It requires trigonometry to calculate. Just remember though as one moves north, the distance between longitude lines lessens, becomes greater as one gets closer to the equator. All government topos have a scale to approximate distances for both latitude and longitude on the map you can caliper off.

        • To ensure you know the latitude and longitude, you need to understand a sextant.

          Otherwise even with a map, you are liable to get lost especially when having to change your route while in a swamp, going through alder brush, and merely be tired, dehydrated, and hungry.

      20. NO !!

        Reduce population a different way, one politician at a time.


        • One politician is two too many. Same for lawyers.

      21. How dare these Marxist pieces of dog crap try to interfere in any way regarding something so personal as how many children a couple wishes to have! This is totalitarianism in its most overt form. Please don’t tell me that any American who realizes that our PERSONAL freedoms are the most important assets we have would agree with this traitorous way of thinking. Scott Wallace is a candidate who would have been run out on a rail, tarred and feathered, a generation ago, but not today! We need to revolt against these bastard commies before it’s too late. We sure as hell can’t rely on the millennials to do it. They think extreme government control like this is JUST GREAT!

        • You can have as many kids as you want but you need to pay EVERYTHING for them, yourself. And if you fail to pay 100% of this responsibility, then we need to cut your balls off and castrate you. You procreating schlep!!

          Im tired of paying for your reckless, careless sex lives. Cut welfare off after 2 kids and they will stop having them. Id tell these baby Mommas they need to find and prove who the daddy is and make him pay. No welfare benefits until they bring the father forward. Make him pay.

          Btw/ This is another wedge issue for Low IQ imbeciles who thinks they can have as many babies as they want and force other tax payers to pay for their mistakes. Bunch of irresponsible jerkoffs.

          • Every last one of the people, lecturing on collective responsibility, use state services, including medical and education.

        • I do not think that communists were as keyed up about population control because they like to control more property from more people for the State. Where most these days seem confused,
          is that libertarianism that demands personal arbitrary prerogative, more likely no rogative at all,
          is a vanity which opposed pluralitarianism as a mechanism of a democratic and thus, efficient
          society in which individuals enjoy advantageous energy and time but to prosper, may agree (consent) to be disadvantaged in value (nature’s course) if religion and personal wisdom is not
          weaponized to live by the sword so to obstruct people sharing equally as much as possible the space not even to live but just to MANAGE to get through within the abstractions of worth and the
          functions of limits. This philisophy is discordant because it defends the superiority of classes as in feudalism over the least which is irreconciled to the modernity of the comprehension of the human dimension, with sarcasm of secularism in contempt which gets rebuttal of contempt for
          separatism as the troublemakers try to secede from community edification of best practices of
          any of its human members to enlighten the common defense for mutual welfare—to control
          unforgivable debt with “suffering” evasion of exaggerated hope and unsupportable positivity of
          sacrifice without complicating every damned place against the grain to all the four winds so that
          no one cares about precise latitudes and longitudes and distances, mileages under distance, lengths under mileage (500 yards or 1/2 kilometer) and can provoke with no respect for boundaries to setback no respect to persons, out of context.

      22. He wouldn’t last too long down here in the hollers of Middle TN.

        Most in my church and surrounding Amish/Mennonite country have upwards 8 to 10 children per family, we do have one in church who only has a single boy.

        The oldest couple in my church had 12 children (one passed in infancy) and they now have 50+ grandchildren and a few great grands.

        Course, the families take care of their own, provide for their own, and take no assist from government agencies.


        • Grandee, same goes for north GA. My family is more like a small army. Each and every one of them who is old enough knows how to live off the land, hunt, fish, forage, etc. They all work and provide for their own. They pay taxes into the system just like I do and don’t accept one tax dollar for anything.

          • Like arrows in the hands of a warrior, so are children born to one in his youth, happy is the man that’s quiver is full of them. Or something to that effect. While raising them it may not be much of a joy but in one’s older age, they are a true blessing. Trekker Out.

        • Though not on the Mormon / LDS spectrum, I am also in favor of polygamy and early marriage.

      23. Ole Jim Bob Dugger has at least 14 children. There was a TV show about his family. And he used that fame to get elected to the Arkansas state legislature. And with the state legislature pay and that litter of dependent children he still qualified for and received food stamps. My wife and I only produced two children and one of those has no offspring and the other has 4 children. so no net gain in the white population.

      24. If I wanted to know about irresponsible breeding, I would talk to
        Scott Wallace’s parents. Obviously, they are experts.

      25. I note he doesn’t say anything about immigration.

        If you were in high school in the 70s you got “Bomb” Ehrlich crammed down your throat. It was that era’s “global warming/climate change”. It worked, along with the sheer force of the economic stresses dumped on the populace–that generation DID do “ZPG”. ALL the increased population since then came from immigrants and their descendants.

        The globalist scheme is to overwhelm the white majority countries with easily-led and managed “new peasantries” who can be relied upon to vote for whoever is gonna “gimme”. They have one-party rule in California now entirely due to massive immigration, both legal and illegal (and with “sanctuary” and essential non-enforcement of any laws against voting and document fraud in general there is really no difference between the two.)

        It’s pretty simple. Either stop or drastically reduce “Thirdworldization” by immigration and END BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP (not even the Euros are stupid enough to give them that) or…the United States will decline into a Mexico-make-that-Venezuela S-hole.

      26. This will only work if it is strictly applied to Democrats only. Then it might be worth investigating.

      27. I have to admit, I support this. And it should apply to all people, including the poor. If the welfare poor are pooping out tons of kids- they should receive less benefits, if rich- more tax etc. They can have as many as they want but they will have to deal with the repercussions.

      28. Can we start executing those on welfare who have more kids?

      29. The Muslims and Negro’s wont be liking that idea.

        • White trash won’t be too happy either.

      30. Make it simple. No tax for children of married couples. Tax applied retroactively to both if they divorce.

        Welfare (including Section 8, AFDC, EBT / SNAP / Foodstamps whatever it is called and government healthcare coverage) all have a time limit of 36 months. After that you’re wholly on your own.

        Anyone enters the US illegally or over stays a VISA is deported, forever denied legal immigrant status and subject to a 10 year prison sentence if caught back in the US.

      31. The problem isn’t irresponsible breeding; it’s irresponsible parenting. Parenting includes both physical care and mental guidance–spiritually, intellectually and emotionally–so that people grow into worthy adults instead of lazy slackers. Too many adults are clueless about the consequences of their actions.

        • Yahooie, good points. Irresponsible parenting LEADS TO irresponsible breeding. Irresponsible parenting=teaching your kids to be libturd morons.

          • I’ve seen financially responsible parents spoil their children repeatedly making excuses for their bad actions sheltering them from ill effect. This is in effect a “micro welfare” often having similar result. Its real sad to see bad kids come from backgrounds that should be a literal wealth of opportunity.

      32. Thanks for the info,Heartless

      33. Oh the irony. Democrats love Abortion, want to ban ICE so a deluge of illegal aliens flood America, and then want to severely tax Americans having babies, and THEN deficit spend like there is no tomorrow.

        And they can’t figure out how all of this is connected!

        Well Democrat morons, if Americans had a normal amount of babies versus tearing them asunder while in the womb, then we would need no immigration, would allow no illegal aliens, and have sufficient money to support the economy!

      34. My God…..It’s the minorities and immigrants that are having all the kids. You can’t tax them, because they don’t have a taxable income. Most are on entitlements. This will primarily hit the middle and upper class WHITE families, won’t it. In other words, its RACIST.!!!!!

      35. Betcha anything he is not saying to reduce welfare for irresponsible breathers that ain’t got no job, does smack all day, and breeds like it’s the end of the world. Naw, he just be talkin bout the soccer moms with blonde hair and pedicures, that drive SUV’s. Libarted Democrat of course. They people …..we need a good cleansing of morons ….,can’t be war as only the normals will die fighting. Must be a viral thing that wipes us mostly out as it won’t discriminate like politicians making your football star high schooler go die in 5eir wars while the purple haired snowflakes get to refuse to combat under moral reasons.

      36. I think we need to give all white people huge subsidies & incentives to reproduce…..and eliminate the subsidies (welfare, food stamps, section-8) for all the minorities. I’m a proud racist, and I approve this message!!!!

        • JW:
          ? you sound like a nice person

          There is a difference between a racist and a racial realist. I bet you don’t want to harm another race, or oppress them, so you may not be a racist. But, like most white people, you see how white people are the ones being oppressed. You are right. By punishing (taxing) whites for having children, the children of Satan who are behind this genocide, seek to cause a drop in the already low birth rate among white couples.

          Defy them. Breed. Cheaper by the dozen !!!


      37. Call it a wild guess but I am surmising Wallace isnt Catholic?

      38. Dear Mr. Wallace:

        Do you know who else is a “breeder”? Your mother is a “breeder”, and now we have you.

        Warmest Regards,

      39. Wallace fits Dr. Peck’s definition of a person who is evil (destructive): he lies, he scapegoats, he causes confusion, and he has “an excessive pronounced concern for how he is perceived by others.”

        By scapegoating = blame-assigning any parents with three or more children, Wallace attempts to persuade us (that’s me AND you) to join in victimizing our fellow humans.

        He CONVENIENTLY leaves OUT how Corporate taxes have been steadily REDUCED over the past 50-years and passed on to us folk.

        And he left out how much more enriched he has become from said laws while scapegoating welfare recipients.

        But in fact the wealthy who inhabit our power structures (business and the Senate/Congress)
        have Dominated us NON-wealthy because they write THEIR tax laws while taxing us to death.

        Wallace must be defeated. Do some research: Corporate welfare is trillions more costly than the welfare Wallace would have you “hate” or detest. As long as he deflects your attention through lies and scapegoating he destroys.

        Note to Mr. Wallace: your behavior is pathetic, your lies are disgusting, and we will defeat you.

        Go back to sucking at the public teat until we find a way to dry it up.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Evil results when good people remain silent.” – Edmund Burke

      40. Remind you of anyone?
        “The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”
        Margaret Sanger, From her book “Women and the new race” Chapter 5 – The Wickedness of Creating Large Families

      41. LOL! Only a Democrat would shoot themselves in the foot by proposing legislation (especially a new tax) on their main voting block. If he truly wanted population control, he would be talking welfare reform. Serious welfare reform.

      42. AS far as I am aware the reason for immigration is that most western countries are not producing enough children to look after their aging populations in the first place as they are so busy having sex but killing off the unborn as quickly as they can.

        Rich people seem to have this delusion that all the services that they receive come from adults who were not children because other peoples children are costing them money in tax and yet isn’t it them that have robbed those family of the money they need to raise up family that will support their stupidity in the first place?

      43. I always say to population control freaks here’s a gun by all means please demonstrate the proper method of control by taking yourself out! This is the enemy folks! Taxation then sterilization. Oh wait…they already do that!

      44. The fertility rate needs to be 2.11 so this guy is sealing our fate to be part of the Muslim caliphate. We are already below that number, by the way so unless we see a baby boom that rivals the baby boom of the 60s then we are screwed. So game over, pretty much. You may as well shoot for zero kids as their world will be full of hate and savagery.

        See the numbers here.

        • I love PragerU, and seen lots of videos about this! True! This is a problem that is happening in Europe now!

      45. That’s racist…..

      46. No, the solution is not expecting to live into a venerable old age. The solution is home care for the elderly not rest homes. The solution is private well funded pensions not public ones.

        Otherwise you are creating a monumental economic tax burden on young people.

        The longer people live, the higher the medical costs and they become staggering even astronomical in the last month of their life when outrageous heroic measures are wasted on them and uselessly. This is where the majority of healthcare costs come from.

        Many Americans take more than one drug. That is called polypharmachy. And something like 70% fail to take them regularly but they decide when they want to take them. What this does is lower the available drug in their bloodstream so a therapeutic level is not achieved. This means the least expensive way to manage heathcare is WASTED and patients’ chronic conditions are not managed but worsen over time.

        Additionally a massive amount of health issues are undetected so their conditions are not treated. So by the time they are detected, the situation is far more expensive to treat. This would be like not taking care of a minor leak when it’s small and manageable, but waiting until it’s floding the entire house and damaging infrastructure.

        You don’t need immigrants to offset birth rates, you need solutions to existing issues and improve patient responsibilty and personal responsibility.

        Idiots are proposing guaranteed income while simultaneously desiring robots and encouraging illegal immigration. Right because we can just print money!

      47. Sounds like a communist thing. I think China does that.

      48. to bad his parents did not stop before he was born

      49. I bet George Orwell never dreamed how close he was to the truth and what was going to happen in the future when he wrote “1984” and “Animal Farm.”

      50. Then there are those like my parents. I have three sisters still living and one that died at age 24. I had one brother that died at age 50. My parents both worked to support us in an upper middle class home. We had 2 cars and three squares a day. Mom and dad put my three still living sisters through college and 1 through law school. A second sister went on to get her masters degree. My brother dropped out of college and ended up in the Air Force. I graduated from HS and mom and dad helped put me through tech school. All of us kids have succeded and prospered through hard work, using the values instilled in us by our parents. Why should they have been taxed because they had more than 2 children? We have never been a burden on society or committed crimes beyond traffic tickets. Just where does this white, privileged moron get the right to tell others what to do when it comes to having children? As one other commentor noted, he has three. Why isn’t he being taxed this way? Would this tax not apply to him because he is rich? I say tax the s**t out of him because he is rich! (and stupid)

        Phil in TX

      51. Here we go again! Another Democratic leech, drawing a paycheck leeched from us, telling us we don’t give enough for him to control nor freely spend on missions of HIS choosing! Is he in his right mind? Was he sent by God to correct all the evil or is he just another DEVIL intent on pissing us all off! Where do these crazed manics with “half baked” ideas really come from?

      52. Coming from a man with three kids.

      53. I’m in full support of forced sterilization after two children.

        • As I am the one these communists will be taking money from to support their bastard minority ghetto children, I should have the right to demand:

          #1. Forced sterilization after the first bastard is shat out and da baby momma applies for EBT, Welfare, AFCD, TANF, Section 8…

          #2. All baby daddy to be irreversibly surgically sterilized, once da baby momma applies for any form of public assistance.

          #3. Baby momma and baby daddy to be forced to work 80 hours a week at hard manual labor, to repay all of their mooching
          from those wonderful giveaway programs.

          #4 If a baby momma is be on da welfare and she be pregnant with a second bastard child, the pregnancy should be aborted.

          #5 No more earned income credit on Federal taxes, it just encourages bastard breeding.

      54. Apparently his parents had 1 child too many.

      55. Too bad his parents didn’t believe this before he was born! Sounds like a pure Socialist Globalist! Rigidly control the masses!

      56. Simple Question??? If we have too many people, why do we allow illegals or legals for that matter to keep coming in!

        • Mark:

          Why do “we” allow legal and illegal immigration?

          Because “we” have lost control of the reigns of power.


      57. I don’t think anyone should “dictate ” to anyone else
        how to live their lives……..Unless….they are asking
        their neighbor to pick up the tab.

        There should be NO birth rights for being born here.
        Our Constitution never intended that.
        The only legal Citizens are “legal second generation” only..
        or have earned the right to be accepted by “official”
        gov. documentation.
        Everything else is stealing, illegal, unacceptable, irresponsible,
        financial suicide. Squatters, invaders, criminals, NOT WELCOME!!!

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